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#thorin x you

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

Word count: 1515

Warnings: Thorin loosens up a little! Not proofread very much.

A/N: So, this chapter’s been fighting me a little bit, but here it is! We’re finally starting to get a bit more of a relationship between them, but it’s still building a little. Forgive me the little cliffhanger at the end of this part! Gif is not mine! Happy Thorin Thursday!

Enjoy!! I love you all!!

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Originally posted by evy-miller


Originally posted by elvenking


  • Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Human reader
  • Warnings: Feels, angst, fluff, insecurity, language, implied smut.

It’s been years. Exactly eight years since you’ve fled Erebor.
Since then, life has never been the same. You thought of The Company, the adventure you’ve had, and of course, Thorin. You wondered how your Dwarf friends were doing, as well as Bilbo. Gandalf had (not by chance) run into you several times. You traveled a lot, never staying in one spot, and he’d always find you. One day, you decided you’d get a move on again after residing in an abandoned cottage for a month or two. So you traveled to Bag End to see your beloved Hobbit friend. Bilbo kindly let you stay with him as long as you liked. 
While you lived in Bag End, you found a job in the pub, and made many friends with the friendly, small people. Gandalf would occasionally drop by and show off his fireworks, which the children found exciting. The adults on the other hand.. not too fond of their peaceful ways being disturbed. 

But you were content with the way you were living.
For the most part, at least.
In the back of your mind, you knew you still felt guilty about leaving Thorin.
You thought of him often. When you awoke, during work, before you slept.
Hoping he was safe, happy, and living his best life as a king.
Maybe he even moved on and married.
Secretly, you were hoping he didn’t. As much as you wished him to forget about you, you still loved him, and you knew he felt the same, as you were his One. Dwarves only love once, after all.

One particular day, you weren’t feeling too good, and had a bad time of hiding it. You woke up late, couldn’t find your day clothes anywhere, and had trouble focusing during work which lead you to being sent home early.

“Uhm, Y/N?” You whipped your head around to find Bilbo, nervously standing by the doorframe. “You didn’t seem too.. Well, frankly, it looks like you’ve been having a terrible time. Is everything all right?”

You sigh heavily. “I’m just kind of.. out of it today. No need to get all fussed up over me.” 

“Not just today, but the whole time you’ve been here. I don’t mean to invade your privacy, and if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s okay, but I’m worried about you.”

You plop down onto your bed and let out another defeated sigh.
“It’s Thorin..”

“What about him? I thought you haven’t seen him for a while?”

“Exactly! That’s why I’m so anxious.” You felt tears begin to well in your eyes. “I left Erebor for such a stupid reason, and I can’t bring myself to go back and look him in the eyes after what I’ve done. It’s embarrassing and I’ve probably put him through so much grief!” 
Bilbo approached you and sat beside you, 

“As far as I know, he’s been worrying about you, too.”

Sniffling, you ask, “How would you know that?”

“Do you think your run ins with Gandalf has been by chance? Gandalf has been sent by Thorin to find you and report back to him. Doesn’t that tell you something?”


“Y/N, I’m not one to give relationship advice, but it’s better to see him now than wait until it’s too late.”
At that, Bilbo left the room to give you some time to think.
He was right, wasn’t he?
Gods, what were you even thinking? 
You needed to see Thorin. 


“Ah, I see you’ve made up your mind.”
Bilbo watched as you picked up your bags and threw them onto your back.

“Bilbo, I’m very grateful for your hospitality and it’s been a pleasure to be able to visit you again. This won’t be our last meeting, I assure you.”
You bent down to hug your friend.

“Of course, Y/N. I wish you the best, and safe journeys!”


Thorin’s POV

Eight years have gone by. Each day was torture without her.
If I was over it, I’d be lying to myself.
She was all I wanted, even if I had to give up my position as a king, I would, just to see her.  But I know she wouldn’t want that. Y/N would like to see me happy, living my life as a king. 
I began to grow concerned.
What if she has been lying to me all this time? What if she had found another man? What if all she wanted was my gold, and finally left when she got a hold of it? Dwarves and Humans were not alike. While us Dwarves only fall in love once, Humans have many partners. Although that couldn’t be the case.
Gandalf had reported to me many times about her whereabouts. Always traveling alone, no signs of another companion. 

I had started to grow impatient and doubtful. 
She wasn’t coming back again, was she?
Eventually, I had learned to accept this. She wanted to be free. Maybe she had finally grown tired of me, and left to seek a new life.
Many dwarrowdams had tried to catch my attention. Revealing clothing, lingering touches and stares, and flirting, but none of them had ever caught my eye. I had made a promise, that no matter what, I’d wait for Y/N.

I lied awake all night, alone again. My mind was fixed on Y/N. Her words replayed in my head. I wondered what I could have done so things would have been different. So she could have stayed. Maybe I treated her too harshly? Made her jealous? Whatever I had done, there was no going back to fix it.
In a matter of hours, the sun started to rise over the mountains again. 
Every day was the same routine, and each more agonizing than the last.
Days turned into weeks, turned into months, and eventually, Gandalf had stopped reporting back to me.

I let it be.
As another day came, I arose from bed, dressed in my robes, and made my way to the throne room. I ran into Dwalin & Balin along the way, who stopped in their tracks as soon as the noticed me, staring at me as if I was a ghost.


“Thorin, ar-are you okay?”
Balin’s eyes were the size of a dinner plate.

“Why do you ask?” I grumble lowly, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Have you even seen yourself in the mirror?”
I look into a shiny, clear stone, and almost choke on my own breath at the sight of my own reflection. Dark circles surrounded my eyes, hair was tangled, braids unkept, and skin pale. 
I don’t respond.

“You haven’t been getting any sleep. Take the day off. Fili will watch over the kingdom for you.”
For once in my life, I decide not to put up and argument and agree, knowing Balin was right.


