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PERIOD DRAMA APPRECIATION WEEK » Day 2: Favorite Character → Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders, 2013-2022)
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All we’d ever need (Part 1)
Tommy Shelby x reader
🌷Massive thanks to @lyarr24 for providing this idea. I can’t say this enough, Lee-Anne your incredible idea came just as I was feeling kind of out of Tommy inspiration (maybe because the season is gone), thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing and trusting this and other ideas… I love it!!!
🔮Summary:  You are Polly’s goddaughter, met Tommy when you moved in with your godmother. After Grace left, when he was broken, on a shell, moved by the pain… until he started noticing you. Then in a serious relationship some unexpected news will shake their worlds a little.
Tumblr media
“Polly open the safe please.” She was looking at the window, distracted. “Polly…”
She finally woke up from dreamland and confused, looked at him.
Tommy pointed at the safe.
What was it with everyone lately? Doing everything slower, making him repeat himself.
“Have you heard from Y/N?” She opened the safe and looked at him in silence.
“She’s busy, I guess Polly.” Taking what he needed, he closed it again. “Why?”
Polly looked around, there were people taking bets. This wasn’t the time or place to tell him, she needed to talk to Y/N first.
“Oh, nothing she just told me her father got some new stones and pearls, there are two rare yellow diamonds she wanted to show me.”
Tommy narrowed his eyes at her. What the fuck?
“Pol, I need you focused on the business, we are about to take over Sabini can your fucking pearls wait for later?”
“Calm down Thomas, everything will be fine.”
Tommy arched his eyebrows. “Of course, it will, and you want to know why? Because I’m not thinking of fucking yellow diamonds.” He snapped and left the room.
He had so much going on at the same time, he didn’t have patience for this.
Marching to his office he found Lizzie coming out from it.
“The files you have been waiting arrived, I just left them on your desk.”
Finally, the information over Michael and Anna Gray.
“Lizzie says there was a gunshot.” Y/N entered Tommy’s office with a worried look.
He was picking up the papers scattered on the floor.
“She’s mad at me because I didn’t tell her where Michael is.”
“You found her son?! Tommy…” The smile on her face told him he did the right thing.
“I can’t tell her where he is, just look at what she did.” He pointed at the ceiling, there was the fucking hole.
“If you know she’s carrying a loaded gun, you should have known better not to make her upset.” She warned him, but then her eyes got soft and a smile started to form. Tommy pulled her hard for a kiss, their lips smashing together, immediately feeling like he started a fire inside of her. “Wait, wait, Tommy.” She asked out of breath, his hand somehow was already half way inside her panties.
“What.” He was frustrated, getting hard within seconds.
“I have something for you.” That’s why she was in his office. “Was going to wait until the races, but the reopening of The Garrison seems very fitting.” Y/N opened her purse to show him a black velvet box.
Inside, Tommy found a gold cufflink set.
Tumblr media
“See? The little wishbone there?” Y/N took one and lifted his left wrist just to see how it would look. “I asked my father to put the flour-leaf clover and the horseshoe to wish you good fortune, also because you love your horses.” It was a tremendous piece of art. “It’s 14k.”
Tommy cupped her face between his hands, he didn’t know how she do it, in the middle of the madness, on top of his chaos, she brought calmness, peace, a smile and everything got better.
“Thank you, Y/N for this… for everything.” He adored her, would do anything to see her smile.
Pleased that Tommy liked his present, Y/N pressed her lips on his for a quick kiss. “Will you finally show me what dress you chose for me?”
“Yeah, let’s go.”
“Should I be scared of your choice?” Y/N took his flat cap from his hands and placed it on top of her head. Tommy gave it a little tug to cover half her eyes.
“I chose you, I think you should be scared.” Lifting her chin up to look at him from under the small visor of the cap, she asked: “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“You sound like me now, ey?”
“Just so you to know… I chose you, I gave you the chance, not the other way around.” He knew that, but he liked to give her a hard time.
Especially when he was in a good mood like tonight.
The Shelby brothers kept the new decoration of The Garrison a top secret until tonight.
Everything was new, there was lots and lots of gold everywhere she looked around, they wanted to show off their new status, the power… Tommy removed the arm around her waist to hug Arthur, a genuine smile on his face, lighting him up.
“There you are, come here girl!” Arthur took her in his arms and spun her around, earning a happy squeal.
“Oi! Put her down!” Tommy joked.
The kiss on her cheek tickled for the mustache. “Good to see you Y/N, good to see you.”
Tommy grabbed a drink and took her hand to guide her to a quiet place, as they were walking by the main entrance, Ada appeared with Karl in her arms. Haven’t seen her in a while.
“I’m glad you came, Ada.” Tommy wrapped his arm around her shoulders as Esme took Karl.
She opened her free arm to Y/N. “You look nice.” Excitedly she gave Ada two kisses. “Likewise… You should visit more often, next time Karl won’t even know my name.”
“When are you finally getting married?” Ada asked, making Y/N look down. She hadn’t told Tommy anything yet, he was always busy, always fixing things, solving everyone’s problems. Besides, he never showed any interest in taking their relationship to the next level.
Clearing his throat he suggested: “Why don’t you talk to Polly? She’s already pissed.”
Walking over her, Y/N tried to fix Polly’s hair, her coat was hanging from her shoulders, a drunk smirk on her face.
“If you don’t have an address, then I’m not interested.” She downed her drink as if it was water.
“Polly…” Y/N started.
“You must know it, he tells you everything.”
“I don’t have his address Pol, I would go and find him for you, you know I love you.”
“Filthy liar.” Polly pointed her finger at her. “Get me the address, or I will tell your man.”
Ada looked between them. What was she talking about?
Y/N felt stabbed. “Don’t you dare. You wouldn’t do it.” It wasn’t fair from her.
“You heard me, and you know me.” Polly’s stare could turn anyone in stone.
“What’s going on?” Ada looked between them, confused.
“Do it, and I will make sure Tommy never gives you the address.” Y/N warned. Anger running through her veins. Y/N loved her, but she would never forgive Polly if she opened her mouth.
Three days earlier…
“Tommy is driving me crazy Y/N, you need to distract him with something.”
Y/N chuckled. “You say that like you don’t actually know Tommy.” She poured some tea for both of them. Polly was her godmother, her Mum’s best friend, they were very close since she was in, well… the oven.
“You are right, he is acting like a lion in a cage, nothing will calm him until the business is settled. Not even you.”
“Last night he was talking about a new horse he wants, thinking of names out loud, I swear I was listening to him, but he was having one of those phases when he can’t stop talking… then he got angry because I fell asleep.” He was so pissed at her.
Polly chuckled. “He barely says four words with us. All he does is move his eyes, I have to guess what he wants and then he won’t shut up with you. You make him good Y/N.”
“He makes me good too.” She saw her goddaughter’s eyes glow at the thought of him. “Did you choose the pearls for your necklace?”
Her father owned a jewelry in London, they just got some precious stones from Africa and beautiful pearls from the Philippines, Polly’s birthday already passed but she wanted to gift her something special.
“My girl, you don’t have to give me anything, you know that.” She smiled at Y/N, she was like a daughter to her, the closest kind of love she would ever have.
Y/N took Polly’s hands in hers, suddenly the memories at nine years old when Polly let her play dress up with her handbags, hats and necklaces hit back. “I met Tommy thanks to you, remember? There’s no pearl, or precious stone in the world to give you back what you gave me.”
“Come here.” Polly opened her arms for her.
“Thank you Polly for everything you’ve done for me, and for them.” She added pointing at the Shelby brothers photograph. Y/N had tears in her eyes.
“Stop, you are making me cry.”
“We have to go, now.” Tommy ordered, not even saying good morning to them.
“But…” Y/N took the cup in her hands to place it in the sink.
“I said now.” His hand extended to her.
“Give me that, I will clean it.” Polly said to her and watched them leave the house.
As the front door closed and her eyes saw the remains of tea leaves her goddaughter left in her cup, Polly gasped. She had taken a second look to make sure she wasn’t wrong, but even in the light by the window she saw the same over and over.
Tumblr media
A baby.
Y/N was pregnant.
If he was busy before, now that the business was legal, he was even busier.
“Where’s Y/N?” Polly asked right after taking a cigarette from his desk.
Tommy paused his reading, slowly placed the paper in front of him over his desk, next to unread paper pile.
“I don’t fucking know, Pol. I don’t carry Y/N around my hip.” The words came out in a harsh tone he didn’t mean, but he had so many things to do.
Polly noticed his bad mood so she decided it was best to leave him alone. Wandering around the betting shop, she found Lizzie on the typewriter, Esme was pouring some whiskey.
“You are going to make a hole on the floor.” Esme looked at her by the corner of her eyes.
Polly stopped on her tracks, a hand on her hip and worry in her eyes. Esme was like her, she noticed things.
“We are going to need more people helping with the bets now.” She tried to cover her nervousness with a glass of whiskey. Her guessing could be wrong, but… she was hardly wrong about those things.
“That’s why you are like that?” Esme put her book down.
Polly looked at Esme, considering her options. “If you see Y/N, tell her I need to have a word. It’s urgent.”
She spent the whole day pacing the betting shop then around the house. How didn’t she see it earlier?
The ashes of her used cigarette fell to the floor, over her shoes.
“Thank you so much Isaiah, you can leave the vegetables under the kitchen table.” Y/N held the door open for him, he was also carrying a sack of flour.
“Yes ma’am.” He was young but very strong, trying to make his way around the peaky boys.
“Let me give you a pie I made, you can share it with the boys.”
Polly intercepted her on her way around the kitchen, her arms on her shoulders. Looking carefully at Isaiah. “I’ll get it for him, sit down.”
“Tommy asked me to-“
“Later Isaiah, close the door.”
Y/N frowned at her tone, she was always kind to their people.
“How are you feeling?” Polly asked her as her hands cupped her cheeks, making her get up carefully, then one of her hands was below her bellybutton.
“Fine? Why?” Y/N gasped as Polly placed both palms on her breasts.
“Woah!” She looked at her godmother confused.
The smile on Polly’s face grew even bigger, she was speechless for the first time. She wasn’t wrong.
“Oh! Tommy will be so happy!” She beamed.
“Polly, Polly… what’s going on?”
“I read the tea leaves you left by accident this morning and I thought I was reading it wrong, but now I know I still have the touch.” As Y/N’s gaze seemed lost, Polly clarified: “You are with a child my girl.”
Y/N blinked, she was out of words. All kind of thoughts running through her mind, her eyes looked at the table next to her, the black Madonna around Polly’s neck, the clock on the wall… no, this couldn’t be happening.
“Sit down, you look ill.” Grabbing the chair, Polly helped Y/N. “It’s too early but later I can tell you if it will be a girl or a boy… finally some good news in this family!” She poured a glass of whiskey for her and water for Y/N. “Tommy will be delighted when he hears the news.”
She had seen it by accident, didn’t mean to… but she wasn’t expecting Y/N’s reaction.
“Polly…” Y/N finally spoke. “Tommy cannot know about this.” Polly noticed she wasn’t smiling.
Her godmother was the confused one now. “Why not?”
“How the hell did this happen?” She answered with another question, panic running through her body. “Tommy always finishes outside.” Her words were barely a whisper, she could feel the beating of her heart in her ears.
“Doesn’t matter now, he’s going to be a father!” Polly pulled her for a hug.
Tommy never mentioned he wanted to get married, let alone have children. They barely had time to be together with his business expansion, he wasn’t the kind of man to settle down either, there were always women around him, he held some kind of powerful magnet… their relationship was convenient to him, he knew she wouldn’t betray him.
A shadow was always holding him back, and having a family was never part of his agenda, a crying baby and a bossy wife wasn’t made for him… he would eventually get bored of the married life.
What if Grace decided to come back?
What if he decided to leave her just like his own father abandoned them when his Mum passed away?
