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#thor angst

My state instituted a strict Stay-At-Home order (just call it a quarantine lmao). On the bright side, Thor and I have much more time to enjoy your fics. 


Originally posted by thoresque

He asked me to remind you to support and encourage our friends by please reblogging and commenting. At time of posting, Each one on this list has gotten less than 100 notes.

Let’s get more Thor content out there! 💕💕💕


Thor fics read March 26 - April 1, 2020

Stay Home by @pointbreak-odinson

Ready by @gothgirlmahi

One Word Prompt: Others? by @bolontiku

A Morning Storm by @etherealwaifgoddess

Thor confuses you as a warrior by @kidney9-9

Of Food And Comfort- Part 5 by @centuryofdean

One I Wrote

Thor Gets Help requested by anon

Coming Soon from me

Chubby! Thor request submitted by @fashionable-artistic

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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Warnings: Body shaming, fat shaming, few curse words

A/N: This was written for @agentpeggybarnesfanfics​ 400 follower writing challenge. I had the prompt “A kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword” from “The Lightning Thief”. This was hard to write, but I had to release some pent up anger over people, but I hope you’ll like it. 


It was no secret that Thor has changed since Thanos. He’s changed mentally, emotionally, and socially. Yet, the most obvious change, the one people focused on the most, was his physical change. Thor knew he gained weight, but he didn’t care. That was largely due to you. You taught him his self-worth didn’t come from a number on a scale or the size of his waist. Most days, he didn’t care what others thought about himself. Because most days, he was happy with his body. But today wasn’t most days. Today Thor didn’t feel that love towards his body. He loathed it, and it was all because of a google search.

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Author’s Note: Angst. @queenoftheunderdark​ 


Originally posted by hjbender

Thor kneeled before the green and black goddess, subjugated. His blond head shaved and shorn. The once elegant mane of hair, no more.  A black hole where his electric blue eye used to be. His breathing short and uneven.

The woman grimaced in triumph for a smile wouldn’t dare to cross her features. She had no joy in her to smile.

The relish with which she distributed pain and agony would be admirable if it were any other gift.

Even as she raised her hand for the killing blow, an indignant glee rose from her throat.

Your fingers folded in the sweatshirt that Thor had worn on earth many moons ago. His body had filled the cloth-like it was handmaid for him by his mothers’ handmaidens. A navy blue that enhanced his natural coloring, the piercing blue that had made speaking impossible.

Footsteps faint enough that you had been coined ghost on earth.

Hela turning at the sound of footsteps no matter how faint.

Inhaling deeply, “A mortal. How quaint?” Her sarcasm so thick you were surprised she hadn’t drooled all over herself.

“Y/N. get away.” Thor was reaching towards you with a shaking hand. Almost quivering, his body shook with stress and pain.

“You hurt him.” The statement-making her smile as she strutted towards you. A slight glow starting above your heart.

“It will cause him pain to see you suffer.” Hela’s head turned to the side as her tongue grazed her lower lip. A sadistic glee was covering her stunning features.
“It won’t last long.” your calm making her shift from one foot to the other.

There was always some give from those she faced. You were calm as the ocean before the storm—a tsunami about to embark on a path of destruction that would leave her bereft and barren.

Hela snapping her face, swords were launching towards faster than you could blink. Blood trickled down your chin. A smirk lifting the left side of your face, blood dribbling down the corner in contrast to her onyx black.

Thor screaming. His will was forcing him forward, slowly.

Yet you moved on closer to the sadist who had nearly destroyed her realm. Let alone her family.

“ I won’t let you hurt him. Anymore.” your breath inches from her skin, orange blossoms canceling out the stench of decay that seemed to linger.

“Get him home, safely.” Your voice going straight into Loki’s mind. The god of mischief nodding, an element of reverence on his face.

“You–” Hela stopped gasping for air. The energy that could only be described as the first breath of life surged through her. All the death that clung to her erased inch by inch. She wailed and screamed, black ooze pouring onto the floor into the shapes of the recently deceased.

“Are you ready?” She writhed stab after stab piercing your body, a panicked animal’s last struggle for life. Your blood mixing with that of the deceased, releasing them from Hela’s torture. Their spirits turning to stardust.

“We can rule together! I can save you!” Her desperate pleas were only forcing you to onward with this final task.

“You underestimate my love for him.” Your hands were scarcely clutching the woman as she dissolved slowly.