Your POV

Months into your journey, you finally made it to Erebor, and immediately requested to see the king. It wasn’t particularly a busy day today, and you were brought to the throne room almost immediately.

When you walked in, you felt like your heart had dropped.
Instead of seeing Thorin sitting on the throne, it was his nephew, Fili.
Although you were excited to see your friend, you feared the worst had happened.

“Y/N?” Fili’s eyes went wide, and he fixed his gaze upon you. “Oh, Mahal, it’s actually you!”
He got up from his seat and ran to engulf you in his famous teddy bear hugs.
You couldn’t help yourself from smiling, despite your worries.
“You haven’t aged a day!”

“Neither have you.”

You pulled away to get a good luck at each other, before you finally cut to the chase.
“Where’s Thorin?”

“Oh, he wasn’t feeling well so he stayed back to rest.”
You felt as if a big boulder was lifted off your shoulders.

“Is it anything serious?” You try your best not to sound too worried.

“He’s just been losing sleep.”
The boulder was pushed onto your back, again. You felt a pang of guilt in your heart, as you knew what caused him to lose sleep.

“Fili, I know he’s resting, but I need to see him,” you plead, giving Fili puppy eyes. He immediately gives in, and escorts you to Thorin’s chambers himself.
After a few brief words, he left you at Thorin’s doorstep.

It’s happening
You’re here
What now?
Maybe you should come back later
You know
When he’s well rested
Or something
What if he didn’t even want to see you? Maybe he even forgot your existence. If he did, that would make it so much easier, right? You could just slip away quietly.

You almost had to slap yourself in the face. 
You didn’t come here for nothing. You knew you needed to see Thorin.
Hesitantly, you knocked on the door. You could swear you could hear your own heart thumping right now.

You waited for a few seconds, before the door creaked open.
“Hey,” you whispered, biting your lip nervously.
Thorin had changed. His eyes looked tired, his hair was tangled everywhere, with more streaks of white, and his skin was pale. Was this your doing?
As soon as Thorin’s eyes met yours, his jaw dropped. He blinked several times, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


“No..,” he croaked, snapping his eyes closed. “You’re not real.”

“T-Thorin, it’s me.. It’s Y/N..” You watched as tears spilled down his cheeks.

“You’re a hallucination. You’re not Y/N!”
Your heart shattered as you heard the words fall from his mouth. 

“I am real! Look at me!”
His eyes opened again, staring you down. 

“Is it actually you?” 

“I’m here, Thorin.”
You leaned in to hug him, as he stood as still as a statue. He still couldn’t believe it.
Finally, you felt Thorin’s strong arms wrap around you tightly, as if he was never going to let you go.
You both silently stood there, embracing and crying together.
Eventually you both pulled away to get a good look at each other.

“Mahal.. I can’t believe my eyes.. I-I don’t know what to say,” his voice cracked as more happy tears fell from his eyes. 

“You don’t have to say anything,” you whispered, before pulling him in again to collide your lips with his.
You both laid together that day. No words besides the occasional “I love yous”.
Night came quickly, and you never left the room. You stayed beside Thorin, arms wrapped securely around each other as you rested underneath the sheets.

“My love..” he said softly, breaking the silence. “You’re not going to leave again, are you?”

“No,” you answered quickly. “Never again.”
You both kept quiet after that, simply enjoying each other’s presence.
As you felt yourself drift off to sleep, you heard Thorin’s voice.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

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(Of course, hun. Thank you for your concern. I’m feeling generally better, but still have to be careful. Warning: it gets a bit naughty and smutty)

* You and Thorin are bored out of your minds, listening to self-important big wigs entertain the sound of their own voices. 

* You begin writing on a piece of parchment, doodling away to pass the time. However, a Dwarf lord from further down the table snorts at you. 

* Thorin tries his best to get the talks rolling, but some of the lords want to discuss tiny minuscule details that will be ironed out in the coming months. 

* You feel Thorin’s hand under the table. It starts at your knee and moves up your thigh. You can feel the pleasurable sensations that he always ignites within you. 

* Thorin smirks at you, knowing that he’s turning you on. 

* You retaliate and cup between his legs, squeezing a little. 

* Thorin freezes, sitting bolt upright. You notice a faint shimmer of sweat on his brow. By now his erection is rock hard and pulsing. 

* Another lord asks if Thorin is alright. The lords offer Thorin a break. 

* As all the Dwarves disperse for an hour break, Thorin grabs you and has his way with you on the table. 

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May 26th - Lyn’s Writing Event - Thorin

Prompt - Your the best thing that ever happened to me


Originally posted by psicopathya

Warnings: purely fluff

There was nothing like waking up with the warmth of the king wrapped around you. Especially of the dwarven sort. The perfect mix of soft and hard. He made the perfect pillow. But there was something unbelievable in waking up everyday with him.

This particular morning he had his face buried in your chest. Even in his sleep he looked grumpy, which was a travesty because he had the most beautiful smile.

Carefully, you brush a knuckle over the creases on his face, watching his face morph slowly into something softer. His eyes flutter before falling shut again. He adjusts in your arms, sinking down to nuzzle deeper between your breasts. You feel fingers glide up your sides as he seems to crush you against him.

It was lovely. The heavy heat of his full weight gave such a comforting presence, even if it occasionally made it uncomfortable to breathe. Dwarves were dense. You suspected he weighed a couple hundred pounds, at least. He only stood at five foot three but that was enough.

You smile when he gives a little snore. Only waking for a moment to brush his lips across your sternum before falling back into his slumber. Mornings like this gave you anxiety.

It felt like a dream you were going to wake up from. Too good to be true. Thorin was too good for you. You tried not to over think it. The negativity only served to make you anxious. Instead, you focus on how good it feels to feel his breath ghost over your skin. How wonderful he smelled (like the forges since he’d gotten up in the middle of the night to work in them). How soothing the sounds of his breathing was. You could feel the rumble of each draw in his lungs.

