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#thor ragnorak

Originally posted by bulletproofaftermath

Today’s outfit is inspired be everyone’s favorite villain-turned-hero, the asgardian, Loki!


Pair a gold blouse with some dark green pants, paying homage to Loki’s signature colors, green and gold. Add a Scepter necklace and snake ring to accessorize, referencing Loki’s second appearance in The Avengers and the snake story in Thor Ragnarok. Finally, slip on a pair on ballet flats to pull the outfit together!

More information about the nail polish color can be found here.








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Zuko: Azula tried to kill me too, on many, many occasions. There was one time when we were children and she turned herself into a turtleduck because she knows that I love turtleducks. So when I went to pick up the turtleduck to admire it she transformed back into herself and she was like, "BLEH! It's me!" and then she stabbed me. I was eight-years-old at the time.
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The place was just like I remembered it. Nice furniture and view. Not to mention the incredible shower here. Can’t wait for that tomorrow. David was helping carry up all the bags while Tammy was only allowed to handle my handbag which I had to give to her for something to do.

“Seriously that man thinks the wind will take me out. I can still do things.” I laughed although she was taking this seriously.

“I’ll just get the last bag.” David said walking past the two of us.

“Thank you so much.” He saluted me making my eyes roll.

“I think it’s sweet T. Better to have a man care for you than run away scared about the thing.” She shrugged passing over my handbag. “Thanks for picking me up again.” Tammy waved me off.

“It’s basically tradition now and I get to hear about this boyfriend of yours. Spill.” Tammy loves to joke around and never shares what I tell her about Chris not even to David so I suppose.

“Don’t breath this to a single soul. Not to David or anyone.”

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I was nervous. Intense butterflies in the pit of my stomach. For a moment I thought I was getting sick but deep down I knew why. Leaving after tonight would mean being away from Tom. Only for two weeks but what if in that time he doesn’t care for me any more? Or finds someone else. For the second time today I sat in the rental car gripping the steering wheel tightly in hopes to stop the stress from getting to me. But I’ve waited long enough. Toms probably waiting.

I was right. Tom was sat out by one of the windows looking out to the ocean. It was pitch black out into the open sea. Even so Tom was very interested staring out until our eyes met through the reflection of the glass. The waiter left as I started removing my coat.

“You made it. I was getting worried.” Guilt drew out of me.

“Sorry I wasn’t feeling well. Nerves I think.” Tom smiled holding my hand from across the table rubbing his thumb along my hand.

“Nervous? Whatever for?” I let out a sigh. Smiling sadly I glazed out to the ocean as it calmed my beating heart.

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🌟Thor🌟 1st character from my “Six Fanart challenge"😌.

This artwork is inspired from @victorior & Rebaca Chan😏. Here when I first started six fanart challenge I was not feeling that much interested. Then I decided not give high details and keep as simple as possible. Also I tried to complete this as early as possible, still it took 3 days (3 hrs/day) as I was not speeding up.😳

Tools used:-

1) Autodesk Sketchbook

2) Canva

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