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#thomas the tank engine
ayanarts-01 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you know how the train modifies itself to attract new passengers? thank you @sepublic, for this new wave of hell you’ve unleased.
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nerviovago · a year ago
Hello There
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robotic-railways · 4 months ago
Share this around- because you're still valid.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months ago
I dreamt that it was announced that Percy from the “Thomas the Tank Engine” series had spoken to an educational psychologist and was diagnosed as being autistic.
(After I woke up from said dream I had to Google it in case it was something I'd read about and forgotten.)
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mmajora · 2 months ago
Plot twist: the train station in limbo isn’t actually about ycgma or whatever, it’s actually referencing the original Thomas the tank engine series, and the extreme dystopian society presented in them, which is covered up as a fun children’s story. If we view Dream as a conductor, and knowing Ghostbur’s propensity to blue, we can therefore make the assump-
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shiftythrifting · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another masterpost submission of weirdness I've spotted thrifting within last year
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runningwithhelicopters · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
No, I didn't come back to this blog just to traumatise you. I mean, it wasn't the only reason.
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asktrio516 · 3 months ago
Steam Team//Main 10
Tumblr media
💙 The glass is always half full.
💙 Cheeky little dumbass. He’s one of the smaller engines among those on the island, though that doesn’t matter what so ever considering his personality makes up for it. This is a boisterous, fun loving little engine and you’ll either be his best friend or hate his guts there is no in between.
💙 Has a strong distaste for fish and anything that lives in the water. Most just think he hates them and the way they smell, but he’s actually mildly ichthyophobic thanks to the pain he went through when a fish got stuck in his boiler.
💙 He’s got pride in working hard and helping others. He won’t let anyone underestimate him because of his small size or past mistakes. He does his best to learn from things but because of his excitable nature he can be really clumsy and jump into things without thinking one step ahead. This does pay off well sometimes, like when jumping in head first to act quickly and save a friend in need. But it can also lead to accidents and trouble when he takes a joke a little too far.
💙 Loves cake. Keep it away from him.
💙 Always gives other’s a chance and sees the good in everyone until they do something really unforgivable. Then he can hold a nasty grudge for a lifetime.
💙 Can get distracted easily especially when there’s someone new on the island or when he’s got something exciting/special to do.
💙 Loves pop and cheesy love songs. He’ll probably dance to it while working. Tries to get Gordon to join in but usually fails.
💙 Likes swearing mainly because he’s told not to. In fact there’s a lot this little shit will do just because he’s told NOT TO DO IT.
💙 When running along tracks without pulling anything, he will often transform and skate along the tracks in human form doing little stunts. He finds it fun and prefers it when he’s not pulling trucks or coaches.
💙 Can get very snippy and borderline asshole when someone is rude towards him or a friend.
💙 Incredibly close with Percy (best friend), James, Toby, Emily, Edward, Bertie, Lady, Annie and Clarabelle, Ella(OC), Laura(OC).
Good friends with Gordon (to Gordon’s dismay), Mavis, Salty, Duck, @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC) and genuinely friendly with everyone else on the island.
Holds a massive grudge towards D10 for what happened between them and Lady. Not a massive fan of Diesel either with how much shit he’s done but is a lot better around him than D10.
Tumblr media
💙 Everyone sees him as the ‘father’ figure. He’s the first of all the engines to be on Sodor, and looked up to by almost everyone for guidance, advice and support. It’s with good reason, despite being old and a little worn out, he never fails to be there for others and to prove how much of an important engine he is.
💙 Even in human form, he can tire faster than other engines due to his age. Its something he’s self concious about, and pushes himself to try harder when this happens. (sometimes overdoing it and hurting himself.)
💙 Loves having tea and waffles for breakfast. There has to be fruits too, strawberries and blueberries mainly. With golden syrup. Thats his slice of heaven in the morning and don’t you dare ruin it.
💙 Never loses his cool. It’s incredibly difficult to anger him and even then he’s known to handle things with almost supernatural levels of patience. It’s why BoCo and Mavis run to him for help whenever Bill and Ben misbehave. The closest thing he’s gotten to angry is really really stern, and at that point others know to back off.
