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#this was supposed to be from the previous rp im in
archivevolcania · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ABOUT BREAKING MUTUALS. i think it should be more and more normalized to just break mutuals with someone (whether it be hard or soft block) if you’re no longer interested in interacting with them, or perhaps you used to get along swimmingly with someone at the beginning but for x or y reason they now make you uncomfortable, be it because they changed or in general there’s just something that is not clicking anymore between that person and you.
there shouldn’t be a need for explanation and while i understand if it’s a bit out of nowhere it can be kinda? confusing? hurtful even, but i don’t think someone should assume it was because of bad reasons. we are all more than free on keeping a clean dash or simply staying mutuals with people we really mean to interact rather than following x or y person just because ‘well everyone interacts with them so i guess im fucked and i must also follow them’.
i don’t think when someone is blocked is necessarily because you hate this person or have a personal issue with them, it can also be because you simply don’t want them on your dash anymore, or there was never any effort in interacting, or you just have that feeling that it’s time to move on. who knows, maybe it’s okay to still talk to them on discord, or maybe you just want that person out of your life altogether and the thing is, we are not forced to keep someone around just because of a previous interaction or because we’ve been mutuals for a while. it doesn’t mean it ended in bad terms, it means you are taking care of yourself and your sanity and knowing your own limits and also know when it’s time to end that interaction.
and i say this as i have horrible social anxiety and have had enough bad experiences where people have dragged my name and turned people against me without ever having met me. this is still just rp, it’s a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun and not feel like a burden or like you’re forced to keep interacting with someone. i think in general we should all be more bold on that, and understand that whatever may be the reason someone broke mutuals, we can only wish them well and move on from that.
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raitrolling · a year ago
Potential Plots / Starter Ideas: Main Trolls Edition
following on from this masterpost I made for open quadrants, i wanted to make another post as a jumping-off point for ways to interact with my characters, as well as some plot ideas i’m looking for! again im separating these into three sections to make each post less text wall-y and so i don’t overwhelm myself w. writing up plots for 40+ characters lmao
i prefer to keep the specific plot ideas open only to friends/rp partners just for my own comfort, but if we haven’t rped before and you’re interested in one of the general starter ideas, feel free! just please read my rules and rp guidelines first because im a v. anxious rper esp. when it comes to new people r i f p;;; i also rp on both tumblr and discord, but my discord is only open to friends/rp partners, again for anxiety reasons
ill be updating this post if i think of more plot ideas!!
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
Katrin has psiionics she isn’t fully aware of, and thus doesn’t know how to activate them properly. A mentor of some sort would be interesting, especially if they happen to have similar powers as her (Enhanced reflexes / Chronokinesis)
For trolls who know Katrin but haven’t met her thief persona, a thread with them meeting the Red Eyed Raccoon would be interesting. She isn’t immediately recognisable unless you were to get incredibly close or happen to hear her speak more than a couple sentences, but she’ll pretend she doesn’t know you regardless. Bonus points if she gets stuck in a situation where she has to help your troll while still attempting to obscure her identity.
General starter ideas:
Katrin primarily operates as a pickpocket, but she’s known to also break into hives and shops. Maybe your troll comes home one night and finds the Red Eyed-Raccoon raiding their fridge and/or knife drawer. Maybe your troll spies someone climbing in through a window of a licensed corner store. Or maybe your troll just straight-up gets mugged.
Katrin also tends to hang around bars and clubs, but she’s there to get drunk, not socialise. Since she often gets kicked out of them, your troll will probably find her lurking around the back alley attempting to find a bathroom window to sneak back in through.
Even when not in Thief Mode, Katrin tends to hang around shady back alleys as they’re an easy way for her to navigate the city without drawing too much attention. A shy lowblood might look out of place in such a dangerous area…
Katrin has a part-time job at the Barito Boutique (owned by @/aboxoffantrolls’ Barsho), a rather up-market clothing store. Perhaps your troll needs a nice dress or a fancy suit, and Katrin happens to be the only one managing the store at that time.
Another major hobby of hers is writing her self-insert fanfiction under the pen name Rirsan Katish. They haven’t quite reached notoriety amongst as wider audience yet, but anyone who has stumbled across them will note their terrible prose, mary sue characters and obvious wish fulfilment plotlines, and the worst-written smut scenes trollkind has ever laid eyes upon. Maybe your troll stumbled upon them looking for normal comic fanfiction and wanted to send the author some pointers, or maybe they’re a secret fan (LOL)
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
Friends! Either online or IRL friends. Aislin is an extremely shy person and struggles with making friends, but she’d like to expand her circle of people she’s comfortable hanging around. She’s a lot more talkative online, especially on the subject of anime. She’ll talk type your ear off about her favourite shows and anything she’s watching, but she can also get incredibly opinionated about certain shows. She’ll try and tone it down if something she hates happens to be a friends’ favourite, though.
General starter ideas:
Aislin works as the surveillance officer at a Legislacerator’s Office, but also does general admin stuff. Maybe your troll needs some information about someone they’re looking for, but she happens to be the only one in the office? Or maybe your troll is a criminal she’s been trying to track down? 
Outside of work, you might catch her reading manga at bookstores, or frantically trying to get from one place to another because crowds make her anxious. She doesn’t like being out in public too much, but at times it can be unavoidable. 
Otherwise, the best place to find her is online. She’s active in a lot of fandom circles, especially Twitter and Tumblr. Expect copious amounts of liveblogging in the early hours when she’s supposed to be asleep.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
None at the present moment.
General starter ideas:
The Phantom Thief is a very active criminal with no leads as to who their real identity may be, thanks to Callan’s psiionics messing with cameras and facial recognition software. He targets places that’d net him the most attention, primarily famous art galleries or famous / high-profile highbloods. But he’s not above stealing from smaller stores just for fun. Regardless, your troll can be a potential target.
Callan also runs an Instagram page called ‘SelfieCryptid’, where he posts photos of himself with his face blurred out (again, due to his psiionics). It’s a very popular online urban legend, as no one knows if it’s some weird arty gimmick account, or if something actually supernatural is going on. Callan plays into the spooky stuff a little, but for the most part treats it as a serious modelling Instagram, which only confuses people even more.
Callan spends a lot of time at bars, and spends many a night hopping from bar to bar. He likes the fancier places, or bars with fun gimmicks, but he’ll go anywhere with good beer. He often gets kicked out for dancing on tables or being a nuisance to the bartender or other patrons. But he can be a fun person to hang out with if you don’t mind his personality.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
Ashell needs friends. Oh god does Ashe need friends. He’s a nervous troll who doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, but he’d love to have more people to talk to.
While Ashell has been a rainbowdrinker for over a sweep now, he doesn’t know a lot about exactly what he is. He’s figured out the fact he needs to drink blood to survive, he knows how to control his glow and appear ‘normal’ to other trolls, and he has a good idea of the extent of his regeneration powers, but that’s about it. Perhaps a more experienced rainbowdrinker could give him some advice on how to better adjust to his new un-life? Or maybe he could find a covern of friendly rainbowdrinkers he can hang out with?
Also as a result of becoming a rainbowdrinker, Ashe has a latent ability in the form of psychic persuasion he’s unaware of and keeps unintentionally tapping into. He tends to sound very agreeable to others whenever he talks, but not to the extent that he could control their minds… Yet. This could either go down the route of someone teaching him how to properly hone and control this power, or him accidentally using it on someone with potentially bad results (but knowing him it’s more likely he’ll end up unintentionally making some befriend him because he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body LMAO)
Since Ashe has his regeneration ability, he’s one of the trolls I’d be most okay with getting into a serious fight with. Maybe he encounters a rainbowdrinker hunter and can’t talk his way out of a fight?
Ashe spent a couple sweeps studying medicine at a Pre-Fleet Training Course before he was murdered by a jealous classmate. All of his previous classmates and professors believe he is dead, and his official records state him as being deceased. But that doesn’t mean he can’t run into someone who also studied at the University… 
General starter ideas:
Ashell runs a small clinic in the city, a perfect location for anyone who has gotten into a fight and needs medical attention. He also does hive calls and, if he’s not seeing any other patients at the moment, can be called over to an emergency if the situation is particularly dire.
Ashell specialises in bloodwork. If you need a blood test done, or have some sort of ailment that can be figured out by giving your blood a taste test, he’s your guy. Your troll has a choice between traditional blood-taking methods (can take a couple hours depending on when Ashe gets a chance to drink your blood vials), or his ‘alternate method’ by drinking directly from the source (instant results, but also, y’know. the doctor’s gotta bite your neck).
Outside of his clinic, your troll would be likely to find Ashe either doing general day-to-day things like buying groceries, or maybe even feeding the stray cats in the area. He’s not a very social person, and tends to spend his free time either still at work, or in his hive above his clinic.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
Celise loves to observe others from a distance for research reasons. They’re interested in people who would make interesting characters in their movies, and study their habits and mannerisms to make their characters more realistic. However, they also enjoy observing trolls who look like they may be involved in dangerous or otherwise sketchy businesses. When someone catches their attention, they won’t leave them alone.
Celise encounters someone who is actually a genuine fan of the terrible horror movies their screenplays have been turned into. Bonus points if Celise tries to show them the original manuscripts, but they think the psychological thrillers are worse than the zombie gorefest.
Your troll stumbles upon a very shocked-looking Celise, who happened to be in an alleyway surrounded by the hacked-up remains of trolls and covered in their blood, but insisting that the axe in their hand doesn’t belong to them…
General starter ideas:
Celise works part-time at Vernrot Harbour’s library. They don’t see a lot of visitors, but maybe your troll has had to travel to the town for a specific book? Or maybe they simply needed a place to get out of the constant rain.
Otherwise, Celise does like to travel to neighbouring towns for people-watching and general sightseeing. They’re not a very social troll, but it’s not uncommon to see them sitting in a crowded public area, watching trolls’ daily lives.
Celise is also a serial killer, but a low-profile one. Perhaps your troll may have caught news of recent killings involving trolls being stalked and then viciously attacked by an axe-wielder and is investigating the case, or maybe they know one of the victims… But since Celise isn’t consciously aware of what they’re doing, your troll would be hard-pressed to obtain any information from them.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
None at the present moment.
General starter ideas:
Mikiel spends most of his time off cooped up in his hive, so your best bet of meeting him would be when he’s out on a mission or returning home from work. As a member of GAIA’s Special Ops, he’s typically sent out to deal with dangerous threats of the supernatural/magical variety, but as he’s still a new recruit most of his current solo missions are smaller targets. If your troll is an undead, a mage, or associated with the supernatural and is also causing a lot of trouble, Mikiel might be sent to deal with them. Otherwise, you could probably find him chasing down a target or in the middle of a fight with someone (or something).
Mikiel is also currently learning how to control his psiionics, courtesy of Pheira taking it upon herself to be his mentor. Given that his psiionics are classified as a mutation, he’s not going to be showing off his powers outright, but it’s possible your troll could catch him out in some isolated field or other location, under the belief that no one else is going to come across him.
On the rare occasions he does go out for non-work related reasons, you’d be most likely to find him at some sort of fancy establishment. A high class restaurant, a theatre or ballet production, or a classical music performance.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
Vernrot Harbour is an obscure location, but those who know about it tend to have some sort of idea about its oddities. But no one knows the supernatural and eldritch nature of the town as well as Lucy does. Your troll could unwittingly end up in danger, resulting in Lucy having to step in before they get possessed or spirited away to another realm…
Similarly, a troll investigating the town would need a local guide. Lucy fits that role perfectly, given that all the other residents would dismiss your troll’s claims the town is haunted as being total nonsense.
General starter ideas:
Lucy’s duty as a lighthouse keeper means he’s tied to Vernrot Harbour until a descendant is confirmed and able to take over his position. This makes plotting with him rather difficult, as your troll will need to travel to Vernrot just to see him.
Thankfully, Vernrot is a well-known stopping point for sailors and other seafarers, and Lucy likes to spend his time at the docks. He’s acquainted with a lot of sailors this way. Vernrot Harbour also attracts a lot of merchants, thanks to its seafood exports and reliance on trade for other meats and fruits + vegetables.
Tourists also make the occasional visit to the town, although if they’ve spoken to any of the other residents they’d be aware that the lighthouse is supposedly haunted…
On his time off, you can occasionally catch Lusien at the local pub. He doesn’t mind the conversation, as long as you don’t expect him to be talkative back.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
None at the present moment.
General starter ideas:
There ain’t no party like an Espino party. Anyone who’s anyone has probably attended at least one of Viltau’s parties, ranging from tame themed events to extreme murder parties. However, meeting the host can be a surprisingly difficult encounter, as Viltau doesn’t enjoy small-talk and often retreats from the public after a short time. Your troll may find him escaping the crowds in his library, though…
Viltau can also be hired as an event organiser. Do you need a fancy ball to celebrate your wriggling day? Want to impress a potential quadrant with a grand display of excessive frivolities, or establish your place in highblood society as a person worth noticing? Do you want an excuse to recreate your favourite scenes from Saw? Or maybe you want your luncheon with friends to be just that little nicer? Viltau is your guy.
