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#thorin oakenshield x oc

“When are you going to marry Uncle Thorin,” Fili asked  as he put his toy sword back in his toy box. I heard Dis let out a chuckle behind me as she cradled her youngest son, Kili. 

“He’d have to ask her first,” Dis commented, laughter lacing her voice, as she placed Kili in his little bed before moving to tuck Fili in. 

“Dis,” I sighed, chuckling slightly as I shook my head. 

“I’m sure Thorin has enough on his mind without having to have the pressure of courting and a marriage,” I explained., causing her to raise her eyebrows slightly.  It was no lie,I had feelings for Thorin, I had since we were children, sure we flirted occasionally as we grew older, but nothing serious-however lately I must admit, he had been spending a lot more time with me lately, but I tried not to put too much thought into it. He’s a King, yes I’m close with his sister and his nephews…but that didn’t make me worthy of his love. He deserved someone so much better than me…someone worthy of him. I was pulled back from my thoughts when Dis tapped my shoulder, I looked up to see Fili and Kili both sound asleep; a small smile tugged my face at the cuteness of the pair. 

“Hard to believe they’re so energetic during the day,they look so peaceful,” Dis whispered, as we both left the room quietly. 

“You should tell him,” Dis remarked as she closed the door to the Fili and Kilis room. 

“Are you mad?” I asked, her statement catching me off guard. 

“Fili is a child and even he can see the feelings that you two have for each other,” She retorted, and I just merely shook my head at her statement. 

“Why won’t you tell him? I see the way you look at him and I see the way he looks at you; he’s in love with you, Adeen and you’re in love with him,” her tone going somewhat serious as she said those words. I couldn’t help but sigh at her words…this wasn’t the first time we’d had a discussion like this.

“He deserves better than-” 

“Don’t, don’t say that. That’s all you’ve ever said since we were children ourselves. He wants you, just you, as you are. He’s in love with you!” She whisper shouted with a sympathetic look in her eyes, as my eyes fell to the floor. There were so many prettier Dwarves than me, I just couldn;t see how Thorin would feel the things that she was saying. I was about to protest her statement when I was cut off by a throaty cough, my eyes shot up and I saw Thorin appear round the corner. I bowed slightly, at the sight of him. 

“How many times do I need to tell you Adeen, you don’t need to bow to me?” Thorin asked. 

“You’re my King, it’s tradition to bow to your king,” I answered, causing a little smirk to etch the corner of his mouth. 

“I’m just going to leave you two to it,” Dis said, walking past her brother, but not before whispering something in his ear, something that made his attention fix on me. 

“Walk with me?” He asked, I nodded, no longer trusting my voice. We walked in silence for a while, my mind racing about what Dis had said to him, along with what she had said to me, not only tonight but all the times before that. 

“Thorin?” I asked, my mouth thinking faster than my brain, my steps halting as I said his name; a confused look came across his face as he turned around to look at me. As I felt his eyes on me, I felt a familiar red tint come upon my cheeks as my brain finally caught up with the thoughts that were spinning around in my head. I opened my mouth a few times, trying to speak the words I was so desperate to say, but nothing came out. I looked like a fool. Attempting to save myself from further embarrassment, I turned around and began walking away, only to feel Thorins hand on my arm, turning me back around so I was facing him. And then he did something I’d only ever dreamed of. He kissed me. 

“I’m…I’m sorry,” He mumbled when I didn’t reciprocate the kiss. I looked at him for a moment, trying to process what had just happened, clearly my mouth was thinking faster than my brain again because before I could say anything, I placed my lips on his. I felt his confusion at first, but then I felt the smile that tugged his lips as he kissed me back. 

“I love you..” I whispered as we pulled away from the kiss. 

“I love you too, Amralime, I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you,” he whispered against my lips. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest as he connected our lips again. 

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Summary: A story about young-and-not-yet-brooding (well, not much, at least) prince Thorin and his beloved dwarf maiden, Ása. It is set sometime before Smaug’s attack. Have you ever wondered what could have happened if Thorin met the love of his life before succumbing to the Dragon Sickness? Well, then you’re in the right place!

You can read all the previous chapters on AO3 here.

Relationships: Thorin Oakenshield x Original Female Character

Word Count: 4,5k

Warnings: Attempted Rape/Non-Con, Violence, Smut, Fluff, Angst with a Happy Ending, Alternate Universe (sorry, professor Tolkien!)

A/N: Since English is not my first language, I’m sorry for any errors in advance. This is my first FF ever :)

Let me know if you want to be tagged!


Chapter 32:  Idazûl

Thráin. His cursed father. Thorin grunted as he quickly walked through the corridors of the Royal Chambers of Erebor, trying to avoid any unwanted attention. The Viper struck again, catching them unsuspecting and completely off-guard. First, he used his son, his own heir, to secure high profits from trade with Ered Luin and potential access to a possible, but not yet confirmed new source of mithril. To cement this treaty, his father wanted him to marry princess Dalia in a couple of years. And now, Thráin was doing everything he could to make yet another arranged marriage happen. It was supposed to take Ása, Thorin’s One, away from him, all the way to the distant Red Mountains in the east. His father was purposefully separating him from his Azyungal. Such premeditated cruelty was unheard of. How could he do such a thing to his own son?! Thorin’s blood boiled with fury, he wanted to turn around, get to his father’s chamber at once and keep shouting at him until Thráin would finally start listening.

A recollection of Ása’s pale face, of the tears running down her cheeks, made him realize that it all would have to wait. There was something else he needed to do before he and his One could fulfill their hearts’ desires. He still couldn’t believe it and promised himself to thank Lady Barba for the idea as soon as he could. Idazûl. Instead of going through the unending months or even years of courting, he and Ása were to invoke an ancient custom of their people. According to the old manuscript, this tradition started in the era of great wars with Nargûn that claimed many dwarven lives. Most of the dwarven warriors of that time constantly traveled from one battlefield to another and only a handful of them had the luxury of time to court their beloved. A simple handfasting ceremony followed by bedding was enough to consider a couple married in the eyes of Mahal if both of them entered into their union of their own free will. Only then they were allowed to braid their marriage braids.

That was exactly what Thorin and Ása were going to do. When they were wedded, the prince mused with satisfaction, his father would have no choice but to accept it. They would be one step ahead of Thráin, he and his Ása, his beautiful wife . Soon, they would exchange their vows, and then, he would make her forever his, body and mind.

Thorin hastened his pace, trying to shake off and leave behind the red-hot thoughts that sipped into his mind like molten iron finding its way into a mold, showing him all the luscious things he wanted to do to her as soon as they were alone. First, however, there was the small matter of bringing another witness for their handfasting ceremony. He promised Ása he would fetch Jutta as quickly and as quietly as possible. It would not do if they were to be found out by his father before they joined their lives forever.

Thorin turned into the empty corridor leading to Ása’s and Jutta’s adjacent chambers when he saw a tall Dwarf with a long strip of hair on top of his bald, tattooed head. He kept walking back and forth, mumbling something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like “Knock on that door, you stupid Dwarf!”.

The prince’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Dwalin, what are you doing here?!”

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A/N: Thorin is really a softie. We all know it.

Eleniel is Lord Elrond’s youngest; the equivalent of a seven-year-old human in this little thing I wrote for in 2017! (PS: She was my first ever OC and I love her dearly. I write all about her on my


Title: The Dwarf and the Elfling

Summary: Thorin finds himself a little visitor while he is silently watching the sun set one night in Rivendell.

Words: 929


Thorin Oakenshield sat on a stone bench in Rivendell, expressionless face pointed upwards as he silently watched the sun set in the red sky. Another day. Another day had passed and the time drew closer to Durin’s Day. Would they ever reach the Mountain? They had been travelling for days, and it seemed to him that Gandalf was delaying this quest by insisting they stay in the city of Imladris for the night.

He had not even been here a day, but already he was growing tired of these Elven folk, as he’d known he would.

He jumped as a sound reached his ears, and quickly grasped for his sword, which wasn’t there. Looking down at where it should have been tied around his waist, he quietly let out a Dwarven curse, remembering that he had left it back where he and his company were camping.

Raising his head again, he looked for who had made the noise, calming down slightly as someone stepped out from around the corner. It was a little elf – did they not call them elflings? – with long wavy hair the colour of platinum. Her eyes, an innocently bright blue, were fixed on his, and she looked a great deal more nervous than he did.

“I- I’m sorry,” she suddenly spoke, her sweet voice immediately reaching his ears. She instantly starting to fidget with her hands, slowly beginning to step back. “I just… I wanted to see the dwarves…”

Thorin actually smiled. He had heard of the curiosity of elflings. “Well, here’s one,” he said in a gentle voice.

The elfling giggled and cautiously moved closer. “My Ada said that dwarves had come to visit, and I was very excited because I’d never seen one before.”

“We do not tend to hang around elves much,” the dwarf king admitted. He didn’t know much of the Elven language, but came to the conclusion that ‘ada’ meant ‘father’.

“Why not?”

Thorin tilted his head slightly and put on a knowing smile. “Perhaps you will find out when you are older.”

The elfling sighed and rolled her eyes. “That is what everyone says!”

The dwarf chuckled. Why couldn’t all elves have the innocence and brightness of this one? “Some things are not meant for elfling ears.”

“I’m not an elfling! I’m an elleth! Just like my sister, Arwen!”

Arwen. Where had he heard that name before? It certainly sounded familiar, and he wasn’t one to casually become accustomed to the names of elves. Disregarding these thoughts with an absent shake of his head, Thorin nodded. “Of course you are.”

“Now, what have we here?”

Both Thorin and the elfling turned at the deep voice of an elf who had just rounded the corner. His grey eyes were shining and a smile played on his lips.

“Lord Elrond,” Thorin greeted, respectfully dipping his head despite the residual distaste he felt for him. “I was just speaking to this elfling.”

“Ah. You have escaped your brothers again, have you?” Elrond said with a raised eyebrow at the very guilty looking blonde stood in front of him.

“I only wanted to see the dwarves!” she insisted.

“Well, not all dwarves would like to see you!” Elrond told her with a laugh. He glanced up at Thorin with a twinkle in his eye. “I am sorry if she bothered you, Thorin.”

Thorin waved the apology off. “She did not bother me. I quite enjoyed the company.”

Elrond smiled. He quickly looked down again at the young girl and adopted a firm expression, though Thorin, through his years of experiences with his nephews, could tell that the look harboured a secret glimmer of amusement. “However, we do need to address the fact that your brothers will probably be looking all over the House for you, my little imp. They will not be happy.”

“Sorry, Ada,” the elfling apologised, and Thorin’s eyes widened.

“This is your daughter?” he asked.

Elrond nodded with a smile, reaching down and picking the younger elf up. “Yes. Thorin Oakenshield, this is Eleniel Peredhel, my youngest and certainly most daring child.” He gently tickled the girl under her chin, chuckling as she scrunched her face up and buried it in the elf lord’s robes.

Thorin nodded. “It is an honour to meet you.”

“And you!” Eleniel chirped, a yawn following after her words.

Elrond smiled warmly. “It seems it is past your bedtime, my little one. Say good night to Thorin.”

“G'night, Thorin.” Eleniel halfheartedly waved a hand in the dwarf’s direction before nuzzling her head into the crook of her father’s neck and sighing tiredly.

"Good night, Eleniel.” Thorin dipped his head. “I hope we will meet again.”

“I am sure you will,” Elrond said. “You know you are welcome in Imladris at any time.”

Thorin did know this, and he did not mind it at this moment. While he had been speaking to Eleniel, any hatred he had felt towards the elves had completely vanished. Any stress he had had due to the quest had disintegrated. He had felt happy.

“Good night, Thorin. Sleep well,” Elrond spoke softly as he carried his daughter off to bed.

