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#thor fanfiction
mmm-recommends · 39 minutes ago
Fic Rec Masterlist
A/N: Masterlist of character fic recs listed/submitted until now. Happy reading!!
Sam Wilson Fic Recs
Thor Odinson Fic Recs
Tumblr media
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vampireoutofbusiness · an hour ago
Out of My League
Pairing: Peter Parker x F!Stark!Reader
Warnings: drugs, mentions of drinking, I think a teensy tiny reference to sex but you might miss it...
Request One, made by @avengersbitch : Could you write something where peter and stark!reader are hanging out at the compound and he finds weed or a vape (whatever you’re more comfortable with) and he freaks out and accidentally tells the team and tony goes all dad?
Request Two: Could you do some older reader x Peter Parker? The age difference can be slight if you want it please
Synopsis: Peter has grown enamored with you, Tony Starks daughter, while spending time with you in the lab and one day he comes across something you brought home from your nightlife.
a/n: so I combined a couple requests since one was just about age and felt this made sense together. hope you enjoy it! Also, the answers ya'll leave in the feedback portion of the request form make my day!
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work on any platform, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
When you met Peter, you immediately thought he was adorable. He walked into your lab at the compound your father let you do your work in, his brown eyes wide with amazement. You introduced yourself and he couldn’t recall seeing anyone more breathtaking in his life.
The boy apologized profusely when he ran into one of the long tables, littered with blueprints, and a cup of water fell onto them. You reassured him with the copies pulled up on your computer and saying it was your fault for leaving the water there.
The truth was, you made him nervous as fuck. You were extremely attractive, intelligent, and not to mention a couple years older. He had just celebrated his sixteenth birthday while you had your eighteenth that same year.
It was intimidating to be in your presence as it seemed you had the leg up on everything. Having the biggest crush on you didn’t calm his nerves either. You weren’t oblivious to his stuttering and frequently red cheeks when he was around you.
You thought he was pretty cute and had taken a liking to him over the past several months. You grew pretty close in that amount of time and Tony had him start working with you in the lab.
He never said “you can’t date my daughter” and maybe encouraging him to spend time with you in the lab meant he wanted you to get to know each other. You guys weren’t dating, Peter could dream, but neither of you had discussed it…yet.
It was another day in the lab and you and Peter were trying to make some adjustments to his suit. You watched his eyebrows furrow when he couldn’t get an extension on the computer to download.
“Here, let me,” you came around to the other side of the table, your hand almost brushing his.
“You don’t have to,“
“I don’t mind,” your lips quirked when you saw he hadn’t split up the file size because it was too much to download altogether.
For being so smart, Peter sure lacked common sense with technology. Or maybe he just wanted your attention, even if he looked dumb in the process.
“So how was your weekend?” You asked while breaking down the file, a loading wheel appearing on the screen.
“Oh- I um- Ned came over,” he mentally smacked himself for that choppy answer.
“And,” you turned to look at the boy beside you whose cheeks burned with you so close to his face.
“You what?”
“Built a lego set…” Peter sucked in a breath and closed his eyes, ready for your usual teasing of his hobbies aside from Spider-man.
Instead, you just smiled and turned back to the computer. A little unusual for you not to try and make him nervous, although he already was.
“You’re not going to make fun of me?”
You gave him a side-eye and shook your head no. In fact, you figured not making fun of him for once - not flirting with him for once - would fluster him even more.
“I guess I’m just done teasing you, Parker,” you began the file download and made your way back to your workstation.
Honestly, it made Peter a little discouraged. He was never really sure if you liked him back but the banter you had made his day. Plus, he liked when you were a little mean to him.
You’ve even followed up a mock with a “You’re cute when you’re flustered” and that left his cheeks and ears red until he went home.
“What did you do this weekend?” He watched a smirk appear on your lips.
“Party, but you know the drill, don’t tell my dad,” you winked and he was gone, head spinning, palms sweaty.
You had no idea the effect you had on him from a mere gesture that had no flirtatious context behind it. Okay, maybe you did, a wink? Come on. Yeah, you knew.
Stark didn’t know you had become a master at disarming the compound’s security system. And you were eighteen so you were kind of stir crazy to be independent.
At your nightly outings, you drank, smoked, tried edibles, etc. You couldn’t imagine what your dad would do if he found out you were so reckless. Yes, he did all of that as a teenager and still does some of that, but you were his only kid and he prided himself on you being a safe and responsible teenager.
When you told Peter about your excessive partying, he looked at you like you were untouchable. Quite literally because you were polar opposites and he couldn’t imagine going to a party that extreme. He did once for some other girl that was also a couple years old so maybe he has a type.
You never told him that you smoked or did a few drugs, only that you drank because that was kind of a lot for him to from Tony. You saw how he was when your dad told him about your birthday present and Peter avoided looking in your eyes a lot more than normal.
“Fun,” he opened a drawer beside him, looking for a pen and paper to do some calculations.
“Yeah, I guess,” you shrugged and watched him rifle through the desk he had taken over since he started working with you, “Just get one from another desk, you’ll never find anything in there,”
He chuckled and meandered over to another nearby table, opening a drawer.
“Um, y/n?”
“Babe?” You said in a high-pitched tone, a big grin appearing on your face, a hint of red appearing on Peter’s.
It wasn’t uncommon for you to call him that, as a joke, of course, no other meaning behind it…
“What- why do you have-,” he picked up his discovery and held it in front of his face.
Your eyes went wide when you saw what he was holding. So you might have brought a souvenir home from a party on Saturday night.
“Peter, you can’t tell anyone about that,” you briskly walked over to him and snatched it from his hands.
“But what is it?” He whined and followed you back to your spot like a lost puppy.
“Weed- you don’t know what weed is?” You stifled a laugh and raised your eyebrows.
“No- I did just didn’t know it could look like that,” he answered, looking at the baggy in your hand filled with little greenish-brown pieces.
You couldn’t hold in your laugh anymore. Wow, he really was innocent. Peter frowned a little and looked down at his shoes. When you regained your composure in your seat, you looked up and saw the unhappy expression he had.
“Hey, it’s okay,” you stood up and held his chin in your hand, “probably better if you don’t know about it,”
You brought his chin up, his cheeks were red and he had a small smile on his face.
“Damn, you’re out of my league,” he whispered, breath hitching and cheeks growing redder by the second when he realized he said it out loud.
“I don’t know about that-“
You paused when you heard the lab doors swish open, footsteps coming closer to you and Peter.
But you both froze, your hand still holding his jaw, a drug in your other hand, bodies only a few inches apart, and the red on Peter’s cheeks made you look even more guilty.
“What are you guys up to?” You heard your father’s voice as he approached you.
You didn’t answer, eyes going wide when he saw your compromising position. Tony’s went wide when he saw the substance in your hand.
“What the hell?” He grabbed it from you, examining it, “why do you have drug paraphernalia?”
Now, you stepped back from Peter, running a hand through your hair. Peter just stayed there, his thoughts running wild. What if he got fired? What if you did? What if he never saw you again?
Calm down Parker, that’s a little extreme.
“Because, I’m eighteen and it’s not illegal,” you told him, trying to dial back the sass if you wanted to leave with your life.
“You still live here, so I decide what goes on,” he waved the bag in your face and pulled it back when you reached for it, “I’m confiscating it,”
“Mr. Stark-“
“The adults are talking,”
“Hey, he didn’t do anything so leave him out of it,” you glared at your dad and scooted a few steps back over to Peter.
“Sure, we’ll talk about how you were when I came in here later,”
Just then, the doors swished open again, a couple voices filling the room.
“Just ask her if she has any,” one voice said as they got closer.
“Why don’t you?”
“Has any what?” Tony asked when they came into view. Loki and Thor.
“Oh, it seems you’re already discussing something,” Loki eyed the weed in Tony’s hand before slowly backing up.
“Loki, I’m going to kill you,” you whispered under your breath.
“Excuse my brother, I’m sure we’ve never seen any weed in here with Lady Y/n,” Thor said before running after Loki.
Tony turned back to you and Peter, making a mental note to talk to the gods later.
“So you mean to tell me you’ve been a plug?”
You scrunched your face before nodding. You looked over to Peter whose eyes looked like they were going to fall out of his head.
“Come with me,” Tony told you before turning towards the door.
With his back to you, you threw up your middle finger making Peter try not to smile. Your hand went down immediately when your dad looked back to see if you were following him, which you did quickly this time.
“I’ll be back and then we can continue,” you winked at the boy before leaving the room.
Taglist: @avengersbitch @marthakookie @Simp4ronaldw @annajschuler3000
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aurorawest · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Title: A Full and Factual Account of Asgard Author: @aurorawest Rating: M (language, violence, sexual content) Relationships: Loki & Thor, Loki & Stephen Strange Major Archive Warnings: Creator Chose Not to Use Archive Warnings Word Count (so far): 5k  Summary: Together, Loki and Thor reopened the Bifrost, replanted the World Tree on Earth, and established a new Observatory in New Asgard. But the Sons of Odin have a debt to pay to the Nine Realms: both Asgard’s debt and their own, and they intend to offer their aid and service to each of the remaining Realms.
The emergence of an ancient evil changes all of that. Now, the Odinsons are in a race against time and a being they don’t understand—a being that has the power to destroy the universe as they know it.
So: same old same old. Right?
Read Chapter 1 here! 
As usual, thank you so much to my beta @mareebird​​, whom I really couldn’t do without at this point!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38 | 39 | 40 | 41 | 42 | 43 | 44 | 45 | 46 | 47 | 48 | 49 | 50 | 51 | 52 | 53 | 54
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fic-rec-time · an hour ago
An Eyeless Face 
by Not_You
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Complete/Chapters: 1   Words: 1,766
Written for a very special prompt on Avengerkink that I'm going to bother to quote in full:
Clint is called Hawkeye, and that's truer than most people know. You see, Clint is special. He has a whole collection of eyes for every occasion. Hawk eyes for accuracy, infrared eyes for tracking people at night, cat eyes for seeing in dim light, even a set of plain old human eyes he uses for nights out on the town. Somewhere in his room/nest is a shelf full of different eyes he uses, though he usually keeps a few sets on him, just in case. In truth, Clint is actually blind; he has no eyes of his own, just uses the various sets that he has. (Whether his ability to change out his eyes is science or magic or some kind of tech is up to you, dear author.)
