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#thought i would end it on a happier note
silverislander · 4 months ago
based on the scenes in the game and additional unused dialogues, do you see ellie and dina being a clingy couple?
i think it kinda depends on what you mean by clingy, anon!  we know they're pretty physically affectionate (when they're not in a war zone with a vendetta to fulfill lmao), but we only see them in a relationship without that stress while they're alone on the farm. i personally think that bc there are, unfortunately, canon homophobes in jackson, ellie especially isn't one to be for pda. if anyone goes in for a kiss or decides to hold the other's hand while they're in town, it's always dina, who hasn't had loads of (if any) experience being looked at oddly for doing those things and couldn't be made to give half a shit what anyone thinks about her and ellie anyways, but with ellie it's different. she'd like to, sure, she always wants to be affectionate with dina, but there are going to be consequences to that and she's felt them before. can she deal responsibly with a fight right now, if one breaks out? is it a bad mental health day, and would being insulted really get to her or stick with her at the moment? would it hurt dina, or god forbid jj, which is often her first concern? overall it's too much to worry about, so she saves it until they get back in private, when she is EXTREMELY touchy and affectionate as we've seen on the farm lol. let your wife do her chores in peace!! bonk! horny jail for ellie
if you meant not wanting to leave each other's side, though... yes, but only at certain points, i think. they've had way too much experience with one of them leaving for one reason or another, and in their world, when someone leaves, they often don't get to come back. i think they both have some serious abandonment issues (ellie's being explicit- "everyone i have cared for has either died or left me" and then that continuing even past the point she spoke that line oof- and while dina's aren't talked about, even if she didn't have them before then hoo boy she had them after ellie walked out on them) so
right after joel died (mostly affecting ellie)
after seattle (both of them got hit by this tbh)
after ellie returns and they start to make up (mostly affecting dina)
they're almost attached at the hip.  there are periods in between and after where they've had time to heal and they're fine being separated for a little while, but it is not these times- they're too stressed out that the other one won't come back
so, long story short, yes but with conditions lol
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demonsandmischief · 8 months ago
Something Special
Marvel - Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky Barnes x Female Reader,
Soulmate AU
1.6k Words
Tumblr media
You can meet your soulmate in your dreams but you can't speak to them and you lose most memory when you wake up, but for some reason your soul mate has never met you there. You're certain they don't exist, until one day.
A/N: I imagine this taking place during TFATWS :).
"What do you mean you've never met your soulmate in your dreams?" Sam Wilson asked his friend Bucky.
"I have nightmares, Sam. That is no place for them to be," Buck argued, taking a rag to wipe the blood off of his vibranium arm.
"But they probably think you're dead."
"It's just better off that way," the stoic man finished, his steely eyes meeting Sam's.
"I don't think you're willing to admit that you are scared to try," Sam said, his voice dropping to a softer tone as he leaned forward.
Bucky sighed. "Of course I'm scared. I am not what anybody wants for a lifelong partner," he whispered, dragging his flesh hand down his face.
"Bucky, that's not your choice to make." He stood up, walking away to let him think it over.
Bucky had heard stories of how people meet their soulmate in dreamland. It was a common occurance, but when he had first tried during World War II, he never got a response. There was no way he could even have one now. He was 106 years old after all.
Yet, when he went to bed that night, he decided to push his thoughts aside and focus on calling for you.
You had been waiting for your soulmate to meet you, but it had been years and never once did you hear anything back. You just figured you didn't have one.
Until that night as you were drifting to sleep, it was like a tingling sensation that drew you in. Your eyes were closed, yet it was like following a rope deeper into the darkness of your head.
At the end, was a man. He was tall and stern, and even though you were dreaming, you could feel his presence.
His facial expression remained masked when he saw you, but even you could see his dark eyes widen slightly. You couldn't believe it, after all this time. You searched his body for any distinguishable features, but only found a blurring image. It was going too fast and you were already waking up.
Bucky couldn't believe he saw you on his first try. Plus, seeing you meant no nightmares. Instead, he had a new longing to look for you, and when he woke the following morning he scrambled to write something down before he lost it.
"Shit," he groaned miserably, only managing to write down brown eyes. Most of the population has brown eyes.
"Someone's in a mood," Sam grinned when he caught sight of Bucky's deep frown, deeper than usual that is. He took another bite of toast. "We've got to move on this next lead. Be ready in five."
"Seriously, what's up with you?" Sam asked genuinely when they both were on the plane ready for their next destination.
"I took your advice-"
"Wait, wait. You took my advice?" Sam smiled widely.
"Yeah I took your advice," Bucky said sharply. "And I saw my soulmate, but I can't remember anything about her."
"You know that's just part of the gimmick. You'll figure out a way, Buck," he said sincerely, standing up.
Bucky couldn't be sure. If he dragged this out for too long, there was a possibility that you would find out who he was and never want to meet him. He wouldn't blame you for that.
You felt like you were floating in clouds the whole day. For your entire life, you had seen people meet their person, and as you got older, you realized that the chances of you not having that were becoming greater than actually meeting them.
You didn't know what had changed, but you spent the entire day trying to come up with a plan to finally meet the handsome man you saw in your dreams.
You couldn't remember much. You tried to write or sketch him when you woke up, but all you got was blue eyes.
You wondered if you appeared to him in the same clothes you slept in, and if so, maybe you could fold a note in your pocket. You weren't sure you would even be able to remember it was there. Either way, it was worth a try.
The following night you were so excited you were certain you weren't going to be able to sleep, but you managed, and sure enough there was your broody man.
He gave a wave. His lips twitched up slightly, brightening all of his sharp features.
You reached into the pocket of your sweatshirt. You didn't know why, but you had the longing to do so, and you pulled out a small sheet of paper.
You stepped closer to the man, and placed the paper in his palm.
Y/N, Y/L/N, Your Address
Bucky didn't know how he managed to remember all of that once he woke up. He stared down at the scribbled piece of paper in wonder. Could it really be?
You were probably better off without him. He had not been a good man for most of his life, and you deserved more than him.
That's how Sam found him, sitting on the floor lost in thought, the paper scrunched in his fist.
Bucky relaxed his hand so his friend could see the writing. Sam blew out air, and sat down in front of him.
"What are you waiting for?" he asked as gently as possible.
"She deserves so much better than me."
"You can't decide that for her, Buck. You've kept her waiting long enough." Sam stood up, but spoke once more. "I'll get the plane ready if you change your mind. I think we both deserve a detour."
You were on pins and needles the whole day. You truly wondered if your man got the message or not. You could just vaguely remember holding his hand, which means you must have given the paper, but you couldn't be sure. You were just willing someone to knock on your door.
Yet, as the day passed you grew less and less confident. If he remembered the note, surely he would have tracked you down by now. Unless he didn't actually want to track you down. Your thoughts were a swirling mess.
