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Tessa Thompson as King Valkyrie for Direct Line (x)
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Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Movie Clip - The One That Got Away
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"nah we just put our penises together.... its not gay if you're best friends",,,, i wanna live in this man's brain so fucking badly pls
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THE BIGGEST MOOD™ by Taika Waititi
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# proud of what he said
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Kat Dennings
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Taika Waititi and Robert Pattison
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Quick Thor painting practice
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do you guys have a handshake?
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Tessa Thompson
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King Valkyrie icons
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Taika sleeping on set: the never ending series. Thor love and thunder edition ⚡
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Baddie hentai😌❤️‍🔥
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living in style, living like a king ♡
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Mighty Thor HD icons | New TV spot Journey
If you like them reblog & share! DO NOT STEAL OR REPOST THEM!
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July is coming in HOT right out of the gate!
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Scared to Be Lonely- Part 2
Part 1 
Summary: Sigyn meets Steven. Feels and sexytimes ensue.
Rating: Explicit, Minors DNI!
Pairing: Steven Grant x Fem!OC, past Marc Spector x Fem!OC, eventual Jake x Fem!OC, past Loki x Fem!OC, past Steven x Layla 
Word Count: 4.2k
A/N: Oh my goodness everyone thank you for the great response! So encouraging for a long-time lurker, first-time poster. It helps me to keep writing and get the next part to y’all all that much quicker. 
TW/CW: Back with a healthy dose of angst, Steven being a mythology nerd, nipple play, oral (f receiving), fingering, riding, praise kink because hello it’s Steven, multiple orgasms, maybe a touch of softdom!Sigyn if you squint, aftercare
Tumblr media
Truthfully, Sigyn was glad for the brief respite from Marc’s presence. It wasn’t that she hadn’t immensely enjoyed what had just transpired, but it had been a long time since Sigyn had been so vulnerable with a partner, so open. She needed a moment to collect herself. 
After relieving herself, Sigyn looked at her tousled appearance in the wide bathroom mirror. Her hair was precisely the bird's nest she’d feared it had become after being railed by Marc. She extracted the pins and brushed out her hair. She washed her face too for good measure, finding her lover’s baritone voice drifting into the bathroom oddly soothing. 
His voice took an edge however, and then quickly became a mutter. Then a rustling of the duvet. Her curiosity piqued, Sigyn ambled back into the bedroom. 
Marc hadn’t moved from the bed, though he’d gotten under the covers. He wasn’t on the phone anymore. Sigyn took a moment to observe his change in posture since his back was turned to her. Marc was hunched over and seemingly had no idea what to do with his hands, his fingers drumming across the sheets and pillows. 
“Everything alright?” Sigyn asked, crossing to rejoin him on the bed. When he caught sight of her, Marc’s eyes widened and he instantly averted his gaze, as if he hadn’t undressed the Asgardian himself less than an hour earlier. 
“Oh! Erm, yeah. I mean, yes your highness.” 
Sigyn’s sapphire eyes twinkled. “Now you use my title.” 
“Right sorry, you said we don't have to-“
She climbed on the bed, further puzzled by how Marc seemed to coil like a spring when she got close to him. Was he having regrets? He had seemed quite content just a moment ago, but now everything about him seemed different…
“Are you making a jest of my accent?” 
“No, this is how I talk, I'm afraid.”
The realization slapped Sigyn across the face like a burst of cold water. She’d forgotten. The other man who lived within Marc. 
“I’m Steven.” 
Sigyn didn’t quite know how to proceed. She watched Steven carefully as he fidgeted in the bed. He truly did appear to be an entirely different person. 
“Lovely to meet you.”
“The pleasure’s mine really,” he insisted. His bashfulness made a stark, though endearing, contrast to Marc’s brooding self-assuredness. “It’s not everyday you meet royalty, let alone a Norse goddess.” 
Sigyn leaned in to Steven, covertly delighting in the way his body tensed again with desire at her closeness. It made her feel powerful in a way she hadn't experienced in a long time - while she and Marc had shared an evenly matched repartee, Sigyn knew she was in control with Steven. “Can I tell you a secret?” 
