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#this quote isn’t actually romantic
oh-i-ship-that · 7 days ago
“Those seconds, half seconds, that the line of our gaze connected,
Tumblr media
were the only moment in my day that I felt anything at all.”
- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
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mvzan · 10 months ago
Chuuya: Ane-san, how do I confess to someone if I don’t know whether they like me?
Kouyou: oh, who is it?
Chuuya, two hours, three bottles of Pinot Noir and a few boxes of tissues later: how am I supposed to compete with THAT?!?
Chuuya: *gestures aggressively at the distance,oda and dazai sharing an ice cream and dazai actually laughing (genuinely laughing!!)as he licks off the melting parts*
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intergalacticxmisfits · 25 days ago
🎭 For any ship, I’ll let you choose 👀👀
incoming transmission for the Boys from @mothernatureknows museboards (status: always accepting)
Tumblr media
“ I put my heart into your hands
here’s my soul to keep ”
Tumblr media
“ the sun could only wish to shine
as bright as you ”
Tumblr media
“ even snow has a certain
warmth to it ”
Tumblr media
“ our bond stretches beyond
worlds and realities ”
Tumblr media
“ we deserve a soft epilogue
my love ”
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theluckiestlb · 2 months ago
One thing I love about marichat is the mystery behind Chat's civilian identity. Marinette naturally has a lot of preconceived notions—but they slowly get dismantled as the two spend more time together.
Like?? Chat?? The feral furry boy from the streets?? Mangy alley cat?? What a chaotic clown.
Then one day he quotes Jane Austen off the cuff during a conversation, which takes her by surprise.
Chat….…..can read????
As Adrien becomes more comfortable around her, he brings up his favorite works in literature, music, and art. He makes cheeky references to his favorite poets from the romantic period. He reviews the ballets and operas he had attended in great detail.
And Marinette's like ??????
This cat boy is so well-read?? Intelligent and charming?? Recommends poetry?? Plays piano??????
Adrien isn’t trying to impress her—he’s just socially inept and spent the majority of his life with a handful of wealthy adults. Quite frankly clueless as to what constitutes a normal life experience.
Marinette is skimming a winter wear magazine one afternoon and Chat is struggling to spark conversation so he just blurts out;
“Did you know—St. Moritz is a great place for skiing this time of year.”
“Oh. Cool. Where do you usually go, then?”
“Chat. I can’t ski.”
“Oh. Wait—really? I’ve been doing it since I was four. My family actually has a chateau in—”
And she’s thrown for a complete loop.
Who is this boy?????? What?? He has how many houses?
During one of her projects, Marinette goes on a happy tangent about a certain fabric and shows him beautiful concept designs. Chat is blown away by them and she's adorable when she's so excited oh wow.
However, she gives up on the design because the fabric is too expensive—which saddens Adrien. The cost barrier had never occurred to him before—it shouldn't hinder someone so talented and the pretty girl deserves pretty things.
He shows up the next day with hundreds of meters’ worth of fabric.
Marinette p a n i c s.
“Chat!? What did you do!? How—did you buy out the store’s entire supply!?”
“I wasn’t sure which color you needed so—”
She starts going on conspiracy theory rants to Tikki (who obviously knows Adrien’s identity, but can’t say sh*t).
“Tikki, listen—listen—I’m completely serious! I think Chat is part of the mob. I swear—oh don’t look at me like that! Yesterday he bought me another—”
Tumblr media
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bao3bei4 · 5 months ago
what mxtx said: on translation
hi everyone :) i thought i’d write something up about how english language cnovel fandom interprets and does, or doesn’t, have access to the original authors of the novel. 
i want to take a specific instance of a moxiang tongxiu interview answer and look at the different interpretations fandom has had of it, in this case, the infamous “everyone in modao zushi but wangxian is straight” line.
this is a mxtx take i’ve seen thrown around a lot, i think often mockingly. “mxtx wrote [xiyao/nieyao/xuexiao/songxiao/speaker’s choice of ship], but yeah, everyone in mdzs is straight.” it’s meant to sort of be a gotcha. but it’s never really clear who the joke is on: mxtx for not understanding her own writing, other fans for taking her seriously, or a half-assed attempt to prove the canonicity of their ship in face of all other evidence. 
as best as i can tell, this interview answer entered english language fandom on january 31, 2019. cloud recesses translation on twitter aggregated her various interview answers, end notes, and posts and translated them in the follow tweet: 
they originally wanted to explain to english language fandom mxtx’s stance on breaking apart the main couple (i.e. shipping wei wuxian or lan wangji with characters other than each other or switching their uh. positions.). 
the original weibo article they link is no longer accessible; it uses the weibo setting that makes posts private after six months. so i’m not able to verify the screenshots they are translating, but i think that’s fine. i’m going to do a very rough translation of my own very quickly, because it seems sort of hypocritical to complain about misinterpretations of the original text without actually um. reading the original text. 
the first screenshot of mxtx’s weibo is her responding to a question: would she ever write a novel with a secondary ship again? 
she answers that she’s considered it often, but not again. she finds that writing a relationship plotline in danmei requires a lot of energy, and the main pair tends to occupy all of her focus. if it’s not a goofy parody [like her first novel, the scum villain’s self-saving system], she just doesn’t have any extra energy to distribute to other pairings. 
in fact, she writes, originally when she was writing scum villain, she hadn’t been intending to write airplane shooting towards the sky and mobei jun as a couple. (honestly, airplane hadn’t had that many appearances at first. he was the kind of guy who, at the last minute, would come out as a passerby character) but her scum villain outline was so loose, as she kept writing, she suddenly found-- huh? what’s going on? this guy is pretty cute?! anyway, that book was a parody, pairing or no pairing, it didn’t really matter. so they were an exception. but at any rate, she won’t have another one.
when she reads other people’s works, she continues, she doesn’t always mind multiple couples. but in her own writing, she just doesn’t like it that much. 
and i think this is the bit where i think where people tend to get mad: this is because she feels out of all the people who appear, it’s just inconceivable that that many are gay. she forgot where she saw this quote, but in short, for a work of art to feel lifelike, that originates in its emotional truths, not in its physical truths. as a writer, she says, as far as she’s concerned, the world she builds in her head is a real world. she can convince herself that a world with gods and ghosts running around is a real world. but she can’t convince herself that a world where the entire population is BL is a real world. 
before this, she saw a commenter say, “even if it’s not romantic love, there’s still many complicated relationships between people, that are all very moving. compared to invariably calling it all romance, it’s quite nuanced.” yes, she agrees, there are many conflicts that aren’t driven by romantic love, so that allows for more interpretations. as far as she’s concerned, this already makes her feel OK. she’s able to write something satisfying enough, with realistic emotions; the plot holds water; the conflict is intense enough.  
without romantic love as a prerequisite, people can analyze what they see. however, if it’s straightforwardly labeled as “romantic love,” the way people think about it will become somewhat distorted. discussions will shift to points that she doesn’t think need to be twisted up. for instance: who disappointed whom, who invests more in whom, who’s not good enough for whom, who’s the scumbag where. that isn’t what she set out to write, so it would be a pity. 
but as long as it doesn’t break up or flip the main couple, ship whatever, she doesn’t care. she herself often will read regular novels and enjoy shipping couples. reading books isn’t just for fun. using your brain to supplement or enjoying couples as you wish, that’s fine, just don’t break up or flip the main couple. 
paraphrasing now, she goes on to reference a particular fan who obsessively sent her hate because they were so fixated on a sidepair and were mad she didn’t endorse it as the author. 
anyway, the other bit from her this translates is back to the whole “don’t break or reverse the couple” discourse which is umm... not really a big discourse in english lang fandom? thank god. 
so the critical take, the one i see the most often takes one (or more) of the following stances in responding to her answer.
the literal refutation. they argue that gay people are more numerous that mxtx says. they think that not only, statistically speaking, there should be more gay people than just one couple, but that gay people often find platonic companionship, comfort, and safety in each other. therefore, where there’s one gay couple, it seems even more likely that there should be more. 
the “my meow meow” refutation. this is usually centered around a specific character that they are convinced is gay that mxtx has implicitly (or explicitly, in the case of jiang cheng) deemed straight. nie huaisang is often a example of this: why would mxtx claim he gets straight married when he [insert epic gay huaisang moment]
the “my meow meows” refutation. this is usually centered around two characters who seemed to be wholly motivated by their romantic love for each other. how do you explain 3zun, how do you explain yi city, if not wholly by romance? 
there are also some more fawning stances, where people wholeheartedly defend her from those three points. it typically goes like this--in china, gay people don’t have the same visibility or community that they do [wherever the original commenter is from]. therefore, it’s fine that there’s only one gay couple because it’s realistic. everyone else is straight. 
and then here’s what um. what i think. 
first: on genre. i think she’s talking a lot about genre here rather than like. real life. i intentionally left BL untranslated, because she does say 全民 BL, or the entire population being BL/in BL relationships. ghosts feel more realistic to her because xianxia is an established mainstream genre. like it or dislike it, it seemed that her artistic goal was to tell a gay love story in a xianxia world/genre, rather than a love story in a BL world/genre. 
i think she certainly succeeded in that respect. mdzs is umm very popular. i think it’s fine to be an ambitious writer with aspirations of a mainstream audience. my thoughts here kind of go part and parcel with my thoughts on her treatment of female characters. 
obviously i hate when GIRLS die. obviously i really like a lot of her female characters that don’t get that much shine. check my ao3 lol i do put my money where my mouth is. but the fact of the matter is that there are two genres that condition where she can put female characters and maintain suspension of disbelief (that concept is, i think, what she’s working around in her interview answer). 
because mdzs is a xianxia novel and a danmei novel, there are some complications. historically sexism did exist. there are and were high profile women who had an impact and certainly had leadership roles. mxtx does put them in these sorts of positions, e.g. madam yu or wen qing. there also are women who were important because of their relationships to men, e.g. jiang yanli or wang lingjiao. unlike in a het xianxia novel, women aren’t romantic leads, so this does diminish the number of “important” roles a woman can take--priority is paid to the ones who serve the plot. 
so there are important plot relevant roles in mdzs that women are just excluded from: e.g. the sworn brotherhoods. 3zun would have had to be all women, or all men. there are also important roles that preclude a confirmed monogamous romantic gay partnership. e.g. nie huaisang, who as a sect leader would have been expected to marry at least one woman to have children with. i think this is where people might go: this is a book about gay people! she’s obviously already making departure points! 
well first there is already a historical framework for how to be gay in china, but more importantly. xianxia is an established genre. for people for whom this is their first xianxia novel, every bit of the setting may seem equally foreign. wow, they hunt ghosts? wow, they’ve got sects? and sworn brotherhoods? and they use talismans and-- it doesn’t seem like a big deal to say, why couldn’t women simply do xyz in the setting too? but this is a whole existing genre. 
she’s stuck working within it, and her point, i think, is that she can only offer so many points of departure before she--and implicitly the audience--stop suspending their disbelief. she’s a young writer, and she began by admitting she has trouble balancing too many emotional thoroughlines at once. it’s okay if the BL written by a young 20-something focuses on only one gay couple.
second: on 爱情. i think it’s important that she repeats aiqing, or romantic love so many times. she is making a really genuinely good and relatively uncontroversial point here: mdzs contains a lot of relationships that don’t flatten easily into straightforward uncomplicated reciprocated romance. she also emphasizes repeatedly throughout the interview that she’s eschewing labels not complex dynamics between characters. if you take yknow. one of the many relationships in mdzs that are weird intense homoerotic and do end with one party killing the other, it’s kinda boring to look at it and go “damn if they were dating that would be fucked up.” or “damn it would be better if they were dating instead” ykwim. 
third: on translators, distortions, and fan culture. i do think the original translation was reasonably accurate. i think there are some tonal choices i think were weird, but the substance is all there. my main criticism was that it was presented in a decontextualized selection specifically to achieve a certain agenda: don’t break up wangxian. which um. i think is not best translation practice. i think this is something that has happened often with translations of mxtx’s words, whether her prose or her posts. 
i’m not linking the interview, because i’m not trying to start a fight here, but there is a popular interview that was originally translated from chinese to bahasa indonesia, and then from bahasa indonesia to english. the final translator did not speak chinese, and so could not refer back to her words. not only did the first translator insert their own commentary into the interview, but the second translator translated that and also added their own commentary. there are parts where it is difficult to tell what is mxtx’s opinion, and what is fan commentary. 
the exiled rebels translation, the only complete translation of the novel, was done by someone who was 15/16 for most of it, and edited by an adult who did not speak chinese. shoutout to k for taking on an ambitious project at a young age but uh. 
exiled rebels initially specializing in yaoi rather than danmei novels meant that there were fan cultural gaps. they were aggressive towards other translators due to the difference to community norms re: multiple translations existing. this has provoked hostility towards re translations (along with other assorted discourses) because of basically. historical accident? ancient drama between like. snoopycool, evil-genius, and other groups who’d accidentally or purposefully sniped series concreting personal disagreements into established norms?!??! christ.
at any rate, a team that specializes in yaoi plus their teenager translator does not um. does not a nuanced translation make, especially from chinese->english. i’m not saying they shouldn’t have done it!!!! i’m saying that words come from people!! and in the case of translations, they come more directly from the translator than from the author, and it’s bizarre to see people trying to seriously evaluate the original prose and language through it, much less authorial intent.
fourth: on who we have sympathy for. i don’t think mxtx is perfect. but i find myself trying to take very nuanced, kind stances towards her because i think she’s a young woman of color whose books have had runaway popularity. i think fandom can be bizarrely cruel towards her.
i’m pretty new to fandom, but i do think it’s rare to see a fandom with so much open hostility and mockery towards a new and vulnerable individual writer whose works they theoretically greatly enjoy. i use vulnerable in the sense that she writes under contract for a company that takes half of her profits, she can no longer profit from most of her novels because they’ve been taken down due to their content, she has no control over the adaptations of her works, like-- guys.... she has more in common with you as a person than you do with the wealthy queer representation we see here. 
there’s this pervasive sense in a corner of fandom that if there’s something good in her novels she wrote it by accident, and if there’s something bad, she did it on purpose (and perhaps homophobically). again. you are reading a translation, it’s bizarre to make these claims about her character. and secondly, what the hell is wrong with you? again, i am not pretending she is a perfect writer, and it’s fine to object to her content. but goddamn in that interview she approaches the subject with twice the nuance than all the people who rag on her for not including enough canon gay people do. 
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moonlit-reveriee · 5 months ago
NSFW Alphabet
ft. technoblade
Tumblr media
concept: a collection of my own personal nsfw headcanons for techno, one for each letter of the alphabet
@saturnsstufff ‘s discord saw it first ;)
A = Aftercare 
I like the idea that techno actually gets very clingy after sex. He’ll get up and grab a glass of water or a towel if either of you need it, but if he’s able to, he’ll stay glued to your side the whole time. Even if he won’t admit it, he needs to have that intimacy after sex. He loves the feeling of your body pressed against his as you both cool down. Usually, his hands will be absentmindedly drawing patterns over your skin
B = Body part 
Kind of an oddly specific one, but he loves your shoulders. He loves to casually rest his chin on them as he holds you from behind, and bury his face in the crook of your neck as he presses heated kisses on your pulse point. He also considers the way a person carries their shoulders to be an indication of their strength, and how could he see anything but strength in you.
