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justpastryvideos · 6 months ago
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hedgehog-moss · 16 days ago
My second pasture down near the torrent is too overgrown to be used as a pasture, and I've been cutting some trees in order to rehabilitate at least half of it, so I can use the grass to make my winter's supply of hay at some point in the future. Some of the logs I cut were really heavy and I could only carry them two at a time at most (and it's uphill) so I finally decided to ask Pirlouit to contribute.
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I say “finally” because my donkey is afraid of everything so it was a very long journey to get to this point! When I got him he was almost a feral donkey and at first I could barely approach him, he’d just run away and hide. After a few months of hanging out in his pasture, looking harmless and not bothering him, I was allowed to stroke his nose but only if I was simultaneously offering him treats (progress! he used to stretch out his neck and lips as much as he could to catch my treats while maintaining a prudent distance.) After maybe a year he started consistently walking up to say hi of his own free will when I went into the pasture, but if I had a rope or a halter with me he’d run and hide. It took nearly three years for him to come to me willingly even when he could see I meant to catch him. I kept our outings pleasant, like taking him to a nice spot in the woods to eat brambles while I sat nearby and read and didn’t ask anything of him (beyond basic landscaping services.)
But I have a lot of heavy logs to carry up a steep slope all the way to my woodshed, and the time has finally come for Pirlouit to get a job.
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Pirlouit: "Oh no"
There were a lot of preliminary steps here as well, like showing him the bag I meant to use to carry the logs and waiting patiently for Pirlouit and the bag to get acquainted. (Initial reaction: “AAAAAaaaahhhhh a big red bag” evolving into mere distrust then extremely wary nose-poking, then, when bag failed to attack, serene indifference.)
Tumblr media
Pirlouit: "I've always loved this bag. Don't know what you're talking about"
I don’t have a girth to keep the bag in place on Pirlouit’s back but with a balanced weight of logs on each side it was quite stable. Pirou grudgingly tolerated having the bag on his back while standing still, but started freaking out when asked to walk with it. Maybe he felt that the logs were heavy cylindrical children who had been entrusted to him and he feared that they would fall down—he refused to walk if I didn’t keep my hand on the bag to stabilise it. The problem is, he also refuses to walk (in general) if I’m walking next to him rather than ahead of him. And I can’t hold on to the bag if I’m not next to him.
(“He refuses to walk if I do [X] but he also refuses to walk if I do [opposite of X]” is a very donkey-owner problem to have.)
So, I walked ahead of him but at first we literally moved one small step at a time. Eventually when he realised the bag was solidly weighed down and didn’t wobble from side to side or slide off his back, he started walking more trustingly. (We went up the hill in a wide zigzag rather than straight ahead so the bag wouldn’t slide backwards.) At times he seemed to forget about the bag, then suddenly remembered its existence and stopped dead and became anxious again. It was a slow progress across the pasture, but then we crossed the road and reached Pirlouit’s own pasture, and he relaxed a bit.
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The llama children were intensely curious as always and I think Pirlouit felt quite flattered. He didn’t stop walking and didn’t freak out once as we walked up to the house; the llamas followed us admiringly and Pirlouit walked confidently as if to say “Look what I can do.”
Since this experiment proved successful I will try to find some sort of girth to attach the bag (would love to have a proper pack saddle but they’re expensive...!) We made a couple more trips the next day—I was wondering how Pirlouit would greet me, because when he doesn’t like something we’ve done he straight-up sulks for a few days and refuses to let me come near. He did that a lot when I was starting to get him used to the halter. But the day after his first log-carrying mission he came to greet me as usual and let me halter him without a fuss, so he didn’t mind being hired to do this.
A round of applause for Sir Pirlouit, a donkey with a job!