You didn't have any dreams that night. You woke up in cold sweat, a sinking feeling forming in your stomach. You felt nauseous. Was it you who ruined everything? Maybe he knew who you were already and decided to pass.
You weren't sure you had the energy to get up and go to work, but you forced yourself to start moving. Your thoughts were only going to get worse.
The two men were quite far from the states and Bucky couldn't stop thinking as they made the long trek. For once, these thoughts were not dark flashbacks, they were a bit hopeful. What if she accepted him?
He felt bad that he couldn't sleep. He desperately wanted to see the girl of his dreams, but it just wasn't going to happen. Even Sam kept unusually quiet.
When they finally landed, it was evening, and the pair parted ways. Bucky would finish the journey alone and he was a nervous wreck, even though all of his emotions remained masked.
When he arrived at the address, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door... except there was no answer. He considered his options. He could have messed up the address, or maybe you gave him a fake one. What was he supposed to do now?
He was so lost in thought, he didn't even notice you pulling in.
Your heart fluttered in your chest as you saw the handsome man standing on your doorstep. All of the dreams you had forgotten came rushing forward.
"Hi," you greeted timidly. He was huge up close, definitely taller than you. He wore mostly black, leather gloves on his hands. His features were sharp and familiar from the dream.
He flashed a nervous smile that only lasted a second before his face went blank once more, "I was worried I had the wrong place."
"Yeah, sorry, I was at work," you said, shuffling a bit as the silence consumed you. You had dreamt of this moment, literally, yet you didn't know what to say.
"I'm Bucky," he said, his tone much softer as he looked at you, soaking you in.
"It's great to finally meet you. I'm Y/N, but you know that," you blushed. "Do you want to come in? I can make dinner or we can order something?"
"Okay," he nodded, following you inside. You realized he was very stern and very observant. Combined with your quiet and shy personality, you were quite a match.
"Do you want something to drink?" you asked from the kitchen, pulling ingredients to throw something together for you both to eat.
"No, but thanks." Bucky sat on the stool by the island unsure of what to say or do, but he enjoyed watching you. There was something very positive about you and your home. It felt good.
"Can I ask about the gloves?" you ask curiously, throwing some chicken in a hot pan.
It seemed like you didn't know who he was. He slowly pulled off his gloves, revealing his metal hand.
"Woah, cool," you said, moving closer. "Can I touch it?"
Bucky furrowed his brows, "I guess."
You couldn't help yourself. It was so smooth and shiny, and you giggled happily.
"I guess you can't feel it," you said, reaching for his flesh hand and tracing just like you were on the metal.
He couldn't have been happier to have the stupid arm at that moment. He loved hearing your laugh, and feeling your fingertips gave him goosebumps. His shadowed mind seemed almost calm in your presence, and he knew just from being around for a short time that you were going to be his addiction.
You dropped his hand, meeting his beautiful blue eyes. Your lips quirked automatically, and you were relieved to know the tension was finally broken.
A/N: aw yay I love this. Here's part 2 :))
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sylvieshay · 2 months ago
hate the tie
pairing: draco malfoy x hufflepuff!reader
summary: you and draco have an explicit arrangement that has been kept secret for awhile now—or at least you believed it was until somebody started to become suspicious with your whereabouts.
word count: 1.5k
warning: sexual content.
tags: @specialagentsoftie
note: this is the first hp fic i've written so i hope draco is portrayed okay. characters are obviously aged up. if you'd like to be tagged for future fics just comment, dm, or send in a non-anon ask.
another note: this is basically just filthy smut and enemies with benefits. i'm perfectly fine with leaving it the way it is lol. but let me know if you'd like another part with a 'happier' ending.
Tumblr media
the fingers around your neck pressed down gently. not enough to suffocate you but enough to have you gasping for air around his close hold. 
you didn't doubt he could feel your heart beating two times more than usual. it didn't help that the pace he kept was teasing. selfishly making it so you were unable to come yet.
your body was going crazy and you knew he was doing it on purpose with every thrust in your cunt.
his wrists were holding you securely in place so he could slide easily inside of you without care. 
just a few moments ago he pushed your skirt up and now it was bunched up around your waist. and your shirt was pulled down, you had no doubt that draco could visually see your chest heaving through your bralette. 
the yellow tie that was a part of your uniform and usually went around the collar of the polo—was a stuffed up wet bundle of mess inside your mouth.
"i hate you." draco hissed into your hair under his breath while balls deep inside your cunt. he didn't want to look at your face while pounding mercilessly inside of your tight hole.
with elbows were bent, and your hands pressed up against the cold wall—you tried to keep yourself upright. but every time draco pulled back with his cock, you were struggling to keep steady with shaky limbs.
when pushed back inside of you roughly just now, you almost tipped forward and when he noticed your failure to keep up with his thrusts—he rolled his eyes at your uselessness.
draco paused still inside of you to adjust his position and pulled you closer to him. he placed one hand on your hip and gripped it rather tightly. after grabbing a fist full of your hair with his other hand, he chuckled.
you whined at the sensation of his calloused hands pulling at the strands from your scalp. "of course the tie isn't enough to shut your bloody mouth up. somebody will hear, come in and then you won't get to finish if you don't stop yapping your pathetic mouth."
his hushed words had you biting down on the tie more swiftly then you'd like to admit. your cheeks flushed from embarrassment with that astonishing thought.
he took the opportunity of your pause to shove his cock even deeper inside of you. you didn't think it would have been possible but this was draco. 
quick thrusts rubbed your g-spot and he had you seeing white spots through your vision. you could feel every inch of draco's penetrating length.
he tugged the grip he had on your hair back, this so he could hold you closer like a doll for his own use of pleasure. draco had you in the exact position he wanted and left a small kiss on your collarbone before slowly making his way up your neck nipping on your neck and leaving love bites.
"you feel so bloody good around me, y/n." he breathlessly spoke and you couldn't help yourself but taunt his earlier statement. "i hate your guts malfoy." you muffled as best as you could through your lips, hoping he'd know what you said through the tie.
the statement you gave him must have been manageable to hear. and it angered him because one second he was holding your hair and the next he was letting go of it to grasp ahold of your cheeks.
he pushed them open so your lips looked like a fish out of water. leaving you no choice but to push them out just like he wanted.
draco pulled the tie out of your mouth and instead used it to tie your wrists together. after securing your wrists back, he whisked two of his fingers inside your lips and hoped to further quiet your moans and whines.