He hadn’t put much thought into his own body before meeting you. He’s learned to love parts of himself because of you. Particularly his scars. They way you gently run your fingers across the rough surface of them, in both intimate and casual settings, made him crave the touch. Now when he looks at them, he thinks of your hands moving across his skin
C = Cum 
Fun fact: pigs have 30 minute orgasms
Early on in your sexual relationship, he was very embarrassed by just how much of it there always was. But once you started praising him for it, that became a very different story. He started to take pride in how well he could completely fill you up without even trying
D = Dirty Secret 
He would probably never admit it to you, but it’s become a habit of his to think about the last time he had sex with you during battles. He starts to make sure you two always have sex the night before a big fight, so his mind can wander back to it during the haze of battle. He’s not sure if it’s a coping mechanism or what but it certainly helps
E = Experience 
You are his first ever sexual partner, but somehow he just.... already knows what he’s doing?? He’s very nervous and considerate the first time, but he does everything perfectly. Once you tell him that, he’s very happy and secretly a bit proud of himself
F = Favourite Position 
He loooves to have you in his lap. Either facing him, back to chest, it doesn’t matter. He’ll do everything with you in his lap. Cockwarming, fingering, thigh riding, anything you and him are physically able to do in that position
G = Goofy 
He’s usually a bit more on the serious side. Sometimes the two of you will quip at each other during foreplay, but once he gets going, it’s all business. In the moment, he likes to treat is as something special (doesn’t mean he won’t tease you about things after the fact)
H = Hair 
He likes to keep himself clean-shaven most of the time. When he’s relaxed and doesn’t have to go to any public events for a long period of time, he’ll let a small amount of stubble grow on his chin. You can always tell when he slacks off on it, cause the stubble on his face brushes roughly against your skin as he kisses down your body...
he doesn’t really shave much below the neck, but he keeps it clean and trims occasionally
I = Intimacy 
He’s surprisingly romantic when he wants to be. It’s definitely a side of him only you’re allowed to see. Alone together in his bed, he’ll whisper sweet nothings to you as he slowly draws you to your climax. Even when he’s speaking the most lewd and naughty things to you, he somehow makes them sound affectionate and full of love
J = Jack Off 
He loves to watch you masturbate. The first time was a complete accident. He came home late one night to find you curled up with his blankets, breathing heavily as you massaged yourself over your underwear. It wasn’t long before you noticed him in the doorway and jumped, worthlessly attempting to hide what you were doing. He wasn’t sure if it was the blush on your face or the fact that the blanket you chose to cover yourself in was his cape but something urged him to sit on the edge of the bed, still in his armor, and ask you to continue. It was beautiful to simply sit there and watch
K = Kink 
He’s a little bit possessive. He loves to mark you in subtle ways so you always remember that you’re his. Especially if you’re going on a trip without him. He’ll drape you in gold jewelry and leave a hickey just out of sight on your neck for good measure. The part that he loves the most about it though, is that you know exactly what he’s doing and show off his signs of possession with pride
L = Location 
He prefers to keep most of your sexual acts to the area in and around his cottage. Other than in bed, he loves to press you up against a wall. Sometimes you two get distracted while tending to the farms and end up heatedly making out in the snow. One time, you decide you wanted to lay out some blankets on the floor and do it right in front of the fireplace. He adored the way the firelight danced across your skin. (He’s thought about taking you down to the syndicate room and laying you out across the table. But he came to the unfortunate conclusion that during meetings, he’d never be able to look anyone straight in the eyes ever again. So he’s shelved that idea for the time being. Maybe once the group has disbanded...)
M = Motivation
He loves to be praised by you. During regular day-to-day life, he doesn’t like to accept any compliments from you, usually just brushing them off or responding with a joke. But when you two are alone together and intimate, he drinks that shit up. How can he not believe it when you look up and him with lidded eyes and tell him just how good he makes you feel. Just moaning against his lips as he kisses you is enough to keep him going for a while
N = NO 
He will never do anything that involves seeing your own blood. It sets off the voices too much. One day, you randomly got a nosebleed while cooking dinner together. He could smell it before he even saw it. When the voices recognized the deep red color dripping down your face, they wouldn’t stop chanting. He tried to help you clean up, but it became too much to ignore. He had to go out back and slaughter at least a dozen zombies before they shut up. And even then, he was left with a pounding headache. You were extra gentle and sweet with him when you cuddled up in bed together that night
O = Oral 
If you’re on the receiving end, be prepared for him to be down there a looooong time. Once he gets his mouth on you, it’s hard for him to pull away. He loves your smell and taste too much. He tries not to get too carried away, but there was one time he made you come 5 times in a row with just his mouth. He was very thorough with his aftercare that night.
He isn’t the one receiving very often. He only really likes it when he’s tired. He loves to sit back in a chair and watch you gently suck him of on your knees in front of him, one hand gently weaving it’s way through your hair
P = Pace 
I always imagine him on the slower side. He likes to savor every moment, making sure that every thrust or movement of his hand is intentional and perfectly placed. He takes time to watch you carefully to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. He’ll go harder before he goes faster
Q = Quickie 
As much as he loves to treasure your intimate time together, there are times where he just needs it. Every once and awhile, he’ll be desperate for it and quickly have you against the wall before heading out to run some errands. Sometimes he’ll pull you in, make you cum, and head out the door without saying a single word. He usually feels the need to make up for it when he returns, but you’ve assured him many times that you love sex with him at any pace
R = Risk 
Since he’s still fairly inexperienced despite his skills, he’s not super adventurous himself. More often than not, you’re the one bringing new ideas to the relationship. He’s willing to try the new things you suggest. You’ve had a discussion about your limits, and you both understand what goes too far for each other
S = Stamina 
He can go multiple times in a row if he wants to, and for a long time. He lowkey loves it when you tire out before him, and you let him keep going while you lie there sleepily in his arms
T = Toy 
He doesn’t own any sex toys, but he likes to make sex toys out of everyday objects (as long as they’re safe and properly cleaned of course). He likes the idea of never being able to look at that object the same way again, especially if it’s something either of you use around the house frequently. He would get his hands on some actual toys if you wanted him to. If toys are involved, he prefers them to be used on you, not on him
U = Unfair 
He likes to randomly tease you during moments that are absolutely not sexual. Maybe you’re brushing out his hair, complaining about the knots in it. He’ll suddenly respond with “that’s not what you told me in the bedroom last night” leaving you to sit there in shock while he laughs. Or he’ll quote things you said to him during sex completely deadpan and watch as the blush rises to your cheeks
V = Volume 
He’s not extremely loud. When he is loud though, he growls. You’ll be able to feels his chest vibrating when you lean into him. Sometimes you can even feel the vibrations through his lips as he pleasures you with his mouth, which is an absolutely crazy and wonderful feeling.
During very domestic moments, he likes to talk a lot during sex. If he comes home from working all day, and he’s missing you greatly, he loves to tell you all about his day while his cock gently rocks inside of you
W = Wild Card 
This part is definitely just gonna be me fulfilling one of my personal kinks, but I love the idea of techno going through a heat since he’s part piglin. Maybe it only happens like once a year, but when it’s that time, his senses are kicked into high gear and he’s desperate for you. The two of you have a routine for it by now. You prepare the bedroom by gathering every blanket in the house, and prepping a week’s worth of food & water that can be eaten quickly during the moments when techno’s haze of arousal drops. Once he feels it start to set in, he locks the bedroom door and allows his senses to become completely enveloped by you
X = X-Ray 
I like to believe that a lot of the hybrid races are PACKING. It’s one of the many things he’s nervous about on your first time, but seeing the way your able to take him so well every time is such a turn on
Y = Yearning 
Both you and him can be too tired to have sex at times, but if he’s able to have you, he’ll take everything he can get. He loves to take care of you if you’ve had a long day, and he knows you’ll do the same for him
Z = ZZZ 
If it’s nighttime sex, he can pass out as soon as aftercare is over. But if it’s morning or midday, he can have sex and go about the rest of his day no problem. Since his orgasms are so long, he likes to make you cum more often than he does, and watching you cum invigorates him
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relaxxattack · 5 months ago
hi im asking u this bc u seem to be bee duo enthusiast so
ive been calling c! beeduos relationship platonic because i thought that was what their cc’s said, and i thought they had said that they were uncomfortable with ppl shipping the characters. But ive seen a lot of posts that say their relationship is canonically romantic? and i absolutely do not want to come across as homophobic by watering down a mlm relationship to just friends because that happens so much in media so.
what is the canon state of their relationship / ur opinions on the platonic thibg
dont worry abt answering if u dont want to!! i see a lot of differing opinions and i trust yours :)
aw it’s totally fine, im flattered you asked me about this!
let me put it simply: it’s a whole mess, lol.
first im going to talk about what’s happened fandom-wide that caused differing opinions, and then i’ll explain my own opinion/interpretation. :]
(this got really fucking long im so sorry)
ranboo and tubbo initially proclaimed the relationship was romantic, specifically in argument with the wiki editors who had set it as platonic by default. (you can see this in the vod where they decide they’re canonically married— it’s very funny. chat tells them the marriage is already on the wiki, they check, tubbo is jokingly offended that it says platonic and asks if he needs to up the romance).
tubbo also makes jokes about adultry, which sort of implies the relationship is not necessarily a platonic one.
(theres definetly more in that stream alone but it’s been a long time since i watched it so i don’t remember a lot of it.)
the wiki, because of this, suffers from going back and forth on platonic and romantic, seemingly unsure where the joke ends and the canon begins, or if its canonically a joke! a mess, as you can already tell.
this gets more complicated as the marriage bit goes on: outsiders, such as phil and scott, both at one point say “platonic marriage”, which then ranboo and tubbo agree with. however, when chat asks them if they’re platonic, they say the opposite. so there is a lot of confusion there.
there’s also the difficulty of being able to tell streamers and characters apart. ranboo and tubbo both don’t like being shipped irl, and that’s their boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. (they’re also minors, but tbh when they’re 18 in a year i will still be following their boundaries regardless of their legal age).
due to people not wanting to be accused of minor shipping, they started adding the platonic tone indicator to most of their drawings— basically a way of saying “no homo”. meanwhile, tubbo frequently on stream flirts with ranboo and makes quite a bit of nsfw comments towards him that are frankly hilarious.
this goes on for a while with nobody really sure what’s canon, but a lot of people assuming it’s probably platonic, until: the drama of the mods night. a few mods dmed all the wiki editors telling them ranboo wanted his canon character relationship officially set to platonic.
unfortunately for those mods; the very same day, a few hours later, ranboo on stream makes fun of puffy delivering him and tubbo “friendship flowers”. because, and i quote, “bruh. we’re literally married. this must be how the ancient greeks felt.”
in case you don’t know, the internet often jokes about how historians will call ancient greeks ‘very good friends’ when they are quite obviously gay. so in this context, ranboo is joking that people will call him and c!tubbo, who are married, “close friends”, when he doesn’t think they are.
basically, ranboo canonized romantic bee duo, the very same day the mods told everyone he’d wanted a platonic one.
chaos and drama immediately erupted everywhere. on tumblr, we were talking about how weird it was of his mods to do something like that without asking him first. we ALSO talked about how weird it was of them to assume that ranboo can’t make his own decisions, or assume teenagers cannot be in relationships without it being sexual. twitter did the same thing but in the opposite direction: called ranboo mods homophobic, or said they were mad ranboo felt pressured into making a romantic relationship canon ‘just so people could have mlm rep.’
i dont want to go into detail about the drama that happened that night because apparently official people follow me and i dont want to stir it up or have them come “clarify” things. im just saying what we talked about.
ranboo in typical ranboo fashion apologized quickly and seriously. he was deeply sorry for possibly offending anyone with how he’d portrayed his rp relationship with tubbo, and he also assured everyone the mod thing was just a miscommunication.
he said he would talk to tubbo and they’d decide once and for all whether it was platonic or romantic, and then announce so everyone would know.
it’s now been a few months and we've had no word from them on that development. we still have no clue.
now, here’s my opinion:
i want to take ranboos word for it that it was a miscommunication with his mods, but... we had it on good authority from people on the wiki team and people in the discord with the mods that (while it was happening) they were really going after the wiki admins, and also made some weird comments about it. that combined with the way ranboo seemingly had no clue (considering he canonized their romance that very same day).... it’s very. sus of the mods.
then there’s the canon we’ve got since then. although occasionally adults in the room have called it a “platonic marriage” and tubbo once (back when it first started) called it a “plankton tectonic” marriage, in roleplay it’s been... kind of not that. tubbo and ranboo make nsfw jokes about each other in character, and their characters also share a master bedroom and bed in the mansion. there's also the way c!tommy really thinks it’s a romance between them as well, and they agree with and play off that— for instance confirming that they “fell in love” when he asked, or ranboo confirming that they “make out on occasion”.
people will still put platonic on their art and posts, imo, because they’re worried about breaking ranboo and tubbo’s irl boundaries by looking like they ship them. or even just being accused of shipping real life minors. and that’s a valid fear to have.
the thing is though: c!bee duo are not cc!bee duo. they’re roleplay characters. cc!bee duo are not okay with being shipped, but they made their characters get canonically married, and call each other “husbands”. so it’s okay to write the word “husband” in your comic without adding “platonic” to it, i promise.
telling the ccs that their characters have to be platonic is... weird. it comes off as not only babying them, but also as saying teens can’t date without it being gross. which isn’t true.
(this is why seeing people overuse “platonic husband” so much bothers me. like, they ARE husbands. you can just say it. what are you trying to hide...?)
do i think they’re canonically romantic? ehh, its likely. it’s still okay to interpret them as platonic, because again, it’s hard to tell where jokes end and roleplay begins. like, maybe it’s jokes in the rp too, and c!bee duo are just friends. friends can and should be allowed to make jokes like that with each other! aro & ace marriages exist!
or, maybe it’s actually part of the rp, and they’re very much romantic. we don’t know!
some people say they could be a qpr (queerplatonic romance), which i could see. (a qpr is a relationship that fluctuates between, or can’t quite be sorted into, “romantic” and “platonic”. people in a qpr can do romantic things while having platonic feelings for each other). in my opinion this is a very valid interpretation as well!
CONCLUSION (sorry this got so long omfg):
are c!bee duo romantic?
its likely, but you can still interpret them however you like!
should i put /p on bee duo content?
ehhh? i find it annoying when it’s overused (as do others), but if you’re worried you can. its up to preference. putting it too much is weird though
should i put /p on things cc! bee duo do?
no. you’re not the one saying it so you can’t decide the tone tags for that. imagine you said something to your friend and a random stranger came up and was like “haha but that was /p right...?”
can i ship c!bee duo?
mmm. i’m not sure on this one. they are canonically married and very flirtatious, but the ccs don’t like being shipped and they’re close enough to being the ccs that actively shipping might be against boundaries.
can i treat c!bee duo as romantic?
yes. literally just don’t be weird about it. it’s not that hard! you can understand that two characters are husbands without making it weird
here’s the most important thing: boundaries. cc bee duo still haven’t told us what their preferences and canon is about this whole thing.
right now, i am assuming based on what they already show us they’re comfortable with, but! the second they give us any more info! all these opinions will change!
i am only going off what they do. i would never want to cross boundaries at all. i just wish they would make theirs a little more clear.
