#this whole book puts me in a mood
xstarlightsupremex · 2 months ago
How Cassian can stand in a room with Nesta and hear how negatively she views herself and hear how she believes that she doesn’t deserve him but still had the audacity to remain silent through it all is beyond me.
I was expecting some kind of declaration at this point or even an awkward (but earnest) speech disproving all the things she said to prove to her how he really sees her. But we got nothing. 
Cannot believe how this book was marketed as a romance/healing book. And the nerve that Cassian was written to acknowledge that he still had an apology and declaration to make but to not show that in their book.
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antique-symbolism · 4 months ago
absolutely dying to share the entire first chapter of Miniature Roses now that the whole draft is finished but also knowing I need to re-write vast portions of it dfkjsdlkf 
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rsmrymnt-tea · 5 months ago
Pure joy as my little stationery haul has finally arrived and my current pencil case is well fed with like 6 new highlighters and 8 new brush pens ♡ॢ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ probably a little too well fed because I can’t close it…
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bbreadroll · a year ago
do you ever forget about your sensory issues until you put on noise-cancelling headphones and cry from relief because same
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peachcitt · a year ago
sometimes i think it’s funny to look at my bedroom like im a fictional character. like. i keep a full length mirror in my closet that is always kept closed, and all of my makeup is zipped up in bags in my desk drawers. the decorative piece on my headboard is missing, and there’s a box of unread books at the foot of my bed. like tell me you wouldn’t read that in a book and think you knew everything about me
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herefortommo · 2 years ago
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applejarjar · 3 months ago
The fam makes fun of me for how much I sigh but it's legit the only way I have to express pent up emotions outside of crying :////
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mkfluffluv · a month ago
Tumblr media
prompt : you decide to use the spare key to steven's apartment and find that he isn't home. when he does come home though, steven is in a terrible mood and wants all the love you can possibly give.
for the sake of this not being awkward, marc and layla signed the divorce papers. this takes place after the events of moon knight and they know of jake's existence. also english is not my first language so please excuse the mistakes. leave me requests !!!
like and reblogs appreciated !!!
warnings : none. this is literally just pure tooth-rotting fluff and steven being a big lovable baby.
word count : 1,119
You close the door behind you, the lack of your boyfriend anywhere in the apartment making you frown. The plan was to come over to spend some time with Steven since your place felt too empty but you were utterly disappointed when you find that he wasn't even home yet.
Swear to god if Donna had put the poor man in inventory again, you are personally going to go over there and claw her face off. Which you'd offered to do so many times before but Steven always assures you that he's got it handled. Every day you pray he'll change his mind just so you get to slap that annoying face of hers.
You push the violent thoughts away as you make your way over to his desk where a clutter of books on ancient Egypt history lay on top. Shaking your head at Steven's usual untidiness, you gather a bunch of them and start to clean up for him. You're sure he'd appreciate the help.
It starts with just the desk, and then his bed, and his shelves, and after a while, you've pretty much started to clean up the whole place. Gosh, you knew Steven could be a mess at times but the place was in such disarray, that it took you around an hour for the apartment to even be moderately clean.
In the middle of picking up clothes strewn about the floor, you hear the clicking of the door being opened then closed, and lo and behold, there stands your sweet Steven looking tired as ever.
It only takes a few small steps till you're standing face to face with him. You place a hand gently to his face, Steven immediately leaning into your touch. You resist the urge to coo at his endearing behavior and give a soft peck to his slightly pouting lips. "What's happened, love?" The nickname falls out of your mouth with no hesitation.
Steven doesn't respond. Instead, he opens his arms and you naturally fall into them, letting the man hold you against his body tightly with your own arms wrapping around his waist. "Just missed you." He mumbles into your hair. This time, you let the small coo come out. Can't help it, he's just too adorable.
After a while of just holding each other and your hands drawing comforting circles around his back, Steven eventually pulls away and looks at you with tired eyes. "Do you have work tomorrow?" You shake your head. "Can you stay, then?" He asks timidly. A smile makes its way up your face. A shy Steven is a 10 times more adorable Steven.
You give him a kiss on the cheek, "Go get changed," A kiss on the forehead, "then we'll head straight to bed." And finally a kiss to his lips. "Does that sound good?" Steven nods, the frown on his face gone, replaced by a weary smile.
He hesitates for a second, still wanting to stay by your side so your warmth doesn't leave him until Jake in the mirror tells him to "get a move on, so we can cuddle and sleep." Steven grumbles and drags his feet towards the closet, then the bathroom to get changed.
You change into your own pajamas that you keep in his closet for days like these and head towards the bed. You fluff up the pillows, ready the blankets, and try to make the cheap mattress look and feel as comfortable as possible.
Steven walks out of the bathroom in a plain white shirt and sweatpants. You sit on the edge of the bed and pat the space beside you, urging him to come and sit down as well.
He does so but then lays his head across your lap instead of just sitting beside you. He grabs one of your hands and places it on his head where you immediately start playing with his hair. This is pretty much the usual routine for you both whenever you stay over so it comes naturally to you.
It's silent for a while, no conversation is had between you two as you gently rub at Steven's head, massaging his scalp and letting the sweet man relax on your lap. Eventually, though, curiosity just got the best of you.
"Why'd you come home so late?" You ask him. Steven scoffs and turns his head towards you, his hands crossed in front of his chest.
"Someone," He pointedly glares in front of him. At the mirror where Marc or Jake is probably standing there guiltily, then turns away. "Decided to interrupt me at work. Donna didn't like that, thought I was going mental and I got put in inventory." And the violent thoughts are back again. You wish you could poke her eyes out or something. You voice these thoughts to him.
"Steven?" He hums in response. "My offer to claw her face off still stands." Your statement gets a bright laugh out of him.
Eventually, after talking about his awful day for about 30 minutes, Steven's eyes start to get droopy and his yawns start to interrupt his story more often than not.
You lay down on the bed, taking Steven with you. He's visibly startled by your sudden strength but gets comfortable quickly. He loops his arms around your middle and pulls you closer to him.
Steven snuggles closer into your chest, and visibly relaxes as you run your fingers through his hair again. A small smile makes its way up your face at the adorableness that is Steven Grant cuddled up close to you. You continue to play with his curls until Steven's breathing eventually slows and he falls into a deep sleep.
Which lasts for about 5 minutes when the arm around you suddenly tightens its hold on your waist. When he looks up, you are greeted by tired but confused eyes. Gone was the innocence and pureness that laid in those eyes, now replaced by a more stern and less relaxed gaze.
"Go back to sleep, Marc." You say, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of his head. "You all need some rest." Marc doesn't argue, the sudden fatigue and stress confused him but he eventually gives in to exhaustion and falls back asleep.
At first, you expected Jake to come out this time, maybe wanting a small kiss to the head as well but after half an hour of waiting, the only movement coming from him was only the soft rise and fall of his broad chest. You decide to give him another kiss anyway, just in case. Holding your love closer to you and nuzzling into his hair, you finally let yourself drift off to sleep as well.
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ilujimin · 3 years ago
ugh rant about me being miserable lately in the tags
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imajinxnation · 6 months ago
Idk why this is so funny to me but how would silco, Vi, Viktor and jinx react to someone walking in on them and their s/o during spicy time
Someone Walks In On You Two - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Warning: Smut and a bit of crack lmao
I love this idea so much, it would be so awkward and weird to be walked in on lmao
Female!Reader, it's just easier for me to write it this way due to me being a girl
Tumblr media
"Oh, god," you huffed out, one of your hands flying to your forehead.
Vi thrusted her fingers roughly into you as she heard you moan out for her. She always loved it when she had control over you in bed. You gasped as you suddenly felt her tongue and lips around your clit, shuddering at the feeling. Vi always knew what she was doing and what buttons to press when it came to things like this. What she didn't know is that she had left the door to your room unlocked. There were footsteps coming down the hall when, suddenly, the door opened, only to reveal Caitlyn talking about how she needed to talk to Vi urgently.
As soon as Caitlyn saw the scene before her, she apologized and left in a hurry. You flushed in embarrassment, while Vi just laughed and reassured you that it was okay and that you could continue later.
Tumblr media
He was stressing the whole day about an attack on the Shimmer shipment, when you asked if you could help in any way, he knew what you were implying and said yes.
So, there you were, him sitting on his chair, behind his desk, while you were down on your knees giving him a stress relieving blowjob. You started going further down on him when you both heard a knock on his office door. It was Sevika, wanting to talk about what happened earlier with the Shimmer shipment. You went to come off of him, but his hand on the back of your head kept your mouth from leaving him, implying that he wanted you to keep going.
Soon enough, their conversation was done, but before Sevika went out the door, she said something that made you burn with embarrassment.
"We'll talk more about this later, Silco. By the way, you're shit at keeping secrets, I know you're here (y/n)," she smirked.
Tumblr media
You always knew Viktor as the type of person to work until he dropped, even if he had a lot on his mind. You could tell he had a lot on his mind by the way he was working and the look on his face, so you decided that he needed a little break, plus you had been missing him ever so much. You pushed him lightly back on his chair, climbing to sit in his lap, careful to avoid putting pressure on his bad leg. He stared up at you with shocked eyes and his face red from embarrassment. You lightly placed your lips on his, but that lightness quickly became very heavy and needy as Viktor got into it more. He placed his hands on your hips, bringing you closer as you slipped your toungue into his mouth.
A minute or two into it, the door opened, Jayce standing there with a book in his hand, just staring at the scene before him. You two were so busy with each other that you didn't notice him come in. Jayce slowly backed out of the room and closed the door slowly, as to not make a noise. While he was scarred for life, ya'll had no idea why Jayce was so awkward being around you two the next day.
