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#this probably sucks too

[3:33 a.m] Steam came up from the cup in unpredictable shapes as your eyes stayed fix on them. Swirls and lines floated and dispersed into nothing by a few seconds. 

Empty. Your heart was completely empty. 

“You seem down Y/N,” San said as he materialized. 

Swirls of black and grey arose from the floor in a set of intricate patterns that molded and sculpted Demon!San’s beautiful self. He let out a breath once his body was done shaping itself. 

He looked at you with a sharp gaze, trying to unravel and see through the emotional barrier. After all, that’s how he managed to get in your bed.

You didn’t say a word as you returned the gaze, knowing full well that if he spoke the right words, you would be under his spell again. 

“I haven’t had the best week,” You said with a sigh. Lies, upon lies, upon lies, but who was San to judge that.

He hummed as he approached, his presence wrapping around your body almost instantly. A familiar and addictive feeling. 

“I can help with that,” He said as his eyes turned their inky black. 

“Please do” You whispered, knowing that soon enough, he would be gone for good. As your soul was one bit away from being completely his. 


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Teagen looked over the cards in her hand cards carefully, running her tongue over the edge of her teeth. She motioned that she was choosing to stand, and looked around as everyone set down their cards, noticing once again that she had lost. “Shit,” she mouthed,watching distastefully as the chips in the circle slid to the winner. The dealer shuffled the cards again, and Teagen thought for a moment. She took a risk, pushing several chips into the center. She was feeling lucky, and she promised herself that this was the last round before she grabbed a beer and made her way home.

The cards were dealt again, and she picked them up, grinning at her good fortune. She held the equivalent of a 20 in her hands, and she had no doubt in her mind that she would get something out of this round. She chose to stand as the dealer went around twice more. She sat in anticipation, fully expecting the chips to be passed to her. The cards were set down, and her eyes widened in surprise. 

The chips were passed to a person across the table, the one who had won multiple times in a row. Something felt off; maybe it was just the fact that she was pissed off about losing again.


“You know, the game would be more fun if you would stop cheating,” she shot at the person, venom sharp in her voice. She held her head high as they shot her a glare.

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Nobody asked for it, but I am going to DISSECT this shot from the end of episode 20, okay. Let’s go.


Throughout the episode, we keep cutting back to the boys’ room, and while Teddie and Yosuke swap futons several times, it’s at least clear that Yu has the leftmost futon, while Kanji’s is on the far right.

We never see Yu lying on his futon, so that part is mostly just a guess, but the important part here is that Kanji is never seen on any futon other than the far right one

UNTIL the very last scene, where he’s between Yosuke and Teddie’s futons: so how did this happen?

The boys suspect that the room is haunted by Mayumi Yamano’s ghost, and everyone is pretty jumpy because of it. When the phone rings just after they get there, Yosuke and Teddie instinctively hug each other.


When it comes time to sleep, they start to get more paranoid, and when they hear “ghostly voices” they come up with a plan to sneak into the girls’ room and sleep next to them.


They’re obviously in the wrong room, and it turns out that Kanji and Teddie are cuddled up next to Hanako and Kashiwagi, but that’s beside the point.

The next time we see the boys (after their failed infiltration) is when they’ve fallen asleep in their own room; but they’re all huddled up, just like they’d planned to with the girls.


Yosuke and Teddie intentionally cuddled up on either side of Kanji, all three of them on the same futon, and fell asleep like that.


Kanji is now on one of the middle futons, and in the


of itYosuke must have taken the pillow from Kanji before either of them were sleeping,

otherwise the act of pulling it out from underneath his head would turn him whichever way the pillow was pulled

Yosuke likely didn’t roll over the pillow in his sleep, and his back is facing Kanji, which means he probably fell asleep like that originally

Kanji probably kicked the blanket off because he was hot

Teddie is strewn across Kanji

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it’s “funny” because growing up socially anxious, not having irl close friends, having issues and being a-spec (?), I don’t get a lot of things that most people do get: why is hand holding considered nice, why are hugs a basic thing, why is kissing considered enjoyable, what are sleepovers like, what is small talk, are hangouts even fun, won’t people laugh at me if I wear [certain outfit], am I supposed to not panic at a party, what are friends, what is a crush, what am I feeling, what is the standard, what am I supposed to do when something bad happens, why can’t I be normal, etc… it feels stupid to not know these basic human things, I have a lot of insecurities too, but I suppose I’m trying to work my way through these, slowly

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Warnings: Detailed depictions of wounds and blood, near death

They were on their last legs. Before the battle mage could strike again, Taylor cast her final healing spell, stitching together the gaping wound in Jordan’s side. Now, she could stand up, ready to cast again.

But it was too late. Now it was the battle mage’s turn, and she turned her malevolent gaze towards Jordan, ready to end her with a final attack. Taylor’s spell had kept her from dying, that much was true, but the next blow would undo all of that.

Everyone else was near death too, and Rowan’s heart sank. She sucked up as much damage as she could, but like a sponge filled with water, she couldn’t absorb any more damage without dying. Someone would have to die now. None of them could survive another attack.

Her heart sank as the battle mage’s myth spell didn’t fizzle, and a minotaur appeared, its axe gleaming in the sunlight. She met Jordan’s eyes, so full of life and love and understanding, and as the minotaur landed its first blow, grazing her arm, Jordan shivered, staring up at the minotaur as it raised its arm up, ready to deal the final blow.

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sometimes I’m like “maybe I really should go to therapy” and then I remember my time on the psych ward and how the people who were supposed to help us thought criminal minds was a good source of psychology knowledge….they ran a ward full of suicidal and/or homicidal teenagers and they thought criminal minds taught you stuff about the human psyche

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I think that Buck is not above cutting people straight out of his life. yes, he wants connections but I don’t think he’s willing to sacrifice his own needs for it. and like I’m trying to think of what his star sign could be. bc I’m a Scorpio, and will not think twice about cutting ppl out of my life without a second thought. And I also think that Buck probably gave them more than one chance, but like after a certain point is just done. Maybe he’s a Libra. He kind of feels like a LIbra. (I think I just want someone to speculate about Buck’s star sign with 😂)

I think that either something happened that we don’t know about that warranted a full stop of no contact or Buck got tired of being pushed around and having his feelings pulled at getting his feelings hurt one too many times and just cut that shit off like an infested limb. I think that’s probably more likely given what we know about Buck, but like who knows… Buck Begins now, please?

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