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So I just wanted to check a few things and I went to followers and uh…


I made a thing for 10, so here we are at 20! I truly mean this with every part of my heart and soul, Thank y'all so much. Even tho it may seem little, I truly never thought I’d have this many. (Like probably said in my first one,) Starting this blog and stuff, I truly wasn’t expecting a lot. But thanks to you guys I’ve been able to make stuff and improve a lot of things. I know I still have a lot to work on with where I want to be with my style, but going back to when I started to now I’d say there’s been some improvement, even if it’s only slight. I’ve also been a lot happier since I’ve joined here. Y'all are so friggen funny and chaotic and I love it. So uh, yee. I hope y'all have a good night/day. Love you all so so so so much❤

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Anyone interested in a story where theres a kid named Ethan whos ends up dying at a museum by falling through the floor and Roman being an old type of God trapped in the museums basement stumbles across the body and accidently possessies the kids body. Roman feeling nothing but pure pain suddenly wakes up in a hospital later being told it was miracle he survived and with no injures. Roman knowing he isn’t this kid knowing he’s a God but not remembering anything about his past. Now he is living in Ethans body just trying to survive.

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thinking about that one headcannon where when virgil gets really comfortable around someone he’ll sing under his breath when he has his noise-cancelling headphones around them and they’re just like 😭🥺🥺

i saw it with analogince so it’s analogince day folks. well it’s analogince day every day here on this blog but like even more than usual sndjjsnsjsj

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Logan: wheres remus?

Roman, completely unfazed: he’s sleep wap-ing.


Logan: sleep walking?

Roman: sleep wap-ing

Remus: *AGGRESSIVELY throwing it back while completely and utterly unconscious*


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“Kiddo? Something wrong?”

“Where did they go?”

Patton cocked his head, brows knitting together. “Who?”

“The crew. Where did they go?”

“They evacuated after you got into the pod,” Patton said, and Thomas had heard this explanation a billion times before, but something just wasn’t adding up.

“But it’s empty,” Thomas whispered. “No one stayed? And there’s - there’s no personal effects. It wasn’t a hasty evacuation.”

At some point Patton’s face had paled. He stared at Thomas for a long time, and he noticed his hands were shaking.


“You should… you should sit down.”

Thomas’ legs gave out on him anyways, and he sat down heavily on the edge of the platform.

“You’re going to hate me after this,” Patton whispered, stopping at the black paladin’s station as if he feared advancing further. “And I won’t blame you.”

“Patton… what did you do?”

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I guess I’ll go more headcanons for Sander sides. I literally have nothing better to do.

-Logan, Patton, and Roman play rock paper scissors whenever they all don’t wanna do something.

-Logan always wins

-Janus has a mountain of blankets in his room incase it’s cold in Thomas’s mind.

-Virgil wakes up at like 3 am and just vibes in his room until everyone is up. He doesn’t want to end up dying because of a burglar or something.

-(they’re in the mindscape so that can’t happen)

-All the sides have disney sing alongs.

-Virgil won’t join unless there is at least 2 Nightmare before Christmas songs and Friends on the other side.

-Remus collects roadkill and dead animal bones. He has a really big collection.

-All the sides like to draw and do competitions. The creativities have the most creative art, but Logan, Janus, and Virgil have the best quality ones.

-Like I said in the last one, The dark sides love Just Dance. Thet always do Spooky Scary Skeletons first.

-The Light sides cuddle a LOT. (Not romantically. More platonically).

That’s all I’ve got. Feel free to add to this!

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On a not so dark and stormy night on December 23rd, actually it was more like a sunny late afternoon, Patton sat in his room with a bundle of yarn. It kept getting twisted, knotted, and looped around his hands, which led to him getting more and more frustrated. He felt his frustration welling up inside him, a pit in his stomach, growing deeper and deeper, until he threw down the sweater he was attempting to make.

Of course, right at this moment, Janus just had to show up in the moral side’s room.

“Patton? Are you-” He started, but cut himself off when he saw the glasses-wearing side sat on the blue bed, quickly shoving something under the covers. “Patton?”

“It’s fine, it’s nothing! What did you need?” Patton slapped a silly smile on his face like always, but Janus could taste the sickly sweet lies in the air. But Patton’s grin didn’t waver.

Janus let his face fall flat into a ‘disapproving parent’ sort of look, and the other’s grin fell soon after. Janus sighed. “What’s wrong, love?”

Patton hesitated. What if Janus didn’t like it? It wasn’t like it was the best gift in the world, and with the way it was going, it might be the worst. But when Janus sat down on the bed next to him, when he pulled the moral side into a hug upon seeing his boyfriend so distressed, Patton felt that he might as well tell. “I, uh…” he pulled out the attempted Christmas sweater from underneath the covers, “I was trying to make you a sweater for Christmas! I know I could have just snapped in into existence but I wanted it to be special, so I tried to make it myself, but it didn’t work out and there’s not enough time to start over and-”

“Hey. Patton.” Janus put his hands on the other’s shoulders, and Patton looked up at him with glassy eyes that told Janus that he was close to tears. “It’s going to be alright. You don’t have to make me anything at all, I’d be fine with you just being there with me!”

“But-… a-actually… that helps,” the moral trait sighed. “But I still want to make you something!”

Janus gave a small smile, then reached over to the tangle of yarn. “Here, darling. I can show you how to do it…”

The next few hours were spent by Janus teaching Patton how to knit. The two worked on the sweater together, and even if Janus did need to use a tiny bit of magic to untangle the mess of knots, no one needed to know.

Here’s the prompt I used:

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(Thomas shrugs)

Thomas: We didn’t do much. I was concerned when you stopped talking, but once Logan assured me it was probably fine, we all went to bed. 

Patton: I did wake up in the middle of the night, but there was nothing else weird so I just went to sleep again.

(Logan frowns, rubbing his leg.)

Logan: You sleep quite heavily. Are sure there wasn’t something that woke you?

(Patton faces Logan, his eyebrows furrowing, but his constant smile not leaving his face)

Patton: I’m sure.

Dee: Nothing happened.

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Well… The Spotify 2020 Wrapped thing was interesting.

I only made my account last summer, so I haven’t had it for too long, but…


This happened. 

The top 0.5%

I’m like… proud of myself, to be honest, but also really alarmed?

Anyway, every song from Sanders Sides including the instrumental of Rhythm Redux and excluding Jester’s Tear (Virgil’s theme) made it into my Top 100 playlist, so yeah.

Hyperfixations, m’dudes. 

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