Your old life felt unreal, like you had been in Middle Earth since birth. There were many days you didn’t even think about it. How could you? When you had the sexiest man you’d met in your life kissing at you in his sleep and bringing you handmade gifts in the middle of the night.

You twist the bead in your fingers under the light of the dying flames. The hearth long forgotten about. It was different this time. Your last ones were older but not made as well. These had distinct lines and even the rune that your name started with. Something that warmed your heart.

“Good morning,” he hums to you. He glances up at you. “What’s on your mind?”

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” you hum with a smile.

He groans sleepily. “Aye, my love. And you are mine. Now let’s go back to sleep. No more staring.” You grin as he adjusts between your legs.

“It’s so hard when your that pretty.”

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Oh, he’d be fighting and screaming and feeling so defeated. It’s the worst torture to him. He’s helpless to help you and your dying! Your poor body can’t take the heavy blows the orcs are delivering.

When he finally can get to you, he’s picking you up and holding you so delicately. He’s terrified he’s going to lose you as he carries you to the closest place for help, where he’s whispering to you and praying you’ll be okay.

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May 26th-Lyn’s Writing Event

Prompt~ “You are the best thing to have ever happened to me”

I opened my eyes, slowly, noticing a single candle flickering in the corner of the room, illuminating the figure of my husband. 

“My love?” I asked, clearly jogging him from his thoughts as he looked over to me. 

“You should be sleeping, amralime, tomorrows going to be another long day,” he said, looking over at me. 

“Surely a King would know when to take his own advice,” I argued, raising my eyebrows slightly as I patted the empty spot next to me on the bed. He looked at me for a second, before heading over to the bed and putting his arm around me, pulling me close to him.

“What’s wrong..?” I asked, noticing the worry on his face, as I traced my hand across his cheek.

“Erebor?” I asked, he hesitated for a second before just nodding simply.

“I keep thinking about what the wizard said, he makes it sound so easy. Gather a company of Dwarves that will follow me to kill the fire breathing dragon that stole our homeland. Who’s going to want to do that, when we all know what the likely outcome is,” Thorin huffed. 

“I could think of a few people, Dwalin and Balin are loyal to you, so are Fili and Kili and they’re trained fighters..and you know I’ll go with you no matter the risk,” I said. 

“I wouldn’t ask nor expect any of them or you, to take that risk for me,” He stated simply. 

“I can already tell you why we’d all want to do it. Our people should at least be given the choice,” I suggested, intertwining our hands together.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t think about Erebor, about the happiness and joy that was once there, the grand feasts we’d have and the laughs that echoed throughout the halls, but when I do,  I feel is my heart grow heavy…there was so much life there, and it’s just like a tomb,” he began, barely above a whisper.

“We could change that..if we reclaimed it, we could make all of that happen again,”I cooed, causing him to sigh slightly as he pulled me closer to him; we sat like that for a while, wrapped in eachothers embrace, both of us thinking about Erebor…about home…and what might’ve been if Smaug had not attacked 

“It’s  a near impossible task..” He muttered into my ear. 

“No more impossible than the things you’ve already done,” I countered,pulling away from our embrace slightly only for him to send me a confused look. 

“You created a brand new life for us in The Blue Mountains..through all the trials and suffering that you’ve been through, you’ve managed to make a life where our people are safe. Many would’ve said that that was an impossible task but you did it,” I began, raising my hand to his face as I lightly stroked his cheek. 

“Is it so hard to believe that you could defeat Smaug..?” I asked. 

“You sound optimistic,” Thorin stated, as he began to play with the braid that dangled at the side of my head. 

“Hardly,” I chuckled .

“I just have faith in you,” I said, placing a quick kiss on his lips.

“I wish I shared your faith,” he replied, making a confused look now come over my face. 

“Even if by some miracle Smaug was defeated..there’s still a sickness that sits upon that crown..” 

“You’re not your grandfather, Thorin. I don’t think that sickness will befall you,” I comforted.

“How can you be so sure?” he questioned, an anxious look flickering in his eyes. 

“Because I know who I married,” I began, kissing his cheek softly. 

“You have a good heart. You’re protective, caring…you don’t have the same love for gold and riches that your grandfather did, all you want to do is take our people home; to show Fili and Kili the home of their ancestors. You don’t want to do it for the riches that are in there, you want to do it for our people..that’s how I know..” I reassured him, before Thorin pulled me into a long sweet, yet passionate kiss. 

You’re the best thing to have ever happened to me, amralime,” he whispered, only waiting a second before he placed his lips back on mine. 

“I love you,” he whispered against my lips, holding me close.

“I love you too,” I whispered back.

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A/N: This is my first time ever writing a Thorin Imagine, so I hope you enjoy!

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He absolutely loves it. Any physical contact with you makes him smile, and sometimes he even purposefully walks past you just to get a boop on the nose, and sometimes even initiates it himself. Every touch is so intimate with Dwarves, and Thorin revels in showing how love to you by touch. Other people will no doubt find it strange because nose bopping isn’t really a Dwarf thing, it’s human. But it’s now a part of yours and Thorin’s regular love language. 


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Originally posted by spockemon

  • Warnings: angst, language, sadness.
  • Pairings: Thorin Oakenshied x Human Reader 
  • Note: I was listening to Lana’s “Summertime Sadness” so I thought I’d write a oneshot based on it. I haven’t written much lately, anyway, so here you go!

Summary: The battle was over, the mountain was won, and slowly, the Dwarves came back to live in their homeland. Now that the quest has been finished, the “non-dwarves” like Bilbo and Gandalf had left to return to their own homes. You lingered a bit longer to watch and help get the kingdom back on track. At least that’s what you were telling yourself. Truthfully, you had stayed for Thorin, as you had something to tell him.

The two princes let out a defeated sigh as they walked down the halls after exiting their beloved friend’s room. Coincidentally, their uncle, Thorin was just passing them. 

“What’s the matter with you two?” The king asked with a worried look, replacing his usually stoic expression. Fili & Kili looked between each other, then back at Thorin.