"good girl. suck on them and i'll play with your clit, hmm?" draco whispered and you licked his fingertips with your tongue as a response. he couldn't help but groan and think about your warm mouth wrapped around him.
you knew the hand that was still placed on your hip would leave fingertips with how much his grip was digging into your soft skin. you felt relief when he moved it and circled your clit instead. 
he felt your body drop into his at the intense release of tension but he couldn't help himself. draco pinched your nub while smirking deviously and you shrieked around his fingers still wrapped around your lips.
your tummy jolted and he quickly moved his hand there so he could feel his cock inside. "shit, y/n do you see this? i'm fucking you so bloody hard that i can see my cock." he muttered. 
your eyes widened when you tilted your head down. you could see clearly what he was talking about. his bulging cock was really pressing against your tummy from inside. 
he coddled you to his chest and pushed your head back so he could watch with every push and shove into your pussy. your eyes rolled into the back of your head at the pleasure. he flicked your puffed clit and your eyes opened back up immediately. 
"i'm gonna come." you managed to utter and you felt the shake of his head. "not yet slut." you tried squeezing your thighs together due to the pressure but he slapped your pussy. "keep them spread or else i'm going to withdraw from your cunt and find another."
you wanted to come so bad that you could feel tears falling and checked to see if you could tell how close he was. his face was leaning down and still watching the view.
you used that time to take in draco's features. blonde pieces of his hair stuck up in different directions from the sweat on his forehead. his eyebrows were scrunched together and lips screwed closely into a thin line. 
he was awfully close too.
you could see the pleasure thickly on his face and he pushed down your bralette to squeeze your nipple harshly. "your cunt keeps bloody squeezing me y/n. come now." he hushed into your ear and completely bottomed-out inside of you.
you thought you heard draco murmur a "please" but you weren't sure if you were hallucinating from the intense pleasure.
the knot from your belly finally unraveled and you moaned around his fingers loudly. he groaned around your cunt, pounding a few more times before dropping every drip of cum he had inside of your bruised hole.
after a few minutes of feeling his warm cum and trying to keep it inside of you as long as possible, he pulled out and you hissed at the empty feeling and cold air around your pussy.
using the two fingers he just released from your mouth, he curled them in a scissor like motion before pushing them against your hole. he scooped up the cum dribbling out and pushed the drops all the way back in with his knuckles dangerously close to your sensitive clit.
he smirked at your breath hitching from the cold rings around his fingers pressed against your skin. he pulled his fingers out, he put his cock back inside of his pants and buttoned it back up. 
he took one look at you. mascara dried down your face and stained your cheeks with black streaks. he laughed and you bit your bottom lip and held up your wrists. "release my arms you arrogant bastard."
he made a "tsk tsk" sound and rubbed his neck as if he was thinking if he should or not before moving forward to untie your hands.
you instantly backed up from him to rub your wrists then snatched the tie from draco's hands. giving him a cue to leave, you looked away from him to grab some toilet paper to wipe and clean yourself up. 
when you adjusted your skirt he finally snapped out of his trance from watching you and unlocked the bathroom stall's latch. 
"you may want to get a new tie before showing your face in the great hall. i might have lent you one if you weren't a hufflepuff." he snickered—looking at the color in disgust and left without glancing back.
that's one thing you could agree on.
yellow wasn't your first pick either but you favored the hufflepuff attitude more than the slytherin's. you wouldn't have it any other way despite the shade of green you often fantasized wearing.
thirty minutes later you walked into the great hall about ten or so minutes after draco did. you made your way over to the hufflepuff table for dinner and sat down on the bench by cedric and your other two friends.
he raised an eyebrow at an oblivious draco that glanced over in the hufflepuff area and watched you gingerly sit down. 
cedric has been your best friend for a while now. he figured out easily that something was definitely up. with a knowing tone he asked, "where have you been?"
you bit your lip and put some food on your plate before looking at cedric with a shrug of your shoulders. "just around."
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rae-writes · 8 months ago
Dsmp angst sentence starters
Sapnap, Georgenotfound, Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, Badboyhalo, Punz, Ponk, Awesamdude, Karl Jacobs, Quackity x reader (Separate)
word count : 1.k
warnings : major fucking angst, have fun
synopsis : Angst sentence starters 
authors note : some had happier endings than others, sue me. 
“Are they really just friends?”
Sapnap snapped his head over to you in surprise, lips parting at the knowing glint in your eyes and the half-assed smile that accompanied it. 
You’d known Sapnap held feelings for Karl and Alex for some time now- you just didn’t want to acknowledge it. But when he looked at them like that, how could you not? That was how he used to look at you. 
“Y/n…” Yeah, maybe he didn’t think of the pair as just friends, but he didn’t wanna lose you either, “Don’t-“ 
“It’s fine, I’ve known for months- Go get them Sap.” 
“I can’t sleep.” George stood at the entrance to your room, rubbing his eyes tiredly, feeling relief wash over him when you pulled back the covers. 
Pulling George into your arms, you started to hum as you massaged his scalp, “Don’t worry about Dream or XD or any of that, alright? Just focus on me for right now.” 
Burying his face into your chest, he squeezed his eyes shut and breathed in your scent. You, you, you. You were his light in the lightless and bottomless pit his best friend had dragged him into. 
“Can you just kiss me? One last time? That’s all I ask.” Goosebumps ran up your body as his wings encased the two of you, blocking you off from the world. You searched into his blue eyes, seeing the same desperation reflecting back. 
“Y/n…” Phil whispered, as if anything over that decibel level would shatter the reality around him. His lips slammed against yours in the exact desperation that was bottled up in his eyes; he didn’t want to let you go so soon. “I’m sorry it had to end this way.” 
You shook your head, smiling at his shudder when your fingers trailed up his wingspan, “Don’t be. I sealed my fate happily the moment I fell for you, Angel of Death.” 
“You’re making me think that what they said about you was right.”
Tech froze, dropping his axe, before he marched across the room to face you. “You don’t mean that. Tell me you don’t actually mean that.” His crown was starting to slip. 
Your bottom lip trembled, “I don’t...I don’t want to mean it.” With trembling hands, you gripped his cape tightly, “But you almost…” You gasped when Techno lifted you into the air, instinctively latching your legs around his waist. 
“I’m sorry.” Techno shook his crown off in favor of nudging his head under your chin, “I didn’t mean to spiral out of control- but I would never hurt you. Me or the voices.” 
The tears were wiped away before they could even fall, “Tech, ‘m sorry-” You hummed when his lips were pressed against yours, giggling as his tusks poked you. “I really love you, you know, Blood God?”
The pinkett growled playfully, “I love you too. I promise I’ll never scare you like that again.”
“Trust me on this.” Wilbur held you close to him, leaning against the stone wall, as he tried to soothe your worries with his words. 
Your eyes widened at Phil’s voice but were unable to turn around due to Wilbur’s iron grip. You listened as your lover rejected his Father’s advance to stop this madness, and felt a dread when you were yanked back with the man you loved. 
“It was never meant to be.” The button was pushed, everything exploding, as Wilbur continued holding you against him; He forced Phil to drive a sword through both of you that day. 
“Not everyone is going to hurt you.”
