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#this scene was truly something
ktinaj · 11 days ago
“Or…you don’t know [Maddie] the way [Chim] does.”
This line…The way it emphasizes that romantic partners know each other differently than everyone else around them. And coming from Eddie? To Buck?
Hasn’t the whole crux of BuckandEddie since last season been the fact that they know each other better than anyone else? In 4x14, after Buck’s crane stunt, every single person scolded him for it and got his reason for doing it completely wrong (“reckless,” “crazy,” “invincible”). Not Eddie. Eddie was the only one who pushed deeper and understood why Buck said what he said/does what he does (“expendable”).
In 5x02, Buck is the only one who clocks Eddie’s panic attack. When Eddie’s entire (ex-)girlfriend is standing right there, it’s Buck who notices something is off with Eddie. And when they talk about it, he digs deeper into Eddie’s statement about sticking things out for Chris, and his “is that enough?” is already enough to make Eddie question himself, but then he also feels comfortable to say “I have been Ana” to emphasize that the relationship is unfair to Ana. He says it because he knows that Eddie knows how horrible his experience dating Abby was, and he knows that Eddie would never willingly do that to someone. And…it works.
So, yeah. “Or…you don’t know [Maddie] the way [Chim] does” gave me pause when I was watching last night. Because they’re romantic partners, they know each other intimately, and it’s a beautiful sentiment that they know each other that way. And because no one knows Eddie like how Buck knows him. And no one knows Buck like how Eddie knows him.
And doesn’t that just speak volumes?
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debbierhea · 9 days ago
"#in my opinion the am i bad for you scene belongs in a different category of kim reacting to jimmy questioning their relationship#in this essay i will" tell me more!
okay. here goes
the "if you go to howard, you and i, we're done" "so, we're not done now" scene and the "come on. this guy?" scene are about jimmy doubting himself. he is worried that his actions are irredeemable, especially in the face of someone as ~virtuous as kim. he doesn't see himself on the same level as kim, knows that she is so far out of his league that he just doesn't understand why she would hang around, why she doesn't just pack it in and leave him. he pushes himself to be a better person for her and when he inevitably falls off course, in both of these instances specifically, he can't wrap his head around the fact that she still cares for him, loves him enough to stay, or, in rhea's own words, loves him "...not in spite of everything...she knows who he is and she loves him."
the "am i bad for you" "are you bad for me" scene is less about jimmy doubting himself but more about him doubting kim. the subtext, in my opinion, is not "wow i can't believe this amazing woman loves me and is choosing to stay" it's more "kim, should you really be letting me do this to you? should you really be with me?" her reaction, the crinkle in her brow, is not the sweet and tender disbelief of the first two scenes mentioned. it is not "jimmy how can you not see how good you are? how can you not see how much i love you?" it is kim's surprise and maybe even a bit of betrayal that, of all people, jimmy is now questioning her choices.
and isn't asking "am i bad for you" not another way of questioning kim's agency as well? after every other man on the show makes their opinion known of kim's choices—often implying that she doesn't know what she's doing, that she is somehow under jimmy's spell and he is driving her to ruin, that no woman like her in their right mind would make the decisions she is making and therefore she needs saving, needs to be shown the light—jimmy, her jimmy, the one person she thought understood her, is now doing the same thing. every person in her life has questioned her like this about jimmy (and probably countless other things too). everyone has their own idea about who kim is and what she should be doing.
she is not touched by this question. i think she is taken aback by it. how could he think that? how could he imply he is bad for her when she is the one making the choice to stay. why can't anyone trust her to know what's best for herself? why can't anyone see that she knows who jimmy is and loves him because of that?
the question "am i bad for you" gives jimmy all the power and agency in the relationship and implies that kim is somehow incapable of choosing things for herself. it implies that kim is participating in scams for jimmy and not because she wants to, not for herself or her own reasons. it takes away her ability to be an active participant in the relationship and in her life and i think that kim is sick to death of people doing that to her.
