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agentofbarnes · a day ago
From list 2, 51) "You could always stop undressing me with your eyes and start doing it with your hands."
I can absolutely see thor saying this to blue in regards to That Hugo boss outfit
bedroom eyes ~ blue guardian au
pairing | thor odinson x kree!reader (blue guardian au)
warnings | smut, minors DNI,reader being a horny bitch, dom!thor, size kink, cocky!thor, riding a very big cock because we all know thor is a big guy, breeding kink, implied multiple orgasms
notes | two blurbs in one day???? who am I???
Tumblr media
Thor knew he had your complete attention when he entered the large ballroom of the Royal Manor in New Asgard. Loki and Val were hosting a party for their citizens for some celebration that you knew very little about. Thor was excited to have you here in New Asgard as his girlfriend, which you were just now getting used to.
It was rare to see Thor is such…normal clothes. But oh gods, he looked stellar. You were drooling over the midgardian outfit from Thor’s wardrobe. He usually wore tee shirts, some hoodie maybe, but it was also low-key. This was new, it was the same style, but the clothes were nicer and they fit him so well. You were just captivated by how hot your boyfriend is.
You want nothing more than to rip the clothes from his body and ride him like a stallion. You want peel his shirt off and kiss over his perfect body until he was littered in marks. You wished to take him, let him fill—
"You could always stop undressing me with your eyes and start doing it with your hands,”Thor joked cockily when he caught that desire in your eyes, knowing that look all to well as you glanced over him like a hungry animal.
“Shut up,”You rolled your eyes at his ego and that stupid smile that exudes confidence. No, you won’t let him know how you ache for his cock to ruin you.
Thor just chuckled, brushing his thumb over your cheek. His tanned skin was a stark contrast to the blue of your cheeks. He knew the effect he had on you and though he had just arrived, he already wished to leave with you.
He dipped his head down, lips brushing against your ear softly,“I think we both know you don’t actual want me to shut up,”Thor whispered, nipping lightly at your lobe.
“As always…you’re…fuck it,”You pulled Thor by his collar, smashing your lips against his in a heat of passion. Your needy actions cause a growl to release from the back of his throat, his hands grabbing your hips before he’s pushing you back against the wall.”Take me, Thor, please.”
“Not here,”He murmured against your lips, kissing you with eagerness that matched your need. Thor picked you up with no effort, not caring that he was supposed to be entertaining guests for the sake of his brother and friend.
You recognize the room he shoved the open to was the guest room where Thor stayed before he fixed up the little house in the woods. As soon as the door closed, you made quick work of the alluring outfit that had driven you wild.
Thor licked his lips at the sight of you tearing his clothes off as he slipped you out of yours. It was mere moments before you’re pushing him on the bed. The god laid on the bed, cock throbbing against his stomach, thick and massive. It made your mouth water in want.
You climbed over him, kissing him like he was your air and you needed him to breathe. You grind your pussy against his cock greedily, soaking him in your juices. You ran your hands down his chest, breathing heavy as you place one hand on his pecs and use the other to grasp his cock.
“So needy, if had known you would turn so..feral, I’d be dressing like this ages ago,”Thor groaned, the head of his cock prodding at your wet pussy.”Fuck, blue, come on, sit on my cock, if you can.”
His challenge is more than enough motivation to begin your descent on his thick shaft. His thick cock stretched the walls of your cunt, making you gasp for air at the nearly uncomfortable full feeling.
With each inch taken, all thoughts and retorts are lost. All you think about is Thor and how good he makes you feel.
Thor could practically see the thoughts leave your head. He adored the whimpers that echoed in the room, the ones of his and only making him throb between your tight walls.”Not so smart with that tiny cunt all stretched out for me, huh?”Thor rasped roughly, his hands grabbing the cheeks of your ass before smacking both his hands down. His blows leave your ass stinging and tender,”You like that, don’t you, blue? Always want me to fill you up to the brim with my seed.”
You just barely move your hips and it reduced you to mess of moans for Thor to fuck you. Your blunt nails dragged across his pecs as you gazed at him so lustfully with your bottom lip between your teeth. So full, you can barely form a sentence so you pleads just come out as Thor, Thor, please.
“Is your brain broken, baby?”He asked tauntingly, placing his feet against the sheet of the bed with his large hands gripping your hips,”My fat cock making you dumb, hm? This is where you belong, all spread out and ready for me to breed this fertile cunt,”Thor rammed his cock inside you, no mercy in the hardness of his thrusts or the grip he had on you.”Fuck. This what you’re good for, hm? Made to take my mighty cock like a good girl. Norns, I love you.”
With Thor’s cock pounding into you, you have to hold yourself up with hands plastered on his abdomen. Your tits bounce with each thrust up into your weeping cunt, and your cries for more echoed in the chamber. You roll your hips, your body falling back and your hands now placed against his thighs so he can admire your body fully.
His hand run up your body, groping your breasts greedily. He admired how your cunt stretched around his cock, taking it like you were made for it.“Look how your pretty pussy just squeezes my cock like you never want me to leave. You wanna be full of cock all the time, don’t you?” Thor grunted and in one fluid motion, he’s on his knees on the bed.
You quickly wrap your arms around him so that you don’t fall back. He held the rest of your weight, pulling your hips against him with incredible strength. Thor kissed your desperately in clash of tongue and teeth, swallowing every pretty moan of yours.
“My poor dumb baby, so desperate to cum, go ahead, give it to me, little sapphire, c’mon, milk my fucking cock with that tight pussy,”Thor uttered against your lips, your hands clinging to his shoulders as you cry out his name. Your entire body convulsed against his. His cock twitched between your walls,”Don’t stop till you’re leaking with cum. Gonna take you, gonna fill you so fucking full, load after load. You’re gonna take it, baby, aren’t you?”
“Yes! I wanna take it, give it to me, give me all you got, please please, I want it, fuck,”You mewled, begging for the god’s mighty seed to fill and claim you.
Thor always gives you what you want, he spoils you that way. Even after he’s filled you once, he isn’t satisfied. When he turned you over on the bed with your ass up and his cock buried inside your inviting cunt once again, you know you aren’t going to make it back to the party.
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fallenhuntersx · a day ago
Eyes Wide Shut. ⚡️
Tumblr media
“ What are you doing here? You should of never came back after that mistake. You should of kept away, you should of died back there and no one would miss you, not even your precious lover“
You were in a state of shock, like the ground had opened up and swallowed you up, as the world was standing still around you, you couldn’t believe the words that had just came out of his mouth, taking a deep breath you tried to say something “ i don’t know where this is coming from but I don’t know what else you expect me to say apart from I’m again sorry for what happened on our last mission. If I could take back what I did, I would, but I can out so if you want me to pack my things and leave, then I will, I’ll be gone in 30 minutes“
As you tried to compose yourself, you glanced behind you seeing that every shield agent and the others had heard your conversation with Steve, how could anyone not hear what he had just said. You swallowed hard, brushed yourself down and headed towards the elevator so you could go and pack up your things.
You were so much in daze that your mind took you back to 2 years ago when you first admitted your feeling’s to Nat, You always thought she had a sixth sense of some kind because she always knew what you were feeling, and she knew you liked Steve, since the day you met him your crush begun, the looks, the sly glances when he trained, the sly hand touching under the meeting table and after months it stopped out of the blue with no explanation.
Then your focus went to Thor, the mighty God of Thunder. Your feeling’s grew stronger for him especially when he came back after he broken up with Jane. You were sure they would make it onto marriage as they were the couple mostly everyone envied in the compound. Thor was always a gentleman, generous, and god he was funny. He always seemed to make you laugh no matter what, always made you smiled whenever he was around. You both became close and you had an idea some of the others didn't like how close you were. Everytime Jane would be in the compound everyone would rally round her, maybe others thought Jane was too good for him and that's why they acted the way they did but let’s just say he was far too good for her, don’t get me wrong Jane was lovely but there was something just about her you didn’t like. As the months went by as fast as they arrived your bound with Thor was second to none , you were            ‘ joined at the hip ‘ as Tony would say. But again like your relationship with Steve things ended especially when him and Jane ended it. He came back different and you knew something was off. One night in September you decided to see how he was, as you knocked on his living quarters door, minding your own business, he opened his door as fast as you knocked, as though he was waiting for you to arrive, acting like you were meant to be there, he was different, his body language, his whole appearance was off.
“ lady y/n, I’ve been wondering when you were coming to see me “ he smirked, leaning up against his door.
“ I bet you have, look Thor, I just wanted to see if you were ok, I know the last couple of weeks have been hard on you, but i’m always here for you.“ you smiled, looking up at him with a sincere look on your face, you smiled again at him until you could feel his lips on yours, no time to even react as he grabbed your waist pulling you in to his room, slamming the door behind you.
Fast forward to now and you were in your room packing up the rest of your things, high emotions, with all sorts running around in your head when you heard a knock at your door. You wiped the existing tears away, slowly opening to see a familiar face. 
‘ Lady y/n, can I please come in? “ 
‘ As much I would love the company right now, I just want to finish and get out of here ‘ You replied, walking back over to where the rest of your belongings were. You could feel him behind you as though he knew you were about to cry again. You way you were acting was like you hadn’t processed what had just been said. As you looked over to Thor, you smiled thinking about how much you loved him, how much you appreciated him for his support but deep down you were hoping maybe it would of been Nat, she was your ride or die and no matter what she was always there for you.
As you were picking up the rest of your things, you looked around your room for the last time, remembering all of the good memories you once shared with everyone. You took one last glance, walking past Thor towards the elevator. As the doors were about to close, Thor stepped in, closing the distance between you both, “ Rogers is a fool to see you in front of him, to see your worth but i’m not “ as fast as he finished his sentence and before you could reply he was kissing your lips, pulling your body closer. This feeling was something you'd finally got over and him kissing you was messing your mind up.
“ Thor... I cannot do this, you don't mean it, I'm always going to be the friend not someone to be loved or adored, so please let me go, let me leave and just disappear “
“ y/n please, you know you deserve the world, to be worshipped on the ground you walk on, to be made loved to, to be desired at every moment of everyday and every night “ Thor whispered, planting small kisses down your neck, down your body, before he could go any further you swiftly moved your hand stopping him in his tracks because you knew if what he was doing continued, you wouldn't stop him and you would not care if anyone saw or heard the both of you. The elevator stopped abruptly, doors slowly opening with Steve looking straight through you as he stepped in. Thor looked at him, nodded and then proceeded to wrap his arms around your waist as though you belonged to him in which Rogers noticed.
“ you know, you have some nerve Captain “ you were a little shook in what came out of Thors mouth but a little happy that someone was fighting your corner instead of the other way round.
“ excuse me Thor, but I think that this between Agent Y/L/N and I has nothing to do with you. “
“ I beg to differ Captain, I'm afraid that I have to disagree, the way you spoke to Y/N earlier on was what you midgaurdians call appalling, to be shown up in front of everyone isn't very honourable, don't you think “
“ and how would you know about my relationship between Y/N and I, you wouldn't know the first thing about me and her “
Before they could say anymore, before they got anymore heated, you moved in the middle of them placing a hand on each of their chests. “ if you hadn't noticed, I'm right here.....First Steve what you said was something I never thought you would ever say, it's unforgivable. You really hurt me, after everything that's happen, I just can't right now and you Thor, my partner in crime, my everything, you cannot just kiss a girl to make them shut up” he smirked... “ I haven't finished, I’ve always loved you, more than I should but it's too late, so if you both can put all this is better than the other attitude to one side and let me leave, it would be much appreciated “ as you finished what you were saying, you picked up your belongings pressing the elevator button for it to open on the ground floor, walking out not thinking about anything else, all you wanted to do was leave and never look back because if you did, you would see his face and maybe, just maybe he would make you stay.
Everything thats gone on since you arrived, until now had some kind of purpose. You were meant to have this family, you were meant to fit in for just this once. All the times you were so low and thinking of ending it all someone, would always pull you back to you being you. And what was it all for, nothing. What a waste, all the training, the late nights, the early mornings, the missions that lasted, weeks even months. All the intel, the criminals that you helped take down was for nothing.
As you were looking for your car, which was parked just under a out of work street lamp as you never really parked in the compound, so your car would be near not so far away. You threw your belongs in the backseat, slamming the door shut, breathing out in frustration and emptiness, you opened the passenger side after so you could put your purse there and your jacket. Closing it behind you, walking around to the driver seat, as you were about to get in is when you heard his voice.
“ Y/N? Please, please don't leave “ he pleaded, you could feel him moving closer behind you. “ I haven't got another choice, I don't feel like I belong anymore, I've been treated like shit for too long, and I've had enough “ you replied turning around to be face to face with him, he smiled at you trying to make you feel anything but a little better. He moved closer, placing a hand on your cheek, holding it ever so delicately. “ You are so much better than them fools, if I could take you away from all of this, you know I would, no questions asked, but I cannot, not yet, you are the sun in this darkness, this world, you always have been“
Brushing his hand away quickly, you stepped further away from him, as much as you would love to be whisked away, to have no pressure to be so perfect all of the time. You couldn't, not now, you needed time to feel self worth again, to love yourself. “ I’am so thankful you came into my life because you make it so much better but why now do you want me because when I wanted you, you didn't want me. I've been dreaming of this moment over and over in my head a thousand times, you all seem to never realise what's always been right in front of eyes the whole time, someone who loves you for you and and only you.... “ that's all you said as a pair of lips cut you off before you could finish, wrapping his arms around your waist so he could hold you closer, as you pulled him a little closer even more you wrapped your arms around his neck falling into the kiss. It was like you were saying goodbye for the last time, like it was the end.
“ i’ve loved you for a while Y/N, you're completely correct that I've been seeing with my eyes wide shut, not seeing what's been In front of me for this whole time, i am fool, but maybe a fool in love, please can you forgive me Y/N? “
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sserpente · 22 hours ago
Pastel Blue (Chapter 13)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: After his lucky escape, the Tesseract takes Loki on new adventures–but unfortunately, his journeys through space do not go unnoticed and he soon ends up on the TVA’s radar. Working for them, albeit reluctantly, he keeps finding himself in the company of a young woman, Jess, who works in the linguistics department and who has a truly strange effect on him. Smitten by her confidence and smugness, he seeks her presence like a bee hunting for honey and lets her wreak havoc in his heart without really knowing why. But he is determined to find out. He means to escape his new prison anyway.
Find all chapters on my masterlist! ♥
A/N: Here we go! Another week, another update! Enjoy, everyone! ♥
Back in Fred’s lab, Jess had been holding back her tears ever since she’d found the energy to heave herself to work to not raise any suspicion. Betrayed. What else should she have expected? The TVA had not yet found out just how Loki had freed himself from the collar but truth be told… it was only a matter of time.
This was it. She wasn’t going to be put on probation again. Not for this. Not for helping a Variant of one of the beings who caused the TVA the most trouble. She’d be pruned. If she didn’t leave… then surely, she would die today.
As of right now, the whole of the TVA had been in an utter panic for the past hours. Mobius flew about from left to right, asking for news and any dividing branches, leaning over dozens of documents to figure out Loki’s potential hiding spot and when they finally found a branch, they were all quick to assume it must have been him.
Renslayer was already on the verge of madness, not the mention the poor Hunters and Minutemen she was chasing about like a drill instructor at the military. It was the perfect time to escape and yet, part of her couldn’t bring herself to leave. The TVA was her home.
“Jess!” Her blood froze, as did her whole body. Swallowing thickly, she turned around to face a spooked Loki starting towards her as if her very survival depended on the next few seconds. As soon as he was close enough, she drew back her hand and slapped him across the face, a satisfying sound of skin hitting skin echoing through the lab. That had felt good—she kind of wanted to do it again.
Loki briefly closed his eyes, letting the pain subside with a deep breath before looking her deep in the eye. Her heart skipped a beat, even more so when he gently took a hold of her upper arms. How he had made it past all the guards would remain a mystery to her. Why did he even come back?
“Jess, you need to listen to me.”
“No, you listen to me, you Asgardian piece of shit! I should have never trusted you. Fuck, I should have never let lust get the better of me. Fuck that connection between us, fuck you, fuck everything! What do you think they will do as soon as they count one and one together and realise it was me who let you escape? I have nowhere to go. The TVA was my home and you took that from me, how is it that you ruin everything you lay your hands on?!” She shrieked.
It was Odin who had something similar to him once, along with Mobius when he had first arrived at the TVA. Hearing it from Jess, however, felt like a dagger cutting his heart right out.
“Jess, please. Listen. I know you think I only shared my bed with you as a means to an end but that is not true.”
“Right, you’re telling me you weren’t just pretending to like me this whole time?” She retorted sarcastically.
“No, I…”
“Fuck off, Loki! What did you even come back for?”
“Jess! You are the Tesseract!” He interrupted her, gripping her tightly and pulling her even closer to him.
The linguist blinked at him, lips parting in utter shock. Bullshit. “Excuse me? What on Earth are you talking about? Is this another one of your tricks?”
“I met you. Well, not you—some sort of Variant of you. I used a TemPad to return to my alleged death, took the Tesseract and it brought me to New York in the 90s. It… she… found a way to regain her physical form. She is you.”
“That’s ridiculous.” She stammered. “How can I be an ancient and powerful artefact? An object? Don’t you think I would know? You know why I ended up here, my parents…”
“The TVA is lying to you. This connection that Mobius kept speaking of, his interest in our interactions together… he knew. He knew all along. Jess, we don’t have much time. We have to find your Variant and get out of here.”