“I could give you him. He would only love you. Be only yours.” Her dissolve halting as your resolve faltered. You’d imagined hundreds of time Thor taking you into his arms. His small acts of kindness declarations of love. Those perfect lips were kissing you with a passion that rivaled the sun. Clinging closed, lashes, you squinted against the tears that threatened to fall.

It wasn’t meant to be in this life.

Even as your heart panged and faltered, her path into the afterlife began.

When she was nothing more than a thought to the universe, you laid barren. Your heart skipping a beat. The idea of him making the end bearable. Maybe next time you’d be luckier.

A shuttering breath as you gripped the navy sweatshirt in your hands—the smell of leather, musk, and the thunderstorm soaking your senses.

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Thor, bed sharing au with quote 28 please? Thank you 🙏

Thor Odinson + Bedsharing + “There’s one bed. Oh, what could go wrong?”


“You mean to tell me that you are a billionaire with a multi billion company with anything at your disposable and you didn’t get enough rooms for our mission?” You yelled at Tony over the phone standing in the middle of the hotel waiting room, Thor standing bashfully besides you, right after the attendant informed you and your mission partner that you would in fact be sharing a room for the next week. 

You hung up on Tony, not even giving him the chance to respond before grumbling under your breath “and with my luck there’s gonna be one bed.”

The attendant glanced at the screen of her computer before fear flashed in her eyes. “Um ma'am, that room actually does only have one…”

“Oh my goodness!” You raised your arms in frustration, “There’s one bed Thor! Oh, what could go wrong?!’

He just looked down at your, fearful of what you were gonna do.

Once you both got to the room, and ready for bed, you both looked down guilty at the small queen sized bed. Glancing up at Thor and his massive body you mentally said fuck it. Whatever happens, happens. Plus, this will check something off your bucket list. Cuddle with one extremely adorable Asgardian god.

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Thor Odinson x Female Reader

Summary: Storm clouds gather on your horizon, and you know love and loss for the first time.

Warnings: Some fluff, some allusions to sexy times, some angst…

Word Count: 1332

A/N: Firstly, that summary is pretentious af and I apologise LOL ;D Secondly, this takes place leading up to IW but it’s all very vague, but hopefully it won’t spoil anything. Lastly, any and all comments/reblogs are welcomed and saved forever in my heart ;)

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Traitor | Part Three

Request by @snuggleducky : would you consider a part 3 only because I want Thor to feel badddddd

Warnings: angsty, mentions of suicide, self hatred

A/N: damn I haven’t written for Thor in agessss but I was proud of the two other parts when I wrote them so I hope you guys like this one! It’s really short so sorry about that but I’m planning on focusing on some other fics.


Originally posted by hjbender

Locking himself away, Thor refuses to acknowledge the outside universe. The universe is nothing now. You are nothing now. He can’t bring you back, as powerful as he may be, and so wallows in his mistake; his ignorance; his self hatred.

His actions were unforgivable; he will never recover from his despicable treatment of the woman he most loved. How could he be so dismissive of his true love? So untrustworthy? So unfaithful of your morals or reasoning?

There is half a universe outside in danger of extinction and yet he doesn’t care - his whole universe is already gone. What else can he do but punish himself of his ungodly crime? The only just self-inflicted punishment he can think of is to spend his days utterly guilt-ridden and emotionally exhausted.

Insomnia has hung on him for the past couple of nights. He physically cringes as his mind flicks through memories of you; your bright eyes, gleaming smile, beautiful voice; then turning to begging eyes, quivering lips and pleading voice. How could he have been so naive?

Thor wishes to avoid any mirrors or reflections of himself. He can’t look into his own eyes without wanting to smash the glass and slit his trembling wrists with the broken shards. He can’t face his own reflection and yet forces himself to go through this mourning alone.

The worst thought that dawns on him, regularly, is the knowledge of his final treating towards you. He was cold, violent, brutal towards an innocent, loving creature. How could he call himself a good man? A saviour? He is nothing of the sort.

And so he refuses to leave his room on the ship. Not answering to anyone. Not even the pleadings of his own soul to end it all…

Tag list: @xmarveled @scuzmunkie

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Masterlist in bio! (It is not up to date, 2 stories are not on there but I just reblogged them so they shouldn’t be too far down. I’ll update my masterlist soon!) 

A/N: So I basically wrote this right after I saw Endgame because I love pain and angst apparently. Its for @barnesrogersvstheworld 4k Challenge Challenge! 

