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Thank you for this ask, I love talking about this stuff so much!!!! Sorry for taking awhile to answer, I have a lot of Feelings about BYG in general, so I wanted to make sure I gave a proper answer.

I think it’s quite clear from the content of my blog how I feel about whether Bly Manor falls into the Bury Your Gays trope lol. But I want to preface this by saying that, even though I don’t think Bly fits the BYG trope, if someone doesn’t want to watch a show and get emotionally invested in (what is imo the healthiest wlw rep out there rn) a queer relationship only to watch one of them tragically die and the other one live in deep grief for the rest of her life………FAIR.

I think a lot of people have probably talked about this in relation to Bly, so I’m not sure my opinions will be all that different. But BASICALLY, I believe that Bly is the kind of tragedy that is kind of like, post-BYG trope. The reason why it’s so upsetting to watch a BYG is not because the gay character dies (although that is usually sad in and of itself), but the real rage and pain comes from the context in which the gay character dies. Bly Manor lacks all of the harmful context that defines BYG (their death having some kind of direct link to their sexuality).

Dani’s death has nothing to do with her sexuality, because her sexuality is equally weighted between all of the other parts of her character and plot points that make her the protagonist. Dani ultimately dies because of external circumstances that have absolutely nothing to do with her being gay. It’s exactly the kind of treatment that straight characters in tragedies and horror films get– where the things that make it a tragedy come from external forces rather than something internal about the character’s identity. Honestly Bly Manor is the kind of story that queer people SAY they want when they express outrage over BYG because it’s simply a story, not a gay story. Dani is, obviously, not devoid of her sexuality– it’s a large part of her character and ultimately the reason why the entire plot of the show even happens– but there is no direct link between her being gay and Viola driving her to death (gay ally Viola).

I think that if Jamie had been the one to die rather than Dani, I would have slightly different feelings about this. As much as I love Jamie with my whole soul, and think she has really beautiful and complex and dynamic characterization, she ultimately is mostly there as a device to fill out Dani’s life and story. She basically says so herself as the Narrator, she’s just there to deliver Dani’s story and keep her story alive. Without Dani, Jamie’s relevance to the plot ends when Dani leaves Bly; you could even argue that without Dani her real relevance ends with Rebecca. Ultimately, Jamie’s main relevance to the story is through her relationship with Dani, whereas Dani’s main relevance to the story is much more broad and intertwined with all the other plot threads.

So thank god they didn’t do that!!! Sorry this is so long!! Honestly I have more to say about it but I’ll end it there lol. If anyone has a different POV about this, I’m very interested to hear it– it’s such a complex issue.

Thank you for the ask!

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|| ep. 3 The Two Faces, Part One

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when Rebecca woke up under the water because Peter left her body in those last moments so he didn’t have to feel the pain; so that he could trap her under the surface of the lake and force her to drown with him. ownership.


when Dani wouldn’t let Jamie swim down and die with her, wouldn’t let Jamie become the lady of the lake; when she sacrificed her life earlier than she might’ve had to so that Jamie could be safe. love.

love and ownership: they’re opposites, really.

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Someone tell me why I had a dream about the haunting season 3 cast announcement

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Head canon: Jamie listens to Blondie because she heard the song “Denis” (released in 1977) after getting out of prison and it reminded her of what she imagined her parents must’ve been like when they first got married and she finally was able to see an aspect of their relationship in a better light

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i was reading this today and down the rabbit hole i went. 

it really speaks volumes to have Dani be resolute not to take Jamie with her. not in the beginning when she left, not when Jamie wanted her to when she purposely went down that lake, not ever. also as an extension of that, to not show her presence to Jamie in any way. because she knows that if she does that, then the Jamie she knows Jamie can be will be gone. that Jamie will spend her time waiting, instead of living. to be haunted. to see Dani again, and ultimately, waiting for the time to be with Dani again.

it doesn’t mean that Dani doesn’t miss Jamie. but even when she walks the grounds of her new home with nothing but longing in her heart to see her beloved’s face one more time, she knows that ultimately to love does not mean to have. she embodies this belief so thoroughly, even in her afterlife, even (sometimes) at her own emotional expense.

on a more hopeful note, though, i like to think that Dani would not be surprised to see Jamie again as she emerges from the lake, years and years and years later when it is actually her time. from that day onwards, instead of walking the grounds of Bly alone, like she had done for so many years, she’ll once again have company.

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If you watch the trailer for Amelia’s movie DORCHA on YouTube, there’s a part where you get a close up view of her eye color. Despite having watched and noticed it only a few hours ago, I forget what the color is. Anyway, it’s there. Please note that it’s a horror movie, a different kind from Bly Manor, so if that’s not your thing, maybe someone can post the color in the replies for them? Anyway, I hope it helps people with their fics or people who are just curious.

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As much as I love seeing Carla Gugino in anything I have to agree. There’s no believable way that Jamie would go from Amelia Eve to Carla Gugino in like 10 years time so it was a little jarring seeing the final scenes of the show and trying to believe it was Jamie. I loved the last scenes, don’t get me wrong, and I understand why they had to have a different actress (so they didn’t give away that it was Jamie telling the story) but like I wish they either would have dressed Amelia to be older OR gotten an actress more closely resembling Amelia

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not weird at all! i love video essays thank you! honestly feel free to rec things my way whenever, i’ll appreciate it even if i’ve already seen it 

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definitely not at all just on tumblr so i know when obstacles will update nope definitely not a whore that fic at all

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it’s just the way that Dani and Jamie are the positive, healthy parallel of all the broken characters in this show that just rEALLY GETS ME AND I CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT OR FEELING ABOUT IT

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Writing News

So there’s Good News and Bad News when it comes to my writing.


Bly Manor:

After a bunch of drafts (17) my newest one for my Dani/Jamie chapter fic is finally coming along like I want it to. I also have a Dani/Jamie AU that I’ll probably post soon.


I have to do a quick movie rewatch and then I’ll have a new chapter out soon. In all three of my Blackhill stories (even the prompts one) I’ve either got ideas ready to go or have a good part of it written already.


I’m not really working on my Freya/Keelin stories at all at the moment. Sorry! Bly Manor has become my newest obsession and I have to remind myself to work on Blackhill because those have been sitting entirely too long. But I will get back to Freya/Keelin at some point, I promise!

On a personal note, my schizophrenia and anxiety symptoms have gotten worse so that’s what’s been making writing so much harder recently. Not being able to get my thoughts out on anything recently, not just writing, has me frustrated. When I get frustrated and my symptoms are high I do stupid things…. Like hurt my hand again…

But yeah, in both fandoms, the ideas are finally getting down in a workable way! Hooray!!! Look forward to updating chapters soon!!!

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the real question is do I get my Dani x Jamie tattoo or no

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The guests at Flora’s wedding waiting for Jamie to finish her story so they can go the fuck home

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the proposal with the dying plant makes me go so crazy like….

the full-force impact of Dani, who’s roots were malformed and wrong with Edmund, who’s roots were broken and separated when she went to London, who’s roots are left untethered and unpredictable after the Lady, telling Jamie she is ready to take root. Jamie saying “well there’s your problem, your roots-“ and Dani turning around and saying I know my roots are mangled, but I am ready to mend them with you

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|| ep. 3 The Two Faces, Part One

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