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#thor odinson
Hey, I've been reading The Little Frost Troll and to admit, there has never been a anything more wholesome and beautiful as this And I had this question I've been wanting to ask you. You see, I've been imagining Canon Thor and Loki suddenly thrown into an alternate reality travel (I don't know how but I'll leave that to your imagination) and came across this reality, which is The Little Frost Troll story. What do you think would happen if Thor and Loki met the Thor and Loki of this reality?

First: thank you! It makes me so happy to hear you’re enjoying that sweet and wholesome (well, wholesome until the sex drive turned on) story. 😊

Second: holy troll-y I’d never thought about what might happen if Canon Thor and Loki met TLFT Thor and Loki and I am intrigued! 🤩

I bet Troll Loki would be in awe of his “tall, beautiful Æsir” version, which is ironic because I headcanon that Canon Loki has serious issues with his body image and self-esteem after it was revealed he was a Frost Giant in Thor (2011). And even though he shows Troll Loki his true skin (“I’m not Asgardian, see?” he murmurs), it still doesn’t matter. Troll Loki instantly adores his “cousin”.

“You’re so beautiful!” he gushes, tail wagging and hands clasped together under his chin. “And you can do magic! Will you teach me?”

Canon Loki looks down at this sweet little creature and his heart aches. This version has learned to love himself, has made peace with who and what he is. Perhaps he can, too.

I imagine them wandering off together, talking about their lives and their cruel fathers and being misfits, feeling like they don’t belong anywhere, redemption, sorcery, personal doubts, how they each deal with problems related to their heritage, maybe shedding a few tears together.

And meanwhile both Thors are standing to the side and having an amicable conversation that may sound like: 

“So… do you love your Loki as much as I love mine?”

“Twice as much.”

“Impossible. No one can love anything more than I love my Loki.”

“One can now.”

“Oh, really?”

“Aye, really.”

After a challenging scowl, the two slowly smile at one other, grasp each other’s arms in unified Loki Loving™

truce, and are bros forever after. 💪❤️

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Day 87: The Shield: Part 7 (Detective!Thor Odinson x OC Mia Wallace) Homicide detectives Mia Wallace and Thor Odinson are partners with a reputation for closing the tough cases. Their latest, however, proves to be more difficult than expected as the two contend with a killer with an interesting MO, an overbearing District Attorney, and unreconciled feelings. @reckoningss

Day 88: The Groom To Be: Part 1 (Steve Rogers x Reader) You’ve worked hard building your career- your goal to become a prestigious wedding planner. Countless nights and days you spent dedicated to your work, you didn’t have time for men or romance. To you, your career was everything. After 5 years of bending over backwards, you were finally given a career changing wedding for none other than Steve Rogers aka Captain America- marrying a notorious heiress Larissa Levingston. In the rule book of wedding planning, you never become to close to your clients. Strictly business. But you got lost in those mesmerizing blue eyes.Will this blue eyed man, be the break you’ve been waiting for, or the end of your career? @bettercallsabs
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April 2020 Reblog Masterlist

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Loki grabbed his brother, preventing him from getting any closer, shocked at the sight of you. He’d only ever seen you in your prison uniform, trapped between bars and little windows. Here you were, out in the world, on Earth, and you looked happy. For weeks you’d been on the run, no one could find you. Loki has a feeling he knew where you’d be. You spent a lot of time together in prison. When he was there, he was the only friend you had. When he got out, he never stopped visiting. He told younstories of all the places he’d been, even the ones he destroyed. You wanted to see the famous city he always spoke about. You had a lot of time left there, escaping meant nothing to you. That time was just a few more years on a life sentence. Loki knew exactly what you were thinking, why you did it, how much you missed the open air. Giving you a few more minutes of freedom before they took you back was the least he could do.

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Loser (t.o. x reader)

requested by @being-a-artist: ‘22’ and ‘31’ for thor please from the prompts btw I really enjoy you fics :)

prompts: 22-“Don’t you think you’re being extra?” , 31-“Sue me for loving you.”

pairing: Thor Odinson x reader

warnings: none

A/N: oooooohhh look, she posts!!! thank you for your patience! also, this is a dark time for a lot of you and if you ever get too bored or overwhelmed or anything, I’m always there. this is based on the quarantine we all should be experiencing right now(pls stay inside and stop the spread!) so I hope y'all can relate. and if you are one of those who has no other choice but to go outside to help keep our systems from collapsing, I thank you and I genuinely hope you are okay. stay safe xx

(GIF credits to the owner!)


