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Life in Audrilluria PREVIEW

King!Tom Hiddleston x Former-thief Reader


It’s funny how even after everything that has happened so far, he still keeps that same look in his eyes when he thinks I don’t see him looking. It’s almost like that stupid little saying I would always roll my eyes at actually has some meaning to it. No matter how many people judge him for bringing me back, no matter how many disapproving looks he gets daily, he’s still confident he made the right decision. I guess love really does conquer all…

Coming June 22nd

Heart of Audrilluria Masterlist 

Taglist is RE-OPENED

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So for my 100th post I decided to go back to the start of it all. This fic got me to where I am now and actually gave me the courage to write the crazy stories that came into my head. Thank each and every single one of you for all the support you’ve shown me and for everything else!! If it weren’t for all of you, I probably would have stopped writing. Anyway, I hope all is well, please stay safe out there, and I’ll see you on June 22nd for the return of my favorite fic thus far. 

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Not a Fairytale (PREVIEW)

Business CEO AU

CEO!Tom Hiddleston x Reader

If you enjoyed Heart of Audrilluria, you’ll like this one too.


You’re a busy woman. You have a high ranking job at a distinguished company and are in charge of providing for three people, including your niece. You’re dedicated to your work and family. You have no time to be worrying about your love life. But apparently, someone else does, and they decided you’d have a love story straight out of a Fairytale. Will meeting the “prince charming” chosen for you change your mind?

Taglist is OPEN

Coming June 3rd


Permanent Taglist for all things Tom Hiddleston:

@myraiswack@falling4uke @accio-boys @ashcrimson-is-writing @just-trying-to-survive-marvel

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Heart of Audrilluria- Chapter XXI; Dreams Come True

Modern Fairytale AU

Prince King!Tom Hiddleston x Thief Queen! Reader

Designated Song: Hidden Feelings by Zara, Phoebe, and Lo

Please read the Author’s Note

Ready to fall in love?


Removing the glass from her lips, Y/N swallowed the water nervously. It had been almost two years since she’d returned to Audrilluria with Thomas and today was the day they’d vow to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. And if that wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, she’d also make her vows to be queen. Something she’d been rehearsing since the day Thomas proposed. Her dream man came with a package. A package that just so happened to include a country… And seven kids.

“I’m sweating like a pig in the desert,” Y/N complained, fanning herself with a notecard that contained her vows. “There’s no sweat, you’re fine,” Amelie comforted, “Now close your eyes, I need to make you look naturally beautiful for your husband to be.” Y/N closed her eyes, desperately trying to continue fanning herself before Amelie took the notecard from her hand. “It’s hot in here, I don’t want to sweat in my dress,” Y/N whined, keeping her eyes closed. “It’s not hot,” Amelie laughed as she continued to apply a natural-looking eyeshadow to Y/N’s lids, “You’re nervous. Honestly, if I was marrying a handsome, gentle, kind, and downright amazing king, I would be nervous too.” Y/N laughed mockingly, “You’ll find someone. Maybe not a king, but someone.” 

Before Amelie had a chance to respond, the door opened and Augustus walked in. “How is the bride?” he asked excitedly, holding a clear, plastic box that contained the fresh flower bouquet. “The bride, if you must know, is anxious out of her mind,” Y/N replied as Amelie added the final touches to her eyeliner before reaching for the mascara. “You’ll be fine,” Augustus laughed as he set the bouquet down on the table near the sisters. “See,” Amelie began, finishing with Y/N’s makeup, “Gus and I both agree you’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. Besides, Tom loves you, pig sweat, and all.” Y/N rolled her eyes, looking over to the bouquet box to admire the freshly picked flowers. “So what did you decide on for my flowers?” she asked, looking over to Augustus. “Well,” he began, “Since I had to describe you love in flowers while sticking to the theme, I went for baby’s breath for the innocence of first love, white gardenias for the joy of the celebration, red roses for true love, pink roses for grace, ivory roses to represent your charm, and blush noisettes for a modern yet elegant touch. All flowers were picked from the garden.” 

Y/N smiled, still admiring the bouquet, “I want to believe you looked up the meaning of flowers in preparation for the wedding.” Augustus gave her a proud smile, “Since Thomas showed me the ring he was going to use to propose with.” Y/N chuckled, looking down at the ring. The mock sapphire gem gleaming under the light of the sun. Her thoughts took her back to the day he proposed, the familiar feeling spreading from her stomach. She felt it every time she was around him, thinking about him, and every time they kissed. Love.