Jess bit her lower lip. Was he telling the truth? This feeling… this feeling cooking up in her heart and consuming her entire body… it felt like Loki had just handed her a puzzle piece about herself on a silver platter. Something to make her whole again—and something that would explain her very being. The teleportation—portals—the multilingualism, even her love for Doctor Who…
“Tesseract… Tess… Jess… they didn’t even bother with my name, it seems.”
She was about to say something else when the heavy door opened and B-15, Mobius and Renslayer, along with a few serious-looking Minutemen and Hunters barged in. Mobius slowed them down with a swift movement of his hand, albeit did not stop them from aiming their prune sticks at Loki.
“Nowhere left to run, Loki. It’s time to give up.”
The God of Mischief reluctantly let go of her and turned to face them.
“Where is she?” He growled.
“She’s right here, Loki. Infinity Stones don’t work here, remember? We only found out recently what that meant. That the physical laws that apply to Variants of other beings don’t apply to the physical form of an Infinity Stone. Time tears itself apart in a place like this. The Variant you met in New York City, the one B-15 took back to the TVA, she no longer exists.”
Loki frowned. But they did work. Jess was able to use her powers. But it was a question that did not need answering. Because in her physical form, she was stronger than the whole of the TVA. Mobius had just found a clever way to suppress them with her earrings. Loki glanced at her ears. She had taken them off again.
“What are you saying?”
“The being you encountered in New York was an absolute point in time. We… we can’t say we didn’t try to override it like an old hard disk when you arrived at the TVA because I knew that would mean you’d escape and well… cause chaos, as usual.”
“So what, you kept her around as an experiment?”
“You’re twisting my words.”
Loki scoffed. “Oh? I remember someone else telling me that a long time ago and they ended up being one of the most manipulative and cruelest men of the nine realms.”
“So it’s true?” Jess interrupted, swallowing thickly. “I am really… the Tesseract?”
Mobius took a deep breath, letting a few painful seconds pass. “Yes. He’s not lying, for once.” Jess held on to the edge of the desk, her knees threatening to cease to support her any longer.
“Everything you told me… my whole past… It was all a lie? You made it all up?”
“We had to tell you something.”
“You reset me! You… you took my memories from me! Fuck you. Fuck you, Mobius! Fuck you!”
“Jess, please…”
“Don’t you dare call me that! It’s not even my real name, now is it?” She paused, taking in Mobius’ guilty expression. “Why did you keep me here in the first place? Why not prune me?”
“We can’t prune you. We tried. You’re an ancient being from before the existence of time. We… when we recruited Loki, we had to be sure neither of you finds out who the other is but that…” He took a deep breath. “That doesn’t mean we weren’t interested in how you would play out if confronted with one another.”
“Like a lab experiment,” she spat, repeating Loki’s words. Mobius shook his head.
“Loki causing your transformation back to a physical being already happened, that’s what an absolute point in time is all about, that is what was supposed to happen and that… created a time loop he keeps triggering with his presence here at the TVA. We tried to close it. If Loki had not created  an alternate timeline on the Arc where he died, we wouldn’t have taken you here.”
That’s why he had found him so quickly then. He’d known what diverging branch to look for. But there was another, far more devastating revelation.
“You knew… you knew this whole time that if you succeeded with closing that loop that I wouldn’t exist?”
“Yes. We had to. Your Variant creates portals that could drown the universe as we know it in chaos. It could potentially trigger a multiverse and the end of the proper flow of time.”
“You never truly cared about me then. You know, it all makes sense now. Why you kept me locked up and supervised like a goddamn criminal.”
“You’re a wild spirit, Jess. You needed security either way.” Mobius gave her a sly smile, a weak attempt to ask for forgiveness.
Jess glared at him, then exchanged a look with Loki, making up her mind there and then. She would go with him, wherever it was he was going to take her. Even if that meant he’d abandon her and that she’d be homeless. Escaping… escaping sounded tempting all of a sudden.
“That’s enough talking now. Let’s get this over with. Prune him.” Renslayer commanded. “And then reset her. I should have never allowed you to recruit this Loki in the first place, Mobius.”
“I thought you needed me.” Loki mused mockingly.
Renslayer snarled at him. “Our plans have changed.”
“Well, so did mine.” He growled. He shot Jess a knowing look and she understood. But was she truly ready? Where would they even go to? The portal she opened up swallowed them both within a fraction of a second, enveloping them both in hues of black and blue.
A/N: Be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this chapter and come say Hello on my Kofi! I really appreciate your support! ♥
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weasleygirl7 · 3 months ago
A Glorious Purpose (Loki x Fem!Reader)
In which Loki watches his future and finds you play a much larger role than he had expected... SPOILERS FOR LOKI SERIES!!! Send any requests my way :) I’ve got some free time and I’m ready to WRITE!
Tumblr media
The screen showed a pixelated version of the Avengers… and you. You who he had seen mere hours ago fighting against him, and then whom he had seen two versions of. He had smelled the cologne of the two Tony’s, just as he had beheld the two Y/N’s.
He hadn’t originally noticed you dressed as a guard until he had heard the subtle, yet sharp intake of breath, a breath not all that different from the gasp he had made moments ago when seeing his mother on this damned screen, a gasp of pain. You were clearly older, a scar on your cheek that hadn’t been there mere moments ago at the top of Avengers tower as you had nudged Romanoff with a grin as you settled into the elevator. This older you had locked eyes with him for a fleeting second until being broken apart by the commotion of the Hulk smashing through the stairwell door and sending everyone scrambling.
It had struck him as odd at the time, yes, but he had been preoccupied with other details (such as escaping) rather than wondering why the mighty avengers had decided to play around with time. He’d had only a couple of conversations with you until now, and none of them entirely delightful seeing as you were on opposing sides, and the recognition held in future you’s eyes had unsettled him more than he’d care to say.
Glancing once more at the table before him, Loki pulled out a chair and sat. The round device before him was no more complicated than anything else he’d seen before, and a twist of a knob later, he was skipping through his life on film.
Stop. His mother, dead on the floor. His doing, according to Mobius. A manifestation of the pain and suffering he had been supposedly born to cause. A shuddering breath escaped him.
Twist. Images of Thor and... you for some reason flickered past like voices on the wind, glimpses of some life he had never lived, some life he was meant to live. And Odin, his... well, the closest thing to a father Loki had ever known.
Stop. “I love you, my sons.” He saw himself, an older Loki, beside his father. Another shuddering breath escaped him. My sons… Odin had seen this Loki, this version of him, as his true son. He had not hesitated, had not made him an afterthought behind Thor. Tears welled up in his vision, and try as he may, Loki could not stop them. “Remember this place. Home.” He watched as his father died before his very eyes, saw himself stand beside Thor as brothers once more, united in their grief. He saw You, coming to his side and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Stop.  You, kissing him. His hands tangled in your hair. You pull away with a gasp for air, a smile playing on your lips as you trace a delicate hand across his cheek. “You are good, Loki Laufeyson, and you deserve good things.” His future self breaths a small laugh as he shakes his head, placing his hand atop your own. “You are the good in me, my love.”
Stop. Thor, his hair cut and trimmed short, staring at Loki with… love. “Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever.” Loki drew yet another shuddering breath and looked away. Forever.
Stop. You. You, on the Bifrost beside himself, Thor (missing an eye no less), and who appeared to be a Valkyrie from the stories his mother would tell them as children. You, weapon in hand and looking slightly worse for wear, sweat dripping down your face as you shot him a sly grin.
Stop.Thor, a newfound patch on his eye, turning. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all, brother.” A sly grin on his future self’s face as he replied, “Maybe not.” A thanks from Thor, his voice deep and true, “If you were here, I might even give you a hug.” Loki can’t stop the incredulous laugh from leaving his lips as he watches the scene before him. His soft brother, still soft. A quiet response from his future self, “I’m here.” A soft click indicating the opening of a door, laughter from offscreen. Your voice rings out playfully, “Oh please, don’t let me interrupt. I’d like to see this.” 
Stop. Himself, panting and suddenly thrusting a knife upwards at Thanos… who makes no movement of defense, a glittering gold gauntlet already adorning his fist. Loki’s smile falls into a grimace as realization strikes him. “Undying?” The giant asks and he hears scraping from the sidelines. A glance of his future self’s eyes turns the screen on you, beaten and bloody, struggling on your knees with a hand of one of Thanos’ children’s clamped tightly over your mouth. Tears fall from your eyes as you flail against their grip, fighting. This future Loki merely nods towards you. Thanos’ voice cuts through the silence.  “Undying? You should choose your words more carefully.”
Loki stands to his feet and watches as his future self is lifted into the air by the neck, choked forcefully. He sees himself struggle to no avail, his suffering long and drawn out. His words broken and strained, “You... will never be... a god.” The snap of his neck. His death. Gasping and taking frantic steps back, Loki watches as his brother and you grieve over his body. Thor crying silently while you frantically shake his body, begging him to wake up and come back to you.
An explosion marking the end of the tape. He scoffs, despair and regret boiling up in his chest.
A glorious purpose indeed.
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charnelhouse · 3 months ago
You ever think about how one of the things Thor is the god of is fertility??? I think about that every goddamn day
Tumblr media
Warnings: Thor x F!Reader. Smut. Breeding Kink. Thor being a feral little shit. Over-stimulation.
A/N: I think about Thor being a fertility god at least three times a day. Four times on Sunday. Pretend this gif says KEEP OUT, PETER because that's how i presume thor is living on the Benatar and like this gif really doesn't fit the tone of this filthy smut but who cares we live in the free world BABEY.
You play it like a game. Thor can sense when you’re ovulating - his nose attuned to the subtle shift in your scent.
The first time it happened you had been shocked. He’d sniffed at your hair - nipping your breast and shoulder as he rutted against the side of your body.
“Fuck,” he growled. “You smell like birth.”
You had jerked away from him - fixing him with an offended look. “Excuse me?”
He swallowed thickly - his fingers already between your legs - curling into you as he felt for something soft. “You’re - you’re quite fertile right now, sweet one.”
Thor appeared half-mad - his skin ruddy and flushed with blood. His lids heavy while his eyes gleaming moon-bright beneath his lashes. One dark as the far reaches of the ocean- pooling into something desperate and ready to strike with the undertow. The other golden as hot copper or stormed-over wheat.
“Are you alright?” you murmured - brushing your palm over his cheek - catching the sweat that had begun to drip from his brow. He nuzzled into your palm - nearly purring.
“I’m not only the God of Thunder, my love,” he reminded as he sealed his heavy frame flush against you - almost burying you into the mattress. His thumb found your clit - teasing you until you swelled with juice - making you arch into him.
Oh - you had forgotten. The fertility thing.
“Can I fuck you?” he pleaded as he climbed between your legs - grinding his clothed cock into your sheets. “Can we pretend?”
“Pretend what?” you whispered - parting your lips for his tongue - screwing your fingers into his loose t-shirt.
“Pretend to breed you.”
It happens every time you’re ovulating. Thor goes near-feral, practically loses all sense, as he fucks you and eats you until you can’t walk.
“We have to go, Thor,” you gasp - your knees strangling his ears. You yank at his soft flaxen hair - wet with sweat and other things.
“No we don’t,” he tuts as he latches onto your taut bundle of nerves and suckles - urging his fingers between your folds as you buck into the firm press of his mouth. He suctions his lips in such a way that it wedges pleasure through your system - scattering your nerves and cells until they pulse and build and burst beneath your flamed skin.
God of Pussy Eating would be his more apt title.
“The - the - fuck - shit - the Guardians,” you stammer as he adds a third finger - stretching you open while you flood and stream and drown the onslaught of his face against your slit.
“Fuck the Guardians,” he grunts - the words slightly muffled into your mound - his nose practically dragging over your clit. His breath is feverish - sharp and rough as he blows air over your aching sex. He doesn’t shock you - doesn’t drift sparks of lightning across your body. He only does that when he’s in a rush to get you off.
“Thor,” you whimper and he tugs a fold into his mouth - biting weakly just to shut you up.
“Not leaving until I fill this tight cunt up with my seed, you brat.”
Jesus. You need to be off the ship - helping Rocket map out the latest planet you’ve touched down on. The Benatar had landed half an hour ago.
“Baby,” you warn. “Peter will come looking for us.”
He sighs - removing his fingers with a rather lewd squelching noise. He sits back on his haunches - his broad chest damp with your slick. He’d made you spurt into his mouth - overstimulating you until you had sobbed and slapped him across the head.
You’d liked it though.
“Fine,” he growls - his expression almost boyishly put out - shaded in the remnants of his brother’s influence. “I’m still fucking you.”
His hands wrap around your thighs - spreading them apart as he leans over you. He braces his forearm beside your head - his other hand lining his cock up - smearing the head against the soaked mess of your sex.
He lowers himself - rubbing his cheek against your own - rasping his beard across your jaw. He captures your mouth in an insistent kiss before he grits: I’m going to fuck our child into you, my girl. Get you so full and heavy with it.
You moan - going boneless - gripping his tapered waist - thumb sweeping over the swell and flex of the muscles in his abdomen. He shoves into you with one long stroke - the spear of him overwhelming as your walls expand to accommodate his girth.
He draws himself nearly all the way out before he plunges back inside - his massive cock nearly splitting you in two. His pace is fast and hard - his fingers fisting the iron bar of your headboard as the mattress creaks and squeals. He grabs a fistful of your ass - hitching your thighs up higher over his hips - snapping into you with such deliberate precision that each thrust has him ramming up against the bowl of your womb.
“Fuck,” he snarls. “I smell how ready you are for it.”
He drops his head - his long hair tracing over your face - tickling you. You follow his gaze and nearly bite your tongue in half at the sight. Beneath the shadows of his form - there is the glossy rod of his cock punching into the spasming clutch of your weeping pussy. The hairs at his groin glimmer with your essence - the shamelessness of the image twists your gut. You flutter around him - your heart lurching in your throat.
“Do you hear it?” Of course, you do. How could you not? The room echoes with the slap of his skin against yours - the liquid suck of your pussy swallowing him to the hilt over and over again. He drags his fingertips over your thigh before he nudges them against the hardened peak of your clit. “Gods - your lovely cunt is soaking me.”
You can feel yourself leak into the sheets - another spurt of your slick as Thor angles himself downward and pounds you into the shrieking springs of the mattress. The iron railing of the headboard creaks above you as Thor bends it nearly in half.
He pants into your ear - his tongue hot against your skin as he slides it down the pulsing vein in your throat: Let me fill you up, little one. Let me mark you in me.
He brings you off again as you bite your nails into the muscles of his shoulders. He rolls his hips into your pelvis - his pace beginning to lose momentum. He pushes your knees back as far as he can - peeling you open as your pussy parts around the length of him. You’re on display - bare and stretched and wet and Thor’s eyes drift over your face - seeking the pleasure that has made your eyes fall half-mast. He wants to know that you’re sated - that he has ruined you as he always intends. Every night or morning or hour that he beds you - he wants it to be good.
“Are you ready?” he urges as he begins to grind himself as far as he possibly can - his hips slotted between your legs - his hands pinning your knees apart as he rocks into you. “Ah - darling - you’re so fucking tight for me.”
You feel him lose himself - you feel the spit of his cock in your core. He trembles above you - bearing his weight as his eyes draw over you with a gentle, blissed-out expression. The ferocity of before long gone - buried somewhere inside him where the primal parts of his god lie. His chest heaves from exertion - his pelvis jerking up against you as his cock hits the end of his release. He is so utterly handsome that it steals your breath - that you find yourself cupping his cheek as he pumps the last threads of his seed into your womb. He noses into your palm - sweet as a lamb - as prey - his lips twitching into a devastating smile.
“Would you like to do it for real one day?” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your heart line. You nod - hitching your ankles over his ass to force him a little deeper.
“Yes,” you reply - voice torn and thin from over-use. “One day, I’ll let you knock me up with little electricity babies.”
He laughs - leaning down to part his lips over yours - tongue hungry as he slides his joy into your mouth. “They would be warriors, my love. Ruthless as you, I wager.”
“My condolences to the universe.”
He laughs again - running his knuckles over your cheekbone. “You’re a wild thing.”
“You’re the one who just kept me in bed for three hours.”
You’re so fucking sore - chafed and throbbing. It’s a good pain - a divine pain to be honest - but you can’t help but whine as Thor gingerly eases the heft of his softening cock out of you.
He scoops you into his arms - rolling to the side so you’re stretched out on top of him. Everything is very sticky and fleshy and the air is tangy with sex.
Thor opens his mouth to speak before a knock interrupts him.
The voice through the steel door is slightly strained. “Um - not to be intrusive, but we need both of you outside.”
“Peter!” You sink into Thor’s chest - pushing your face into the molten skin above his thumping heart. “How long have you been standing out there?”
“I think around the time Thor said he was going to fuck a child into you.”
“Oh gross.” You bristle as you try to scramble off of Thor to get dressed. “You should have said something!”
He binds his arms tighter around your waist - keeping you glued to him. You whirl around, smacking his stomach. When you peer up at him, he just looks smug.
“You definitely knew he was out there,” you accuse.
Thor shrugs. “Not my fault that he decided to creep around and listen to our love-making.”
“I heard that,” Peter shouts through the door.
“Fuck off!” you both return in unison.
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mischievous-thunder · 4 days ago
Thor: When we were little Loki begged mother for a bunk bed.
Thor: When I was asleep in the bottom bunk that night Loki started screaming from the top bunk, "Mom! Mom! There's a disgusting creature under my bed! IT'S SO HIDEOUS! HELP-"
Mobius: He'd probably planned it for a couple of days.
