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#thomas shelby
padfootdaredmetoo · 2 days ago
hi! i wanted to ask a one shot on tommy shelby in which y/n is an italian girl in her early '20s who works for the peaky blinders as a spy to the italians (sabini or changretta). her and tommy have great chemistry and the sexual tension between them leads them to start a secret affair. until one day the italians find out that she actually is an undercover spy and is sleeping with their enemy.
i'd like it to be a bit smutty, thanks x.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for waiting!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!
Rating: Explicit - Sex! Hurt / comfort. Murder. Spying. Reader is attacked but fights off attacker.
Involves the Changretta's BUT John lives... because... He just... doesn't die in my world.
It was officially the worst moment of your life. You knew it was coming but still you despised its arrival.
You sat down across from your fathers large oak desk, waiting for him to stop yelling into the phone receiver. It had been a wild summer in Italy and you were dragged all the way to Birmingham to be a part of some business arrangement.
Logically you fell on the most likely, most horrible possibility, that your father had heard about your adventures and wanted to marry you off before your reputation was permanently destroyed. It was a thought that made your heart hurt, and your skin crawl. All of your older sisters had been married off to various families to secure relations, now you were all he had left to bargain with. Because this was the most likely situation you’d arranged your own business meeting for after this was over.
He put the phone down and lit a cigarette. He refused to look at you confirming your suspicions.
“Look, I don't want any fuss. You knew what would happen if you acted out like that. You brought this on yourself. You’ll be married in three months. One of Mr. Changretta boys.” He waved his hand in dismissal, you made no effort to get up letting his words sink in.
The Changretta family had a lot of boys, a lot of which had reputations. To be clear, some of them had the kinds of reputations that would have you donating all your finest dresses to devote your life to God in a heartbeat. Life as a nun would be better than being married to a boy like that. Your tarnished reputation was one of a girl that enjoyed drinking and dancing. Maybe a taste for some other forbidden things as well but certainly not a malicious one.
“I'm not leaving without a name.” You said in a solid tone. Your father let out a disgruntled sound.
“Lorenzo Changretta. Now leave.” You could tell that he choked on the words as they came out of his mouth. There was a pain in his face, it was obvious he hated this idea, but he didn't hate it enough to stop it.
Being married to a made man was something you always knew would happen. Being married to a known rapist and leader of one of the worst parts of the Italian - American mafia, was not something you saw for yourself, regardless of your fathers wishes. But you were a smart girl, you knew how to play the long game. You nodded politely then left your father’s study, then strode out of the house into the night air. You were too angry to drive and walked across town despite knowing better at this hour.
You kept the spasms of anger washing through your body pushed down. You were hoping that you’d be married off to a very different family, maybe you could have ended up back in Italy, or at least married to a respectable man.
You pushed through the unlocked door as per the instructions and sat down in the empty bar and waited.
You knew that you’d be leaving your family behind if you went through with this meeting, but if your father had arranged for a respectable man, not even a kind man, just a fair one, to marry you this meeting would have been called off. You would have swallowed the bitter medicine that life handed you and done your best. But you knew the quality of life you would have tethered to a man like that, it was a part of yourself you refused to have broken.
This famous king of Birmingham strode into the empty pub.
“Y/N L/N?” You took a moment before answering, taking in his appearance. He was tall and very well polished, he certainly lived up to his description of being as handsome as he was dangerous.
“That's me, You must be Mr. Shelby” He gave you a nod walking behind the bar and got down two glasses and opened a bottle of Irish Whiskey. After pouring a hefty amount in both he slid yours across the bar.
“So what can I do for you Miss LN?” You watched his eyes study you closely.
“My father is to have me married to Lorenzo Changretta in three months.” You said before taking a long sip of the whiskey hoping that the burn would even your temper.
“That’s unfortunate” His eyes were still watching you very closely, it was a feeling that you enjoyed very much. You suddenly wished that this was a normal hour, with the pub in full swing. That he was just a man eyeing you up appreciating your beauty, and you’d come here to have a good time. But you were here to beg.
“So you’ve heard of him then?” You asked and he gave you a nod. You swore there was the slightest bit of empathy in his composure.
“Well, it’s well known you’ve had beef with them for a very long time. Rumor has it they are plotting to close in on you, some sort of revenge nonsense.”
“So I’ve heard.” He prompted you to continue.
