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Originally posted by justabitofbadwriting

Description: This is a small little drabble I wrote for my OC, Eir. 

Eir decides to turn down the idea of sending a prison guard to inform Loki of the news of his mother’s passing and volunteer herself to do it, knowing out of everyone she should be the one to inform him.

Please enjoy and cry tears with me ;-; was emotionally RUINED writing this

Based on the song ‘Two Of Us’ by Louis Tomlinson, so I recommend listening to that while reading!

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Norse mythology is estimated to have started around 9th century AD. Meaning Asguardians have to have a minimum 15 thousand year life span in the MCU (comics have them immortal/millions of years old) instead of the measly 5,000 they have them at. Hell I think Thor even mentioned in one of the cartoons that he was over a million years old!

Even if they aged like humans for the first 20 years of their life then are Iduns apples to slow their ageing the wiki puts Loki’s date of birth around 965 AD. That’s 965 years of Loki (and Thor) not being part of Norse mythology (which could maybe work since many mythologies/religions develop over time, adding and removing people but still)

What really grinds my gears though is that if you look on any marvel Wiki outside of the MCU, Aseir are ranked as some of the longest living race, ranked #5 out of 20 for longest living race in the marvel universe.

That throw-away piece of dialogue they gave in dark world may have sounded quippy, but completely undermined previous established cannon (then again this was done by the same people- I think?- that tried to say that the MCU was taking place in earth-616 HA) which, although not a new thing with the MCU still bugs me a little. Just like how Steve went back in time for a woman who moved on and abandoned his best friend who was literally the reason for all the Captain America movies….but I digress.

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Misunderstood | Loki One Shot

Pairing : Loki x Female!Reader

Reblogs are great just don’t repost/steal my work

Warning : Some angst i guess

Summary: your childhood friend Loki has changed and you’re worried for him

i hope you enjoy.



Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Here you are again, staring at him. Admiring him from afar. Loki, your former friend. You’ve grown up with him and you were super close right up until you were teenagers. That’s when it stopped, all contact. He grew distant from everybody including you. You missed him and as it always had been, the crush you had developed on him when you were younger was still very much present now. 

You found yourself looking at him whenever you saw him, if he so much as looked your way you’d look down. You weren’t scared of him but you aren’t entirely sure what got into him and why he went so cold. He’s gotten worse in recent years and you had heard some gossip around Asgard about him. 

Some people said Odin had taken him from Jotunheim when he was just a baby and Loki had found out not too long ago but that doesn’t explain his behaviour when you were only teenagers.

You always noticed Odin treating Thor with a bit more love than he did with Loki, could that be it?

You look back up him to see him staring down at you “What are you looking at peasant?” he growls and you rip your eyes away from his gaze.

You gather your things from where you’re sat and you go to make your way past him but he grabs a hold of your wrist.

“Staring is rude you know” he spits as he stares you down. “I didn’t mean to stare Loki, it won’t happen again” you rip your wrist away from his grasp and scurry out of the room.

Loki knew you weren’t staring to be rude, he could see that you were only interested but you as well as all of Asgard were interested in why he is the way he is. You were all after gossip on King Odin’s son. Well too bad for you, he wasn’t about to let anyone in.


You made your way into the library to do some extra reading, you loved books. Mostly you read about the history of Asgard and the other realms but you also enjoyed fairy tales too. The typical princess stories. Dreaming of your prince. When picturing your knight in shining armour Loki always came to mind, even now. Despite his recent actions and moods, you saw the good in him.

You knew that deep down he was a good man. Somewhere inside all of that hate and rage was a little boy that just wanted to be loved and feel accepted. He was just misunderstood.


As you walk towards the library the next day you see a crowd gathering. You stroll over to see what all the fuss is about. You get to the front and see guards walking Loki through, he’s chained up on his ankles and wrists. You can’t help but feel awful for him. You wonder what he did. He glances over at you to see the shocked expression plastered across your face with a hint of sadness in your eyes. 

“Didn’t i tell you staring was rude you mewling quim?” he hisses.

You look away and make your way out of the crowd, as you walk into the library you overhear some gossip. Apparently Loki waged a war on New York against The Avengers. Thor brought him back once he lost and Odin has sentenced him to life in the Asgard dungeon. You can’t quite believe it. Why would he do this?

You decide to pass on the reading today, you’re far too distracted. As you walk through Asgard to get home, you see Odin talking to Frigga about Loki. 

“I’ve tried, lord knows i’ve tried” he sighs and she embraces him into a hug “I know” she coos and they walk away. You get it, he has tried but the way you see it is he hasn’t tried enough to talk to Loki. Maybe you should take it into your hands even if it poses as a risk.

“Thor” you call out and he walks over to you. “Let me talk to him” you beg and he furrows his brows “Y/N Loki is in the dungeon, we can’t get to him” you roll your eyes. “I know you can get me in there, please do it” he looks around him to make sure no one is listening and sighs before he nods. 

