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#this show was so ahead of its time
nickanimation · 3 years ago
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“Hey Arnold! was ahead of its time. When I watch it now, the issues and the things that Craig and Steve [Viksten] and Joe [Purdy] and everyone else who was writing on the show, the things that they were able to deal with and confront, when I watch it now I’m like, wow, that’s social commentary, that’s critique, that’s real stuff. But they were able to do it in such a way that they weren’t pushing issues in your face, they were just talking about life and it just so happens that those are things, if you’re honest, that you don’t typically see in cartoons.” – Jamil Walker Smith, voice of Gerald Johanssen in Hey Arnold!
In honor of Black History Month, our archives team uncovered this original character art for Gerald, one of our first African-American Nicktoon characters, and his first scene in the pilot episode, which premiered October 7th, 1996.
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garliclesbian · 5 months ago
bbc merlin’s political agenda of “i’ll wait for the king to die and fuck his son so good, he’ll have to adopt my politics” was actually so ahead of its time
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nikadd · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
hi! i’m a significant character in a number of religions - a character known even to ppl who have the tiniest possible amount of knowledge pertaining to those topics - and i am usually a part of a two-person context, and no one even really talks about me without mentioning my counterpart - you can’t even google me without it coming up - but the cw show supernatural is so ahead of its time at subverting expectations that i am on the show in context with an entirely different and new counterpart (and my original counterpart isn’t even CAST for flashback purposes or anything similar) and my new counterpart is explicitly stated to be a ROMANTIC counterpart. and then i meet dean winchester and tell him how happy i was/am with my romantic counterpart. no reason.
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thebibliosphere · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
When in doubt, bring a bear.
Teddy, who is a very grand old bear of some importance, was allowed to come with me inside the MRI machine, so he's looking forward to his super powers kicking in.
In the meantime I'm rocking the scrubs look.
Tumblr media
Also just while I'm upright and awake: thank you to everyone sending me good wishes. I can't get to all of you but I hope you know how very thankful and humbled I am to have such kind and wonderful people in my life. You are truly a huge and important part of my life, and I hope you know I love you.
Right now we're playing the waiting game to see what the test results show, whether it's just damaged soft tissue or something more serious, we'll keep you informed.
Also hey good news, I'm not allergic to the dye they use for MRI scans so we're already coming out ahead on last time 👍👍👍
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hillarysss · a month ago
Your desirability and pull based on your Mars
• your seductress at heart; your magnetism 🖤
Check out out masterlist- I for more of my posts 🖤💋 Please do not repost, plagiarize, copy, reword my work. 🖤
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aries Mars: Your loyal and driven nature is what makes others want a taste of you. While some may confuse your driven nature and focused natured on what you want as stubborness, it's not. You know exactly what you want and this makes it very hard to get to you truly. Even if you're sensitive per se you won't show this so easily since you don't want your enemies to even be a step ahead of you knowing your vulnerabilties. You have a strong energy towards you and others can feel it once you walk in the room. You have a bold beauty to you the untouchable yet seeable. You love to tease others and you're quite humorous. People know to take you seriously because you won't be taking anyone's shit any time soon it may be even hard to pay you to take anyone's bullshit, you can see through anything this makes you attractive yet at times intimidating. In the end of the day, you choose carefully on who you truly wanna let in, even if you're a flirt you truly know where your heart belongs.
Taurus Mars: You have a calm and sensual magnetism towards you. Your approach to things make you extremely attractive. You are quite practical in your approaches which makes you quite likable yet no one should try to over-cross your boundaries or they will see your intense dark side that you posess. You prefer to have simple but aesthetic ways to your beauty wether it's simple makeup or simple but put together clothing. No matter what you wear or how you present yourself as you're seen as put together, you're the type to stick with a color or theme for a while. You probably wouldn't mind being spoiled yet you're quite independent when it comes to more materialistic sides of life. You also have a protective nature to you. This could make you seem a bit closed off yet intriguing. You guard your heart and you're even more protective over those who you love, no one should mess with who you love because they will have a peace of you. You tend to have a very conventional appeal.
