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#thor odinson

My dream is to study Norse mythology a bunch so i can create an AU version of the Ballad of Beta Ray Bill, with a traditional Thor instead of Kirby!Thor.

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Thor: Do you think it’s called sand because it’s between the sea and land?

Stephen: …

Thor: Stephen I’m serious

Stephen: I know your serious

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Leave it to my father to create the very vague condition of ‘worth’ to lift Mjolnir. No, I do not know exactly what that means either.

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So… well, I love the “Thor” movies… and also regrow to love the comics and I really wanted to talk a bit about one of the relevant plot points in the movie, hence this post.

As movies and comics get mentioned I made a list of the sources referenced so you’ll know if they might end up spoiling you. Consider yourself warned.

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Loki: Thor, can you help me sharpen my blades?

Thor: *loving Loki* of course brother!

Loki: *stabs Thor* Is that sharp enough?

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You paused the video on your phone and peered closer at it, frowning. Somewhere, you were pretty sure, you had the exact shade of purple lipstick. 

Or a dupe that was close enough to make the look work. At least as long as no one looked too close. 

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like bitch I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched these films just in the last week. I’ve watched Ragnarok 3 times today, just like as background noise. 

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