“I’ll offer you whatever I can to bring them down.” You held his eyes, not daring to look away.
“In return for what?” He asked darkly.
“Protection. A way out. A better life than what my family has offered me.” He still kept his eyes on you while considering the proposition. You could choke on the tension in the air.
“Spy for us then? On your family and the Changrettas.” you nodded “Double cross us and you're dead, you do what I tell you to and once we have them taken out you can stay in here under our protection. Or we can arrange safe passage somewhere else if you’d prefer. We meet up here once a week”
“Deal” You reached out your hand and he shook it looking slightly amused by the gesture. He gripped your hand holding it there causing electricity to shoot through you.
“You realise you're selling out your own family” His tone mixed with the contact caused shivers to run through your body.
“They sold me first.” you responded, voice thick with tension. He gave you a nod and released your hand. Then he held out his glass and you raised yours.
“To better beginnings.”
“To better beginnings.”
You downed your drink enjoying the relief spreading through your body, you had a plan. A very dangerous plan, but a plan nonetheless.
He showed you out and had a car take you to the edge of a small heath, you insisted you could walk from there.
Weeks passed and you pretended to be the perfect daughter. Lots of dinners and lunches, meeting the family. They were very happy that you had agreed to the arrangement, it looked like the Changretta family also wanted to get him settled down and off the radar as quickly as possible. Fortunately for you he spent the majority of his time at the brothel or out with the boys. People almost wanted to keep the two of you apart out of fear that something horrible would happen. They didn't want his attitude and your temper to make a scene, if their many enemies sensed weakness they would know that the marriage was a sham, making for even more trouble.
Weeks went by and meeting up with Thomas became more and more interesting. You started out with business but he always kept pouring drinks well after you’d told him everything.
The more he watched you, staying reserved. You knew that you were either going to die by his hand or your future husband, so you didn't hold back with him. He found your stories somewhat enjoyable, occasionally smirking or making a joke here or there. You figured he enjoyed the time away from everything.
The meetings were something you looked forward to but the tension was always unbearable. The way he held you in his eyes, the kindness he showed you just by spending time with you and asking about how you were drove you mad.
You knew that your life was messy and that developing feelings for Thomas was a death wish, but you just couldn't help yourself.
The date was approaching, and the Changrettas were seemingly planning to get something pressing out of the way before the big date. Something about having both families and extended families together in one place not being a safe idea unless certain people were dealt with. You just needed to find out the date and the rest of their plan.
They were having a bigger celebration for some business arrangement that had gone through in America. You and your father were both invited to the big shindig. It was being held at Luca’s house and to your dismay Lorenzo was also present.
What started out as a decent party quickly turned into something much more uncomfortable. You hated the way he put his hands on you, always pulling you along to be introduced to someone else. The crude comments about your appearance and how everyone would just laugh, saying it was sweet he was so attracted to you. Eventually after three drinks he’d thought that maybe you’d be trashed enough to enjoy something more intimate. He dragged you down the hallway despite your hushed concerns about not wanting to leave the party.
Unfortunately for him you’d been polishing off half a bottle of whiskey every week for the past month, the wine you’d had tonight had barely even given you a buzz.
“Look Lorenzo, I’m waiting till marriage. I'm not interested in doing anything tonight. "You said firmly as he was pushing you into a dark, empty room that looked like a study.
“Shut up.” He said in an amused voice. His hands gripped you tightly and you struggled against his hold. Panic raced through your body and you felt him force you down onto a couch one of his hands came and wrapped around your neck. Without thinking your fingers wrapped around what felt like a long metal candle holder from the side table. You forced it across his face with as much strength as you could manage. The weight of his body crushed you and you pushed him off his body hitting the floor with a thump. You got up and straightened yourself out, then pulled his body back up onto the sofa trying to make it look like he’d simply passed out.
You stopped yourself from running out the door when you realized that this was a perfect time to do a little snooping. You told your body to hold itself together, you went over to the desk and found some letters that were about to be sent off recruiting members of the mafia to Birmingham over the next three weeks for a job against a certain unnamed rival. This was your golden ticket out of this mess. You folded it up and placed it inside your bra. You rejoined the party, telling your father you’d wanted some alone time with Lorenzo and he’d fallen asleep from drinking too much. He only smirked at you with bright eyes. Hopeful eyes.