Gemini Mars: The piece of your mind is what makes you incredibly attractive, the way you know how to say at the right timing that leaves others in a shock wanting more, though at times you may use your intelligence and words to your advantage. You have a way with words and you can be very seducing with your communication you may be into dirty talking. People may cling on you often because the way you can make so many fun never-ending talks yet it's hard for you to completely attach yourself to it so much, you simply need your freedom until you find your perfect match as your attention span is quite low and you get bored easily, you may hyper-fixate on things then move on to the next. Most people see you as approachable and you tend to have a youthful beauty to you the way you move could be quite quick and fast. A lot of people may crush on you but would be hesitant to ever admit which could leave you unaware.
Cancer Mars: The way you make others feel at home so quickly others just wanna be in your space you radiate safe home energy you're incredibly attractive to others who didn't have a strong sense of stability in their home and emotional life. You have an ethereal look to you. You may have youthful eyes and could have a curvy body or beautiful breast. You may radiate motherly energy. Your kind and loving nature should not be taken for granted because you know how to sting because you're very protective of yourself because you don't trust easily and it's hard to get into your true circle though people don't see it easily since you're so welcoming so it may shock them. You may attract people who cling on to you very very fast and you may be clingy as well but only to those you who you're really drawn to besides that, you're quite guarded. People are prone to opening up to you quite easily making you have complete power over them and if you wanted to you could be manipulative, though it's not in your heart to be that way, you have your powerful ways and will activate it when you feel your sense of security is being threatened.
Leo Mars: You have a captivating appeal to you and this could make you attract unwanted attention at times. You may have very attractive hair or/ and have a very good attention grabbing sense of style. You have a very generous appeal maybe to a fault, you love seeing others shine because of you and you're quite the sun yourself which makes others to easily have a positive look on who you are. Since you shine so much everything you do may be exaggerated by others people may over-blow something simple you do, it could be good or bad it depends, If you do something very simple that is generous it could be over-blown with compliments but if you do something that could leave others feeling skeptical, it would be over-blown too. Since Leo rules the heart your way of love and passion is what makes you have an incredible appeal. You simply motivate others to have good intentions and you want to be kept in that same path, you hate to be trapped by any negative energy because it could mess up your motivation and drive to things. You're also quite a leader and people love to follow what you do which could attract copy-cats. While you may like compliments and love, you only want true genuine attention from those who you love since that is your intimacy.
Virgo Mars: You have an earthy angelic appeal, you may find yourself never really aging so much or if you do it's quite nice. You tend to take care of your body and yourself a lot making yourself a priority and therefore being quite independent which makes you attractive to others but a bit distant as well, you're quite private and only act and speak when you need to, making others very curious about you. You don't take people's shit easily and you're the human lie detector, you don't have time for silly drama or games. You have a practical way of showing intimacy, it may not be talking all the time but making time for those who you love, like an organized picnic. You want things to be special for your loved ones and during sex you want to make a time they'll forever remember that stands out from the rest. You are great at handling things in a mature way so another way of showing love is giving advice to your loved ones and holding them quite dear to you making them part of your routine. You tend to have a sensual stomach and may have a beautiful waist. You like simpler aesthetics, you're not much of a show off but you want your hard work to be recognized.
Libra Mars: You have a very open and sensitive appeal to you. You are quite open minded which makes you someone to have a great conversation with you know how to make others feel connected to you so quick without ever revealing so much about yourself, this is your magic. You may have a beautiful conventional body and perhaps a nice butt or curves. Something that is often mistaken about you is that you need someone, this is not true you can be quite independent on your own while you do long for connections you may attract some aggressive people and enemies which tend to be jealous of you, so you're quite careful with people around you and know just what to say. It's hard to completely capture your attention so you're going to need someone who has different approaches to things. You're quite thoughtful person you never forget anything that you love. You tend to be mindful of birthdays and things about your loved ones. You're a very good- natured person and you later on learn to protect this at times since people may take advantage of your kindness. You have very attractive manners and you are quite charming, you present yourself as someone who is quite respectful and will never intentionally say something that could be seen as mean or not tactful.