..... i hope that helped anon, i went way off the rails... i need to go to sleep.
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diavolosthots · 8 months ago
I have 38 minutes before valentines is officially over for me so here are the brothers
Warning: slight NSFW
THE BROTHERS and valentine’s day 
Although he thinks the day is ridiculous because why is there just one day to worship the most important person in his life? He still goes all out. Now, he won’t be as extreme as Diavolo, but do expect a very nice package in your room with a very (expensive) elegant dress/suit that will match his outfit perfectly. Of course, you’ll be going out to Ristorante Six or any human restaurant he deemed extravagant enough. Upon arrival, he’ll be sure to top off your outfit with the matching jewelry and a bottle of the best wine you’ll have ever tasted. Lucifer is nothing short of class and he’ll be sure to treat you like royalty the whole evening. Don’t even think about lifting a finger, because he has it all covered. To top it off, of course, he leads you into his candle lit room, rose petals covering the floor, and champagne at your disposal, although he’s hoping for the more adult activities before you open the bottle to celebrate. 
“I refuse to celebrate Valentine’s without making you mine, first.”
Ah shit, that was today? Lol he’s going to pretend that he forgot and he’s so good at it that you’ll believe it up until the very end. Before you even have the chance to wallow in self pity inside your room while angry tears are streaming down your face, he’ll show up in his best suit and a deep blush on his cheeks. He won’t be taking you out, no. Instead, he prepared a nice meal himself, after begging Barbatos to teach him how. Is it the best? Eh, Barbatos still makes it better, but it comes from the heart. He wants it to come from the heart. What’s the point of Valentine’s if you’re not the one spoiling your significant other? Don’t worry, he has other, after dinner things planned as well. 
“I ain’t tryna get too sappy… but I love ya, MC.”
Oh he dreaded this day so much. He’s not romantic or talented in anything particular. Hell, he can barely remember to kiss you back on most days! But he knew he needed to do something for you. Going out was out of the question, so he decorated his room a bit. He put up some Valentine decorations, blew up some balloons, and made some heart-shaped cookies that he decorated extra well. One of them has your guys’ initials on it with heart shaped sprinkles around. He’s both proud and embarrassed of that one. The main gift, though, is a scrap book he put together of all you guys’ adventures together as of now. Pictures, quotes, inside jokes… they’re all saved in this book. Other than that, he really just hopes to take an easy day with you. Maybe some romantic anime and some much needed cuddling. 
“You’re my Ruri-chan, MC.”
Satan is a little old school, but he’s also playful. First, he has a scavenger hunt planned out for you. Follow the notes, solve the riddles, and at the end you’ll find an outfit just for you. Sleek and nice, but not over the top expensive or too elegant. He still wants you to be comfy. Inside the outfit, he’ll ask you to come back to his room where he’ll have a romantic candle lit dinner set up with your favorite foods and soft music playing in the background; you’ll notice that these are your favorite songs. After you sit down, he’ll put a necklace around your neck; heart shaped with your guys’ names engraved. He made it himself with some magic so it truly is one of a kind. The night can go however you want it to, although he does have some lingerie/more revealing outfits he’d like for you to try…
“Happy Valentine’s Day, kitten. Let’s enjoy the evening, just us two.”
The minute you wake up, Asmo makes it all about you. First, he’ll take you to a spa day. Full body massages, facials, manicure and pedicure, and of course, a nice hair-do that will come in handy later. Well, not really. It’ll probably be trashed later haha. Of course, he’s sure to take you shopping as well to pick your outfit. A tight suit? A flowy dress? Definitely some thigh highs for your later activities! Don’t think this night will end in just cuddling. He’ll take you out for dinner, although he made sure to prepare the dessert himself, which you will be able to eat either off of him or he off of you. What do you say? 
“You’re blushing, MC…. is this embarrassing for you?”
Like Levi, he actually dreaded this day. He’s confused on what to do. Isn’t he supposed to show his love, like, always, every day? He opts for the bouquet of roses and a nice dinner at Ristorante Six. Of course, he ordered their whole menu but he’s actually waiting for you to take everything you want before he ever thinks about digging in. Then, he’d love to dance with you, at which point he apologizes for being unprepared, but really, could you hate this guy for it? He still managed to get you a nice, silver infinity bracelet that will look beautifully on your wrist, although he feels like you deserve so much more. You are a god/dess after all. How you want this night to end is up to you, but just so you know, he does have chocolate sauce and strawberries ready in his room for you. 
“I’m still hungry, but it’s a different kind…”
He’ll prank you. Not badly, just… he’ll sleep through most of the day, or so you think. What he’s really doing is setting up the attic with fairy lights and rose petals. He’ll get a TV just so you can watch romantic movies together. The pillows will be fluffed and a pile of blankets will be ready for you to hide in, or build a blanket fort with, that’s up to you. Before all that, though, he’ll spill his true feelings for you under the stars, dragging you out onto the roof through the window and making sure you’re nice and secure in his arms, where you belong. It may not be extravagant, or even what you wanted, but he hopes you find comfort in his efforts anyway. Take out?
“You shine brighter than any of these stars… I love you.”  
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scare-crowed · 6 months ago
Bitter : karl jacobs
pairing: karl jacobs x gn!reader
request: hi!! can i request a jealous karl imagine? with gender neutral pronouns pls!! thank uu
genre: fluff, maybe a touch of angst, best friends to lovers
warning: cursing, self-doubt (oml this is in a lot of my works isn’t it?)
summary: you couldn’t help the bitterness left behind every time your crush fawns over a certain someone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there it was again, that putrid sourness left in the back of your throat, the same exact one you’ve sadly grown familiar to. it burned, leaving your stomach a queasy mess of shreds, forcing you to down the bile that tempted to rise.
his words hurt. they stung, sending your heart aflame with a sickening iciness, almost as if you’ve been shocked with frozen lightning. it took everything in your power not to snap, resulting in your gnawing against your bottom lip, pushing aside the rising ache of broken skin.
karl, however, gushed happily, not sparing a glance towards your downcast state as he spat compliments left and right about a certain brown-haired girl.
you’ve never had a problem with pokimane, honestly. you’ve enjoyed both her content and projects, even going as far as to say that you’ve looked up to her and her creativity. she was nice and funny, along with the addition of being smart and pretty, making her quite popular in the twitch and youtube community.
and quite a popular subject to your best friend as well.
“god, poki is such an incredible creator, don’t you think y/n?” karl asked, turning to face you. you swallowed thickly, trying to rid the acid dancing in the back of your throat as your nails dig deep into your palms, surely imprinting crescents.
“yeah, you’ve said that 8 times today.” you forced a tight-lipped smile, trying to keep your tone from seeming too sharp.
“it’s because she deserves it! her videos are always to well put together and entertaining. i mean, she’s such an inspiration.” he continued on, failing to see how tight your jaw was clenched.
“i wish i could just tell her how much of an influence she is on my work. i wish to be as amazing as she is.”
you were reaching your limit. over the past three hours you’ve been at karl’s house, each conversation consisted of his love for pokimane, claiming how much her work has strived for him to be better. you knew most of his words lacked any type of romantic intention, but leaned more towards a role model-esque way.
however, to you, each syllable felt like a punch to the gut, jealousy flooding your veins.
you’ve know karl for a while, meeting him at the beginning of your freshman year, eventually leading to being connected at the hip, all his gestures fueling nothing, but a friendly impact. yet, over the past few months, every comment, every nickname, every touch sent your mind into a clouded frenzy, your heart leaping miles at a time whenever your hands brushed accidentally.
it was new, and it scared you. you knew you couldn’t go to karl over a matter like this, especially since it involved him, so you went to the next best option: alex.
you’ve met alex through karl, and instantly formed a brotherly bond with the chaotic male, playing various games and becoming a regular on his streams, popping in from time to time.
when you told alex about your troubles, he couldn’t help but laugh at your obliviousness to your own feelings, claiming quote “i never knew you were so dense, y/n.” he began to explain to you that everything you were experiencing is normal and that you have a ‘crush’ on karl.
at first, you immediately shut his idea down, but as time went on, you began to see where alex got the theory from, your flushed cheeks and newly awkward demeanor giving everything away.
and here you are now, sitting in one of karl’s spare office chairs while you cringe internally at his fawning, silently wishing that it was you he was pinning over.
you tried to block out all of his continuous praising, but you just couldn’t hold out anymore.
“honestly, i’ve never met someone as creatively perfect as pokimane is.” you felt your heart snap, hearing the words ‘pokimane’ and ‘perfect’ in the same sentence sent your thoughts in a frenzy.
“okay, i-i actually need to go. i forgot that something very important came up, a-and i can’t be late for it.” you spat out, bolting out of your seat to grab your scattered belongings. your abrupt actions shocked karl, cutting him off completely from his recurring compliments and peered up at your with surprise.
“wait, what? but, i thought you were free to stream today?” he questioned, brows pinched together in concern, watching you juggling your phone, jacket, and keys, cheeks bright from an unknown cause.
“y-yeah. i guess i just forgot. um, my brother wanted to hang out tonight.” you threw out the first thing that came to mind, your words causing karl to shake his head lightly.
however, just before he could open his mouth, you cut him off, “okay, bye.” you bolted out of his house, leaving a very confused karl in your dust.
“but, you don’t have a brother.” he muttered.
you knew you were probably overreacting, blowing everything out of proportion. but, you couldn’t help the hint of tears burning your waterline, blurring your vision as you stared down at your steering wheel of your parked car, sitting aimlessly in a grocery store parking lot.
you reached up and wiped your tears quickly, sniffling as you curse your overactive thoughts. you also knew that your decision was probably the worst you could’ve chose from, deeming that if you strayed away, you conflicting feelings would eventually distinguish.
a week has passed, all your interactions with karl were immediately shut down, going as far as to muting his calls. every text he sent over the days hurt more than you’d like to admit, his worried nature burning your chest with a guilty fire.
my sweater boy: hey, i was wondering if everything is ok. you left in a pretty big hurry earlier. text me when you can
read 4/2/2021 at 9:23 p.m.
my sweater boy: hey! i was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast later
read 4/3/2021 at 7:19 a.m.
my sweater boy: you must be asleep. that’s ok! i still got your favorite. text me when you wake up
read 4/3/2021 at 11:56 a.m.
my sweater boy: hey are you ok? you haven’t been responding lately
read 4/4/2021 at 12:45 p.m.
my sweater boy: ok, i’m starting to get worried. why aren’t you answering? please text me back so i know you’re okay
read 4/5/2021 at 10:34 p.m.
my sweater boy: i talked to alex earlier, he said you’ve been answering him. why not me? did i do something?
read 4/6/2021 at 6:06 a.m.
my sweater boy: please answer me y/n. i miss you.
read 4/7/2021 at 4:22 a.m.
my sweater boy: please y/n. i need you
read 4/7/2021 at 4:23 a.m.
my sweater boy: please
read at 4/7/2021 at 4:24
you clicked your phone off, forcing yourself to stop reading those messages, and turn back to your show. yet, a knock at your door stopped you as you stood up and trudged over, swinging it open.
your instincts told you to shut it, your feet frozen at the sight of a puffy-eyed karl, tear tracks littering his red cheeks.
“karl,” was the first thing you could say, blinking at the man in front of you. “what are you doing here?”
he didn’t respond, only to answer your question by pulling into his arms, burying his face into the crook of your neck, a few loose strands of your hair tickling his temples.
“why didn’t you tell me, y/n?” he whispered into your skin, his breath made goosebumps form along your arms. his question made you stiffen.
surely not. surely he didn’t find out.
“i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you responded, hesitating to wrap your own limbs around him. he pulled back slightly, giving you a better view of his wet hues.
“why didn’t you tell me you liked me? why’d you sit there and tell me nothing? why’d you shut me out? i don’t understand.” he shot at a rapid pace.
your breath hitched, all color draining from your face, leaving you a deathly pale. you were sure you stopped breathing, fear of ruining your friendship taking over as you remained a statue, tense in karl’s hold.
“how’d you find out?” you shudder, your (e/c) orbs wide.
“alex.” once the name slipped from his teeth, you swore you never wanted to punt someone more than ever.
“he’s mad. he’s mad at you. he’s mad at me. he’s mad at both of us. he told me that hiding things like that is useless when it hurts someone like this. he knew that the both of us was hurting, so he told me everything. he told me that you liked me and that you have for a while.” karl explained with a sniffle, his grip on your waist tightening.
you didn’t know how to reply, mouth opening and closing in confusion. you let out a shaky breath.
“i also know why you left that day and i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to upset you with everything, honestly. i didn’t mean to drive you away, and i didn’t mean for it to sound like i favored pokimane over you.” he lifted his hand, tucking a loose lock behind your ear, his lingering touch making your tummy flutter with those familiar butterflies, the ones that you never could get rid of.
“i-i’m sorry, too, karl. i shouldn’t have pushed you away like that. i just thought if i stayed away, then these feelings will die down, so i wouldn’t feel like i was having a heart attack anytime i’m next to you.” you deceived your side of the story, subconsciously leaning into his palm, your actions making his own stomach do cartwheels. “but, that failed. and it ended up doing more harm than good.”
“what made you think that i didn’t feel the same way?”
you were definitely not expecting that, leaving you dumbfound for the third time in the past few minutes.
“what?” you squeaked out.
“can i kiss you?” you felt like your body temperature went through the roof, your skin obviously dyed a deep vermillion, your breathing caught in your throat. you didn’t trust your voice from breaking, so you slowly nodded, scared that if you moved too fast that all of it would vanish in a second.
instantly, you felt his lips crash against yours, front teeth clashing from the force, but the feverishness settled down, ending up with a soft, almost timid pace. you noticed how quick the bitterness you were accustomed to disappear, being replaced with a surge of pleasant yearning.
your head was screaming as you kissed back, leaving you drunk in a cloud of awe. you felt his hand lay gently on your cheek, fingers buried in the roots at your neck, his thumb resting against your cheekbone, lightly stroking the soft skin with his other arm trapping you against his body.
you broke away slightly, feeling your lungs expand at the air you needed, only to be caught up once again, karl fueling the contact with as much passion and adoration he could possibly muster.
it eventually got the point where you pulled back, chest rattling with desperate oxygen. your eyes were closed, matching karl’s own shut hues, foreheads resting together in a urgency to be close, dumb, little lovesick smiles growing on your swollen lips.
“next time, how about you come to me over a situation like this?”
“you don’t have to tell me twice.”
Tumblr media
hello anon! here’s you karl imagine! i hope you don’t mind the reader being the jealous one in this. btw, i hope i didn’t make it seem like pokimane was karl’s crush or anything! i tried to make the pinning as platonic as possible. anyway, i hope you enjoyed it! (i’m sorry for how rushed the ending was, i just wanted to get this out there!)
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beauty-and-passion · 11 months ago
Time to talk about the flower shirt
You read the title. Time to talk about this.
Tumblr media
This is the infamous flower shirt Thomas put on in his store and, since the fandom is the fandom, everyone started to speculate about those flowers.
At first, I didn’t want to do it. They’re just flowers and other people already talked about them, so what could I possibly add to the conversation?