“It’s Y/N. She’s been distant the past week, and now she’s leaving all of a sudden,” Kili mumbled, crossing his arms. This was true. Though you had stayed in Erebor for The Company, mainly for Thorin, you could no longer wait as the pressure and heartbreak has been too much for you. It was time for you to leave behind your friends, and one love. 

Thorin’s eyes widened slightly, “How did I not hear about this so soon?”

“It was all of a sudden! She had just made the choice today.” Fili threw his hands up in the air. His frustration was not towards Thorin, but the fact that the girl they’ve grown so close with was leaving and most likely never coming back.

“So, you spoke with her?” Thorin asked. The two nodded, and gestured towards your room. 

“She was packing when we entered her room. We tried asking her why exactly she was leaving, but she just snapped at us and shouted for us to leave,” Kili said sorrowfully. Thorin stroked his beard,

“I’ll talk to her.”

Fili scoffed, “You, uncle? I don’t think that’s very wise.”

“And why is that?” Thorin questioned through gritted teeth.

“She’s been avoiding talking about you. I don’t know what you did to make her so upset, but she definitely has some sort of grudge against you,” Fili answered.

“She’d even flinch at the mention of you,” Kili added, causing Thorin to raise his eyebrows. 

“I must talk to her. I need to get to the bottom of this,” Thorin said, pushing past the brothers without giving them a chance to speak. Thorin reached your room, and attempted to open it, only finding that you had locked it.
You were almost ready to get the hell out of that place, when three loud knocks stopped you in your tracks. You hesitantly approached the door, and unlatched it. Slowly, you creaked it open, finding Thorin standing there. You didn’t even bother to speak to him. Instead, you pushed the door to shut it, but Thorin stepped in between it, and forced his way into your room. 

“You would try to stop me from speaking with you?” Thorin asked with a pained expression. You huffed sadly,

“It is only now that I leave, you want to talk? Get the fuck out!” Your voice slightly cracked, but you hoped he wouldn’t notice. 

“I will not leave until I am provided an explanation!”

“Fine, then I’ll leave,” you say, grabbing your bags off the bedside table. “Goodbye, Oakenshield.”
You shoved past him to reach for the door handle, but he stubbornly pulled you back.

“Y/N, what has caused you to act like this? I need to know. Is it somebody from your home? What happened?” He asked, now with a softened expression. His eyes begged for an answer, and you could have sworn you saw tears.

You guiltily look away from his gaze, “Yeah, it is. At least what I thought was my home.” Sniffling, you turn back to face him, “But it’s fine. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Yes, it does matter! Who is it? Did Fili & Kili do something? I swear, if they have, I’ll–!”

“No, Thorin, it’s you!”

Dumbfounded, Thorin blinks his eyes. “..What?”

You lightly chuckle, “You did not notice? Thorin, I love you. That’s why I stayed. I wanted to talk to you about how I felt, but slowly.. I started to realize how stupid I was. For thinking you, a king, could feel the same way about a human woman like me. I’m no princess. Not even much of a warrior. And I’m not your kind; you will long outlive me. So it’s pointless in staying if it’s just torture..” Tears stained your rosy cheeks, but Thorin lifted his hand to brush them away.

“Y/N, I had no idea you felt that way.. If you had told me sooner, things would’ve been much different. I love you too. Please, don’t leave me,” he begged, but you pulled yourself out of his grasp. All this time, you wanted Thorin to accept you. You longed to be his One. And he’s admitted how he felt. Why are you feeling so hurt now? 

“We can’t be together. I-I need to go,” at that, you dashed out of the room. You only made it a few steps before Thorin chased after you and held you back.

“Isn’t this what you wanted? I love you, Y/N. Don’t you believe me? You’re my One. You can’t just leave,” he said, and his voice started to crack. You both embraced, crying together.

“Nobody would approve of this marriage. There’s just so many reasons.. I don’t deserve you. You deserve a better woman.” You both pulled away from the tight hug and rested your foreheads against each other.

“I will wait for your return.”

“No, Thorin–”

“I can’t and won’t love anyone else. Even if you find another man, I will not give up. I’ll wait until my last breath,” he promised. You nod.

“Goodbye, Thorin.”

He leaned in to press a hard, and longing kiss on your lips, knowing he may not get a chance to after this.
You eventually pull away. 

“Goodbye, amralime.” You walk down the hall, and out of sight to leave Erebor, wondering if you should ever return. 

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Author’s Note: This is too fucking nice! For you, anything. Love you too, lady!

I think it would be like one of those reaction videos. He moves through various stages: pride, disbelief, and occasionally disgust if he found something polarizing.

It might look something like this…

Thorin sat before the oddly shaped box. His feet skimming the carpet in the beautiful items you called, fuzzy socks. 

After he had regretfully slain your first com-put-tor.  Thorin swore he would learn to properly use one.

Clicking through things, he made the mouse touch, favorites.  A long list popped up, no longer frightening him, scouring through he paused. 

“Thorin x Reader,” Tilting his head sideways, he clicked again. 

Subcategories appearing: smut, angst, fluff, Au’s, and hurt/comfort. Just to name a few.

Deciding that following the perceivably least to most important was the best option.

He could no longer decide if he had fixed the problem or not. The erection that sat in his trousers agreed on the latter.

Thorin leaned back against the cushions. His feet flailing when the chair tilted towards the floor.

Looking around, his face heated, scrolling back to his spot.

 “Apparently.” Thorin was dropping a knife off the table before he slid underneath. You thinking nothing of it until his tongue was tracing a path from your knee to inner thigh. Parting your legs like a boulder through the water. 

Thorin was now inches from the screen. So close in fact that he barely noticed the shadow creeping.

“Thorin, Thorin, please.” You could scarcely speak after he placed his mouth over your clit, sucking and lapping his fingers rubbing and thrusting fast enough that his free hand went to support your back. All you wanted, all you could do was lie back and writhe.