Tumblr media
Jinx was feeling in the mood for a whole week when she finally snapped and couldn't hold back from jumping on you. She stomped into your shared room, pushing you backwards onto your bed while she was complaining that you had been teasing her all week. Her hands immediately roamed your body as she dove in for a heated kiss. Her left hand finally landed on your breast and she started squeezing and groping, her right hand on your waist to make you stay still.
It wasn't too long into your session when Silco walked into the room, wanting to ask Jinx about a new mission he had for her. He immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw what was happening. Jinx gave him a warning look, as if to say, get out before I make you.
"Just come to my office when you're done, Jinx," Silco sighed as he walked out of the room, trying to get the image of you two out of his head.
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everythingsinred · a year ago
i just want to get my book printed and own a hard copy but its hard to work on sketches or editing when nobodys been interested in reading. im feeling so self conscious, like maybe nobody wants to tell me how bad it is. i tried editing a lil the other day and just the first chapter, which ive always been happy with, seemed so stupid. i dont wanna work on it when i feel like this :(
#its hard to be fair to yourself when ppl treat ur story with apathy and at times even disdain#this story means so much to me im just so insecure rn#little anya things#i mean when nobody wants to read u gotta start asking urself why that might be#is it abt me? or is my writing bad? is my story bad?#im overthinking everything and i feel like shit#ive felt like sht for a few days now actually and i wanna cry but its hard talking to ppl abt it#bc idk if anyone will understand how much it has been full body hurting me#its just a dumb book#just some ocs#but its my whole life and has been for a full decade#putting ur whole soul into something and getting less than a lukewarm reaction is like being stabbed hhhhhhh#its affecting my job and my mood and sleep schedule and my appetite#and even my mom couldnt find much nice to say abt it#i feel like such shit#i stayed alive for this#this is what kept me going#i said to myself ‘ppl havent even read ur story yet! ur a writer who hasnt even finished a book u cant die yet!’#and i stayed alive and i finished my first book and nobody cares#my mom cant even compliment it#that thing that kept me going meant fucking nothing to anybody else#it just feels so awful#ive been in a secret bad mood for DAYS abt this why even bother writing anymore#at work all i can think abt is this and it makes me wanna break down and cry at any moment#ugh i just dont wanna work on anything anymore#its never gonna get published anyway#ppl either insult it or say nothing at all and its not encouraging so maybe ill just give up for now#who fucking cares
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chaosmagicss · 3 months ago
benefits (wanda maximoff x reader)
synopsis: you broke rule number one: don’t catch feelings. as it turns out, wanda might just be in the same boat as you.
warnings: SMUT MINORS DNI, bottom!wanda, strap on use (r giving), praise, oral (r giving), brief daddy kink, overstimulation if you squint, friends with benefits, jealousy, a whole lotta unresolved feelings being resolved
words: 3.3k
read it on ao3!
a/n: good ol’ friends with benefits trope.. y’all know the deal
Tumblr media
“Yeesh,” Kate breathes, and you only hear her because she pokes a finger into your jaw, which you just realised was clenched so tight that it was starting to ache. “Someone’s stressed.”
Blinking away from Wanda’s form right as her eyes flicker over to you, you shake yourself out of your haze with a soft huff. “Sorry,” you mumble into the rim of your glass.
Kate hums, following where your eye-line had been, and when she smiles a little you know you’ve been caught.
“Trouble in paradise?”
“What?” you say, remaining as impassive as ever.
“You and Wanda have a thing, right?” It comes out as a question, but something tells you that she already knows the answer. You swallow thickly, trying to decide whether or not to lie.
“Sort of,” you settle on.
Kate nods, takes a sip of her own drink. “The good ol’ F-W-B, huh?” Heat floods your face, and you avert your eyes immediately. Your reaction pulls a small laugh out of the woman standing next to you, and she pats you on the back. “Relax, Y/N, it’s a good stress relief! Or, well, so I’ve heard. I - I’ve never had a friend with benefits, but like, I’ve, y’know, seen movies and read books and stuff.”
“Please stop talking,” you mumble.
Kate, of course, doesn’t listen. “So, what happened?”
You swallow what’s left of your champagne, wincing a little at the taste. “She… asked if we were coming to this, you know, together, and I sorta freaked out and asked why and now she’s…” You sigh heavily, eyes flickering back to where she’s sitting at the bar, leaning far too close to the man beside her for your liking. “I think she’s trying to rile me up.”
Kate hums. “Well, as far as I can tell, it’s working,” she says.
“Thanks,” you say dryly.
There’s a few beats of silence, and you can’t quite manage to drag your eyes away from Wanda. It’s clear she knows you’re watching, and the fact that she’s getting what she wants still isn’t enough to help you keep it under control.
“Friends with benefits is a lot easier when there aren’t any feelings, huh?”
You shrug a little. “I never said there were any feelings.”
Kate sucks her teeth. “Believe me, dude, I didn’t need you to.”
You work your jaw, and when the man beside Wanda puts a hand on her knee and Wanda giggles, swirling her glass nonchalantly, you see red. Kate must notice your mood shift, because she shifts awkwardly.
“You should go talk to her,” she says, sounding just a little nervous. You blink rapidly, looking to her. She gives you a tight-lipped smile. “It might help.”
She swallow thickly. “Yeah,” you mumble, mostly to yourself, eyes still glued to Wanda and the asshole that’s touching her. You’re trying to work up the courage to step over to her when she turns suddenly, eyes finding yours, and a sly smirk pulls at her lips before she turns away again.
That does it.
Your feet are moving so suddenly that you forget to excuse yourself from Kate, focused in on the way the man’s thumb is rubbing over her skin, inching that little bit higher. You don’t even have a plan by the time you reach her, settling a hand low on her back and leaning into the small space between her and the guy beside her.
“I need to talk to you,” you blurt out, and Wanda quirks a brow, lips pursed in that way that means she’s going to be a brat.
“Hey, excuse me.” Wanda gives you another look when the man chimes in, a very obvious what are you going to do about it look. “We were kinda in the middle of a conversation here, hon.”
You roll your eyes, turning enough to look at him. “Conversation’s over,” you hiss out. “Fuck off.”
The man scoffs a laugh, slides off the stool to stand. “Who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me like that?”
You grin, amused by the fact that he’s unaware both of who you are and what you’re capable of. Before you can make a retort, a hand finds your arm.
“Let’s go talk,” Wanda says softly.
You swallow thickly, shifting your hand to find hers before stepping away from the bar without so much as giving the man another glance. Wanda follows wordlessly as you pull her through the party, and your frustration begins to bubble, your whole body thrumming.
You’re pressing the button for the elevator when the words burst out of you. “What the fuck was that?”
“What was what?”
You whirl your head around to look at her, shock pulling at your features. She pulls her hand out of yours so she can cross her arms over her chest, jaw jutting out as she raises her eyebrows expectantly.
You scoff a laugh, stepping into the elevator as the doors ding open. “You’re such a brat,” you mutter, and Wanda rolls her eyes as she steps in after you.
“Well, you’re an asshole,” she says, “so I’d say we’re even.”
“What—” You pinch the bridge of your nose, sighing heavily. She slips out of the elevator once it reaches your floor, and you follow after her as she paces towards the bedrooms, shouldering her way into your room. “Jesus, are you gonna tell me what I did wrong, or are you gonna go back downstairs and flirt with some other touchy asshole?”
She laughs sharply, sitting on the edge of the bed before pulling off her heels. “If you don’t know what you did, it’s not worth explaining myself to you.”
You take a deep breath, sitting in your desk chair to take off your shoes. “Is this ‘cause of what I said this morning?” She looks up quickly, cheeks a little flushed out of both anger and embarrassment. She doesn’t respond, and that’s enough of an answer for you. You sigh shortly, pushing to stand. “God, you’re so stupid.”
When she looks up to retort, you grab her face and bend down enough to kiss her, hard. She gasps against your mouth before easing into the kiss, moaning softly as you lick into her mouth. You pull her to her feet, and she goes willingly, hands pushing at your shoulders to pry off your suit jacket. Her hands drop to fiddle with your belt buckle next, and you drag your lips along her jaw, pressing heated kisses to her skin as your hands sneak around her back to undo her dress.
She exhales shakily as the fabric flutters to the ground, pooling around her feet, leaving her in a matching set of black lace underwear.
“One kiss doesn’t make this better,” she husks as she gets your belt undone, pulling it through the loops before chucking it haphazardly to the ground. She tugs your shirt free from where it’s tucked into your pants, and you hiss softly as cold hands find your skin.
“I know,” you murmur, lips brushing against the underside of her jaw. “We can just… we can talk, if that’s what you want.”
Wanda shakes her head, tilting her face to catch your mouth in a searing kiss. Her nails scratch gently at the nape of your neck, and you can’t help the little sigh that slips out, gripping her hips tightly to drag her flush against you. Wanda breaks the kiss to let out a moan.
“Fuck me first,” she whispers, stepping back towards the bed.
She gasps sharply when you push at her waist, sending her back onto the bed. A frown flashes over face until you drop to your knees and grab her hips to tug her to the edge of the bed, a small moan slipping past her lips as you press your lips to the inside of her thigh. She lifts her hips when you find the hem of her panties, and when you tug them off and find her absolutely soaked, your mouth runs dry. 
“So wet,” you breathe out, “and all I’ve done is kiss you.”
Wanda pushes out a harsh breath, hips twitching. “Y/N…” You trail bites up her skin, pulling one leg over your shoulder, and Wanda whines softly when you press a kiss to the top of her mound, so close to where she wants you.
“Please,” she mumbles out, a hand sinking into your hair. Your eyes flick up, and her mouth drops open in a silent moan when you meet her gaze from between her legs. You smirk a little, and then lean in to taste her. “Fuck.”
You close your eyes and get to work, running your tongue through her folds, pressing a hand to her stomach to keep her flat against the bed when she jolts as you lick over her clit. She downright whimpers when you suck the bundle of nerves into your mouth, suckling gently. You work her up until she’s whining, hands pulling on your hair as she tries her best to roll her hips against your face. When you sneak a hand between her legs to slip your fingers into her, she chokes, fingers twisting in your hair.