Despite having a strong dislike for Subjugs, Viltau does work for them if hired as an event organiser. Maybe your Subjug wants to host a really gruesome event and needs outside help to pull it off. Or maybe your troll is at the party and happens to find an indigoblood who looks a little out of place. Or maybe your troll encounters Viltau stumbling home from the event looking very disoriented thanks to being around trolls with chucklevoodoos.
Your troll may also encounter Viltau attending other highblood events as a guest. He’ll be civil, but don’t be surprised if he starts dissing the decor or the quality of the food because he wasn’t hired to put the event together.
Tumblr media
Specific plot ideas:
Prior to their current job at GAIA, they previously worked as a library technician, being in charge of the ordering and cataloguing of periodicals. Perhaps they were your troll’s co-worker or employee, or maybe your troll was a frequent patron of the library who Glasya befriended?
General starter ideas:
Glasya isn’t a particularly social troll and tends to spend most of their time at their work, but occasionally they are required to perform fieldwork as part of the investigation squad. Either they could be investigating your troll (who would have to have strong ties to the supernatural or magic to attract the attention of GAIA), or maybe your troll was a witness to the incident Glasya is seeking information for.
They also tend to do their own ‘fieldwork’, also known as ‘investigating completely safe sites that are tangentially related to a case in order to appear useful without running the risk of actually coming face-to-face with the thing responsible for the incident’. Your troll may encounter them hanging around an ice-cream shop frequented by a local cult, investigating an amusement park that’s believed to be haunted, scouring toy shops for creepy dolls, or any similar ridiculous task.
Glasya is capable of astral projecting, and while they tend to only enter the dreams of trolls they already know, it’s possible they could accidentally end up in your troll’s dream too. It’s okay, they won’t mess with you too much, but they’d love to see all the weird places your troll’s subconscious can come up with.
In their free time, your troll might catch Glasya in a library looking for some more horror and sci-fi novels to read, buying tickets to some terrible B-Movie horror, or checking out some trend they found on TikTok that interested them. 
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permafusion-stevonnie · 2 years ago
Read the FAQ
F. A. Q. that means… if you ask it, I will probably ignore your ask
Q. What is this?
A: A Steven Universe AU where Stevonnie has become a permafusion and must now learn to live as themselves. It’ll be Part Storyline, part Ask Blog.
Q: What do we call this?
A: I’m running with “Together Forever AU”. Though I suppose Permafusion AU, PermStevonnieAU, or even Permafusion Stevonnie AU could also be used. We’ll see which tags become the most popular over time.
Q: Where can I start?
A: You can CLICK HERE to read from the beginning. Q: How often do you update the comic?
A: For the time being I’m trying to go for once a week, but I can’t promise that.
Q: Why don’t you update more often?!
A: Life. Work. Not enough hours in the day? Pick one you like.
Q: How did you come up with the idea for this AU? 
A: Where most of my ideas come from; late at night as I was drifting off to sleep, the question popped into my head “What if White had pulled the Gem out of Stevonnie?” the ideas snowballed from there. 
Q: How do you do these drawings?
A: I’m going to be honest, I mostly trace from screenshots of the show, then make changes to the sketches for facial expressions and clothing appropriate to the situation depicted and continuity of the story.
Q: Don’t you think tracing is cheating?
A: A little, but my own artistic skill is terrible and I really wanted to tell this story. And I figure that if an artist like Greg Land can keep getting work with Marvel, despite always tracing from photographs, then I think it should be alright for me to draw my little tumblr comic using tracing techniques. And, at least, I’m not tracing from porn. I only use screenshots from the show, taken from the Steven Universe Wiki. I never use someone else’s artwork and trace that. 
Q: You, or a character, keeps referring to Stevonnie as “she” when their pronouns are "Them/They.” What gives?
A: When I do it, it’s a mistake, because I thought of Stevonnie as “she” before the them/they pronouns were confirmed within the last year or so (at the time of this writing -2019). That’s about five years of thinking about them one way, before being corrected. So it’s a bad habit I need to break and I ask for patience. When a character does it, it’s most likely because they don’t yet know or understand, that Stevonnie uses Them/They, as their personal pronouns, like the Diamonds, who are still coming to terms with the fact that Stevonnie isn’t just Pink Diamond in a new form.
I may make a mistake occasionally and have a character who would normally use the correct pronouns refer to Stevonnie as She or Her, and that is an error on my part that I’m working on fixing. I always double-check my work and have a proof-reader too. If any slip through the net, then we can only apologise and double our efforts to ensure the correct pronouns are used in the future.  
Q: Why doesn’t your “Previous” button take me to the right page?
A: I just copy and paste from a previous entry and fix it later, be patiant. Or you van click the link “Start Reading Here” on my main page and see all my comics in chronologial order.  OR, you can read the comic on tapas in chronological order.
Q: I asked a question, how come you never responded?
A: You didn't read the FAQ, so I ignored it,
Or, possibly, your question was dumb and I felt it didn’t deserve an answer. That hasn’t happened (yet,) but might in the future.
Or I’m waiting for the right time. Some questions have answers that will come up during the storyline of the comic itself. If you’re patient, then the questions will be answered when those comics are posted. Your question will even appear at the top of the page.
Q: What’s the timeline of your story?
A: We begin during the finale of the episode “Change Your Mind” and will be moving from there.
Q: Will your OCs be in this story?
A: I’m sticking to the canon cast.
Q: Will Spinel be in your story?
A: The answer is leaning towards no. If she is going to appear, it’ll be at least the two years in the future that she appeared in the show. That’ll only be if I keep the story going that long.
Q. I roleplay a gem/ another Steven in another AU/ white pearl etc… Can I send you an ask to roleplay as my character?
Unfortunately, I don’t want to answer RP asks right now. I have a storyline I’m trying to follow, and most of the time those type of asks try to take the story in their own direction, which puts a different spin on things. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not my goal at the moment.
—— Q: I made you some fanart? How do I make sure you see it?
A: Please tag it as #PermAU fanart and, if you want to be sure, send me an ask (not anonymous) or a tumblr IM.
Q. How can I support you?
A: A patreon is available at:Patreon/Together_forever
If none of these are the questions you want to ask, feel free to send your ask!
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kaibacxrpsa · a year ago
Plotting cheat sheet!
Tumblr media
MUN NAME: Vani OOC CONTACT: IMs or Discord.
Tumblr media
Seto Kaiba is one of the top duelists in the world, his title is often referred to as either the best or the second best depending on who you ask this question. He is also the CEO of the largest entertainment and tech development company in the world, Kaibacorp. On top of being the owner and main investor, in the duelists academy. But nothing is as important as being Mokuba’s older brother.
Honestly he is not exactly the most pleasant company, anyone would ask for. He isn’t friends with anyone, no matter what they may say. He doesn’t like anyone trying to insert themselves, in his personal life. He always gives the cold shoulder.
Unless you’re there to discuss/talk about business, you just won’t go far- anywhere with him.
It depends on the verse you may be asking, but this is my default for threads:
I’ve set my interactions to take place after 4 years since Atem’s departure, Seto has been focusing almost exclusively on his business. Especially not long after their most recent acquisition of the duelists academy, so his focus has been in developing - doing further improvements to this investment.
DSOD isn’t canon for my portrayal.
Seto is a very well known public figure, he can’t go anywhere around Domino city without paparazzis/journalists/etc flocking towards him.
Because of this, he tends to only stay at either luxurious establishments- where the press isn’t allowed in. In his company’s building, or back at his mansion.
Unless, he feels like risking using his disguise to wander around the city in peace.
I have picked Seto up this week, I’m still deciding and thinking on what direction I wish to take with his portrayal. Everything is extremely fresh with him, so for the time being I’m testing waters and laying off what I deem to be essential for his portrayal.
I’m also drawing inspiration from my previous muses, mainly my Lance over at my pokemon multimuse.
Just... Gimme Kaiba siblings........... Mokie and Seto..... anything just hurl it at my direction. I have a need y_y
I suppose I could go for some interactions that take place prior to the duelists kingdom, perhaps even before Seto is defeated by Yugi. He is in the same school as Yugi & co.
@ my pokemon fam. Let us rp ;; I finally settled on his AU for us dskjndshkb
Seto... Being... Seto.... Doing Seto things........ Im so sorry everyone, this guy isn’t looking to be buddies with anyone. He is just here to walk over everyone & call it a day.
If you’re a Mokuba rper... I offer u some good heartwarming feelings, for these brothers. The reason why I picked Seto up, in the first place.
I’ve kinda of given up in doing opens tbh. However, don’t be afraid to send in the prompts I reblog!<3
Get urself a man who yeets his lil brother, out of pure love for him and well-intentioned.
Tumblr media
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imperialsea-a · 2 years ago
          Want new-and-exciting plots for your character? Long to reach out to more of your followers, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Fill out this form and give your RP partners both present and future all the of juicy jumping off points they need to help you get your characters acquainted.
          Be sure to tag the players whose characters YOU want more cues to interact with, and repost, don’t reblog! Feel free to add or remove sections as you see fit. Template here.
Tumblr media
Mun name: Rem (not that blue-haired anime girl or DN, it’s from my old blog!) OOC Contact: Contact me through the Tumblr IM system or my Discord! My Discord is: imperialsea#1818. Please tell me your URL if you message me there so I know who you are!
Now, onto the heart of the post!
   ♛   Who the heck is my muse, anyway? Elizabeth Eva Alexandria Cross, the only biological daughter of Kaien Cross, her father (a canon vk char), and Eva Liliya Cherie Cross, her mother (an oc muse)! Elizabeth is a vampire hunter by blood like all in her family before her! But, shh! Your character isn't supposed to know that .  .  .  unless they're also a hunter .  .  .  or a perhaps a vampire (since her family from both sides are famous hunters, but even then they don't have to know she's a vamp killer if you don't want them to) .  .  .  or they're some sort of ally to her / the hunters association since she can't just tell anyone her actual work on a whim. Where she's from, the existence of vampires are a secret from most of humanity and it's her job to kill the dangerous people-hurty ones and keep that nice and secret so as to avoid a world war! 'Nothing about her is complicated at all', I say, lying through my teeth like Bethy does to society every day by keeping her job and true lifestyle hidden :'D
Further information below the cut, please take time to read if you’re stuck on what to plot and how Bethy operates!
   ♛   Points of Interest:           - She was born and raised to fight against unruly beasts and composed foes alike. Despite her youth, she's a one-woman powerhouse and is not afraid to take herself down with an opponent if she deems it necessary. She's like the Smash player who hits the fake smash ball to take out an enemy on their last legs, even at the expense of her own life. She'll do it! Except in Smash she'd probably just win the match because she had an extra life and not, you know, not die forever for real in a last grand battle.
          - She's got vamp genes all over the place and is rare among hunters. She's biologically immortal like a Pureblood despite not being a vampire herself and is living testimony of what her predecessors took from Purebloods both by honorable bestowal of blood from the mysterious Hooded Woman, and straight up [insert painting of Jupiter Devouring His Son here]. Her great grandparent is 3k+ years old, her father is 200+ for devouring his own twin-- it's messy as mythology, but anime :'D  She herself is only 18 on default though (19 in K Crossover--), the youngest of her entire bloodline, and she can still be slain in battle even if she is much hardier than a typical human being. She's also sensitive to auras, and capable of sensing vampires.
          - Things characters might notice? She's ghostly pale and kind of looks like she stepped out of The Last Unicorn. She looks cold, sophisticated, and vaguely otherworldly-- she really doesn't radiate the friendliest of vibes unless she's doing something she loves, and the calculated yet seemingly effortless grace of her movements are prominent in and outside of combat. She is descended from an ancient royal line, and those posh, stuffy mannerisms and formal speech pattern live on through her even if the Adrasteian monarchy no longer exists.
          - She truly isn't a trigger-happy person, whatever the title of 'hunter' implies, and keeps a level head in most situations. Sure, Bethy looks as if she could bite someone's head off and can display some seriously threatening flashes of anger, but she's not going to do something rash and will only resort to drawing her weapons in a serious matter. She's here to save lives, maintain peace, and keep order, not disrupt it and set off a war! No pressure on her, right?
         - She is also notably, NOT a high school student, though she may be mistaken for a high school senior or young college student since her age fits the bill. Elizabeth actually graduated from her high school at age sixteen and took to hunting full-time immediately after. She was convinced to slow it down by her grandparents and began preparing for college when her assignment at Cross Academy arrived and, uh, pretty tragically, hasn’t been able to attend any classes due to her work demands. Come to choose between the world and personal fulfillment? Her conscience only let her have one choice; a hunter must hunt.
    ♛   What they’ve been up to recently:           - Work. There's hardly a time when this girl isn't working or planning what to do next, and the workload only grows after the previous president is outed as a dishonorable, self-serving traitor to the hunters. She's seriously injured after trading blows with him and is promptly benched to deal with the fallout and mental agony, but she's back within a year (and in K's crossover? Only six months later!).
