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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#this... doesn't seem right
Yeeeeah, no. Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity or Catholicism. It is its own rich and vibrant religion. Christianity/Catholicism took (and twisted) sacred texts frok Judaism. Why that would make Judaism a part of Christianity is baffling. No one questioned it in your class?

I just saw this sorry I’m never on desktop Tumblr.

It was over ten years ago so there might have been questions but I think I was the only one who questioned it? I was like “wait none of that makes sense” but being an 11 year old I knew better than to try to argue with an adult.

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Ah, nothing like a good ol’ fashioned virus to show you:

Your hard-won gains over three years–gone.

The social circle you’ve integrated yourself into–gone.

The relationships you’ve cultivated, that you’ve poured yourself into, that you’ve finally, finally begun to feel secure in–gone.

The lost ground of your mental health that you’ve fought tooth and nail to regain for years–gone.

The braver, stronger, better version of yourself that you wanted to be, that you saw a glimpse of and believed might just be real–gone.

The happiness and possibility that eluded you so long you could only halfway recognize it when it showed up again–gone.

It takes so long to build, and so little for it all to get torn down. It makes you wonder, if it all was leveled so swiftly and so easily, how real was it to begin with?

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A quiet gasp parted her lips —her theretofore stern countenance fading, as though never present — with the first stirrings of the young woman who laid nestled against her chest. That the brunette’s rousing would be such a slow and belabored process was of no surprise. Yet this knowledge did not stop each and every ragged breath from tugging at the strings of the motherly samurai’s heart.

“There, there… There, there…” Raikou hushed, as the tips of her fingers ran gently through her Master’s hair; her palm shifting ever so slightly to and fro against the girl’s scalp, as if to try and soothe her. Meanwhile, her other arm tightened it’s grasp against Artemis’ torso with a necessary firmness, in order to ensure that she did not shake about as at last the strength returned to her limbs. “Nice and easy, okay? Mm. Your beloved Minamoto no Raikou is here with you, so please let your heart be at peace…”

As she spoke her gaze traveled downward towards the younger girl’s midsection, where a mass of once pristine gauze had been dyed a stale crimson. An unnerving sight, to say the least. Though in the moment, it brought no small amount of reassurance to see that the wound which laid beneath had not reopened. That her Master had sustained such an injury while in her care was shameful enough, but anything further would be truly unforgivable.


“To sleep so soundly, and for so long… Such a callous habit demonstrates a thorough lack of discipline you know?” Raikou giggled. Though while her attempt to lighten the mood was far from hollow, it did little to hide the tears which had begun to well up in the corners of her eyes; let alone the tremble of her form, which carried it’s vibrations to Artemis as Raikou continued to cradle her. “I shall overlook it, of course. For as you lay against me here and now, my dearest Master, you are far beyond reproach…”

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Are you still doing the writing meme? If so: Fatgum threatening Hawks that if he doesn't stay away from Fortune, he'll rip off his wing. I've had that scenario in my head for a while now of how far Fatgum will go to keep her safe.

Ask memes pretty much always stay open here haha

In regards to your idea, I can’t see Fatgum saying something like that ^^’ Like it’s true that he’s very protective of Fortune but he’s not that violent. I just can’t imagine Fatgum ever going that far. 

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🌿 — Unlike her children after her, Sitri is not a very perceptive person, bordering on NAÏVE even. It’s not so much that she’s incapable of seeing past certain aspects of people, and more she feels it rude to push for it. She may occasionally see something others don’t, but even if she did she’s not the type to press about it unless the time seems right. She tries to get to know people and, if they feel comfortable, they may confide in her. In general, she only sees what people wish for her to see, whether because she genuinely falls for their ruse, or she is simply trying to be polite. 

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all Aikawa does is eat, steal, lie, have existential crises, and exclusively date blondies with pillow tits.

he has exactly one grand Type.

Nikaido? rack big as her head. blonde babe.

Risu? dangerously robust. three quarters blond.

and there’s the implication Aikawa was into m!nikaido before her identity reveal bcuz he immediately zoned in on himbo blondie without a shirt on.

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