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intriga-hounds · 2 months ago
ur supposed to do this one at a time but uhhhh here’s some angry puppies on a cold towel
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kaxbrekker · 6 months ago
robert pattinson in various videos !
in the source link you can find #100 gifs of robert pattinson in various videos. these were made by me so please don’t repost or claim as your own. feel free to edit in any way but please give credit by @’ing me in the post if posting publicly!  please like/reblog if using! enjoy!
trigger warnings: flashing lights, shaky camera, body image, kissing, food/eating
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bratz-kitten · 6 months ago
youtube videos i recommend part 2
why the curtains are blue: the implications of being uncritical
how to have a personality
yes capitalism is ruining the potential of amazing love and romance too
the problem with weed… (this one is specifically meant for the dummies who keep insisting Weed Isn’t Addictive and Therefore It’s Harmless.)
i am not always very attached to being alive
the dialetics of rick and morty - video essay
heterofatalism: why straight women aren’t okay.
how to not marry mr. wickam | scoundrels and constructing reality in jane austen’s pride and prejudice
overanalyzing the barbie movies with queer marxist theory
the tragedy of droids in star wars
the fantastic masculinity of newt scamander
how to unlock your motivation.
why new years resolutions don’t work
setting boundaries: why grown men love girls (TW)
when disney remade beauty and the beast
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maxsix · 7 months ago
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ortegaserica · 7 months ago
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Doctor Who Rewatch -> 1x09 The Empty Child
When that bomb dropped, there was just one. Dead? At first. His injuries were truly dreadful. By the following morning, every doctor and nurse who had treated him, who had touched him, had those exact same injuries. By the morning after that, every patient in the same ward, the exact same injuries. Within a week, the entire hospital. Physical injuries as plague. Can you explain that?
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artimiscrock · a year ago
a few ppl were interested and i can’t quite sleep just yet so here we go a few video essays for your consideration (note: some of them may not meet the definition of video essay bc idk what that definition is. but they’re good):
Bridgerton and the Problem of Pastel Progressivism
All Disney remakes are bad, hear me out – Garbage Retrospective
Downton Abbey - Aristo-Trash 
Ronald Reagan: American Slasher 
Click: The Worst Movie
Taika Waititi: Mastering Happy Sad Cinema 
In The Mood For Love: Frames Within Frames 
Why the Cynical Superhero Isn't That Interesting
Queer Theory in 80's and 90's Action Movies
How Documentaries Lie to You
Saurian Cinema: Gender & Jurassic Park 
How One Cop Show Plays Police Politics | Copaganda: Episode 2 
Nostalgia, Cop Propaganda, And Brooklyn Nine Nine
FIGHT CLUB & Fincher, An Analysis
The Lies Of The Lighthouse
The Death of the American Gangster Film
The Problem with Rick and Morty
Holes & The Prison-Industrial Complex
Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Was A Mistake
Digital Blackface? | Khadija Mbowe 
Coco's Feel-Good Oppression
Capitalism, Poverty, and Ratatouille
The Broken Formula of Music Biopics  
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twocarsonenight · 28 days ago
i need the wave of people combing through taika interviews to find quotes to cancel him over to end soon this is fucking ridiculous lmfao
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kindahoping4forever · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm too in love to think of a caption tbh 🥰⭐🥰
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justpastryvideos · a year ago
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charlie-pippin-faraday · 11 months ago
patricia williamson once said...
yup, it’s time. i’ve saved the three heaviest hitters for last. please submit me your favorite, most memorable, or most stupid patricia williamson quotes. i’ll find them and put them in the completed video. submit in the replies, my ask box, or however! feel free to submit as many as you want; i can never have too many. i vibe with patricia so much i hold her close to my heart, and if y’all don’t do right by her i’m gonna be BIG mad
now, these are the last ones, so i encourage you all to just go full ham with these ones. hold NOTHING back. literally don’t be afraid to submit EVERYTHING. with these last ones, i’m not concerned with trying to be reasonable and keep it to a 5-7 min video. like the jerome video, these ones are gonna be as long as they need to be, even if that means the videos are 15 minutes long. i called them the heaviest hitters for a reason. so get your quotes in!!!
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seriouslynotpaul · 12 days ago
So I started playing Final Fantasy XIV like, a month ago and i just finished ARR but,,,
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this is my potato. 
I will die for him.
Tumblr media
Silly scrungly little machine man... I patpat his head and tell him how cute he is.
Vavalyr Fafalyr (c) me
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groenendaze · 10 months ago
happpppppppppppy birthday to nettle
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emmyrosee · 2 months ago
I cannot stress enough how uncomfortable the actions of Killing Stalking had made me, nor how people could take those actions and think they represent love.
Why did Koogi have to make Sangwoo kinda hot-
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ilajue · 5 months ago
so is hermitcraft one of those things where I have to keep up with everybody or can I just watch doc and grian ,,
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spikedcoffee · a month ago
bowl 3 🫠
at this point i am simultaneously regretting and relishing in my decision lol
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