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patheticdarling · 2 months ago
Good Girl
   Summary: Loki has been rather enjoying his time in Sakaar for the past week or so. Attending all of the Grandmaster’s parties and good times. Men and women pine over him daily, Loki is the type to fuck and leave; no real attempt for connection. But then he meets someone rather intriguing, the Grandmaster’s “daughter.” 
   Warnings: SMUT/unprotected sex/oral sex (f receiving)/fingering/coarse language/slight degradation & praise/cum play/slight breeding kink/sort of rough sex/bondage/unprotected sex (please use protection when necessary)/soft dom! loki/use of pet names: my god, pet, darling, good girl, love etc. 
   Word Count: 2595
Tumblr media
    Loki sauntered through the crowds of party-goers. Bodies grinding against each other; the room smelling of sweat, pleasure, and sex. All scents that Loki had happily become accustomed to during his stay on Sakaar. After wooing the Grandmaster with not only his charm, Loki was now apart of every aspect of Sakaarian celebrations. 
   “You must be Loki,” a woman smirked at him as she sipped her wine, “The Grandmaster’s new toy.” 
   “Toy?” Loki nearly scoffed, “I’m nobody’s toy, love. Now if you’ll excuse me.” The lady rolled her eyes as Loki pushed by her. 
  He sat at the bar, looking over the sea of people. All of them the same, no real purpose in life but where they were now. Loki liked it but he also hated the idea of such a lack of spontaneity. 
   “You look like you could use a drink,” a voice pulled Loki from his apparently obvious sulking.
   Loki peered up, readying to rip into whoever was next to annoy him but was met with the soft smirk of a rather illuminating bartender, “I beg your pardon?” 
   She chuckled, “I just mean you don’t look like you’re having the most fun.” 
   Loki sighed, “Guess not.” 
   The bartender sighed before quickly pulling together a drink, sliding the glass over to Loki. His brows furrowed as he eyed the drink, “On the house,” she slid it closer, “Like I said, it looks like you could use one.” 
   This only increased Loki’s suspicions. Why would this seemingly random stranger offer him a free drink? He picked up the drink, giving it a suspicious sniff. 
   “Believe me, if I wanted to poison you, I would’ve done it much earlier,” she chuckled as she wiped up the bar, “Just drink the damn glass,” she pushed the glass to his lips, Loki having no choice but to take a swig. 
   The alcohol burned his throat, like normal, but there was a certain sweetness to it that made it pretty enjoyable, “It’s good,” he smiled. 
   “See, no poison,” she winked before going to help another party-goer. 
   Loki moved himself to be nearer to her, “How have I never spoke to you before? I’ve been to nearly all of the Grandmaster’s parties since my arrival.” 
   She shrugged, “Guess nobody really pays attention to the bartender who will flirt her heart out but never go home with a person here. Besides, people find the Grandmaster rather intimidating.” 
   “What would the Grandmaster have to do with-” 
   “Ah Loki!” the Grandmaster had drunkenly danced over, joining the girl behind the bar and throwing his arm around her neck, “I see you’ve met my girl, Y/N.” 
   “Your girl?” Loki questioned. 
   The woman chuckled, “Maybe I should start serving you water instead, Father.” 
   “Father?” Loki questioned again. 
   “Adopted,” she chuckled, “And not even really that.” 
   “Oh stop,” the Grandmaster hiccuped, “You’re my daughter, regardless of blood.” 
   “Whatever you say, you drunk,” the girl giggled. A group of partiers came over, beckoning the Grandmaster back. 
   “Duty calls,” he winked before placing a kiss on the girl’s head and charging back into the crowd. 
   “So you’re not adopted?” Loki questioned. 
   The girl chuckled as she fixed him another drink, “Not technically, no. Umm, my mother was one of the Grandmaster’s pleasure maids but when he first took her, she made it clear that I had to come with her. And I guess the Grandmaster wanted her so bad that he took me in just the same. Been living here practically all my life.” 
