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Day 3 of @dumbassunderthemountain​ 13 Days of Spooky Writing Event

Company x ocAurelia Castillo (featured in this Hobbit fic)

Warnings: Cursing. Lia gets spooked, but nothing serious. Kili and Fíli shenanigans.

Word count: 847

A/N: this fic is featuring my oc Aurelia, but it can also be read as just an x reader ig. This one is shorter than my previous two.


Originally posted by sukeban-senpai

“Thorin, are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” Aurelia asked. 

“Aurelia, you are our guest—“

“Of honor, because I saved you and your nephews’ lives, yeah sure,” Aurelia said impatiently. 

He’d given her the same speech before.

“I did it because I love you guys. But I’m getting bored here. Just give me something to do. Please?”

Thorin stares at her for a moment, considering. He sighed. 

“My sister, Fíli and Kili’s mother, is coming soon. You can clean and prepare her room. Get someone to help you,” he said. 

“Great, I can do that!” Aurelia said. “Um, but I don’t know where her room is.”

Thorin rose from his desk chair. Even at his full height, he was still quite a few inches shorter than Aurelia, her being a human. 

“Come. I will show you.”

He led her through the maze of halls, never once hesitating. It amazed her. It had been a few months since they reclaimed the mountain, and she still got lost. Someone had to guide her whenever she went anywhere other than her room, the kitchen, or the library. Thorin stopped in front of a room in a darkened hall. 

“This is her room. Many things may need to be repaired or replaced. Leave that to us.”

Thorin looked at her sharply. Aurelia nodded quickly, holding her hands up in surrender. No one wanted a repeat of what happened last time she went in the forges. 

“You know where to obtain cleaning supplies.” Thorin opened the door. “I hope you’ll have fun.”

Aurelia leaned forward to peer into the room. There were cobwebs covering every surface, the air was musty, and some of the metal decór was rusted. The blankets and clothes were threadbare; they had obviously been nibbled on by moths. Aurelia‘s eyebrows rose. 

“Problem?” Thorin asked. 

“Uhh, no, no, it’s just… isn’t there another room I can clean? Do they need help in the armory, maybe?”

“No, they do not. I thought you said you wanted to help?”

“Thorin.” Aurelia pointed into the room. “That’s fucking spooky. You said ghosts are real in Middle Earth right? What if there’s one in there right now?”

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Day 2 of @dumbassunderthemountain​ 13 Days of Spooky Writing Event

Dwarf!reader with gender neutral pronouns

Warnings: minor injury, murdered family, but nothing graphic

Word count: 1558

A/N: I know I’m a day late, but I was halfway done yesterday so I didn’t want to leave it unfinished.


(not my gif, found it by DinahRedmon on Tenor)

Kili groaned. “I think it’s broken.”

“Oh Mahal, stop whining, it’s not broken.”

“I think I’m going to die.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Tell Fíli and uncle I love them.”

“Tell them yourself, you big baby,” Y/N laughed. 

Kili smiled up at them from where he had fallen on the ground. He sat up and inspected his ankle. It was swelling already. He looked up at Y/N. 

“I think I’ll need some help,” he said, his time serious now. 

Y/N sighed. They held out their hand and helped him up. He leaned on them until they got back to their campsite, where one of the other dwarves tended to him. Thorin frowned at Kili before pulling Y/N aside. 

“What happened?” he asked. 

“He fell. Looks like a sprained ankle, it’s a bit swollen.”

“Can he walk?”

“With difficulty.”

Thorin grunted and glanced at the sky. Clouds were gathering. 

“We may need better shelter,” he said. 

“I can scout ahead with Fíli,” Y/N offered. “Maybe there’s a cave nearby.”

Thorin thought for a moment, then nodded. “Be careful.”

“Of course.”

Y/N grabbed Fíli and told him about the situation. They searched the surrounding area, going as far as a kilometer. Finally, they found a clearing. 

“It’s a house!” Fíli exclaimed. 

Y/N frowned. “In the middle of the woods?” 

“Well, why not? Let’s go see if anyone’s home.”