But while I was writing about Orange, I had to talk a moment about the orange flower. It was supposed to be a small parenthesis, just a couple of words about that.
But then I looked at the other flowers and what other people told/not told about them and how some didn’t find Patton’s flower... so here I am, adding my two cents to this theme.
You needed it? Probably not. Well, I’m writing it anyway.
So let’s take a closer look at those flowers and see each one in detail:
Tumblr media
Roman: Red rose
Tumblr media
Should I really explain why it’s perfect for Roman? Red roses are the universal symbol of love. Basically in all cultures red roses symbolize passion, true love, romance and desire. Also, according to this website, even the shade has a meaning! In fact, the deeper the red shade is, the stronger is the passion.
And even the number of red roses has a meaning! In this case, we have only one single red rose and that "represents love at first sight, or if it’s coming from a long-term partner, they are saying “you are still the one”.”
You know what that made me think? About Thomas telling Roman “You’re my hero”. A perfect symbol that he was “still the one” for Thomas.
Orange: Lantana camara
Tumblr media
This is an incredibly peculiar flower.
Lantana Camara symbolizes severity and rigour. And this alone can be analyzed in all possible ways, but there are other interesting details about this plant I think it's worth mentioning.
Lantana is toxic for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and goats. According to Wikipedia, previous studies suggested it could be toxic for humans too, especially the green unripe berries. However "other studies have found evidence which suggests that its fruit poses no risk to humans".
Lantana is a freaking invasive plant. In some areas, it's so predominant, to reduce biodiversity, because its presence "can significantly slow down the regeneration of forests, by preventing the growth of new trees". Also, as if this isn't enough, this plant can also produce toxic chemicals which inhibit other plant species.
Lantana has also a great adaptability, that helped it to be so invasive: it can live in a wide range of different environmental conditions, it can survive long periods without water, heck it's even resistant to fire. It's not a plant you can underestimate. Like Orange, I assume.
But Lantana isn't just an invasive plant. Lantana has always been used for medical purposes, because it showed good antimicrobial, fungicidal and insecticidal properties and its extract helps against respiratory infections and ulcers.
Also, since it doesn't have many pests or diseases, lantana became a common ornamental plant. It even attracts butterflies!
In other words: isn't that the perfect plant to symbolize the double nature of a dark side? It can be a threat, change the environment, destroy and even kill. But it can also be a medicine, something useful, something beautiful.
Whoever Orange is, Lantana camara tells us that, whithout a doubt, he’s a dark side.
Janus: Sunflower
Tumblr media
Do you think Janus isn't perfect enough as he is? Do you think there's not enough husband material in the snek?
Well, you’re wrong and the sunflower is here to prove it.
Sunflower symbolizes loyalty, adoration, longevity, vitality, worship. Now add this up to the sunflower’s behaviour and how it follows the sun... and you’ll get Janus. Janus literally acts like a sunflower: Thomas is his sun and everything Janus does is for him. His whole existence is centered around Thomas.
But we already knew that, because it's the same message that shone through his playlist. Everything about Janus tells us how much he adores Thomas, from his canonical behavior in the series, to his playlist, to this flower.
Oh, do you need another proof that this is flower is perfect for Janus? Some societies use sunflowers as religious symbols. Ah, some good ol' reference to religion: it’s like being in his playlist all over again.
And, of course, sunflowers are used for a variety of reasons, like cooking oils, skin care and so on. Even the flower says self care.
This man is perfect.
Remus: Green chrysanthemum
Tumblr media
Here's another interesting flower.
Chrysanthemum symbolizes death and it’s the typical flower used for funerals. And I thought this was its universal meaning. It was perfect for Remus just like that.
But then I found out that Europeans use chrysanthemums for funerals and to honor the dead. This flower actually has a whole lot of meanings, some completely different from this.
In China, for example, chrysanthemums are associated with wealth, prosperity and long life. Also they're symbols of new life and reincarnations, so they're the perfect gift for old people or newborns.
While in Japan chrysanthemums are symbols of power and royalty. And that's even more fitting for Remus, because he's a Duke, so he is royalty.
But chrysanthemum also symbolizes friendship - and not just "a friendship", but a meaningful one. It's a symbol of loyalty, devotion, romantic/platonic love and, in general, positive energy. It's a flower with an incredibly strong meaning, so it can't be given too lightly.
And this makes it even more perfect for Remus. It's a flower with a huge plurality of meanings, it's both associated with life and death, it's powerful and it's royalty.
Also, you can eat it. Isn't that the perfect Remus flower?
(On a side note: please notice how chrysanthemums and sunflowers are both associated with joy, loyalty and devotion. I would have never considered "joy" a common trait between Janus and Remus while loyalty and devotion... well, they both care about Thomas and his career and they both work for him despite not being accepted, so I can see why those are common traits.)
Patton: Nemophila
Tumblr media
Surprise surprise, this flower wasn't easy to find. I’ve never heard of it, so I had to search among endless lists of blue flowers, hoping to find one that would perfectly match the one on the shirt.
And that’s how I found nemophila.
First of all: nemophila is also known as "Baby Blue Eyes" and it's an extremely rare color to find in nature. It’s very famous in Japan, thanks to the Hitachi Seaside Park. Open this link: it’s a literal sea of blue and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Of course, it attracts people every year.
Nemophila represents prosperity, congratulations on success and victory. Not the first things you would associate with Patton, right?
Well, while I was searching more informations about this flower, I found out this website about the essence of Baby Blue Eyes and the passage I quoted down below has the exact same words you can find on that link:
With its pronounced affinity for water, the Baby Blue Eyes flower essences addresses qualities of tender sensitivity, innocence and trust associated one’s early childhood relationship to the father, or other significant masculine figures that are in some way disturbed.
Very often the father was absent, or there was a lack of support or genuine presence. The Baby Blue Eyes type attempts over time to cover this wound of vulnerability with a false “hardening,” such as emotional distancing, mistrust, cynicism or spiritual alienation. It is a flower that can be equally helpful for men or women, although it is especially needed for many men who struggle to become strong, by disowning their pain.
So nemophilia’s essence has qualities associated with childhood, to the father figure and attempts to “repress” and hide emotions.
That’s Patton. That’s him, period. The childhood-related emotions, that are linked to Patton’s longing for “a simpler time”. The mentions of a father figure - who migh be absent or showing lack of support (like, idk, suggesting you should die so your friends live?). And the attempt to “cover the vulnerability” doesn’t remind you anything? Like the Nostalgia episodes?
This flower is Patton.
Logan: Blue petunia
Tumblr media
I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, a huge "FUCK YOU" to this flower, because I spent TWO DAYS searching all the blue flowers in the world and all possible variants, asking myself why this goddamn flower looked so familiar and why it was so hard to find. Blue isn't even a common color in nature, so why couldn't I find it?
I've learned more about blue flowers in these two days than in my entire life. I've searched among flowers I never saw before, like glandora diffusa, leschenaultia and omphalodes verna. I was so desperate to consider this flower a new species, with the petals of a bellflower and the corolla of a morning glory. I even found a goddamn chinese variant of the morning glory that was somehow similar but not that much and why, WHY this was so hard to find?!
And then, after two days and a lot more desperation, I remembered: my dear friend @reptilianwithscallions​ told me about a post they made, regarding this shirt and the flowers. Maybe they had some idea about Logan's flower?
Well, let's all thank my saviour and this post, because otherwise I would've kept searching until the end of my days.
Long story short, Logan's flower is a fucking blue petunia.
And it's a very peculiar choice, because petunias have multiple meanings, several of which can be contradictory.
In general, petunia symbolizes anger and resentment. It reminds someone that you're still angry or disappointed by their actions and you haven’t gotten over the things that caused these feelings.
Oh my, I didn't know we were back in Logan's playlist. It's basically what he kept expressing towards Thomas with his songs: that he was angry at Thomas for his decision, that he doesn't approve that Thomas hasn't "a real job" and so on. Petunia is a flower that screams passive-aggressive, so it's perfect for Logan.
But petunia's meaning deeply changes, depending on the color of the flower. And while petunia in general symbolizes anger, a blue petunia is a symbol of peacefulness, intimacy and deep trust, shared between two or more people. It's so wholesome, because the deep trust reminds me - again - of Logan's playlist and how it ended: no matter what, he and Thomas are always best friends.
Also, petunia flowers have even a secret meaning behind. Since they’re also gifted to new neighbors or to people who have just moved into a new home, they represent a perfect welcome and a way to express affection and kindness to others.
You’re lucky to be so wholesome, you tricky flower.
Virgil: Perennial Geranium
Tumblr media
Geranium is a confused flower.
Some of the other flowers have conflicted meanings, but not as much as this flower. These are the most common meanings I found:
Folly or Stupidity
Gentility and kind nature
Clever minds
Perfect gift for a bride
You can gift it to someone with whom you have planned a meeting 
You can gift it to someone with whom you haven't planned a meeting, just to make them feel welcomed
True Friendship
See? It’s confused.
Aside from jokes, this variety of meanings is due to its great diffusion: since geraniums grow everywhere, every culture gave them a different meaning. And sometimes these meanings depend on the situation too.
Awww, isn't it perfect for Virgil? He can be good and bad at the same time. Anxiety can be bad for Thomas and detrimental for his life, but it can also be the alarm Thomas needs. It depends on the situation.
And, just like geraniums in general symbolize positive emotions, happiness and friendship, so Virgil is in general a good guy. All he does is for Thomas' wellbeing, not against him.
And this is confirmed by the vast use of geranium's essential oil. It's one of the most popular and it has a ton of properties: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, decongestant, relaxing and so on. Just like our Virge boy can be incredibly useful under the right circumstances. (Did someone say "Flirting with social Anxiety"?)
Also, geraniums are simple, humble flowers that usually grow outside, but then we take them and make them part of our homes. Once again, it’s Virgil: he's an outsider, he's humble, he talks bad about himself - but Thomas and the others took him and made him part of the famILY anyway.
Thomas: Cherry blossom
Tumblr media
I searched this flower everywhere and the only one that looks like the one on the shirt is the cherry blossom. Why did Thomas make a cherry blossom with eight petals, when they all have five? I have no idea. Is this a different flower, maybe? Maybe, but I’m done: I've looked at enough flowers and I don’t have any strength left.
As you probably already know, cherry blossoms are extremely important in Japan. They're beautiful, they're everywhere and they're meaningful.
Why? Because cherry blossoms are considered the perfect metaphor for human existence. When they blossom it's a pink ocean, a party, people go to admire them - but they’re short lived, because in two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. It's just like human life: a small, rich, glorious parenthesis in the void. Something little and precious that ends soon.
But cherry blossoms also symbolize rebirth, optimism, hopes and dreams. When they bloom, it means springtime is coming and spring has always been associated with renewal.
That’s a very good choice for character Thomas. He’s basically a cherry blossom, the whole series is: something that reminds us how beautiful life is, how multi-faceted, how important. Just like Thomas' single being encompasses seven different sides of himself, so life presents a wide range of choices, of aspects, of flavours. All beautiful, all worthy of appreciation, no matter how different they can be from you and your experience.
And this becomes even more important, in relation to the passage of time and the transience of life. Because life is short and, after that, there won't be any more time to appreciate anything.
In addition to that, I would like to point out how the theme of passage of time is something we already saw in the series. And not just one time, but several. Since the first season, we have episodes all around the concept of growing up, growing old, not being a child anymore, becoming an adult. And the last Aside keeps going in this direction. It's clear this is a big theme and its connection with the cherry blossoms proves it.
But why is the flower so different on the shirt? Because Thomas wanted to mess up with us? Probably. Almost certainly. Once again, thank you Mr. Sanders for making me question everything.
The floor is (figuratively) yours now: if you have any other information, thoughts or opinions, feel free to share them.
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radiosandrecordings · 7 months ago
I am feeling... Strangely vindicated, by what Martin said this episode about how their whole relationship is just kind of built on a trauma bond. I think it’s always bugged me when people describe them as soulmates, because so much of jmart to me is that they’re not. As much as they love each other, that love is a choice. They don’t always click, they get on each other’s nerves and argue and don’t get each other’s jokes but they still love each other. Yes it’s as a product of their circumstances, but that love doesn’t make it any less real. 
(Under the cut because oh lordy this one got long apparently) 
I think to summarise my own feelings on it, I am legitimately going to have to quote a fanfiction here. One of the first TMA fics I read when it was still updating was Weaver, a superhero style Web!Martin au that I still recommend because it’s wonderful, if a little outdated plot and characterisation wise because it was posting two years ago. But a line that always stuck with me was (spoilers) in the chapter in which Spider-Martin gets de-masked and Jon finds out who he is (It’s also the love confession chapter. For obvious reasons.) 
“If it were a different world, one where the Weaver didn’t exist, maybe Jon would never have fallen for Martin. But that isn’t the world they’re in. They’re in this one, and in this one, Jon has fallen for Martin. There’s no doubt about that.”
And I did not like this at the time! Because I was a little more naïve about romance at the time and I really felt that that took away from it instead of adding to it. I thought that Jon’s admittance that in a different timeline he wouldn’t have loved Martin was a sign of weakness, that because they weren’t ‘perfect soulmates’ then it was... I don’t know how to phrase it better than in meme format: “I’m going to get a bad grade in relationship, something that is both possible to achieve and normal to fear”. That even if they were entirely happy together that this was a flaw and meant it wasn’t the 100% run Perfect Storybook Romance I thought I wanted to read. Obviously since then I’ve realised that’s all bullshit and this is actually a lovely line because it’s stating that he does love him, here and now. And this is what canon reiterates to us in 199: 
MARTIN: But we wouldn’t have, would we? Been together I mean. [....] Face it, John, it took almost two years of crisis and trauma to even make us compatible. And that sucks. But here we are. And I don’t want it to be for nothing. I won’t let it.
And I just... Love that Martin is aware of that. He’s never been under any illusions about his relationship with Jon. Of course we don’t know if it’s actually true because we don’t know these timelines, we cannot get a solid answer (Unless 200 REALLY pulls it out of the bag and shows us. After all, Martin did say “Their own Martin” when listing things that the other universes probably had). Jon doesn’t seem to like this idea, being confused at first, then rejecting that he hated Martin, and then trying to divert the topic, so maybe they would work, or at least Jon is looking back retrospectively and seeing ways he could have changed to make it so he was more aware of his feelings, but hindsight is 2020 and rose coloured glasses y’know. 
Plus, Martin himself admits in 186 that he knows most of the reason Jon hated him was projection of his fear: 
MARTIN: Hey, to be fair, he still kind of hated me back then. I’m really not sure it would have been the time to take my shot. ALSO MARTIN: Fair. He was projecting hard. Between us, that guy’s got some real issues. MARTIN: Hey! Pretty sure we love ‘that guy’. ALSO MARTIN: Yeah, and all his many, many problems.
So Martin here is already showing his “I am aware Jon hated me” cards, but Martin’s inner self is also going “Yeah, but also, he did have a reason”, which is odd since it makes it seem like the internal Martin, who was generally much more open and blunt about harsh truths that episode, is the one actually defending Jon.