Your voice perfectly picking up the rhythm he thought you would take. Gleaming the two pools of stormy blue sparked to life. Turning his head, he glanced form you to the monitor and back.

“Hi Thorin,” you said in your most sultry voice. 

“You wrote this?” Pointing to the screen with hooded eyes and husky tones.

“This one? Yes,” A smile before you slid onto the arm. 

“You’re talented, truly.” Bright red blossoming on your face.

Thorin taking the advantage and pulling you into his lap. “Perhaps you’d like to finish reading?” His lip’s sucking your lobe until you said, yes. 

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Dancing with (bumble)bees - Thorin x reader


Originally posted by realironalex

If you didn’t dwarf up fast enough, everyone would know that you weren’t the badass lady you wanted them to believe you were. You leaned against the wooden surface of the shed and heaved a long sigh. It was a dark and cramped place, but somehow you had squeezed yourself between all the gardening pots and tools that occupied the space. As you sat huddled up in a corner, a rake prodded painfully in your back and if you moved any further back, a pair of gardening scissors would poke out an eye.

Pfft. This was ridiculous and you knew it, but yet you couldn’t get yourself to open the door and walk towards Beorn’s house again. Rationally, you knew that the most frightening thing that COULD happen was a sharp sting, followed by an uncomfortable swelling that would last a few days, but… You gritted your teeth. You feared the fear, and that’s never a good thing.

The company knew you as someone who didn’t recoil from anything. You could tend to the worst wounds without batting an eye, you weren’t scared of spiders or wild wargs (though sometimes you should) and even Beorn (being a tall dude or an angry bear) didn’t impress much. And though Azog and his orcpack were terrifying enough to make anyone shit their pants, you merely laughed at his loincloth (‘Look! It has faces on it!’) before you tried to hack him into pieces (you’d get that bastard another day anyway).

However… There was one creature that made you run for it, though its appearance would suggest entirely otherwise. Most people would say it was cute and maybe even fluffy, but those people hadn’t seen them close enough to suffer the consequences.

‘Y/N?’ The baritone sound of your leader called and it almost made you shot up, but luckily your instincts hadn’t forgotten about the gardening scissors. Fucking great, your comrades were looking for you right now. Which meant that you had been gone long enough to be missed… 

‘In here.’ You mumbled.

‘Where?’ Thorin called again. ‘I barely can hear you!’

With a sigh, you slightly opened the door of the shed and peered through the creak. Thorin was standing further away, looking in the other direction. 

Ah, luckily you weren’t the only one who did not want to acknowledge something very embarrassing about yourself. You always refrained from teasing Thorin about his lack of navigation skills, so he would probably do the same for you. Because if Fíli and Kíli ever found out… A shudder went through you. Your life would never be the same again. Ever.

‘Behind you!’ you hissed.

The king obliged and smiled when he discovered your hiding place. ‘What are you doing?’ he inquired gently, lowering down to his knees.

‘Doesn’t matter.’ You replied. ‘Are they gone?’


You scoffed. ‘Those huge flying minions of death of course!’

‘The what?’ Thorin repeated with a ominous grin. ‘What are you hiding from?’

‘Have you not noticed how big they are?!’ you whined. ‘They are stuff from nightmares, and they-’


You stopped and watched in horror as one of those huge ass bumblebees you tried to avoid, flew lazily near the opening of your fortitude. A strangled cry emerged from your throat and you tried to shut the door, but Thorin grabbed a hold of it and kept it in place.

‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!’ you screamed, pulling with all the might you possessed.

‘You were going to crush that poor insect do death.’ The king said. ‘That would have been cruel. Leave it be.’

‘Oh, so you’re suddenly the saint of bugs?’ you snapped, your gaze fixated at the bumblebee’s movements.

Oh Mahal.

The thing flew through the crack and started buzzing happily above your head. You whimpered and then surged forward, successfully opening the door and toppling over your leader.

‘It’s just a bumblebee-’ Thorin gasped as the oxygen was forced out his lungs when one terrified dwarrowdam crashed over him, but you weren’t listening anymore. Thorin watched as you were zigzagging your way through the garden, towards the safety of Beorn’s home. He chuckled when you made a weird jump to avoid another poor, oblivious bee. It almost looked like you were dancing with them.

Who would have thought… 

Y/N, the fearless warrior. Afraid of bumblebees.  

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  • Pairings: Thorin x Female reader
  • Warnings: Angst, language, horny & angry Thorin.

Thorin rejoined you and The Company in the small shelter moments after your outburst. The tension in the air was high. You felt like Thorin would just about kill you in your sleep, or push you out of The Company. He never seemed to like you. From the beginning he doubted you, a human woman could take care of yourself. Even when you finally proved yourself, his attitude towards you never changed. It was disappointing how lowly he thought of you, but you didn’t mind that much. You were making friends with the rest of The Company and that’s all that mattered. Mostly Bilbo, who wasn’t on Thorin’s good side either.

Everybody started to lay out their bedrolls to sleep, including you. The cave was a bit cramped, and the clearest spot was all the way in the back behind a boulder, right across from Thorin. If looks could kill, you’d be a dead girl. 


Originally posted by fandomgalcentral

Despite his not so welcoming expression, you set up your bed anyway.
You laid down, propped up on one elbow, with your other hand untangling the curls in your hair. You could still feel Thorin’s cold gaze on you. It seemed to go on for hours (in reality, you were just impatient and it lasted for a minute), so you decided to question Thorin about it.

“Ahem.. So, are you just gonna stare at me all night or what?”
You nervously turned to meet his eyes without breaking contact.

“Do you think you can just disrespect me and get away with it, woman?” He huffed, crossing his arms. The corner of your mouth twists up into a slight smirk, 

“Actually, yes, I do.” This only makes him more agitated. “You may be the leader of The Company, but I am not of your kin and you are not my king.”

He growls lowly, “You really enjoy making me upset, don’t you, Y/N?” 