Your hand shifts higher, tugging clumsily on her bra to free her breasts of the lace, and her hand covers yours as you toy with her nipple, a low whine spilling out of her mouth.
All it takes to make her come is a few curls of your fingers, and she moans openly as her arousal coats your lips. You pull your fingers out of her and lick her up until her hands find your shoulders and she tugs you up, legs hooking over your hips as she pulls you down to kiss her, moaning at the taste of herself on your tongue.
“More,” she whispers against your lips, as you slide a hand under her back to pull her further up the bed. “Get the strap, baby, please?”
You groan at the thought, nodding softly as you pull back, kissing her chastely before climbing off the bed and stripping out of your clothes. She watches you with her lip caught on her teeth as you pull on the harness, hands running all over her body, lazily tweaking her own nipples, her bra now discarded to the floor.
Once you’ve got yourself sorted, you move back over to her, kissing her soundly as you settle between her legs again. Her hand slips between your bodies to grasp the silicone, rubbing the tip through her slick as you kiss languidly. She lets out a broken little gasp when she angles it to her entrance, and you roll your hips forward ever so slightly, pushing just the tip of the toy inside her before pulling back out.
“Please,” she whispers, and you press a kiss to her cheek before replacing her hand on the toy. She grips onto you tightly, watching you as your gaze becomes glued between her legs, the coil in your stomach tightening as you watch the toy enter her, slow and steady. She groans, head tilting back against the mattress. “You feel so good…”
Your eyes flick to her face as you slowly build your pace, watching her features contort in pleasure; she’s so beautiful you find it hard to look away. You grip her hips as she starts to palm at her breasts, fucking into her steadily now. Your fingers find her clit, rubbing tight circles over the nub, and Wanda cries out in response, hips bucking up.
“Fuck! Fuck, like that… yes yes yes—!”
She comes with a jolt, her whole body tensing beneath you before she lets out a long, satisfied groan. You slow your thrusts, pulling your fingers away from her clit, but you don’t stop. Wanda whines as she comes down from her high, clearly sensitive, and starts to sputter out protests when you start to pick up the pace again and she realises you aren’t going to stop.
“None of that, baby,” you coo softly. “I know you can give me another one, can’t you, sweetheart?” A soft groan, eyes squeezing shut. You smirk, eyes dropping between her legs again. “Fuck, you’ve made such a mess, angel.”
She exhales shakily, eyes fluttering open to find yours. “C’mere, daddy, wanna feel you.”
With a low groan, you bend over her, tucking your face into the crook of her neck. Her hands glide over your back, nails digging slightly into your skin.
Your hips slow as you lift your head to kiss her, and the gentleness takes your breath away. Wanda’s nails press into the corners of your jaw, a soft gasp escaping her each time you bottom out inside of her, and the soft kiss quickly turns into breathy sounds against each other’s lips.
Wanda wraps a leg around your waist, moaning when the change allows you to fuck her deeper, one hand flying down to grip at your hip.
“So beautiful,” you find yourself muttering as you nose into her cheek, almost nonsensically. Your hand drops to hold the thigh wrapped around you, stroking the soft skin as you rock into her. “So pretty with my cock inside you, sweetheart. My pretty girl.”
Your face warms the second the words slip out of your mouth, but Wanda just whimpers, nails digging a little into your skin. 
“Daddy,” she whispers. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me come.”
Pushing away your embarrassment in favour of the woman writhing beneath you, you murmur, “okay, baby, okay,” with your lips dragging along her jaw and down the column of her throat as you roughen your thrusts, fucking into her harder and faster. Wanda wraps her other leg loosely around you, too, turning her head to press her lips to your hair. You hear each little shift in her breathing, each gasp and moan that slips out, and it makes your skin prickle.
This isn’t fucking, you realise. This is the other thing.
“Gonna come for me, angel?” you coo, just as breathless as she is, the coil in your stomach tightening as the base of the harness brushes against your clit. Suddenly, you realise how close you are, can feel the tightness in your tummy growing with every pretty little sound Wanda makes.
She nods. “Wanna come s’bad,” she breathes out. “Want you to come with me, daddy…”
With a soft groan, you lift your head and kiss her hard, the hand on her thigh shifting up to grip her hip. “Go on, princess. Come with me, baby.”
It only takes a few more thrusts before she’s coming, her body stiffening beneath you with a strangled gasp before she arches up, a long, low moan spilling out of her lips. Your own coil snaps, and you bury your face in the curve of her neck as your hips falter, groaning quietly against her skin.
“Y’did so good, baby,” you whisper against her cheek once you can breathe properly, “so good for me.”
Wanda sighs softly, hand brushing gently against your back. When she’s caught her breath, she turns her head to catch your mouth. She kisses you slowly, nipping softly at your bottom lip before sucking to soothe the sting. When you slide out of her, ever so gentle, she gasps at the loss, hips bucking up in search of that fullness again. You swallow her whine of protest, gently squeezing her hip.
She giggles softly as you fumble to remove the harness without having to seperate yourself too much from her before eventually giving up with a huff and standing. Once you’ve managed to get it off and slide into the first pair of shorts you find on the floor, you settle back on top of her, mumbling a light-hearted, “don’t laugh at me,” before catching her mouth in a kiss.
When you pull back just to look down at her, a small smile tugs at her lips as her fingers take to tracing the lines of your face.
“Your pretty girl?” she asks as her fingers trace the bow of your lips. Your face flushes again, and Wanda smiles wider. You swallow dryly, kissing her fingertips.
“Sorry,” you mumble. “It just kinda slipped out.”
Wanda’s face shifts then, her smile faltering a little. She cups your face before you can hide from her, catching your attention with a soft, “Hey.” Reluctantly, you meet her eyes, and Wanda just offers up a small smile. “I…” She licks her lips, smooths her thumb along your cheek. “I am your pretty girl, you know.” She bites into her lip, eyes skirting over your face, and your heart is thumping so solidly against your ribcage that it hurts. Her next words come out in a whisper, “I’m yours.”
Your heart somehow both swoops and soars at the same time. Your surprise must show on your face, because Wanda smiles again, eyes sparkling almost teasingly.
“Yeah?” you choke out, blinking back the burning in your eyes. Wanda swallows and nods softly.
“Yes, you idiot,” she mutters. “Why’d you think I was so upset you didn’t want to go to the party with me?”
“I don’t—” You shake your head a little, lean into the gentle press of her hand against your cheek. “I don’t know. I’m stupid.” Wanda hums in agreement, and you meet her gaze again, biting anxiously at the inside of your lip. “I’m sorry I upset you,” you murmur. Wanda shakes her head, starts to protest, but you cut her off firmly. “No, no, I need to apologise. I wasn’t honest with you about how I felt and then freaked out on you when you tried to…” You struggle to find the words, sighing softly. “I’m just sorry.”
Wanda twists her lips. “Well, I forgive you,” she says softly. “And I’m sorry too. I was… being a brat. Trying to make you jealous was childish.”
You hum, leaning in close to nose at her jaw, lips brushing over her skin. “Childish or not, it worked,” you say, going for humour.
Wanda grumbles softly, clearly embarrassed as you lean back to look at her. “I’m sorry,” she says again.
You shake your head a little, pressing a gentle kiss to her jaw. “It’s okay,” you murmur, lips pressing under her chin. Wanda gasps a little in surprise when you shuffle her up the bed so that her head is resting against the pillow, but when you kiss her, she doesn’t wait even a second before reciprocating.
When your thigh shifts and accidentally presses to her centre, she chokes, clearly still sensitive. The still-present slick where your skin meets has your head going all foggy in a microsecond, and you pull your lips away from hers to kiss down her body.
Hands sink into your hair as you bury your head between her thighs, carefully running your tongue through her sensitive folds, cleaning up the proof of her orgasm. Short nails scratch appreciatively at your scalp, and your hand slides onto her tummy, stroking soothingly over her soft skin as you work.
She whines softly after a minute, gently pushing at your head. You press a quick kiss to her clit, smiling a little at the way her hips twitch in response as you kiss back up her body. She hums happily, hands gliding down your sides, nails scratching feather-light over your skin.
“You want me to run you a bath?” you ask quietly as you trail soft kisses along her jaw.
Wanda hums. “Only if you join me,” she says softly.
You smile, pressing your lips to hers again. “I can do that.”
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eddiemunsonsbeloved · 28 days ago
relationship headcanons with eddie munson
pairing: eddie munson x gn!reader
summary: what it would be like to date eddie munson!
pronouns used: they/them
warning/s: mentions of making out, food, and drugs. | bullet points: 49 |
Tumblr media
before the relationship
it didn’t take eddie long to catch feelings for you. he didn’t know when he started to catch feelings, though it began to rise up to the surface.
he wouldn’t ever admit his feelings for you though, swallowing it down completely and without much thought.