“Listen to me Polly, I will talk to him alright? But not now. In the meantime, you cannot share this with anyone.”
“Y/N.” Polly complained.
“Promise me Polly, please.”
Polly sighed. “Fine, but you need to eat more and don’t lift anything heavy, need to take care of this little peanut.” Her hand caressing her still inexistent baby bump.
“Mrs. Gray! Miss Y/N!” Isaiah rushed inside catching his breath. “Tommy wants you, family meeting.”
Y/N looked at her godmother. A pleading look in her eyes.
Follow this series here A/N: Don’t miss the next part of this short series soon. If you liked it I would love to know your thoughts! Also let me know if the tags worked :) Tag list: @lyarr24 @stevie75 @lovemissyhoneybee @zablife @runnning-outof-time @peaky-cillian @julyzaa @l1-l4 @kissmyquill @onlydeadcells @xoxoloverb @gypsy-girl-08 @julkaamazing @datewithgianni @cloudofdisney @gretelshelby @alreadybroken-ts
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Too little Too late pt2
Tumblr media
Sitting in the pub Polly was the only person unhappy. She had always been able to tell things about people, things others couldn't or wouldn't. When people were pregnant she knew.. When the boys or the few they had accepted into the family lied, she knew..
She knew now that two things were wrong. 
One, the blond girl behind the bar, flirting with her nephew was no good.
And two, something.. somewhere had gone wrong. There was no reason Y/n would be an hour late to anything. Let alone the bar when she knew the family was here.
 She just didn't know why or how yet. So she sat watching the interactions of Tommy, waiting for the girl she looked at as her daughter to wander through the doors. The one girl who always pulled Tommy's attention from Grace. 
Her eyes kept bouncing between her glass, her nephew and the clock on the wall. Arthur had told her multiple times to let the Grace thing go. Tommy didn't believe Y/n when she said something was wrong, that meant he wouldn't believe anyone.  But she wasn't one to let things go, especially when she knew she was right. 
To be frank.. She trusted Y/n more than any of the men in front of her. So the younger girls doubt in the blond only solidified her claims in her mind. She was angry that Y/n was pregnant, and fighting with Tommy but here he was still flirting with the barmaid. 
She always knew the two would end up together. Always knew that they loved each other in a way they didn't love the others. But when Tommy came home from the war, she wondered if he would ever be able to love Y/n again. When everyone found out Y/n was pregnant Polly was excited, thinking it was finally time. 
Only to be let down and disappointed in her nephew. 
The pub was loud with the sound of laughter and story telling, the air thick with smoke as she waited. Polly listened to the stories Arthur and John were telling each other only enough to nod here and there. 
"John.. You don't think Y/n should be here by now?" Polly said, interrupting whatever it was Arthur was going on about. He looked around, only now realizing his best friend hadn't shown up yet. He just subconsciously assumed that if she hadn't found him yet that she was with Tommy. But now he could see she wasn't in the building, and Tommy was preoccupied by Grace. 
"She had to meet her parents.. They want to arrange her a marriage.. Want her out of Birmingham, away from us." John leaned back and sighed before shooting down his whiskey. "They keep telling her Tommy will ruin her life, that being around us will cost her everything.." 
John obviously wasn't happy about the news. He wouldve married her if not for Tommy, Y/n being his number 1. His best friend, his platonic soulmate. Tommy and Arthur even had to take her out to meet Esme before they agreed to the marriage, because they knew John would never stay with someone who didn't get along with her. She took care of his kids.. She took care of him. 
Y/n is everything to him. The thought of her being married off and having to move to London was not something he wanted. But there was very little he could do about it at this point. 
Polly looked back over towards Tommy, who was now leaning on the bar towards Grace. "Do they not know shes pregnant? Shes over three months, showing she is, how she's gonna marry someone else." Polly said rolling her eyes and lighting a cigarette.  Arthur scoffed and puffed his chest before speaking rather loudly. "Well that's shit! We take care of that girl like shes our own! Love her like shes our sister!" 
John kicked Arthur under the table as he caught Tommy turning slightly towards them "Shut the hell up will ya!  She dont want Tom knowing.. Shes supposed to be telling them soon, but then her and Tommy started fighting. She doesnt want to prove them right. " John shook his head again before looking at his aunt "Shes probably just arguing with-" 
The sound of two gun shots cut him off, everyone falling silent as they waited. It wasn't an unusual noise to hear around Birmingham. So they all waited for more shots, or screaming. Polly turned back to look at the clock, but caught sight of Grace laying her hand on Tommy's jaw. Turning his head away from the door and back towards her. 
She found this suspicious as well, choosing to file it away for now. She finally looked up at the clock and shook her head. She felt sick, like she ate rocks. She knew something was wrong but couldn't place it. 
She grabbed Johns now empty glass and hers as she stood and moved towards the bar. She was always short with Grace, Tommy complained endlessly about it but she didn't care. She wasn't going to pretend to like the woman. In fact, she might've gone out of her way to be more rude just because Tommy was so insistent about it. 
The look on Y/ns face when he came home raging about people being rude to Grace had upset Polly. Polly had always thought Tommy would end up with Y/n, not some random barmaid. She knew how the girl felt towards her nephew, she always had. Really everyone saw it besides Tommy. 
Or maybe he did see it and didn't feel the same, and instead of talking about it like a grown up he ignored it. 
"Refill these.." She said as she stood next to Tommy, slamming the glasses down harder than she needed. Grace rolled her eyes a little before moving to get the drinks. Tommy sighed and lit a cigarette, pinching his nose a little while he turned to his aunt. 
"What was that about?"
Polly ignored him at first, but when he repeated the question she looked back at the clock. "I'm just worried.. Our Y/n isn't here yet.. Shoulda been here over an hour ago.. I will never forgive you if something happens to that girl."  She sighed as Grace came back over with the drinks. "But John said she had to see her parents so maybe I'm just being too protective, but someone has to care about where she is.."
Grace watched as Polly walked away, she disliked the woman. Really she disliked most of them. While she was starting to develop feelings for Tommy, and got along decently with Arthur. John was never outright rude, but was closed off to her. Grace got the feeling that if Y/n didn't like someone, John didn't like them either. 
But she did not get along with the women of the family. Polly refused to even speak to her unless she had too, and even then she was short and unpleasant.Ada was nice enough but not around much. And Y/n.. Well Grace disliked her just because she was in the way of what she needed and was starting to want. 
Every time Y/n walked into a room, Tommy's attention immediately diverted too her. She could sit at a table full of men drooling over her and Tommy would just watch. Other times he would get up and leave Grace completely. Following Y/n to a private room or a table, barely speaking to Grace the rest of the night. 
She hated how far she had to go to complete her mission. She didn't really believe Y/n was involved in Blinders 'business' per say.. But she was involved enough to become a problem.
And a problem she had become. 
Leading Grace to have to go out of her way to seduce Tommy. Placing calls when Y/n wasn't around, so she could be the one to save Tommy from the situation. She had even lied to Y/n once or twice telling her that Tommy had asked her to meet him somewhere, when he hadn't even been in. 
Of course Y/n never believed her and just chuckled before finding a table or heading to a room. Women had always been smarter than men. Men could be fooled by a pretty face, by soft touches and sweet whispered nothings. 
But the 'Shelby' woman.. They were much harder to fool.. And Grace was failing at it.. 
So she had placed a call.. One that would weigh heavy on her heart even if she disliked the girl. One that would break the hearts of many drinking in the pub that night.
 One that would cost Tommy everything. Everything that Grace didn't know he had, she didn't know the girl was pregnant. But it wouldn't have changed her mind if she did. She was here to do a job, she would sacrifice two lives to save the hundreds they thought Tommy would kill. 
She thought after the room filled with noise again that she was free for the night. She knew what the gunshots meant. She knew who had received the bullets. Who lay dying in the street just down the way as she reached and brushed her fingers across Tommy's jaw. 
She knew who had left the fading bruises on Tommy's neck. This was the only way to get Y/n out of the way. She had instigated fights, started rumors, done everything to pull her away from the family. But nothing worked. 
When the doors flew open, nobody turned to look. The three Shelby's everyone quieted down for where here already. It wasn't until Harry turned to ask the newcomer if they wanted a drink that something happened. 
The bottle of whiskey he had just pulled down slipped from his hand. 
Shattering as it hit the ground, the whiskey splashed over Grace's legs.  Harry's gaze stuck of the youngest Shelby. Who stood in the door covered in blood. 
PART 3 WILL BE OUT FRIDAY! PART 4 ON SUNDAY! Please leave me ideas for how you want this to end with Part 5!!!
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Blind Date
104- More
Pairing - Modern Thomas Shelby and Reader
@kaybeeboop @cloudofdisney - @romanogersendgame @loveableasshole @goldensunflowe-r @captivatedbycillianmurphy @namelesslosers @lauren-raines-x @katsav17 @kamiiyou @fairypitou @answer-the-sirens @[email protected] @datewithgianni @geminiwolves @lyarr24 @ysmmsy @sixbillionpieces @morgana-olson @mysticaldeanvoidhorse @dolllol2405 @nikkialex @misselsbells06 @[email protected] @look-at-the-soul @padfootdaredmetoo @cheekybluefox @stevie75 @fairy-witch-bitch @breely1284 @american-sataness @blyanyan @peaky-cillian @cevans-winchester @shadow-hunters-lover @look-at-the-soul @livelifewondering
Tumblr media
You were both sitting at a small table, outside of the restaurant. The weather was still warm compared to England. Just a slight breeze sweeping through your hair. Tommy was talking to you about something, half listening you were staring at the view.
The canal was illuminated by the moonlight. The sound of the water gently splashing filled your ears. "Y/n?" you heard Tommy ask, questioning if you were listening. You could just sit here, breath in and out.
"Yeah, sorry what did you say?" you apologised, he wore a smirk on his face as he sipped his red wine. "Was just asking how your food was? Your face is like a kid at Christmas," he chuckled, taking your hand across the table.
You flushed with embarrassment, tucking your loose curl behind your ear. You had opted for a black silk dress, killer heels and curled your hair. You wanted to look nice for Tommy, and feel nice for yourself.
"Sorry.. it's just so surreal being here," you finally confessed.
"Did you go on holiday when you were younger?" you asked him, entwining your fingers in his.
Your memory went back to restarting school, after summer break. The whole class would have been away on holiday, abroad. Your family could never afford that, you didn't even have a car.
Plus your Dad spent half of the time in prison.
"In the Vardo," he answered, lighting a cigarette, "Toured the country for the holidays, seven of us squashed in there,"
"That sounds fun, what did you do for food though?" you questioned, totally not understanding the gypsy lifestyle.
“We caught it,” he grinned. “Or if my Dad had work, we would buy some. Had to eat a lot of fish,”
You knew Tommy hadn’t had a privileged upbringing either. His mother had died when he was 17, Finn was a baby. And he had stepped up to earn the money. With his Dad being long gone by then. Off chasing women and gambling.
“Wow.. and look at you now,” you smiled at him, admiring how handsome he looked. He was casually dressed, in a baby blue shirt and black jeans. “You have done so well for yourself, Tommy. You should be proud,”
“And look at you, it feels surreal for me to be sat here with you,” He didn’t usually talk so openly about his feelings. “When we have kids we will travel the world. Give them the best life. Charlie has been to a fair few countries, I want to give them what we didn't have,”
Letting go of his hand, you sipped your wine. “You want us to have kids? I wouldn’t have a clue about babies,”
The waiter brought the bill to the table, and Tommy handed his card over. “Of course you would, you are amazing with Charlie.” Leaning across the table, you kissed him gently.
“I want all of that with you, and we have fun practicing," he teased, taking your hand he helped you up, "Let's go," he suggested. You hadn't really thought much, about children in the future. Definitely not yet.