The statement plummeted you into a state of shock, forcing your body to stand in place as your brain processed his words. A cold feeling washed over your body and you knew it was him. 
Ghostbur wrapped his arms around you from behind, burying his face into the crook of your neck without hesitation. He knows you know he isn’t Alivebur, but he didn’t like the way you kept up the obsidian walls around your heart. 
“Just let me into your heart.” 
“Please look at me.” Tommy’s desperation seeped through his voice- Everyone was treating him like he wasn’t even real and he couldn’t have you treating him like that too. Not you. 
“I can’t! Because...because if I look at you and see that you’re actually alive and right here in front of me, you might just disappear.” Your voice broke off into a whisper as you shook your head, but eventually, your hues wandered up to meet his blue ones.
“I’m not gonna disappear, N/n. I’m back- and I’m right here. I promise.”
“You know I’m not like that.” 
“But aren’t you, though? I mean, come on, Tubbo! You- you built nukes. NUKES! And, and for what? So you could pull another Wilbur, except this time on someone else’s land? Which is if someone threatened you?!”
Tubbo stared at your angry pacing with his ears drooped. He didn’t like that tone of disbelief bordering fear in your voice. You sounded like him when Schlatt told him he was going to die. 
You eventually stopped moving, choosing to stand in place and pull at your hair. A million thoughts were hammering through your mind, but one screamed at you so loud it was like your head would explode : Was this even your Tubbo anymore? 
“I’m scared.” 
You frowned, still trying your best to wipe away the boy’s tears before they hit his skin. “I know, Boo, I know. I’m here, though.” 
He’d never been broken out of his enderstate before; standing out in the middle of nowhere in the night put him on edge. Did...did you think he was a monster? Were you going to abandon him? Thrown him in jail? Maybe- 
“Ranboo.” Your eyes carried all the words he needed to know as you smiled, smoothing down his hair softly. “We’ll figure this out together, okay? You don’t have to be scared when you’re with me.” 
“I know you still love me.” 
You stared blankly out of the window in the room you’d been locked in; inside of Bad and Skeppy’s mansion. “Yeah?” 
Bad frowned slightly, moving forward to trail his hand up your back and secure a hold around your waist with his tail, “Don’t you, muffin?” His head nuzzled into your neck. 
You glanced over, feeling disgust bubble in the pit of your stomach at the white color of his clothes. “No. I love Badboyhalo- not whoever, or whatever, you are.” 
“How long will this go on for?” Your hands fiddled with the golden choker you wore, gazing up at the vine covered tower. You dropped your head back down and turned, meeting red eyes instead of the baby blues you’d come to love. 
“What do you mean, babydoll?” Punz glanced down at you, wrapping his hand snugly around your throat to tilt your head further up, before placing a kiss against your lips. 
You were silent for a moment, “Nevermind, Luke.” You quirked up your lips to try for a smile, kissing him back quickly to hide your doubts.
The blonde hummed, pulling you close by your shoulders, and walking toward the Eggpire’s meeting room, “Okay then, baby. We’ll go somewhere nice after the meeting, alright?” 
“Yeah…” You sighed, gripping his dull blue sleeve. You hated everything that had to do with that atrocious egg.
“Why are you so stubborn?!” You cried, twisting your hoodie tighter around Ponk’s arm- or what was left of it. 
“Don’t...don’t cry, N/n. You’re too pretty to cry-“ 
“Now is not the time, Ponkie!” 
He smiled, slightly delirious from the pain, and nuzzled his head against your shoulder. “It’s always the time to tell you how pretty you are. I’m so lucky to have you, ya know? Always...always taking care of…-“ 
“NO! Stay awake, damnit Ponk, stay awake! You need to hear how lucky I am to have you.” 
“Please don’t misunderstand me.” Your lips tugged into a rueful smile, “I love you, Sammy. You know I love you, but…” 
Sam watched as you gestured around the main hall of the prison, furrowing his brows when you casted a distasteful glare. 
“Pandora’s Vault has changed you. I’m so proud that you were able to build this- all by yourself- but I’m disappointed you’ve turned into...someone. I don’t know who, but it’s not Awesamdude. Not my Sam.” 
His trident clattered against the prison floors as you backed up closer to the portal, “Y/n, wait! We...we can talk about this, I can fix it, I-“ 
“This isn’t another build, Sam. It’s our relationship.” You curled your fist up into a ball, “And I can’t sit around and watch you become like him.” 
“Am I too late?” 
“Never.” The light reflecting off the diamond ring adoring your left hand stated otherwise, but your smile rivaled the piece of jewelry, shining so bright Karl thought he’d met the embodiment of the moon. 
He shifted his gaze to the shiny rock, “I’m not?” A giddy feeling blossomed in his chest when you yanked the ring off and threw it in a random direction, “That looked pretty expensive there, N/n.” 
“I don’t care, all I want is you.” You smiled, “As long as I have that, nothing in the world could make me not drop everything just for you.” The black and grey version of his signature hoodie went unnoticed.
“Well, let’s get out of here then, yeah?” 
No one was there to tell the two of you that you were both sleeping in different beds and in different realities. 
“I want to believe you, I do.” 
Quackity’s heart dropped when you brought out the promise ring you gave him- the one he gambled away. 
“But you’ve changed, and not for the better, Alex.” Slipping your own matching ring off, you placed them into his palm with a goodbye kiss on the cheek. 
“Y/n, please-“ His calloused hands gripped your face gently as he brought you into a desperate kiss. They dropped down to your waist, gripping tightly, when you kissed him back. 
You pulled away too soon for anybody’s liking, but you knew that if you stayed, you would never be able to walk away. “Goodbye, Quackity.”
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opalesense · 6 months ago
um um hiii! im like literally in l o v e with ur writing, especially the diluc and kaeya stories (im such a simp omg) and was wondering if you could do some more diluc x reader x kaeya nsfw—
ofc you can ignore this but ty if you consider it!! stay hydrated and safe ily <3
over the counter
Tumblr media
diluc x f!reader x kaeya (NSFW)
6.5k words • ~40 min. read
summary: after a tense night at the tavern, kaeya accidentally forgets his belongings and comes back to see you and diluc having an intimate moment – or maybe it wasn’t an accident...
warnings: slight degradation, a lot of jealousy!!  drama!!
notes: reader is in a relationship with diluc beforehand just to switch things up a little from my last fic! also this fic favors diluc a lot more so diluc simps come get your juice ;D thanks for waiting anon ily too <3 i’m so sorry this took so long T_T
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SPENDING WEEKEND NIGHTS AT THE TAVERN was not uncommon for you. In fact, whether you were in the mood to drink or not, one of the main reasons you frequently visited the bar was to keep Diluc company, who greatly appreciated the effort you put into making sure he didn’t feel alone while he worked. Evenings with the two of you were often spent idly chatting while he served drinks, which surely kept his spirits up throughout the longer and busier nights. Customers usually commented about how Diluc always seemed to have a grin on his face when you were around, unlike some other nights where his deadpan expression often intimidated the people of Mondstadt and subsequently intimidated the customers themselves.