“i do not have a crush on y/n! why would you even say that?” while shaking his head vigorously, denying every accusation
his feelings were obvious to everyone, everyone but you. dustin found it especially amusing since he refused to admit his feelings
eddie put a confident front when with you, becoming endlessly confident and cocky despite not needing to
“not to brag or anything, but i’m in a band. we’re pretty amazing, you should come see us sometimes so i can prove it”
you were unbelievably head over heels for eddie, and he was extremely unaware of those feelings. he was about as oblivious as it gets
but when bandmate donny pointed out the obvious to him, eddie became suddenly aware of your feelings
every flustered movement and subtle flirtatious a action set off by you suddenly popped out to him like he’d always known it
your fingers brushed against his knuckles quickly, your touch lingering on his skin as his breathing hitched. had you always done this?
eddie never officially admitted his feelings to you. instead, his lips had met yours one night in an attempts for show it
eddie’s warm lips pressed against yours, his clouded mind wiping away all of his previous worries as he went for it
relationship basics
fancy or expensive dates aren’t really eddie’s thing! he likes spending time with you, don’t get me wrong, but he’d rather do something worth while than some fancy dinner
“c’mon, i know a place” he would tell you, before taking you to a large hill with a beautiful view to admire. it was unlike anything you’d ever seen in hawkins
your laugh is his absolutely favorite sound in the world. he’ll do the dumbest things just to hear you laugh, to see your pretty smile
late nights where you two smoke and laugh together, laying in bed and simply enjoying one another’s company
eddie doesnt ever pressure you to do drugs!! he’s perfectly okay with it. but if you’re down, he’ll absolutely give you some of his supply for free
“here,” eddie mumbled, placing the rolled blunt between your lips, watching you intently as you inhale the smoke into your loungs
never let’s you go on drug deals with him, even if you ask to or offer to accompany him. he doesn’t want you wrapped up in the whole ordeal
eddie is definitely a bit of a jealous type !! he tries not to, because he is confident in your guys’ relationship. though sometimes it gets to him
watching the man stare deep into your eyes, very obviously flirting with you made something inside of eddie light up. jealous bubbles through his body and out his throat, speaking warned words to the man
sharing things is one of eddie’s love languages! anything of his is automatically yours, and will share with you in a heartbeat
he is one of the most soft and caring people when around you. his mood will switch from excited to calm when he starts talking to you
“but that’s the thing!! it shouldn’t be allowed,” eddie rambled on, before making direct eye contact with you, relaxing slightly. his voice came down to a whisper as he greeted you
taking everything you say to heart, especially when you give him advice or opinions on something. he trusts your word and will always take it into consideration
eddie is the biggest dork ever, and will sit you down and have you read his favorite dork books and play his favorite dork games
he insists that you join “The Hellfire Club”, and you do without a second thought. you enjoyed dnd, and were more than willing to play
one of eddie’s biggest goals while dating you is making sure you’re happy! he wants to make sure you’re happy and content in all the ways he can help
eddie is very proud of you!! every last thing you do he is proud of you, whether you believe it or not
“baby that is amazing!! i’m so incredibly proud of you!” he’d gawk, holding your face in his hands as you praises you
you are just as proud of him as he’s proud of you!! with his band and his accomplishments, how could you not be?
he tries his best to comfort you when you’re upset, even if it isn’t the best. he’s better with hugging you than speaking with you
holding hands is something that eddie learned to enjoy! he never really liked the idea of hand holding until he was with you
your fingers intertwined with eddie’s, giving it a soft little squeeze to reassure him, offering him a small smile
while holding hands, you often play with his rings !! you do it especially when you’re nervous, fiddling with his fingers or rings
eddie loves kissing you. he loves how well your lips fit with his, how well they moved in unison while making out
he loves all kisses!! neck kisses, cheek kisses, hand kisses, and even nose kisses. he loves them all the same
hugs are also a big thing for him!! having you close to him, taking in your scent with a content smile
resting his hands on your lower back, swaying you two side to side in your place, burying his face in your neck
cuddles aren’t something eddie is used to! it was something he had to get used to, however, he grew to absolutely love it. he held you in his arms as much as he can, and adores it when you hold him
eddie loves showing you off!! to have you on his arm for everyone to see makes him so incredibly proud
he loves to pick you up when he’s particularly excited!! he’ll pick you up into his arms and spin your around in circles before kissing you and hugging you
eddie hates arguing with you! please save this mans soul and try your best not to argue with him, he will be very upset
i’m a firm believer he’s got abandonment issues, so he’s very worried you’ll leave him after even the smallest argument. even the littlest reassurance goes a long way!
he refuses to raise his voice at you if he could help it. sometimes he gets too caught up in the moment and he’ll raise his voice, but he’ll always apologize
“i am so sorry for yelling at you earlier,” he would apologize after the fact, looking at you so worriedly
speaking of, he always makes sure he apologizes after an argument!! he’ll make sure you know he’s sorry, even if it takes him a while to realize he’s in the wrong
although you two have some big arguments, smaller, more silly ones are most common with you two.
“you absolutely did not leave the milk out so it must’ve been you,” eddie would claim, while you hold your arms up in defense
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shemarmooresfedora · 20 days ago
A Beginner’s Guide to Trying
Tumblr media
Summary: You call out Eddie for complaining about high school while also simultaneously not putting in enough effort needed to actually graduate. He asks to you teach him how to do the one thing he’s scared of…trying.
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Content/Warnings: angst with happy ending, season 4 episode 1 spoilers, swearing, one sexual reference
Word Count: 3k
It all started with a comment you made at lunch. To say you sat with the Hellfire Club at lunch would be a misrepresentation. Sure, you sat at their table but you didn’t sit with them. You didn’t really associate with anyone much in high school and their table was usually the last crowded so it was your designated lunch spot.
You would listen to their conversations while skimming through whatever book you had that day. Although you had not talked to any of them before, it was just like an unspoken agreement that you didn’t bother them and they didn’t bother you.
However, Eddie was in one of his self-righteous moods today, triggered by the absence of Lucas Sinclair from their game tonight. He had just finished ranting about the cliques and how he couldn’t wait to graduate this year.
You’re going to regret this, Y/N, you thought to yourself.
But still, you couldn’t stop yourself from opening your mouth.
“You know with how much you complain about high school, you don’t seem all that motivated to actually finish,” you bit into your apple, looking towards Eddie who had just sat back down.
The whole table stopped moving and stared at you in silence. No one ever spoke back to Eddie before, he was their leader. That was never questioned.
Eddie only glared at you with an expression you couldn’t quite make out.
“I’m just saying,” you continued, much to the horror of the rest of the Hellfire Club, “You keep talking about how all you need is to not blow Mrs. O’Donnell’s final and then you’ll get to graduate. Well, have you even tried to study for it? Or are you going to do what Eddie does best and pretend not to give a shit and then be mad when you have to repeat the whole cycle over again?”
You already dug your hole so you might as well go a little deeper, “I’m sorry if I offended you but you’re a smart guy, Eddie. I know that for a fact. And it frustrates me that you just won’t apply yourself even just a little bit so you can at least get the hell out of here. Or else, you’re going to be stuck in this loop until you eventually drop out because you either learn the shit and pass or you don’t. Mrs. O’Donnell can’t force you to care enough to pass. That’s on you.”
The bell signaling the end of lunch rang just as you finished your sentence. You collected your trash into your brown paper bag and grabbed your books, leaving the table to head to math.
“Does anyone know who that chick is?” you heard Eddie whisper to his friends and you smirked.
Maybe, just maybe you gave him the push he needed to finally get his diploma.
I guess the library was probably more suited for you to begin with. You didn’t have to worry about finishing a book in the cafeteria and having nothing to entertain you for the rest of the lunch period.
You did miss the background noise that the Hellfire Club provided though. Despite never actually interacting with them, all the conversations you had eavesdropped in on made you feel like they were sort of your friends in a weird way. Like you knew everything about them and they knew nothing about you. You were essentially a fly on the wall for the Hellfire Club.
However, you couldn’t bring yourself to return after the events of yesterday. It’s okay though, you supposed, only a month left of lunches before you graduated and you were content to spend those alone in the library.
You were particularly engrossed in a certain chapter of your book that you didn’t notice the chair across from you pull out as someone seated themselves down in it.
“Hey,” Eddie spoke.
You didn’t register it, your eyes just continued to glide across the page while you munched away on a baby carrot.
“Um hellooo,” Eddie waved his hand in your view, snapping you out of your trance.
You flinched a little in shock.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Eddie grinned slightly.
“I apologize too, I’m not used to having that many people come up and talk to me in here,” you placed your bookmark in your book to not lose your page.
“You weren’t at lunch,” Eddie spoke.
“Figured you had had enough of me,” you replied, gesturing to the empty library around you, “Can’t bother anyone in here,” you shrugged.
“You were never a bother,” Eddie returned, “In fact, it was nice to have at least one girl at the table. Makes us all feel a little less like freaks and losers.”
“Don’t call yourselves that,” you bristled.
“Why not? It’s true, isn’t it?”
“No, it is most definitely not and besides, I don’t like when people are mean to themselves. What is the point in hating the one person you are stuck with for the rest of your life?”
“Huh, never thought about it like that,” Eddie leaned back in his chair, deep in thought.
“So what are you doing in the library, Eddie?” you questioned.
“Looking for you,” he answered.
“And may I ask why?”
“I really want to graduate,” he explained, “Like for real. Because if I don’t this year, I doubt I’ll make it through next year so I’ll drop out and all of these years will have amounted to nothing.”
“Well, I’m rooting for you,” you replied.
“You seem very studious,” he looked at your large stack of books, “Is there any way you could help me study? Like give me tips or something? I’ve never really tried before,” he seemed embarrassed at this confession, “I don’t really have all that much money to spare but I could pay you a little in cash. Or drugs, I do have a lot of drugs.”
You chuckled a little, “You don’t have to pay me, Eddie. I would be more than happy to help you for free.”
“Well yeah,” you shrugged, “I thought I made it pretty clear to you how upset it made me that you were wasting your potential. I would be a total hypocrite to not want to help you when you’re actually taking the step to seek it out.”
“Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me,” Eddie replied.
“Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you meet me in here for lunch and we’ll use that time to study for your final in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class. But you actually have to show up and try, Eddie, I’m more than willing to help but I’m certainly not going to drag you through this and force you to care.”
“Agreed, I want to learn,” Eddie nodded his head enthusiastically, “But I have one condition.”
“This is me helping you, Eddie. There is nothing for me to gain. What the hell could you have a condition about?” you asked, amused.
“You have to still sit with us at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” he grinned.
You rolled your eyes, secretly thrilled at the prospect of actually being missed by someone. Someone wanted you there, had purposefully invited you back.