“When you’re done daydreaming,” Amelie teased, “Maybe you can finally tell me about the ring you’re staring at while I help you with your dress.” Y/N snapped out of her thoughts, standing to walk over to the panel divider to change out of her nightwear and into her wedding dress. “I’m curious too,” Augustus said, “Why the mock sapphire ring?” Whilst changing, Y/N explained behind the panel, “We all remember when I stole the heart’s replica. Well, I left the gemstone heart behind with a note for Thomas that said ‘Real or fake, this shouldn’t belong to me’, referring to the heart. When he brought the replica back, he had a professional jeweler change them again so that the replica could have the gem it originally came with. As for the one I had put in its place, I thought he threw it away. Apparently, he had this ring specially made with a piece of the mock sapphire as the center jewel of the rose. He had another piece of the mock sapphire embedded into his wedding band. The rose in my ring is a symbol of what we consider was our first date in the garden. The day he proposed, he told me ‘Real or fake, this heart belongs to you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ And I knew I had to say yes.” 

Amelie stared lovingly at her sister as she attached the veil to her hair. “He’s so sappy! I love it!” she said, taking a step back to admire her work, “And you look absolutely perfect.” Y/N walked out of the barrier created by the divider, allowing Augustus to see her. As soon as he laid eyes on her, his jaw dropped in astonishment. “You look absolutely radiant!” he complimented, almost at a loss for words. “Thank you, Gus,” Y/N smiled. Amelie walked to stand in front of her, “Ready to knock your goom out of his boots? Well, again?” 


Thomas stood in front of the altar with the archbishop and two best men by his side. His solid black traditional suit greatly contrasted with the brightness of the room. He was wearing his king crown for the special occasion. “Nervous?” Charles asked him teasingly. “Yes,” Thomas said simply, trying to distract himself by looking at everything in the room, making sure everything looked perfect. “So was Y/N,” Augustus said simply. “I lived with her for almost two years. I know everything about her life, everything she loves, everything she hates, every little thing about her and I am overtaken by the nerves and fear,” Thomas muttered, more to himself. “You’ll be fine, Tommy,” Charles comforted, “Feeling anxious is perfectly normal when you’re marrying the love of your life. Your parents felt it, my parents felt it, and hell, I’ll feel it when Augustus and I decide to get married.” Augustus looked over to him in shock, “When we wha-”

Music began to play as the double doors opened slowly. All three men straightened their posture and the best men took their respective places. The guests that crowded the room stood, turning to the doors as the royal children came into view. From the order of age, they began to walk down the aisle, Joey spreading the flower petals, Mikey walking close behind with the rings, Matias following in line in front of Alma, Allie, Daya, and Theodore. They took their places in the front seats reserved for family. At the very end of the hall, Y/N stood in her gorgeous dress and bouquet in hand. Her white dress was decorated with faux silver gems on top of the intricate lace, giving the dress a glowing feeling. She began her stride down the hall, joined by Amelie who agreed to give her away. Thomas looked to his wife-to-be in astonishment. She was as gorgeous as the day she first came to Audrilluria. She looked perfect, as always. 

They reached the altar and Amelie took Y/N’s hand and put it in Thomas’s hand. “Take care of her, your highness,” Amelie whispered loud enough for him to hear. “I promise,” Thomas smiled, taking her hand and leading her up to the top of the altar. He continued to admire her beauty, now closer as Amelie took her place on Y/N’s right side, taking her bouquet. “You look absolutely divine,” Thomas whispered to her, leaning into her ear. “And you look regal, my love,” she responded with a smile. Both their nerves long forgotten as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Dearly beloved family, friends, and guests,” the archbishop began, “We are here today to celebrate the union between our king and his beloved. I have been informed that objections will not be allowed, so I shall move on with the sermon.” Y/N’s eyes widened slightly as she giggled, turning to Thomas. Thomas simply winked, giving her that all too familiar smirk before focussing on the archbishop’s words.

“As a promise of eternal love, the bride and groom will now speak their vows as they accept their rings,” the archbishop spoke. Mikey approached Charles, giving him the rings before returning to his place. Thomas and Y/N faced each other, holding hands. “My dearest Y/N,” Thomas began, looking deeply into her eyes, “From the moment I laid eyes on you, the only thought in my mind was how beautiful and free-spirited you were. I was instantly captivated by your very presence. You took my breath away from the very start and I wanted nothing more than to be by your side always. I found myself thinking about you at every given moment. I was captivated by your smile, your eyes, the way you laughed, the way you carried yourself, and every little thing about you. I knew from the start, I needed to be with you. Even after everything that happened after I first met you, I felt the need to forgive. I knew that if I didn’t have you by my side, I would never forgive myself. I knew that despite everything, I needed to be with you. So from that moment on, I decided to not let you go. And I promise now, with everyone here to witness, I will never let you go.” He placed the ring on Y/N’s finger as he finished speaking. The archbishop nodded to Y/N, signaling it was her turn.