Thorin’s smile stayed on his face as he watched the sun set completely and the sky turn to twilight, stars scattering along the dark velvet. Everything was quiet, and as he stood up and made his way back to the company, he was in a more peaceful mood than he had been in for years.

Perhaps the King under the Mountain’s heart was not as cold as people claimed it was.

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For a while now, I’ve been writing a story from the LOTR universe (The Hobbit, to be exact), focusing on the majestic Thorin Oakenshield. There’s romance, adventure, secrets and dragons (and of course, a bit of those pesky Elves as well;)), and I decided to share some of it on Tumblr as well.

You can read it on AO3 here.

Summary: A story about young-and-not-yet-brooding (well, not much, at least) prince Thorin and his beloved dwarf maiden, Ása. It is set sometime before Smaug’s attack. Have you ever wondered what could have happened if Thorin met the love of his life before succumbing to the Dragon Sickness? Well, then you’re in the right place!

Relationships: Thorin Oakenshield x Original Female Character

Warnings: Attempted Rape/Non-Con, Violence, Smut, Fluff, Angst with a Happy Ending, Alternate Universe (sorry, professor Tolkien!)

Since English is not my first language, I’m sorry for any errors in advance. This is my first FF ever, so I’m a bit nervous about posting it here :)

Here’s the first chapter. Let me know what you think!


Chapter 1: Kisses in the Spring Rain

A dwarf maiden sat resting her back against a great old oak growing on a small hill by the northern trail to Erebor. Her face turned towards the Grey Mountains far in the north. Her eyes were firmly set on the road, eagerly waiting to spot a familiar figure on a horse. It was a quiet, lazy spring day, and the afternoon sun shined on the flourishing land below. A gentle breeze passed through the oak’s branches and nearby bushes. Not seeing any signs of the rider, the young woman sighed and returned to her drawings. Her hand was absentmindedly chalking some abstract shapes in a sketchbook resting against her lap.

“He’s coming back today, I can feel it,” Ása reassured herself for the tenth time that day, not being able to focus on her work. If she could only conjure it up by uttering the words aloud.

The Bonfire Festival would happen in less than two weeks. The whole city of Dale was already busy as a beehive with all the preparations.

Thorin had promised her that they would celebrate it together, as soon as he came back. He was going on this long diplomatic mission, accompanying his father, Thrain. She closed her eyes for a few moments, recalling that day. It was a few months ago when they had said their goodbyes. Much too long. She still remembered his touch, his hungry mouth, and his affectionate words when they last met in their secret place. Her heart was painfully yearning for him with each passing day. But now her Mizim* was finally coming back to her.

Not until the first raindrops fell on her face did she realize she had somehow managed to fall asleep. She sighed, not opening her eyes, and wrapped herself tighter in her shawl. Rain or no rain, she desperately wanted to get back to the dream of her beloved she was having just a few moments ago. She knew she should be heading home soon, lady Barba has probably already discovered her ward has disappeared. As far as she knew the energetic matron, Ása suspected that Barba had half of the Erebor’s guards searching for her by now. She should not have sneaked out again, she knew it very well, but the thought of finally seeing Thorin was overwhelming. Ah, Thorin, the only dwarf she had eyes for…

Suddenly, she felt a whiff of cool air and a rush of quick movement. A very well-known voice whispered something into her left ear… Was she dreaming again?

“What a lovely surprise, my lady,“ the deep baritone voice murmured, almost instantly making her shiver with pleasure. “May a humble traveler ask who you might be waiting for?”

Her heart fluttered. She opened her eyes and her smile widened. This was much better than any dream. Just a few inches away, she saw his handsome face, tanned during recent travels. His dark beard seemed to be thicker and a bit longer than she remembered. And those deep blue eyes that always made her think of a stormy sea were now expectantly looking into her own. He smelled of fresh air, bonfire smoke, and pines. Of adventure and freedom.

“Oh, but my lord,” she whispered, feeling his body heat so close to her, “You must know that I have not been waiting for anyone. I have been simply observing the white-eyed kestrels and sketching these birds for artistic purposes. Travelers, humble or not, do not interest me in the slightest.” Saying this, she sat straight up, just like a proper lady would.

She even moved slightly away from him, breaking their eye contact and trying to look unmoved, but her body betrayed her. She felt her cheeks flush. She swallowed and licked her lips in anticipation, not daring to look at him.

“Is that so?”, his mouth came even closer to hers. Dangerously close. She could feel the warmth of his steady breath on her left cheek. The sensation mingled with the scarce raindrops falling from between the tree branches. Her heart started beating even faster, her cheeks flushed with excitement. He smiled, realizing he was close to winning the teasing game they both knew by now almost by heart.

“Is that so?”, he repeated, his voice deepened even more. His eyes twinkled. “And is it a bit unseemly for such a young lady of a noble house to wander alone and unchaperoned into the wilderness, where the wild beasts roam?”

“I am not afraid of any wild beasts, my lord,” she teasingly moved her face a bit away from him. She made an effort to avoid his eyes and tried to keep her resolve.

His warm fingers touched her right cheek, slightly damp with rain. He gently turned her face towards him. Their gazes met again, and she could almost see the sparks flying between them. She could drown in those magnetic eyes that seemed to never leave her face.

“Then tell me, my lady, what are you afraid of?” he asked, looking at her expectantly.

“I think you know the answer to this question very well, my lord. I am only afraid of a certain Beast… This Beast roams the halls of Erebor and pretends to be fully tamed,” she whispered, knowing she could not resist any longer. Slowly, she leaned towards him, almost closing the distance between their lips.

He chuckled, shaking his slightly wet mane of dark hair adorned with silver beads. She could feel the water droplets landing on her flushed neck.

“If this dangerous beast strikes fear into your heart, my lady,” he murmured, “I feel obliged to alleviate this unpleasant feeling… at once.”

Just then, their lips finally met in a hot, passionate kiss of two lovers kept apart for too long. Thorin tried very hard to keep his resolve, to act like a gentledwarf, but when he tasted her, her closeness and scent made him feel intoxicated. She smelled just like he remembered, with lilac and lavender. And she was finally in his arms.

He had been waiting for this moment for far too long, but it was certainly worth it. Her closeness and her warmth, it was all he needed right now. He gently nibbled on her lips and then placed a flutter of butterfly kisses on her face, enjoying how she responded to him, her breath quickening, a barely audible moan escaping her lips.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, one of them delving into the long hair on his neck, while she playfully sucked on his lower lip. He growled, and then pressed his torso against her breasts, almost crushing them. He skillfully slid his tongue between her lips, moving deeper, exploring, their kiss becoming more and more passionate.

When she purred with pleasure, he grinned and murmured, “I am sorry to inform you, my lady, but I believe this beast can’t pretend any longer that he is untamed. He needs to ravish you here and now.” Saying this, he laid her on the ground, moving on top of her and covering her mouth with his.

“But my lord…” she started, feigning outrage in her voice and pulling him closer to her. He moved to her neck, nuzzling her with his mouth and arousing her even more.

“Oh, Thorin…”, a soft moan slipped her mouth.

“I missed you too, Ása, my love,“ he replied, raising his head and looking into her eyes with the look that made her heart pound even faster.

He playfully smiled with that secret smile he had just for her, and then Thorin’s mouth rushed towards her neck and further, to her collarbone. His hair and beard tickled her sensitive skin. She chuckled.

“Oh… Please, my lord… have mercy on me, my untamed Beast…!” she muffled a giggle.

“Oh no,” he growled mischievously into her ear, “nothing can save you from the Beast now,” and returned to nuzzling and tickling her neck even more. She couldn’t contain her giggling.

All of a sudden, they heard a horse quickly trotting, stopping and whinnying in a distance. They both froze, exchanging an alarmed glance. This could mean only one thing. They have been discovered!

“Thorin!”, a voice shouted. “I know you’re there!”.


The Tiny Khuzdul Dictionary:
* Mizim - jewel

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Someone on AO3 asked me why Thorin pushes Enya against trees all the time. And as I wondered as well WHY the fuck that happens so much, the characters stepped in and took over. 

And as I ran behind them, trying to record their moves as fast as I could, I remembered that although I’m the writer of their adventures, I have ZERO say in what happens. Love you too, lovelies. <3


Originally posted by damon-salvatore

‘So Thorin.’ Enya said. She was leaning against the wooden doors of Beorn’s house, watching her One standing on the path a few meters away.
The king looked up and sent her one of his rare smiles, the ones he only showed when he was truly happy. He was wearing a simple grey tunic, black breeches and heavy boots, but yet in that simplicity he still was very much capable of making her swoon.
'What is it uzfakuh?’ he replied. 'Why are we here?! Of all places you can choose from, you’d think Beorn’s home is the least obvious one.’
She stepped away from the door and strolled in his direction. 'I’ve got a question for you, that’s why.’

'I am intrigued.’ The king murmured while watching his queen picking a flower from the lawn. 'What is it?’
Enya reached for his hand and pulled him into the direction of the forest. 'So during our journey together…’ she began.
'Which one?’
'Thorin!’ she berated him sternly, but the grin that was displayed on her face betrayed her. 'The original one of course.’
Thorin smirked. 'Continue.’
They passed the moorland that surrounded the house. A soft breeze blew over the heath, playing with the seams of her skirt as it went. Enya frowned, suddenly realizing she was wearing a blue dress, but she couldn’t remember why.
'Do you remember I tried to leave the company?’ She asked anyway, though she knew the answer.
'Of course.’ The king mused. 'We were fighting. And I stopped you from leaving.’
'That’s one way of summarizing it…’ Enya giggled. I’d say you were being a huge dickhead and when I wasn’t having any of it, you decided to persuade me on a whole different level.’
The king inclined his head. 'I suppose that’s fair.’
'So…’ she continued as she dragged him towards the edge of the forest. She picked the first tree she saw and tapped on the bark before she turned to her One. 'Do enlighten me, Thorin Oakenshield. Why did you keep pushing me against trees? Is that a dwarf thing?’

Thorin burst into laughter and she reveled in the low sound.
'No.’ he told her. 'It’s definitely not something our kind does on a daily basis.’
'Then why?!’ she proclaimed. 'Were we protesting against the demise of those particular trees?’
'Is that a human thing?’ The king inquired while narrowing his eyes.
'Sometimes.’ she gave in.
'Humans are weird beings.’
Enya shrugged. 'They don’t have as many trees as we do here.’
'Exactly my point.’

He took a step forward, his eyes burned through hers. The atmosphere around them changed. Enya felt her heart rate speading up until it was hammering so loud in her chest, the whole forest could hear it. Her mouth went dry and heat pooled in her stomach. Without taking his gaze off her, Thorin came closer. A soft moan escaped her when his hips shoved her against the rough surface behind her. There she was, trapped once again.

Not that she minded. At all.

'I didn’t know how to handle you.’ Thorin murmured in her ear. 'I had the burden of this whole quest on my shoulders and there you were, the dwarrowdam I didn’t know I had been waiting for all of my life. I wanted to possess you. I feared you’d slip through my fingers if I didn’t and I could not bear to loose you.’
'Possess me?’ she echoed.
'Not in a bad way.’ the king explained. 'I was so intoxicated by your mere presence that it was hard to think straight anyway.’
'I get that.’ Enya breathed. 'Happens to me all the time.’
Thorin chuckled and his hands moved up to cup her face. 'If someone would ask me now, I’d say that my queen is in charge.’
'Behind every strong king is an even stronger queen.’ she told him.
Thorin placed a gentle kiss on her lips and then smiled. 'You’d have my ass in a casket if I dared to claim otherwise.’
'Ah don’t talk like I’m such a bitch!’ Enya squealed. 'I can loosen the reins sometimes…’
'So we have reins now, huh?’ he hummed.