 That didn’t stop business from booming, of course. As long as the alcohol was good and quickly served, customers couldn’t care less about how intimidating Diluc could be. Neither would they care about how he would sneak some free drinks to your seat across the bar if you asked for it, or how he would shyly rest his hand on top of yours if the night was slow and no one was paying attention.
 In the end, on weekend nights when you were sitting in your favorite seat at the bar that was conveniently never taken no matter how busy the night was (or maybe not so convenient, since Diluc always made sure to secretly reserve it when the weekend rolled around), people knew never to bother the two of you. After all, on nights when Diluc was happy, he gave spectacular service to bargoers, who decidedly took advantage of this hospitality and thus visited Angels Share more often knowing the atmosphere was better if you were there.
 But of course, as soon as a certain blue haired customer walked into the establishment to take his long awaited night off of the week, Diluc couldn’t help but shake his head at you and sarcastically remark, “Well, here comes trouble...”
 “What, are you not happy to see me, brother?” After placing his belongings down, Kaeya took his seat next to you and shot you a friendly grin to briefly acknowledge your presence. “I’ve been coming here after work almost every night for so long – have you finally gotten tired of me already?”
 Diluc rolled his eyes and began making a Death After Noon for his brother, already knowing the specific bittersweet flavor he likes without Kaeya needing to ask. “Come to think of it, it’s about time I take off that family discount of yours, I’ve been too nice to you these past months.”
 Kaeya crossed his arms as he leaned forward on the counter with a scoff. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
 “It means I need financial compensation for the headache that you induce whenever you’re in the same vicinity as me,” Diluc joked as he finished making the drink then set it in front of Kaeya, who took the glass with a pout and turned to face you.
 “You hear this guy? Financial compensation... as if he needs it, being the richest jerk in all of Mondstadt to date.”
 “Watch your tone, idiot,” Diluc snapped back as he turned to serve another awaiting customer.
 There was no doubt that the two seemed to get along quite well as of late.  At first it was almost as if they were both trying to impress you by showing you that they could be nice to each other as per your request, but as time passed, competition turned into a slow realization of having genuine concern for each other, and the brothers have been on the road to reconciliation ever since.  Even when Diluc ended up being the one to completely sweep you off your feet and steal your heart, Kaeya never showed any opposition and even encouraged your relationship.  “Despite everything, you truly deserve her, ‘Luc,” you overheard him reassure Diluc months ago after admitting defeat in their competition.
 There was no doubt that you loved Diluc more than anything.  He provided you with everything you could ever ask for, from emotional support and material things to overwhelming satisfaction in the bedroom.  But at the back of your mind, especially on slightly tipsy nights such as this one, lies a certain lingering thought about that certain blue haired brother.  Was it so bad to fantasize about being pressed between the two?  Was it so bad to imagine the feeling of being fondled and manhandled by both of them at the same time?  Was it so bad to be at least curious about being shared between the two?
 You took a sip of your free drink as you stared blankly at the dents on the wooden counter.
 Maybe it is bad, you thought.
 After all, if Diluc mentioned that he wanted a threesome with someone else, you wouldn’t exactly be ecstatic about it.
 That’s why you would never mention these fantasies to either of them, despite trusting them both with all of your secrets after being close with them for so long.  You were scared of how Diluc would react to your curiosity.  You were scared he would get the wrong impression and that your relationship would come tumbling down as a consequence of your little fantasy.
 Maybe it is bad.
 Your thoughts were interrupted by Kaeya snapping his fingers in front of your face.  His head was tilted to the side as if he were trying to meet your downturned gaze.  “Hey.  Did I lose you?  What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?”
 “I was just lost in thought,” you ignored the subtle compliment and averted your eyes from the counter to look at Kaeya’s face, the shadows of the dimly lit tavern casting on him at the perfect angle to show off his features.  You had to admit he was handsome - hell, all of Mondstadt surely thought so too.  You glanced around nervously looking for Diluc to see a glimpse of his fiery hair heading up the stairs to the second floor, presumably to serve a table.  He was understaffed today, you remember him saying.
 “What were we talking about again?” you asked Kaeya, a little dazed and confused, overwhelmed by the reality of the moment.  The clinking of glasses throughout the tavern, the bard playing the lyre in the corner, and the large group of rowdy men at a nearby table flooded your senses, leaving you a bit dizzy with no help at all from the alcohol.  He simply laughed, gazing down as he swirled his own drink in his glass then met your eyes once more.
 “I was asking how you and Diluc have been,” his sharp stare contrasted with his soft grin as the currently sober man turned his stool to completely face you.  There was intention in his eyes, but you couldn’t exactly pinpoint what those intentions were.  “I know he doesn’t like to catch up with small talk so I don’t like to bother asking him about what’s new.”
 With the heel of your boot you decided to turn your stool to face him as well.  Your knees were less than an inch away from touching his, which made you internally flustered given the fantasy you were just thinking about.  You tried your best to keep your eyes on his face, ignoring his exposed skin just under his neck.  He tilted his head back and took a sip of his drink then continued.  “Besides, I enjoy talking to you more than him anyway.”
 You could see right through him in this moment.  Or at least, you thought you could.  Maybe you were overthinking it, but you swore you could see his sapphire eyes slowly trail from your eyes down your body all the way to your grazing knees then dart back up again.
 Maybe it was bad.  Maybe it was the lighting.
 “We’ve been doing good,” you nodded, studying his face more.  “He’s been a lot happier recently since the two of you have been getting along more.  Don’t tell him I told you that, though,” you leaned in slightly with a wink.
 Kaeya let out a low chuckle at that and looked down at his glass again, taking a moment to form his next words.  With a nod, he let out a sigh of relief.  “That’s great.  You’ve been looking a lot happier too, I can tell.”
 “Oh?  How exactly can you tell?  We haven’t seen each other in a while,” you crossed your legs, feeling defensive, which accidentally brushed his in the process.  You quietly apologized and he slightly lifted his hand up to excuse you.
 “Oh, it’s nothing too crazy.  It’s just the glow in your face and the pep in your step when I see you on the streets while I’m out patrolling.  Seems like Diluc’s got one happy girl,” he tilted his head back for another sip, and for a moment, you saw his genial smile drop as he set his glass back down on the counter.  But as quickly as he let go of his façade , he quickly masked his intentions again with a chuckle.
 He seemed a little jealous, you thought.  But before you could fully form a thought around that idea, Diluc came back with a tray in hand, empty glasses and mugs balancing on top of his palm.  He carefully placed each of them into the sink and got to work on washing then drying them.