          - Having said that, Elizabeth does have days off and will spend them quietly with her friends, or alone with music and a rejuvenating swim.
          - Depending on the time in her life? Her life circumstances vary drastically-- she can go from a young huntress travelling on her own as duty demands, or she can be a mother of five children and trusted right hand of the new hunter president, Zero Kiryuu. She lives for a long time, so she's always up to something! And of course, she's always motivated to fight for a better future. 
   ♛   Where to find them:            - Aside from work, check the beach! Or find her on methods of cross-continental transportation since she travels around the world for her job (she walks whenever possible, so it's rare to see her on a bus, but she’ll begrudgingly take one or a train)! Otherwise, a place like an aquarium, clothing store, or coffee shop, or any place in a city is your best chance.... write w me pls... q-q she is Around Somewhere.
          - If not found in any of those places and your character is someone inside Cross Academy, she can be found there, helping the prefects in some way and is familiar enough with the building to help out new students if they ask.
    ♛   Current Plans:           - Elizabeth is chained to her work as a hunter for as long as she draws breath, or until there is no need for her to end hostile vampires. Her ultimate goal is to keep the world from falling into a repeat, all-out war between vampires and humanity. Her living and family situation might change through the years, but that will always be her primary drive-- she's got an indomitable will.
    ♛   Desired Interactions:           - please ovq
          - In all seriousness, I’m up for pretty much anything. She needs more friends, more enemies, people to protect, people to be protected by, people she looks up to, people who legitimately unnerve her, everything! I just don’t feel comfortable killing her. Elizabeth fought really hard to get her future and deserves to find comfort after her entire childhood-young adult life was spent thinking the only thing of worth she had was her role as a huntress. I do really, really love angst though, so anything else goes, really c:
     ♛   Offered Interactions ( please sit tight for this! it will be divided into multiple sections! ) :           - IF YOUR CHARACTER IS HUMAN:                - She’ll assume your muse is an average civilian until shown otherwise (be it with unusual powers, whacky aura, combat prowess, or prior knowledge from a report or something-- a plot specific thing). Unless they truly know about vampires / work with the Hunters Association, Elizabeth will not be sharing any information about who or what she is without a legitimate reason (such as the human character being bitten by a Pureblood and thus is being turned into a vampire themselves). However, the other party being kept in the dark about vampires can open the door to a more relaxed Elizabeth without her professional, perfectionist mindset. She’s more likely to have a pleasant conversation with humans since they have no part in the hunt-- but in that same vein, she does aim to keep them at a certain distance and not develop a deep emotional bond (but she’s also a lot softer than she looks and acts and tends to care for others quickly, should they get along). It’s a tricky slope .  .  . She’s thawed out and the nicer aspects of her personality are far more prominent, but at the same time, she’s not being entirely genuine. Give her time and she’ll become more open about personal things, just, not her work.
               - Applies to her K Proj. Crossover.  Working with S4, Elizabeth takes some time to adjust, but ultimately loves the organization and the people within it. They’re an exception to her ‘no ties with average humans’ rule because....errr.... they’re not the average human she’s used to protecting and in that verse they’re aware of her occupation and peculiar heritage. She’s not as cold first impressions might suggest and loves Reisi’s weird af team building nights, it’s hard for her to not have a soft spot for them, even as an outsider and unofficial member (as in, she has none of the abilities the Blues have, but she has her natural abilities).
         - IF YOUR CHARACTER IS A HUNTER:                 - Elizabeth is a known figure in hunter society; her great grandfather, grandfather, and aunt were previous heads of the organization and each are still alive at present. So, it probably makes more sense if your hunter character at the very least knows about her-- unless they’re an off-series muse in which case go wild and do what you think is best! I always did like the idea of two vampire hunters chilling together with neither one knowing the other is a fellow hunter until they’re attacked by a vamp and they’re both like ‘Oh!’
               - A simple but always reliable plot idea is two hunters on a joint mission! It’s really important to know that Bethy does not take kindly to poor performance and expects her partner to take whatever assignment they have seriously. If not? Things get tundra-cold really fast-- o-o;; People’s lives are at stake and in her opinion, if a hunter wants to mope or complain about their blood-given obligation, they’re not fit to be hunters in the first place. ‘Can’t do the job? Then finish what you started with me if you have any shred of integrity, and get thee gone’ sort of thing. Otherwise, uh :’D;; she’s highly cooperative and always aims to reach the outcome with the least amount of damage.
               - As a teenager, she attended a hunter-run private academy in Adrasteia for four years. If it’s possible for your muse to attend (as in, they are from a vampire hunter family and can pass the rigorous entrance exams), throw em in for a slightly younger, less stringent Bethy? A national fencing champion at the top of her classes, and great granddaughter to the legendary hellfire headmaster, Elizabeth’s not easily missed! It could be the start to an amicable relationship to carry into future interactions?
        - IF YOUR CHARACTER IS A VAMPIRE:                 - Bluntly put, for vampires, it’s probably better to interact with Elizabeth after Cross Academy has fallen in the large battle that took place there. Her mother is revealed to have been alive and held captive as a vampire, she’s already friends with a hunter/vamp, her two friends turned out to be Purebloods, and ‘ mother and father got together again and now I’ve got a younger vampire brother’ .....and her boyfriend’s half sister is also a vampire who marries the former vamp senate heir..... so...vamps everywhere; she simply accepts them as part of the family. Prior to that, while she isn’t hostile to vampires and certainly has no intention to attack a vamp unjustly, it’s not a place she’s eager to put herself in. Depending on how threatened she feels, she’ll even swallow her pride and keep her head down-- mostly.
               - If your muse is a hunter-turned-vampire, she doesn’t treat them as a vampire, rather, she still sees them as a compatriot, like in the case of Zero Kiryuu. Whether or not your muse received the blood of their keeper is up to you, but in the case that they haven’t-- she’s always there to assist in granting mercy whenever the time comes :’)
       - IF YOUR CHARACTER DOES NOT FIT INTO ANY OF THE ABOVE CATEGORIES / REGARDING OTHER VERSES:                - Please help me find something that works, I’m willing to try! Memes are incredibly helpful! Send one in, the tag is here, and we can go from there!
                  - My currently finished and ready-to-use Crossover Verse is K Proj., which can be read about right here.
      ♛   Current Open Post/s: Linked right here. There's no expiration date to these, and it doesn't matter if another person has replied to one, you are more than welcome to reply to one if it catches your eye at all.
      ♛   Anything else?:  YEAH, wow I am so sorry that got so long. Please note that this post may be updated periodically!
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thedelanceybruddas · 2 years ago
Can you teach me how to rp Morris, i’m really bad at it and it’s a problem
ok so this is super late BUT youre giving me a good excuse to put together my Morris Personality HC™ so thank u anon. i apologize that this is focused less on roleplaying him and more on writing him but. i think that’s close enough.
ok so if we’re looking at the script of the musical we know that Morris is a HUGE instigator. his lines, in order, are: “you want some of that too, ya lousy crip?” - “hey Oscar, looks like it was bum information we got about a strike happening here today. not that i’m complaining; i know my skull bustin’ arm could use a day of rest” - “hey, ya working or trespassing? what’s your pleasure?” - “shut it, ya stupid crip!” - “and now, we’ve been given discretion to handle you as we see fit. yeah, so behave.” - “you can sleep right here, on this old printing press. *SMACK SMACK* now that there is firm.” 
a lot of his character is displayed through his physicality; when Race says his whole “it would be a pleasure to tell Weasel myself” line, the camera cuts to Morris and Oscar, and Morris does a sort of pointy ‘i’m watching you’ gesture; a lot of Morris’ threats are just physical gestures not included in the script. the way the actor plays him makes him seem a little less like a goon and more like a jerk older brother; constantly taunting and provoking the newsies, but not really rising to action unless he gets a reaction. every line in the script might have a threatening gesture accompanying it, but it’s like he’s daring the newsies to do anything and doesn’t really have a plan if they do take him up on it. when jack knocks the Delanceys down with Crutchie’s crutch, Oscar is immediately for retribution (“just wait till I get my hands on you!”) but Morris doesn’t respond at all; he follows his brother in chasing Jack, of course, but for someone who keeps talking big game he has no response for when the newsies actually fight back. this rule changes for Crutchie; out of the two Delanceys, Morris verbally and physically attacks Crutchie whenever he gets the opportunity. you can have your own interpretation as to why, but it isn’t excusable.
when he and Oscar are (presumably) hired by Pulitzer to intimidate Jack, Morris takes more of a hands-on approach; when they’re in the distribution yard, Oscar is the one that handles talking to the Newsies the most with little back-and-forth quips and jeers and such, while Morris only talks to them before work starts, either at the gates or just as they’re coming through them, or when his job is to beat on them. he seems to care about seeming responsible/mature when we see him working, whether for Wiesel or Pulitzer, but especially the latter, since that’s when he takes control of the situation the most; presenting the printing press to Jack, telling him to behave — Oscar only has one line in that scene, and that’s to add on to what Morris was saying with a threat (“but just in case, I’ve been polishing my favourite brass knuckles”). when compared to when he’s working for Pulitzer, it’s seems like he’s letting Oscar be the boss of the distribution yard by deliberately keeping out of things; now, I see Morris as the older brother (I have a post saying why) so I interpret this as Morris letting his baby brother do the cool stuff like handing out the papes and talking to the newsies while he handles the dirty work. whatever interpretation you choose, the point is that Morris very rarely speaks to the newsies when he starts working (i.e. after the gate has been unlocked.)
you may notice that literally every single line in the musical is him either instigating a confrontation or him taunting the newsies. if we look at the 1992 script (minus that one scene because dear god please do not use that scene for roleplay inspiration) its a lot more detailed in stage direction + it has a few different lines so we can learn a bit more about him!
the first direction in the script for Morris is for him to push past Jack with ‘deliberate aggression’. when Oscar pushes Snipeshooter to the back of the line, 'Oscar and Morris glare at the crowd, daring anyone to do anything about it.’ – basically that whole first scene with them is showing that they’re just stupid tough goons. in the scene where the Delanceys are chasing jack, at one point, when Morris has him, the script says 'Morris lifts him high into the air to smash him onto the cobblestones.’ However, this doesn’t happen in the actual scene; the only time in Carrying the Banner that’s remotely similar to this is when the Delancey’s are fighting Jack inside the circle of newsies, where Morris pushes Jack down and tackles him, showing him as the heavy-hitter of the duo, further enforcing that he’s the brother who gets his hands dirty.
later, when Jack gets the extra paper for Davey from Wiesel, Wiesel is PISSED and the script says that he backhands Morris (who isn’t even the one who gave Davey the extra paper). This doesn’t make it into the film either (probably because it’s kind of dark, GEE DISNEY DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS DARK) but it could point to Weasel being abusive towards the brothers.
morris, compared to oscar, seems super sadistic, especially when he grins at Crutchie before he and Oscar drag him off to the cops - and later in the script Crutchie fills us in that Oscar and Morris 'worked him over’ - either before or after turning him in.
we don’t see anything special specific to Morris again until a while later, after Jack becomes a scab; script says 'The Delanceys pass by; Morris grinning at him, bouncing a club in his hand.’
however, this isn’t accurate to the movie, as Morris has a blank, almost annoyed expression. this is significant due to Oscar’s next line: “come with us, cowboy. we’re gonna fix your pal Davey today — fix 'im so’s he can’t walk no more.” Morris tells him to shut up, which, in the script seems like it’s supposed to be said in a way akin to ‘shut up dude, we’re not supposed to tell him that’ but the way the actor delivers it seems more like ‘too far, shut up.’ watching the scene, you can see how Morris slowly shakes his head as Oscar speaks, and the ‘shut up’ is delivered as he pulls Oscar away from Jack. this line is the one that I’ve noticed most fans using to interpret Morris as more sympathetic. if you do want to play Morris semi-sympathetically or try to redeem him, this line is what you want to look at.
the next Delancey scene is weirdly violent and disgusting for Disney and i know it’s a cop-out but i tend to ignore it so i will not cover it here.
one last note is that after jack beats up the Delanceys for The Previous Scene Morris yells “Ya better run, cowboy – we’re tellin’ Weas! You’ll be back in the Refuge by supper time!” haha tattletale
some extra stuff that may or may not be canon: morris’ trading card reads ‘Born in SoHo and worked on the family farm. Abandoned by his parents, believes in survival of the fittest and sticks like glue to his brother, Oscar. They work with their Uncle Wiesel, keeping order at the distribution window of “The World”.’ it’s pretty likely that Mike Faist wrote this, but it’s nice to use as a kind of baseline for Morris’ characterization. Mike also says in the Meet the Newsies video for Morris that “deep down… y’know, really deep down, he’s actually like a really nice guy.”
across both versions of Newsies, we have these consistencies: Morris and Oscar work for their uncle Wiesel (they call him Uncle Weas in the movie), they fight with the Newsies at least twice, and they fight the most with Jack.