You made it home and went right to your room waiting for the house to settle before sneaking out to meet Tommy. Two unbearable hours of your mind racing replaying the events, finally you went out the back door and quickly ran down the back alley. As always once you made it closer to Tommy there was a car waiting for you. The drive over was excruciating. You hated having this secret stashed in your bra, your mind was spinning wondering how long you’d have before Lorenzo would be awake with a bump on his head and a handful of missing letters taken off Luca’s desk. How long it would take before things would start to unravel.
Tommy must have noticed the break in your normally composed nature.
“Alright? Y/N” He asked and you decided to sit at one of the booths this time. You sat down and took a deep breath.
You took the papers out of your bra and he sat across from you looking them over while you poured yourself a drink, swallowing it quickly. You leaned back closing your eyes, eventually you could feel his eyes back on you.
“What happened?” He asked in a cool tone.
“Nothing surprising.” You looked at him shocked to see him angry. You sat up immediately.
“I took them off Luca’s desk while I was at that stupid party. What’s wrong?”
“You're shaking, and there’s bruises forming on the base of your neck and wrists.” The fight was starting to leave your body, you closed your eyes again. Not being able to talk about it. He was suddenly next to you pushing you further into the booth putting his arm around you. You leaned into the contact almost desperate for it. After a moment you decided to tell him what happened.
“He pulled me away from the party and I didn't want to, we fought, I won with the help of a gold candle stick. I left him unconscious, stole the letters and carried on like nothing happened.” He grabbed your face and you jumped at the sudden contract, he tilted it up to his face and you looked into his serious gaze.
“I’ve almost got you out of this love. He won't touch you again..” You melted at his words. Body drowning in the heat radiating off him, your pulse was loud in your ears and without thinking you shifted up to kiss him. He stopped you, your jaw still in his tight grasp.
“You really want to do that?” He asked in that dark tone that made you go weak.
“Yes” You whispered, unable to look away from his eyes. Something in him changed, there was something fiery in his eyes and you knew this was a very bad idea.
“Are you sure? I’ll have it so no one ever touches you again. I won't share what's mine.” His words were possessive but they felt like velvet. You nodded at him not trusting your voice. Your whole body was on edge begging for whatever contact he would give you. Then his lips were on yours following a soft, almost innocent pace. You were a lot of things, but innocent wasn't one of them. You tried to push into him, hands fisting his vest. He broke the kiss.
“Relax” He said and you let him be in charge. It was something that scared you quite a bit. While you had opened up to him about a lot of things, he’d only given you a fraction of the man he really was. Not to mention he was considerably older than you, and more experienced.
His handles cradled your face, thumbs brushing your cheek bones.
“Do you want to stop?” He asked softly, knowing he would ask. That he could still feel the tension in your body was enough for that last little bit of resistance to be chased out of your mind.
“No” You said, relaxing into him.
“Good girl. Just let me look after you, yeah?” His praise made you light headed and you nodded in response. Then his lips were back on yours, once you were ready to beg for more he pulled you up into his lap. He pulled his dress up over your head, then he got you out of your bra and slip. Then you were naked, sitting in his lap in a deserted pub in the middle of the night. You felt so unbelievably filthy on display for him as he ran his hands over your body, finger tips stroking down your spine. He took his time kissing you, palming your breasts, pinching your nipples. You were a moaning mess before he’d even properly touched you.
“Stand up” he demanded and your face got even redder as you stood up on the bench. His hands grabbed your ass pulling your wet heat to his open mouth. You let out a small scream and held onto the top of the booth while he held you there, drinking you down, sucking your clit into his mouth, his tongue setting a ruthless pace against you. You loved the way his fingers dug into your flesh as you bucked your hips against him. These were bruises you’d be happy to see later.
With a loud slap on your ass he pulled off pushing you down to sit on the table. He got up and pulled you to the edge. He flipped you on to your stomach pulling your legs off and you felt your breasts press into the cold table. His fingers traced through your drenched folds, finally going back to your swollen clit.
He pushed into you slowly and you couldn't contain the noises in your throat. He only showered you in praise for coming undone for him, something that pushed you further and further towards release. He could tell you were close, giving you permission to finish when you wanted. You tried to hold out as long as you could which only made the final event even more consuming. He followed your lead, spilling himself deep inside you.
Despite all of these events being very unexpected what happened next was by far the most surprising. He left you there on the table, you were about to get up to find your clothes.