Originally posted by brosoverbros

It was day 9 of the quarantine you were stuck in and it was official- you were absolutely bored.

You had done possibly everything you could to spend time. You had learnt a new recipe but realised cooking is not something you wanted to do so stopped any further pursuit.

You had painted yours and even your boyfriend’s - who was adamant to spend time with you even though he was a god, what earthly disease could possibly harm him? - nails, who was more than eager after he watched you put your colour on. (He had chosen a vibrant blue shade, of course.)

You had started practicing yoga and exercise but, seriously, how much time could you possibly spend on exercising? Besides, you weren’t too fond of the cramps you got after you overexerted yourself each passing day. You were all caught up on your favorite shows too.

So, while you were reading your favorite book again, your boyfriend had just come back from the market, finding stuff from whatever stores that were open.

“Love! Did you know the Asian store near the Walmarket sold some amazing spices that really betters the taste of the food?” He said excitedly, coming over to greet you.

“You mean to say my cooking is bad?” You laughed at his scared expression. “And it’s Walmart, Thor.”

“Right, right. But look, what I found!” He took out three board games, five novels, a bunch of colouring books and some packed boxes that looked like…. DIY slime makers? Along with some regular groceries in impossibly huge quantities.

“What’s all this?” You asked, eyes roaming over the table full with different things. Where did he even get all of this from?

“The Asian store’s owner said they were having financial troubles and couldn’t afford to shut their shop down so I bought all of what I thought we could use. Plus, we really should stock up too.” He answered your question. Your heart warmed at his words.

“I love what you did for them, Thor, but don’t you think you’re being extra? There’s just so much in here.”

Thor had an offended look on his face when he next answered. “Sue me for loving you and wanting to keep you entertained. There’s only so much Netflix you can watch. Besides, everyone always talk about this game,” he picked one up from the table, “Monopoly. I wanna play this first.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea….” You trailed off.

“Why not? I doubt it’s difficult. I’ve seen far more complex things.”

“Yes but there are so many things about humans you still don’t understand.”

“Like why you won’t play with me.” He huffed.

“Fine, but don’t get mad when I beat you.” You inhaled deeply.

“Same goes for you, my lady.” He smiled at you wickedly.

After some time, Thor was laughing at you when he won, while you were pouting.

“Another game?” He said in his loud voice.

“Fine, but this time I won’t let you win.” You gave him a look that clearly said you are going down.

“Sure, loser. Whatever you say.” He kissed your nose and ruffled your hair as you gasped dramatically. “But first, let’s have some coffee. You will need to be fully energised to defeat me.”

“I let you win!” You were playing with all your mind and still he won. But you weren’t about to tell him that, obviously.

“Yes, honey. I am the loser here!” His roaring laugh filled the apartment as you followed him into the kitchen, a goofy smile plastered on your face.

I’m still having online classes and getting more work than usual for some reason, ugh. I am so sorry if I’m not too active but I’m trying. and I promise I’ll try harder. how was it? thank you so much for reading!

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut mainly! enjoy :)

A/N: This is a fresh and new request from the lovely @221bshrlocked​, I hope you like it darling!!

Request: Alright let me try this again. First of all, woohoo!! Second of all, may I please request 13, 16 and 42. Bucky smut because I am still a Bucky slut. Please and thank youuuuuu

Word Count: 1851 

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13. Who said miracles don’t happen? just look at me. With thor please 🤗🤗🤗


(A/N) Wow, so this is something new. I’ve only worked with the younger Asgardian prince so let’s see how this goes. I hope you enjoy it.

Prompt : “Who said miracles don’t happen? Just look at me.”

Pairing : Thor Odinson x Reader

Word Count : 1215

Warnings : None that I’m aware of.

Taglist (Just ask to be added)  @cinthias-corner @holyodepius


Time, Power, Space, Reality, Soul, and Mind. These were the six infinity stones scattered across the cosmos. He knew that the journey wouldn’t be easy, but he didn’t expect that there would be even more problems along his way.