Scorpio Mars: You have a very sirene intense magnetism to you. People can't help but be so drawn to you. You attract a lot of jealousy which can distort your actual vision of yourself. Even if you don't purposely try to be this way, you can be quite intimidating which can make people not compliment you so quick or approach you but trust me a lot of people have their eyes on you, but you're sneaky and quite intelligent you know who has good intentions so you won't let just anyone in even if they try to be seen as kind, your intuition and fierceness guides you. Your ways of intimacy and love aren't just for anyone but those who can see through your layers and you know you can rely on and trust, those who have never left you in despair. You tend to be turned off by people who question you too much and you receive love & hate reactions from people. Sex tends to transform you and other people. You keep your words and will never break something unless it completely needs to be, making you a very emotional and passionate lover. You may find yourself being stared at a lot. You have a very sexual appeal to you (if you're sexually interested)
Sagittarius Mars: You have the enchantress beauty to you. The appeal that leaves others wanting to go to the moon and back with you and never let you go, the way you keep things so exciting and refreshing makes you a great company to be around. The way of you showing love and intimacy is by making great memories and a time that will never be forgotten, you want to experience the world and so much more which is why you wait so long to fully commit to a partner or a partnership. Your wise nature to you makes you quite mature and intelligent in others eyes besides that fact you keep things playful, underneath the playful layer you're an old soul at heart. Since you have so much you wanna do so much you wanna achieve, you won't let anything bring you down making you someone who is not afraid to cut something off. You want to achieve big things and you will.
Capricorn Mars: Your focused and get go nature is what makes you attractive. Others see you as someone who takes their time on things until they perfect it, making you someone who can be quite hard on themselves and their creations. You're someone who wants to create stability and create it from scratch, you're someone who is not afraid to start over. Others tend to come for you for safety and comfort because you give practical and un-bias advice. Others may see you as an authority figure and you may find yourself expressing intimacy with people who have gone through a lot of things resulting in them being mature and wise or people who are older, you may also give off an older vibe. Most people find you to be someone who may be a bit introverted you tend to keep your circle quite small as you're naturally skeptical of people and their motives, nothing goes unnoticed from you easily. When you want something you'll go ahead and make plans to achieve it but you don't rush to anything, that's what you hate the most being rushed. However, you have a detachment in your appeal and may come off as a bit distant. You may be an over-achiever. You attract people who want the best for you since you have good judgement.
Aquarius Mars: Other people can't help but be attracted to the way you can be so unpredictable yet exciting at the same time. You're someone who has a restoring and reviving beauty to them making you gather shock and attention from others, though you may not like this so much as you could be a bit nervous. You want to do things your own way when it comes to intimacy, your loved ones never know what kind of loving gesture you'll make since you tend to be very innovative in ways of showing love, leaving them in awe. You tend to have an unconventional sense of fashion and can easily pull so many things off quite easily or in general you can pull anything off because of your intelligent nature you can gather something that is not talked about at all and then make it something incredible and shocking, this is what makes you attractive. However, you're quite reserved when it comes to actual friendships you may have a lot of acquaintances instead of actual emotional connections since you tend to be a bit closed off and prefer to be more logical about things. People don't truly know you and just know what you pull off, making people question you quite often. You tend to be very protective of your friends and you tend to have very big hopes and dreams since a young age and having the drive of wanting to achieve it all so quickly.
