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on my last blog. the only discourse i ever got into was about trans fahc jack.

so. im gonna talk about trans jack. AND trans michael!!!

i don’t rly know where trans fahc michael came from for me, like my brain just decided. hm yes. he’s gonna have a nice dynamite binder (drawing to come). but regardless. he ended up joining the crew before transitioning and by the time he legally and medically started, the crew was pretty well established and had some good power. so, of course, he had geoff and gavin literally erase his deadname off the face of the fuckin earth and get him a false birth certificate. theyre a supportive crew, damnit!! no one even remembers his dead name at this point. he originally wanted to go stealth for personal comfort reasons, but he ended up being a little more on the ‘oh fuck yea i love my trans body fuck cishets’ side after a while (no one on the crew is cishet, this is the hill i will die on), so he was definitely on and off about top surgery until he realized binding could be a liability in hostile situations. comfortable lungs and ribs are pretty necessary when you’re running from the cops, and especially in a stolen jet where the air pressure gets fucky. ended up getting some cool tattoos over his scars but is shameless about them.

now. jack. she was 1000% stealth to everyone except geoff. besides being tall and a little deep voiced, there was no telling. until someone made a bad joke in the very early crew days and she put them in their fuckin place, outing herself in the process because she knew she could take any of them down anyways (being out changed nothing for her, really, everyone was already intimidated by her because she’s not afraid to kick ass with grace and style). however, after that, she leaned into the pride a little more too; and then A LOT more when michael started transitioning because he was pretty young at the time and she wanted to be a good example (it did work, despite michael pretending it was all himself. unyielding stubbornness is a wide accepted headcanon if not fully canon). she actually wasn’t fully transitioned physically, her and michael got their respective top surgeries in the same month. she always jokes about how geoff paid for her boobjob even though he’s gay because she’s just that charming (geoff is yet to dispute this). 

also, an additional not trans based headcanon: before the crew, ryan was a mercenary (i think everyone hcs this too), but it wasn’t actually making him enough money because san andreas has LA housing prices and it was too inconsistent for him to keep up with his bills. so he took up a dayjob; at a year-round discount halloween store. usually it’s goth teens working those places, so the 25 year old, 6′2, resting-death-stare man who was covered in very obvious knife and bullet wound scars, wearing a stupid little canvas vest ringing up peoples garbage costumes.. it was the most intimidatingly hilarious thing that’s ever happened. michael and geoff were the only ones who had lived in los santos their whole lives, so of course they’d been there. somewhere, deep in a closet, theres an old picture from a disposable camera that geoff took secretly because it was hilarious before he’d met ryan.

my favorite headcanons are ‘someone has a slightly embarrassing secret and only geoff knows it and he uses it against them (in a wholesome way, ‘ryan go make me a sandwich’ ‘what no’ ‘remember that picture i have of you at the halloween st-’ ‘OKAy okay fine’)

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thisiswhatmylifehasbecome replied to your post “the real question is do i make geoff or ryan the resident vampire in…”

im a slutty man for both vamps

y’all have convinced me, they’re both vampires

ryan: i’m older than you! respect your elders.
geoff: by fifty years! and i’m your boss!
ryan: in human lives that’s SO MUCH, GEOFF!

(jeremy like “i feel like i should be mad that there are vampires in my pack crew. should i be mad? are werewolves versus vampires still a thing?” and geoff is like “i’m begging you to stop you’ve made that joke so many times”)

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rythian! rythian! rythian! rythian! (love u)

@maybesortaarose  @thisiswhatmylifehasbecome yogscast fandom be like LOVE RYTHIAN


  • full name: rythian enderborn
  • gender: trans man
  • sexuality: gay, but oblivious. so oblivious.
  • pronouns: he/him


  • family: human father, part enderman mother (you can tear enderman rythian from my cold, dead, hands)
  • au family: lalna (husband), alchemy enderborn (daughter)
  • birthplace: end city
  • job: supreme overlord of ice–wait that’s gundham, okay, he’s an endermage, the official Blackrock mage
  • phobias: loosing the people he loves, water
  • guilty pleasures: trashy pop songs probably. useful science knick-knacks


  • morality alignment?: lawful good
  • sins - lust/greed/gluttony/sloth/pride/envy/wrath
  • virtues - chastity/charity/diligence/humility/kindness/patience/justice

T H I S - O R - T H A T

  • introvert/extrovert: introvert
  • organized/disorganized: organized
  • close minded/open-minded: close minded
  • calm/anxious: always anxious, just doesn’t show it
  • disagreeable/agreeable: disagreeable
  • cautious/reckless: reckless
  • patient/impatient: impatient
  • outspoken/reserved: reserved
  • leader/follower: leader
  • empathetic/unemphatic: empathetic
  • optimistic/pessimistic: pessimistic
  • traditional/modern: traditional, obviously
  • hard-working/lazy: hard-working


  • otp: rythna (with tekkit lalna)
  • ot3: tbh? rythian/nilesy/ravs 
  • brotp: zoethian
  • notp: whatever rythian/sjin is

send me yog characters with this!

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Max i hope you know just how fucking proud i am of you for finishing NYP, youve worked so hard on it for years and i've had the joy of watching it develop and watching you grow as a writer. I love you so much my boy, never ever give up writing 💜

Aaaahhhh, Ryan, I don’t know how to respond to nice things. You’re horrible, making me unable to words with your niceness. But thanks, boyo, really. You’re so sweet. Love you. <3 <3 <3

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thisiswhatmylifehasbecome replied to your post “I keep getting partway through writing/art ideas and then abandoning…”

(mood, i have literal hundreds of wips because i end up hating everything i write) everything you draw and write is absolutely amazing and fight anyone who says otherwise!! (Ill just hug you and gush over your works ��)

Aw, thanks, Ryebread.

But hey, if you gush over my stuff, you should let me gush over yours. (Well, to a certain extent, depending on maturity level XP). I’ll put up new stuff if you do. Make this deal with me.

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thanks for being a real one ry

🌟 - ray narvaez jr., phillippa soo, kalani hilliker

👤 - that’s tough but i would say shiro from voltron OR yuuri from yuri!!! on ice

🌆 - city boiiiii

🎁 - gotta be christmas big love although i do love to get sp00ky

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