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bronze. (thor x reader)

This is a continuation of golden, which you can read here. I watched Thor: The Dark World a few days ago and couldn’t get this out of my head. I hope this, again, does justice to these characters. I’m no writing pro. I don’t know if I’ll do any more with this story line after this one, but we’ll see where my head goes (and if I watch any more Marvel movies during quarantine). Like, comment, reblog, and enjoy! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy and practicing social distancing! 


You can hear them whisper around you. They tell your father how he has gathered everything together. He has put down marauders and wars and pillaging and brought peace to all Nine Realms as if it is his destiny to do so. They tell him of how Odin grows older, of how betrayal rots the foundation of glorious Asgard, but they have yet to speak ill of him. For all of his previous faults, for all the ways he sought war and blood and revenge, they acclaim his ability to reach for peace - even when it has cost him dearly. 

They do not say much to you. 

They know very little of what transpired when Thor Odinson returned home from his exile. 

But, everyone knows you returned home at the beckoning of your father. Everyone knows Loki betrayed his family and all of Asgard in his plot to take the throne for himself - and when he could not do that, he sought to rule Midgard under his pernicious thumb instead by way of an Infinity Stone. They all know the Prince of Asgard has sworn his allegiance as an ally of Midgard.  

No, they do not say much to you. 

They hail his triumphs as they silently scorn your failure. 

Many people wonder why you are no longer betrothed to a Hero of the Nine Realms, a Prince of the people. Many suggest with their eyes that you are fully to blame. When you cannot even keep the eye of a Prince of Asgard on you, what hope is there for a match with someone else? 

Your father does not say it to your face, but you know he wonders the same thing. He wonders how useful you can be if all you have ever been, if all you ever will be, is a golden statue sitting on a shelf. Never mind your intelligence and your courage and your kindness - those things do not matter when you live in a world of men trained to conquer and rule with fists instead of open hands. 

Despite what others think, you know the world has grown colder and darker, like all of this catastrophe is only the beginning of something coming. Peace can only last so long in a world as prone to violence and war and treason as yours. Nothing can confirm your hypothesis, it is like a feeling in your gut, warning you of something greater and far more evil to come, approaching like the rising dawn. The Convergence is just the most recent example of this, as well as reports that a Midgarian (Thor’s Midgardian) hosts the Aether and resides in Asgard as they learn how to dispel it from her. 

The dread only solidifies when you are brought news of the death of the Queen of Asgard. Frigga

Your heart does not know what to make of it. Frigga had been a friend, a mentor, a mother to you. Your own had died not long after your entrance into the world, and your time in Asgard only opened you to the possibilities of what it may have been like to have a mother. Now the memories just left a gaping wound in your side. Breathing was a struggle, reminiscing was impossible. You can only remember slivers, if anything at all. Everything is painful in the space of grief. 

Flower petals drift from the sky into the water and the silence is consuming. All of Asgard mourns as you watch Frigga’s body drift away on the sea. The first arrow is fired, the shroud is lit, and you watch your dead friend, and the only mother figure you have ever known, burn as she drifts farther and farther away from you. Even in the midst of all your grief, you catch a glimpse of her. She stands next to Thor, Jane Foster, the Midgardian. 

She is small, fragile, human, in light of the beings surrounding her. There is only a distant grief on her face, but also a bit of wonder and fascination in her eyes as she lifts her head to see globes of light float away into the night sky. She does not understand what she is witnessing, what she is participating in, but you do not fault her for it. It was not her choice to have the Aether dwell in her, nor was it her decision to have Frigga die to protect her. 

You give as much time as you can to him before you approach. He wears the mask of a prince destined to be a king well, but he bears his grief deep inside him. It’s as if he knows what you do - nothing good is going to come next. 

You know not much about the enemy that laid waste to Frigga and to Asgard, but you do know they are not the only ones looking. 

The constellations still give him no answers, even as his mother joins them. She is forever etched into the cosmos, a reminder of all that has been lost. A prediction of what is to come, too. 

“My friend,” You begin, but it is really all you can say to him as you clasp your hands around his. He nods, his face still set solemnly. They have seen much battle over these many years and have held, at times, too much ale for only one night. Tonight, they will only know the grief of a son who has lost his mother too soon to an enemy who seeks to selfishly take what he thinks belongs to him. 

His face is a shadow, but his eyes tell of more than grief. They tell of wanted justice, of hope that this may all be set right, they tell of the brokenness that has come with he thinks he will transpire next. He has no gift of sight, but he knows of strategy. 