“Come on,” he pressed, “I don’t like the thought of you being lonely in here all by yourself.”
“If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company,” you retorted, glancing up at him to see if he got the reference, it was clear he didn’t, “Jean Paul Sartre,” you finished.
“Pleaseeeeee,” he begged, clasping his ring-covered fingers together.
“Fine,” you relented with a small smile, “I will return to my corner of the Hellfire Club table.”
“Yes!” Eddie broke out in a wide grin, “We desperately missed our honorary member.”
“I never talked and haven’t even been gone for a full lunch,” you rolled your eyes.
“And you were missed nonetheless. In fact,” Eddie dug through his backpack, “Here,” Eddie slid a crumpled pile of fabric across the table towards you, “Please accept this as a token of my appreciation.
You held it up, it was a Hellfire t-shirt. You couldn’t help the small smile that erupted across your face.
“I love it, thank you,” you tucked it into your bag, knowing you would probably wear it to sleep tonight.
“See you tomorrow at noon, Y/N,” he smiled, pushing out his chair and standing up.
Finally when he exited the library, it dawned on you. How did he know your name?
Eddie took your lessons seriously. So seriously in fact, that you were surprised when he managed to correct you one time.
He was doing the readings that had been assigned throughout the year that he hadn’t paid attention to until now. He was asking questions on things he didn’t understand and taking notes to review. You even caught him making flashcards with a multitude of brightly colored highlighters one time, though he will never admit it.
Somehow, he was still embarrassed by the very notion of trying. It just seemed against his nature.
You were reviewing key terms of last week’s class, he was almost fully caught up to where the rest of classmates were, when a random guy approached the table.
“Sup dude,” the guy greeted Eddie, giving him a classic guy handshake.
“What are you doing in the library?” Eddie asked him nervously.
“I have to check with the librarian if I can serve my detentions in here. It counts as two if you help reshelve the books instead of just sitting there,” he spoke, glancing down at all the books open on the table, “Are you studying, Munson?”
“What? No?” Eddie pushed his book away, “Come on, man, you know me.”
“So what are you doing here with her then?” the guy pressed.
Eddie gulped, glancing nervously between this dude and you. He had a choice to make, his ‘reputation’ or you.
He looked at you with sympathy in his eyes and you could tell the decision he was about to make.
“Just trying to tap that,” he put on a wavering fake smile to keep up his appearance.
You slammed your book shut and began packing up your things.
The dude laughed at your anger, “Sorry, Munson, I may have messed that one up for you. But don’t worry, party at my place this weekend, you can do much better than this.
You finished zipping up your bag and raced out of the library, beelining for the girls’ bathroom.
You pushed open the big stall’s door and fumbled to lock it with tears blurring your vision.
You threw your backpack to the floor and sat next to it on the ground, clutching your knees to your stomach and resting your head on top.
You don’t know how long you sat there for. At least past when the end of lunch bell rang. You just sat there, completely defeated, letting the tears flow out.
There was a knock on the stall door.
“Occupied,” you replied, thinking they might wait, you added, “For a while so just….go away please.”
You looked up towards the stall door in confusion.
“Nancy?” you replied.
Nancy was nice. You always had at least one class with her since freshman year. You’ve been paired together with her on a few projects and you’ve always gotten along well.
“Um, I was headed to the bathroom anyways but Eddie stopped me right outside and asked me to check on you. He can’t come in cause well, you know, but he wanted me to tell you that he’s really really sorry. It sounded genuine too, if that’s any consolation.”
“Thanks, Nancy,” you sniffled, “But I don’t have anything to say to him. Could you please tell him to leave on your way out?”
“Of course,” Nancy replied.
A few minutes later when she left the bathroom, you heard the hushed angry whispers of Nancy laying into Eddie.
“If what you’re telling me is true and she really has been in there crying for the past hour and a half, then I doubt when she is ready to leave, she wants to talk to you when she specifically told me to tell you to go. Whatever you did to her isn’t going to be helped by you pestering her. Now, go,” Nancy shooed him away.
You’d have to thank her later for that.
After about another 30 minutes, you finally stood and peered out the bathroom door. Luckily, Eddie was nowhere to be seen in the halls.
You quickly headed down the hall to the nurse’s office, feigning a stomach ache that had been keeping you in the bathroom since lunch. The nurse let you lay down for a little and then wrote you a pass to go home early after calling your parents.
It was a Friday so you wouldn’t have to worry about seeing Eddie until next week which was also your final week before graduation. Maybe, you should just skip that last week altogether. It’s not like anyone would miss you.
You stayed in bed all weekend with your ‘stomach ache’, even getting your parents to believe it was bad enough that you couldn’t go to school on Monday.
Eddie’s final was first period today so you doubted he would even show up the rest of the week. You hated that despite it all, you still wanted him to pass. You hated that he probably found a girl better than you at the party this past weekend just like the guy had claimed. And you hated most of all how you were still wearing your Hellfire T-shirt.
You must have fallen asleep because when you awoke to your mom gently knocking at your door, it was pitch black outside.
“Y/N, dear?”
“Yeah,” you answered.
“There’s someone here to see you,” she said it as if she didn’t even believe it herself.
You stood and opened your bedroom door, “Who?”
“A gentleman in a leather jacket with an…interesting hairstyle,” she stated.
“Tell him I don’t want to see him,” you crossed your arms.
“Honey, maybe just hear him out?” she proposed, “He’s holding a bouquet of flowers so big I’m scared his arms are going to fall off if you don’t get out there soon.”
“Fine,” you threw on some slippers and stomped down the stairs, not ready to face him but doing it regardless.
You pushed open the front porch door slowly to where Eddie was waiting. His eyes instantly snapped up to you.
“H-Hi,” he stuttered.
“How do you know where I live?” you immediately questioned.
“Um, I had to ask around but Henderson actually lives a few doors down so he knew,” Eddie replied nervously, looking down towards the ground and suddenly remembering he had flowers in his hand, “T-These are for you.”
He held the flowers out towards you but you made no attempt to reach for them.
“For what?”
“For everything,” he answered, “Mrs. O’Donnell told me she’d grade my final first and let me know since she knew how much was riding on it for me. She told me at lunch that I passed, my first ever A actually. I was ecstatic until I realized you weren’t there to tell.”
“Congrats,” you hummed.
“I’m really sorry for what happened on Friday, Y/N. I was a total asshole. You were helping me out of the kindness of your own heart and I threw it right back in your face. I don’t deserve you at all so please just take the flowers, it doesn’t mean you’ve accepted my apology or everything is okay because I still know I fucked up big time.”
“Fine,” you relented, accepting the comically large bouquet of flowers, “Thank you.”
“No, thank you. Seriously, Y/N. I was so afraid of actually admitting I was trying and still failing,” he confessed, “Because if I try my hardest and still fail, then I have to admit to myself that I’m truly a failure. But, you pushed me, you believed in me, you helped me. No one has ever done that for me before and I know for a fact, that I wouldn’t be graduating without you.”
“Yeah, but you did all the hard work. I never forced you to care or learn. That was all you, Eddie. I’m so proud of you,” you spoke softly.
You saw tears in Eddie’s eyes at the compliment you knew he had heard far too few times in his life.
“I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you but I fucked it all up,” he admitted in a hushed whisper.
“Eddie, you broke my heart and I’m still wearing a T-shirt you gave me. I’d say there’s still a chance for redemption.”
“Eddie Munson,” Principal Higgins announced on the microphone as Eddie made his way across the stage in his cap and gown.
Eddie had been saying every year for the past four years that when he graduated, he would look Principal Higgins dead in the eyes and flip him off. Every student knew it at that point from how much he repeated it in the cafeteria.
The crowd watched with bated breath as Eddie accepted his diploma and politely shook hands with the principal. Then, he turned towards the crowd, searching for and spotting you.
He held up his diploma for you to see with a beaming smile. You laughed while clapping and cheering as loud as you could, giving him a thumbs up. He formed his hands into a heart and blew you a kiss before exiting the stage.
You were profusely blushing as heads turned to look at you. But, you couldn’t care less. He was all yours, high school diploma and all.
any comments, asks, reblogs are greatly appreciated! seriously they make me smile so much <3
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evil-flakes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings: pegging. slight bondage. koko robbing sanzu.
desc: sanzu breaks into your home, and wants you to forgive him. he didn't expect your warm welcome.
Tumblr media
it was a rough week for you, mikey had been a pain in your ass with orders, ran wouldn't stop his teasing, ever, and you and sanzu had a big fight. blaming you for putting mikey in a mood, and honestly, you couldn't take his shit anymore. you were an ounce away from beating his face in, and calling it a day.
it was your day off, finally. this wasn't really the life you were expecting for yourself, but you still lived in a luxurious condo, it was somewhat a win in your book. speaking of how you lived, your door was unlocked, weird. you would've never made this kind of mistake, no, not with the shit inside your place. meaning someone either broken in, or was waiting for you.
pulling your gun out of your holster, you carefully stepped inside, checking each one of your rooms. the only area left was your bedroom, and to your surprise, it was only sanzu.
all tied up in pretty, red ribbons. hands tied behind his back, ankles together, and a cute bow on his cute erection. you set your gun down, sighing in relief. since sanzu wasn't saying anything, you might as well start. "now what do we have here?" you raised a brow, watching him scoot more up on your king sized bed. "you running from me now?"
shaking his head, sanzu bit his lip. god, you had just noticed his strawberry, red lipstick. he looked so fucking good. "wanted you to forgive me...let you break me.." he mumbled, dangerously spreading his thighs open so you can take a better look at him.
shaking your head, you crawled up to him, sitting yourself up on your knees. "how'd you get tied like this anyways? know you're a slut, and all, but you're not this experienced with bondage," you motioned towards his wrists.
grunting, sanzu tilted his head to the side. "paid koko to tie me for you...fucker stole an extra two hundred from my wallet, slimy asshole," he clicked his tongue, annoyed that you're laughing at him. that explained your unlocked door, at least.