we also have the discrepancies: first, the ableism toward Crutchie. in the musical, both of the Delanceys (but mostly Morris) single him out from the other newsies specifically to bully and harass him for being disabled. Morris calls him stupid, assaults him, and calls him a slur twice. it’s obvious that he does this because he’s disabled. for example, Morris snatches his crutch away after Racetrack and Oscar start fighting (“ain’t your father one of the strikers? “guess he didn’t take care of me”) yet does literally nothing to Racetrack who’s the one that started it in the first place, not to mention that Crutchie really didn’t do anything besides stand nearest to Morris. in contrast, the 1992 version has a scene that basically mirrors this scene, except instead of Morris making Crutchie fall over by taking his crutch, Oscar shoves one of the very smallest newsies, Snipeshooter, towards the back of the line of newsies (“in the back you lousy little shrimp.”) Morris is of course still abrasive in the 1992 version, but the only time he SPECIFICALLY picks on Crutchie is when he’s literally the only one left in the distribution yard after the chaos, and Oscar and Morris are basically working in tandem at this point. Oscar kicks away Crutchie’s crutch, then they both drag him away by his shoulders — Morris does kind of menace Crutchie with his baton, but he doesn’t hit him. Throughout the entire movie (and the bar is touching the ground), at no point do Morris or Oscar call Crutchie a slur.
the ableist slurs and behaviours by Morris in the stage musical were probably included because there are basically no other opportunities to show the Delancey’s villainy, since Sarah isn’t a character and Jack never works for Wiesel — in regards to Morris’ personality and writing him, it’s probably meant to showcase either a superiority complex, his sadism (as evident in the 1992 film), or the ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality referenced in his trading card bio.
basically, when writing Morris I’d pick and choose from every one of his showcased aspects between both iterations, and I wouldn’t fall into the trap of trying to make him so sympathetic that he’s OOC. he’s mean, confrontational, vindictive, petty, violent; he looks out for his brother, tries to be responsible, and doesn’t seem to hold a grudge (especially against Jack). of course, since he’s supposed to be a one-dimensional Disney villain, you have to add some depth by yourself. for example, I headcanon that he’s older than Oscar to add a kind of asshole older brother dynamic. honestly, you don’t have to consider every single bad thing he’s ever done in canon when writing him; imo writing Morris is harder than writing Oscar because, since Morris is more stoic and physical than Oscar, it’s much harder to try and imagine his motivations and thoughts, much less build a personality that’s redeemable. Just imagine canon Morris as the skeleton and then build on top of it; don’t take away what he is OR how he’s hurt other characters, but build on top of it. just be prepared to think up a metric fuckton of headcanons. 
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starfirechan · 2 years ago
🌸 🌹 🌻 🍀 🌱 🌲 🌴 🌵 🍁 💐 🌿
Munday Symbols!
Thank you for sending! Also wow so many!
🌸 = my roleplay petpeeve 
Hmm. Well, this isn’t quite a peeve, and it’s not really a thing I hate, but, something that gets me nervous and/or confused everytime?People not liking things. Like, I sure understand where it comes from, to not clog up your likes or anything (though tbh, can that even work? I doubt I’d ever manage to keep my likes to a low number anyway) or maybe some other reason too, but whenever I answer an ask of someone, especially IC-wise, as in an actual RP-starter or drabble or whatever; or worse a starter or something, and they don’t ‘like’ it, I mentally start going crazy about it. Did they not like it? Should I have done something different? Maybe they never saw it? Did they just not ‘like’ it because they don’t do that? Do they still appreciate (and maybe want to continue) it? Should I IM them and ask, or is that a taboo and like pushing them or being clingy or whatever?Like, ugh. So much worried thoughts over something as simple as a tiny heart-button.
🌹 = my opinion on your character 
I like Terra a lot! I always felt for her, and her story was so painful and sad and I so much wished for her to regain (or show) her memories after she appeared again as a schoolgirl, and for her to return to the Titans! It was shocking to learn that many people outright hate her, and yeah, what else can I say? Cool girl, sad happenings, she deserved more!
🌻 = a character I wish to write with 
I’m trying to not name who I’d usually name here, so I’ll name Cyborg! It’s such a pity that he doesn’t seem to exist as RP-char? Like every other of the main 5 is here with one or more blogs, and other characters too, but I’ve never really seen too much of (a) Cyborg around!
Also: Mar’i please!
🍀 = a ship I wish to write 
Two again mention two, I mentioned Red X with Blackfire in my shipping-info-posts recently, and of course there’s never enough RobStar (and for a third I technically mentioned Jericho with Wildfire too, though basically I only want a Joey to write with and it doesn’t have to be/become a ship in that way); but to name something else, hmm... no, sorry, I actually can’t think of any particular ship! I definitely wanna do more in regards to shipping though, going for any (or at least most) of my muses, I feel like I’m really bad at it (or maybe I simply haven’t gotten the chance to try too much with it yet) and I’d really like to change that. But since I tend to take a while to ‘feel’ a ship, maybe I’m just not supposed to.
🌱 = a plot I want to write with you
Well, to a thing I wrote about it (or was it a meme I reblogged?) you said that you were interested in, or willing to, do a power-switch thing with me, so my first idea is that!
🌲 = if I ship our characters together
I... never really considered it much? I mean, I think we may have talked about it before so I considered it in some way, but not ‘really’ I guess (if you understand what I mean)? I assume it is just as possible as it is with any of the other Titans, since they were close, so I guess I’m open to trying? Like stated above, I tend to have a difficult time with ships so my apologies for not answering this any better!(And I’m assuming you don’t want answers for my other muses here - wouldn’t be any surprising answer anyway I guess, since with Blackfire she’s more on a ‘enemy’-relationship and, unless you count some memes [or maybe only one that was an actual RP-situation? I don’t really remember that well xD] that I think you sent to Wildfire a while ago, Terra hasn’t met any of my other muses. As for with your Dark!BB, we’re kinda working on getting him and Nega!Star together so I can see that and definitely wanna continue our trying; and the others probably no since enemy for Star and Blackfire isn’t really interested in one looking just like one of the Titans - though here like for any other combinations of our muses, I don’t mind trying it if you want)
🌵 = a disliked canon character in my fandom
Like said in the previous answer I gve to the meme, I hope I understand this right by stating someone of canon that I dislike. Though, since I don’t really have anyone I’d say I ‘dislike’, I’m gonna go with ones where I’m just ‘meh’ about.
And the next one to mention there would be... General Immortus, I guess, at least he’s the next one I can spontaneously think of.
🍁 = my opinion on multimuse blogs
They’re okay! Which probably doesn’t sound too positive, but I don’t know how to better word it! Like, sure, I may not be into all of their muses, but as long as they don’t like fill my dash with 1834653490437 posts all at once (or within like half an hour) for all of their characters or something, I don’t really mind it if a blog has more than one muse!
On that note, I’m terrible at choosing though (both my own muses or others), so that always brings me a bit to a difficulty in regards to sending stuff to multimuse-blogs - not that I’m too good at sending stuff to people in the first place.
💐 = my favorite part about the fandom
The art was what I mentioned in the previous answer, next... well, uh. That there are still people RPing from the cartoon, when it has been gone for a good while already! I was so happy to find people here to share my obsession love for TT with!
🌿 = my least favorite part about the fandom
I don’t think this is really about this one fandom, as I believe it is the case almost everywhere, but: Ship wars. I assume they had been stronger when the show was on, but when I find in the tags how people insult characters because they are in, or people because they ship, a different ship than what they themselves prefer for a character, it’s just stupid. Stupid and childish. Just let people do what they want, and if you feel the need to bash another character to show how good your ship is? You’re doing something very wrong.
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heartsflocked · 2 years ago
Can you teach me how to roleplay like you do?
So, I got this ask over two weeks ago at a time when I was kind of busy and couldn’t spare a moment to answer, and I’m always very shy about answering asks late/afraid that whoever asked might not still be around, so i’m sorry it took so long and i hope you’re still around, anon! I’ve [answered an anon like this before on a previous blog] (i’m honestly!! still just as flattered when people ask me these things, i’m glad i give off the impression that i know what I’m doing) and some of that advice holds and some of it I would probably give differently? It has some useful links, though.
I don’t want to seem high and mighty like I think I’m some expert, because I really don’t!! I don’t think I know much better than anyone else and I mostly just try and follow the flow of others and follow my own instincts, but I know people being patient and trying to help me as best they could back when I started around 7 years ago is how I made it here today so I’ll try my best to help out under the cut!!
Please come off anon and message or IM me if you have a question that I didn’t cover, because I’m not all-knowing and I want to help but it might be easier to help if I know what specifically you mean by “how to RP like you do”!
Couple notes, I’ve only RPed from desktop and not from mobile, so most of my advice will be based on that, and a lot of it will be my personal preference not Solid Rules That Must Be Followed.
For starters, basic terms:
“OOC” - stands for ‘Out Of Character’; anything ooc is something the person running the blog is saying, not something said by the character.
“IC” - stands for ‘In Character’, anything tagged as IC is something said by the character. If a specific person is not referenced in the tags, a post being tagged as IC may mean it’s open to being replied to! If your url is in the tags, it means you can reply to it (either by reblogging or the reply feature).
“Indie”/”Independent” - independent roleplay blogs mean that they aren’t affiliated with anyone else and aren’t part of a closed rp group. This means that they can RP with anyone! Since they RP with anyone, they will RP with multiple versions of the same characters, but the interactions are generally treated like they take place in different universes.*
“Open”/”Open RP” - open roleplay posts are open for anyone** to reply to! If you see someone make an open roleplay and they follow you, you can reblog it with a reply!
“Starter Call” - if someone makes a starter call, it’s a post that anyone** can like, and the person who made the post will write the beginning or starter for a roleplay thread with each of the people who liked the post.
*“Mains” & “Exclusives” - if someone has mains and exclusives, that means that they have a default rp partner for certain characters. Mains are rp partners who are the most common or most referenced version of a certain canon muse and are always considered the ‘canon’ version of a character’s ‘main’ universe. Exclusives are rp partners who are the Only version of that muse someone will play with. So if I had an Exclusive Momo for my Jiro, I would only roleplay with that Momo, but if I had a Main Kaminari for my Jiro, I would still rp with other Kaminaris, just not as often as my Main.
**“Private”/”Mutuals Only” - mutuals are people who you follow that also follow you. you have to be mutually following each other to be considered mutuals! if a blog is private or mutuals only, that means they won’t write with people who they do not follow. So, even if they post an open roleplay, someone who they don’t follow is not supposed to reply, or like their starter calls.
Now, onto the actual RP itself. You probably realize this easy enough from seeing other people RP or from any experience you have with it yourself, but RP is a lot like writing a fic with another person! It’s best to stick to third person POV though a lot of people do good things with second person POV, and an important note is that the point of RP is working together! So, you want to try and give your partner something to reply to or work with in every reply you give them!
Basic example: If someone makes you a starter that’s like “What are you doing?” and you reply with “Homework, I need to focus so leave me alone.” then you aren’t giving them anything to reply to! Then their only choice is to let your character focus and end the interaction. Instead, you could reply with “Homework, can you help?” Similarly, you’re supposed to build off of each other; add something new to each reply, not get stuck in an endless loop of just reacting to what they said without giving them something to react to.And if someone asks you for a roleplay starter, make sure whatever you write for them is something that will be easy to continue for a long time! If you write a starter that’s just “Get out of my way.”, that doesn’t give them a lot to reply to, you know?
On desktop, it’s important to trim posts. That means deleting your last reply, so that the thread doesn’t take too long for other people to scroll past or scroll through. If you have the new xkit extension, then you can make the post editable there, and cut out your last reply. If not, or if you’re on mobile, you can delete all replies, and either copy and paste their last reply in or just leave it out.
You only control your character, so stick to writing your character! Don’t try to control your partner’s character; never write into your thread what the other person’s character is doing, unless it’s something THEY said they were doing already. Also, try not to force their character into something they didn’t agree with. “Character A punches Character B, knocking Character B off of their feet.” is rude to write into your reply, because it takes control away from the person who writes Character B, and doesn’t give them the option to dodge or decide how they take the punch!
Try and set up a rules page; a lot of people won’t follow if you don’t have a rules page. It’s important so you can make it clear what you are and aren’t comfortable writing, and what you are and aren’t comfortable with seeing from your partners.
If you write a canon character, you may not need an about page although it can be helpful, but if you write your own original character you definitely need to have some basics so people know what your character is like and how their character might meet them and what to expect from your character!
Using icons: People use images in their thread to show what their character is feeling! They don’t just use random images of their character, they use icons! This means that the images are supposed to always be the same shape and size. The default size is 100px by 100px, but some people go smaller or use a different shape. My icons are always 80px x 80px. I have a friend whose icons are always 66px x 66px. It’s easy to edit, trim, and resize images down with sites like,, and, and pixlr even has an express editor app that makes it VERY easy to edit, crop, and resize icons from mobile if you don’t RP from desktop! The key is consistency, your images don’t have to be the same size and shape as everyone else’s, but each of your own images SHOULD match each other!