“Stay” He said and you did despite feeling so exposed and embarrassed. He came over and cleaned you up with a clean cloth. Then he arranged you so you were sitting on the table. He stared at you for a moment with a messy look on his face. His fingers traced the bruises on your neck lightly.
“I meant what I said.” He said seriously, you don't know how you felt this comfortable. Moving from one possessor to another like you were a piece of rare art. He started to put your clothes back on and you let him.
“I know” You said softly, you had never in your life been treated like that in bed. Stupid thing to make decisions over, but when you thought more about it no one ever listed to your stupid jokes or stories with the same care either. No one ever asked you about how you thought things with your family should be, or how you would run the organization. No one ever really took you this seriously or saw you as a separate thing from your family. He finally pulled your dress over your head, his fingers brushing over your torso as he lowered it. Suddenly you wanted him again, and then maybe once more again after that.
“Here’s the plan. Looks like they are going to pick off Arthur fist from what you’ve told me about how they like to operate. So I’ll make sure my family is taken care of. If you find out anything else about when they are going to move, call this number.” He handed you a business card. And you tucked it into your bra.
“If you find yourself in trouble, call me.” He kissed your forehead.
The journey home was quiet, the car took you all the way to the alley behind your house. That night you had a lot to think about, you were thankful that instead of going back to worrying about what happened with Lorenzo, your mind was pleasantly consumed with thoughts of Tommy.
The next few days passed without anything abnormal. You hoped that meant that Luca didn't notice that letter had gone missing. Everything was fine until it wasn't.
You went into the kitchens for breakfast after getting dressed to go out for the day. Your father came in and startled you, normally he would be out trying to take over the free world by this hour.
“You have to stay in the house for the next few days.” He demanded, stealing a piece of toast.
“And why would I do that?” You asked in a stern tone.
“The Changretta’s are going to be tearing up the better half of Birmingham today, they are hoping to take out the Shelby’s. Our men are out there but I don't want to risk you getting caught up in the crossfire.”
Your stomach dropped.
“Well surely they aren't tearing up the whole city, I can go across town to shop then” you whined causing your father to scoff.
“Well they don't all live in the center of town, dear. They are picking them off from the outskirts hoping to either flush the rest of them into Small Heath” Your father stated like it was the most obvious course of action. He left and you ran to the phone calling the number Tommy gave you. Thankfully you got him right away explaining what you knew, immediately he told you to stay at your father’s house, but if for some reason it wasn't safe he gave you an address to go to.
The rest of the day was unbearable, you were stuck inside waiting for the outcome to flop on your doorstep. Eventually it was an acceptable hour to go and try to sleep. Before going up to your room you stole some of the weapons that were left around the keeping them close by. You lay there awake hating that you didn’t know what happened to Tommy’s family, or what had happened to Lorenzo.
Eventually sleep took you, but not for as long as you’d like.
You woke up to Luca Changretta standing at the foot of your bed. He was smoking a cigarette almost peacefully. You froze, unsure what to do.
“You sold out your family” he said in a passive tone.
“What are you talking about?” Your voice was steady which was a relief.
“They knew we were coming. And you knew we were sending people.” He took a long drag of his cigarette.
“Sending people? My father told me to stay in till things calmed down. I don't know anything other than that?”
“What about your weekly trips into Small Heath in the middle of the night?” You gave your best confused look. “To see a lover? An employer? Both?”
Your face flushed and you cursed your body’s reactions. Your fingers made their slow descent under the pillow next to yours. You felt your fingers wrap around the cold metal of the loaded revolver.
“Ah! See there it is” He pointed at your face with a sly smile on his face. “See you were in my office with Lorenzo when a very important letter went missing, the same letter we found while trashing one of the Shelby houses.” He looked very proud of his discovery.
You did the logical thing. He had one hand on his cigarette and he lifted the other running through his black hair.
Perfect time to shoot someone, and you did.
Square in the chest, before the threats and beatings could take place. Before they would have left you to die in your own bed after using you for god knows what.
You killed him, his face was shocked and then absent once it hit the floor.
You already had everything of value to you packed in a bag at the bottom of your wardrobe, you threw on a big coat and grabbed your bag, taking the gun, and the knife from your night stand.
You ran out of the house into the back alley, once out into the street you slowed down to a brisk pace. Trying not to seem suspicious.