   “And now you’re also one of his pleasure maids?” 
   “Heavens no,” she shook her head in disgust, “That’s gross. Almost made me lose my lunch there,” they both chuckled, “He lets me bar-tend and it gives me something to do. Also keeps me from the repulsive dance floor.”  
   “Not a big fan of dancing, I take it,” Loki teased. 
  “It’s more the people on the dance floor that I find repulsive. Sure, a fun dance partner here and there is wonderful but sometimes a girl just wants to dance without having someone’s hands on her ass; man, woman, or whomever. Know what I mean?” 
   Loki smiled, nodding, “Completely understand.” 
   “So,” she leaned across the bar, sliding him another glass, “Seems only fitting I ask your name.” 
   “Loki Odinson or Laufeyson, I’m not really partial to either so Loki works best,” he smirked, his eyes wandering to her exposed chest, “And you, my dear, are?” 
   “Y/N,” she smiled, eyeing the God up and down, “So you know my story, care to share yours?” 
   “Mines a lot longer and far more complicated,” he chuckled. 
   She leaned over more, her breasts spilling further from her blouse, “I’ve got lots of free time and nowhere to be.” 
   Loki smiled, “To make the long story short, I’m also adopted, in a way. Unlike you, I got saddled with a rather loathsome family in the realm of Asgard. My adopted brother, Thor, God of Thunder and Getting on My Last Nerve,” she laughed, “And a new-found sister, Hela, Goddess of Death and- well, just genuinely terrifying overall.” 
   Y/N laughed, “And your parents?” 
   Loki’s smile fell a bit, “They passed. Both just recently.” 
   “Loki,” she sighed, putting her hand on his, “I’m so sorry.” 
   He smiled quickly, “I wasn’t exactly my father’s favourite, or second, or even third. And believe me, I returned the affection,” he joked, “But my mother she, well she was something truly special. She saw something in me that others, or even myself have yet to see.” 
   “She sounds lovely,” Y/N smiled. 
   “She was,” Loki sighed, “But anyway, that’s all there really is.” 
   “And now you’re here. On Sakaar.” 
   “And now I’m here. On Sakaar,” Loki repeated, “What about your mother? She still involved with the Grandmaster?” 
   “No,” Y/N shook her head, “She actually passed when I was a teenager, rather long ago here on Sakaar.” 
   “I’m terribly sorry,” Loki apologised, “I didn’t mean-” 
   She waved it off, “I chose to answer, did I not? Besides, it was a long time ago. Can’t bring her back, though I wish I could, so there’s no use dwelling on it.” 
   Loki sighed, “Families truly are complicated,” he finished off his drink.
   “Here, here,” she raised his empty glass before clearing, “But,” she chuckled, pointing over to the Grandmaster dancing atop one of the tables, “He’s not so bad.”
   Loki chuckled, “It’s very kind of him to not force you to be one of his pleasure-maids.” 
   “Suppose it is,” she answered, “He promised my mother.” 
   “Promised her to not make you a pleasure maid?” Loki asked. 
   “No,” she giggled. Y/N took note of how handsome the God looked as he threw his head back when he laughed, “Promised I could live here as long as...” her voice floated off as she put away Loki’s glass. 
   “As long as what Y/N?” he met her alluring gaze as they both leaned over the bar. 
   “As long as I was a good girl,” she whispered as they drew nearer. 
   Loki smirked, “And are you?” 
   “Am I what, Loki?” she whispered as her eyes began to flutter close. 
   “A good girl,” Loki answered. 
   She smirked a bit, “In certain situations, I suppose.” 
   Loki chuckled, “What sorts of situations?” 
   “Why don’t you come find out?” she teased. And before they knew it, they were locked in a tussle of teeth, tongue and lips. Both of them pulling grunts and moans from the other. 
   “You have a bed chamber we could go to?” Y/N asked as she pulled away for a quick moment. 