“Alright,” came Steven’s shaky reply. 
“The more time I spend here on Midgard, the more I believe we’re not all that different,” Sigyn divulged. “But you mustn't tell the S.W.O.R.D. agents that.” 
Steven countered, “Your secret’s safe with me. But I don’t think most of us can send pillows through solid doors.”  
“So you…forgive me–I simply wish to clarify–you could hear my conversations with Marc? See what he saw?” Sigyn inquired. 
The immediate flush that colored Steven’s cheeks answered for her. He fixed his gaze firmly on the blanket below him. “S-s-sorry, erm, it’s complicated. I didn’t mean to infringe on you, on your...on what you were doing…” 
Liar, Marc’s voice rang in his head with such scorn Steven could practically hear his eye roll. 
“Steven, stop.” Sigyn interrupted him. “I was married to a man who could shapeshift and make copies of himself,” she placed her hands on top of his. “I've had wilder nights, I assure you.”
That only made Steven blush deeper. Sigyn chuckled, she couldn't help herself. She found Marc’s mild-mannered alter positively darling. 
“We don’t need to talk anymore,” Steven’s head snapped up at the implications of Sigyn’s suggestion. “We could simply go to sleep.”
“No!” The vehemence in Steven’s protest startled Sigyn. Perhaps he wasn’t so mild-mannered after all. Before she could press further, there was a knock at the door. 
“The food.” Steven clambered out of the bed hastily to prevent Sigyn from doing so, so determined that he temporarily forgot his nudity. He fruitlessly tried to cover himself from the princess’s amused gaze as he rooted around for Marc’s discarded underwear. Sigyn put him out of his misery, conjuring a simple set of pajamas onto his form. He spooked at first, then sent her a grateful, sheepish grin, “Cheers.” 
Steven reemerged a few moments later, rolling the room service cart in himself.  “Figured you’d prefer some privacy.”
Sigyn murmured her gratitude and beckoned Steven to rejoin her on the bed. The sight of the Asgardian sitting in bed, sheets pooled around her waist, her chest still bare, her honey locks no longer pinned up but loose and framing her face could make Steven forget his own name. 
Forget it then and let me get a taste of that pussy, Jake urged him.
Steven ignored his alter and the pair helped themselves to the room service, falling into easy yet animated conversation. He couldn’t help but ask more about Sigyn’s life on Asgard, the guileless enthusiasm that shone from his eyes coaxing the princess to share. He wasn’t mining for intel like Marc, every detail Sigyn recounted about her home realm fascinated him. The princess matched his eagerness with questions about Khonshu and the Ennead, curious as to how their pantheons compared. 
“And the Bifrost? It’s really real?” Steven asked as he collected their plates to place them back on the cart. Sigyn nodded. “Is it a rainbow like in the folktales?” 
“Well, it’s made up of all the colors of the rainbow, but they shift and meld together,” she explained. 
“So not a proper rainbow.” 
Sigyn grinned, “Even so, I doubt you’d be disappointed if you saw it in person.” 
Steven’s eyes sparkled with wonder. “I doubt I would be either. Everything from your universe seems absolutely gorgeous.” 
Sigyn cocked her head - was Steven actually flirting? She hadn’t missed how his gaze would periodically slip down to her naked breasts. Ever the gentlemen however, he would always catch himself and bring his eyes back to Sigyn’s. 
“Ah! Just thought of another one. Sleipnir?”
“Odin’s horse?” The princess’s brow furrowed. That appeared to be a “no” on the flirting then.  
“So he exists, eight legs and all?”
“And did Loki really give birth to him?” 
Sigyn gaped. “I beg your pardon?!” 
“Sorry, I’m sorry,” Steven had been avoiding anything to do with the Asgardian’s estranged husband but his excitement had gotten the better of him. 
Well done, Marc sarcastically congratulated him. Only you would bring up the one sore spot of the naked woman in bed with you.
Steven could see that Sigyn was smarting from the mention of the god of mischief, he tried to backpedal, “There’s a story that he took the form of a mare and mated with a builder’s prized stallion to win a bet, supposedly? And he…um, then he got pregnant and ultimately gave birth to Sleipnir as a mare.”
