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How To Study When You Really Don’t Want To
Active Revision Techniques
How To Do Uni Readings
How to Revise BIG Subjects
Common Study Mistakes
Do you have trouble staying focused?
Do you sometimes realise that your mind is wandering only 10 or 15 minutes after sitting down to work?
Do you often read the same page repeatedly without remembering any of it?
Try these strategies to monitor and improve your concentration.
Strategy #1: Take breaks
Humans aren't actually that great at working for really long periods of time and our brain needs rest. So it is really important to remember to take breaks.
When you begin to feel your mind wander and get tired, take a short break. If you know that your concentration span is short, try using the Pomodoro technique!  
The Pomodoro Technique:
Decide on the task to be done
Set a timer for 25 minutes
Work on the task until the timer ends
Take a short 5 minute break
Repeat 4 times and then take a longer 15-30 minute break
Ideas for Breaks:
Do some stretches
Get a snack or a drink
Go for a walk and get some fresh air
Watch an episode of your favourite show or a youtube video
Tidy your desk/room
Strategy #2: Plan your work to maximise concentration
If you have a long stretch of time to study, alternate studying for different courses. For example: if you have three hours to study, spend one hour on each of three different subjects. this way your mind gets variety!
If possible, alternate your study methods. For example: spend one hour reading, the next hour doing math problems and the final hour writing out some notes.
Do your most difficult tasks during *your* best time of day. Your body has natural highs and lows of energy concentration and motivation levels. Figure what these times are for you. Save shopping, housework or fitness activities for times when you're normally tired.
Strategy #3: Use study methods that enhance concentration
Absorbing large amounts of information for long stretches of time can be difficult. Try some of these effective study strategies to help maintain your concentration: 
Verbalise the information instead of reading silently to increase sensory input to the brain: read, write, recite
Teach the material to someone else. This helps you learn it  as well as helping you find weaker areas of understanding
When reading, use techniques such as SQ4R to help you keep focused and improve your retention of information
Make sure to use active revision techniques that will keep you engaged, such as practice questions and flashcards 
Strategy #4: Understand the Health-Concentration Connection
Your physical well-being can affect your concentration.  There can be lots of lifestyle things that are an unsuspected cause of concentration difficulties, such as:
Irregular sleep
(Lack of) Exercise
Eating patterns
Find a regimen that works for you and stick to it to help maintain your brain at its physiological peak.
Knowing how medications might affect your concentration is also important and needs to be taken into consideration when planning work.
Many mental health issues can also affect your concentration and most schools and universities offer various services to support you with this. It is important to make sure that you seek help when you need it.
Strategy #5: Deal with Physical Comfort
Writing Comfort: Your chair should be comfortable with good back support, but not so comfortable that it encourages napping. To help with posture, try raising your laptop/desktop so it is directly in your eye line. Try a keyboard tray to place your keyboard low enough that you don't need to raise your forearms to reach it (this helps avoid carpal tunnel syndrome).
Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to minimise eye strain and fatigue. Make sure you have good ambient lighting (general room lighting, like the ceiling light) because it is particularly hard on your eyes if you work in a dark room with only a desk light or the computer on. Try using a good desk lamp for reading or writing.
Temperature: The temperature should be warm enough that your hands and feet don't get cold, but not so warm that the room gets stuffy and you get sleepy. Layers can be good to control your body temperature as they are easy to get on and off, and will help regulate if you have unreliable heating. 
Strategy #6: Deal with distracting thoughts
There are lots of different ways that you can deal with distracting thoughts - find one that works for you. Here are two possible techniques:
Before: Mind Dump
Before a study session, set a timer for 5 minutes, take a pen and paper, and then write every thought that comes into your head - don't worry about it making sense or being neat. With an empty brain, you can focus on new things, instead of constantly dwelling on past things taking up valuable bandwidth
During: Designate a later time
Reduce the amount of time your mind spends wandering by designating a time to think about a problem. When you notice that you're not concentrating, say to yourself, "I'll think about that at 4 o'clock." Then, at 4 o'clock or whatever time you choose, sit down and think through whatever is bothering you.
Strategy #7: Refocus with the checkmark technique
Keep a piece of paper beside you as you're studying. Whenever you notice that your mind has wandered, put a checkmark on the paper and get back to work.
Making the checkmark is a simple way to help you refocus on your task because the mere act of doing this reminds you to get back to work.
Reviewing the checkmarks can help you determine the time of day when you concentrate the best and show you whether your concentration is improving.
Students report that when they first try this system, they accumulated as many as twenty checkmarks per textbook page. After a couple of weeks, they were down to one or two checkmarks per page. It's therefore a great way to train your brain and see a difference.
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dewdrop-writes · a month ago
A new beginning
Tumblr media
So here's FINALLY the next part of Teyvat's Wielder!! Diluc hours BAYEBEEEE!!! Also I will probably be working faster on this since I have next week off (but no promises cus motivation is a bitch)
Length: 1.8 k
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Tumblr media
Gloved hands lit a candle with ease, setting it down upon the lone table in the center of the cramped space. It cast a dim glow within the room - barely lighting it enough for the two figures to see each other within the darkness.
With a smooth motion of the hand, the well-dressed gentleman motioned for the alchemist to take a seat, before sitting down himself.
For a moment, the two sat in silence. Diluc crossed his arms and raised a brow.
“What brings the chief alchemist of Mondstadt to this corner of the city?” he asked, his voice casual, but gaze piercing as he studied every detail of the man before him.
Albedo’s lips formed a tight line, as his brows furrowed ever so slightly - a rare display of emotion from the usually stoic alchemist. Diluc leaned forward ever so slightly - intrigued.
“I require...assistance."
Diluc brows raised quizzically.
"Oh? And why come to me - instead of, say, the knights of Favonius?" he pressed, voice dripping with disdain at the mention of the knights - a bitter taste still on his tongue, tainted by his time spent there.
Albedo's eyes bore into his with a cold determination.
"I believe we both have our issues with the knights, at present."
Diluc's lips formed a bitter smirk as he leaned back in his seat.
"And what has caused the shining star of the knights to this revelation? Surely, they pay and treat you well, no?"
"This is about a matter more ecclesiastical than any amount of mora - or reputation."
This caught Diluc's attention.
Albedo was quick to notice the shift in the young gentleman's attitude. His shoulders tensed, eyes narrowing slightly as he straightened his posture.
"Oh?" his voice was strained somewhat, even despite his efforts to coat it with an air of nonchalant disinterest. Still, Albedo knew he had the man hooked now. All he had to do was to play his cards right - see if he had made the right call for your wellbeing.
"Have you felt the presence of the Creator, recently?" he was direct with his pointed question, knowing just how to catch the man off guard. Diluc's dedication to his god was no secret - he had funded many monuments built in your name, and occasionally, when he'd thought himself alone, he'd been spotted praying before statues of you - clouded by the dark night.
Diluc hesitated in answering, his face showing a flicker of doubt. A flicker of fear.
"I assume that you have not?"
"Why do you ask?" his voice was defensive, his fingers flexing slightly in an attempt to soothe the storm of emotions swirling within him.
"We'll get to that in a moment," he spoke, his voice lowering even despite the very slim chance of them being heard by the patrons of the tavern.
"Do you recall the..." he paused for a moment, attempting to figure out the right way to phrase his words, "imposter situation?"
Diluc's brows furrowed.
"I suppose."
"Did you ever see them?"
His form tensed even more, a feeling of dread building up in his chest.
"No. The knights were quick to whisk them away from what I heard. And they apparently escaped soon after."
Good. That meant Diluc had not attacked the Creator, at the very least.
"Why are you coming to me with all these questions, Albedo?"
His gaze met Diluc's once more in a stern stand-off.
"Because the Creator has arrived in Teyvat."
The silence was suffocating - air thick enough with tension that it could almost be touched. The small room was heating up, the vision upon the young Ragnvindr's belt beginning to emit a faint glow.
"They...are?" he managed to ask, attempting to keep his cool, yet the excitement within his chest - the anxious eagerness to meet the only one who could soothe him, even if for short periods of time - was overwhelming.
"Yes. And they've been declared an imposter by the nations of Teyvat."
"A wanted criminal - sentenced to death by our very nation."
Diluc wanted nothing more than to storm into the knights' headquarters and allow them to taste his blazing blade - to set on fire all who had dared to wrong the creator - but he simply gripped the edge of the table and bore his gaze into Albedo's.
"They need a place to hide. To recover. Until we come up with a plan of action. Can you be trusted with keeping them safe?"
He inhaled sharply through his teeth, a hiss whistling through them in doing so.
"Of course. I would protect them with my life."
Albedo stood up quietly.
"We leave as soon as you close up the tavern."
The first rays of the morning sun peeked into the mouth of the cave you resided in - managing to pierce through the veil of clouds and snow. You shifted on your temporary place of rest, pulling the little blanket tighter against your body as you felt the cool air slowly beginning to drag you out from under the comforting embrace of sleep.
With a tired sigh, you allowed your eyes to flutter open, taking in your surroundings. For a moment, you felt a spike of fear at the unfamiliarity - before remembering the previous day. Your gaze danced around the cave - still no Albedo. Slowly and gently - as to not wake the girl huddled up next to you, you brought up your hand to your face, relaxing your fingers and revealing the geo vision sat upon your palm.
Would he be back soon? And would he really help you?
Only time would tell, you supposed.
Carefully, you slid out from under the blanket, tucking Klee back in before trudging over to the mouth of the cave. For a moment, you shuddered as your bare feet made contact with the cold floor of the cave - but as though sensing your discomfort, it quickly heated up.
At least the world wasn't against you, even if many people were.
You peeked out into the snow, watching flakes float down gently, beautiful unique crystals shimmering in the sunlight before merging in with the carpet of thick, fluffy snow already coating the ground. A few plants peeked out from underneath the sea of white, coated in a thin layer of frost, giving them a beautiful shimmer.
You sighed, feeling almost content for a moment.
That was, until you noticed a figure approaching. There was no doubt in your mind about who it was - the dark clothing and hair ablaze in the colors of a crimson flame contrasted with the blinding white of the snow - making him stand out immediately. You were quick to retreat into the cave, feeling a rising panic within you at the thought of the Darknight hero - undeniably a force to be reckoned with - nearing your location.
You grabbed your footwear, sliding it on as you quietly backed away from the entrance, the instinct of fear instilled within you. Would you be able to make it past him, if need be? You hoped so. You were going to try at least, if push came to shove. Meeting your end at the mercy of his blazing claymore was not something you desired.
You heard footsteps approaching the cave - and took in a deep breath.
Only to release it in relief when you saw the familiar form of the alchemist enter first - followed by a surprisingly hesitant Diluc.
All words escaped the red haired man as his eyes laid upon you - despite your cowering form, back pressed against the wall of the cave - he recognized your presence immediately. The comforting warmth you radiated was nothing like that of the searing flames of his vision - no. It was a soft, kind warmth. A warmth he seldom felt since the day his childhood ended.
He lowered himself to one knee in respect, his crimson eyes burning into your form like hungry flames - lapping at your every feature. Every golden line upon your visage.
He was awed.
But that awe was quick to ignite into burning fury towards the knights of Favonius.
How could they not recognize you, when he could? When it was clear as day to someone as jaded as him? Were they blind?
Your eyes flickered to albedo, who stood by quietly, his expression that of deep contemplation.
"Your Grace," Diluc spoke, his voice unusually soft, as though the very flames he commanded had melted away his harsh exterior.
You waved awkwardly, still not quite getting the whole Creator nonsense, but it beat being pulverized by his claymore any day.
"Diluc is here to escort you to safety," Albedo spoke quietly, glancing at the girl still dozing where you'd left her.
"Dragonspine is not often disturbed by unwelcome visitors, but we believe you'd be safer and...more comfortable, at Dawn Winery."
Your brows furrowed.
"You believe? Look - I appreciate it all, but...I was fine where I was staying previously-"
"Your Grace, please," Diluc's crimson eyes pleaded with you as he rose to his feet. "Allow me the honor of housing you until we set justice afoot."
You sighed. Could you trust Diluc? He seemed sincere enough, but still...
"Fine. I'll come with you. For now, at least," you reluctantly agreed. The flicker of joy within the tall man's eyes did not go unnoticed by you, but you said nothing as you carefully approached Albedo to hand over his vision.
"I will be working diligently to help you, your Grace," he spoke softly, bowing his head as he took the glowing item.
"And I will assign my network to get to work as soon as we arrive back at the manor," Diluc said, his voice steady and almost eager.
You nodded slowly.
Faster than you thought possible, you were cloaked in a mundane, dull robe - every identifiable feature covered by the woolen fabric. You were bidding farewell to the bubbly girl, holding her in a gentle hug. Quietly thanking the alchemist, despite the doubt still eating away at you.
And so - you were whisked away by the tall redhead. His protective arm around you as he guided you eagerly, his hand resting on your mid-back gently.
Diluc's mind was racing at the sensation of being near you. Of touching your divine form. He took in the sights of the snow melting away to clear paths for you - marveled at the way life bloomed for you. There was not a single doubt in his mind about your divinity.
Still, he could tell there were doubts in your mind. Regarding him - the alchemist - anything or anyone, it seemed. And he could not fault you for that. Fate had not been kind to you - and he knew all too well how difficult a shattered heart and broken trust could be to mend.
That being said. He was not one to quit easily. And he would make sure your stay with him would be one that you did not regret.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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star-anise · 6 months ago
This might be an odd or heavy question so I'm not exactly expecting a response, but what exactly is disability? I'm aware that typically people who need glasses aren't called disabled, that there are invisible and mental disabilities, that the legal definition is flawed, et cetera, but the exact definition still escapes me.
(the catalyst for me asking is my piling health problems; chronic bronchitis and several kinds of heart problems cause me to be unable to climb more than two flights of stairs without breathing like a fish and yet I still feel guilty for taking the elevator. I'm just trying to get a definite answer so my own mind would stop nagging me about it)
This is exactly my shit because disability activism was so important in shaping me into the person I am. I'm neurodivergent, but also physically disabled; I have congenital birth defects in my hands and feet that fuck me up more than you might expect, I'm mobility impaired, and now live with chronic pain. My life is way better when I don't have to take the stairs, I can only work about four hours a day, but I don't meet my government's definition of "disabled".
Disability has been an intense battleground. For centuries society has had a very narrowly defined view of disability, and treated disabled people in a very particular way. The Disability Rights Movement, meanwhile, has involved disabled people getting together and saying: The way we are viewed and treated sucks! We don't like it! Things need to change!
So one major key to things is the social vs medical model of disability. The medical model views disability as when someone has a serious impairment or illness that prevents them from being normal and healthy, and needs to be medically treated or cured. The social model views disability as the result of society failing to accommodate the full range of variation in human ability, which fails to allow the disabled person full inclusion.
Like, if someone cannot walk and uses a wheelchair, and therefore cannot get into a building, the medical model says we should focus on making them able to walk. The social model says that we should focus on making the building accessible for people with wheelchairs. A major issue here is universal design, the belief that our buildings (and by extension, our institutions and society) shouldn't just be set up for abled people. It should anticipate the presence of disabled people, and plan to include and accommodate us so that we can enjoy an equal level of autonomy and inclusion in society as everyone else.
Disability is really complicated partly because it's really diverse. There are so many different ways of being disabled. Neither of these models is 100% right or 100% wrong. Some people love what makes them different from the norm and don't believe it should ever be taken away or cured; others hate their disabilities and want them to go away yesterday. An operative issue to keep in mind is when the medical and social models are useful.
Under the social model of disability, people who wear eyeglasses are a perfect example of an impairment that's socially accommodated so that it isn't normally debilitating. Society doesn't have huge narratives about how it's tragic or pitiable when someone wears glasses; it's not generally seen as heartbreaking for parents to take their child to the optometrist. Glasses are more-or-less affordable to the everyday person. It is, in fact, solid evidence that we can and do treat some kinds of physical differences as routine and unremarkable.
So at the base of it, here's the reality about the definition of disability:
Abled society has historically had a lot invested in keeping "disability" as a very narrowly defined category. Only the most truly deserving get the special resources that make up for the fact that they're excluded from employment and public life. There's only one elevator, so you'd better make sure that you really need it before you use up that scarce resource.
Disability activism, meanwhile, benefits from making the definition of disability as broad as possible, to argue that we aren't rare exceptions, we're 1/5 of the population and shouldn't be excluded to begin with. Literally anyone could be hit by a bus tomorrow and become disabled. Excluding us and denying us our civil rights isn't acceptable. If too many people are using the elevator, maybe the building shouldn't rely so much on taking the stairs.
This ties into what the disability community calls "the curb-cut effect". When a space is made more accessible for people in wheelchairs (by putting in curb cuts, for example), a whole lot of other people benefit: Parents with strollers, delivery people with hand trucks, travellers with luggage, and ordinary pedestrians who just found them easier to walk across. The design feature made life for everyone so much better that it became adopted everywhere, and demanded as a standard piece of urban architecture. Wheelchair users benefited because everybody wanted the kind of space they could travel in.
When you use a resource or accommodation intended for disabled people, you reinforce the idea that disabled people are common and should be routinely included. Although this sometimes puts stress on a system when multiple people are using the resource at once, the solution should be to increase that resource's availability, not to decide who needs it less and kick them out.
(This topic reminds me that hey, I'm disabled and don't make a lot of money because of it. This week I'm trying to find an apartment that doesn't require taking the stairs, but those are literally twice as expensive in my city. So if you want to support me for the work I do, here are my Patreon and Paypal!)
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ace-of-gay · 8 days ago
Not jealous, just confused
Stucky x little (gn) reader
1,496 words
(They/them) used as collective for all instead of single gender defining pronouns
Warnings: dd/l(gn) / cgl content, names like daddy, little one, baby etc. Mention of paci,stuffys, and naps etc.
18+ please, it may not have anything bad but i still need to mention. Thank you
Edited to the best of my ability
Contains peter as a little and stark as his cg, peter is older than 18 in this, it is not starker, just platonic cgl between them.
Tumblr media
Your daddies and You were at the tower for a couple of days while uncle tony was out of town for who knows what, Peter couldn't go with him this time so Steve offered for himself and Bucky to watch him, they believed it'd be nice to have you around another little.
The only issue was that peters little age had him older than you and had different interests because of it.
Just a couple of hours Bucky had put you down for a nap before he had to leave for therapy, its the easiest way to fit two schedules together, keeping you occupied while he’s out and so you don’t have a breakdown because one of your daddies was leaving, if a day played out how it is today, when you wake up before Bucky returns you usually go and cuddle with Stevie.
You roll yourself out of bed grabbing your stuffy and paci on your way out of your room, your tummy reminding you that you only had a small lunch before your nap, the glide of your socks on the hard wood floor bringing a little spark of excitement but you know you need to be careful so you instead take small calculated steps trying not to be loud and rambunctious.
You near the threshold between the hall and the living room, a pang or elation rolling through you, you absolutely love your post-nap cuddles, but when you see your daddy holding a sleepy Peter, slowly swaying from side to side with a peaceful smile amongst his face, his eyes closed as he hums out a melody, "daddy?" You rock from heel to toe waiting for acknowledgement but none comes, not wanting to annoy him by repeating yourself, you seat you and your stuffy on the ground leaning against the wall patiently waiting.
You know the feel of needing someone there to put you to sleep so you don’t push but when he seats himself long ways on the couch, laying down with a now sleeping boy on his chest, your little mind starts going a million miles an hour, daddy is ignoring you, screaming in your mind as your eyes flood with the lingering confusion, why would he ignore you, he always just sets you down when nap time, its not fair.
Completely disregarding the fact you had your stuffy with you, you stand up quietly shuffling back to the room to play with your puzzle you had brought, you didn't even realize you had left (s/n) in the hall.
You put on your headphones and turn on your most frequently played list of songs to fill the silence. Dumping the pieces on your blankie so they don’t make too much sound, you really didn't want to upset Stevie? You start organizing the 350 piece puzzle, alone but in the zone.
Bucky got back not too long after you started your puzzle, waking Steve up when the elevator pinged, a gentle grin shared between the two of them, "where’s our little firecracker?" He whispers so not to wake the little boy in Steve’s arms, "still sleeping, 's probably all tuckered out from playing with little Petie all morning", the boy stirs for a moment but finding his way back into the depths of his nap letting both men release their held breaths, Steve runs a soothing hand up and down peters back, honestly just an instinct he has from always cuddling with His baby all the time.
Bucky looks down the hall when he hears a small rustle of movement but nothing more, a blur in his peripheral vision catching his attention he goes to pick it up, now he’s sure you’re not asleep, and you’re probably upset cause you don’t nap this long ever and you definitely don’t leave your stuffy in a different room without something happening, especially the stuffy he is more than 100% sure he tucked you in with.
He makes his way down the hall to the room you’re occupying, a slight fear in his mind that you won't be there but when he sees you on your knees humming along to the music in your headphones while putting the finishing pieces into the picture, a small sniffle bringing him from his adoration, he steps forward with enough power in his movement for you to feel the vibrations in the floor.
You place the last piece and turn around, a flash of heat flicks through your body, you didn't ask to ply with your puzzle or play with music, what if you get in trouble? Taking your headphones off, folding them and setting them to the side you give you attention to bucky who sets (s/n) on the bed before perching himself on the edge, another small absent-minded sniffle tells him something is wrong, " your puzzle looks very good sweetheart" you smile up at him pushing past the frog in your throat, "thank you daddy" comes out as almost a whimper, you stand up, slotting yourself into his open arms and let him pull you into his lap, "oh, my sweet, sweet little baby, didn't get their cuddles after nap time did they?" You shake your head, No, against his shoulder, letting his hold soothe you the way you needed, "why didn't you tell Stevie you were awake, pumpkin? "
"I twied, he 'gnored me, din' wisten, so i sit and waited long time and he just cuddle wif Peter".
"Awe, I’m sorry sweetheart, he was probably out of it, he had been really stressed before we came over, he was worried he’d do something wrong with Petie"
You nod in understanding, relishing in the safety of your daddies arms and chest encapsulating you, "I’m very proud of you for not getting loud at him"
"Fank chu, din wanna wake Petie or upset daddy".
He hums in response, handing you your stuffy and taking you to the living room where peter was up and running around again as if he hadn't been asleep just a few minutes ago.
"There’s my baby, you slept a long time today dove, you feeling okay?"
You bury your face deeper into Bucky’s chest as he swayed side to side with you, "someone wasn't asleep when I got in there, they were playing with their puzzle and listening to music, you ignored them when they came out earlier to tell you they woke up, but instead of fussing they went and stayed quiet and was being good"
Steve placed his hand on your back, "oh baby I’m so sorry, I had no idea, I know that must have been really upsetting, can daddy still give you post-nap cuddles?"
You look up to Bucky to help you decide.
"Its up to you baby, whatever makes you feel better", you nod, taking a moment to think but inevitably turning around reaching for Steve, as he takes you into his arms a loud crash of Peter's block tower being smashed to the ground, he cheers and enunciates to his destruction “BAM!!", you flinch into your daddy’s chest, "hey peter, buddy lets play with something a little quieter for the time being " getting a grumble in response.
Steve takes you back to the room and lays down with you how he was with Peter just earlier, "we can cuddle, take another nap or even watch a movie, which would you like bubs?"
"Nap but you stay" its barely a whisper but perfect for him, he pulls the blanket back over you and places a kiss to your forehead, "i love you so much, we'll have snacks later after the nap, okay ? You nod, easily dozing off in his arms, him not to far behind.
About an hour later you wake up but much more content than earlier, looking up at Steve who is smiling down at you, you stretch forward, still tucked up in his arms, you bonk the button of your paci against his lips, mimicking a kiss, he chuckles, the vibrations rattling your own causing you to giggle, giving him another paci kiss and the same thing playing out.
You squeal in joy, "well hello to you too, sweet thing" your tummy grumbles in response, "right, snack time"
And so snack time commences, making sure both yours and peters tummy’s are full before letting you both run off to play.
Uncle tony returns the day after bringing a small gift for Petie and one for you as well, you hand it to Bucky, getting help opening it, and he hands it back to you, a bright yellow paci with a light gray button and the word 'sunshine on the handle of it in beads.
You give him a thank you hug. Staying for dinner and until you got sleepy.
That night tucked between both daddies you fall asleep the easiest you’ve ever done so, the feeling of being home and safe putting the best dreams in your sweet little mind.
Im sorry for this one not being very good, im tired but really wanted to write, so this is the end product
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violettelueur · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
| featuring : itadori yuji + fushiguro megumi + gojo satoru + ryomen sakuna from jujutsu kaisen
| warnings : grammar errors and a lot of my side comments
| form : headcanons
| published : 27 november
| request : Hello! How are you? Hope you’re taking care of yourself :3 can I request headcanons for Itadori, Megumi, Gojo, and Sukuna making their s/o really mad for x reason and what they would do to make it up to them/apologize? Thank you have a great day/night!
| barista’s notes : hiya! this one was kind of hard for me to do since it was hard to come up with reason on why you were mad at them (some of them are really stupid in my opinion...ʕ ゚ ● ゚ʔ) but this update is going to be the last one for the night since it is 12am aka midnight and i’m going back to school after being in isolation for 14 days!\ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/thank you so much for requesting for a cup of classic black coffee (jujutsu kaisen request!) and please come again soon!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Itadori will be the most clueless boy ever and doesn’t even know that you are mad at him in the first place.
It might take a few days or a few hours at best for him to realise that you were mad at him - probably Fushiguro will tell him that you are pissed at the boy.
Once he FINALLY finds out that you are angry at him, he would try to think back on what he could have done to make you angry at him - and boy, does he think long and hard because once again to remind you: he is clueless.
Did he do something stupid again? Did he accidentally eat your food again? Did he forget something? DID HE FORGET AN IMPORTANT DATE? 
Yes, when he tries to recall what he did that made you annoyed at him, he does tend to overthink it.
You know what you were mad at him for? He had indeed eaten something of yours by accident. The reason why you were mad at him was because he ate the last of your ramen that you were saving after the mission that you were set was finished.
Now since Itadori thought he was completely screwed, he would full-on plan a whole game/movie night with you. 
Sukuna would lowkey mock the dude as Itadori was preparing his room causing our poor boy to worry even more since Sukuna was making him feel more nervous.
This preparation of his will include the game consoles set up, piles on DVDs on the table for you to choose for the both of you to watch and your favourite ramen that he brought from the closest store - that he also still doesn’t know he ate accidentally ate - cooked and set on the table for you guys to munch on.
Once everything is prepared, he would slap Sukuna’s mouth if he is still talking and would make his way to your room.
Now, this can go two different ways:
1. You are too stubborn to give in and refuse to leave the room that he would beg you and lowkey will physically drag you out of your room.
2. You would sigh and agree to follow him to see if he realises what was the issue and see what was going on because there was a lot of ruckus in his room from what you heard.
Once you see his room, you are generously surprised at what he had prepared since you didn’t think he would put this much effort to apologise to you - you generally just wanted a verbal ‘sorry’ but this was too cute to not forgive him.
Once both of you settle down and get into what YOU had chosen to do, he would apologize in a nervous tone since he STILL doesn’t know why you were mad at him.
“Yeah babe, I’m really sorry for what I did, well...I still don’t know what I did but I kinda notice you were mad at me and I didn’t know what to think since I thought I forgot a date that he planned or-”
This boy will ramble and ramble until you stop him by kissing him since you didn’t realise that he was overthinking it.
“Baby, don’t overthink it, I was mad because you ate the last ramen packet that I was saving but this whole thing really was a lot then what I expected, but thank you so much for preparing this whole thing! I love you!”
“Am I forgiven then?” - this boy I-
“Yes yes yes you are, I forgive you Yuji”
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Megumi. Now how do I say this? This pretty boy will be between not realising that you are mad and realising instantly that he had angered you.
When he doesn’t realise that you are mad at him, he would notice the small behaviour changes that you express from a slight frown on your face or now you would give him short answers.
Short answers being: “yeah”, “alright”, “okay”, “nah” ect, with the longest answers being “that’s fine/cool” or “I’m not feeling it”
But! That was only towards him, with the other guys you would give more detailed answers to them, making him surprised since he probably asked the same thing.
Once he realised that you were annoyed, (like Itadori) he would try to wonder what he had done wrong and (unlike Itadori) he would most likely figure out what he had done wrong this time.
The reason why you were mad at him? You were angry at the pretty boy because he was hiding his feelings again.
Even though you knew that Fushiguro wasn’t one to express his emotions freely like the others, you both promised each other that you would go to each other when either one of you was having issues or problems that were bothering you.
And since you knew that Fushiguro held in his emotions, you allowed him time to come to you when he needed - but this time, you knew there was something that was bothering him extremely to the point where he was getting distracted during missions
Distracted to the point where he was nearly hit if you didn’t come to protect him and allow him to snap out of his daze.
Now that the reason was identified, Fushiguro would quickly try to figure out how to now apologise to you. 
Since Fushiguro is a good listener, he would most likely buy a small bouquet of your favourite flowers since he remembered you mentioning that random fact from a conversation that you both had around when you and Fushiguro first met, trying to get to know each other.
He doesn’t apologise in front of anyone because this little issue was about you and him and not everyone else.
So when he found you somewhere in the hallways, he would lightly place a hand on your shoulder before shoving the flowers in front of your face - since he didn’t want you to see his flushed face.
Of course, you are really surprised since who wouldn’t be when a bunch of your favourite flowers just randomly appear in your face.
Once you take the flowers from his grasp, he would probably have a hand scratching the back of his neck - why was he nervous now when seconds before he was just fine?
“I’m really sorry…….for not telling you what was going on, I just didn’t want to bother you with my issue and all that,” - this would be said in a low mumble that you nearly couldn’t catch what he said.
“Mimi, telling me what is bothering you isn’t a bother, I want you to be okay, just please when you’re comfortable to come to talk to me, if you need a shoulder to lean on, I’m right here,”
There are times when Fushiguro forgets that you don’t mind him ranting off when he needs to and that you are a shoulder that he can lean on - he just used to keeping everything in until he met you.
“Also, you remember my favourite flowers, thank you so much, Mimi, you are forgiven, I love you,”
Just seeing you smile at him again after so long is enough for him to smile as well, knowing that you have forgiven him.
Tumblr media
Mr Gojo ‘steal your girl’ Satoru. 
Now this man will make you mad on a daily but not to the point where you are now.
And Gojo will notice INSTANTLY that you are mad at him because he is so used to making you mad due to his constant teasing.
But this time you weren’t mad at him because he took his teasing over the line. No, no, no, you were mad at him because he was late for your date.
Even though Gojo is known to be very handsome and the ‘perfect’ person to everyone on the outside of the shaman world, his lateness was one of his worst traits about him.
Sometimes you ask yourself if he does this on purpose - but in the back of your mind, you know that he attracts many curses and that he had to fight them - but this time, you knew that he was late because he was just late.
So while you’re waiting for him with a slight scowl on your face, you would constantly check your phone to see if he texts you or just to check the time.
Of course, he would send the usual ‘I’m going to be late’ with a cute emoji at the end - like that was going to make your anger lessen at all.
But when he does text you that he had arrived at the date location, you were ready to explode at him for making you wait - for like how many dates now?
However, once he arrives with his fashionably late safe, he would come prepares - Haha try to get mad at him now~
In his hands, there would probably be a white bag containing the souvenir that he had been wanting to give you after his mission but didn’t have the time to, or a white box containing your favourite cake from your favourite cake shop/cafe/bakery.
Damn it, this guy knows that food always solves every issue~
“Sorry for being late to our date honey~ I wanted to get you your favourite cake that I forgot that there was going to be a long line at this time, hope you can forgive me~”
Damn it, now you can’t stay angry at this man.
The fact that he dressed up so nice, got you your favourite cake and let you see his beautiful eyes made you realise that you can no longer be mad at him.
Like the boy put in the effort today…
Taking the cake from his hands, you would probably blush and say “thank you...but I’m still mad at you”
If you say this, be prepared for this man to cup your cheeks and continuously kiss you, trying to affectionately make you forgive him. 
Okay okay okay, now he’s just trying to be very very cute.
“Am I forgiven now honey~ I’m sorry that I made you wait, please don’t be mad at me”
“Okay, okay! I forgive you!”