   Loki pulled her lip between his teeth, “Follow me,” he grabbed her hand and dragged her from the party through the corridors of the Grandmaster’s estate. Finally they landed in the suite that the Grandmaster had gifted Loki with. 
   Loki slamming the door closed before pinning her against it, their lips once again meeting in a flurry of passion. 
   “Fucking hell,” she moaned as Loki’s lips bit, sucked, and licked nearly every inch of skin from her lips to the skin her blouse exposed. 
   Loki’s chest heaved as he pulled away, admiring the love bites he had littered over the tops of her breasts. His eyes going dark before he tore her blouse completely off, the buttons scattering across the floor and a gasp leaving her mouth. 
   “Don’t worry,” Loki spoke between kisses, “We’ll get you a new one.” 
   “Forget about the bloody shirt,” she panted as she moved to undo her bra, “Just fuck me please.” 
   Loki let out a deep chuckle as he admired her now exposed breasts, “Patience, pet. Let me ravish this extravagant body of yours.” 
   She blushed fiercely as Loki continued his descent down her body, kissing along the hem of her skirt, “Take it off,” she groaned. 
   “With pleasure,” the God of Mischief smirked, “And while we’re at it,” Loki gave his fingers a quick snap and the two of them were now both standing bare and heaving in front of the other.
   “H-how did you do that?” she panted as Loki returned his lips to hers. 
   “Just a bit of magic,” he answered between kisses. She pulled away, giving him a confused look, “Did I not mention that I’m a god?” 
   “A god?” she raised her brow. 
   “God of Mischief, to be exact,” he smirked.
   She let out a nervous chuckle, “You’re serious?” Loki nodded, “I don’t think I believe you, Loki.”
   Loki smirked before giving his fingers another snap. Y/N now found herself on Loki’s bed, her hands bound to the head board and her ankles tied to the foot of the bed; leaving her splayed as Loki jerked his cock in front of her. Y/N had never seen someone has well-endowed as Loki was, he had the most perfect cock she’d ever seen. 
   “Believe me now?” he smirked down at her. 
   She nodded nervously, “Yes.” 
   “Good,” he smiled before returning to ravish in her body. Marking it all over before he was face-to-face with her dripping heat, “My, my, I must have quite the effect on you, darling.” 
   Y/N tugged against the bindings on her ankles, trying to close her legs and get a bit of friction, “Please,” she pleaded. 
   “Begging already?” Loki teased, “How pathetic of you.” His hands moved to the tops of her knees, spreading her legs even further, “But who am I to deny such a pretty little thing of such pleasure?” 
   Before she could muster another word, Loki’s mouth was already working on her. His tongue flicking against her clit as he carefully traced her tight quim with two of his fingers. She clenched around nothing as Loki brought her slowly to the edge. 
   “Please, Loki. I’m begging you,” she whimpered. 
   Loki let out a groan against her core, sending a shiver up her spine, “Since you asked so nicely.” And just like that, his mouth worked frivolously against her as he railed two of his fingers into, curling them to hit that soft spot deep inside her. Y/N let out a loud moan at his actions as her back arched from the bed.  
   “LOKI!” she cried as Loki brought her closer and closer to her precipice. 
   “I love hearing you cry out for me,” Loki grunted as he kissed back up her body, his fingers continuing their assault on her tightening cunt, “I can feel you squeezing my fingers. You going to cum, pet?”
   She nodded excitedly, “Yes, please God. Need to cum.” 
   Loki chuckled, “Sorry, love. But there’s only one god here who can help you,” he smirked before pulling his fingers from her. A small whimper left her lips at the loss of touch. 
   “W-what’re you doing-” Loki caught her off with a harsh kiss. 
   “Remember, patience, love,” Loki snapped his fingers once again, the bindings on her legs disappearing. She moved to rub her thighs together but Loki already had them in his grasp as he hiked one over her shoulder and let the other wrap around his hip. 
   Y/N could feel the tip of his painfully hard cock, brushing against her entrance as Loki gathered her pleasure onto himself. 
