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#thor marvel

i give the ultimate marvel imprint a LOT of flak and for the most part it kinda deserves it (this was the setting that made Captain America a far right nationalist, surprising as that may seem if you’re not familiar with him, and made Hulk into a sexually violent cannibal serial killer), but you know one thing in it I actually liked a lot??

their treatment of Thor, and the initial amguity towards what the heck he actually was.

In the begnning of the Ultimates (the Avengers title of the universe), Thor was present from day one as this obscenely powerful and charismatic figure, and the idea around him is that while he claimed to be the actual Norse god of thunder, the actual reality of it was super ambiguous. No one believed him; they were his friends eventually, everyone liked him, but no one thought he was an actual god.

Like, early on, there was no real magic at first in the setting. Mutant powers and gadgets; yeah. But Thor being a genuine deity was unprecedented, and so they did a lot of stuff where he might have been a god, or he might be a man with powers who thought he was.

At one point, it was remarked that he was a guy who was claimed to be wearing a super suit modeled after the mythical Thor’s armaments, with a power battery in the shape of a hammer, that gave him his collective powers; he had a nervous breakdown and showed up claiming he was Thor born as a mortal. And it seemed that he was just suffering delusions, right up until he calmly remarks on stuff that he should have no ability to know.

And then, when pressed, cheerfully remark to the government agents trying to hire him “I AM here to save the world. Save it from people like you :D”

It’s honestly an approach that I think would make a LOT more sense for doing AUs of the Marvel universe when you’re not quite introducing magic into the setting JUST yet; Thor is a popular choice to have early on, but his presence as a genuine god should raise a lot of questions, so if you don’t want to be clear about it right away, or milk that mystery, keeping his true nature ambiguous to the audience could be a really good move!

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I don’t post other people’s art without permission and credits but this one’s to call it out which is fair use.

That’s literally Thor wearing space Blackface complete with markings that looks nothing like any frost giant ever has.

What. The. Fuck.

Like why was this necessary? How the fuck is Thor painting his face blue going to help anything.

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Guns and Thunder (gender queer Bucky x Thor)

A/N: This idea came to me on my own but the idea to write this came from a friend. Enjoy.

Taglist: @itsbuckyb1tch @penn-cil

Warnings: non, fluff only


“Once more. I think I figured out the issue,” Thor spoke from across the training room.

Bucky nodded, out of breath. “Yeah, sure just give me a second. My body is still shaking,”

The pair had been working together all day, perfecting a move that they had been working on. In theory Buck would use their arm to send out an EMP pulse that Mjolnir would carry and deal additional damage to electronics as well as people nearby.

The issue that they had been struggling with was getting the pulse to travel with the hammer and get carried along with it. Whenever Bucky shot out the pulse it bounced off Mjolnir instead, sending it back toward them, the last shot hitting Bucky and causing them to blackout.

Thor had to get Dr. Cho and Tony to come down and help, thinking Tony would have a fix to their problem and Cho to help with Bucky. Two hours later Bucky was back on their feet and smiled recovering on the bench while Thor and Tony had a chat.

Bucky shook their head, “I’ll be fine. I just need to stop shaking. Maybe eat something, I don’t know.”

Thor nodded, suddenly picking up Bucky. “I can’t let you be alone, something could happen. I’ll take you to the living quarters and find you nourishment.”

Bucky wanted to protest, but Thor did make a good point, “Can you at least just carry me differently? I’m not a bride.”

Thor stopped and moved Bucky until they were safely on his back. Thor proceeded to carry Bucky to the living quarters of the tower.

“Where do you wish to sit?” Thor asked. “On the couch? Outside in the sun? Do you like the floor?”

“The couch is fine,” Bucky told him.

Even with Thor being as gentle as he could, Bucky slid onto the couch with a groan. Their body was sore and tense. Muscles were knotted up and spasmed. Bucky groaned as their body was hit with wave after wave of pain. Sweat was beading on their forehead and they started to close to throwing up.

“Take this,” Thor said as he came around with some kind of crushed herb. “It’s an Asgardian remedy. It will help.”

Bucky opened their mouth and Thor helped by putting the herb in. Bucky started to chew and the pain in his body vanished. Their body relaxed so much so that they almost slid off the couch.

“I can’t…what’s wrong with my body now?” Bucky asked. Their body was starting to feel like melted butter.

“I must have given too much, my measurements were off. Good news, there’s no pain for twelve hours,” Thor said, trying to not sound panicked but failing spectacularly.

“Twelve hours?!” Bucky slurred, his eyes struggled to open, he was feeling a wave of exhaustion.

“You will be asleep for ten of those hours, it will be alright,” Thor said, he came to sit on the couch, letting Bucky’s head rest on his lap. “It can be the two of us here. Not to worry friend I will not leave your side.”

A beep came from the kitchen. Thor stood up, readjusting Bucky before heading to the kitchen.

He returned a few minutes later and placed a bowl of soup at the coffee table, with slices of grilled cheese. He returned again and he had pillows and a blanket from his room.

Thor found himself caring for Bucky, letting their head rest on his lap over a pillow. He helped feed Bucky and covered them with a blanket. Bucky was beginning to yarn, his body warming up from the soup and the blanket.

“Maybe we can continue tomorrow,” Bucky spoke tiredly, managing to still take a bite from the sandwich and swallow.

“That will be best. I will be here, help the recovery. No more training today.” Thor assured.

Bucky responded with a grunt. “You will get bored,”

“There are those movies I heard so well about,”

“What if you get tired?”