"serves you fuckin' right. my week's been hell, and you've made it worse," you harshly poke at his ribs, making him fall over. you did admire him for the ribbons though, not only did they tie him up, but there were some pieces tied around his chest, and tummy also. he looked just like a present.
"ah, ah, ah, this is my apology...i didn't mean the shit i said.." turning his gaze back to you, his not-so-innocent, ocean eyes scanned you. "m-missed you the whole time you left.." muttering, cheeks dusting red.
cupping his cheek, you pinched at his diamond-shaped scar. "hate to admit it, but fuck, i missed you too. make my day all better afterwards," feeling his heart throb, he rubbed his thighs together. you really missed him?
rubbing his hair away, you pressed your lips against his forehead. "though, i don't want to exactly split you in half tonight," now sanzu was a bit confused. what else would you do besides fuck him stupid? it's the whole routine between the two of you.
"then what would you like to do?" sanzu questioned, the feeling of the ribbons coming undone around his wrists. why were you untying him? didn't you like him all defenseless? once you had undone the ribbons on his ankles, he just had to ask. "what are you doing?" were you going to fuck him sideways, wanting him to try and kick, and push you away? what was it?
you were kissing him. long, passionate kisses on his chest, and down. he was a stranger for this kind of treatment, especially by you. he wasn't sure what you were going to allow, afraid to touch you without being ordered.
oh, but how your lips moved to his neck, he couldn't help but whimper. "you made yourself all pretty for me, why would i ruin that?" you whisper, a sound of his breath shaking, slipping past his red lips. you positioned him on his back, below you. looked like a fucking angel, but you knew he was satan. you were much scarier to him, though.
felt as if sanzu's skin was burning, you couldn't keep your mouth off of him, once you got a taste of him, you were fucking addicted. your hands rubbed circles into his hips, dragging your tongue down his neck.
this felt so different to sanzu. you were being so intimate with him. he was afraid. sanzu haruchiyo was afraid of this moment, scared for his life, feeling so strongly for someone for once. you fucked him so many times, yet it was always so rough, kinky. he felt loved, it was such a rare feeling.
sanzu didn't even notice the tears rolling down his cheeks, he was too deep in thought. you were concerned, why wouldn't you be? "what's wrong, haru?" you whispered, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
"...what..are you doing to me..?" his tone was hushed, shaky, voice so fragile. if you were blind, you wouldn't be able to tell that this was your sanzu. you held onto him tightly, rubbing his back.
"just want to show you how much i appreciate you, baby," you pulled his face away just a bit, you could kiss each one of his scars. sanzu's mind was going to fucking explode, the amount of screaming in his head. "what do you want me to do?" it was a simple question, really. it still had sanzu's head spinning.
it took him awhile to speak up, but you were patient, waiting for his answer. "w-want you..to fuck me missionary..." god, he was so fucking embarrassed, and you weren't helping him at all. grabbing your strapon, along with the lube, chuckling at this reply.
"how vanilla of you, haru. so fuckin' adorable," you smiled, ready to prep your little bunny.
prep was easy, considering how much the both of you fuck on the daily, but this was special. you took your time this time, curling your fingers inside of him, telling him how good he's being for you. even if sanzu wanted to be bratty, he couldn't. not now, he didn't want to ruin this moment.
slipping your cock inside of him, sanzu tossed his head back, panting softly. you held onto his waist, thrusting your strap slowly. "doing amazing, you look so beautiful, haru," you praise, kissing at his perky, pink nipples.
"mmph..! going so..slow—feels nice.." sanzu moaned out, hooking his arms around your neck. "h-haah—kisskiss kiss me," you didn't need to be told twice, pressing your lips on his, they tasted so good, you could feel his lipstick smear, hearing his delicate moans muffle.
starting to fuck into him faster, sanzu's eyes rolled to the back of his head. the rush of emotions flooding through his body. "my baby, you're my fuckin' baby, you know that?" you groan, not daring to stop your body from smacking into his, not until he cums.
"aah—'m your baby! l-lovelovelove you s'much!" wrapping his legs around your waist, he felt your dick against his prostate, it was rubbing him so good. lidded eyes twitching, sanzu gripped you tight, riding out his orgasm. his cum all sticky, in between the two of you. this was definitely the most vanilla you two could get, yet something about it made sanzu cum so much faster than other times you've fucked him. couldn't keep your lips off of each other, you had his lipstick all over you, while you were giving sanzu straight up hickeys.
the moment died down, flopping down beside him. "love you too, haru, you really are one of a kind," you pet his fluffy, pink hair. haru couldn't help but snuggle into your chest, taking in your very familiar scent. loved it so much.
"stay like this...forever? don't leave the bed tonight.." he hid his face away from you, but you could tell he was pouting.
humming, you ran your fingers through his hair, kissing the top of his head. "won't, staying here with my baby," it seems as if sanzu was satisfied with that answer, already falling asleep.
you would have to thank koko for tying him up like this in the first place.
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alj0saray · a month ago
Tumblr media
Yandere Morax who is a deity deeply respected and feared everywhere, whom a lot of people strongly believe in, and has taken a particular liking to you, a mere mortal.
More at 7.
Jokinggg ٩(*❛⊰❛)ʓਡ~❤
ೃ⁀➷ TW/CW: DARK CONTENT, Yandere, 18+ (MINORS/AGELESS/BLANK BLOGS DON’T INTERACT), Cult?, Quite a bit of explicit stuff?, Toxic Relationship, Forced Marriage, Jealousy, Kidnapping, Gender Neutral Reader (no description or pronouns), Dubcon/Noncon, Dehumanization, Broken English, Killing (not on reader or someone important!!), Blood (a few mentions in the end), let me know if I need to add more TW/Tags ♡ My blog contains dark content, be careful when interacting/following! Minors, ageless and blank blogs will get blocked if interact with me.
Tumblr media
People respect Morax as a god, as a protector, that it's more so of a cult. Whatever he asks is right away given, people try their best to show their deep gratitude towards him in any possible way: including giving away their own people to him.
And this time, he has chosen you.
No one really cares if you don't want it, or if you desperately try to run away, your fate has been chosen ever since Morax said that he wanted you. You are his now, his new beautiful spouse to spoil, doll up, and use whatever he pleased.
The ceremony is both beautiful and tragic. Tragic for you, who are helplessly in despair trying to accept your new destiny, beautiful to everyone else due to the amount of work that has been put in. Everyone looks so glad for Morax, so happy for him, completely ignoring your mood and even telling you how lucky you are to be Morax's spouse, how everyone else would love to be in your place.
You are alone. No one would understand how you feel, but Morax isn't so cruel towards you; your cry and sobs aren't ignored by him, and while he is the cause of all your pain, he'll try to console you in one way or another. With his dick or his arms is indifferent in the end, right?
He is still a dragon after all, and dragons love to have beautiful things around them to protect, right? A treasure. And you are now part of it. Even if you don't like it, Morax doesn't care. You will learn soon enough to love it. I also imagine that dragons are pretty monogynous, and have a whole imprinting thing that makes them decide their partner. So you got unlucky.
Especially since he spoils you rotten; warm and comfortable baths, beautiful dresses, makeup, multiple servants ready to serve you, jewelry of any kind, books, everything you wish for is rightfully given to you. Hell, he doesn't even mind if you want to look at his precious stuff as long as you are careful enough.
Your parents, friends, or family? Morax doesn't really like it when you talk about them, and will get extremely angry if you dare to even slightly suggest that you miss them, or that you wish to see them. Is he not enough for you? Has he not been kind and gentle with you? Perhaps he has spoiled you too much. How dare you think about everybody else when Morax is right there.
Since he is the unhinged Morax, and not the calm Zhongli, jealousy is not something you want to make him feel. You are his, part of his treasure, and will not take kindly to everyone getting close to you at all. Not at all. His spear would be dirtied with blood so easily trust me.
And you won't be saved by his jealousy either; you have bruises all over your body, hickeys, and bites that slightly bleed. Your legs hurt, you feel full of his seed, and whole body is sore. I do not know if it's possible, but I imagine that Morax will try to print a symbol that claims you as his into your body.
In the end, you are treating nothing more than a doll to be pretty and fucked by Morax when he wants to.
Tumblr media
This work belongs to @/alj0saray, do not repost, translate, copy, rewrite or share on tiktok without my permission.
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natashaismylove · 2 months ago
Accidents part 2 |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: the reader’s pregnancy hormones make her crave her girlfriend more than ever.
Warnings: smut, fluff, G!P Natasha(she has a penis), pregnancy, unprotected sex, outercourse, blowjobs, dirty talk, praise, somnophilia(consented), pet names(sweetheart, princess, baby)
you don’t have to read part 1 to understand this.
Being five months pregnant meant a lot of mood swings and cravings. Another thing it brought was an insane amount of hornyness and neediness for my girlfriend. Nat had been amazing during my pregnancy so far, always ready to cuddle and give me massages, constantly buying me snacks and all my cravings and, of course, helped me with my arousal.
Like when I wake up in the morning and find her already hard. I crawl under the covers so I’m right in front of her tented boxers. I can hear her breath softly and I know she’s still asleep. Of course I had already gotten consent from her to do this, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. I grab the waistband of her boxers and slide them down until her cock springs free and I can feel my mouth almost watering. Pregnancy has made me hungry for a lot of things but mostly for Natasha’s cock. I grab it and gently pump my hand up and down until I hear her groan quietly. I give the head a small kitten lick before wrapping my mouth around it. She squirms a bit but doesn’t wake up.
I took her down as deep as I could without gagging before going back up. I bobbed my head up and down while swirling my tongue around the tip. I felt a hand tangle itself into my hair and I smirked a bit as she removed the covers. I looked up at her as I kept sucking and she chuckled a bit but it was quickly cut off with a moan.