Walking towards the canal, the setting was so romantic. "Must be amazing to live here. It seems so peaceful, so romantic," you observed, watching the other couples in love. Strolling hand in hand.
Clearing his throat, he looked across the river. Fidgeting on his feet. "What's wrong?" you asked, "Are you cold? We can go back,"
"No, no, let's walk up to the bridge," he suggested, as he checked his phone. It was nearly midnight, but you had both had the best day ever.
"Any word from home? Has it all settled down?" you queried, wondering if that was what he was checking for. You had been trying not to think about what happened.
He stopped to kiss you, "Don't you worry about that, just try to relax."
As you reached the bridge, your feet were aching. Not used to wearing high shoes now. "Think Charlie would like the Gondola, we should do that tomorrow. Take some pictures for him,”
The wine had kicked in now, and you were babbling. Stood on top of the bridge looking out onto the Grand Canal. Tommy was quiet, you noticed.
Taking your hand, he turned you to face him.
Kissing your lips lightly.
“Y/n... since you came into my life. Well... my whole world has changed. And now I can't imagine being without you. You have made me a better man, a better father. I love you, and," he took a deep breath. "I need you in my life forever,"
Was he drunk, you thought?
Letting go of your hand, he bent down. You thought he was tying his shoe, so you looked back to the canal. “Wonder how long it is?” You commented, standing on your tiptoes.
“Y/n?" he asked, getting your attention again. As you looked down at him, he was holding a small box towards you. Gasping, you put your hands to your mouth.
"I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Grow old with you, spend every fucking day with you. Will you... Y/n Y/L/N do me the honour of becoming my wife?" he asked, a hopeful look on his face.
You stood open mouthed, "What?" You covered your face with your hands, in shock.
He opened the ring box, to reveal the most beautiful diamond. "Will you marry me?" he asked again. Time seemed to stop, what must have been seconds felt like hours. Both staring at each other, the only sound was the water swishing.
"Yes!" you screamed, throwing yourself at him. Standing up, he span you around grabbing hold of you. "Yes?" he asked, "You said yes?"
“Yes, Thomas Shelby. I will marry you!" you buried your head in his shoulder.
Unable to stop the tears flowing. Hearing clapping from behind, an older couple had been watching you both. "Congratulations!" they called over.
Taking your face in his hands, he kissed you deeply. In that moment, it was you and Tommy. The only people who existed in the whole world. Opening the ring box again, he gestured for you to try it on. It must have cost an absolute fortune!
"Tommy! It's beautiful!" smiling, he wiped a lone tear away from your eye. Slipping the ring onto your finger. Amazingly it fit.
"I used your other Pandora ring for the size," he grinned.
Holding your hand out, you admired the ring. "It's huge! Tommy I hope it wasn't too expensive,"
Without answering he picked you up bridal style, "Come on, Mrs Shelby, let's celebrate, ey," You couldn't wipe the grin off your face, as you let him carry you off the bridge.
Tumblr media
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teenwolf-theoriginals · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tommy shelby + wedding ring
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Gypsy Wit - Part Nine
ommy Shelby x Reader - Masterlist
Read previous parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 -
Summary: you are a gypsy and your family lives near Birmingham. Tommy Shelby needs a favor and Johnny Dogs says you’re the one he should ask for. A meeting is scheduled and when Tommy meets you, he is instantly drawn to you.
Have in mind that this story happens in season 1 and the beef the Shelbys had with the Lees was solved before Tommy got the guns.
Warning: Swearing, angst
English is my second language so I apologize in advance for the grammar mistakes
Finishing up your hair, you looked at yourself in the mirror and took a deep breath. Staring into your tired eyes at the reflection in the mirror: it's just one night. think about the contacts you're going to make, you kept trying to convince yourself that somehow this party would be a good thing, but being with a bunch of rich and stuck-up people wasn't something you got much excited for.
Feeling your heart pounding hard in your chest and your palms starting to sweat at the thought of what might happen tonight, the looks you might get, or the insults you might have to handle... your chest felt heavy so you tried the breathing techniques your aunt taught you as a child. Closing your eyes, you allowed yourself to travel to a place that brought you tranquility.
You found yourself in the middle of the forest beautifully illuminated by the orange of the sunset. Taffee was lying beside you. Birds singing and a delightful waterfall sound in the background. You knew that place was your favorite place in the last camp. Before your mother died, when she used to bring you here.
You opened your eyes, feeling calmer. This night is going to be a long night, you thought to yourself.
Your heart warmed at the memory of your mother. Instinctively you brought your hand to your chest searching for the emerald pendant, but then you remembered that you had taken off the necklace. Your dress was bluish, so a necklace with three diamond stones was what you thought would go with the rest.
Taking another deep breath, you put on your shoes and checked yourself in the mirror once again. You looked good, so posh... you didn't feel like yourself. Adjusting the necklace so it was in the right place you nodded to yourself "you don't even look like a gypsy" you mumbled to yourself not really knowing how you felt about it at all. Polly's voice came into your head "just don't let 'em change who you are," she said... yeah, good job y/n.
You grabbed an overcoat and walked out of your caravan. Saying goodbye to Taffe you got into the car that was waiting for you and your father
"a car?" you asked him surprised after he came in. he looked at you and nodded "my god..."
ignoring your comment and eye roll he said "won't your man come with us?"
you shrugged "his sister said he's out of town. haven't seen him in a while"
"hmm" your father growled and after that, he instructed the driver to go to the party
"What is that supposed to mean?" you asked feeling insulted
"nothing. good first impression" he replied looking out the window
"he doesn't have to prove anything to you," you said a bit annoyed
"oh, yeah sure" this time it was his turn to roll his eyes at you
"Can we talk about something else?" you asked and he nodded "what am I supposed to do tonight?"
"And I'm the one who knows?" he asked raising his arms
"why did Kimber insist that I come along?"
"Maybe he thinks it's a favor. I don't know honey. he's a man with a few screws loose" he said without much interest and with that the conversation ended. You started admiring the view outside the car while you were filled with doubts. Fuck, you need to stop questioning yourself and questioning everything, you thought.
arriving at the party Billy met you both at the door.
"Old red!" he exclaimed and slapped your father on the back as a friend would. looking at you he took your hand "Miss" he said with a charming smile and left a kiss on the back "I'm so glad you could come"
"thank you for the invitation," you said with a smile although you felt sick just by looking at him... for some reason, you couldn't handle him 
"Now, should we have fun before we talk business?" He smiled
"I believe it's best if we discuss business before we have fun" your father spoke
"who knew," Kimber said surprised "okay, follow me"
You followed the two of them to a large room at the end of a short, dark hallway. The room was full of books and there was a huge window behind the desk.
"Oh, sweetheart," Kimber said approaching you as you walked in, placing his hand on your lower back he guided you outside. his touch making you feel weird "don't worry about this nuisance... let us men take care of it, go have fun"
Standing in the doorway, you looked at your father with a pleading look, but he failed to attend
"it's ok honey. I'll be right out" he said and you frowned at him for a second before forcing a smile and nodding. The door closed in your face.
Walking around the party, you didn't feel as bad as you thought you would. people's attention was not on you, in fact, you felt invisible it made you calmer.
"Hey!" a woman spoke while you were looking at the crowd near the buffet. You looked at her and saw a young woman with black hair and eyes with skin so fair it looked like porcelain "I don't think I've ever seen you around here before. My name is Florence" she extended her hand
"Y/n. it's my first time here" you said squeezing her hand.
"It's nice to meet you y/n" she smiled "came alone?"
"with my dad, but he's... well I don't know" you lied with a smile on your face "probably lost in some skirt" you joked and she laughed
"aren't all men?" she asked making you smile honestly for the first time in the night
"Yeah...you're probably right," you said
"I also came with my dad" she pointed to an old man sitting on the sofa "he's quite old so... he doesn't have the energy to get lost in anyone's skirt" she smiled "but he likes to come to these events, so I bring him"
"So you come to these events often?" you asked and she nodded
"Yes. All the time"
"may I ask what is your family's business?"
"Yes, we have a fabric factory that sells worldwide"
"Oh, fun" you smiled feeling little 
"It's! Your turn" she sipped her drink
"Oh, nothing fancy... I have my own shop... where I sell some handmade tapestry, jewelry, and clothes"
"Uhh, you make them?"
"My family does... It's a new business, we just started last month"
"Oh! so you need contacts!"
"You got me" you shrugged smiling
She smiled and took a card from her purse.
"Congrats on a new contact" she smiled handing over to you the small paper "looking forward to seeing what kind of business we can do together. May I say that I really liked our conversation and I usually hate this sort of thing"
"I liked it too. I'll get in touch"
"Please do! Now before I go, let me introduce you to some people I think you could talk to" she grabbed your arm with her icy hands and guided you into a corner. "Here is the place where business happens. Downstairs, where the music is and where people dance and have fun, that's where they send the wives or where they go after they are finished. Now, ugly man with black hair and a green tie, over there on the left. he has a shoe company. I don't know if it would be of any use to you" you shook your head "ok, tell me what you're looking for"
"silver supplier, I've got a contract with one factory but I think i can do better... hmm, maybe some machines that help in the process... fabric I believe I've found one already" you smiled
"Oh I don't mind some competition" she slapped your arm playfully "here next to us, wine suit. He owns another fabric company, he doesn't believe in our power. On that thought, due to the fact that you're a woman, he'll probably give you a shitty deal. Near the door over there. the beautiful man in a brown suit. His name is Jonathan, he owns a silver company in town. he is a gentleman, not bragging but I got a piece of that" she laughed "but if you want options he is talking to another man that is also in the silver business, never spoke much to him though" she looked around for a while "oh over there, do you see that old woman in yellow with an old man in a plain normal suit and what seems to be a red tie? " you nodded "they can help with the machines. She is adorable and he is quiet, so she will do all the talking. There you go, now you don't have to waste much time, you have set targets"
"Thank you, Florence" you smiled
"You are very welcome. Now I have to go see if my dad needs anything, bye-bye y/n"
"Bye. We'll talk soon," you said and she walked away smiling. 
Looking around you decided to get to work fast so you could leave faster. 
When you finished talking to the very nice woman in yellow. You saw your father going down the stairs with Kimber. You said your goodbyes to the old couple and quickened your pace to get to them but stopped halfway when you saw something that made your stomach flutter badly.
Looking closer, not wanting to believe what your eyes were telling you, you saw Tommy dancing with the bartender. Your mouth went dry, you didn't know what to do. You felt like crying. 
All the worries and thoughts you had about what was going on between them came back like a bomb in your mind... you've been so cruel to yourself. Belittling your instincts, not believing in yourself, putting yourself down so that you could fucking fit and please. Polly was fucking right. 
Fuck don't go there, you told yourself, not now... you have to stay whole. you can't fall apart now.
she looked so good in her red dress, and he... was he smiling? why the fuck was he smiling?
you stood there, holding on strong to the parapet as you watched them dancing down below. As if your body had frozen. 
Billy and your father walked past them and sat at a table around the dance floor, at the table was another man. a smart-looking bespectacled man.
As soon as your father sat down at the table he looked around and his gaze found you, he smiled and waved discreetly. You forced a smile for him.
What would my father think? hey dad, so this is the man that I fucking fell for. Why does he have another woman here? I don't fucking know. wasn't he out of town? Yeah. He lied to you? I guess... He'll kill him. 
He made a sign with his hands asking you to come down and you nodded. Then he went back to talking to Kimber and the man with the glasses as a waitress served them drinks.
Looking for Tommy on the dance floor, you didn't find him.
Looking back to the table where your father was, you found him with his beautiful posh blond escort.
"Mister Shelby!" Kimber said getting up to greet him "and who are you?" he asked addressing Grace
"My name is Grace," she said as he left a kiss on the back of her hand
"You are here with Mister Shelby?" she nodded "Well it is a pleasure to meet you Miss Grace" he smiled "Tommy, I would like you to meet my fellow friend Mister Red" Duke stood up and extended his hand to Tommy Shelby. An amused look took over the old man.