💙 Everyone’s gangster until Edward’s had enough.
💙 Loves to read, whenever he’s got a moment to spare or to relax he can be seen reading something different. He goes through them quickly. His favourite novels are romance and thrillers, though he’s got an interest in philosophy too.
💙 No matter what, even when someone’s nasty to him, he will treat them with respect. He lives by the rule that there’s never a reason to stoop to such a low level, even if someone else does. If he is to get back at someone, he will do so without hurting them, but teaching them something valuable. That’s the hope anyway.
💙 Hates to see people cry. Will do anything to help.
💙 Amazing hugger. Others often joke he should get a ‘free hugs’ sign.
💙 Incredibly close with Henry, James, Bill and Ben, Duck, Oliver and Toad, BoCo, Gordon, Thomas, Percy, Toby, Mavis and @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC).
Good friends with Molly, Neville, the Scottish Twins, Emily, Ella(OC), Laura(OC) and is friendly towards everyone he meets.
Doesn’t really have any grudge or anything against anyone, he’s always very forgiving, but loyal to those he really cares for.
Tumblr media
💚 Before the Flying Kipper Accident he was a failed prototype and therefore needed special coal and was often ‘sick’ without it. His physical build was also a lot slimmer and his skin was often covered in dark rashes. The accident with the Flying Kipper was a traumatic experience for him and left him with permanent scars over his left leg and torso.
💚 After the Accident, Henry underwent extensive rebuild which left more precise scars over his limbs, though now he’s a much stronger build and nowhere near as sickly as before.
💚 His condition before the accident left him with Mysophobia (a fear of contaminants and getting sick) which is why he wears gloves. He knows it’s an irrational fear as human engines can’t die or get ill from the same things humans do, but it’s difficult to help.
💚 Also severely claustrophobic after being bricked up in the tunnel, which happened a long time ago and when Sodor’s laws on human engines having equality were still in the air. (He considered running away but because of his condition back then, and lack of special coal meant he was too ill and weak to do so and had to stay in the tunnel)
💚 Over the years his flawed qualities have softened and Henry is a lot less of a snarky ass than he used to be, his genuinely good side brought out by Edward the more the two spent time together.
💚 Loves to paint. Is actually really good at it. His favourite thing to paint is scenery and Sodor’s countryside. It’s Forests mainly. He’s self conscious about his work though and does it mainly as stress relief.
💚 Collects plants. Names them all. His favourites are succulents and ferns.
💚 Spends a lot of his free time in Henry’s Forest. Probably how the place got it’s name. There’s a specific spot under a huge tree where he likes to sit and collect his thoughts.
💚 Soft spoken usually, but will shout at you if he’s mad. He’s impressionable and has fallen victim to ‘peer pressure’.
💚 Incredibly close with Edward, Gordon, James, Hiro and Rosie.
Good friends with BoCo, Duck, Thomas and Percy, Emily, Molly, Laura(OC) and Murdoch. Generally a good sport and nice to other engines even if they’re not really close friends.
Scared of Diesel10. Doesn’t like Diesel much, still feels really guilty of believing the things he said about Duck and having a hand in kicking him out of Tidmouth.
Tumblr media
💙 One of the tallest engines on Sodor when in human form, as well as one of the strongest.
💙 Massive competitive streak. You so much as mention a competition, race, anything, he’s there and will take up the offer even if there isn’t one.
💙 He’s a very proud and grand engine, and can come across as pompous and just a little bit stuck up. Having such an important job on the island and towering over a lot of the other smaller engines can go to his head, however underneath the exterior he’s got a massive heart. There isn’t a friend more loyal, and he’ll be the first to stick up for a friend in need.
💙 Some smaller engines see him as the grumpy father figure, especially Percy and Thomas. He actually gives pretty good advice...when he wants to. Just don’t disturb him if you value life.
💙 Loves his peace and quiet. After a long and busy day he will savour some time alone with his pipe and a newspaper or a book Edward happened to recommend. Either or, this is how he’ll unwind after a hard day’s work.
💙 Dry and sarcastic sense of humour.
