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#thor of asgard

So I need to rant incoherently about Norse Mythology. It happens.

My biggest pet peeve about Norse Mythology in modern media?

Marvel Studios.

Yes, it’s great they included Thor and Loki and Valkries and all that but they missed out so much that, honestly? Could have mad it soooooo much funnier/better/more sense.

Like how Thor once had Mjolnir stolen by frost giants, dressed up as Freya (without shaving or anything, just a dress and veil) with Loki as his hand maiden, got in and beat the giants’ asses to kingdom come. It could have been a moment of bonding, or a neat little detail mentioned in passing, y'know, just something.

Also, Loki’s kids.

Goodness, I could do a whole post on the main four, but I’m gonna condense it for everyone’s sanity. Or try to. I’ll probably fail.

You all know Hel/Hela? She’s actually Loki’s kid, the goddess of the dead and half corpse. Depending on what you read, either her face is split between gorgeous maiden and horrifying corpse or her legs are rotting goat legs. She’s the second youngest of all of Loki’s monster kids and the only girl. I read an amazing book from her POV, which I can’t remember the name of. It really fucking annoys me that they made her Thor and Loki’s sister because not only could you have added angst and comedy it just makes more SENSE.

And Fenrir/Fenris. He’s bound by Magic chains TM made with cat footsteps and ladies beards by dwarves. He also bit off Tyr’s (the god of war) hand. His hand. It’s just such a crucial part of mythology, and I known there’s already been “Thor: Ragnarok” but still.

Now we have our eldest creature. Jormungand. A huge. World-spiralling. Serpent. He resides in the Earth’s oceans. Wrapping around it like earpod wires. Thor and Jormumgand HATE each other. Thor and a giant went fishing, Thor caught Jormungand, couldn’t lift him.


This says tons about how important he is. Once Thor finally (after pretty much drinking all of Midgard’s ale) lifts him. The giant severs the line in fear because Jormungand is going to bring about Ragnarok. Thor will kill Jormungand and Jormungand will kill Thor. Lemme just make that clearer.




That’s a big Fucking deal.

Even if Marvel doesn’t do that, couldn’t they reference how there is a huge snake in the ocean?

Perhaps the wackiest kid of all, Sliepner. An eight-legged horse ridden by Odin that can run at beyond incredible speeds. The strangest thing about him is his context.

Basically, after the war with the Vanir Asgard was not looking to good. The worst thing destroyed was the outer wall. It had been completely decimated. Frost giants were attacking and Asgard was at an all time low. Until this big, blue man comes along and says “Hey, I can build your wall if you want?”.

Odin is really happy but still suspicious, so he asks what he wants for payment. The blue man says that if he can’t build the wall within a certain amount of time (usually a year) then there will be no payment. However, if he builds the wall in time, he gets Freya/Freja the goddess of love (who, interestingly, rides a cat chariot. But anyway) to marry him.

Freya obviously doesn’t like that. But it’s gotta be impossible to build a whole big-ass wall in just a year, so Odin agrees.


Blue dude, in six months, gets ¾ of the wall done, no shit, no fuss. And Loki being Loki, goes:

“Hey, what if we spy on him and find out what he’s doing?”

And Odin just goes “Yeah dude”. Because Freya is


And will not leave him alone.

So Loki goes and spies on blue man and discovers that blue man had a super strong, super fast stallion that can carry a shit-ton of bricks to build the wall in twice the time. Loki goes back and tells everyone, tells them he has a plan. He disappears for a few months, blue dude loses his horse because it falls in love with a cute mare, can’t finish the wall in time and loses. Then Loki comes skipping back with a newborn stallion, gives the horse to Odin who discovers that he goes R E A L L Y fast. And that’s the end of it.

This is a strange story because one, Loki fucked a horse and gave birth to a horse. Which is just soooooooooooo…I mean I can’t even explain it other than magic. And two, it’s just as funny as Loki stabbing Thor whenever.

Yeah I think I’m done now. Sorry for the long post, but my brother has become obsessed with Marvel and I got annoyed and hey, what else is Tumblr for? I love Marvel but I love Norse Mythology more and I get really pissed when it isn’t followed. However I love the concept of Loki being Thor’s brother, so that’s cool. Again, sorry for the long post. Have a good day.