So with Jon’s rejection of the sentiment, I don’t think we can take it as a definitive truth that they wouldn’t work in another timeline. I think it might just implicate they wouldn’t work in the dynamic they had before. Martin is right in that I don’t think that would have worked out without the layers of trauma bringing them together. Jon seems to think, though possibly through flawed hindsight, that they could have. Personally I’m interpreting it as they could work if, as Jon said, “If we had just... met. Been together, without all of this.”, ‘this’ entailing the institute as well, meeting as peers somewhere else without all of the weight of That bearing down on Jon, affecting him even in a mundane capacity before becoming a supernatural one. 
I’m glad it’s in there though. The way I had described Jonmartin before is that they’re not soulmates, by any capacity. But, if you want to assign them a romantic trope of that type, red string of fate might just work. Because they don’t match, not perfectly, but they always had each other, and really, there was no doubt that they wouldn’t end up together in some capacity. And I like that it gives a layer of self-awareness to Martin! I am so glad for every line and interaction that kicks back against early season characterisation, or fanon misinterpretation, that he’s naïve or just a love interest. It gives him this really lovely bit of depth that he, the one who was always painted more as the lovestruck one than Jon “What Are Feelings” Sims, is the one hyperaware of their status to each other than Jon, who seems to want to convince himself that they were always meant to be, whether that statement is true or not. 
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husbandohunter · 6 months ago
Windblume Memories [Genshin Impact]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: “The annual Windblume festival held in the name of romance and freedom! Why not celebrate it with your lover?”
Characters: Kaeya, Diluc
(A/N): A self-indulgent headcanon because Mihoyo has yet to give us more moments with our husbandos. Just imagining them having fun and enjoying, mah heart~~ And no Mihoyo, if you bother giving us their quotes why can’t you just give us a hangout already (cri cri)
“I do know how to play music. Is it so strange?"
• As the most eligible (former)bachelor of Mondstadt, it wouldn't be a surprise if he actually knew the ways of an instrument. But here you were, comepletely awestruck while looking expectantly at your fiance.
• "Diluc you're so perfect I love you!" -you probably
• Back in the days when he took his etiquette lessons, Diluc also learned how to play the violin as well as the piano but the lyre was a traditional instrument of Mondstadt so he focused on that the most.
• His repitoire would lean more to the soft and solemn pieces. (Like his soundtracks HA)
• Diluc is quite shy when you ask him to give you a performance but the way you just plead, he can't say no
• If you don't know how to play an instrument, he'll be more than glad to help you. He's an excellent teacher due to the vast amount of patience he has (thought can't really say the same for other people) and could spend hours elaborating on the same place you've been stuck at.
"Why is this song so slooooow?"
"You're being too hasty, love."
• You're worried if he's bored but Diluc reassures that he isn't. Seldom does he have the opportunity to spend time with you like this so he makes sure to treasure every moment (Even when you're about to break the goddam lyre out of frustration).
• But when you do manage to make it to the end after several attempts, albeit still terrible, there would be the stupidest fat grin on your face while chanting, "I did it! I did it!"
• And he'd praise you as a soft expression graces his features, "You certainly did."
• Soft man I cri
"It takes a long period of training to become a battle-ready archer. These games are only enough to pass the time."
• "No Diluc, I brought you here to have fun not to have this as a training session."
• This man can do pretty much ANYTHING and literally win you any prize. You want that stuffed toy? Consider it taken.
• Perhaps the activities weren't challenging enough. Whether it'd be wind gliding or the peculiar wonderland house, he's got the reflexes for it all.
• Since Diluc is so battle oriented, he treats the games as such. You call him a worry wart after falling into the pit just because you steped on the wrong stone: "Diluc I’m fine. Its just a game." He’ll grab you out of pure instinct and apologize shortly after when you pout at him
• Eventually Diluc learns to loosen up while still keeping an eye at your stance. You figured it would probably be best if you two stuck with something more light and carefree. In a nutshell, anything but the peculiar wonderland house.
• At the end of the day, the two of you are exhausted from all that workout. While closing up Angel's Share after a long night, Diluc catches you falling asleep at the front bar and gently drapes his coat over your shoulders.
• His initial plan was to wake you up since the ideal place to sleep would be the Dawn Winery but Diluc didn't have the heart to wake you up. He simply sits on the stool beside you while leaning down to memorize your serene look, thankful to have been able to experience what it's like to live in a city of freedom again.
"Oh dear, is this what they call a height advantage? I suppose I can go a little easy on you all to make things a bit more exciting."
• You gave him that look where you weren't quite sure if he was lying or telling the truth. Could the Cavalry Captain be afraid of heights? You'll never know.
• So regardless, you guys decided to fly together which at first was meant to be a competition of who can collect the most flowers. You managed to land safely with the highest score while your boyfriend was still behind, trying to avoid the dusty balloons.
"Seems like I went a little too easy on you," he jests. You roll your eyes.
"Alright, let's go for another round then."
• This time you had a different idea. Just a few seconds before the game started, you took him by the hand and jumped straight off the platform. The whole time as the two of you were soaring through the air, you held him tight.
• "Now it shouldn't be so scary anymore!"
• The surprised expression he had lasted for a moment before melting into a smile, "How very cunning of you, darling."
• Your security gave him the chance to admire the scenery from the skies, it was a breathtaking view. How your hair whips beautifully against the wind and your pink-tainted cheeks from the cold, breathtaking.
• Though, holding the other meant you had to collect the flowers with one hand and one arm which proved to be very unproductive. Even once the both of you landed within the garland of windwheel asters, Kaeya was still holding your hand.
• Kaeya often treats fearful situations as thrilling experiences but the outcome in the end turned out to be more favourable than he had initially planned it to be. Though if you’re a novice windglider beware, this man will let you go at random times just so he can see your reactions. 
"What an interesting diversion. Since everyone's in high spirits, it would truly be a shame if I didn't pitch in a little!"
• You were extremely curious of Kaeya's musical skills since his nature tends to lean towards the frivolous side. Unexpectedly, his tunes and playing style sounded melancholic as well. Most likely due to the fact of growing up in the Ragnvindr household.
• Since he hangs out at the bars during late nights quite often, Kaeya would know how to play a few tunes he picked up along the way. He would love to give you a full on performance! Anything for his sweetheart~ Though keep staring and you might find him teasing you about it after.
• Honestly Kaeya also makes an excellent teacher. His way of wording makes everything so easy to understand which is helpful to avoid silly mistakes. He teaches you very simple lyre pieces, brushing his fingers over yours every once in a while to help you adjust the right position.
• You think he's doing this on purpose to get you bothered but Kaeya simply feigns ignorance.
• But if you do know how to play a lyre, it would be a session where both of you share your songs. Out of all of them, there was one song that stuck out the most:
You felt a sense of longing in the tune Kaeya played. Far too slow to match the upbeat atmosphere of Mondstadt during the day and not as romantic as it would be during the night. Instead, it seemed to reflect the emotion of sadness, like hands reaching to a far away land which turned out to be nothing but a mirage.
"Where did you learn that piece? I never heard it before," you comment shortly after he finished.
Kaeya hums playfully while shooting a grin to match, "I composed it myself."
"Is that so?" You learned to not take everything at face value when talking to your lover, "Then where did you draw your inspiration from. It doesn't seem like you'd create it on a whim when your expertise lies in swordsmanship."
"Aha just when did you become so keen sweetheart?"
"Since I started dating you."
There would be a momentary pause and during times like these, it was easy to tell that the subject was related to his homeland. Kaeya always found it hard to bring up the topic, even before he met Crepus, music was one of the very last traces that tied his life to the scarce warms days of Khaenriah.
"What's the song called?"
Thankful that you changed the subject, Kaeya answers, "Frozen Dreams. At least, that is what I can remember."
"Frozen Dreams?" You pondered quietly, "I wonder what that title means."
"Do you like it that much?"
"Of course, that piece must be very important to you right? I would like to learn it," You pump your fists determinedly, I would like to learn about you as much as I can.
He looks at you, lips slightly parted at your genuine declaration. Although you may be tenacious when it came to his secrets, Kaeya did not doubt that it was also one of the quirks he loved about you most. With a small chuckle, he complies your request, “It would be my pleasure.”
Sometimes its best to leave the words unspoken. Perhaps another day when Kaeya feels ready to tell you everything, for now he will revel in the present where the intagible feelings of music and emotion do the speaking.
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o-king-of-suns · 5 months ago
“exceeds his own”
I never realized that there is SO much toxicity in the AoT shipping community till  recently when I joined some social media platforms and saw how awful it can get. I also never thought that I will be involved in these stupid shipping wars till I saw how shippers, intentionally or unintentionally, twist Levi’s character to make him something that he is not. I never particularly minded any ship; I actually liked all the ships that included Levi (because I love Levi). It was all fun and games till I saw the horrible takes on Levi’s character and actions by shippers who care about nothing but try to prove something about their ship that isn’t there. So, I decided to rant about it here and I will post regularly about some of the controversial opinions that are circulated around when it comes to Levi and his relationships with some of the other characters.
In today’s post I will be talking about one of the famous lines that some people like to crop out of context, circulate around, and use it as some kind of proof for the validity of their ship. 
It’s the famous line where Isayama said that, to Levi  “Erwin’s  life exceeds his own”
This line gets passed around in the AoT shipping community as if it has some kind of romantic implications when it absolutely doesn’t! Some fans are naive enough to believe it and  they don’t even bother to check the interview.
Isayama said that the reason Levi always operates alongside Erwin is because he interpreted Erwin’s “For Humanity’s Future” as an altruistic intention that Levi never considered himself, so Levi ends up adopting it as his own life’s mission.” Levi always viewed and idolized Erwin as this selfless, altruistic visionary that he could never dream to become like. Not just him, almost everyone in the SC did. Erwin just had this power over people. Erwin showed Levi something that he lacked in himself and that’s why Levi trusted him blindly. Moreover, the reason Levi trusted Erwin so much is that Erwin could come up with schemes and strategies whereas Levi was really just exceptional at fighting. Without someone with strategic intelligence, Levi wouldn't know what to do, couldn't be pointed at the right targets. So trusting Erwin is partially based on Erwin's proven talents, but also partially based on necessity. Levi has to trust someone, has to believe someone else sees how to achieve the bigger picture. Levi himself admits that he’s no strategist in one of the chapters, but I can’t remember which chapter exactly. 
This is what Isayama meant when he said that "Erwin's existence exceeds" Levi's in one of his interviews. He also said, IN THE SAME INTERVIEW, that Levi’s trust in Erwin started to slowly change when he started doubting Erwin's true motivations. It first happened when Erwin smiled when they realized that titans might actually be humans and I'm quoting from the interview: “prior to this, he never actually recognized Erwin’s true nature, and thought Erwin’s existence exceeded his own.” He THOUGHT  it did, but he later started to realize that  Erwin's intentions aren't as "altruistic" as he thought they were. I can’t emphasize on the word  THOUGHT enough.
Tumblr media
Initially, Levi didn’t analyze Erwin’s reactions any deeper and thought it has to do with Erwin just being mysterious, but Isayama said:  “But in volume 18, while facing an Erwin who wanted to command the mission no matter what - and could not be persuaded otherwise - Levi had to become a little angry.
Tumblr media
The reason to why Levi was insistent on having Erwin stay behind  is because he believed that Erwin staying behind would have benefited them/humanity more than being dead because there was a huge possibility that this would happen since Erwin is unable to fight with just one arm. I’m sure that Levi worried for his safety as well (that’s how a good friend Levi is), but,as Isayama said, he also felt  ANGRY because Erwin’s true motivations weren’t clear to him and his decision to join the battle might lead to undesirable consequences. 
Isayama: His line of “I’ll trust your judgment, then” actually also contains a tinge of “If anything happens, you will have to take responsibility.” 
And it’s because Levi is such a good judge of people’s characters and a TRULY kind and compassionate man,during the battle, when Erwin talked about his dream of going basement, Levi quickly accepted Erwin’s child-like side (even though he felt betrayed as Isayama said) and helped assure him that they wouldn’t have reached that far if it weren’t for Erwin. It’s because of Levi’s words that Erwin became a adult who prioritizes his responsibilities over his dreams. Levi constantly does this with EVERYONE. He comforted Hange when they thought were responsible for Sannes death. He constantly motivates them. He comforted Armin when he killed a human for the first time ad assured him that if it weren’t for his decision, Jean would’ve died and he’s grateful for that. He also comforted Jean when he told him that not to beat himself up and not think back when he hesitated to kill the enemy. He did this with Eren MANY times. He quickly forgave Kenny for abandoning him. He quickly forgave Mikasa for almost killing him. He forgave Eren for disobeying him. He forgave Erwin for not being completely honest with him. This is how wonderful Levi is.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Levi is a wonderful character with complex motivations and a person who deeply cares about his comrades and friends, and to reduce him to a love interest is just NOT OK
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linnoya-writes · a month ago
“The Headband”: How Performance and a Clash of Dynamics Undermines a Ship.
A lot of people talk about the famous dance scene in “The Headband” as a big, romantic, pivotal moment for KA, but let me tell you why I disagree.
(Not sure why this post is getting tagged as anti-Zutara, as I don’t mention Zuko at all...? Anyway, this content might make Kat*angers Kat*angry.  Proceed with caution):
Tumblr media
1) The iconic dance scene was, at its very core, a performance.  
What does this mean, exactly?
Well, this wasn’t an unscripted, unrehearsed private moment between the characters we’ve known since the beginning of the show.  This wasn’t Aang nervously asking Katara to get out of her comfort zone with him for some “alone time” and express their feelings to each other.  This dance was an opportunity to let go of their inhibitions out in the open.  This was “Kuzon Fire” whispering something into an older girl’s ear, them promptly bowing and proceeding to perform some dance moves together.
Based on the formality of these moves, they weren’t decided at the drop of a hat.  They looked like parts of a routine Katara and Aang had been working on previously-unseen occasions (perhaps during Aang’s training?), and it was Aang’s idea to get Katara to have fun and perform with him as “Kuzon Fire” in front of Fire Nation kids in a secret cave.  From Katara’s hesitancy, it’s clear that she isn’t one for impromptu dancing, but Aang persistently encourages fun by whispering in her ear to perform bending moves she already knows (moves she probably taught him).  It’s a routine that puts Katara in her comfort zone, and while she begins to have fun just doing that, the routine turns into an official performance as the crowd begins to admire them as a pair.
We as viewers know this more than just a “dance routine” for Aang.  We as viewers know Aang wants to find any excuse to hold Katara’s hand.  And he does this in the guise of “Kuzon Fire,” because for some reason this disguise and all of this attention he’s getting from the kids gives him the confidence to be that vulnerable in front of his crush.  To have Aang just be his sweet, awkward, lovestruck self to Katara just isn’t enough, but in a healthy relationship, it should be.  
True, this dance was a great reason for Aang to remind Katara to still be a kid (remember the penguin sledding he encouraged in Season 1, ep 1? This is a total step up!).  It reminded us that the characters we know and love know how to have fun together and can play off of each other in any given situation.
True, it showed how sweet KA looked to a crowd, and to us as viewers.  To even quote Sokka from earlier in the episode, the dance showed how “they look pretty good together.”