Loki: A week, to be precise.
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randominagines · 2 months ago
Pairing: Avengers x neutral!reader
Warning: fluff
Gifs belong to their creators.
Tumblr media
Tony would be overwhelmed by emotions. He tends to be quite reserved and he likes to keep his sentimental life private, so there wouldn't be many occasions for PDA. Your first real intimate contact would be him softly pressing his hand on your back to pull you closer and place a tiny kiss on your cheek. He would drive you home and make sure you're safe by walking you to your door, then he would give you this smol goodnight kiss. He would be surprised himself for that gesture, but he would be happy. "Goodnight, Y/n, see you tomorrow." He would say, to make sure that you know that he wants to see you again.
Tumblr media
Cap would be shy and respectful. He actually doesn't know how to handle the whole flirting situation when it comes about your century, but your first intimate touch would come from you: you would slowly take his hand while you are walking side by side, your fingers slipping between his. He would look at your tangled hands before raising his eyes to stare at you. He would smile and blush a bit while letting himself go. "It's cold, take my jacket" He would say while giving you his jacket, his hand immediately taking yours again as soon as he placed his piece of clothing on your shoulders.
Tumblr media
You and him had been fighting for years side by side. You and him have been best friends since you were kids, so you've had plenty of physical contact. But things would unexpectedly change once you both grow up: you would'nt even realise when or how, it would just happen that the two of you develop feelings for each other. Your first emotionally significant intimate contact would be you taking care of his wounds after a battle. You have been stitching and curing him for years, but one day things would inexplicably be different: your fingers on his chest would make his stomach fill with butterflies, as much as the contact woul make you blush for the first time ever. He would be surprised. "Y/n, this feels so different...". And you would be too. "I know, Thor.".
Tumblr media
Natasha would have been waiting for it to happen since the first time she laid her eyes on you. She would wait for you to do it, though. She is patient and smart, so she would create the perfect occasion: she would require a training session with you just to finally be alone with you. You have been her crush for months so she would be taking her risk. She would wait for you to go with the first strike and, before you even realise it, you're on the floor and she's standing on the top of you. You would obviously fight back and she would easily get distracted by how beautiful you are, so you would end up pressing your hand on her chest while your knees are blocking her arms. She would smirk. "It took a fight to make you finally notice me uhm?"
Tumblr media
Wanda would be genuinely happy: she adores you, she seriously does. She tends to get shy and goofy when she likes someone, so she would wait for you to step in the game. The two of you would be sitting on your couch, watching one of her favourite sitcoms, when you suddenly notice that there is a bit of marshmallow on the corner of her lips. You would smile and look at her. "What is it?" She would ask while agitating. "Nothing, stay still." You would gently place your thumb on her lip and remove it while looking at her. She would blush a bit, but she would basically smile because of the goosebumps she felt at your touch.
Tumblr media
Sam knows what he wants: he would be the one creating the right atmosphere. He would ask you on a date and would basically make sure that the whole night is going to be funny and unforgettable. He would take you to his boat and cook something for you, then he would sat next to you on the deck while telling about his life and his adventures in the Avengers. "CAN YOU SERIOUSLY FLY?" You would ask enthusiastically. "Yes, would you like to try?" He would ask you while showing you his costume. You would nod and he would put his wings before softly wrapping an arm around your torso, his touch delicate. "Is this okay with you?" He would respectfully ask, his eyes scanning you.
Tumblr media
Peter would be the happiest person alive. He's so shy sometimes and he would probably wait for you to take the first step. He would ask you out and would try to act cool and calm, but he's freaking out inside as soon as he sees you. He would take you to a park, his hands in his pockets while he walks next to you and tells you random stuff about music, movies, his interests, his life. He would open up to you, his lovely smile making you perceive butterflies in your stomach. He would walk you home and nervously scratch the back of his head while looking at you. "Okay, so, I've spent a beautiful evening, I mean, I liked being with you, and I'd like to see you again, if you're okay with this, but even if you're not I --". That's when you would kiss him, your lips softly placing on his to make him realise that you like him too. "Goodnight, Pete." You would whisper. He would walk away with the biggest smile, his body filled with adrenaline.
Tumblr media
Bucky would be torn: he would love your touch but he would be surprised by the fact that he actually loves being touched by you. It wouldn't be an extremely intrusive contract: the two of you are watching a movie, one of your favourite, when you suddenly get so relaxed and comfortable around him that you rest your head over his shoulder, almost automatically. He would initially look at you in shock: his body freezing but his instinct telling him that your touch is okay, that it is not hostile. He's not used to be touched with affection, so the fact that you would also put your hand on his chest would totally amaze him. He would stay still for a couple of seconds but immediately look at you as soon as you move away. "Y/n, where are you going? You can stay." He would whisper. "I thought I was being too intrusive." You would confess, realising your gesture after a while. He would shake his head. "Come back here, it's okay." He would say before gently pulling you toward him.
Tumblr media
Loki would internally freak out whike appearing totally contdolled on the outside. It would happen extremely naturally: the two of you are walking in a museum, he explaining you random stuff about the works of art while you listen closely and share your personal knowledge with him. He would suddenly realise how passionate and beautiful you look while you talk about the things that make you interested and would almost automatically brush a lock of your ear behind your ears, his long fingers delicate. He would be surprised by himself and would only realize how easy that gesture came out from him after he did it. His fingers would hesitate on your skin, not able to let you go, then he would caress your cheek and look at you. "You know many things, Pet." He would whisper, his blue eyes intense. "You do too and I love the way you explain them to me." You would answer and he would smile, his hands never wanting to let go of you again.
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absolutelyfizzing · a month ago
little dove
loki x reader
description - Loki acted so caring around you, more so than anyone else in his life. He loved to take care of you, especially when you had a long day, and he got teased by some of the team for it.
warnings - fem reader, cute loki and pet names, implications of gender fluid loki?, reader gets picked up, slight implications of a nsfw theme the night before
word count - 1900
A/N - this is a pretty plotless blurb but i just love this man, i have been obsessed with the new series and just wanted to write anything about him. i will inevitably be writing for him more so please end me now. there are no spoilers for the new series and it takes place in an AU after new york but pretty much otherwise out of timeline. all the avengers live at the compound together, endgame didnt happen and no i wont talk about it.
Loki was not someone who was overly friendly. To most of the people in the compound, he was courteous at best. That rule, however, was bent occasionally. The only exceptions were you and his brother (some of the time). He had been smitten with you the moment he saw you though he would never admit it. You were bubbly and light and the exact opposite of him. You were so friendly and kind that it almost made him want to be the same.
You were kind to him, which he was shocked by. Most of the people in the compound tolerated him but they were never caught being too nice. You, on the other hand, were friendly to him the day you met him.
You weren't an Avenger, you weren't really even a fighter. You were a genius in the medical field as well as the unofficial caretaker of everyone on the team. You made sure that they all ate, they didn't overwork themselves, that they were getting enough sleep every night because they were your closest friends. Everyone listened to you. You had this power over them all that they just wanted to make sure you were happy and that meant they wanted to do what you asked of them. They tried their best to take care of you as well.
When you met Loki and were very nice to him, he expected some ulterior motive. He assumed that there was something you wanted or that you would gain his trust and then humiliate him later. So he kept his guard up. This was proved wrong over the months to come. He noticed that you were that kind to everyone and you were just happy to be around other people. He let you in over time.
You became the only person who he opened up to, even more than his brother. You would keep him company even when he lashed out at others and when he was filled with guilt. You forgave him for his past without question and opened up to him as well. It took probably 3 months for Loki to realize that he was in love with you.
He couldn't believe himself. In love with a midgardian? What was he thinking?
But it was undeniable and uncontrollable. He just couldn't help himself. You would read to him and watch movies with him. You would braid his hair when he was stressed and would teach him how to cook when he asked. You were just everything to him. It took him a long time to confess. He was terrified that you would reject him. You could have had anyone you wanted, why would you choose him?
When he did confess, you were thrilled and he couldn't believe it. You kissed him and he thought he could die happy right then and there. He had never felt this much love for anyone besides his mother.
You continued to break his walls down and he fell deeper in love with you every day. He didn't, however, change his behavior towards others very much. He had grown closer to the team, having regained some trust from them all. He was no longer aggressive and he tried very hard not to lash out. Most of that was out of his own desire to be trusted. He realized that he was going to have to make his life work to remain with you and he slowly learned that most of the people in the compound weren't actually as awful as he might have originally guessed. That didn't mean that his personality changed toward them though. He was still slightly cold and short. He wouldn't smile too much and he was what some might call grumpy most of the time.
That only changed around you and everyone noticed. Loki got teased for it constantly and he couldn't care less. He just wanted to make you happy and he had no regard for what anyone thought of your relationship.
He was waiting patiently in the common area of the compound on the couch. Steve and Rhodey were sat on the couch watching something that Loki didn't recognize or care for, it was some kind of reality TV. When he heard the elevator door open he looked toward the door and you were walking towards him. A grin spread over his face and his posture relaxed. He could hear the men on the couch scoff at his sudden change in demeanor. When you got close to him he picked you up and pulled you to straddle his hips on his lap and immediately began kissing all over you. You buried your face in his chest and he kissed your hair.
"How are you, my love?" He mumbled sweetly and you hummed. "Long day?" he questioned and you nodded in affirmation. "Lets go get you some food then, yes?" He asked lightly and you hummed happily. He picked you up and you clung to him, arms and legs wrapping around him. He carried you with ease toward the kitchen. It shocked you sometimes how much he could lift and how easily he lifted you but you had to remind yourself that he was indeed a god.
"How come you never treat us that way?" Rhodey called from the couch and Loki grumbled a bit.
"Oh I'm sorry did you want me to pick you up and make you some tea?" He asked sarcastically and you giggled from where your face was pressed into his chest. He smiled at the fact that he had gotten you to laugh and he set you on the countertop. He tried to pull away to make you some food but you did not let him leave you, still holding on to the front of the shirt that he was wearing. "Do you want to talk about your day?" He asked sweetly, kissing your forehead lightly. You gazed up at him lovingly and his heart skipped a beat.
"I'm just tired. People are annoying and I didn't exactly sleep much last night." You winked at the last part. He smirked at your comment.
"I'm sorry, my love. I was under the impression that you enjoyed what we did last night but I would be happy to give you plenty of time to sleep tonight if that's what you would prefer." he teased and you punched him lightly in the chest.
"Okay fine you're right, I like getting kept up." You confessed. You paused for a moment and his eyes remained on you as he waited patiently for you to continue. "I was mistaken for an intern again today. You would think that after over a year of working here that people would recognize my name and my work but today there were some new investors walking through the facility. When they came to look at my work they started to talk to one of my coworkers and then turned to me to ask me to get them a coffee order while they waited for the doctor to arrive." You grumbled, your mood now sour at the memory. Loki frowned and he felt his anger begin to take shape inside of him. His eyes flashed green for a moment.
"Would you like me to go and teach them a lesson? Perhaps just to mildly terrify them?" he asked, fully serious. That cheered you up plenty and you chuckled. Loki knew that you were laughing because of the absurdity of his statement and the fact that he was dead serious but he was just happy to see you smile again. "I will never understand the midgardian obsession with gender roles. Though I suppose my own identity is more fluid than most asgardians as well." He confessed and you brought your hand to rest on the side of his face. He leaned his head into your hand as he beamed at you. You loved when he compared his home to yours. It reminded you just how powerful he was and that he still chose to spend his days with you. There was suddenly a flash of green before he held his hand out to you, now holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers. When you gasped and moved to grab them he slipped from your grasp to move towards the refrigerator.
"Hey that's not fair, you tricked me." You pouted at him, now grumbling that you couldn't hold him anymore.
"Little dove, I cannot make you food when you hold onto me. When I am finished cooking then you can stay with me for as long as you would like." He promised and you nodded solemnly. He quickly pressed another kiss to your cheek before moving around the kitchen to prepare you waffles as he often did when you were having a long day. You observed the beautiful flowers in your hand and watched him as he moved around the kitchen, a million times more comfortable than he had been when he first moved into the compound. You talked contentedly with the people passing by as well as the man who was diligently trying to improve your mood. Occasionally one of the other team members would walk by and laugh a bit at how caring he was acting toward you, all of them just happy you were content though. Eventually Thor stopped by while Loki put some batter into the waffle iron and sliced some fruit.
"You know, this is the happiest I have ever seen him." He stated simply, a smile in is voice.
"It's the happiest I've been too." You responded with a small grin.
"The last time I saw him open up to someone the way that he opens up to you was on Asgard with our mother. She would be happy to see him being so vulnerable again." He patted your back and walked away as tears started to come to your eyes. The brothers would talk of their mother sometimes and Loki often mention the fact that he believed she would have loved you, if not for your own personality then for what you did for her son. You wished that you could meet her.
You were suddenly taken out of your thoughts by someone handing you a plate of waffles and sliced up fruit with a little container of syrup on the side. You looked up at Loki and nearly cried right there. You put the plate aside for a moment to reach out and pull him into a crushing hug. He was a bit startled but responded quickly, a hand going to the back of your head and his fingers brushing through your hair soothingly.
"Did something happen, my love?" He asked softly and you sniffled a bit.
"Just love you and I'm very thankful for everything you do for me." You got out and he affirmed to himself that he would die for you in an instant.
"I love you too, darling, but I slaved away at those waffles and now they are getting cold." He teased and he kissed your hair gently. You took a deep breath before pulling away, looking up at him with love. You smiled and then hopped off of the counter. He walked with you over to the dining table where he sat next to you and serenely waited as you ate, the food lifting your spirits a bit and easing your anxiety of the day. You planned on spending the rest of it with the man next to you as well as every day after that.
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whirlybirbs · 29 days ago
I’m just craving so good boi Thor content if you got it!
Tumblr media
HAMMERED      |     a thor odinson drabble
note: i love writing this big man as being a horribly lovesick idiot who cannot flirt, who also has lightning-related mishaps when he gets nervous. it's fun. also this gif accurately paints the mood.
pairing: thor/f!reader, a 'we-all-live-in-the-tower' au
tags: drabble, a little blurb, thor is romantic, you're a medic, thor hates needles, helen cho is a wingwoman, mostly a comedic blurb, steve n thor are besties
"Good to know I'm not the only one here with plans to get absolutely hammered—"
Beside you, Helen Cho snorts into her glass of riesling. It's — no doubt — worth about triple your monthly rent. After all, it is coming from the personal stock of the one and only Tony Stark.
That's what the Iron Man did on nights like this in the Tower: he pulled out all the stops.
And so did most of the team. Plus-one's included.
Your comment, however, hadn't been aimed at Helen. Rather, it was muttered in amusement at the swaggering entrance of Thor — and, in tow, his mighty cask of Asgardian mead.
That stuff was treated like liquid gold around here. I mean, you once watched a single shot of the stuff put Clint Barton outta commission for three days. For two of them, he was still drunk.
For men like Thor, Rogers and the recent (brooding and tentatively murderous) addition to the team — Sergeant James Barnes — the stuff was just the right amount of alcohol per volume to produce the usual, coveted effect that normal spirits were unable to supply.
The bottle hanging from Thor's hands is made of a murky, green glass — and it's big. You're a bit ashamed to admit you'd probably purchased one or two Barefoot Rosés in that gargantuan size. The wax seal around the bottle's neck is pitch black. The label is scrawled with the sort of runes you'd usually tap Erik Selvig in on.
But, context clues are context clues.
It's booze.
And Thor, as soon as he makes eye-contact with you across the room, is thanking the Gods he decided to bring this — because really, how else was he going to muster up the courage to walk over there and talk to you?
What, like... Like some sort of... Normal person?
He's a God. And — a-and you're... You're the very funny, very sweet, very kind member of the medical team who is always so gentle when Thor manages to injure himself enough on missions to warrant attention. It's rare, but the worst bit is: he isn't exactly keen on it. No, no. He much prefers healing magic — an admission that to him even seems laughable.
By Odin's beard, he is Thor. The God of Thunder. Generations of viking kin, true warriors, have prayed to him for strength in battle, for guidance in war. He is the Champion of Storms, protector of Midgard.
And here he is: afraid of needles.
Thor shifts awkwardly on his feet, watching you converse lightly with Dr. Cho across the room — and he stalls enough that Steve sees it.
The Captain's usual greeting is met with half-there silence. A far-away handshake-hug. And though maybe Steve isn't looking for his own dance partner tonight, it doesn't mean he isn't keenly aware of his good friend's center-of-attention. The same center-of-attention that's been the center-of-attention for weeks now.
"C'mon," Steve rumbles lowly, gesturing with his chin, "Let's get you a drink, and get you over there."
Thor holds up a hand. He narrows his brows. "I can't simply—"
"What's stoppin' you?" Steve asks, decidedly Brooklyn-esque of him.
"She's... I mean — you can see her, can't you?" Thor grits out, leaning in close, "Oh, Gods, she's looking over here—"
"—I thought you were supposed to be Crown Prince of Asgard—"
"I am," Thor hisses, ducking to seem busy by the entrance to the upper-level of the Tower. There's a table by the elevator. He fiddles with a framed photo of Stark and Parker, "I am and all the... y'know, courtship blah blah blah was handled by advisors. And my mother. I was never very good at it—"
"Hey, you two."
Thor jumps six feet in the air, and in that moment, a zap of lightning touches the tip of your nose. He nearly drops the bottle of Asgardian Mead. Steve catches it. Thor leans, one hand on the table, and the other on his hip.