Please show me the team's reaction when they find out! Are they intrigued? Disgusted? Just plain weirded out?
(Coulson finds out, and years later, so does the team.)
A super interesting little fic
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mooncat163 · 3 hours ago
You’re an event coordinator for Stark Industries, and are helping to plan a charity event. The charity coordinator submits a list of Avengers that they would like to include in a bachelor auction. Loki’s name is on the list, and you wonder who thought that it was a good idea to include him. He’d never agree, right?
Tumblr media
You listened quietly while the charity director pitched an idea to Tony Stark. She had tried to give him a folder with her requests, but of course, you took it since he didn’t like things handed to him. You could tell that he’d already checked out: he nodded amiably until she finished.
“Is there anything that you have questions about?” she asked. “The list of names is there as well.”
You opened the folder to glance over the list, and just managed not to snicker. Tony gave you a calculating look, while the director waited to see if there was something that you needed to bring up.
“Sorry, allergies,” you apologized. “I have no questions, thanks.”
“Good,” she smiled, as she gathered her things. “I look forward to hearing from you.”
Once she left, you looked at the list again while Tony watched. He waited for you to speak first, but then lost his patience.
“What is it, Snickers?”
“A bachelor auction?” you asked.
“I know, it’s a bit old fashioned,” he shrugged, while tapping a pen on the desk.
“I’m sure that Steve and Thor won’t put up much of a fuss, and Bucky is questionable, as is Bruce. Sam will be okay, but --”
“Loki is on the list of people they want.” For the life of you, you couldn’t think of a reason as to why someone would put his name down. Whoever did it certainly didn’t know what they were getting.
“Hunh!” Tony gave a surprise huff.
“You know what his answer will be.”
__ __ __
“It is for charity - “
“Absolutely not.”
“Look, you only have to -”
“My answer is unequivocally no.”
You sighed in aggravation when you couldn’t get Loki to budge. You’d told Tony what his reaction would be, and you simply didn't want to deal with the issue any longer. Perhaps Tony could talk Thor into giving it a go. It was likely that Loki would be included in the event anyway, despite his protests.
Loki didn’t play well with others, and mostly kept to himself, and if Tony had some type of charity event that he had to attend on behalf of Stark Industries, he usually dragged the team with him. In these cases, Loki holed himself up in his suite and refused to come out.
He was fascinating, although he only spent as little time as possible with humans. Since he was aloof, he sparked your curiosity because you knew that he was extremely intelligent. You could barely be considered acquaintances, since you just worked with Tony on various projects or events, and didn’t interact with the Avengers on a regular basis.
“Okay, I give up.”
“Good,” he gruffed, as he moved to finishing making his tea, which you had interupted.
“I should warn you that it’s not over, though,” you said. “Tony usually gets what he wants.”
“We’ll see.”
Read it here
Tagging: (tag list is open)
@maiden-of-asgard @shiningloki @emeraldrosequartz @latent-thoughts @dangertoozmanykids101 @imnotrevealingmyname @arch-venus25 @xlehukax @toozmanykids
Special thanks to @dangertoozmanykids101 for doing a read through and for her valuable suggestions!
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xlonelythedreamerx · 6 hours ago
To Be Glorious & Free
Synopsis: Lady Loki visits young (kid) Loki in a dream, he feels lost and ashamed of who he is but she has a few words of wisdom to be shared.
A/N: Just an idea, nothing that’s logical but it’s a fanfic so it doesn't have to make sense 😂 Also Ik nothing about Loki in the comics, this fic doesn't really fit in the mcu either so just take it as it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I kinda imagine Lady Loki as Eva Green XD
- - -
Radiant white light blinded his vision. Young Loki placed a hand to cover over his squinted eyes. The radiance was warm and comforting. Though the feeling quickly faded when a thought entered his mind;
Was this Valhalla? At least he was grateful to have died a peaceful death in his sleep.
Loki still felt the rise and fall of his chest, the soft texture of grass between his fingers, the sound of soft winds. He pulled himself up to a sitting position, the mysterious light was the blazing sun. Loki rubbed his eyes; he was in a field. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, in fact, the whole place seemed too perfect to be real.
He studied his surroundings in hopes of finding a way out. Instead he saw a large beech tree in the distance. A darkened figure sat against it, hidden in the shade. If this was a dream, his dream, surely he'd remain safe from any potential threat. He hoped so anyway.
Loki began his walk towards the giant tree that swayed gently with the wind. The figure was shadowed by a hood that covered most of their facial features. Loki kept a few metres away to analyse this guest in his dream.
Young Loki struggled to keep his composure in order to stay calm.
The firmly built figure was dressed in some kind of green leather dress with golden armoured plates on the arms, accessorised with a black corset. The dress had a long slit on each side of the hips to reveal tight black trousers and boots underneath.
Loki felt his heart hammer in his chest.
The finely dressed female let out an amused laugh of the richest honey. The dark hood was was removed.
Waves of long black hair fell in place accompanied with piercing blue eyes painted in thin layers of black. A small horned headband rested around the forehead.
"I was expecting something more glamours than a field. But this shall do." She said, looking around at the view. Her voice spoke in confidence that demanded to be heard.
Loki attempted to swallow down his anxiety. "W-who are you?" He asked.
This..version of Loki rolled her eyes. "Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.” She patted the ground next to her underneath the tree.
"Sit. You're wasting time." She commanded. Loki obeyed silently and sat down. He felt captivated and almost jealous at this future version of himself. She began to inspect him, eyes moving up and down.
"You still have such a long way to go." Her voice sounded like Mother's, though it was lightly edged with darkness.
"Are you from the future?" He asked.
"Yes and no. I'm just one of the many version of who you'd wish to become one day." She responded. Loki pulled up his knees and wrapped his arms around them.
"Of someone I can never become." Young Loki said in small voice.
"Nonsense. You can become whoever or whatever you wish to be, you know you have the power to do so. The only thing stopping you is your own fear." Lady Loki said, she made it sound like an easy thing to overcome.
Loki felt his chest tighten. "Fear of what others may think of me." Though still so young, there were whispers of what many thought of him. A growing shadow amongst warriors.
"It's too late to fear what others may think of you, they have already decided." A hint of sadness laced her voice. "You are not responsible for how others perceive you. Show everyone you are better than them. They are the weak minded fools who follow what they have been taught, never having the courage to think for themselves."
Loki locked eyes with his female self, he could feel the confidence radiate from her.
"They are not free." He said, both of their lips mirrored a smirk.
"You are learning well. The world follows their little pathetic paths that are controlled by others. But you, us, are glorious and free." Lady Loki brushed a gentle hand along her younger self's cheek. "We make up our own rules.”
Loki closed his eyes, savouring this strange moment. These were the words he needed to hear for so long. A part of him did not wish to wake up. A brief pause of silence fell between them as Lady Loki waited for a response.
"But it's.. it's not natural to be..." Loki wasn't sure how to word this correctly
"To be both, or neither, somewhere in between." His female self shrugged. Loki nodded.
Lady Loki let out a chuckle. "Says who? There are many unnatural things in this world. Take our idiotic brother for example, " She joked. "It is only considered unnatural because others find it uncomfortable. Many tend to fear those who are different. I find being normal rather tedious."
"That is true." He mumbled to himself.
"We are not the only ones who feel this way. There's a realm that is and accepting, a realm of those who are similar to us."
Loki turned, appearing surprised. Surprised that he was not the only one. It brought him a sense of comfort that a world so far away lived beings similar to him.
"Where is this realm?" He asked.
"On Midgard. They are only mortal, they live such short lives."
"I've heard of that realm." Though he did not know much about it. It shocked him that mortals seemed to be more accepting than those who lived far far longer.
"Believe me, it's not a very exciting place to visit. I've had my fair share of fun with them” Well she wouldn’t exactly have called it a fun time...
"If they are more accepting then I'd much rather be there anyway.." Loki sighed.
Lady Loki's eyes widened. "No." She pointed a finger at him. Loki let himself laugh at her response.
"I see they do not like you very much?" He dared to ask.
Lady Loki moved in closer and smirked. "Not quite. They just couldn't handle all of my glory." She spoke proudly, twisting a strand of long hair with her finger. Young Loki let himself freely smile.
This.. dream gave him some hope but the fear still remained strong underneath.
"Let me ask you something." She said in deep thought. Loki nodded.
"Do you believe women are weak creatures in need of protecting?" She asked.
Loki frowned. "No, of course not!" He said in dismay. He knew many strong women, his mother especially. Her magic was something to truly admire and even fear at times.
"Good. Do you believe their appearance dictates their worth?"
Loki shook his head. "No that's completely absurd!"
Lady Loki chuckled. "If only you could see the look on your face, young one.”
Loki felt slightly embarrassed. "Why ask me this?"
She let out a soft sigh. "Because it is what many people believe. It's something that has been ingrained in us since we were children, in story books, in legends, when we are young it is easy to subconsciously believe these ridiculous ideation." She tapped the side of her head. "We both believed this without even realising it.” It took a great amount of years to break away from it all, she only wished it hadn't taken so long.
“Oh and also, it’s possible to be both beautiful and strong at the same time.” She added with a wink.
This had never come to Loki's attention before, it was a lot to take in in such a short amount of time. He realised how much the idea of fear truly controlled everyone so easily, even him.
She continued; "No matter how hard you try, you'll never stop others from judging you no matter what you do, it's inevitable. You could pretend to fit in to avoid it all but that isn't who we are. Not when we were born for greatness. "
Lady Loki's prideful speech soon began to loose its confidence. "My only advice is to not strive for too much, it will only leave you disappointed."
Loki could see the hint of sorrow in those ancient eyes.
"Power is addictive." He commented, he was afraid of asking what sort of things had happened to her. Or maybe he did not wish to know at all.
With a frail smile, Lady Loki replied; "If only I knew that before it was all too late."
"It's never too late to start over." The words that left his lips sounded rather naive, though perhaps it was true in some ways. ".. are you happy?"
Happiness seemed like such a childish word.
Lady Loki tried to suppress a laugh for the sake of her younger self.
"Is anyone ever truly happy?" She responded.
A question in response to another question. Typical. Loki wasn't surprised.
"You're avoiding my question."
"It's one of our many talents." She replied, but Loki wanted an answer.
"It's my dream, I deserve answers. Skip the fancy philosophical responses for once."