Pisces Mars: You have the dreamy night appeal to you. The way you can appear as so often and soft yet in another dimension truly makes you incredibly alluring. People tend to be drawn to you because of your aura but people just tend to be drawn to you and may not know why themselves. You tend to have a sparkle in your eyes and overall physical appearance, making you look like an angel sent from heaven but with missing wings. It's common people may misassume things about you. You tend to keep your goals and missions to yourself since you have a secretive and vague nature at first glance, but you may have hard time following through everything you want, so you take things very slowly yet steady. You tend to believe intimacy is something very private and may feel very emotional after sex. You give so much love its important to remember to not give it to the wrong people, since your love can be sensed from a mile away. You really dream for big things and for the stars since young, people see you as someone with great potential and you have creative ways and approaches to things, you really admire art & poetry and just the finer things in life, the things no one really talks about tends to pull you in.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
® Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved 💋🖤
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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roxyandelsewhere · 3 months ago
So I’m once again stuck thinking about the biggest underlying horror of spn’s worldbuilding, the one that’s been hiding in plain sight since day one: it’s all people. Hunters hunt people the most dangerous game of all. Maybe some so-called “monsters” being Just Some Guy was at first for budget reasons, but they stuck with it and it’s part of the world, and others are by definition people. You may get bitten and you become a werewolf or a vampire, but you’re still a person. Tom Lastname gets bitten, Tom’s a werewolf now. Still human, still Tom.
I’ve wrote about this as there being different subspecies of humans, and a follow-up to that way of looking at it can be this:
The first humans were Adam and Eve.
Eve is the mother of all monsters.
Therefore, all monsters are the offspring of a human. Their father is irrelevant, everything they are comes from Eve. We’re told/shown Eve is a monster in her own right, and so many theology essays could be written about that. But surely the part of her that’s as human as Adam passed on to her offspring. For genetics purposes let’s say Eve’s mitochondrial DNA is monstrous (hers was the first ever, the one thing God himself didn’t have because as a human he’s a man, and neither did Adam, and it’s a part of her all of her offspring have).
Conclusion: “monsters” are all at least partly human. It’s all people. Including leviathans. Which explains why they all have the ability to be Just Some Guy. Part human part monster. How balanced and united are those parts?
The way monsters come to be a very funny and inconsistent thing. Some were birthed (physically or metaphysically, we’re left to wonder) by Eve as what they are. Dragons, shtriga, leviathans, etc. Others become monsters, not because it was something latent within them but because something happened to them, something that can happen to anybody. But the show tells us those are Eve’s children too. So how does it work? Do vampirism and lycanthropy and others like them function as viruses but have Eve’s mitochondrial DNA? Is the child of Eve the thing that infects each new monster? Or was Eve’s child simply patient zero of these infections, and the first time they bit someone they turned part of that person into the monstrous part of themselves? Is biting the transmissal of an infection or a sort of Midas touch, like “I touch you in this way and now part of you is me”? In that case, are all vampires and werewolves replicas of the first ones? Going back to monsters as the sum of two parts, are all vampires’ monstrous parts the same individual, for example? Is there a vampire Self, or just a human Self living in the same body as something that’s just Vampire?
1x06 Skin can be an answer to this. That ep did many things, and one of them was prove monsters have a Self. Shapeshifters were born shapeshifters, but there’s a Self that is unmistakeably human, which suggests the two are one, a whole from the sum of its parts. Does that meld with the human Self of someone who gets bitten or are the two at war? Is there a human Self that is forever stuck in Purgatory after they die, too?
But here’s the part I’m trying to get at: monsters have souls. I’ve said that grace is blood+God’s Light and therefore humans are angels without that light, but I also think that light isn’t a stark line separating the two. Cas became Godstiel fueled by souls, so on a soul level, humans must have something angel grace has too. And if humans do, guess what: so do monsters. All souls have something akin to grace. Like I’ve said before, for better or worse, Eve’s children have something holy.
God creates Adam and Eve as people. People are partly holy, because all creations have a part of their creator in them. Eve is a monster. Eve births more monsters. All monsters are partly people. All monsters are partly holy.
Hunters hunt things and save people. Hunters say “Monsters, simply put, are supernatural creatures that prey on humans.” Hunters hunt and kill people. Monsters are human and hunters are monsters. They send the humanness and holiness that lives inside monsters to Purgatory. Cas devours that holiness and becomes God.
There can only be one God. The souls go back to Purgatory. Nothing changes.