He tries to seem nonchalant.
You promptly sneeze, and Steve can't help but look wide-eyed at Thor with a semi-panicked expression.
You rub your nose and laugh, a bit stunned — only to find that Steve and Thor are looking at you like you've got three heads.
For a moment, you wonder if maybe you've got something in your teeth. Or maybe the margarita Natasha made has turned your mouth an artificial cherry color. But, no. You see why they're staring when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the elevator's mirror. It opens and reveals a perplexed Scott Lang. Behind him, you see your reflection.
(Scott always looked kinda confused. Nothing new there.)
As the doors close, you realize that all the hairs on your head are standing up straight.
Waiting for a lightning strike.
You laugh — as bright as the sun in the midst of a storm — and Thor swears it will be the death of him.
"Relax, Thunderdome," you chirp, nudging his arm, "We gotta work on the static build-up."
Ha. Right.
No — no, no, no, no don't go there.
Thor musters up a nervous smile.
... He could go for that drink right about now.
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My King [Loki x Reader]
Title: My King Summary: He Who Remains tempts Loki with a throne, with Asgard, with you... What if Loki, tired of running, gives into temptation. Warnings: none (happy loki?) Request: N/A
Tumblr media
A/N: After that Loki finale I need some fluff!! This is just happy Loki purely because I seeing Loki like that in the finale broke me! ALSO the fact we didn't get King!Loki upsets me greatly. Let me know if you want a part two with the dinner and coronation <3
A/N 2: First part of this fanfic is the script of episode 6 so i don't own that (link here ALSO obvious spoilers for Loki finale!!
Loki Laufeyson~My King
"Congratulations. Y'all had an awfully long journey to get here. He's impressed," Miss Minutes voice rang out in the daunting entrance of the citadel.
       "Who's impressed?"
       "He Who Remains."
       She says it as if it the most obvious thing in the world. He Who Remains. Even his title sounded imposing, and more terrifying than the fake Time Keepers or even the legions of indoctrinated TVA workers.
       "And who is he?
       "He created all and he controls all. At the end, it is only He Who Remains," her sweet Southern accent doesn't quiet align with the gravity of what she's saying, "And he wants to offer you a deal. He's been making a few creative adjustments, and he's worked it out so we can reinsert both of y'all back into the Timeline in a way that won't disrupt things..."
      "'Won't disrupt things'?"
      "Mmm-hmm," Miss Minutes confirms, "The TVA can keep doin' its vital work and y'all can live the lives you've always wanted."
      "And what have we always wanted?" Loki challenges.
       Miss Minutes almost shakes her head, "Now, don't play coy with me, mister. You know how you got into this mess."
      "The Battle of New York, silly. You versus those self-righteous Avengers. How would you like to win? But not just there. You can kill Thanos. You want the Infinity Gauntlet? Yours. Throne of Asgard? No problem."
         Loki makes eye contact with Miss Minutes- or, well, whatever that sentient excuse for a clock was called. Her eyes seem unhinged, and yet Loki couldn't seem to look away. The demi god then looks to the side and glances at Sylvie. She is so steadfast: she knows Miss Minutes is lying. Her words are empty promises, and the reality she offers will turn to dust as soon as Loki reaches out for it. And, yet, he can't help but want to reach out for it.
        "How? How can you do that? I thought I broke the time line- I thought... I can't got back to that time line," Loki questions, trying to hide his feelings behind questions.
        "Silly, you wouldn't be going to your time line; you'd be going to a new one. One where you win. You could have all your hearts desired-"
        "-She's lying!" Sylvie yelled, "We don't have time for this!"
        "You could see Y/N again..." Miss Minutes stokes the fire with an offer she knows Loki can't refuse.
        "Who?" Sylvie demands, looking from Loki to Miss Minutes.
        "They're gone," Loki refutes, his guilt and anger building, "I... They're gone! You're lying!"
        "I'm not... Let me show you-"
Loki's eyes fluttered opened slowly. He felt gentle kisses being placed on his face, first starting with his forehead, and then down to his mouth. The sensation suddenly left him just before he could be kissed upon the lips. Loki's eyes were now fully open, and the first thing he recognised was your face smiling down to him. His eyes widened in shock, not fully understand what was happening. You titled your head to the side in confusion, expecting your lover to raise his head to yours and meet your lips as he usually did upon waking.
      "Y/N?" Loki whispers your name in such shock you can barely hear him.
      "Were you expecting anyone else in your bed?" you tease, leaning back on the headboard of the bed, deciding it was too late to be kissed back by Loki.
       Loki couldn't process what was happening to him. He was in his own clothing. He was in Asgard. He was with you. How? Moments ago he was... He was with Miss Minutes. Everything clicked into place. This is what he was promised; his reality was being rewritten. Loki was getting everything he wanted: everything he deserved.
        "Sorry, my love, I just had a really bad dream," Loki nervously tries to explain his demeanour.
        You glance back over to him, leaning on your side so you could trace soothing patterns across his chest. With a seductive look, you gaze up at him through your eyelashes. Loki made eye contact with you, and found himself hypnotically entranced with you.
       "Maybe I can make that go away, my King?" you all but purr, not realising the severity of the internal crisis Loki was experiencing.
       "My King?" Loki murmured.
      "That's what you are," you reply simply, before correcting yourself, "Or, well, what you will be- but that's a matter of semantics."
      "Your coronation later? The event we've been planning for months? The dream you've had since we were children?" you say concerned by his confusion, "That dream must've been really bad if you're acting like this... Loki are you okay?"
       Loki's mine was reeling. If this was an illusion, this was a very realistic one. You felt so real. The softness of your touch, the warmth of your body against his, the melody of your voice... And, if this truly was an alternate reality... The shame he felt for staying, for believing the trick, was disappearing by the moment. Loki was brought back from his thoughts by your hand upon his upper arm. Your hand slid up until your fingers were at his chin. You brought his gaze to meet you, angling his chin towards his face.
      "Y-yes, I'm fine... I'm just... The dream felt so real," Loki confessed.
      You traced your thumb over his bottom lip, and you have a small smile ghosts over your face.
      "Probably just nerves for later," you reassure him, placing a kiss on his hand before shuffling towards the edge of the bed, "This is the biggest day of your life, after all. You are finally getting what you deserve, my love."
       You place your feet swiftly on the ground, and rise fully from the bed. The cool air hits your skin, and goose bumps immediately cover your skin. Your feet pad across the room to your vast wardrobe. You grab your dressing robe from off of the folding screen room divider placed next to the luxurious clothing collection. The silk material is a welcomed sensation against you. You tightly tie the ribbon in a bow, securing the robe around your waist.
     "Where are you going?" Loki asks, watching you from the bed as you scan over your wardrobe, occasionally pulling out dresses.
      "I'm getting ready for the pre coronation dinner later- with Thor," you prompt him.
      "Thor?" Loki questioned as casually as he could.
      You turn to him with a puzzled expression, "Don't tell me you've forgotten about your brother."
       "No, no, of course not... I just-"
       "-You forgot about the dinner?" you fill in the blanks, "I know Thor isn't your first choice of company, but Thor has returned from Earth so we can have dinner with your parents."
        Loki purses his lips, obviously in deep thought. Thor. In truth, he had been so wrapped up in the vision of you, he had not let his mind wander to what else this reality would hold. But, that temptress had promised him everything he ever wanted. He loved his brother, he loved his mother, he loved his father (despite the strained relationship): of course they were alive and well.
        "You're acting strange, Loki. Are you sure you're alright, my love?" you question, disregarding your task of picking an outfit, "I-I can rearrange the dinner! We’ll see him at the coronation, anyway! He... Thor will understand. I will explain we are too busy preparing for the coronation-"
        "-No!" Loki exclaims, "No... I want to see him. Sorry for scaring you, darling, I'm okay. I promise."
        You walk over to his side of the bed, where he was now sat up straight. You reach out for his hands, and he complies to your gesture. His hands link with your own, and your eyes travel down from his hands up to his face.
         "What was the dream about?" you murmur.
         "I... I lost everything. I lost you," he confesses, "I lost you, and it felt so real. Everything I loved was taken from me, and I was powerless to stop it."
         "Oh Loki," you whisper, gently squeezing his hands in yours, "I'm so sorry. I love you, I hope you know that. I'm always here for you: I'm not going anywhere, I promise."
         "I love you too."
         Loki shuffles his legs to the edge of the bed, so he is perching just on the edge. With one single movement, you were pulled into him. You were nestled between his legs and he rested into your chest. Softly, you ran your fingers through his hair. Loki listens to your heart beat, and it comforts him. You feel real. You feel real. You feel real. He repeats the phrase over and over in his head. This is real. He looks up at you, and you smile.
         "Help me pick an outfit for later?" he murmurs, with a small smile.
         "It would be my pleasure," you assure.
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agentofbarnes · a month ago
this isn't related to the guardian au but imagine reader knowing thor in like og avengers and ultron then seeing him after ragnarok with his new hair and everything and she's just like how the fuck did he get hotter?
mighty ; thor
warnings ; smut, minors DNI, size kink, dumbification, mentions of body worship
note ; non-canon compliant, right with thanos doesn’t happen
Tumblr media
Thor Odinson had been a very dirty fantasy of yours. You had been a simple agent of Shield during the Battle of New York, drooling from a distance of the massive biceps that belongs to the God of Thunder but the man had barely noticed you. Actually, he didn’t notice you at all.
In fact, he didn’t know your name until Steve Rogers had introduced after the fall of Hydra when you had helped bring them down from the inside. You had fumbled over your words, barely forming a coherent sentence. You had been so embarrassed you almost quit your job with the Avengers. Not that it mattered at all, he had a girlfriend, so what did it matter? You were left to your little dreams of being railed by the massive god.
Thor had become quite fond of you, the nervous agent that was good with the little spear. You had been fantastic when they went against Ultron, and he had told you that before he left for Asgard when it all ended.
That had been the last time you saw him until he appeared in battle with Hulk and Loki at his side just in time to defeat the current foe that managed to unite the frayed ties that had been previously severed.
With the team reunited, the party raged at the Avengers Facility and it felt as if for one night, nothing had changed. It was as if you didn’t just spend two years running for your life from the federal government, like everything in your life had been ruined.
Over the years, you had almost forgotten how afraid you had been to speak to Thor. Oh, how things had changed. You had much bigger problems now. So did he, with Asgard on the way to Earth to settle permanently.
“Well, if it isn’t my favorite little agent,” Thor’s voice was deeper than you remember, and you felt your breath catch in your throat as you admired his new look. His hair was far shorter, his muscles still thick as a tree trunk, and— oh god, you were getting lost in him again.
You feel your cheeks get hot with embarrassment, eyes darting down to your feet as you step away from him slightly.”Thor, you…um, you’ve…I—you’ve changed, I mean , fuck, no, I…you…you look good! Yeah, you look amazing.”
“You haven’t changed at all,”Thor chuckled in amusement, gazing down at you fondly as he stepped forward,”Still cute, and you still can’t talk to me.”
“I—cute?”You nearly squeaked. If the ground would swallow you whole, that would be nice. Anything to rid you from this mortifying conversation.
“Yes, like those baby felines you like,”Thor scrunched his nose, moving his hands to mimic the whiskers on his face.
“Yes! Like a little kitten,”Thor corrected, running his fingers through his scruff. You swear just the way he said, the way he looked at you with his deep, dark gaze made your core ache with need. You squeezed your thighs together, stepping back again.
Your back hit the wall behind you, the party buzzing around you. You paid no attention to anyone else but the mighty got in front of you. He hadn’t even changed from his uniform, his long velvet crimson cape still resting on his shoulders. Thor did look mighty in front of you and you felt weak in the knees.
“Will you ever not be so nervous around me?” Thor mused, a hint of smirk on his face.”You look as if you’ll lose consciousness whenever I speak to you.”
The god took another step forward, his boots juts in front of yours. You peered up at him, hyper aware of how close he was. You could feel the warm coming off of his body, he radiated it and not just from his overwhelming personality but physically.
“I…well, you just…I don’t…”
“Shush, kitten, don’t hurt yourself,”Thor chuckled,”There’s no need to be nervous,”He smiled warmly at you, his fingers brushing over your cheek.”I’m just me, good ol’ Thor, I’m your friend.”
“My friend, right…” You took in a deep breath, but just as you were about to exhale, it was stolen from you. Thor’s lips had come crashing down on yours with no warning, as if he had lost control over himself. His kiss was slow, yet passionate, his body pressing you into the wall as he dipped his head down to meet yours.
It takes you a moment to recover from the shock, and by the time you do, he’s pulling away. Your body is working by itself, your hand pulling him down by his collar to kiss him again. It is by far the boldest act you have ever perform pertaining to Thor and it is enough to make the god grunt in need. His lips move against you, his hands traveling down your thighs to hook under you knees to pick you up.
You wrapped your legs around his waist, arms snaked around him with one hand in his trimmed hair and other on his chest. Thor’s hand dug into your thigh, pressing you into the wall while his tongue explorer the depths of your mouth. You mewled into his mouth, mindlessly rutting your hips against him.
Thor reluctantly pulled himself away from your lips,”See? No reason to be nervous.”
You panted in response, cheeks hot in embarrassment at how frustrated you already are.”Right…”
“I don’t have a room,”Thor whispered,”I mean, if you wish to take this somewhere more private, or if you don’t, that’s okay, either way, I am determined to make you comfortable around me.” He winked, making butterflies flutter in your tummy so naturally you tell him where your room is.
Tumblr media
Mighty was definitely the word you would use to describe the God of Thunder, especially after spending half an hour unwrapping him from his Asgardian leather and kissing over every inch of his perfect body. It was everything you had ever wished for, to worship a deity inch by inch as he fell apart under you.
His cock was massive, which wasn’t at all shocking except you had never seen a cock so huge in your life. While most men excel in either length or girth, Thor excelled in both and you had no idea how you would take such a mighty cock. It was an alluring sight, curved to left with a prominent vein running along the side. The bulbous head was throbbing red, ready to spilt you in half.
“I-Thor…I can’t take that, how did—“You stammered out anxiously.
“You can, kitten, do you trust me?”Thor asked quietly, his hand brushing over your face, kissing your lips gently as you nodded.
That was four orgasms ago, and Thor was pushing the fourth finger inside your weeping cunt. He curled his fingers, your juices covering his hands. Never in your life had you been so wet, but fuck, Thor had you cumming like never before.
“Give me one more, kitten, and I’ll stretch this pretty pussy in half, yeah, you’ve been dying for my cock, I know, just cum one more time and you’ll be full, cum for me,”Thor groaned when you threw your head back once again, moaning out his name as you convulsed around his fingers.
“Oh…wow,”You breathed, feeling Thor spread your thighs wide on the bedding. You felt his fat cock tease at your pussy, sliding against the slippery folds.
“Gonna be a good girl and take my cock?”Thor asked gently.
“Yes,”You replied weakly, leaning up on your elbows to watched as the thick head poked at your entrance. The stretched burned, the wide girth straining your walls to fit inside of you with every inch. He took it slow as you collapse back on the bed. It hurt, it did, but you were determined to get through it.
You breathed out slowly, focusing on the kisses Thor was now leaving all over your body. He let out sigh of relief, his heavy sack resting against your ass once he was fully buried inside you.
You felt as if you had been spilt in half, his cock so far inside you that you could see protrusion in your lower stomach. Thor smirked, pressing down it before lookin at you,”You’re so fucking hot.”
“You’re so big,”You uttered, because what else would you say when you literally been spilt in two. You laid there for a few minutes accommodating his godly cock, and it wasn’t until you started to squirm that Thor began to test the waters.
“Not so nervous with cock buried in this tight pussy, are you, kitten?”Thor teased, just barely moving his hip. You can’t speak, pleasure running through your body like never before. You didn’t know what full felt like before this.
“Still can’t form a coherent sentence for me, huh?” He brought back his hips, dragging his massive cock slowly out of your pussy before slamming back in and stretching you all over again. You cry out in pleasure, back arching off the bed as Thor growled at your reaction. His large hands grab your hips, using them to pull your body against him with each thrust with ease.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
“That’s it, fuck, tightest pussy I’ve ever had, kitten, just been waiting for me to ruin you all these years, haven’t you?”
Thor gripped your hips, hammering into you as hard as he could. You gasped out, crying his name so loud you are sure that the party can hear over the music. You don’t care, you are so cockdrunk on him. You can’t think straight. With eyes rolled back, you fist the sheets in your palms with your mouth in the shape of an ‘O’.
“Such a perfect girl for me, aren’t you? Finally giving you want you crave, the mighty cock you deserve,”Thor grunted, slamming into your precious pussy,”My perfect dumb girl, yeah? You’ve always been my dumb girl, haven’t you?”
Yeah, you have. He’s always had a way making you dumb.
“Yes! I’m your dumb girl, yes, fuck…”You whimpered out, moaning as your walks squeezed around his massive cock just as he found that oh so sweet spot. It made your entire body quiver under him.
Thor fell over you, caging you in, hovering dangerously. You felt small hand weak under him as he thrusted harshly into your quivering quim. His lips met yours with passion, tongue licking into you. Thor took over your body, mind, and soul. You were his, and he knew it.
“Cum for me,”He gasped into you mouth,”With me, I’m gonna fill this dumb little pussy up, gonna make you mine, kitten, fuck.”
The way he moaned your name is what brings the final orgasm, and it was mighty. You squirted all over his cock, juices covering both of you as he filled your tight cunt with his potent seed.