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I’ve not seen a lot of Thor fics, and that is shocking to me because he is one of my favorite heroes, so now im thinking about writing one hihi


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The young prince


  ⁣(1?) You knew you would get in trouble if you was seen by the guards, but the second you saw him you forgot all about it. The smirk he send you from across the room sent chills down you spine in anticipation for what to me. For him you was most likely just another one to keep him warm at night, but got you was the prince of Asgaard so much more.  The live music and roars of laughter filled the air,  but you could have sworn you heard him whisper your name. Thor as usual was the center of attention, telling tales about their adventures. Which meant that nobody likely saw Loki gesturing for you to come close, or the fact that though your brain told you not to do it, you still felt yourself walk across the room towards him.                      
For who had ever been able to say no to the dark haired young prince with the magic hands when he called upon you? Certainly not you, a thing you always cursed yourself out for when you was sneaking out of his chamber the next morning. He reaches out his hand and at this point by instinct you let him swirl your closer, now pressed up against his chest. He leaned down, his cold breath giving you goosebumps as he whispered. “How about we go somewhere a little more private.” His fingers slide down your arms until they entangle with your own and he lead you away from the festivities.

—Now, it’s been wayyyyy to long since I been working on fanfic due to working on a original story. But if you guys will like to see more of my crappy writing don’t hesitate to ask ✍🏽🧐 (otherwise I might so I don’t bombard you with cringe worthy material 😂 ) hope you all staying safe and keeping hydrated!

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Thinking about the huge mental breakdown Bruce must have had after infinity war, I mean:

Technically he been through Age Of Ultron,Ragnrok and Infinity War in something like a week ¿

He had to deal with every thing that happened after Infinity War.

Had to catch up all those 3 years.

Had to fix things with Natasha (or at least talk about that).

Explain where he was in those 3 years.

And deal with the Hulk.

(Have I missed anything?)

Poor Bruce 😔

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Come Back To Me {Thor x Reader}

Request: Hi! Can you do 4 from your prompt list with Thor?

Warnings: a little bit of angst at the beginning

Author’s Note: I’m nervous about posting this one! I’ve never written for Thor before. Did I do well? I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you so so much for reading. You’re loved. Xox Angel Baugh


Originally posted by thoresque

     Five months. That’s how long it had been since you’d last seen the God of Thunder. Five months since he left without saying goodbye.

     You were currently in the living room of the compound waiting for the team to arrive back from a mission. A sprained ankle and concussion kept you from fighting alongside them this time. Pepper was around to check on you sporadically for the three days you were left alone. Tony knew that you would end up in the training room if left to your own voices.

     Working out was what got you through all the disappointment you felt all those months ago. You knew Thor would have to return back to Asgard, but you were okay with that while believing you would get a good-bye hug. He never even warned you. You learned from Tony the morning of, that he left while you were still asleep. Finding a healthy way to cope was difficult. No one was surprised when you began training late at night to blow off steam.

     “Y/N, the team has arrived. They have entered the compound,” F.R.I.D.A.Y alerted you.

     “Thank you,” you responded loudly.

     “Of course.”

     In any other circumstance, you would jump up and great your teammates eagerly. Your swollen foot anchored you to the couch; a frozen pack of peas anchored your foot to the ottoman.

     “Y/n!” Wanda exclaimed as she entered the room. “I’ve missed you so much!” 

     “I missed you, too, Wanda. It’s not the same without my best friend,” you smiled into her warm embrace.

     A deep, booming laugh grabbed your attention. You were told that, although short, the mission needed a lot of strength on your side, but you didn’t think they would need help from a god.

     “He’s here?” Your voice had dropped to a whisper. Wanda nodded at you solemnly, sending you a silent apology. “I’m going to my room. Let’s everyone know that I’m glad they’re back safely.”


     You flinched at the soft rapping on your door. It was too forceful to be Wanda, and Tony knocked a specific rhythm. You knew exactly who it was. You stayed silent, hoping he would assume you were asleep.

     “Y/N, will you please let me in? I know you keep your door unlocked when you sleep alone.” Shit. No matter how mad you were at him, you couldn’t deny that he knew you better than anyone on the team, excluding Wanda.

     “F.R.I.D.A.Y? Can you unlock my door?” you mumbled. Your ankle was throbbing from where you had to walk on it to your room.

     “Your door is now unlocked.”

     Thor opened the door hesitantly. He was just as nervous as to see you as you were to see him. The decision he made five months ago was his biggest regret. He needed to make things right. Apologizing was the first thing he needed to do.

     “Y/N,” he said softly. The way your name sounded as it rolled off his lips sent a pang through your heart. You missed him.


     He sighed at your quiet greeting. Guilt spread as he took in your appearance. In the kindest wording possible, you look exhausted. He never knew he affected you this much.