“This couch is comfy enough. I brought an extra pillow,”

“I snore,”

“I sleep in the wild half the time. It will not bother me more than silence does,”

“Thor really —“

“Bucky, I will not leave your side until you are well. I will never leave one of my own. You are one of my own. I claim it.”

Bucky let out a breath, managed to move just enough to get comfortable on the couch. Thor let his hand come to comb through Bucky’s hair.

“Rest now, we will continue later Bucky.”

Slowly, Bucky closed their eyes and with their body relaxed and belly full they fell asleep.

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ficlet idea: Bruce and Kamala reuniting as many superheroes as they can find following a global catastrophe that effectively makes things a Ghibli apocalypse (not just recruiting Avengers but also other independants and teams, like the X-Men), with the stated goal of confronting who or whatever ended the world, but mainly to build a new lasting civilization for the surviving humans, mutants, Inhumans and new beings that may have arisen since the end

the fic idea in question? They are searching for Thor, who has come completely off the grid, and they are initially worried that he’s actually dead. Kamala assumes he wouldn’t be since he’s the Norse God of Thunder (and it might be interesting to think about how she grapples with that theology and her view on what he might actually be), while Bruce knows his Norse mythology and is aware that Thor is supposedly destined to die at the end of the world fighting a titanic monster, and that the Norse gods in general can die just like anyone else

ultimately, though, they find him in what used to be Norway, having become a farmer and rallied some Asgardians, giants and alfar of various descriptions to a town along with surviving humans

he is using Mjolnir to dig massive farmland out and claims this is technically his actual job, the ‘smiting monsters’ thing is sort of a hobby

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okay. so i really love norse mythology. and the marvel version just,,,, irks me. just slightly.

  • first of all, Odin is super wise and usually knows what he’s doing. he also has two ravens in the myths who keep him updated on all the shit going on in the nine worlds.
  • it’s Frigg and Hel, not Frigga and Hella.
  • also Sif was blonde, and most definitely not a badass warior.
  • Loki was actually Odin’s brother and his parentage was not a secret at all.
  • Frigg is not Thor’s mother.
  • also, Hel and Fenrir are the children of Loki, not Odin.
  • that legend where Thor’s hammer can only be lifted by the worthy? false. it was just really, really heavy.
  • Loki and Thor are not brothers, or even mock ones in the stories.
  • Loki and Thor both have wives, Sigyn and Sif respectively, as well as children of their own.
  • Laufey is actually Loki’s mother
  • and Loki is canonically genderfluid (as he gives birth to Sleipnir after sleeping with a horse and disguises himself as a woman a couple of times)
  • Loki is also a shapeshifter. and the trickster god. he loves pulling pranks on Asgardians using his shapeshifting, and usually does that without faking his death. 
  • speaking of, Thor lost his hammer and pretended to be a bride to get it back (infinitely funnier than his banishment in the first movie but)
  • Loki isn’t quite as calculating and pissed off at the Asgardians as he is in the movies, he just very often gets drunk and does dumb shit. or he tries to piss people off for fun and doesn’t know when enough is enough (which is what got him tied up with his children’s intestines for all eternity, but that’s another story)
  • Odin is actually very calculating (because he’s really super wise) pretty much all the time and spends a lot of time travelling the nine worlds in disguise (like, a LOT of time)
  • the Valkyries and einherjar never get killed in the stories, they reside in Valhalla preparing for Ragnarok. they fight in Ragnarok. none of that “getting killed millennia before Ragnarok” BS
  • also, Odin doesn’t peacefully pass away after going into hiding, he dies during Ragnarok, at the hand of Fenrir.
  • Thor is also fated to die during Ragnarok.
  • also, Loki is fated to battle Heimdall during Ragnarok and both deliver fatal blows to each other.
  • so pretty much everyone dies except Thor and Odin’s sons and a handful of Asgardians
  • also Thor never loses his eye
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something i like to do is apply the characterizations and events of Norse mythology more to the Marvel incarnations of the characters, especially Thor, and you get some interesting consequences when you think that through, and one of them is that Thor should most likely come off as a fatalist.

it’s usually taken for granted, in most adaptations, that the Aesir know about Ragnarok. They know what’s coming, and you can make an argument that one reason that Thor is so brave is that he knows exactly when and where he is actually going to die. He doesn’t die fighting the villain of the day, or Doctor Doom’s latest evil scheme, or the consequences of Loki fucking up once again; he knows he will die fighting his own nephew, Jormagundr the Midgard Serpent, at the end of everything.

There is no escape from this; his doom is certain, and there’s no way to avert fate. So Thor can easily be read as a fatalist; the idea of inescape doom that invites nobility because you KNOW you’re going to die but you go to your fate anyways, with your head held high, is culturally a very powerful thing for him.

All things pass, but not the great and good deeds of heroes.

he DOES convey something of this attitude in Infinity War, interestingly, in his conversation with Rocket; his dialogue smacks of myth-accurate Thor’s entire mentality, though there’s a certain element you can add in: Ragnarok is over and done with. Asgard is ashes, Surtr’s rampage has been satisfied, but pretty much everyone he’s known is gone.

The prophesized doom is finished, but there’s not much happiness in that. What is he to do now, when all the certainties have burned away?

In this same way, you can apply a certain element of fatalism, in the Norse sense, to Thor’s mentality in a way that makes him come with a much more distinct way of thinking from the other superheroes in his friend-group. The others, perhaps, think of dying in battle as a horrible waste, while Thor views it as an inevitabiltiy (though Cap, having been a legit soldier in his time, probably has a more realistic view on it being unavoidable) that personally motivates him.

All things die, in their time, so he intends to meet his death when it comes striding as a giant.

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