It left you both panting, kissing each other lazily while the party raged on outside. Neither of you wished to go back. No, you rather stay in each other’s arms, talk about what you missed and you had a lot to talk about. Especially now that you could suddenly speak in full sentences.
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boxofbonesfic · 2 months ago
Hello! I saw your requests were open…could you write a dark!thor x reader. Where you are best friends with steve and he does not like that at all so he manipulates you into thinking that steve’s intentions towards you are not nice and that he’s the only one who care about you. you can ignore this if you want btw when is the next chapter of pattycakes coming? I am obsessed with it!
Title: Yuletide
Pairing: Dark!Thor x Naive!Reader
Warnings: Dubcon, Obsessive behavior, Possessive behavior, Manipulation, Kidnapping, Overstimulation, rough sex, SMUT
summary: You find out the hard way that your Asgardian boyfriend has some jealousy issues.
A/N: OMG i’m so sorry this sat in my inbox for so long! i hope you like what i came up with for your request! this ended up getting away from me a bit at over 4k words, but hopefully it’s still a good read for you all! thanks for the request! This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! MINORS, DNI!
Enjoy 😘
“And you’ll be safe, my dove?” Thor asks you, his massive hands cupping your face as his thumbs smooth over your cheeks. His shockingly blue eyes are intent on yours as he delivers further instructions. “Only one drink, yes?”
“Thor, you don’t have to worry.” you say convincingly, though you can tell from the set of his jaw he feels less than reassured. He’s needed in Vanaheim, and you can tell that were it only slightly less urgent, he would probably ignore the call altogether in favor of staying plastered to your side for the duration of Tony’s Christmas party. “Besides, Steve will be there. He’ll look out for me.”
His face tightens, as does his grip on your chin. “Now I am even less certain of my departure,” he mutters darkly, a pout forming on his attractive face. He sighs, releasing you only to cross his arms irritatedly as he leans against the door. You’re not used to him being displeased with you—you don’t like it. Thor is always so easy with his smiles, with his affection; and come to think of it, this is the only thing the two of you don’t agree on.
“Steve will look out for me,” you declared confidently. You were a lightweight, it was true. Any more than two drinks and they’d have to peel you off of the floor. And while Tony did have a few…iffy people on the guest list, you were more than confident in your friend’s ability to keep an eye out for you. He’d done it long before you and the Thunder God were even remotely an item, and if the relationship fizzled to an end, you were sure he would do it after as well.
“I do not wish for you to keep… questionable company in my absence, dove. Is my love not enough for you?” he looks genuinely crestfallen, and you rush to comfort him.
“Of course it is! I promise I won’t do anything unsafe.” you kiss his cheek, and he turns to capture your lips instead. Despite the rough beard around them, his lips are full and soft, and when he presses them to yours, you open with a pleased sigh. He sucks your bottom lip into his mouth worrying it gently with his teeth until you moan softly. He releases you reluctantly, though he strokes your kiss swollen mouth with an affectionate finger and heated eyes.
“I worry for you in my absence, dove.” his hands travel down to your shoulders, and then your waist as he tugs you against him. You brace yourself against his chest, and he hums. “I worry that your friend has…other intentions.” shocked, you push yourself away from him, fixing him with a frown.
“We’ve talked about this.” you sigh. “Steve and I are just friends.” You’d been friends with Steve for years, jokingly relying on one another to get through charity dinners, costume parties, and other mandated group events that made you question whether or not humans were really meant to be social creatures. This Christmas party would be no different.
“And were we not just friends, my pet?” he reminds you with a quirk of his brow. “It is so easy for the bonds of camaraderie to become something more.” Thor loomed over you, pressing you against the wall. You liked his size, how massive he was compared to you. It made you feel safe—but now you felt small. “I do not expect you to understand the workings of a man’s mind, my dove, but do not doubt me when I assure you that there are those who covet you, my sweet, and he is one of them.”
“I see how he looks at you, dove.” his voice is hard. “I see the desire for you written plainly on him, and I will not share you.” you’re not sure why you’re nervous, Thor has never hurt you, never even made you feel like he would, but your skin prickles with your anxiety anyway. He’s just worried about me, you assure yourself. Just wants me to be safe. “Say you won’t be alone with him. Promise me, dove.” you have nowhere to go, nowhere to look but up at his handsome face, into the cold clarity of his eyes. “Promise me.” he repeats it, and you nod jerkily.
“Okay, I promise.”
He licks his lips before kissing you again, and it’s entirely different from how he normally claims your mouth. Thor is the epitome of soft and slow, but this time his kiss is hard and possessive, leaving you panting against the wall as he makes for the door.
“I shall return as soon as my responsibilities allow.”
It takes a few minutes for you to compose yourself when he leaves, and even when you straighten your clothes, you can still feel his touch, hot and demanding on your skin. Even after you’re showered and changed, putting on a light layer of makeup in your bathroom mirror, you can feel the electricity running down your spine. Thor’s words repeat themselves in your head as you slip your shoes on and don your coat, waiting for your uber to arrive.
You’ve only been dating Thor a few months, and though at first you were unimpressed by his good looks and charm, he’d won you over. Steve had cautioned you of course, he’s not human, be careful—but he’d been nothing but sweet, if a little overly possessive. You shoulder your bag, careful not to jostle it too much—it wouldn’t do for the gift to get crushed. Perhaps it was childish, but Tony had insisted on Secret Santa. You weren’t sure what to get Sam, but you hoped he’d be pleased with the stuffed falcon and the chili-spiced hot chocolate you’d finally settled on.
When you finally arrive, you set your gift down with the others, and go to mill around the punch bowl with everyone else. Only one drink, yes? You can hear Thor’s stipulation as you poured yourself a glass. Better make it count, then. The sound of your own name makes you turn sharply, and you grin at Steve—dressed in an exceptionally tacky Christmas sweater, flanked by Sam and Bucky.
“Better late than never!” he says, waving at you. “No Thor?” somehow, Steve manages not to look disappointed. In fact, he looks… pleased. A spring of discomfort wells in your belly, but you ignore it, shaking your head.
“No, he had something to take care of,” you reply. You’re not sure what to do with the feelings rolling around in your gut, so you shrug instead. “I thought there was supposed to be food at this thing? I’m starving.”
All night, you notice things. The way Steve stays close to you—he’s just looking out for me—the way he laughs when you say you’re not drinking tonight, and has Sam get you a second and third glass of Tony’s ridiculously spiked punch—he knows I’m nervous, just trying to help me have fun. It’s only when you’re halfway through twister and only an inch from beating Natasha that you realize how drunk you are. Her elbow is digging into your side as you reach for the green spot—only to collapse on top of her.
“Now that victory has been achieved for team Stark,” he gloats as you roll your eyes and rub your sore bottom, “what say we open some presents?” A murmur of agreement passes over the room, and you watch patiently as Vision and Wanda begin passing out gifts. Pressure in your bladder makes itself known, and reluctantly you tear yourself away from the exchange. You stumble down the hallway to the bathroom, and take a moment to rest your head against the cool tile of the wall before drying your hands and exiting.
You pull open the door and step out—straight into Steve’s chest. Your breath catches, and your heart begins hammering. “Oh, hey. Sorry, didn’t know you were in there.” I see the desire for you written plainly on him. “You okay? Did you have too much to drink again?” he jokes, laughing. The most you can manage is a small smile.
“Y-yeah. I think so. Listen, I’m going to head back—” you’ve never felt nervous to be alone with Steve, not once; but now though…your stomach curls in on itself. Thor wouldn’t lie to you, right?
“Wait! Since we’re here, I might as well. I um, I didn’t know what to get you, so I hope you like it.” the box he hands you is small, and you can tell by the feel of it that it’s a jewelry box. Your heart sinks. Oh no.
“I didn’t… I didn’t get you anything.” you mumble, trying to hand it back. Steve refuses it, holding his palms up as he shakes his head.
“I didn’t give it in the hope that I would get something in return.”
You’re about to tell him to take it back, tell him that you’re sorry, but the electricity crackling in the air makes both of you still. “Dove.” you turn slowly, reluctantly, to see Thor, his face tight with anger.
“Thor, I—” he silences you with a look.
“Captain.” he plucks the little silver wrapped box from your hands. He presses himself to your back, and you can feel his hand curl possessively around your hip. Steve sees it too, you can tell by the way his jaw tightens as his eyes travel concernedly from Thor’s hand up to your worried face. “Dove, I believe you should say goodnight to the Captain.” his voice brokers no room for argument, and you don’t fancy having one, not in front of Steve.
“I’ll see you at work, Steve.”
“Are you okay?” he asks, a facsimile of his friendly, golden boy persona affixing itself to his face. It doesn’t reach his concerned gaze however.
“She’s fine. We’ll take our leave now,” Thor replies, and his hand on your hip becomes insistent as he directs you up to the roof. You don’t like flying, never have, and you let out a little whine, pushing against his iron grip as he tugs you up the stairs.
“Thor, where are we—”
“You promised, dove.” his voice is tight and angry. “You promised me you would not be alone with him. And yet what do I find?” he hisses, pushing you up against the railing in the stairwell. Hot tears are forming in your eyes, and you sniffle. He takes in your glassy eyes and clumsy movements and sneers. “And more than enough to drink, as well.” he’s sneering at you, his displeasure apparent in the roughness with which he’s handling you. You’re ashamed of yourself now, ashamed you let your friend talk you into drinking more. “Come, dove. We’re going home.” you’re confused, but you go obediently as he herds you up the steps. You’re afraid of heights and he knows it, and you hope his intention isn’t to get you there by the force of his hammer.
“Heimdall. The bridge.”you gasp.
“Thor, what? I can’t go to Asgard with you!” you pull frantically at your wrist, attempting to dislodge his grip but failing. He peers at you quizzically, as though confused you would have any objections. “I-I have work in the morning!” he chuckles at you, tapping your nose as if you were a child.
“You needn’t worry about that, pet.” he tugs you forward and you collide with his chest as light envelops you. It’s cold—icy cold and burning at the same time, and your shriek of terror is lost as you hurtle through space. And then…it’s over. You’re standing, panting in a large room. A man almost as large as the one that holds you wields a golden sword, and as he turns it, the light behind you fades.
“My king.”
“Heimdall, thank you.” he greets him before tugging you forward. You wonder what a picture you make, but Heimdall doesn’t react, his golden eyes resting on you with indifference. He doesn’t give you time to make conversation, walking out of the domed structure and onto the rainbow bridge outside. It was as beautiful as he’d described, but you had little space to acknowledge it as Thor threw you over his shoulder. You yelped as he took off, his firm grip around your waist keeping you grounded as he made for his destination.
You landed moments later, and he deposited you onto a balcony. You pressed a trembling hand to your pounding heart, reveling in the feel of solid ground under your feet. You were missing a shoe, so you kicked the other one off, the stone cool against your toes. “Thor why… why did you bring me here?”
“Because I cannot trust you in my absence, pet.” the sound of buckles makes you turn, and you see him unstrapping his armor to reveal his broad chest. “I…” he clenched his fist. “I will not share your affections with another.” he looks at you angrily then, bright white electricity sparking in his eyes and running down his jaw.
“Thor, I didn’t—” he’s on you faster than you can blink, and his hands lock around your elbows.
“Only because I intervened!” you cower in front of him, wincing as the static flows easily across your skin. “Inside, pet. Now.” you scamper through the archway and into the ornate bedroom, Thor’s footsteps heavy behind you. “I know you think me harsh, dove. But I assure you,” his voice drops low as his breath caresses the back of your neck. “I know what’s best for you.”
He tilts your head back to capture your lips in a searing kiss as his large hand slides between your breasts to pull at the neckline of your dress. He cups them through the fabric, and you can feel him hardening against your back. Thor lets out a pleased grunt, tugging down on your dress. You hear the ripping of fabric, and cool air assails you as you watch him discard the ruined clothing on the floor in front of the dark fireplace. “I like black on you, dove.” he sucks the skin of your throat between his lips, only releasing it when you mewl and squirm. “But I like red much better.”
This isn’t like the other times you’ve had sex—he’s pushier, rougher, less caring when he touches you. You know you’ll be littered with bruises tomorrow. “Thor, please, I-I’m sorry. You don’t have to—”
“I will accept your apology after you’ve learned your lesson, dove.” his fingers pluck at your nipples, and you whine, unsure of what lesson exactly he’s trying to teach. As if in answer to your thoughts, his lips ghost against the shell of your ear as he speaks again. “Only I know what’s best for you, sweet dove. Just me. And when you have learnt that, all will be forgiven. You want to be forgiven, don’t you my love?”
“I—yes,” you say quickly, unsure if you really mean it or not. This is your first major fight, and you don’t want it to ruin your future with him. You know how good he can be, and you did break your promise, even if it was unintentionally. Is that right? You’re not sure, but Thor beams at you, releasing you from his hold as he steps around in front of you.
“Good girl. We shall make Yule festivities all our own this year, pet.” you watch as he strides over to the small table by the fireplace, and picks up a goblet and a jug. He sniffs at it, before pouring a copious amount of what looks like wine into the goblet, filling it to the brim. He beckons for you to come closer, before tipping it up to your lips. You sputtered at the taste of it, coughing.
“Thor, stop—“
“You wanted to drink, pet. So drink.” his hold is unyielding, and you choke down a few gulps of the burning, tart alcohol before you cough again as it dribbles out of the corners of your mouth and down your chin. It’s stronger than anything you’ve tasted before, and it’s effect is almost instantaneous. You wobble on your feet and try to push the goblet away again, and this time Thor lets you, spilling deep crimson down your chest. Your head is spinning, and you try to steady yourself on the lounge as Thor chuckles behind you. “See pet? See what drinking gets you?”
Everything is spinning, and you collapse onto the chair with an oof. You moan unhappily. “I want to go home,” you sniffle, watching as he kneels between your thighs, squeezing them in his massive hands.
“Until you can be trusted, dove, this is your home.” he leans down to run his tongue between your breasts, swirling it around your belly button. “Even a God could get drunk on you, my sweet.” he slides your thighs further apart. “It’s no wonder others want to taste what is mine.” Thor hoists your hips up, sweeping your legs over his shoulders as mouth attaches to your center. You cry out, thrashing in his hold as his tongue slides through your folds. He groans at the taste of you, parting you noisily as he grazes your clit with his teeth.
“Oh—oh God, Thor,” you whine pathetically. Wrong. This is wrong, he shouldn’t be touching you like this—but it’s so good, and your vision is still swimming, and the words won’t form because he keeps flicking his tongue against your clit so good and—“Fu-uck,” you groan, writhing. Your head is pressed against the seat of the couch, your body tilted upward as he feasts on your core mercilessly. The pleasure is white hot, almost too intense as he draws it from you with cold precision.
“I know, dove.” his lips wrap around your clit and he sucks hard. Your body jerks and jackknifes as your mouth opens in a silent scream. He always builds you up so slow and sweet, but this orgasm is fierce, ripping through you and leaving you trembling. There’s no reprieve in it, though—he continues as though you didn’t just cum, convulsing against his face. You’re bucking against him, unsure of whether you’re trying to free yourself, or force him closer. “Another, pet. You can give me another.” he releases one of your hips to run his fingers along your sensitive, throbbing folds
“Ahn!” you cry out, sinking your teeth into your lip as your hands claw at the pillows. He sinks one finger into the tightness of your cunt, cursing under his breath.
“So sweet, dove. I long to sink into this tight cunt as often as I’m able.” he drops a kiss against your inner thigh, before nipping the flesh sharply. Thor crooks his finger inside you as if beckoning, and you whine brokenly. “Would you let the Captain between these perfect thighs if he begged sweetly enough, dove? I wonder.”
You can barely formulate a response. “N-no, Thor, promise!”
“You promised me tonight, pet.” he adds a second finger to the first and you groan at the stretch. “I think we both know the weight your word carries right now, my love.” He scissors his fingers, rolling his tongue against your clit as you cry out hoarsely. “Do not worry, dove. I shall make an honest woman of you once more.”
You want to protest that you already are, but it dies on your tongue as he hooks his fingers behind your pubic bone, flicking his tongue rapidly against your clit until you cum again, shaking and crying. You’re boneless now, and he wipes his chin with a free hand, glaring at you down the line of your body.
“Were I not so eager to be inside you, I would have you know more pleasure by my mouth, but I think my cock would burst if I denied it a moment longer.” Thor removes your thighs from his shoulders. You’re still trembling, your body unable to hold you up as you slide to the floor. You watch, dazed, as he undoes his trousers, the bulge of his cock clearly visible and throbbing beneath the fabric. Normally, this is a moment you await with baited breath, after all, he’s so huge he always has to work you open—but this time, you swallow nervously. He looks almost bigger, the head of his cock glistening wetly as he taps it against your cheek.
You open your mouth without thinking, and he rests it on the tip of your tongue. “Oh pet. So sweet for me.” He thrusts shallowly against your tongue, the taste of him musky and salty on your palate. “It’s no wonder the Captain lusts for you—this mouth.” you shouldn’t be enjoying this mocking domination, but your cunt clenches anyway. He pulls away to seat himself on the sofa behind you, before he leans down to tug you up into his lap easily. His cock, wet with his own precum and your saliva, slides against your ass. “I’m going to split you in two, dove.” his voice is a harsh growl against the back of your throat. You know you weigh nothing at all to him, and he lifts you easily, sliding the tip of his cock through the sloppy mess he’s made of your cunt.