Prompt: We should get back inside

Pairings: Thor x Reader

Summary: You see Thor for the first time in years

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: ENDGAME SPOILERS, swears, alcohol consumption, Thor wearing finger less gloves (I hate them)

Italics are flashbacks 

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Originally posted by merathequeens-blog

So, this is sad. Really, really sad. I’m not going to say anything else becuase I don’t want to spoil anything. I’m sorry in advance!

Plot: the final battle had made a mess out of the God. Nightmares fill his mind, but you’re always there to make it better. Until one day, you aren’t


END GAME SPOILERS (kind of, I’ve changed a few things, you will see), MAJOR ANGST, blood, too much blood, serious injury, suicidal thoughts. This is not happy Thor, this is sad Thor; not like in other works, where everything is easy. No, here Thor is depressed and sad, and the war have really affected him. Please, make sure there are not tiggering things for you before reading.

Things I changed from the film: Thor is in his original form (not fat), he kills Thanos and Tony is alive.

Sometimes, Thor thought about leaving. He had lived for more than a thousand years and he had always had a purpose in life. To protect his people, but Asgard was destroyed and his people dead. To kill his enemies, yet he had already killed Thanos. To fight against his brother, who in that moment was dead in some part of the galaxy. Some nights, the world seemed to drown him until he couldn’t breathe. He would wake up in cold sweat and reach for Stormbreaker, ready to kill the invisible demons that hunted him. Between the panic and the tears, he always managed to look to his right. There, curled up between the sheets, you were sleeping soundly. You slept like an angel, and most times not even the biggest explosion could woke you up. Thor would move you so that he would fit between your arms, and you would stroke his hair softly. Sometimes, Thor thought about leaving, but then he remembered he had still a reason to live.

It happened like any other night. In his nightmare, you were looking at him, happy and smiling. Your eyes were shining and your lips were curled in a beautiful way, showing him your cute dimples and your white pearly teeth. Thor had only time to cover your small body with his before everything blew. The Avengers compound came crashing down on each one of you. It could have been like any other night; he would open his eyes, look to his right and find you.

That time, when he blinked and looked to the right, you were there too. Everything was dark, as in the many nights he had looked for comfort in your arms. Yet you didn’t have a peaceful sleepy face. It was contoured in pain, a few tears welling in your eyes. Your mouth was open and shaky breaths were leaving your busted lips.

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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Mention of Injury and blood, Mention of suicidal thoughts (kind of)

Word Count: 3,070

Prompt: Hero

Summary: The reader is minding her own business on her secluded property when Thor suddenly falls from the sky. He is hurt, and she takes care of him. This takes place after the snap but before Endgame, obvi. (Yeah I know it takes a lot to kill Thor. He took on a damn star and was barely dying in IW, but well I’m thinking he can get hurt especially if he’s being reckless.)

A/n: My prompt for Julie’s 1st Writing Challenge @jewels2876  I’d had an idea floating around in my head about Thor and decided to use this prompt to go along with it. I’m not 100% satisfied with the ending, but it is what it is.

Hero - a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.


Originally posted by westwallys

You had always enjoyed your secluded cabin in the woods.  It had been a weekend getaway before the snap happened.  After the snap, it became home for the unforeseeable future.  Things were insane after Thanos came to Earth and wiped out half of the population.  You found you just didn’t want to be around all the sadness that was life these days, so yeah, you ran away. Were you happy? No, but you had your dogs, Daisy and Honey, and your cats, Sebastian and Tom, to keep you company.  Your husband was long gone before the snap happened having left you a couple of years before, but your daughter had been taken from you.  You were holding her in your arms reading her favorite story to her when she just turned to dust.

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A/N: So I’m trash and entered another challenge even though I have 3 others (2 are like half way done and 1 I haven’t touched yet). But it just called to me and the story came so easily, I had to do it! So this is my entry for @writingcroissant 2k Writing Challenge! Its angst, which is apparently my favorite thing to write. The topic may be a bit controversial so keep that in mind while reading. I hope you enjoy!

Also, I have a tag list now so if you want to be added just let me know!

Prompt: I don’t want to have a baby!

Pairings: Thor x Reader

Summary: You don’t want to have children. 