Expect that cheeky smile that he would give you after you forgive him - I mean like, you have to now.
Tumblr media
Apologise? Would he? Does he even know what ‘sorry’ means? Do you think he would?
If he really cares about you, he would probably push away his pride and there would be a 50/50 chance that he would apologise, so don’t expect it much.
But if you were really mad at him and ignore him for most of the day, he would probably get very very annoyed.
Why weren’t you paying him any attention? Why weren’t you looking at him? Why weren’t you asking for him to shift with Yuji and let him have you all to himself? Why?
The reason? You were mad at him because he exorcised a curse that you knew you had the capability to do yourself.
Does he think you're weak? You were just angry at the thought of Sukuna thinking you were frail since you were an independent woman and he had no right to do your goddamn job.
Once he gets to his boiling point, he would demand Itadoru to switch with him and if his vessel would ignore him for your sake, he would continuously shout at the boy even when he is trying to sleep - poor Itadori……
Once it gets too much for the boy, Itadori would run to you and just randomly grab your shoulders to stop you from what you were doing and quickly explain what was going on.
“Okay, I’m going to switch with Sukuna and you are going to talk to him. He’s been annoying me ever since you stopped talking to him, please shut him up!”
Then before you would even get a single syllable out of your mouth, he would just switch quickly to let the both of you deal with your situation.
“Okay woman, talk to me! What have I done?”
You would probably just stare at with an annoyed look and tut at him before turning your head away like he doesn’t exist.
However, he doesn’t take this action of yours lightly and would probably grab your chin - gently since you are mad at him - and would just start leaving biting your neck.
“Sukuna! Stop it, the marks are going to show!”
“Not until you tell me what I have done wrong woman”
“Sukuna! OKAY! You think I’m weak and I hate the fact that you think I am, I can exorcise curses myself you know!”
Ha? You were mad at him for protecting you? Sukuna thought that it was ridiculous that you were mad at him for that reason - but will just go with the flow because even though you were just a powerful sorcerer to him, you being angry was a slight fear of his (Sukuna fears Oh my….)
“Idiot, I was protecting you”
“I can protect myself dickhead”
“Ha? I apologise, then, there done, do you forgive me?”
Sukuna….what type of apology was that?
If you say no, he would just continue to bite on your neck to make you forgive him since he really wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.
“Sukuna! Stop it!”
“Not until you forgive me little one,”
Ah, that nickname always gets to you, doesn’t it? - Girl, I don’t blame you….
“FINE FINE FINE! I forgive you, just stop biting my neck”
Looking up at you and looking you at dead in the eyes, he would literally say, “I don’t think so, I was actually having some fun marking your neck, let me continue little one”
I-.....go ahead…….
Tumblr media
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lavynrose · 4 months ago
nxx boys when fem!reader almost dies during childbirth? i’m in the mood for angst with a happy ending
ToT men when their S/O almost dies during childbirth pt. 1
headcanons + scenarios
character/s: Artem Wing, Luke Pearce
pronouns: she/her
warning/s: mentions of death, blood, pregnancy, childbirth, angst
notes: i did a lot of research as idk much abt childbirth beforehand, but i really enjoyed writing this. it took every ounce of my willpower not to give this a tragic turn SGSJHSJS i reminded myself over and over "anon wants a happy ending, anon wants a happy ending" so here u go
You can find Marius and Vyn's parts here. comments and rbs are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
No matter how busy work had been at the firm, Artem never once made you feel neglected during the whole course of your pregnancy
He would check on you after every hour whenever he's at work, asking you what you're feeling, or if there were sudden signs that signal your labor
At this point he might as well not be bothering with paperworks with how his thoughts always fly to you and your well-being
Especially now that you're nearing your due date
He was so worried that he issued you a maternity leave even if you're being stubborn about it, he can't risk any danger when it comes you and the child
A week before your child is due, he also took a leave to keep an eye on his soon-to-be family. He doesn't want you to do anything on your own, always doting on you every step of the way
He's been making sure that everything would go smoothly. So, what could go wrong?
Tumblr media
Artem gently placed the side of his head on your belly, feeling the little guy's kicks that's currently causing the ache on your abdomen as the rays of sunlight coming through the window kissed his blithe features. The soft breeze of the wind hits your face with a lighthearted caress, in contrast to the painful contractions that had gradually showed itself since last week.
"Are you feeling a little better?" He gazed at your eyes, searching for any signs of discomfort.
You flashed a languid smile, "It throbs harder everyday, but I can manage," You rubbed your hand on your belly, the other smoothing Artem's hair, "He keeps getter bigger," You chuckled, "We'll meet him soon."
Artem lifted his head up and beamed beside you on the bed, "Yes, soon. I'm excited as you are, love," He placed his hand on the back of your head to pull you closer, "I can't wait to raise this family with you. I promise to be the best husband and dad you two could ever ask for." He murmured on your hair, as he took a breath to take in your scent, "I wonder who he'll look like?"
You were about to coo at him when you felt something burst on your nether regions, "Artem!" you felt a gush of water and a trickle of blood down your legs, wetting the sheets beneath you, "The sac has ruptured," You panted rapidly, the sharp ache on your back intensifying, "Ah!" you yelped, the contractions keep tightening on your stomach.
Realization hit you when your eyes saw red staining the bed, "Artem, Why is there blood? Isn't this supposed to be just water?" You panicked as you clung to Artem. Your eyes widened as disheartening thoughts fill your head, What will happen to the baby?
With precise movements to not hurt you any further, Artem lifted you up, his arms on your shoulder and at the back of your knee, "It's going to be alright, Y/N. Let's get you to the hospital." He reassured you even when you can see panic dancing full-circle in his cerulean eyes. He's terrified.
The trip to the hospital in Artem's car was full of comforting whispers and words of reassurance, he didn't know if it was effective, because he was too focused on keeping his calm and to remain logical. He then called the hospital's number so they can immediately attend to you once you arrived.
As soon as Artem stepped foot inside the hospital he quickly alerted the nurses about your situation, they hurriedly complied and immediately set you up on the delivery room.
While all of these are taking place, you can't shake up the thought that's wallowing in your head, Is my son okay? You can't even ask these words out loud, the contractions in your uterus is too excruciating to bear, eliciting a wail from you every minute or so. Artem squeezing your hands for comfort the whole time.
After some moments, the doctor was finished assessing your situation. With gritted teeth, he announced to everyone in the room in full volume, "Cesarean section. Everyone gather up!" Upon hearing this, the nurses became even more alert as they hurriedly went on to get instruments that you barely recognize.
Artem perked up from the doctors words. Cesarean? Then he sked the question that's been eating up both your sanity, "What's wrong?" His brows furrowed, "Will they be alright?"
As he anxiously waits for the doctor's response, the nurses kept murmuring alerted words to each other, implying that what had happened to you isn't normal, stressing Artem out even more.
"Sir, let's take this outside. We're going to perform a surgery, it's preferable for you to be in the lobby."
Artem casted a look towards your worn out body, eyes completely showing panic, yet he complied and went outside.
"Sir," The doctor called firmly, "It appeared as though her placenta had been seperated from her uterus. This is called placental abruption, and may cause shock if left untreated." The doctor calmly replied as the nurses kept moving in a speed Artem didn't know possible.
His blood ran cold.
"Are you..." He trailed off, "Are you saying she'll die?" Artem's words came flying out of his mouth before he could even think. His blue orbs gaping at your pale form in great devastation through the room's window, his voice cracking.
"No- sir. I'm saying that's a possibility."
"She's still bleeding so much..." Running his hands on his hair, he gaped at red pooling under your form in horror. Everything is red. Your once clean clothes are now bathed in your own blood.
"Yes, we will perform transfusions to prevent blood loss and greater complications. Please calm down, sir. I need to go now."
Alright. Calm down. Artem closed his eyelids, and took a deep breath, Your wife and son might die in front of your eyes, but calm down. Trust the professionals. He tried to convince himself, but the red surrounding you not leaving his mind.
"Please. Please save her." He begs with a crack in his voice, eyes distressed as the situation crashed down on him like a ton of bricks, with trembling hands he whispered, "I love them than my own life." He clenched his chest with his hand, he could kneel right now if he has to. "I don't think I can take it if i ever lose one, or both of them."
The doctor turned to open the door, "Will do, sir." Those words did nothing to ease the grief that's piling up in Artem's heart. His wife and his son, the two people he swore to protect, seems so far away.
His angel hasn't even been born yet. Artem felt hopeless as he leaned on the wall, mind racing. You could die and all he can do is watch. And wait. Wait until he hears either the news of the surgery's success or your impending death.
Head in hands, Artem waited. Eyes staring blankly on the floor.
His sense of reality is slipping away by the moment. Yet he knows he needs to remain strong for his family's sake. He's the father, after all.
So he kept waiting. Without letting the dam break, he waited.
What had gone wrong? He kept pulling out his hair, Am I not cautious enough? He let out a huff as he kept tapping his foot in exasperation.
The hours ticked, the hues of the sky began to change, people began coming back and forth, and he still waited.
After for what seemed like eternity, the door opened.
Faster than lightning, Artem stood before the doctor and desperately searched their face for signs if you had lived or not, "How is the operation?" voice raspy from the lump in his troat, Artem swallowed in anticipation.
"Sir," The doctor grinned, and Artem felt hope spark like fireworks in his whole being, "They're both alive and well."
His once sullen eyes soften, and a smile of relief washes over him in waves, "I owe you their life." He was truly thankful. You and his child are alive. He can be at peace now.
"No need sir, it's part of my job," The doctor then gestured inside, "you can come in now. I'm sure you're the one they need the most."
They. Artem's eyes lit up at the word.
Artem peeked at the door, his eyes meeting your exhausted ones, an IV line attached to you, giving you life, "Look, Artem..." you were holding the baby to your chest, even amidst your tired disposition, you smiled with fondness at the newborn.
Seeing this sight made Artem's heart swell beautifully, "Love of my life," he made his way to your side and gently kissed your forehead, you felt his utter relief and sweetness in his warm kiss alone, "I'm so glad the two of you are alive." He smiled as he sat at the chair just beside your bed.
"You should rest," The doctor intercepted, "You can let your husband carry your son in the meantime."
"Of course," You beamed as you handed Artem the little bundle of joy, "Artem, our baby," You grinned so wide your cheeks were going to burst, "I'm just so happy right now, I," You can't control the emotions washing over you when you realized that this is it, a family with Artem, "I love you so much Artem." You gazed at him, eyes beginning to feel droppy, you reached out to his face to rub circles on his cheeks.
"Stay with me forever?" You blurted out in the heat of the moment, but you didn't mind. You truly wanted to stay forever with Artem.
From your words, Artem felt tears pooling his eyes. He's not an emotional person per se, he never was - but from what had happened, he can't help but to cherish this moment.
What did he do to deserve you? "You didn't have to ask. I'll stay with you forever no matter what." As he said those words, your eyelids started to get heavy, a peaceful slumber dawning on you.
"She lost 4 liters of blood." The doctor declared as he adjusted the instruments around you.
Artem's eyes were as wide as saucers.
Now Artem isn't one to curse - but hearing straight from the doctor's mouth how much you suffered, he couldn't stop himself from feeling so helpless.
You struggled alone back there.
In his eyes, you're the bravest person in the world right now. More than pity, more than the sorrow he feels, he admires you.
You had always been admirable.
"I love you... I love you so much my love..." As he watched your unconscious body breath in and out, clearly showing signs of life.
Knowing that he can feel your warmth, that he can feel that you're still here with him when he thought you would slip away, he felt like the luckiest man in the world.
He let the tears he had been holding back for so long spill out to his cheeks as he looked at his little angel, his beloved child, in his arms. His eyes traveled the baby's face, seeing your sacrifices in the delicate features.
"I'm so glad..." He's going to make sure to show all of his love possible to his child, as he kissed his forehead filled with promises of the future.
Tumblr media
He's the happiest guy on earth when he first heard that you were pregnant
This is a VERY important event for him
Naturally he's going to be extra caring of you, well, he has always been a caring person but he's taking it to another level rn
He even began learning to cook more healthy food for you! He'll really do anything for you and the baby
Even if his time is short, he wants to do everything he can for you to make it count
"I'm gonna live my life like everyday's the last" type of shi :(((
He has loved you all his life and always will. even in his remaining days, he would still pour all of that love to you, unchanging
The both of you are trying your best, and he knows he's being overprotective so he didn't think that something so life-threatening would happen to you and his lil watsons
Tumblr media
You woke up in cold sweat as the dim light of the room filled your vision, your body feels like it's burning up. Hands instinctively flying to your forehead, you grimaced at the sudden spike of heat. You have a fever.
While pregnant.
Your mind reeled, it was almost your due date, what are the chances of having a fever almost before labor? Despite your increasing worry, and the throbbing headache that makes you just want to lay in bed, you still have half the mind to take care of yourself.
Even with weakened arms, you managed to push yourself up the bed, groaning at the increasing pounding in your head.
You tilted your head to the side to be met by a dozing Luke. His ginger locks were sprawled on his pillow, soft snores emanating from his parted lips, his shirt hiked up high enough to reveal his muscled stomach as he slept like a log.
You find yourself giggling through the various pains you feel throughout your body. He just looks so adorable.
After a few moments, you helped yourself up off the bed, careful not to make extra movements as not to wake Luke. He had been working on a lot of cases lately, you didn't want to disturb his awaited rest.
Your wandering feet made it's way to the kitchen, the cold floor hitting your heated skin. You walk with wobbly steps, almost stumbling if not for the support of the walls your hands had found it's way to, the baby bump kept giving you contractions, adding to the flames of pain that your head permeated.
You got yourself a glass of water, the liquid felt a little dry on your mouth, you were so thirsty.
Halfway through the drink, you felt a particular sharp pain on your abdomen that shook your entire core, "AHHHHHH!" You lost your grip on the glass, it's broken pieces now scattered across the floor.
"Y/N!" as soon as your scream evaporated in the air, you saw Luke rushing towards you like his life depended on it. Bed hair and all, fast reflexes hauled you into an embrace, his eyes scanned your body for any injuries, hues widening when he felt your heat on his bare arms, "Shit, you have a fever," He tugged at your arm gently, "we should get you checked up."
You followed him in a haze, "I'm worried luke," You cringed, the pain coming in shorter intervals, "I'm not suposed to have a fever. What if this affects the baby? Luke, we could lose them! "
"Shhhh," He cupped your cheeks and placed a chaste kiss on your lips, "Relax, love. I'll make sure you're safe alright? The three of you." With furrowed browns, and a stern expression that contradicted his words, he began carrying you bridal style.
When you got to the hospital Luke was all shouting, amidst the excruciating pain that your whole body is feeling you heard him scream a "Please help us!"
As if on cue, almost every nurse present in the lobby dropped what they were doing and rushed to get a stretcher to guide you to the delivery room.
"I have a fever." You immediately choked out as soon as the doctor arrived in the room. The nurses looked at each other. Realizing your situation, the doctor quickly ordered the nurses to turn on the ultrasound to examine what had gone wrong.
After some minutes, the doctor's brows furrowed before her eyes widened in apprehension, "Set up FHR monitoring, now!" Her voice echoed loudly throughout the four corners of the room, making everyone move at a speed you could only pinpoint as alarmed, "This is a fetal distress case, everyone be alert! " Some of the nurses' heads turned to the monitor, upon seeing what's happening inside you, they let out a troubled gasp.
Luke was bewildered, the nurses were all shuffling in frenzy, screams spilling out of their mouths as they ordered the other what to do.
Luke swallowed the lump in his throat, the atmosphere screamed of danger and seriousness, it was making his heart dishearted with every beat.
"Sir, we need you to go outside. An operation is about to commence." A nurse suddenly said from beside him. "I'll explain the situation outside."
Luke casted a glance on your weakened state, your breathing rapid as you pant, you were clutching on your stomach as you hiss in pain every now and then. "Y/N. You'll be alright." He cupped the side of your face, "You're strong." You smiled at his words, and that's all he needed to see before leaving you to go outside.
"So," Luke crossed his arms, unspoken panic in his eyes, "What happened?"
The nurse looked at him straight in the eyes as she declared, "The monitor showed us what was happening to your children inside, the umbilical cords were wrapped around their necks. This might cause asphyxia, they could be pronounced as stillbirth from suffocation."
His crossed arms began to loosen, falling to his sides limply, "What?" He gaped. They could what?
"Both the mother and child are at dangerous risk." She pressed her lips tightly, "They could lose their lives."
The doctor's words reached his ears with a pang, he suddenly can't speak, it felt like someone had stabbed him in the back.
All he felt at that moment was cold.
He was silent for a few moments, eyes cast down, shadows hovering his face, his eyes began to water but he held everything back in with a sniffle, pressing the bridge of his nose with his fingers.
"Then," He choked out, fighting back a sob, "Can you save them? The three of them?" His lips trembled as a heavy lump formed in his throat, unable to swallow it, he forced his words out of his blocked windpipe, "My most precious people? "
"You can count on us," The nurse gave him an encouraging smile, "We will perform a cesarean section so the babies can be safely let out to breath," She turned to get back to the delivery room, "We ask for your patience, sir. Be strong for your wife."
Still sniffling, he replied with a forced smile, "Of course." He says that, but no one knows how much he wanted to break down right now. The thought of you and your children dying first before him never crossed his mind before.
But now that the situation presented itself before him, he can't help but laugh.
So this is how it feels when you're about to lose a loved one, huh.
Realizing what he just thought, he quickly slapped his cheeks, They won't die. Y/N is strong. Stronger than I give her credit for.
He knows he should have faith, but the unknown just scares him so much. He thinks about your eyes filled with light. Alive. Shining brightly at him when he needs it the most.
But now, as his mind flashed images of your bedridden form, the possibily of life leaving your body filled his senses. You laying there cold, you laying there dead. Along with his beloved children.
He can't take it.
He just sat there as the quiet midnight hours pass by, the eerie and dead silence of the night adding up to his cruel thoughts, as he gritted on his fingernails.
He can hear the panicked shouting of the doctors inside the room, he can't help but to think what you're feeling right now. Is it painful? Can you bear it?
He just wants to carry your burdens, if only he's the one who could experience this, it wouldn't be so bad. As long as you weren't hurting, that's always enough for him. You're the one he had always longed to have a future with, please do not take this away from me.
He silently wished for your well-being the whole time he was waiting. After for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finally came out, her lips turned up in a smile, "Operation success, Sir. You can go inside now."
Luke's expression turned into a 180, from sullen eyes to smile as bright as the sun, with blush coating his cheeks he said enthusiastically, "Thank you so much, doc!"
Like a child, he marched up to you, almost enveloping you in a bone-crushing hug, but he stopped himself when he realized it'll do more harm than good.
As he sat on the chair beside your bed, he can't help but praise you for being so strong, "You did well, my watson." He rubbed sooting circles on your cheeks, making you smile.
"I was scared," you confessed, "I saw how the umbilical cords were wrapped on our babies' necks." You looked at Luke with shaking eyes, "I thought it was all over for me."
"Hey," Luke gave you a peck on the cheeks, "I'm here. I won't leave you alone to deal with all of this." He then moved his warm lips to yours and pressed a firm kiss, "Your burden is my burden. Let's be strong together for our children, Y/N." You smiled as you pecked him on the lips back.
"Here they are! Little cuties!" Two nurses approached the two of you, your bundle of joys in hand.
"This one's the boy," The nurse handed him to Luke, "This one's the girl." You wrapped your arms around your baby in a warm embrace, forgetting all the pain that you fekt earlier when you saw thei faces.
"Whoa!" Luke blushed as he cradled mini Luke in his strong arms, "He's so cuuuute!" Luke gushed with sparkle in his eyes as he started humming a song for the baby, "I know you'll be handsome, but please don't be a heartbreaker one day!" Luke made a stern face on the innocent boy, making you chuckle with delight.
Not for long, the two of you decided to swap the babies you're carrying, the little girl now in Luke's arms.
"Y/N. You resemble her." He beamed at you, "She's so cuuuute!" He gushed again and you let out a snort. Looking at him, your minds drift to the distant future filled with moments like these.
Luke continued cradling the baby with tenderness, "This is the best day of-"
"Luke, I love you so much." You suddenly blurted out, "You're my other half, I don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you for always being here." You gazed at him lovingly, "I love you so much..."
Heat flared his cheeks but he mirrored your expression, "Y/N, I love you too. I will do everything I can to protect you. I'll even risk my life if I had to!"
"Please don't. I want you to be alive and happy." You turned to the baby in your arms, taking in his features.
Luke smiled bitterly as he watched the lighthearted scene before him, alive and happy, huh?
I'm sorry Y/N. You'll be heartbroken. He knows it.
Brushing off the negative thoughts, he went on the cherish this moment right here, right now, without worrying about the future.
I'll love you forever, even after death.
Tumblr media
do not repost © lavynrose 08/28/21
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storiesforallfandoms · 10 months ago
hand delivered ~ corpse husband
word count: 1498
request?: no
description: in which he surprises her with a visit, and she surprises him with something else
pairing: corpse x female!reader
warnings: swearing
masterlist (one, two)
i was inspired by corpse hand delivering sykkuno’s hoodie so i had to write a hella fluffy imagine on it
Tumblr media
“I swear to God Rae!” you exclaimed as Rae giggled at her actions.
The two of you were streaming GTA V together at Rae had taken an amusement to stealing cars and driving them towards you, narrowly avoiding killing you every time. For obvious reasons, this wasn’t exactly keeping you under the radar of the cops. Quite the opposite, actually. You were spending most of your time running from both Rae and the cops.
“We’re never gonna make any money at this rate,” you told her. “We’re gonna spend it all on bail fees.”
“Don’t be so dramatic!” Rae argued. “Just jump in, we’ll go to the next job.”
“I can’t jump in when you’re trying to run me over!”
Rae giggled again as your chat joked about what she was doing to you. You rolled your eyes at everyone, but you couldn’t stop the smile that was on your face.
Before you could jump into the car that Rae had recently stolen, you heard a knock at your door. You paused a moment, confused. You weren’t expecting anyone, and you hadn’t ordered any take out or anything. You decided to ignore it, figuring maybe it was a wrong place or something and if no one answered they’d leave. But the knock came again, this time a bit louder and faster.
“Hey, don’t get us killed, I gotta go AFK for a second,” you told Rae. You heard just a piece of her response as you set your headphone aside and made your way to your front door.
You were looking down when you opened the door, prepared to tell whoever was there that they were at the wrong house, but instead your gaze landed on a pair of familiar hands holding a black and red hoodie, folded in a way that all you could see was the familiar fanart of Corpse Husband.
Against your better judgement, you let your eyes trail up to the face of your visitor, the real life version of the face on the hoodie, smiling down at you. Your eyes widened. It was the first time you had ever seen Corpse’s face, and it felt illegal to be standing here looking at him. You quickly covered your eyes, willing yourself to forget what you had saw.
“(Y/N),” Corpse laughed. “You don’t have to cover your eyes.”
“I saw your face!” you said. “I-I saw your actual face! I have to gouge my eyes out or something!”
You felt his cold hands taking hold of your own, lowering them from your eyes so you could look up at him again. Although you tried to stop yourself, you let your eyes wander over his face, taking in every detail. It occurred to you in that moment that this was the first time you were seeing the face of a man you had been crushing on for the past six months.
“Come in,” you said, realizing that he was still just standing outside. “Come, get comfortable. I’m-I’m streaming, I’ll be right back.”
“You don’t have to end your stream early because of me.”
That voice! It comes from an actual person! A real, living person!
“You really think I’ll be able to return to my stream for another few hours while you’re here?” you questioned. “It’s fine, it’s just GTA with Rae. She’ll probably play with Sykkuno instead when I get off.”
You felt like you were in a daze as you returned to your room. You quickly told Rae you were hopping off stream and you’d explain to her - and to your viewers - why later on. Your chat started asking what was wrong, but you ended the stream before responding.
When you returned to your living room, you saw the back of Corpse’s curly, brown haired head sitting on your couch. Your heart was racing with so many different emotions. You couldn’t believe he was actually here, that the voice you had befriended nearly half a year ago was actually sat in your house.
“Wait a second,” you said, realizing something. “Don’t you live like...five hours away? Corpse, did you drive five hours to come visit me?”
He looked up at you and shrugged. “Yeah, so?”
“So?! Corpse, you have nerve issues! You can’t even sit straight for ten minutes!” You were suddenly starting to feel guilty, although obviously you hadn’t asked Corpse to come visit you.
“I’m fine!” he assured you. “Do I look like I’m in pain? I wanted to come give you your merch, and I figured this would be a nice surprise too!”
You went to sit next to him, your heart beating faster the closer you got to him. You were sure this was just a dream and you’d wake up in bed at any moment. To test your theory, you slowly inched your finger forward to softly poke Corpse’s cheek. He chuckled as you jumped back, shocked by the success of your touch.
“You’re real!” you blurted, causing more laughter.
“I am real. Are you surprised?”
“Just a little,” you admitted.
You both sat in silence, just looking at one another. You weren’t really sure what to say. It was like every possible topic you could bring up, or every joke you could make, was suddenly gone. It was obvious Corpse was feeling the same as he was usually the one who could keep a conversation going.
“Try on your hoodie,” he finally said, passing you the hoodie he was still holding to you. You took it excitedly and slipped it on over your head. The warm material engulfed you immediately. It was definitely a few sizes too big, but that was your favorite part - the bagginess of it.
“It’s perfect,” you told him. “Thank you so much for bringing it to me.”
“I told you I would. I really wanted you to have at least one article of my merch. You were so excited for it when I released it.”
You held the hoodie close to your nose, taking in the scent of Corpse that still lingered on it. There was so much happiness bubbling up inside of you that you felt like you were going to burst at any moment. You really did not think things could get any better.
“Can I hug you?” you asked.
Corpse smiled and opened his arms as a response. You immediately lunged into them, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him tightly. It was the last confirmation you needed that this was all real, that Corpse was really there.
The hug was prolonged and eventually Corpse was pulling you into his lap, squeezing you back as if afraid that you would disappear too. You rested your head against his shoulder, feeling his curly locks brush against your face. You never wanted to let go, and you could tell that Corpse felt the same way.
When you finally pulled away from the hug, you looked down into Corpse’s eyes. His hands were still resting on your hips, and yours were on his shoulders. Before you could stop yourself, you were leaning forward to kiss him. The minute your lips collided, it was like someone had set off fireworks inside your small apartment.
You pulled away almost immediately, realizing what you had done. “I-I’m sorry. That-that wasn’t right of me. I’m sorry.”
There was a small smile on Corpse’s face as his hands came up to cup your face and pulled you to him, attaching his lips to yours again.
Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better.
Forgetting the world around you, you became lost in one another. Your arms were back around Corpse’s neck, holding on to him as if you were afraid he’d disappear if you let go. One of his hands was still on your cheek as the other slipped behind your head, your hair tangling around his fingers. There was so much passion in the kiss that it made your head spin, and when the two of you finally pulled away it felt like your head was spinning.
“You don’t have to apologize,” Corpse told you. “I may have been hoping something like this would happen when I got here.”
“What?” you questioned. “Why did you never tell me how you were feeling?”
“I could ask you the same thing,” Corpse teased. “I was always flirting with you, I had hoped you’d get the message.”
“Corpse, you flirt with everyone!”
The two of you laughed. You couldn’t help but dip your head to kiss him once more. His lips were intoxicating, and you just wanted to kiss them all the time.
“How long were you planning on staying?” you asked.
“I don’t know. I was going to see how well this visit went and go from there.”
You giggled and cuddled into Corpse’s arms. “Well, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. I think I’ll have a hard time letting you go now, though.”
“I think I’ll have a hard time leaving.”
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hyuckshaze · a year ago
zoom shenanigans - l.dh
Tumblr media
✩‌ haechan ‌x‌ ‌fem!reader‌ ‌|‌ boyfriend!haechan | smut | ‌1.6k+ words ✩
SUMMARY‌ ‌⇾‌ you don’t quite know how hyuck convinced you to sit on him while in a class zoom call
WARNINGS‌ ‌⇾‌ exhibitionism, unprotected sex, dom!sub themes, asphyxiation, edging/overstimulation, spitting, slight humiliation, degradation (use of words such as whore, slut etc.), dumbification, slight dacryphylia, salirophilia, dirty talk - basically pure and absolute filth!
AUTHOR’S NOTES ⇾ i couldn’t stop thinking about this throughout the entirety of my online classes today, so i just had to write about it to get it off my chest. i am an absolute slut when it comes to dom!hyuck, so this is just self-indulgence really. enjoy! not proofread so please message if there’s any errors, or anything missing from the warning list! - lex
You don’t quite know how Hyuck convinced you to sit on him while in a class zoom call. 
He’d driven you insane. You’d been sat on his cock since the start of your lesson, for which your teacher, thank God, had decided that cameras did not need to be on. The class only lasted an hour, with you sitting on his lap in his gaming chair because ‘your desk chair just isn’t comfy enough, Y/N’, according to him anyway. You thought your desk chair was perfectly comfy, but he insisted. 60 minutes doesn’t seem all that long in the grand scheme of things, but with a boyfriend as evil as Donghyuck, of course he knew just how to make that hour feel like an eternity, teasing you relentlessly throughout. His lips brushing against your ear as you tried your hardest to complete the set work, whispering unspeakable promises into your ear and sending dark shivers down your spine. Though you couldn’t see his face, you knew the exact expression that was plastered on his face as his wandering hands roamed your body, squeezing and pinching all the spots that he knew would have you squirming in his hold. By far, the most infuriating thing he would do, though, was to snake his hand around your body whenever you had to turn your microphone on, fingers rubbing your clit in circles that had you biting back loud and sensual moans, managing to suppress the noises down to sighs which, as a University student, were not all that uncommon to hear. 
It’s when the time hits 11:50am, exactly 10 minutes before the end of the lesson (you know because you began checking it, what seemed like, every few seconds, sensing his growing impatience), that his self-control evaporates. With a raspy grunt, his hand wraps around your neck and he thrusts up into you, hard, fast and rough. You gasp, face contorting in pleasure at the sudden movements which have you crying out and grasping at the desk in front of you in order to stay upright. You whine as his grip on your neck tightens, pulling you back towards his chest in one, swift movement. A yelp escapes your lips, now blindly grabbing at the armrests on either side of the chair in order to stop your legs from giving out. Not that you’d go anywhere, Hyuck’s rigid grip on you made sure of that. His hot breath against the back of your neck caused goosebumps to form on your exposed skin, a shudder going through your body at the overwhelming amount of pleasure. His hand on your neck pushes your jaw backwards, the back of your head resting on his shoulder as he looks down at your flushed face, tears of pleasure collecting at the corners of your wide and innocent eyes, perfect pink lips parted so beautifully, not to mention the dream-worthy sounds escaping them. How could he have ended up with such a perfect little girl? His hand moves for only a split second from your neck, squeezing your cheeks together in order to open your mouth. He spits harshly into your now open mouth, pressing your cheeks shut again afterwards. You let out a sudden and uncontrollable moan at the sound of him doing such a filthy thing, feeling his spit hit your tongue forcefully. You know what he wants. You close your mouth and swallow, his hand creeping back down towards your neck as you show him your empty mouth.
“That’s my good girl.” He rasps, giving a tight squeeze to your neck once more.
With your eyes squeezed so tightly shut, you almost forget that you’re supposed to be listening to your Biomedical Sciences lecturer drone on about Haematology and Transfusion. Almost.
“Right, now that’s done, everyone turn your cameras on for this last task. We’re going to be going through the homework assignment that I set for you all last week, don’t think you can get away without speaking either! I’m gonna be asking you all questions about the task.” His words barely register in your mind, your head fuzzy and body shaking at the feeling of your boyfriend rearranging your insides so delectably. After a few moments, his words seem to sink in and your eyes shoot open, urgently whispering Hyuck’s name. There was no way you could turn on your camera, you’d have to lie. I dropped my laptop; my WiFi is lagging; my room is a mess. A thousand ways to excuse yourself ran through your mind, albeit at a much slower pace than usual. You could only focus so much through the feeling of Haechan fucking into you so hard and fast. Your desperate whines of his name are interrupted as he hums into your ear, not slowing his hips or showing any sign of stopping. If anything, it becomes even harder to think at his words.