“Oh fuck, fuck, I—“ you’re babbling, wriggling in his hold as you seek more, less, everything, and he’s laughing cruelly against your skin. He gives you the tip, sliding it into the sucking warmth of your cunt as you pant.
“So slick and tight for me, dove,” he’s wrapped his arms around you, holding your thighs apart as his hands rest on your shoulders. You feel his head fall away as he curses loudly. “Like my own personal virgin. Every. Fucking. Time.” he snaps his hips up into yours, sheathing his cock fully inside you. The burning stretch makes you cry out and throw your head back against his chest. You can feel him so far in, so deep, it’s maddening. “I know, pet,” he groans, and you realize you spoke aloud. “You feel me all the way inside, don’t you pet?”
You’re crying out, your voice bouncing off of the walls as he thrusts up into you. Without missing a beat, Thor stands. His cock still lodged firmly in your weeping core, he strides back over to the balcony. “I do so love your voice, dove,” he crosses it in large strides. “I think I should like the kingdom to hear it as well.” his thrusts become more punishing, and as you try to hold them in, the cries escape you anyway. You’re not sure if anyone else can hear you, though that ship has sailed. Thor is grunting against you, his cock carving out it’s space in your aching cunt.
You can’t believe you’re going to cum again, that he’s managed to wring even more pleasure from your exhausted body, but he is. You are. He’s lowered you to lean against the stone bannister, holding your hips as he drills his cock deeply into you. The pleasure is sharp, to sharp and as it begins to crest over you, you try to resist it.
“No, no, pet. Don’t do that.” he spanks your ass hard and you moan, tightening around him. “Show me you’ve learnt your lesson. Take what I—ugh—fucking give you!” it’s like he’s peeled away all of the layers that make you, and stoked a raw, needy fire at your core, consuming every thought in it’s wake. You’re drunk on the wine and on him, and then you’re cumming again, your wails echoing in the night.
He follows behind you, the hot ropes of his seed painting your abused insides as he holds your hips tight to his. You can barely hear him groaning over the static in your head as you float back down. His fingers are too tight on your hips, and you know you’ll ache when this is all said and done. He doesn’t soften in you, though, and when you twist awkwardly to look at him, Thor rolls his hips into yours once more.
“Now. Let us review.”
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sserpente · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: *places a box of tissues on your dashboard* Yeah, um, you might, um… you might need these, I’ll just… um, I’ll just leave these here.
Words: 3265 Warnings: SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 1 OF LOKI, angst and fluff, depictions of Loki’s “death” in IW
“They captured a Loki Variant.” Five words. Five words to turn your whole world upside down—again. Tilting your head, silently panicking, you allowed your lips to part and jumped up from your chair as if stung by an adder.
Casey, bless the poor soul’s heart, dropped the stack of documents he was carrying and onto the desk, knocking over the coffee mug in the process. The black liquid spilled all over the paperwork that would now have to be redone and yet, you could not care less.
You ran. With your heart in your mouth, you ran as if your life depended on it, praying to God, the Norns, whoever was out there, that Renslayer would not have him reset. But at the very moment you practically threw yourself into the elevator, shaking and on the verge of tears already, you almost bumped straight into Mobius.
“(Y/N),” he said, feigning surprise, “I was looking for you.”
“When were you going to tell me?” You spat.
“How did you find out?”
“News travels extraordinarily fast through the TVA, you know.” Mobius’ smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I was coming to get you right now, actually. Come with me. He won’t be reset, yet.” He added. Yet. Gnashing your teeth, you clenched your fists, unclenched them, clenched them… as the elevator went further and further down the TVA to wherever Mobius had brought him.
Depression had been hovering above you like a thunderstorm for the past years. A dark, almost black cloud scaring away any happy thoughts your mind could possibly harbour. You barely remembered what it felt like to be happy. Not after Loki died—all you could still recall were happy memories. Memories of a time where the God of Mischief would carry you around like a bride, where you would laugh together, play-fight together, read together, cuddle and be intimate.
Your lower lip trembled, your hand reaching for the golden wedding ring on your finger. It had been the happiest moment of your life and then a megalomaniac titan with brain damage had taken it all from you in but a heartbeat.
“Is it really true?” You uttered absentmindedly. “I’m not dreaming?”
“It’s true, (Y/N). It’s him.”
“You’ll catch up. He’s in there.” When the elevator doors opened and he led you through to an interrogation room you were only all too familiar with, your heart was ready to leap right out of your chest.
And then you saw him. Standing there as if he owned the place and at the very same time, only all too eager to get out of here. His raven hair was a little shorter but his face was still the same, his blue eyes captivating you, drawing you in, making you forget everything around you. Everything but him.
He really was here.
“Loki…” Hot tears burned in your eyes, worsening your sight. Your emotions washed over you like a tidal wave, as if someone had flicked a switch and taken all that grief from you at once. Crying, sobbing, you threw yourself into his arms, hugging him so tightly your limbs were shaking and as you buried your face in his neck, his raven hair tickling your skin, inhaling his heavenly scent—metal, leather, a deep-green forest, ice—his name left your lips like a prayer, over and over again as if you needed to convince yourself that this was indeed real. He was real. He was back. Your Loki, your husband, was alive.
In the past, Loki had come to enjoy your physical affection. The God of Mischief was touch-starved, even if he would never admit it. He would show you instead, wrap his arms around you and press you even closer to his body, his hands exploring your curves and every inch of skin they could find. You had spent hours entangled with each other, breathing together in utter silence and bathing in the other’s presence.
But now, Loki stiffened and eventually, pushed you away from him, looking you straight in the eye.
“Who are you?”
Your lips parted, tears still streaming down your face. You gaped at him with wide eyes, your breathing shallow.
“W-what? Loki… Loki, it’s me.”
The God of Mischief tilted his head, squinting his eyes at you with parted lips. You turned to Mobius, your whole body shaking like leaves in the wind.
“W-why… why doesn’t he recognise me? What did you do to him?”
Mobius gave you an apologetic smile. “We haven’t done anything. He… he hasn’t met you yet, (Y/N).”
“What?” Loki narrowed his eyes at him and then, almost outraged, he focused his gaze back on you.
“Look, Loki… Why don’t you sit back down?”
Warily, the God of Mischief obeyed, his blue eyes watching you both like a hawk. Mobius pointed at the empty chair next to his and you sat down as well, leaning back and crossing your arms before your chest in a desperate attempt to keep your hands from trembling.
“Are you going to tell me who you are now?” Loki asked, mimicking your body language. Impatience was swinging in his smooth voice, the voice you had fallen asleep to every single night… more tears. You suppressed another sob.
“L-Loki… I’m your wife.”
He flinched back as if you had suggested you were a Skrull. He took a moment, pondering over your words and then… then he laughed.
“What is this? Another trick? A pathetic game in the hopes of getting me to comply? First, you wish to make me believe that I was not supposed to escape to not offend the sacred timeline…” He mocked. “And now you are telling me that I married a Midgardian of all people? This is absurd.”
When was he? What did he escape from? You had met Loki in New York years after his failed attempt to take over the planet and shortly before Hela had taken the lives of countless innocent people in a vengeful attempt to return to her what she had lost in her exile.
“Besides…” Loki eyed you up and down in a scornful manner. “I have seen more beauty on Asgard.”
Tears stung in your eyes, your heart clenching painfully. You knew what he was doing, of course. You knew this man better than you knew yourself. He would try and hurt you, try and hurt Mobius, try and hurt everyone around him—all to distract from his own pain. Hearing him say things like this still broke your heart, especially upon remembering how he had whispered how you were the most beautiful woman he had ever met into your ear one day, hugging you from behind when you got ready for a shared dinner, putting on those green earrings he had gifted you—crystals from Vanaheim, he had said. You still wore them, never took them off even when you slept… much like your wedding ring.
“M-maybe I should… wait outside.”
“No, it’s okay,” Mobius said, fumbling with the projector and pressing a few keys. “Maybe this will freshen up your memory.”
“Mobius, what are you doing?”
“It’s okay.” He repeated.
“No… You can’t… you can’t show him his tape.” It’ll break him, you added silently.
“It’s not his tape, (Y/N). It’s yours.”
“No…” But he pressed “Play” nonetheless. “Mobius, no!”
“I am Loki. You may have heard of me…” Loki’s charming voice echoed through the speakers, making you flinch.
“Everyone has heard of you…” You replied cheekily. You glanced at the screen, seeing yourself smiling up at him. The images changed and you found yourself on Sakaar, holding a dagger to your chest.
“I swear, I’ll beat you next time!” You laughed, panting. Loki pressed you against the wall, holding your wrists above your head—his lips only inches from yours.
“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Loki replied with a wink, playfulness swinging in his smooth voice. “You are improving, my love.” The scene changed once more and this time, it showed Loki and Thor on a spaceship.
“So, uh… are you going to tell me about (Y/N), brother?” Loki scoffed and rolled his eyes, albeit unable to hide the genuine smile tugging at his lips.
“There is nothing to tell.”
“Oh, there isn’t?” Thor grinned. “It doesn’t look like nothing though.” Loki raised his eyebrows at him. The real Loki, sitting right in front of you, stared at the screen with parted lips, unable to believe what he was hearing.
“I can’t believe it, my brother, the God of Mischief fell in love with a mortal.”
“I am not in love with her.” You smiled at the memory. You still remembered eavesdropping that night. Oh, he hadn’t told you yet—but he had been stealing kisses. Countless kisses.
“You should tell her how you feel, brother.”
“She’s head over heels for you, man,” Korg added as he walked past, carrying Meek on his arm.
“If she loves you just the way you are… she’s… special.” Thor frowned—and it was quite possibly the wisest thing he had ever said; this one piece of advice Loki, for once, had taken to his heart.
The scene changed again.
“I love you, (Y/N). More than anything. I am not letting you go again.”
“You don’t have to,” you responded, “I’m not leaving. I love you too.” You suppressed a sob when Loki went on one knee and materialised a golden ring decorated with green jewels in his hands.
“Stay with me, forever. Will you be my wife?”
“Yes! Yes! Oh, Loki, yes!” You heard yourself squeal, happy tears streaming down your face as you threw yourself into his arms and then, after a passionate kiss, allowed him to slip the golden ring on your finger. The real you fingered it then, seeking comfort. You did not miss Loki’s curious glance at your hand.
Another change of scene. A massive hall, of sorts, decorated with dozens of red roses. In the middle of the room, a dance floor. Loki, wearing his full Asgardian attire including his horns swirled you around like it was the last time you’d ever get to dance together, his blue gaze never leaving your form enveloped in a green wedding dress. You only had eyes for each other, barely noticing there were dozens of wedding guests watching you both.
The tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably now, the joy you had felt that day mixing with grief and the excruciating pain his loss had brought. You knew what would follow next. Your smile faltered.
“Turn it off.” You pleaded. “Mobius, turn it off!”
The senior manager only took a deep breath, his hand not even moving back to the projector.
The scene changed one last time and you were standing in midst of a pile of debris and dead bodies.
“I love you.” Loki mouthed, materialising a dagger behind his back.
You watched yourself standing there, screaming and crying and unable to stop the titan from suffocating Loki like a dying tree in a forest slowly turning into a dry desert.
“Look away, (Y/N)!” Thor’s voice was dull, miles away.
You saw yourself dropping to your knees, breaking apart, and you saw yourself howling like a banshee when Thor had to drag you away from Loki’s corpse so you’d still have a chance to live.
Death would have been mercy at that moment, you remembered wanting to die so well. Thanos had been particularly cruel with you, making you watch him draining the life out of Loki after all of your pleas, after all of your begging, choking him to death slowly until his neck snapped.
You couldn’t watch this any longer, not again. Your heart would burst, shatter into a million pieces. Only your willpower and your body’s persistence to survive still held it together and the pain you felt upon seeing the man you loved eye you dirtily like a stranger, seeing him in utter shock upon watching you cry over him, was no longer just unbearable. It was suffocating you.
Choking on your tears, you stood back up, knocking over the chair in the process. You did the only thing you had the power to do here in the TVA—so you ran. You bolted out of the room and ran through endless hallways, past Minutemen, hunters and busy TVA workers. Had you stayed only a few heartbeats longer, you would have noticed the tears glistening in Loki’s eyes.
An hour must have passed. You had returned to your unit, wailing your eyes out and drowning in self-pity. Part of you longed to run back to Loki, to keep your arms wrapped around his middle, to tell him how much you loved him, how much you had missed him. But this Loki… this Loki didn’t even know who you were. He was still your Loki—that charming and mischievous god who was so broken beneath the surface, so hurt and melancholic—but this Loki didn’t love you, not yet. It was the cruellest torture of them all.
There was a soft knock on the door. Probably a hunter wanting to check on you, making sure you were not up to any mischief. They kept a close eye on you, knowing who you were married to in the sacred timeline. Imagine the surprise on your face when the door opened carefully and Loki was let into the room, his blue eyes darting around frantically in an attempt to detect any immediate danger.
He took a deep breath when he spotted you curled up in your bed and hugging your knees to your chest. You could swear you saw Mobius’ arm pulling the door shut behind him and then… you were alone.
One heartbeat passed, then two. Three. Another two. Loki took a step forward, eyeing you curiously. After another moment, he finally spoke. “How did you end up here?”
“I tore the very fabric of reality apart trying to find you. Trying to undo what… the Avengers could do it. So why couldn’t I? I spent weeks travelling through time, searching for tiny holes in the timeline to get you out, to change the outcome and keep you alive… but the TVA found out, of course. They took me here for the same reason they took you—for crimes against the sacred timeline. Mobius let me live because…” Because? You were not so sure anymore. But you realised now that he had suspected that Loki would sooner or later find a way to mess with his alleged fate and that you would be able to help with keeping him in line. You refused to grant him this triumph though. “Well, I’m still here.”
Loki tore his gaze away from you, feigning interest in what little furniture your unit had to offer. “I never believed myself to fall in love… let alone get married.”
“You told me that before.” You uttered, your sad smile not quite reaching your eyes. Loki swallowed.
“I take it Mobius means for us to share your accommodation.” He looked around and it truly was a cliché—for there was only one queen-sized bed in the room. For months, day in and out, you wished for nothing more than for him to sleep by your side again, your head on his chest, his arm around your waist, and to fall asleep listening to his heartbeat. Now, it felt anything but awkward to invite him into your bed, yet at the very same time… it felt like nothing had changed at all.
“You should rest, Loki. It…” You hesitated. “It must have been a long day. Would you like something to drink? Cocoa, maybe?” You offered him a smile.
The sweet chocolate drink was something you kept in your tiny fridge at all times, something that reminded you of him. Loki had a sweet tooth, the sugar helped to calm him down rather than waking him up but when you stood to pour him a glass and handed it to him all but timidly, he only studied it as if there was a possibility it was poisoned.
“You’ve… you’ve never tried it before.” You realised. Loki’s blue eyes met yours. He shook his head.
“Drink it,” you offered, smiling once more. “If you don’t like it, I promise you can drain it down the sink.”
Still a little hesitant, he took a sip—and then another and then another. You giggled. It was the first happy sound that escaped your lips in months.
“You knew I would like this, did you not?” His voice was quiet, soft almost. As if he was scared to startle you, unsure of how to act around the woman he proposed to in a future unknown to him.
“Yes… I did. You love our sweets. Chocolate, candy, ice cream… even liquorice. You always teased me about it, saying I’m missing out… I still hate the taste of it.”
Smiling fondly, your fingertips brushed over your wedding ring—Loki did not fail to notice. He recognised the ring. A long time ago, he had purchased it at a market on Asgard, spending a fortune and swearing to Thor that one day, it would belong to the woman he’d rule alongside with. That was long before he had found out about his true heritage. Long before he had begun to believe that no man or woman would ever love him for what he truly was. A villain. Or so he thought.
Loki finished his cocoa in silence, observing every single one of your movements as you got ready for bed and rearranged the pillows on the mattress so there would be enough space for the both of you. He nodded instead of verbalising his thanks, and when you switched off the lights, you draped your blanket over him—you only had one but while you were only too eager to share it with him, you weren’t quite sure how Loki would feel about it. But you have him back, a quiet voice in your head whispered. Maybe in time… he will love you again.
“I don’t freeze.” He suddenly said.
“I know. But you like being cosy. The warmth, you told me it reminds you of…” You stopped yourself. “Never mind. I’m sorry.”
You inched away from him, unsure of how much body contact he would allow. To you, he was your husband—but to him, you were but a strange Midgardian woman he had never met. A few moments of utter silence followed.
“What now?” He muttered into complete darkness, presumably staring at the ceiling.
“I’m not sure. But I have you back. Loki… I missed you so much.” Your last words were swallowed up by another waterfall of tears, your voice cracking. The God of Mischief breathed in sharply. You could tell he was touched by your unconditional love for him; his suspicion had all but faded upon seeing your tape in the interrogation room, knowing what you had… what you had had or will have had… was indeed real.
You sobbed when he put his arms around you, his affection feeling stranger to him than it did to you.
“We’re gonna get out of here.” You whispered once you had composed yourself. “I am not letting them tell us how our story will end. We’ll burn this place to the ground.”
Loki smiled—you could tell even though it was dark around you, reading his body language so well it should have scared you.
And your heart warmed when you heard him say, “I am beginning to understand why I made you my wife.”