If you play a canon character, don’t get shy because someone else plays that character! We call two people who play the same muse “duplicates”, and duplicates aren’t in competition! If someone RPs with one of your duplicates, that doesn’t mean they won’t be just as happy to write with you! The only exception is if they say they’re exclusives with that duplicate.
Formatting: lots of people use formatting in their posts! What constitutes formatting is small text, subscript text, superscript text, italics, bold text, and indents. Indents are just done by hitting space multiple times at the beginning of a paragraph. Small text can be done on desktop by hitting “ctrl + shift + -”, and subscript and superscript can be done by hitting “ctrl + ,” and “ctrl + .”.  You can achieve these effects on mobile if you’re willing to go to the extra effort by putting it in html tags (you can google html tags for each of those things easily!). People mess with all this stuff just to make replies look to their own personal taste.
This got really longwinded and complicated and I lost track of where I was going with it in places but I tried to cover most of the basics of things that I think about whenever I RP! I hope it wasn’t too hard to follow!
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twotailshakes · 2 years ago
1 & 3 ^-^
From the tbh mun meme! // @coldsnxp​
Tumblr media
1) What would prevent you from following someone?
Tl;dr - a lOT. But its for the trade off of if I’m sticking around, especially after the first two weeks? I’m there for you, nothing else.
For the mun; general discriminatory behaviour (racism, homophobia etc), miss me with that. Also a high amount of negative, drama related or attention seeking posts - and please don’t think I mean never post “help im depressed/sad/having a bad day” stuff, more a consistent stream that implies that they don’t have a support network and is using the dash as a surrogate, y’know? Listen, I’m some dumb nerd just wanting to roleplay a fuckin’ robot cowboy; I dont want shit to be complicated yo.For the muse: being outside fandoms I’m knowledgeable about (i want to have that background info!), untrimmed roleplay posts, short roleplay posts (consistent 5Also just in general writing and writing style! I follow people I want to roleplay with, and tbh the main decider in that is “is your writing something that makes me excited”?. And if it is? Hell yeah, I’m totally there. If I have previous history with friends some of these I’ll overlook too (more not knowing fandoms, not the ‘decent human being’ stuff lmao)
3. What current rp trend do you hate? 
Container themes! Listen, they look really pretty, and I can tell people put a lot of work into them - but how the hell am I supposed to read your roleplay?! Going to /mobile or hitting reblog just so the text isn’t size 2, two shades lighter than the background and isn’t within a 200x200 square is just the wORST. 
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Group Ask 51
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AO3 Search Tutorial
Please send us an ask stating which group ask and which person you are replying to. Thank you so much in advance!
Anon 1 said:
Hi! So I recently read a fic on here and like I looked through all of the tags it could’ve possibly been in and I CANT SEEM TO FIND IT! and I sadly don’t remember a lot but I do remember the beginning: Bucky meets Steve on the playground after Steve was getting bullied and Bucky sling shotted the bullies to protect Steve. Thank you if you can find it (:
Anon 2 said:
I’ve been trying to find this fic in the tags but I’m not having much luck. Basically Hydra loans the Winter Soldier to the Avengers to help fight the Chitauriand I’m fairly sure the Bucky reveal happened. It was published a while back (like years ago) and I’m pretty sure it was complete. I just can’t find it again. Any thoughts?
Anon 3 said: 
Hi! Sorry to bother! But I've looked through your dark!fic tag and a few others and couldn't find the fic I was looking for? Steve and Bucky are captured by Hydra, maybe one of Bucky's old handlers everyone thought was dead, they try to turn Bucky back into WS, after putting him in the chair they tell him to shoot Steve, but he doesn't. Steve wants to tell Bucky he loves him, Bucky refuses to let him since they think they're going to die there. Natasha and Avengers come rescue them. Happy ending
monalisamontauk and Anon sent in Captured by arxiver (complete | 17,768 | M)
Anon 4 said:
hihihiiiiiiiiii, im looking for a fic where steve and bucky live in the tower w/ the other avengers, nobody realizes they are in a relationship until they battle against enemy, wherein steve (or bucky??) gets hurt, then in the hospital bucky goes to him & i think rests his forehead against steves? and everyone- bruce realizes first- that they are in a relationship? its a short and sweet story. thank u!!
ladyrevealedofcloak sent in For Operational Reasons by Odsbodkins (oneshot | 4,248 | M)
captainrogers-barnes said:
Hi!! Absolutely love this page! I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t seem to find a fic where Bucky is Steve’s “servant” kinda thing? He has to wear a suite and cook him specific food and Steve’s real grumpy but eventually comes around? Natasha helps him out aswell - thank you!!!
mmouse15, breakfastwithdick, and sebashtiansatan sent in Venus in Vibranium by betts (complete | 58,984 | E) - /others, sex work)
sylcbi said:
Hello awesome people (what would I do without you???) I went through the WW2 section but maybe I’m not looking at the right place :/ Do you know any fic where Bucky returns to Steve (no serum so AU I guess) after the war? Bucky is an amputee and trying to readjust to life. I saved a fan art a couple of years ago where Steve helps Bucky to tie his shoes and it’s still the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. Than yooooouuuuuu <3 <3
agnosticofgod and isleflight sent in Demobilization by 743ish, sallysparrow017 (complete | 41,390 | E)
Anon 5 said:
hey, sorry for the ask but I can't find this fic in the daddy kink tag! do you guys know of this fic where pre-war steve breaks a lamp on purpose before bucky gets home to get bucky to rp daddy with him and 'punish' him? it was this smutty one-shot that i've lost track of, thanks!!
stucky-marvel sent in Please, Daddy by OhCaptainMyCaptain (oneshot | 10,847  | E)
Anon 6 said:
hey! im realy sorry cause I think that somone already asked this, but theres this one fic where bucky and Steve are reunited (i think it's in the tower and Bucky comes out of the elevator) and Steve kisses bucky and Bucky has to get really upset at him because he thinks it isn't legal but they make up. love you guys thank you so much
liv said:
hi! I’m looking for a fic where Bucky is super affectionate but Steve is kinda a dick about it?? I’m pretty sure they get into an arguement and Bucky tells Steve that he never wants to touch him nicely? thank you so much!!
evan0uir sent in Bucky Barnes Fucks His Boss, And Other Challenges Of Command by AggressiveWhenStartled (complete | 15,246 | T)
Anon 7 said:
Looking for a fic and hoped you could help? I've tried every variation and just can't find it. Bucky fell from the train, and he was supposed to die and Valkyrie (or someone) appeared to take him to Valhalla, but he stood up and refused to die, so she took him to Asgard where he supposedly became an Asgardian for a while? I don't think I ever read more than a few chapters and now I really need more! Thank you x
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thepleasureisguilty · 3 years ago
misty morning~ were wolf au pt 3
ongoing rp with @ask-a-slippery-boy part 3 of 3 
part 2:
SFW~ (ish) has conversation about happenings from previous night, being sore etc. does contain: long drawn out after care  and allot of dog and wolf puns... enjoy! 
*the sun begins to rise, i am so happy i have been able to ease this process for you. I take a few moments to take in the wolf scent, i savor  the feeling of your fur... And the light hits you*
*I give you a long final lick followed by a howl before the light hits me. Like before I’m seized with pain as my body cracks and snaps. Instead of growing I’m folding in on myself like a spy glass. Each pop brings a new wave of pain. My howls and snarls become more like screams and moans. I’m slowly turning back to normal under you.  I dig my fingers into the dirt and shake violently as the changes grip me.*
*I hold you through the change being mindful that im not crushing you during this already painful experience, i am overwhelmingly excited to talk to you again and see the look on your face when you realize I "layed with the dogs" all night. *
*there’s a few loud final cracks before my body is finally still. The pain fades from me and I tremble from relief as it leaves me.* M-mast... *my mouth feels wrong. Formulating words is a struggle all it’s own. My voice is raspy and faint.* Im not on the tree...? *I sit upright quickly with a yelp* mast! Mast are you okay? Did I hurt you??? Did I???? *I hold you at arms length and look your body up and down. There’s the bite, but I did that before I turned. But you’re covering in scratches and dirt. Tears well in my eyes and I hold you close to me* Mast Oh Mast I’m so so sorry. Are are you okay?? Darling oh my love...
*I hover over you, now wanting to touch you and make it worse, your fluids dripping from my entrance and onto you as you still. i am relieved when you a make up and hold you close when you sit up. I rest your head against my chest and straddle back down on you, petting you lovingly.* ilya you were extremely gentle with me the entire night... You earned the name good boy
*I pet your hair lovingly and kiss your cheek* ilya I am fine! I am happy! You have nothing to apologize for *I pull your face back to look at me* you protected and cared for your mate so well *i rub our noses together*
*I look at you concerned* B-but I bit you! I mean I was lucid for that, but I was so horny I wasn’t in control really... and you’re all scratched up... and dirty... *I pull you back against me. I’m so tired, my limbs are shaking with the effort of sitting up but I’m so worried.* Darling are you sure you’re okay?
Comon my love *I pet your hair and smile loosening your chains* lets get you in that hammock handsome
*I suppose I can question you about the night when I wake up. I don’t remember most of it. Just how good it felt to be with you, my mate. Once free of the chains I pull myself up using the tree with a whimper* fuck... god... I’m too tired to interrogate you but I will in a few hours
*I stand up with a wince, cum still pouring down my legs, i can rest later, right now i need to be strong for you. I wrap your arm around my neck and shoulder and lead you to the hammock, i lay you down and hobble over to my bag, collecting the wool blanket, a biscuits and the bottle of water, i hobble back over and lay the blanket over you* hehe talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing *I laugh a bit at my own joke, both being proud of it and trying to raise your spirits*
*I shoot you a look when you wince, i don’t like the look of that. But the cum pouring down your legs more or less answers that question for me.  I do my best to hold you and help you walk too, but when you lay me down I basically collapse. I’m nearly asleep already when you make it back. I pull you into the hammock with me and wrap my arms around you.* I’d bark with laughter, but that joke wasn’t worth it. *I grin but it’s broken by a long yawn*
Ha neither was that joke *i smile and open the cork to the bottle* here drink something before falling asleep love
*I don’t have the energy to sit up so I pour the water into my mouth from here and inevitably spill some on my face. Not that I have enough energy to give a shit. I pass it back to you* T-thanks Mast. I... it’s better with you here. So thank you for coming...
* i take a swig and place back on the cork, setting the bottle to the side* darling... I dont want you to go through this by yourself ever again...
*i yawn again* L-let’s talk about it when we wake up... I’m so tired... I can’t think too good... I love being with you but... safety? I just... we need to talk more about it... when I’m not falling asleep, or really wolf horny...*I pull you close to me* but thank you for being here. I love you. You’ve made this whole thing much better...
We will *I kiss your head and hold you close* we will ilya well talk about everything *kisses head* rest now my love *I pet you and humm to you softly as you fall asleep in my arms, i am brought back to my hiding hole, sketching beetles and little matters of wildlife... I was so lonely then... Now in this hammock there is you... I cant help but take that as a metaphor for you entering my life and hopefully staying here... I hold you similarly to how you held me the entire night , protective, loving, kind... Your my mate... I love you so much*
*I fall asleep almost instantly. I don’t dream really. I sleep too deep for that. My body and mind are still aside from my breathing and the beating of my heart. Normally this time is so filled with struggle and pain. I could have never of imagined how much better it would be if I had you here by my side. I’m not scared to deal with the consequences when I wake up, I’m just excited to see you again.*
*I hold you and stroke your hair while you sleep, occasionally dozing off from my own exhaustion. And occasionally shaking myself awake, wanting to be there for you the same way you were for me last night* my wonderful mate... I want to always be here for you... *i whisper into your hair as you slumber*
*after a while of fighting it, i fell into a deep slimber as well*
*Early afternoon light shines brightly into my eyes. I groan and hide my face into your neck. I’m vaguely aware of my surroundings but my whole body aches. Especially my pelvis for some reason. I’m not ready to wake up yet. I nuzzle my face deep into your hair to pretend that I never woke up. It won’t last, but I can pretend.*
*I wake to your nuzzling and nuzzle back kissing your neck gently taking a deep breath of your scent, still feeling animalistic from the night*
*As the sun shifts it shines down and warms the blanket and makes us extra toasty. I still don’t want to wake up. Sunburn be damned. I find your hands and hold them. I yawn and  press deeper to you*
*I hold your hands sleepily and become more awake and persistent with my neck kisses for you*
*I groan as you kiss my neck. My body feels like lead. I have a bit of a headache. To be honest I’m in a foul mood. But it’s softened by your presence. It’s difficult for me to find things to be irritated about when I’m in your arms. I brace myself and open one eye to look at you. Gods it’s so bright. And gods you look stunning, maybe a little worse for wear, but some joe still so stunning just the same. I give your hands a little squeeze.*
*I gaze at you lovingly* would you like some breakfast?
