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Are you still doing the Marvel head cannons Queen? If so...馃棥锔廣alkyrie馃拲?

still doing both yup ✌️😘

🗡 — valkyrie

💍 — married life

val needs a partner who is a master of quiet understanding. the most important aspect of married life to her is freedom and support being simultaneously available. both her and her spouse should be capable of living their daily lives independently without it threatening their marriage, and they should always try to be the other’s biggest supporter. she isn’t the type to let on that she likes being protected and fussed over sometimes, so that’s where the quiet understanding comes in. her spouse should know her well enough to tell when that kind of affection is wanted and when she’d rather handle something alone. she’s a warrior, but sometimes she’s also a princess, and her partner should be able to respect both rather than seeing one side diminishing the other

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so, okay… I had a whole-ass story tied to this monster of a pic, but I’m so tired of working on it, so I’m just gonna give you the cliff’s notes instead of a lengthy headcanon post that typically follows one of these art pieces (although mind you cliff’s notes might get lengthy by themselves, as I’m now finding typing this)

this was tentatively titled Hidden Among Valkyries in my art folder, in which it has been sitting for like 9 months or something stupid like that

1 it’s thorkyrie if you squint at the only character without a helmet on, let’s just name her Thrudr, because I couldn’t be bothered to come up with a name, and I really like the name Thrudr, which is both the name of Thor’s daughter in Norse Mythology canon and the name of a Valkyrie, the two may or may not have been the same person, but I’m gonna go with totally the same person, because I love the idea

2 speaking of helmets: Dad of War players might recognize these, I have nothing to say except that I really liked the in-game design of them, and I’ve wanted to draw them for a long ass time and that’s exactly what I did, my fav one is the owl-like (dark blue armor w red accents off to Thrudr’s side in front)

3 similarly, players of Tomb Raider Underworld might recognize the background as one of the levels in the game (the Gate of the Slain in the Jan Mayen section), I referenced a screenshot I took from the game, seriously I love the level design of that thing so much

4 design-wise I tried to go for a mix of marvel and god of war - I wanted the armors to look like they do in the mcu, I largely based the armors off of Thor’s various armors, but with colors from Valkyrie’s armor set

5 the plot, if you could call it that, I had in mind for this thing was that Thrudr and a squad of Valkyries, which I had intended to act kinda like Padmen’s handmaidens in this, bodyguards to the crown princess and all that (Thrudr is the eldest of three sibling here, b/c I love me some parallels), get sent to Jan Mayen by Thor to wreck a ‘temple’ put there by Odin a long time ago, that was part of a doomsday device (I’m thinking back when he was still in the business of conquering, he had someone build these across all the nine realms, as insurance against insurgence, which is something I’m considering playing around with in the future), and given how the remaining Asgardians now live on Earth it would not be a good image to have one of these things on the planet, it sends the wrong message lol; also they were supposed to be under attack by some undead guardians of the place, but I got lazy, so imagine them just off screen there standing around menacingly making ungodly zombie noises

6 so there, the girls are basically a Sailor Moon-esque squad of badasses

my shading is still as chaotic as ever, but I’m happy with the lineart, I finally tweaked the brush to a good setting, although I was trying out a new shading technique with layer set to hard light, and that was interesting

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val an thor /?


who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter:

Val was irritated. All she wanted to do was life her goddamn werewolf life and die of natural causes but then she gets hit by and arrow and this fucking asshole shows up with his stupid grin and his stupid fucking war hammer (who the fuck uses a war hammer?).

and then he he decides to fuCKING HELP HER AND FIX HER UP? she hates his stupid blond hair and his stupid bright blue eyes and his stupid soft smile that he reserves just for her.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman:

Thor was soooo tired of being out in the open sea. He wanted to see land, for fuck’s sake! So he did the obvious thing - he swam closer to shore. And then got stuck in a fisherman’s trap. 

She thought about selling him first…she could get a good amount of money out of that, but then…she couldn’t. something just stopped her, right in her tracks. so she cut him out of her nets and snapped at him to leave and don’t get stuck because next time i’ll sell you. But of course, he didn’t listen - deciding to show up again every day to chatter at her as she worked. 

then one day:

“Shut up.” She growled.

His grin widened. “Make me.” 

And so she did. (no she didn’t hurt him she kissed him pls i hope you understand)

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar:

Thor’s a witch…of sorts. A weather witch, really. Predicting weather, and occasionally sending over some rain to a drought-worn village. 

but when this scruffy, aggressive dog shows up one day, angry and injured, he and help but do his best to heal her. she left after, but only for a couple days.

(she likes his stew) 

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict:

Thor enjoys being a barista. The coffee shop’s usually bustling with new people to talk to. There are the regulars, of course, who he adores - not to mention that most of them give really good tips. 

there is one regular, though, who always seems to confuse him. all she says to him is her name and coffee order, and never answers his questions. she’s always working on something, and is constantly ordering more coffee. 

he asks her, one time, why she has so much coffee. she answers with a dry “it’s better than alcohol” and for some reason, it makes him laugh. her mouth quirks up in a small smile, and he smiled back. 

who’s the professor and who’s the TA:

Thor teaches meteorology. His TA…is kind of a mess. Good thing he doesn’t need help too often, because she always shows up hungover and exhausted. 

but she’s spunky and all sharp edges. sometimes, he gets soft - he knows how to order discipline, but because of his childhood he hates enforcing it. thankfully, he had her to bark at a couple students to shut up and sit down for fuck’s sake

he told her off for it later, but god is she cool.

