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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#this year needs to end well and the next needs to start well bc if that birthday isn't as cool as its date

:^0 today is 12221! 1-22-21 

#palindrome numbers are the coolest#i wonder which days ppl get excited about where the date is written in other ways#i should start double-writing the date so as to gather an idea#edit: wait i remember why the date seemed significant earlier--#it's a month til my birthday.#got distracted by cool number sequences U_U#last year's bday was p crummy thanks to a certain in-law and the year before that i was soooooo out of it i had to have my friend#who had stayed over with me explain a few months later what we'd done and show me pictures and slowly piece the day back together#(it was a really fun bday! we made cheesecake from scratch and... went to a play? saw a movie??? idk. did Something at a set time.#i remember that part bc we had to ask someone to crack the oven open for us while we were gone. and then we had candy later--#i remember that from the receipt i found. and my friend's hair was pink?? and i wore my scarab necklace. i think. not the saturn one#bc that wouldn't have matched the buttons on my outfit lol)#next year NEXT YEAR THO that'll be 2-22-22#and i've been waiting for that birthday since i was a kid!!!!#this year needs to end well and the next needs to start well bc if that birthday isn't as cool as its date#then im gonna build a time machine and mess up the whoooooole timeline of the past few years and that will be my villain origin story.#ppl will go ''why? why are you doing this?'' and i'll go ''it's all because of a less-than-stellar birthday...''#and they'll go ''did something tragic happen when you were a child? on your birthday? that's terrible but still no excuse.''#and i'll go ''no i was an adult and it was a good birthday just not as nice as i wanted it to be''#and then i'll aim my death ray at whoever's talking and shoot#but it won't be an actual death ray bc i'll have done the research to make time machines not death rays#itll be my niece's plastic unicorn that if u squeeze it around the middle it shoots out soft rainbow balls u have to reload after each shot#and then we'll go out for tea and cake and i'll pay with all the money i've made from doing the#quintessential back-in-time activity of buying lotto tickets i already know the numbers to.#move over marty mcfly#ah now i kinda wanna dress up as him for halloween next year
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