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longgonegulch · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Happy Halloween, Gulchfolk!  
Wanted to wish everyone a spooky and festive holiday!  So we know what you’re thinking....where’s the trailer???  Well, its pretty much done and ready to go but there’s been a couple complications that we did not anticipate that are preventing us from showing it just yet, which is extremely frustrating since we practically killed ourselves trying to get it done this month.  But it IS coming, we promise it won’t be too much longer!  This is unfortunately what you have to deal with when you have an independent project.  We’ll let everyone know a couple days ahead of time when it will be released. Thank you all so much for being so supportive and patient, and yes we know you’re all very patient! 
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cownnor · 2 years ago
What if at one point cyberlife sends Jericho video footage of Connor being tested. And they sent it to them because they wanted them to see how cold and like robotic Connor is but it kind of backfires and Jericho just feels upset about what Connor had to go through. So Instead of kicking Connor our like cyberlife wanted they just Comfort him and validate him as a human being
MMM this some good shit. You know what I need? here we go let’s play with this. Markus, North, Simon, and Josh are sent a file directly into their systems from Cyberlife. THat’s not supposed to happen anymore so they’re put out. Connor is with them and he’s like “why did i not get a file :(” kinda joking so they go to a conference room to watch the video that was attached. And it shows: 
Connor, completely skinless, staring straight ahead as his engineers test his reaction times in front of a fast speed scale. After he manages to past certain milestones they switch the feed. its another month. They conduct tests on the model to see if he can compute fast enough to escape the path of a bullet: he can’t. he’s not advanced enough yet. Connor model 6-13 die riddled with bullets. 
Connor model 22 is placed in a room with Connor model 1-4. The older models are slower and not as advanced. If they’ve succeeded, 22 will be able to eliminate and kill 1-4. Its four against one, and no one wins. In the end 1-3 are dead, 4 is decapitated, and 22 is missing a leg. The feed cuts. 
The feed is in what looks to be a bomb range. There are several engineers behind ballistic glass. Connor model 25 sits within a 4x4 room, and the room is set on fire to test the fire retardant inner coating on the model’s synthetic muscles. They need to know if this model will be effective in rescue situations. They watch for four hours while the model is burned until it is a puddle. Throughout the feed the Connor model sends them continuous updates on it’s system status. The engineers ignore system stress of 93%. 
Feed cuts to Connor model 31 hung up on a diagnostics rig.  It is only a torso and head. The engineers are explaining to the camera an issue that became noticeable when they drained the last model dry of thirium. They are fixing it. The model stares down at their hands in its chest. 
Feed cuts to a sterile room. This model is fully dressed. It’s jacket says 37. It has a lovely conversation with its engineers. It is sociable and calm. This Connor looks exactly like their Connor, skin and all. The engineers hand it a revolver and leave and it bids them a goodbye. Over the speakers quality reassurance test 498 is announced. “Connor model #313-248-317-37, please initiate self destruct.” Connor takes out the revolver, checks the chamber, turns off the safety, and shoots itself in the head.
Video ends. No one moves because what the fuck do you do after something like that? They just watched their friend burn to death and kill himself. Markus recovers first and whips around to look and see if Connor’s okay but uh oh Connor’s red lighting. Just kinda-- blankly staring. Kinda like he was on the video!! Makrus stands and tries to get his attention but Connor won’t respond to him. Now the others are focused and concerned too but they don’t know what to do either. Connor only reacts after Markus grabs his arm and he snaps back and rears backwards, blinking. “Shit.” Markus kneels down in front of him, taking both his hands, but Connor is still looking at where his dead body is laying on the screen. Josh turns the TV off. North is pacing. Simon looks like he would like to join Markus but doesn;t want to crowd Connor. “I didn’t realize-- I still have those memories, they were just very encrypted. They’re not anymore.” and Markus is like “Let’s go for a walk.” So Markus and Connor and Simon go out to Jericho’s courtyard in the sun and grass and let Connor walk off all the freaked out energy he built up while they try to think of just what the fuck to do now. They both agree that Connor will stay with one of them tonight. Probably Markus, but Simon might pop in and sleep in the recliner just because. 