“Thomas, my love,” she began, “There are so many things I could say to you that I’ve said before. I could describe how much I love you or how much you changed me, but I want to tell you something I’ve never said aloud. When we first met, I couldn’t meet your eyes because I knew I’d get lost in those beautiful blue orbs. Every time you spoke, I felt butterflies and a part of me wished it was directed to me. I fell for you slowly and it scared me because I never even dreamed of. Every little thing about you took my breath away and whenever you looked at me from a distance, time just froze. I was terrified to tell you what I felt because I knew you deserved so much more than I could ever be. When you went looking for me and showed me the hope in your eyes, I allowed myself to show what I feel. I was certain we would never end up together, but you changed that. And now, I’m overjoyed that from this day on, you will call me your wife.” She took his wedding band and placed it on his finger. 

“Do you, King Thomas, take Y/N to be your wife?” Thomas smiled brightly, “I do.” 

“And do you, Y/N L/N, take Thomas to be your husband?” Y/N mimicked his smile, “I do.” 

“Before this ceremony continues, I ask that the bride prepare to speak the vows to Audrilluria,” the archbishop commanded. Y/N let go of Thomas’s hands and made her way down the steps of the altar to the majordomo, who was holding the Orb of Unity and Mercy and the Scepter of Leadership and Justice. She took both in her hands as the archbishop spoke, “Speak your vows as you look upon the people of this kingdom.” Y/N took a deep breath, eyes scanning the room as she began, “I, Y/N L/N, solemnly swear to help my husband lead our kingdom with a firm but gentle hand. I promise to be loyal to Audrilluria as well as to the king. I will help him with the responsibilities that come with leadership and take an equal part in it.” The archbishop then commanded, “Take your place by the king’s side and finish your vows.” Y/N walked up the steps again and stood in front of Thomas, still holding the royal items. “On this day, I vow my loyalty to my husband, to Audrilluria, and to its legacy. On this day, I vow to be a fair queen.” she finished. 

The majordomo walked up to her and took the royal items from her hands. “You may crown your queen,” the archbishop told Thomas. Y/N bowed slightly as Thomas took the crown from Augustus’s hands and placed the ruby-encrusted, gold crown gently on her head. Y/N stood up again and took Thomas’s hands in hers as the archbishop announced, “With vows spoken and unity made, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Thomas almost didn’t wait for him to finish before he wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. The guests stood and cheered for the couple, though they were focussed on each other. 

When they finally parted, the archbishop announced, “I present to all, Thomas and Y/N Hiddleston, king, and queen of Audrilluria.” The cheers resumed as the couple looked around the room at their people. Thomas turned to Y/N with a smirk, “Ready to move on, my love?” Y/N looked to him in confusion, recognizing that mischievous smirk, “What are you plann–”

Thomas lifted her suddenly, carrying her bridal-style down the aisle and through the entrance doors. The people and press outside began to take pictures and cheer at the sight of the couple. Y/N laughed as Thomas set her down again, allowing her to rush down the steps with him with Augustus, Charles, and Amelie following close behind. They made it to their carriage and got in, preparing for the long photoshoot to come.


The sun was close to setting as the reception was in full swing. The guests danced and mingled as they waited for the king and queen to have their first dance. The music faded, signaling that it was time for the dance. The dance area cleared as Thomas and Y/N made their way to the center. A soft, orchestral song began to play and Y/N recognized it instantly. “This is the same song we first danced to,” she inquired, facing her husband. Husband. “I wanted to recreate the moment I realized I never wanted to let you go,” Thomas responded, a smile gracing his lips as they began to dance. 

They swayed around the room, eyes permanently fixed on each other as their movements synced effortlessly. The same feeling that embraced them the first time they danced returned, this time stronger now that their love was made known. It was only them in the room with the music. Everything else faded away and they felt as if they danced on a cloud. The song came to an end as Thomas spun Y/N, bringing her closer to him as they came to a full stop. Taking the opportunity, Y/N leaned in and pressed a small, loving kiss to his lips. The guests cheered, making their presence known once more. 