Lady Loki raised an eyebrow, she should at least have the courage to be honest with her younger self, right?
She leaned back against the tree, eyes lost into the distance of the vast field, struggling to come up with a response.
"For awhile I forgot what it even meant to be happy, I was lost within myself, consumed by rage, never satisfied with what I had. Some people are just cursed to never feel satisfied and I've come to accept that as a part of my life... but now, after many years, you ask if I am happy... then yes, I am happy." She risked turning her head to meet her younger self's curious eyes.
"Liar." He whispered. Lady Loki's face tightened with anguish, a hidden fist began to clench but nevertheless, she smirked. She was unsure if it really was a lie or the truth.
"Guilty as charged." She said. "Lying may be our native tongue but we have yet to believe the lies we tell ourselves." She then began to stand up. "Looks like our time is up."
“Why so soon?” Loki stood up too. "Please don't go. I still have so many questions." Eyes pleading upwards to his older self. She was truly a beautiful sight to behold, so much power with a single look.
"All in due time. You'll find all the answer you seek soon. Don't forgot what I have told you or this would all have been for nothing." Would he even remember this dream when he woke up?
"Then can you promise me one thing before you go?" He asked. Promises weren't exactly her forte but she'd try to make an exception.
"Go on." She urged him.
Loki fiddled with his fingers. "Promise me you'll be happy one day." He said in a quiet voice, he knew how silly this sounded.
Lady Loki fought the urge to roll her eyes. "I promise." She said, though they were both not satisfied with her response but it would be enough.
Then she spoke again; "A promise for a promise then; promise me you won’t give up. Your story has only just began."
Loki nodded.
Lady Loki closed her eyes and began to fade away. He wanted to reach out to stay for awhile longer but it was no use. They shared a smile together before she had completely vanished away, a trail of glistening sparks flew up with the wind.
Sleep soon arrived to take Loki back home.
Loki drifted off and fell backwards thinking he'd fall on the grass but within an instant, his eyes opened wide as he awoke on his bed. He pulled himself up, moving his legs out to the side, feet touching the cold floor. A slow and steady sigh exhaled from his lips. He remembered.
He would not tell anyone, it would be his little secret. Though like all dreams, they are soon forgotten.
Loki got up and walked to his full length mirror, looking at his reflection. Placing a hand against the glass and holding his head up high, Loki spoke these words like a sacred prayer;
"Your story has only just began."
- - - -
A/N: As a trasguy who likes feminine clothes but is often scared to wear them, this felt really nice to write 🥺💚
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the-devil-herself · 13 hours ago
With the Loki show out... should I get back to writing? 😅
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stardust-walker · 17 hours ago
World on Fire: Chapter 4 {Loki X Sigyn!Reader}
Summary: Sigyn was supposed to have died almost 100 years ago. A peace mission to Migard gone wrong and she had never returned. Everyone had thought she was dead until Loki is shown someone who looks too familiar when he comes to Earth on a mission. Sharon Odell. Shannon Orwell. Sidney Orwell. No matter what name she goes by, it’s all the same. Now that Gods and heroes are real, there’s no use hiding who she really is anymore.
Chapter Summary: in which Loki makes Sidney relive some painful memories and Thor is the just the best bro
Chapter 4: Suffer With Me
Tumblr media
Sidney didn’t know what sort of reaction to expect from him but it definitely wasn’t this. Instead of any show of emotion, Loki resumed his slow pace along the front wall of the glass cage. “Why have you come?” His voice was cold. “To extend an offer of peace?” He scoffed.
Sidney furrowed her brow as she chewed on the inside of her cheek. “I need to know why. It’s not like Odin to interfere much with Earth anymore.”
“You speak of the Midgardians like you are one.” Loki came to a stop in front of her. A shiver ran down her back in spite of herself. “How disappointing,” he drawled. “I do not come on the orders of Odin.” The venom behind his words confused her. What had happened while she was gone that could change so much?
“Then why do you come?” 
“I come to free them all. Free will is an illusion. I wish to be a just king that the...people of Midgard need to remind them of that. Perhaps you need to be reminded along with them.”
Sidney let out a heavy sigh as she pinched the bridge of her nose. This wasn’t the Loki that she knew.
“On the other hand, you could be useful. You know Midgard more than I.”
Her temper flared as she dropped her hands to her sides. “I am not some tool for you to use! I will not be some part of your hair-brained scheme.” She jumped slightly as he slapped a hand against the glass a few inches from her face.
“You underestimate me?”
“You tried to kidnap me, Loki,” she hissed through gritted teeth. The last thing she needed was Fury or someone else hearing them fight like this. Especially since she was sure she knew him well enough to know what was likely to come next.
“Kidnap you?” Loki let out a laugh as he slowly shook his head. “Was it wrong of me to simply want to see if it was truly you?”
“If that’s what you wanted, you would have arrived on your own and not sent two SHIELD agents after me. Heaven knows they’ve caused me enough trouble as it is.”
“Yet you sit on their airship as if you are a welcome guest.”
Sidney frowned. “Nick Fury owes me. Many times over, I don’t suppose they really had a choice after your agents aimed a gun at me and forced my hand.”
A glimmer of another emotion crossed Loki’s face. Was it panic?
Sidney cut him off before he could spew more venom towards her. “What has become of you? You were always a trickster, you enjoyed your practical jokes. You were never cruel.” She glanced away from him for a moment. The blonde needed to regain her composure before she turned back to face him. As if in a trance, she took a few steps closer to the cage. “Tell me what happened to you.”
“I can not.” He looked more distressed now. 
Sidney held her hand up so that it lined up over his against the glass. “Show me.” She wasn’t even sure if it would work. They had done this before, sure, but that was when her powers were at their full strength. She was certain that she didn’t even have all of them back yet. Perhaps it was something she would need to focus on more. At least she was sure that she was capable of removing the blocks that she had put up in her own mind long ago. Was it worth it to be able to fit in with her friends on Midgard? She couldn’t yet tell.
“You will not like what you see,” Loki warned her.
Sidney grunted in annoyance as she slowly closed the distance between Loki’s hand and her own. The young woman sucked in a deep breath as her hand touched the glass. For a moment, she thought it wouldn’t work. Then her eyes squeezed shut as a sharp pain cut through her skull.
Tumblr media
Being able to view someone else’s memories was never a pleasant one but it was certainly a way around having to discuss them. She could no longer feel the solid metal ground underneath her feet. Instead, she could see only what Loki wanted her to see. At least Sidney was still aware of the cool glass under her hand that connected the two of them together in that moment.
Her insides churned as she was thrust into the first memory. Where it all started to go wrong.
“I don’t understand why this mission to Midgard is so important,” Loki sighed as he lounged on a chair in the corner of the room.
“The Allfather says that the whole planet seems to be on the verge of war, Loki.” She had looked down at her hands. She remembered it well that she couldn’t even bear to look at him.
Loki’s face contorted in a mix of emotions before he settled on a look of vague concern. “Of all the warriors to send, why you?”
“Perhaps he would like to ensure the victory of the right side.” It made sense to her until Loki pointed it out. Why shouldn’t he send the goddess of victory to help the Midgardians?
Loki rose up from his seat quickly and took long strides across the room. “Where are you going?” She rose from her seat and brushed her hair from her face.
“To speak to my father. Maybe I can make him see reason.”
“No, Loki.” Her voice was stern as she stepped in front of him and placed a hand on his chest. “If this is something that I must do, then there’s no use fighting it. If the Allfather...your father thinks I can be of use, then I would like to prove myself.” Her light eyebrows furrowed as her dark eyes scanned Loki’s face for any response.
His thin fingers wrapped around her own. He slowly raised her hand from his chest and pressed a kiss to the back of her fingers. “If he’s looking for success, I’d say he’s chosen the right person for the job.”
A sad smile spread across her face before she threw her arms around his neck and embraced him.
The memory faded almost as quickly as it had come. Before she had time to regain her composure another more painful one entered her head.
“What am I?”
“You’re my son.”
Odin? Her breath caught in her throat as the Loki in the memory turned around and she was able to take in his appearance. His skin was no longer pale, but a startling shade of blue. His eyes were red and his skin bore strange markings.
“The casket wasn’t the only thing you took from Jotunheim that day was it?” Her footsteps made no noise as she trailed behind him. His slow advance towards Odin made her feel sick to her stomach.
“In the aftermath of the battle, I went into the temple and I found a baby. Small for a giant’s offspring. Abandoned. Suffering. Left to die.” Her brain swirled with a million thoughts as she took in Odin’s words. Loki was no son of Odin he was-
“Laufey’s son? Why?” The hurt in Loki’s voice was apparent. 
“You were an innocent child.”
“No.You took me for a purpose. What was it?” She felt like she could cut the tension with a knife and she was almost certain her physical body jolted as Loki shouted at the top of his voice, “tell me!”
Tumblr media
She didn’t get to hear Odin’s explanation as the memory faded until she could only see the black behind her eyelids. Sidney’s eyelids fluttered open as her eyes adjusted to the bright lights that shone from inside the cage. Loki looked as stoic as ever as he stood tall. There was an expectant look in his eyes as he watched her for any sort of reaction.
In spite of herself, she felt a tear begin to slide down her face. Her free hand raised to wipe the tear from her face as Loki sneered.
“Why do you cry? I don’t need your tears. Your pity and sympathy mean nothing to me.” His face was twisted into a cruel mask though his voice cracked.
Sidney opened her mouth to protest before a strange sensation swept through her. It was similar to the disorienting feeling that she’d just experienced but there were no images. Just feelings.
It started out as a warm sensation in her hand that began to travel up her arm. Her eyes widened in shock as she found she couldn’t bring herself to move her hand from the glass. Sidney’s dark eyes darted from her hand to Loki’s face in distress as it just seemed to grow hotter. “Stop this!” 
Loki shook his head. He wasn’t doing this. 
Sidney had tried her hardest to keep quiet while she had come to find out what she needed but she couldn’t bear it any longer. A pained scream left her lips as she doubled over and clutched her head. She could swear she heard Loki’s screams in her head as she felt the unbearable heat grow stronger and stronger. She couldn’t see anything but she heard a name in her head that seemed to sear itself into her brain as Loki’s voice echoed in her head.
There was a dull sound behind her that she couldn’t quite place until she opened her eyes to see the reflection of the door sliding open behind her. 
