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#thomas sanders
tstwitterupdates · 2 days ago
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TS tweet september 21, 2021 :
Unstoppable force vs. Immovable object
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days ago
I was in a warehouse full of zombies but Thomas Sanders was there so I thought, "Oh, so this isn't real, those zombies are just actors, this must be a movie :D," but then a zombie that was just head and arms jumped out of a window so I guess it wasn't a movie.
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crossiantgay · 2 days ago
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"Looking at more windows than ever" - mellowscoffee
Art taglist: @idontcareaboutcanon @kacklingisanart @logically-blue @mellowscoffee @princey-daisy @lost-in-thought-20 @justmeandmygayships @bisexualdreamdemon @ranboo-but-booran @moceit
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fibi-draws · 2 days ago
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i had such a great time on the sanders sides fandom, and although we didnt end on good terms, i still hold the mergil au very dearly, i had so much fun with it and filled so many notebooks with the story i never really get to finish, so i wanted to go on a little nostalgic trip and redraw my babies :]
i do have to admit i overdid it a little hfdjskl
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spookyspeks · 11 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Commission for @friendlyfacestabbing
Do not repost/steal/trace, ESPECIALLY commissioned work.
Click for better quality
Pls reblog
R/R shippers DNI
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hannahdra-ws · a day ago
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he surprised him with a dance 💕💕
@crownedscribe @nesmayer @toxic-blueberry @thatsthat24 @omgsomeonesomewhereonearth @poptartsaysurloved @eliemo @plume-pigmented-pili
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tstwitterupdates · 2 days ago
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TS tweet 21/09/21 :
Trying to pick out the right outfits for acting headshots tomorrow… I totally know what I’m doing.
Totally know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, too. 😬
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lianrie · a day ago
Another remy sketch but digital
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inksarts · a day ago
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aaaa this is the first time I've done one of these
I got a bit carried away but it was v fun to draw
🦋 Draw in your style (ofc), no tracing pls, be creative - switch the pose if you like!
🦋 Use the hashtag #inksarts_dtiys so I can see your entry
🦋 Please include my original art in the post - e.g just add it as a second picture
🦋 Reblogs are much appreciated! (even if you're not planning on doing it)
🦋 No deadline, but I'll be reblogging any entries of course
🦋 I probably won't award a winner or anything, but I might give anyone who joins a little drawing, no promises akskdkf
🦋 And have fun! :)))
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matt-w-blogging · a day ago
Remus: I always thought young, good-looking, nice teachers were made up for fiction plots
Roman: And...?
Remus: Then I met this one teacher at my school, and I don't know, there's something about him. Handsome, button-down, glasses, dark, kinda curly hair, tall and lean, did a flammability lab where we got to light shit on fire—
Logan, handsome, button-down, glasses, dark, kinda curly hair, tall and lean, loves to light shit on fire with Remus: *speechless*
Roman, when Remus leaves: He's... He's friendzoning you so hard... He's projecting his attraction to you on someone who's like you...
Logan: I have to go. I'm going to smash something with a bat.
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viviarts-c · 6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part one
cover art
Taglist(ask to tag): @lost-in-thought-20 @iggyalfi2319 @emoprincey @paul-saulter @chemistrynight @wisecolorthing @bloodyjay-0666 @thecrowinacrown @just-a-kitchen-utensil@nevertoomuchchocolate @pan-rainbows-are-me @theoddkidnextdoor
Special thanks to @solemn-vow and @janus-sides and all those in the chat that gave me critique, advice, and encouragement!
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Sanders sides as things I have said while writing fics
Roman: how the fuck do you spell exaggeratedly
Patton: how the fuck did I unintentionally end up with a found family in this AGAIN
Logan: writing people falling in love when you're aromantic is so damn hard why did I decide to write this
Virgil: but why would he analyse his feelings, people don't do that... what do you mean people analyse their feelings?!
Remus: And this one is a neopronoun user because Fuck Paul.
Janus: 'yes I will absolutely write this' I said. It is 2 years later and I still haven't written it
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