“It’s time,” Amelie reminded, coming up to them with the bouquet in her hand. Y/N took it as some of the guests began to gather to try to catch it. Once everyone was ready, Y/N turned away and tossed it over her shoulder. After hearing them shuffle for a moment, she turned to see Charles holding the bouquet over his head proudly as he looked in the direction of Augustus. Thomas and Y/N turned to see a surprised, yet happy Augustus standing on the other side of them. They laughed softly as the guests began to crowd the dance area once more. 

“I believe it’s time for something else, my love,” Thomas whispered in Y/N’s ear. She looked up at him excitedly as he took her hand and began to lead her through the corridors of their home. They climbed up the stairs and made their way to the all-too-familiar office. Thomas opened the door, allowing his wife to enter before him. Wife. They reached the balcony doors and went inside. As they were walking in, lanterns began to illuminate the sky. Being the sappy gentleman he was, Thomas decided to marry Y/N on the day of Rosamund’s Celebration, two years after he realized he loved her. They looked out into the sky illuminated by lanterns, enjoying one another’s company. Suddenly, Y/N turned to face him, “Here’s to a lifetime by your side.” Thomas gave her a bright smile, “And to the future that we’ll make together.” With that, he leaned in and captured her lips in yet another passionate and gentle kiss.

In that moment, both of them realized that their deepest dreams had come true.   


A/N: It’s been one hell of a ride. Throughout the course of this story, I kept falling in love with this idea over and over again.[Also, for your vows, I added pieces of the designated song] So much so that I decided to not let go just yet. Coming in June, I will release kind of a sequel series to this called Life in Audrilluria. Basically, it will describe what happened in the almost two years leading up the wedding (including the engagement). I will post an announcement with the exact day the series will start by the end of this month. Until then, I want to introduce oneshots and Imagines into my works. I will post a few oneshots starting Wednesday if you are interested. I just want to ask you to let me know what characters/celebs/fandoms you want to see. Anyway, Thank you all so friggen much for all the support you’ve shown me. Honestly, you guys are the reason I kept it going for 21 chapters. I love you all so much and I’ll see you on Wednesday for more exciting content. I hope all is well, stay safe, and I’ll see you in June for the sequel!!


      @ladyblablabla, @tvdplusriverdale, @pipolaki, @myraiswack, @shockwavee, @harringtonb-blog, @cynic-spirit, @little-moonbeam-666, @ochizokulevy, @swifitiedaylight, @blue-honey-bee-from-france @scorpionchild81@imnotrevealingmyname @whathefuckrichard69 @frostedgiant @falling4uke @accio-boys@ashcrimson-is-writing

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So I’ve decided to keep the questions anonymous. Here is the Q&A!!! Questions are in bold, answers are normal font.

I just wanted to know where you got the inspiration for Heart of Audrilluria? Like where did the idea come from?

Honestly, I had a dream of something similar in February and I decided to write it down. I decided to start writing it as a fic, changing minimal details and giving the unknown prince an identity. So, ya pretty much all the fics I’m writing are based on dreams. 

Im curious to knwo if you have anything planned for future writings. Its ok if you dont want to spoil anything.

I have a few works in mind for Loki, Bucky, Sebastian Stan, and Tom Hiddleston. I want to do more work for other people, but that’s what I have for now. 

Quick question, what characters and fandoms do you write for?

Well, the most obvious Fandom I write for is marvel. I want to involve other characters from marvel as well as other fandoms all together, so expect a bigger variety coming soon. For now, I’ll do anything for Marvel, Supernatural, Sherlock, and the Arcana. The list will increase as I continue to write. 

Do you happen to have a general masterlist by any chance?

I do have a general masterlist, but I haven’t posted it yet for lack of content in it. Once I post oneshots and some more things in there, I will post the General masterlist. Expect that within the next two weeks. 

Well, my question is will the epilogue be the end of the series??

Absolutely not.

When we talked the other day you mentioned doing some kind of sequel for Heart of Audrilluria and I guess I was wondering kind of like what your going to write about in the sequel without spoiling it? If you don’t have a plan yet or don’t want to answer that’s fine but I know it will be great and I’m really excited about it. lol. 

All I will say is that I’m not ready to let it go just yet, so be prepared for a surprise announcement in the Epilogue that will be posted Tomorrow. Also, to tease, the sequel will be about the events that lead up to the Epilogue of Heart of Audrilluria. That is all I can say without giving any major spoilers.

Also, I made Heart of Audrilluria into a tag. So ya.. Thanks for the questions!! Have a wonderful day and please stay safe!!

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