“Loki, stop this!” The loud voice was familiar enough that Sidney cringed as Loki finally pulled his hand away from the glass barrier. She watched his feet stumble back a few steps as Thor’s loud footsteps moved even closer.
Sidney coughed and shuddered as her body slowly began to return to its normal temperature.
As she went to straighten up into a standing position, a strong hand on her arm pulled her further back from the glass wall. Loki’s eyes narrowed though he didn’t say anything as the tall blonde man grabbed her by the arm.
“You shouldn’t be in here,” Thor’s voice was harsh. Sidney cringed as she allowed herself to be pulled from the room. One last glance over her shoulder was all that she spared towards Loki before the door slid shut behind her.
If looks could kill, the look Coulson shot her before he stormed back down the hallway would have at least injured her. Thor hovered over her with a concerned look on his face as both of them watched the agent stalked back down the hall. 
“Leave me be,” Sidney hissed through her teeth as she went to advance down the hallway. Her vision went blurry just before she stumbled into the wall. “I can handle myself.” She swatted Thor’s hand away.
His voice was still harsher than she remembered as he spoke again. This time was different, though. He spoke more like a concerned parent than a scolding one. “My lady, you should allow me to assist you to your room. Unless you’re sure you can handle yourself.”
Her dark eyes narrowed as she glanced up to shoot Thor a venomous look. The two of them were in a silent stand-off in the hallway for a good ten seconds before she relented. With a heavy sigh and a pinch of the bridge of her nose, Sidney allowed Thor to take her by the arm. “Very well.” 
As the two of them moved down the hallway, Sidney slowly found it easier to get her bearings. She had guessed that some things had happened to Loki while she was gone but what he had shown her had distressed not only her heart but her mind as well. She wished that Thor would just leave her alone but it seemed like she wouldn’t be so lucky.
“If I could ask,” Thor started.
“At least wait until we’re not in public,” she whispered. The least he could do was wait until he brought her to her room to discuss the elephant in the room. Thankfully, Thor seemed to take the hint at the very least and maintained his silence for the rest of the walk.
Once the door to her room closed, it was another story.
“I was sure it was you when I first boarded the ship, yet I didn’t want to ask,” Thor stated simply.
“Well thank the Norns that you didn’t,” Sidney rolled her eyes as she edged her way towards her bed to sit down. Thor was a large man and her quarters were small. “Do me a favor and at least get me a cup of water from the sink, would you?”
Thor busied himself with his menial task as she pulled a container of ibuprofen from her bag and popped one in her mouth. 
He handed her the cup of water as he knelt down across from her so he could meet her eyes. “You should not have gone in to see him. He is not what you once knew him to be.”
“I noticed that for myself very well, thank you.” Sidney sighed as she ran a hand through her hair. “Which is why I had to talk to him. I needed to know...something had to happen that made him into this. Cruelty and war was never something he took joy in.” Her pointed look at the god of thunder did not go unnoticed.
“Much has happened since you departed,” Thor hung his head solemnly. 
Thor took his time to explain as much as he could to her. Her supposed death had caused great grief for his younger brother; there was nothing she could do to change that now. Though she had explained her exile had seemed to serve a purpose and after a time she had chosen to simply adapt to her circumstances and perhaps she had blocked herself from Heimdall as someone had shown her long ago. Thor listened as she explained that she had feared after a short number of years that Loki would only express anger at her return so she had decided to remain on Midgard. The thought to return home had not crossed her mind in years though she had remained faithful throughout her time there.
Thor’s expression hardened as he spoke of Loki’s true parentage. His own exile to Earth which shocked her. Loki’s supposed plunge to his death had nearly brought tears to her eyes as Thor placed a comforting hand on her knee. “It brings me sorrow that we should all reunite like this, but perhaps Loki could see reason. Perhaps the three of us could return home together.”
Sidney placed her hand on top of Thor’s and almost laughed at how his hand dwarfed her own. “I think I would like that if it weren’t a pipe dream.”
“He will need to face consequences no matter what. He’s killed 80 people in 2 days according to the spy.”
“Her name is Natasha. But I’ve known you to kill 80 people within an hour,” Sidney quirked an eyebrow.
“Those were different times. My time on Earth has changed my thoughts at least on the people of Midgard. They were not deserving of that.”
“Selvig doesn’t deserve what Loki did to him,” her muscles tensed. She didn’t want to feel such rage towards the caged man but she couldn’t help it. Selvig was a good man and he deserved nothing but good things.
“I do agree with you on that one. Selvig is a good friend and a smart man. There must be a way to free him from whatever spell my brother has him under.” The two of them fell silent. “This is a lot to ask of you, I know this. But if you’re here as well, it must be for a reason.”
Sidney sucked in a deep breath. 
“I do not ask you to betray my brother, but to help him come to his senses. And if he will not do so, then to help me to stop him from doing something that he can not return from.”
Sidney opened and closed her mouth a few times before she settled on a nod of her head. “It’s not like I can jump out of this flying metal death trap. I may as well make myself useful. Though I’m not sure that Stark will want my help if the word gets out.” Her dark eyes sparkled with a hint of excitement as she met Thor’s eye.
“Your secret from them is safe with me.” Thor assured her. Sidney knew it was only a matter of time before her charade was up, however. Tony was a smart man just as his father had been before him.
Without another word, Sidney rose to her feet as a startled Thor practically jumped to his own as he mirrored her. The small woman held out a hand to the god which he took and shook sharply.
“We have a deal then?”
“It is an honor to be able to fight alongside you again, Lady Sigyn.”
Her breath caught in her throat for a moment at the name that she hadn’t heard in decades. Maybe even close to a century. “Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves there, big guy. I suspect we should try to find the others before they get too suspicious.”
“The Son of Coul…”
“Don’t worry about Phil. He won’t spill the beans if he knows what’s good for him.”
Thor nodded and began to lead the way back towards the lab. Sidney flinched slightly as the thought of the last memory she had been shown echoed through her mind again. One word played on her mind as she finally cleared her head enough to follow the blonde god.
Thanos. Who in the hell was that?
Tumblr media
Taglist: @mysticunicorn7​ @lunamyangel​ @moncheriemoony​ @heyarely16​
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darklydeliciousdesires · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Equals you like...
Tumblr media
Y’all ready? @longlostinanotherworld​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @miss-smutty​ @skyfullofsong123​ @swaggysposts​ @a-little-counter-esperanto​ @lancsnerd​ @newlibrary​ @princessphilly​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​ @winchwm​
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sango-haveaniceday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Loki returns to Asgard to immediately lock himself in the library: he is fully determined to find a solution to Selene's curse, and wants to be able to cure her by the time they meet again.
But in the midst of his research, he is distracted by the book of the Chronicles of Asgard, which claims that the legendary Wolf God, Fenrir, is still imprisoned in a pit under the palace.
Unable to believe that nothing of what is written in that book is true, Loki decides to go into the dungeon to find out for himself.
Warnings: probably a little angst at the end, but not much.
Como siempre, en español por aquí
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hardladyheart · a day ago
Typical (Thor x Reader)
Tumblr media
You couldn't believe what you saw, your suitor kissing and almost ravaging some woman in front of you. You growled his name which made him look up in shock. Saying nothing more, you stormed off.
This was suppose to be your night together, you and Thor, but he didn't show. 'Now I know why,' you thought, closing and locking the door with tears streaking down your cheeks. You shouldn't be that surprised, really. Over the past few months, the god had become distant and when he smiled, let's just say he wasn't really happy.
The two of you had been courting for months now in Asgard, even Odin was thrilled. At first, everything was lovely, Thor's strong arms always around your waist and whispering the sweetest comments in your ear. Thor would come to see you everyday, sometimes even leaving his mantle 'accidently' so he could come back again.
Then Thor missed the Day of Love that went on throughout Asgard. Of course, you weren't worried, thinking that he was busy in Midgard with the humans he called friends. When he came back, you lavished kisses on him, your hands tangling in his blonde locks. He apologized before he kissed you, so you said nothing and forgave him.
As time went by, you saw less of your love, and he always apologized, making you melt where you stood. You would go for weeks without seeing the thunder god and then he'd just stop by with an excuse. You grew tired of it, tired of not even receiving a letter from a messenger when all it took was a minute and a sentence to show he cared.
An anniversary for you both came next and you were so excited. You bought a new dress for the occasion before going home and preparing his favorite dish. He never showed. You sat waiting for him in one of your chairs until you fell asleep.
Thor was finally going to take back the title of being the next heir to the throne which he was ecstatic about. He just didn't tell you; didn't tell you that there was a banquet held in his honor. Now did he say you were going to be present, saying you didn't feel well.
You had been asked days after why you didn't involve yourself with the banquet. You had to repeat the same thing over and over, "I simply did not know of any ceremony or banquet. I would have been there if I had." By then, you knew he was detaching himself.
A day came that you didn't even recognize until a friend told you: you were amazed to have forgotten another anniversary. As you walked around the lavish city, thinking of doing something for your beloved Thor, there he was. That was when you called his name so he would know you were there.
With his long legs he was able to catch up to your retreating form easily. The prince caught you in his arms trying to persuade you to listen. Calling your name so you would look up into his face. When you did, he saw the look in your eyes that would have turned him to stone if a glare had that capability. Thor dropped his hands from you and took a step back.
"Going to apologize again?" you asked with utter hatred in your voice. You were never the type to slap someone so you turned quickly and punched him, sending him to the ground. You'd have to thank the element of surprise for that to have worked. "I don't care if you're the king-to-be, you will never lie to me again. On the name of the Allfather, you are no longer going to trick me. You're beneath me, no matter your status." You left him there in the middle of the street, thinking of making a stop before heading home. There was a certain green-eyed prince you needed to speak with.
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Humor me for a sec...
A story following two people who are meant to meet. So close - always just missing each other.
Maybe one is leaving the laundromat just as the other arrives.
Another chance, coffee is ordered for pick up instead of waiting in line. There's no chance for hello when you grab and go.
Perhaps another time is at a bar. A double date where one person or both can't show.
And yet another opportunity is at a museum: backs to each other and yet neither ever looks over their shoulder. Always with eyes on art, headphones in, or lost in their thoughts.
Maybe they happen to like live music and poetry readings at the same coffee shop, but they're always on opposite sides and never look through the crowd.
One could volunteer at a shelter, always hearing from coworkers about the sweetheart who always fosters, but never actually sees them. Maybe they take their pets to the same park, but at different times.