The problem here was that this dance didn’t address Katara and Aang’s actual dynamic... how they truly act towards each other when the “curtain falls”, when all eyes turn away, when their rehearsed routine is over and there’s no adrenaline rush to haze their actual selves.
Because it’s a performance, “The Headband” episode encourages a completely different kind of one-on-one interaction from what we’ve always seen between Katara and Aang whenever they have moments of privacy.  Just compare the dance to the awkward exchange they have in private during the “Cave of Two Lovers” that ultimately leads to nothing in terms of their relationship progress.
Tumblr media
...or the sad farewell exchange they have during “The Invasion” (just a few more episodes after “The Headband”) that ends with a desperate, one-sided kiss.
Tumblr media
...or when they finally try to talk about their feelings during the “Ember Island Players” which ends in another desperate, very much one-sided kiss.
Tumblr media
(Small note on the EIP moment-- Notice how in that scene, Aang is upset about a performance, specifically how it’s not syncing perfectly with what he wants to believe is happening in real life.  Hmm.)
The dance shows that Katara and Aang can naturally be good team together when the situation calls for it - be it for a performance, or a dangerous task/obstacle/sea monster - but when the pressure is off, and no dangers are abound... when it’s just the two of them, standing face to face... things look quite different.
What you have is a young idealistic kid who, up until a year ago, never had to deal with horrors bigger than cleaning his own room, and a traumatized teenaged girl who grew up in a war-torn village, delivering babies by the time she was Aang’s age.  
Their differences in maturity and world views ultimately limit the deep level of understanding they can actually have as people.
...which brings me to my second point:
2) The dynamic between Katara and Aang in “The Headband” was... weird.
Seriously.  It was characteristically a hot mess.
Tumblr media
On one hand, you have Katara completely fine dressing up as Aang’s very-pregnant, very-doting mother to get him out of detention.  On the other hand, you have Katara being girlishly shy and upset from the attention Aang is getting from random girls (something that echoed her sentiments from way back in Season 1 ep 4 “Warriors of Kyoshi” but haven’t seemed to amount to anything.)
We see Katara’s inherently-mature self suddenly get eclipsed by her girlish  feelings for the kid she is always nurturing.  A kid who is very much still a kid.
Tumblr media
How much of a kid is he, you ask?
Well... when Katara dances with Aang, they dance with the same synchronization and sweet energy of an “it” couple at Prom.  The issue here is... even if Aang was technically thirteen, in this scene, he is “Kuzon Fire”... elementary-school kid who makes FL Ozai portraits out of noodles and happily shows them to his fake-parents as refrigerator-worthy.
So, at least in this episode, Aang is actually twelve going on seven.  
He’s a kid, and kids don’t go to Prom.  They go to highly-chaperoned elementary-school mixers.  
In the crowd’s eyes, sparks are flying between Katara and Aang as they dance, they have this unspoken chemistry, and their final pose inspires romance.  Great!  In my mind, I’m thinking “aw, so this is like the mature eighth-grader showing deep feelings for the fun-loving sixth-grader, age gap be damned... and they’re too shy to kiss.  It’s not Prom or Elementary School mixer.  It’s typical middle-school cuteness.”  Cool.
After the whole cave dance scene is over, and they escape from the Fire Nation school principal, Katara tells Sokka that they’re safe and he can take off the mustache now.
...and that’s when it hit me.
Sokka was dressed as a chaperone, and acted like a chaperone for this dance.
Never was it implied that Katara wouldn’t be a chaperone for this dance, and it made the whole scene be as if Aang really was the only “kid”.   Sure, her pregnant belly is gone.  But in one scene, she’s water-bending Fire Nation punch for the dance.  I’m not saying she’s supposed to be that adult we always see in school dances that’s on “punch duty,” but neither she nor Toph nor Sokka joined in with the dance party on their own.  
It made me believe they were all supposed to watch the party like formal adult chaperones, keeping watch to make sure no FN authorities showed up.
Aang extends a hand out to Katara, and the adult/kid dynamic they have (both in that cave scene and in real life) is supposed to magically change gracefully into two middle-schoolers with a crush.
For me, it was like looking at a typical “middle-school dance” scene, and witnessing the charming, golden-boy new kid walk across the gymnasium floor to extend a hand to the pretty but very-much-adult teacher who’s chaperoning the dance.  And she takes it.  No gasps, no gossip.  Everyone just goes with it, like it’s not a big deal.
Tumblr media
If you look at it like that, it’s really hard to not see it as weird.
And then... an “ATLA writer’s room” thought occurred to me:
Sokka keeps his beard after that one gag with the FN principal, sure, but perhaps Katara’s pregnant belly disappeared was to make it less “weird” of a dynamic when KA would actually dance.  It would make a cute moment between them more valid, pretending that Katara’s motherly nature wasn’t inherently part of her character, that Aang could be seen more grown-up in their relationship.  It would add to the potential of a KA ending.  Right?
Their whole mother/son dynamic returns the moment the cave scene ends!
Katara returns to her motherly ways, tells Sokka to quit pretending with a fake mustache, and Toph even encourages maturity in Aang by complimenting him about the deep foresight in teaching FN kids about freedom.  And how does Aang respond?  Not “yeah! that was my plan all along” but rather... “haha, I dunno I just wanted to dance.”
And so Aang remains the oblivious, innocent fun kid... and Katara continues to be his doting mom, affectionately kissing him on the cheek as usual, as if to thank her son for reminding her adult self to have fun once in a while.
For me, it made the romantic subtext of that entire dance scene completely fall through.
If one of the goals in "The Headband” was to show a progressive romantic development between KA, wouldn’t the writers want Katara to see Aang as more age-appropriate for her?
Knowing that Katara is light-years more mature than the average teenager, much less kid, she wouldn’t want to see Aang as a kid she constantly needs to take care of, either in real life or in pretend scenarios.
If Katara did have a crush on Aang by the point of “The Headband,” the idea of playing his mom (especially a pregnant mom) would come off as awkward and strange.  
It would’ve been more credible to have Toph jump in and play Kuzon’s mom in that principal’s office, to have Toph play the tough-love disciplinarian to Aang along with Sokka, and have Toph enjoy pretending to be married to her crush.
Look.  All I’m saying is... imagine what the FN Principal must’ve thought if he had walked in on Kuzon Fire dipping someone who looks a lot like his mom Sapphire minus-pregnant-belly down on the dance floor like that.
Tumblr media
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wxstoria · 7 months ago
aot college headcanons
☾ eren jaeger
• majors in criminal justice or philosophy
• he’s definitely in a fraternity
• literally EVERYONE on campus knows him. can’t say whether that’s a good or bad thing lol
• has a skateboard that either has a really cool design or is covered in stickers. whenever you see him outside he’s on it
• i could see him playing a sport. football, soccer, or hockey.
• he is such a flirt. not in a bad way, he respects other people’s boundaries but just has a flirty personality
• toes the line between insufferable asshole and lovable himbo
• if his classes were online, he wouldn’t go. has frequent study sessions with armin and mikasa because of this
Tumblr media
☾ armin arlert
• majors in political science or communication
• he’s naturally smart. rarely needs to study, so he spends time tutoring others. he’s so sweet and patient
• his professors love him because he always has his hand raised. they’ve definitely had to say, “someone other than armin please” lmao
• eventually becomes a TA and all of his students love him. he’s good at his job and nice to look at 
• i could see armin as a swimmer! probably looks so cute wearing his cap and goggles aww
• switches between really good eating habits and awful eating habits. one week he’s on a health kick, the next he’s living off ramen
• oh my gosh, armin on student senate or in the debate club. he would thrive in those environments
• he’ll never stay up late studying, but he will lose track of time either reading or watching a documentary and end up going to bed a couple hours before the sun rises
Tumblr media
☾ mikasa ackerman
• majors in psychology or social work
• she’s a pretty lowkey student. gets her work done on time and earns good grades. takes college seriously
• has a daily routine that works for her and a decent sleep schedule. sometimes ends up staying up late with eren to help him study haha
• frequents the gym. i don’t see her doing any particular sport, but she makes sure to stay in shape
• doesn’t like studying in her dorm, so she’ll either find a spot outside if it’s nice or go to the library or some sort of coffee shop on campus
• has this stand-offish aura so people tend to avoid her. when they work with her they realize she’s actually really nice!
• i feel like she has a hard time making friends, so she’s usually hanging out with eren or armin
• goes to all of eren and armin’s sports events because she’s so supportive of them
Tumblr media
☾ jean kirstein
• majors in business or economics
• in the same frat as eren. all the other boys think their love/hate relationship is hilarious
• despite being in a frat, jean can only spend so much time around random people. you’ll probably see him for the first hour of a party and then he’s no where to be found
• either plays baseball or lacrosse, which is very hot of him
• a decent student. he puts in as much work as needed. will up his game if his grades start to drop
• if he’s not interested in the topic, he will spend class doodling on his notes. by the end of class there’s nothing about the module on the paper, just cute little drawings
• he’s such a gentleman. if you ask for a pencil he will give one to you, no questions asked. when you try to give it back he tells you to keep it
• if he doesn’t have practice or homework to do over the weekend, he spends his weekends off campus with sasha and connie
Tumblr media
☾ sasha braus
• majors in culinary arts or hospitality management
• begged her parents to upgrade her meal plan to the one with the most meals per week and dining dollars
• if she has morning classes, she is late each class. not only does she wake up late, she refuses to skip breakfast. her professors are used to it
• probably sticks with archery, but only does it as a club sport so it doesn’t take up too much of her time
• she’s such a social butterfly. if you sit next to her or are partnered with her for a project, she will talk to you as if you’ve known each other for years
• always keeps her dorm door open so people can stop by and say hi. on halloween and valentines day she leaves a bucket of candy outside her door for anyone to take some
• whenever she wants a break from hanging out with jean and connie, she’ll call or text mikasa so she can do something with her
• will host game/movie nights in the common room of the dorm. let’s people decide the game or movie with the white board on her door 
Tumblr media
☾ connie springer
• major undecided. taking a lot of science and health classes though
• isn’t in a fraternity but you will see him at all of the parties. honorary member because he helps with set up and clean up. also makes the playlists haha
• it’s not uncommon for him to fall asleep in class. it’s hard for him to pay attention so he’s always in the groupchat asking for someone to send notes
• has a tiktok account where he rants about school and documents all of his shenanigans. pretty popular on campus because of it
• doesn’t play any sports but when he has free time you’ll find him outside tossing around a frisbee or playing basketball
• his side of the dorm is messy. school work and clothes everywhere. makes sure it’s only on his side though
• can only study late at night and always takes breaks to walk to the convenience store to reward himself with snacks
• frequently loses his id. everyone at the front desk in the dorm knows him by name because he always needs a temporary key
Tumblr media
☾ reiner braun
• majors in exercise science or kinesiology
• plays football but isn’t an ass about it. all the cheerleaders are super comfortable around him
• always joins study groups. he learns better from his peers, and his classmates are always willing to help since he’s so nice
• another frat boy. will drink if he’s off season. when he can’t he acts as a supervisor. walks the girls home
• always drags annie and bertholdt to parties in hopes that they’ll actually socialize with people lol
• he posts gym mirror pictures. but he looks good in them so we’ll cut him some slack
• pretty popular with the ladies but he’s sooooo awkward. bless his soul, but he does not know how to talk to women who are romantically interested in him
• people see him as a big brother. he’s great at giving advice and keeping people out of trouble.
Tumblr media
☾ bertholdt hoover
• majors in engineering
• super quiet but he’s a model student. even though he doesn’t put himself out there, his classmates always ask him for help
• works best independently. listens to music while he does homework or studies because he doesn’t like silence
• his studies comes first, but he rarely says no when reiner invites him to a party. he just looks so out of place at them though lol
• poor baby is such a lightweight. but he has fun while he’s still lucid so that’s all that matters! reiner lets him crash in his room
• doesn’t join any sports. probably ends up getting a job so he isn’t sitting in his dorm bored when he isn’t doing school work
• i could see him working at the university bookstore or library. all his coworkers love him because he’s so sweet and does his job properly
• isn’t a fan of large crowds, but he’ll go to football games if reiner asks. won’t sit in the student section though lol
Tumblr media
☾ annie leonhart
• majors in athletic training or radiology
• always goes to sleep after and wakes up before her roommate. doesn’t think that roommates have to be friends so she rarely speaks to them
• absolutely hates any kind of work where she isn’t working alone. she’ll do it for her grade, but don’t expect her to communicate unless it’s truly necessary
• she’s very goal-oriented, keeps a planner with important dates so she stays on track
• joins the soccer team because she genuinely enjoys the sport. her teammates are the some of the only people she can tolerate
• it takes a lot of convincing, but she will go to parties hosted by reiner’s frat. ends up sitting in a corner or on the stairs. usually on her phone
• wears headphones whenever she’s walking in her dorm or on campus so people won’t approach her
• a lot of people find annie attractive but can never find the courage to talk to her. she has the worst case of resting bitch face
Tumblr media
☾ historia reiss
• majors in pediatric nursing or education
• i could see her as a cheerleader or gymnast. either way, she’s perfect and all of her teammates envy her
• runs a blog where she’ll post study tips, motivational quotes, and pictures of her notes and outfits. she gained a pretty large following
• has the prettiest notes. she color-codes because it helps her when she needs to study for tests. the neatest handwriting 
• historia is a morning person. she wakes up early so she can start her day with yoga/stretching and leaves enough time to eat breakfast before class
• oh my god her dorm is so pretty. she has one of those dorms you see on pinterest. got tons of compliments the first week from people in her hall
• has a playlist for everything. studying, showering, exercising. name an activity, she has a playlist for it
• she has so many friends. people just gravitate towards her because she has such a comforting air about her
Tumblr media
☾ ymir 
• majors in history or anthropology
• is on the basketball team. and you can’t tell me she doesn’t look hot as hell in the jersey because she does
• gets crazy bored in class so she’ll usually pull out her phone. but she makes sure to listen because her professors have a habit of calling her out
• people find her very intimidating and don’t prefer being grouped with her. they can never tell whether she’s being serious or not
• insists on studying with historia even if they don’t take the same class. she says it helps her focus
• tags along if historia mentions going to a party. she doesn’t really find them fun, only goes to look out for her girl
• she actually enjoys reading. she’ll never tell anyone, but whenever she’s bored she’ll read some book about ancient civilizations or some shit
• she finds astrology interesting. not like how it affects personalities though, she enjoys the science behind it
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courtofwingsandruin · 8 months ago
I’m so mad at the ACOTAR fandom right now and how they’re dealing with Azriel’s chapter.
Warning: under the cut is just me going off for way too long about Azriel and his extra chapter.
Azriel is a huge comfort character for me, and before I could get my hands on the actual extra chapter I saw tons of posts talking about how gross and OOC he was and the disgusting things he was saying about Elain.
I literally laid in bed crying over it because it hurt to think that this character I had invested so much into, that I had been desperate to hear more about, would be that horrible.
And then I read it and...It’s not that bad? Yeah, he speaks of her sexually and is turned on by her. Sure. But she’s also turned on by him in that moment? She’s wanting him just as badly? He can clearly see that she does, we can clearly see that she does. I haven’t read ACOSF, so I may be wrong, but as far as I know she hasn’t accepted the mating bond yet and has shown no sign of planning to do so. She hasn’t shown any sign of wanting to be Lucien’s mate, but she’s shown a very obvious sign in this chapter about liking Azriel and wanting him.
