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Curled up | Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader hasn’t been feeling well lately (depressed). Steve tries to help them.

Warning: Depression, eating disorder (kinda)

A/N: This could be platonic or romantic. It’s fluff. I don’t know why the spacing is weird.


Originally posted by softietom

You were not feeling like yourself lately. There was no motivation to get out of bed or dress up how you usually do. You slowly started eating less and less. Steve was starting to notice how you have been acting differently lately but decided that it was best to give you some space.

Today was the worst it was almost 3 pm and all you had been doing was sleeping. Someone walked into your room noticing that you were still wrapped up in the blankets. Then you felt the bed dip and a hand that rested on your back. You sighed knowing that it was Steve. You didn’t want to bring him into your problems or make him feel like he was doing something wrong.

Steve softly asks “have you left your room today?” you replied “no” “Do you want to come with me to the kitchen and I can make you something?” “I am not really hungry” “I need you to eat. If not for yourself but for me.” “I just want to go back to sleep” “ok” With that he gets up and leaves the room.

Forty five minutes later you hear a knock at your door. You turn to watch Steve come in with a tray of your favorite foods. “I know you said that you weren’t hungry but I really need for you eat something. I was talking to Banner and he suggested that you and me go watch a movie after you eat. If you want to of course.” He was trying so hard to get you to do something. Seeing him try so hard made you give in. “Yeah that sounds good. What movie do you have in mind?” “No you can pick it. While you are eating I will get it all set up”. After he left you tried to get some of the food he had made for you but you couldn’t . All you did was pick at it you ended up only eating a quarter of what he made you. A few minutes later he came back in and sat down next to you. “I set out a bunch of movies for you to pick from” “okay well I don’t think I can eat anymore. Sorry” “No it’s fine you ate more than I thought you would met me in the living room” He then takes the tray of food away.

When you walked into the living room it was dark with candles lit around the room. There were blankets on the sofa and in front of the tv you could see the 5 movies that he had laid out. You ended up putting one in the DVD player and sat on the sofa waiting for Steve. He came in and sat down next to you.

Once the movie started playing Steve ask if you wanted to cuddle. So now you are laying on your side, arm across Steve’s chest, and a blanket covering the both of you.

Throughout the movie he would rub circles on your back and kiss your forehead. You were relaxed and content. Eventually you fell back asleep. But you heard Tony wall in and quietly ask “Is she doing better?” In which Steve replied “I think so. I got her out of her room and she ate a lot.” After the movie was over you felt Steve carry you back to your room and tuck you in. “Do you mind staying with me for a little bit?” “Yeah of course Y/N” Steve laid beside you until you were asleep.

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I don’t know if I’m the only one but

I’m kinda worried/scared of what’s gonna happen to GOTG3, Loki, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder. I’m optimistic about WandaVision and other phase four films but I’m worried about the four that I mentioned.

They just include characters that are important to me. I just have this huge feeling that makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I’m gonna lose something huge and I feel like something is gonna destroy something and I’m not gonna feel better ever again. Lmao. I’m serious but I don’t know how to explain.

I wanna be optimistic and I wanna believe that something good is gonna happen. But if not, I’m expecting something really bad is gonna happen to my life.

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I think it’s kinda beautiful how most of fanfic writers out there really care about the safety of their viewers by always putting specific trigger warnings about the content in their work that could be triggering to some audience upfront the way most actual movie companies/studios never actually put that much effort into the matter.

(anyway this is just my thought, no shade towards anyone!)

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