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: Pregnancy, mention of abortion, some swears, angst 

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A/N: Hey, guys! I’ve written a new fic, this one is for @wintersparker Angst Writing Challenge. And let me tell you, the struggle bus was real on this one. I literally went through 3 different scenes and like 4 rewrites before I settled on one I didn’t hate. But on the bright side I now have more half asssed material to one day write something else? Sure, let’s go with that. Anyway, here’s the story. Italics are flashbacks. 

Prompt: Hey, babe. 

Pairing: Thor x reader

Summary: You’re trying to get your daughter to sleep. 

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Angst, IW spoilers, minor character death, pregnancy and babies 

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94 prompt with Thor??? <3

#94 with Thor - “I had a bad dream again.”


Originally posted by thorodinson

Your bare feet padded against the hardwood floors of your apartment. You headed towards your kitchen, seeing as the lights in that room were the only lights open in your home.

It was almost 3 am, and you had woken up to an empty bed. Your eyebrows furrowed, as you clearly remembered going to sleep next to Thor. 

Reaching the kitchen, you saw him, pajamas and all, sitting on the counter. His eyes were blankly staring at the mug of coffee he clutched in his hands. Sighing to yourself, you walked towards him.

“Hey,” you said gently as not to frighten him. Thor looked up from his mug, letting out a small smile as he saw you standing in front of him.

“Hey,” he said back, setting the mug onto the counter next to him. He opened his arms, letting you fall into them and slot in between his legs. You placed your hands on his shoulders, as he placed his on the small of your back.

“What’s wrong?” you asked as you examined his face. He clearly wasn’t getting any sleep, the circles under his eyes indicated that. Sighing, he let his head fall onto your shoulder.

“I had a bad dream again,” he whispered so quietly that you almost missed it if he wasn’t so close to you. Your heart broke at the sound of his voice, laced with sadness and pain. 

“Why didn’t you wake me up, love?” you asked. Running your fingers through his new short hair, you felt him slowly breathe in. He didn’t answer, and within a few moments, he was shaking. Sobs racked his body as his grip on you tightened. 

You rubbed his back, whispering reassuring words into his ear as he continued to cry into your shoulder. You could feel tears prick your eyes, threatening to spill as you felt the man you love break down in your arms. 

A few minutes passed, and his breathing began to even out. You slowly removed your arms from around him, leaning back to see his face. Taking his face into your hands, you looked into his sad eyes and still saw tears pooling. 

You leaned forward, pressing your lips to the tracks left behind by his tears. He closed his eyes, letting you kiss his entire face. From his nose, his eyelids, his forehead and lastly, you placed a gentle kiss on his lips, feeling his bottom lip stop its quivering.

Once you pulled away, you looked into his eyes again. You saw the sadness, the pain, the guilt – they were all still there. But you could see love now as well, love for what was in front of him, love for who was still with him.

“I’m right here,” you reassured him, brushing your thumbs against his cheeks. 

Closing his eyes again, he leaned his forehead against yours. Taking your hands from the side of his face and intertwining his fingers with yours, he whispered, “Thank you.”

a/n: sorry for the lack of dialogue, i thought it best for the mood of the whole thing. anyways, i hope you like it! remember, feedback always helps writers! -brie

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Request:  @oknstark said: yay! you take request xD sooo i maybe valkyrie escaped with korg, reader and half of the asgardians from thanos and they land in earth and reader is a wizard like strange so she opens a portal to wakanda and finds thor and they reunite and its angsty but fluffy and they comfort each other? ;-;

Pairing: Thor x Teleporter!reader

Word Count: 1,130 words

Warning: Angst. some fluff. Infinity War Spoilers! (the only warning i’m giving you guys)

Author’s Note: OK so this took me awhile to write (like hours actually, i get distracted so easily) I went ahead and went with the wizard thing but didn’t have it relate to Doctor Strange, it’s more of like she has the power to teleport wherever she wants with how ever many people. I hope you guys like it and if you’d like to send me requests i’ll be happy to take them :)    


Originally posted by thorodinson

“This is the Asgardian refugee vessel Statesman… We are under assault. I repeat, we are under assault.” said the voice of an Asgardian.  “Engines are dead. Life support failing. Requesting aid from any vessel within range. Our crew is made up of Asgardian families, we have very few soldiers here. This is not a warcraft. I repeat, this is NOT a warcraft.” Then the signal went dead.

“Hurry get to the ships!” shouted Valkyrie. You and Korg were guiding Asgardians to the available pods. It was chaotic. Some Asgardians weren’t so lucky, as explosions had already taken their lives. After the last couple of Asgardians entered the pod, Korg got in and waited for Valkyrie and you to enter the pod.