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Originally posted by sirhenry

Y/n looked up and stepped forward to ward Balin to see a barge floating nearby in the river behind the man with his bow still strung. Balin stepped closer with his hands up speaking quite calmly and respectfully to the man.

“Excuse me, but, uh you’re from Laketown, if I’m not mistaken? That barge over there, it wouldn’t be available for hire, by any chance.”

The man lowered his bow and walked away looking away from the others as he climbed up onto the barge speaking in a cold matter.

“What makes you think I will help you?”

Balin spoke once more with a smile on his face.

“Those boots have seen better days.”

Y/n watched as the man started collecting the barrels from the river onto the barge. She could see the man examining the barrels with a cautious look as Balin continued to try to persuade the man.

“As has that coat. No doubt you have some hungry mouths to feed. How many bairns?”

The man did not look at Balin but spoke with a bit more emotion in his voice.

“A boy and two girls.”

“And your wife, I’d imagine she’s a beauty.”

“Aye…She was.”

Y/n noticed Balin shoulder sink and his smile fade as the meaning of those words reached deep to her heart. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Suddenly Dwalin interrupted his brother as he marched forward in front of Thorin who in turn watched the man with suspicion in his eyes. 

“Enough with the niceties!”

The man spoke up toward Dwalin in a much more annoyed tone than before. 

“What’s your hurry?”

“What’s it to you!” Dwalin yelled as Balin pinched his brow begging to himself that his brother would stop making such a scene. Y/n stepped forward in front of Balin, the man watched as she spoke calm with eyes gleaming with understanding.

“Sir, I know what you must be thinking as finding dwarves being rushed through the river drenched head to toe, probably the strangest sight you ever saw. But please understand we simply are trying to reach the town to rest and regain our strength from the long journey here.”

Y/n quickly looked to the others and then back to the man placing a gentle hand over her stomach away from the others glance. The man looked down at her seeing the small gesture and looked toward the barrels seeing the many dents and arrows that had pierced them. He sighed as he spoke.

“I don’t know what business you had with the elves, but I don’t think it ended well. No one enters Laketown but by leave of the Master. All his wealth comes from trade with the Woodland Realm. He will see you in irons before risking the wrath of King Thranduil.”

“Then perhaps a payment is due for your services. We will gladly pay you double then for safe passage.”

Y/n heard the others gasp as the man smirked at Y/n.


After Y/n managed to convince they would pay him, the others helped Kili on board as the rest started to ring out their clothes and searched their pockets for any possible remaining money on hand. Y/n sat near the front of the barge while Kili laid his head on her lap as she hummed to him to help him gain any rest she could provide. She overheard the others whisper to each other. 

“I say we throw him over the side and be done with him.” Dwalin said as some of the others nodded in agreement. Bilbo on the other hand answered with a hint of annoyance toward the dwarves.

“Bard. his name is Bard.”

“How do you know?”

“I asked him.”

Dwalin seemed even more angered by this and whispered to Thorin.

“How do we know he won’t betray us?”

Thorin looked over Dwalin shoulder toward Bard and whispered.

“We don’t.”

The others started to speak as Balin tried his best to convince them that this was the best way to reach the town. Y/n simply shook her head as she cared for Kili. She saw Fili looking over the front of the barge looking upward in awe, her eyes followed his looking up to see through the thin fog the Lonely Mountain. Y/n overheard the other gasp as the beautiful sight before them. Y/n felt a gentle hand on her shoulder looking up to see Thorin smiling at the sight. His home, to see it after so many years she knew that in his heart he was pleased to see such a familiar yet foreign sight.

Y/n watched a Bard walked over approaching the others quickly. 

“Quick, give the money to me.”

Thorin spoke in a defensive tone.

“We’ll pay you when we get our provisions, but not before.”

“If you value your freedom, you’ll do as i say. There are guards ahead.”

Y/n looked ahead to see the rooftops of the Laketown buildings nearby. Bard quickly turn to the others and ushered for everyone to hide in the barrels. The company quickly followed his order, Y/n allowed Fili to help Kili into his as Thorin helped her into her own. She smiled a bit as he helped her but quickly hid as the others hurried inside the barrels. 