Saying it out loud only humiliated Steven more. It was a bonkers myth to begin with, and Marc was right, sharing it with Loki’s very beautiful human wife was a beyond daft move. He tried to give Marc of Jake the body to abscond from his chagrin, but neither surfaced. 
Nice try, hombre, Jake laughed. 
We’re not cleaning this up for you, Marc chimed in, especially after I spent all day getting her to lower her guard down with me. 
“With us,” Steven retorted. 
“What was that?” Sigyn had heard him. 
“Nothing. I’m so sorry, Sigyn, your highness,” the apology spilled out of him, “I’m a right twit, a plunker for even mentioning it. I can go, I’ll just leave actually–” 
“I’ve never heard that story,” Sigyn’s answer stopped Steven. Her signature somber smile returned. “But apparently there’s a lot Loki hasn't told me, so who knows? It may just be true.” 
“He’s a bloody wanker for leaving you,” Steven declared, his tone now sure. “You know that, yeah? Sigyn, you’re…you’re radiant. He doesn't deserve you, never did if you ask me.” 
“I know,” her voice was thick with barely restrained tears. “Yet I let him have me anyway.” 
“He tricked you.” 
“There’s a dark, ugly part of me that hopes Gorr kills him. Slaughters him. Which is despicable. But even worse is, if I'm honest with myself, it’ll only hurt more if he’s gone.” 
Instinct overrode Steven’s timidness and he wiped a tear away from the crest of Sigyn’s cheekbone before it could fall down the length of her face. “We’re going to do you one better. We’ll find him and bring him to justice. He ought to answer for what he’s done, don’t you think?”
A hint of a smile danced across her lips. Sigyn put her hand on top of his to keep his touch tethered to her skin. “Will you do me a favor in the meantime?” 
“Anything.” He agreed without thought. 
“Make me forget,” she instructed Steven, “if only for a little while.” 
Sigyn closed the distance between their lips. It was an entirely different experience than kissing Marc. The other man sought to consume her, drink her in and dominate her, whereas the press of Steven’s mouth on Sigyn’s was much softer. Non-responsive almost. The princess pulled away to study him. 
“What’s the matter?” Sigyn asked, doused with fear that she’d overstepped. Steven had frozen, acting as if her kiss had turned him into stone. 
He swiped a hand across his brow. “What if I’m not as good as him? I won’t be, he has more–” 
“I don’t want you to be as good as him,” Sigyn stopped him. Now it was she who caressed his face. “I simply want you.” 
An uneasy exhale stuttered from Steven’s mouth. He wasn’t convinced. 
Sigyn took his wrist and brought his hand between her legs. “Steven, do you feel that?” She swept his fingers over her sex so Steven could feel the wetness already pooling there. He gasped again, but Sigyn held his hand there, looked him straight in the eye, and assured him, “That’s all for you.”
Steven crashed their lips together once more, and now with the reassurance from Sigyn, he kissed her with the hunger of a starving man before a feast who didn’t know where to start. 
“You are so beautiful,” he sighed, each of his words punctuated by a kiss on his jaw from Sigyn. 
The princess looked at him through her lashes and feigned coyness “You really think so?” Steven nodded fervently. Her expression darkened. “Then show me.”
He tried to capture her lips, but Sigyn stopped him, her long fingers grabbing his chin. “And Steven? Don’t hold back.”
Her command lit a fire in Steven. His kisses were more fervent and bolder as he slipped his tongue between Sigyn’s lips. She welcomed him greedily, gasping in delight when he trailed featherlight kisses down the side of her neck.
Steven earned another gasp when his hands at last sought their prize. He caressed her breasts, swiping his thumbs across her nipples. 
“These are amazing,” he murmured from Sigyn’s clavicle, giving them a squeeze. 
“Steven,” she whined, “More.” 
Desperate to please the princess, Steven drew one of Sigyn’s nipples into his mouth. The squeal it elicited from her was music to Steven’s ears, encouraging him to properly suck at the bud while he resumed ministrations with his hand on its twin. 