Maybe they're always so close to meeting. Just a moment away.
Maybe they never have their moment. Maybe it isn't meant to be.
Maybe that missing piece gets filled by someone else. Someone...similar. They fit well enough, but not perfectly, because the two people meant to be, never had their moment.
I don't know, just a thought.
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hardladyheart · a day ago
Cut (Thor x Reader)
Tumblr media
They were everywhere, these creatures from another realm. Grotesque monsters covered in ooze and blood from people that littered the streets. These things were sent on one mission: to destroy everything.
You were bent over with your hands on your knees, trying to calm your breathing before more came your way. They just didn’t seem to stop, if you killed one then there seemed to be three more take its place. At the sound of footsteps coming your way, you drew your dagger and prepared for another round.
The battles waged on as bodies from both sides fell to add a new layer to the growing piles. The stench of burnt flesh filled the air as some people were caught inside the burning buildings. There were screams in every direction as someone else crumpled to the ground, a hand gnawing on their flesh.
These things didn’t just have one mouth, but three, one on each hand and one on where the face should be. Their claws would dig into their victim and attach themselves in a vice-like grip as the mouth on their hand began biting and taking chunks all the way to the bone.
Luckily, you hadn’t been caught yet, but it was only a matter of time. You were getting weak, your body covered in cuts and bruises from these monsters. As you saw the next wave approaching you, you started to run. There was no point in standing there to fight them all when you were this tired and clumsy, it would get you killed.
At rounding a corner, you heard thunder as a flash of light hit where you had just come from. You snuck a peek to see what might have just happened. A blond in armor stood in the middle of the fried group, a hammer sizzling with energy in his right hand. His stance showed all too well that he was ready for more.
“It’s about time you showed up,” you said between breaths.
Thor placed his hammer on his shoulder as he eyed your battered form. “I would have arrived sooner if you would have called, you know that.”
You walked up to him, more of a hobble as your body finally realized the pain your legs were in. “I thought I could handle it, I didn’t know they were going to bring the whole planet here.”
Thor looked as if he would smile if not for the worry for you. He grabbed you around the waist as his other hand began to spin Mjolnir. The god took off with you, flying away from the city and to your home. Thor set you down on the couch after he all but broke your door and went into the kitchen, wetting a rag. You hissed as he dabbed at your cuts, trying to clean them as best as he could. A thumb traced along a cut on your cheek, making you gasp, not from pain, but from the softness.
“If there is ever another battle that you require aid with, never hesitate to call for me.” Thor leaned closer to you and kissed your forehead, his facial hair tickling against your skin.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” you said as a blush darkened your cheeks.
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squishneedsahero · a day ago
Broken Things to Mend
Part 1 of 1
Word Count: 5998
A soulmate au where you have the first sentence your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body in their handwriting.
TW: Abuse, neglect and starvation mentions (I’m sure theres more pls let me know if I need to add anything)
You were roughly thrown into a cell and the door shut behind you with a snap, exhausted you fall to your knees and stay on the floor rather than trying to fight your way back out. You were tired, so, so tired. Your body ached, cuts and bruises littered every inch of your skin, mere hours ago you had felt invincible but now you were nothing but broken. You collapsed to your knees and cried on the floor wondering how you had fallen so far.
Here you were locked in a cell on Asgard, and here was where you were going to stay until the humans had something properly set up to contain you. Why you had tried to take over that planet you weren't quite sure, tired of feeling weak had lead you down a dark path. A path from which you couldn't return, and had been regretting as you walked down it. But you couldn't stop yourself and now it was too late.
Broken was the only way to describe yourself, you had been broken for millennia and had finally thought you could piece yourself back together when you'd found the infinity stone. The power stone. You'd thought yourself strong enough to use its power, to stop those who had hurt you and others who wanted to hurt innocents in their paths. You had soon found you weren't strong enough, you were alone and it had corrupted your mind, having no one to anchor you to reality. That's when he had shown up. The purple Titan set on reforming the universe, making it a better place, and in your broken state of mind his plan had made sense, you had agreed to help him, to take out the biggest threat in his way.
You had failed, you had lost to that group called the Avengers and soon enough Thanos would be coming after you himself to remove any loose ends. You weren't the first he had sent but you were most likely the last he'd send on their own without him to lead them directly. He'd only kept you because you were able to hold the power stone in your hands and not be destroyed, someone broken who he could control who could keep the stone safe until he was able to wield it himself.
As soon as he'd seen you failing to take earth he had taken the stone from you and left you for dead. Once you were no longer in possession of the gem you had come back to your senses, seen all the havoc you'd wreaked upon that innocent planet. But it was too late, you were already the enemy and they'd never understand if you tried to explain. So you had fought, continuing to try and protect yourself and your life until they had finally overcome you.
Now you were sitting in a cell, back to yourself but now shattered rather than having just a few chips on your broken soul. You'd ben controlled and manipulated your entire life, by those who claimed to be your friends and family, but it was only ever for the power which you had. Seemingly the last of your species, dark and wraith-like nothing more than a wisp of what you could be and easy to control. A child who could wield the power of the infinity stones, any powerful person would want you in their control.
All of that manipulation had left you more than a little broken, to the point that as soon as you had actually been able to get your hands on that gem you'd instantly turned on them. Then you'd gone after all the others who had manipulated you and dictated your life. You'd been passed from hand to hand as a slave would be, malnourished to keep a leash on you. Sometimes you were sold, other times traded, but mostly those who had been holding you were attacked and killed so that somebody new could control you.
Despite having wielded the infinity stone less than a day before you were back to that state you had been in. The stone had been the only thing sustaining your life and making you seem to be anything more than someone who'd been a broken child and was now a broken adult. You fall asleep on your place on the floor in that cell on Asgard, you were powerless to do anything and you knew it, sleeping was the only way you'd be able to ignore the crushing guilt you felt for all you had done.
All too soon you're woken up, the drapes over the glass door of your cell being opened wide and exposing you to the glaring lights. You preferred the dark as any wraith would, it was your natural state to be in the dark, so natural that the light almost hurt. Once you're awake you look over your thin arms and legs, the bruises and cuts from the fight before all healed, thats why they'd opened the drapes, you'd had enough time to heal in the dark but they didn't want to leave you in the dark. The darkness brought you power, not as much power as that gem had, and not as Much as any sort of nutrients would but it had allowed you to heal.
After your eyes finish lingering on the elegant script on your forearm you pull your sleeve to cover it and look up. Across the hallway was another cell, this one containing a raven haired man, his gaze fixed on you and not breaking even when you meet his stare with your own. He looks to be in good shape and everyone else there would think so as well, but you were able to see the haze of magic over his room. You couldn't see through it, you didn't know what he was hiding but there was something he was keeping from prying eyes and you could only applaud him for being able to protect himself in such a way.
Loki had looked up from his book when the drapes across the prison hall were drawn away from the cell they'd been covering from his view. Inside was a person most unusual, a wisp of a being, with grayish skin and sunken eyes which had seen so many things. What were they? He asked himself, intrigued as he'd never seen anything like them before. He's surprised when they meet his eyes and don't look away immediately as anyone else would. The few moments of eye contact are brief as the figure gets up off the floor and seemingly drifts over to their cot.
Peculiar, a long dark robe covered their grayish form, ending a foot or so from the ground revealing no legs or feet touching the floor. There was a faint cloud of dark mist that seemed to surround them, which pooled around where their feet should have been. This was their natural form, no magic concealed who they were as he did with himself. He watches as they take a seat on their cot, the mist around them gathers and forms some spindly legs. Intriguing, now that he had seen that he couldn't unsee it, their entire form seemed to be made of mist, there but not really there, but by the way they sat thy definitely has a solid form in there somewhere.
You'd moved to your cot, hoping that movement would break the stranger's eye contact but when you sat and turned around his gaze was still fixed on you. You hated being perceived, anytime someone looked at you there was a thirst to their gaze, a desire as they wanted to own you. His gaze was different though, more curious than wanting to control you. It eased you ever so slightly, but you still hated it, so you stared back.
Most wouldn't hold your gaze for long before breaking it, they found you horrible to look at with your grey skin and sunken eyes. You weren't always like that though, when you'd had the power stone you had found your true form, what you'd look like if you had been properly taken care of and healthy. Even then, in your true form, people wouldn't hold your gaze, you were no longer the disgusting monster you were currently but they could see the inside. Your grace and power which flowed off of you in that form intimidated them and they'd look away, but this man didn't.
You stare back at him, allowing yourself to break eye contact knowing intimidation and fear would get him to stop, so let him look at the monster you were. You were the most horrible creature someone could set eyes on in their lifetime, if he wanted the sight of you burned into his retina who were you to stop him? So instead you take your own turn to observe him, taking in his features, taking time to notice more than just the raven hair that flowed to his shoulders. His emerald eyes were the first thing which you noticed besides the hair, but it wasn't so much the color that intrigued you it was the pain and loathing you could sense behind them. He did well to hide it but not from you, you had seen that look in your own eyes too many times to not recognize it.
Who knows how long the two of you spend staring at each other across that hallway, but you both allow it to go on. Him, intrigued by never having seen anything like you before and you staring as the face before you feels familiar. You hadn't spent much time around other beings, recognizing faces was not your strong suit but picking a voice out of a crowd was easy. Finally you place it, you place him. A face you'd seen many times in your nightmares. He was the one Thanos called Laufeyson, the one who had gone before you to earth to try and take over. The other one who had failed. The other one Thanos would come after in his rage. The other loose end was sitting there across the hallway from you.
For some reason the fact that he was also here brought you peace, it brought you hope. Maybe, just maybe he had also been controlled. Maybe he would back you up and make an attempt of explaining who Thanos was and what his plans were worth it. But you could be wrong. He could have done nearly the same thing you did but all of his own accord. He could've enjoyed hurting those people.
It was that thought that prevented you from trying to talk to him through the glass. You keep quiet except for when you're being questioned, then you give nothing but honest answers and they aren't believed so you're questioned again and again, tortured and punished for what they take to be lies. At least they allow you to sit in the dark after you're through with the torture, only long enough to heal, but it's long enough to bring you some solace and block the prying eyes.
The constant pain wasn't anything new to you, everyone who had kept you before this had done the same thing if only for different reasons. They had been scared of you, wanted to hurt you to keep you weak, the Asgardians though, were not scared of you. They wanted information and not to keep you on death's door, so their torture was nothing to you.