“Is someone feeling a little needy?” She said as she stroked my chin. I nodded the best I could and she hummed before softly lifting my head off of her. She dragged me towards her and sat me onto her lap. I could feel her cock against my centre as I slowly grinded my hips into her. I was only wearing a short sleeping gown with straps and no underwear because it was lighter and more comfortable. She took hold of my hips and rocked me back and forth onto her as she stared at me with her mouth a little open.
“Mm~ Nat…” I closed my eyes and moved my hips a little quicker, already feeling myself get close.
“That feel good, sweetheart?” She asked as she leaned forwards to kiss my neck.
She kissed up to my ear and gently bit it, making me shiver a little. “Good.”
I whimpered as I laced my fingers through her hair. “Shit-“
“You getting close, princess?” I nodded quickly. “Come on, cum for me.”
I let out a moan as I reached my high, rocking my hips a little slower to ride it out. I opened my eyes and looked at her. “You didn’t cum.”
She kissed my nose and smiled. “S’ok baby.”
I shook my head a little. “No, I wanna make you feel good too.”
She pursed her lips. “You need to eat something before you get nauseous. How about you go get something from the kitchen and I’ll put on something for us to watch in the screening room. We’ll have some more fun later.”
I pouted a bit before sighing. “Fine…” I stood up and went into the bathroom to clean myself up a bit. I used a wet cloth to clean between my legs before washing my face and brushing my teeth. The rest of the team were away on a mission so Nat and I had the whole compound to ourselves. I didn’t bother to put on something else and just walked to the kitchen. I was standing by the counter, just making my food when I felt her hands grab my hips.
I could feel her hard cock against my ass as she started to nibble on my neck. “I know I said we’d have our fun later but I just can’t wait.”
I smiled a little as I turned around to look at her. She was only wearing a sports bra and some shorts so I scanned over her body. She pulled me into a kiss as she moved me away from the counter and walked me backwards until my lower back hit a table. We pulled away and she slid all the books off of the small, fragile table we had next to the door of the kitchen. We only really used it to put meaningless things on so I’m sure no one would mind the mess. She lifted me up and placed me onto it before bunching up my dress around my waist.
She pulled her cock out and lined it up before looking at me for consent. I nodded and she quickly kissed me and started to push into me. My head fell back and I grabbed her shoulder tightly. She pulled out a bit before slamming back into me, continuing the movements. She quickly found a rhythm and gripped onto my hips. I wrapped my legs around her waist to keep her closer and she leaned forward to kiss my neck.
“Such a needy little girl.” She groaned. “Fucking love it. Love being the only one who can give you the relief you need.”
I moaned a little. “Fuck~”
“S’all you need to feel better, huh? My cock filling you up?”
I nodded. “Yes!”
“Shit!” She fucked into me faster, so in her own mind she didn’t even hear the table start creaking.
“Fuck me, Nat!”
She chuckled a little. “Aren’t I already?”
It happened pretty quickly, the table was shaking and suddenly we heard a crack and Nat picked me up. I looked back a little surprised as I saw one of the legs had completely split in half and the table was now broken. I looked back at Natasha and let out a small chuckle but It quickly died as she thrusted up into me.
“A broken table isn’t gonna stop me from making you cum.”
She lifted me up and down on her cock as I moaned in pleasure. I could feel myself getting close so I clenched around her to make her cum faster. She moaned and thrusted even faster and she gasped as I felt her cum fill me up and I came with a breathy moan as she stilled inside of me. She turned around and sat me on the dining table before pulling out. Her cum trickled out of me and a little dripped onto the table.
I grimaced a bit. “Nat, we eat here.”
She chuckled a bit as she grabbed some paper towels to clean me up. “Trust me, Stark has probably done worse here.”
My face scrunched up in disgust. “Ew.” I hopped off and grabbed a sponge and some cleaning supplies and wiped down the table. I looked over at the broken one before looking back at Nat. “What are we gonna do about that one?”
She smirked a little. “We’ll just throw it out and I’ll remove the security footage.”
My eyes widened. “Oh shit, there’s cameras everywhere here.”
She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “Don’t worry, baby, I always steal the tapes so no one sees them.”
I raised an eyebrow. “And what do you do with them?”
She shrugged a bit, still keeping the smirk on her face. “They work as great entertainment for when I have to be away on missions.”
I gasped a little and scoffed with a laugh. “Oh wow.”
She nodded a little proudly before kissing my nose. “Yup.”
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beelicious-barnes · 5 months ago
Treasure (J.J)
A/N: Another sickness drabble, are we even surprised? I haven’t written Jake in forever, and I really missed him so here’s a little something. 
Word Count: 700
Warnings: 18+, fluff, sickness, Jake being a cutie
Tumblr media
"This is really embarrassing, Jake." You whisper, pulling your knees closer to your chest as you looked down at the bathtub, shivering a little.
Jake dipped the sponge in some water, squeezing it before placing it on your back, "is it my standard second date? Probably not." He chuckled softly, trying to lighten the mood as he moved the sponge to your shoulder.
Jake and you had met on a dating app on Wednesday and decided to go on a date that very night. It ended with him in your apartment, however, that night, you fell incredibly sick. You were shivering the whole night, and what was supposed to be a sexy, fun night, turned into a rather miserable one.
It was now Thursday morning and your fever was shooting up. Instead of abandoning you, Jake called his friend who was a doctor and he recommended a sponge bath to help cool you down.
So here you were, sitting in your bathtub, in just your underwear, as your tinder date from last night took care of you.
"It isn't too cold, is it?" Jake moved your hand, closing his eyes as he dabbed the sponge on your chest, "is it at the right spot?"
You couldn't help but smile a little, probably the first time in the last couple of hours, "why are your eyes closed?"
Jake opened one eye as he looked at you, "because I'm close to your boobs and I don't wanna be disrespectful." He cleared his throat, "they're gorgeous by the way."
"Thank you, and you can open your eyes, I do still have the bra on." You shrug a little, "plus if I hadn't fallen sick last night, you probably would have seen them anyway."
A cheeky smile formed on his face, he was almost proud of what you said. You were a gorgeous woman and his first successful date in a long time, someone he was interested in and attracted to.
"Oh is that so?" Jake smirks a little, taking a washcloth as he gently wipes your face, "I'm honored, treasure."
You raised an eyebrow at him, "did you just call me treasure?"
Jake scrunched his nose up as he adjusted his glasses a little, "I read it in a book once and always wanted to try it out. The Scottish guy in the story seemed to have pulled it off."
"I don't hate it. I guess it's more creative than babe or baby."
He sighs in relief as he puts the sponge and washcloth away, "all done. Are you feeling a little less warm?"
You nod softly, holding his arm for support as you stand up, stepping out of the tub, "feeling a lot better, thank you." You wrap the towel around your body, "I've probably given you whatever I have."
Jake knew what he was signing up for when he chose to stay instead of bolting out of your door. Catching whatever you had didn't seem to bother him, he was just happy to be around.
"I'm going to go make us both some tea, extra ginger."
Both of you step out of the bathroom, you start putting your clothes on, while Jake goes to the kitchen to make you some tea. You almost couldn't believe your luck, you hated being sick and could never take care of yourself, so a random date helping you was a blessing.
You put some fresh clothes on and slowly walk to the kitchen when you hear Jake singing Don't Stop Believin' and dancing around the kitchen.
"You know, I wouldn't mind getting used to this."
Jake's cheek flushes red as he looks at you, "uh sorry, I just...I like to keep myself entertained." He walks towards you, handing you a cup of tea, "be careful, it's really hot."
"Thank you. It would be really inappropriate and unhygienic to kiss you right now, won't it?"
His eyes widen a little as he takes a step closer, "I mean, I've probably already caught what you have?"
You couldn't help but smile, putting your cup down as you take a step closer, "I won't tell if you won't."
Jake chuckles, pressing his forehead against yours, "it'll be our dirty little secret."
"Just one kiss."
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iguessweallcrazyithinktho · 2 months ago
𝐅𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 - 𝐇𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: jack & reader had history, reader wasn’t well know back then but is currently coming up (actress?) then at like a event they see each other for the first in a while. & some of jack’s song are about their relationship, like ‘funny seeing you here’.
GENRE: kinda Angus Angst
WARNING: Ex relationship, reader at one of Jack's concerts fyi
©writing by Iguessweallcrazyithinktho do not steal or repost any of my content anywhere without my consent
Two year ago your relationship with jack ended. It ended due to you and Jack growing distant. You both never spent time with each other due to you trying to start your career and jack being away for his music. It wasn't a either one of you wanted to make, but you knew it was best.
It took a lot of tears, but eventually you got over him. Unlike you, jack took it hard. He missed you like crazy. He never loved someone as much as you. now that you were gone it took a lot to get himself back together. The only way he knew how to make it better was to make music.
Jack stayed in the studio for months making music all about you. When jack was done he felt like he had got everything out. A few months later he dropped the album and people loved. Everyone else didn't know the songs were about you, but you did.
Jack stayed in the studio for months making music all about you. When jack was done he felt like he had got everything out. A few months later he dropped the album and people loved. Everyone else didn't know the songs were about you, but you did.
you were sitting in your apartment, reading a book when your phone started to ring. you groaned, placing your book down and picked up your phone. "hello?"
"hi, y/n." immediately you recognized it was your friend. "hi, what do you want?"
you could hear her gasping on the other side of the phone. "wow you seem like you're in a bad mood. anyways, theres a party downtown. there's going to be some rappers there, so I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come with me?"
you sighed, leaning your head back against the arm of the chair. "I don't know." "come on. you don't have anything to do."
you frowned, "how do you know I have nothing to do?"
your friend laughed, "bitch you haven't done anything since you finished filming. come on come with me. I'll be with your shy ass the whole time."
you sighed again, "fine. when is it?"