They watched each other for a moment. A yearning sensation spread through her thighs and Enya bit her lip. Then Thorin reached for her hands, discovering the flower she had been carrying with her as he did so.
'Beautiful.’ he commented and then carefully braided it into her hair.
'You know you’re gonna mess that up in a few minutes from now, right?!’ Enya protested.
The king shrugged, his eyes twinkling with mischief. 'I’ll do my best to spare your hair, I promise.’
'The hell you do.’ the queen murmured, but then all thoughts got lost as his mouth claimed hers…

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My piece for Prompt 5 of the Tale Teller’s 52 Week Storytelling Challenge:

“A seed of doubt was planted. Would it grow or be weeded out?”

 52 Week Challenge MasterList 


Thorin Oakenshield opened his eyes slowly. He could hear Kaylea Wolf moving around the cabin, the clink of cups on the table. He rolled over, stretching his body, he could feel the lumps in the mattress, the soreness in his muscles from last night. The smell of Kaylea’s coffee reached his nose, with its distinct hint of cinnamon. Watching her add wood to the stove and check the kettle he wondered idly if she had slept at all. Kaylea only seemed to need a few hours sleep every three of four days, and she always somehow managed to slip out of bed without waking him, even though he was a very light sleeper.

She looked over at him with a soft smile. “Good morning, your majesty. Did you sleep well?”

“Like the dead,” Thorin replied. “You do wear me out.” He rolled onto his back, hearing Kaylea laugh. “Are you sure whoever owns this place does not mind us staying in it?” They had ridden out of Erebor the day before for a few days alone, Thorin behind her on her big black horse. Winter was fast approaching, the slopes of the Lonely Mountain were already covered in snow, the air sharp with the chill of late fall. Thorin had expected to camp and was surprised when Kaylea brought them to this snug little cabin deep in the woods.

“This place belongs to a fur trapper,” Kaylea answered. “He will not be needing it yet, and as long as we leave it better than we find it he will not mind. That is the tradition.”

Thorin sighed, he realized though he had spent many years traveling the lands of Middle Earth he really did not know much about the world of Men. He owned many fur-trimmed garments but had never really given a thought to the lives of the Men who sold those skins. He threw the covers aside and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, hunting for his undergarments in the pile of clothes on the floor. Kaylea was sitting at the tiny table sipping at her coffee, looking out the window with a faraway look in her eyes. Thorin swept her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck before taking the chair across from her, the coffee cup warm in his hands.

“You look as though your thoughts are far away, my love.”

Kaylea smiled at him. “Just thinking about things back in my homeland. I have been away a long time.”

Thorin’s ears pricked up. Kaylea rarely talked about where she was from, she was still a mystery to him in so many ways, he welcomed any chance to learn more about her. He wanted to ask a thousand questions, but willed himself to be silent hoping she would go on.

Kaylea took a deep breath, her eyes returning to pine branches swaying in the slight breeze outside the window. “It will be just turning spring there now, still snow on the ground, but the trees starting to green. It always comes late on Dorsai.”

Thorin looked over his cup at her. “It is so odd, I feel like we have been together for years but really we have spent only a handful of days together. You know everything about me, but I know almost nothing about you.”

“I am a soldier, a commander of armies, I belong to a clan of warriors, I am older than I look. These things you already know,” Kaylea said. “To tell you about my land, it is hard to know where to begin. There is much that would be strange to you.”

When she spoke this way it only deepened the doubts planted in his mind. Thorin could not understand why she was so reticent. Was there something about where she came from she thought would frighten him? He constantly worried that once she left Erebor she would never return. Kaylea was a strong and independent woman but she was so beautiful he found it very hard to believe some king or prince of her country had not already taken her as his wife. Was there someone anxiously awaiting her return?

Kaylea reached across the table to take his hand in hers. “What troubles you, my king?”

Thorin took a deep breath. “That you will tell me almost nothing personal about yourself. Why?” He looked into her eyes, he had to ask. “Do you have a husband at home?”

“I am unmarried,” Kaylea assured him. She looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before continuing. “I have no parents, I grew up in a monastery training in the arts of war, I was adopted into Clan Graham in my teens, joined the army I now lead not long after. As I have told you, mine is a nation of warriors, we support ourselves by fighting for others. My destiny is to lead troops into battle, I have trained all my life for it.”

Thorin sat forward. “Where is this land of yours?”

“It is not on any of your maps,” Kaylea said. “You must sail south from Belfalas and once you reach the far shore you must travel many days to reach it. It is a land along the seacoast, full of forests and mountains.” She smiled at him. “One day I will take you there.”

“I look forward to it, my love.” Thorin wanted to believe her but did not quite. The doubts in his mind continued to grow, but if Kaylea was in a talkative mood he wanted to learn as much as he could. “You never knew your parents? Your family?”

“My clan is my family,” Kaylea answered. “We have gatherings and holidays when we are all together. We argue and support each other, our bond is strong.”

Thorin chuckled. “Like my family. I am looking forward to seeing my sister again, but we do spend a lot of time arguing.” He tried to keep his tone casual. “Will you tell me more about this lord of yours? You said he once lived in Middle Earth, so I am guessing he is an Elf. What will he say when you tell him you have fallen in love with a Dwarf?”

“I am not going to tell him,” Kaylea said quickly, her eyes flashing. She shook her head then looked over at him with a wry smile. “Yes, he is an Elf, and he will not approve. Blackwolf is very different from the Elven lords of this land today, he is from an earlier time. He is a powerful lord, with influence not only over Dorsai, but all the lands around. It is fortunate he has made me his eyes and ears in Middle Earth, I believe he will have occasion to send me here many times in the coming years. I will not tell him about us because it may jeopardize my chance to return to you.”

Remembering how hard it had been to watch her ride away the last time Thorin suddenly realized he did not know if his heart could bear it again. He caught her hands in his. “Stay here and marry me,” he said. “Then you do not have to worry about not being able to return.”

“No,” Kaylea told him. “We have talked about this. Thorin Oakenshield the wandering blacksmith may have been able to marry a woman from a far country, Thorin son of Thrain, the King of Erebor cannot. The heir of Durin must have sons to continue his line, I cannot bear children and I am not a Dwarf.” She ran her fingers down one of the braids he had given her that matched his. “I can be the King’s Woman, I cannot be his wife.”

Thorin sat back exasperated. This was already the third time they had this conversation, he was still searching for the flaw in Kaylea’s argument. He loved her and did not want her to leave his side, he did not care about the rest of it. Fili could be his heir, find himself a wife and have children.

“What is the point of being the King, if you cannot do what you want?” He wondered.

“Great kings do what is good for the kingdom, not for themselves,” Kaylea said. “After all you have been through to reclaim your homeland, you must want to make sure it endures.”

Thorin turned his cup thoughtfully. “I do not think I can bear watching you ride away again, my love. The last time almost destroyed me.”

Kaylea smiled ruefully. “It was no easier for me, my king. But I do not have to leave for some time yet, let us put our worries about the future aside and enjoy the day together. What shall we do?”

Thorin felt that the conversation had only deepened his doubts. By telling him only the vaguest details about her life and country Kaylea was intentionally keeping him at a distance. And he did not like this business of not telling her lord, it would only make it worse when he did find out. Thorin finished his coffee and took a deep breath. Though his mind was plagued with doubts, he knew being with Kaylea made him happier than he had been in many years. It was not just the passion they shared, it was the deep intimacy that had quickly grown between them. He decided to set his mind to two things: he would continue to ask Kaylea to marry him until she agreed, no matter how long it took, and he would try to develop her skill at setting ones concerns aside to live in the moment. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, he was alone with the woman he loved and away from all his responsibilities in Erebor. He looked across the table and smiled at her.

“Today I would like to learn more about this business of fur trapping,” he said. “But right now, I think it is too early to be out of bed.”



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When I read the first Prompt for the Tale Teller’s 52 Week Writing Challenge, this scene immediately popped into my head. For the Challenge I decided to do something different but I almost like this one better… 

“The story was written in her eyes” 



As Thorin Oakenshield carefully packed his bag it occurred to him this was the first time he was leaving Kaylea. In all the time they had known each other, it had always been Kaylea Wolf riding away, leaving Thorin behind in Erebor. This time he was the one leaving her on Dorsai, to begin his training with her soldiers. His training would take a few years, since so much of it was new to him, but once he was finished they would split their time between Dorsai and Erebor. The life together that they had talked about for so long was finally about to become a reality. He closed his bag, taking a moment to consider if there was anything else he should bring. He felt Kaylea come up behind him, she put her arms around him, kissing his neck.

“All packed?” She rested her chin on his shoulder, holding him tight.

“Mmmm…just thinking this is the first time I am leaving you behind,” Thorin replied, putting his hands over hers. He leaned back against her, looking over his shoulder. “Are you going to miss me?”

“I always do,” Kaylea said softly. Thorin heard something in her voice, a kind of hesitation and turned to face her.

“What is it, my love?”

Kaylea did not answer right away, she looked down at his hands on hers, shaking her head. Thorin studied her closely, fixing her in his mind’s eye as he always did when they were about to part. Her golden hair, her flawless skin, her eyes blue like the sky on a winter day. Parting with her had always been hard, the years had not made it any easier. He wondered what was troubling her.

Just four weeks ago they had been married again, this time with her family in attendance. After their two ceremonies held in Erebor, the private wedding and Kaylea’s coronation, this time Thorin was the one who had to learn the customs. On Dorsai couples spoke their own vows, he had found it surprisingly moving. As they swore their love for each other before her family he had found himself nearly overcome with emotion, even after nearly a hundred years their devotion had only continued to grow stronger. Kaylea had surprised him by wearing the same dress he had ordered to be made for her coronation, the gold threads sparkling, the gems in her jewelry flashing in the sun as Lord Blackwolf escorted her to the sacred hall among the trees where the ceremony was held. He could tell by the shocked looks that this was a side of herself she rarely showed her family, who had no doubt expected her to show up in her dress uniform. Thorin had been irritated that Blackwolf had insisted on attending, but since he was her father in a way, the Elven lord did have a right to be there.

“What is wrong?” Thorin asked again, tilting her chin up. Looking at her face he could see the answer was written in her eyes. “You think I will not return to you.”

Kaylea nodded. “I never worried about you on Middle Earth, but out here there are so many things that can kill you.” She shook her head, squeezing his hands, wishing with all her heart that she could stay at his side. “I have told you that many die trying to complete the Sardaukar training, I do not know if you appreciate how difficult this is going to be.”

Thorin smiled at her. “So you have told me, many times. And I tell you again that I will graduate at the head of my class.” He slid his arms around her, pulling her against him. “You need to stop doubting me. You will be close to keep an eye on me, after all.”

“You are right, of course. You have overcome every challenge you have ever faced and I’m sure you will be fine. But I am still going to worry about you. I wish you did not have to do this.” Kaylea could make sure Thorin had experienced squad members, and could check on him from afar, but she knew the soldiers of her elite strike force had to accept him as one of their own, and for that to happen he needed to complete his training without her direct assistance. Her brothers had welcomed Thorin into their family, but even they needed to know his capabilities as a warrior before they would completely trust him. Such was the reality of marrying a member of the Dorsai.  

Thorin fingered the mithril bead at the end of her braid. “While it always pains me to be parted from you, my love, I must admit I am looking forward to learning your fighting techniques. Maybe I will finally be able to keep up.”

Now Kaylea smiled. “That has never been a problem.” She ran her hands down his arms. “Promise me you will take care of yourself, my king. Do not take any unnecessary chances.”

“I will come back to you, wife. I swear it.” Thorin kissed her, relishing the taste of her mouth, the feeling of having her in his arms. He pulled back, resting his forehead on hers. “After all these years, after all we have been through, when I am finally so close to never having you leave my side, do you really think there is anything that could keep me from returning to you?”