     “I’m sorry.” You scoffed at his words. He had five whole months to think of an explanation. This was the best he had?

     “Save it,” you muttered.

     “I mean it. I never wanted to-”

     “Thor. It doesn’t matter whether you meant to do it or not. You nearly had half a year to apologize. Do you not realize how bad you hurt me? I cried myself to sleep and you weren’t there,” you kept your tone even as you spoke.

     His face fell further than you’d ever seen. Thor was never one to hide his emotions, making it easy to read his facial expressions. You could see how horrible he was feeling.

     “My actions were done in an attempt to save you from hurt. Good-byes can be painful,” he paused, “I didn’t want to see you cry because of. So I took off and hoped you would be okay.”

     “You should have just talked to me. I understand that you have duties in Asgard. If I did cry, it wouldn’t have been for long. I just wanted a hug before you left. There was no saving me from human emotions.”

     “I understand that now, Y/N. I promise you that from now I will always warn you of any departure or arrival I have. You are important to me.” 

     The two of you didn’t break eye-contact throughout your discussion. The anger you felt towards the god was dissipating. You’d both been hurt through this situation.

     “We really should have talked about it beforehand.”

     “I agree.”

     “I would invite you to cuddle, but my foot wouldn’t like it too much,” you laughed. He smiled brightly. After not hearing your voice for so long, your laugh was music to his ears.

     “I must go back to Asgard tonight,” he blurted out. Your smile dropped. “I wish I didn’t have to. Y/N, I will come back. I will always come back to you.”

     You nodded sadly, “Can I at least get a hug this time?”

     He helped you stand up before carefully pulling you into him. You wrapped your arms around his torso tightly. The god was a million times stronger than you, but he always pretended to be suffocated by your embraces. It always ended with you boasting to him about your ‘strength’. 

      “You promise you’ll come back to me?” you mumbled into his chest.

     “I’ll do everything in my power to come back to you.”

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Summary: You’re having a depressive episode and your friend Loki wants to be there for you, but there’s something more than friendship between you and him. 

Pairing: Loki x reader

Word Count: 1,023

Warnings: Mild swearing, mentions of depression

A/N: Second Loki fic, hope you all enjoy it! Also, I know that everyone experiences depression differently. I just chose for the main character of this story to experience it in a similar way to how I do. 


Originally posted by lichqueenalli

Y/N stared at the ceiling, feeling hollow. It was 1 pm and she still had no motivation to get out of bed. There was no point in it. No one needed her and the world would keep spinning.

Her pajamas had been on her for a week and were starting to smell, her hair was unwashed and greasy, and the only food she had eaten in the past two days was saltine crackers and coffee. Medication was useless when she was this low.

She grabbed her phone off the nightstand beside her bed and stared at the lock screen. Seven missed calls. She didn’t have the energy to talk to anyone. Her parents would just call her lazy. They had never seemed to understand.

After another two hours of staring at the ceiling and thinking about being dead, there was a knock at the door. This could not be happening. Why would anyone come see her?

A muffled voice said, “Y/N, are you in there?” She knew that voice. It was the one person she was willing to open the door for.

She opened the door to find exactly who she had expected. There was worry in his blue eyes.

“Hi, Loki.”

“You didn’t answer my calls.”

“My, um, phone died.” That was a shit lie.

“Mhm, sure,” he replied, half-smirking.

Loki could be an asshole sometimes but he was the only good friend Y/N had that truly cared about her, although he would never admit it out loud. He knew Y/N well and could tell when things were bad in her head. He had experienced what she did during the difficult parts of his life so he tended to be more understanding than other people.

“You didn’t have to come all the way here.”

“You know I live close by, and I can tell when something’s wrong.”

Damn, how did he always know, and why did he look so good in sweatpants? Y/N’s appalling appearance suddenly became very apparent to her. She was sure that her eye bags were prominent from staying up until 4 in the morning.

“Have you been taking your meds?” asked Loki, stepping past her and into the cluttered living room.

“Yes, that’s the only thing I’ve been doing.”

“Clearly,” said Loki, glancing around the messy apartment and at Y/N.

“Rude,” she replied, crossing her arms. She didn’t have the energy for this.

“Why don’t you go take a shower or something and I’ll tidy up a bit.”

“It’s my apartment, I can clean it myse-”

“You can’t expect so much of yourself when you feel this way.” There was concern on his face.

“I mean it’s my fault it’s gotten like this I’m just being lazy.”