"tonight?! I don't have anything to wear." you got up and walked out of the living room to your bedroom closet. "you can find something y/n. you have plenty of things in your closet. I gotta go, i'll see you in later."
before you could say anything else she hung up. you groaned and looked at the clothes hanging up in your closet. what the fuck were you going to wear?
It took you two hours to find an outfit. when you did you got dressed and did your makeup lightly. by 7pm you were ready to go. you texted your friend and told her you were ready. within 10 minutes she was at your place picking you up. She drove to downtown Louisville where the party was taking place. It was packed which you weren't a fan of tobe honest, but you were here and you couldn't leave.
You grabbed a drink from the bar and took it to the booth where your friend was. She was already talking to some guy, so you decided to scroll through your phone and look through social media.
15 minutes later someone came on the stage. Everyone around you cheered as the announcer began to talk. Really you didn't catch much. You just kept scrolling on your phone blocking out the noise until your friend bumped your shoulder.
"do you wanna go dance?"
You sighed softly to yourself, "fine, I'll dance with you."
You both got up and began to dance to the music the DJ put out and the songs the singers were singing. You were having a great time up until you heard something the announcer was saying.
"up next we got one of Louisville rising Stars. Give it up for jack Harlow!"
Panic took over you as Jack walked on stage. You weren't expecting him to be here. You looked over at your friend who had her mouth hung open, she wasn't expecting this either.
You took a few deep breaths as you gained yourself. It'll be fine. He'll be off stage in no time. He won't see you.. hopefully.
You watched as jack began to rap. Despite the fact that you both aren't together you still love watching him do what makes him happy.
When it ended jack looked out at the crowd and began to talk.
"thank you all for coming out and supporting Louisville. There's some people here I'm happy to see an.."
Jack trailed off when he saw you. His heart skipped a couple of beats, you were fucking stunning.
You noticed Jack's eyes on you. You smiled at him slightly before looking away. Jack regained himself. "Uh so um... I'm going to be singing funny seeing you here."
The music started and you looked back up. Jack's eyes never left you as he began to rap. "I know you hate the way we drifted But we both decide this party and we lived it So what's up?"
you stayed silence as Jack rapped. both of your eyes not leaving each other as he did his thing.
"How's your sister and your niece? Does she still cry a lot? Who you talkin' to now? Are y'all 'bout to tie a knot?"
jack wanted nothing more than to run down there and talk to you. you wanted that too. you missed him and you didn't even notice it until now.
when jack finished he quickly raced off stage. you walked from your spot on the floor to the bathroom. you needed to gather yourself. you walked into the bathroom going straight to the sink. you sighed as you looked at your reflection.
you just starred at yourself. your thoughts running wild. you didn't even hear the door opening because you were lost in your head. it was jack.
he walked up behind you. you turned around looking at him. "Jack."
he looked down at you; he wanted nothing more than to pull you into a hug. he fucking missed you. "y/n, how are you."
you took a deep breath in, "i've been... ok."
jack hummed. "how have you been?" you asked him. jack exhaled loudly. "y/n, I'm not going to lie.. I fucking miss you."
you swallowed as you looked away from Jack. "every day for the past two years has be-"
you shut jack up by kissing him. Jack pulled you closer by your waist. you ran your hands through his curls, you want this moment to end. you missed this.
after a minute you pulled away. jack's lips were super red and swollen. "so.. you miss me too?"
you smiled. "yeah, I guess." jack tried to kiss you again but you pulled away before he could. "tell me something, was funny seeing you here about me?"
jack nodded, "yeah. you know I'm good at manifesting now let me kiss you."
jack grabbed your face pulling you into another deep kiss.
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twistedoverbloat · a month ago
Hear me out-
Lolita fashionista Yuu (I have to specify this because of the whole "lolita" book by Vladmir Nabokov)
they make and wear lolita clothing. Back in their world they were a well-known designer and model. Even after being transported to twst that didn't stop them from doing what they are passonate about.
They don't force anyone to wear the clothes but they do sell accessories and pieces to curious souls (I.E: random pomefiore students)
Lolita Yuu looking at everyone in a bright pink dress: hi I seem to be lost-
Riddle: He likes it and loves how you made a dress after the Queen of Hearts. He likes the pastels and likes to give you different ideas of how the dresses should look by the Queen's rules. He has a suit and broach you made him.
Trey: He likes them and you even made him a suit and he wore it for an unbirthday party that was in honor of you for making it on a magazine. Has a apron you made him and a charm for his glasses.
Cater: Ngl he loves how you don't force anyone to dress like you he honestly wants you as a sister since you wouldn't have forced him to do a lot of things they did. He is the reason you got a lot of followers for taking pictures of you. He has a couple of jewelry you made.
Ace: Tried to make fun of you but you educated him and now he thinks it's really nice. He was a model for you when the VDC came around you designed the outfit for everyone and if they had a problem you made a different outfit for them. Has a bracelet he never takes off.
Deuce: He thinks it's really cute! He likes the different outfits you make bc they look so cute. He does try on some of the suits you make! He loves how you don't force people to wear your clothing. Also has a bracelet he never takes off.
Leona: At first hated it bc it was so bright and darker colors look better, when you showed him your darker clothing he tried them on and liked how you made them really soft nice he likes taking naps a lot. He has a pillow you made to see if you wanted to make them.
Ruggie: He's on the neutral side of all of the clothing you make. You do give him spares for the kids in the slums. He wore a suit you made for him for his birthday it was the nicest thing he owns. You make a fuck ton of clothing and give it to him of free.
Jack: He had his tail wagging when he saw you since your outfits, when you commented he blushed and said you look cute. You made him a vest once but it broke bc it was too small and he moved the wrong way. He apologize and you waved him off saying you'll make a better one for him. He owns a vest and a bracelet.
Azul: He asked if you wanted to make a business with him. You agreed but looked over the contract and cussed him out for trying to take more then 50. When you found a good pricing and % for both of you, he had Floyd and Jade as security for your small shop you have in Ramshackle. He has different suits he wears to show off your art work. He has a lot of suits you made him.
Jade: He smiled at you and asked what other things you make. You told him and he looked through the catalog you have and was pleased that Azul made the contract with you. He is the one helping making measurements for the different students since they go still when he does it. He has a mushroom shirt, bracelet, socks, and other mushroom things he got his hands on.
Floyd: Floyd at first didn't care but when you showed him the different stuff you make he was intrigued you made a spinning ring and he plays with it when he gets bored or in one of his moods. He has 2 suits that always need repairing since he deals with Pomefiore students that try and make you a deal.
Kalim: He gives you money for all of the different fabrics you need since he buys the wrong ones most of the time. He gets a fuck ton of different pillows, plushies, and even dresses from you! He also like the earrings you made for him.
Jamil: He when OB made fun of it but you put him straight afterwards. He likes that you don't force anyone to dress up since he don't really like to dress in bright clothing. You give him some of your darker clothing you make. He has some suits and some bracelets you make. There is also some hair piece's.
Vil: He loves it ngl, he will give you criticism but he loves the different colors since he can play dress up with a Pomefiore student (read Epel) and promoted your work to make your shop with Azul and Sam get bigger. He has all of the new things that come out since he's one of the models.
Rook: Complements everywhere and WILL be one of your models for the out door version of your clothing. You tested gloves with him and also tried hats. He is showering everyone in complements and tells you what you need to improve for some of the prototypes of the clothing.
Epel: not his cup of tea and was forced into one outfit by Vil. You went off on him and gave Epel the darker versions of the clothing you told him that no one is going to be forced into your clothing since your brand is about comfort for everyone. He looks up to you now and goes to you when Vil tries to put him into something. He owns the darker versions of suits.
Idia: He likes them and gushed over you like you were an anime girl. He lost his shit when you made a cosplay of his fav character and bought it immediately. He asks you to make cute designs on Ortho's spare parts since he likes how they look on him. He likes how you don't force anyone to wear anything from your line. He has 40 different cosplay's, like 3 suits, 50 hoodies bc he hog's them, and some sweats. He was forced to wear some hair pieces and ended up liking them since they didn't burn in his hair.
Ortho: Dress him UP- You've seen or heard of his fairy gala card and omg thus baby looks so cute and I just want to spoil him- He's also the one to model the children section of your clothing line since you don't get a lot of them. He was a little mad bc he couldn't get Idia to put on the hair piece but you told him why it wasn't nice to force anyone into anything. He apologies but Idia told him he liked it. Has a lot of painting designs and also hair pieces.
Malleus: He likes your aesthetic did he use that word correctly? He likes the dresses you did after his dorm and he likes wearing the suits you make him. He also is the one who gets special flower crowns since they look amazing with his horns. Sebek lost his shit accusing you forcing him but you went off telling him you don't ever force anyone into wearing what they don't like. He respects that and buys a lot of your things showing off back home. You now have a shop in the Valley of the Thorns.
Lilia: Loves it. He loves every aesthetic he will gladly wear a dress or suit, he tells Silver how charming he would look in x or even try on y to see if it looks good. Yuu tells him to be mindful in case he would prefer something different and try not to force him. He likes how you have that rule. He owns a LOT of the clothing you make even the stuff that didn't sell since he got his hands on it first that even Vil didn't get to touch. Another Model.
Sebek: When he saw his Waka-sama in a pink dress and flower crowns he lost his shit on you but you yelled back how you would never force someone into something since you had that done to you all your childhood. He uses both the dark and the light clothing lines. He has anything that Lilia or Waka-sama says he look good in he also wears the hair pieces and some jewelry you made him.
Silver: Loves your pajama line he will gladly model all of it if it meant him sleeping to see if the product is good. He wears anything he doesn't care as long as it's flowly so he can get to Malleus in a case of danger. Likes how you have the don't force anyone into anything rule since he has been force into wearing some weird things by Lilia. He owns all of the pajama sets.
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