 “How have you been, Kaeya?” he said with his back turned towards you both, “You weren’t flirting with my [Y/N] while I was gone, were you?”
 “How could I do such a thing?” Kaeya huffed, seemingly offended.  “Put some more faith in me, brother.”
 Diluc turned around with a glass in hand, drying it with a rag and initially focusing his attention on Kaeya.  You watched as the two stared at each other across the bar for a few moments, the air suddenly getting thicker as they both emanated a strange seriousness, almost as if they were arguing telepathically.  Diluc’s intense stare burned into Kaeya’s cold expression, his arms tensing up so much that you thought he was going to break the glass in his hands.  It was a little scary to witness how quickly the mood could change in only a few minutes, and feeling a little uncomfortable, you decided to stand up and make your way to the second floor balcony for some fresh air, away from the loud atmosphere of the main room and even further away from whatever random feud the brothers sparked up tonight.
 The crisp air was meditative.  It was soothing to stand on the balcony, leaning over the rail and staring into the night sky, letting your mind wander.  Your days were often bustling with work and interacting with people so it was very rare to have a moment like this to yourself.  At first, you figured it would be best to go back downstairs – after all, it had been a week since you’ve talked to Kaeya and it would be nice to catch up with your friend.  But you weren’t sure why the mood was suddenly so tense, especially since nothing had really happened and as much as you knew how Diluc was protective over you, you felt like he was overreacting.
 As you took slow sips of your drink, savoring the taste and gazing upon the night life of Mondstadt below, seconds turned into minutes, then minutes turned into an hours, and soon the moon had settled into the midnight sky and the tavern was nearing its closing time.  You hadn’t realized that so much time had passed until Kaeya, who was usually the last customer to leave the tavern, whistled towards you from below as he was walking home, waving to get your attention then finally turning away and bidding farewell.
 “Darling,” you heard a familiar voice behind you as you were waving back to Kaeya, “Did I do something to upset you?”
 You turned to see a clearly apologetic Diluc standing in the balcony doorway, his arms crossed and hair messily thrown up into a ponytail.  “Why didn’t you come back inside?  We were waiting for you,” he quietly asked as he slowly approached you.
 He placed his hands on your waist and pressed his forehead against yours while rubbing small circles into your sides with his thumbs.  You pressed a soft kiss to his lips which he gladly returned with several more gentle kisses across your face, humming slowly and patiently waiting for your response.
 “You didn’t do anything wrong, Diluc.  I really just needed some fresh air.  I’ve felt a little overwhelmed all night and didn’t notice how much time passed,” you muttered.
 You were telling half the truth.
 You didn’t want to admit that you thought Diluc was being a little overdramatic, and you certainly didn’t want to tell him that you were overwhelmed with the thought of being touched by him and his brother at the same time.  Some things are better left unsaid.
 Maybe that was bad.  Maybe white lies were okay, only for now.
 He pressed one last kiss to your forehead before nodding as he processed your words.  “Let’s get you warmed up back inside, you must have been freezing out here.”
Tumblr media
 “I didn’t think this is what you meant by getting warmed up,” you softly giggled in between passionate kisses as his bare, warm hands traveled up your top to eventually pull the entire damned thing off.  He tossed it off to the side mindlessly before unbuttoning his own uniform top and letting it drape next to yours over the bar stool it landed on.
 “I’ve had a long night,” he trailed the kisses down to your neck, gently biting enough to only leave subtle marks and murmuring against your skin.  He lifted you up onto the counter to get better leverage over you, slowly spreading your legs apart then continuing the kisses down your collarbone.  “And you look so beautiful tonight, I can’t help myself.”
 “Just make it quick, okay?” you nervously looked at the window behind him which allowed the moonlight to illuminate the already darkened bar but also allowed anyone who felt like peering in to clearly see the two of you getting touchy in the tavern.  You let him press up against you regardless, feeling his bulge grind against your clothed hips desperately.  “What if someone sees?” you whispered, teasing him with the idea of getting interrupted and caught, which you knew annoyed him to the core.
 “Good,” he paused for a moment to look up at you, his hungry eyes burning into your memory.  “Let them see that you’re clearly mine.”
 Your heart throbbed at this sudden possessiveness and with a naughty smirk, you decided to give up the innocent act.  With a few swift movements, the rest of your clothes were ripped off until you were half naked, the only remaining bit of modesty you had being the underwear that clinged to your skin until Diluc eventually pulled that off too, exposing you fully to him.
 “So beautiful,” he sighed as he kneeled down in front of you, pulling your hips towards him then pinning your knees to the counter as he lowered his head to your aroused cunt.  “And all mine.”
 You couldn’t help but let out quiet, staggered breaths as he immediately wrapped his lips around your clit, gently sucking and nibbling on the sensitive nub as his eyes remained glued to yours.  “All y-yours,” you reaffirmed, which made him hum in appreciation.
 He had never considered fucking you in the tavern before, especially since he rarely had the establishment all to himself for a shift, but just this once, he was happy he was understaffed tonight.  All the frustrations he had endured this evening, from the annoying table on the main floor to bickering with Kaeya about things that didn’t seem to matter anymore led to this very moment where he hungrily licked your wet folds, burying himself into the sound of your hesitant moans and feeling himself harden by the second.
 “P-Please fuck me already,” you breathlessly begged, “Please, Diluc, hurry…”
 “Cum for me first,” his low voice muttered into your aching cunt, making your legs quiver, “Show me how much you really want it.”
 The whine that escaped your throat was suddenly replaced with a gasp as Diluc pushed two fingers into you, immediately setting a quick pace and pressing into your sweet spot.  “Cum for me, darling,” he let go of the grip on your leg to stand up and hover over your torso, leaning closer to your face and snaking his free hand up your back.  “Be a good girl and cum on my fingers.”
 “D-Diluc…!” you whimpered with a pout, which earned a hum of disapproval from him.
 “Master Diluc,” he sternly reminded you, shifting his fingers into you quicker, causing your brain to malfunction as you began to tighten around him.
 “M-Master…!  I’m…!”
 “Go on,” he ran his fingers through your scalp and grabbed a handful of hair, leaning down to kiss you and muffle your moans of pleasure as you finally reached your climax, gushing around his fingers and trembling at his touch.  You whimpered in his mouth, muscles slightly spasming still as you started to calm down from your high and feel his fingers slowly pull out of you.  While keeping his grip on your hair, he let go of the kiss and stuck out his tongue against his fingers, licking your fluids in front of you and smiling in satisfaction.
 “Good girl,” he said as he revelled in his favorite taste.  You watched as he lapped up all the fluids, the mixture of cum and saliva glimmering on his fingers under the light of the moon through the window.
 Speaking of which, you weren’t sure if it was the way you were slightly tipsy or perhaps the heat of the moment deceiving you, but through Diluc’s messy locks and shiny fiingers, you swore you saw a glimpse of a familiar shade of blue through the window.  It was unmoving, sure, but it was there nonetheless, and it wasn’t there the last time you looked through the glass.
