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#this song just hit me again like
thatgaywizardoverthere · a month ago
The real reason Arthur gets upset when he thinks Merlin is at the tavern is cuz hes still emo from when Mary the barmaid flirted with him
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psshtstudios · 2 months ago
The Owl House Theme Song but it’s a swing metal cover
#the owl house#toh#idk what else to tag#yakking in the tags#this is old so it sounds really erugheghu#this wasnt even the full original version i had to shorten it to a minute bc insta#so yeah late last year somewhere around september i posted this on insta and its one of my most popular posts or it had a shit ton of notes#my good great buddy chum pal five helped me with pointing out some parts that feel too empty or missing like the breakdown with the toms#just one day i wondered and decided to put this thought into full swing pun intended#so hours and days spent on downloading the most decent brass soundfont and plugins. music theory and listening to the theme back to back#jot the notes down on the piano roll mess with plugins witnessed my 5 year old laptop shrivel up and lost a bit of progress#then voila it was fucking done. so i slapped a fedora on young luz to accompany the track and sent it on its way then boom it was a hit#its almost been a year since that happened and ive been thinking of revamping it since i found better plugins and learned more about#mastering a track in my DAW so it doesnt quiet down at the loudest peaks#also to celebrate season 2#it was originally going to be a SWING track but then 1. i know nothing about piano cues in jazz and im not a great player myself and#2. guitars are more of my thing you could say 3. metal is fucking sick and you know what else is sick? swing metal#took inspiration from some jazz swing metal and swing metal songs so yea!!#i forgot some details but ill edit them in the tags when if i remember them#again thanks to my pal five for checking out the missing tidbits and thank yall for reading the yakking if you did!#i gotta think of a music tag so for now this will be tagged as music tag#i'll be releasing more music shitposts or covers of animaniac$ songs too. a shitpost one you all may know and something for#the punk warner$ or any punk aus out there. its a lil cover
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scarawayfromfallingapart · 2 months ago
Thinking a lot about the lyric “crowds are won and lost and won again but our hearts beat for the diehards” from Thriller
And how the Infinity on High opens up with this and how they’re like “haha we changed our sound, you’re not getting a carbon copy of futct, this is what WE want to do, and you can stick around if you want” but simultaneously they are so grateful to their fans like. It’s so hard to walk the fine line between confidence and arrogance. Like this line is not “fuck you I don’t need anybody, this is my show and deal with it, im amazing and have nothing to lose”…. it’s “this is our show, but we love our fans, and we know some of you will leave because we’re different now, but if you don’t leave, you’re literally putting food on our table and our hearts beat for you”. Like THAT is so hard to do, that kind of blasé “crowds will come and go, oh well!” thing and not really caring about the dramatics and being above it all and then in the same breath thanking the people who put you there and will stay til the end.
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logs on to drop a video. logs off again.
#thats a lie i'll hang around for a bit#man this video gave me such grief#the first half went super smoothly and then the second half was just frustration frustration frustration#i still like the first half a lot more but that might also be influenced by the fact that ive seen the first half probably over a 100 times#but i Really like that part from 0:10-0:17 where the movement carries between the clips#it happened mostly by accident and i tried to do it again in two different parts later in the video but it didnt work As well on purpose#it's really neat though. it's a good trick that i will add to my editing arsenal#which at this point consists of: 1. pick a banger song with a strong beat. 2. edit to the beat. 3. just use lots of clips it looks good#i also kept track of how long it actually takes me generally to make a video#for the record: i can make about 5 seconds of video in an hour and this entire video i think i started on monday. so six days.#23 hours work in total if i actually did manage 5 seconds/hour on average#which i probably didnt because i scrapped the entire second half and started it over yesterday because it Wouldnt Work#it still doesnt entirely but im Done#you know that end-of-project panic where the risk of the effort becoming bigger than the reward gets higher by the second?#yeah i could do without that#anyway my favourite part is the entire first half and then also that beat at 0:22 where missy reacts to the doctor pointing the thing at her#in 8x12#that tiny reaction Hits so well when it's so short and on beat tbh#oh 1:05-1:09 is also pretty nice#i like how missy throws the snake to the ground and then the transition to the gun falling and the parallel between the brooch and the#dematerialisation circuit#anyway#tell me if you can find the parts that i took from the dvd extras#there are 3 i think#two clips and one bit of audio#doctor who fanvideo#missy
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akkivee · 5 months ago