It becomes routine for you, one day of torture, one day of darkness and one day of nothing before the cycle begins again. One day you find yourself waiting for the guards to come get you, able to guess nearly down to the minute they would arrive each time, but today they don't come. Why they don't come you haven't a clue, until an hour later when a soldier comes storming down the stairs and the man across the hall gives him directions to somewhere.
Then after more hours pass then another guard, this one a guard of Asgard comes down the staircase and talks to the man across the hall. You watch as the magic haze over his room flickers before steadying out once more, whatever he had just been told upset him, and you could only hope it wasn't Thanos coming for the two of you.
The next morning you gain somewhat of an answer, the broad shouldered blond comes down and speaks to the raven haired man, Thor you believed his name was. He was one of the heroes who had protected earth from you. You're surprised when Loki's illusion is lifted from his cell, revealing the state he is in along with all of the broken furniture that had seemed pristine moments earlier. Then even more surprisingly Thor opens up the cell to release him before turning to face you and making your glass cell wall melt away as well.
"You are a wraith, yes?" he ask and you merely nod.
"A wraith you say?" Loki asks, his curiosity piqued once again by you.
"Brother, I need your help to watch her, she tried to take over Midgard as well, but we need her help," then Thor shoots you a look, questioning silently if you'd help.
You couldn't help but wonder how stupid he was as you nod, signaling you would help. He didn't know you, you were nothing but a monster so how could he so willingly trust you? His hand resting on your shoulder startles you, "very well, Wraith, I can see there is good in you-"
"Even with all those people I killed?" You ask, breaking your silence.
"Yes, I have heard the reports from the guards. You've remained steady in your story that you were manipulated into doing all of that and at this time we need all the help we can get and I'm willing to take the chance," he responds confidently.
You nod, once again, thoroughly confused but willing to follow him and his brother through the halls of the palace until you meet with a woman. "Loki, Wraith, this is Jane Foster- the dark elves are here because of her, the aether as fused with her body and they are trying to take her and destroy the nine realms."
"Are you serious Thor? You think that we stand a chance against the might of the dark elves?" Loki asks, irridiculously with a glance in your direction.
"We do, we have you brother and Jane is stronger than she seems," he tries to rest a hand on Loki's shoulder but the other man dodges the hand.
"What does the Wraith have to do with it?"
"When she tried taking over Midgard she carried the power stone in her hands and did not crumble to dust. The aether is much like the power stone and she should be able to protect it from the elves-"
"And you're just going to trust the fate of the nine realms to two criminals?" Loki asks, sounding like he just wants to argue.
"Yes. We must be getting out of here though," Thor says once again with that same confidence.
He leads the group of the four of you through the halls of the palace, taking some sudden turns and winding your way about until you come to an odd looking ship which he has all of you get in before he starts it up and begins flying all of you out of Asgard to who knows where. Once in the ship Loki turns his attention to you for the millionth time and you, as always, maintain eye contact. For some reason Loki's frustrations seem focused on you as he turns once more to Thor, "you've heard tales of the Wraiths and their power how can you trust this one so easily?!" he sounds outraged.
You turn away from him and take a deep breath, despite not having a reaction to all of the torture the sound of him yelling terrified you more than anything. So many times you'd been shouted at then beaten, scolded then thrown in a room lit so brightly it burned your skin. You needed to focus, try and figure out if Thor was being truthful in his trust of you, or if he was trying a different tactic of manipulating you. All you knew he was telling the truth about was that the woman, Jane, has an infinity stone bonded to her and it is slowly killing her.
You don't even realize that she has taken a seat next to you where you have your head in your hands and tried offering words of comfort. You shake your head, "no, Loki is right, it is foolish of Thor to trust me. I'm a monster who has never left anything but pain and destruction in my path. It may not have been my choice to attack earth but I was so filled with pain that I allowed it to happen and even if I can contain the power of the Aether I do not know how it will effect my mind."
"Useless," Loki spits at you.
Then you stand up, feeling anger as you face him, "I know who you are Loki. Thanos is coming for you just like he is coming for me because we failed to take down his enemies, do not act as though you are better than me, the power stone corrupted my mind because I am weak but I was never given a chance until now to do good and I am taking it even if you doubt me. I've learned the hard way I don't need other's approval."
You were going to continue but it is at this point you realize Loki's expression has changed from one of nearly disgust to shock. His masks had fallen down as he stares at you and you glance at Thor who is also looking at you in shock and by the time you're back to Loki his expression is stone cold once more. "What did you say?" he asks in a low tone.
You'd thought his shout had been bad but this terrified you so much more, he was far too calm. You take a shaky breath and say, more gently this time, "Thanos sent me when you failed. I was easy to manipulate because the power stone took ahold of my mind and he used that, I wouldn't doubt if he did the exact same thing to you-"
"Not that-" he says, that angered tone returning as he snatches your right wrist and lifts your sleeve to reveal your soul mark on your forearm. There, shining gold and beautiful against your grey skin was one word, "Useless."
A much as he hated to admit it the Wraith intrigued him, but the part that hurt, the part that made him feel angered towards them was that Thor had so easily trusted them, a complete stranger. Loki and Thor had been brothers, and sure Thor was an idiot for trusting Loki to help with this situation but him showing trust to a total stranger in the same minute he'd offered a second chance to Loki stung.
This is why he questions Thor, why he snaps at you, it's all a test to see if you truly could be trusted. You much like he had had tried to take over Midgard, you could be a good ally but with the situation at hand how could he know he could trust you. So he pushed, working quickly to find what things set you off, what things got you to break the state of silence you were always in.
He had found it, the one thing that made you angered enough to lash out was him spitting that single word at you. Your reaction had surprised him, how quickly you'd been on your feet and in his face. How your entire countenance shown with a deeply hidden power that it seemed even you were unaware of. But the part that surprised him the most were the words that left your lips as you faced him.
"I know you Loki." You hadn't said it with malice, but as a fact, now you knew him he hadn't a clue. He's in too much shock to hear the next words you say, stating how you won't be useless any longer.
He quickly masks his face once again when he realizes you had stopped speaking. He can't stop the hint of anger that crept into his tone. He was far from angry now, but anger was the only thing that kept anyone from getting close enough to him to see through his walls, "what did you say?" he asks in a low voice.
He sees the hesitation in your eyes as you go to respond, "Thanos sent me when you failed. I was easy to manipulate because the power stone took ahold of my mind and he used that, I wouldn't doubt if he did the exact same thing to you-"
"Not that-" he says but doesn't have the patience to explain. He catches your right wrist in his hand and lifts your sleeve to reveal your soul mark. He doesn't realize that his masks once again drop before you as he stares at the elegant script that covered your forearm. His cold finger runs gently over the word written on your soul, "useless," the first word he had uttered to the one who was his soulmate.
It's as his index finger runs over the mark on your arm that you realize what he has said. The first word he had spoken directly to you, the one that had brought you hope in some of your darkest moments, the one that had also broken you completely, even your soulmate thought you were useless. You can't help it as you snatch your arm away from him, how dare he- How dare he call you useless then stare at your soul mark- Even if he was your soulmate.
You're surprised when he actually lets you walk away to the other end of the ship without stopping you. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you stare at those beautiful yet painful letters on your arm, somewhere in the back of your mind you register Thor and Jane having a whispered conversation. Without turning around you know that Loki hadn't moved from his place and was still staring at your back, damn him why did he have to be like this.
You had only shared looks across that hallway for months, you'd never done anything to warrant him being rude to you in this way and now, knowing as well as he did that your souls were linked hurt. If you weren't already so broken you're sure it would have broken you more, would have been the final straw to tear you apart... There isn't time for you to dwell on that as the ship rocks back and forth, coming into contact with the turbulence of an atmosphere, you were landing and it was time for you to take your chance to do something good with your life. With that thought in your mind you pull your sleeve down to cover your arm again and turn to stride past Loki to the front of the ship.
Loki could only gaze after you when you walked away, he recognized a broken soul when he saw one, it was what he saw in the mirror everyday. He had seen the disdain and hurt in your eyes as you ripped your arm away from his grasp, and knowing you were the one he was meant to spend his life with, the one most likely to love him back and he had already hurt you. The feeling was so much worse than any torture that Thanos could think to inflict upon him.
When they were going in for a landing and you strode past him without a glance it was like a punch in the gut. He had ruined any chance he had of gaining you favor in less than and hour, just because he had to play stupid, stupid, mind games. He just had to try and push your buttons and test you as he always did with anyone he saw a possibility of being useful.
You look at Jane for a moment before gently resting your hand on her shoulder, "I'm going to try and take the aether from you..." you glance at Thor, "if I loose control I want you to do whatever it takes to keep me from hurting more people even if it means killing me." You make eye contact with him for a few moments before asking, "can you please promise me this?" You ask in barely more than a whisper, letting your shields down for once as you ask, you don't care you just don't want anyone to use you anymore.
"I will promise you Wraith, I will not let you bring harm to anyone else," Thor says confidently, though you do notice his glance at Loki.
That allows you to relax, you take your time as you come to a landing on the red desert planet below you to focus your attention on taking the Aether out of the human. By the time you all land you've been able to take it from her it's power flowing through you. This stone is much more subtle than the power stone, you're able to keep control of your own mind when the reality stone latches itself to you.
Loki can only watch as you take the Aether from Jane, hearing you didn't care how Thor stopped you only confirmed his fear he had scared you off with his childish games. Nevertheless as he watches he's amazed with the transformation your body goes through as you harness the power of the infinity stone.
Your grayish skin changes to a more human color, your body fills out, your wispy figure disappearing. The years of abuse disappearing from your form, revealing your true beauty and the confidence someone with your abilities should. He can only stand in awe of you and your appearance as you turn to then step off the ship onto the desert planet.
When he hesitates to follow Thor walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder, "brother, it is not too late. You can see through lies, you would know if all that the Wraith has said is true or not. They are clearly as broken as you are, Brother, but they are willing to change. I'm sure that if you do, they also hold forgiveness in their heart." Thor gives him a firm pat on the shoulder as he turns to also leave the ship, "now let us go, and defeat the dark elves before they can take the Aether."