"Nice to meet you," Thomas said as they shook hands
"Yeah, It's Thomas. You know people also know me by Duke Sinclair" he said as he smiled. Tommy felt a knot in his throat. "You know my daughter don't you?"
"Yes," he swallowed hard. For some reason, he felt nervous. Would he tell you what he saw here? "She's a wonderful woman"
"I know. I made her" he joked
"And let's be real, who would think a beauty like her would come from you, hm red?" Kimber joked "where is she by the way?"
"She is here?" Tommy asked
"Yeah, she was just there" Duke pointed to where you were and smiled sarcastically at Thomas "seeing it all".
Fuck,��Tommy thought closing his eyes for a second.
"Oh she's over there," Kimber said 
you approached them with apprehension. you decided to pretend everything was fine, pretending to be oblivious to all of that. You and Thomas never officialized anything... for all you knew you were single and so was he.
Thomas turned to where Kimber indicated. Fuck you look stunning, he thought when his eyes met you.
"Hi sweetie" his father wrapped you in a half-hug "Kimber just introduced me to your friend," he said with sarcasm in his voice.
"Please dad..." you asked avoiding eye contact with Thomas
"Hi, y/n," Grace said smiling "I love your dress!"
You forced a smile "thank you" you answered
"Sit down y/n! Have a drink" Kimber said sitting back down
"Hm, actually... Dad, can we go home?" you asked and he raised one of his eyebrows intrigued "Please"
"Oh, come on! You just got here" Kimber said as your father kept his gaze on you. He could see you weren't happy, he knew you way too well. It would be mean of him to say no to you.
"Sorry, Kimber. Have to keep her happy or she will curse me to death" he joked 
"One last drink at least! This is one of the finest whiskey in town" Kimber said. Your father looked at you and you nodded. He then sat back down as he enjoyed his drink
"Y/n" Tommy called you as he pulled you aside "you look stunning," he said with a shy smile
"Fuck you"
he lowered his head a little "this is not what it looks like y/n" he shook his head
"Yeah? To be honest I think I have narrowed it down to the simple fact that you invited her because you thought she had class and I didn't, because quite frankly look at her" you pointed "or you are fucking her" the last words got painfully dragged out of your mouth
"Ready to go, honey?" your father asked standing behind Thomas. You nodded
"Y/n, please," he said 
"save your excuses to someone who cares," you said and left.
You were quiet on the way home. Not a word was spoken. 
As you arrived you went straight to your caravan.
Around midnight someone knocked on your door as you were lying on your bed holding Taffee. swollen eyes and reddened skin from all the crying.
"Who is it?" you asked
"Your dad" he answered "may I come in?"
"No. Go away"
"Come on, Honey. It's freezing outside. Gonna let your old pops freeze?"
"Yes, get a coat the next time"
The door opened and he made his way in
"You didn't show up for dinner...so I brought soup" he smiled
You looked at him, not moving your body. And followed his movement with your eyes as he placed the smoking bowl on the table and walked closer to you
"You ok?"
"I'll be fine"
"had a really bad allergy today huh," he said squeezing the bridge of your nose
"Yeah, big one," you said and he smiled
"Honey, listen... maybe it's for the good. You could go after that baker now" he said making you smile
"Please eat the soup, ok?" he asked and you nodded "Good night my love" he left a kiss on your cheek "Take care of her taffee," he said petting her head before he made his way out.
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john shelby falls in love with a nurse, pretty please?
Tumblr media
John Shelby x Reader
Plot: (Y/N) is a nurse at the hospital, one night she was walking home and found someone beaten almost to death, so she decides to help him out...
Word Count: 1695
Warnings: Beaten up John, smoking, swearing, mentions of getting jumped, stitches
Peaky Blinders Masterlist
I do not give permission for anyone to repost/ post my stories, with or without credit. Reblogs, comments, etc. are more than welcomed, but please DO NOT copy and paste my stories that you may like onto another platform.
Tumblr media
It was a cold spring night in Small Heath. A storm was rolling in for the night, making people want to get home before it started. Most people spent some time within the pubs, but not long into the night. 
(Y/N) was making her way home from the hospital after a shift. It was a long shift, with many close calls, many stitches and gunshot wounds, and a few death calls. She just wanted to get back to her small house and relax from her trauma. As she passed one of the alleyways a few blocks from her house, she hears a groan. A groan that she had heard so many times before. 
She stopped and looked down the dark alley, not seeing anything directly. She inched closer, following the small sound. She saw a man battered and beaten lying lifeless on the ground. She gasped and quickly moved to check on him. (Y/N) checked his pulse, hoping that it was still there. She let out a sigh of relief when she felt a soft one.  
“Hey,” she says, rubbing up and down his sternum, trying to get him to wake up. The man groans out trying to move her hand. 
“Sir, I am going to need you to get up. You are hurt and we need to get these wounds cleaned and stitched up,” she firmly states, still rubbing his sternum. The man starts to come around, he tries to open his eyes, but one is swollen shut already. 
“Where am I?” he questions, very confused at the whole situation. 
“You are in an alleyway and you need to be stitched up. We aren’t far from my house and I need to get you there. So can you stand?” she quickly questions, making sure he doesn’t go back unconscious. He starts to move, (Y/N) keeping her hands on him in case he falls. 
“Yeah, I think,” he slurs. He stumbles a little, trying to get his feet under himself.
He takes a limped step, (Y/N) and wraps his arm around her shoulder, helping keep his balance, getting out of the darker alley. She directs him towards her house, slowly but quickly walking. 
Eventually, they arrive at her door. She fishs’ out her key from her pocket, letting themselves in, and goes towards her kitchen. She sets him down before finding what she needed. She doused a rag in alcohol before handing the man the bottle. He took a swig as she placed it against his head. He winced, causing her to pull back a little, but then just returned to her spot. 
“So does my patient have a name?” she questions, breaking the silence that was setting in. Her gaze moves from the rag to his blue eyes. 
“You don’t know who I am?” he questions, clearly surprised at her words. 
“If I knew who you are, I wouldn’t be asking,” she sassed. A dry laugh leaves his mouth. 
“John. John Shelby,” he states. (Y/N) stopped her movements to take in the information. She had heard about the Shelbys and the Peaky Blinders. She had tried to ignore any rumours about them and to stay away from their pub and work. 
“So you are part of the Peaky Blinders?” she asks, already knowing the answer. 
“So you do know who I am,” John says, he tried to raise an eyebrow but one is swollen and the other has the rag on it.  
“I know what you and your family do, but I didn’t know what you looked like. I try to stay away from your family's work when I can,” (Y/N) states while placing the now bloodied rag down. She observes his face for a moment before getting the sanitized needle and thread. “Unfortunately for you, that cut won’t heal properly without a stitch,” she states while threading the needle. 
John took another swig from the bottle before nodding, making her continue. He winced again when the needle went through. 
“So what did you do to get beat up this bad?” she asks. 
“Not sure, there is a list,” he comments, a small laugh leaves her lips as she continues. “You are really good at this,” he compliments. 
“I would hope so, I have to do this for a living,” she says finishing up. 
“You work at the hospital?” he questions again. (Y/N) nods while tieing off the thread.  She reaches for a new rag and the bottle from John’s hand. Pouring some more alcohol onto the clean rag and placing it on the fresh stitch. 
John quickly reaches out and grabs her thigh and gives them a big squeeze. He didn’t think about it at the moment, just needing something to help cope with the pain. Once she finished, the realization of where his hands were set in. 
“Ah, sorry,” he says while hastily removing his grip on her. (Y/N) just nodded before checking the time. 
“I don’t want you walking home this late, you’re going to stay the night. I have a spare room that you can stay in,” she states while placing the rags in the sink. 
“I don’t think that's nec-” he tries to say while getting up, but falls right back down into the chair. She sends him a pointed look.
“Where is the room again?” he asks in defeat.
Tumblr media
It has been a couple of days since when (Y/N) found a beaten-up John Shelby in a dark alleyway. Even though she hadn’t seen him around, she had noticed more Peaky men wherever she went. It could have been just a grown awareness of them, but if this was a way that John was repaying her, she thought it was kinda sweet. 
It was (Y/N)’s day off and the weather was nice. She was sitting outside on her stoup, reading a new book she had picked up that morning, and smoking a cigarette. A pair of footsteps caught her attention away from the words on her page. She looked up and saw John walking towards her. His black eye was still prominent, but his cuts had healed up nicely. 
“Hello Mr. Shelby,” she states, putting out her smoke and putting down her book. He smiles at her before stopping a few steps away. 
“Hello, Ms. (Y/L/N). I hope I’m not bothering you on this rare afternoon,” he replies, his natural cockiness returning. 
“Not at all. I am glad to see you healing up nicely,” she says, gesturing towards his face. 
“Uhh, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you. For not leaving me in that alley… and for stitching me up,” he says, hands in his pockets. She observes his body language and gives him a gentle smile.
“You’re welcome. Even if you weren’t a Shelby, I would have helped you. It comes with my job,” she says. He nods before looking up the street. 
“I also came by to ask you to the horse race this weekend,” he says, moving closer. 
“Are you asking me out on a date Mr. Shelby?” she asks, trying to make him squirm a little. 
“I might be,” he retorts with his cocky smile adorning his face. 
“Well then it’s a yes,” she says, getting up and moving closer to the gangster, returning his smile.
“Alright, I will see you Saturday morning then,” he says, taking her presence in again before he starts to leave.
Tumblr media
A couple of months have passed since John started seeing (Y/N). Things have been pretty smooth. If (Y/N) had a late shift, he would make sure he was waiting outside to walk her home. If she had a night shift, he would try to do her house chores when he was in town so she could get some sleep. (Y/N) would try to do things for John when she could, but John never minded that, he enjoyed the company that she brought.  
Tonight was just like most nights when she was done and John was waiting outside. He looked a little more annoyed than on a normal night, with him puffing out smoke from his cigar like a train engine. 
“John?” she questions, him snapping out of his daze. “Are you ok?” she asks. John moves closer, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, making their way back to her house. 
“I’m fine. My brothers were getting on me before I came here is all,” he replies, throwing his bud onto the ground. 
“Oh yeah, and what were they bugging you about this time?” she asks. 
“You,” he states. She is kinda shocked by his answer, but he continues. “ They were pointing out how you have me around your finger, with me walking you home at night and taking care of you when you come home in the early hours of the mornings.” 
(Y/N) stops her steps, John moves to be in front of her. The streetlamp illuminates them in the darkening surroundings. She looks deep into his eyes, seeing the emotions that he hides. 
“I don’t know if this is too early to say this but I am in love with you (Y/N). I’ve loved you since that night you patched me up,” he confesses. 
“John you had barely known me,’ she rebuttals. His face went from a frown to his signature smile. 
“Yes, but you took care of me like we had known each other forever. You stole my heart that night (Y/N), and I became smitten with you, love,” John admits. (Y/N) felt her heart warm at his confession. She has to admit, that her feelings for the third oldest Shelby have grown immensely. Before he could get another word out of his confession, she grabs his suit jacket and brings him down for a kiss. It shocked him at first but quickly started to kiss back.
“How about we take this back to my place,” she suggests, breaking the kiss before John took full dominance. He smiles before kissing her again.
“How about we take this back to my place,” she suggests, breaking the kiss before John took full dominance. He smiles before kissing her again. 
“Oh darling you will be the death of me,” he comments before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and moving towards her house.
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cillspropertea · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 14: Meat
Warnings: Angst, r*pe attempt, abusive name calling, explicit details regarding a murder🚨
 This fic might have dark themes which may irritate or offend some readers. But if you’ve seen Peaky Blinders and are familiar with Thomas Shelby, you’ll be okay. The story, plot, character histories and back stories might not be relevant to the original “Peaky Blinders” . Warnings will change per chapter. This is my first fic. Hope you all like it. English is not my first language.