A/N: If you’re not crying too much, I would appreciate it so much if you considered supporting me! ♥
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charnelhouse · a month ago
My beloved Thor partner 👀
Further to our toy thots... What if Thor came back from whatever mission had taken him away this time, to find you using the toy replica of his cock in the middle of the bed? 👀👀
Tumblr media
A/N: Thor x F!Reader. DP. Anal stuff. Rough Sex. Over-Stimulation. OMG this is dirty. Help Me Lord from these Golden-Haired Himbos. Tony is in the gif bc he hooked a prince up. Also will we ever know another heaven that was Thor’s party lewk in AOU?
It’s been weeks without him. You’re on edge - swelling ripe with trapped arousal. Your gaze lingers on your nightstand. You could use it - release some of that aggression that’s burning bright beneath your skin.
You drag yourself across your bed - yanking the drawer open and finding that gift Thor had left you with. It’s ridiculous - a customized replica of his cock that vibrates. It also works brilliantly. It’s not Thor, but it’s a taste of him - a shadow. You’d found it endearing when he had handed you a messily wrapped box.
I thought you could use this while I’m gone.
What is this?
My cock.
You’re kidding?
Nope. I had it made for you.
Uh by who?
Stark - of course.
Oh Jesus. You didn’t.
I did. Let’s try it out.
He’d spent hours pinning you to the bed - slipping the silicone cock through your dripping folds - notching it against the peak of your clit and turning the vibration on until you sobbed. He’d grinned - gorgeous and hungry - as he pressed it inside you - watched the channel of your sex engulf it without issue - straight to the hilt.
You stare at the ceiling - holding the toy firmly in your hands - stroking it slightly. Fuck - it even had the ridges. You did not want to ask Tony how he made this. In fact - you could barely look him in the eye until he’d finally told you to get over it - i’m starting a whole line of sex toys because of this.
You turn it on - the dim hum of its vibrating length. The second you press it to your cunt, there’s the sharp swells of pleasure riding out through your veins. You push it lower and arch at the sensation.
It’s not the same. You miss the weight of him on top of you - the pace at which he snaps his hips against your pelvis - how he hooks his forearms beneath your knees and bends you in half. The molten heart of him pounding with each feral grunt - the way he always runs a few degrees higher.
You close your eyes and shove it down against your cunt and there’s the initial bite of a building orgasm as you rock up into the toy and it’s flowing white-hot through you - blossoming until it sharply crashes into the center of your core and you cum.
You keep the back of your hand against your mouth - muffling the tepid whimper that seeps from your throat. It was nice - not earth-shattering - just enough to help you sleep.
“Well - that’s certainly a sight to come home to.” A low voice sounds.
You shriek - eyes flying open as you sit up - scooting back against the headboard until your vision clears.
It’s Thor. His shoulders filling out the open doorway - his hair dark with sweat and his face lined with exhaustion and dried blood. He looks like he’s just left the battlefield. The air in the room zaps with leftover electricity - his hands curl into fists as the muscles in his jaw flex. He seems on edge - still pumped full of adrenaline - still itching for a fight.
“Hi,” you whisper - your heart beginning to relax to something not on the cusp of full-blown panic. “You’re home.”
You begin to crawl off the bed, but he makes a quiet noise of protest. You glance at him.
“Stay there,” he says. “I-I want to...”
He’s tense and you can just imagine how he feels on the inside - the storm of battle still swept up in his lungs - the inability to focus on what’s in front of him - the aftertaste of bloodshed and the fight. He’s a God - built for war and sometimes he needs to fuck afterward - needs to feel something warm and wet and all for him. The tender grasp of your body accepting him - the blush of home in every shade of your skin.
I feel sane when I’m with you - I just feel better. It might sound foolish or mauldin, but it’s true.
“C’mere then.”
You already know that this will be rough. This is going to be doused with Thor’s possessiveness and his baser nature. It’s why you work well with him. You can take it - handle him without suffering injury. His marks on you last twenty-four hours max and sometimes you wish they’d stay longer.
And Thor is also kind and sweet and if you were to ask him to stop or to ease off - he would in a second. He steps toward you - his cape drifting over the hardwood - ox-blood red. He scrapes his hand across his beard - rubbing at his face to clear the gloss of the chaos he’s just left.
He’s here. He’s with you. He’s in your bedroom - your bed. Far away. Safe.
When he reaches the edge of the mattress, he grips your ankle and yanks you down the sheets and closer to him. You yelp - slightly surprised.
“I flew here,” he mumbles - palming your cheek - thumb dipping into your bottom lip. “I wanted to be with you - couldn’t be away another second.”
“Aw,” you smile. “I missed you, too.”
His lips quirk - the brief flash of smug - as his eyes fall between your legs. Your thighs are spread open and he has a full view of your soaked cunt. The puffy folds and swollen nub and everything flushed with post-orgasm. “I can see that,” he teases.
You lift your bare foot and toe at his armor - prodding him lightly. He grips it - lowering his face to brush a kiss across the top - the side - the thin skin of your ankle. His beard tickles - his breath warm.
“What do you want?” you finally ask. “Do you want to use me? Do you need to use me?”
His expression darkens - morphing into something hungry and almost primal. His nostrils flaring to emphasize the crude fact that he can smell you.
“Yes,” he grits as his hands on you tighten. “Your little cunt is just begging for my attention.”
You think he must be jealous of the damn toy that he had made for you .He’s got you on all fours - his tongue hot and wet as he drags it through the seam of your sex.
He’s decided to fuck the dildo into your ass - lubing it up and pushing it slowly inside you inch by careful inch. It’s a damn stretch and it’s nearly impossible to focus on one thing. He’s got his tongue dipping into your cunt while he gently screws your ass with a toy that’s as thick as him.
After he’d kissed you urgently - he’d snatched the toy - pressing it firmly against your clit - vibration cranked on until you shook and squirmed against him. “I was thinking,” he rasped - teeth nibbling the vein in your throat. “I was thinking I’d like to open you up, sweet one.”
“Huh?” you mumbled - arching into him - fingers curled into the fabric of his cape.
“I want to see how much you can take,” he clarified as his touch began to slide down the cleft of your ass - pushing against that tighter hole.
“Sure,” you answered - too fucking drunk on him and the smell of his armor and dirty hair. “I’m game.”
Now - you’re not sure if you’ll survive.
“Fuck,” you wail into the bedding - your cheek shoved into linen as you let Thor torture you. You’re ass up - just submissive and wide open - and do whatever you want fuck fuck fuck please just - just touch me - make me cum - i love you i love you i love you -
He makes soothing, mouth sounds as he squeezes the flesh of your ass. He thrusts the toy in gingerly - just the head - before he eases it out just so he can watch your hole blink and part for him.
Dirty Fucking God.
If there’s one thing Thor gets off on, it’s observing the effect he has on you. He likes to fuck you fast and brutal - pinning you to the mattress as his hips piston between your legs and just as you’re about to cum, he tears himself off. He gets right down on his knees - mindlessly fisting his slick-shiny cock so he can stare at the way your cunt contracts on nothing - needy and desperate for him and then he starts again.
“Good girl,” he praises as you whine pitifully. You feel the blunt pressure of the toy returning - feel it slide inside another two inches before he continues to the pattern. Three inches in. Three inches out.
He groans and then you feel the balmy slide of his tongue along your inner thighs - catching the arousal that has begun to drip. He palms your ass - digging his fingers into the flesh before he smacks one cheek and then the other. You can feel how stretched you are around the silicone length while your pussy just waits - gaping and spasming on nothing.
He stands, his cock bobbing against your lower back. He keeps the toy in place as he grasps his shaft and grinds it through the mess of your sex. He slips it idly through your folds - sometimes taunting you by popping the head of it inside your entrance before drawing back.
“Thor,” you hiss.
“If you don’t fuck me right now, I”m going to -”
He grabs your hips - forcing you forward before he sheathes himself to the hilt. You gasp - the words torn from your throat. “What were you saying, my love?”
You claw at the sheets as you try to get used to being so fucking filled up. The fake cock inside your ass sits there like a weight while Thor slowly thrusts in lazy strokes. He’s barely pulling out - almost thoughtlessly seesawing his hips as he screws you slow and careful like the drip of syrup.
Just as he eases himself out - head catching on the rim of your hole - he tugs at the vibrator. Oh - oh fuck - you know what he’s going to do and he does - he plunges his own cock forward just as he pushes the toy all the way back into your ass
It becomes a perfect rhythm - Thor knows exactly how to play you. He fucks your pussy at an angle - tilting his pelvis down so that he punches up against that patch of star-bursts nerves. He matches every stroke of his cock with a tender pump of the toy and it’s overkill - utterly insane sensation that is rippling through your gut and making your thighs quiver as high-pitched noises spill out of your mouth.
Thor is barely speaking - just a swell of grunts and growls and sometimes an occasional snarl. It’s fucking sexy - to feel like he’s possessing you in almost every way. You trust him enough to be careful - to hang you over the edge of a cliff - pushing your limit - but ready to yank you back should it go poorly. One orgasm takes you by surprise - snapping through your core as your lower muscles bear down on his spearing length.
“Fuck,” he husks. “Fuck - feel my cock, sweet one? You feel how hard it is for you. I’ve never fucked anyone like this before - never - never had anyone like this.”
He sighs raggedly while his pace breaks - stutters and wrinkles as he nearly collapses against you. You feel the warm bloom of his spend deep in your cunt and you think thank fuck i need to breathe, but it’s not over - not at all. He just keeps thrusting - keeps grinding into you.
You’re still sky-high - still shuddering with your climax when he removes the toy from your ass and then pins it right up against the crest of your cunt. He turns it on and it immediately sends sparks into you’re already swollen sex - the damp dripping flesh overworked and you lurch forward far enough that Thor has to wrap his muscular arm around your tits - banding you against his broad chest as he cradles you through the explosive and blinding slap of your second orgasm. It’s a lot: your fluttering walls around his punishing, half-hard cock as his hips continue to snap up against your ass - your overstimulated clit - both holes aching from being split open as you practically gush over the planes of his thick thighs and ruined sheets.
You lose it.
You scream - entire body quaking with aftershocks and both of you fall forward onto the bed. “Shh,” Thor hushes. “Shh - you did so fucking well for me.” He strokes your skin - petting your shoulders - your arms. The warm press of his fingertips against your cheek and jaw. He looms over you - nosing at your throat - hand on your chin as his thumb rubs over your bottom lip. He kisses you tenderly - his tongue dipping against your own. “Breathe,” he urges. “Breathe.”
The room loses that overbearing weight - that musk of frantic need that threatened to strip him apart. You curl into him - still dumb with pleasure. You try to focus on the ceiling - focus on the exposed pipes or the flecks of chipped paint or anything that will stop the world from spinning. You go soft as he nuzzles your hair. He cradles you to him - keeps your ear close to the drum of his heart.
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tara-learns-to-write · 3 months ago
Mum Friend
Hey Besties <3 this is the last post of the day :) Hope you enjoyed them all and feel free to have an amazing day or treat yourself because you deserve it. enjoy :)
Summary: Caring in the little ways
You would 110% be described as the mum friend of the team 
You made sure Tony and Bruce ate
“Tony! Bruce! I made you both some pasta” you called pushing the door to the lab open with your back “no thanks kid we’re too busy to eat right now” Tony muttered waving his hand dismissively not even bothering to look up from his work bench as Bruce nodded in agreement. “Jarvis activate ‘Make time’ please and thank you” you said to the AI as the men made noises of protest but still sat done and waited for you to give them the food.
You kept Nat company as she spent hours in the training room
You watched as Nat pummelled the punch bag, grunting at the impact “Nat take a break and grab some water you look like you're a walking corpse” you spoke from the bench worry evident in the scrunch of your eyebrows knowing she tends to overwork herself when she is stressed “I’m fine Y/n just 10 more minutes and I’ll be done”, one thing Nat always tired to do when she was stressed was brush of your concern by lying straight to your face “you said that an hour ago, come on let’s go watch a movie yeah?” you said walking out the room knowing she’d follow after you.
You looked after Thor when he was upset
You put the Pop-Tarts in the toaster as the man sat on the couch with a numb sort of look on his face, the kind of look you wear when you have lost all hope. You wouldn’t have one of the strongest and kindest men you knew give up. “Hey you know when I first met you I knew we would be good friends and I’m just realising that I never said thank you for everything you did for me, well continue to do for me so thank you” you said plopping into the empty space next to him, you knew he wouldn’t answer and that was fine as long as he knew he was cared for and had a positive impact on someone's life.
You made sure Loki was okay even though he claimed he didn’t need help from a child
You had always sat with Loki when he was reading in the library Stark had invested in (something you made sure happened for Loki’s sake) and it was something he found annoying (-ly enjoyable). “Why do you always have to sit with me when I’m reading? You do realise i can take care of myself” he muttered eyes glued to the page “oh I’m not doubting that I just think it’s nice for everyone to have someone and I want to be your friend. Anyway you’re the one who keeps reading out loud to me” you replied happily as he turned the next page and with that he carried on reading.
You helped Sam make food for family BBQ’s (you were always invited as well)
You counted the number of bread rolls Sam had packed making sure there was enough for everyone to have at least 2 “Sam did you eat 2 of these?” you asked moving to pack a toy for the youngest kiddies coming as you knew you would be on babysitting duty as the closest in age “what noooooooo” the man denied unconvincingly “good thing I told Sarah to get some spares, she says to tell you to not make me do everything for you because you’re not paying me it technically counts as child labour” you quipped
You helped Steve remind Bucky why he continues to help him
“Steve was telling me that last week you asked if maybe Tony would let you get a cat” you said holding a box behind your back as Steve and Bucky gave you a quizzical look “sooooo I asked if I could get a cat and we all know how bad he is at saying no to me and basically what I’m trying to say is I got you a cat, meet Alpine” you slowly handed the box to Bucky as he opened it with teary eyes “Thank you so much doll” the man spoke as he held the kitten with so much care. You didn’t just do this to make him happy, you knew that if Steve knew Bucky had something to comfort him when he couldn’t do it himself then he would also be happy. “Ahh it’s nothing, just make sure I get your legendary pancakes tomorrow morning and we’ll be fine” you called over your shoulder as you walked down the hall back to your room.
You helped Wanda and Vision cook for everyone
“Okay and then we add this?” Vision questioned as the both of you held spoonfuls of spice, heads tilted to the sized and eyebrows scrunched. You looked exactly the same and the witch made a mental note to get Jarvis to rewind the security cameras and get a picture of that. “Y/n yes, Vision darling no” she giggled at the man’s face as you fist bumped the air and whispered “suck it metal man”. It was times like this she was glad to have a kid who cared enough to play some sort of family with the two of them.
So yes you were the youngest of the team
But you were also the most caring and the one who took their time with people even though you had better things to do 
You would 110% be described as the mum friend
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randominagines · a month ago
Pairing: Avengers x neutral reader
Warning: fluff and a bit smut
Gifs belong to their creators.
Tumblr media
Tony is always in a hurry because of his thousands things to do. As soon as he wakes up, he has so many ideas and he feels the urge to go to work, but waking up next to you for the first time and seeing you right there, peacefully sleeping, makes him stop for a moment. He enjoys the sight of you, your body still naked and holding a pillow, and he smiles: he can't believe how perfect you are . He places a soft kiss on your shoulder before whispering. "See you later, beautiful."
Tumblr media
Steve has been wondering for a while how would have felt waking up next to you, and as soon as this happens, he is the happiest person alive. He slowly opens his eyes and turn his head to you, his heart skipping a beat while noticing how beautiful you look. In the meanwhile, you wake up in that exact same moment. "Good morning, love." He whispers while gently caressing your bare legs, you smile. "Good morning, Captain." You say and he blushes a bit.
Tumblr media
Thor is not exactly a morning person, you would probably wake up before he does. As soon as he opens his eyes and sees you walking around the room, half naked and collecting your things, he goes totally crazy. "Honey, come here." He says, his voice still sleepy. You look at him and smile while laying down next to him again. "Good morning, baby." You whisper and place a kiss on his lips, he caresses your hip and his hand travels to your ass, his fingers delicate on your skin. "Morning, you look beautiful." He says and smiles to you.
Tumblr media
Natasha wakes up very early: she sees you and her entire day it's made. She immediately smiles, her arms wrapping around your body while you adjust yourself in her hug. She softly chuckles and stares at you, her heart beating faster while realizing how much she loves you. She places a kiss on your forehead and sees you slowly opening your eyes. "Sorry, sweetheart, I didn't mean to wake you up," she apolgises, her fingers tracing your shoulder. "It's very early, sleep, I'm right here next to you." She tenderly invites you.
Tumblr media
Wanda never thought that she was going to feel so much love for someone, yet here you are, peacefully sleeping next to her. She wakes up and immediately turns on her side to look at you, her fingers running through yourr hair. You wake up and smile at her. "Good morning, baby." You whisper while caressing her neck and she blushes, her heart filled with love. "Morning to you too, sleepyhead." She jokes.
Tumblr media
Sam wakes up and he doesn't realise at first, he can't even remember the last time he woke up next to someone he actually cared that much about. In the moment he sees you, lying naked next to him while he spoons you, he immediately smiles. He looks at you while holding you tight, his hand caressing your arm. "Morning, honey." He whispers while placing a kiss on your cheek. "Mmh, morning Sam." You mumble, still half asleep, and turn on the other side to hig him. He chuckles and squeezes you gently.