“Not lazy. The dark cloud above your head isn’t your fault. now go.”


Loki raised an eyebrow.

“Fine, fine, I’m going.”

Y/N walked to her bathroom, wondering why he bothered to care so much.


Admittedly, the shower felt good. So did the clean clothes. Y/N was realizing that without Loki she probably wouldn’t have been able to pull herself out of the darkness in her mind. Even if it was always there, at least she had a friend who helped her overcome it enough to perform normal human functions.

When she walked into the living room it was much cleaner. The windows were open and a gentle breeze flowed through them. The kitchen was spotless as well, and there was a fresh cup of tea on the counter. Loki was finishing up the dishes.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“I guess. Thanks for cleaning, you really didn’t have to.”

“It was nothing, and how about toast?”

“Toast sounds good.”


After they ate toast and some fruit, Loki suggested they watch a movie. Y/N just wanted to lay down and sink into her bed forever, but she figured this would be better. Something to distract her would be helpful.

“What should we watch?”

“You choose, you earned it by cleaning.”

“If you insist.” Loki flipped through Netflix and chose one of Y/N’s favorite movies called The Theory of Everything.

Just like always, she enjoyed every minute of it, even when it made her cry. It was nice to feel something other than hopelessness.

Her couch was so comfortable that she ended up drifting off.


When Y/N woke up the sun was setting. She must have slept for a while. It was then that she noticed that she was leaning against Loki, who was still asleep. When she picked her head off of his shoulder he stirred and woke.

“Oh, hello,” he said grinning.

“Good evening,” replied Y/N, the corners of her mouth lifting into a small smile. It had been so long since she had felt joy.

“Let’s go on the roof,” said Loki, “I’m sure you could use some air.”

“Alright,” said Y/N.

Loki led her out the door and they took the elevator to the roof of the apartment building. The sun was almost done setting. It’s final rays washed upon Y/N’s skin, filling her with warmth. She glanced at Loki. His face was bathed in the golden light too. It was a breathtaking sight.

“What?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing.”

“Mhm. The sky is stunning.” He turned towards her. “As are you.”

Y/N felt warmth in her cheeks and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Thank you, Loki, and thanks for caring.”

He took a step towards her. “Of course, I always will.”

Y/N had a sudden realization that she and Loki took care of each other because of something deeper than friendship. She put one of her arms around his neck and kissed him. He didn’t object, kissing her back. It was as if years of chemistry exploded between them, releasing something enthralling and magical. They both had a brokenness inside of them but they had each other.

When they finally pulled away Loki’s cheeks were slightly pink. Y/N couldn’t believe she had done that, but apparently the urge had been mutual.


“Yes, darling?”


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Summary: Loki wants to rule over all of the Midgardians. No one can stop him from executing his plan, except for maybe the one person he truly loves.

Pairing: Loki x reader

Word Count: 1,333

Warnings: swearing

A/N: This is my first fanfic (that I’m posting on here). I hope you all like it, please leave feedback! :)


Loki was back at it again, causing mischief. But this time it wasn’t just mischief. He had an army at the ready and intended to rule over all of the Midgardians. It wasn’t a plausible outcome by any means, but he was blinded by his pain and need for revenge.

You knew Loki better than anyone and loved him, despite his treachery, but oh boy were you going to have some damn words with him when you arrived in New York.

Instead of choosing to stop Loki with violence, the Avengers had decided to give him one last chance by bringing you in. They hoped that you could persuade him to stop this before it started.

As soon as you arrived in New York, it was obvious that not all of the Avengers thought that Loki could be stopped without bloodshed. Thor had definitely been the one to convince everyone to let you come. He still believed that there was good in his brother, and he knew that Loki only had softness for you. Some of the stares you received were cold, but you ignored the tenseness in the air and chose to focus on the problem at hand.

“Greetings, Lady Y/N,” said Thor, “we’re so happy you cou-” You cut him off.

“Let’s get straight to the point. Loki’s being an ass and you need me to reason with him. Where is he?”

“We don’t have an exact location yet,” said Natasha, “he’s on the move and it’s been difficult to pinpoint where he is.”

“I’m sure we’ll be able to find my dear brother soon,” said Thor.

“You say dear brother,” started Tony, “but funnily enough he’s also an untrustworthy sociopath who kills for pleas-” Steve cut him off.

“Tony, this isn’t the time. We’re all aware of the crimes Loki has committed. Let’s focus on getting him to stop.”

Tony rolled his eyes while Steve smiled at you reassuringly.