 Do not hesitate to comment, reblog and engage. It works as fuel for my writing. 😉💙💙
 Synopsis: Her father’s one mistake shall alter her life’s direction forever.
  Word count: 1777
Esmeralda Gold
    Esmeralda ran towards her room, picking up her gun she rushed down towards the basement as soon as she could. It was late at night and most of the servants had left or fallen asleep. Looking everywhere she found him in the butcher’s cabin cutting meat.  “What the fuck is this eh? What the fucking hell is this!?” She closed the door before screaming at his face. He smiled and continued to cut the meat as if he had heard nothing at all. Esmeralda grabbed his collar and pointed the gun under his chin, “Answer me!” she yelled, not caring about anyone hearing her at all. When Charlie had gone missing, initially they’d thought he would be here in the big house somewhere. There were so many people, closer than family in there so Esmeralda and Aunt Polly had been sure he would be in the house or near the stables with someone. But then they had found a bullet with Thomas’s name scratched on it, in Charlie’s crib.
    Esmeralda’s blood had boiled. She couldn’t control her anger as she’d made her way to Antonio. “How Fucking dare you bring that little child into this? Have you all gone insane?” her voice was getting louder with every word. Antonio stared at her with a dead pan look, taking an exasperated breath he continued with the meat and said, “That little twat was always part of the plan but I had kept it from you knowing you had a soft spot for him.” Esmeralda was furious at this revelation. Before she could think her hand swung towards Antonio’s face to slap him but then suddenly he had grabbed her and shoved her against the wall pointing a sharp knife right at her throat. “Don’t you fucking forget your place you little cunt!” Esmeralda struggled but he made sure her hands stood against the wall as his face stood mere inches away from hers. She could smell something very foul. He was definitely drunk or high or both. His eyes had this madness in them, it made her blood run cold. “The Boss might have a liking to you but I don’t. I will not hesitate to fucking slice this delicate throat of yours and hang your carcass right where that pig hangs!”  Esmeralda groaned. “And that child will also make sure that you keep up your end of the bargain too. We wouldn’t kill him, no no no! we would sell him somewhere, nobody will ever be able to find him!  The world is an ugly place Signorina…there are people who have a taste for children too!” he laughed, “We know how Thomas Shelby has caught your attention.” Her eyes flashed. “The servants talk you see. Has he been good to you eh? Fucked you and made you moan his name over and over yet? Like the slut you are!” She felt him forcing his groin between her legs. “Why don’t we have some fun right now eh? No one has to know. Later you can decide if you want that asshole Shelby or my boss…”
    “Let me go! Or I’ll scream!” Her words fell on deaf ears. “Look at you huh. Let me get a taste of why this cunt of yours is so much in demand you fucking whore!” his hands tried to roam all over her chest. She tried to scream but right then Antonio forced his mouth on hers, kissing her and muffling her cries. She was back there again. Back in that ground in the Gold territory, with her hands bound and someone forcing their will on her. And she was once again helpless. ‘No! I am not!’ She willed. She had promised herself she would never let anyone do anything against her will to her ever again! Not in this life time at least.
    When he tried to put his tongue in her mouth she bit it, she bit it so hard that she could taste the metallic tang of blood in her mouth and shoved her knee with as much strength she could muster up, between his legs. He toppled down on the floor, “You bitch! You fucking bitch!” he slurred as he tried to get a hold of her legs. That was the last part she remembered. It was as if someone had flash erased her memory of the last ten minutes. The next thing she knew, someone was calling her name again and again as they pulled her away from a pile of mush which might have been a human being’s head once. “Let him go Esmeralda! He’s dead! He’s fucking dead! Let him go!” she looked up like a child who’d just woken up from a deep sleep. It was Arthur. He held her hands away from herself and then stooped down to hug her, pressing her face into his chest but then she fainted.
     She was covered head to toe in blood. Literally bathed in it. Some of it went in her eyes too, probably from the splashes she thought. She sat in the bath Polly had prepared for her. Silent, completely silent.
Polly stood outside the door talking to Arthur. “I swear Poll it was as if she had somehow become a fucking demon or something. Chopping his head with that cleaver knife! Fuck for a moment even I thought I shouldn’t disturb her!” he ran a hand through his hair, eyes bewildered. “Did ya ask her? What had happened?” he asked. “No, she isn’t talking yet. I think she’s in shock. Her cloths do suggest the man tried to get handsy with her.” She said looking at her hands caked with some of the blood from her cloths. “What about the body?” she asked. “Been taken care of. Had to take some of him in a bucket!” She nodded.
    “Have you heard from Tommy? Has he called?” she asked looking at him with widened eyes. “No, not yet.” “Christ! He’ll lose his shit once he find out Charlie is missing.” She rested her back to the door. “All the men are on it Poll, I’m personally seeing to it.” She nodded but then broke into tears, “God! It’s his meal time. He must be hungry. I hope he’s okay Arthur! I hope he isn’t crying. He’s never been alone before. Away from all of us at once. He doesn’t like strangers. If the hurt him…” she couldn’t complete the sentence or thought. “We would make sure the world is rid of their kin. I’ll kill each and every one of them fucking Changretta’s! With me own hands!” with that he hugged her.
When Polly returned in her room she saw Esmeralda had washed herself and was now fast asleep on her bed. Sitting next to her, she ran her hand through her wet hair. ‘In the morning…’ she’d thought, ‘I’ll ask her about it…’ going out of the room she went down to Thomas’s office, where Arthur already waited for her. The whole night they did everything they possibly could to get a hold on Charlie’s location. Johnny Doggs, Uncle Charlie, Jerimiah, Isaiah and Curly, all of them gathered in the house thinking what to do. They felt like headless chickens without Thomas. The police was involved now as well. But there was no sign of him. Him or his father. Polly ordered all of them to use all of their resources to find Charlie’s location and to report to her in an hour. The sun was rising. Polly’s head was pounding when she decided to rest her eyes and asked Arthur to do the same, to which he shook his head. He couldn’t rest when his baby nephew was out there in danger! Where the hell was Tommy?
    Polly went to bed after taking a pill for she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep without one. She slid in quietly, making sure not to disturb Esmeralda right next to her.
It must have been an hour or so when Frances came to Polly, softly shaking her awake, “Mrs. Gray? Mr. Shelby is back.” Polly jerked up and literally ran downstairs. Arthur and everybody else were already in the hall. Just the sight of Thomas had her sobbing. “Oh Thomas! They’ve taken him, they’ve taken our Charlie!" Thomas’s knees buckled and he sat on the couch in the living room. For some reason he had thought it might be a bluff. That the Changretta’s were tricking him into surrendering. But no, it was true. He was going mad with rage. But he knew he had to control his anger and make decisions very very carefully as his son’s life depended on it. He couldn’t lose Charlie. He’d already lost too much. “I’ve failed you brother! I’m so sorry…” Arthur looked down, not meeting his eyes.
    “Why didn’t you call us? We’d been going mad since yesterday Tommy! We’d thought they’ve…”
    “That they’ve taken me as well eh?” He laughed, his throat bobbing but the sound was empty. “Killing Thomas Shelby isn’t that easy Polly.” Polly sat next to him putting a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. “I’m okay Poll. I’m fine. I have to be!” he scoffed, “I didn’t call home because I had a suspicion someone was tracking me from here.” He said rubbing his hands on his face. “You mean…” “Yes Poll. We might have a mole in the house.” Then he explained it to her how he’d been attacked twice while on the road but also how both the times they hadn’t tried to Kill him but capture him. “Maybe they want to take it out on you first, torture you, savor their revenge?” Tommy shook his head, “No, I think he wants to do it himself. Luca wants his name on my killing but is too coward to come to me face to face.” His aunt was deep in thought. Arthur cleared his throat, “Ahem, there’s that other matter as well…” Polly cut him off, “It can wait Arthur! I want to talk to Esmeralda about it first…” Suddenly Curly rushed in, “Tommy! Tommy I’m so sorry Tom!” he was hysterical, unable to complete his sentence. Tommy got up and got a hold of him, “Calm down Curly! Tell me calmly what has happened?” Curly breathed in and out very slowly and then said, “The black mare Tom. The new wild one! She’s gone.” Thomas frowned and then his eyes followed his aunt running up the stairs to her room. Thomas and Arthur followed her up too. Polly saw Esmeralda was still asleep but when she took off the duvet and saw there were only pillows under it. “Fuck! FUCK!” she screamed holding her head in her hands.  
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thepeakygirl · 2 days ago
Switching between fandoms I can safely say that the Peaky Blinders fandom is by far the least toxic in fact it’s a fucking fairytale in comparison to others. Who would have thought?
Over the last few days (particularly in the Bridgerton fandom) I’ve seen people bullying each other, bullying actors. Grown adults bullying and degrading people especially for their appearance like what the actual F is going on?! Fair enough hating characters but my god it’s going a bit far now.
Peaky Blinders is safer than Bridgerton, blows my mind 🤯😂 In the Peaky Blinders fandom we have maybe one or two extremely rude stans but yet it’s still child’s play in comparison. I’ve got one Peaky Blinder account blocked (I think it’s the same account everyone has blocked here 👀) and sixteen Bridgerton ones and the list is still growing.
Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of kind and lovely people, I’ve even made some new friends ☺️ and the nasty ones certainly aren’t going to chase me away from the fandom but I just think it’s sad how bad it’s getting
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filministic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Peaky Blinders (2013-…)
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killmecillian · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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thesoldiersminute · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Maybe I've found him. Arthur, the man I can't defeat.” — PEAKY BLINDERS S05E06
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look-at-the-soul · 11 hours ago
All we’d ever need (Part 2)
Tommy Shelby x reader
🔮Summary:  You are Polly’s goddaughter, met Tommy when you moved in with your godmother. After Grace left, when he was broken, on a shell, moved by the pain… until he started noticing you. Then in a serious relationship some unexpected news will shake their worlds a little.
⚠️ Warning: Smut
Master list
✨ Thank you @lyarr24 for coming up with this incredible idea! I’m loving writing this too much! 🤗💖
A/N: If you are new to my stories, just a heads up; I like to explain part of the story with a flashback (in italics)
Part 1 here
Tumblr media
Hurt by her godmother’s words because she loved Polly and she had asked her to not tell Tommy, Y/N stormed in the back of The Garrison. She was so scared of how he would react.
“I’m going home.” She announced at the sight of Tommy sitting alone.
Tumblr media
He put the envelope back in his jacket pocket. “We just arrived.”
“Stay, I wasn’t asking you to come.” She was altered by Polly’s words.
Tommy got up and grabbed her arm. “What happened?”
“I shouldn’t have tried to please you, if you have a problem with your aunt, you fix it.” Breaking away from him, Y/N walked through the people, ignoring Tommy’s voice calling for her, Polly was flirting with a young man.
Tommy was stopped by a group of men trying to catch his attention.
Arriving at home, she threw her bag and coat and hurried upstairs to get rid of the burgundy dress Tommy picked for her to match his tie and handkerchief. Frustration and worry building up.
She had asked to keep the pregnancy a secret because she didn’t know what to do, didn’t want to lose Tommy over it, but she never imagined Pol would try to blackmail her with that. It was a low blow.
“Tonight was supposed to be a celebration.” Y/N hurried to put on her nightgown, hoping he wouldn’t notice anything different. “You’re always telling me to have some fun. What made you so upset?”
“Want me to ask nothing what the fuck did she say to you?” He opened the door of the bedroom in an attempt to get her to speak.
“Leave it, she was drunk.” Taking off the bracelets, she threw them, making them crash against a bottle of perfume. Tommy arched his eyebrows.