Sigyn squirmed against the pillows, soon slumping to the point where she was horizontal on the bed. Steven’s relentless mouth followed, her ecstasy emboldened him to expand his assault on her tits. When he switched mounds, he traced his tongue around her areola, then flicking it a few times before sealing his mouth over the nipple. 
“Steeeven,” she all but wept. She curled her fingertips into the back of his head to keep him in place. “Oh don’t stop darling, it feels so good.”
 He moaned his assent against the delicate, sensitive skin in his mouth, sending a tremor through Sigyn’s prone form. Steven was pretty sure he could spend the rest of the night buried between her tits. He redoubled his efforts alternating suckling each of her mounds and swirling his tongue around the circumference of her nipples, both now stiffened into peaks.
Sigyn arched into his mouth, another cry escaping her. She felt as if we were buzzing, surprised at how close she already felt just from Steven lavishing his ardent attention on her breasts. One hand released Steven’s head and slipped down to her sex, the pad of Sigyn’s finger just reaching her clit when Steven caught her wrist.
“I should be doing that, shouldn’t I?” 
Sigyn laughed breathlessly. Steven’s willingness to please was a heady contrast to Marc, let alone her estranged husband. “I…you don’t have to…you can keep paying all that wonderful attention to my tits.” 
Despite the fact he’d just spent the better part of the last several minutes sucking at her breasts, Steven blushed. 
“I want to pay you some attention here,” he confessed as he traced his fingers along her folds. “If that’s alright.”
“Oh, you will not hear any complaints from me,” Sigyn grinned. 
Steven pressed their lips together gleefully before situating himself between her legs. “Just tell me if I’m not doing anything right.” 
Sigyn quirked an eyebrow. Surely this wasn’t his first time? Before she could give it anymore thought, his tongue delved between the seam of her sex. Sigyn jolted at his touch. The strokes of Steven’s tongue were sloppy and inexpert, yet what he lacked in skill he made up for in zeal. 
“Darling,” she rasped, “flatten your tongue when you–oh! Yes, that’s it…” 
Sigyn’s fingers tangled themselves into Steven’s locks once more. She used her hold to angle his mouth to a better position. He lapped at her slit hungrily, SIgyn’s terms of endearment and direction only spurring Steven on further.  
He continued to lick at her pussy dutifully while the princess reveled in the sensation of his persistent strokes against her cunt, his prominent nose bumping deliciously against her clit. She was so lost in the feeling of Steven’s mouth that Sigyn whimpered when he pulled away. He wasn’t gone for long. Steven inhaled her scent deeply, then speared his tongue and fucked it into of her. The Asgardian keened as Steven probed her and clenched around the muscle. 
Sigyn battled between moving toward her release and staying like this as long as she could. There was something different about the way this man was pleasuring her that was unlike any of her past lovers. She studied him through heavy lids trying to place it as he swiped his thumbs gently across where he held her thighs open. Every way in which he touched her was reverent. At last it occurred to Sigyn. Steven wasn’t simply eating her out, he was worshiping her. 
In spite of her desire to luxuriate in Steven’s adoration for as long as possible, she felt her orgasm mounting to a point she couldn’t suppress. “Oh baby, I’m going to come.” 
Steven’s gaze traveled over the planes of her body to meet Sigyn’s. His eyes were wide and redoubled his efforts. 
“Use your fingers instead” she directed him, her climax only getting nearer when Steven immediately compiled.
“Like this?” He watched with awe as his index and middle finger disappeared into Sigyn’s slick pussy. 
“Yes, so good darling,” she praised him. “But I need more. I want you to suck on my clit. Do you know where it–” 
Steven answered the princess with his mouth, which instantly reduced her question to a moan. He may’ve been inexperienced, but he definitely knew where Sigyn’s clit was. 
Sigyn’s encouragement soon devolved into babbling as Steven worked her just how she liked it. She cried out, a high-pitched mewl, when she came, her orgasm snapping in her lower abdomen and spreading throughout her body at lightning speed. The princess’s eyes rolled back in her head, nearly taking tufts of her lover’s hair out of Steven’s head with how hard she gripped him as he tongued her through it.