You made good ground for 15 minutes, your body wanted to stop. Breathe for a minute, possibly throw up but it was too risky. You could fall apart when you got there. Suddenly a black car started slowing down. You picked up the pace only to be cut off by another black car stopping at the corner of the street in front of you. Before you could turn back, strong arms were hauling you into a back seat.
You fought hard not paying attention to what they were saying. Eventually someone helped him and they held you down.
“- Friends of Tommy CALM THE FUCK DOWN EH?” You looked up at the men, they all looked like Tommy’s people but you weren't sure. They explained they were taking you to the same address he had given you and you relaxed a little. Tears started to well up in your eyes.
“Sorry for shouting at you. I’m John” He said letting go of your arms.
“Sorry for fighting you. Y/N” You held your hand out and he shook it.
“You’ve got nasty elbows, but I guess that’s a blessing eh?” He winked at you. The rest of the trip was quiet. Which was a blessing because you couldn't handle anything more. You were escorted through a shop into a house. John pulled you into the cramped kitchen filled with people.
You didn't know what these people knew of you, suddenly you felt anxious standing there in your nightgown and winter coat. Tommy came into the room behind you and pulled you through the space to the empty sitting room. He motioned for you to sit on the coach while lighting a cigarette. You sat down and he handed it to you, which you accepted gratefully.
“Apparently they found him dead on your bedroom floor eh?”
“Damn right we did!” John shouted cheerfully from the kitchen before you could respond.
“We owe you. John and his family made it out just before they got there because of your phone call this morning.” His eyes had a mix of emotion you didn't understand. Your body was still trying to calculate that you’d lost your family, and killed someone, so you really hoped he’d break it down for you.
“We owe you, so as per our arrangement. We can arrange safe passage and sort out a place for you as an extra thank you.” Your heart sank. You were hoping he’d want you to stay.
“Or you could stay!” John shouted and then he let out a loud groan and you assumed someone had hit him. Tommy kneeled down on the ground in front of you.
“Or you could stay.” He whispered. You looked into his big blue eyes, not being able to imagine just leaving them behind, or the man attached to them.
“Be yours?” You whispered back and he let out a little chuckle.
“And be mine.” Then he kissed you, which felt like heaven till the boys were back cheering him on. You turned a shade of red you hadn't thought possible. He told them off then a real party started.
You assumed this was the victory party, you were consumed with conflicting feelings. He introduced you to the family, after a few drinks and lots of toasts dictating your bravery for shooting the big bad Changretta, you realised that you might have gained a new family in all this mess.
You would just have to find out, but it sure looked promising.
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gypsy-girl-08 · 2 days ago
Blind date-
Part 11 - More here
Pairing - Modern Thomas Shelby and Reader
@kaybeeboop @cloudofdisney - @romanogersendgame @loveableasshole @goldensunflowe-r @captivatedbycillianmurphy @namelesslosers @lauren-raines-x @katsav17 @kamiiyou @fairypitou @answer-the-sirens @vxrixnt @kathrinemelissa @datewithgianni @geminiwolves @lyarr24 @ysmmsy @sixbillionpieces @morgana-olson @mysticaldeanvoidhorse
Tumblr media
“Ok, why is it a big secret?” You answered slowly, trying to figure it out. “Well, no, it’s not. I just didn’t know how you would feel,” he shrugged. "Might put you off,"
“Why didn’t you just say before?” You asked, although you didn’t have children of your own. As you were getting older, you understood people would have commitments. He looked at you, “I don’t normally do this sort of thing,"
"What sort of thing, eat?" you asked, teasing him. "Go out on dates, see the same girl. You know more than once,” he explained, putting his knife and fork down.
"Oh, so you are a player?" you asked, he had basically admitted it. "Wouldn't say that, I suppose I just live the single life. Never commit, no one has caught my eye,"
You sipped at your wine, thinking you appreciated his honesty. "So why am I here?" He took your hand, pulling you towards him.
"You caught my eye, I want to get to know you," He kissed you, moving your hair away from your face. "Well, I think you caught my eye too," you replied, responding to his kiss.
As you finished your meal, he told you about his son. Charlie, he was 5, lived the other side of Birmingham with his mother. They hadn’t actually been together when she got pregnant, he explained. “We were just fucking, now and again,”
“Did you live together? Try to get along for the baby?” You questioned. “Only for a few months, was never going to work. We didn’t even know each other. She’s happy to just bleed me dry for money, every month.” He sounded very bitter, towards her. But then again, you couldn’t comment you didn’t know her.