“You better be quick though” he leads you to the dungeon where they are keeping Loki once he gets the keys. He distracts the guards whilst you sneak in and find Loki’s cell, you see him lay on the bed.

“L-Loki” you stutter as you edge closer to his cell, Thor got you the keys to be able to let yourself in. You know it was dangerous but you were willing to take the risk. You unlock the door and step in, being sure to shut it behind you.

“What do you want peasant?” he mutters as he glares at you

“Well i came to check how you are and i risked a lot to do it but if that’s how you act towards people who care then i’ll take my kindness elsewhere” you turn to walk out but he stops you.

“Wait…stay” a hint of hurt in his voice. 

“Why do you continuously push people away? i’ve done nothing but be nice to you our whole lives and yet you stopped talking to me and started treating me like i was nothing to you” the last few words coming out in a soft whisper. You could feel the tears brimming in your eyes but you push them back.

“It’s complicated Y/N you would never understand. You could never” he twiddles his thumbs as he looks down. You walk closer and sit next to him on the bed.

“Try me” 

He lets out a deep breath. “Well i’m sure you heard that i was born a frost giant, i always had a feeling Odin didn’t see me as an equal to Thor but that confirmed it when i found out. I’ve always felt below them. I never felt accepted by my so called family. I had enough of feeling constantly cast aside and i cut everyone off” he confesses. 

“I get it, i noticed it too but cutting everyone off wasn’t the way to go. People do care but you just don’t let them”.

He turns to look at you. “Like who?” he chuckles “Like me, i care… a lot” you smile at him and for a split second you see it, that little boy that you first fell for. The old Loki. 

“Why?” it’s like he can’t even fathom someone tolerating him let alone someone caring. “Why are you even here Y/N?” he questions as he walks around his cell. 

“I’m here because although you’ve done everything in your power to push me away i refuse to go anywhere and give up on you. After all we were friends once upon a time” he stops in his spot “I like you Loki and i know that’s not something you thought possible, but it’s true. In fact i don’t think the word like even cuts it. I’ve been in love with you since we were children” you surprise yourself with your courage. This is the part where he kicks you out. 

“You love me? You must be insane. I’m evil” he slumps himself back against the wall, sliding down in defeat. “You’re not evil Loki. You’re misunderstood” you walk over to him and lift his chin so he can look up to you.

“I don’t deserve your generosity and kindness” you look deep into his eyes, almost getting lost in them. This is your moment, you know you don’t have much longer with him and you highly doubt Thor can help out again. 

Kiss him.

You lean in and press your lips to his gently, his lips are soft and so is the kiss. You go to pull away but he pulls you back. The kiss deepens and you can practically feel the need from him and see the fireworks going off in your mind. Has he felt the same way this whole time too?

You pull away and stare at each other in shock. “I best get going, i left Thor to distract the guards for me. I doubt he’ll be able to do it much longer” you giggle. You stand up and walk towards the door of the cell. “Y/N” he calls, you turn to face him “Thank you. If this is the last time i see you then i should probably tell you that i feel the same” wait what?

“What do you mean?” you know what he means, you just want to hear him say the words that you’ve longed to hear. 

“I love you too. I don’t know why i never said it before” you give him a soft smile and head out. You lock his cell door and head towards the entrance to find Thor still chatting away to the guards. He’s telling them about The Avengers and Jane.

You sneak past them and shortly after he follows and catches up to you.

“Well?” you hand him the keys “what happened?” he nags “nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about Thor” you giggle, twirling a strand of your hair on your finger as you head home.

You didn’t need to tell anyone. What happened in that cell would always remain solely between you and Loki.

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Thor dark world shouldn’t have spend so much time of earth, just enough to recruit Jane and Darcy. It should have been Thor and other warriors of the nine realms fighting Malekith, loki, the ice giants, and fire demons. The convergence can still happen but mostly so loki can randomly be teleported to a hydra base. So age of ultron could have had the masters of evil.

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His Queen Of Mischief: (Loki x Reader Fic)
~Timeline After Thor: The Dark World & Before Thor: Ragnarok & Infinity War~
You are an Asgardian who lives in Asgard living the normal life there, but news broke down that Thor rejected the throne and decide to return to the planet Earth, but Loki died on a battlefield. King Odin has been acting strange lately and ruling differently than before.
One day you were at the markets when you accidentally stumble upon the selecting section, now King Odin has choose you to help him with his needs. But you soon discover he is no other but Prince Loki himself disgusting as King Odin.
Now you have to gain his trust and keep his secret but during the process, you fall for him as well as he.
Start reading the first 9 chapters here!

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HIS MOM GOES “am i not you’re mother?” WITH TEARS IN HER EYES.

HE LOOKS AT HER AND SAYS “You’re not.” And she leaves almost a year rolling down her cheek.


I never really knew why he had done that, we see it some time later.

But now I know.


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