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Today we are rewatching “Thor: Ragnarök”! And yes, this exclamation mark is there for a good reason. I like this movie very much, even though it seems to be a little more humorous than it has to be to tell about, you know (Spoilers!) – apocalypse? Anyway, it’s actually very good and interesting: we actually got the development of Norse mythology theme – Ragnarök with all the ensuing consequences like Surtr and so on.  Also, we got a Valkyrie and she’s just amazing! I guess, we also can consider this movie being almost a Hulk solo movie – because we got lots of Hulk and Banner, more than in any other Marvel movie (except the first Hulk movie we prefer not to talk about)! And you’ve already understood that I’m restraining myself from writing about Loki. Well, not anymore. LOKI. We’ve got pretty much of Loki being funny, being mischievous and, of course, being charming, as always! I also liked the fight scenes a lot: with swords and guns and with magic. Some jokes were a little too lower than the waist, but not many of them. So, I enjoyed it very much, and don’t even want to think about the first after-credits scene.

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By @the-fire-is-shooting-at-us

Summary: In one of the Sanctuary’s torture cells, a being was held. The Other tortured, experimented on and manipulated it, but he forgot one thing. Loki was also the god of fire…

         Loki followed Frigga as they sped towards the war room, and she informed him of who would be there: Odin, the Avengers, lady Sif, the warriors three and Odin’s council men.

“Those Midgardians, the Avengers, why does Odin have them if he despises them? Evidently he needs something from them.” She tried to protest, to defend her husband, but they had reached the war room.

    Odin shooed the councilmen and the warriors, much to their shock, as Loki walked in with the Allmother. The Midgardians were requested to stay. Loki kept a blank face as he surveyed them all, until eventually (inevitably) his eyes landed on Thor. He seemed to be crying, Loki observed. He didn’t really understand what happened, but suddenly Thor was barreling towards him and he panicked. 

He dodged the attack and sent forward a wave of magic powerful enough to throw Thor into the golden wall, making a huge dent were he was. 

“Brother! Why would you hurt me?” Thor sounded like he was more hurt by the notion of distrust rather than the fact that Loki had thrown him into a wall. Loki sneered, “Don’t touch me, Odinson. I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done!” The Midgardians were glaring at him, weapons in hand. Odin looked pale, Frigga shocked. He mended the wall and sat on o pine if the war room seats, directly opposite of one of the Midgardian men, a bearded one, and right next to Frigga’s (mother’s) seat. Thor sat down in his seat, and then realizing that he wasn’t near his brother, looked hurt.

“H-how have you been, brother? Where have you traveled since you have travelled? Tell us of your adventures!” Thor seemed determined to keep up his positive mood.

“I would rather not talk of what I have been doing since you threw me off the bifrost, I would rather get straight down to the matter at hand.” Before Thor could so much as open his mouth, Loki turned to Odin and asked him to inform him of his information.

“Thanos is the last of the Titans, hell-bent on finding all the infinity stones to become a god and rule the cosmos, He—

Loki laughed, “You are wasting everyone’s time here, Odin, if you think misguiding the Midgardians would get you anywhere.” The all father looked confused behind his icy exterior, “Are you actually, that misinformed?” One of the Midgardians looked annoyed.

“If you have information why don’t you stop acting high and mighty and just tell us!” He burst out. Gathering by his partner’s subtle whisper of “Clint” he is the archer Clint Barton, and his partner lady Romanoff. Frigga had told him their names and who they were before they entered the room. 

“I was getting to that, Archer, at ease.” Loki drawled silkily.

“Thanos is the last of the Titans, and he is hell-bent on finding the infinity stones. However he wants to destroy half of all life in all universes. He thinks that it would gather balance, that he is a savior if he does so because it will give the living half more resources, better chance of survival. He plans to sacrifice the dead for Lady Death,” he did not miss how Odin played at the mention the Lady, “Just so she can finally submit to his love.”

 The man sitting opposite to him (Anthony Stark, he presumed) scoffed, “Seriously, all this so he can bang Death? By the way, death is a lady?” When Loki nodded, he scoffed again, much to the annoyance of his other teammates. 

Odin broke the tense atmosphere, “We need to know of his allies and armies.” 

“Thanos has seven children—

“They let him have CHILDREN!” Stark cut in, and Loki found himself both amused and annoyed with the bearded man. 

“They aren’t his biological children, he finds them in his travels and trains them to kill for him and his cause. His favorite is Gamora, a green skinned warrior of the Zen-Whoberis. I suspect that she isn’t as loyal to his cause as he thinks she is.”

“His least favorite is Nebula, and even though she worships him, he tortured her in punishment for her mistakes far more willingly than most of his other children. Then, there’s Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, they are a married couple, and are the leaders and fighters of the killings in Thanos’s name.” He went on before Stark could say interrupt, “Corvus Glaive has a brother, Cull Obsidian, and he leads the armies alongside Proxima and her husband. Ebony maw is powerful, he can persuade others to do his biddings, and if they refuse, he tortured them.” Loki managed to hide the shiver that passed through him. 

“He is a powerful telepath and his telekinesis powers are formidable too.”

There was a great pause, and Odin bluntly asked who the seventh member was.

Loki didn’t bother to hide his grin as he said, “I am!” 

And yet before anyone could reply, a huge burst of light forced them to close their eyes.

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Title: Scorched Earth: Hot-Tub
Author: @wickednerdery
Jotun!OC, Mer!OCs, Elf!OCs
Rating: Mature
Summary: “How dare you splash your king.”
This is the third part of what’s shaping up to be a legit series - 1st is FrostBitten, 2nd HoarFrost Hel - and masterlist will come soon. The story on whole is gonna be very dark, this piece - which occurs some months after the last Ulfr one - has sex. For consistency and length, it gets a “Read More”.

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100 years ago, @mareebird requested this when I hit 400 followers. I finally finished it! I hope you enjoy it, though I think it’s probably more stupid than wacky, haha.

Title: we don’t have a plot but at least i’m sure of all the things we got
Author: @aurorawest
Rating: G
Relationships: Thor & Wong, Thor/Jane Foster, Thor & Loki, Loki/Stephen Strange
Major Archive Warnings: none
Summary: Occasionally, Thor got distracted by the happiness that had come his way—by this group of extraordinary people who were part of his life.

read it here

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