“We both know that’s not what you call me when I’m fucking you, baby.” He growls into your ear, pounding into you with even more force, rendering you barely capable of thinking, let alone talking. Your walls clench tightly around his hard cock, a string of curses escaping your boyfriend’s pink lips as he grunts loudly at the feeling.
“M-my professor s-said-” You start, barely able to string a sentence together.
“I heard what your professor said, baby. Turn on your camera. Show your entire class how much of a filthy little slut you are for me. Show them how this perfect A* student cums all over my dick, huh? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Everyone seeing the perfect little teachers pet coming all over her boyfriends cock during her class? Everyone seeing how fucking dumb you get for my dick?” You bite your lip, holding back a scream. You can’t, however, stop a broken whimper from escaping you.
“Fuck! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please, oh my God!” The hand that isn’t clutching your neck so tightly moves downwards, fingers brushing your clit so delicately.
“Please... Please what, slut?” He spits, tears now leaking down your face, chest shaking as you hold in overwhelmed sobs.
“Please Daddy!” You cry out, mascara beginning to smudge as you clench your eyes shut so tightly. You no longer care about your waiting professor, you no longer care about the entire class, it’s only Haechan. He is all you can feel and think.
“Y/N, we’re waiting on you to turn your camera on...” Your professor presses, but you don’t even hear him. It’s only when your boyfriend stops all of his movement, hand slipping away from your throat, reaching down and reclining his gaming chair into a laying position, that you realise what he wants.
“No, no, no. Please, Hyuckie!” You whine, head spinning at the loss of movement. He’s laying practically flat now, out of view of the camera. You try to move, rolling your hips atop his dick but his fingers dig into your hips hard, almost painfully, as he holds you in place, smirking up at your shaking figure with mirth.
“Go on, baby. Turn on your camera.” He warns, fingers digging even harder into your hips. You send him an exasperated look, to which he gives you the look. You know what that means. ‘Do as I fucking say, or you’ll regret it’. 
Your shaky hands reach over to the laptop, clicking the camera button as you let out an uneven breath. After a few seconds, your face appears on the screen. Your eyes widen. What your boyfriend had failed to inform you, was that your face was flushed and sweaty, mascara smudging your cheeks in obvious tear streaks, a drop of his spit glittering as it sat upon your chin. You wiped your face on your sleeve as soon as you catch sight of yourself, moving forward to pretend to be sorting a non-existing wire behind your screen as you try to make yourself look more presentable. As you do so, you hear his voice whisper.
“Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you called me just then and don’t think you’re getting away with it. ‘Hyuckie’ doesn’t fuck you the way Daddy does.” His low tone causes you to clench around him, taking a deep breath at his teasing words. He scoffs at your silence, squeezing your ass, hard, so that you let out a small whimper. He hums in satisfaction as you plaster an obviously fake smile onto your face before leaning back, clicking on the unmute button for only a moment before abruptly turning it off again, barely having finished your sentence, as Haechan’s rock hard dick twitches inside your sensitive pussy.
“Sorry, Professor. I had tech issues.” 
✩  ✩   ✩
Those last 8 minutes of class felt like an eternity, and your boyfriend made sure of that. You thought you’d done a pretty good job at hiding it, though. Not one person gave you a funny or disgusted look as you answered the Professor’s questions and kept a small, albeit forced, smile on your face. You couldn’t help but feel a twisted form of pride at your ability to pretend as though nothing was happening as you sat atop of Hyuck’s dick, enduring his endless verbal and physical teasing throughout.
It wasn’t until after the two of you were finished, long after the class had done so, that your boyfriend checked his phone
“Y/N...” You heard him call from the bathroom. You couldn’t find the energy to move, simply humming in acknowledgement at his hesitant-sounding call. He enters the bedroom in all his naked glory, carrying a small, wet cloth in order to clean you up in one hand, his phone in the other. Your eyes trace his naked body, focusing on the smooth, tanned skin. He really was a sight for sore eyes, somebody that you could never get tired of looking at. You’re disrupted from staring at his body when he holds his phone out in front of your face. You reluctantly tear your eyes from his torso, focusing in on the brightly lit screen, squinting slightly to read the text upon it.
fucking your gf during her zoom class, nice one bro. though, you might wanna make sure that you actually hang up next time. the whole class was still there, apart from the prof. not that they’re complaining, i saw their faces. they’re gonna be getting off to that for the entirety of lockdown, i swear! 
Needless to say, nobody in class called you the Teacher’s Pet anymore.
✩   ✩   ✩ 
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the-bau-quinjet · 9 months ago
One Misunderstanding
Bucky x Reader
Summary: You struggle to fix Bucky's first impression of you. Bucky struggles with his own feelings.
Warnings: angst, Hydra things- like brainwashing and torture, a few curse words, panic attacks, anxiety
Word count: 5609
a/n: this idea came to me very suddenly, but I'm in love with it. Hopefully whatever I just wrote does it justice.
Tumblr media
"Everyone, meet Y/N. She's the newest member of our little group, bringing in a whole new level of hacking and tech skills. Y/N, meet the team." Tony introduced you to everyone, eager to share your skills.
You turned to the group, getting ready to introduce yourself further, but instead tripped. You shrieked as you fell down the small set of stairs you were at the top of.
Sam, being the closest, caught you. "Good thing you've got tech skills." He chuckled as you righted yourself, firmly planting your feet on the ground.
"Haha, yeah. I'm not a big fan of violence." You winced as you said it, wishing you could take it back. You didn't want to get into the reasons as to why you don't like violence.
To your surprise, nobody asked why. You would have guessed they would have questions, but maybe they weren't interested in your past. They all had their own issues to deal with afterall.
"Eh, we don't need anymore people for fighting anyway. Welcome to the team." Steve greeted you warmly, as you would have expected from America's golden boy.
You gratefully shook his hand, glad to not have to talk about anything yet. Unfortunately, you tripped again when you tried to move back, falling into the one and only Bucky Barnes.
His hands steadied you, dryly laughing at your clumsiness. "You really are clumsy."
You did you best to not show how embarrassed you were. You couldn't deny the claim. Unless you were fighting, something you vowed to yourself to never do again, you were clumsy.
Being abducted and tortured by Hydra may have made you a competent fighter, but your aptitude for tripping over nothing never left.
"Right, sorry!" You greeted everyone else quickly, eager to get situated in your room. "I'm just going to unpack everything." You waved as you backed out of the room, bumping into the wall as you left.
You had just finished putting away your stuff when you heard a knock on your door.
"Come in!" You figured someone would have questions for you.
Unsurprisingly, Natasha was the one to step into your room. Of everyone there, you expected her to have learned about your past. It comes with the territory of being a spy.
"Hi, I was hoping to talk to you." Her tone was friendly, but clearly she was skeptical of you. Again, you weren't surprised.
"I thought you might. I'm assuming you read my file? Honestly, I thought everyone would." You laughed gently, shaking your head at yourself.
"I did. Your file is pretty bare bones though. I did some extra digging... Not everyone else is as nosy as me." She grinned, already pleased with your openness. "So, why'd you pretend to be clumsy?"
"Oh, it wasn't pretend. I've always been clumsy. When everything happened, and I learned how to fight, I thought my newfound agility would help. Turns out, it didn't. The only times I'm even the slightest bit coordinated are when I'm fighting or training, but I wasn't lying about that either. When I escaped, I promised myself I wouldn't hurt anyone else."
"Why join the Avengers at all then?" She looked curious, still unsure if she could trust you.
"I wanted to help people. I just didn't want to use the skills they gave me to do it. So, I learned how to code, figured I could help behind the scenes."
She smiled, letting down her guard. Clearly it would take some time, but you could easily see the two of you being close friends.
"So, nobody knows about what you went through?" She couldn't help but be curious about your past.
"Nope. I don't talk about it much, but it's not a secret. I'll answer anything you want to know." You smiled, eager to try and make a real friend here.
You spent the next few hours answering every question Natasha could think of. You told her about being abducted and experimented on.
That lead to even more questions, basically boiling down to the fact that you're not a super soldier, but you do have enhanced senses- and seemingly enhanced clumsiness for when you're not using them.
You told her about learning how to fight, and the punishments you would endure if you got it wrong. The two of you bonded over the shared experience.
Finally, you told her about how you escaped. When the Winter Soldier escaped, every Hydra effort possible was made to find him. That included you. Resources were spread thin, trying to cover more areas. It was the perfect opportunity for you to get out.
"Really, I owe my freedom to him. Even if he doesn't know anything about me." You felt the tears in your eyes, too many emotions swirling through you to keep it all in anymore. "Since then, I've learned everything I could about technology and coding, which pretty much brings you up to date."
Before she could ask anymore questions, there was another knock on your door. Quickly wiping the tears from your eyes, you called another "come in!"
Steve poked his head in the door, cautiously looking between you and Nat.
"I've been sent to stop the interrogation." He grinned, stepping farther into the room.
Nat rose from her spot on the bed, kissing him on the cheek while rolling her eyes. "It wasn't an interrogation. We were bonding."
"Yeah, over what?" He chuckled, trying to figure out what the two of you had in common.
Maybe it was the look in your eyes, or maybe Nat just likes knowing more than everyone, but she smiled conspiratorially at you before responding. "Girl stuff, babe. Just girl stuff."
You smiled as the couple left the room, grateful for not having to explain everything again.
Over the next few weeks, the team constantly teased you for your clumsiness. Well, not the whole team. Nat knew the truth, so she never said anything. Peter never teased you either, although that is likely due to the teasing he endures as well.
Weirdly enough, you bonded with the kid over it, eventually telling him about your past as well.
Normally you could shake it off. They clearly didn't mean anything by it. Except Bucky.
Whenever he said anything, he stared you down. His eyes felt like they were piercing your soul. You're not sure exactly why, but he didn't seem to like you much.
Which wouldn't be an issue if you didn't have an embarrassing crush on the man.
Really your infatuation started when you first escaped Hydra. His own escape lead to your freedom, so you admired him. When you found out he was working with the Avengers to help people, you admired him even more.
Watching him on missions is really what caused the infatuation to blossom into a full blown crush.
You, however, would adamantly deny that if anyone ever asked. Which is what just happened.
"What?!" You nearly tripped, again, with how quickly you turned to look at Wanda and Nat.
"You heard me." Nat stared at you, a neutral expression on her face. "When are you going to do something about your crush on Barnes."
"I, I don't- I don't have a crush on Bucky." You stuttered, a lackluster job at denying the truth.
"Please, Y/N. It's so obvious!" Wanda joined in.
The three of you hung out a lot around the compound. It was nice to have a support system to lean on when things got hard.
"Well, even if I did, which I'm not saying I do! He doesn't like me. I don't know what I did, but his eyes feel like daggers whenever we're in the same room." You started out strong, but quickly morphed into a sad resignation. It genuinely upset you that Bucky didn't like you.
"I think I might know what that's about..." Wanda bit her lip, immediately feeling guilty at having said anything.
"What!?" You eagerly turned to her, needing answers. You shuffled your way across the room, never fully rising from your seat on the ground.
"I don't know if I should tell you! I'm not even supposed to know, but sometimes his thoughts are really loud!" Her guilt multiplied.
"You have to tell me now! Then I can fix it!" You were practically begging at her feet from your position on the floor.
She looked at Nat, who just shrugged in return. "Not my place, although I would love to hear it."
"Ugh, fine. But you can't tell anyone I told you!" Wanda glared at the two of you, unable to say no to your pouting face. "The first day we all met you, do you remember what you said?"
Your face scrunched as you tried to remember. "I'm not a big fan of violence?"
She nodded, looking at you as if she just told you everything.
"So?" You asked incredulously, unable to follow her train of thought.
She rolled her eyes, having to spell it out for you. "He kind of took that personally..."
Immediately, you sunk completely to the floor. "Oh, god. Fuck! That's not what I meant at all! I just meant I don't personally like using violence! Shit, shit, shit." You continued to mutter to yourself as Nat and Wanda shared a look.
"Why don't you like using violence?" Wanda asked, intrigued by your reaction.
You thought back to your conversation with Nat the first day you got here. You told her it wasn't a secret, it just wasn't something you brought up.
"Can you just look in my head? I don't really wanna explain it, but I want you to know." You asked, glad to share you past with another friend.
Wanda nodded, seemingly doing nothing until realization dawned on her.
"Oh shit." She whispered, not even realizing she said it out loud.
"Yeah." You huffed out a dry laugh.
"Y/N... I'm so sorry." You smiled at her, having worked through most of the trauma already. "You totally have a crush on Barnes though."
That earned a real laugh. "Hey, that's not what you were in there for!"
"It's not my fault! You were thinking it really loudly!"
The three of you laughed together until you sunk back into a pit of despair.
"What do I do? How do I fix this?" You whined, laying back on the ground like a child.
"I think you just need to talk to him. Explain what you meant." Wanda shrugged, unsure of any other advice to offer you.
"She's right. Just talk to him." Nat nodded along as you whined on the floor.
After a few days, you finally worked up enough courage to try and talk to Bucky. He had just finished training, so you knew exactly where he'd be: in the kitchen.
Walking in, you were glad to see him pulling ingredients from the fridge.
"Hey Bucky, can I, um, talk to you for a minute?" You stuttered through the words, nervous about what he would say.
He barely looked at you, nodding his head for you to continue.
"I just, I wanted to apologize." You trailed off when his head snapped up.
"For what?" Well shit. How are you supposed to explain this one without ratting out Wanda.
"Oh, well, um... I just thought maybe I said- I did something that upset you. Uh, you just don't seem to like me very much, which is totally cool, you don't have to like me if you don't want to. I just didn't want it to be my fault... Fuck." That went horribly. Taking a deep breath, you started over. "I didn't mean it."
Bucky is looking at you like you have three heads. "Didn't mean what?"
"That I don't like violence."
"So you do... like violence." He'd somehow grown more confused.
"Well, no." You paused, unsure of how to explain yourself.
"Then you did mean it." His soul piercing stare is back.
"It's fine, save it. Some people get to choose not to be violent." And with that, he left the kitchen, abandoning his post workout smoothie.
You stared at the doorway, in shock over how poorly that went. You stood there , unaware of the 25 minutes that had passed, trying to figure out how it could've gone better when Steve found you.
"Y/N? What are you doing?"
You didn't hear him, too lost in the memories. Memories of Hydra, forcing you to do things you never wanted to. This happened from time to time if something triggered you into remembering, otherwise you had a handle on your emotions.
"Y/N?" Steve said your name again, concern evident in his voice. He gently laid a hand on your shoulder, trying to get your attention.
Everything happened so fast after that. The feeling of someone's hand on your shoulder caused you to panic. With all the memories of Hydra in your head, your training kicked in instinctually.
You grabbed Steve's arm, pulling him closer to you for better leverage. Before he could question your moves, you flipped him, pinning him to the ground.
The second you made eye contact, you realized what just happened. Horror and regret flashed in your eyes.
In an effort to get off him, you threw yourself backward, knocking into a cart full of pots and pans. The clanging of metal hitting the ground echoed through the small room.
Steve sat up slowly, trying to register the turn of events. You sat in a ball on the floor, tears pooling in your eyes, mumbling apologies over and over again.
Sam, having heard the commotion from the pots and pans, ran into the kitchen ready to fight.
"What- What happened?" He asked in confusion, lowering his arms from their defensive position.
"I don't know." Steve looked at you, still trying to figure it out.
"Y/N?" Sam's voice was gentle, but it still startled you.
You jumped from the ground, rushing to help Steve get up. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to. I never wanted to hurt anyone again." Your breathing was picking up, short bursts of air leaving your lungs. Your hands were shaking as you pulled him from the ground.
Your panic increased as you took in their concerned expressions.
"Hey, look at me." Steve's Captain voice, came out, urging you to make eye contact. You followed orders, breathing rapidly, your whole body shaking.
"I'm going to touch you now, is that okay?" His words were gentle, but commanding, causing you to nod in response.
He pulled you into a tight hug, rubbing soothing circles on your back.
You wanted to explain, to tell them what happened, but all that came out was a pitiful "Bucky".
"Do you want me to get Bucky?" Sam asked, trying to understand you.
The idea of Bucky coming back caused your panic to increase. You shook your head rapidly, "No! No no no no no." You kept repeating the word, shaking in Steve's arms.
"Okay! Okay, no Bucky." Sam reassured you, voice calm and soothing.
You’re not sure how long you stood like that. Sam moved around the kitchen, cleaning up the pots and pans you had knocked over.
When your breathing steadied, Steve asked, "Do you want to talk about what happened?"
You nodded, leading the two men to the couch in the adjacent common area. You sat for a minute, unsure of where to start.
"Why don't you just lead us through it all?" Steve suggested, still rubbing your back.
You nodded, grateful for the starting point. "I went to the kitchen to apologize to Bucky."
"What for?" Sam interrupted, already confused.
"Sam! Just let her talk." Steve muttered, slightly annoyed.
"Sorry!" He glared back at Steve before turning to you, "Sorry, please continue."
You couldn't help but laugh at their banter.
"Right, I wanted to apologize for what I said the first day I met you all. I realized how it sounded, so I wanted to try and fix it." You paused, waiting for the recognition to hit them.
It didn't take long. The two men nodded, silently urging you to continue.
"Honestly, Wanda told me that was why he always seems mad at me. You have to know, I never meant for it to come across that way! It's more of a personal, 'I don't want to be violent' than shunning others for doing what's necessary." You took a deep breath, not eager to relive the conversation.
"Anyway, I told him I didn't mean it. I just couldn't explain it right, and he got upset, which makes sense!" You turned to look between them, not wanting them to think you were insulting Bucky in any way. "I don't hold what he did against him. It wasn't his choice, and I completely understand that. I just couldn't put that into words when I was talking to him, and I made everything worse."
Tears popped into your eyes again, upset at what he must be going through. You weren't with Hydra for but a tenth of the time he was, and you didn't endure the same level of brainwashing.
"He said something about some people not being able to choose not to be violent, and then he left. I don't know how long I was standing in the kitchen replaying the conversation, but it brought up bad memories for me." You sighed again, working up the nerve to tell them everything.
"Wanda and Nat already know, but I guess it's your guys's turn. This was so much easier to just have Wanda read my mind." You laughed at your own joke, the two men sharing a concerned look.
"I was taken... by Hydra. They experimented on me, gave me enhanced senses, trained me to fight, and punished me when I did something wrong." Again, tears sprung into your eyes, occasionally falling down your cheeks.
"Why wasn't this in your file?" Steve questioned, more to himself than you.
"I haven't got a clue. I guess nobody knew about me? But, I escaped. They didn't brainwash me like they did Bucky, because I don't have the serum. Or, at least, I think that's why." You shook your head, refocusing on the important parts.
"When every available Hydra agent was tasked with searching for the Winter Soldier, I took it as on opportunity. Their resources were spread thin. I was able to getaway."
You went onto explain your reasoning for joining the Avengers as a tech specialist, trying to convey the same earnestness you did with Nat.
"You can ask Nat or Wanda too. Nat found out day one, Wanda a few days ago." You wiped your tears, hoping they believed you. "Actually, Peter knows too."
"I was stuck in all those memories when you came into the kitchen. I didn't even register that you were in the room, so when you touched me I freaked out. I never meant to hurt you!"
You looked at Steve fearful that he would be upset.
"Y/N, I believe you." You cried tears of relief at his statement, genuinely exhausted from the day. "It's not your fault, and you didn't hurt me. Just caught me off guard. You're surprisingly agile when you want to be." He tried to lighten the mood, glad to hear you laugh.
"Well, I train in the middle of the night sometimes. I- I want to be able to get out if I'm ever forced back there." Your voice was quiet, admitting a secret you hadn't even told Nat.
"We won't let that happen." The sternness of Sam's voice surprised you.
"Thank you." You wiped your tears a final time, looking between the two men. "Now, what do I do about Bucky?" You refocused your energy on fixing your relationship with the super soldier.
"He never would have said what he said if he had known." Steve started the conversation, defending his friend.
"I know. I don't hold it against him, I just wish I could explain. I get so nervous when he looks at me like that." You rambled, too tired to filter your thoughts.
"Like what?" Sam asked, eager for more information to tease Bucky with.
"Huh? Oh, I don't know. Like he can see into my soul." You deadpanned, earning a laugh from both men. "I just want him to like me." You nearly whined, upset by your poor relationship.
"Like you, huh?" Steve grinned. Nat and Wanda chose that exact moment to walk into the room, eagerly joining the conversation.
"Barnes? Did you tell him how you feel?" Wanda squealed with excitement.
You buried your head in your hands, avoiding the knowing looks the four of them were surely sharing. "Not exactly." You gestured to your head, hoping Wanda would figure it out and share with Nat.
"Ooh... It didn't go well, basically Barnes got upset, Y/N flipped Steve and had a panic attack, then told these two everything." Wanda explained to Nat quickly, trying not to make you relive it.
"We need a plan." Nat declared.
"No, I just need to learn how to have a conversation with the man." You rolled your eyes at yourself. "I'll try talking to him again." You went to leave the room, turning around to glare at them. "And none of you can say a word of this to Bucky."
Despite you request, Steve still tried to talk to Bucky.
"What's up with you?" Steve questioned, trying to subtly pry into Bucky's thoughts.
"Nothing. Why?" Bucky answered in a questioning tone, trying to figure out Steve's motives.
"I heard you talked to Y/N is all. How'd it go?" He gave up on the subtle approach pretty quickly, knowing Bucky wouldn't answer a question that wasn't asked.
"How did you even hear that, punk?" Bucky deflected.
"Not the point. Answer the question."
"Not great. I messed it up." Bucky sighed, annoyed at himself for barging out of the room. "She said wanted to apologize, that she didn't mean what she said." He ran his hands through his hair, struggling to explain where it all went wrong.
"Would've been fine if I could follow what she was saying. She was rambling about me not liking her, which you and I both know isn't true. Ugh, i've never been mad at her. I'm mad at myself! At Hydra for making me a monster! How could she ever like me if she doesn't like violence? My entire past is violent." He huffed, having worked himself up again.
"You're not a monster, Buck." Steve started gently.
"I know you think that." Steve gave him a pointed glare. "I know, okay? But what does she think?"
"Maybe you should try talking to her. You might be surprised by what you learn." Steve clapped him on the shoulder, trying to reassure him, before leaving the room.
Everytime you tried to talk to Bucky, something got in the way. The first time, he was called in for an emergency mission before you even got the word hello out.
The second time, Tony walked into the common area, completely oblivious to the tension, and put on a movie.
The third time, Steve and Nat interrupted you. You were just about to apologize again after an awkward greeting when the elevator doors opened. The sounds of the cheerful laughter and stolen kisses didn't really set the mood for confessing your past with Hydra.
The fourth, and final time, was the most embarrassing.
You walked into the room on a mission. You were going to talk to him, no matter who decided to walk in.
"Bucky, I really need to-" and you tripped on a toy Morgan left out, causing you to tumble to the ground. That would have been embarrassing enough, but there's more.
In your effort to get up, you tripped again, hitting your head on the coffee table, causing you to bleed profusely.
"Shit." You cursed yourself, holding your hand up to your bleeding forehead.
"Are you okay?" Bucky rushed to you from the other side of the table, concerned with the amount of blood spewing from your head.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." Unfortunately, you chose that moment to jokingly reference your past.
Some of the people who tortured you had a sick sense of humor. Whenever they would hit you hard enough to make you bleed, they said something about only having one head. A play on words because of the greek serpent with multiple heads.
"Head wounds bleed a lot, I'm lucky I only have one." You froze instantly, unsure if he would have had a similar experience. Slowly, you looked up in an effort to make eye contact.
Bucky was also frozen in place. Clearly he understood the reference.
"Wh- where did you hear that?" Bucky struggled with his sentence, trying not to flashback to his time at Hydra.
"Oh my god. I'm so so sorry." You instantly started apologizing, trying to backtrack. "I really need to learn when to stop fucking talking." You said more to yourself than him.
"Where did you hear it?" He asked again, putting more power behind his words.
"Um, well, i've been trying to tell you for weeks now, but um, I also kind of, have, um, well, you see-"
"Just spit it out." There was the slightly miffed Bucky you were used to.
"I was taken. By Hydra. 9 years ago. Um, they forced me to learn how to fight. Tortured me if I did anything wrong. Forced me to do things..." You trailed off, realizing you didn't need to give him many details. He has first hand experience.
"Y/N, I-" You cut him off before he could say anything else.
"That's why I don't like using violence. I only know how to do that stuff because they made me learn it. I didn't want to use the skills they gave me." You took a deep, grounding breath.
"I don't blame you for anything you were forced to do. It wasn't your choice. You're not a violent person, and your past actions don't define who you are. You're here to help people. That's what you chose. That's who you are."
You made eye contact before you continued. "I've actually wanted to thank you for the longest time."
"For what?" He was incredulous, wildly caught off guard by everything you've said.
"The only reason I had an opportunity to escape was because 2 years ago, you escaped. If Hydra's resources hadn't been spread so thin trying to find you, I probably would've never got out. So thank you. For being strong enough to fight back."
You smiled at him, still unsure of how he was feeling.
"I... I'm so sorry." To say you were stunned was an understatement. What the hell could he have to be sorry about? Sure he was a little rude, but from your point of view he was completely justified in hating you.
"Bucky, you have no reason to be sorry. You didn't know, and I couldn't get out of my head enough to tell you. You just make me nervous." You clapped a hand over your mouth, shocked at having said what you just said.
You could see his face fall ever so slightly, causing you to jump back into your explanation.
"Not because I'm scared of you or anything! Hell, I could probably take you in a fight." You winked, trying to lighten the mood. It seemed to work, judging by the slight smirk on his face.
"I just, I've looked up to you for so long. Your determination to do good after everything you've been through is really inspiring. It's actually why I wanted to join the Avengers in the first place. I never would have-" You would have kept rambling if he hadn't stopped you.
"Y/N, I am sorry, and I do have reason to be. There's no excuse for what I said to you in the kitchen that day. Even if I didn't know, I threw everything you've been through back in your face. If someone had done that to me, I probably would have had a panic attack." He tried joking, but by the way you froze he could tell he struck a nerve.
"You had a panic attack? I'm so sorry! God, I just left you all alone and-"
It was your turn to cut him off. "Actually, I was kind of frozen in place until Steve touched me and I maybe threw him to the ground... Then I had a panic attack..." You smiled, trying to convey the joke. "So, I wasn't alone. Sam was actually also there. If anything, it made me better friends with both of them because I told them everything. So I have you to thank for that to." You playfully nudged his side.
He ran his hands through his hair, then down his face, clearly trying to deal with his own guilt.
"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it. You didn't know. It happened. We're good now, so we can move on." You smiled, trying to cheer him up.
"How are you so relaxed about all of this? You were tortured for years... I..." He was genuinely curious, trying to find a way to cope with his own pain.
"Well, even before that I always thought therapy could be helpful for me, so I really jumped in full force when I was free. Plus, if you can't joke about something, you haven't really moved on. Some days are harder than others, but I just try to appreciate the people I have now and the good experiences I've been lead to." You kept the tone light, trying not to get too emotional.
He just stared at you for a few minutes, making you questions everything.
"I mean, it's totally different for you though! I was only there for 7 years, you were forced into all that for like 10 times as long. I didn't mean to belittle-"
"I think you inspire me just as much as you say I've inspired you." He cut you off again, a small smile growing on your lips.
"Well, in the spirit of our newfound friendship, can I be totally honest?" You bit your lip, nervous about telling him the truth.
He looked nervous as well, but nodded anyway.
"I kind of, maybe, sort of have a crush on you." You watched his expression carefully, although there was really no need. His face easily gave away his surprise.
"You..." He stuttered, moving his fingers between the two of you. "Me? But, I was so mean!"
"What can I say, I saw through the facade... Well, really Wanda accidentally read your mind and told me why you were so upset around me when her and Nat teamed up to get me to tell you how I feel." You rambled again, realization dawning that you accidentally outed Wanda.
"But you can't tell her I told you that! She didn't mean to! She just said you think really loud sometimes and it's hard not to hear it! She did it to me too actually, I mean I told her she could look in my head so I wouldn't have to explain everything again, I know so lazy, and that's how she confirmed my crush on you." You said it all with wide eyes at a rapid speed, unable to control yourself around Bucky.
You slapped your hands over your mouth, forcing yourself to stop talking. Bucky looked on in amusement, slowly reaching to pull your hands away from your face.
"I won't tell her, if you get dinner with me tonight." He smiled cheekily, relishing in your blush.
"That's a deal I'm willing to make." You reached your arms around his neck, kissing his cheek before running to get ready.
Sam whined playfully as he looked at the high scores. "Whose username is 'God is a spoon' and how did they get so good at this game?"
He looked around the room, eying any suspicious candidates. Everyone denied it, throwing out accusations left and right.
It was another of Tony's team bonding nights and he chose VR games on the oculus. Obviously, Beat Saber was a top contender amongst the group.
You walked in with Bucky, unaware of the conversation going on, but immediately joining it.
"Peter! I bet it was him!" You playfully nudged the younger Avenger, having formed a close friendship in the early days. "What am I betting on?" Everyone laughed, happy to see you in a good mood after being so stressed for so long.
"Whose username is 'God is a spoon'." Sam chuckled after filling you in. You and Bucky settled on the couch, cuddling next to each other.
"Oh, that's me. Why?" You looked around curiously, trying to figure out what they wanted. "Is it a weird username? It was actually one of the catchphrase things in Just Dance on the switch, I didn't just think of it." You tried to justify yourself, causing more laughter.
"You?! How did you get all the highscores on this game? I thought you were the clumsy one."
You made an exaggerated face to show how offended you were, playfully swatting at Sam.
"I'll have you know, 7 years of Hydra 'training' and experimentation has its perks." You joked with the room. "One of them being I can beat your ass at pretty much any video game."
"Oh, you're so on." Sam smiled, glad he could joke around with you about it.
Meanwhile, Tony looked incredulously around the room, being the only one in the room who hadn't heard about your history, he was rightfully confused.
"I'm sorry, 7 years of WHAT?"
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ohajime · 9 months ago
Getting hurt in argument PT 1 (Iwaizumi, Tsukishima)
hi!! so can i request a hurt to comfort with iwaizumi, tsukishima and any character that you want ? i saw you had reblogged a prompt list so you could us 18 for inspiration! @sheiscalling
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Word count: 2.1K
Genre: angst,fluff
Tumblr media
You and Tsukishima just moved in with each other a few days ago
Sharing a house has kind of put you at odds
As getting used to each others habits takes a while to get used too
You just hope that after a while things will go back to usual
Tsukishima has been conveniently busy since you guys moved in together, claiming he has to practice more since the Sendai Frogs have a supposed upcoming tournament. 
So he’s left you to your own devices unpacking boxes, picking out and buying furniture whilst working from home. Today’s task is choosing the wallpaper, which you wanted to ask Tsukishima’s opinion on (since he’s always been judgmental of certain colours, patterns and prints.)
Y/N: Hey Tsukki! You coming to *insert store that sells wallpapers here* today… it closes at 5pm??
Kei: Yhh practices finishes at 1 so I’ll probably run some errands get changed and meet you there for 3
Y/N: Okay! See you then <3
You were ecstatic, Tsukishima is finally going to do something for your new place and on the plus you get to spend time together. Maybe you’ll get to go to that new desert place across the road from your house.
You decide to get there a tad bit early so you can have a few options picked out (as you know how detailed and picky Kei can be.) As you picked out paints and swatches you noticed how time went by…
Surprised that Kei isn’t here right on the dot (since he despises lateness and on many occasion have reprimanded you when you’ve been just a tiny bit late) but just assume he’s stuck in traffic or something.
You’re still standing outside waiting, getting a tiny bit embarrassed of the looks of the passer-by strangers as if they could tell you’re desperately waiting for someone. You checked your phone, expecting a message from Kei explaining his lateness or saying he’lll be there soon.
He’s now an hour late, with no contact at all which got you frustrated as you really hoped that he would do at least one thing for you today. So you decided to go and choose what YOU want since it seems that Kei doesn’t seem to really care.