You stand and can see the ship of the Dark Elves' in the distance. If this was your end then so be it, you could finally rest with peace knowing you had aided Thor as some level of recompense for the damage you had caused. Jane comes to stand next to you, breathing deeply as she gently says, "thank you."
"I'm just glad that I am able to help the universe in some way," you respond, your eyes can't help but linger for a moment on her soul mark, on her right forearm where everyone's was. Part of you hoped that Loki wasn't your soulmate, it was only one word and not specific enough to guarantee anything, but you knew that wasn't the case, with the way he had reacted you knew the words on his arm were the first that left your lips when speaking to him.
"I know that you will," Jane says, removing you from your thoughts.
Thats when Thor makes his way down to the two of you, "Jane, you stay here but not on the ship, it is where you will be safest."
"Thor I am not going to just sit back and watch all of this happen, I might not be as powerful as the rest of you but I will be doing my part."
Thor can only nod, and you can see the fond smile he has on his face as he looks at her, "very well, but as soon as the convergence begins I will be placing you back on earth to do your part there." With that he leads the way towards the other ship, not waiting to see if his brother would be joining them. It would be very helpful to have the trickster at their side during this but after the words which had been spoken it made sense that Loki would need a moment.
As you walk Thor asks you if you know what you are capable of. "No, I don't I have been told of the things I can do as a Wraith but I have been kept subdued my entire existence so I haven't learned anything more that what you saw on earth... But I do have control of my own mind at this time," you add trying to make sure he wouldn't misunderstand you.
"It will be enough," he says and once again places a hand on your shoulder, but quickly removes it when you flinch. The group of twenty or so Dark Elves stand a few hundred feet in front of you when Thor speaks again, raising his voice to shout, "Malekith! Today is the day you meet your end, I will not allow you to destroy the nine realms."
"Thor," Malekith responds with a eerie smile on his face, "I thank you for delivering the Aether to me, unfortunately you won't be around to see the realms brought to perfection." It's with that that he points a finger towards your group, signaling for his followers to attack you.
Everything happening flies past, much like it had on earth, you fight alongside Thor using the power of the Aether to aid you, but then you come face to face with Malekith. The Elf has some sort of hold over the Aether and by extension you, he lifts you into the air and begins to take the Aether from you. No matter how you struggle you can feel not just the Aether but also your life slipping away from you, he wasn't taking just the infinity stone but all the power your weak body held. You try and fight, and try to hold on but before it your vision goes black.
You didn't expect too but you're able to open your eyes again hours later, the Aether has left you so you are back to your grey wispy form but your body doesn't ache as badly as you had expected. This planet was dark so it made sense, you'd been able to heal yourself in the shadows. You sit up, your eyes already adjusted to the dark, but just now noticing that there was nothing on the planet around you. There was some rubble of the ship nearby but besides that nothing, no Dark Elves, no Thor, no Jane. You were alone and how exactly you felt about that you weren't sure, you'd never been left so completely alone before.
Your reaction comes slowly, you can only assume that since you are alive you had done your part but it doesn't stop you from crying as suddenly everything sets in. You'd been able to do something good with your life, finally, but as you always had you'd left a trail of loss and destruction behind you. Sure, it was fine the Elves were gone but Thor and Jane had abandoned you here, on purpose or not was unclear. Though, the thing that hurt the most was that you had met your soulmate and you had instantly pushed him away, just for him to do the same. Sure, he had hurt you but you turning your back so quickly once you realized had to have hurt him as well and now you were on this barren planet where you'd eventually die of starvation.
You sit up as you let the tears roll down your cheeks, your hand naturally grasping at the floor for any sort of stability. You're shocked when you don't find that though, you lift your hand to your tear filled eyes and look at the dirt filling your palm. You were outside for one of the few times in your life and something about that calmed your tears, they were still present but weren't flowing as freely. You continued to let the feeling of dirt running through your fingers to ground you, you were finally free even if- no don't think about the long slow death awaiting you here just enjoy the fact that you are free that you could stand up right now and take off running without  anyone hunting you down. Thats it- thats what you'll do, you'll run for the first time in centuries and just let the wind blow around you. You stand up, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you take a shaky breath, let out an excited laugh and look ahead of you.
Standing in front of you is him, Loki. You hadn't noticed he was there, how much he had seen of you crying on the ground you had no idea but the fact that he was there created a strange sensation in your chest. "I- Loki I didn't-"
Once again he cuts you off but this time it's much gentler, "no, I need to apologize. I've been captivated by you since the moment I first laid eyes on you then when we were finally able to speak I lashed out with childish games, Wraith-"
It's your turn to cut him off, "my name isn't actually Wraith, it's y/n," you pause and decide to extend an olive branch of your own, "you can just call me y/n."
"Y/n," he says thoughtfully, letting the name flow off of his silver tongue, and once again that strange tightening sensation strikes your chest. "That is a lovely name, y/n," he concludes.
You bite on the tip of your tongue as you look at him for a moment, "I need to apologize as well. I walked away from you without giving you a chance to explain yourself. I know we are little more than strangers and you calling my trustworthiness into question is only logical."
He seems a bit taken aback by your honesty but he smoothly take your hand in his, lifting your sleeve once more to look at your soul mark. "Would you be willing to give me a second chance to make up for my mistake? I have a feeling we are both broken and bruised, similar yet different with much to learn."
You cant stop the small smile that tugs at your lips. You take your hand back from his and take ahold of his right arm, taking your turn to lift his armored sleeve and view the words written there in gold, "I know you Loki," you read them out loud then meet his eyes once more, "I'd be happy to give you a second chance as you call it, as long as you are willing to give me one as well."
The relief behind his eyes is clear to you, but what isn't clear is why he cups your cheeks in his hands. He gently wipes away any remaining tears on your face, "of course I will give you a second chance," he states it gently, but firmly and once again your chest tightens. It was then that he made his intentions with his hands on your cheeks clear, as he used them to pull you into a cautious kiss, that becomes more sure when you return it.  
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jacomitabarthalock · a day ago
Heya! Me and @morimymemento have written a FrostIron fic together! I'd be super happy if you would check it out and maybe leave kudos if you liked it :)
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giodoodless · a day ago
Headcanon of the day: Sam and Thor finally meet.
Here i go:
Thor is back to earth with the guardians, just to find out that Sam is the new captain america now.
“Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Thor Odinson, and you are?”
“Sam Wilson”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Sam, son of Wil”
Sam can't stop staring. Dude's so tall and big and pretty. His huge biceps make his eyes go wide, impressed.
Thor doesn't stare, but from time to time, he takes looks at Sam. He's definitely not like Steve, not at all. He's even prettier than him.
Thor likes to make him laugh. He doesn't know why exactly, but whenever Sam's with his big and bright smile on his face, Thor's already smilling too.
They both find each other funny, even tho Thor's sense of humor is kinda different a lot actually.
Will laugh about random stuff.
Both get impressed about how serious and dangerous one can become.
Sam will ask Thor about many things, like how was Asgard, how were the other worlds, the creatures, the space, and Thor will gladly answer all his questions.
Both are smart and have good fighting strategies, altho they never really have a plan.
Sam will definitely ask about his terrifying axe, and mjolnir too, how it works, and with a curious grin, Thor will handle it to him, convincing Sam to try and take mjolnir himself.
The last time he thought someone was worthy, this person rose a powerful thunder and beated the shit out of thanos and his army with it. It was worth the shot. He he.
Lmao he was right.
Thor watches Sam fly across the sky in awe.
“And i suppose you are an angel yourself son of Wil”.
The thunder comes with Thor's arrival from up high, the intense blue enlightening the sky and everything around, and Sam's eyes shine with brightness and facination.
Sam is fast when he's fighting, and Thor is totally impressed, giggling as he throws his axe, thinking if maybe he could challenge Sam to a match later.
“Come on son of Wil! It'll be fun!”
“Dude, you can just call me Sam”
“Alright then Sam. Let's fight!”
Tall and gorgeous god of thunder and tiny and angelic captain america. That's what Thor named them after.
Asks are open for suggestions <3
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The villain in my story – Midgard 3
Tumblr media
Summary: Years ago, Odin refused a bond between Thor and you as your grandfather was a mere human. How will you react when Odin welcomes Jane Foster, Thor’s human fiancé with open arms?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Asgardian!Reader, former Thor Odinson x Reader 
Characters: Loki Laufeyson, Heimdall, Odin, Thor Odinson
Warnings: angst, mentions of unrequited love, language, awkward flirting skills (it’s Steve), Steve Rogers feels, training, a hint of blood, violence during training, more flirting, mutual pining, fluff, jealous Thor
A/N: Post ‘the dark kingdom’ but not compliant with the movie. Frigga did not die, nor did Loki.
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
The villain in my story masterlist
Tumblr media
Midgard, three months later, the Stark tower
“Again, Captain America,” you dodge his attack easily, smirking when Steve puts all his strength into the next blow only for you to catch his fist and press a soft kiss to the skin. “You’re strong but too slow. You need to be faster to hit me.”
“I don’t want to hit you, Lady Y/N,” Steve admits, eyes dropping to the floor. “Please don’t make me hurt you.”
“You are holding back, Captain?” gripping your sword tighter you smirk at Steve. He wonders what you are up to when you walk backward, mumbling a few words, chanting a prayer in Norse. “I will not hold back, try to dodge this!”
“Lady Y/N,” Steve gasps when you storm toward him. Stormchaser begins to glow and then your whole body seems to be covered in blinding light. He raises his shield, prepares for the impact, and gets blown away, right through the wall of the gym.
“I told you to not hold back,” standing above Steve you hold out your hand. “I will not stop for you, Steve. If you want us to be equal partners, fight me with all you’ve got.”
“You just sent me flying through a wall, Y/N,” he pants, laughing as you seem to be amused. “That almost hurt.”
“Did I hurt you, Captain?” sheathing your sword to have a look at Steve’s bleeding forehead you sigh. “I’m sorry, I hit you with too much force. I should’ve prepared you for the blow.”
“It’s the shield, it deflects your sword's energy, just like it did with Thor’s hammer, but it sends me flying or destroys a whole forest,” while you look around the hallways for help you frown.
Someone familiar caught your attention for a moment...before the moment is gone.
“That’s impossible,” Steve doesn’t understand what you are talking about but the way your body stiffens, and you grip the handle of Stormchaser tells him you must’ve seen an enemy or worse. 