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss):

thor does NOT need a guard. he can take care of himself, thank you very much, and he tells his knight just that. 

all she does is roll her eyes and say “yeah, and i’m not that fond of you either, princess” 

offended, he challenges her to a duel. she wins, pinning him down with a dagger at his neck and oh, fuck

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent:

Val’s daughter means the world to her. She didn’t really care for anyone else, but her kid? No one hurts her kid. So when her baby comes home with a bruise on her cheek and a suspension, she storms to the school, demanding why her kid was hurt. 

thor, the stupidly cheerful teacher, simply explains that while he is all for standing up for oneself, one does not beat up another child and call him a “stupid banana head” for stealing her cookies. 

who’s the writer and who’s the editor:

thor’s ideas are wonderful, yes. but for fuck’s sake, he had the spelling of a FOURTH GRADER. come on, dude, use grammarly or some shit. val decides to focus her energy into telling him off for his spelling. 

better than focusing on his annoyingly gorgeous eyes. 

thanks for the ask!!!

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Honestly? It’s so transparent of people to deny that Thor and Valkyrie have romantic chemistry only to immediately turn around and say “thorkyrie rights!” now that Jane is Thor even though we’ve never seen them interact

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Tagged by @thor-hemsworthy 

I actually have an ao3 account now, but nothing is posted yet and this is the last part of a fic I started because of thor-hemsowrthy’s flower shop au post

“Were Azalea’s her favorite?” Puppy eyes asked less brightly but still kind. 

Sincerity huh, that’s the way you’re gonna play it muscles? “Not really she wasn’t very picky about flowers, they just remind me of her.”

Not tagging anyone out of laziness, but with my free time I’ll try to finish this.  

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Tagged by @funnefatale - I’m honored you thought of me!

I’ve been working on a thorkyrie fic for awhile and this is the last line I wrote

It takes her a while to get there, but once she starts initiating touches with Thor, she doesn’t know how to stop. She’ll brush up against him when they pass each other, rub her foot against his underneath the table, or playfully slap his shoulder when he makes a stupid joke.

I’ll tag @princessplantasaurus, @spacelabrathor, @parallelmarvel, @ryujin-zanba, and @geekynichelle (obviously there’s no obligation if you don’t want to)

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thorval - 16, 17, 28, 29

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer? They’re both guilty of this, but most of the time it’s Valkyrie

17. Who says I love you first? I can’t decide. If it’s Thor you just know he’s really anxious and struggling to get the words out because she’s so cool. If it’s Val I can imagine her saying it after a difficult battle or even just a long day/week

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other? Thor enjoys spending time with his Avenger companions, and Valkyrie would explore what Earth has to offer (locations, technologies, etc.)

29. One headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart. I know this isn’t that sad, but they can both be stubborn, which I imagine can lead to some heated arguments

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14. Who kisses the hardest? V A L

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times? Honestly I can kinda see them both doing this? When it’s Valkyrie doing it with Thor he’s partially like “Val no this is hardly the time” but also kinda endeared by it. When it’s Thor doing it with Valkyrie she may roll her eyes a bit but she doesn’t hide her smile

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round and around we go; chapter 2
thor/val, val & heimdall; 6100 words; endgame compliant 

warnings: canon alcoholism and ptsd

“I’m glad you’re alive too,” he says and leaves it at that.

There’s something else there in his words, something much more powerful, something she thinks neither of them are fully prepared to actually acknowledge yet. Because if they were to, they would never be able to let go of each other. Not after all of this.

read on ao3

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic I hope everyone is staying safe and doing the best that they can. This is a scary time for many and I wish you all the best. Pop vitamins, stock up on soup, and do the best that you can.

For these next two weeks my job will be pretty much obsolete. Many public places are closing down. A positive outcome to this - at least I’m trying to keep positive - is that this will definitely give me time to do more fanfiction.

Stay safe!

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The reason Black women in fandom get so frustrated with white women in fandom (especially the ones who claim they are feminist) is that white women in fandom have decided what is good for Black women despite Black women arguing otherwise.

White women will see Black characters like Valkyrie/Brunhilde and strip her of her sexuality and decide she “doesn’t need a love interest” and suggest shipping her with Thor strips her of her power. Either this or they will claim shipping her with Thor erases her bisexuality when the meaning of bisexuality is to be attracted to more than one gender (and she already had a girlfriend, but you don’t see them fighting to have future movies explore that). White women will treat news that Ariel will be played by a Black young adult and say “little Black girls deserve better” than to see themselves as vulnerable and demure. The problem with this mindset is it neglects to acknowledge that Black women have *always* been seen as “strong and independent.” It is nothing new to us.

At the same time, white women in fandom will see themselves in a character like Rey–a woman who started off as all of the things they claimed they wanted to see in a female character: strong, independent, and likeable–and reduce her by giving her the job of *fixing* an overpowered and dangerous white villain all to keep her away from the Black character

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