After nearly emptying the store with all your choices and additional furniture picks you finally make it back home with still NO word from Kei. You are completely over it! But he is now the least of your worries, now your current agenda is unpacking plates and cutlery (so you and Tsuki actually have something to eat of off and that’s if he ever joins you for dinner)
You’re washing and polish plates as you hear your front door open and shut with a slight slam. “Ugh practice was draining today” he said, tired 
You did not acknowledge his presence at all, you were beyond agitated that he made plans with you and then didn’t show up AND THEN didn’t even make sure the first thing he did was apologise. “Babe, whats for dinner” He asked entering the living room.
AN: Btw you have like a open kitchen type of thing so you can see the kitchen and the living room in the same room if that makes sense ://
You still ignored him, washing your plates annoyance slowly but surely building up inside of you the more he spoke “Y/N, did you hear me i asked what was fo-” Tsukishima stopped his words as he saw all the stuff you’ve bought for the house and before realising that he blew off your plans together he says,
“Y/N.. what the fuck is this shit”
That made you take a pause, and freeze ‘That is all he’s worried about’ you think. As you’re still ignoring him and he’s wondering why you decided to buy all this ‘crap’ (in his words not yours) he picks up one of the wallpaper designs and brings it to you.
“Y/N you really think we’re putting this shit on the walls..?” He asked 
You still ignore him, scrubbing harder and harder on the same plate you’ve been washing since he’s got here ( you definitely know it’s clean by now but who cares )”Y/N, are you listening to me” He then grabs your shoulders turning him to face you “Why the fuck would you buy this??” 
By now you were raged, “Is that ALL you care about!” You shout “You don’t care how I’ve been slaving away getting this place, our NEW place ready for us to live in but you don’t care you’re so self obsessed that all you’ve been doing is going to practice and complaining!”
He was about to speak before you stopped him again “Oh and by the way if you’ve got a problem with my choices for our walls then maybe YOU should’ve been at the store at the time we agreed upon! You dick.” after saying this his lips part in surprise, as he now remembers the promise he made you. 
You turn your body back to the sink, tears filling your eyes as you go back to ferociously scrubbing the plate again. 
“Y/N I’m sorry I-” He starts
“Oh shut the fuck up Tsukishima” You say a bit to agressively slamming your hands (and the plate) down on the counter, cutting your hand in the process 
“Shit” You say as blood starts to seep through your hand well there goes the clean plate you get a towel and hold it against your hand stopping the blood for a short while and you bend down to start picking up the plate remains as Tsukishima just stands there not really knowing what to say or do.
“Y/N i’m sorry about EVERYTHING” he says bending down to your level as you still pick up the plate remains. “What can I do to make this all better?”
“Just fuck off Tsuki” You say bitterly not looking him in the eyes
“I’m not leaving until I know you’re okay” he says grabbing your wrist softly to stop you from further injury “Just come sit down so i can atleast bandage your hands”
You finally look up at him, tears still in your eyes but you silently agree getting up and letting him lead you to the couch. He bandages you up, not saying a word as your sniffles and whimpers fill the quiteness in the room.
“Y/N. I am really truly sorry I-” He says
“Why don’t you care anymore?” You interrupt tears now streaming down your face “I know i can be overbearing at times, but I just wanted you to be excited about moving in with me as I was about you. Do you not want to live with me anymore” you cried
“I’m sorry i’ve been so busy it’s just practice and tournaments and … I was kind of nervous about moving in with you I just love you so much and I don’t want to mess anything up” he said “And I’m sorry about not coming to the store I just got tired up with practice and I’m just really sorry Y/N”
He goes over to the things you’ve bought and picks up one of the paint colours you chose (your favourite option) “This is beatiful Y/N you have such a great taste and I like anything that you like to be honest.”
He stares at you for a response as he noticed your tears have stopped running, which is a good sign. “I just want you to be more involved and show that you care about me about us “ you say
“I will and I do.. I always do” He said pulling you into a hug 
“I love you Kei” You say into his chest 
“I love you too” 
You spend the rest of your night unpacking plates, putting up wallpaper, painting walls and putting up furniture ending up on the couch with two slices of strawberry shortcake from the bakery across the street watching an episode of *insert your favourite TV show here* in your new place which you can finally call a home.
Tumblr media
You and Iwaizumi have been dating since highschool
You’ve had a past with anger issues but that was all sorted before you met Iwa
You’re very hard working and sometimes overworking but you have Iwa to always make sure you’re not too hard on yourself
You play volleyball just like your boyfriend, being the captain of your team is your pride and joy but sometimes you are way too hard on yourself trying to reach perfection. 
You’re in the gym way past normal hours setting to yourself against the wall with sweat dripping down your forehead breathing slightly more than usual
‘5 more minutes’ you think to yourself knowing damn well it’s going to be more than 5 minutes but you just have to perfect your form then you can stop.
You stop for a small water break and also to check your phone seeing 5+ messages from your lovely boyfriend Hajime
Haji: Y/N how was your day 
Haji: What do you want for dinner
Haji: I think we should get chinese
Haji: Y/N… you alive
Haji: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeffhpeE/
Haji: I just ran into *Insert Best friends name* and she told me you were last seen at practice I hope you’re not in the gym Y/N
Haji: I’m coming to the gym… you better not be there
By the time you start going back to set against the wall you look up to see a semi mad Hajime at the doors of the gym..
“Y/N.. I thought you said you wasn’t going to keep overworking yourself this term” He said slowly approaching you 
“Just” set “Gotta” set “Fix” set “My” set “Form” 
“Your set is fine babe, it’s perfect … you’re perfect” he says reaching out to touch you
“Well I guess perfect isn’t good enough then” you mumble
“Y/N that’s not what I meant” He responds touching your shoulder
Out of reflex, your hand flicks to his face your nail (which are amazingly sharp and long) catches him on his cheek causing a petite cut to now appear and small amounts of blood to come out of it. You both are frozen shocked at what just happened, you never meant to touch him like that at all. 
You quickly rush to your stuff leaving your volleyball in the gym running out the doors. How could you be so horrible, hitting your boyfriend in the face after doing so much work getting over all your anger issues. ‘Hes going to hate you now’ you think.
You stop at a bench trying to clear your head, crying softly to yourself worrying now about your relationship with Haji and where it stands now. Without you noticing, Iwaizumi sits down next to you, waiting for you to compose your self before speaking.
“I know you didn’t mean it Y/N” he said pulling you under his arm 
“Iwa, I’m so so sorry I didn’t mean to stay late in the gym it’s just that we have a competition next week and last time we lost because of me and I just … wanted it all to be perfect “ You said sniffling you look up at him and see the cut on his face that you caused making you even more upset “I am really sorry, I understand that you probably want to break up with me for hurting you which is completely valid”
You don’t want him to confirm your suspicions of him breaking up with you, so you abruptly stand up getting reading to move onwards again before he grabs your wrist “you’re not leaving till I know you’re okay” he says
which makes you laugh a bit “It’s crazy that I’m the one that messed up, yet you’re worrying about me”
“Well that’s my job Y/N, I always worry about you when you’re overworking yourself and being hard on yourself it’s not good” he said “accidents happen, I know you didn’t intend on me getting hurt and I know you’re going to do great in the upcoming game babe dont worry”
A week later, all was forgotten Iwa’s cheek healed quickly and he never blamed you for it all and reminded you that it wasn’t your fault whenever it seemed you felt bad about it.
You’re now playing your volleyball game Iwa in the stands cheering you on as loud as he could and of course you were doing your best because in Hajime’s words you are perfect.
AN:Thank you so much for my first request I hope you like it. I’m not really a fan of the Iwa one but the tsuki one i like the way it went even though I was meant to add a third character but got too tired. But thank for the request keep them coming!! 
Tumblr media
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dekalko-mania · 16 days ago
Hello! A bit late, but here's my @phandomholidaytruce gift for @charmingcritter ! I followed their prompt based on outsider POV of Amity/Danny, and a bit on Danno's obsession. Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!
Tourist Attraction (Ao3)
“I don’t like this.” 
“Danny, c’mon. It’s not a big deal.” 
He shook his head, arms remaining crossed. 
“I’m on your side for this one.” Sam flipped a page in her book, voice monotone as she addressed Tucker. Her legs were thrown over the armrest of her La-Z-Boy, looking completely relaxed now that she’d finished her allotted Team Phantom work. “Why don’t we just figure out a way to go around the obsession?” 
“See! Even Sam agrees!” Tucker pushed his laptop to the side, ghost files still taking up the screen. “You can’t go around mad dogging every new person that comes into Amity.” 
“Wanna bet?” Danny raised a challenging brow, shutting his own laptop closed. 
“Don’t.” Sam raised a finger before Tucker could so much as utter another word. “Or he’ll actually go out and do it.”
Tucker sputtered. “He’s gonna do it anyway! The guy’s got no sense, and that’s coming from me!” 
“I take offense to that.” Danny flopped back onto the dark hardwood floor. “What else do you want me to do? Sit back and let all these people we don’t know cause trouble in Amity?”
“We live in a semi-big city,” Sam stated. “People come by all the time.”
“Yeah, but not this many at once. Usually they’re here for like two hours and then leave. And it’s always the same people checking out a restaurant they like or something. These are…” Danny’s expression soured. “Tourists.”
Tucker shoved Danny’s shoulder. “You’re saying that like you’re talking about the plague.” 
“Might as well be.” Danny smacked his hand away. “These are strangers. Worse, they’re all curious about our lore. They’re all gonna be poking around where they shouldn’t and bothering the locals. Remember last year when some guy broke into Boxy’s warehouse and the entire city had a box shortage for a week?”
“That was some meltdown.” Tucker whistled. “Poor guy.”
“He set his most prized boxes on fire.” Danny glared. 
“Relax.” Tucker raised his hands in reassurance. “I’m talking about the Box Ghost. The other guy can suck it.”
Danny relaxed and sighed. “Yeah well, I don’t think he’ll be the last person to mess around where they shouldn’t.” 
“Okay, we understand. You wanna protect Amity, but you can’t stalk the tourists,” Sam reasoned. “We’ve barely gotten your approval ratings up to seventy.”
“I’m not going to stalk anyone.”
“Sure, you’re just going to go up to them and very kindly ask them to fuck off, right?” Sam tossed her book to the side, throwing him an unamused look. “Maybe scare them off with those spooky eyes of yours.” 
“Exactly,” Danny grinned, crossing his arms behind his head. “Glad we’re on the same page.” 
“Danny, I swear-”
“Wait.” Tucker shot up, conspiratory gleam crossing his eye. “We can’t stop all these tourists from coming in, but what if we use this to our advantage?” 
“How are we supposed to do that?” Danny frowned. “Don’t know if you missed it, but my obsession wants absolutely nothing to do with them.” 
“Because you don’t know who they are, and they’re not educated on Amity etiquette,” Tucker pointed out. “But, what if we could solve the issue and make a big buck out of it?” 
Danny focused somewhere on the ceiling and scoffed. “You want to try your hand at giving tours again?”
“Exactly! With some improvements, of course.” 
“Tucker, the last time we did that it was you and me lugging a group of ghost hunters on a bike.” Sam seemed very much not interested. “What could we even use that’s big enough to hold all these people?”
“Danny’s been legally driving the GAV for two years now. Illegally, since he was like twelve.” Tucker glanced at him for support. “How many can we fit in there?” 
“If I clean it up and adjust the seats, like ten probably. Not including me and whoever wants to be in the passenger seat.” Begrudgingly, Danny was starting to see the pros to Tucker’s plan. “We can also detract the back walls so the entire thing is one big window on either side.”
“See? Sam, you’re really good at keeping crowd control. You can man the line and all the finances. Meanwhile, Danny drives and we both give the tour.” Tucker waved a hand in one long flourish. “Easy peasy.” 
Sam eyed them both and then groaned. “Okay, whatever. As long as I do less of the talking.” 
“Yes!” Tucker fist bumped the air. “What about you Danny? Just think about it. We’ll be able to keep track of who comes in, and make sure we lay out some ground rules. Covering all the bases without you spazzing out on ‘em.”
Danny shrugged. “It’s worth a try.”
“Great!” Tucker clapped his hands together. “Now, about the ticket prices….”
They had settled on calling their side job the most basic name possible. “Amity Park Tours” was as uncreative as it got, but at least their point went across fairly well. Most of their brainstorming had been Tucker trying to convince Sam and Danny that “A Nice Place to Die” would not make for a good slogan. In the end, he’d just barely gotten them to settle for “A Nice Place to Haunt” instead. 
Danny still thought their original idea was better, but whatever. At least their calculated funds would come back pretty good, with ticket prices starting at twenty-five for adults, and fifteen for kids. 
He was beginning to mentally applaud Tucker for his genius, until the final blow came just minutes before the tourists were set to arrive. 
“You did what!?” Danny didn’t have to guess what color his eyes were flashing. 
“Okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds,” Tucker attempted to reassure. “Think about how high the tips are gonna be!” 
“I don’t care about that! What’ll I do if my parents find out?” 
“They haven’t shot at you in months!” 
“Yeah, cause the city’s on their case about it, not because they don’t want to!” It took everything in Danny’s being not to go ghost on Tucker then and there. “How am I ever going to explain this?” 
“Okay, wait.” Sam stepped in between them, clearly displeased at the turn of events herself, but calmer than either of them. “You promised them a tour led by Phantom, right?”
Tucker nodded. 
She sighed. “Then we’ll give them one.” 
“No, wait.” She placed a placating hand on Danny’s shoulder, meeting him eye to eye. “If we change it now, we’re going to get into trouble and you won’t be able to put a lid on your obsession. If we go through with it, well…how often have we done something like this without your parents noticing?” 
“Many times,” Danny acquiesced. “But Sam, if they find out I supposedly let Phantom lead a tour in their assault vehicle….” 
“They won’t find out. We’ll make sure of it.” Sam said it with conviction. “Worst comes to worst, we’ll say that they can’t mention it to the Fentons or they’ll get…I don’t know. Cursed or something.”
“Cursed?” Danny frowned. “Really?”
“People will believe anything in Amity,” Tucker agreed. He began to fidget as voices started nearing the vehicle from outside. “C’mon Danny. Have a sense of adventure.”
Danny tsked, picking up the voices more clearly. He was able to distinguish distinct words in conversation, hearing a few people say they were excited to meet Phantom. He knew with a sinking feeling that he couldn’t say no. 
“Fine,” he decided. “But I’m getting a higher cut of the tips.”
“Deal!” Tucker grinned, preparing to open the GAV doors. “Now, do your thing, ghost boy.”
Danny was grateful that Sam had convinced the owner of the Skulk and Lurk to let them use their parking space. They had a pretty huge lot that was left mostly empty during the day, when their usual customers weren’t about. 
It had taken them about twenty minutes to get through all the autographs and pictures, all taken against the backdrop of the building so they could avoid evidence of him using the GAV. It was a familiar routine for Danny, and he very easily settled into his Phantom persona for all the enthusiastic customers. 
There was only really one incident that struck him as odd, where a ginger-haired girl similar to Jazz in height and build had used a flash for her first photo. Danny had thought to ask her why, but shrugged it off when another girl took her place. 
Once they had gotten through it, the first ten tourists settled into place, while Sam wished them luck on their drive from outside. The air inside the GAV was filled with excited chattering, crowd of people oddly full of energy for 9 AM on a chilly Wednesday. 
Danny’s core hummed as he looked over them, pleased that none of them radiated any sort of dangerous energy. More than half of them were teens or young adults in their early twenties, while the two outliers were part of a family. The red-headed girl from earlier, now identified as Jackie, was part of it, sitting next to an identical-looking mom. 
He nodded to himself, before pulling out a handheld mic for himself and handing the other to Tucker. 
“Alright,” Danny tried out. “Does this sound clear to everyone?”
“Whoa.” A bright eyed, sandy-haired guy in the back peeked his head behind a seat. If Danny remembered correctly, his name was Adrien. “An announcement I can actually understand?”
Danny snorted. “That’s Fenton tech for you. Now, before we start the tour, Tucker here and I wanted to make some, uh, announcements. Tucker?”
“Right!” Tucker’s mic blared for a little, and he winced. “Sorry. So, basically you all probably know about the Fentons, and you might be wondering, ‘why would they ever let a ghost borrow a car made to destroy ghosts?’ Short answer is, they didn’t. Their son Danny did, and he’s currently distracting them while we use the killer SUV.” 
“Then why isn’t he here if it’s his family car?” Jackie spoke up. “Why couldn't someone else distract them?”
“He, well…” Danny blanched.
“I have to be here cause I’m ghostly moral support. Danny can’t do math so Sam’s handling the tickets. And, um…” Tucker tried for a shaky grin. “Danny can’t drive?”
Said ghost boy glared. 
“Huh.” Jackie settled down, satisfied for now. “Valid.”
“Right, so. Don’t snitch or you’ll be cursed with….really warm pillows.” Tucker coughed. “And short battery lives on your phone. Yeah.”
“Anyway,” Danny interrupted. “We’re starting out at the Skulk and Lurk. Which ironically, is one of the few places in Amity not haunted by ghosts. They were nice enough to give all of you a Phantom discount for today, so stop by for some coffee after or some goth merch. Maybe stay for the poetry slam.”
Adrien’s hand shot up. “Do they serve coffee with ectoplasm?”
“That would be a hazard,” Danny answered. “So no.”
“Then what do the ghosts drink?”
“They don’t.”
Jackie frowned. “But I saw a video of you holding a venti frap from Starbucks the other day. If ghosts can’t drink anything, then why were you?”
“I didn’t say they couldn’t,” Danny backtracked. “Just that they don’t. Usually. You get the taste but it doesn’t do much in terms of sustenance.” He pointed at Adrien. “Though that ectoplasm coffee idea would probably do the trick.”
“So you eat ectoplasm?” The girl looked majorly grossed out. 
“Ghosts thrive off a lot of crazy things.” Tucker smirked. “Ambient ectoplasm, pure ectoplasm, emotions, their obsession, the souls of the innocent.” 
“You’re going to eat our souls?!” Adrien’s face went white as he pressed against the boy next to him. 
Danny smacked Tucker hard enough to dislodge his glasses. “No, I’m not the type of ghost to eat souls.” 
“But they exist?” Jackie pressed. 
“Sorry, can’t answer that. Gotta focus on the road now.” He did not want to get on the topic of the ghosts of the barren lands. “Speaking of, care to introduce our local botany?”
Tucker got the hint. “Absolutely! So right there is a really haunted bush. See the black one with the smoke coming off it? Looks like it's barely surviving a fire? Yeah if you ever see something like that during your time in Amity, stay away.” 
“What happens if I eat it?” The boy Adrien had been clutching asked, still patting the back of his friend’s back. 
“What was your name again?”
“Okay, well Nick.” Tucker clapped his hands. “Someone did actually try that out last fall and they landed a permanent stay in the Ghost Zone.” 
“Word?” He was oddly unphased for someone not from Amity.
“No, he’s alive.” Danny cut in. “He just had a really unhealthy obsession with Ember and ended up nearly setting the nearby high school on fire ‘cause of the shrine in his locker. It took a whole day of Khan Academy lessons to snap him out of it.” He gestured out the window. “She’s the one that planted these with another ghost’s help. If you try to blast them, two more grow in their place. For now everyone’s just trying to avoid them until we can figure out what to do. As long as you don’t touch them, you’ll be fine.” 
“Ember?” Nick frowned.
Before Danny could explain, Jackie cut in excitedly. “She’s a ghost in her late teens whose obsession is having others chant her name. Or that’s the simplified version at least. It's said that what she really wants is to be remembered. Since ghost deaths are tied to their obsession, you only have to do a little digging into her background to realize why. The other day I checked out the Amity archives at the library and found out there was a girl named Amber McClean who died mysteriously in a house fire. She was alive during the mid eighties, and no one knows much about her except that she wanted to be a musician. I was hoping to maybe see her and ask-”
Jackie stopped suddenly, eyes meeting Danny’s in the rearview mirror.
“First lesson here.” Danny tried hard to keep his voice from shaking, but he couldn’t resist his harsh grip on the wheel. “Never, ever seek out a ghost to ask them about their death. Don’t think about it, don’t approach them, and don’t even ask about their obsession. Those two things are off limits, understand?” 
“But, I’m just curious….” 
Danny could see that he’d shaken her up somehow. Her eyes were downcast, and a part of him felt bad, but he knew this was important. It was the whole reason they’d planned this out in the first place. 
More gently, he tried to explain. “Aside from it being a touchy, painful subject to the ghost, their reaction is unpredictable. They could haunt you, or lash out if they’re less sympathetic to humans. Ember would definitely not take it well.” 
“But you’re supposed to be a good ghost, right?” Jackie’s mom ventured to ask. “Would you react the same way?”
Danny knew that tourists were bound to be curious, but he honestly hadn’t been expecting it to get so personal. With a sigh, he nodded. “I’d like to think so. I mean, I don’t want to hurt anyone, and I try my best to stop the ghosts that like to cause trouble. But I might act a bit more hostile, and I’ll ask you to stop.” 
“Phantom here doesn’t pick fights with regular people,” Tucker added. “But he will scare the absolute shit out of you if you get him mad. What he means by ‘hostile’ is ‘you’re gonna wanna cry for your mom.’” 
“Language,” Jackie’s mom warned. 
“Sorry ma’am.” 
“Oh c’mon, don’t exaggerate.” Danny rolled his eyes, turning a corner over to a seemingly innocuous brick building. “On a level of scariness, I’m probably a six on a good day.”
“Oh my god.” Adrien gasped, crawling over Nick to get a view outside the window. “Is that Casper High? I saw all the fight compilations on YouTube! It’s like, super super haunted!”
The rest of those in the GAV broke into heavy chatter, pulling out their phones to snap pictures of the school from multiple angles. Some were gushing over the scorch marks on the side of the building, while others craned their heads to try and catch a glimpse of a ghost. 
Meanwhile Danny and Tucker shared an equally amused look, the former shaking his head in wonder. It was times like this that reminded Danny that while a place like Casper High could be lame to him, it was practically a national monument to others.
“Like Adrien said, this is Casper High.” Tucker motioned for Danny to drive closer. “Land of expired lunch meat and weekly ghost attacks. We’re on winter break so don’t expect much action. The ghosts here only like to attack when the building’s actually full.” 
“And before you ask, no we’re not exactly sure why. Closest theory is that a lot of obsessions rely on the presence of humans. It’s empty right now for the most part, except for, well…” Danny paused for dramatic effect. To his delight, everyone leaned closer. “Sidney Poindexter.” 
“Sidney’s here?!” Adrien and Nick both shouted in unison, eyes gleaming.
“I follow one of his fan accounts, he’s so cool!” Nick pulled up a Twitter page and showed it to those around him. “We’re his biggest fans, but we didn’t expect to see him. Ever since Phantom declared him an ally, he’s been going around interacting with everyone.” 
“I thought he would only be there when school was in session,” Adrien agreed. “The last video I saw of him was posted before winter break. Some guy was stuffing a kid in a locker and Sidney shoved him into it instead.” 
“You know, he’s got some of the most interesting powers among Amity’s ghosts,” Jackie chipped in. “While a lot of them get most of their strength from their defensive powers, Poindexter’s telekinesis and overshadowing abilities are tougher than most. I’d say he practices possession if anything. His control and the length of time he can hold it out for is pretty impressive.”
Danny raised a brow in her direction. “You know a lot for someone not from Amity. How’d you even figure all that out? It’s not exactly common information.”
Jackie grinned. “Conspiracies and the supernatural are really popular in my family. Me and my mom are both super into Amity lore.”
“I think she beats me in that one, I’d say I have more of a passing interest,” her mom chuckled.
“Okay, maybe I’m more into it. One of my favorite cousins lives here and he tells me all the details, he’s super smart.” Jackie shrugged. “As for how I know, I don’t. It was all just my guess based on videos I’ve compiled. But your reaction confirmed it!”
It was quickly becoming apparent to Danny that the girl had much more than a slight similarity to his sister. The way she rambled about ghost lore reminded him of Jazz when she spoke about psychology. Though, she also reminded him of someone else. He just couldn’t figure out who. 
“Well, I wish I could call out Sidney for you guys to meet him, but he can’t stray much from school grounds. Even the sidewalk is pretty far for him, unless he’s got a host.” Danny frowned at Nick, prompting him to put his hand back down. “And no, we’re not taking any volunteers for that. But I’ll see if maybe I can get another video of him for you online.”
“Worth a try,” Nick shrugged. 
“Don’t worry, the next stop is way more interesting,” Tucker promised. “Skulker blew a hole into the ground there the size of a small car. Maybe we could even get down for a group picture!”
They did eventually end up taking multiple group pictures. The route they had mapped out for the tourists ended up including the Skulk and Lurk, Casper High, Amity Central Park, the Nasty Burger, the abandoned houses on the edge of the city, Axion Labs, the observatory, and North Mercy Hospital. There were a few other stops along the way that were lesser known, but not any less haunted in Danny’s experience, that they had given the tourists backstory on. 
Some of them had asked why they hadn’t stopped by the GIW Headquarters or Fentonworks, until Danny very dryly reminded them that he was what they got their funding to get rid of. Some seemed genuinely shocked, making Danny wonder if they really did forget he was supposed to be dead, despite his glow and neon eyes. 
By the time they had finished the tours, it was nearing five o’clock, taking about an hour for all five groups of ten. They didn’t cover nearly all the visitors, but Danny at least felt better now knowing that the majority of people that came were either fans or simply curious to get to know Amity. None so far had been actual ghost hunters intending to do harm. 
Even with all of them, he had a soft spot for their first group, which left with a promise to greet him when they saw Danny on patrol. 
He was so lost in thought about his day, that it took him longer than usual to realize the dinner table had gone quiet. 
“Sorry, did you say something?” He looked at both his parents, practically vibrating in their seats with anticipation. 
“We were saying that we forgot to tell you some very important news,” his mom exchanged a smile with his dad. “Your father and I got a very generous grant in exchange for a small tour of the lab.”
“A what!” Danny dropped his spoon, hoping he hadn’t heard correctly.
“I know, isn’t that great? We get to blab about our tech, and get paid for it!” His tone was completely lost on his dad. “The only downside is that they were only able to come in tomorrow. And you see, we already had a conference planned a few cities over with some fellow ghost hunters.” 
“Which means?” Danny wasn’t liking where this was going. 
“You get to do it!” His dad pointed a potato-filled spoon at him. “My own son, taking up the helm of Fentonworks!” He wiped away a stray tear. “Feels like just yesterday when we grounded you for missing curfew.”
“That was yesterday,” Danny groaned. “And I can’t. I’ve, uh, got a fear of public speaking?”
“Even better, you get to face your fears! Too bad we never found that hazmat of yours, it would’ve been perfect.” His dad frowned. “Or not, you’ve had a pretty big growth spurt.”
“Mom, you can’t be serious too, right?” Danny tried for the more reasonable parent. “I’ve never given a tour.”
That they know of.
“Oh sweetie, I’m sure you’ll do great. You’ve grown up on our tech since you were born!” His mom seemed to have already made up her mind about it. “Who better to do it?” 
“Will you unground me?”
“Is that a yes?” 
Danny sighed. “I guess.”
His mom grinned from ear to ear. “Good! Now, we’ve decided to stow away the more dangerous-”
Danny listened halfheartedly, keeping mental note of his own plans. If he was going to do this again, then he had to make sure it was completely safe. He’d have to put the portal to sleep temporarily so it wouldn’t open, but it would be best if he wanted to avoid any accidents. 
He momentarily considered calling Sam and Tucker for help, but pushed it away when he realized it would look suspicious if anyone from the day before saw him with them again in human form. 
It was just him, a group of strangers, and Fenton tech. What could go wrong?
Jackie had gathered a series of notes since her stay at Amity. For one, the population was quite nonchalant for being under constant attack. For another, their resident ghost hero was not like the rest. 
Putting it simply, Phantom was fucking weird.
She wasn’t one to wholeheartedly believe everything the Fentons said, one of those claims being that ghosts were unfeeling and mindless. She knew that was false based on the multiple eyewitness accounts and video evidence she had gathered of the Amity Park ghosts. They definitely had their own thoughts, feelings, values, and passions. 
They weren’t inhuman monsters, but they also weren’t entirely human either. They didn’t need human functions, they had supernatural abilities, and they had their own society. They were also fixed on the time period at which they died. 
Sydney Poindexter still talked like someone from the sixties, and the more ancient ghosts stayed rooted to their own cultures. It made sense, that’s how it should be. They were trapped in time while the world kept going. 
Except for one. That’s where Phantom came in. 
Though there was some flimsy evidence of him having existed for centuries, Jackie suspected he died around the time Amity became ghost central. That was two years ago. He should’ve stuck to the slang and the trends of the time, but he didn’t. 
Everything he did contradicted his kind. He evolved, he knew current trends and jokes. Phantom didn’t struggle to keep up with modern society like the others did. He didn’t awkwardly stick new words into phrases like Technus, or struggle to remember words like Yungblud. 
She’d gathered it all and compared it while he had given them the tour. It was the entire reason she had gone in the first place, when she could honestly have just asked her cousins to show her around. Jackie wanted to observe and make discoveries.
And she did, many of them. 
Phantom acted as naturally as a human did when he was around them. He sat firmly in the driver's seat, he blinked, and most importantly, he breathed. He hadn’t at first, she was sure of it. But after a while, she noticed his chest rising and falling, as if he’d forgotten he wasn’t supposed to do it. 
His explanation about the coffee made no sense either. He said it had no function, that he only drank it for the taste. But unlike the other ghosts, Phantom could look tired. He hid it under a veneer of cockiness during the fights, but closer up, she could see the eye bags. 
He drank coffee like someone who was running on little sleep, when again, ghosts weren’t supposed to sleep. In the videos she’d gathered, he would have multiple different caffeinated drinks throughout the day. It wasn’t just coffee. He drank Red Bull and Monster, both of which were absolutely not satisfying in taste at all. At least not to her.
Most damning of all was his picture. She’d read somewhere that flash photography often revealed strange things in supernatural environments. Jackie hadn’t thought much of it, but tried the trick anyway out of habit. 
What she ended up with was a photo where Phantom’s eyes looked closer to icy blue than his typical neon green. She could attribute it to his ice powers, but these looked duller and more humane. 
Phantom was an enigma. He was friendly, and somewhat snarky. He had the charm his hero persona warranted, but he was also entirely too human. It was unnerving.
It was wrong. 
Something was off with Phantom, and the part of her that loved a mystery wanted this one solved. There had to be a reason why her cousin scowled whenever the ghost was brought up, why he talked to her about so many other aspects of Amity Park, but not about Phantom. 
It was what led her to convincing her dad, an avid supporter of the Fentons’ inventions, to call in a favor. She rarely liked to use her family’s wealth to her advantage, but she needed more information, and there was only one group of researchers in this town who were willing to give it. The GIW was out of the question. 
It was meant to be simple and relaxing. She’d even invited the two guys from the Amity Park Tours, Nick and Adrien, after they hit it off. Jackie would go in, ask her questions, and leave. That was it. 
Except, she had made a new discovery, and it was that Danny Fenton was fucking weird too. 
Somehow, he managed to be more unnerving than Phantom. He really shouldn’t have been, not when he was so lanky and seemed pretty harmless overall. Although he was giving them the tour in place of his parents, he had opted to stay in casual wear, donning an oversized black hoodie, some loose jeans, and some red converse. 
He looked more like he belonged in a skate park if she was being honest. She tried telling herself that to push away the discomfort, but it hardly made a difference. 
The same went for his personality. He was pretty funny, and somewhat dorky, but he also always seemed on edge. She’d always thought that your own home is where you should feel the safest, but he very much contradicted that. He was the type to check his corners when he entered a room, and held a tightness to his posture even when he seemed slack. 
Danny was currently leading them down to his basement, where most of the magic apparently took place. He did the same thing as before when they crossed the threshold, looking side to side, then up and down. 
When the coast was clear, he nodded to himself and turned to them with a grin. “Right, so we’ve introduced ourselves upstairs. Anything else you want me to know? Specifically, are any of you scared of needles, sharp tools, otherworldly fluids, or anything along those lines?”
“Um, all of the above?” Adrien answered. “But I’ll put it aside for science and cry later.”
“Disassociation, love that.” Danny nodded. “Well, my parents didn’t exactly tell me what you were most interested in seeing, so I decided we would just do a general sweep. Maybe check out the Ops Center if that’s what you’re into.”