💙 He feels intense pressure to always be the best in what he does, and presentation is everything. Because of this there is a fear of looking weak or ridiculous in front of others. Especially weak. He will avoid asking for help if he can.
💙 Can be a little judgemental towards others. It’s still something to work on.
💙 If it tastes like Vanilla, he likes it.
💙 Despite pulling the express as his main responsibly, he still enjoys running in his spare time. That, and hiking. He enjoys seeing the island from a view different to the one you see from the railways tracks, and therefore knows quite a few gorgeous spots on Sodor.
💙 Incredibly close with Edward, Henry, James, Thomas, Percy, Scotsman (brother), BoCo, @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC) and @robotic-railway-machines’s Robo(OC).
Good friends with Toby, Rosie, Emily, Murdoch, Hiro, Thomas and while maybe not the nicest to every single engine he still holds a friendly reputation albeit a little grumpy.
Bill and Ben piss him off. Diesel 10 is a questionable character and he worries for Lady.
Tumblr media
❤️ Embodiment of Pride. If confidence was a currency this bastard would be the richest man on Sodor.
❤️ While he has moments of maturity, he can also act childish in certain situations, especially when angry or frustrated. Throwing a tantrum or fit isn’t past him.
❤️ Has a love/hate relationship with his self image after the Smelter’s Incident which left him with extensive damage. While the damage was patched up, in human form he still has scars on his upper arm. For a very long time it destroyed his self image and was something he was incredibly uncomfortable showing or even acknowledging, feeling as though appearance was everything and therefore he was nothing without it. It was with Edward’s help, and others who genuinely cared that he slowly came to accept this damage as a part of him.
❤️ Salted Caramel or strawberries and cream anything and he’s happy. Lives on Espresso.
❤️ If you need advice on fashion, hair or anything in the beauty department, he’s the one to go to. Has worn lipstick, nail polish and doesn’t give a shit what others think.
❤️ Is a terribly smug bitch and won’t hesitate to throw hands or insults, quite creative ones too. Despite this though, he’s incredibly loyal, and will kill if a friend is in trouble. He may seem like an insensitive jackass and lives up to that in many moments, but deep down has a big heart.
❤️ Being his close friend, it becomes clear just how comforting he can be. Due to his rather self absorbed attitude and drama, it’s easy for others to mistake him for having no other setting. Those important to him know he’s capable of being incredibly selfless and loving.
❤️ Impulsive. Even if he’s made the same mistake ten times before, he can still jump in head first without thinking fully well knowing the outcome.
❤️ Loves bouncy pop and 80’s music. He’s a god damn diva. Likes to sing along and sometimes uses a wooden spoon as a mic. Has a decent singing voice which is a surprise to literally everyone.
❤️ Excellent dancer.
❤️ Fuse is probably the shortest there is. He does cool down as quickly as he explodes, though.
❤️ Incredibly close with Edward, Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Henry, Emily, Lady, Molly, Rosie, Daisy, Ella(OC) and Laura(OC).
Good friends with Toby, Duck, Hiro, Bill and Ben, Oliver and Toad and @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC). Decent with Diesel, the two get along when making fun of someone and other choice moments. While his personality can put others off at first, he is genuine fun to have around despite his drama.
Terrified of Diesel10, still finds it hard to forgive him, but is trying.
Tumblr media
💚 The pure smol and baby of the family. You hurt this child and a world of hurt will rain down on you curtesy of everyone else.
💚 One of the smallest engines on Sodor when in human form, beaten only by Lady and the Narrow Gauge engines. His size doesn’t stop him from being a brave friend and good influence on others.
💚 Can be a little naive. He has a optimistic view of the world as a whole and is incredibly trusting, something that others can use against him which has happened. Because of this good nature, others can mistake him for stupid, something far from the truth. He’s no pushover.
💚 Curious boi. Loves to explore Sodor and often tags along with Gordon, something the bigger engine secretly appreciates. He also loves the beach.
💚 LOVES animals. Cats and Dogs especially, can’t make his mind up. Also Chipmunks.