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lulay-li · 2 years ago
We Klance shippers have been saying how both Keith and Lance are holding hands in the recent Season 7 poster, correct? Can we turn away from that for now and appreciate hOW THE POSTERS PRACTICALLY SHOW HOW BOTH OF THEM SEE EACH OTHER?
Let me explain. In the first poster, we see Lance above Keith waving a flag of himself while Keith stares ahead of them and is slightly ahead of Lance.
Tumblr media
As we could see, this basically shows us the beginning of their relationship. Lance thinks he's better at Keith yet Keith just stares ahead and not caring about it.
By the second poster, however, we see Keith and Lance somewhat on equal ground but not quite.
Tumblr media
We see Lance still a bit above Keith. Either it's Lance seeing Keith as a some-what equal or it's Keith rising himself up as he's "A paladin of Voltron" and "The universe's only hope". Maybe even finally acknowledging Lance! They're a bit closer now too. Possibly from how they've worked together with the Altean pool scene where the had to climb up a pipe and all that good stuff.
In the third poster, we finally see them on equal grounds. This time, however, Keith is behind Lance with Lance moving forward.
Tumblr media
We see Keith in his Blade of Marmora suit. Piece the pieces together and we get an image of Keith pulling away from Voltron to let Lance keep the Red Lion and Allura the Blue Lion. Lance looks like he's holding onto Allura as a friend or something like it. Why wouldn't he? The person who he basically shared his insecurities with left the team. As somewhat of a self-defense mechanism, he went to the person who he thought he was falling for coming from the talk he had with the mice. How about the fact that they're on equal grounds too? By Keith leaving Voltron, it basically shows that he's acknowledging Lance from their talk in his room. With Lance sharing his insecurities about stepping down as a Paladin of Voltron to Keith, it's natural to assume that they see each other in a friendly-rivalry sort of way.
Finally, in the fourth, we see them both in the same uniform, same equal grounds with both of them walking forward.
Tumblr media
Both of them are in equal grounds this time with the both of them not trying to rush ahead of the other. This shows that they're finally comfortable in where they stand as a part of Voltron. Not to mention how Keith looks so confident and how Lance looks so relaxed, as if he's finally gotten what he wanted in his lifetime.
He basically did if you think about it. Coming home to Earth and finally reuniting with his family along with Keith staying as the head of Voltron, Lance is perfectly content in the place he's in now.
They're so close to each other now too. Much more closer than we have ever seen them in the previous posters. After all, Keith got his right hand man whom he trusts to ground him when his thoughts are getting the better of him and makes him act reckless during battle and Lance finally having the person whom he knows he can tell his insecurities with stay along side him.
Tumblr media
In conclusion, we have a chance for Klance becoming canon is Season 8! (I swear if it doesn't become canon, I'll lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep for a couple few weeks oof)
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aminta · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy 5 year anniversary of Galavant's cancellation!!
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fudgetunblr · 21 days ago
So you liked Young Royals? Cool! Want some other Swedish LGBTQ+ content? Because I’ve got some for you:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fucking Åmål (1998), internationally titled “Show Me Love” is a wlw teen film way ahead of its time. It’s films like this that walked so shows like Young Royals could run.
Here’s the synopsis stolen from Google, because they sell it better than I could:
Teens Elin and Agnes are schoolmates. Elin is upbeat and popular, while Agnes is morose and friendless. And both girls are very frustrated with life. Elin dreams of fleeing their dull Swedish town. Agnes dreams of Elin. Though Agnes has never acted on her feelings, it's widely rumored she's a lesbian. But when Elin kisses Agnes on a cruel dare, it leads to an apology, a growing closeness between the girls and a plan to solve the problems of both.