“Do you see him much?” You asked, the whole thing sounded complicated. Did you really want to get entwined in all of this? “A few times a week, I try to, he stays over sometimes. I have another house closer to where he lives,”
You took it all in another house? you wondered as you finished your meals. “Have I put you off, ey?” He asked, looking worried. “No,” you smiled, pecking his lips. “Have you got warm jacket? I want to show you something,” he asked.
Giving you one of his big coats, the plates were left on the table. He poured you another glass of wine, and himself a whiskey. “Got the perfect spot for a nightcap,” he said, extending his hand.
Following him, he led you out of the apartment and up some stairs. “I have the perfect view right here,” he said watching your ass as you climbed the stairs. “Eyes straight ahead, Thomas,” you laughed, the wine kicking in. Opening a large metal door, he led you out onto the rooftop.
You could see the whole city, “Come up here to smoke, really,” he said lighting a cigarette. You took in the view, leaning slightly over to look down. “Careful,” he said, “It’s a big drop,” You watched him as he smoked, “I could watch the lights all night, it’s soothing,” you said.
Throwing his smoke, he pulled you against him. “You’re welcome to stay, but no pressure. I wouldn’t expect you too,”
As he kissed you, you desperately wanted to give in to desire. Would he think you were easy, if you did? There was an electricity between you. Like you were meant to fuck…
Before you registered what was happening, you were back in his apartment. You pushed up against the front door, him undoing your blouse, pulling it from your trousers. "You smell delicious," he said nuzzling into your neck. Your hands went up to his hair, fingers grazing over the short sides.
Throwing your head back, you knew you were giving in to the desire. Lifting your leg, you wrapped it around him, to pull him against you. Closer to you, bodies moulded together. "Jump," he said gruffly in your ear, his words making your nipples erect.
Lifting you up, easily holding you against the door. He was in control, he had you just where he wanted you. His hard erection digging into you. You wondered if he had a big dick, it felt like he did.
Carrying you, he travelled over to the sofa, laying you down. The city lights twinkling in the background, moonlight filling the room. Adding to the atmosphere. His hand grazed over your breasts, as he kissed you. "You sure about this, Y/n?" he asked, as he stopped. "Yes," you panted, pulling him closer, feeling his body through his shirt. Feeling his taut muscles.
Undoing your trousers, he pulled them down, easily discarding them. He was still fully clothed. Unusually for you, you felt comfortable with him. Confident with your body, not wanting to hide away from him. You were glad you had chosen matching underwear. Always be prepared.
Towering above you, he looked you up and down "Fuck, your body is unbelievable," he breathed out.
You laughed at his comment, pulling him back down to kiss you again. "I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you, Y/n," he confessed. "I've thought about this moment, about you."
His large hand drifted down your body. "I want you too, Tommy," you replied, gasping as he touched you....
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thepeakygang · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m gonna miss John so much can’t believe he’s gone its so sad the show isn’t the the same without him. RIP - John Boy
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quicksillver · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image: digital artwork of Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. He's sitting before a bar with smudged lighting and clear glasses on the bar top. He's slightly slumped to the side, his head tilted up as he looks off into the distance expression void of emotion. His hair is wet and plastered to his forehead. The second image is the same but in black and white. end ID]
i have a folder of peaky screenshots for when i want to draw but also don't want to draw hope that makes sense
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bonniebirddoesgifs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tommy Shelby (BBC Peaky Blinders) - Credit if using
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gypsy-girl-08 · a day ago
Blind Date
Part 12 - More here
Pairing - Modern Thomas Shelby and Reader
@kaybeeboop @cloudofdisney - @romanogersendgame @loveableasshole @goldensunflowe-r @captivatedbycillianmurphy @namelesslosers @lauren-raines-x @katsav17 @kamiiyou @fairypitou @answer-the-sirens @vxrixnt@kathrinemelissa @datewithgianni @geminiwolves @lyarr24 @ysmmsy @sixbillionpieces @morgana-olson @mysticaldeanvoidhorse
Warning- Pure Smut 👿
Tumblr media
Long fingers roamed over you, roamed over the top of your purple lace panties. "Tell me what you like, Y/n," he growled in your ear. Fuck, you weren't prepared for this. You were no prude in the bedroom, having been adventurous with previous partners. But dirty talk with a stranger? You hadn't had near enough the amount of wine you needed for this.