💚 Often gets confused when big words are used by other engines. He can be quite forgetful, and doesn’t always remember each one which again gives the false impression that he’s not very smart. He’s quite sharp, he’s just a little clueless sometimes and likes to ask questions.
💚 Really likes candy. And Pizza. Especially pizza. Hide the pizza.
💚 Really loves his mail run. Very proud of it. Likes to write everyone little notes and delivers them personally on every occasion.
💚 Forgiving. No matter what.
💚 Has a sassy side that doesn’t come out much. When it does he doesn’t hesitate to drop a swear word, much to everyone’s surprise (and panic.)
💚 Easily spooked, doesn’t like being alone or feeling abandoned, which also makes him prone to jealousy and feeling replaced.
💚 Incredibly close with Thomas (best friend), Duck, Harold, Gordon, Edward, James, Toby, Diesel10, Lady, Emily, Ella(OC), Laura(OC) and Rosie.
Good friends with @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC), The Scottish Twins, Bertie, Hiro, Daisy, Arry and Bert, and pretty much every other engine on Sodor, even Diesel.
He doesn’t really have any grudges. He doesn’t like hating people or holding onto mistakes.
Tumblr media
🤎 A genuinely good soul.
🤎 Likes to take things slow. He enjoys taking time to enjoy the world around him and rushing everywhere stresses him out.
🤎 Loves cocoa, and chocolate in general. Especially dark.
🤎 Severely Acrophobic. Has a very difficult time with high bridges, and is also extremely uncomfortable with the sight and sound of fast, rushing water.
🤎 Not one of the strongest, largest or fastest engines on Sodor and usually pitted with the smallest, this little Tram isn’t someone you should take for granted or see as an easy target. His appearance and calm, quiet nature makes it easy for others to underestimate him. Where he lacks in speed or strength, he makes up for in patience and care.
🤎 On par with Edward when it comes to god advice and being someone others can count on when in trouble.
🤎 His favourite season is winter. Despite it being a dangerous time for engines, he loves the snow and how beautiful the island looks when covered in white. Enjoys taking long walks when in human form to enjoy the winter scenery.
🤎 Loves knitting. Will knit you a scarf and a hat and whatever else you want. Percy and Thomas both have one, something from their days of sharing a shed.
🤎 One of the few engines who isn’t afraid of Diesel10, and one of the few engines Diesel10 is actually hesitant to piss off.
🤎 Can be really stern, a little too much for others sometimes. This is one of the only things that kept Thomas and Percy in line sometimes, however. When around the two for long periods of time he meshes well with them and the three do have moments of goofy fun together.
🤎 Prone to panic a little when in a really stressful situation without much warning.
🤎 Incredibly close with Thomas, Percy, Duck, Henrietta, Molly, Neville, Mavis and Harold.
Good friends with James, Henry, Gordon, the Scottish Twins, Laura(OC), @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC), and a genuinely friendly engine to everyone he meets.
Doesn’t have any grudges or enemies to speak of. He’s not fond of Diesel10’s actions, but doesn’t hold it against him with the hope that he changes.
Tumblr media
💚 Sass is the Great Western Way.
💚 Loves English Tea. Drinks that shit like it’s water. (Earl Gray specifically. Don’t make it for him because you won’t do it right.)
💚 Despite not being the tallest in height and more on par with small engines like Thomas and Percy, his level headed confidence makes up for it. He’s not afraid of big or mean engines and will not hesitate to put someone in their place, especially if protecting a friend or another underdog. (His small stature, big puffy jacket, and consistent smile usually makes people forget he’s decently built and won’t hesitate to slap a bitch)
💚 Likes humming or singing quietly while working. Sometimes without realising it.
💚 When in human form, one of his legs is slightly shorter than the other which gives the impression that he waddles, further enforcing the nickname which he prefers over his name. Despite that he is a pretty great dancer and does it a lot in his spare time. Just put on electro swing and watch what happens.
💚 His hair is a mystery. No one knows why it swishes. James has tried to style it but it just bounces back. It’s impossible.
💚 Feels at home around the ocean and the coast. He describes it as feeling at peace. Has a favourite spot close to Bluff’s Cove where he likes to gather his thoughts. Decent swimmer too which took practice.