“Every single thing I do ticks you off, anyway. It’s not my problem that you have anger issues you need to sort out,” you say, hints of a mocking tone in your voice.

“You should’ve just stayed in Rivendell. Nobody wanted you on this quest,” he bites back. You put a hand over your heart dramatically, acting as if his harsh words affected you.

“Well, your nephews seem to enjoy my presence,” you sass. “But if you insist, I can slip away now.” At that, you sit up to gather your things. But you feel Thorin’s calloused hand grab at your wrist, pulling you towards him roughly.
Soon enough, you’re straddling his lap with his lips pressed against yours, and your tongues fighting for dominance. You instinctively grind your hips against his, which slowly bucked upwards. And feeling his erection against your sex only made you more excited. 
Thorin pulled away from the heated kiss, and started to attack your neck and collarbone, sending tingles down your spin.

“Hmph.. I fucking hate you, Thorin Oakenshield,” you moan, while he slides his hand up your shirt. You feel Thorin smirk against your skin,

“Oh, you’re gonna love me after tonight, Y/N.”

“We’ll see about that.” A hint of playfulness and sultriness lingered in your voice.

“Don’t test me, woman. You won’t be able to use your legs for the rest of the journey,” Thorin says gruffly, causing your cheeks to flush. “And soon enough you’ll be calling me your king. Understood?” 
You didn’t even notice his hand retreated from your breast, down to the waistband of your trousers. He tugs at them, snapping you out of your daze.


“Y-Yes, my king.”

It is only when Thorin finally slipped his finger past your undergarments that you heard the sound of… sand?

Thorin can be such a sack of shit sometimes. Why’d they make him so damn hot???

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  • Warnings: Language, angst, sadness, fluff.
  • Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Female (Human) Reader

Summary: Ever since you joined The Company, you’ve gotten along well with everybody, including Thorin’s nephews. Though you’ve tried to get close with Thorin, he’d brush you off. Unbeknownst to you, the Dwarf King has taken a liking to you, though he chooses not to show it. You’re the light of The Company, and his heart, but he’s afraid to admit it due to worries that it’ll distract him from the mission, or you may reject him. When finally, one night after you get upset due to dealing with stress, he decides he can’t hold himself back anymore and walks over to talk to you.

“Kili– Kili, don’t stand on that! It’s dangerous!” Your voice was heard throughout the small campground, as you mothered the two reckless brothers. “Oh, Fili. Not you too!”


“Mahal, why?! What did I do to deserve this?!” Kili cried dramatically, shaking his fist at the sky.

“I told you,” you sigh, walking over to the little pile. Fili & Kili thought it would be a good idea to climb on a dying tree, its branches barely able to carry its own weight. The pair fell atop each other, letting a small ‘oof’ out at the impact. In an attempt to pull Kili up, you grab at his wrist, only resulting you in being tugged down to topple them. “H-Hey!”
While you three play fought, the rest of The Company watched from their seats, chuckling and enjoying the scene unravel. Thorin simply shook his head and let out a deep breath, though he too found it entertaining. 

“Come on, that’s enough, boys!” Dwalin called as your sides were being tickled mercilessly by Kili, and held down by Fili. 

“Don’t just stand there!” You yell breathlessly, “Help me, dammit!”
But nobody moved. Eventually, you were able to shake yourself out of Fili’s grip and kick Kili off, now straddling him and tickling his sides.
Honestly, you weren’t expecting to get a reaction, but you found that this warrior. This prince himself, was in fact, ticklish! 
You three carried on, playing like children.
Though Thorin felt a pang of jealousy in his heart when he watched you give all your attention to his nephews. Even sitting atop of Kili willingly!
As hard headed as he was, he sighed deeply, knowing it was still his fault.
You had tried your best to get along with Thorin. You weren’t exactly on bad terms, but he was a very stoic man. Hard to see through, and not as ‘sociable’ as the rest of The Company. You were the complete opposite. Like sunshine, always clearing up a sad atmosphere and replacing it with cheerful energy. When you acted as Fili & Kili’s playmate, when you cooked with Bombur, or when you helped Oin with his herbs and simply chatted with Bilbo. Even when you get sad, you put others happiness first. And Thorin liked that about you. 
The way your laugh rubbed off on everyone, the way your hair naturally curled at the end, and even if you were quite possibly the sweetest creature in Middle Earth, you were also deadly. You weren’t naive or dependent. You knew how to watch over yourself and fight. As much as Thorin cared for you, he refused to show it in fear that you would distract him from the mission at hand. But he knew he would have you. He couldn’t live with himself, knowing that he just let the light of his life slip away. His One. 


Over the sound of the crackling fire, Thorin caught the sound of sniffling and soft mumbling. Everybody else was asleep while he took watch, and he knew the only one besides him must be you. The Company acknowledged that you would usually have trouble sleeping. Sometimes only getting a mere two hours before having to continue traveling. Thorin looked over to the boulder not far from him, where you were leaned up against, burying your head into your knees.

“Y/N?” He whispered softly, a concerned expression growing on his face. “Are you okay?”

“Why do you care?” Your voice was muffled, but you didn’t sound mad at Thorin. 

“Well,” he started, getting up to walk over to you. “I’m not just gonna let you cry all night without questioning you.” He plopped down beside you, nudging you to look at him. Slowly, you raised your head to make eye contact with him.
His blue eyes glimmered under the moonlight, while your eyes were red and puffy with dark circles under them.
“Mahal, I’ve never seen you like this. What’s the matter?”

Truthfully, you say “I don’t even know.. It’s just..” Thorin gives you a look, waiting for your answer. “It’s whatever. Nothing to concern yourself with.” Your attitude changes from sad to seemingly irritated within a second.

“You can’t act like this and expect me not to care.”

“You’ll laugh at me if I tell you. Feelings express weakness.”

