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rimella · 21 hours ago
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adoreyor · 2 days ago
loid in the first chap vs the most recent !!! <3
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:) and :o
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incorrect-spyxfamily · 2 days ago
Becky: time sensitive question how flirt boy
Damian: Throw rocks at he
Anya: Hot Dogs
Yor: Kill him
Becky: thanks guys
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stariousfalls · 23 hours ago
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No thoughts just ✨twiyor✨
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lovingcherryblossomturtle · 4 hours ago
🌹Yor Forger after Chapter 66🌹
I can't believe I sidetracked this but Yor Forger aka Thorn Princess has no clue about politics or the current idea of government roles (First Lady is first woman in everything apparently. Gurl🤦‍♀) as well as no understanding of power plays and political ideology and that is....... Horrifying .
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She is one of the most dangerous assassins in an ongoing Cold War and she's got no clue. None. That means she's been killing people who may have been allies but on the simple name and directive order from the Shopkeeper was enough to be labelled "traitors". At least that's what I understand.
Yor being conditioned to obey and ask the permission of the Shopkeeper for the important things in her life makes me wary as Loid seems to be on the watchlist of the secret paramilitary group. It was probably time due to how cutthroat the Cold War era in Spy x Family is but gives me nothing but dread cause Garden could/would give Yor an order to watch Loid and she's gonna follow it (honed brutal conditioning is inevitable and the best is not immune to it despite our fantasies of the couple) and if in her organization's eyes deems Loid a threat then... It's going to be brutal.
Cause Yor does follow and accepts what others say no matter how rubbish it is. (Look at all of Loid's excuses). She does see the good in everyone but she's gonna kill you if her boss said so cause the boss knows best.
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tasteoftheforbidden · a day ago
Relationship: Loid Forger | Twilight/Yor Briar Forger | Thorn Princess
Summary: There was only so much a man and a woman could do behind closed doors. OR. What really happened after Yuri left that night he’d ordered them to kiss.
Chapter Three
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She looked like a cat in heat – the way her lidded eyes dropped down to his lips, the corner of her mouth smudged with his release as she panted. She moved to drape herself over him, but he tightened his grip in her hair, stilling her in place. She whined at the pressure against her scalp as he twisted her away, slotting her back against his chest as he sat them by the edge of the bed before tucking himself back inside his pajamas.
Her eyes widened when they landed on his, a shadowed reflection on the cheval mirror by the wall. It was a full moon tonight, leaving more than enough streaks of silver seeping in through the windows, providing a clear picture of the two of them against the reflective glass.
One of the straps of her nightdress slipped down her arm at the heaving of her chest as she clutched against the iron grip he had on her hair. Loid bent down slowly to drag the other one down across the expanse of her shoulder, teeth scrapping lightly against her skin. He tugged at her tresses when she closed her eyes.
"Look at me."
And she did.
Dazed, blood red orbs found his icy ones on the mirror, a small shiver running down her body. Her hand wrapped around the wrist of his grip in her hair, while the other held his nape, dragging him closer for a kiss, but he pulled away before their lips could meet.
"Did I give you permission to touch?"
ao3 | ff.net
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capmangacap · 2 days ago
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livmadart · 9 days ago
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I finally finally finished this piece of yor! It’s been sitting unfinished since episode 5 aired
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tumbleweedmemethemes · 12 days ago
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rlbbackup · 14 days ago
Want to know something WILD.
(I am definitely late to the party on this one... But anyway!)
According to "SPY x FAMILY Official Fanbook: EYES ONLY," Yor Forger née Briar's first name is a shortening of Yolanda.
Her name being an homophone for Yoru (night in Japanese) was unintentional.
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The more you know.
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missionstrix · 15 days ago
Can't wait for the episode where both Twilight and Thorn Princess know each other's identities and have to fight together and they pull some crazy sick moves (absolutely obliterating the poor enemy agents) and then they turn to each other and have one of these moments:
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · 17 days ago
Imagine this chain of events in the next few chapters of “Spy x Family”:
Yor befriends Melinda Desmond 
Melinda is revealed to be a super-patriotic member of the state, even moreso than Donovan (Lady Patriots Society) 
Rumors of Twilight’s presence reaches the Desmond family’s ears 
Melinda takes the initiative and goes to the Garden to hire an assassin to take Twilight out 
Yor is the assassin assigned to Melinda’s request.
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adoreyor · 17 days ago
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ceraphise · 17 days ago
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sxf volume 1 mission 2
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