Knowing he wouldn’t get an answer until she was ready to talk, Tommy let his gaze ran up and down her body, his questions long forgotten.
“You looked fucking gorgeous there.” He kissed her shoulder. Thrusting her lightly from behind. “Is the new set still underneath this?” The images of her putting on the black lingerie running through his mind. Not waiting for an answer, he lifted her gown up.
“Tommy…” Y/N managed to say out of breath, feeling he was hard.
His fingers moved her hair out of the way of her neck, his other hand in the middle of her legs, applying a slight pressure.
“Looks like you’re ready.” Looking at her through the mirror, Y/N moved her hips in a small circle against his hand, trying to get more pressure, something. “Do that again.” And she did, her eyes closed. “Fuck.”
“Tommy, please.”
Fuck. What did she do to him? Their clothes wouldn’t come off as fast as they needed it.
Every time he touched her, Y/N felt like burning up, and when Tommy’s lips took one of her nipples in, she moaned in pain and pleasure like she never felt before. His hand ran up and down her leg, still covered in her stockings, he didn’t have the time or patience to take them off. Popping on his elbows for support, he slammed all the way in, the loud moan that came out of her took him by surprise. Thrusting again, her head fell back in the pillow… he loved watching her come undone, as he moved back to pick up the pace, he was just half the way in when her body exploded around him. Tommy heard her whisper his name and then a curse left her lips. He was just warming up.
Breaking away a little to see her, she was still coming down from the waves of her orgasm, her eyes closed. A few seconds later, when she finally opened them, Tommy was looking at her intently. The feeling of being inside of her was like having whiskey shot straight into his veins.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait for you…” She was embarrassed by the intensity. Surprised too by the way it hit her.
“Fast with the trigger tonight, ey?” He chuckled and moved his hips a little, still inside of her. “Think you have another one for me?”
She didn’t know how, but she was ready. She needed more of him. Without breaking their union, she made Tommy lie on his back, now on top of him she straddled his hips, adjusting the new angle, taking full control of the pace and moves.
“Jesus, woman, whatever pissed you off… I need you to get mad more often.” He managed to blur out.
“Can you stop talking? I need you to focus.”
Tommy let out a deep laugh. “Sergeant Shelby reporting to service ma’am.”
Turning her body around, so he was on top again, he decided that night he had all the time of the world for her, nobody was home and they had the chance to take it slow, he started to rock their bodies in a very gentle move, enjoying the way her body reacted, how her hands were caressing his shoulders, running her fingernails up and down his back.
In her eyes he found the comfort, love and trust he thought were lost forever, but then life surprised him when Y/N arrived in Birmingham to live with Polly.
He was close, she could feel it, Tommy tried to move from her body, thinking she was already pregnant, Y/N stopped him of pulling out by wrapping her legs around his waist, he was right at the point of no return. After reaching his release, Tommy’s body collapsed on top of hers, trying to not crash her with his weight, he held himself on his arms, his head resting on the crook of her neck, her heartbeat was slowing down, her arm around his back, while her free hand caressed the back of his head.
His lips kissed the space between her breasts, unable to say anything coherent, he stayed in silence thinking of how everything was so different with Y/N around. Somehow, she managed to get deep under his skin, with a smile here and there, a compliment on his horses, a genuine interest in the business, when he least expected it, he found himself walking with Y/N every morning to check on the horses, learning that she had an interesting chat that caught him.
Leaving her body, Tommy pulled her to lie down on his shoulder, the bed was small for both of them, she had to be on her side… one day he would get a big house with a big bed.
“Everything will be better after the races. This will finally take off.” He whispered kissing the top of her head. He had big plans to take his empire to the next level.
Ada already had her house in London, Polly now had her own place, John and Esme picked a big one in the countryside but they haven’t move in yet, it was time for Arthur, Finn wanted to stay in Watery Lane for a while.
Y/N snuggled against his body in silence, her mind was somewhere else as Tommy’s deep breathing assured he wouldn’t find out about her worries. At least not that night…
The day before, she went to Leicester to have a checkup, providing a fake name at the clinic and lying to the Shelby family saying that she would visit her parents.
13 and a half weeks the doctor stated, he explained that given it was her first pregnancy not having any symptoms was something common.
She couldn’t tell Tommy, it would change everything, he would be so mad at her, this pregnancy would only be on the way of his plans, he would think she did it on purpose.
He had said it before, his business was his priority, his focus was to make a success out of it, that he wouldn’t stop until he was at the top of everything and everyone, and even there, he wouldn’t stop.
A baby would only bring sleepless nights, more worry, one more burden he would have to deal with, on top of everything he already had.
Scared of losing him, Y/N tried to make their moment last as long as possible. Feeling down over how much she loved Tommy and how much it would hurt the moment he decided to end what they had.
How could it be that the biggest act of love of bringing a baby into this world could also be what would break them apart?
Too worried to be able to sleep, her mind went back to the exact moment of when Tommy confessed his feelings for her.
“Polly!” Y/N ran through the betting shop until she found her godmother in the kitchen.
“What is it my sweet girl?” Her eyes left the catalog she was watching.
“I got my first bet! And the kind gentleman gave me one shilling as tip.” Y/N shared with excitement. She had been learning how to register the bets, about the horses that would participate on the races, what to say to the clients, how to answer their questions...
“How good is that?” Polly smiled at her.
“I even convinced him to make a higher bet! On our best horse. He was carrying a sack of coins, said he was going to buy some bread and told him that the bread would be bad in three days, while a high bet would double his investment.”
“You see things.” Polly pointed at her, smiling. “Just like your father has an eye for the best stones.”
Her family's business was robbed a few months ago, fortunately the most expensive and exclusive pieces were guarded in a safe in another place and no one was hurt, but Y/N’s parents were worried about her safety, that’s why they asked Polly to take her in with her family in Birmingham for a while, she would be protected there. She was the only child.
“Thank you for taking me in.”
“I don’t want you to thank me for that ever again.” Polly got up to give Y/N a hug. “Now go and ask Tommy for the papers I gave him to sign this morning.”
“But…” she doubted, he was kind to her when they walked to feed the horses, but he could be scary when other people were around.
“Go, it’s just some papers, the ones I left on his desk.”
Walking through the betting shop, Y/N saw Lizzie’s desk empty, knocked once on the door but when no one answered, she opened it.
“Tommy, Polly wants th-”
Her words were cut by a deep: “Fuck!”
Y/N looked at the woman on her knees next to the window, fully dressed. Tommy in front of her standing with a shocked expression, trying to fix his clothes.
“I’m sorry!” Y/N turned around to leave, embarrassed.
Y/N was about to close the door of Tommy’s office when she remembered the reason why she was there. Quietly she walked to Tommy’s desk and spotting the papers Polly mentioned, she walked again to the door.
“Get out Lizzie.” He barked. “Y/N, wait.”
Lizzie made a sound that was like a mix between a gasp and a growl. Angry for her interruption.
“Y/N, wait.” He repeated.
Her heart stopped beating. He would fire her, or at least give her a lecture of not mentioning this to anyone. Dragging her feet, she turned around.
“Let me explain.”
“Don’t worry Mr. Shelby you don’t have to explain yourself.”
“I must insist.” He was mortified. Approaching her, he tried again, but Y/N cut him.
“I kindly ask you to not touch me when God knows where your hands have been on that woman.” She took a step back.
Tommy put his hands inside his pockets embarrassed, guilt running through him. Clearing his throat, he spoke softly: “Lizzie apart from being my secretary she… she provides other services.”
“I’m aware of that. Really, I have to go.” This was so embarrassing she thought.
He wanted to tell her it meant nothing to him. How could he explain it was her who he was fantasizing about while fucking Lizzie? He had been dreaming of her face and smile and the sounds she would make while saying his name. He had been doing it for days.
“Can we talk about this later?”
“I don’t want to hear the dirty details, and I can still smell her over here.” Y/N shook her head.
It hurt like a knife to see him with Lizzie, but she was the only one to blame, for thinking a man like him could look at her with another kind of interest just because they bonded over horses and bets.
No, he just wanted a whore to fuck around when his majesty pleased.
Walking backwards to exit his office, her heart shattered when his eyes looked at her.
“Have you seen Y/N?” Tommy asked Polly, she was checking the books.
“No, she left as soon as she got me the papers you forgot to handle earlier.”
There was only one place where she could have gone.
Putting on his holster and gun, he was determined to find her.
“Did you just take a shower?” Polly asked on his back. It was past midday. “Where are you going?” But he didn’t answer.
“Curly get the Monaghan Boy ready, please.”
“Yes Tommy, I’m getting the horse ready.” He repeated mumbling to himself.
“I used to come here all the time when I needed to think.” His voice soft behind her.
Even with her eyes shut, she could feel he was close.
“Excuse me Miss. Y/LN.” Curly took the horse.
Moving over, she finally set her eyes on the man who didn’t owe her an explanation and yet was looking at her with a thousand apologies in his eyes.
Announcing the horse was ready, Tommy thanked Curly before offering his hand to her. He had his sleeves rolled up, a different shirt and vest on.
“Come with me, please?”
They rode in silence, leaving behind the city and smog, a green field welcomed them as the sunset was about to go down.
Y/N wanted to ask Tommy why they were there, but the words wouldn’t come out. Afraid of how much it would hurt to face his reject. She started to develop feelings for Tommy after seeing a side of him he didn’t show to anyone around, he loved to talk about his horses, books, poetry, he loved to hear her talk about her family’s business with jewelry, how to her it wasn’t about the value of the stone, but the deep meaning behind each piece, of what it reminded the one buying it, he asked about the certification process, the purity of the pieces, of how a chunk of coal while put into an extraordinary amount of pressure could turn into a diamond… it was like a very different man than the one who was at home.
Tommy stopped under a big tree, helping her down from the horse.
“I’m terribly sorry for what you saw earlier.”
Y/N looked away.
“Sometimes it was so hard to fight this feeling of having you so close and so far away at the same time.” Caressing the horse’s crest, he finally looked at Y/N. “This will sound terribly wrong, but in my mind, it was you who I was thinking about.”
“That definitely is a relief, thinking of me while fucking someone else. What do you want me to say? Thank you?”
“Fuck, no… that’s not what I meant.” Tommy sighted in frustration. “What I’m trying to say is… is that I like having you here, I’m glad Pol had you over, you’re a good listener, talking to you makes me feel good, it’s easy, you make me feel… different.” His heart was beating at its maximum capacity, he took a step closer to her. “You probably know I’ve been hurt in the past, I don’t trust easily, I push people away.” He chuckled a little. “I’ve tried to push you away too, but truth is I can’t get you out of me mind.”
“I’m not like them.” Y/N stated firmly. “What makes you think I would hurt you?”
“I know you wouldn’t… and that’s the scariest part.” Tommy’s fingertips touched her cheeks, cupping her face as if holding a fragile explosive. “I know with you is everything or nothing at all.” He whispered.
Now it was too late to take his words back, too late to try to hide his feelings.
“Are you completely sure this is what you want?” Tommy gave an almost unnoticeable nod before finally crashing his lips on hers. Gently, slowly, breathing in her perfume. Her hands shyly resting on his chest, while his were fully around her back, to keep her close.
“How did you do it?” His voice low, as if sharing a secret just with her.
“Do what?” The feeling of being in his arms seemed so surreal, his embrace was strong but tender, she loved the way his fingers were tracing little circles in the small of her back.
“You are… this…” Nothing made sense in his mind, but he felt alive again, he felt like he finally could put all the pain and hurt behind.
Like this new opportunity was placed right in front of him and it felt right.
“What?” Y/N asked blushing, his intense gaze penetrating every layer of her soul.
Tommy shook his head, unable to form words. Not fully believing he deserved a chance like this. He had closed the door of his heart a while ago, but she knocked and knocked until he opened again. So instead he kissed her again, wanting time to stop.