Kaylea did not answer, just let herself feel his body against her, the sensation of their foreheads pressed together, the smell of the oils in his hair, all the things she wanted to remember about this moment so she could go back to it in her mind while he was gone.

After a long moment Kaylea took a deep breath. “We need to get moving or you will miss your transport.”

Thorin grabbed his bag and they headed down the stairs, Donal Graham was waiting in the circular entry hall of the Tor. “You are going to have to learn to pack faster than that if you are going to make in in the Sardaukar,” he said wryly, holding the door open for them.

Kaylea was looking at Thorin in surprise. “You don’t want me to drive you?”

Thorin paused at the top of the steps. “Would that not be prolonging the inevitable?” It was what Kaylea had always told him when she was getting ready to leave Middle Earth and he had asked to accompany her to her ship. He hated to see her leave and had wanted to spend every minute he could with her. Kaylea had maintained it was better to make a clean break, so they said their goodbyes at the gates of Erebor and it had been Thorin watching her ride away, this time she would be watching him.

Kaylea nodded, appreciating the reference. “Yes, I suppose it would be. Take care, husband. I will see you in six months.”

Thorin could not resist taking her in his arms one more time, one last goodbye kiss, though this time they would be apart for much less than the years Kaylea had spent between visits to Erebor. Time always seemed to stand still when they were in each other’s arms, this time was no different, each wanting to stretch the moment out forever.

“Erebor, we need to bounce!” Donal called from the idling rig at the foot of the stairs. In the time-honored tradition of soldiers, most of the Grahams had taken to calling him where he was from, since his name was simply too long.

Kaylea reluctantly stepped back, Thorin flashed her a quick smile and shouldered his bag.

“Come back with your shield, my king,” Kaylea told him, the traditional farewell of old Dorsai.

“Yes, my queen. I will bring you the heads of my enemies on it,” Thorin replied, as men going off to war had answered their Dorsai wives for generations, He turned and made his way down the stairs and into the waiting ATV without another backward glance. Kaylea watched the vehicle cross the courtyard and disappear through the gatehouse, she hurried to the bridge across the moat where she could watch it disappear down the road to the spaceport. Now she fully understood how hard it had been for Thorin all those years. Every time she had left Erebor it had grown harder, but her mind had also been occupied with her mission, where she had to go next, the dangers that were before her. She had been able to partly put her sadness at their parting aside, but not today. She felt such a deep emptiness, watching Thorin drive away. Today she had nowhere else to be, her mind full of worry for her husband and her heart heavy. Thorin had taken a large part of her with him, and she would not be whole until she was with him again. She stood looking at the place where the road disappeared into the trees below the Tor, a low mist was drifting in from the fjord, weaving between the trees. She wanted to call a vehicle and go after her husband, to keep him by her side, but she knew she could not.

She felt something touch her hand and let her fingers travel through his thick fur as Ajax moved alongside her. He was following her gaze down the road, wondering at her sadness. He looked at her with concerned eyes, sending a picture of Thorin to her mind. It made her smile, Ajax saw her husband so differently than she did, and some of it always came through in his telepathy. The dire wolf had grown up on Dorsai and had never understood her connection to Thorin, he saw him as a grumpy little man who was always telling him to get off the furniture. He wasn’t really sad to see Thorin go, since it meant he would now have Kaylea all to himself.

“I am not going to be good company today,” she told him. “That man is a huge part of me and now he is gone into unknown dangers for many months, you are going to have to let me be depressed.” The look Ajax gave her was so skeptical she just had to laugh. Like he always did, the wolf had found a way to make her feel better. “Alright, I will let you cheer me up, just a little.” Together they turned and went back into the keep.  


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My entry for Prompt 2 of the Tale Teller’s 52 Week Challenge…

“The sea of emotion swelled, drowning him in the chaos of his thoughts” 

This is another scene from early in the relationship of these two…it takes place after The Night Ride, which I reposted the other day. 


53 Week Challenge MasterList 


On the second day after leaving Rivendell the company of Thorin Oakenshield traveled until almost dark. Finally they came to the trail that led to the pass over the Misty Mountains, where Kaylea Wolf planned to turn aside to begin her own journey. She joined the Dwarves for dinner and when the meal was over, she rose and excused herself.

“I am already late to make my rendezvous with the Rangers,” she said. “I thank you for allowing me to join your company.” She bowed low to them. “Good luck on your quest!”

The Dwarves all quickly rose and bowed back, imploring her to stay. But Kaylea shook her head, her eyes on Thorin. “I wish you all success, but I must travel a different path now. Farewell!” She nodded to Gandalf, smoking his pipe beside the fire with the hobbit sitting next to him, then turned and headed to where she had tethered her horse, apart from the company beyond some trees and rocks. Thorin rose to follow her and Dwalin and Fili would have gone too, but Balin put a hand on his brother’s arm.

“Let him have a moment,” he said quietly. “This will be a hard parting for him, harder than it is for the rest of us.”

Thorin found Kaylea had her horse already saddled and waiting. She was tightening the girth and securing her weapons and gear. She turned to face him as he came up.

“My lady, will you not come with us? With me?” Thorin asked softly, looking up at her. Kaylea smiled and shook her head.

“I wish I could. Slaying a dragon and seeing the fabled glories of Erebor sounds like much more fun than hunting orcs and Necromancers. But I have my task, and you have yours.” They stood looking at each other for a moment. Kaylea turned as if she had just thought of something and pulled a flask from her saddlebag. “Let us drink a parting toast. Success for both our quests!”

Over the cap of her flask were two metal cups cleverly fitted together, she handed one to Thorin and filled them both. They clicked the cups together and drank. Thorin found the liquor smooth and warming, indeed he had never tasted better.

“That is good,” he remarked, looking at the empty cup. Kaylea smiled and filled the cups again, resealing her flask after the second toast. They looked at each other in the moonlight, each knew the time to part had come but still they hesitated. There was so much unspoken between them, a gulf neither seemed able to find their way across. Kaylea stepped forward and rested her hand on Thorin’s shoulder.

“Take care, my lord” she said softly. Thorin put his hand on hers, he took it and kissed her palm, then held it against his face.

“You also, my lady,” he said. Kaylea had not moved, or pulled her hand away. Her face softened and she started to speak but Thorin moved forward and reached up, pulling her mouth down to his. The touch of her lips was like fire moving down through his body, her mouth tasted of the liquor they had shared, warm and sweet. Thorin felt intimately conscious of her body under her clothes, lithe and lean. He knew he would never feel complete again without her in his arms. How long their kiss lasted neither later remembered, moments that lingered in the memory like hours.

“I have been wanting to do that since I first laid eyes on you,” Thorin said, smiling, his arms around her waist holding her close against him. He was fighting the urge to reach for the laces of her tunic.    

Kaylea smiled back at him. “I have been wondering how that beard would feel,” she said, tracing his jaw with her thumb. Then she pulled him close and kissed him again. Kaylea was surprised how good it felt to kiss Thorin, the earthy, warm taste of him. Like rain on hot earth, his rich, exotic smell of frankincense and vetiver. She could plainly feel his passion and for a moment almost lost herself to it, enjoying how right it felt to relax into his arms. Thorin’s hands traveled over her body, one under her tunic to trace the curve of her back. The soft touch of his hand on her skin was electric, awakening her whole body. Kaylea knew he could feel it but it also brought her back to the present. Reminding herself this was not the plan, she drew back, taking a long breath. She offered him her flask, still half full after the parting toast they had shared.  

“You hold on to this, my lord” she said, with a wide smile. “When this is all over, we will finish it in Erebor.”

Thorin took it and held it against his chest. “In Erebor,” he replied thoughtfully, trying to gather his thoughts. “For many years my heart has dwelled there.” He looked up at Kaylea. “Now it belongs to you, my lady.”

“Speak no more words you may later regret, my lord,” Kaylea replied softly as she reached for the reins of her horse. “Let us turn our minds to the tasks before us.” She bowed low to him and then swung up into her saddle. “If the Fates smile on us, we will see each other again in Erebor.”

Thorin bowed to her. “I regret nothing,” he said, then watched as she disappeared into the forest without a backward glance. Her big wolf hesitated, giving him a hard stare, then followed.

Thorin sat down heavily, his body still vibrating from having her in his arms, the way her body felt against him, the taste of her mouth. A sea of emotion swelled in his heart, hitting him with waves, one after another – longing, joy, love, fear, regret, panic. He felt as if he were drowning in the chaos of his thoughts. Kaylea had torn his heart asunder, one part of him desperately wished he had gone with her and it was taking a huge mental effort to remain where he was and not follow her. But he could not forsake his own quest that he had dreamed of for so long, or his friends who trusted him. The fear he might never see her again was so intense it felt as though it would crush him, at the same time his heart leaped with joy to finally know for certain she felt the same as he did. After that kiss there could be no question.

Thorin took a deep breath, trying to calm his disordered mind. He wished again he knew more about Kaylea. She had told him only that she came from a far country, a nation of warriors whose lord had once made his home in Middle Earth. In Rivendell Thorin had heard the whispers about a growing darkness in the land, rumors about some dark power called the Necromancer who had taken up residence in the old fortress in Mirkwood. He knew Kaylea had been sent here to find the source of that darkness, she had ridden off to meet the Rangers of the North and no doubt her path would lead to the old forest. Would she survive to meet him in Erebor? For that matter, would he survive his own quest? He did not yet know all the dangers he would face, though he knew a dragon was one of them. And even if they came through these trials to meet again at the Lonely Mountain, what then? Thorin knew he loved her and wanted to make her his wife, but she had already told him she would not stay in Middle Earth. He knew it was possible someone waited for her in her own country, it was a question he had not yet dared to ask, fearing the answer. He simply had to find some way to convince her to stay, he could not live without her.

He turned the flask she had given him over in his hands, trying to take some comfort from her parting words. Yes, they would finish it together in Erebor, and also what had been started with that kiss. The flask was wrapped in a scarf, black like everything Kaylea wore, with some kind of pattern on it. Holding it to his nose he could smell her scent, desert cinnamon, sage and the shade of pines. Closing his eyes he imagined her in his arms again, the feel of her body against him, the taste of her lips.

Balin and Dwalin found Thorin still sitting there an hour later when they came to check on him.

“So, she is gone then,” Balin said. Thorin nodded. “Well, if you could not convince her to stay, it could not be done.” Thorin looked quickly at him, frowning.

“She has only ever had eyes for you, laddie,” Balin said with a smile. “It is not like that is a secret.”

Thorin sighed. “I suppose not,” he said, rising to his feet. “Yet I have a feeling we may see her again before this is all over.”

“I very much hope you are right!” Balin exclaimed. “She will be a welcome ally, I am sure we will be in for a fight before the end.”     


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This was requested by our lovely sweet elven pup @starlightintherain89 and the idea hit me and yes, it´s going to be a few chapters long, what a surprise xD enjoy!

Request:  Mama deep can you write a story with you, Thorin, mama Inca, and Thranduil?

Pairing: Thranduil x Lia, Thorin x Nin

Warning: cursing I guess


Part 1

It was mid-summer in Scotland and Lia´s friend Nin had finally managed to save enough money to travel to Scotland and see her friend that grew over the years become her best friend, her person, her so-called soulmate.

Sitting back on her seat in the airplane Nin sighed feeling exhausted as she was forced to race into the capital city to get into the plane after her final shift on the workplace was over. Three weeks on vacation, god she needed it badly after all the drama that went down. Rubbing her eyes she glanced at the darkness surrounding the plane, it was middle of the night but she couldn´t fell asleep as two seat rows in front of her, was a 6-year-old child crying his lungs out much to her irritation. Even music wasn´t helping as the crying and screaming forced its way through the music.