He pointed his finger upwards and Jackie balked. “That’s what that giant UFO thing attached to the roof is? How’d you even convince the city to let you install it?”
“Convince is a strong word,” he grimaced. “More like, we just kept ignoring their warnings and eventually they gave up once it actually ended up being useful.” Danny shrugged. “I honestly don’t know how my parents manage to get away with half of the things they do, but I do know how their tech works, so-”
He led them over to the first item lined up for them, a giant dream catcher with a green and black color scheme. 
“This,” Danny started. “Is the Fenton Ghost Catcher.” 
He proceeded to explain its function, answering their questions with ease. All the while, Jackie noticed how he seemed to keep his distance from the contraption. Sure, she understood why caution was necessary in a lab, but from the sound of it, the Ghost Catcher was relatively harmless. 
All it was meant to do was pull out a ghost from an overshadowed human, or target any ecto-contamination that one might have. It wouldn’t hurt a person who accidentally stuck their hand inside. The worst it would do was nothing at all. 
Yet, it might as well be a loaded gun with the way Danny was treating it. The behavior continued when they moved onto the next item, which sounded just as harmless as the last. It looked intimidating, easily being the biggest machine in the room, but it ended up being more of a disruptor than an actual weapon. 
“The name’s honestly not all that great. Dad said he would get around to changing it, but, well, it hasn't happened yet.” Danny grimaced. “It’s called the Ecto-Stoppo-Power-Erfier. And can you guess what it does?”
“Blasts ghosts into a million pieces?” Nick suggested.
Danny blanched. “Um, no but….good guess? It temporarily stops a ghost from accessing their powers. My parents meant for it to work on all of them, but after trial and error, they found out that it’s more unpredictable. It might cut off their ectoblasts, but they can still fly. Or vice versa.” He shrugged. “Honestly, a lot of their inventions are a surprise. They don’t always do exactly what was intended, but they’re still more advanced than nearly every other ghost hunting organization you’ll come across.” 
“Why do you think your parents are so much more ahead of everyone else?” Jackie hadn’t meant to let the question slip out, but she was genuinely curious. In her own research she’d realized that despite how silly the Fentons seemed, they were legitimate geniuses. No one did it quite like them.
Danny seemed to agree, a fond smile crossing his features. It was the first time since being around him that the slight chill in his eyes seemed to clear away completely. 
“I think they’re not afraid to go places others don’t even try going into,” Danny confessed. “They don’t care about looking silly or being wrong. They know they can just try again, that it’s better to be wrong than to not have tried at all. They’re pretty creative with their stuff honestly.”
Jackie nodded. “Makes sense.”
“I’ve got one!” Adrien smiled when he got called on. “You said this one doesn’t completely remove the ghost powers like it was intended to. How come it doesn’t? And why do some of the others not work either?”
“Oof, getting deeper here.” Danny paused. “Okay, keeping in mind I’m definitely not smart like my parents, and this is all just me guessing. One thing my parents have is that they know a lot about ghosts physically, but not mentally. What goes on up here-” He tapped the side of his head. “Is super important. Their obsession, how death has affected their psychology, or just how their mental state affects their powers in general. You have to take it all into account.” He waved at the power blocking machine. “Like this here. I don’t think it actually physically gets rid of a ghost’s powers.”
Jackie’s eyes widened. “It’s a mental block.”
He nodded. “Exactly. They’re still there, they just can’t access them. It’s why I think it doesn’t cancel them out completely. Some powers are just like muscle memory and you don’t really have to think about them once you know. Others require a lot more mindfulness.” 
“So if the Fentons knew this, they could improve their inventions so they would be more accurate,” Nick observed.
“Then how come you know and they don’t?” Jackie couldn’t help but think Danny sounded like he was speaking from personal experience.
That odd glint was back in his eye again. Wariness. 
“My parents don’t exactly believe in theories like this. They’re things you’d have to figure out by talking to a ghost,” Danny said. “And they wouldn’t be exactly thrilled if they realized I talked to the one they hate the most.”
“Phantom,” Adrien whispered. “I totally forgot you’re the one that lent him your parents’ SUV.”
“Yup.” Danny didn’t seem too thrilled to elaborate. “Anyway, this next thing is called the anti-creep stick. Any guesses what it does?”
It looked like a regular bat to Jackie.
“Does it electrocute ghosts? Rip their souls out of their body?” Nick gasped. “Turn them into Jell-o?”
“Okay, maybe you’re creative too.” Danny snorted. “It’s just a bat with the word Fenton on it, I was just messing with you.”
While the other boys laughed, Jackie wondered how they didn’t notice the obvious avoidance tactic Danny was using. There was something there, something they were getting close to that made Danny uncomfortable. She figured she’d poked around enough for now, but she kept her guard up as they walked.
Danny led them over to the rest of the inventions he had laid out for them, all pretty interesting if Jackie was being honest. But more interesting to her were his mannerisms. He was extremely expressive, his whole face an open book and his arms moving in wide arches. 
There was also a tendency there to downgrade himself slightly. Every intelligent remark would be quickly followed by a ridiculous joke or pun, and his otherwise tall height was hidden away by the heavy slouch of his shoulders. They were things that could be easily attributed to shyness, but Jackie didn’t think that was the case.
It was like he was doing it on purpose, like he had all these brittle attempts laid out to try and hide anything out of place. It made it tough for her to pinpoint it, but she knew some things were off. She didn’t know what, couldn’t place her finger on it…
“Look Jackie, I think this is the ghost portal.” Adrien’s whisper caught her off guard. She was so lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t even realized her feet were following behind the group. 
When she looked up, she saw what he was talking about. It was a large metallic doorway with black and yellow stripes going across it diagonally. It loomed above them, and even closed, she could feel heavy energy emanating from behind it. The boy’s beside her stared at it in awe, and she couldn’t help doing the same.
“Can we see what’s on the other side?” She blurted out. 
When she looked, she saw Danny shake his head. “No can do, sorry. I put it on sleep mode specifically for the tour of the lab. The moment I open it, some ghost is bound to come in.”
“What if we turned it off?” Nick suggested. “Just to take a look inside.”
Danny stiffened, expression taking on a darker quality. Jackie swore she felt the temperature drop a few degrees. 
Adrien’s shivering form beside her confirmed it. 
“Doing that would be a huge hazard,” Danny responded, sounding like he was forcing the words out through clenched teeth. “I can’t do that. I can’t…” He sighed and tried again. “It’s dangerous. But I can show you a 3D model of what it looks like when it’s on? It’s over on this computer.”
None of them denied the offer, Adrien specifically seeming all too eager to get rid of the tense air. From her position, Jackie was able to inspect Danny’s side profile, body going numb when she finally found what exactly had made her tick.
Danny was a very expressive person, from head to toe. But looking back on it, and seeing him now, she noticed there was an odd pattern. In between all those gestures and nervous habits, he had moments where he was completely still. Unnaturally still. 
Subtly eyeing his chest from her peripheral vision, Jackie realized he wasn’t breathing. He couldn’t be, not when he was making such a great effort to resemble a marble statue. The only thing moving was his hand on the computer mouse, and his eyes as they flitted across the screen.
Even that didn’t match though. Everything joint down was turning, but the rest of his arm was completely still. And his eyes, they were moving, but something was missing.
They weren’t blinking. 
Feeling a sense of deja vu, Jackie itched to ask the one question she hadn’t been able to the previous day. “Yesterday, Phantom told us that it’s rude to ask a ghost about how they died.”
Danny hummed, clicking open a folder and pulling up a multi dimensional model of the portal, but with a churning mass of green where it was now metal. 
“And see, I’m really curious about something.” Jackie could feel both Adrien and Nick’s eyes pinning her from either side. “There’s no ghosts around, and with the portal disabled, there won’t be any time soon. So, I’ve been meaning to ask you…”
Nick made a neck slicing gesture beside her but she ignored it. 
“How did Phantom die?” She blurted out. 
This time, she was certain she wasn’t imagining the rapid chill. Her breath fogged in front of her, goosebumps crawling all along her arms. Danny stopped moving altogether, and had she blinked, she would’ve missed the moment when his eyes flashed a colder blue. 
It wasn’t in her head. The eyes in the picture, they were the exact ones that were facing her now. 
Wait, when had he turned to face her? 
Jackie’s lungs suddenly felt like they had filled with water, and she stepped back. Still, Danny’s eyes bore into hers, pupils shrunken so intensely that his iris almost seemed made up entirely of blue. She didn’t know how to react, what to say to make him seem less like he was going to rip into her any minute. 
Nick’s hand abruptly shot over to grasp onto her arm, as if he were ready to jump in front of her any second. The movement seemed enough to snap Danny out of whatever trance he was in, body slowly relaxing from its stock straight position. 
“I don’t know. He’s a ghost, he doesn’t exactly advertise that information.” Danny’s form seemed to blur for a moment, forcing Jackie to squint just to look at him. “But I’d prefer it if you didn’t ask me a question like that again.” 
“Why?” Adrien chuckled nervously beside her. “It’s not like there’s a ghost here, right?” 
“We’re in Amity.” Danny reverted back to looking more normal, shoulders slouched as they were before. At least, it was what Jackie thought, up until his lips curled back in a grin. “Always assume there’s a ghost around.” 
There was no denying that his canines could tear through skin. 
“Thank you, I’ll leave a five star on Yelp!” Adrien laughed hysterically at his own joke, waving frantically back at Danny as all three of them rushed down the front steps of Fentonworks. 
Jackie threw her own polite thank you and goodbye as a precaution, snapping her head forward as they quickly walked away. She could sense that Nick was bursting with the urge to say something, but she sent him a warning glare, daring him to open his mouth before they were completely out of earshot. 
It wasn’t until they had rounded the block corner that she led them both onto the steps of a stranger’s house and groaned. “I wasn’t the only one that thought that was freaky, right?” 
“It wasn’t just you.” Nick was leaning forward, hands on his knees. “That was so confusing. Like one second he was really nice and chill, and the next I felt like I was being targeted. What the fuck?” He frowned, shooting her a glare of his own. “And what was that? Were you trying to get us killed?”
“It was only a question!” She crossed her arms defensively. “We didn’t go there to not ask questions.” 
“Holy shit.” Adrien seemed to be in his own world. “Does this mean we got two tours with a ghost?”
“Is that why he was so defensive about Phantom?” Nick’s eyes widened. “They’re afterlife friends or something? But that doesn’t make sense. He can’t be.”
“No, you’re right.” Adrien shook his head, chuckling in little puffs of air. “‘Cause that would be insane. A ghost can’t live with ghost hunters.”
“Yeah, what were we even thinking?” Nick huffed, standing up straight. “And walking into a lab like that so casually? Doesn’t make sense.”
Jackie bit her lip, not quite sure about that. 
Something was beginning to take shape in her head. It was a thought so ridiculous, so out there, that she didn’t feel bold enough to say aloud. It wouldn’t make sense, would make her seem like the crazy one. It just wasn’t possible.
Even as she tried convincing herself, another part whispered, “But what if it is?”
“Shit, my mom’s here to pick us up.” Nick stopped wherever he was in the conversation to look behind him, where a honking sound had rung. “You want a ride with us, Jackie?”
“No, no I’m good. My mom’s picking me up too.” She smiled, trying her best to appear more put together. “Thank you though.”
“Hey, no problem. Thanks for inviting us over with you today.” Nick looked over again at another honk. “Just text us whenever okay? It was cool meeting you.” 
“Same here.” Jackie waved to both of them, noting that Adrien still seemed the most out of it. 
Whatever conclusion he decided on, she hoped he would be okay. Perhaps she could check in on him later, make sure that he wasn’t losing his mind nearly as much as she felt she was losing hers. 
Jackie waited for the pair of friends to get into the car before pulling out her own phone. She was only there for another few days, destined to leave the crazy city of Amity behind eventually. She could forget her past few days there had ever even happened, that it was just a regular tourist visit to any regular city. 
Jackie could, but it wasn’t in her nature. She was a Weston after all.
Determined despite her shaking fingers, she dialed a familiar number and waited for the voice on the other line to answer. 
After a few rings, she heard a monotone “hi” and the shuffling of papers. 
“Hey Wes.” Jackie checked around her, making sure she was completely alone. “Can we sneak out of your place today? I need you to help me investigate something.” 
“Depends.” He sighed. “Is it worth me getting grounded over?”
“Maybe. Yes.” She took a deep breath. “I need you to help me figure out the connection between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom. I have an idea but…I want to make sure before saying it.”
The shuffling on the other end went completely still. “You figured it out?”
“That they’re….” She didn’t need to finish the statement. 
“Yeah. You did!” There was the screeching of a chair and choked out laughter. “Forget that. I have all the proof compiled here. I never thought I would see the day when someone-shit.” More laughter. “Come straight to my room once you and Aunt Maddie get back.”
“What’re you gonna show me?” She fidgeted, catching her mom’s car approaching.
“Everything.” Wes’ voice grew conspiratory. “All the proof you’ll ever need to prove Phantom and Fenton are one and the same.”
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twistnet · 28 days ago
man in a red suit [ matt murdock ]
CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN PROMPT ─ day 21 [ “tis the season?” ]
WARNINGS ─ female!reader, slight angst [ mentions of break-ins ] + general fluff
[ christmas countdown masterlist ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you awoke to the sound of a crash resounding from your living room. sitting up in your bed, you slipped out from under the blankets. nervously feeling around for something with a bit fo weight -- opting for the bedside lamp.
as quietly as possible, you exited your bedroom, lamp poised over your shoulder as you peaked around the around leading into the living room. aside from the overturned table you had seated in front of the large window that lead to your fire escape, you found nothing else.
until a groan sounded from the other side of your couch. hesitantly, you made your way around the piece of furniture, finding a man dressed in a red suit laying face first down on your rug. blood seeping into the hairs -- how you were going to explain that was a mystery to you, but at the moment, the man laying on the floor was more the issue.
“this isn’t my apartment, is it?” the man spoke from the floor, voice muffled and aspirated. you set the lamp down, kneeling down next to him, “no, and it’s probably why you kicked the hell out of you end table on entry.” he chuckled, muttering something about putting furniture in front of fire escapes as you looked him over, eyes falling to the horns pointing up from his mask.
“aren’t you that... devil man, who’s been running around here lately?” you question, hearing him sigh as he sat up from his position, “no. i’m santa clause.” his words laced with sarcasm as he pushed himself to his feet, causing you to frown and scoff, “well, in that case... i’ll leave you be.” you stood, fully intending on making your way back to your bed to sleep an extra few hours, “you know where the window is. maybe you’ll actually be able to find your apartment this time.”
a pained groan stopped you in your tracks, “i... apologize. i stumbled into your apartment and am being a bit of an ass.” you chuckled, crossing your arms over your chest, “that’s one way of putting it... and it’s fine. i know the holidays can be tiring, and i’m sure they have been for you.”
it hadn’t been any less of the truth, as it seemed more crime had always happened during the holidays -- more theft than anything but it was always used as cover for those that wanted something bigger.
the man nodded, “it’s been... cheerful.” joining in on your laughter as he flexed his shoulder, “but it seems i have overstayed my welcome. i’ll head out now.” he moved back towards the window, your hand coming to rest on his bicep in efforts to stop him, “just use the front door, that is how santa delivers gifts to those in apartments.”
he smiles, and while you can’t see the rest of his face, you somehow know it reaches his eyes, “is that so? well... when you put it that way.” he walks with you to the door, taking note of the extra bit of security you seemed to have installed at your door as it swings open. he steps over the threshold, pausing momentarily to turn back your direction, “tis the season?”
you force back your laughter, biting at your lip as you nod, “tis the season, devil of hell’s kitchen.” you glance away for a brief moment, turning back to bid him goodbye, only to find him gone and no longer in the hallway.
the next morning is a rush of preparing as you gather things to head over to a family get together. the glass dish of food almost falling from your arms when you go to lock the front door. a hand reaching out to grab it before it hits the floor.
looking up, you find a man with red tinted glass holding the dish out to you with a gentle smile, “almost lost this. don’t want you catching heat this holiday.” he utters kindly as you thank him profusely. the two of you chat as you head for the elevator, separating the minute you exit the building and go your separate waits.
it’s not until hours later that you realize something --  that man seemed awfully familiar, yet you couldn’t put a finger on what it could be.
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quindolyn · 9 months ago
Could you do a marauders x reader fluff?? Like a poly relationship and it’s like Valentine’s Day or sumthing love ur writing <3
Armfuls of Sunshine || Poly!Marauders
Word Count: 2365
A/N: It’s not really valentines day in the fic or any holiday like that, it’s just that swim weather is setting in for me and I want a lazy day at the lake with the boys so this is completely self indulgent. I know I haven’t been writing a lot I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed and I wish I could say that this is a sign that my life is mellowing out but I’m afraid that it is actually to the contrary. In summary, don’t get your hopes up
Warnings: hastily written, tired while written, fem reader, kisses, lake day so reader is wearing a swimsuit, mentions of Remus’ body image issues and allusions to Sirius’ past abuse from his parents
You closed your eyes, leaning your head back to rest against Sirius’ shoulder who sat behind you with you between his legs. Sitting by the Black Lake he was shirtless, you adorned only in a modest two piece swimsuit leaving the skin of your belly exposed so that Sirius could trace shapes along the soft skin. With your back pressed to his chest and the sun’s rays hitting your front you were surrounded by warmth, like a nice little cocoon you were tucked into. 
With your head against his shoulder you left the side of your neck open, vulnerable, allowing him to drip down wordlessly and brush his lips over the delicate skin before finding your sweet spot on the back of your neck and nipping lightly, his hands moving to grip your hips so you couldn’t squirm out of the hold he had on you.
“Siri!” You giggled, feeling Sirius grin into the side of your neck, getting just the reaction out of you that he had wanted.
“Shhh Puppy,” He whispered condescendingly in your ear, “Gotta be quiet, can’t wake up Jamie,” He nodded his head over to your right where just mere inches from you laid the slumbering boy, all messy black curls, hazel eyes, and with a physique that had you weak in the knees every time you saw him.
Currently his back was on display for you as he laid on his stomach, his hands resting beneath his forehead acting as a pillow, you admired the way the sunlight illuminated his skin and you could see the muscles subtly shift under that skin as he breathed deeply in his sleep.
Watching him, you became aware of just how hot the sun had gotten in the hour or so the three of you had been lounging out there, waiting for Remus to finish up his prefect duties so that the four of you could go cool off in the water together. 
“We should wake him up, Siri,” You voiced, lifting yourself slightly from his lap in attempts to wake up James but quickly strong hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you back down to the spot between his muscled thighs.
“Oh come on baby, you don’t wanna do that, you know how grumpy the baby gets when you wake him up from a nap,” He murmured this mockingly into your neck, hoping that the boy he spoke of wouldn’t be able to hear him but as James let out a disgruntled groan and began to fidget you knew he was waking up.
Ignoring Sirius’ snarky remark, you leaned forward once more, this time Sirius’ hands just keeping a steady hold on your hips while making no effort to pull you back.
“Hey baby,” You crooned, supporting your weight on one hand pressed firmly to the ground while the other moved to bury itself deep in James’ locks, scratching with your nails the way you know he liked on his scalp, smiling at the content grunt the boy let out at your ministrations.
Gazing down at him you let your eyes scan his back once more, frowning as you noticed the slight pink tinge beginning to taint his skin, a precursor to what could be a wicked sunburn if not properly prevented. Letting your hand slip from his scalp you ran it down his neck and down his back, he was warmer than he should’ve been, it wasn’t just ‘laying in the sun’ kinda warm it was ‘beginning to fry’ kinda hot.
“Jamie,” You muttered again, louder this time so that you might be able to get more of his attention, “Jamie, wake up.”
“Hmmm?” He hummed, turning onto his side so that he was facing you, eyes slowly blinking open, squinting as they were flooded with the harsh light of the warm sun. He scooched himself so that he was still lying on his side but so that his head was resting against the hard planes of Sirius’ thigh, nuzzling into the soft skin half covered by his swim shorts which stopped at his mid thigh.
“You’re starting to get sunburned Jamie, can’t have our pretty boy getting hurt,” You explained to him the reason for your disturbance, returning your hand to his hair as he inched up the material of Sirius’ shorts to press kisses to his leg.
You felt Sirius shiver from behind you at the contact of James’ pretty lips on some of his most sensitive skin and you found his hand, interlacing your fingers to give him a squeeze.
“But the sun feels good,” James countered between kisses pressed to Sirius’ leg, not going higher or lower, just dancing around the circumference, tracing where the bottom of the shorts would usually sit.
“I know it does,” You agreed, gazing down at one of your three beautiful boys, “But how about you lay on your back for a little bit, let your tummy get some sun and then we’ll put on more sunscreen and hopefully by that time we’re done Rem will be done and we can go in the water.”
“Hmph,” James looked up at you, he was positioned in such a way that sunlight danced through his hazel irises, making him appear even more ethereal than usual, his tan skin glowing in the mid afternoon sun. He was the picture of effortless beauty.
It was unfair how easily the boy tanned, it was something Sirius in particular was envious of but as he positioned himself so that his lips were pressed to the shell of your ear, “He’s gorgeous isn’t he?” 
“Breathtaking,” You nodded, only breaking your eyes away from James’ face when his eyes flitted back down to the thigh he used as a pillow, resuming his dusting of feather light kisses. “Just as breathtaking as you are,” Twisting your neck you were nose to nose with Sirius, pale skin stretched across his angular features shimmered beautifully in the sun, like someone had dusted glitter along his skin in his sleep making him look almost god like.
Your eyes flickered from his unnaturally ruby red lips to his grey eyes where you noticed a smear of black makeup beginning at the corner of his eye. You lifted your hand to your mouth, licking the pad of your thumb, before extending out from the corner of the boy’s eye where his eyeliner from earlier was smudged against his porcelain skin. 
Allowing his eyes to flutter closed Sirius leaned into your touch and you felt your heart swell, there had been a point during your relationship with the three men where you reaching for his face would’ve caused him to flinch and back away, and even if your hand had somehow managed to make it to his face he would’ve sat there awkwardly and rigid until you pulled away. 
But this comfort was a demonstration of the trust that had formed, not just between the two of you but all four of you, even if one member was absent at the moment.
“There we go,” You murmured, pulling your hand back to your lap, though Sirius followed it, not wanting to break contact with you until the las possible second.
“Better now?”
Casting your gaze back down at the near comatose form of one of your other boyfriends you frowned as James had still yet to shift so that his back wasn’t exposed to the sun.
Though Sirius pretended not to care as much as you he too noticed the pinkish tint James’ skin was starting to take on. Resting one of his hands, stronger than yours, on James' face he began rubbing small circles on his cheek, occasionally running his fingers through the other boy’s hair to keep it out of his way.
“She’s right Jamesie,” His low baritone sounded, “Don’t need you with a sunburn so roll over for us, can put your head right back in my lap, just want you to be okay.”
“But m’comfy,” The other boy protested into Sirius’ thigh, saliva spilling out onto the hard canvas of muscle.
Knowing that if James wasn’t going to listen to you or Sirius there was one person whose opinion would matter you spoke, “Can’t have Remmy worrying about you Jamie,” You implored gently, “We’re out here to help him relax,” 
You were right, with the full moon in a matter of days Remus had been high strung, constantly fidgeting, lost in his head, spacing out during class while also hyper fixating on the most minute of details. The boy was a tightly wound mess and desperately just needed a relaxing afternoon with his three favorite people. 
If he even had an inkling that one of you was anything other than completely fine he would focus all of his energy in on that, forgetting the real reason you were supposed to be out there together.
It was those words that seemed to reach James and had him turning over onto his back so that the back of his head was now cradled in his hands which were interlocked and resting upon Sirius’ thigh, his strong, muscled legs kicked out underneath him, his ankles crossed.
You allowed your eyes to run up and down James’ impressive form, thighs just as beautiful, but more defined that Sirius’ but hidden behind a pair of coral swim trunks. His abs were without a doubt the most defined out of all four of you, like his thighs this part of his physique could be attributed to countless hours on the Quidditch pitch, training him and his team ruthlessly, pushing every physical boundary. It had obviously paid off as the strong muscles of his biceps and triceps flexed as he had his arms positioned to prop his head up.
Flicking your glance behind you you noticed that Sirius was appreciating the view just as much as you were, and who could really blame you? James was gorgeous, and he was all yours just as the stunnig boy behind you was.
Once again pushing yourself out of Sirius’ lap you used your hands to stabilize your body on the ground, your palms pressed flat against the soft material of the towel that was laid out underneath you so that your face was mere inches above James. You didn’t even bother waiting for him to close his eyes before you were melding your lips with his, closing your eyes in contentment as you felt his lips fall open for yours, his tongue peeking out to trace your soft cushions.
Reaching a hand up to cup your jaw James used it to pull your face down closer towards his. You released a muffled “umph” as you were forced to drop from your hands to your forearms to support yourself comfortably and James gently took your bottom lip between his teeth, nipping gently as he deepened the kiss.
Before you could reciprocate, matching his passion, there were another pair of strong hands wrapping around your waist, pulling you away from James’ lips and out of Sirius’ lap. 
You let out a high pitched shriek at the sudden, unexpected motion and with what appeared to be minimal effort the hold on you shifted from your waist to supporting you under the bend of your knees and the small of your back.
Not being alarmed as the deep laughter that erupted from the figure was not only familiar but reassuring, you rested your head against Remus’ chest, having recognized him instantly. Inhaling deeply the scent of the thin t-shirt he’d thrown on before making his way down to the lake after finishing his prefect duties you knew that it was no doubt either Sirius’ or James’ as the three boys rarely ever wore their own shirts, always preferring each other’s.
“Hi Rem,” You smiled, gazing up at his visage from your place in his arms, you squinted because his head was positioned directly in front of the sun, making it look like there was a brilliant halo glowing around him.
“Hi baby, I missed you,” He cooed down at you, pressing a sweet and simple peck to your puckered lips before rising back up to his full height, still cradling you in his arms.
“You can put me down now Remmy,” You giggled, not satisfied with the brief kiss he’d given you, you clasped his jaw similarly to the way James had yours to bring his lips back down to yours. 
But once again, much to your chagrin, he kept the kiss short, no matter the firm hand you kept on his jaw, perhaps even shorter than the last once before pulling away and setting you down softly on the ground, taking great care to ensure you were balanced before letting go of his hold on you.
“Neither of those were real kisses,” You complained, resting your hand against his chest, your head at a near ninety degree angle to look up at the male who towered over you.
“No?” He asked teasingly.
Rising to the bait you answered, “No.”
“Don’t whine baby,” Sirius chimed in from where he laid, still lounging upon the ground, “Remmy’s had a very exhausting day (Y/N), can’t blame him if his kissing isn’t what it usually is.” 
Pushing himself up off the ground Sirius sauntered over to where you and Rem stood, making a show as he carelessly flinging his arms around Remus’ neck.
“Now come on Remus,” He ordered with a false arrogance, “Carry me to the water!” Letting his head fall back dramatically he stood there expectantly but was met only with Remus’ light laughter as he ducked out from under the smaller boy’s arms. 
“I don’t think so Pads,” Remus said as pulled off his shirt, you grinned at the seemingly unimportant action but just as Sirius trusting you to touch him made your heart soar so did this. Remus proudly and carelessly displaying all of the beautiful scars that decorated his chest made you so proud of the progress the four of you had all made together.
“Get Jamie to carry you,” Once again lifting you into his arms Remus pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose, “Already got my arms full.” 
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jade-parcels · 6 months ago
What if mc went into labour?? O_O
Panik! /(O_O)\
Going into labor
With Xiao, Diluc, Baizhu and Childe
(Same guys as this post)
He’s freaking out more than you are
He’s been around a long time but he hasn’t exactly…watched a birth. Or been by someone’s side for a birth. It sounds horrific, it’s bloody, theres a lot of gore and crying…It’s easy to say it’s not exactly his scene
Xiao loves you and his unborn baby so much!! But he has dreaded the birth since day one. He’s scared for you, he doesn’t like seeing you with a papercut!! Now you’re going to push out a baby??
Xiao knows he can’t deliver this baby so he took you into Liyue Harbor a month before you were due just to be safe! There’s doctors there!!
He wears a calm, collected mask as you hold his hand for support but he’s sweating…sweat is literally trickling down his face as he murmurs encouragements to you, trying to avoid making eye contact with the doctor because that’s just another level of stress on his shoulders
Every time you flinch, cry out or sob, he’s there. Xiao will even get in the bed with you if you want him to, you have him wrapped around your finger “You are so brave…I am…I am so proud of you” he tells you, trembling right beside you “Just a few more pushes, okay? You’ve got this” he counts with you, breathes with you, holds you, he’s there to support YOU and be whatever you need him to be!
Once the baby is presented to you, he steps away, not wanting to hold the baby right away. He’s still shaking and his arms feel like noodles, his heart is absolutely pounding…But he feels relieved. You’re safe and the baby is healthy. He’ll kneel beside you and the baby to say a prayer of thanks to Rex Lapis for keeping his family safe :’)
You’re about to have the most lavish birth a person could have
Midwives, maids, candles, warm or cool cloths for your face, imported extra strength painkillers, the whole nine yards
Diluc is not messing around, he wants this to be a smooth, painless (well, as painless as it can be) experience for you. He has interviewed your midwives and staff personally and background checked every one of them
He has planned it all out with you but when the time comes, he freezes up and panics. Never in a million years would he have predicted this! He’s always been so collected in stressful situations but how can one be calm right now??
Labor takes hours and the entire time he’s stressing. The midwife will probably have to step in and send him away for go get some air cause oh my gosh, he’s stressing everyone out with his nervous Nelly behavior!!!
When he comes back and it’s time to push, he’ll help you into whatever position you want. Standing, sitting, laying down you name it, he’s there to help you in any way he can
And once the baby is in your arms…He’s a a sniffling mess! You’ve never seen him cry this way, sniffling and hiccuping with a huge grin on his face “I-I just can’t believe it” he’ll choke out “I love you so much- thank you- thank you for everything”
He’ll be shaking from leftover stress all night, constantly checking in on you and the baby. Diluc may be a bit overbearing but cut him some slack…he’s a new dad with loss/abandonment issues 0-0
He is READY!!!!
You two have has a written birth plan for months now so he follows it exactly. He assists you to your shared bedroom, gets you changed out of your clothes and into a baggy nightgown for comfort. He makes you lay down so he can get all of the equipment he needs
He’ll send Qiqi away, telling her to go to Gui’s house to get him just in case he needs an extra set of hands amidst the general chaos of birth
You still have hours to go before the baby is actually born but time flies when you have someone so kind and attentive by your side. His presence is calming and he uses his vision to grant some healing to you which in this case is just pain relief
Baizhu alternates between laying with you and getting you up to walk around to get labor started
Gui will arrive and hours later, hours of sweating, pushing, crying, promises of “you’re almost there honey, just a few more minutes”…Now your baby is here
Baizhu is quick to cut the cord and wash off your bundle of joy, bringing them over to set on your chest
Now that he’s no longer in doctor mode…he’s quite speechless :’) he’s just overcome with joy. He basks in this moment and thanks the archons that he was able to be here for this :’)
Ajax took time away from work to be present for your birth!! He took you to his family home! You’ll be supported by his loving mother and older sisters. They’ll all be present to make sure everything goes smoothly
Ajax is overjoyed! He’s so excited to meet his baby :’) he is right there to hype you up! Whenever you feel scared or nervous, he’s right there with his optimism and sweet encouragement “Sweetheart, you’ve fought a ruin hunter with a dull blade and a bucket! This will be easy as pie, I promise you”
He’ll make you do squats and walk up and down the hallway so gravity will pull the baby down so you won’t have to push as much or as hard
Ajax isnt even nervous himself. Sure, in the back of his mind he knows there’s plenty of risks but he just doesn’t believe anything bad will happen. You’re so strong, he has his family here to help, he’s here to support you the entire way!!! He’s ready to meet his baby!!