   Her nails dug into her wrists bindings as she attempted to buck her hips up to encourage Loki, “Just f-fuck me,” she whimpered. 
   Loki smirked down at the lust-filled girl, “Just know, I have no intentions of being gentle.” Before she could speak another word, Loki thrusted himself in to the hilt. Y/N let out a scream-like moan as he filled her. 
   “F-fuck, your cock is so...” she couldn’t find the words to describe the feeling as Loki began to slowly rock back and forth inside of her. 
   “Look at you,” Loki smirked, “Already cock drunk and I haven’t even begun to fuck you like I truly want.” 
   “Harder,” her words barely registered with Loki before he began to pound into her drenched cunt. Moans, grunts, skin slapping, and filthy squelching noises filled the room. Anyone walking by would have to be an idiot to not know what was happening in there. Or they must’ve thought Loki was torturing her to death, but I suppose in a way, he was. 
   Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of head as Loki pushed himself further up her body, allowing himself to get even deeper inside her, “Fuck,” he grunted as he thrusted, “Can’t wait to fill this...bloody hell... tight cunt with my seed. Watch it drip out of you. And you’re going to love...shit... every second, aren’t you? Cause you’re a good girl. A good fucking cum slut.” 
   Her back arched off the bed at Loki’s degrading, “Fill me up. P-please, I need it so bad, Loki.” 
   He reached down to squeeze her jaw, forcing her to look at him, “I’m a god, pet. And you will address me as such. Now...fuck... who’s your god?” 
   “Y-you are,” she panted. 
   Loki began to pound into her even harder, if that was possible, “What was that, love? Didn’t quite catch-” 
   “FUCK! YOU ARE. YOU’RE MY GOD!” she scram as the knot in her stomach grew even tighter. 
   “That’s a good fucking girl,” Loki growled as he drilled into her, his balls tightening at the feeling of her wet cunt squeezing him as they both neared their highs. 
   “Cumming,” she whimpered, “LOKI! FUCK!” What felt like a bolt of lighting ripped through her whole body as she covered Loki’s cock in her orgasm. 
   “Fucking hell,” Loki groaned as his thrusts grew sloppy. The look on her face as he fucked her through the orgasm he had given her was enough to force him to paint the inside of her velvet walls completely. 
   Both of them stilled for a moment, attempting to regain their breathing. Loki thrusted a bit, fucking his cum further into her. 
   “My god,” she whimpered as he moved through her. 
   “Had to make sure you felt it all,” Loki sighed, both of them groaning as he finally pulled himself from her cunt. 
   Loki’s mouth practically watered at the sight of his cum dripping from her quim onto the silk sheets of his bed. He laid a kiss to her sweaty forehead before collapsing next to her. 
   “Guess I underestimated the power of a god,” Y/N chuckled breathlessly. 
   “Let’s hope you don’t make that mistake again,” Loki smiled as he kissed her softly. 
   “So this is going to happen again?” she smiled, a hint of nervousness in her fucked-out eyes. 
   Loki smirked before kissing her again, “I don’t think I could stay away from such a good girl.” 
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frodo-sam · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I choose to run toward my problems and not away from them. Because that’s what heroes do.
THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) dir. Taika Waititi
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angelkhi · 25 days ago
Jealousy, Jealousy - L.L
Pairing: Priest!Loki x Reader
Summary: You turn to anonymous confession at your local church to help solve your problems, though the priests solution seems far from holy.
Warnings: SMUT 18+, both Loki & reader are kind of switches???., handjob, blasphemy, language obvs, oral (f), dirty talk?, cum play?, overstimulation, crying?, some mentions of loneliness, squirting?
Word count: 2.6k
A little note: Fleabag ruined me! anyways, here's some sins in the confessional <3 As always sorry for any typos, and let me know if I miss any warnings!