“Oh for fuck´s sake,” she growled under her breath trying to concentrate on the song that was playing on her mp3 player at the moment.

“I´m so sorry about this…he isn´t used to be in a plane so he is a little frightened,” the boy´s mother apologized from the gentleman that was sitting next to her making Nin roll her eyes.

“You don´t say….” she muttered earning a young man next to her chuckle lowly while doing whatever he was doing with his laptop as she glanced at him briefly.

“I take it you don´t like kids?” he asked after a while causing her to turn her attention toward the man.

“Oh don´t get me wrong I do…when they are quiet,” she said quietly making the man laugh and look at her his blueish eyes twinkling humorously.

“I have to agree on that, kids aren´t really my thing either,” he hummed making her chuckle.

“It´s not for everyone,” she said when she suddenly realized the kid had quiet down.

“Finally….I can take a nap before this plane lands,” she sighed closing her eyes.

“Good night then,” the man chuckled concentrating on his work once she had flashed a light smirk at his way.


A few hours later she woke up when the captain announced that they were about to land on Edinburgh and shaking her head while rubbing her eyes to get rid of the remnant of sleep. Glancing on her phone, it showed 7 am and one message from Lia telling her she was at the airport waiting. Quickly Nin replied back telling they were about to land.

Lia was waiting at the gate for her friend to arrive with her mom biting her nails when people finally started to arrive through the gate. Swarm of tired looking people walked past them making Lia wonder did her friend got stuck at the customs when she suddenly saw the red-haired woman walking briskly toward her. Recognizing each other Nin rushed toward Lia and hugging one another Lia´s mother actually had to remind them they were in the middle of the path of other people and they needed to get on the road.

Chuckling the girls let go and followed Lia´s mother outside while chatting cheerfully.

“So how was your flight since you had to catch it with quite hastily?” Lia giggled carrying one of Nin´s handbag.

“Worse kind,” she huffed feeling tired.


“There was this 6-year-old kid who just wouldn´t stop crying…until he got so exhausted he fell asleep in the middle of the screaming,” Nin explained and the expression on her face told everything.

“Ugh….god I would have just shot the kid and go to sleep myself,” Lia chuckled making Nin chuckle too.

“I know…unfortunately, I didn´t have anything to shut him up so I was forced to suffer,” Nin sighed sounding defeated.

“Well, you can nap on the car although mom decided to take a detour on the old castle,” Lia spoke making Nin arch her brow.

“What castle?”

“Edinburgh Castle,” Lia grinned as she put the bags in the car. Thinking for a moment Nin then shrugged and sat on the backseat.

“I can sleep when I´m dead,” making the two women in front laugh out loud.

“Castle it is then!” Lia laughed and they headed toward the old fortress.

When they finally got there Nin wasn´t feeling tired at all, she was excited as exploring old historic castles had been her thing since she was a little kid. Imagining herself in that time when the fortress was full of life was making her feel giddy.

“You two go have fun, I need to go shopping, I´ll pick you up in three hours,” Lia´s mother called out from the car earning wide grins from both girls and nodding they dashed toward the front gate. What they didn´t expect was that once they stepped in the castle everything was about to change.

Entering the Banqueting Hall both gasped in awe as they looked around of the grand space. But then Nin noticed a crack on the wall on her right…only…it wasn´t a wall, it was a hidden door. Grinning she tugged Lia´s sleeve and pointing at the secret door they both smirked as curiosity took over. Glancing around so no one would stop them they sneaked through the door biting tongues as it made a creaking sound when forced open.

“Boy it sure is dark in here, I can´t see my own nose,” Lia muttered when the door was shut behind them.

“Yeah, well watch where you´re going,” Nin chuckled earning an undefined sound from her friend.

“Hilarious….” Lia huffed bumping into Nin when she tried to keep herself balanced.

“Ouch! Be careful!”

“I told you I can´t see a thing in here. Why there can´t be any windows?” Lia mumbled.

“It wouldn´t be a secret room then, now would it?” Nin hummed.

“Fair point,” Lia admitted after a minute of thought.

“Wait, I can feel something….I think…it´s the light switch,” Nin spoke and switching on the light or so she though both waited for the lights to turn on. Instead, they were covered with a bright halo that blinded them both causing them to pass out.



Lying on the ground Lia groaned as she smelled the musky scent of the turned soil and slowly opening her eyes she was confused where on earth she had ended up. Looking around as she sat up Lia discovered she was in the middle of the tense old looking forest but no sound of any birds was heard making her frown.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she muttered turning to address her friend only to notice she was all alone.

“Nin?” she called out confused frantically twirling around as she stood up.

“NIN??” yelling from the top of her lungs Lia was getting anxious by the minute when there was a rustling sound somewhere above the canopy.

“I have a very bad feeling about this…” she whined slowly lifting her gaze up and came face to face with a spider that was as big as a fucking humvee. Eyes widening she screamed dashing forward not really thinking where she was going Lia could hear the spider following her not far behind.

“I´m gonna kill you, Nin, once I get out of here….you just had to touch that freaking switch,” cursing her friend as Lia ran as fast as she could she still hoped her friend was alright and alive.


Originally posted by ghisborne

Nin had her own problems as she was staring at the big ass statues on both sides of the big ass front gate that was apparently the main entry inside fo a mountain.

“Where the hell we ended up?” she muttered and glancing around she soon discovered she was all alone.

“Great…just great…”

But when she focused on the details of the gate and statues she frowned. She had seen those somewhere before, but where? Narrowing her eyes Nin stared at the statues, then looked behind her taking in the scenery and then much to her horror it dawned to her where exactly she was.

“Erebor…I´m in front of the gates of fucking Erebor…,” she muttered swallowing hard as she realized she and her friend had ended up through that secret room into Middle-Earth.

“I hope Lia hasn´t ended up in Mordor or Dol Guldur or….” shivering as she scanned her brain of all the places she might have ended up in. But her thoughts were disrupted when the gates suddenly started open and before she knew it, was surrounded by dozen of dwarf warriors pointing at her with spears.

Lifting her hands up she gave the dwarves a faint smile when her eyes landed on a gruff looking dwarf who was walking toward the circle.

“Dwalin…oh, I´m in serious trouble,” Nin thought quietly as she watched the warrior coming to a halt.

“Who are you? What are you doing in here? These are dwarf lands,” he asked eyeing her suspiciously.

“I have no idea how I ended up here…..I just literally woke up in front of your gates like a minute ago,” she explained making him frown not so convinced.

“Take her with us, the king might be able to get some answers,” Dwalin motioned the guards to escort her inside.

“The..king?” Nin whispered disbelief clear in her tone.

“Thorin Oakenshield, king of Erebor,” Dwalin glanced at the face of her that had paled visibly.

“Tho….Thorin…” she quipped quietly feeling rather light headed all of the sudden. Holy hell! She could only hope Lia had better luck.

If she had known that her friend was at the same time facing the Elven King right now, she might have sent a few prayers on her way because Thranduil wasn´t known to be kind for anyone that trespass his kingdom.

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Next part of this tale, enjoy!

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Myra ( dragon )

Warning: furious dragon


Part 1     Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

A line of dwarves from the Iron Hills walked toward Erebor while glancing up in the sky nervously wondering if the dragon was going to attack again. The sun was barely rose behind the horizon coloring the sky as red as blood making the youngest dwarves of the group cry because it looked so haunting like a promise the beast would surely come after them.

“Will it come for us again?” one of the little ones asked his voice trembling as he grabbed his mother´s tunic shaking eyes frantically searching any sign of danger.

“No, akhûnith, we are safe and once we reach Erebor, there´s nothing to be scared of,” his mother whispered soothingly.

Others glanced at each other hoping she was right about that.

Dain clenched his jaw while riding his boar in the front looking over his shoulder time to time making sure no one had got separated. His expression was solemn, he didn´t want to believe that the dragon and Thorin had a history what it called love. Dragons were known for their cunning personality, deception and lying to get their opponent out of balance and confused. But he would get some answers, even if it meant fighting his cousin in order to get them.

Little did he know they were indeed being watched high from above.


Thorin was walking around the Gallery of the Kings looking over the damage the two dragons had caused muttering to himself when Fili suddenly came running toward him.

“Uncle! Dain and the dwarves of Iron Hills are at the gate!”

Surprised to hear this Thorin turned around looking at his nephew and seeing his eyes bright Thorin grunted heading toward the main entry.

When Thorin reached the gate he gazed down and come face to face quite the number of dwarves of Iron Hills lead by Dain Ironfoot himself.

“Cousin! What brings you here at my doorsteps?” Thorin asked glancing over the dwarves taking in their appearance making him frown. What had happened?

“Dragon,” Dain´s answer was short, accurate like an arrow of a killer causing Thorin to shudder. The short moment a glimpse of guilt past over his demeanor, his eyes lowered from Dain´s face as he fisted his hands but then as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone and Thorin lifted his gaze back to Dain´s face.

“Dragon you say?” his voice was deep but lacked emotion earning Dain to grab his ax while thinking what was going on in his cousin´s head. Instead of letting them in, he was questioning their motives for coming to Erebor.

“Yes, and it says to blame you for the beast attacking Iron Hills as there cannot be love between a dragon and another race…you know what she was talking about?” Dain nearly growled getting impatient with Thorin.

“Sounds like your mistake with Myra has come to haunt you,” Bilbo muttered from behind the dwarf lord who twirled around ice-cold glare landing on the poor hobbit.

“It wasn´t mistake, don´t you ever say that name again in my presence,” Thorin snarled pointing at the halfling who look at him disbelief on his eyes.

“They might disagree with you,” Bilbo huffed pointed at the small army of dwarves outside who looked exhausted, as they had wounds on their bodies and burn marks that told the tale of what had happened.

“Are you going to let us in?! We are exhausted and hungry!” Dain´s voice boomed over the wall and Thorin sighed feeling irritated, more mouths to feed because of that bloody dragon he had cast out.


Originally posted by yocalio


Myra was hovering above the clouds hiding from the dwarves while her keen eyes pierced the clouds allowing her to watch how the two dwarves were arguing about should Thorin let them in or not. Seeing Thorin Myra was filled up with hate, although Thorin had sent her into exile, into the silence of the wilderness, getting consumed by her own fire obviously he thought she would forget but Thorin´s betrayal was in her head like a thousand knives. Letting rage taking over once again, her eyes were blazing as Myra let out a mighty roar warning the dwarves below she was there and ready for round two.

Everyone looked up at the same second when they heard the angry-sounding roar coming from above the clouds.

“Everybody in! Now!” Dain shouted while Thorin was glaring up waiting to see the dragon diving toward them.

“So, she has come here to die,” Thorin muttered turning around watching as his kin dashed through the gate that his company had managed to open just enough to everyone squeeze themselves in.

“I don´t think so…she is here because of you,” Bilbo said but before Thorin could reply to that a strong gust of wind nearly knocked him down as Myra´s huge body appeared front of the gate. She was so big although she was only a few feet above the ground her head was still so high no one could see it as her body blocked the entire exit.

“Mahal help us!”

“We are going to die!”

Desperate shouts from the dwarves echoed through the halls amused Myra as they reached to her ears. Thorin groaned as he got up, he had hit his back against one of the boulders when the wind threw him into the air.

Bilbo peeked around the pillar frowning as he took in Myra´s appearance, there was something off about it. She seemed different from the Myra he knew. The energy that was emanated from her felt heavy, dark and malicious. Bilbo was shivering from sheer terror as he slowly made his way forward so he could see her head and as it came to his view he froze completely.

Myra´s eyes were shining lighting blue but there was no kindness or warmth in them of any kind, they were cold, rancorous and Bilbo could feel the rage she was carrying.