Even after Sigyn floated back to Earth, she still felt as if her body was vibrating. At last, she glanced between her legs at Steven to find his eyes still on her, looking at her with pure astonishment. 
“Blimey,” he whispered, the wonder naked in his voice, “you really are a goddess.” 
Sigyn’s heart constricted. She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t a goddess at all, just an ignored youngest daughter who’d unintentionally married royalty. But the way Steven looked at her was intoxicating. No one had regarded her with adoration as he did so freely, and given all Sigyn had endured as of late, she held onto it desperately. 
“Come here,” she told him, “I want to taste us.” 
Steven couldn’t oblige quickly enough. Sigyn licked into his mouth as soon as their lips met, delighting in the taste of herself on Steven’s tongue. 
He moaned through the kiss and felt his cock get impossibly harder. He’d ignored his erection, so intent on pleasing Sigyn that when the princess’s hip brushed against it, Steven nearly jumped out his skin. 
Sigyn broke away and waved a hand. The pajamas she’d conjured him shimmered away from his body into the air. She wrapped a hand around his cock, slightly concerned by the dark flame that licked down her spine at how her touch nearly pained Steven; he was so needy for her.
“Oh baby, you’re so hard,” she cooed as her fingers lightly cupped and moved over the length of his engorged shaft. Steven whimpered at her touch. “You made me feel so good, now let your goddess ride this big, hard cock of yours.” 
Steven had to be hallucinating. Had he smothered himself to death in Sigyn’s cunt? There were worse ways to go as far as he was concerned, plus there was no way the Norse goddess of fidelity was actually pushing him back onto his arse to straddle him, her perfect tits perfectly aligned with his gaze. He’d really outdone himself on imaging the Duat this time. 
“Steven?” Sigyn’s concerned tone and a warm hand on his cheek snapped him out of his thoughts, “Darling, are you alright?” 
“Wot? Yeah, yes,” he responded, still a bit bleary. “Can’t believe this is happening, that’s all. To me, of all people.” 
Sigyn fixed him with a bemused, but warm grin. “I don’t think you see yourself quite clearly.” 
Steven was too sheepish to hold the Asgardian’s gaze after her compliment. 
“Never mind that though,” she purred, taking a hold of Steven’s dick and dragging it from her clit through her folds, lining him up, “Let me take care of you.” 
She sank down on him swiftly and Steven could swear he saw stars when her pussy enveloped his entire length for the first time. “Fuckin’ hell!”
Sigyn smirked at him and bit her lower lip with a naughty glint in her eye. “You’re in for quite the ride Steven.”
Sigyn began bouncing on his cock and Steven had to squeeze his eyes shut to keep from coming. The feeling of her tight cunt was enough to bring him to the edge of climax, and Steven knew if he saw Sigyn riding his cock he’d come instantly. His first, and only, time with Layla had been over too quickly for his liking, and he didn’t want a repeat experience, despite how understanding and lovely she’d been. 
Let me take over then, Jake pressed. 
Jake’s comment backfired, wrenching Steven back from the precipice of orgasm and fueling him to show the other man that he too knew what he was doing. He blinked his eyes open and began thrusting to meet Sigyn as she dropped herself on his dick. Jake muttered pendejo inside his mind but Steven could barely hear it over Sigyn’s sighs and labored breaths as she rode his cock. 
“You fe-el blo-ody…brilliant,” Steven stammered, mesmerized by the sight of the princess’s tits jiggling in time with each collision of their bodies. 
“Fucking me so well, Steven,” she moaned in reply, pushing on his pecs so he fell flat against the bed. Sigyn leaned forward, keeping her hands on his chest for leverage as she somehow rode him harder. 
Steven continued to drive his hips into hers, the need to come and the need to prove Jake wrong equally inciting him. His hands flew back to Sigyn’s breasts, squeezing them as they both chased their releases together. 
“Are you close, baby?” she asked, a tempting, teasing lilt to the Asgardian’s voice. 
Steven’s attempt at lying was dashed when she clenched around him on her downstroke, “Ye-yeah.” 
