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#this was in my drafts

The Finale as IASIP memes

The Primes board the ship. Russell was not chill.


Russell killed some people. Clarke killed some people. Madi was demon possessed. Clarke’s solution to that was to pull a gun on herself so Madi would fight the demon harder and it somehow seemed to work. 


Meanwhile, back on the ground Murphy had a plan to save his friends

Gabriel talks them all into a different plan


So Murphy and Gabriel head to the epicenter of cult reeducation. The chief brainwasher rejects their plan


Russell and Shinheda did some conspiring and we were given hints Shinheda isn’t really gone. Shin-Russell: 


There was fire and fighting and it was all as fine as anything ever is on this show. Then the ship landed and there was a lot of hugging because most people weren’t dead but some were and it was sad. 


Octavia, Gabriel, Bellamy and Echo then used the universe’s oldest touch tone phone to order an anomaly for delivery from the phone number tattooed on Octavia’s back. 


Their order was botched and they got a stabby, tattooed young adult instead. And the story ended with a Bellamy chock full of angst and confusion, aka in his natural state.

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Jimin brushes his hair back as you suck on him. “Yes princess so good” you feel it pulse inside of your mouth. Jimin pulls out of your mouth for a moment “sit on my face, need to eat you out before I cum baby” he licks his lips looking down at you. The idea of you sitting on his face causes his whole body to shiver. He needed you, and now.


Originally posted by ineedholywateryeethatswhatineed

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All the other Factions: Thanks for doing this small errand for us you're so cool de Sardet!
All the other Factions: *+2 friendship*
de Sardet: *finds and saves many missing Nauts, goes on a dangerous expedition to report what happened to a missing ship, defends the Nauts against the Inquisition and stops a devastating purge*
The Nauts:
de Sardet: *tells Theleme that the Nauts aren't using evil magic, just science, to help support their case that the Nauts aren't bad*
The Nauts: You told them our secrets?? You fucking suck de Sardet
The Nauts: *-1 friendship*
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