“Thorin Oakenshield…” her voice was raspy, deep sounding and foreign as the name of the dwarf lord rolled off of her tongue.

“Myra…have you so soon forgotten what would happen if you came back to these lands?” Thorin barked pointing at her as he walked to the edge of the wall to see her better.

“Who´s Myra?” she asked flashing her eyes voice rumbling through her chest making Thorin look confused for a minute.

“My name is Zarmyray, Ruler of the West, The Mysterious One,” the dragon introduced herself although she didn´t have to, as Thorin was looking so baffled she thought she would as well amuse herself by giving her real name.

“So I did the right choice by casting you out dragon! All that time you were with us you were scheming how to take our mountain after Smaug was gone! You’re nothing more than a monster! Isn´t it the reason why you are here?” Thorin shouted his mind filled with anger as he stared Myra in the eyes.

Dark laughter filled the air as Myra tossed her head back letting her wings slow down but still keeping herself airborne.

“This is the world you’ve created for yourself Thorin Oakenshield, this is the product of what I’ve become. If I could take back that moment I would never have let you get under my skin,” Myra snarled locking eyes with Thorin who was trying to hide the shivers that look caused in him.

“But I owe you thank you, if it weren´t for you, I would never have been able to shred that irritating heart of a human side of me. You really did me a favor,” she sneered exposing her teeth as the wicked smile form to her face.

“What are you talking about?” Thorin asked lowly taking a step back.

“Without you I would have lost my dragon side completely in time but because you destroyed my heart I was able to cast it aside so I don´t any longer need to tolerate those petty human emotions,” Myra spoke glancing over Thorin´s head seeing the dwarves were cautiously coming closer as they listened to her.

“I’ve lost the parts of me that make me whole because of you, I am the darkness, I’m the monster you made me,” Myra snarled and withdrawing her head she took a deep breath as her chest started to glow blue and everyone turned around as they knew what was coming. Teary shouts, desperate cries filled the space as the dwarves ran for their lives trying to find a place to hide before the dragon released her fire.

Gigantic blue fire escaped from the depths of Myra´s stomach and hit Erebor´s front gate with full force causing the rocks to break under the pressure even melt because of the tense heat.  

Thorin and his men managed to hide behind the boulders that shielded them from the blast. Balin shook his head while glancing Thorin.

“What?” Thorin huffed at the old dwarf.

“I´m sure we have experienced this once before…but, of course, I could be wrong,”

“Don´t start,”

“Feels like a déjà vu to me too,” Dwalin muttered from his hiding place making Thorin glare at him while the gruff warrior just rolled his eyes.

But their little chat was rudely interrupted when the ground shook violently telling them the dragon had landed and was making her way inside the mountain. Everyone fell utter silence trying not to reveal their hiding place.

The quiet rumbling of a low growl filled the air as Myra extended her long scaly neck pushing her head inside the hall slowly turning it side to side seeking out the dwarves that were hiding.

An ominous shadow covered Thorin, Bilbo, and Balin and holding their breath they glanced up and saw the underside of Myra´s jaw. Thorin lifted his finger to his lips looking at Balin and Bilbo. Bilbo was shaking as the feeling of utter terror consumed him again, he didn´t have that feeling with Smaug and it baffled him greatly. Another low growl emerged from her throat as Myra exposed her teeth while inhaling the air trying to smell the dwarves and as she entered deeper into the mountain, her claws landed on top of the same boulder where Thorin, Balin, and Bilbo were hiding.

Bilbo´s eyes went wide when his eyes scanned the huge claw next to his head.

“Do you really think you can hide from me forever, Thorin Oakenshield?” Myra´s unnatural and deep voice boomed through the fast space bouncing off the walls. As her shining eyes were searching Thorin from ahead of her, Thorin motioned Bilbo and Balin to move around the boulder in case she turned her head to look back.

“And you Dain Ironfoot….after destroying my home, you really thought that Erebor would be your new home?” she taunted Thorin´s cousin trying to make them expose themselves and saving the trouble of her finding them.

“As if I let that happen…I will wipe out the entire race of dwarves if I have to, to make it even for the pain you have inflicted upon me,” Myra growled viperish look on her face. But sudden nudge on her tail earned an angry bark from her as she turned her head to look outside who dared to poke her. Backing up back outside she looked around and soon enough saw the person who had the courage or stupidity in them to touch her.

“Gandalf The Grey….” Myra snarled lowering her head only 8 feet away from the wizard who was standing in front of her leaning to his staff cunning smile on his face.

“Zarmyray The Mysterious One…we meet again…” Gandalf spoke calmly returning the gaze she was casting on him.

“Indeed,” she chuckled darkly feeling rather curious why the wizard decided to show up now.

“Last time I saw you in your dragon form was when we defeated Sauron,” Gandalf hummed his eyes twinkling. Myra couldn´t help but chuckle at that as the memories of War of the Elves and Sauron came to her mind.

“I was young and ambitious then,” Myra purred at the memories lifting her head high while glancing down.

“And now?” Gandalf asked glancing behind her seeing the dwarves quietly making their escape while the wizard kept the dragon occupied.

“Now I´m just seeking revenge on those who had betrayed me,” Myra´s gaze darkened as she sat down her tail twitching angrily.

“I´m sorry, but I can´t let you wipe out the entire race because you feel angry,” Gandalf softly spoke straightening his back noticing her patient was running low.

“Angry? Who said I was angry?” Myra growled taking a deep breath as her chest started to glow again.

“I AM FURIOUS!!” she bellowed as she released her dragonfire upon Gandalf drowning him under the flames.

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Here you go, the fourth part of this tale. Enjoy!

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Myra ( dragon )

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, death, blood


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

Exiting from her nest Myra spread her wings, she took the direction to the east, toward Iron Hills. She would have to fly over Erebor to get there but Myra decided to take a detour through Ered Mithrin rather than flying straight across Erebor. Thorin would have the shock of his life when he would realize that the death of his cousin and his kin was on his hands. Grinning wickedly Myra followed the border of the Lost Realm of Arnor.

Getting closer the ground Myra slightly turned north gliding at the same level as the treetops she inhaled deeply. The scent of lush land was intoxicating caressing her nostrils, strange flowers, herbs, and plants she didn´t recognize. The birds in the trees flew away escaping her, they were too small for her to eat so she settled to watch them. Eventually, the fast forest turned into a grassy plain and in the distance, Myra could see the mountains of Ered Mithrin arise above the clouds.

Her flight took almost half a day but finally, Myra arrived in the lands of the Iron Hills and she saw on the ground a small clearing that was apparently a market site for dwarves and the people who traveled through it.

Myra heeded her gaze on the stalls that were perfectly lined on the main street that was crossing the market place starting from the main gate of Iron Hills. The dwarves and men were busy doing their own things, selling and buying items, children focusing on their plays not paying attention to the cobalt blue dragon who was getting closer every passing minute.

Everything seemed so peaceful, unsuspecting and unprepared.

Descending closer her shadow glided onto the edge of the market site she noticed one of the dwarves glancing up. He pointed at her, started to sway at his arms and yell. At the very moment, everyone looked up, some of the dwarrowdams dropped the fruit baskets that they had been carrying. Others took off running toward the main gates screaming trying to alarm the guards to sound the alarm for the enemy. Some of the dwarves were brave enough to approach her spears in their hands, shouting something she didn´t quite understand as their voices sounded so small.

Myra landed on the edge of the market partially because she was curious but partially because she couldn´t fit right in the middle. Letting out a thunderous roar her eyes gleamed with malice, her human side starting to fade. She was turning into a full dragon. That was the downside of it, the longer she stayed her dragon form more she lost her humanity. In time she would lose her heart completely and when that would happen, Middle-Earth was doomed to fight against another evil presence in order to keep the peace.

The weight of her caused the ground to shook making a few of the dwarves and men to fall down. Exceptionally brave dwarven warrior approached her staring at Myra´s huge head pointing a spear at her. Growling lowly she was actually laughing at the dwarf. In her mind, he was either very brave or very stupid to do that.

Flashing her teeth Myra breathed from her throat jet of blue flame toward the dwarf. The flames shape of a cone drowned the warrior setting on fire the nearest stalls. The agonizing screams of the dwarf soon stopped and Myra couldn´t even smell the burning flesh, her dragonfire was that hot. Lifting her gaze toward the gates where a sound of a horn was heard she growled leaping into the air the gust of wind making the flames spread on the ground.


Inside the mountain, dwarves were running around like headless chickens while Dain was walking briskly toward the main gate.

“What is going on?” he asked his voice booming across the hall.

“A dragon!! It´s attacking us, killing everyone on sight!” one of the guards answered running toward the weaponry.

“Dragon?…Smaug?” Dain was little confused why would a dragon attack on them.

“No, it´s a huge blue dragon,” was the answer and Dain felt chills running through his spine. He knew the legend of the great blue dragon but it hasn´t been seen in decades, everyone assumed it was dead.

Running toward the gates Dain had difficulties move forward as his people were escaping the flames and claws of the furious dragon outside.

A mighty roar greeted Dain when he got on the entry causing him to halt completely as he stared at the grand dragon that was hovering a few feet above the ground, her blazing eyes glued to Dain as he stepped outside.

Below the dragon was desperate, shouting dwarrow his arms raised as he was trying to convince the dragon to let go of his wife, a young dwarrowdam that Myra had gripped in her claws.

“Let go of my wife! Please, I beg you dragon!” the male´s voice was hoarse, tears falling from his cheeks.

“Does this dwarf means so much to you?” Myra´s deep voice boomed through the air as she shifted her gaze toward the male slowly hitting her wings to keep herself airborne.

“She´s my wife, my love… everything!” the dwarf answered but horrified expression was formed on his face when he saw dragon´s devilish sneer when she heard it. Eyes flashed with hellish fire in them and then it happened.

As the dwarrowdam in her claws squirmed trying to escape from the dragon´s hold suddenly a high pitched agonizing scream filled the air. Myra had disemboweled the dwarrow almost cutting her in half with her claw and letting her go the dead body smashed into the ground like a broken doll while her blood started to color the ground in red.

For a moment Myra watched, letting her wing strokes to slow down as the heartbroken grieving dwarf ran to his dead wife kneeling before sobbing while gathering her head into his lap.

Then Myra lifted her gaze toward Dain who was watching the scene in front of him, shaking in anger and disbelief. He shifted his gaze to Myra and their eyes locked, both feeling angry, betrayed, thirsty for blood and seeking revenge.

“You! Dragon! Why are you attacking us?!” Dain was shaking his fist at Myra who raised her scaly brow before a deep growl rose from her throat.

“Don´t pretend you don´t know. Your kin destroyed my home! Your kin let me falsely believe there can be love between a dragon and another race. Your kin betrayed me! Your kin doesn’t deserve to live in this world!!” dragon bellowed her lighting blue eyes narrowed her chest starting to glow blue as Myra summoned her dragonfire from deep in her.

Dain was confused by that outburst, what on earth the dragon was talking about? The love between a dragon and another race?

“What are you talking about?” Dain asked nearly shouting as he was forced to raise his voice to be heard as the growl of the beast was too loud.

“If you survive this…you can thank Thorin Oakenshield for this,” Myra snarled and pulling her head slightly back Dain´s eyes went wide as he realized what was about to happen.

Turning on his heels Dain ran back inside yelling everyone to take cover and then he heard the sound that came just before Myra released her fire burning everything around her. Flames engulfed anything and everything in their path, the market area turning into ashes in mere seconds. Then she turned her attention fully on the gateway and taking a deep inhale she extended her neck breathing fire right inside the gate enjoying the screams and the sound of the fire consuming the mountain from inside turning it into a giant furnace. Rocks cracked under the immense pressure and heat, pillars collapsing and wood burning filling the air with thick black smoke that was suffocating.