 Maybe it was bad.
 Maybe it was Kaeya.
 Horror sunk into your chest for a fleeting moment, but you blamed it on the alcohol, and the way you were thinking about Kaeya and Diluc so much within the past few hours.  Besides, all the thoughts you were having about the strange color in the window were replaced by the way Diluc unbuttoned his pants with one hand, the other still intertwined in your hair, then freed his cock and let it rest on your stomach as he slowly laid you down across the counter.  He pulled you towards him once more so your head could rest on the wood, his hair-tangled hand acting as a cushion while his elbow took its place beside you so he completely caged you in.  “Be quiet for me, okay?  We don’t want to wake all of Mondstadt this late at night…”
 “I’ll be good,” you promised him, letting your hands travel down to feel his length resting on your skin.  It had some weight to it as you lifted it, and as if you two were mentally in perfect sync, he pulled his hips back to let you position the tip at your entrance.
 Excitement boiled in your stomach as he slowly inched his hips forward, pushing his cock into you little by little, stretching your walls apart by the seams.  Your mouth went agape with the sheer stretch alone and fighting the urge to moan had never been more difficult.  Instead, the only sounds that filled the silent room was Diluc’s heavy breath as he closed his eyes from the way you wrapped around him so well, the gentle gasps and whimpers from you as he bottomed out and nearly hit your cervix, then the sudden rhythmic slapping of skin as he began to pound into you with no warning.
 Your eyes rolled back into your head at the rush of pleasure that came with the rolling of his hips into yours.  It was so difficult to keep quiet, so hard not to at least whimper and give tiny moans here and there as he fucked you silly on that bar counter, but he couldn’t care less since he told you to be quiet and expected you to follow suit.  You knew that.  He instead opted to gently wrap his hand on your throat without applying pressure – simply as a warning.
 You couldn’t control your orgasm even if you wanted to.  The way he stared into your eyes so desperately while his cock kissed your cervix repeatedly made you lose control so easily, and he took advantage of the way you tightened around him by fucking into you harder.  Faster.  Deeper.
 “You’re so fucking good, darling,” his hazy eyes glanced down to your lips with the intent to lean down for a kiss.  “You’re–“
 A loud knock on the door startled the two of you enough for Diluc to stop his thrusts and look up towards the source of the noise, a few red strands of hair draping over your face and tickling your cheek.  He stared intensely at the door, pushing into you again at snail speed as he waited for an indicator of who was the culprit of the noise.
 Another knock sent a jolt up your spine – or maybe it was the way Diluc snapped his hips into you once then slowly pulled back to drag out the pleasure.  With a frustrated huff, he decided to tighten the pressure around your neck and pound into you at the relentless speed he set before, quietly shushing you when you initially gasped in surprise.
 After one more knock, Diluc lost his patience.  It was his greatest pet peeve of interruption becoming a reality.  “We’re closed!” his voice boomed loudly so the person on the other side of the door would surely hear him, startling you at the sudden break of silence.  Clearly frustrated, he pounded into you faster, chasing his pleasure, knowing that he would need to deal with whoever was bothering the two of you this late at night and wanting to quickly reach his release before then.
 “It’s me,” both of your eyes widened at the familiar voice, “I forgot my stuff at my seat, could you let me in real quick?”
 Diluc turned his gaze down past your head to see that, as a matter of fact, Kaeya’s belongings were still at his seat from earlier.  His eyebrow twitched as he quickly pulled himself off of you, leaving you quietly gasping for air and clenching around nothing.
 “Get under the counter,” he whispered so quietly that you just barely heard him, “Don’t move a muscle.”
 Following his command, you made you way under the counter, nestling your naked body next to a cabinet of liquor as you watched Diluc button his pants and loosely put his shirt back on, buttoning it while he walked around the bar towards the door.  At that point, all you could do was listen to a set of keys jingle as he unlocked the tavern door and a gust of cold air rushed through the entrance, strong enough that you shivered behind the counter and hugged your knees to retain warmth.
 “Get your things then get out,” Diluc bluntly greeted Kaeya, who chuckled in response.
 “Aw, why the sudden hostility again?” you heard slow footsteps approach the bar, sending your heart racing with anxiety, “And why the disheveled appearance?  Oh, let me guess–“
 “Get your things.  Then get out,” Diluc said more sternly.  You could recognize that tone from anywhere.  He was furious.
 “But let me guess first!  Judging by the way the tavern is still a mess, I know you weren’t cleaning up the place just now.  And by the way your clothes are so messily put together even though they were so neat and tidy earlier, as well as the sweat on your forehead…  Oh, don’t tell me I interrupted something intimate, dear brother!”
 You didn’t need to see him to know that Diluc’s jaw was tensed, unable to form a response out of pure annoyance and frustration.  And still, Kaeya pressed his buttons.
 “You were fucking her real good,” he teased after waiting for a response and getting nothing from Diluc, ”I could hear it from outside the door.”
 “I fucking hate you,” was all Diluc could say in response.  He didn’t actually mean it, you knew this, but he was beyond irritated.
 Kaeya shuffled to grab his belongings by his seat and turned to face the door.  But as if he weren’t being petty enough, he reached into his bag for something and suddenly tossed it behind him – his house keys, which landed behind the bar right next to your feet.  Your eyes widened at this. You swore you stopped breathing even if you didn’t mean to.
 “I think I might have left something behind the counter too, mind if I check?”
 The silence that followed was unbearable, even if it only lasted a few seconds.  All of the sudden, your heart began to pound out of your chest, not only because of sheer fear and anxiety, but also because of the possibility that Kaeya would see you so vulnerable behind that counter, naked and hugging your knees, waiting for someone to hold you and ‘warm you up.’  Maybe he already did see you through that window.  Maybe it wasn’t just your mind playing tricks on you.
 “Okay, I’m sorry, Diluc, maybe I’ve gone too far–“
 “No,” Diluc interrupted him, “Go ahead.  Go get your keys.”
 “Seriously?” Kaeya scoffed in disbelief.
 What are you doing, Diluc?
 “Go on.”
 What’s happening?
 “‘Luc, I know she’s there, I’m just messing with you–“
 “No, Kaeya,” Diluc turned to close the tavern door and lock it, “I know you’ve been eyeing her since the very beginning, even before I came along.  I’m not even mad, I just feel sorry for you.  I feel sorry that I took away someone you wanted so badly and that you haven’t been able to move on since.”
 Diluc took a few steps towards the speechless brother and lowered his voice, still maintaining the same intensity and dragging out his words.  “So why don’t you go behind the counter and get your fucking keys?  While you’re there, you might as well fuck my girlfriend with me too, since you want her attention so badly.”