“No, Y/N. You can talk to me,” he reassures. You look away from him,

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.. I know I’m usually happy but I just felt empty all of a sudden. I guess I miss the feeling of love and affection, and it sounds so stupid but–” 
Thorin stops your ramble, “Y/N, everybody here loves you. I’ve seen the way my nephews look at you. They think you’re an amazing warrior and a person, as does everyone else. You’ve been nothing but a light to the whole Company.”

“I know what you mean!” You grumble, “I’m not talking about that kind of love. I love The Company like family, but that’s not what I crave. It’s been years since I’ve felt a romantic type of love for someone, but whoops, I caught feelings for somebody who doesn’t remotely like me the same way.”

“What are you talking about?” Thorin swallows the lump in his throat, in fear you’ve caught feelings for someone other than him. What if it was Kili? Or Dwalin? Maybe someone at home? How could you ever love him, when all he’s done was distance himself from you? 

“I’ve tried to show him how much I care for him, but he doesn’t notice. He just keeps pushing me away and it hurts,” you admit, sniffling again.

“Tell me about him. What’s he like?”

“Gods, he’s just..Amazing.” you say, gazing up into the sky. “He’s a real warrior. Strong, handsome, and I find his voice soothing, except for when he’s telling me to shut up.”

“How could you fall for someone who’s only pushed you away?” Thorin continues to ask.

You sigh, “From the start, I felt this pull to him. We’re complete opposites, but I enjoy his presence, even if he looks at me like I’m insane. I know there’s a heart in him. I’ve seen the way he talks to his.. family..” You almost say ‘nephews’, but that would give you away completely. “He doesn’t usually show it, but he’s very protective and caring. Just hardened by his life battles. That’s why I keep trying. Then again, he’s always busy and I doubt he’d care for me like I do for him. I’m probably not his ideal mate, anyway. Still, I’d give anything to tell him how I feel.” 

Oh, darling, you just did. Thorin thought to himself. Slowly, you felt him wrap his strong arms around you, pulling him against his chest. It was unexpected. There’s one time you had to lean against him for warmth, but you’ve never been this intimate. 
“He knows, Y/N.”

You process his words, and in realization, you look up at Thorin, with a questioning look in your eyes.

“T-Thorin..?” You felt your cheeks flush.

Amralime,” he says. “I’ve always felt the same way. I just couldn’t tell you in risk of distracting myself from the quest.”

“You know I’d fight with you till the very end. I love you, Thorin, and I don’t want you to be afraid to show me how you feel.” 
At that, he pulls you into a kiss, catching you off guard. Though you didn’t complain, and savored the moment.
When you both finally pulled away for air, he whispered to you, “I love you, Y/N. You’re the light of my life and I’d be happy to call you mine.”


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  • Warnings: Mentions of smut, language

Thorin: *shaves his head* 
You: What the hell, Thorin?!
Thorin: What? Does it look bad?
You: It’s not that it looks bad.
You: But what am I supposed to run my fingers through when you’re eating me out?
You: Your thoughts?
Fucking, okay then


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Day 17 of Lyn’s Writing Event

Event Masterlist

Summary: You are the Captain of your very own pirate ship and one night, whilst out on deck, you hear the haunting song of the Mer People and their tragic story of how they lost their home to the evil sea monster, Smaug. 

Warnings: None. 

Comments: We are now moving into week 3 which is the AU series of prompts. This fic actually came from an idea I had a few weeks ago in regards to Thorin as a merman. 

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Imagine: Being the sweetest member of The Company, but one day, Thorin pisses you off so much, you snap.


Originally posted by ithrilyann

  • Pairings: Thorin x Female reader
  • Warnings: angst? language

After the stone giants finished their brawl, Bilbo was found hanging off the cliff with utter fear in his eyes, ocassionally glancing down at the death below him.

“Oh, Bilbo!” You scream, nearly lunging forward to get him up. He was small and very light, and most definitely easy to carry. But considering the amount of rain poured on you, it was slippery. Just as you grabbed at his tiny hobbit hands, he slipped from your grasp.

“Oh– ah!”

About half The Company now gathered around him, all at the same time grabbing at him.

Thorin risked hopping down onto the ledge beside Bilbo, practically throwing him back onto the surface. He, too, found himself now taking the place of Bilbo. Dwalin was quick to pull his king up, though, saving his life.

“Dear! I thought we lost our hobbit,” you breathed in relief, bending down to pull the frightened hobbit in a short, but tight embrace, hoping to calm him down after the scare.

Thorin, who was not as soft as you, simply scoffed and turned. “He’s been lost ever since he’s left home! He should never have come!”

At that, you grow angry, finally getting tired of putting up with Thorin’s grumpy attitude.

“Did you not hear Gandalf? If he wanted Bilbo on this quest, so be it! You have no trust in others! You can’t see beyond your own pride. So please, your majesty! Deflate the everloving fuck out of your ego for the sake of my sanity!” You snap, shouting over the sound of the storm. The Company, including Thorin himself, not expecting the raging outburst, was dumbfounded and taken back.

Resting your nerves after venting out your built up stress, you turned to The Company with a calm expression.

“We should get shelter if we wanna get out of this storm. C'mon,” you suggested lightly, as they followed you into a small cave. Thorin, on the other hand, still stood, struck with disbelief and shock.

This young, human girl, who would literally make stops along the journey to look at flowers, completely destroyed Thorin’s thinking process.

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May 16th - Lyn’s Writing Event - Thorin

Prompt - Love


Originally posted by kougamishinyas

Summary: While in Laketown, you offer to hold a baby for woman. Baby fever begins.

Warnings: Fluff.

You tilt on your toes, trying to gaze at the crying bundle better. How long had it been since you had seen a baby? Too long. You didn’t even notice the king eyeing you curiously, and he was always the center of your attention.

He could see from here the way your eyes lit up. The mother gave a mighty sigh as she tried to rock the babe, another crying child tugging at her skirts. “Just a moment, dear!” But the child didn’t understand and continued to wail.