Your birth is a noisy one, youve got like 5 people in the room with you telling you to push, relax, ‘it’ll be okay’, breathe!! Ajax is right there to hold your hand and brush your hair off your sweaty face
When he sees the baby for the first time he dissolves into a sobbing mess lmao it is not pretty. He wraps his arms around you as you hold the baby, crying into your shoulder, thanking you for being so strong, so beautiful
He’s said it one hundred times but he tells you again that he’d do anything to protect his family. He’s so grateful to you for bringing your baby into the world :’)
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randoimago · a month ago
Stay With Me
FANDOM: Arcane
Character(s): Viktor
Type of Request: Oneshot, Self Indulgent, Fluff
Word Count: 880
Note(s): I have had Viktor brain rot since I watched Arcane and I had to write something for him. I did my best to keep this gender neutral. 
Tumblr media
“I’m not leaving until you do,” I stated with my arms crossed to show how serious I was with my statement. 
It was late and the academy was empty. Well almost empty. A certain someone ended up not leaving and stayed to continue working on some new thing that would help ease the burden of daily tasks. Viktor just gave me a look at my statement.
“You should go home and rest,” Viktor told me and I couldn’t help laughing at that.
“Like you’re one to talk.”
“Well pull up a chair then,” he had given a shrug  at my words but didn’t disagree. At least he knows that he’s a workaholic. I did as he said, grabbing the comfy chair that Jayce rarely used anymore now that he’s stuck doing counsel stuff instead of science stuff.
I moved the chair to where Viktor was hunched over a workbench. I sat down as he was taking notes while working on something.
“What are you doing?” I asked as I sat down in the chair.
“Finding more ways to help with mining. While the gauntlets help, they won’t be able to keep many safe if the wrong spot is hit in the mines and a tunnel collapses. I’m trying to come up with a device that will tell how structurally sound the walls are,” he explained.
“That way they don’t hit a place that’s too weak and cause a cave in?” Viktor gave a nod as I kept up. 
“The issue is doing this without testing. And the last thing we need is to risk lives while trying to develop this so it’s just one more thing on the backburner.” Viktor sighed at that as he massaged his scalp before looking at me. “Are you really going to stay with me?” He questioned. 
“Interesting phrasing.” He rolled his eyes at my statement and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw a small blush cross his face. “But yeah I am. Hopefully it will guilt you into going home because I’m tired.” Viktor scoffed at that.
“I’m used to Jayce guilt tripping me into stupid situations to not fall for yours.” I gave a shrug at that. I did feel better about my words when I saw the amused expression on Viktor’s face.
I continued to stay in that chair while Viktor worked, occasionally asking questions and listening to his answers. He was explaining something to me when I started to nod off. Viktor chuckling is what led me to sleep.
“Morning sleepy head!” I groaned as light poured into the lab. My eyes opened to see Jayce looking too happy as he opened the curtains in the lab.
“I told him you were sleeping in hopes he’d leave you alone. It had the opposite effect, unfortunately.” I glanced over as Viktor set a mug in front of me. I leaned forward to grab it, stopping as I noticed a vest starting to fall.
“Did you give me–”
“Aw you gave them your vest so they wouldn’t be cold? Didn’t know you had a romantic side.” Viktor scoffed at Jayce’s words but a blush went onto his face.
“Ignore him.”
“I usually do.”
“Watch it, I’m a counselor now.” Jayce fake threatened us and we all chuckled at that. I sat up, grabbing the vest to hand it over to Viktor. He gave a nod as he took it, starting to put it back on.
“Thank you for that.” I had thanked Viktor but then I thought of what had happened and glared at him instead. “Did you stay here all night?” I hissed, ignoring the chuckling that came from Jayce’s direction at my annoyance.
“No, I went home and left you to sleep in a chair,” Viktor replied in a deadpan before shaking his head. “What happened to being thankful?” He teased me.
“I’m going to go before you start fist fighting.” Jayce gave a wave as amusement stayed on his face and he left the two of us alone. We both ignored him as Viktor continued giving me a teasing look while I tried and failed to keep up my annoyance.
“I did take a break while you slept. I think I fell asleep too but only for an hour or so,” Viktor told me as a way to make me feel better. I sighed at that.
“I should’ve made you go home.”
“But then I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of seeing your face when I woke up.” I now felt myself growing flustered at his teasing. His amusement did change to a softer look as I pouted at him. “I promise that I won’t stay too late tonight.”
“Define too late.”
“I suppose you’ll have to stay up with me again to find out.” I wanted to roll my eyes at him but I stopped myself when I saw a look in his eyes. As if he was asking me to join him tonight as well.
“I suppose I will. But I will walk you to your room to make sure you don’t attempt to go back to the lab instead.” Viktor looked like he was ready to make a counter to my statement but I shot him a look so he just chuckled.
“Very well.”
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buckycuddlebuddy · 10 months ago
peaches: nine [part one]
summary ─ “holy shit,” bucky breathed as he took in the sight before him. “happy fucking birthday to me, indeed.” 
pairing ─ dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, age difference (reader is 21, bucky is 39 40), secret relationship, birthday sex, vaginal sex, lingerie, kissing, pet names, dirty talk, d/s undertones, fluff, oral sex
a/n ─ for our buck’s birthday, i present you a peaches one-shot lol it’s been so long since i wrote them, i missed them sm <33 thank you nonnie for the idea 😌 there you go, part one, 3.9k words lmao hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <333 
(the lingerie is veery similar to this one, by the way. minus the lace beneath the bra part and the string in the middle [attached to the neck] ++ this is the plug)
peaches masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky wasn’t fond of his birthday this year. He was turning 40 and wasn’t exactly happy about it. Every day leading up to his fortieth birthday, he watched himself in his mirror, watched the grays and whites in his beard and hair multiplying and becoming more visible.
Although she said that she loved how they made him look even sexier, Bucky couldn’t help but feel a bit old. The age gap between them wasn’t an issue, they had discussed it before, but he just couldn’t help himself. Now that he was now 40, he felt self-conscious. He was old while she was young ─ 21, to be exact─ and he had grays in his hair and beard and lines on his face─
“Fuck this,” Bucky grumbled to himself as he frowned at his reflection on the mirror. He knew Steve and Sam were planning something for his birthday, they were never slick about it. He also knew his other friends would be there, too, and maybe his sister. He didn’t want to celebrate his birthday this year, but he had no excuse to use.
“Fuck this, Jesus Christ,” he grunted this time. Bucky walked towards his closet and picked out his usual dark jeans, dark gray henley and a black t-shirt to wear beneath. Just as he put on his jeans and pulled his t-shirt on, he heard a bang coming from his living room. He frowned at first, but then chuckled when he heard her voice: “I’m fine!” Bucky shook his head with a smile on his lips. She was the only thing that was going to make his birthday party tolerable, he knew it.
A minute later, she appeared at his bedroom door with his favorite smile on her face. “Sir!” She exclaimed, making him chuckle. “Today is your birthday! How is it feel to be old?” His mood deflating a little, he shrugged.
“I don’t know,” he said, “My back ache decided to take the day off. Ask me again when it comes back.” She laughed. Crossing the threshold, she threw herself on his arms.
“Happy birthday,” she whispered, her hot breath licking his neck and sending shivers down his spine. “I’m glad you’re getting old healthily.” Bucky snorted. “I don’t know what I’m saying, ignore me, please,” she murmured, a whine hidden behind her words.
“’s alright,” Bucky murmured back. “Thank you, peaches.” Giggling silently, she pulled back and looked at him. Bucky swore that none of the women that he used to be with made him feel this way just by looking at him the way she did: All cared about and loved. A smile took over her face, and she lifted herself on her tiptoes. Her soft lips found his gently. His eyes closing, Bucky held her close to him and let her kiss him.
She moaned into the kiss, arms wrapping around his neck while a hand dove inside his hair. Bucky walked blindly towards the nearest flat surface, which was the wall next to his closet, and caged her between his body and the surface. Pulling back for a breath, Bucky moved his lips down to her neck. He kissed her there so gently all the time because it was her sensitive spot: Always got her gasping and whining, and today was no different. He heard her gasp and swallow a whine when she felt his lips on her neck.
A pull on his hair, Bucky lifted his head and captured her lips again. He swallowed all the moans, whimpers and gasps she let out. She felt so good in his arms, in his space, Bucky wanted to keep her forever and not being judged about it.
“Okay, I take it back,” she breathed when Bucky pulled back. “You’re not a old man, okay.” Bucky smirked.
“Oh, baby,” he said. “A kiss is nothing. You should see what I can do with the rest of my body.” She shuddered in his arms, and Bucky tightened his hold on her body.
“I’m aware of the capabilities that your ‘old man’ body has,” she grumbled. Bucky chuckled and lowered her on the ground. She fixed her clothes and hair, trying not to look like she just made out. When she was done, she lifted her head and kissed Bucky on the cheek. “Happy birthday, again,” she whispered. Bucky smiled. She kissed him on the lips one last time and pulled back. “I gotta go. I sneaked out, I was supposed to be helping Papa.” Bucky nodded.
“Alright,” he said. “I’ll see you tonight.” He frowned when she suddenly looked bashful.
“Yeah, I’ll see you tonight.” She smiled and fled. Bucky continued to frown after her, not understanding what just happened.
If Bucky had to be honest, Sam and Steve didn’t go overboard with his birthday party. It was low-key; there was Sam, Steve, Peggy, Sharon, Clint, Thor and her. Rebecca was supposed to be attending, too, but she had a last minute thing about work. She called him in the morning, and they already scheduled a breakfast date/belated birthday party for Saturday. It was nice. The cake had a small card saying ‘happy b-day gramps’, and there was exactly forty candles which Bucky knew it was Sam’s doing. He rolled his eyes playfully. It didn’t sting that much; he knew his friends were just playing with him because almost all of them were around the same age.
Bucky sighed quietly, breathing in the late night’s crisp air deeply, he closed his eyes for a second. He was happy. He had his family he called two days a week, his friends who were bunch of dumbasses but he loved them anyway.
He also had Y/N.
God, Bucky thought, recalling the memory they had about having a future and a family together. He wanted to tell Sam and Steve, but he was truly afraid of their reaction. At the end, they trusted him with their daughter, they thought she saw him as an uncle not as a lover. When their relationship came out, it was going to be a shitshow, Bucky was sure of it. She was worth every trouble, though.
“Hey,” Bucky jumped lightly when he heard her. He beamed and his lips split into a smile.
“Hi,” Bucky said, silently inviting her to be close to him. She inched closer, almost snuggling up at him.
“How did you find your party so far?” She asked, nudging him a bit. Bucky shrugged. He liked it. It was fun and didn’t actually feel like a birthday party; it was more like a comeback together party.
“It was nice,” he ended up saying. “I had fun.” She hummed. “The candles were a nice touch,” he added and got a small laugh out of her.
“Yeah, they were my idea,” she admitted. “Papa loved it, though.” Bucky chuckled.
“Shoulda known,” he murmured. She smiled and snuggled against his arm. It took almost all of his will power to not pull her into his arms and cuddle her right here. He knew he couldn’t do it, not when all of his friends were around let alone her parents.
“Can I come by your place tonight?” She asked. “I wanna give you my gift.” Bucky nodded absently.
“You didn’t have to buy me anything, honey, you know that right?” Bucky said, his voice gentle and low. She nodded and shrugged at the same time. “You can also give me your gift now, too, if you want.” She ducked her head down.
“It’s not that kind of gift, Sir,” she whispered, causing Bucky’s eyes widen. “I prefer to give it to you when we are alone.” Bucky licked his lips, swallowing audibly.
“Alright,” he muttered. “How about 1AM?”
“That’s fine,” she agreed. She kissed his cheek before pulling back, Bucky immediately missed her warmth next to him. “I’ll see you then, Sir,” she said. Bucky nodded.
He felt like he was in for something and he couldn’t wait to figure out what it was.
Bucky returned home quarter to midnight, claiming that he was tired and stuffed full with sugar and its energy was finally wearing off. The others agreed; it was still a week-day at the end and most of his friends were working still.
He took a shower, trying to calm down and kill some time until 1AM. He was eager to see her, to have her company and enjoy it freely. It was hard enough to stop himself kissing her the way he wanted to after he blew his candles off, so some alone would do them good, Bucky knew it.
The more his will power was being tested, the more he thought about coming out clean to Sam and Steve. He didn’t want to hide their relationship. He wanted to take her out on dates without the fear of getting seen by some people Sam or Steve might know. He wanted to hold her hand, cuddle her on the couch or kiss her wherever and whenever he wanted to. He needed to discuss this with her first, though.
Mind full of ideas about how to tell them, Bucky stepped out of the shower and moved onto his kitchen after putting on only his sweatpants (no boxers, either, because they were gonna come off anyway). It was just half past midnight, and he had half an hour to spend by himself until she came. Bucky sighed as he grabbed a glass and filled it with water. He just stood in his dark kitchen, saved from the street lights sizzling inside through the window above the sink, sipping his water in silence.
He must have zoned out because he almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the shy knock on his door. Setting down his glass, Bucky ran towards the door and opened it.
“Hi,” she breathed, quickly stepping inside and letting Bucky close the door behind her. She had casual clothes on, sweatpants and an oversize sweatshirt, but she took his breath away anyway.
“Hi, baby,” Bucky whispered and watched her getting shy delightfully. When he stepped closer to kiss her, she stepped back.
“Um,” she started, “I-I prefer─ with your gift, uh.” Stammering over her words, she played with her fingers. “Give me five minutes, and then come to the bedroom okay?” Bucky opened his mouth protest, but she was quick to shut him up. “Please, Sir?” Exhaling defeatedly, Bucky nodded.
“Alright,” he said, and she disappeared. The curiosity was eating him alive, but he wasn’t about to go and ruin this thing for her. If she wanted to give him a private gift, then she was going to give it to him on her own terms.
Walking back to his kitchen, Bucky fiddled with his half-full glass, playing with the water and sipping it sometimes.
He never knew that five minutes could feel like five centuries.
After his time was up, Bucky walked towards his bedroom, his heart beating faster with each step. The door was ajar. The major lights were off, but she chose to turn on the ones on the sides of his bed, they were dimmed. It gave the room a warmer vibe. His curtains were drawn, and Bucky could pick out the clothes she was wearing when she stepped inside his house. He moved his eyes on his bed, feeling his lungs stopped working, Bucky froze. 
She was in the middle of his bed, sitting on knees. She had red lingerie set on her; the lace design bra was hugging her breasts nicely, the garter belt was around her waist and was attached to the thigh stockings and the matching underwear was carrying the same lace design with the bra. She looked so damn beautiful, Bucky didn’t know how to function.
“Holy shit,” he breathed as he took in the sight before him. “Happy fucking birthday to me, indeed.” She ducked her head down, shy and feeling a little bit self-conscious about her body. Bucky wasn’t going to have that. Not when she looked like a fucking goddess before him. He leaned forward, not getting on the bed, and grabbed her chin gently. Lifting it up, he found her eyes and looked right into them. “You look so beautiful,” he whispered. “I cannot believe you chose me, and you’re givin’ yourself to me as a gift.” She smiled. It was her shy and adorable one, Bucky loved it. “Peaches,” Bucky whispered once more. “You’re gonna give me a heart attack one day.” She chuckled.
“You promised me not to die on me until I’m right behind you, Barnes,” she whispered back, smiling widely. Bucky let out a soft chuckle and fully leaned into kiss her.
The second their lips touched, both of them moaned in relief. It wasn’t the first kiss they had shared that day, but this one was full of promises and things to come in the next few hours. So, Bucky half-climbed on the bed, cradled her face in his hands and kissed her the way he wanted to since the beginning of his party.
Her lips were so soft against his, caressing his slightly chapped ones so nicely, Bucky felt his heart flutter. She vaguely tasted like peaches, and Bucky pulled back just a tad to huff a laugh.
“You taste like peaches,” he whispered. She giggled.
“Yeah, I restocked my lip balm,” she answered and pulled him back into the kiss. Bucky groaned this time. Fully climbing on the bed, leaning over to make her lay on her back, Bucky settled between her legs. The kiss they were sharing went from soft to passionate quickly. Bucky’s hands were traveling all over her body as he tilted his face from side to side so that he could deepen the kiss as he wished.
“God, honey,” Bucky groaned as he lowered his lips to her neck. Kissing and sucking the soft skin there, Bucky rubbed his stubble all over her collarbones. He was about to move south, put his lips on her stomach and maybe give her an appropriate kiss on some place he knew so well, but she pushed him back.  
“My gift, remember?” She said when she saw the confused look on his face. “Lingerie was just a side gift.” Bucky raised his brows as he pulled back a bit more to give her space. She smiled and flipped on her stomach. Her knees drawn up, hands flat on the sides of her head and her face plastered on his pillow, she wiggled her ass.
Her underwear was fucking backless.
“Motherfuck─” Bucky hissed. “What the fuck. Oh my God, peaches, what─” His hands were moving before he could process, grabbing two handful of flesh, Bucky squeezed them. She whimpered. Bucky pulled back one hand and brought it back harshly, slapping her soft flesh, making it burn.
“Oh, fuck,” she whispered as she bit her lip.
“What the fuck─ is this─” Bucky’s eyes zeroed in on the plug nestled between her cheeks. It had a heart shaped base, red jewel adorning it. It looked so pretty, Bucky wanted to leave it just like that, but he also wanted to play with so damn bad. “Sweetheart. Are you sure?”
“Mmhm,” she hummed. “Wan’ you to do it, please, Sir?” She looked at him over her shoulder.
“Ah, fuck,” Bucky whispered to himself. She always begged him so pretty, never left a chance to say ‘no’, and this time wasn’t different. “Alright, baby,” Bucky said. His fingers pressing on the plug, pushing it a bit deeper. She moaned. She lifted her ass even more up in the air, and Bucky felt like he was dreaming.
Even if he was, this was the best dream he ever had, he was fucking sure of it.
Grumbling meaningless things to himself, Bucky grabbed the base of the cute plug. He could see how wet her pussy was, could see it glistening and wetting her inner thighs, and he honestly didn’t know if he wanted her pussy or her ass first.
“How long can you stay?” He asked, voice low. She sighed happily.
“’til seven,” she answered. She was half-slurring. Bucky hummed, knowing that he had a long time ahead of him to play with her properly, he got off the bed to take off his sweatpants. Sliding a finger under the garter belt, Bucky pulled and released it, making it slap her skin. Bucky watched her ass jiggle deliciously as she gasped lightly. He pressed kisses all the way up to her spine and reached into his drawer to pull out condoms. “Mm, no,” she said, “Got an IUD.”
“I’m loving you even more every second,” Bucky said as he dropped the condom back into the drawer, pulling an amused chuckle out of her. Instead of condoms, Bucky pulled out his lube and put it someplace easy to reach. “I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do to you, alright, baby?” She nodded. Placing a kiss on her nape, Bucky took a hold of her hair, pulling it a little.
“First,” he started, “I’m gonna kiss anywhere I want.” Doing as he said; he kissed her neck, her jaw, shoulder blades, spine and her sides. Then, he moved up to kiss her on the lips filthily. This kiss was all about spit and passion and owning, she fucking loved it.
“Then, I’m gonna get you naked,” he whispered. His fingers were quick to find the clip of her bra and undoing it. Sliding the straps of her shoulders slowly, Bucky helped take the bra off. “But I’m gonna keep these,” he said, slapping her ass with one hand while the other one cupped her pussy from the front. She moaned loudly. “The backside of this underwear…” Bucky murmured. “The way your ass looks so damn beautiful in it…” Bucky moved down to bite her ass cheek lightly, making her yelp. “I’m gonna fuck you in it, peaches.”
Dragging one finger all the way from her clit to her plug, Bucky hummed. “I’mma fuck this little thing, first,” he said, inserting two of his fingers into your pussy. “It looks too wet and cute for me to not touch it, y’know,” he added. “But I was thinking maybe I would…” He trailed off as he leaned forward and just licked a fat line up to her plug. She shuddered under his tongue.
“Anything,” she sobbed into his pillow. “Anything you want, Sir, take it!” Chuckling darkly, Bucky did exactly that.
He trailed his tongue up and down, collecting all of her juices that were licking out constantly, licking her inner thighs clean, Bucky pushed his tongue inside of her. She whimpered and wiggled. Bucky was quick to give her a slap on her ass; a warning for her to stay still. She meekly apologized and stopped moving. Bucky slurped, his tongue dove deeper and curved just right. She groaned long and loud, Bucky was so glad that he wasn’t living at an apartment or something.
He pulled back. He was way too impatient for eating her out properly. Grabbing a hold of his cock, he dragged it up and down for a couple times. When he was sure that his dick was covered with her wetness, he slowly inched inside of her.
She gasped, her breath getting stuck on her throat as she fisted the sheets and arched her back. As Bucky slid deeper into her, he felt like was he could explode anytime. She was so tight, so wet and so warm around him, it was like sinking deep into silk sheets in a warm night… It felt so damn good.
“Fuck, Y/N,” Bucky moaned. “You’re tighter than a virgin, I fucking swear,” he grumbled as he leaned forward to cage her body under his. When his hips were flush against her, he stopped for a second. He didn’t want to come too early, but he had been Horny as hell ever since he saw that little plug nestled in its place.
This one was going to be a quick, take-the-edge-off kind of one.
“I’m not gonna last,” Bucky whispered and felt her nod. She was close already, Bucky could feel her walls fluttering around him. His eyes rolled backwards a little when he started to move his hips. Her tight as fuck heat was wrapped around him so damn nicely, Bucky was a little surprised that he hadn’t come as soon as he entered her.
His slow pace didn’t take too long to turn into a desperate, fast and hard one. His hips were slapping against hers, their sweaty skin making obscene sounds echoing in his bedroom. He was so close, so horny, that it really didn’t take him too long to feel his balls tighten. Bucky buried a groan into her neck. His hips were moving on a punishing pace. His hard cock was driving in and out of her pussy with obscene squelching sounds. All those sounds and her moaning and whimpering beneath him were getting to his head real fast. Bucky gasped.
“Sir─” She choked on a breath and gasped just like him. “’m so fuckin’ close, Sir, please!” Her legs were shaking, her chest was heaving and Bucky could feel the flutter of her walls increasing and becoming more intense with each thrust of his.
“God, honey, me too,” he moaned. His pace was halting, he knew he was about to come. Groaning, Bucky slipped his fingers on her front and found her clit. She screamed. “Shit!” Bucky cursed as she came unexpectedly. Her knees buckled with the intensity of her orgasm and she collapsed on the bed with Bucky’s cock still hard and still inside of her. Bucky cursed again, taking a hold of her knees, he spread her legs to her sides. They were quivering in his hands, and he knew she was sensitive, but he was right fucking there. Lying fully on top her, Bucky started to move his hips again. It was a filthy and only focused on chasing his orgasm kind of pace, this time.
“Oh, fuck, Sir!” She exclaimed, eyes widening. Bucky was in deep. He was in so deep, her walls were so tight─
“Shit,” Bucky cursed. “Fuck, oh, God, ah, fuuck─!” The delirious movements of his hips stopped. His balls tightened, cock twitched in her and he came. Eyes rolling backwards, Bucky groaned loud and long. His taut muscles going lax, his hot breath licking her over-heated body and her tightness was still hugging his poor cock so nicely.
“God, Bucky, what the fuck,” she panted. Bucky hummed. He rubbed his stubble-covered jaw on her shoulder affectionately. Easing off of her, Bucky dropped himself next to her and pulled her into his arms to cuddle. “My legs won’t stop quiver.”
Bucky snorted. “You’re welcome,” he grumbled. She rolled her eyes but stayed quiet, burrowing herself deeper into her lover’s arms. Their eyes were closing, they were tired and much needed orgasm had loosened up their tensed muscles. “Round two in an hour,” Bucky slurred. “Gonna play with you.”
She just hummed and closed her eyes.
A little energy nap would do them good, she knew it.
[part two will be up soon!]
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catintheruemorgue · 10 months ago
annoying things they do
summary: small things these guys do that just grinds your gears a bit.
characters: oda, dazai, kunikida, twain, akutagawa, atsushi, mori, poe, ranpo, fittzgerald, steinbeck, chuuya, yosano, gin, kouyou, higuchi, alcott and lucy
these are all based off things i do or have inconvenienced my life lmfao i’ll probs do a part two with everyone i missed this just got wayyy to long lol next im posting being friends with double black 
If you're wearing shorts and have bruises he will poke them when you're resting your legs on him. He’s silent about it too and if you yell at him he pretends to act like he doesn't know what you're talking about.
Will smack your sunburn but this one is actually an accident. He just wanted to pat you on the back because you're amazing.
Will space out when you talk too long, sometimes certain objects are just so… mesmerizing
Loves to jumpscare you the only exception is if it was a trigger. In that case he will just call your name and whip something at you for you to catch at random.
When you're driving he likes to reach over and honk your horn. It's almost caused so many roadside fistfights.
If he sees a dog in public he will bark and growl at it.
Won’t let you on the bed without socks on. You could be sick as a dog and he’ll still enforce this rule.
Cleaning is hard because he has a hard time throwing things away. You'll spend extra time as he holds two identical pens, trying to decide which one he wants to keep. He’s learned to plan certain days in his schedule for cleaning now.
Won't let you turn up the music in the car and will keep it at a level that's so low it's annoying.
Walks around the house shirtless but then complains about how cold it is.
Blasts his music so loud when he wakes up in the morning and it's always early 2000’s hits. It's not rare for you to have Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield stuck in your head by 9 am.
Always has to climb something, this stems from his adventurous side. It's not really that annoying but when you’re in a crowded area and he runs off to go climb the tall statue, screaming at you to take a photo… Yes it is. Especially when children try and follow him and you're stuck receiving glares from the parents.
Will not let you throw any food products out. He tells you it's a perfectly good meal (even if it's not) and that he will eat it tomorrow. It’s sad because you know this stems from childhood but it’s still annoying.
Reuses the same gross, musty ziplock baggies. You keep buying new ones but he doesn't get it lol.  
Will tell you if your breath smells, hair is messy, outfit is ugly. He does not see an issue with this and it's nice knowing someone has your back but he doesn't have to be so rude about it..
If he drinks he's one of those drinkers who will not let you take it from him. Keeps an iron grip on the cup. He finishes it no matter how drunk and always throws up. Thankfully he rarely drinks.
He stops to help everyone, literally even if they just look like they need help. You've been late to so many things.
Will eat anything. Once you made steak and somehow forgot about it. It was hard as a brick yet he still almost broke his teeth eating it. You think you saw some tears as he told you it was delicious.
Listens to people's conversations in public and isn't afraid to comment, loudly, about it. You know it's loud because they either stop talking or try and confront you guys.
Comes up to stops fast and brakes so hard you feel like he does it on purpose.
Sometimes if he and Elise get into a “disagreement” he’ll try and rope you in to take his side and you always do, knowing it would probably give him more satisfaction if you chose to side with her.
Asks for constructive criticism but will then argue with you about why you're wrong.
Always humming a song he heard Twain singing and then it gets stuck in your head too.
Will deny stupid things like why your favorite mug is in the trash or why he just let out rather loud scream in the bathroom. You know he's lying because he looks away and makes sure his bangs are covering his eyes.
Will call you out on any lie even if you don't mean to lie you just forgot about some of the details.
Don't take him grocery shopping if you have a set amount you want to spend. He won't even sneak, he will just say he wants something and throw it in the cart.
Such a backseat driver even though he can't drive.
Likes to act like he's still in his twenties and will somehow get the two of you invited to college parties where he will attempt to do a kegger in front of everyone. You end up being the one to hold him up and he always ends with a, “LETS FUCKING GO!”
Likes to ask for the senior discount even though he's not that old, he just likes to hear the women validate that he's not old.
It’s scary how he used to buy without looking and now will scream if the price on a price tag is too high.
Always looking at the grass for wheat to chew on. It's so cheesy when you walk into the city and he's got it sticking out of his mouth.
He gets weirdly intimate with nature and you feel like you're third wheeling.
Has the mentality that he has to provide for you because he is the man. He gets so shocked when he finds out you still want to work.
Has a hard time making decisions you could ask him what he wants for dinner and his mind will just break.
Gets way too pissed at movies and will actually get up and walk away. Once you were kicked out of the theater because he wouldn't stop yelling at the screen. Another time he walked out you waited a whole ten minutes before you realized he wasn't coming back.
Sometimes activates his ability at night and it's so scary waking up to him floating halfway across the room.
WOMAN TIME!!!!!!!!!!
Will glare at you so intensely if you say something she disagrees with.
Always tries to rope you into drinking with her even if you’ve said no the past ten nights.
Will describe wounds or injuries in such detail and just won’t stop, almost like she’s trying to fuck with you, but she’s not.
Claims to be nothing like her big brother but then will go on to make the same facial expressions and do some of the same mannerisms as him.
Will spend hours trying things on just to put it all back, leave the store and change her mind when you’re almost home. Then she’ll have you run back with her to buy it all.
Is used to sneaking around so scares you a lot. Also on the topic of being silent sometimes she just won’t respond, thinking you can just read her vibes / mind.
Will judge what you eat, especially fast food but will try and steal a fry in private when you're not looking.
Will say things like, “Well that's just the way the world works.” If someone tries to share their baggage with her. You understand she’s had a pretty rough life but it's caused you to almost spit out your drink multiple times.
At functions forgets about you for about an hour while she mingles with everyone else, you could tap on her shoulder and she'll dismiss you like you're a subordinate. Until you clear your throat again you'll see the slight blush as she apologizes.
She has no sense of privacy. If she hears a crash or loud noise she will bust down the door. It’s sweet but not when the noises are usually from you knocking all the shampoo bottles down again.
Horrible road rage actually puts you on edge to be in the car with her. She doesn't even have to be driving.
Likes to act like she's a professional at everything and people usually believe it because of her suit. It's so nerve wracking when she giggles when they walk away with false information.
Will agree to everything you suggest but you can only tell when she doesn’t want to do it when you’re currently doing it.
Yet she’s not afraid to grumble about how annoying it is when someone bumps into you and doesn’t apologize. It’s sweet but you’re left dealing with the situation if the person is aggressive enough to say something.
Always corrects your spelling or if you say something like “I could care less.”
Will fish for compliments in a very obvious way like, “Wow. Wish someone would call me pretty..” and then just stare right at you.
Kicks you so violently in her sleep but won't let go of you so you cant get away.
Constantly stealing from restaurants. You're banned from a couple restaurants because she got caught trying to steal a cup or salt shaker.
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moon-kn1ght · 6 months ago
mine. yours.
pairing: duke leto atreides x fem!reader
warnings: PWP, i’ve read dune but i retained nothing other than duke seggsy, marking kink, dom/sub vibes, exhibitionism, unprotected p in v (established relationship), light breathplay, no y/n, not beta’d
a/n: this came from a drabble request that @louderrthanthunderr sent me on may 19th lol. but i finally wrote it! it’s a little longer than a drabble but i wrote it on the plane so idk word count.
Tumblr media
His dark eyes stalked you across the hall, in a room of hundreds you could still feel his gaze on your body. Other eyes watched you too, but the Duke’s were all you paid attention to.
You danced with dignitaries, chatted with other politicians elite. Small talk, meaningless connections — you want the night to be over. You long to be wrapped in your Duke’s arms once more.
Suddenly, you feel a familiar warm hand wrap around your upper arm. His scent invades your nose and overwhelms you — cinnamon and oak — your lover is close. You lean into the touch and turn to face him.
His face still holds so much youthfulness, even though years of politic has turned his curls and beard a salt and pepper. The warmth of his eyes meet yours, pleading. “My Duke,” you say, bowing your head with the traditional politeness expected of you under many eyes. In your bedroom, your Duke expects no such pleasantries, There, your submission is earned and not given.
“My lady,” Leto says, “Might I have a word? There is an issue I need your council on.”
“Of course my Duke,” you answer, nodding your head politely to your current company as they excuse your absence.
Leto’s hand doesn’t leave your arm as the two of you make your way swiftly across the room to a corridor. It’s a passageway used by servants that is guaranteed to be empty at this hour.
The light is dim once the door of the main hall closes, giving you and Leto some privacy. Immediately his mouth is on your neck. His beard brushes the sensitive skin most wonderfully, causing you to suppress a whimper.
“Leto,” you chuckle, “You said there was something you needed my council on?”
“Yes my love,” he murmurs against your neck. “The issue is that I can’t seem to keep my eyes off you tonight.”
“Hmmm, I’m not sure having your mouth on me is going to help relieve that issue, sir,” you posit, smiling.