Tumblr media
The whole religious lifestyle had never really been your thing, even your presence beneath the looming arches and holy paintings felt sacrilegious. You're not entirely sure what you're doing there, what drove you to believe a confessional booth would solve the many problems in your life, but here you are.
The building is magnificent, dark wooden beams running up the walls and crossing along the grand white ceilings. A pipe organ adorns a large section of the left hand wall, surrounded by four aisles of wooden pews. The alter is surrounded by a large stain glass window, a large cross at the centre, behind the pure stone communion table. Though you had little knowledge or desire for the religion itself, you can't deny the sheer beauty of the place.
"Can I help you?" The voice echos about the vast space, startling you from your spot to turn and look at the culprit. He's a tall man, loose dark curls, mossy green eyes, clerical collar; he was singlehandedly both the most holy and sinful thing you'd witness in your lifetime. He was also by the looks of things, a priest.
"I uh, wanted to- confession. I've come to confession." The words are quite the opposite of elegant and you blame it on the way he squares his already broad shoulders, the lean muscles on his chest pushing against the cotton black shirt.
"Of course. Come." Yes father. "I'm Father Laufeyson, but if it makes me easier you can call me Loki." He offers out a hand for you to shake, which you gladly accept offering a small smile in the process. His skin is soft, warm and inviting, so much so you're not sure how you managed to drop his hand. His eyes linger for a moment, something not quite sacred or holy within them but you brush it off, and allow him to guide you to a secluded corner of the church where two little cubby holes are separated by two ancient wooden doors.
He pulls one open and gestures for you to step inside, shutting it behind you with a dull thud. A gentleman, you think to yourself. But those eyes. There's something in them. Father Laufeyson's door thuds shut some seconds later and a comfortable silence falls over the two of you.
"I've never really done this before," you speak lightly, "I'm not sure where to even start."
"I'll guide you, don't worry. Repeat after me, 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned, this is my first confession'," He waits for you to repeat after him and continues, "Tell me your sins."
Maybe it's it's voice, the mighty boom of respect with slightly sensual undertones that has your thighs rubbing together, sexual thoughts about a priest, whilst in a church, a sin in itself. You force your brain to settle, the thoughts to subside and will a strength to your voice before you divulge.
"I'm not sure why I'm here, maybe cause it's cheaper than therapy, I don't know," you pause, silently kicking yourself until you hear his breathy laugh, lacking no sort of grace, a hymn in its own right.
"Go on, I won't judge anything you say." You can hear the smile in his voice as he goes on to say, "Scouts honour,"
It's your turn to laugh now as you relax more into the decrepit wooden bench that creaks if you so much as breath a little too loud. The silence is both comforting and deafening, knowing that the second you start talking all you'll want to hear is that silence.
"I'm jealous, of my friends, of everyone. They're all falling in love and I'm alone. And I guess I'm jealous of them." You pause for a moment, mulling over your thoughts and how to best speak them to a fucking priest of all people.
"Go on." Those two little words of encouragement, especially from his mouth, is like turning on a tap and you're unable to control yourself as your words spill out.
"They're all off going out, having fun,  meeting new people, finding guys that are actually interested in them and having mind blowing sex which I know is... a lot of sinning but maybe... maybe I want to sin too."
"Then sin."
"Excuse me?" His words take you aback, the sheer bluntness of his tone.
"The only way to recognise good is to know bad, so sin. Sin til your hearts content, as long as you confess, God will always forgive your sins." Father Laufeyson speaks some wisdom to you, even if you roll your eyes at the religious part, but what do you expect, he's a priest after all.
"Isn't that kind of against your job description? Telling me to sin? And regardless. I wouldn't know where to even start."
"Maybe so, but you need my help and I'm offering it to you," His breath is deep and contemplative, gripping a tight leash on his control, "Come here."
Once again you're startled, not by his words but by the tone. By the sensual command that has you on your feet and wandering to his side of the confessional booth, the two of you in the tiny space leaning no room for personal space.
"Is this allowed?"