As they arrived back into Watery Lane, Polly was waiting in the living room. Her goddaughter had been gone for hours and no one had seen her. But as soon as she saw her nephew lean in to brush her lips, Polly saw red.
“How dare you? Get off of her!” She hit him hard, her hands moving at speed against him.
“Godmother no! You’re hurting him.” With an unknown patience, Tommy sighed and strengthened his clothes, motioning both women to get inside.
Never in her wildest dreams Polly imagined that her goddaughter would end up with her nephew, her parents sent her looking for protection, when in reality they were offering their only daughter to the Devil himself.
“Listen Pol, I know Y/N is like a daughter to you, but I swear this was unintentionally alright? It just happened.”
“It just happened.” Polly repeated with sarcasm.
They both saw her pacing the room. “Can’t you just keep you cock inside your fucking pants for once?!”
“I haven’t touch her.” He tried to explain.
But his aunt was making him feel like he was eleven years old again when she found him stealing cigarettes from her purse. He probably still had marks from that beating.
“And you.” She pointed at her goddaughter. “How am I supposed to explain this to your parents? Your mother trusted me with your life!” Tommy took her hand.
“I’m sorry aunt Polly.” She wasn’t her blood aunt, she called her that out of love. “I enjoyed spending time with the horses and Tommy, you said how lonely he was, and he was kind to me an…”
“Oh, stop it’s because I know how he is that I’m angry. I know every sin, whore and lie.”
“Thanks for the compliments Polly, you are really helping me out.”
She spun around, a hand on her hip. “I’m not trying to help you.”
“This is my fault too.” Y/N feared her godmother would send her back home.
“My sweet girl.” Polly’s hand caressed her cheeks. “From all the men out there…”
“Here we fucking go again.” Tommy rolled his eyes.
“I’m going to say this once Thomas Michael Shelby.” Her finger touched him over his heart, marking her words. “If you hurt her, you will wish you were never born a Shelby, that beating Sabini men did to you will be tickles compared to what I will do… understood?”
More from this short series (here) coming soon!
Tag list: @lyarr24 @stevie75 @lovemissyhoneybee @runnning-outof-time @gretelshelby @cloudofdisney @datewithgianni @peaky-cillian @zablife @julyzaa @l1-l4 @kissmyquill @onlydeadcells @xoxoloverb @gypsy-girl-08 @julkaamazing @lenaskyler02 @midnightmagpiemama @skydeinert @audelia01 @nesstelford2019 @that-girl-named-alex @shae2001bts @milsies @httyd-marauders @crowssixof @muhahaha303 @fixtionlover @daynaelizabethclairereynolds
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achurni · a day ago
POV: you're on a date with cillian 🤗
Tumblr media
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gypsy-girl-08 · a day ago
Wow huge congratulations. Thank you for sharing all your stories! I’m very happy for you and I hope you buy a cake to celebrate! Hahaha. For the requests since they are open. I’ve had an idea in my head for awhile. Basically the reader and Cillian are married and they met on the Peaky Blinders. But she played Alfie’s significant other and Tom Hardy’s wife played May, who was Tommy’s. I think it would just be a funny dynamic and they couples are all great friends in real life and tease each other about it. Maybe they are all in an interview talking about it.
Love this idea so much!!
Tumblr media
Real Life
Pairing - Cillian Murphy and wife reader. Not based on his real life.
Summary- Requested - see above. Plus, it is set in the middle of a press conference.
Walking through the corridor, you felt your husband squeeze your bum. Turning, you winked at him. Trying to appear confident, even though inside you were a bundle of nerves. Truthfully you hated these press conferences.
Never quite knowing the right thing to say.
You all lined up, as the staff attached your microphones. There was you, Cillian, Tom Hardy, Charlotte Reily, Paul Anderson and Kate Philips. You had already had a glass of wine, to calm your nerves.
“Are you okay?” Cillian asked, wrapping his arm around you.
“Yeah, yeah fine, you know I hate these things,” you responded. Pulling you closer, he tried to reassure you. Wrapping his arms around you. On the stage you would be sat as “couples”. You with Tom, Cillian with Charlotte, Paul with Kate.
Heading onto the stage, you all got settled in your chairs. Tom gave you a reassuring wink, he was like a big brother to you. The four of you often went out, for dinner together. Cillian sat on the end, he would be asked the most questions. You hoped.
As the claps of the crowd died down, you took a deep breath. The first few questions were for Tom and Cillian. You listened to your husbands little chuckle, as he talked about being on set. How well you all got on.
“What are your hopes for this series, Y/n?” A question was fired at you. Regaining your composure, you answered confidently.
“We hope, that all of the fans will enjoy it. That it meets their expectations. Answers, some questions,” you laughed. “We have all worked hard on it, I think everyone will love it,”
“Did you enjoy making it Cillian?” A journalist asked, “The scenes between you and Charlotte, are fan favourites,”
Here we go, you thought.
“Yes, I enjoyed making the series. And I have many scenes with different actors. We will see a lot more of Tommy and May,” he answered politely reaching for his water. "Their relationship is just developing,"
It was a strange situation, real life partners switched around. You being “intimate” with Alfie, while your husband was “intimate” with May.
"How does that make you feel, Y/n?" the same journalist asked you.
"In what context?" you questioned, now on guard, "We are actors, we do a job and go home,"
Tom Hardy spoke up, "You could ask me the same question, yeah? Or any of us. It is not real, it's a job. Has anyone got a sensible question?"
You breathed a sigh of relief. "Will we see your character, Alfie get married to Y/n's character?"
Tom laughed, "That would be giving too much away. Will have to see if Alfie deserves her yet?"
The questions eased off, as Cillian and Paul answered most of them. They all knew how private Cillian was about your relationship. But, they never seemed to hesitate in asking you questions.
"Y/n, have you and Cillian got anymore children planned? Anymore Peaky babies?" one of them yelled towards you. Your son was now nine months old, and had just started to sleep through the night.
Cillian looked at you and smiled. "We are still catching up on sleep, from the first one," you answered, laughing.
"I remember those days," Charlotte spoke up.
"How did you find filming the series, Charlotte? Is there a certain rivalry between Y/n and yourself?" the journalist grinned, "Who pleases their husband the most?"
"Absolutely not," Charlotte answered, smiling towards you, "We are really good friends. We have even been on holiday together,"
"Do you ever get tempted to swap bedrooms, Y/n?" he asked, laughing again.
"As I have previously stated, we are actors it is not real. This is our real life. Which of course you know, and that is why you are looking for a reaction," you couldn't help but snap at the journalist.
Paul started clapping, "Damn right, can someone get rid of that fucking idiot?" he called to the staff.
After the interview, you sat in the toilets and had a cry. It had been building up, it was always the same stupid questions. The press trying to drive a wedge between you all.
“Babe?” You heard Cillian call out.
“Yeah, I’m coming,” you responded, dabbing your eyes as you unlocked the door.
Cillian was stood, leaning against the sink. “Are you OK? I knew they would be fucking pricks,” he huffed, walking towards you.
“I’m fine, just bloody overly sensitive. Ignore me, I’m fine,” you leant into his embrace, smelling his aftershave.
“I’ve known you long enough, Mrs. Murphy. That when you say you’re fine, your actually not,” He stroked your hair, soothingly as you both stood in the bathroom.
“You are mine, and I am your that’s all that matters,” he reassured you. “Now let’s go home and make another baby,”
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creme-bruhlee · 3 months ago
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐈𝐒 𝐁𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐒. | 𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐛𝐲 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | after watching you mother his boys, tommy is intent on making you the mother of his real children. 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | tommy shelby (peaky blinders) x fem!reader 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 3.3k 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | smut (MDNI!), raging breeding kink, creampie, unprotected sex (please use a condom), tommy has A Thing about you being pregnant 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 | i have no excuse other than Horny For Cillian Murphy (can u blame me lmao) i wrote this so quick it made my head spin // taglist blog: @cremebruhleewrites
Tumblr media
“Well, God, Finn, that’s the third time this week!”
The lad smiled at you, convinced that, if he were sweet enough, he would be out of trouble. Both of the knees of his pants were ripped and scuffed thin, and you could even see the fresh stitches from two days ago, when he had last come home with his pants all ripped up. “Sorry,” he said, and he fell down into one of the overstuffed seats in your living room. As much as you tried to keep a nice home, your husband’s brothers and employees always managed to find a way to foul it all up one way or another. You tsk-ed as you fixed the doily atop the chair that Finn had disturbed, and you called, “Tommy, love? Bring me my sewing kit, won’t you?”
Somewhere upstairs, you heard your husband shout “Just a moment!”, and you tugged up your sleeves to your elbows as you settled yourself on the floor in front of Finn.
“Make yourself useful and read me the paper,” you grumbled. “Or turn on the radio. Something productive instead of sitting on your arse.”
“I could just take my pants off and leave them to you while I go actually do something,” Finn offered, and you heard Tommy’s footsteps coming down the stairs. Quickly, he entered the room and passed you your carpetbag of sewing supplies, and he boxed at Finn’s ear.
“Like hell you’re stripping down in front of my woman,” Tommy said. “Not even your girl wants to see your skivvies.”
“Well, fuck you,” Finn said, and he hissed as Tommy gave him another wallop on the ear. “Oi! She curses worse than that!”
“Mind your fucking manners around the missus,” Tommy said, and he snatched up the newspaper from beside Finn. You deftly threaded your needle and pulled Finn’s leg over to you, and you heard Tommy light a cigarette as he sat down in his chair.
“Stop twitching your leg,” you mumbled as you began your work, and Finn fussed with his cigarette as you fell into the pattern of sewing. As much as you acted like you hated having to mother the entire Shelby clan, you actually loved it. You loved how every man needed you for something different and expressed their affection for you in different ways; sure, there was Aunt Pol for that feminine touch, but there seemed to be something special about you. During the year that Tommy had courted and subsequently married you, all the boys had started up a running joke of calling you Mother; mainly because you treated every single man as if they were your son.You patched up all their injuries and mended their clothing, you made them tea or poured them a drink when they visited the house, you gave them the spare bedroom if they had nowhere to sleep, and it could be guaranteed that someone would join you at the dinner table every single night, hounding after your warm, hard-cooked dinner. You wouldn’t trade the title for anything in the world (especially when they called you Mother Shelby or The Missus), but you felt a little off whenever they did call you that. Only because it had been a year, and you still hadn’t succeeded in giving Tommy a baby.
It wasn’t for lack of trying. Almost every day, Tommy would fuck you hard and fill you up, but nothing had succeeded yet. You had tried just about every trick you could think of, every old wives’ tale in the book— eating a lemon, putting a pillow under your hips, having sex only in the morning— and you were starting to wonder if there was something wrong with you. Surely, after a year, something should have happened, even on a statistical level. It just didn’t make sense. In fact, the absence of a baby was starting to eat at you. You had voiced this to your husband, and he, in his wisdom, had told you that it would happen eventually and not to worry. “It’ll happen when it needs to,” he told you, kissing your shoulder. “Don’t fret, love.”
Tommy read the newspaper and smoked his cigarette as you worked, but your mind stayed solely with him and the delicious memory of that morning. He had woken you up with two fingers in your cunt and, when he noticed that you were awake, he had sunk down and buried his head between your thighs until your legs were shaking around his head. The sun was hardly coming through the lace curtains by the time that Tommy had sunk his cock into you, and the low light made his sweaty chest glisten as he hauled your legs over his shoulders and fucked you hard enough to make the headboard rattle against the wall. “C’mon,” he huffed, slapping your ass and pawing at your tits. “Cum, honey, cum for me, make a big fuckin’ mess in my cock.” You did as he had told you, as you always did, and Tommy had wasted no time in filling you up, just as he always did. He fell down onto his back next to you and huffed out a few labored breaths as you rested your cheek against his burning chest, and he cast his big blue eyes down on you when you sighed. “Hey,” Tommy whispered, his voice cracking, as rough as sandpaper, and he lifted your chin up with his finger. “I know what you’re thinking, love. I feel good about this one.”