Nick Fury stepped into the room. He nodded at you and then spoke. “We’ve found Loki’s location. I want all of you to go with Y/N in case things get violent, but do not engage unless it is absolutely necessary. Have I made myself clear?” Everyone nodded.

This was it. Lives, including Loki’s, were depending on you persuading him to end this before anyone got hurt. Thor had said that if Loki gave up this absurd fantasy and chose peace then he would not be punished very harshly. He hadn’t done any damage yet, but if he continued on this route things would become much worse. You knew Loki loved you, but did he love you enough to stop the war he was planning to wage on the Midgardians?


Just a couple hours later you were flying in a helicopter toward where Loki was.

You hadn’t really thought about what you were going to say to him. You hadn’t seen him since he had left for Earth while you were sleeping. You vividly remembered the anger and loneliness you had felt when you had awoken to find him gone. That son of a bitch hadn’t even said goodbye. He was lucky that you loved him.

The helicopter landed on top of a tall building made of gray brick. You stepped out onto the roof. There was a door nearby, which most likely held stairs leading to the different floors of the large tower. Nick had sent Loki an anonymous message, telling him that he would have a visitor on the roof, so you waited, praying that he would come.

After about ten minutes, the door opened. Loki stepped out of it, scepter in hand. He saw you and looked taken aback. “Darling?” was all he could muster.

You walked toward him, knowing he would never harm you. For a moment you just stared at each other.

“My dear,” you finally said, “you left without even so much as a goodbye, and now… this?”

“I had to leave. The Midgardians are not fit to have freedom, it suffocates them. They need a leader.”

“They already have a leader. They have a government just as we have a council in Asgard. Even if the Midgardians needed a leader, violence is not the way to earn their trust. A leader’s citizens must have faith in them, but how can these people have faith in you when you threaten to bring an army here and kill their kind to get what you want?”

There was guilt in Loki’s blue eyes. You could easily see it, despite how he tried to mask it with false confidence.

“They refuse to kneel to me, violence is the only option,” said Loki.

“Why would they kneel to you when they were perfectly happy and already with leadership when you arrived?”

“Their leaders are weak.”

You looked at him sadly. “The god I fell in love with would never truly believe the things you’re saying.”

You could tell that your words had affected Loki. It showed in his face. He could hide nothing from you.

“I want you to rule beside me. I had to leave at first, yes, but we can do this together now that you’re here. I was always coming back for you.”

You could sense a pleading, a hope in Loki.

“I’ll never do that, and I don’t want you to come back for me if you choose this path. This is not the path of the Loki I know.”

“No one knows me,” Loki muttered.

“Bullshit,” you said, “I know you better than you know yourself.”

The fierceness in your soul had always been what Loki loved about you, but he hadn’t expected it with the calmness that you had been exhibiting on the roof so far.  

“I’ve been trying to do this the nice way but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m going to lay this out plainly for you. You’re the love of my life, but by god are your morals screwed right now. I know you know that this is wrong. Freedom is not suffocating, the Midgardians already have leaders, and they may not be what you’re used to but they’re leaders just the damn same. There’s goodness in your heart, I see it every day that we spend together. What I’m seeing right now, and what I’ve been told you’ve been doing, is not what’s in your heart. I know you’ve been hurt and there’s no excuse for that, but don’t take it out on these innocent people my love. This won’t fill anything inside of you. Please, I’m begging you, stop this nonsense before anyone gets hurt.”

Loki’s eyes were full of conflict. The wind whipped his raven-colored hair around and you saw a thin layer of water in his eyes.

“Please,” you whispered, tears streaming down your face, “Our life together will be gone after this. I cannot love someone who would ever commit an atrocity like you’re about to.”

Loki stared at you for a long time.

“Y-you won’t love me anymore?” he asked after a while, his voice breaking.  

You slowly shook your head, then said, “but don’t stop for me, stop because of the goodness that I know you have, stop because you know that this is wrong.”

You couldn’t stop crying. You didn’t want to lose Loki

You reached out to him. “Take my hand and don’t go through with this. We can go home, and I might not even beat your ass for making me come all the way here.”

Loki almost smiled. He looked at you, and then at the scepter in his hand. Suddenly he threw it to the ground, smashing it. There was a large blast of power that came from its destruction, and then Loki grabbed your hand. He pulled you into him, wiping your tears away.

His face was stained with tears, and he whispered, “I’m so sorry my love.” You looked at him and stroked one of his cheeks with your hand.

“I forgive you.”

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