💚 Chivalry ain’t dead.
💚 Easily confused when too much information is thrown at him at once. When too many long words are used quickly he gets easily flustered and has difficulty saying them which frustrates him. This can be mistaken for him being an idiot and Diesel takes full advantage. Revafuckinlutionary baby.
💚 Mildly Claustrophobic. Usually when spending a little too long inside small tunnels or in really thick crowds. He’ll start to feel on edge and usually tries to get through them as quickly as possible.
💚 Has a genuinely optimistic outlook and almost always friendly and kind towards others, albeit a little witty. He’ll always lend a hand and do whatever he can to help, however he can be incredibly stubborn, and a little too rigid with how he does things. He can also be quite harsh when it comes to being fair.
💚 Can talk a little TOO much about his work and responsibilities which he takes great pride in. In fairness he is also a great listener when someone needs to talk.
💚 Sometimes can come across as a little bit of a smug git due to that sassy take no shit personality, but would never talk down to anyone or belittle someone on purpose. Seeing someone treated this way really upsets him and he will step in.
💚 Incredibly close with Oliver and Toad, the Scottish Twins, Skiff, BoCo, Edward, Percy, Toby, Laura(OC) and @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC).
Good friends with Thomas, James, Harold, Emily, Henry, Ella(OC) and friendly with pretty much any engine on Sodor.
Shows Diesel the minimum level of professional respect. Won’t hesitate to throw hands, though.
Tumblr media
🖤 Twin engine to Douglas. He shares a mirror resemblance to his brother in human form in terms of face, body build and height as well as strength. Their clothes are identical too aside from a few minor tweaks.
🖤 The charmer and slightly more mischievous of the two.
🖤 Likes practical jokes. One such spree ended up with him having a duckling as a pet which was named Dilly, and the two have been inseparable since.
🖤 Loves to tease his brother and others for that matter. Can talk his way out of most things due to being so smooth. His brother sees through it though and won’t let him off easy.
🖤 His Scottish accent gets difficult to understand when he starts speaking really fast and when he’s upset.
🖤 Prefers the nickname Donnie.
🖤 Often jokes with Duck about the two being a couple and their two names. They almost were at one point, though now it’s an inside joke the two often lean into.
🖤 OREOS ARE LIFE. Only chocolate ones tho.
🖤 Twin engine to Donald. He shares a mirror resemblance to his brother in human form in terms of face, body build and height as well as strength. Their clothes are identical too aside from a few minor tweaks.
🖤 The more serious, (and he would argue smarter) of the two.
🖤 Prefers his full name, the only one allowed to call him Dougie is his brother and Oliver.
🖤 Has a decent sense of humour even if he seems to be the more serious of the twins. Does pretty good impressions of other engines.
🖤 Enjoys playing the bagpipes. Is actually quite decent. Definitely proud of his heritage.
🖤 Was the one to find Oliver and Toad, and help them on the last stretch of their journey and brought them to Sodor. He felt protective over them from the very start and stayed with them through most of it, catching strong feelings for Oliver in the process.
The Scottish Twins
🤍 Both Donald and Douglas are inseparable, though will argue constantly. It’s a brother thing.
🤍 They’re both friends you keep for a lifetime. Loyal and fearless, the twins are engines who will go to war with you and be there with a tub of ice cream, a blanket and a shitty comedy when you need to feel better.
🤍 Incredibly close with Oliver and Toad, Duck, BoCo, Bill and Ben, Emily, Lady, Ella(OC) and Laura(OC).
Good friends with Edward, Toby, Percy, Mavis, Salty, Molly, Neville, Harold, @capt-shrkb8’s Levi(OC) and are generally happy to be anyone’s friends as long as they aint assholes.
Neither twin really feels strong resentment towards any engine, though both (especially Donald) are still upset with Diesel for what he did to Duck, even if he was forgiven.
I realised that most of my main cast needed some updates because the more I drew them the more little details and changes were added until I just had to go and update references. They were the easiest to update, as refurbishing existing designs is faster to do than coming up with new ones. So while I work on Scotsman and the Diesels, here’s my main 10 now with ACTUAL HCS HOW ABOUT THAT.