Dwarves shouted to each other, families searching their members desperate, horrified the scenes around them, burning bodies all around them some of them got crushed under the falling pillars, others were consumed by the fire completely leaving nothing but pile or grey ash behind. It was chaos.

Outside Myra was watching the mayhem she had created on the race of dwarves. Hitting her wings rapidly she caused the fire spread even further until the whole mountain was blazed burning in a blue fire while Myra was roaring letting her anger consume her entire being while the glow of the fire illuminated her body making it shine brightly like the armor of pure sapphires.


Everything was quiet, not even a birds were singing as the sun was setting in the horizon coloring the sky in blood red. The fire in the mountain was dying out leaving only extreme heat behind causing the moist on the skin of the remaining dwarves to dry out and blisters appear on their bodies.

Dwarves that were able to escape from the dragonfire or falling rocks were left staring at their destroyed home, their dead comrades lying on the floor either burned alive or being crushed under boulders or pillars.

“Why did the dragon attacked us? We didn´t do anything to it?” a small dwarfling asked weeping in her mother´s arms as they watched helplessly around trying to comprehend everything that happened in the blink of an eye. His mother wasn´t able to answer as she was grieving her dead husband lying somewhere int eh rubble.

“Because that´s their nature….dragons are a force to be reckoned with but this time the beast went too far,” Dain answered gravelly from behind them. He had a bad burn on his arms, face, and chest, half of his beard was burned but he wasn´t thinking about his injuries. He was wondering what Thorin, his cousin had to do with anything.

“Get the wounded, take what you can, we leave at dawn to Erebor,” Dain called out the grim expression on his face. He needed answers but he also would need Thorin´s help to kill the dragon that apparently had a history with his cousin.

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A/N: Alright!! Hi guys! It’s been a while! I’m so sorry for the long pause on this story, I truly am! I’ve been invested in so many different things this year that I lost my inpiration. However, it’s BACK!! So here we go!  

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x OC (Elentári)

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Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 –> Current Read

Chapter 12: Home 


Originally posted by the-awesome-aries

Elen’s heart hammered against her chest as she approached the Carrock, her eagle flying close behind Thorin’s. She could hear Gandalf screaming at her from behind her back but she kept denying his calls as she saw the Eagle carrying Thorin gently deposit him and his sword on a flat area on top of the Carrock. Elen’s eyes filled with tears as she noticed the Thorin’s lifeless form alone on the rock. The elleth urged her eagle to land and jumped on the ground. She quickly ran toward the dwarf king, screaming his name in fear and desperation. Her knees landed heavily on the hard and dusty ground as she kneeled by his side, tears falling down her cheeks like two thin trickles of water piercing through stone. 

“Please, Eru… Please.” Elen whispered as she laid her ear on Thorin’s chest to check for the beat of his heart and his breath. 

The elleth let out a sob at how low his heart was beating. All her love and adoration for the stubborn dwarf exploded in her chest, making it impossible to breathe without his presence in her life. Elen swallowed down the lump in her throat and closed her eyes, ready to do her duty and save the love of her life at all cost. The elleth let the light envelop her, fill her entire being and soul. She opened her eyes to see her hands glow with powerful white light and she extended her hands toward Thorin’s chest. She felt an intense pain ripping her heart apart as her soul slowly started to leave her body, leaving her with a painful empty feeling.

In the meanwhile, another Eagle landed on the Carrock and Gandalf slid off its neck, running toward the unconscious Thorin and the foolish elleth.

“Elen! Thorin!” Gandalf shouted as he reached the pair. The wizard quickly grabbed Elen’s shoulder and suddenly, the elleth gasped and the white light flickered away from her hands and eyes. Elen blinked, overwhelmed and tuned her head to look at Gandalf.

“What are you doing?! I have to save him!” She shouted in desperation but Gandalf shook his head.

“Now is not the time, Elen! You still have much to do!” The wizard’s voice died down at the end and he leaned over Thorin, calling his name once again as Elen shakenly moved to give him some place and gently lifted Thorin’s head on her lap.  

Thorin wasn’t responding and Elen cried silently as Bilbo ran up and some other dwarves landed on the Carrock all watching the scene before them in sorrow and shock as their eyes landed on Elen. Gandalf then placed his hand on Thorin’s face and whispered a spell. Elen could feel magic float in the air as she watched her dear friend save the dwarf she loved. Her heart slowly calmed down as Thorin’s eyes fluttered open and he gasped for air. Elen let out a soft strangled laugh as her eyes locked with his deep blue orbs and she gently laid her forehead against his, relieved to feel the warmth emanate from his skin. Thorin stayed silent for a few seconds, disoriented and shocked at his elleth’s actions. After a while the dwarf king collected himself and something suddenly hit him.  

“The halfling?” He asked, his voice weak and hoarse. 

“It’s all right. Bilbo is here. He’s quite safe.” Gandalf answered in relief as he leaned back a little bit to grant more space to the company as they had finally all landed on the Carrock. They were all surrounding the wounded Thorin who was now trying to get up as Elen staid knelt down on the hard ground, her body too weak to protest. 

Dwalin and Kili helped Thorin up as the elleth watched the scene before her, as if she was disconnected to the world around her. Her heart had dangerously come close to breaking and shattering in pieces. However, once he was up, Thorin shrugged Dwalin and Kili off and approached Bilbo like a furry. 

“You! What were you doing?” The king growled. “You nearly got yourself killed! Did I not say that you would be a burden? That you would not survive in the wild and that you had no place amongst us?” Thorin said as he advanced until he was face to face with Bilbo, who looked worried and frightened, even sad to Elen’s eyes. The elleth wanted to say something, and as she looked around she noticed that the entire company was shocked at how Thorin was treating Bilbo, but suddenly, Thorin’s aura changed and Elen frowned. All of a sudden, the dwarf was exuding a strong sentiment of guilt. 

“I’ve never been so wrong in all my life!” Thorin breathed out then grabbed Bilbo and embraced him deeply. The other dwarves cheered loudly and slapped each other on the back. Gandalf smiled as he helped Elen sit on a rock to the side of the company. Bilbo, looking quite surprised, hugged Thorin back and smiled.

 “I am sorry I doubted you.” Thorin said as he pulled away and checked him for any injuries. 

“No, I would have doubted me too. I’m not a hero or a warrior…not even a burglar.” Bilbo answered. As everyone chuckled, the Eagles flew away, screeching. Thorin looked beyond Bilbo and saw something that made his eyes shine; he strides forward, and the others followed his gaze.

“Is that what I think it is?” Bilbo asked and Elen looked up. In the distance, on the horizon, they saw the outline of a single, solitary mountain. A small smile appeared on the elleth’s face as she slowly regained her composure, her heart finally beating normally and her breath steady. Her mind also felt more focused and it hit her suddenly. Thorin had been extremely foolish!  

“Erebor… The Lonely Mountain.” Gandalf said as he approached Thorin and Bilbo. “The last of the great dwarf kingdoms of Middle-Earth.”

“Our home.” Thorin’s voice resonated in Elen’s heart, his words filled with hope for the first time since the day they met at Bag End. 

A bird cheeped and flew by, just above the company as they all contemplated the landscape before them. 

“A raven! The birds are returning to the mountain.” Oin exclaimed and Elen chuckled as more birdsong was heard. 

“That, my dear Oin, is a thrush.” Gandalf answered with a soft smile. 

“But we’ll take it as a sign, a good omen.” Thorin said as he looked at Bilbo, hopeful.  

“You’re right. I do believe the worst is behind us.” Bilbo answered with a sigh while the Company was looking on at the Lonely Mountain and the sun coming up behind them. Suddenly, Oin’s voice caught the company’s attention. 

“Lass are you alright?” The old dwarf asked in concern as he knelt down in front of Elen. The elleth was lost in her thoughts, torn between relief, love, and anger. Oin’s concern made Thorin turn around in a flash and he quickly made his way in the elleth’s direction. He quickly pulled Oin away and took his place at Elen’s feet, his rough and warm hands cupping her cold cheeks as his eyes searched hers. 

Amrâlimê, are you alright?” Thorin’s voice was warm and soft, filled with love as he studied her beautiful eyes. The same eyes that were glowing in the night a few hours earlier. Elen studied the dwarf before her for a moment, love evident in her eyes. Then something snapped in her and her eyes darkened in anger. 

“You’re asking if I’m alright?!” The elleth exclaimed, jumping from her sitting position to stand up. Thorin followed suit and raised an eyebrow at her in confusion. 

“I’m not alright Thorin! You almost died!” She shouted again, the company awkwardly watching the scene as Thorin looked even more lost. 

“Amrâlimê…” Thorin tried again but Elen raised her left hand up and shook her head. 

“Don’t! You have no right to run into battle like that when you had no chance to win. Azog had the higher ground and he was on his Wrag with an entire pack behind him! What were you thinking?!” Elen screamed, pacing around like a lion in a cage. 

“You could have died!” She repeated, her anger slowly fading into sadness once again. “You have no right to die. You hear me? No right! I’ve been protecting you since we first met in Erebor so many years ago. I protected your people as well as I could when Smaug came, getting myself banished from Thranduil’s realm. I protected you during the Battle of Azanulbizar when it was an order to stand down. I’ve let down my people so many times for you and now… You run head first into danger, ready to die. You might have nothing to lose anymore but I can’t lose you!” Elentári stopped abruptly, breathless and horrified at what she had just said. 

The entire company was looking at her with wide eyes. Bilbo looked weirdly uncomfortable and Gandalf looked at her with a small knowing smirk. Thorin tried to take a step forward but Elen jumped away, ashamed and sad. She looked down and closed her eyes as tears fell down her cheeks once again. Thorin took this as his chance to approach her and with two strides, the dwarf was standing before her. With a smile full of love and adoration, Thorin placed a finger under the elleth’s chin and pushed her head up gently. Elen gasped and open her eyes to directly lose herself in the beautiful depth of Thorin’s eyes. He was looking at her with such adoration, love, passion, and kindness that it knocked her breath away. 

“I’m sorry. I truly am.” Thorin breathed out, his breath ghosting over Elen’s face. “I was foolish, I see it now. I’m sorry if by my actions I brought you so much pain, Amrâlimê.” 

“I… I can’t forgive you right away…” Elen whispered, lost in the feeling of his hands slowly caressing the skin of her neck before cupping her cheeks tenderly. 

“I know…” Thorin answered low enough for only them to hear. And with that, Thorin slowly closed the distance between their lips, slowly and passionately kissing her for the first time. Elen’s eyes widen for a short second before she finally understood what was happening. The elleth closed her eyes and kissed him back, her hands resting on his warm chest and gripping the fur on the collar of his coat. Time seemed to stop around them and they couldn’t hear the company’s cheer or the whistles of Thorin’s nephews. The only thing that matters was their love, the feeling of Thorin’s warm lips moving in synch with hers, the feeling of his hands on her cheeks then of his palm slowly running down her back to press her against him in a passionate frenzy. The longing was evident in the kiss and even at the moment when they had to pull away to breathe. Their eyes opened and their forehead touched, noses touching and lips brushing softly again each other. 

“Amrâlimê…” Thorin breathed out once again, love and passion dripping from his voice as he kept her close. 

“What does that even mean…” Elen asked in a soft, lightheaded chuckle. 

“My love.” Thorin answered, lost in her entire being and his love for his elleth. “It means my love.” 


In the soft light of the morning, the thrush flew across the Desolation of Smaug. It flew in front of the ruined gates of Erebor, and then finally landed on a rock on the side of the mountain. It picked up a snail and banged its shell against the side of the mountain. Inside the mountain, a massive pile of gold, coins, jewels, and treasures was piled up in the throne room, and the sounds of the thrush echoed through the massive chambers. 