*i can tell you are upset, groggy, cranky, like a hangover on steroids . thankfully i know how much food helps you*
*I swallow. Speaking seems enormously difficult. Despite being so pissy, I’m doing my best not to take it out in you, who by the way, I am deeply grateful for.* Breakfast would be phenomenal... *My stomach growls in agreement* but sadly I can’t get up, nor can I bare to part with you. *I swing a leg over yours to anchor you down*
*I let out a chuckle* i was afraid of that *i present you with the cloth full of biscuits from my bag* eat up darling I'll make ham and eggs when we get our energy back *I smile at you and kiss your chest lovingly* i know your upset my love, but its all okay. Its over now till next month *I nuzzle into your neck giving into the cuddles*
Mast, you are truly miraculous. *I fumble to untie the cloth and pass you a biscuit. I can’t really sit up, but I practically stuff a whole biscuit in my mouth while you talk. I moan as I chew it. Fuck it’s delicious.* I-I’m sorry for being so groggy... I do really appreciate you being here.
Haha ilya, you have no need to apologize you just turned into a giant horny wolf man for the night! Haha I'm just glad your okay *I nibble on my biscuit happily, i am fairly hungry myself*
About that *I swallow the rest of my biscuit* are you really alright? I... I can’t imagine last night was easy for you. Whatever happened.... actually could you tell me what happened, when you feel up to it? It’s all rather fuzzy for me at best, no pun intended...
*I swallow my biscuit too* I must admit I bit off more than i thought when I told you i wanted to be bred yesterday haha... You handled me with care the entire night though, even the light scratches on my body... I know you were holding back allot... It seemed like you just simply wanted to be as close with me as possible.
That would explain why my pelvis in particular is so damned sore. *I put a hand on your thigh* I’m sure it must be far worse for you. I do recall... well... er... it’s rather /bigger/ than usual. Mast... I’m sorry if I pushed you too far last night. Is there anything I can do now to help?
*I flush, a lot of last night was animal instinct for me as well, i expected the moment i agreed that. It would probably be rough... We luckily have been resting the past few days so that makes me not /as/ sore...* sore, there is no hiding that, but i figured i was going to be *I smile at you* you didn't push me too far star strand, it hurts but its also an experience I wouldn't want to remove from my life...... Did.. Did it help you at all? Do you feel any better today because of it?
*I frown* I’m sorry that you’re sore... I... Ive never done anything sexual in wolf mode before... I er... well I didn’t know it would be... like that... *Im blushing pretty obviously. I hadn’t even though about the changes my cock itself would go through. Let alone using it.*  A-anyways... it did help that I wasn’t trying to get away all night. Usually I wake up with grooves carved into me from pulling against the chains all night. I’ve dislocated my shoulder before... and the one time I did get out I had burns from the silver... so thank you for giving me a reason to want to stay...
*I cup your cheek with my hand* well you did not hurt yourself on the chains , you havent been burned and everything is in place... I call that a successful night *i smile and kiss you softly* the best thing you can do for the next few days is not hump me *I smile and chuckle a bit, lightening the mood*
*Im still really worried about you, but I kiss you back softly and chuckle with you* Mast, I dont think I could hump you if I wanted too... those muscles are very spent. *I pull you into a slightly deeper kiss* I mean, on the other hand..  if you wanted to hump me *I tease with a wink. I suspect we’ll both be pretty spent for the next day or so at least. But... but for the most part you seem to be alright. And having you here did make everything so much better for me, as selfish as I feel about it...*
Haha I'll need a few meals first my love *I kiss you smiling* i am okay ilya... I'm just sore *I pet your hair and scritch behind your ear again* your a good boyyyyyy
I can’t imagine why *i tease. I flush deeply when you call me a good boy* I- I... well... you know! I ... I just... and you!! Well... I.... *I hide my face with my hands*
*i giggle at your reaction* your so fucking adorable *I begin rubbing your belly with my other hand*
*I hide my face from you in the covers. It was harder to be embarrassed about this when I was uncontrollably horny.*
Hehehe *I scritch at the side of your tummy * such a sweet boy
You’re so mean! *I tease from the safety of the blankets* did you come all the way out here just to tease me? Fate is a cruel mistress but not half as cruel as you!
*I scratch your tummy with both hands * you are in love with this cruel mistress my darling *I purr and laugh mischievously as i attack*
*I gather my limited strength to throw my hands out of the blanket and grab yours. I pull them to my mouth and pretend to bite one of your fingers before kissing the rest of them* Mast I am /so/ in love with this cruel mistress
Ahh!!! Do i have to muzzle you again * I bark laughing*
Oh come on now love, my bark is worse than my bite
*i laugh* I would make you howl if i wasnt so tired
I’d make another pun if I wasn’t in such a bad mood. *I roll over and yawn. Normally I’d suck it up and stumble back through the woods so I can go home. But.. but being with you is far more satisfying than being at home will ever be. I’m happy to just spend some time in the woods with you.*
*I hold you in a big spoon position* dawww grumpy puppy
*I shake my ass against you too be cheeky* I’m you’re grumpy puppy
*I buck against you gently* haha yes you are... Is there anything i can do to raise your spirits my wolfy lover. *I nuzzle into the back of your neck*
Yes, there is ... *I wrap my arms around yours* hold me tighter
*I smile and wrap you in a tighter hug nuzzling my face into your back and kissing you, i also try to wrap my leg around you but wince a bit from being sore*
*I smile to myself when you nuzzle into me. But I notice that you wince when you try and swing your leg. I roll over to face you and wrap my own leg over you. I kiss your cheek* I really am sorry for pushing you past your limits
*I smile* ilya... Do you feel any closer to me today than yesterday?...
*I nestle myself into your neck, waiting for your response, last night felt like ... Yet another bond was made between us... Or at lease between me and wolf you... I dont even know how i would go about a conversation like that... It wasnt just you rawing me... There was something else behind it too least i thought there was...*
*I rest a hand on your cheek* You know? I think I feel a little closer to you with each passing day. There's always something new, another reason that makes me proud to be by your side. But... this is something I've never told anyone... It's a fairly new affliction.. . I I'm still figuring it out. I don't remember much from last night, but I do remember how incredibly right it felt to be with you. I remember feeling whole, happily mated, and bound to you for life.  I... I don't think I've ever felt like that before. I don't think I've ever felt perfectly content, partnered, and without anxieties or doubts. It's true that I had limited capacity for second thoughts or worries, but.. but I think it means something that I felt so deeply content just to share my life with you. Underneath all the needless worrying, there's just love for you
so... yes. I do feel closer.
sorry, I realize I kind of rambled there... its alright if you dont feel the same way I just... wanted you to know that's how I feel
*I lay there and listen to you talk and bring my face out of your neck when you finish* ...ilya... Thank you so much for trusting me with this part of you, i promise to make these nights as easy for you as possible...i I felt very primal last night... Unable to really communicate with you through words, but when ever I looked into your eyes..  There you were, this grey and red that looks into me.... It felt right to mate with you... Even with the pain.. It felt like it was much more of a bond forming than just trying to get off. It seemed like you wanted me specifically to be there, and even though you were sore too... You wanted to breed me!... And... I wanted you too.... Ilyashka I love you and i am honored to be your life mate! I only hope i can keep up with you *I kiss you softly*
*I kiss you back but look at you a little bashful when we part.* He... I... the wolf... I I think "mating" is serious business for him... like I dont recall very well, but I think last night I did have every intention of breeding you for real, of raising "pups" with you... of being bound with you, for life even... *I brush your hair behind your ear and flush* I-it still doesn't sound like a bad deal to me...     *I look away for a moment to collect myself. All that being said...* Mast we do need to talk seriously though... I agreed to let you come here because I was being selfish. And gods it is so much better with you here, but... but I don't know if you should come back. Its so dangerous for you mast! even when i was trying to be gentle I hurt you!  I... I don't want to put you at risk!
*I flush too* pups huh.... *I try to think about what it would be like to raise a family with you, us adopting a orphan off the street and giving them a loving home .... You would make a wonderful papa there's no mistake about that... I never thought of myself as having "pups" before you...* oh yes we do need to talk about this... We need a more comfortable situation for you... You were in misery allot of the night that you were chained up, it was uncomfortable for you! No wonder you hurt yourself trying to get out! I want to make you a little bed to put out here! I want you to have food and water available through out the night, a full meal before and after, i also want a to build a fire for you, its winter soon you'll get cold without moving.
*I blink at you* Mast.... *Of course you would be thinking about me. You're so kind and loving to me, I actually feel a touch of guilt, like I don't deserve it. Old habits die hard.* Mast I'm not trying to talk about me right now... Its dangerous  for you to be any more involved than you already are. Mast I.... *a lump forms in my throat* I couldn't live with myself if I ever seriously hurt you....
Would you prefer it if i wasnt here while you were full wolf? I dont think you'll hurt me... But i want you to be comfortable... *a rock is in the base of my stomach... I want to be here for him but not if it will upset him so much *
I... *Gods I want you here so badly. The previous nights have been just short of agonizing. But with you? Yes I spent some of it in pain, but mostly... mostly I was overjoyed. I don't want to be alone again. * I... *I bury my face into your chest* How could I be so selfish as to ask you to stay?
*I hold you close* you dont have to be... I want to stay with you ilya... I want to support you through these nights *I really do, i want to be a comfort to you in this harsh experience and also be kinder to you than you have been to yourself*
*I hold you tightly* but what if something happens? What if I turn you? Or what if I really hurt you by accident?
Then we would deal with it together *i kiss your head* you are a doctor ilya, with a almost functioning clinic, you could fix any scratches you might give me and as for turning me? That just means well ve chained to a tree together. *i smile down at you*
I I I love you so much mast... I I just don't want to see you hurt... *I frown up at you* I do want you to be here! I just... I just don't want anything bad to happen to you if I become careless
*I stare down at you and cup your face* if WE become careless.... Your no longer alone ilya....
*I hold your hand to my face* I.... I know that I’m not alone but.... but if WE become careless it’s YOU who will get hurt....
*I nuzzle the hand* then lets try to not be careless *I smile at you*
*I scan your face for a second before taking a deep breath* okay... we won’t be careless
*i kiss your cheek* is there anything else you want to talk about darling? Any other issues you have?
*I have countless concerns, and countless worries. I have more what if’s than I have energy to say them all. But I also have you. I hold your hands and give them a squeeze* .... just promise me you’ll tell me if it gets to be too much... please don’t continue on helping me if it becomes too much of a burden. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself first.
*I smile at you softly * deal. And I want you to take better care of yourself too... I'm serious about making this more comfortable for yourself
*I relax some when you agree* Okay, I'll work on taking better care of myself too.
*I push our foreheads together* good
*I wrap my arms around you with a yawn* And speaking of taking better care of ourselves... Darling I am so tired. Can I seduce you into a nap?
Haaha yes you may *I snuggle into you and am.ost immediately fall asleep*
Oh thank gods... *I tease. As you settle back into me sleep takes me easily. *
*I stirr hours later, the sun is beginning to set and it is getting colder out, i rise and check on your breathing, your sleeping soundly, my stomach twists in hunger... I think it's about time we both eat something*
*I only stir because you do.* mmmm Mast? *I yawn and my stomach growls loudly* jeez... *I sit up with a groan and rest against you*  good morning..?
Haha good morning *I kiss your forehead* i'm starving, mind if i make some food for us?
*my stomach growls impatiently in response* Please..... Can I help at all?
*I roll out and hit the ground with a o of * oof! Haha no i got it love *I am weaker than i thought i would be but I can wobble over to my bag and get my flint and steel, luckily with it being late fall there is allot of dried leaves and sticks around, i pick up a few and clear a small spot near the hammock making a tp formation and striking the flint and steel together, it forms little sparks that burn through the leaves but are not going up in flame... I eventually catch it though and get the little fire going. I pull out the bacon and eggs and a tiny pan and begin cooking*
*i lay the bacon, it pops and sizzles as it cooks, making my mouth water and slicking the pan with grease. I take the bacon out and crack the eggs in 3 for me and 5 for you, it gives a satisfying sizzle onto the grease and all but the yoke cook thankfully quickly, while it is cooking i ace my clothes back on as best as i can, it is cold out bit the fire is comforting*
*I wince as I watch you hobble away. You said you had it, but I’m still worried. I sit up and stretch. I feel like every one of my joints needs to be popped. I ease my self carefully out of the hammock. And promptly lose balance once I’m back on the ground. I hold the tree for dear life while I get my bearing. Once my stance has firmed up I stumble over to my clothes and shimmy into them. I collect the silver I placed in a wide ark around the tree. Touching them still tingles slightly. But only slightly. When I make my way back to you you’ve already got food well on the way of being done. I put the silver back in my bag and lay the blanket from the hammock over your shoulders. I kiss your head.* Mast, you really are amazing... *I sit besides you, the fire makes me feel cozy. The food smells phenomenal. I press myself to your side* Honestly mast... thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, specifically last night and today. I... I really appreciate it. And you.