People might not agree with all of them but this is how I interpret these characters in this AU. These are basic af and I’m always adding more and working on new ones, if I missed any it doesn’t mean they won’t be added later. I didn’t go too far into relationships or romance because I feel like that’s a category of HCs all on it’s own.
When asks will be open feel free to ask the engines about any of these! I’m going to be adding this as a link on the pinned post to make it easy to find. 💖
❤️💙💚 Hope yall enjoy 💚💙❤️
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thehmn · a year ago
The theme to Thomas the Tank Engine was playing in the background when I noticed a text saying “Illuminati theme”
Confused I said out loud “Illuminati theme?” to which my roommate asked “What!? Thomas the Tank Engine is the theme of the Illuminati!?”
Trust no one.
Tumblr media
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nerviovago · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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asktrio516 · 5 months ago
🚂 Human!Engines Head Canons 🚂
I finally put most of what’s going on with my designs and AU into actual HCs so people can understand wtf is happening on this idiotic blog. I might add more illustrations later, and I’ll keep this as a pinned post for a little while. 💕
🌟 The Engines/Coaches/Vehicles that are ‘alive’ change by the Energy or ‘Dust’ dispersing their forms to collect again and reform their new appearance.
Tumblr media
🌟 The Engines, coaches and all other vehicles with faces/souls change using Dust. It takes energy and therefore it’s not finite. The time they spend in each form is unlimited, but each time they change uses up energy which needs time to recharge.
Tumblr media
🌟 They’re inhumanly strong when in their human bodies. Able to push trucks, coaches and lift amounts no normal human being could. Even though their condition and abilities still translate to their human forms hence a stronger engine could lift more than a smaller/older one.
🌟 Bad coal/bad diesel fuel/sugar, and any substance that is bad for the engine to burn/ingest, will effect the human form as well usually by making them appear and feel really ill.
Tumblr media
🌟 They don’t need to eat or drink human foods to survive when in a human form. If they do so, it’s for pleasure and because they like the taste, but not for energy or survival. Steam Engines do find that drinking water does give them energy even when human, however.
🌟 They also weigh more than a normal person, which means swimming is something that takes practice.
Tumblr media
🌟 The wheels on their legs can come off, but it’s uncomfortable for them to remove/reattach therefore they don’t do it often.
Tumblr media
🌟 Their ‘blood’ is darker than normal blood. It appears black in condensed amounts but a more reddish rust colour when thinned.
Tumblr media
🌟 Their stomachs equate to their boiler. If the boiler is pierced the wound will show up on their gut. The whistle equates to the throat, etc.
🌟 Their whistles still sound like their usual ones when in human appearance, and they whistle the same way a person would with their mouth and fingers (however the whistle they emit is significantly louder than anything a normal human could produce, more or less the same sound as when they’re locomotives)
🌟 They’re virtually immortal to blood loss, and can sustain extensive physical damage. The greater the damage done to their engine bodies, the greater the wounds will be. They will translate to their human bodies, including lost limbs, broken ‘bones’, and torn flesh. Engines who went though damage like this will have scars on their human bodies. Wounds that would be fatal to a normal person wouldn’t necessarily kill an a Human Engine, but it would hurt.
Tumblr media
🌟 The only way to kill them is to either damage the engine enough until it’s inoperational or detaching their face. That severs the soul from the chassis and therefore kills them.
🌟 Their paint job is what dictates the colour of their hair and the colour of their clothing, though the clothing is something they can choose willingly.
🌟 They don’t have a ‘sex’, their human appearances and pronouns are dictated by how they identify, and that’s what gives them male or female bodies/parts/etc. They have the ability to change it every time they transform if they choose to, should their identity change.
🌟 They can remove clothing and change into other clothing manually when human, but if they leave that item behind and change back into an Engine it will eventually disappear and manifest again when they return to a human form.
Main 10/Steam Team
Oliver and Toad
The Flying Scotsman
Original characters and OC Engines
Narrow Gauge Engines
Official Ships
Fiancé’s brilliant Sci-fi AU — @sodor-interstellar
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