He felt you pause, as you stopped responding to him. Pulling back, he looked down at you, wearing a smirk on his face. He was enjoying this, enjoying seeing you squirm. “How will I know if you don't tell me, ey?" he questioned. Pulling you up towards him, he removed your bra. Licking his lips at the sight in front of him.
You were suddenly aware you were practically naked. He hadn't even taken his fucking shoes off. As if reading your mind, he tucked your hair behind your ear. "Relax, you are beautiful. So fucking beautiful,"
Dipping his head, he kissed at your breasts. Slowly, he licked your nipple, gently flicking it back and forwards with his tongue.
You let out a gentle moan as he did, biting your lip. "Ooh you like that, don't you, yeah?" he asked voice deep and filled with desire.
Fuck it, go with it, you thought. "Yes, Tommy, I like it," you responded to his touch arching your back. Taking your other nipple he sucked it gently, "How does it feel?" he asked you.
“It's making me want you more, it's making me horny," you moaned into his neck.
"Good, I want you to be horny. Are you wet?" he asked rubbing his hands over your panties again. "Feel me, Tommy," you begged, looking into his eyes.
"Is that what you want?" his pupils were blown wide, desire evident. "Yes," you panted, you were desperate to be touched now.
Sitting up, he pulled you onto his knee, so you were straddling him. One hand gripped at your ass, the other trailed down your body. Pulling at the lace of your knickers, slowly, teasingly slowly his hand slipped inside. “So smooth,” he mumbled.
You felt like you were dripping into your panties by now. You couldn't remember the last time you were this turned on.
His palm pressed against your body, middle finger trailing along your slit. Just slowly stopping at your entrance, "Mmm, nice and wet, is it all for me, ey?" he asked.
You nodded, looking down into his eyes, "For you Tommy, just for you, please," You rocked your hips against him, desperate for some pressure, for some touch. "You asked so nicely baby," he told you.
Again his hand dipped inside your panties, you wanted him to just rip them off and fuck you. "I think you could be very responsive, I bet you could Cum like this," he observed you writhing against him.
Jesus, this was going to be a good fuck, he thought. His middle finger dipped inside of your entrance, your tight walls clasping around him. Hooking his finger inside of you, from the position your were in. He could easily reach your g-spot.
Slowly, he pumped his finger in and out, the squelch from how wet you were filling the room. Removing his finger, you moaned at the loss. "I want to taste you," he said putting his fingers inside his mouth, licking at the juices.
Reaching for your face, he kissed you slipping his tongue inside so you could taste yourself. "So sweet," he said, pulling your ass, he pulled you forward as you rocked against him. "Make yourself Cum," he ordered.
"What?" you asked, unsure. “You are so close aren't you? Just rubbing yourself on me, I bet you could cum, show me,”
Doing what he asked, you rubbed yourself up and down his thigh. Without warning he put his palm on your clit, pushing against it. Creating pressure. Fuck, you were going to cum, going to drip on him. "Cum for me," he ordered again, "I want to see you,"
He started rubbing against your clit, it was so swollen. Just begging for him to touch it. "Yes Tommy, make me cum," Using his thumb he rubbed against your clit, your breasts bouncing in his face as you rocked against him. “You look so fucking hot, like this, do you know?”
He was hard, so hard. He was desperate to bend you over his sofa and fuck you hard. Panting, panting, harder he pushed his middle finger inside of you again as you came. Pulsing around him, juices flowing onto his hand. Catching your breath, you buried your head against his shoulder.
“Holy shit,” you breathed out. Adjusting you he stood, scooping you up. “That was round one,” he winked carrying you into his bedroom. Laying you on the plush bed, you took in your surroundings. Definite bachelor pad, expensive furniture, but minimal homely touch.
Standing over you as you sat on the bed, he pulled off your knickers with one hand. Then began to undo his belt, “I just knew we would be good together,” he announced breaking the silence as you watched him strip. Ab muscles covering his stomach, his chest was strong, Calvin Klein boxers still covering him.
“What made you think that?” You asked, as you knelt in front of him on the bed. Your hand grazing across his muscles, to its destination. “Cos you caught my eye, remember?” His breath caught in his throat as you pumped him in your hand. Taking all of him in your hand, ready to do whatever he wanted you to do…
Authors Note- I felt bad, I couldn’t make you all wait any longer !!
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