As it happens, I found the entire film on YouTube with English subs. So if y’all wanna watch some more Swedish lgbtq content, and support wlw media, this is the film besties ❤️
Here’s the link:
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roxyhorrcr · a year ago
If you view all the recent buzz over critiques of Rick’s writing as “unnecessary negativity“ I really do urge you to re-evaluate your views as a human being. Rick has avoided every opportunity to acknowledge his faults and instead would rather use his platform to defend his white ego and gaslight POC fans who have genuine concerns. In dismissing the conversations surrounding these issues- you are complicit in RR’s bigotry and bias. I’m more and more convinced that his allyship is performative and what a dangerous thing it is to have a white male writer hold power like this over developing youths who read his work and are exposed to stereotyping and microaggressions. 
As a fandom, we are entitled to love a piece of work AND recognize its faults - that’s how we grow and do the work to be better. Dismantling hundreds of years of oppression and bias takes time. What’s disappointing to see is so many people praise Rick on his progressiveness yet he hasn’t even BEGUN to take the first steps. 
Anyway, if you disagree and still think I’m outchea spreading unnecessary negativity you can go ahead and unfollow and show yourself the door because I don’t want to be sharing my content with people who refuse to acknowledge important conversations we should be having. 
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sunarinluvr · 2 months ago
|| haikyuu boys catching you awake at 3am ||
Tumblr media
includes: suna rintarou, kuroo tetsurou, & iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
a/n- hiii!! wow i did not expect my previous work to get that much attention :,) thank u all so so much i appreciate it a lot <33 anyways this is a very self-indulgent imagine (??) for my touch starved and lonely ass :D hope u enjoy!! 
warnings: has a bit of cursing !!
Tumblr media
suna is a light sleeper so it was only natural for him to get up when he heard noises coming from the kitchen at the crack of dawn. slowly opening his eyes, he instinctively reaches out for you and scowls when he felt nothing but cold empty sheets.
getting up from bed wearing nothing but a pair of gray sweats, he quickly checks his phone for the time then makes his way over to the kitchen where said noises came from. meanwhile you were sitting in the kitchen wearing your earphones and doing work on your laptop oblivious to anything happening around you.
there suna stood staring at you while you typed away on your laptop with the occasional singing into an imaginary mic with a hand on your chest and head bop. he just stood there with a smile on his face admiring how cute his s/o is.
after a few minutes you finally noticed your boyfriends presence and almost flinched at the sight of him. “rin..what the fuck are you doing there?!” you looked at him and maybe stared at his exposed chest a bit too long, but immediately snapping your gaze back up to meet his eyes  while giving him an unamused look.
he smirks as he walks over to you, not missing the way you looked at him “i heard random noises coming from the kitchen so i checked it out. what are you even doing? its 3 in the morning.”with a scoff you bring your attention back to your laptop “i’m working.”
sitting on the chair beside yours a comfortable silence envelopes you as he rests his head on his forearm, watching you type away. right as you finished your work, you hear growling which prompts you to stop quickly turning your head in the direction of your boyfriend who’s now pouting at you as he pats his stomach.
looking at him you let out a laugh “do you want ramen? i’m kinda hungry too.” lifting his head up a bit to see your face better he smirks “only if you make it” standing up from your seat feigning offense as you roll your eyes at him “who else would cook it then?”
after eating ramen and staying up to watch the sunrise, the both of you ended up sleeping on the couch with you cuddled beside him with one arm around your waist and the other behind your head.
kuroo is a very organized person, he takes his job very seriously and that’s why he is in his office at 3am trying to get a paper due in a week done ahead of time. you on the other hand decided to show your support by staying up with him while singing along to your shared playlist and scrolling through pinterest and twitter.
he was just about done with his work when he noticed how quiet its been the past few minutes, which confused him since you were just singing a few moments ago, so out of curiosity he stretched his arms and got up from his chair. slowly and quietly making his way out to the living room
once he entered the room he saw your laptop and blanket shoved to the side of the couch, and quickly realizes that you probably went to the bathroom since you rarely went to bed before him. kuroo being kuroo took this as an opportunity to scare you.
he padded over to the bathroom making sure to be as quiet as possible and stood beside the door waiting for you to finish. after washing your hands you go to grab the doorknob and just as you open it.. “BOO!” your idiot boyfriend shouted.