#i am NOT saying that jimmy in any way MEANS for all of this subtext to be layered into that question. not at all. i think he truly is#worried and wants to protect her. the thing is though that kim does not need anyone's protection. every single character in this show tells#her to her face who she should be and what she should do. it goes back to the quote about 'sometimes people only know who you are TO THEM'#or whatever. like kim is just constantly barraged with other people's opinions of her actions that more often than not involve jimmy's#~influence over her which takes away her agency and no matter how earnestly and lovingly jimmy is asking this question it still strikes the#same tone for her. it falls into the same category of howard and chuck and schweikart and kevin and ada ericson who have her inextricably#tied to an idea of jimmy they have in their minds and then proceed to tell her what they think of her because of it#kim knows she is her own person who makes her own choices. this also harkens back to bad choice road. maybe this question has been building#in jimmy since then. since kim quit mesa verde and mike told him that kim is in the game. jimmy tells kim what she SHOULD do#and kim tells him it's none of his damn business. i think everything she tells howard in something unforgiveable is pent up from every#single time someone has done this to her - taken away her agency - with their opinion#ANYWAYS..........this is why i think the 'am i bad for you scene' is in a whole other category. okay byeeeee#asks#anextrapart#bcs#better call saul
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hoziersgf · 4 months ago
emma's first time getting moonstruck: is rude to her father's party guests, gets a little handsy with byron, eats a ton of fish
cleo's first time getting moonstruck: gains siren powers and sings to a bunch of teenage boys
rikki's first time getting moonstruck: burns emma with her powers, sets half of mako on fire, literally roasts zane from the inside out, near insists on being left alone on a desert island which is still somewhat on fire, loses consciousness almost entirely in the moon pool, has an actual mental breakdown,
#that's on being a traumatized teenage girl i guess!#i like how for emma and cleo the first time they get moonstruck their personalities sort of change to the opposite of what they usually are#so emma is normally quite controlled and disciplined but during her dad's party she is rude and acts out and is completely out of control#cleo at least in season one is pretty shy and withdrawn so she becomes a siren who is at the centre of everyone's attention which she loves#for as long as the moon spell lasts at least#but then for rikki... god. i don't even know. so much goes on in bad moon rising it's hard to even pin down what the writers were going for#it's pure chaos and i mean that in a good way#like presumably the rikki in the show does share those insecurities and a part of her believes she is a malevolent and destructive person#who deserves to be alone. but then her powers are out of control AND she kisses zane and it's like. what were they even going for here?#because her expressing her neuroses and anxieties is probably a manifestation of how she truly feels. but her kissing zane almost comes out#of nowhere. and then we know she's freaking out about setting everything on fire and highkey is hating herself in the moment#but then in the last scene when she's talking about her kissing zane on mako she's like something weird happened. something out of control.#which makes me feel like *shifty eyes emoji*#can i again just talk about how much i hate that all the girls kiss their love interests under the influence of the full moon.#but also when cleo's like 'i don't even want to THINK about what rikki would do to zane under the influence of the full moon' lollllllll#.txt#h2o just add water#h2o#h2o: just add water#cleo sertori#emma gilbert#rikki chadwick
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ranjish-hi-sahih · 14 days ago
there's a lot that i liked about today's episode but the moment that du-shik held the baby in his arms, i melted-
the joy, the tears, the awed smile-
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beetlethebug · 6 months ago
fig scrying on ayda and seeing her so desperately trying to raise fig’s earring to her mouth to try and speak to her, to reach her, because fig is calling for her, her paramour needs her, and being unable to is so heartbreaking. that scene gave me goosebumps. i’m still sobbing over it. 
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oetravia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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Every Brainia Scene Ever: 5x02 [1/6]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#dreamdox#brainiac 5#nia nal#querl dox#okay but had this not flipped brainy’s Too Much Switch™️ it really would’ve been the perfect morning#I have questions -#has brainy picked up on this pattern over the month they’ve been dating because it seems odd that he’s been spending the#night if they’d barely been holding hands before the end of 5x01#or has it been a while since 5x01 (shows in general not just SG are terrible at clarifying timelines)#or is this something he’s picked up on before they were even dating (because that’s fairly likely given it’s…Brainy)#he’s such an adorably domestic boyfriend™️ in this scene#like the fondness radiating from them both is truly top tier#but his fondness in particular gives off such boyfriend energy 🥺#especially given they’re essentially discussing her feral breakfast goblin habits 😅#to be fair I too am ridiculously fond of feral breakfast goblin nia she’s adorable 🥺#speaking of fond the look she’s gives him before the peck on the cheek slays me 🥺🥺#as does his reaction to it (can you say touch starved? 👀)#(and can we please talk about the fact that she is totally wearing one of his shirts? look at it#nothing we’ve ever seen her wear before has looked anything like that - and it’s definitely a men’s cut…Nia is that girlfriend™️ confirmed)#(especially given she’s sleeping in his bon jovi shirt later in the episode 😅)#(another sidenote: brainy’s hair looks especially good in this scene - can you tell from my tags I miss the S4/early S5 hair? 🤦🏼‍♀️)#domesticity looks so good on them both 😭😭#mine#my gifs#otp: what does love feel like?#*ebs
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be-bi-do-crime · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
can we talk about this dream scene like?? chase??? out of all scenarios you are imagining your ex partner shopping for carmen sandiego hats and her saying “a fedora, actually :)” and her running her hand along the shelves. help???
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