I didn’t like the whole “Rhys and Cass got their Archeron sisters, why don’t I have one?” thing either, because it does feel like he’s just projecting his loneliness onto Elain and assuming that the Cauldron was wrong because of a kind of dumb theory he has. But I didn’t really feel like he was calling himself entitled to her. If she did not want him, he would be acting completely different. But she is showing that she wants him, is interested in him, and isn’t showing any signs of being interested in Lucien (as far as I understand, correct me if I’m wrong). So yes, it was a weird and stupid thing for him to say, but I don’t think he’s thinking “She should be mine because of this one little crazy thing I noticed.” He’s saying “The Cauldron and the Fates have been wrong about mates in the past and I’m just thinking maybe it was wrong about Lucien and Elain because they don’t have chemistry and we do AND because of this one little crazy thing I noticed.” He just didn’t state it that way.
(Also, quick note: Azriel says he can defeat Lucien out of arrogance, yeah, but also remember that he didn’t do so just unprompted. Rhys was the one to be like “he could challenge you to this duel BS” and Az, who probably only has confidence in his powers and nothing else about himself, says back, “I would win” because...tbh I’d probably say that too if my brother was like “You want this girl but she bElOnGs to another man so he can fight you for her.”)
The line that stuck with me the most was this: “But she’d gotten Azriel one last year—a headache powder he kept on his nightstand at the House of Wind. Not to use, but just to look at. Which he’d done every night he’d slept there.” I think it’s super important to read between the lines in chapters from the POV with characters like Azriel. He’s going to be a lot more open and upfront about his sexual desires than his romantic desires, even with himself, after spending so many years of pining after Mor for it to never happen. With how he has always been the one to try to stay stoned face and keep his personal feelings hidden. We see this with how, when Rhys brings up Mor, Azriel ignores it outright—and thus ignores his feelings. And I feel we also saw it with Gwyn and how he isn’t truly sure what he’s feeling towards her, which is the only reason we actually get a genuine view of those feelings towards the end of the extra chapter.
That quote kind of showed an inner working of his head that we aren’t seeing yet. He clearly isn’t only having sexual thoughts—he stares at this powder and probably thinks about a lot of damn things regarding Elain, not just regarding the bond and the sexual desires. Don’t forget that he’s been one of the few people to be her friend—sitting with her and listening to her and hanging out in the gardens with her in the previous books. His feelings are not only sexual. He’s just not showing us everything because this is only, what, 9 pages from him? We aren’t going to see every little thing he is feeling.
I believe, wholeheartedly, that the next book will be about Elain and Azriel. SJM has set up too much for them both for it to not be. For it to be about Elain and Azriel—unless she pulls a trick on us and has it focus solely on their individual development rather than their relationships, which is possible but I can’t see happening—this would mean that the two of them end up together (1 relationship per book, guys).
I’m not gonna go into Gwyn, because I don’t know much about her yet, and I don’t want to hit you guys with false information. But I feel like Azriel and Elain both have a lot of development to go through and Gwyn will be there with them, but I don’t really know if she is going to be a genuine love interest, or just someone who helps Azriel open up and be better—a good, true friend that he can count on.
The one thing I will say is that Elain and Mor have the parallel of making Azriel’s shadows disappear, or hide away—and Azriel definitely had romantic feelings for Mor. And Gwyn has a completely different effect on Azriel’s shadows. Whether this is a mating bond, or something else about Gwyn we have yet to find out, I don’t know. But I feel it’s definitely important to remember the similarities between how his shadows react to Elain and how they react to Mor versus how they react to Gwyn.
If you actually stuck around for all of this, thank you. I’m gonna go cry into my pillow now over how desperately I need ACOSF so I can focus on Nesta and Cassian and not all of this bull with Azriel and Elain and Lucien and Gwyn.
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cazzyimagines · 4 months ago
Just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything you write, and maybe could you write a NSFW alphabet for Laszlo? Hope you're having a good day!!
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
He is just the sweetest! He will be checking to make sure you are okay, that you feel satisfied, and then he would be so loving. Whispering words of kindness to you about how amazing you were. He would try his best to help clear you up as well and then hold you in his arm as you fall asleep.
B = Body part (their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Boobs. He loves your chest and he loves to rest his head on them during the day and then during sex smother his head in them, kiss them etc. He just can't get enough of them. He finds everything about your body beautiful but those he just adores.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
As contraceptives were very rare for that time if you didn't want to get pregnant he would have to pull out (please guys don't think that pulling out is a good way to prevent pregnancy it isn't) he enjoys seeing his cun fall on your body, dripping down you. It does however excite him to no end when you do let him cum inside you and then he sees it dripping out of you, showing how you were his.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He has masturbated to you. He's ashamed of it because it isn't gentleman like. Gentlemen should be able to resist their urges, wait until marriage but he just can't help it. You are so beautiful and because of his arm, he doesn't think he'll ever be able to be with you so he resorts to that instead.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
He is not experienced at all. You would be his first time. He knows what he is doing though... roughly. He's read many books about it, he knows the inner workings of a man and a woman, he knows where all the best spots are for you, he knows exactly what to do to bring you the most pleasure but he doesn't have the practical experience and reading from a book is quite different than to put it in practice and therefore he would feel quite awkward at first.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Having you on top, riding him. Any position where you are on top he loves. He feels a bit guilty as he doesn't want you doing all the work but he loves being able to look up at you, see your boobs bounce, and in this position, he can make his deformed arm at least hold onto your leg whereas other positions his arm is basically useless.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
He's very serious, he's a romantic at heart and therefore it would be a romantic experience for both of you so there isn't much space for humour. If something accidentally goes wrong such as clothes getting stuck on you or something he wouldn't laugh it off but start panicking.
H = Hair (how well-groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
He takes pride in his appearance, his bread is always well-groomed and he tries to keep down below well groomed as well but it's harder for him with really only one hand of use. As for overall body hair, he has some on his chest, arms and legs but it isn't a lot.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
He tries to make the moment so romantic because he wants to show just how much he loves and adores you. He'll be whispering lots of compliments to you, stroking and touching you all over. He might even try to make the scene romantic by bringing some wine to the bedroom.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
As mentioned before in D he does masturbate but he feels guilty about it afterwards, but he can't stop when he sees you about and he thinks he can't have you. After you two start courting though he doesn't as why masturbate when he can have you.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Something we have discussed on my blog before in headcanons and what I will eventually make into a one-shot is that Laszlo has a mummy kink. The books already confirmed for us that he has mummy issues so it isn't a far stretch. He loves being praised and being called a good boy. He wants to do anything to please you and make you feel good so that you might reward him. He loves your breasts and he loves to suck on them, it brings him a sense of comfort as he does so. And of course, he loves to refer to you as mummy.
He also loves being told what to do. He gets so anxious and worried, doubting himself and that can affect him in the bedroom so when you take over and start telling him what to do, what you like he will instantly do just that and love surrending his power over to you for you to order him to do whatever you want him to
L = Location (favourite places to do the do)
Bedroom. He's a traditional guy, times like that are saved for the bedroom. It is after all the most comfortable place for both of you. However... if the urge comes over you two at the institute, and it's a big need, he doesn't mind pushing you onto his desk in his office, having you sit on it so that you two are facing each other as you go at it
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
Honestly, he loves you so much and has been deprived of touch for such a long time that you could the simplest of things and he would instantly be turned on. But somethings that really get him going is if you win in a debate about something, like for example the correct quote from one of Shakespeare's plays, your intelligence really turns him on especially when you use it against him or prove it to him that you know something better than him. Referring to him as stuff as well like 'good boy' while making him become really flustered makes him so turned on.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn-offs)
Degradation, he loves you so much he couldn't cope with being rude or insulting you, even if that's what you wanted, he would feel so bad about it. He also doesn't like slapping or spanking you, not only does it trigger memories of his childhood he doesn't want to hurt you like that, even if it was for your pleasure.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
He loves giving oral, he has studied female autonomy so he knows exactly what goes on down there and where everything is, he knows how best to stimulate you and get you quivering to his tongue and his fingers. He loves to please you and he finds it easier than traditional sex because of his arm. He does enjoy receiving oral as well but he would never ask you for it. Only if you bring it up would it ever happen. He likes running his fingers through your hair though as you go down on him, as even with his deformed arm he can gently put his fingers in your hair and move your head gently.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
For the most part, they are slow and sensual, he wants to treasure the moment and savour it so he likes to take his time to feel all of you, experience all of you, but when he gets in one of his moods sometimes he really needs a fast and rough moment with you to get all of the stress and build up tension in him out, but those happen rarely as he is worried about accidentally hurting you while doing it.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Quickies are also very rare, like said above he wants to take his time with you, while quickies can be fun he doesn't experience as much joy as he might when he takes things slowly. However, when you two go at it in his office they are usually quickies as you are both at risk of having someone walk into the office at any moment.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Only if you discuss what you want to do beforehand, and when I say discuss I mean have hour-long conversations about it. He needs time to prepare himself if you would like to experiment with something. And even then he might not agree with it, he doesn't practically like taking risks especially if something negative could come of it.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Around twice, he has moderate stamina but it can be affected by what position he is in and what he is doing, if he is on top he might not last that long because of his arm, he finds it hard holding all his weight on just one arm when he is on top of you. But in other positions such as when you are on top, his stamina can much longer.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
He doesn't own any toys but if you had any he wouldn't be opposed to using them, depending on what toys they were. Because of the time, it was harder to access such things and they were a lot less developed so he would prefer just more traditional sex without them but if you wanted to try them he would be willing.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He doesn't like to tease you much, he might say something suggestive to you hinting at what he would like to happen tonight but that is as far as it goes for him, however, he loves it when you tease him, it makes him super flustered and stuttering on his words as his mind can only think of you and what you have said but he loves it.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
He actually moans and groans quite loudly, he loses himself in the feeling of being inside you that he forgets really that he is making noises, he just wants to express how you are making him feel and that comes out in the way he grunts and groans into your neck or breasts as he feels himself getting closer to his climax.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
He usually likes to have sex before bed, enjoying the passion in the night, letting go of the stress gathered from the day and just relax being with you pleasuring you and himself but he also likes starting off the morning with it as well. You might wake up to find his lips already on your neck, sucking a hickey onto your neck, his fingers already tracing down your legs and edging towards your core.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
He's a little on the larger size dick, but he would blush at the thought of ever bragging about it. It would certainly be enough to fill you whole and make you feel the most amount of pleasure.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Higher than he would like to admit. After spending such a long time alone thinking he would never be a woman he craves you touch almost every moment, he needs to be in you, you feel you around him, but he also doesn't want to wear you out so he tries to restrict himself but it still ends up being at least five times a week.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He tries to stay up and let you fall asleep first, truly he does, he wants to watch you sleep and just admire how perfect you are but having sex can tire him out quite a bit till he accidentally falls asleep first, and you find it adorable watching him.
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artsybookworms · 4 months ago
So it’s come to my attention that a lot of people think the “rivalry ends here” kiss is super cringy after reading that one textpost that makes fun of it?? It’s honestly one of my favorite Percabeth moments so here’s my whole big spiel no one asked for about why y’all are crazy (/s).
First of all, we watch this whole scene through Piper’s perspective (gee thanks Rick). Literally that’s the whole reason it’s “awkward.” If your two friends suddenly had a long, passionate kiss in front of you, yeah, you’d probably retell it as some really embarrassing ordeal that happened in front of you. But from either Percy or Annabeth’s POV? It’s romantic as hell. Think about it this way: They met at 12 years old and thought they were enemies solely due to their parentage. Slowly, they got to know each other and a friendship bloomed. After years of life changing, emotional moments together, they realize that they have feelings for each other. Now, at 17 years old, they’re in yet another fight for their lives, just survived literal Hell together, and find themselves at the very spot where the rivalry between their parents began. Percy saw the opportunity and he took it.
“But isn’t it weird to do that right in front of a friend?” Honestly? If I were Percy, standing in front of the love of my life with the chance to both tell them I love them AND symbolically end eons of our parental rivalry, I wouldn’t have given a flying f ck who was around to witness it. It was an incredibly sweet thing to do.
The second thing people think is “cringe” is that Annabeth is out of breath after?? I’ve even seen people completely over-exaggerate it by saying she made weird gasping sounds and stuff like that. This is the actual quote from the book:
“‘The rivalry ends here.’ Percy said. ‘I love you, Wise Girl.’ Annabeth made a little sigh, like something in her rib cage had melted.”
Why do y’all have such a problem with that😭 She’s just caught off guard and breathless and completely in love with this boy. If you don’t like the scene, that’s perfectly fine. But I just felt like defending them because I think it’s actually quite romantic, and I hope people will stop making fun of it so much :,)
Well this ended up being super long, thanks for coming to my TED Talk lmaoo
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belphe-whore · a year ago
Hi !! Can I request the demons brothers (+undateable if you have time) reactions to MC who have low expectations with relationships pls ? For example when they gives her affection she is very surprised and she's like "It exists irl ?? You actually like me ??" (Sorry I don't speak english very well😥)
Your English is fine 😌 I got you.
Dem Boys reacting to an MC with low expectations when it comes to their relationship:
GNMC! Assuming you already in a relationship with them so romantic fluff on this one.
Catches onto it pretty quickly especially when he puts off his work or fixes his schedule to make time for you and you act like he just gave you a million grim.
Doesn’t call you out on it just decides to do a lot of little things for you because he doesn’t want to be to obvious he’s trying to spoil you.
It hurts his pride though when you react to him doing what he feels is the bare minimum.
“MC you are mine there for you are to be treated better than anyone in Devildom so don’t act so shocked when I do things for you or people will think I don’t treat you right.”
This quality of yours got to him before you even started dating
He walked you to class the first day and lectured you about not getting in his way then when he got to class he gave you a little tip about how to stun a demon just enough to run away.
You looked up at him and gave him the most sincere thank you and smile he had to snap at you to go on before you are late and get him in trouble so that you wouldn’t see him blush.
No one had ever thanked him like that and for something so small and stupid and my god you thanked him a lot for everything pretty much. You made him feel like he wasn’t a total shitbag
When you started dating he got you a necklace (with his initial or symbol or something) mostly to mark his territory but also because he wanted to get you an actual gift for being so kind to him
He wasn’t ready for you to uwu or tear up. He loved the way your face lit up and wanted to see that face over and over again.
Basically both of you are the exact same because he’s completely awestruck that anyone could be so sweet to him.
Now that you were dating Levi spent hours psyching himself up in the mirror for your movie night
He was thinking of different anime and manga scenarios he’d seen and played them out in his head of how to hold your hand or maybe get to have you lay on his shoulder.
He thought he was ready until he opened the door and you were in your pjs and my god you were so hot 🥵 he covered his face with his arm to cover his blush.
“I smuggled some snacks before Beel could see them. I also warmed up the blanket in the dryer because my room gets cold for you” he said shyly.
You wrapped your arms around him.
“You’re the best Levi.” He needs a moment to enjoy the embrace before he can speak again.
Is completely oblivious that you feel just as surprised and happy with your relationship as he is.
Levi has his own way of expressing his affection with you but you still get all giddy with him because he seems excited to be with you.