“AHH WHAT THE FUCK TETSU!!” you shrieked hand on your chest. “not funny tetsu. you almost gave me a heart attack.” you murmured glaring at your boyfriend who was now clutching his stomach and laughing obnoxiously. “hey kitten” he finally gets out.
you walked past him and back to the couch with an annoyed look on your face. following you back to the couch he plops down right beside you, but you ignore him and put on your earphones. “kitten” he drawls out “don’t be so upset, it was a harmless prank” poking your arm continuously.
now looking at him with a pout “i stay up for you and you decide to almost give me a heart attack??” he cups your face gently and gives your lips a quick peck “it was a prank. plus you’re not staying up for me, you just want to watch cat videos on twitter”
you hit his arm playfully as you sigh “whatever.....but you owe me ice cream tomorrow.” laughing he replied “deal.” then you pulled out your computer and watched cat videos cuddled up next to him for another 30 minutes before he drags you with him to bed.
iwaizumi was sleeping peacefully until he felt an itch in his throat, he tried ignoring it hoping it would go away, but alas it seemed like it wasn't going to go any time soon. so with a groan, he sits up  to get water. once he fully opened his eyes, he realized that you werent in bed meaning you were probably still doing your work.
sighing he gets up and makes his way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where he saw you sitting down with one leg up on the chair as you type on your laptop. “babe” he says making his presence known. you look up at him and give him a sheepish smile
“hi haji...” walking towards you he sighs “why are you still doing that dumbass” he glances at the clock and continues “its 3am you should be sleeping” as he looks at you unamused. “i was just working so that i wouldn't have to do anything tomorrow and i didn't notice the time, also im almost done!”
you announced looking at him proudly. “what about you huh? why are you up haji?” he gets up and grabs a cup of water and drinks it, while you follow him with your eyes and a raised eyebrow. “my throat was itchy, so i went to get water”
walking back to you he hands you the cup signaling for you to drink it, and you do. he pulls out a chair and sits beside you “hurry up so we can go to sleep” you look at him with a teasing smile painted on your face “aww can't sleep without me?” you tease not missing the slight pink tint on his ears.
“just shut up and finish your work.” giggling softly you save your work and close your laptop “actually i kinda want some ice cream from the store” he just deadpans at you, groaning he got up went into the bedroom and came out wearing a jacket ready to head out.
“you are unbelievable” he tells you as you give him the biggest smile and a wave goodbye. he comes back to you asleep with your head resting on your forearm, iwaizumi tsks and grumpily puts the ice cream in the fridge while he puts your laptop away and carries you to the bedroom bridal style
after he gently gets you into bed and gets the both of you under covers, he is quick to wrap his arms around your waist while burying his face into your hair. smiling to himself because his s/o is adorable, he softly whispers “goodnight dumbass.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated!!
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polygon-draws · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To all my followers out there, 
Thank You and Happy New Year! 
2017 had been an amazing year. I gained so much supports from you guys and made so many new good friends. Thanks to everyone here, I was able to built up so much courage to follow and show my passion for drawing. Every time there’s a reblog, I would check them all, carefully going through every single tag and I was very happy that my arts helped brighten up your day. 
Kudos to you all! I hope everyone has an awesome 2018 year ahead of you!
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Well we’ve had Chloe 
Tumblr media
And we’ve had Bliss 
Now get ready for..
Tumblr media
A sixth titan 
Yeah for a show that’s bad, this is obviously a ratings trap like the other two were and were just added to gain more viewers. 
Seriously it’s time to stop adding new characters just for ratings!
If your going to add them make it be like 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Or Ford’s! 
They added much more to the story and were well planned ahead! 
That’s the right way to do it and it makes the show so much enjoyable.
As for the others who did it wrong, stop adding additional characters in your bad show for ratings.
It doesn’t make it any better. 
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