“Miss,” he heard you call softly, stepping forward. Your eyes glittered in a way he’d never seen. “Could you use a hand?”

Thorin and the woman alike are both surprised by your offer. She hesitates for a moment, then sinks in relief, offering the wailing bundle in her arms. “Could you call her while I tend to Holvig a moment?” Your eyes gleam.

“Yes! Of course!” Thorin represses a smile as you step forward to meet the woman. There is a shift, and you are bringing the baby to your chest. The woman sighs and kneels down to sooth her other child as you begin to bounce with the babe, hushing it softly. Your smile grows as you lean a cheek against it.

“Y/N?” Thorin asks, making you look to the king.

A sheepish smile raises to your face as you shift your weight, carefully rubbing the baby’s back while standing in the market of Laketown. The wailing continues, but not as loud as before, especially as the other child is calming.

“Ah, I’ll catch up with you in a moment. You can continue on.” Thorin gives you a rare smile and shakes his head.

“I will wait.” He promises. You just beam at him, happier than ever as the baby is calming, rather quickly against your chest.

The woman is still busy, wiping tears from her eldest’s face. “It’s been so long since I’ve held a baby.” Your admission has the king grinning.

“There is something about it that’s nice.” Your eyes fall shut as the baby mouths her fist, still whining a bit with a crumpled face. You feel yourself melting into a puddle at the little noises. The mother is finishing up and turning back to you. She thanks you as you trade the babe back to her, albeit, reluctantly.

When she thanks you and leaves, you pout a bit at the king. It was a short lived moment.

“I miss babies.” The kings stares at you, a gentle expression painting his eyes.

“I love you.”

Your jaw drops open and you stiffen in surprise. What? Did you hear him right? Did Thorin really just blurt that? He takes another step closer and cups your cheek.

“You… Love me?”

“Aye. And when Erebor is reclaimed, I will give you all the children you desire.” Your heart stutters in your chest and you feel a bit dizzy.

“Is this a joke? Are you pranking me?” Thorin smiles and shakes his head.

“You would make a beautiful mother,” he murmrurs. And then drops his hand. His boots echo as he strides away from you. Leaving you gaping in the middle of a foreign market. “Come along. We’ve supplies we must gather for the last leg of our journey.”

Sorry this is so short! It’s late and I’m running behind on everyrhing.

@tomisbaeholland @dabisburntnut @fizzyxcustard

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(Thank you, my love. I’m feeling a little better today. Still not 100% but better than I was)

I think while it would absolutely break Thorin’s heart and devastate him, he’d save you. All of Thorin’s life has been about the royal line, the throne and upholding the lineage of Durin. But you are something for Thorin alone, something he can hold on to which Mahal has given just for him. Thorin couldn’t imagine having to live without you, his One. And if that means forfeiting having any children in the future, so be it. Fili is the heir to the throne, and then Kili. it’s not as though Thorin does not have heirs. 

You are Thorin’s world, and when you’re unconscious, almost upon death, he makes that split second decision to save you - his life, his light and his heart. Nothing else comes close. He’d rather be without children, than lose the love of his life. 

However, once you are conscious, you learn of Thorin’s decision and it puts a huge barrier between you for some time. As you mourn for the child, you also grieve for the fact that you’re going to have to live on without them. How can Thorin show you that his heart will always belong to you first and foremost? 

If the choice had of been yours solely, then you would have gladly sacrificed your life to save the child. But Thorin’s choice means you have to live with all that sadness in your heart, and right now, it seems like a never-ending hell. 

One afternoon, Thorin sits beside you as you’re sat staring at the crib in the corner of the room. It still hasn’t been dismantled; you were adamant it would have to stay. 

“You will never forgive me, will you?” Thorin asks, his voice almost breaking. “I chose to save you, the most important thing in my life, and I will forever have to live in that guilt, the guilt I carry because you hate me.” 

“I could never hate you,” you reply. 

For the first time in weeks, you look at Thorin and smile. You raise your hand and cup his cheek, watching him sob. Silver tears race down his cheeks and you rub them with your thumb. Then you lean forward and take your husband in your arms and hold him. 

“It’s I who should be sorry,” you whisper. “You made your choice to save me and I should be grateful to you for that.”

Thorin looks at you with watery eyes. “Do you forgive me?” 

“Always, my love.” 


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(Sorry! This one nearly turned into a fic!)

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I’m just going to discreetly tag @dabisburntnut, @fizzyxcustard and @ruthoakenshield on this for burrito snug central.

I think he wouldn’t mind. Especially after you’ve stolen the blankets a few times. He might just take to wrapping around the burrito himself. Dwarves are notorious for being warm so he might not even want the blankets half the time.

If you seem particularly cold he might even join you in said burrito. You never know.

If my relationship is anything to go off of. He just wants to be able to touch you. Feetsies touching, resting a hand on your back. A hand has snuck from the burrito to rest on his arm or belly. He just wants the intimacy that he gets from his one.

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Oof. Bad combo. They really don’t like each other. The only thing they can agree on is fighting. Swords. Thorin thinks Guy is an asshole human. Guy likes to taunt the little king.

Maybe it’s because Thorin is reminded of Thandruil. But he just wants to pummel Guy. A mutual hatred. Zero respect given by either of them. There is no mediation available. You have to keep them seperated.

If you happen to be caught up in the middle, expect Guy to flirt just to rile Thorin up. Guy enjoys the torture, Thorin does not.

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I think he’d be kind of clingy with his one. He hasn’t been able to indulge in any selfish desires so whenever he has the opportunity he is pressed up against you, holding you and he gets to just completely pass out for the first time in his life.

Don’t expect him to sleep clothed much, but if you want ‘em, you got 'em. He’s there to give you anything you want. Matching jammie jams? Not bad. But you won’t be wearing them long. Even if sex isn’t intended. He just loves the intimacy of the both of you being pressed together in the nude. That and he gets free range of your skin.

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