He meets your smile with his lips, and his tongue easily slots it’s way into your mouth. While quite skilled at diplomatic negotiation, you believe that his mouth’s best purpose is to bring you pleasure. You kiss him back, hungry for more.
“I can’t stop thinking about all my marks on you, underneath that dress. About how lucky I am that I’m the only man who gets to worship your body, I’m the only one who gets to make you mine.”
Heats rushes through your body at his words, your core already dampening with arousal. His needy hands work across your body, grasping at your breasts. Fingers tracing against the places where he left bruises last night, now deftly hidden by your evening ware.
“I bet I could take you right here and no one would know the better,” he whispers against your lips, “Would you like that sweet girl? For me to fuck you so close to all these people?”
There’s nothing that can stop you when Leto starts to speak like this, his domineering tone sets off something primal in you — both an urge to do anything he asks but also a contrary need to rebel, to make him claim you.
You lean into the latter of the two feelings, “You would never, not with all those dignitaries who could see us,” you taunt, grinding your core against the hardness you can feel in his pants. “My Leto wouldn’t risk his reputation for that.”
He almost moans into your ear, his cock throbbing against your clothed manipulations. “My lady, you must not understand how urgent my need is.” His hands move from your breasts to the fastenings of his own pants, quickly freeing his member.
Hiking up the hem of your dress, he runs his fingers through your already damp slit. “Ahh,” he whispers into your ear, “My sweet girl was just playing, I know she is just as desperate for me as I am for her.”
He removes his fingers and rubs the head of his thick cock against your heated center. The sensation doesn’t fail to send a shiver down your spine. “Mmm,” you whimper, “‘m course my love, always want you.” On your affirmation, he sheathes himself inside you.
You want to cry out at the tender stretch of him filling you, but you stifle yourself in fear of the proximity of the party.
Your Duke takes a hand to grasp at your throat, lightly holding to remind you of his presence. “Oh if you’re making noises, my sweet girl, I better be hearing them.” He grips your throat a little tighter in a dominant fashion, and a little squeak slips out of your mouth.
“Yes, that’s it. Give me more, my love.”
He slides out of you and then thrusts abruptly back in, hitting you deep inside.
“Fuck,” you call out, “Yes, please more.”
Leto finds his rhythm, stroking his cock in and out of you. You don’t hold back your meals and whimpers as your orgasm builds inside of you.
“Mine, fuck, you’re mine,” Leto murmurs against your neck.
“Yes, yes,” you can’t help but chant in return.
Soon, that tidal wave of pleasure is cresting in your center. “I can feel you gripping me, sweet girl; don’t you love how I can make you feel this way?” His rhythm is starting to break, he is also getting close to his release.
“Oh yes, Leto,” you answer, “You’re the only one who can.”
“Then come for me, my love.” Just as he orders, your orgasm comes crashing over you. Please floods against all your nerves.
All that matters is his cock inside of you, there’s no longer a room of people nearby. No diplomats, just Leto. “Yours, I’m yours,” you call out as pleasure takes over. Leto buries himself deep inside you to coat your walls with his seed.
The two of you return to reality in each others’ arms. Sweaty, disheveled, you gather yourselves to return to the gathering.
“Let my seed drip out of you my love, and I’ll eat you clean once this damned party is over,” Leto commands with a kiss to your temple, sending tingles of excitement down your spine once more. Having his face (and his beard) buried between your legs is a close second to the wonderful stretch of his cock.
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strawwritesfic · 17 days ago
Fred and George Weasley x Female!Reader: Toil and Trouble
Summary: Fred and George’s latest business scheme has unexpected results for them and their irritable friend.
Fic Trade Prompt: When I drink you in, I can’t breathe you out.
Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; a definite issue with consent (the reader asks someone to stop doing something and is told she doesn’t really want them to and this is not portrayed as a bad thing in the story); a throw away line implying a very cruel joke toward Ron and Lavender; reference to Umbridge’s Blood Quill; twin threesome fantasy; Katie Bell is in the wrong year; Gryffindor!Reader; set during Order of the Phoenix)
Tag List: @imaginesfire
Notes: This thing is about 8,000 words long, just so you know going in. Also, I wrote it well over a decade ago at this point.
Toil and Trouble
When you walked into the sixth years’ boys’ dormitory that evening, it wasn’t to find what you expected. During all your years at Hogwarts, it was normally the one place you could count on to be full of activity no matter what the hour. From wild laughter to “oohs” and “ahhs”’ from snapping fireworks to the occasional muffled cries of various magical beasts, Fred and George Weasley’s room was definitely never quiet. You could bound in at four o’ clock in the morning and you doubted you’d wake either of them up (their roommates, having learned to sleep through their various noises, were another story entirely).
That night, however, it was so quiet you almost turned around and walked straight back out the door, so certain you were that you’d somehow got the wrong room. It was completely silent and nearly empty. The only movement was coming from a small fire lit in the center, on top of which was a potion spewing copious amounts of silvery smoke. There was no way that Fred and George would send a terrified first year to find you in the common room and drag you up here for this. But over the large simmering cauldron sitting in the middle of the floor were two identical red heads that could belong to no one but your two best friends.
“Um, guys?” you said as the door swung shut behind you. “You wanted to see me?”
Both boys looked up, grinning. The light of the fire caused shadows to dance across their faces, making them look, if anything, all the more devious than they normally did. They spoke at the exact same time. “Good evening, [Name].”
“Right…” You trailed off, cocking your head at the pearly potion bubbling beneath them. Normally they only had you up here for things that were half-finished–like that time their Fever Fudge worked so well they’d nearly flooded the room with sweat. “And you called because…?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” George said in mock-affronted tones. He gestured toward the cauldron. When he spoke again, his voice was low, an excited hiss. “Fred and I–we’ve finally done it!”
“…Done what?”
You wracked your brains, trying to remember if any of the products they’d been discussing lately had anything to do with potions. Nothing came to mind. You could have sworn at last discussion they’d still been trying to iron out their Puking Pastilles.
Thankfully, Fred showed his usual knack for answering any unasked questions you may have had. “You remember that we were going to sneak into Snape’s office last night?”
“You weren’t sneaking. You had detention. Again.”
Fred poked your nose, smirking. “All part of the plan.”
You deadpanned and pushed his hand away, trying all the while to ignore the flush you felt in your cheeks. “What plan?”
“To steal the last few ingredients for our Amortentia,” George said. He patted the side of his cauldron fondly. “Which we managed, no thanks to you.”
“I had detention with McGonagall last night. You know I would have been right there with you if I hadn’t.”
“Lines.” Fred sniffed dismissively. “We had to pickle grindylow fingers.”
“Big deal. I’ve already done that twice.” You were stung that either of the twins would think you wanted to skip out another one of their infamous plans. But you couldn’t show them that or they’d just take the mickey out of you longer.
“Well, Snape said you had to make up your detention tomorrow, so I suppose we’ll forgive you just this once.”
“Thanks…” You squinted at the potion. Something George said was ringing some sort of bell in your head. You listened for a few seconds, and then: “Wait! You’re making a love potion?”
“A little slow on the uptake this evening, aren’t we?” said George. “Ah, well.” He jabbed at the bubbling liquid with his wand and several more curlicues rose from the steam. “You can still help us.”
Your fingers wrapped around your wand. “Help you how?”
George leaned back, an innocent smile playing on his features. “What does this potion smell like to you, [Name]?”
“Should it smell like something?”
“Haven’t you been paying attention in potions at all lately, dear [Name]?” Fred asked.
“No.” You frowned. “And normally neither would you guys. What’s with the sudden interest? Not actually wanting to gain an N.E.W.T. now, are you?”
“Worrying about your grades never hurts,” George said firmly. “Something you might want to take into account. You barely scraped by your O in the subject, didn’t you?”
“You two will be worried about your grades when Umbridge stops crushing on the Minister of Magic,” you muttered as you stuffed your fingers into your armpits, “and that was practically the only O.W.L. you both got.”
“Just answer the question,” Fred said.
“I’ve already told you; it doesn’t smell like anything.”
“Nothing at all?” Fred and George exchanged some sort of look and the latter pushed you so that your face was hovering right above the fumes wafting from the potion.
You sighed. “Still nothing.”
“You mean that this room doesn’t smell any different to you at all?”
You shook your head. “It smells like it does whenever you guys make me come up here. You know, boys. Not that it’s a pleasant smell, really.”
George and Fred caught each other’s eyes again and, for a moment, just stared at each other. You huffed and waited for this "twin moment” to pass. After six years, you were used to their silent communication, but that didn’t mean you had to like it. Finally, a slow smile spread over each of their faces.
“Excellent!” Fred slapped you on the back. “Really excellent!”
“What’s excellent?”
“Never you mind,” George said, with a firm hand against your back as he guided you toward the door. “We got what we wanted.”
“But what did you want? I didn’t–”
“Thank you, [Name]!” Fred said loudly, just as George shoved you out the door so hard that you stumbled several steps and only spun around in time to see each of them, wide smiles plastered on their faces, wave to you before they snapped the door shut.
You scowled at the wood for several moments, then rolled your eyes and shuffled off down stairs to the girls’ tower. “See you in the morning,“ you said to no one.
Breakfast the next day was not the usual affair. The twins might not care about getting to class on time, but you still retained some of the educational desires that you’d brought with you to Hogwarts before meeting with them. As it was, it wasn’t like them to not pop up as you were exiting through the portrait hole. You frowned behind yourself the entire way to the Great Hall and paid no attention as you grabbed the first seat available at the Gryffindor table. You arrived just in time to see the great cloud of owls rush in with the morning mail.
“M-Morning, [Name].” You looked up to see Fred and George’s brother yawning at you from across the table. You flashed him a smile before starting the task of finding something to eat for breakfast. A large bowl of porridge caught your eye. You reached for it.
“Good morning, Ron,” you answered absently. “Harry, Hermione.”
“…Hey, aren’t Fred and George normally with you?”
You blinked back toward Ron, who looked half-curious, half-relieved. You spooned some of the porridge into your bowl before responding:
“Usually…I haven’t seen them this morning, though. Do you need me to go back to the common room and see if they’re skiving off?”
“No!” Ron said, a little too hastily.
You glanced at him curiously and his ears turned red as he ducked underneath the table.
“The Quidditch match against Hufflepuff is coming up,” Harry informed you, his face morose.
“Ah,” was all you said to that.
You’d heard enough complaints from Fred and George to get into it with the fifth years. Besides, Umbridge was smirking down from the head table at that moment, and you were sure that, if you joined in complaining about their dismissal, she’d take it as an excuse to ban you from every match for the rest of your life. It didn’t much matter anyway. Almost two seconds later, Ron got up, his cheeks still flaming.
“We’re going to be late for Herbology,” he said.
Hermione and Harry glanced at each other (classes didn’t start for twenty minutes), but shrugged and followed him as he rushed out into the hall. You refused to meet Umbridge’s eyes and instead focused on buttering some toast. If Fred and George really were skiving off without you, it was going to be a long day. Double Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Snape’s detention. You’d see Lee in Umbridge’s class, but some comfort that was. It wasn’t as if you’d be allowed to talk to him.
“Good morning, [Name].”
Suddenly two bodies were on either side of you, pressing very close. You dropped your toast onto your plate and the knife fell onto the table with a clatter. Fred and George, however, did not move. Confused and admittedly slightly worried, you looked from one to other. They were positively beaming. You squirmed in an attempt to get them out of your personal space, but, when nothing happened, you were forced to wrench your arms free just so that you could get back to your toast.
“What took you two?” you asked.
“Oh, nothing,” Fred said faintly, “nothing.
“Uh-huh. Well, good thing you made it. You’re not going want to go to Potions on an empty stomach.”
“We’re not hungry,” said George.
This caught your attention. “Not hungry?” You looked toward George. Despite having been smiling when he first arrived, he was now pale-faced and refusing to meet your eyes. “What’s wrong you guys? Are you sick?”
“No…” This time it was Fred who spoke. As his voice drifted across your shoulder, you distinctly felt him grab a tendril of your hair and rub it between his fingers.
You flipped back around, warming all the way to your hairline. “What are you doing?”
Fred quickly dropped your hair, looking as if he wasn’t sure what he was doing either. As soon as this was done, someone’s finger brushed against the shell of your ear. With your face now resembling a tomato, you turned back to George.
He frowned at your expression and put his hands on the table. “Sorry.”
You said nothing. The three of you ate in silence (well, you ate; Fred and George just poked glumly at some sausages) until Fred broke the silence.
“So, there’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend,” he twiddled with his fingers, “and we were wondering if…if…” He took a deep breath and said very quickly, “You wanted to go with us.”
You lifted your eyebrows and frowned at him. “I always go with you.”
“Well, yes…” Fred threw a hopeless look at George who gave a small twitch of his head. Fred took yet another deep breath. “But…differently this time.”
“Different how?”
At these words, Fred did something very strange: He blushed. As soon as he did, you realized what was going on. You tossed your second slice of toast onto your plate and balled your hands into fists.
“You’re making fun of me,” you said in a quavering voice. “I already apologized for missing Snape’s detention, but you’re still making fun of me.”
“What? No!” Fred and George looked at each other again, this time clearly saying “Abort, abort!” Still, they were both known to be good actors. You continued to stare at your golden plate as you waited for your furious tears to abate.
You did not answer.
“[Name]? Come on, [Name], we didn’t mean anything by it.”
“Sure. Right,” you said, and were pleased to find that your voice had returned to its normal, level self.
“You know,” George said as he slung his arms over your shoulders. This time you dropped your toast entirely out of shock, rather than suddenly losing the feeling in your fingers. “You could be a bit more excited to see us.”
“I agree, George.” And now Fred’s arm was around you as well. If your bread wasn’t good and toasted before you got to it, it would be now due to its proximity to your burning face. “After all, we did do it for her.”
“Did what?” A sickly sweet voice from behind you said.
The three you of turned slowly on the spot to see Professor Umbridge, as toad-faced as ever, leering at you.
“None of your business,” Fred answered. His face had changed quite drastically to one of great loathing.
Umbridge did not so much as a flinch. You had to give her credit–you would run away screaming if one of the boys looked at you like that.
“Detention, Mister Weasley,” Umbridge said without looking at him and then continued in one breath. “May I remind you that you are already on thin ice after your little fight last week on the quidditch pitch? Do not press your luck!”
Fred and George looked mutinous, but did not, as you knew they wanted to, retort.
Her grin grew larger.“Now what were you just telling Miss [Last Name] that you did for her? Could this have something to do with all of those horrid illnesses that keep cropping up in my classes? Hm?”
“We don’t have anything to do with those,” George said. “Maybe they should go see Madam Pomphrey. Or you should just leave.”
“Yeah,” Fred agreed. “You said yourself last week our grades were so terrible you were going to expel us first chance you got. How could we make something that did anything that impressive?”
“Detention for you as well, Mister Weasley. And you, Miss [Last Name].”
“What?” Fred and George snapped and pushed you backward so that they were sitting protectively in front of you. You blinked and squirmed, trying to see Umbridge’s expression over the twins’ shoulders. “[Name] didn’t do anything!”
“I wouldn’t be too sure,” Umbridge sang. “After all, whatever the three of you are planning, I’m sure it will be against the rules. And double detention, for correcting me.”
With that she swaggered off. Despite yourself, you could feel angry tears stinging at the back of your eyes again. Snape was going to be livid. Fred and George did not seem to notice your mood as they made several mad grabs for the quickly disappearing breakfast foods. At least the run in with Umbridge had returned their appetites.
“Old cow,” George said.
“Yeah, don’t worry about it, [Name], we’ll make sure–[Name]?”
“What?” you asked without looking at either of them. You felt George place his hand on your shoulder.
“Are you okay?”
“Fine!” you said, but your tone was too hysterical to fool them.
Normally detention wouldn’t be a big deal, but Fred and George were being horrible and Umbridge’s were always ten times as horrible as anything Snape could dream up–and you’d probably be doing double detention for him now, too. There was no way Umbridge would let you postpone her detention for another teacher’s.
“Are you really upset about detention?” Fred sounded like he was resisting the urge to laugh and failing. “Is it your time of the–”
“I’m going to Potions. You guys better come, too, or you’ll have another detention from Snape and we already have two more for Umbridge.” You stood up and swung your bag over your shoulder a little too forcefully.
Neither Fred nor George stood up. Their eyes flicked toward each other and then away again.
“What?” you asked, working to keep the shrill note out of your voice. “What now?”
“We’re not going to Potions today.”
“Of course you’re going to potions. Snape said if you skipped another he’d visit Dumbledore in person to talk about expelling you.”
“Some things are more important,” Fred said gravely, but he and George got to their feet.
“Like what?” Your blood ran cold. “Please don’t be planning anything. We’re already in so much trouble.”
“What’s life without a little trouble?” Fred asked.
“Exactly. I always say my day doesn’t feel quite complete without another detention under my belt.” George glowered toward the entrance hall. “Especially now that we don’t have quidditch practice.”
“No buts, [Name],” Fred said jovially, again poking your nose as he winked. “All will be revealed in time. Mother always says that patience is a virtue.”
“You should talk,” you grumbled, but were too relieved by this sudden return to their normal attitudes that you didn’t press the subject.
Perhaps you celebrated a little too soon, though, because the next thing you knew, each boy had leaned in to plant a kiss on your cheek.
“See you after Potions, [Name],” they chorused, then exited the Great Hall and left you standing, quite alone, at the nearly vacant table.
You didn’t wave goodbye. It was almost as if they’d modified your memory instead of kissing you, your brain had gone so blank. just about everyone had left for class when another person walked over to your side.
“What,” said Katie Bell, her voice hushed with awe, “have you done to Fred and George?”
You opened and closed your mouth several times, then answered, “I haven’t the faintest idea.”
You looked for Fred and George your entire way to Potions class. You knew they’d said they wouldn’t be coming, but they’d said as much before so they could get a good scream out of you when they jumped out from behind one of the suits of armor. This suspicion only deepened when you entered the dungeons. The lack of natural light fed your expectation for a good scare. But when you made it to the classroom, neither of the twins was anywhere to be seen.
Who was there to be seen in the flickering torch light was Professor Snape, and you knew from the way his lips curled unpleasantly at the sight of you that you were in serious trouble. The rest of the Gryffindors edged back at your approach, Snape’s aura warning them that today was not a good day to move farther past his bad side.
“Miss [Last Name],” he said in his soft voice.
You looked back at him impassively–Fred and George may have scared you, but Severus Snape certainly did not.
“I heard from Professor Umbridge this morning,” he went on. “What is this I hear about you delaying my detention?”
“I’m not sure, sir.” Your voice quaked with suppressed rage.
“Well, since you will be skipping out on your detention yet again, I think we’ll add a day to mine. We can’t have you thinking that it’s all right to spear frog livers on unicorn horns and offer the class the toasted results, now can we?”
“No. Sir.”
“Hm…yes…” He regarded you calmly with his dark eyes. “And where are your two little cohorts this morning? I assume doing something with my ingredients that they swiped last night?”
You composed your face to look politely disinterested.
“Nothing? Well, let’s add one more day to your detentions and ten points from Gryffindor. Next time when I ask for information, you will give it to me.”
You had to bite your lip to keep from snapping back at him. Three days of detention for what the twins had done? It wasn’t fair!
Snape smirked, apparently able to tell what you were trying so hard not to say. “And you can tell your little friends they have detention further detentions with me as well.” He looked around the hallway. Students still milled about the edges, the Gryffindors looking either nervous or upset, the Slytherins looking highly amused. “Well?” Snape snapped. “What are you all doing out here still? In!”
He whooshed into the classroom and you, as well of the rest of the class, trooped inside and settled into their various tables. Yours, of course, was empty, which only served to remind you who you were angry with. You slammed your cauldron down onto your table (losing ten more points for your House) and listened to the class lecture with your blood boiling all the while.
By the time class was over, the rest of the Gryffindors were livid, not just with Snape, but also with you. You’d lost them nearly fifty points over the course of two hours between your supposed antics with Fred and George and inability to focus while making your Draught of Living Death. The resulting flaming pudding filled the room with dark blue smoke so noxious Snape was forced to end the class fifteen minutes early.
The rest of the class could be heard chattering as they made their way to their next class, but you took the first chance you could to ditch them and head down a passage that led closer to a door you could easily slip out of to make it to Care of Magical Creatures. You didn’t think you could handle anymore of the snarky comments coming from the Slytherins.
“That vile–Fred was right. I should have given the subject up when I had the chance,” you muttered as you stuffed your quill back in your bag before rounding another dark corner.
The way in front of you was pitch black, but you’d traipsed through it enough that your feet knew where they were going. For a few footsteps, it was quiet, but then:
“Normally I am right,” came a voice from behind one of the tapestries. You turned just in time to see Fred emerging from behind a particularly awful one portraying the beheading of a manticore. “But just what is it I’m right about this time?”
“What–but–“ The suddenness of his appearance had rendered you nearly speechless. “I thought you were skipping potions!”
“I did. Potions is over. You’re not being very observant today, [Name].”
“Oh, shut up.” You weren’t in the mood to be made to feel more stupid than you already did. With one last scowl at the boy, you walked briskly in the direction you’d been moving. “I have to get to Care of Magical Creatures.”
“I came to walk you there.” He fell into step beside you.
“Don’t bother.”
“[Name]? What’s wrong?”
“You’re wrong!” you said so fiercely that he took a step backward. “I’ve got four detentions today because of you, and you haven’t even been around!”
“Well–yes…But we didn’t really mean to do that.”
You could see the door pretending to be a wall drawing nearer. “Then what did you mean to do, Fred?”
He didn’t answer this question–verbally, at least. All you knew was that one moment, you nearly had your foot out the door, and the next, Fred had grabbed the back of your cloak and tugged you back into the darkness of the dungeon. You continued to try and move forward despite this, but he was too strong for you. He let go only when he had pressed you up against the cold stone wall.
“What–” you began, but weren’t able to finish before Fred’s lips covered yours.
Your eyes popped open at this, but he did not remove his mouth. What he did do was grab your hips and pull you closer.
Your automatic gasp of surprise did nothing but deepen the kiss. Sure, you got your oxygen, but you also got a tongue that was now wrestling with your own in your mouth. For one strange second, you contemplated protesting, but that was about when instinct kicked in. It was as if no time had passed between then and the moment the Beauxbatons boy had kissed you at the Yule Ball last year. With Fred’s hands still locked firmly around your waist, you lifted your own and tangled them into his hair. He moaned appreciatively at this development.
Two seconds later (or it might have been two years; it was hard to tell), Fred wrenched away. You immediately fell back against the wall, gulping for air and pressing your fingers to your mouth, hoping to find that it was still there. It was–though now rather bruised. For several seconds, the sound of heavy breathing was the only thing that filled the secret passageway. After awhile, Fred stood up and turned back to you.
“Been wanting to do that for awhile,” he said cheerfully.
You nodded faintly, glad that he, at least, couldn’t see the dark patches on your cheeks. The lack of torchlight made the corridor far too dark. A thousand questions flooded your mind–What was that? Why all of a sudden? How did he get to be that good a kisser?–which made it quite impossible for you to formulate a response.
“Have fun in Care of Magical Creatures.” Fred smiled and pointed toward the wall door.
You gulped and found your voice at last. “Um…yeah…”
“And [Name]?” His face appeared dangerously close yours again.
The warm patches on your face turned scorching hot. “…What?”
“If you see George, tell him we have to meet to compare notes this evening.”
“Good girl.” He winked once more, patted you on the head, then walked in the opposite direction. There was a distinct spring to his step and you could have sworn you heard him whistling.
If, when you arrived at Professor Hagrid’s hut, Katie was surprised to see you ten minutes late with your uniform rumpled and your hair mussed, she was kind enough not to say.
You half-expected one of the twins to pop up on your way back in to the castle for lunch, but neither of them did. Katie said nothing about their obvious absence, but continued to smirk in irritating fashion all the way across the grounds. After hurriedly gulping down some steak and kidney pie, you rushed up to the Tower to clean up. If Fred and George were in Defense Against the Dark Arts, you were still hoping that Fred wouldn’t say anything about your shared kiss and a lack of evidence would certainly help things.
But they weren’t in Umbridge’s class at all, nor were they at dinner. Madam Pince hadn’t seen them all day, which wasn’t too unusual considering the twins’ lack of educational pursuits, but neither had Hermione Granger. When you asked her, all she did was frown and say:
“I hope they aren’t off testing their products on first years again.”
You hurried away before she could ask you where their new base of operations was. But Fred and George weren’t there either, and you were forced to trudge up to Umbridge’s office without them. As you did, your heart sank. Perhaps Fred was so upset by the kiss you’d shared that he no longer wanted to speak to you.
You needn’t have worried. Both boys were lounging around in front of Umbridge’s door. It was amazing the effect that just spotting them had on you. Your heart sped up and your hands began to sweat–definitely not normal. Then again, you seemed to have the same effect on them. As you appeared, they sat up a little straighter, faces brightening immediately. Thankfully you were able to get your rapidly beating heart under control before they bounded to you.
“Hello, [Name].” They grinned identically.
There must have been something in your tone that betrayed your frustration (disappointment?) because Fred and George frowned at each other. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you sighed. “Just bummed about detention. My hand only just healed up from the last one. Besides, classes were no fun with you. What were you guys doing all day?”
They exchanged that infuriating look that meant they were keeping something from you.
“We were…busy,” Fred said.
“Busy doing what?”
Fred grinned. “That’s sweet, [Name]. Were you worried about me?”
“No,” you said forcefully. “But I know you weren’t busy this morning. You decided to snog me after Potions.”
“You did?” George raised his eyebrows. Fred smiled in response and his brother clapped him on the back. “Congratulations!”
“No, not congratulations. Honestly, I don’t know what’s come over you, but if you don’t figure it out–”
“Hem, hem.”
There was no time to talk after that. Umbridge had you copying lines into your skin for the next two hours, and when finally you were released, you hastily made the excuse of homework to get yourself to the library.
But apparently not hastily enough because no sooner had you placed A Dragon Lover’s Guide to the Care and Keeping of Dangerous Beasts then did George appear by your side, smirking. You tried not to sound too disgruntled when you asked him what he wanted.
“You ran off quickly tonight,” he said.
You glared at him as you started the heading to Professor Hagrid’s paper. “Yeah, well. It’s been a weird day.”
“I know, right? The weirdest part is that you’d decide to let Fred snog you and not let me have a turn.”
“I didn’t decide anything!” you hissed, distinctly aware of the fact that Madam Pince was prowling the shelves behind you. Your protest was cut shot, however, as something sunk through to your fevered brain. “Wait. Since when did you want to kiss me?”
“Oh, it’s been coming for awhile now…” George had one hand propping up his cheek and the other walking across the table to yours. “We were quite jealous when the Beauxbatons boy beat us to you.”
You stared, too stunned to notice that he’d made it to his goal and was now holding your hand as his thumb stroked the top of it.
“You’re mad,” you choked out. “Absolutely mad. You and Fred finally invented something that drove you out of your mind.”
“That’s not very flattering toward you now, is it? Rather disappointing. Fred and I find you very pretty.”
“You’ve never found me pretty and you know it,” you said as you tugged your hand from his grasp. But the words came out as a whisper.
You’d long since given up on either of the twins ever falling for you. This was just great–a miserable end to an altogether miserable day. You stared into your lap and tried to remember what the subject of your essay was supposed to be. Something about chimeras, that was all you knew.
“Let me prove it to you,” George’s voice ghosted in your ear and then his lips met your ear.
You stiffened but surprised yourself by not pushing him away. When he did not receive the response that he wanted, George began to trail kisses down your neck.
“Stop,” you breathed.
He ignored you.
This time he did as you asked, but when you turned your head to look at him, his face was right there. You swallowed whatever words you had been planning to say.
“I don’t think you want me to,” he whispered.
And then his lips were against yours. Whether it was due to the rather strong sense of déjà vu you were feeling or the general romantic atmosphere the library’s candlelight seemed to inspire in people, you reacted immediately. Your arms went around his neck and George stood, stooping still so that he could continue working his lips against yours. You groaned as his fingers found the edge of your shirt and began to sneak up your stomach.
“What are you doing?!”
The private moment was rudely interrupted when Madam Pince swooped down from above and began beating the pair of you over the head with an enormous book of spells. She did not listen to your stammered excuses (this was fair; you would not have either) and continued to shriek as you attempted to grab each of your things from the table before she rushed you out.
“This! Is! A! Library!” she screamed. “Never–in all my years–Out! OUT!”
She threw George’s book bag out unceremoniously after you with one last wordless cry of rage. It hit you squarely in the head, knocking you to the ground and sending ink bottles, quills, and brightly colored Nosebleed Nougats in every direction.
“Oww…” you moaned from the dusty floor. Something above your eye was stinging very, very badly.
“[Name]! Are you okay?” George was ignoring his scattered belongings entirely. He kneeled down to get a better look at you, and a moment later you wished he hadn’t. His face went white. “You’re bleeding!”
“I am?” Dazedly, you lifted one palm to your forehead. It came away crimson.
George did not answer; he was too busy scrambling through the wreckage around you. When he emerged, he was holding what you recognized to be one of his fake wands. It was now instead a handsome replica of Gryffindor’s sword.
“We should get you to the Hospital Wing.”
“No…I’m fine. I need to finish my homework…more detentions tomorrow…” You were finding it somewhat difficult to maintain your concentration on the conversation.
“Hospital Wing, [Name]. Now. Madam Pomfrey will fix you up right away and you can get back to your paper.”
He sounded so firm that you couldn’t find it in yourself to argue. You waited quietly as he gathered his things and then allowed him to heave you to your feet. You were halfway to the Hospital Wing when it happened. George froze, mid-step, and nearly caused you to fall crashing down the stairs.
“George?” you asked weakly. “What’s wrong?”
“I–I need to get back to the common room.”
“Yes. Right now.”
“You can make it the rest of the way yourself, can’t you?” He did not wait for an answer. Before you could protest, George ducked underneath your arm and raced back down the way you came. It was several minutes before you could gather your thoughts and remember what you were supposed to be doing.
“…Sure. Why not?”
Odd, how often you spoke to thin air when the twins weren’t around.
You arrived in the common room an hour later, after having downed a blood replenisher potion and had Madam Pomfrey heal up your cut. Though you really hadn’t, at this point, expected them to be, your stomach still felt queasy when you noticed that Fred and George were not in their usual corner. It was still early enough in the evening that the common room was abuzz with laughter and conversation, but none of them came from the twins. Even Hermione Granger had gone, apparently feeling she didn’t have to stay up late that night to keep the two of them under control.
“[Name]?” Katie trotted up, looking absolutely aghast. “What happened to you? I thought we were supposed to work on our papers together!”
“Just a cut,” you muttered as you poked the bandage still tied firmly across your eyebrow. “Honestly, this is the least of what has happened to me today. Sorry about skipping out on you. I was trying to avoid…someone.”
”Did it work?”
You shook your head.
Katie pursed her lips together and guided you over to one of the armchairs near the cheerily crackling fire. “But it can’t have all be bad, can it?”
“What do you mean?” You settled into your chair and glanced halfheartedly at your bag. You really didn’t think you had it in you to do anymore homework that night.
“Well…” Katie leaned in, a conspiratorial gleam in her eye. “Fred and George have been awfully friendly today, haven’t they?”
“Yeah, well, they’re evil, aren’t they?” You scowled at the carpet. The stain from George’s first attempt at the Puking Pastilles was still evident in the thread.
“You can’t really think that. They’re your best friends!”
“I don’t think they are anymore, Katie,” you said heavily. “Not after today.”
“What happened? Did they…did one of them kiss you?”
You winced. There was really no harm in telling Katie. She’d always been able to keep your secrets. Still, if the twins were so ashamed they’d kissed you, it probably wasn’t a good idea to spread it around. It was an especially bad idea to tell one of their quidditch teammates. If Umbridge ever left, you’d hate for them to be laughingstock of the team. At last you gave her a hesitant nod, deciding that Katie would be more amused with you than them.
“Both, actually,” you said.
“I knew it!” she squealed, then dropped her voice to a whisper. “All the girls have been wondering how you did it. It was so sudden! Most of them think it was a love potion.”
