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𝒞𝑜𝒹𝓎 𝐹𝑒𝓇𝓃 as 𝒯𝒽𝑜𝓂𝒶𝓈 In American Horror Stories “Milkmaids” 
Part 1 of ?
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5am-the-foxing-hour · 2 days ago
Janus *rushing up to make sure Thomas is okay*: Are you okay?
Thomas *humouring Janus, as the side checks him for wounds or bruises*: Yeah.
Janus: Are you hurt?
Thomas: No, I'm fine, Janus
Janus *deep inhale before grabbing Thomas by the shoulders shaking him back and forth*: THEN WHAT WERE YOU THINKIGN!? YOU FOOL!
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happybinomial · a day ago
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icarodamiano · 16 hours ago
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Thomas in Ibiza, Spain recently
via mertalas
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klopptimistic · 8 hours ago
Thomas and Newt started sharing a bed during those six months. It started during a cold night when they couldn't keep warm and what was supposed to just be a one night thing turned into two nights then three then it was a week and suddenly a month and eventually Thomas couldn't remember the last time he slept in his own bed.
Thomas loves falling asleep holding Newt and waking up with Newt's arms wrapped around his middle. He sleeps better with Newt beside him and Newt sleeps better too. Newt never used to sleep through the night but when he's with Thomas he always gets a good night's sleep.
One of the things Thomas is looking forward to most about the Safe Haven is him and Newt getting a proper bed and not just a mattress on the floor.
After a month in the Safe Haven Minho notices that Thomas rarely seems to sleep and he's always up no matter what time of day or night it is. Minho suspects Thomas is having nightmares.
But the truth is Thomas can't cope with lying in a bed without Newt beside him. He doesn't know how he is supposed to fall asleep without him and the big bed he was once so excited about feels like a curse to him now.
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daikenkki · 19 hours ago
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5am-the-foxing-hour · a day ago
Thomas *holding a whining and hissing toddler Janus in his arms*: WHY IS HE A KID?!
Patton, Virgil and Roman *looking ruffled and exhausted*: WE DON'T KNOW!
Roman: He's a pain, you put him down for one second and he's run off to the sunset!
Virgil: And he never stops making sounds unless he's asleep... and he never want to sleep!
Patton: I'm the dad, I'm supposed to know how to handle a kid, but I have no idea what to do with him! He keeps hissing at meeeeeee
Logan *hair in dispensary and tie loose*: I've been looking into cures, but I have found nothing!
Thomas *still trying to keep a struggling toddler snake in his arms*: What do we do!?
Virgil: At this point I don't know what is worse! But It's not like he will make it even worse, Right?!
Roman: Nooooooo please don't, I am not energetic enough to deal with him as well!
Patton *near crying*: Maybe Remus knows something we don't?
Thomas *Sighs*: Here goes nothing, REMUS!
Toddler Janus: *stills*
Remus *appears behind the Tv*: What do ya want T-man? I was in the middle of something.
Thomas *holds toddler Janus out towards Remus*: HELP PLEASE!
Remus: ...
Toddler Janus: ... Ah! *reaching for Remus*
Remus: Well, drag me by the dick upside down and backwards, I haven't seen you this small in ages.
Everyone but Janus: *stares at Remus in horror*
Logan: What a visual.
Remus *voice pitched*: Hey my little baby noodle! how is my little viper doing, have you been a naughty little spaghetti and worn the others into the ground?
Toddler Janus: *Happy baby blabbers, all arms out as he plays with Remus's sash and the frills on his shoulders and moves his hands while blabbering*
Thomas: ... what?
Remus: What? I was the one that raised him.
Thomas, Roman, Patton, Logan: WHAT?!
Remus: Hey! I raised Virgil too until he wanted to leave the nest! ya dingus!
Virgil: Oooooh right.... you did do that... forgot about that.
Remus: You lil bitch. How dare you.
Toddler Janus *unhappy that Remus isn't paying attention to him anymore*: AAHH! *grabs Remus by the moustache and pulls*
Remus: YEAHOWYeeeeeeesow! my little snake! You have my attention- plsletgoofmymoustache-
Toddler Janus: RAH-aU!
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icarodamiano · 11 hours ago
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via ilaria_norsa Instagram story (August 13, 2022)
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torytendencies · a day ago
what does your hero smell like?  
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ofmanysides · 2 days ago
Just accept that Arin has Danny in his little back pocket
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Uh, I feel like this is more of a monogamy situation… I-I've been down for polys before! But that's not really… it doesn't feel appropriate, I suppose.
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klopptimistic · a day ago
Friends inspired Newtmas au
Thomas and Newt used to be together and were in a really serious relationship until they broke up over something silly and both of them were too stubborn and they weren't able to work things out. They manage to remain friends though and still hang out and Newt starts dating Nick and thinks he's totally 100% over Thomas. That is until Thomas starts dating Teresa. Newt hates her and hates that Thomas is genuinely truly happy with her and he tries to be the bigger person but he can't and he realises he's still in love with Thomas and he breaks things off with Nick.
He's going to tell Thomas how he feels but Thomas and Teresa randomly announce that they are engaged.
Newt can't say anything.
Newt watches as Thomas plans his wedding and sees that he is honestly so happy and in love but... Newt's heart is breaking.
Thomas invites Newt to the wedding because he is his best friend but Newt can't face it and won't go. Thomas is distraught and asks why but Newt can't tell him the truth and pretends it's because of work. Thomas is crushed. He tells Newt that this is the most important day of his life and Newt is one of the most important people in his life and he really wants him there but Newt still says no.
On the morning of the wedding Newt is looking back over past photos of him and Thomas and he finds a memento from when they first got together and he realises he has to tell Thomas how he feels.
He races to the wedding venue and makes it in time before Thomas walks down the aisle but when he sees him in his tux and how excited he is to marry Teresa he freezes and just congratulates Thomas instead and takes his seat to watch the ceremony.
The celebrant starts the vows with Thomas
celebrant: repeat after me. I, Thomas
Thomas: I, Thomas
celebrant: take thee, Teresa
Thomas: take thee, Newt
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Thomas for the character opinions board???
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Minho might be my favorite character, but Thomas is close second. I would do anything for him.
Send me a character and I'll give my opinion on them
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