*I instinctively hold up a arm to catch you when you almost fall, granted i do nothing more than give your tummy a good squeeze , you were already latched to the tree,  a sense of warmth and coziness falls over me when you lay the blanket on my shoulders and kiss my head, i open a wing of the blanket and wrap it around your shoulder as well when you come to sit next to me* ...ilya... I meant it when i said i was here for you... Always here for you... *I kiss your head* I love you ilya
*I hold your hand to my face and kiss you palm.* As gentle as you'd like me to be
*When you offer a wing of the blanket to me I snuggle in close to you and rest my head on your shoulder. * Mast, love, thank you so much for being there for me. Thank you for all of your love and support. *I kiss your cheek* And I'll always be here for you. I want to be by your side through anything.
*I kiss your head* well that will make telling you i'm a vampire so much easier!!! *i give you a devious smirk*
*I look at you, exasperated. Normally I'd assume you were joking but after everything we've been through it's not out of the question. Either way. I lean my head to the side to expose my neck* Oh? are you feeling thirsty?
and thats it! hope you all liked it! please feel more than welcome to tell @ask-a-slippery-boy and or i what you think! 
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stellarcomedy · 3 years ago
Answer the following for your muse so people know how shipping works on your blog.
Tumblr media
1. What's your OTP for your character?
Since my muses are all original characters I don't have OTPs for them, at least not pre-stabilished ones. My OTPs for them grow according to their interactions with other muses and then, become OTPs for reals. Of course, I kind of have my own OTPs for them in their stories, but well... That's all in my mind and bear no weight when it comes to shipping with other people.
2. What're you willing to write when it comes to shipping?
Honestly, I write absolutely everything as long as there's no gore involved, so the same policy is applied to my shipping behavior. I'll write absolutely everything with my shipping partners and even have small drabbles set on the side when I get particularly invested, but I think the most interesting part of my writing habits when it comes to shipping is my ability to want to create a thousand AUs for the muses involved. I pretty much manufacture AUs only for my partners; in my point of view it's kind of like a gift wrapped present from me to them.
3. How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?
I don't ship with muses under 18 years old and I don't smut with muses under 21 years old (this one can be negotiated, but I usually prefer to avoid ages between 18 and 21 for smut). Otherwise everything is game for me. I don't have much of a problem with age gap. Love is love and I can't control who my muses fall in love with (not to mention one of them is in the house of the 40s, so...)
4. Are you selective when shipping?
My only selectiveness comes to their sexualities. My boys are all homosexuals and it isn't negotiable. I won't ship with lady muses (and, in Eastwood's case anything that has a vagina). I ship chemistry between the muses, if there's chemistry, there's a ship. Simple like this.
5. How far do steamy moments have to go before they're considered NSFW?
Clothes are off, NSFW tag goes up. Underclothes are on the floor and the touches ensued, the Read More will be dancing around too.
6. Who are other characters that you ship your character with?
Like I said, my muses are OCs and therefore they have no canon ships or interactions with canon characters to be shipped with. However, I do have some ships of my own from interactions here on tumblr and those of my mind. These ships are:
Eastwood: Ramza ( @foundgold ); Souji ( @akumanoken); Helios ( @edifighter); Jace ( @starfightermedic); Keos (my own OC from Eastwood's story)
Virgil: Gavin ( @foundgold); Porthos ( @portalipsis)
Clint: Uzzah ( @foundgold)
Dante: Jasper ( @foundgold)
7. Does one have to ask to ship with you?
Not really? If there's chemistry or something is already going on and we can see it happening, I usually don't need a heads-up for the ship to happen; however, if one wants to ship with my boys right out of the bat without any previous meaningful interactions, I do advice leaving a note to me somewhere (tag me on posts, IMs, asks, Dis.cor.d if you have mine), otherwise it can get a little awkward.
8 How often do you like to ship?
Tumblr media
9. Are you ship obsessed more or less?
Tumblr media
10. Are you multi-ship?
Tumblr media
11. What's your favorite ship in your current fandom?
Well... My original characters come from the Starfighter Comic universe and fandom, so I'm supposing this question has to do with their original verse and not the characters alone. My favorite ship in all of Starfighter will forever be Tristan and Isolde. They're my precious children who deserved better and I'd give anything to see more of their story rather than the shallowness of the main couple from Starfighter (well, I'd like to see more of every character from Starfighter rather than the main couple but hey! who cares?)
12. How does one ship with you?
RP with me. develop some chemistry between our muses or straight out come to me and ask for shipping, set a scenario where our cute and hot babies dan't run away from falling in love, hint it to me with drabbles and art, tag me in posts for our muses, keep a nice communication etc. In short, just show it clearly. Signal to me that you're interested in shipping and you can bet I'll soon come around to provide for the ship to happen for reals.
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tfcoorock · 3 years ago
hey wassap I know I’ve been a reblog farm for like 2 years but uhhhhh sad summary of whats been going on in my life
lets just start off with a fuckin bullet point list
my rp accounts all fell apart because I had developed the backstories of my characters past what they were when I was like 12 but I’ve done far too much to just retcon it all
I planned a reboot of all my characters on new better blogs that was supposed to be last summer and uhhhhh barely even started that shit
turns out the only thing that had me feeling like I had a social life irl was seeing my gf all the time and she broke up with me
I don’t know how the fuck to make friends at school so I’m just Alone
the tight-knit fan community I was a part of for the past year disintegrated into drama and the like 4 of us left have drifted apart
depression got me feeling like nothing is fun anymore
I’m hardly drawing or writing anymore and those were like the only things I did but I’m not sure what I’m doing instead of that
I have so many asks and messages and they’re all a million years old and I feel bad about that but too awkward to respond now
I got an IUD to try to help with my super painful periods and in some people it can get worse for about 6 months and that didn’t happen to my mom so we didn’t think it would happen to me but now both my flow and how horrible my cramps are (ranging from about how bad my cramps would normally get to 100 times worse) are separate roulette wheels every single day
one of my closest friends got their discord (the only way I had to communicate with them) taken away because their mom is abusive and I’m worried I’ll never talk to them again and I’m also super fucking worried about their wellbeing
I’m in a downward spiral of not doing homework and feeling bad about it and feeling too bad to do homework and feeling worse about it and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
now tumblr is dying and I literally don’t know where else I could possibly go because the special energy of anonymity and “we’re all as bad as each other (within reason)” is super important to me
so uh if you sent me a message I am so fucking sorry, and if you’ve ever wanted to talk to me at all go ahead and IM me now or even send me an ask, I’ll talk about literally anything I just need a distraction. I’m clearing my inbox and disregarding previous IMs, so if you messaged me before you can go ahead and send another.
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alliesweetsong · 3 years ago
Catching Up
“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” 
-Thomas Aquinas
Tumblr media
“Thank you for you buisness as always Miss Sweetsong, see you tomorrow, same time?”  the shopkeep asks as she hands Allie a cup of Coffee. Accepting the cup the void elf nods and exchanges the requied coin for the drink. “Of course Miss Rayvenson” the Rendorei replies warmly. Opening the door back out to the street the bell on the handle sounds as Allie walks down the street. 
@serelia-evensong @eilitheduskbringer @rann-daybinder @householt  @thesistersdastorio @alexkestavin @mender-emilia @thepaletroll for mentions
Allie had much to smile about right now, which didn’t happen very often, she had purpose again being hired as ‘Enforcer’ of Dead Sun Harbor.  She stil couldnt believe it, spending most of the night at the harbor, learning the rules, learning the people. It all had felt like a dream. Until she woke with a hangover from the whiskey she had consumed. Deciding to go for a run Allie changes into something comfortable and starts sweating the hangover away, or so she thought. Stopping about mid way through her route the elf doubles over out of breath and starts towards the shop near her house.
Tumblr media
Rounding the corner, the Rendorei starts for Serelia’s flat, it had been a few days since they last spoke, closer to a week in fact. She was excited as she walks up to the door of her friends apartment.
Knock Knock Knock
Three heavy hand falls on the wooden door would announce her arrival to Serelia inside. It takes a few long moments before the door is answered.  A padding of bare feet on wood, and the little door opens. Serelia stands in the door way wearing a long men’s tunic that hangs past her thighs, a few buttons undone at the top.  She looks tired, sleepy gaze, hair mussed as it falls around her shoulders.  “Hey Allie.”  She offers sleepily.  Behind her the room is basically empty, a few scattered boxes here and there with things sticking out of it but her flat seems mostly cleaned out.  Sere yawns, “haven’t seen you in a few days, how are you?”
Allie smiles warmly and nods "I am well Se'lia, I thought I would stop by, kind of missed you" she says before holding out the coffee. "How have you been?"
Sere happily accepts it, taking a sip and making an appreciative sound, eyes closing for a moment.  She glances at the sky behind Allie.  “I overslept.  Tired I suppose.  Rann and I have been working on a move.”  She gestures vaguely at the mostly empty place behind her.  “I’d invite you in but there’s not really anywhere to sit.”  The woman steps out into the street, closing the door behind her and leans against it, seemingly not bothered by her state of dress.  “How’re you?  You look happy today.”
Allie Smiles at that, and starts talking of the events in her life the past week, about Dead Sun Harbor and her new position within it. It was easy for her to get carried away, but she wasn’t here for herself, she missed her friend. Waving off her own news she flashes a warm smile at Serelia, “You and Rann seem to be getting serious now, moving in to your own place now?" she asks with a wink.
Allie’s friend nods in approval of the work that the young Rendorei found herself doing “Ihat sounds like rewarding work, I hope it works out for you.” She says before reminiscing fondly of both of their previous employer House Holt.  I’m in much the same spot, I love the Holts and their house, I just want to protect things that are more important to me.” Serelia says before quickly changing subjects
“Ah, not really our own place.  You know Haniya?  She’s a mender, yes, of course you’ve met her.  She’s insisted that he and I take her empty second floor.  Wants to be sure we’re somewhere secure and cared for, what with neither of us working at the moment.  She’s a very kind woman.”
Allie nods at that "I think I will get along just fine with this group, you should see the harbor, its hot and humid, but shadows is it nice." she says nodding in agreement "The Holts were nice people, and I really hope they are well, I have been thinking about reaching out to Miss Emilia, I miss her. I just feel as though I can help people better away from them, Leaving hurt, you know me and my uh, fondness for getting attached. myself and Alex had some nasty words for each other the last we spoke...i dont think we can ever be friends again sadly. But I will give it time, who knows." she says before smiling and pushing hair out of her face. before smiling  "Oh yes, I remember mis Haniya, that is nice of her! Can I still come visit? I can help you move if you would like." she says before slowly reaching into her pouch producing a smaller pouch "here, its not much eighty or so gold if I remember right, but that should help you and Rann for a while."
Serelia frowns, crossing arms under bust as she leans against her front door, "Allie, ever is a long time.  I can't think of a single conversation I've had in my life that is the deciding factor on me never speaking to someone again."  That's not exactly true, but the Void is a whole thing.  "Give it time, but not too much.  Mend fences early, or they fall further apart."  She says before waving off the offered pouch.  "I'm fine for funds, I've enough saved and I spend very little of it.  Hani is overworried, but the space is nice, it'll be good for us and the little one eventually, being so close to a mender."
Allie puts the pouch away and nods to her advice "Yea, I think i will try talking to him tomorrow at the children....." The Void pauses and blinks clearly registering what was said "Wait....little one, Se'lia...are you pregnant?" she asks as  the grind on face turns to a wide smile and her jaw drops
A hand moves down from her defensive crossed arms, to instead rest on her stomach, still toned and smooth under the tunic.  "Maybe."  Serelia says, offering a small fond smile. "It's too early to say for certain, but there have been signs. Haniya believes everything that is showing is enough reason to be cautious and treat it as though it's happening."  Sere opens her mouth gving another soft laugh and her other hand runs back through her violet hair, smoothing out the tangles her waves tend to get into.  "Few days ago I would've said I hope she's wrong.  Starting to feel like maybe I'd be disappointed if she was though. Thinking maybe it wouldn't be the end of the world to give family a shot."
Tumblr media
Allie covers her mouth for a moment shocked before moving to her friend offering out her arms for a hug "Oh Se'lia, i'm so happy for you two, if you need any help please tell me." she says warmly. The void Rendorei's tone and even posture would be vastly different then just a few weeks ago. If Serelia was paying attention she would be able to discern that Allie was in fact even wearing perfume, which gave off a nice scent of of spring. "I think you will like the whole family thing, I know our last conversation about it wasn’t the best. But I think if you opened up your heart to it, you will enjoy it."