“We can’t leave without Thor or Banner!” You as the explosions died down and a shrill, menacing voice talked in the background about how they were all now ‘Children of Thanos’.

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Summary: You’ve been dating Thor for a awhile now and living in the Avengers tower. You are a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and have been on several mission with the avengers as well. One day after a mission, Stark decides to host a party to celebrate whatever it is he celebrates but your not feeling well, so you take a couple tests…

Pairing: Thor x Reader

Warning: Fluff (at least i think so) Slight angst (?)

Word Count: 421

Author’s note: Ok so this is my first ever fanfic for anything and i got inspried by @thorsthot to make a Thor x reader fic. I wanted to write something close to Mother’s day but it didn’t turn out how i thought, so i went with this. Im sorry if it is too short or it doesn’t line up it’s my first fic. I hope you like though!


Originally posted by onlyjamesbarnes

You’ve always dreamed about having little ones to call your own, but several years ago, the doctors told you that you had Endometriosis. It had crushed you inside knowing that if you were ever going to have kids, it was going to be a very slim chance of having them. Yet here you are looking at multiple pregnancy tests that laid across the bathroom counter all reading ‘positive’. It both excited you and terrified you. You knew Thor would be excited, but the question now was how to tell him he was going to be a father?

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i’m feeling so down today would you mind doing a drabble or hc about thor’s reaction/ thoughts on his s/o losing the baby? i am certanly oversharing but i just lost my baby spontaneously and had to go through it alone so i’m trying to comfort myself and... yeah i just didn’t want you to thing i was being this morbid without reason (if you don’t feel comfortable doing it then that’s alright)

I hope it gets better for you! I’m really sorry and I know how rough losing a child can be. If you (or anyone else, for that matter) need someone to talk to (anon or off anon) I’m happy to talk :) 

  • Thor would be torn honestly
  • Not as bad as you though
  • You both had looked forward to having your first child together
  • coming up with baby names
  • ideas for the babies room
  • and debates on whether they’d be a boy or girl
  • He tried to be strong for your sake
  • He hated seeing you feel so upset
  • he’d cater to your needs no matter how long he had to
  • cuddles whenever you needed them
  • dates
  • just time being together
  • he tried really hard to keep your mood up
  • honestly, it brought you guys closer
  • your emotions grew together
  • and in the end, you both got through it
  • because you had each other
  • regardless of that
  • you knew your baby was in peace
  • it took a while
  • but you did get through it
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HC for Thor's s/o leaving him? Idk i'm in the mood for some angst.
  • it was a decision you’d been thinking about for a while
  • it broke your heart but you knew it was for the best
  • honestly, you’d cried before telling him
  • “what’s wrong, sweetheart?” 
  • and you just had to tell him in that moment
  • “i think we need to break up”
  • smiley boy Thor was fucking crushed
  • he’d lost everyone and everything that held meaning for him
  • he wasn’t going to lose you
  • “but why?”
  • “this is just too much, it isn’t working”
  • he didn’t know what to say
  • he didn’t cry
  • he couldn’t
  • but he was hurt
  • “if it’s your decision, then that I respect.”
  • that was pretty much it
  • thor moved his belongings out of your apartment the next day
  • nothing has been said between the two of you since

Thanks for the feels

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Pairing: Thor x fem!Reader

Summary: Thor brought back his brother to Asgard to pay for his crimes, but Odin is not only mad at him, but also his older son. And to make him stay for once in a lifetime on Asgard, he decides to bond their ties with Vanaheim by Thor marrying their princess. The first time they meet it’s not as good as Thor expected to be.

Set after The Avengers events and part of The Dark World but with some changes on the plot¿¿¿.

Warnings: angst, forced marriage, reader being an asshole, Thor hates the reader and reader hates Thor (is that a real warning?), probably smut but in later parts.

Word count: 1,739.

A/N: I just realized that I have 323 followers, so this is kind of my celebration for it lol. Thanks for following me, idk what u doing here but THANKS! You’re all so cute!<3

As always, I don’t speak English. Sorry if I make a mistake! Also I was experiencing with this third person writing in English because I don’t do it often, so I hope is fine! Plus, there are going to be more chapters, so wait for it! :D

And the follwing gif is not mine, found it on google. Credits to their respective owners.

If you want to be tagged, just let me know and I’ll do. <3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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