You nodded quietly, and your finger lightly traced the scars that had healed and leveled on his chest. “If it’s a girl, I’d like to name her Edith,” you whispered. “It’s a lovely name.”
“Edith Violet,” Tommy nodded. “Edith Violet Shelby… What a fuckin’ top-notch name. She’d be a spoiled little thing, I’d be sure of it. And if it’s a boy?”
“Thomas,” you replied. “I’d name him after you.”
Tommy sighed lightly, content, and he sealed his lips to yours in a kiss. His arms went around your shoulders and held you tight in his warm, sweaty, post-sex-hazy grasp as he kissed you hard. “God, what a thing that would be,” Tommy whispered into your mouth. “Having a little critter running around with my name… I love it.”
Looking at your husband from across the parlor, you could tell that his mind was too laid with Edith Violet and Thomas Junior. He seemed to be reading the newspaper, yes, but his eyes weren’t moving nor his mouth mumbling along. You quickly finished with Finn’s pants, and you looked at the young man. “Now, you’d better keep those out of my sight for at least a week,” you told him. “If I see those pants again, I’m going to go mad, do you hear me?”
“Yes, Mother,” Finn said and rolled his eyes, but he kissed your head nevertheless. “Thank you.”
“Of course, darling,” you said. “Do you wanna take some roast home with you? It’s supposed to get cold tonight.”
“I’ll be alright, Miss,” Finn said, and he offered you his hand to aid in standing up. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Tommy…” Tommy gave an indiscernible grunt towards Finn and flipped the page of the newspaper, and Finn made his way out of the house. You waited until he was fully gone, the front door closing with certainty, before you moved to Tommy and sat down easily on his thigh. Tommy gave you a little smile and cast his reading material aside, and he circled his arms around your waist and pulled you fully into his lap. His face buried in your neck and kissed all over your skin, and he mumbled, “Been waiting to get you alone all day.”
“I’m here, my love,” you whispered, carding your fingers through his slick black hair. “What is it you want?”
“Well…” Tommy began, and his deft fingers played at the buttons lining the back of your blouse. “Right now, I feel quite partial to your tits.”
“Good Christ, Thomas Shelby, you’re insatiable,” you chuckled. Nevertheless, you helped him shrug yourself out of your shirt, and he pressed his cheek against your warm breast. His hand, hot hands slid up your bare back and cupped your shoulders, and he placed light kisses on your skin.
“Lift up your skirt, honey,” Tommy said against your tits.
“What for?” you asked cheekily, and Tommy bit at your nipple hard enough to make you gasp in pain.
“You’re going to ride my cock,” Tommy told you, as if you had no say in the matter. Truthfully, you really didn’t, because you knew that Tommy knew that you’d never refuse him any part of you. You were always so welcome to give your husband whatever he wished. “Seeing you be so good to Finn just reminds me of what a good mother you’ll be… If nothing else, I’m gonna fill you up right now, just to see if we might be lucky.”
“I thought you said you felt lucky this morning,” you said, but you helped Tommy tug up your long skirt anyway. Your hands went to undo his pants as his came to grasp your tits, and he kissed your neck greedily.
“Ah, won’t hurt anything to try again,” he whispered, and he sank his teeth into your skin. Your skin bristled at the feel, and you hurried to tug out his cock. He was already hard, his soft skin thrumming with his heavy pulse, and you shifted your legs to straddle his hard thigh for just a moment before you sank yourself onto him. The shock that rocked through your belly and pussy was enough to make you gasp and squirm a bit, and you wrapped your arms around Tommy’s neck and pressed your forehead to his shoulder.
“Fuck, Tommy,” you whispered as his rough hands went under your skirt to grasp your soft hips.
“Ah,” he hissed in your ear and gently nibbled at your earlobe, where your earring dangled nicely. Tommy always found a way to spoil you, with new dresses or jewelry or trips to the cinema, and he nudged the tip of his nose against the pearl that hung from your ear. He couldn’t even remember when or where he gave you those earrings, but they looked beautiful on you. “God, you’re so tight, mouse… Feel so fucking good.”
Your hips jolted forward at his quiet praise, and you both gave little noises of pleasure. Your skin felt like it was on fire as you moved in Tommy’s lap, and he dug his blunt fingernails into your skin as he hooked his hips upwards into you. Just as swiftly, he covered your mouth with his palm and touched his finger to his own lips, and he whispered, “Arthur’s upstairs… Don’t want him hearing us, do we, Mrs. Shelby?” You shook your head and Tommy gave you his sly, foxy smile before scrunching his nose and fucking up into you again. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath through your nose, and you moved with your husband as he fucked you as hard as he could manage. The chair underneath him creaked every so often with his movements, and the sound of his skin hitting yours was just so dulled by your skirt covering the whole affair. Eventually, his warm hand fell from your mouth and situated itself back under your skirt. However, instead of going to your hip, his hand found himself at the apex of your legs, and he pressed his thumb to the top of your hole, feeling his cock easily sliding in and out of you with the pad of his finger. He smiled again and wet his lips with his tongue, and he surged forward and captured your nipple in his wet mouth once more. This time, he sucked hard, surely leaving a mark, and your own hands scrambled for his shirt. You helped him get undressed every night (not that you needed to, but you adored helping your man), and you were quick to get rid of his stiff collar and tight tie to unbutton his shirt and vest to expose his smooth, milky chest, dotted by the same freckles that covered his cheeks and neck. He was panting as he sucked at your tit, and his thumb resituated from your pussy to your throbbing clit. He hardly swiped his finger along the burning-hot nerve when you jostled in his lap once more, fire exploding in your pussy and belly.
“Tommy,” you whined, pressing your mouth to his hair to try to keep yourself quiet. “Fuck, Tommy. Fuck me, honey, more.”
“M’gonna give you that fuckin’ son you want, mouse,” Tommy grunted, tugging at your nipple with his teeth. “In a few months, you’re gonna get all big with my baby, everyone’ll know what you let me do to you.”
“They already know,” you giggled. It was a struggle to speak coherently with the way that Tommy was rubbing your clit and fucking into that soft spot inside of you, but you knew that, even if you only gave half-formed words, Tommy would be able to read your mind. “Everyone knows how I let you do such sinful things to me. You know… I think Arthur heard us the night I let you take my ass.”
Tommy groaned long and low at the memory of that night, and you clenched your pussy around him to elicit a deeper moan. His chest was beginning to flush a bit pink, creeping up his neck, tiny spots of sweat dotting at his temples, and you carded your fingers gently through his hair and placed a soft kiss on the crown of his head. “Are you going to cum, Mr. Shelby?” you whispered. “Oh, Tommy, my love, please come, honey. Wanna feel you dripping out of me, sweetheart, please come.”
His cock throbbed inside you, and you knew that he was so, so close to his release. You smoothed his hair down the back of his head and angled his face up to look at you, and you rolled your hips down to meet his as they came upwards, and you could have sworn that you saw death flicker in your Tommy’s light eyes. “Oh, when I’m pregnant, my tits are gonna get all big,” you whispered, and Tommy gnashed his teeth as his hips moved harder and faster. “My belly will swell nice and fat, I know you’ll be all over me every day and every night. My love, you’ll simply become a feral animal around me. Oh, Thomas… Imagine little Tommy having your eyes.”
“Edith Violet had better have your eyes,” Tommy huffed with a chuckle. “She’ll be a spitting image of her mother, that girl will be. If she’s anything like you, I’ll be beating off boys with a club.” “If little Tommy is anything like you, we’ll be in big fucking trouble,” you giggled. “He’ll be a handful the whole time… But I wouldn’t have anyone else’s baby.”
Tommy clenched his teeth again and slammed you down hard onto his cock, and you saw stars dot your vision as you came around his cock. Your body convulsed against your will, dragging Tommy into a tight embrace and whimpering in his ear, trying to stay quiet, as he had asked you to, and Tommy grunted deep in his chest and emptied himself inside you. You both breathed heavily for a few moments, trying to recover from the quick and rough fuck, and Tommy pushed your hair behind your ear as a watery smile cam over his pink mouth. “I really feel good about this one,” he chuckled, his hand rising to press against your belly. He gave a soft hiss as the pressure on his cock, still inside of you, and you bit your lip as you nodded in agreement.
“If this doesn’t work…” you began, but Tommy captured your face in his fingers, and he shook his head quickly, his eyes big and glossy.
“It will,” he said firmly. “You’ve got to be positive about this, mouse. Say it. Say that I just got you pregnant. Say it, Mrs. Shelby.”
You smiled at your husband, and you jokingly rolled your eyes. “You just got me pregnant, Thomas,” you chuckled. “In nine months, I’m going to give you that son you want so badly.”
“Would it be so bad if we had a little girl?” Tommy mumbled, gently rubbing your belly. “Tying ribbons up in her hair, playing princess with her—”
“Tommy Shelby, are you saying that you’d play princess? You’ve gone soft,” you smiled, and Tommy shifted underneath you to finally pull his softening cock from your heat. He carefully helped you shrug back into your blouse, and his fingers did the buttons back up smoothly.
“I could,” Tommy said. “Only if I can be the king.”
“You already are,” you told him, moving to sit on his knee when he finished with your blouse. You crossed your legs at the ankle and began to do his shirt and pants back up, and he captured his cigarette case from the side table and struck a match to light up a fresh fag. “You’re the king of Birmingham, my love.”
Tommy took a deep drag on his cigarette, and he gave you that sly fox smile again. “Fuckin’ A-right I am.”
Tumblr media
It took approximately six months to be entirely sure that you were pregnant, and you knew that every day of uncertainty ate up your husband’s guts. You didn’t want to get his hopes up over a measly missed period, though, so you kept quiet about it until you were one hundred percent sure.
The certainty came one morning, the first snowfall of the season. Upon waking up, you found your marriage bed empty, and, seeing the empty hanger on the closet door, you knew that Tommy was already at work. He probably had been since before the sun rose. You sat up, protesting the morning for a few moments, and you finally got out of bed. Your toes touched the floor and you looked downwards in pursuit of your house slippers, and you felt like you had been hit in the face when you saw your stomach pressing at your nightgown. How long had you been like this? Had anyone noticed yet? God forbid if Arthur or Michael saw your pregnant belly before you yourself even noticed it.
Your excitement couldn’t be contained, not even long enough to get decent in your house robe.
“Tommy!” you cried, racing through the house. Everyone you encountered widened their eyes and then averted their gaze from you, and you again yelled, “Tommy! Thomas Shelby, where are you?”
“My office, mouse!” your husband yelled, and you heard him speak again, softer. You didn’t even stop to wonder if someone else was in there with him, possibly for an important business meeting. No, this couldn’t wait.
The moment you stepped into his office, you saw Arthur sitting across your husband’s desk, and Tommy grabbed you tightly and shielded you from Arthur’s view with his own body. “Jesus fucking Christ, woman,” he hissed and instantly shrugged off his jacket, draping it around your shoulders and trying to hide the bit of skin that your nightgown didn’t cover. “Are you hurt? What’s wrong? I’ve got business, mouse, I can’t—”
All you had to do was grab him around his wrist and press his palm to your lower belly, and Tommy, for once in his life, found himself speechless. You watched his face, trying to see any semblance of emotion, and you watched his cheeks go deathly pale before flushing pink. “No,” he whispered, and a smile split his face. “Oh, my beautiful… My wife!” He picked you up and kissed your cheek, and he held you tightly as he nestled his own cheek into your neck. “Oh, my girl… Mother of my child…”
“Tommy,” Arthur said gruffly. “Fuck is this?”
“Shut your fucking mouth,” Tommy snapped. “Let a man be happy his wife’s pregnant.”
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‘Whenever you're ready, boys.’
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