"I wouldn't say so no. Only if you want it." Lust. That look in his eyes, the one from earlier, it was a moment unbridled, pure lust. He was offering himself to you like some sort of sin shrouded communion.
You do. You want it so bad you'll be confessing til the day you die, but you also have no self control so you let him guide you to his lap and take a seat across his firm thighs.
"I need to hear you say you want it, kitten." He almost purrs against your ear, and it's impossible to uphold your morals and say no.
"I want it, Father. Please."
His kiss is searing hot, a secure hand on the small of your back making sure you have nowhere to move as he grinds up against you, the small amount of friction leaving you whimpering like the desperate, touch starved slut you are.
Loki's hands leave you only to undo the top few buttons on his shirt and remove his clerical collar. Father Laufeyson's shirt is unbuttoned, collar discarded, the tiny glimpse of his chest eggs you on further, your hips moving rhythmically over the rough material of his trousers bringing yourself more pleasure than you'd like to admit.
The button on his trousers pops open easily and they're loose enough for you to palm his dick out of his boxer briefs. Loki sucks in a cheerful of air when your fingers circle him, squeezing his base a little and thumbing at his slit, oozing with pre cum. He was putty in your hands from the moment you touched him, but to undo him completely, my god would it be beautiful.
"Fuck kitten, you feel so good," He groans right into your ear, his words going straight to your core.
Loki is writhing beneath you, panting breathy moans into your ear, his hips thrusting up into your hand, using you to get himself off.
"Good boy, Father. Fuck my fist, c'mon," Loki's mouth opens wide, the sound getting stuck in his throat, "You like it when I tell you how good you're being for me?" A nod and hum are all he can muster, but you don't mind. Breaking him down to this, having him under your control with only your fist is an achievement.
His cock is red and weeping, begging for release, his mouth finding any piece of exposed skin to mark you as his, your shoulder, neck, and chest covered in deep red bruises. He's muttering constantly, begging, rattling off please into your skin.
You find his lips once more, unable to keep quiet as you bring yourself closer to release, his hand on your hip rocking you at a steady pace.
"Kitten, please. Darling, c'mon."
The priests own guttural whimpers are enough to finish you there and then. You'd give anything to have that spent look in his eyes be the only thing you see for the rest of your life, the way his face crumbles with the pleasure, the way he pants and writhes.
His pleasure is the most important thing in that moment, you want him broken beneath you spilling on your hand, completely succumbed to your touch and my god is he close.
"Fucking shit, I'm so close darling, so close. Don't stop." He begs. The six foot something, broad shouldered man succumbed to nothing by just the grip of your hand. Your grin is feral when he moans loudly into your ear, especially when he blushes for making it so disgustingly obvious what the two of you are up to, even if the church is empty.
Father Laufeyson's hips lift from the creaking bench, fucking up into your hand, using you to chase his orgasm until his chest is heaving and he's shooting rope after rope of hot cum onto your hand, forcing you to swallow his moans as he kisses you, his tongue pushing into your mouth claiming you just as much as you claim him.
You pull away when your lungs start to burn from the lack of air, his hips jerking into the few extra pumps you deliver to him, until he's wining for you to stop. You lock eyes with him, the mossy bright green even darker than they were some moments ago, a sensual haze washing over him as you bring your hand to your mouth, licking up his seed from your skin until there's nothing left.
Both your ragged breathes are the only sound in the church, the only sound that you care about. His thumb swipes over your bottom lip and you're on him in a flash, sucking his thumb into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it until he pulls it free and mutters fuck it under his breath.
Loki is on his knees in a heartbeat, his hands frantic as he undoes your jeans, pulling them off, sparing your soaked panties instead pushing them to the side. He's reckless from the first taste, eating your cunt like its his first meal in months. He's an expert, the way he nuzzles his face into you, fucking you with his tongue whilst his broad nose stimulates your clit.
Your hand is locked around your mouth, muffling the borderline screams that are near impossible to keep at bay. You're practically biting down on your skin, the lingering taste of his cum making you impossibly wetter.