Your hands come to a necklace tied around you neck. You undo it with the few seconds you have left before you are summoned to leave. You are never allowed anywhere alone anymore. 

“This is all I can offer you,” He recognizes it and opens his palms. It is an insignificant thing, woven together by your unsteady hands from years past, right when you were beginning to learn. In the middle of it lies a single jewel, one given by Frigga to you in her amusement to see how it would turn out. When you left Asgard for what you thought would be the last time years ago, it was one of the things you made sure you kept with you. 

He stares at the jewel for a moment, Jane Foster inches closer to catch a glimpse of it, but closes his palms around it and brings it to his chest. 

“It is not much, but it was given in joy and laughter. Your mother was the truest friend I ever had. I hope you will cherish it for me.” 

His face does not lose its solemnity, but one of his hands comes to your shoulder. 

“Make it right, Thor,” He cannot promise, but he nods. You know he intended to do that before you even asked it of him. 

Jane Foster watches the exchange between you both with concern, but you have not set out to ruin their fragile, short, and doomed relationship  (though you would never tell anyone this outwardly). 

“And if you cannot, you know what this is truly about.” You step away, nodding first at Jane Foster, mouth setting into a grim line, before giving Thor one last farewell glance and turning away to follow the grieving masses. 

Asgard glows bronze in the firelight, but otherwise the city remains darkened. It has been affected just as any other realm has been, scarred by war and betrayal and death. And you cannot help but worry that this is a small piece in a larger picture and Asgard is only a pawn in a game much larger than anyone can see. You think the Infinity Stones will damn the world. 

Nothing shines gold tonight.

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‘No, Bruce, no!’ Natasha’s yelling can be heard all throughout the building and she’s clearly furious.

‘Tasha? What’s wrong?’ Clint is running through the door that moment, and he immediately stops and blushes. ‘That’s uh…wow.’

‘Cute.’ Hope says from behind the archer, and it takes all of his willpower not to flinch or elbow her or anything at all. ‘Really cute.’

‘No, it’s not - it’s literally shining!’ Natasha is frantically looking for her foundation, and Bruce is moving along some data charts.

‘I think we should keep them.’ Natasha sends the most darkest glare his way, and he flinches underneath the assassin’s look. ‘Okay, I’ll work on some sort of removal cleaning wipe or something.’

‘You have anymore, Banner? Wanna try some out on Scott…or maybe Sam would be a better target? Mantis would look good in those too.’ Hope’s thinking about her next target and now Steve walks in, and gets a perfectly good view of Natasha’s face.

‘Are those rainbow freckles?’ He’s genuinely confused and reaches up to touch her face, but she smacks his hand away. Then quickly gives it a kiss as forgiveness, and Steve blushes. [Still the innocent virgin from the 1940’s.]

‘Yes, they are. But if someone doesn’t remove it soon-’

‘I can hear you, you know.’

‘Their will be consequences.’ Natasha picked up the sponge and smeared it over her check, but Steve quickly brushed it off with his thumb.

‘Please don’t take it off.’ Clint hummed in agreement.

‘But Steve-’

‘Please?’ Natasha groaned because - god damnit - even after a decade, she still can’t resist his puppy eyes. ‘We’ll all put on freckles?’

‘Fine. But any photos and you’re going to be sleeping with one eye open for the rest of your life.’

‘Bruce, you have any more of that freckle foundation?’ Steve asked eagerly.

‘Is that what we’re naming it?’

[Although Natasha had to admit, she did look cute with rainbow freckles.]

[Tony blushing in freckles was even cuter.]

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If it’s one thing that Sam and Tony could agree upon, is Steve becoming the nest president of America. He had a large chance of becoming one after…the whole ordeal with Thanos snapping half of the universe’s population out of existence, but never really thought about it, nor’ wanted such a larger responsibility weighted on his shoulders.

Hell, Steve could just say ‘I just want the best possibility for America,’ and win the whole goddamn election.

S.H.I.E.L.D. was back up and running, and the normal threats were coming at the Avengers and new superheroes [and villains] on the rise, as well as greetings of old ones, there wouldn’t be time to run America in general.

Thor also suggested that if Midgard got to much for him to handle, their would always be a open spot for a king on ‘New Asgard.’

Steve kindly refused and was sure Carol Danvers had already taken that spot besides Valkyrie.

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