Tumblr media
Peter wakes up with the sound of his phone ringing, Ned warning him that there is a robbery he needs to stops. He hesitates while looking at you, he wanted to enjoy a quite morning mext to you but duty calls. He quickly puts his suit on and kiss your forehead, his eyes travelling on your naked body and thinking how gorgerous you are before he leaves. He comes back from the very quick mission only to find you awake. He freaks out: "Oh my... baby, I'm sorry I left. I didn't mean to, it's just, there was a robbery, I had to --" he says while he removes his suit. You chuckled and take his hand while pulling him to the bed. "Baby, I'm not angry. But you better make it up to me now." You joke while your finger travels on his naked chest, he blushes a bit but immediately kiss you.
Tumblr media
You and Bucky wake up in the same moment. He squeezes his eyes and puts you ito focus: his heart starts pounding faster, he can't believe how beautiful it is waking up next to you. It's almost hard to him to get attached to someone but he simply can't help but falling for you and he is grateful. You smile to him while gently running your fingers through hid hair. "Good morning, Sergeant." You say while he smirks a bit, he loves when you call him that way. "Morning, doll." He says while his hands travel on your naked body. You grin and take his dog tag just to pull him closer, he holds his breath. "Thirty seconds awake and you're already provoking me." He says while attaching his lips to your neck. You smile while tilting your head aside and letting him make love to you one more time.
Tumblr media
Loki opens his eyes and he is mesmerized by the sight of you. You're completely naked, your legs on his and your arm on his chest while your head rests on his shoulder. You look so tiny while you hug him. He smiles, his stomach filling with butterflies while he softly kisses your forhead. You mumble and squeeze him without opening your eyes and he chuckles. "Pet, you're adorable." He whispers while caressing your bare back. You smile while slowly opening your eyes. "Morning, Lo." You say before running your fingers through his pitch black hair and he smiles, he has never felt so happy.
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thebestofoneshots · 2 months ago
Time variant 30578
Summary: You end up on the TVA after becoming a nexus event. Just before you get reset Mobius appears to recruit you into the team to catch Loki’s variant.
You’re not too happy about it.
Word Count: 3.3 K
Paring: Loki x Reader
Rating: T
Disclaimer: There is a rather graphic attempt of su*cide the beginning so reader’s discretion is advised. There’s also a lot of curse words, but it’s mostly all fun banter.
Tumblr media
[Y/N’s apartment, 2076, Chicago]
You breathed in deeply, the rope around your neck was tight, the chair was flimsy enough under your feet. All you had to do was kick it. And it would all end. There and then. Simple and basic. You breathed in deeply and after a few minutes, you kicked it. The rope tightened. You could feel your body trying to itch for air. It couldn’t, gravity wouldn’t allow it. Instinctively your hands went around the rope and you felt as if your eyes were blowing out of their sockets, maybe the pills would have been a better idea.
Then a window-like thing appeared in front of you. People entered your room and one of them cut the rope that was stopping you from drawing any air in. You instantly dropped to the ground. Barely able to move, your neck hurt and so did your arms from the fall. A man from behind got really close to you and put a collar on your neck. You started to reincorporate and tried to take it off, it was useless.
“What the fuck?” You asked as you saw the men and women in their strange uniforms, with the logo “TVA” plastered all over them.
“Variant has been captured,” one of them said through some sort of communication device.
“Variant? Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. This is private property. And if you didn’t notice. I was actually in the middle of something…”
A man from behind grabbed your arm tightly and started dragging you to the window-like thing. “What the hell?” You managed to say before being dragged into it.
You looked around, the window portal thingy had taken you to what looked like an office. A friendly-looking man greeted the woman and the man that were holding you captive.
“Oh, so this is like some sort of weird right before death dream isn’t it?” You said out loud.
The woman raised her eyebrows. And dragged you to some elevator-like doors that closed after you were in them. There was a robot in front of you. With a creepy smile on his screen.
“So what? You’re going to give me a makeover?” You asked. In a few seconds, the robot burned off your clothes and left you but naked. Just as you were about to complain you fell down a trap door.
“Fuck,” you said as you stood up. “My butt hurts,” you said as you noticed you were now wearing clothes again. Now it was a jail-like uniform with the words TVA plastered on them.
“Please sign that this is everything you’ve ever said,” a bored-looking man said from behind a desk.
“No way you’ve recorded that,” you said. A page printed itself with those same words written on it.
“This one as well,”
You raised your eyebrows and signed the form. Then you fell again. This one was a different room, there was a metal-like detector in front of you.
“Please confirm that to your knowledge you’re not a fully robotic being were born as an organic creature and do in fact possess what many cultures would call a soul.”
“Are you asking me if I’m a robot?”
The man didn’t even turn to look at you and repeated the exact same thing he’d said before.
You frowned and brought your arm to your mouth, biting it rather sharply. “Yup, flesh, and bones.”
“Thank you for confirming, move through”
You looked around and stepped through. The picture printed an image-like thing. “What's that?”
“An aura picture,” he responded not minding you crouching closer to him.
“What? Like the hippies?” You asked.
“Please step on that yellow chart on the floor.”
You reluctantly did as told, “I’m not gonna fall again, will I?” You asked. It was too late, invisible gates underneath opened and you ended up on a different floor again. “God damnit I’ve been falling for 30 minutes,” you complained as you rubbed your butt a bit, it was sore already after landing on it so many times. Who would’ve thought the first time your butt would be sore would be because of a weird place like this rather than something fun. As you stood up a man wearing the TVA uniform asked you to take a number.
You looked around suspiciously “is this hell?” You whispered to the man next to you.
“Please continue on the line.”
“Oh this is totally hell,” you concluded “it’s going to be an endless series of waiting in lines and then it’s just gonna go all over again, ain’t it? Like in that one TV show about hunting ghosts.”
“You might be thinking: this is hell…” you heard from the TV. A clock figurine that introduced herself as Miss Minutes started explaining everything to you. What was the TVA, that you were a nexus event or something? And that your timeline would be reset to preserve the “sacred timeline”. Which sounded like a fever dream. You were sure you hadn’t taken any weird pills before your incident in the morning, but hey, maybe someone did put something on your coffee. “Sacred timeline,” you thought “I’ve watched way too much Doctor Who, who’d think of something so ridiculous?”
“Your number, ” said the guy in front of you. You handed in your little paper and you were transported into a courtroom.
“So, how do you plead?”
“Wait a minute… you’re telling me, you, are the timekeepers or whatever and I was not supposed to kill myself which is why I’m here. But now you’re going to reset the side timeline that I accidentally created and in doing so you also have to reset me…”
“That’s correct,” said the judge woman.
“But by resetting me, your basically going to delate my version of me from existence. So, why didn’t you just let me die?”
“Side timelines need to be stopped as soon as possible. How do you plead? Innocent or guilty?”
“If I say guilty then I die?”
“It’s a bit more complicated than that…”
“This version of me ceases to exist then.”
“Essentially yes.”
“Well then, I plead—“
“—Wait a minute…” a blonde guy said after storming in. “She might be useful.”
You turned around frowning “you’re interrupting my death sentence!”
“It’s not a death sentence…” the woman corrected, she then quickly turned to the man “what is it Mobius?”
“She’s a chaos expert. She studies catastrophes, we know them as apocalypses. She can be really useful on our current case.”
“Oh no, I’m super not useful, I plead guilty. GUL-TY.”
“Shut up, I’m trying to save you,” he whispered.
“I don’t want to be saved,” you whispered back.
He quickly ignored you and turned towards the judge woman again “as I was saying, she’ll be useful on this case. She’s an expert.”
“You’ve already interrupted Loki’s sentence, do you really think you can get away with interrupting hers?”
“Loki?” You asked, “New York Loki? ‘In the end, you will always kneel’ Loki? Man, he was a sensation back in the 10’s. Grandma used to tell me all about him and the battle of New York. I even took a side curse on all of his scheming on earth. Did you know he’s suspected to be B. D. Cooper?”
“As I was saying, she’s very knowledgeable on Loki AND in history…”
“Oh no, I know nothing, I’m basically useless…” you responded.
“Right, but when Loki destroyed New York in 2014—“
“—That was on 2012 tho,” you replied instinctively to later realized you’d contradicted what you said first.
“That proves my point. She’ll be perfect for this case.”
“No, she won’t.” You argued.
“She’ll work alongside Loki to catch his variant.”
“Alongside who did you say?”
The judge woman seemed to think about it for a minute. “Fine. But it’s the last time you burst into one of my trials Mobius, I’m not joking around.”
He nodded. “Please follow me, Miss (Y/N),” he said before waiting to walk out of the courtroom.
“Does this mean I won’t get rested?” You asked.
“Not for now,” the woman responded.
“Well fine then. All I wanted to do today was die but now I’m going to be a time traveler that solves time crimes to preserve the holly timeline. What a long Wednesday…”
“It’s sacred timeline,” Mobius corrected.
“What?” You shrugged.
“It’s sacred timeline, not holly timeline.”
The two of you walked in silence through a series of corridors that looked like an office from the late 20th century but weirdly space-y until you arrived at what looked like a file room. You looked around. And saw him sitting on one of the tables with a bunch of papers on top. He looks exactly the same as in the old videos you thought. Maybe a little less regal?
“(Y/N), this is Loki. Loki this is (Y/N). She’ll be helping us with the case.”
“We don’t need a…” he seemed to struggle with what to define you as “…mortal’s help.”
“See?! Can I go back to being eliminated now?” You asked.
Loki raised an eyebrow. So this girl wants to be reset. He thought.
“Reset,” Mobius corrected. “And no, she’s an expert Chaos Historian. She knows it all about apocalypses.”
“Right… if you really think she’ll be useful, I guess she can try to solve this.”
“He really is like in the videos,” you whispered to Mobius. “This is pretty exciting you know. As a historian I mean. It’s like meeting Hitler or something.”
“Are you comparing me to a racist dictator?” Loki asked clearly annoyed.
“Well, your whole ‘you were made to be ruled’ speech is kinda dictator-y,” you argued.
“That’s utter nonsense. Humankind is inferior as a whole, not some more than others.”
“Oh, so you’re racist just towards humankind. Aren’t we like a race as a whole? Like an alien race or something for you Asgardians?”
“But we’re gods,” Loki argued.
“Well, that certainly sounds something a supremacist would say. Especially one like Adolf,” you shrugged.
“I am NOT like him,” Loki said as he stood up.
“All right kiddos, it’s time to cool down and focus on the task at hand…”
“But she called me Hitler,” Loki complained.
“Well I’m sorry, but it’s kinda true,” you retorted.
“Do you want to get killed?” He threatened standing up to overpower you with his tallness.
“As a matter of fact. I kinda do,” you replied.
“All right. Nobody’s killing anybody at the moment. (Y/N), we need your knowledge. You’ll be doing a favour to humanity. Wouldn’t you like to do something great before being reset?”
You frowned “I guess going out on a blaze of glory is better than with a rope around my neck…”
Loki coed his head. You were certainly something different from what he expected mortals to be like.
“Great!” Mobius replied. “That’s exactly the kind of energy we want! Now (Y/N). We need to find an apocalyptic event, that happened from 2047 to 2051.
“Hey! I was born in 2051!” You responded excitedly. But curiosity got you right after “Wait. Why those dates?”
“That’s when kablooie was sold.” Answered Mobius, as if it made total sense.
“Aha…” you responded.
“It’s an unintentional clue that the variant left.”
“How do you know it was unintentional?”
“They left it there just to mess with the timeline, they didn’t know it’d be a way to find them.”
“Right!” You nodded. Would Loki really be so careless? You thought. “All right then,” you started reciting all the events you recalled from the top of your head “we’ll there’s the climate disaster of 2048, the Tsunami on 2051 (357 people dead), the eruption of the Krakatoa on the 49 (as bad Pompeii), there’s the flood of New York in the 46, the pandemic of the Coronavirus variant on 51. The Alabama storm in 2050, the meteorite in—“
“Wait what did you just say?” Loki stopped you.
“The meteorite in Argentina in 2047?”
“Before that.”
“The Alabama storm, where the whole was destroyed. 107 people dead.”
“That’s the one! It was a store, right?” Loki asked checking the files.
“Yes! Roxxcart.”
Loki nodded.
“Of course! Roxxcart must have carried kablooie!” You answered excitedly.
“The two of you will steal my job if I’m not careful,” said Mobius. “I’ll be back, rest and be ready,” he said before walking out of the library.
You looked around and then leaned towards Loki. “So tell me Loki, is it true that you were also being controlled by the mind gem?”
“I beg your pardon?” He asked seemingly annoyed.
“Well, there’s this, rather underground theory that says that you were being controlled by the mind stone, by Thanos. That when you got the scepter it was somewhat manipulating and it forced you or at least inclined you to do all that stuff in 2012. See most of the records say you have green eyes. And your eyes do tend to be more green-y in pictures and paintings prior to 2012. But in 2012 they were very blue, almost the color of the people that you enchanted with the scepter.” You leaned in even closer “Even right now, they’re more green than blue.”
He seemed to think about it for a second. He sure was above the abilities of the stones to alter people's feelings, right? He was a God after all. But then again, he was curious since he had not been inclined to conquer earth beforehand. Had he been manipulated? Him? The realization hit him, and it showed on his face, which he quickly changed for a more relaxed one “That’s utter nonsense.”
You looked at him closely and then laughed, reclining back to your chair “you’d think the God of Lies would be better at lying.”
“I will stab you.”
“With this thing around my neck,” you said moving the time necklace thingy around. The rope had chaffed your neck and the material of the necklace only made it more painful “you’d be doing me a favour.”
“I can ask Mobius to take it off. They took mine off when I became their assessor”.
You raised your eyebrows “oh, so he’s influential then.”
“I’m always influential darling.”
“How did you end up here?” You asked curiously.
“I stole the tesseract after the avengers messed with time travel, in 2012.”
“Oh… so you don’t know…” you said thinking of his future.
“I do.” He responded coldly.
“I’m sorry…” you added.
“Me too… what about you?”
“Oh… I tried to kill myself and the TVA didn’t like it.”
“That explains your careless attitude, and lack of fear towards me.”
“I wouldn’t fear you, even if I wasn’t suicidal, Loki. I mean yes, you destroyed half New York and created chaos all around. But to me, you come off as somebody I could reason with, I don’t fear reasonable people. You can always change their mind.”
“You think a mere mortal could change my mind?”
“I’ve done it twice already, Loki.”
“You despised me at the beginning, you thought of me as inferior, that I would only be a nuisance. But, I’ve earned some of your respect, especially now that you realized I’m not full of bullshit whenever I talk. And the second time was when told you about the theory. You considered what I said, you’re doubtful now, even if you’ll never admit it.”
He stared deep into your eyes as if trying to gather information from them. This talked remind him of the time Mobius accused him of enjoying hurting people. He didn’t like it. Humans were not supposed to be this wise. Especially young ones.
“Do I have something in my face?” You joked, trying to make him uncomfortable.
He leaned back and smirked “I’ll never tell you.”
You frowned and tried really hard not to bring your hands to your face. You knew he was trying to trick you. And yet, what if you had some weird blood-sucking space mosquito on your forehead?
By then Mobius had come in again, “Pack you bag kiddos, we’re going to the ’50s.”
“Time travel! How fun!” You nodded and walked alongside Mobius. Then you whispered, “hey Mobius! Do I have something in my face?”.
Loki repressed a laugh from the back. He still had the touch.
[Roxxcart Store, Alabama, 2050]
“The variants stay with me,” said Hunter B-15. You grabbed your neck, the ghost of the time collar still annoying you. Even if Mobius had actually been kind enough to take it off.
After being separated from the rest, Hunter B-15 was possessed by the variant.
“Didn’t know you had mind control,” you whispered to Loki.
He just gave you a look without responding. “I’m, just gonna let you to talk things out…” you said giving a few steps back and maintaining a reasonable distance in case things got violent. Which had been wise since just a few minutes after the two Lokis, evil variant with a different body now, started throwing things at each other. You stood mostly behind your Loki. While you knew he really wouldn’t make an effort to stop you from being killed (which was now an issue to you for some reason), it felt safer than the possessed variant Loki.
At some point, a flying computer was crossfired and it was directed straight towards your face. You started contemplating how miserable your death would seem when another thing, whatever it was, stopped it from hitting your face by hitting it on the side and causing it to change course. You turned towards Loki, your eyes locked with each other. “Did you just?”
He shrugged and continue his fight. “If you had any honour, you’d fight me yourself.” He said as the big guy choked him.
“I’ve got shit to do,” responded the man posses by the other Loki and threw Loki Loki towards a bunch of toys.
The big guy looked at you threateningly and smiled when he realised you wouldn’t be a threat. This Loki doesn’t seem so reasonable, you thought. He went back to his task and you ran towards Loki.
“You all right?” You asked as he stared at the ceiling.
He was tempted to respond ‘why do you care?’ But instead nodded. “Go get ‘em,” you said and extended your hand to help him up. Which he reluctantly took.
He walked towards the big guy and he turned with a smile “brace yourself…” he said before collapsing down. A hidden figure appeared. They took off the hood and revealed themselves to be a female.
It makes sense, you thought. He’s a shapeshifter.
“This isn’t about you, Loki,” she said before grabbing a small square and opening one of those time portals. She walked and disappeared in it.
Mobius was already getting to where you were. “Loki! (Y/N)! Wait!”
You looked at Mobius. And then at the portal. “I don’t want to be reset anymore,” You whispered.
Loki frowned.
“I want to live,” you nodded and after looking at Mobius one last time, you followed the female Loki through the portal.
“Loki wait!” Mobius screamed as he ran towards him. Loki looked towards them, hearing him scream over and over the same words.
I want to live as well, he thought before following you through the portal that closed right after him.
“Damn it,” said Mobius as he contemplated the empty space that been left behind.
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