He comes up for air, sucking bruises onto your thighs, his hands spreading you wider, lifting one of your legs over his bread shoulder. Loki pulls your destroyed panties down, stuffing them into your mouth to quiet your moans, leaning your hands free to roam his hair and shoulders.
"All spread open for me kitten, my god you're fucking gorgeous." He blows a strip of cold air against your wet folds, "I'm gonna ruin this cunt. Shit you're fuckin' delectable, what did I do to deserve this?"
He doesn't wait for an answer, nuzzling his head between your legs. Father Laufeyson's fingers dig into your thighs, his tongue circling your clit lightly followed by his lips closing around it, sucking with a perfect pressure that has your hips grinding onto his face.
He wastes no time, slipping two of his slim fingers into your soaked hole and you swallow him up with ease. Loki hits spots you didn't know existed with his curled digits, massaging your soft walls over and over til your legs are like jelly.
"Father, fuck, m'so close." Your voice is muffled against the wet fabric in your mouth and he reaches up to pull it free, allowing you to talk.
"Beg for it,"
Lord have fucking mercy.
"Father Laufeyson, please I need it so bad. Need to cum around your fingers, on your face. Wanna watch you eat my cunt till I cum. Father please."
He'd soon find out if hell was warm putting on such a display, here of all places and it seemed you'd be joining him, your filthy words only intensifying his actions. Your panties are back in your mouth and with good reason. He sucks on your clit as though his life depends on it, the sheer amount of pressure making for an intense orgasm. 
Your writhing on that same bench he was just moments before, creaming around his fingers that he continues to fuck into you at a such bruising pace, you're unsure if your legs will even carry you out of the booth.
"Want a special one, Kitten. Can you do that for me? Can you squirt on my face?"
You'd never done it before, not by your own accord or anyone else's yet you're still nodding at his request, each sound dampened by the lace and cotton between your teeth. You'd go to hell and back if he asked you at this point.
He reapplies that same pressure with his mouth, swirling his tongue under the head of your clit, the feeling in your lower abdomen familiar yet strange. It soon turns into an overwhelming urge to pee until he pushes you even beyond that, his fingers and tongue unforgiving, seeking what he wants no matter the repercussions.
The sensation is so intensely good and overwhelming you can't help but cry, both in frustration and pleasure. You're almost sobbing as he fucks up into your spent pussy. When Father Laufeyson looks up to see the tears on your cheeks, your eyes almost as wet as your pussy he works with no mercy, desperate to catch your release.
Two more pumps from his slender digits and flick of his sinfully skilled tongue have you gushing, your legs tensing and relaxing in spasms of pleasure. He's unrelenting as he licks up every last drop, not stopping until you're shoving him away from you, the feeling too overwhelming. His cheeks and chin glisten with your juices and he's grinning like a madman, his eyes transfixed between your weeping eyes and spent cunt. He's sure he's going to hell after that display but if this is what hell is like, he doesn't mind. Not one bit.
Loki kisses both of your cheeks, and then your lips and you taste yourself and the saltiness of your never ending stream of tears. Oh how the tables had turned, the cocky bastard that was grinning against your lips was sat exactly where you are begging for his own release, and now look at him. The cat that got the cream. He hoists you up, just enough that he can put you on his lap, straddling his half hard, clothed cock.
"You're perfect. Never tasted a pussy like yours, gonna have to keep you all myself from now on." He grinds up into you once, laughing quietly at just how sensitive you are.
"Bet none of your friends can say they've fucked a priest." He pokes. You're half way to offended by his brash words in such a sacred space until you consider your current position, him between your legs, half hard cock pressed up against your weeping pussy, in a dark confessional booth, oh and the fact you just let a priest give you head in church.
"Technically, neither can I Father." You taunt.
"Not for long, kitten."
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stewartandtheskids · 7 months ago
As long as he’s okay I’m okay 😌🙏
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