As the barge slowed down by a nearby dock. Y/n overheard bard walking off the barge and started speaking in hushed whispers.

“Shh, what’s he doing?”

Bilbo peered through a hole in his barrel and spoke out to the others for them to know.

“He’s talking to someone. And he’s…pointing right at us.”

Y/n could hear the anxiousness in his voice as the other whispered of Bard betraying them. Everyone grew silent as the sounds of footsteps were heard as coming closer with every second. Suddenly the barrels were filled with dead fish to the brim upon them causing the others to splutter in surprise and disgust. The sound of the barge leaving the port back toward the city gates. Bard stayed silent as the sounds of guard walking onto the barge with a foul man speaking to Bard with words as cruel as a snake’s bite. 

“Your job is fetch these barrels empty and to bring them back. But here they are filled with fish.”

“That’s none of your business.” Bard said in an intimidating voice

“Wrong, it’s the masters business, which makes it my business.”

“The people need to eat!”

“These fish are illegal…toss them overboard!”

The company felt the barrels being lifted over to the side ever so slightly as a few fish fell off the top.

“Folk in this town are struggling. Times are hard! Food is scarce!”

“Not my problem.”

“And when the people hear the Master is dumping fish back in the lake, when the rioting starts, will it be your problem then?”

Y/n and the others heard nothing.


Y/n and the others sighed as the sound of the gate was raised as the sound of Bard stirring the barge into the city. Y/n managed to peek a glance outside the barrel seeing the town was quite poor and in shambles. Many channels spread through the town with various other boats floating along the walkways and ports. 

The sound of the barge stopping and the small knock along the barrels gave the others signal to knock over the barrels and out of the pile of fish. Dwalin the first being quite livid at being in such a situation. Thorin immediately helped Y/n.

“Are you alright?”

“Other than the fish smell…I’m alright.”

Thorin gave a small smirk as the others helped each other out of barrels. Bard looked to the few fishermen nearby and tossed each of them a coin in return for silence. 

As Bard lead them through the town under close watch the sudden appearance of a young lad walking up to Bard. 

“Da! our house, it’s being watched.”

Bard looked around and quickened the others into the water hidden behind one of the houses. After carefully swimming under the beams toward Bards home the other waited under the house to hear the the sounds of two girls inside. Thorin carefully helped Y/n beside her as Kili was helped by Fili and Bilbo. 

The sound of three knocks above them signaled for them to enter from the floorboards. For now they were safe from prying eyes…for the time being.

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October stories & giggles

Pairing: Fili x reader x Kili

Warnings/triggers: Mention of death, Kili without two decidious teeth

Genre: fluff

Word: Haunted building – Day 2/13

Word count: 562

A/N: Second day, I hope you’ll like it!

Tags: @dumbassunderthemountain@legolasoftherings@red-riding@moony-artnstuff@artsywaterlily

Message me if you want to be added/removed from tag list.


Originally posted by sweet-cider

 „It’s time for bed, little ones!“ Dis clapped her hands. You looked up from your place, where you were doodling to your notebook on the floor, wrapped in a blanket near a fireplace.

„But Amad, Uncle Thorin promised to tell us a story!“ Fili exclaimed. Kili was close behind.

„Yeah, where’s Unca‘ Thorin?“ He curiously looked around, as if he would be hiding somewhere. You rolled your eyes.

„Kili, Uncle is outside. You’ve seen him to go there before.“ Kili’s eyebrows furrowed.

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Thorin: Oh my God, did you put glitter in our laundry detergent?

Kili: Oh yeah, I’m experimenting with some new entrepreneurial ideas. That one’s called Sparkle Suds. Dress loud.

Thorin: Will you stop putting glitter in everything? This morning you put glitter in the butter.

Kili: Disco Dairy. Spread the party.

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October 19th: Potion

Day 1 of @dumbassunderthemountain​ 13 Days of Spooky Writing Event

Bilbo x femReader fluff

Warnings: none

Word count: 1204

A/N: Yay, here we are!


Originally posted by butteryplanet

“Master Baggins, keep up!” Thorin called. 

