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#this should probably be an edit but oh well

oh so that’s what calendula is!!!

#or as some antisemitic youtube channel would like us to spell it: kalendula, #i know the word from crazy food, #this is your general reminder to not listen to joe hawley joe hawley on youtube, #the guy who reuploaded the songs is antisemitic, #if you're gonna support some random guy despite his antisemitism just to listen to joe hawley joe hawley pls don't talk to me or my friends, #i'm not jewish. but a good deal of my friends are and i won't stand for antisemitism here, #i'm still working on my own like general internal antisemitism and trying to learn as much as possible, #and that's another conversation, #what i'm trying to say is if you see someone use a blatant dogwhistle and then go 'oh it's probably fine' then i do not want to talk to you, #it's important to me that my jewish friends and jewish people in general can feel safe in fandom especially in the tally hall fandom, #(cause it's so small there is not a lot of breathing room to get away from certain people you don't want to interact with), #anyway i'm rambling, #all i have to say is, #calendula is a bright orange flower and it's apparently really tasty, #and if ur antisemitic get out, #edit: the dogwhistle they used is ((())) this one., #they put it around the names kaufman and freud which are both jewish names, #the dogwhistle is used to highlight names that are jewish. it's a common alt-right thing, #so the guy is probably not only antisemitic but alt-right as well, #i suppose i should have worded this better but it's just tags so it's okay
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