there are honestly no words to articulate always having rei’s line from ahh osaka dreaming night, “teacher, manzai, doctor, lawyer are those who everyone looks up to, and they’re all swindlers,” just quietly echoing in the back of my head and the fear that’s slowly encroaching as you see jakurai decide to work with chuuoku, realizing there’s a lot of weight behind the fact it was rei who chose rosasa and not chuuoku, and seeing how far hitoya is willing to go to enforce what he sees as just
#this is vee speaking#guess what song also came on the playlist and then had all my synapses firing off lol!!!! 😭😭😭#it was just rapid fire connections one after the other and my mind is reeling rn#i always thought that jakurai’s part in that line was the fact that he’s a former assassin but i realise actually it’s probably not#i jokingly say to myself all the time the reason rei chose rosho and sasara is because he was an og dh stan and was sad they broke up lol#but this is rei we’re talking about???? mc mastermind????? if he chooses you he has plans for you man and that sure makes me worried!!!!#and motherfcking amaguni hitoya!!!!!! is such a goddamn amazing character and the only way i know how to show it is by bullying him!!!!!#i’m sorry hitoya sweetie you deserve better from me but you’re not going to get it since i like bullying you lmao!!!!!!!#*slaps kaigen* it’s laid out right here!!!!!! the insane amount of darkness hitoya has been fighting within himself since he was 14!!!!!#*slaps the drama track* hitoya’s sense of justice is powerful and has the power to follow thru with it and we see it’s a double edged sword#if both kuukou and jakurai hadn’t kept him in check he would have ruined lives!!!!!!!!!!#*pets jyushi* idk if hitoya himself realises this but jyushi is probably the most important person to hitoya right now!!!!!!#and we’ve seen the lengths hitoya will go through and continue to go through for jyushi!!!!!!#*slaps kaigen again* listen and read hitoya’s second verse!!!!!!! it’s after the second chorus!!!!!!#it’s my favorite verse out of the entire song and the way the song itself changes beat when it hits is the driving point!!!!#it’s an incredibly defining verse for hitoya!!!!!!!!#like i’m torn between worried for hitoya or worried about what hitoya could bring to the table if rei has his eye on him!!!!!!!!#both!!!!!!!! both sounds good!!!!!!!!!!#c: rei
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parseisflat · 5 months ago
feel something by bea miller as a parse song.............
#its been rough which means ive been actively projecting onto kent for several days now Yikes#ok but hear me out#it just starts out by talking about sex which feels like a very kent thing to me#i would fall into love and stay#i keep on writing a sequel to stories i know that are not there#<-- thats the most fucking jackparse things ive ever read#if i am telling the truth watching my friends break their hearts into two makes me jealous#i know that it's cruel but what can you do#<-- ALSO ABOUT JACK.#can you tell me a secret? can you tell me whats wrong with me? is repeated over and over and over again#and it's such a vulnerable line and i think kent carries that insecurity with him but never expresses it healthily#and lol the chorus#i just wanna feel something i just wanna feel#something really real so that i can really feel like a person again#tbh that could be projected onto anyone buuuuut somehow ive hit rock bottom aka kent is my new comfort character#he constantly goes through this charade of this charming famous asshole and he parties and is witty in interviews#and then he goes back to an empty apartment and remembers that cant feel any of it#and he's so goddamn lonely but he has this facade going constantly and he wonders if hes even a real person anymore cuz he sure as hell doe#s not feel like one#also the song sounds like something he would listen to#same with nobody by mitski lol#just listen to the song i hope someone reads these tags lol#omgcp#kent parson#kent#annie original
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gyeheons · 5 months ago
#for pinning purposes 💖#tbh i was going to trim just gyehyeon’s parts but i’m so emotionally attached to this whole cover i just trimmed it down so tumblr doesn’t#h8 me#i just needed gyehyeon’s parts on my blog thanks 🥲💗#missed his few adlibs in the beginning but ;;;;#i said this already but his timbre is so unique to me hhhh even in get away i was like 0-0 during his parts#not just his lines in this but the extra phrases that echo some of the lines keep this cover so interesting and fun to listen to#i’ve been looping it just ... for the laughs ? and i have no idea how the original sounds#but i feel like the melody is a few of the same notes which isn’t super dynamic#and usually doesnt keep my interest but gye keeps it dynamic ??#bc you think you know what to expect but then he hits you with his runs#and just HHH#and the vocal harmonies aren’t anything super interesting either bc they’re just octaves ?? apart i believe#at least specifically during the chorus but the vocal harmonies on verses aren't just octaves apart#but bc their voices blend together well#and again gye makes it ~spicie~ with the add ons#idk i am very fond of this cover they did such a good job#i think the verses / prechorus parts that yongseung and kangmin have are too low for me hhhh#but when gyehyeon’s verse starts i can go at it bc that’s like 💖 where i’m most comfy as mezzo soprano#which is v typical for pop songs of course aha but still#i can even pick out a slight higher harmony fairly easy when singing along to his part which is harder for me to do for kangmin and ys#which i think isssss just a me thing i need to listen to a song a lot to figure out harmonies usually>.< bc i’m not too musically inclined#but hoyoung omg i always smile uncontrollably at his part he’s neat 😼💗#this was a very roundabout way of me saying i’m obsessed sigh but !#🌱.text#not kpop
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