Bilbo huffed, jogging to catch up with the last in line. As soon as he reached her he fell to a walk. 

“Are you okay, Bilbo?” she asked him. 

Cora was Gandalf’s apprentice. After Gandalf vouched for her, Thorin begrudgingly allowed her on the quest. She and Bilbo were sort of in the same situation in this way. But while Thorin was short with Bilbo, he often seemed to act warmer towards Cora. She knew that it made Bilbo feel even more excluded. 

“Oh, fine,” Bilbo responded. “It’s a beautiful day to be marching through the forest.”

Cora gave him a soft, kind smile. 

“You’ll get used to it,” she said. 

He made a noncommittal noise, his shoulders drooping. 

“Don’t worry, Bilbo,” Cora said. “It’ll be alright. You’ll see.”

The next morning, Cora sat with Bombur as he cooked breakfast. Bilbo watched them as he rolled up his sleeping pack. Cora was laughing at something Bombur said and play-fighting with the princes. Bilbo sighed and looked away. He thought that he and Cora were growing closer. But this morning she had been ignoring him, just like most of the company. He ran through all their conversations, wondering if he had said something to offend her. Perhaps she didn’t care about him after all. 

When Bombur was done cooking breakfast, Bilbo left his seat to go grab a bowl. As soon as he stood, he was surprised by Cora standing right in front of him. She smiled at him, holding a bowl of whatever Bombur made and a cup of what looked like tea. 

“Here you go, Bilbo,” she said. “Eat up. You’ll need your strength today.”

Bilbo blinked owlishly.

“Oh, yes, thank you,” he said, taking the bowl and cup from her. “Is this tea?”

Cora nodded. “Yes. It’s good, drink up.”

She sat beside him and they ate their breakfast in silence. Bilbo was quietly pleased. Maybe she wasn’t ignoring him after all. 

That good feeling followed him throughout the day. With Cora next to him, even Thorin’s glares and angry muttering couldn’t get to him. He also found he had more energy, and kept up with the group more easily. He and Cora talked while they walked. They talked about the Shire, about his home, and she listened with great interest. Few outsiders had been to the Shire, after all. After having been to Bilbo’s home, she couldn’t deny feeling the attraction of a quiet and comfortable life. 

The next morning was the same. Cora went and sat with Bombur, then brought Bilbo his breakfast and a cup of tea. While they walked, she talked about her home, and how she came to be Gandalf’s apprentice. Bilbo was excited to learn about magic and magic users. She didn’t go into detail, however, preferring to talk about her adventures on the road with Gandalf. 

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Commissions are OPEN!

How will I be doing this?

I’m doing commissions! This is how I will be doing it: You can send a request for a one-shot, preference or a matchup (pricing will be below) to my inbox. Depending on how many I will receive I won’t be able to start writing them at the same time, but once I do start writing your request I will send you a message, and then you can pay me before-hand. No matter how reliable you are, you will have to pay me before-hand, because I don’t want to risk me working hard on a request and then not getting paid for it when that was the deal.

When I start working on your request I will send you my account number so you can transfer the money to me.

Read my Rules (link in bio) to see what I will and will not write. Remember that I am still allowed to turn down a request if I don’t feel like writing it (obviously I will tell you this before you pay me).


One-shot ($10,00):

  • You can put in as many details as you like, as long as you still give me the creative freedom to turn it into a story. What I mean by that is that you have to make sure that your request does not make up the whole story, because then I won’t be able to write anything.

Preference ($4,00 - $6,00):

  • 3 - 4 characters will cost $4,00
  • 5 - 6 characters will cost $6,00
  • If you request more than 6 characters the price will change depending on the amount of characters you request, this will be discussed one I message you.

Matchup ($5,00 - $10,00):

  • A normal matchup will look like this and costs $5,00
  • A special matchup will look the same +  a short drabble on how you two met and costs $10,00
  • Please specify whether you want a normal of a special matchup.


Because I need to message you, it’s important that when you send in a request you don’t go anonymous. I will not judge you for what you want me to write. If you don’t want me to tag your username/publicly post your ask when posting your request you can tell me, I will simply post the request without your username and then send you a message.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

- Moony

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