Serelia wraps arms around Allie, giving her a tight squeeze for a moment, enjoying the embrace before releasing her again, stepping back against the door.  "It's frightening.  I feel bad for Rann, he's young, and we've only been together a month or so.  I tried to give him the option to just let me handle this on my own, he shouldn't have to be obligated to it.  But he seems stubborn enough to insist he's sticking at my side through it.  I'm grateful to have him, I genuinely do love him, I just wish it wasn't such a big ask.  That's part of what family is, I suppose.  I'll be sure to let you know when I'm certain but, it seems like this is happening."
Allie nods tightly squeezing back in a fond manner before letting go, if allowed her left hand would find itself on Serelias stomach "Se'lia this is wonderful, you have a good man. I wish i wouldve talked to Rann more, I hope he doesn’t think I don't like him. He's someone to cherish Se'lia, im glad he is staying." She says before lightly messaging her friends stomach if allowed. "You two are perfect for each other, look how far you have come with him in a month, even Gareth...hes too stubborn to let me go through this life alone." she says shaking her head with a small grin. 
Sere nods, that fond smile still on her features."I do. He's incredible, I'm very fortunate he gave me a chance.  I'm not the easiest to love, but he makes me happy and it seems like I make him too."  Serelia stifles another yawn.  "Thank you for the coffee.  I'm going to go sleep some more though, I'm so tired lately, thank you for stopping by and checking in though.  I'm proud of you on the new job, I hope it works well for you."
Allie smiles and nods offering another warm hug "Thank you Se'lia, and I am proud of you too. perhaps we can go to dinner in a few days, my treat? Bring Rann too." she says before letting go "Sleep well dear."
Sere returns the hug, giving Allie a small squeeze.  "I'll see if he's up for it.  I doubt we're doing anything until we're settled in the new place, but I'm sure we can make it happen soon.  Have a good day Allie."  A tired smile, and Serelia lets herself back into her little flat.
As the door closes Allie doesnt a silent cheer dance, life was continuing to look better and better. But as a great friend once said, mend fences early and often, you never know when it will be gone for good.
(Thank you Serelia for the wonderful RP this morning I truly enjoyed myself and I cannot wait to see where things go!)
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mystiokinesis · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
@ipagtanggcl​ said:  14, 30, 34, 37
14. Do you think it’s important to know someone OOC in order to rp?
Not necessarily. I think it can certainly help getting to know others OOC, as in it can make plotting easier and it’s nice to be able to talk to people who understand what you do in your free time lol. Like I’ve got some friends on here that I got to know and have spoken to/kept in touch with for years, but on the other hand I ‘recently’ got back in touch with some of the OG people that wrote Berg with me back in the day and whilst I’ve not spoken to them much OOC I still value the friendship that’s remained. So whilst it’s nice to get to know people, I believe we can still have a lot of fun writing without getting to know someone OOC. 
30. Do you have any unspoken rules that might not be on your page? 
I suppose I may come across as being selective or having mains. It isn’t something I do on purpose, but since work has been extremely stressful I do tend to find some threads easier to respond to than others. (This will completely nullify my answer to question 14) But if I know someone OOC, I do tend to find it easier to write to them as I feel less likely to be judged. Which stems from my own insecurities in writing rather than any previous experiences. 
The next thing isn’t really a rule and more just a fact that isn’t stated anywhere; English is not my native language, my native language is Dutch (however at this point I would argue that my English writing is 100 times better than my Dutch).
34. Do you prefer to plot or improv? 
Either/or. If the muses are in the same kind of realm (both fantasy/both non-fantasy/both mythology based) I can easily improv. But if the muses are from completely different settings, I find it easier to plot at least the initial meeting/backstory. I don’t have a strong preference so I generally just end up going with what the other mun prefers.
37. How do you prefer to be approached OOC? 
Casually/however is most comfortable to the mun. I’ve never been much of a conversation starter but I’m very open to talking OOC. Just jump in my IM, ask for my D.iscord etc. I just tend to overthink things a lot and don’t want to impose myself onto others which is why I don’t often reach out myself. 
Ask the mun about writing || accepting
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bitterpixiebros · 3 years ago
my url -still glares-
||Ginger Ale is my religion, Meetra, get used to it.
My favorite muse(s) of theirs and why: ,,,,,,, Do I have to pick tho?? I love seeing your Kaiba, and your Kat, and Adam got me dead, okay? Although if I had to pick, I’d say Kat bc she is the b u f f w i f e.
My favorite interaction/thread of theirs: ok but fight me I know im supposed to pick w/ other people,, but we got our good going Trashship thread and I a d o r e them. Dragon spouses are my fav by far.
My thoughts on their unique characterization/interpretation of their muse(s): I like how you made Kat such a strong person, despite her issues w/ Xeras and other things, she’s still very confident and easily takes the lead in any situation. Plus, she isn’t what’s considered conventionally attractive, but not once has that stopped her from chasing after my Kaiba. A lot of others might have decided to go and give a muse like her more insecurity because of her scars, or make it that her muscles would get in the way of romance, but in no way did you do that and I honestly totally respect that. She should never be ashamed of who she is, and just the way she carries herself has my muse in love, okay? Not to mention, muscly women are honestly some of the best, and everyone needs to open their eyes, thanks for coming to my tedtalk.
My thoughts on their writing style as a whole: Despite the fact that English isn’t your first language, you are doing an incredibly good job in forming your own style. I know how hard you’ve been trying too, and I’m 100% impressed w/ that. Kat very much has a voice of her own, much different than the way you speak when talking OOC. Thats just totally impressive to me.
Situation(s)/Plot(s) I’d love to see their muse(s) in: Okay but, I still wanna see Kat and Honda get to talking, plus add in Jou? Put me on death row bc that’s gonna kill me. Also, still super excited abt Honda & Kaiba you suggested, thank u for humoring my dumb ass.
Someone else I love seeing them interact with: a.. all of.. everyone. please. I love seeing you get the much deserved love and attention. And like I mentioned w/ a previous post, I do love seeing your thread w/ Puzzle. you guys done good. thanks.
Anything else I want to say about their roleplaying: please legit just kill me. i love your ideas. theyre honestly amazing. Plus, you’ve already signed up for my fav trope and im just gonna cry until i die.
If We Know Each Other
What I Think Are Their Best Qualities: You’re incredibly creative. Like, to the point you’re telling me about DREAMS that help you come up w/ plot ideas? hell yes, bb. I mean, I can’t speak abt some of your AU ideas, bc you’re keeping those secret from the general public, but I still ADORE your AUs. Plus Adam and Kat make me wanna cry.
What I Think Are Their Strengths: You’re good with putting up w/ a lot of shit. I mean, just hearing how your last work treated you, I’m entirely surprised you didn’t leave sooner. You’ve held on for a really long time, and I’m proud of you. I hope you get to feeling better, and get back into the groove of things. Maybe you can finally get done w/ that blog update.
A Memorable OOC Interaction Of Ours: G i n g e r a l e 
Why Others Should RP With Them: Meetra is a really sweet individual, yea sure, okay, but she will 10/10 smash your face in for mentioning ginger ale so I gotta respect that. but for real, she’s amazing at writing, and she’s improving so much. She’s gone so far as to ask me for help to compile a list of english slang terms Kat could possibly use. That is,,, going above and beyond what she needs to do. 
How Others Should Approach Them: slap her an ask, message her, kill her. idk. She’s a generally kind and approachable person. She’s the longest interaction I have going now. Honestly, she’s been here since almost the start of my blog, and the start of hers. You gotta know by now that the babe is super chill & loves getting love, okay?
Other Roleplayers I’d Recommend To Them: d,,,,,,, do we interact w/ different ppl, idk. I think we have the same circle, you might have more, but I just dont know.
Anything else I want to say about them: I LOVE HER. Also she’s a fucking giant who could crush me w/ a foot, how are you so fuckking tall friend?
If We Have/Plan To Interact Together
A plot I’d like to write with them: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well,,, Phtho & Adam still, Honda & Kat,,,, Kaiba & Honda, i mean, just murder me w/ ur babes thanks.A muse I want to introduce to them: You’ve,,, met them.. all of them. How did you do that? Since when? Or at least, you’ve met all the muses relevant to you. You might enjoy Sieggy or Valon, but idk how that’d go.A ship/broship I’d like to propose to them: Jou / Kat / Honda, def, 10/10. They’d be the best of bros. Thanks.A thread with them I’m excited about: ALL. although i’m terrified abt the xeras event oh noAnything else I want to say: straight up punt me into the sun, thanks.
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ofauroradreams · a year ago
MY NAME IS Kase; I AM 21+ YEARS OLD, I USE SHE/HER PRONOUNS and I am queer. I live in the GMT/BST timezone (Scotland). MY MUN FC IS DAPHNE BLAKE from Scooby-Doo, since we share an affinity for purple. I ALSO RUN A SIDEBLOG MUSE: Sparrow, on hxuntedsurvivcr.
THIS PAGE OUTLINES MY RULES regarding interaction and threading; AND CONTAINS GENERAL INFORMATION about the way I run Liana’s blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this; if you have any questions, just ask!
I STRUGGLE WITH ANXIETY, and some of my rules will reflect this. I try my best to manage it on my own but I hope you’ll understand if I have to ask for help or clarification.
updated: 10 May 2021
WRITE YOUR OWN MUSE.  No godmodding, no metagaming.  If you want a thread to go a specific way, just let me know.  I’m open to pretty much anything when writing; just don’t try to write my muse for me.
NO HATE; NO CALLOUTS; NO DRAMA.  Any kind of hate: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc; will not be tolerated.  I don’t support burnbook blogs.  I don’t support public callout posts unless they’re absolutely necessary for the safety of the community. I prefer to avoid drama myself, or at least keep it private.  No vague-blogging or callouts will feature on this blog.
SEMI-SELECTIVE, MUTUALS ONLY. I’ll follow you if I want to interact with you; and I will likely unfollow you if I lose interest. In that event, I will try my best to let you know; all I ask is that you do the same.
I USUALLY REACH OUT VIA ASK to let you know I’m interested in RP'ing with you. If I don’t receive any response – an answer, a follow-back, any other sign of interest – within a few weeks (assuming you’ve been active) then I might send a follow-up ask for clarification; mostly for my own peace of mind.
THIS IS MY MAIN ANXIETY-RELATED RULE. I’m basically just asking for communication here, especially if I reach out specifically; or something changes with our threads; or for any other issue that can be resolved by talking first. I’m an adult, communicate with me like one.
MATURE AND TRIGGERING CONTENT WILL BE WRITTEN with the consent of each partner. These include, but are not limited to: self-harm, drug use, childhood abuse and PTSD.
TRIGGERS WILL BE TAGGED ‘trigger tw’. Basic triggers will be tagged and I’ll try my best to add any specific ones if they’re listed in your rules. I don’t really have any triggers of my own.
NON-EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT WILL BE WRITTEN under a read-more. All mature content (including threads, headcanons, memes) regarding sex, nudity or other mature themes WILL BE TAGGED ‘nsfw’. Fade-to-blacks will be used for explicit scenes, for my own comfort.
ANY OOC VENTING POSTS WILL BE TAGGED ‘negativity tw’ and placed under a read-more.
I USE DOUBLE-SPACING WHEN FORMATTING my replies, as a personal preference. I know this can be an issue with visibility and text-to-speech readers, so if you need me to single-space for our threads instead, just let me know.
MY ICONS ARE SIZED TO 85x85px as personal preference. They are edited for visibility and I use my own custom PSD overlay.
I REBLOG MEMES FROM SOURCE unless otherwise requested. I don’t participate in reblog karma. I currently don’t have any rules about people reblogging memes from me, as long as it doesn’t get spammed or abused.
INTERACTION IS ALWAYS ENCOURAGED. I enjoy sending and receiving memes. I enjoy sending and receiving random interactive asks. My IMs are generally always open, and Discord is available on request. I like getting to know my partners more personally.
PERSONAL AND NON-RP BLOGS SHOULD NOT REBLOG MY HEADCANONS, THREADS, ETC but I suppose if they read rules, this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place, would it?
I USE MULTIPLE FACE CLAIMS FOR LIANA that vary by verses and muses. I stick to one FC per each muse I interact with, even if we RP across multiple verses; the only exception to this are her animated FCs.
Victoria Justice is Liana’s main FC, used for most verses.  Adria Arjona is her older FC, used for Fallout and Supernatural, and also any apocalypse-based verses.  Jessica Alba is Liana’s OG face claim, and is used specifically for her single parenthood verse only.
Elena of Avalor is Liana’s HTTYD face claim, in which she is a previous incarnation of her soul, named Freyja, during the time of dragons.  America Chavez is her animated FC, used more for interactions with animated muses than a specific verse.
While my character is of my own creation, I do not claim to be, own or have any affiliation to Jessica Alba, Victoria Justice, or Adria Arjona; nor do I claim to own any of their respective medias.
I also do not claim to own or have any affiliation to Elena of Avalor.
I also do not claim to own or have any affiliation to America Chavez or Marvel Comics
All icons of Victoria Justice, Adria Arjona and America Chavez used on this blog have been made by me. Please do not steal.
Icons of Elena of Avalor and Jessica Alba are not currently used on this blog.
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