“Are you going to come for me?” Sigyn was egging him on. 
All Steven wanted to do was surrender to the climax he’d barely kept at bay since Sigyn sat on his aching erection, but he was determined to wring another orgasm from her before he did. He��d make the goddess come twice, more than Marc had.
Steven trailed his left hand from Sigyn’s breast to her clit, rubbing the swollen nub like Layla had shown him. “You first.” 
Sigyn’s face contorted in pleasure. She leaned back to give Steven better access to the bundles or nerves, opting to keep his cock deep within her and grind onto him instead. 
“So beautiful, Sigyn,” he proclaimed, “Wanna see you come again, look so bloody divine…” 
His fingers didn’t stop as Sigyn swiveled her hips. They both drove toward their climaxes with dogged determination, their grunts and cries creating a carnal symphony. Steven did his best to meet Sigyn’s thrusts while he stimulated her clit, but she’d still yet to orgasm. Then he lifted his free hand and landed a slap across Sigyn’s ass. Whether it was instinct or one of his alters intervening, Steven couldn’t be sure, his mind too addled with lust to make the distinction. 
Whatever the impetus was, it did the trick. Sigyn stopped mid-circle on Steven’s cock as her orgasm overcame her. He watched in amazement. The way she froze on top of him, her face contorted in pleasure, teeth sunk into her plush bottom lip, he wanted to memorize it. It was an image more breathtaking to him than most of the fine art in the museum he’d worked at. 
Steven didn’t get to observe as closely as he’d have liked to however, because Sigyn’s fluttering cunt around his cock sent him hurtling into his climax as well. The release swept through his body like a tsunami, drowning him in pleasure as Steven shot his seed into Sigyn’s warm pussy. 
Once they’d both drifted back down to earth, Sigyn carefully unseated herself from Steven’s softening cock and flopped down next to him. 
“That was…” Sigyn searched for the correct words. It was a surprise, certainly. “Steven, darling, where are you going?” 
“Be right back,” he assured her, pushing past the post-orgasm exhaustion settling heavy into his bones and walking to the bathroom on legs as stable as a newborn foal’s. 
He appeared a moment later, damp flannel in hand. “May I?” 
“Yes of course,” Sigyn confirmed. Steven got to work on cleaning her gently. “Thank you.” 
Steven’s eyes were squarely focused on the sheets when he asked Sigyn, “That was good, yeah?”
She gently took the cloth from him, tossing it aside so the princess could lean over and capture his lips in a kiss. “You did so well, darling. I came twice for Valhalla’s sake.”
Steven couldn’t help the proud blush that colored his cheeks at the praise. Sigyn guided Steven to lay back on the bed with her, automatically curling into his side once they were horizontal, her head resting on his chest. 
Steven nearly jumped at the casual affection she touched him with as she drew little patterns into his abdomen. He was rather touch-starved to begin with, then when it came to Layla, every brush of their arms felt fraught with tension and the baggage of her marriage to Marc. Though Sigyn’s touch was unfettered from that history, Steven found himself wary of enjoying it, despite how much he wanted to. 
“Are you alright?” Sigyn thought to ask him. She didn't want to embarrass him by inquiring any further about his experience.
“Aces,” he told her dreamily. “Never better.”
“I’m glad to hear it,” she smiled into his skin. She dropped a kiss to his pectoral. 
Lying there with an Asgardian tucked into his side, Steven felt virile and utterly relaxed all at once. He considered it a privilege to stroke the princess’s hair, watch her eyes flutter closed and her breathing even out. Steven didn’t want to miss a moment, wanted to catalog every detail he could, but the pull to follow her into sleep was too strong. He surrendered to his fatigue, and it was the first time either of them had slept soundly in weeks.
A/N: Thanks to everyone again for reading and the response! Trying to get the next part out as soon as I can, since it’s high time Jake met Sigyn...
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Karen Gillan getting ready for an interview on ‘The Talk’, 2022
Photos: Rebecca Corbin Murray
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Taika Waititi photoshoot courtesy of @danascruggs on instagram
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