Without any warning, some of the gold was blown away, disturbing the peaceful silence and revealing Smaug’s snout beneath the pile. As Smaug slowly raised his head from beneath the pile, more treasure fell away from his face. The silence remained for a few painful second. Suddenly, his eye opened, and Smaug’s growls resonated deep inside the mountain. 


I’m preparing the epilogue in which the company will ask Elen to explain who she is and why she helped them as the “white light”. 

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Thorin Oakenshield X OFC , Thorin Oakenshield Love Story 

A great wizard made his way through the thick vegetation that coated and covered the jungle realm.

He had shed his long grey cloak and pulled his pointed hat from his head when the warm, humid air began to get to him.

He knew he was being watched.

He was also very, very aware of the enormous black feline walking the thick branches of the tropical trees above him.

But it was not the cat that he was wary of.

It was a certain elf that he knew was not really an elf at all.

“Go no further.” came the thickly accented voice he’d been expecting.

“Jezguli.” Gandalf spoke carefully.

He was not niave enough to think she wasn’t somewhere he couldn’t see her….with an arrow pointed at his throat.

“What do you want?”

He wished he could see her but he knew better and he chose his words carefully, “I, like many others, have heard your tale and I offer you a chance for justice.”

A luminous pair of eyes narrowed at him out of sight, “Go on.”

“I’m going on a quest with a company of dwarves. Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain son of Thror is our leader. I plan to help them to reclaim their homeland but to do this we must defeat Smaug.” Gandalf said carefully.

“Do not speak that name to me!”

“Jezguli, please, I do not mean to offend you. I’m offering you a chance -” he started.

“I know why you want me to go. Only a dragon truly knows how to outwit, outsmart and essentially kill another dragon.” came her voice. “I know you’re not offering me justice. You are a trickster, Wizard, and I do not trust you.”

The great black cat of legend landed before Gandalf with it’s smooth black pelt and it’s luminous green eyes.

It paced back and forth keep guard of it’s master.

It was huge and more than an even match for the Orc Warg Scouts that plagued other lands.

“Peace, Zul. Peace.” came Jezguli’s voice again. “I will go on this quest, Wizard, but I MUST be the one to kill Smaug. I will not be so agreeable if I’m am denied it.”

Gandalf almost smiled.

THIS was agreeable?

“I will do my best to ensure that you deliver his demise.” Gandalf said with what he hoped was a reassuring smile.  “But I’m afraid we must leave tomorrow.”

A rustle was heard and then the tall, elf emerged from the thick vegetation.

She was quite tall and thick in frame undoubtably laced in muscle.

Almost statuesque with the body of a warrior though it could not be seen.

She was shrouded in a silk black veil around her head baring only her bright golden eyes.

It matched the black silk wound around her body repeatedly over her slight armor.

She did not need much and with the temperature like it was in her home…she never wanted to be too hot.

“Will you always be so mysterious?” Gandalf asked the she-elf.

He’d seen many drawings over the years.

Everyone had an interpretation but no one really knew what she looked like…and this was why.

She stayed hidden.

She didn’t respond but instead narrowed those golden eyes at him, “Follow. I am sure you need nourishment.”

Gandalf began to walk along quite tiredly.

“Zul.” the she-elf commanded and the enormous black cat bent his head down upon his paw to offer himself to the wizard who graciously climbed aboard the beast grateful for a moment of relief.

Deeper and deeper they wound into the mossy rainforest until the great kingdom of Rainwood before the castle came into sight.

From the front it seemed like a modest castle.

Pretty with nice architectural structure surrounded by trees and greenery but one inside everything opened up to reveal the massive grounds and the deep valley of jungle behind it.

Rainwood was enormous.

Elves were busy milling about and doing their various things.

Each one was polite to Gandalf and assisted him inside whilst another took Zul off to be seen to.

The dark elf continued to stride ahead directing others as she went before she halted and pivoted quickly.

“I will see you after you’ve rested, Wizard. Bekonelle will show you to your room.” she said gesturing to a tall elf with long red hair, warm cinnamon skin and green eyes that really suited her features. “My people will have a feast tonight for we’ve had many of our clan return as warriors.   We’re celebrating.  You may attend if you wish and we can discuss this quest of yours.”

Gandalf nodded and bid her ado before she whipped around and exited the corridor.

It had been a very long time since he had visited Rainwood.  

Perhaps, seventy years or so and never had he actually spoke to Jezguli.  

He’d been informed at that time that she was off dealing with urgent manners.

He’d known damn well what it had been.

She was searching for Smaug.

She was always searching for him.

He knew that her desire for revenge could overpower her and make her more of an issue than an asset but he had no energy to think of this now.

His eyes were tired and his body came to a rest as sleep overcame him.

Many hours later when Gandalf awoke from his sleep, the jungle was in full swing and he made his way down to join the festivities.

The elves of Rainwood were really no different than anyone else in their core.

They liked to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

Sometimes that meant loud music, raucous dancing and quite a few spirits.


He turned, unsurprisingly, to see her standing there.

“I’ve arranged for us to have our meal privately so that we make speak without an audience.”

Gandalf followed suit and was delighted to find a small feast on the table for him full of the exotic fruits on the region along with wild hog and deer as well as array of sausages.

He ate and ate until he could eat no more though he did not miss the watchful golden eyes…or how she hadn’t eaten.

“I ate earlier.” she said dismissing the question before he ever asked it.

There were rumors of her mind reading abilities but he did not know if this was true or simply coicidence.

“Now, tell me, wizard.” she said.  "Where are we going and for what purpose is your quest?“

Gandalf launched into the full explanation knowing the whole while that she would participate.

"Jezguli, you are one of the oldest living creatures in Middle Earth.” he sighed.  "And there are things on this map that even I can not read.   You are a skilled huntress and yes, you do possess valuable knowledge of how to defeat Smaug.    In short, we need you but I will warn you.   This is a company of dwarves and this particular lot does not take kindly to dragons- which is understandable given the circumstances and even less so to elves. But that is a story for another time.“

"I have no care if they like me or not, wizard. ” She quipped, accent as thick as ever.  "I will not be making this journey on the assumptions that everyone will become ever lasting companions.  I have a purpose and I shall serve it.“

The dark elf was not the problem.

He knew that the real issue would be getting a certain dwarf to trust her and he had a feeling that this particular female had very little care of who approved of her or not.

And probably had no issue in showing that fact.

Meaning that a great deal of charm and tact would be needed on the wizard’s part.

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Hey, smoochies! Chapter Two revamped and redone! Woot woot! Super happy ya’ll are liking it!!! This story is one of my babies and I do actually have a Thranduil story that holds a special place in my heart that I’d love to redo because, well it just needs some TLC.  Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you did please let me know in the comments! Happy Reading!

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A/N: @lathalea replied to my last post with “why not both” and my poly self is absolutely here for it so here we go! This part doesn’t have much Bofur in it yet, but next part (if people end up liking this one) definitely will. If you want a part 2 to this, please let me know and give some feedback!

Pairing: Thorin x OC x Bofur

Word Count: 1,073

Warnings: None


Originally posted by thegnotesots

The Shire has always been a quite little town, but it seemed like tonight was especially quiet. Kat has never been a fan of the quiet, despite her brother’s insistence that it was one of the best parts of living here. Bilbo always was more like their father, while Kat tended to show the more Tookish side of their ancestry.

That was exactly what led her to take a walk at such a late hour. Unfortunately, that also led her to being late for supper and she knew Bilbo would be cross with her for staying out so late. He never did seem to fall for her puppy dog eyes……

Kat was so lost in the thought of her cross brother, that she completely missed the stranger rounding the same turn as she was. She barely registered running into something before she was falling. Next thing she knew, a hand reached out and gripped her wrist, pulling her up and steadying her. Her green eyes shot up to meet a pair of cobalt blue eyes, shining brightly despite the dim light of the evening.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. Are you okay,” she quickly asks.

The dwarf in front of her raised an eyebrow at her outburst, somehow making such a simple action look regal.

“I should be asking you that question as you are the one who almost fell,” he says.

As soon as his deep baritone voice reached her ears, goosebumps erupted on Kat’s arms. How could someone’s voice be that deep? She had never met anyone in the Shire with such a tone.

“I-I’m fine, thank you. Oh, my name is Kat Baggins, at your service. I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here before. Are you visiting someone or just passing through,” she asks, snapping herself out of her daze.

“My name is Thorin. I’m here to visit someone, however this town was not as easy to navigate as my companion had said,” he explains, huffing slightly at the end.

“Well lucky for you I’ve lived here all my life so I know it very well. Where are you hoping to end up,” she chuckles.

“I was told that the home was referred to as Bag End. Does that sound familiar,” he asks.

Kat’s smile immediately dropped as her brow furrowed. That couldn’t be right, could it? Bilbo wasn’t friends with any dwarves as far as she knew. She would be more apt to befriend a dwarf than her dear brother. But, Thorin had said Bag End clear as day, so maybe they were friends of friends?

“I can show you to Bag End. Follow me,” she says.

She once again set off down the path as Thorin followed silently by her side. In no time at all, she was opening a familiar gate and watching as he approached the green door and- was that something carved into the door? She had just painted that! So focused on the carving, she was startled when Thorin banged loudly on the door before he turned to look at her once again.

“Thank you for showing me the way,” he says, clearly attempting to dismiss her.

Before she could respond, the door opened. However, it wasn’t her brother behind the door, but a very tall older man with grey hair and a grey beard. Behind him, she could clearly see even more dwarves inside her home. What in middle earth was going on here?

“Gandalf,” greets Thorin as he steps inside, “I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way. Twice.”

“Yes, sorry to interrupt but who carved a mark into the door,” Kat questions angrily as she pushes her way into the home.

“Mark? There is no mark on the door, I had it painted only a week ago,” exclaims her brother as he pushes his way through the other dwarves standing off to the side.

“Had me paint it, I think is what you mean. And I guarantee that there’s a mark on the door,” she huffs, giving Bilbo a look.

“Your sister is right, I put the mark there myself. Bilbo Baggins, allow me to introduce the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield. Kat, I see the two of you have already met,” introduces Gandalf.

Thorin lifts an eyebrow after hearing Gandalf refer to Kat as the sister of Bilbo, but doesn’t even spare her a glance. Instead, he slowly stalks toward Bilbo.

“So, this is the Hobbit. Tell me Mister Baggins, have you done much fighting,” Thorin questions as he began circling Bilbo

“Pardon me,” mutters Bilbo, anxiously catching Kat’s eye.

“Axe or sword? What is your weapon of choice,” continues Thorin.

“Well I do have some skills at Conkers if you must know. But I fail to see how that’s relevant,” says Bilbo.

Kat sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. Oh Bilbo, that did not help your case at all.

“Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar,” laughs Thorin, causing Kat’s face to flush in anger.

“While I may not know why my brother needs to look like a burglar or have any skills with weapons, I do know that you and your company are in our home, eating our food, without even letting us know you would be showing up! The least you could do is not be rude. And I prefer a sword, if you were ever planning on asking me,” rants Kat, glaring at the dwarves.

Silence falls quickly as they all stare at her, Bilbo shifting closer as though attempting to shield her from their gazes. It seems like no one has ever used that tone with Thorin before, as he looked like he was trying to decide if he was impressed or offended.

“Now, I hope some food has been saved for myself and Thorin to eat while we work out why exactly you’re here,” she snips.

She spins on her heel quickly and stalks into the kitchen, her curly red hair fanning around her as she does so. Silence follows in her wake for a moment before a dwarf with a funny hat finally breaks it.

“Well Mister Baggins, you forgot to mention that your sister is a spitfire,” he whistles lowly.

Spitfire indeed. I’ll show you spitfire if your so called “leader” continues insulting my brother.

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