“As if I’d ever…” you trailed off. A stream of images was running through your mind: a trembling first year, a pink potion, your sudden dismissal last night and George’s instance that you could still be of help, though he never did tell you how. You stood up quite suddenly. “That’s it! A love potion!”
“You mean you really gave them one? But I–”
“No, not me.” Your voice trembled with anger. “Them.”
You marched toward the boys’ stairs without another word. Katie called after you:
“Wait! Where are you going?”
“I’ll be back later, Katie,” you said as you wrenched the door open and started to stomp up the stairs.
You slammed the door to the boys’ dormitory open so hard that the walls shook. Several of Lee’s quidditch posters tore from the walls and drifted gently to the floor. You ignored this entirely; the blood was rushing through your ears so loudly that you could not hear anything but your own in frenzied thoughts.
Fred and George looked horror-struck. They were sitting again by their cauldron, dozens upon dozens of papers laying in piles around them, but they were paying them no heed. Their pale faces were trained directly on you as, breathing heavily, you strode toward them.
“Oh, hello, [Name],” George said in a would-be-causal voice. “What can we help you with?”
“If it’s nothing,” Fred added, “We’ll talk to you in the morning. We’re sort of in the middle of some–”
You interrupted him by ripping his parchment from his hands.
“You gave me a love potion!” you shouted.
Both boys jumped backward, an impressive feat considering they were sitting down.
“You gave me a love potion and you’ve been using me as an experiment all day long!”
Fred and George looked at each other. For one second, they simply stared. Then, as if on cue, they burst into fits of laughter.
“It isn’t funny!” you roared over their guffawing. “I’ve never been more embarrassed! Kissing George in the library–I won’t be allowed in there until after we’ve graduated!”
“Embarrassed!” Fred stopped rolling on the ground and looked indignant. “How could you be? We didn’t give you any love potion!”
“Yes, you did! The proof is right there!” You gestured wildly at what was left of the pearl pink potion sitting in the cauldron. Only a few cold dregs clung to the pewter now.
“We didn’t give you a love potion!” George said.
“We gave it to ourselves,” said Fred.
“Then why did I kiss you?” you demanded. “Why did I suddenly feel all nervous around the two of you? Why did I spend all day wishing you were around?”
“That’s not our fault. We asked you last night if the potion smelled a certain way to you. You said it didn’t, and so we decided to test it. We had to make sure we could make the potion properly before we started marketing it.”
“So you did test it on me!”
“Of course not! We wouldn’t want to embarrass you by making you fall in love with someone ridiculous.”
“Like Ron,” George said darkly. “We would never be able to forgive ourselves.”
”If you’d been paying any attention at all, [Name], you would know that Amortentia smells differently to everyone, according to what attracts them,” said Fred.
“Wait…it didn’t smell any different in here at all last night,” you said slowly.
George motioned for you to get a move on.
“But then…” You gaped at them.
Fred nodded. “You were already in love with us. That’s how we knew it wouldn’t upset you horribly if we started showing an interest.”
“But then…why were you so late coming to breakfast?” you asked. “You seemed fine for part of it.”
“We added some glumbumble essence, you know. To slow the effects. Casts less suspicion on the user,” George answered.
“Seems to make it a tad strong, though.” Fred shook his head as if trying to clear it. “We might have to rethink that.”
“And you said you did something for me,” you said. “If it wasn’t making me fall hopelessly in love with you, what was it? I’m not getting detention for that–you can just go do my second for me.”
“Well…” Fred looked at George, who nodded. Both crept up to you.
“Well, what?” you asked crossly. Your relief that you hadn’t been potion-ed had now faded away to annoyance about being tricked. “I don’t want any Puking Pastilles, so if that was all, you can just stop now.”
“That’s not it at all,” George said. “Remember when we asked you to Hogsmeade this morning?”
“Distinctly. Thank you so much for making fun me.”
“[Name], you dolt!” Fred said. “We were trying to ask you out! That’s what we did for you. We took the potion and got over our nerves so we could! We’ve been trying ever since that boy asked you to ball last year.”
“As nice as that is, I don’t really want to date anyone that is being forced to like me. Thanks bunches, though.”
“[Name], do you even know what that potion smells like to us?”
“Gun powder?” A testy note had grown in your voice. It was late; all you wanted to do was go to bed and forget this day ever happened. As if the twins would ever stop talking about it. “Whatever it is you’ve decided to put in your Skiving Snack Boxes?”
“Close,” said George. He looked to Fred, who continued in a much softer voice:
“But it also smells like you.”
“We actually do like you, [Name],” George said. “A lot.”
“What?” You looked from one to the other. You had never seen them so solemn. “Really?”
“I don’t think she believes us, George.”
“Then I think we’ll have to convince her, Fred.”
They stepped toward you, each taking a hand. “No, wait!” Your protest was stillborn. They tugged you onto their bed. With one wave of a wand, the curtains drew shut and both Fred and George had latched on to your neck.
Twenty minutes later and you were quite certain Amortentia had ever been used to quite as wonderful a purpose ever before. But something was still bothering you:
“But wait…if you were already in love with me, how do you know if the potion actually works?”
“Oh don’t worry about that,” George answered. “We thought of a plan ages ago.”
“Are you sure I shouldn’t be worried?”
“Of course,” Fred said. “After all, it’s about time our dear little brother noticed a certain Miss Lavender Brown…”
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mysteryfleshpit · 11 months ago
2007 Disaster Report - Text Version
Tumblr media
Final Incident Investigation Report
Prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Department of the Interior, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Commission on Geobiological Resources & Public Safety
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Department of the Interior
National Park Service
The U.S. Commission on Geobiological Resources & Public Safety (CGR) is an independent Federal agency whose mission is to ensure the safety of workers, the public, and the environment by investigating and preventing accidents relating to the Permian Basin Superorganism. The CGR is a scientific investigative organization; it is not an enforcement or regulatory body. Established by the Special Resources Development Act of 1980, the CGR is responsible for determining the root and contributing causes of accidents, issuing safety recommendations, studying geobiological safety issues, and evaluating the effectiveness of other government agencies and private enterprises involved with the Permian Basin Superorganism. 
No part of the conclusions, findings, or recommendations of the CGR relating to any accident may be admitted as evidence or used in any action or suit for damages. See 42U.S.C. 7412(r)(6)(G). The CGR makes public its actions and decisions through investigation reports, summary reports, safety bulletins, safety recommendations, case studies, incident digests, special technical publications, and statistical reviews. 
Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.
U.S. Commission on Geobiological Resources & Public Safety
Office of Congressional, Public, and Board Affairs
2175 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20037-1848
Tumblr media
[1.0.0] Executive Summary
At 9:41 PM CST on July 4th, 2007, the Permian Basin Superorganism Natural Preserve (known colloquially as the “Mystery Flesh Pit National Park”) experienced a catastrophic disaster which resulted in over 750 fatalities, and over 1,800 major injuries. In the weeks following the incident, approximately 18,000 individuals from the surrounding communities sought medical and psychological treatment for ailments including breathing problems, chest pains, shortness of breath, nausea, birth defects, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, internal bleeding, sore throat, and headaches as a direct result of contact with gastric ejecta which had been introduced to the atmosphere. 
Investigators have concluded that this disaster was chiefly characterized by a premature geobiological consumption event caused by the catastrophic failure of critical park infrastructure to constrain and limit the gastric, motor and neurological actions of the Permian Basin Superorganism. Investigators have concluded that the failure of these critical safety measures are the direct result of negligent practices by the primary site operations contractor Anodyne Deep Earth Mining, a subsidiary of Anodyne, Inc. The U.S. Commission on Geobiological Resources & Public Safety (CGR) released its first report on the Permian Basin Superorganism Disaster in August 2007 (“the Interim Report”), which highlighted technical findings and safety system deficiencies. The report issued recommendations to Anodyne, Inc.;  the city of Gumption, Texas; the State of Texas; the U.S.  Department of the Interior; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the Federal Emergency Management Agency; the U.S. Food & Drug Administration; and the U.S. Department of Energy. As of April 2008, these groups have made progress in implementing the recommendations to improve the regulatory requirements for geobiological resource extraction, geobiological resource containment, and general public safety as it relates to the Permian Basin Superorganism. 
[2.1.0] Anodyne Background
Anodyne was originally founded as the Anchor Mineral Co. in 1923. In 1958, the Anchor Mineral Co. merged with Dynamic Equipment, LLC. to form a new company known as Anodyne Deep Earth Mining, later changed to Anodyne. Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, and prior to it’s 2008 restructuring, Anodyne Corporation was the twenty-third largest American company by revenue. Globally, Anodyne employed over 28,000 people. It operated seven major research, development and production facilities around the world, six of which were in the United States. 
Anodyne filed for bankruptcy in late 2008, but ended it’s bankruptcy in February 2009 pursuant to a court-approved plan of reorganization. A new board of directors changed the name of Anodyne to the Permian Basin Recovery & Superorganism Containment Corporation, and emphasized reorganizing and liquidating certain operations and assets of the pre-bankruptcy Anodyne. 
[2.2.0] Permian Basin Superorganism Background
The Permian Basin Superorganism (Immanis Colosseus, also known by the popular nomenclature of “Mystery Flesh Pit”) is a subterranean organism unique to modern biology, being the sole occupant of the Phylum Immanemqa. The organism was discovered by a pilot well drilling crew in 1973; later efforts were made to expose more of the organism through drilling and surface mining explosives. 
The superorganism is chiefly characterized by its immense size, which is still a matter of geobiological debate. Surveys suggest that the organism may span many hundreds of miles beneath the permian basin horizontally, with scientists speculating that the organism may extend vertically into the upper mantle of the earth’s interior. 
The complete anatomical layout and internal organization of the organism is unknown. Tissue samples suggest that the organism contains gastrointestinal, vascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous, limbic and integumentary systems with remarkable similarity to mammal life, while also containing a variety of systems which have no direct analog and are not fully understood. The feeding cycle of the organism is poorly understood and believed to occur on a complex and long-term schedule of dormancy and feeding activity. It has been hypothesized that the superorganism derives caloric energy from subterranean hydrocarbon deposits, though the organism has been observed to digest and absorb organic matter. 
The depth at which the organism extends into the surrounding rock strata indicates that the organism is several hundred thousand years old. It is unknown what the natural lifespan of the species is, or if the Permian Basin Superorganism represents a mature or developing example of the species. 
[3.0.0] Incident Timeline
Start of relevant timeline.
10:29 AM July 4th – Unseasonably high rains force park administrators to cancel a July 4th Concert and Fireworks display scheduled to take place on the surface park grounds. Many visitors who had already purchased tickets to the event become upset, and a decision is made to extend the park hours until midnight for those who had purchased event tickets.
8:00 PM July 4th – Normal closing time for the national park. A typical shift change of reduced night staff in the control room takes place.
9:16 PM July 4th – Harvesting crews working in the western extremities of the organism set a new extraction record to meet a quota for bonuses in time for the holiday weekend.
9:30 PM July 4th – Control room operators initiate a routine system self-test and discover a relay fault error resulting from increased electrical demand from mining equipment and tourist infrastructure. A control room operator logs the fault and notifies an on-duty engineer.
9:41 PM July 4th – Water drainage from surface rain into the Entry Orifice begins to collect in the sand gullet. Drainage pumps are automatically activated by a sensor system but fail to initialize due to the relay fault. An emergency back-up pump running on a separate emergency circuit is automatically activated.
9:42 PM July 4th – A critical alarm in the control room alerts operators that the emergency water pump has seized and is inoperative. Under-lubrication of the pump’s impeller bushings resulted in corrosion due to the moist interior of the flesh pit environment.
9:48 PM July 4th – Technicians arrive at the primary pump station to discover the sand gullet almost completely submerged. Water begins to pour over the dorsal respiratory ridge and into bronchial bulbules. Control room operators divert power to hydraulic stent rams to brace for expected choke response.
9:51 PM July 4th – Technicians a repair the relay fault as control staff reset the park’s electrical grid. The grid is offline for 45 seconds. The automatic PA system does not notify guests as the system is scheduled to automatically shut down at the normal 8:00PM closing time. The temporary lapse of lighting causes many guests to become panicked and return to the main gantry lift at the lower visitor center.
9:52 PM July 4th – A choking action from the organism begins 31 seconds into the electrical reset. The main dorsal trunk violently flexes. Lack of power to hydraulic arming rams causes irreparable damage to several sections of internal infrastructure.
9:53 PM July 4th – As the electrical system finishes the reboot cycle, the dynamic hydraulic actuators supporting the lower visitor center overcorrect for stability, not accounting for the shift in the wall lining of the nexial cavity in which the visitor center facility is anchored. Two of the six structural supports are torn from their foundations which causes the facility to list 20deg off vertical. The base joint of the vertical entry gantry is bent beyond its design limit angle.
9:54 PM July 4th – The Master Alarm is tripped automatically. Surface facilities are notified as response teams are given the order to mobilize.
9:56 PM July 4th – Park rangers are dispatched to rescue groups of visitors trapped in partially collapsed tunnels and trails.
10:03 PM July 4th – Continued movement of the organism, combined with rainwater, causes one of the upper entry gantry supports to slip. An outbound elevator conducts an emergency stop stranding over two dozen visitors. 
10:05 PM July 4th - Tremors registered as far away as the DFW metroplex. 
10:06 PM July 4th - Soil liquefaction destabilizes surface facilities in and around the organism. Dilation anchors begin retracting to keep the entry orifice open. 
10:12 PM July 4th - A master fail-safe is activated by the automated park management system. Twenty thousand liters of aconitine compound are injected into the superorganism via a distributed network of relay stations located throughout it’s known internal anatomy. 
10:12 PM July 4th - Tremors and convulsions intensify as the entry gantry connection to the lower visitor center detaches completely. The lower visitor center begins to collapse downward into the nexial cavity. 
10:12 PM July 4th - Peristaltic muscle action of the nexial cavity begins to exert substantial pressure on the outer structure of the lower visitor center facility. 10:15 PM July 4th - The prime labiod junction just west of the Septum Falls geobiological feature flexes into an open position, releasing a torrent of lactogastric chyma into the dorsal trunk. It is likely that this was a reaction to the aconitine injection. 
10:16 PM July 4th - Peristaltic spasms force the caustic chyma slurry through the nexial cavity and up through the lower and upper moisture crops towards the surface orifice. 
10:16 PM July 4th - Many guests attempting to flee the stalled elevator near the entry orifice attempt climbing out the upper moisture crop but are ultimately unsuccessful due to torrential rains causing the surfaces to become very slippery. Many end up falling back into the maw.
10:17 PM July 4th - The chyma slurry erupts from the surface orifice in a geyser several hundred meters in height. Large pieces of undigested organic matter crush several vehicles and damage windows. 
10:19 PM July 4th - Following the several minute long ejecta event, a deep and incredibly loud roar erupts from the entry orifice as ground tremors intensify further. Large extremities begin surfacing through bedrock and soil approx. 30km-120km from the entry orifice. 
10:25 PM July 4th - The acrid smell of the gastric ejecta can be detected as far as Odessa, TX. 
10:26 PM July 4th - Two park service vehicles and a tour vehicle containing park service employees and several guests attempt to ascend through the entry orifice tube. 
10:27 PM July 4th - Peristaltic action crushes one of the tour vehicles and sucks the other two vehicles back into the nexial cavity and down into a digestive organ. These vehicles are presumed destroyed. 10:58 PM July 4th - The pentagon is given authorization from the whitehouse to use nuclear force if necessary to prevent the organism from entering an active and/or ambulatory state.
11:02 PM July 4th - The on-site operations director within the lower visitor center control room initiates a final fail-safe measure in the form of the  [CONTINGENCY MEASURE]. 
11:02 PM July 4th - Master Event Log records successful spin-up of the [CONTINGENCY MEASURE].
11:05 PM July 4th - Lower visitor center structural integrity is critically compromised resulting in total collapse. 11:05 PM July 4th - Data connection with lower visitor center is severed. 
11:13 PM July 4th - Spasms and motor action of the superorganism begins to noticeably subside. Response teams begin to descend into the surface orifice to attempt rescue operations. 11:19 PM July 4th - Response team encounters visitor group which had attempted escape from stalled elevator. Most are dead, the remainder are mortally wounded and partially digested due to caustic gastric ejecta. 
11:42 PM July 4th - Radio contact established with ranger vehicle trapped within “Oyster’s Shame”. Due to ventricle closure, no feasible rescue strategy can be developed before complete mastication occurs. 
11:56 PM July 4th - Response team confirms that [CONTINGENCY MEASURE] and associated facility are still intact and operating. 
11:58 PM July 4th - Texas Gov. Rick Perry formally declares a state of emergency for Gumption county. 
12:22 AM July 5th - Response teams route data/power umbilical to new basecamp in [CONTINGENCY MEASURE] facility. 
12:35 AM July 5th - Three inter-pit lifeforms are identified as having been ejected onto the surface. Fifteen visitors are injured and seven are hunted by inter-pit lifeforms during panicked evacuation of surface resort. 
12:41 AM July 5th - Park staff manage to kill the three large lifeforms. 
1:02 AM July 5th - National Guard helicopters begin delivering supplies and personnel to aid in site containment. 1:58 AM July 5th - Field hospital is constructed to care for wounded visitors and staff. 
2:37 AM July 5th - Initial damage surveys report catastrophic destruction of internal park infrastructure. Pit geobiology has dramatically changed in hazard level. 
3:00 AM July 5th - Emergency teleconference of Anodyne executive leadership. National parks director and Secretary of the Interior are present. 
3:12 AM July 5th - Executive decision is made to initiate FEMA response and assemble a task force for containing superorganism. 
4:00 AM July 5th - Media helicopters and vehicles begin to report on the scope of disaster. 4:39 AM July 5th - Base camp technicians begin to spin-down [CONTINGENCY MEASURE]. Large fractures due to inertial stress have appeared on mineral components. Engineers advise against re-initializing [CONTINGENCY MEASURE] until mineral components can be replaced or repaired. 
6:08 AM July 5th - Ground personnel begin assembling a pump system to inject industrial sedatives into the superorganism. Transport trucks containing industrial sedative arrive. 
9:45 AM July 5th - Emergency teleconference of Anodyne shareholders. 
11:20 AM July 5th - Several injured visitors inexplicably leave field hospital and begin walking towards open pit orifice. Approx. 38 individuals are able to crawl back into the orifice over the course of 8 hours. None are recovered.
3:51 PM July 5th - Radio transmission from trapped ranger vehicle ceases. Many speculate that other small groups of visitors and staff are still trapped. 
End of relevant timeline. 
[4.0.0] Final Investigation Report
The following Final Investigation Report addresses additional investigation findings not covered in the previous report, including analysis of (1) the Anodyne organization, emergency response, and safety culture; (2) industry disaster response standards; (3) structural integrity standards; and (4) effective performance of “mystic” contingency measures. 
[4.1.0] Technical findings
This report highlights the following technical findings. (An in-depth discussion appears in the Interim Report)
[4.1.1] The electrical distribution scheme for the interior operations of the Permian Basin Superorganism Nature Preserve was modeled on a typical supply/load grid layout often found in mines, with power provided by a gas-fired plant located within the surface support compound. Unlike typical mining power distribution networks, the power load was split with the facilities involved in the tourism and natural preservation operations within the organism. This split-demand yielded a load fluctuating from 33kV to 60kV depending on a range of factors from resource extraction output, visitor throughput, hydrostatic and barometric fluctuations within the organism, and the ambient blood pressure of the organism. This unorthodox load distribution scheme required careful demand oversight and was subject to failure if operated outside of design load specifications. Such a failure occurred on July 4th, 2007 when operators increased electrical demand beyond design load specifications by both extending resource extraction operations while simultaneously increasing visitor throughput loads on trail infrastructures. 
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[4.1.2] Hydrochloric corrosion is common in geobiological resource extraction, where naturally occurring hydrochloric compounds react with steel equipment. Process variables that affect corrosion rates include the total hydrochloric content of the enzyme secretions, flow conditions, application of TUMS industrial organic corrosion inhibitor salve, and the system temperature and humidity. Virtually all geobiological operations equipment is subject to this type of corrosion, and requires routine inspections and preventative maintenance to ensure that metallic and non-metallic corrosion prone surfaces are operating at design strength. The investigation has concluded that the corrosion found within the primary impeller bushings within the Emergency Drainage Pumps was caused by Hydrochloric corrosion due to poor maintenance. 
[4.1.3] Foundations and other anchor support structures within the Permian Basin Superorganism are critical components of park infrastructure which require careful planning and construction oversight. Under nominal conditions, anchor sites are selected by engineers to meet design load specifications with consultation from venteriobiologists for minimum anatomical disturbance. Rigid geobiological strata such as bone and dense cartilage are most often selected for load-bearing anchor points for their relative stability and similarity to conventional load-bearing strata such as rock. However, many locations within the Permian Basin Superorganism are primarily characterised by dense compositions of soft tissues requiring novel anchoring solutions. Several anchors within the primary entry tube utilize a cleat-based stent system which engages the entry tube muscle walls. These forces are equalized by the use of circular retention trusses which, when combined with vibration dampening actuators, form a rigid support assembly upon which fixed components such as the entry gantry may be affixed. Peristaltic action of a muscle tube has the potential to rotate a circular cleat sent frame by up to 90deg, eliminating the retaining capabilities of the frame. It is for this reason that design specification standards call for the installation of either rigid or tensile support members between consecutive retaining frames. In cases such as within the entry tube, tensile cables were selected to provide this support. These cables are subject to corrosion and must be routinely inspected in order to ensure that they meet minimum design load specifications. The investigation has concluded that the cables installed on the entry tube retaining frame system were improperly maintained and failed due to corrosive weakening of the cable members. 
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[4.1.4] The use of a previously-untested contingency measure by operators, while not the primary inciting incident of the disaster, is a prime contributor to the outstanding collateral damage. A network of sensor stations embedded throughout the Permian Basin Superorganism had acted as a distributed sensory system, intended by park planners to provide a method for observing large-scale changes to the organisms condition. As an experimental contingency measure, each station was outfitted with a mechanism capable of injecting up to 15L of a concentrated aconitine solution. Aconitine is commonly used as an acute toxin for large mammals such as whales and was chosen for its theoretical effectiveness on key muscle groups within the organism. Park planners were under the assumption that a rapid injection of large volumes of aconitine would act as a sedative agent without inducing tissue death beyond the immediate injection sites. The investigation has concluded that this injection failsafe was directly responsible for escalating the motor response of the organism to levels beyond the design load strength of critical park infrastructure. The investigation has also concluded that the aconotine injection failsafe was directly responsible for causing the toxic “shock” response within the organism which resulted in a Gastric Ejecta Event. 
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[4.1.5] The [CONTINGENCY MEASURE] is hypothesized to function by utilizing a series of standing harmonic and ultrasonic wavelengths which have been observed to affect the overall behavior of the Permian Basin Superorganism. These waves are created by applying a 15MHz mechanical percussion to the face of an excavated large quartz crystal (also known as “Mystic Artifacts #15, #21 and #22”). Once struck, the unique properties of the relic propagate the wave outward and into the surrounding anatomy of the Permian Basin Organism. When placed upon a rapidly rotating turntable, the effect can be multiplied and oriented allowing a high degree of theoretical influence over the organism. This contingency measure was activated only once and demonstrated the potential application this technology may have in future containment measures. However, at the time of this investigation, no additional  relics  have been located intact. Without this key assembly component, the CGR does not recommend additional experimental uses of the [CONTINGENCY MEASURE].
[4.2.0] Organizational Findings
[4.2.1] Anodyne did not effectively implement internal recommendations to help prevent structural failures to hydrochloric corrosion. In the 8 years prior to the incident, a small number of Anodyne personnel with knowledge and understanding of venteriobiology recommended on several occasions either a one-time inspection of every component within the primary inter-park infrastructure system - known as a 100 percent component inspection - or an upgrade of the material of construction of these key infrastructure components. The recommendations were not implemented effectively, and many key structural and mechanical components remained in service until failure on July 4th, 2007. [4.2.2] Anodyne failed to perform internally recommended 100 percent component inspections. Anodyne metallurgists released a formal report dated September 30, 2004 (nearly 3 years before the incident), titled Updated Inspection Strategies for Preventing Hydrochloric Corrosion Failures in Critical Systems. The investigation has concluded that these recommendations were not properly implemented. 
[4.2.3] The CGR identified several contributing causes of the July 5th, 2007, incident relating to the safety culture at Anodyne:
Decision making that encourages continued operation of tourism and resource extraction operations despite hazardous working conditions.
Reluctance among employees to use their Stop Work Authority. Recent safety culture surveys performed within resource extraction sites indicate that employees had become less willing to use their Stop Work Authority between 2003 and 2006; and
Substandard equipment maintenance practices. Those same surveys indicate that Anodyne employees saw increased problems in how the internal operations infrastructure maintained its equipment between 2003 and 2006.
[4.2.4] Anodyne did not effectively identify in the Incident Command structure the damage mechanisms that could have caused the failures on the night of the incident. The OSHA Hazardous Operations and Emergency Response (HAZOPER) standard states that the Incident Commander “Shall identify, to the extent possible, all hazardous conditions present.” in an emergency response situation. However, the appropriate technical expertise necessary for identification was not effectively consulted in the Incident Command Structure on July 5th, 2007. This lack of knowledge of all potential causes of the incident led the Incident Commander to direct emergency responders to take actions that may have ultimately exacerbated the hazard condition and put many Park Service personnel, Anodyne personnel, as well as civilian visitors, in harm’s way. It also led the Incident Commander to limit the “hazard zone” to a small area that did not consider the possibility of a Gastric Ejecta Event. When the Gastric Ejecta Event occurred, personnel and emergency equipment positioned in the “safe zone” were engulfed in the volume of caustic ejecta. 
[5.1.0] Incident Conclusions
[5.1.1] The CGR found that the failure of this incident is indicative of a fragmented hazard management approach that placed the responsibility to implement safety recommendations on stakeholders which stood to benefit from decreased oversight while also incurring financial loss for any safety oversight restrictions placed. Consequences of this cultural attitude surrounding the tourism and resource extraction operations within the Permian Basin Superorganism led to the severe underestimation of the capabilities of the organism as well as the capabilities of the systems designed to limit the hazards posed by the organism. [5.1.2] The use of concentrated aconitine, without prior study or approval, as a fail-safe directly triggered a reactionary response from the organism which led to the deaths of over 750 individuals. 
[5.1.3] The use of the [CONTINGENCY MEASURE], while effective at “pacifying” the organism, was similarly employed without prior substantial testing or approval. This lack of communication from Anodyne regarding the specifics, theory of operation, and even existence of the artifacts , which are essential components within the [CONTINGENCY MEASURE], directly led to the unsafe, high-RPM operation which fractured the mineral components of the [CONTINGENCY MEASURE].
[5.2.0] General Recommendations 
[5.2.1] The CGR, with full support from the U.S. Department of the Interior, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Park Service, has made the discretionary recommendation to not pursue additional commercial development within or adjacent to the boundaries of the Permian Basin Superorganism. 
[5.2.2] In the interest of continuing the present containment operations while also ensuring readiness in the event of a future geobiological action event, the CGR has developed a comprehensive program of monitoring and containment. This program is divided into a series of objectives, intended to better mitigate the hazard presented by the existence of the Permian Basin Superorganism. [5.2.3] Improve the communication of geobiological-hazard science for use in decision and policy making.
Support the use of geobiological-hazard science in risk reduction with engineering, environmental science, spiritual and social sciences.
Improve understanding among venteriobiologists, engineers, and others of numerical simulation of organism ground activity as opposed to the use of empirical ground-motion-prediction equations. 
Improve understanding of the benefits of early warning systems.
Educate about organism movement patterns and operational activity forecasts.
[5.2.4] Advance basic knowledge of geobiological action event hazards and inform actions to reduce the risk of the organism becoming non-dormant
Develop a new method to estimate stimulus-response outcomes in interactions with the Permian Basin Superorganism without reliance on expert opinion, proprietary computer models, or wholly “mystic” ritual methods without demonstrated patterns of reliability. 
Educate and facilitate local containment capabilities to deal with fauna and other life forms which are native to the organism’s interior anatomy. 
Develop methods for production and administration of appropriate sedative measures to chemically induce a comatose state of inactivity in the organism.
Where it is absolutely necessary for personnel to descend into the organism, develop methods to reduce the possibility of individuals becoming trapped. 
Establish a perimeter area surrounding the Incident Site to protect the health and safety of the public from additional fauna incursions or ejecta events. 
[5.3.0] Containment Recommendations 
[5.3.1] A thorough plan for containment of the organism has been devised by a joint containment task force comprised of geobiologists, venteriobiologists, seismologists, medical experts, engineers from various disciplines, land management specialists, ecclesiastical personnel, as well as representatives from private industry. This proposed containment procedure integrates a variety of strategies intended to prolong the dormancy of the Permian Basin Superorganism while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of a future geobiological action event. 
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The taskforce has recommended the establishment of a >3km restricted access zone surrounding the Entry Orifice defined by a reinforced and patrolled barrier. Signs and other warning devices should be installed to clearly inform the public of the hazard(s) presented by the containment operations and the Superorganism itself. Where possible, the taskforce has recommended that any material necessary for the containment operations be produced on-site so as to minimize logistic dependency on remote facilities.
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The recommended multi-strategy containment plan is outlined as follows:
All efforts should be made to maintain a steady introduction of high-potency anesthetic to the uppermost dermal anatomy of the organism. This is the foremost measure for reducing the capability of the Superorganism to sense and perceive human activity. 
At a similar volume to high-potency anesthetics, the introduction of inorganic phosphates directly into the muscles of the Superorganism is an essential strategy designed to delay and fatigue the motor response of the organism. 
Where possible, the introduction of acidic compounds into bone structures will further weaken the overall response capability of the Superorganism in the event that other containment precautions fail. Special care should be taken to ensure that primary structural members of the organism’s skeletal system are not weakened, however, as such a measure could potentially damage critical infrastructure. NOTE: As of rev. 18.3 of this document, the Permian Basin Recovery & Superorganism Containment Corporation has been granted a temporary permit for the continued extraction of bone material and amniotic fluid ballast for research and limited commercial purposes.
The taskforce has recommended measures which would induce a state of mild hypoxia in the Superorganism through the replacement of oxygen-rich air with carbon dioxide-rich air within the respiratory systems of the organism. In addition, by venting plant exhaust from the surface containment facility directly into the organism, this plan remains in compliance with standing EPA regulations on emissions within natural preserves. 
The extraction of nutrient-rich material from within the Superorganism’s gastric systems is an additional preventative step recommended by the task force to weaken the response capability of the organism. In order to prevent a hunger response, the task force has recommended displacing the volume of nutrient-rich material with that of an inert material such as gravel or rock. NOTE: As of rev. 2.5 of this document, materials and objects harvested from the Retrocognitive Material Gestation Organs (A.K.A. “Gift Gardens”) will continue at a greatly reduced capacity for the exclusive purpose of research. All such objects shall be stored in a designated and secure off-site facility. 
[6.0.0] Conclusion
The CGR concludes its recommendations and report with broad advocacy for any such program(s) which aim to better prepare physical as well as social and spiritual infrastructure for the inevitability of the Permian Basin Superorganism emerging from dormancy and becoming completely active and ambulatory. The measures and methods described within these recommendations are temporary in their effectiveness while representing the fullest extent of human capability to impact the Permian Basin Superorganism. Future studies and capabilities may yield a greater degree of readiness in matters concerning the survivability of a societal encounter with an active and ambulatory Immanis Colosseus, but it is unrealistic to believe that mankind will be able to seriously damage or eliminate such an organism. 
Inhabitants of the western hemisphere, within the U.S. and Abroad, must come to understand the losses each and every one of us will face, and how those impacts will harm the quality of life we enjoy in this unique part of the world. 
[End of Document]
This document represents an executive overview of the now-infamous July 2007 disaster which permanently closed the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park. Though the initial hazard and containment response was praised by many for it’s quick and decisive action, many have criticized the government for continuing to allow the Permian Basin Recovery & Superorganism Containment Corporation (Formerly Anodyne, Inc.) a commercial stake in the containment efforts. 
More info about this project can be found at the subreddit /r/FleshPitNationalPark, the official Discord, or at the blog mysteryfleshpit.tumblr.com
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