Plans your first date to somewhere you’ve always mentioned wanting to go like hells aquarium or some shit idk.
He spends the whole day treating you like the blessing that you are and answering all of your many questions.
“Sorry I don’t mean to pester you with so many dumb questions.”
“I love that about you MC you should question everything” his smile gets you and you feel your face getting warm and maybe a little tear starting to form (some of us are happy criers ok)
“What’s wrong MC?” He asks pulling you to him stroking your face gently not caring who tf is around they can mind they business
“Thank you for all of this. I didn’t expect you to do all of this” his look of shock is rare
“MC you’re mine. I would give you the entire world if you asked for it.”
You were so uncertain going into your relationship because this is the avatar of lust were talking about how could you compare
You were taken by surprised with him at the start because he was always so sweet and excited to be around you. And when you noticed he was especially this way with you more so than others it made you melt inside.
Asmo is the master of self care and pamper so he’s always insisting on taking care of you or taking care of each other with new products etc.
He always spent so much time with you and on your well being that it made you so happy
When you thank him and he sees how genuinely confused but happy you are about this treatment he cries asking how you don’t have higher standards when it comes to the people in your life.
Becomes over the top dedicated to being the most extra boyfriend you’ve ever imagined.
The first time Beel shared his food with you he was confused why you looked at him with the ooey gooey eyes
“It’s good isn’t it?” He chuckles and when you thank him perfusley (not sure I spelled that right) because you know how much Beel loves food. He just thinks you also like food.
But you’re that way with every little thing especially when you start dating.
“MC why do you always seem surprised when I do things for you?”
“Sorry no one I’ve ever been with has been this sweet with me”
Puts even more care into the way he treats you
Belphie is a brat and remains that way even when you start dating but he has a soft side he keeps just for you
You are always taken by surprise when he treats you in his special way because he goes from 0-100 on the charming scale without warning.
One moment he’s a sleepy brat who needs a damn nap and the next he’s rubbing your back while kissing your shoulder as you’re doing homework unaware that he woke up from his nap.
He’s also the one that likes to randomly say cute shit to make you all mushy especially when your cuddling in the darkness.
He knows exactly what this does to you and that’s exactly why he does this.
Occasionally makes comments about your shitty past relationships even if you’ve never talked to him about them and when you ask him why he’s assuming that he replies “because you always act so surprised when I do the bare minimum as your boyfriend.”
I mean this is the definition of the royal treatment here sooooooo you shoooook
You thought surely you’d be some secret side piece that no one could know about but Diavolo flaunts it around quite a bit
Makes you blush a lot when he introduces you as the human who won the heart of the future demon king so you must be amazing
Also will not let you speak illy of yourself in his presence and if you do he makes you say three nice things about yourself and won’t let you repeat answers
He loves how much you accept his special treatment but he’s very saddened that you would have such low expectations of dating a prince (of hell maybe but still a shall I say god damn prince)
It’s second nature for him to treat you extremely well
He’s one HELL (wink) of a butler after all
He’s gonna be blunt when he sees how surprised you always are when he does things for you or with you
“Why have you set such low expectations of me MC? I am an over achiever and I require better goals especially from my beloved”
I mean just take him to bed already.
Catches onto fairly quickly
Finds it silly and treats it as some kind of trick at first especially with Mammon like watch this gives you a pat on the head before kissing it when he gets up to leave the room and you get all blushy and thank him for even the slightest bit of affection.
“Your lack of experience with decent men is astonishing MC”
Deep down it actually bothers him slightly that you haven’t been treated well before but he will make up for lost time
He asks you to accompany him to some TSL event and is shoooook when you his significant other asks him if he is sure he wants to take you as his date.
“MC you are my romantic partner I want you by my side at all times.”
He always melts your heart with words and you understand why he’s such a famous writer
You actually tell him why you are like this with him because he’s just naturally easy to confess your issues to (ha confession joke)
“I’m a literal angel MC I will devote everything in my power to your happiness”
This platonic so we gonna mix it up as an MC who has low expectations with friend relationships ok
Takes an immediate liking to you so constantly brings you goodies and includes little notes with them with inspiring quotes (probably bible verses but he means well)
You are so surprised by how sweet and kind he is and ask him if that’s just an angel thing to be so genuine he tells you of course it is angels take friendship very seriously but they take family even more seriously and you’re like an older sibling to him so he like to be extra nice to you.
Thanks again for the ask and sorry for the delay 🙈
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ilikekidsshows · 5 months ago
The Marinette and Kagami Sub Arc Breakdown
Okay, it's finally done, the big analysis, where I tackle a topic I've wanted to write for simply because it's a topic I personally find interesting and fun, AKA, The Best Sub Arc in the Entire Series So Far, AKA, How Marinette Proved Without a Shadow of a Doubt that She'd Never Be Like Chloé And We Stan.
Tumblr media
One of the most interesting parts of the Marinette and Kagami rivals to friends sub arc is that it's one of the aspects of the show that directly connects to Marinette's past as a victim of bullying and is, in a way, about her overcoming that past. Not many things in the show remind us of the revelation in 'Origins' that Chloé had been bullying Marinette for years before the show's timeline, especially since Chloé became pretty declawed as a school level threat as the series went on to the degree where I think many people watching forgot that she used to hold a lot more power, and Marinette used to be wary of her.
But, the reason why Marinette being a bully victim is important in her arc with Kagami is this: people who have been victimized don't necessarily recognize it when they're victimizing others, and I believe that Marinette shows signs of this mentality in the show, particularly in season three. I'll illustrate how Marinette's ex-bully victim mindset informed the early stages of her relationship with Kagami and how Marinette overcame her internal biases when it comes to Kagami and her behavior towards Kagami.
In 'Origins', when Alya quotes Majestia's by now immortal line, she also says something that is very much what someone who has been victimized would identify with: "That girl over there is evil, while we are the good people." While Alya was very accurate that she and Marinette are good people, she didn't really know much about Marinette at this point, so she was actually pretty much guessing. The reason why this line is important is because it relies on an assumption that a moral binary exists on the bully-victim scale, instead of these roles being dynamic and socially formed. If you’re a victim of a bully, the bully is evil and you are a Good Person.
Some people who've been systematically victimized think on some level that them being victims means that they can never be instigators, that they're automatically morally pure because the person who victimizes them is the evil one. This is a very typical argument in social justice circles, where a person who is victimized for one thing might say bigoted things about another group and claim that they can't be a bigot because they suffer from bigotry. The simplest example I can give is white women refusing to accept that something they've said about black women could be offensive to black women specifically, because "how could a victim of sexism be racist". Now, what happens between Marinette and Kagami in the show is nowhere near this level of victimization switcheroo, but it still has that false binary in that Marinette thinks that her actions have more moral justification than they actually do.
The interesting thing about how Kagami is introduced is that her future role as a love rival was downplayed in ‘Riposte’. Her Akumatization was because of family issues and the idea that she might be attracted to Adrien came from Marinette's jealous grumblings while she was rescuing him from Riposte (I'm mostly referring to the "She doesn't deserve you" line). Outside of that little bit, 'Riposte' comes across as a pretty standard Victim of the Week episode, instead of setting up a romance sub arc. As such, Marinette already viewing Kagami's Riposte form as a romantic rival serves more as foreshadowing rather than it actually forming their relationship.
Tumblr media
Then we get to 'Frozer'. Marinette doesn't really know much of anything about Kagami at the start of this episode, as we can see in her mental image of Kagami as a cackling mean girl. Because Marinette doesn't really know Kagami at this point, when Adrien tells her he's thinking of asking Kagami out, her mind gives a placeholder mental image of her, seemingly based off of Chloé, another rich girl with a (supposed) crush on Adrien. This is the episode that establishes Kagami as a romantic rival to both the audience and Marinette, and Marinette’s negative mental image of Kagami establishes the idea of this rivalry being antagonistic. However, because this setup happens in Marinette's headscape, it's actually a one-sided antagonism.
Kagami isn't actually antagonistic towards Marinette in 'Frozer', but there is a certain assertiveness and physical presence to her in the episode that Marinette, as a former bully victim, might find imposing. Kagami gets in her personal space, because she's telling Marinette something she's sure Marinette doesn't want the boys to hear, but to Marinette, the body language could have come across as threatening. The way Marinette stares at Kagami throughout the scene with a deer-in-headlights look can indicate more general startlement or a sense of foreboding. And the episode ends with Kagami kissing Adrien on the cheek, establishing her as a threat in Marinette's eyes. From Marinette's view, Kagami's behavior in 'Frozer' confirmed her fears about Kagami, that she was a rich bully.
Tumblr media
This interpretation of Kagami informs a lot of Marinette's actions in 'Animaestro'. Here we see just how much Marinette has started to view Kagami as the new Chloé in her mind. Even when the actual Chloé shows up, Marinette is more ready to side with her than Kagami. And why this happens is because Chloé actually accidentally enforces the idea that, because Marinette is a Good Person, any person who works against her happiness is a bully and a Bad Person. While we could argue that Marinette has no reason to listen to anything Chloé says, we have to remember that Marinette has been lowkey hoping Chloé would become a better person in episodes like 'Antibug' and 'Zombizou'. When they both agree that Kagami has to go, Marinette could have taken it as another sign that Chloé's not all bad, or Marinette could have simply come to the conclusion that Kagami is actually worse than Chloé, and so teaming up with Chloé to take her down is justified.
It's important to note that 'Animaestro' chronologically takes place right after 'Chameleon', another episode where Marinette thinks she's morally justified in practically bullying someone because they're acting in a way she disagrees with. Because Lila was revealed to be able to dish back the same, if not even worse, that Marinette could unleash, Marinette never learned that her behavior at the start of the episode was bullying and therefore bad. Lila "justified" Marinette's actions after the fact because she was actually a bad person all along, so Marinette doesn't need to feel bad about basically harassing her. If Lila had just been someone who fibs for fun, with no malicious intentions, Marinette's behavior would have been completely out of proportion.
This is why the approach Chloé and, by extension, Marinette take against Kagami is so vital. With Chloé hatching a scheme that was so much like one Marinette would put together, the lines between Marinette and Chloé were blurred in this episode. Simply because it was such a convoluted plan might have also been why Marinette didn't seem to realize the implications of what she was trying to accomplish. I mentioned during my liveblog of this episode that Marinette doesn't seem to consider that, since the plan was to publicly humiliate Kagami, the plan working would have meant hurting Kagami really badly. I also pointed out that, because the trap triggered for the wrong target, this fact didn't really register with Marinette completely, since she merely noted that of course Chloé would have a bad plan. The plan was bad because it failed, not because it was morally wrong.
Tumblr media
However, even though we didn't see it happen in the episode itself, what happened at the movie premiere did alter Marinette's perception of Kagami. Most likely it was contrasting Kagami to the actual Chloé and realizing that she had been mistakenly attributing Chloé's traits to Kagami. The change in Marinette's perception is clear in her panic spiral when she realizes Kagami is her partner for the game in 'Ikari Gozen': "She's brilliant, strong, cute!" Marinette would never spell out all of Chloé's better features in such a way, which means her stance on Kagami has moved away from seeing her as The New Chloé.
Tumblr media
Even though Marinette doesn't see Kagami as a bad person at this point anymore, she does still consider her strictly opposition. She refuses to work with her, preferring instead to sabotage her and her chances with Adrien, just this time without the attempted humiliation. This is mostly because Marinette sees Kagami and thinks she has it all: looks, confidence, influence, a connection with Adrien. Marinette is absolutely convinced that if they won the contest, all attention would be on Kagami and she'd be sidelined in favor of her. It's easy to think that a little bit of sabotage is okay when Kagami seems to have such an unfair advantage.
Tumblr media
Unfortunately for Marinette's peace of mind, the point of 'Ikari Gozen' is to dissuade her of the notion that Kagami is fortunate in every way possible. We can see that Marinette thought that sabotaging the game was fine because Kagami had so many advantages because, as soon as she discovers that Kagami is friendless and has no connection to Adrien outside of fencing, she feels very bad for what she was trying to do. Marinette didn't actually want to hurt or upset Kagami. In 'Animaestro', Marinette didn't think about Kagami's feelings at all in relation to how Chloé's scheme might make Kagami feel, but this time she is thinking about them, she simply misjudged them at the start. She thought her purposefully throwing the contest would be a minor setback to Kagami, not what it ended up being: a betrayal by someone she was hoping to befriend.
I noted during my liveblog of this episode that Marinette's relationship with Adrien also started with a misunderstanding where Marinette first saw Adrien in a more negative light before that impression was proven to be false and they became friends. The development in 'Ikari Gozen' mirrors what happens in 'Origins' in that Marinette first has a false impression of Kagami, but is ultimately proven wrong in her assumptions and becomes friends with her. Marinette nominating herself as Kagami's friend even in her phone call with Tomoe suggests that Marinette recognized a similar need for friends in Kagami that she's seen in Adrien.
Marinette has gotten over seeing Kagami as an opponent in 'Desperada', where we see how Marinette reacts to Kagami and Adrien enjoying an inside joke together: she is miserable. Marinette recognizes the similarity between Kagami and Adrien and, rather than making her mad with jealousy, it makes her feel defeated. While Marinette's perception that Kagami was put together and perfect was taken down in 'Ikari Gozen', 'Desperada' shows us that she still thinks she can't measure up against Kagami, although now it's for the reason that she can see the connection between Adrien and Kagami and doesn't think she has what it takes to compete with that.
Tumblr media
'Love Hunter' is the episode where this new sense of insecurity comes to a head. When Marinette's hair falls out of its usual style, it signifies her letting down her guard and enjoying both Kagami and Adrien's company, because Adrien and Kagami are both her friends at this point. However, when Marinette is reminded that there are things that Kagami and Adrien experience that she can't relate to ("It's not every day we can escape from everything they expect from us"), she hastily ties her hair back into the usual twintails, her insecurity forcing her to put her walls back up again.
Tumblr media
Marinette is in emotional turmoil throughout the episode, allowing Adrien and Kagami to have what could constitute as an ice cream date alone at first, only to interrupt Kagami's attempt to kiss Adrien a few minutes later by whisking Kagami away to help solve the Akuma situation. This is why Marinette wanted André to pick the ice cream blend, because she started to project her relationships with Adrien and Kagami onto the ice cream too much. Marinette values her friends' happiness very high, high enough to stand aside when Kagami refers to their similarity as the reason she and Adrien are made for each other. Marinette does respond to Kagami that choices can be hard, so her standing aside is also about Marinette simply not acting at all, either to allow Kagami to go for Adrien unchallenged or to pursue Adrien herself. The choice between Adrien and Kagami was too much for her. Marinette being indecisive is of course a major character flaw I've discussed on this blog repeatedly, so the idea that it might have played a role here too makes sense from my perspective.
So far the Marinette and Kagami arc has been about Marinette learning not to subject other people to the kind of treatment she gets from Chloé, overcoming the temptation to turn into a bully to protect herself, and also making friends along the way. But there is still more ground that can be covered with this immensely interesting relationship. This is actually why I feel we really need to see Kagami and Marinette interacting after Kagami and Adrien break up. Because Marinette still has unresolved feelings about Kagami and not just Adrien after the season three finale.
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