“What is it, Lady Y/N? Is something wrong?” you rub your eyes, looking around the hallways again but the shadow of your former homeland is gone. “Do you need my help?”
“No, I just thought—" shaking your head you turn your attention back toward Steve and his wound. It already closed and your eyes widen. “Oh, it’s almost healed. That’s a miracle, praise the all-father.”
“It’s the serum, Y/N. I’m stronger, faster, my hearing is better, I age slower, and, yes, my wounds heal faster. I still feel pain like anyone else but, I survive most injuries,” amazed you look at Steve. 
“Serum, interesting. Is this some kind of potion or a spell?” you wonder while Steve dusts off his shirt.
“More like medicine to improve your body and mind,” still not understanding everything Steve tries to explain you nod thoughtfully, pretend to get what he’s talking about. “I know, this sounds crazy. I just wanted to fight for my country, defend the good people but I was weak and small.”
“Captain, I can see it in your eyes,” cupping his cheek you smile, “you always were a brave man. Being weak and small doesn’t mean you are weak and small. Important is what beats in your chest. I can tell, your heart is strong, brave, and righteous, Steve.”
“You are flattering me, Lady Y/N,” stumbling over his words Steve tries to stop his wildly beating heart. He knows you just left your home and the man you love after Thor broke your heart. “We know each other for three months now but it feels so much longer.”
“Like an eternity, Captain,” he smiles, knowing exactly where you a coming from. “Maybe it was our fate that our souls finally met, Steve.” 
How Steve wishes you would forget all about Thor and that he could take the pain the prince caused away. “Fate, I like the sound of that, Y/N.”
“Can we have that thing you call lunch now? I think Lord Stark said something about pizza, I love those round things. I want to have one with cheese and salami.”
“Let’s see if Tony already ordered. If not, let me get you lunch, Lady Y/N,” Steve holds out his arm, smiling when you take his hand instead to lead him toward the kitchen. 
“Later we can spend time at your room, watching the thing Wanda called ‘supernatural’ or ‘Winchesters’, I’m not sure I understood the meaning of the thing she called mysterious series, but it did sound interesting,” Steve chuckles when you tell him you’d like to explore every movie and series. 
Tumblr media
Meanwhile in Asgard, Loki’s cell, ten minutes earlier
“Good girl,” Loki muses, using his powers to send another projection into your dimension. “There she is, and look, she’s toying with Captain America.”
“Brother,” Thor barks, ruining Loki’s concentration and he loses contact right before he can talk to you. “What are you doing? Another projection. Where do you send your clones to?”
“I was just fooling around to mess with Heimdall,” Loki lies. He can’t tell Thor he finally found out where you are hiding. Loki is an imposer, a treacherous bastard but he cares about exactly two things, his mother Frigga, and you. “It’s boring down here with no one keeping me company. My only friend left thanks to you, so I’m all alone, all day long.”
“Never use her name again,” the God booms and the walls begin to shake. While Loki rolls his shoulders, unimpressed by his brother’s demeanor the other prisoners cower fearfully in a corner of their cells. “Y/N is still missing, and I will not allow you to talk about her. She will return to me soon enough.”
“I don’t think so—” Loki smiles to himself, recalling the way you look at Steve Rogers not moments ago. “Y/N is smart, strong, and not an obedient little soldier. You broke her trust and crushed her heart. She left Asgard as you chose that boring Midgardian over the goddess who gave her heart, body, and soul to you.”
“Loki, I won’t repeat myself,” Thor slams his hammer to the ground, forces the walls to shake violently, “never speak of my dove again. She will return soon, and I’ll welcome her with open arms.”
“Just tell this yourself, brother,” the golden-haired god glares at his brother, nostrils flaring, and eyes sparkling Thor is close to losing control. “You chased her away and I don’t think she will return to Asgard anytime soon. I think you must wait for the prophecy to fulfill itself.”
Tumblr media
Midgard, two hours later, …
“That’s a magnificent horse,” you are engrossed in watching the show Wanda suggested to you. Two brothers hunt the evil and one of them is riding a black horse, the one he calls Impala. “How do you call this horse again?”
“A car,” Steve whispers when you sit closer to him to snatch the bag of chips out of his hands. Over the last months, you grew fond of the charming super soldier and feel more than comfortable around him. “That one is an Impala, an older car, a classic one.”
“Oh, an ancient machine, interesting,” nodding to yourself you make another note in your treasured. Steve gifted the notebook to you. He even added your name in golden letters on the cover to make sure no one steals your notes. “Car, a road vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a small number of people. Do you have a car too, Steve?”
“I got a bike,” while he shows you pictures of his bike on his phone you try to make more notes. “We could go for a ride one day. Only if you want to, of course.”
“I never rode a bike before,” glancing at the pictures of Steve’s bike again you smile. “But I’d like to take your offer, Captain. Is it as wild as one of the Valkyries’ winged horses? Oh, I loved to ride them.”
“I don’t know but it certainly is fast, Y/N,” Steve swoons when you lean closer to rest your head against his shoulder. You used to do so with Thor after a battle, when he told you about his glorious victory, Mjolnir and the enemies who couldn’t keep up with him. “We can try tomorrow if you want to.”
“I’d like that, Steve,” unbeknownst to you and Steve, Heimdall watches over you, a content smile on his face…
Tumblr media
Meanwhile in Asgard, …
“So, she found a strong soldier,” Odin muses, hearing from Heimdall you are talking about your home, your family, and the battle you fought with Steve. “I must admit, it sounds like she’s finally happy.”
“Maybe as Steve doesn’t need to hide his feelings for her, all-father,” Heimdall would never disobey Odin, but he can’t help the frown coloring his features. “I think Y/N is where she belongs—at least for now. We both know she’ll return in our darkest hour.”
“You never told anyone about it, right?” walking past Heimdall Odin looks into the distance. “If they knew, people would panic and die. I can’t let this happen. If only—”
“I’ll be ready when the time has come, my king,” his face remains stoic but there is a thunderstorm fighting for control in Heimdall’s chest. He wishes he could tell Odin to warn his people, to tell them what is about to come over them. “She will not succeed.”
“Thor, he was my greatest hope. But now,” Odin sighs deeply, shaking his head. “I believed he would fight for Y/N and their bond. I did not expect him to give up on her that easily.”
“Fate, my king,” Heimdall says. “We can’t stop fate from taking control. All we can do is to have a little faith in Thor, Y/N, and the allies they will find to fight the darkness waiting for her chance to rise again. I’ll be waiting till then. Watching. Guiding. Guarding.”
“I will leave fate to you, my friend,” while the all-father nods at Heimdall, silently telling him he appreciates his faith in Asgard and Thor, Heimdall tries to catch a glimpse of you and the soldier he saw in so many dreams.
“I have faith in fate, all-father,” Heimdall can’t give away all of his knowledge. He can’t interfere with fate and what’s about to come, but he can fight, and lend Asgard his strength one last time. “My sword and strength for Asgard.”
Tumblr media
“Can you not use one of your projections to find her?” Thor is desperate now. No one is willing to help him find you. “Loki, you could find me on earth. Why can’t you find Y/N?”
“I could,” Loki shrugs, a smirk on his lips. “But why would I want to? She left after you broke her heart once again. You and your ego always hurt her. First, you choose any battle over here. Later on you reduced the love you shared to nothing but bodies melting into each other and then, after she waited and prayed for your return, you brought that woman here.”
“Find her,” Thor rams his fist into the wall, growls like one of the monsters he fought so many times. “I want to see her, Loki. Give me a glimpse of her reality.”
“I don’t think you want to see her right now, brother. Give her more time to forget about you. Let her return when she’s ready to fight alongside you again. You lost her heart, not her sword and devotion. Be for once, patient Thor. If you go after her now, Y/N will hate you even more,” smirking Loki looks at the hammer in Thor’s hands, “and not even Mjolnir will help you fend her off.”
“I know you can reach her brother,” the blonde god sighs deeply. “Please, just show me a short moment. I must know she’s safe and unharmed.”
“I won’t show you where she is, but I can assure you, she’s safe and sound. No enemies in sight and she made new friends, reliable ones. That’s all I will give you, for now, brother,” Loki turns his back toward Thor, not giving away you are with Steve right now.
“She’s safe…that’s good,” nodding to himself Thor looks at Mjolnir. “Is she as beautiful and powerful as ever?”
“If anything, she’s even more beautiful, and stronger, Thor. Now leave me alone, I want to end the book mother brought to me this morning. I will tell you if Y/N ever requires your help, that’s all I can offer…”
“Thank you,” walking away Thor sighs deeply. “I wish you could tell her how sorry I am. I’m a foolish man, undeserving of her love and devotion.”
“Still, you long to see her again.”
Thor nods, before he walks out of the prison, not looking back at his brother to not show his tears…
Tumblr media
Midgard, the next day,…
“That was amazing, Captain,” you jump off the bike, to pace around the vehicle. “The speed, the power, and you guide the bike. It was so powerful and wild. An extraordinary experience.”
“We can go for a ride anytime you want to, Y/N. Just tell me you want to—” Steve gasps when you fist his leather jacket roughly.
For a moment he wonders if he said something wrong but then you press your lips against his, kissing him softly.
“I’d like that, Captain Rogers. I think this is an amazing horse, no bike,” you cup his face with one hand, smiling when he leans closer to capture your lips in a soft kiss. 
“Amazing,” he whispers, watching you touch his chest. 
“Your heart beats so fast, Steve. Is something wrong? Do you need a moment?” eyes dropping to his chest you frown. “Was this too much, Captain?”
“It beats faster close to you, Lady Y/N. I feel like a shy boy when close to you,” Steve admits, cheeks shades of pink. “Would you give me the honor to join dinner with me tonight?”
“Dinner? Oh, that means you want to have a date!” you exclaim.
“How do you know?” Steve gapes at you. 
“Wanda forced me to watch a movie again last week. The man asked a woman to join him for dinner and later they passionately made love,” an odd noise leaves Steve’s throat when you tell him you’d like to lie with him.
“Y/N, uh—I’m a gentleman and we just met. I would never expect you to,” he stammers. “Gosh, I want to ask you out on a date but it’s there is no obligation to lie with me.”
“What if I want to, Steve?” you whisper. “I only was with Thor for an eternity. He was my first and only lover. Sometimes he was gentle, but mostly it was a tangle of limbs and hidden passion. I want to experience how you make love, Steve…”
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