 The room froze in time, only for a moment.  Thoughts began to flood your mind – why would Diluc say that, especially since he was usually very protective over you?  Should you refuse to let Kaeya see you, or let it happen?  After all, it’s not like you weren’t at least a little bit curious how this situation would unfold...
 While you sat in the corner naked and trembling, you held back your breath and listened to Kaeya’s footsteps slowly drag across the wooden floor, the creaking getting closer and closer until he was in your peripheral vision.  “Diluc,” he immediately turned away once he saw you sitting there, exposed and cold, then let out a disgruntled sigh.
 “Come now, Kaeya,” Diluc stepped in front of him to enter the bar and suddenly grab your arm, lifting you up with no hesitation and making you gasp in embarassment.  He pinned your arms behind your back and turned to make you face Kaeya, whose eyes were glued to the opposite wall out of a little bit of respect.  “How about we make this a competition, since you seem to love competing so much?”
 “Diluc,” you whimpered as you tried to struggle out of his grasp with no success, which you didn’t complain about because a part of you wanted to unravel this situation even further.  “Please…”
 “Please what, darling?” he muttered into your ear from behind, “Oh, don’t tell me you’ve been pining for him too.”
 “N-No, of course not,” you whined, “I just…”
 Maybe it was bad.
 Maybe it was bad, but you were going to do it anyway.
 You pressed yourself against his hips, gently grinding on his erection and letting out small whimpers.  Just like Diluc, you hated being interrupted and couldn’t exactly think straight. All of this petty arguing didn’t matter to you, especially since you wanted them both from the beginning either way.  In an attempt to admit your secret without explicitly saying it, you mustered up the courage to mutter, “Please, both of you, stop fighting and just…  fuck me…”
 Diluc tightened his grip around you with a grin, letting out a low scoff.  “Slut.  I knew you were a slut,” your eyes widened and stomach burned in excitement at the sudden degrading nickname he called you, “I bet you’ve been thinking about something like this for a while, haven’t you?”
 You sheepishly nodded as he slowly pushed you back onto the counter, this time laying you on your stomach and bending you over.  “I won’t deny that I’ve been thinking about the same thing lately,” he started to unbutton his top again as you raised an eyebrow at this new information.  He huffed with annoyance as he unbuttoned his pants and turned his head to the dumbfounded brother across the bar.  “Kaeya, either grab your keys and go or stay here and keep her mouth occupied.  I’ll let you decide – just make it quick and quit standing there.”
 With your head dangling off the counter, you watched as Kaeya slowly turned around to face the two of you, studying the scene for a moment before letting out a deep sigh.  As if he finally made a decision, he put down his belongings again, took off his vest, and made his way across the counter, his hips only a foot away from your face.  Meanwhile, Diluc had already freed his cock once more, keeping one hand on your restricted arms and using the other to prod your entrance with his tip.  The excitement was overwhelming, coursing through your veins as you watched Kaeya slowly unbutton his pants as well with a bit of reluctance.
 “Please hurry, Kaeya,” you softly begged, hoping to encourage him to quit holding back since it was obvious he was being overly shy, “Please, I want this so bad…”
 “I’m sure you do, darling,” he adopted the pet name from Diluc, “But I like seeing you so needy for me when I’m moving slow like this.”
 Letting out an impatient growl, Diluc grabbed onto your hips as he sheathed his cock with your cunt all at once, making you mewl and sigh at the feeling of being full again.  He began rolling his hips deeply just as he did before he was so rudely interrupted, never failing to maintain his quick rhythm and making your brain short circuit.
 With his slender fingers, Kaeya held your chin in his hand, lifting your face up to look at his and grinning once he saw how your mind was lost as you burned with pleasure.  He stared at your flushed cheeks and panting mouth, comparing it to the usual calm and composed demeanor you always seemed to have.  He smirked, rubbing a small circle into your chin with his thumb.  “So this pretty, helpless face is what Diluc gets to see every single day?  I’m very jealous, brother.”
 That comment only made Diluc pound into you harder, his weight shifting into his arm to pin you down further.  “Cry about it,” he mocked.
 Ignoring the comment, Kaeya only pressed his lips together in a pout to tease you, slowly taking out his cock which made your mind boggle at the sheer size of it.  He was just as deliciously large as Diluc was, and as he began to stroke it in front of your face, secretly admiring the sight of you being fucked senseless by his brother, you couldn’t help but feel like you were melting in the presence of such dominating forces hovering over you.  Without second thought, you left your mouth agape, letting your tongue stick out in a wordless way of telling him you wanted to take him, to satiate your hungry desires that you hid for quite some time now.
 “Eager, are we?” Kaeya didn’t seem to ever shut up his teasing, “I was just going to stand here and enjoy the show, but if you really want it that badly…”
 One hand on your chin turned into one thumb in your mouth, which you received gratefully nonetheless.  He let you suckle sweetly on his finger, cooing at how pathetic you looked drooling all over it when he hadn’t done anything yet.  All the while Diluc let go of your folded arms and instead used both hands to firmly grip your ass and pound into you deeper, the sound of slapping skin filling up the room along with his shaky breaths now and then.
 A whimper escaped your throat as you looked up at Kaeya’s face,  He didn’t need to hear you say the words to know that you were quietly begging for a taste of him by looking at him so innocently, and as such, your wish was his command.  He took a step forward to nestle the head of his cock into your mouth, his thumb still on your tongue to make you open up wider and let you salivate over the taste of his skin until he slowly began pushing himself deeper, watching your gag reflex just to find out you were taking him in quite nicely.  His heart was aching with jealousy that Diluc was so lucky to have you all to himself, but nonetheless, once he fully bottomed out inside of your throat that he had to remove his finger to fit properly, he saw this as an opportunity to enjoy himself and sighed in pleasurable relief.
 Kaeya’s hands found their place on both sides of your head as he slowly fucked your throat, wanting to relish in the feeling of you wrapped so tightly around him, holding back coughs and tears.  It was a painfully delightful contrast to the way Diluc was relentlessly abusing your aching hole from the other side of the counter, letting out his pent up frustrations of the night in the form of deep thrusts and shameless pants.  Kaeya couldn’t help but leave quiet moans here and there as well while he slowly pushed himself in and out of your mouth, filling your throat up with his entire length just to pull back with a sigh then do it again.
 Eventually, Kaeya became more comfortable with picking up the pace, watching as Diluc’s slammed his hips into yours and yearning for a similar feeling.  His hands traveled through your scalp, tangling through your hair messily as he leaned in to fuck into your mouth with more intent.  You hummed sweetly as Kaeya finally stopped holding back, giving into the pleasure and matching Diluc’s rough pace.  The feeling of the two of them ignoring their feud and instead taking out their frustrations on you made your insides twist and knot together knowing that after so long, your fantasies have come to light – or rather, they came to this dimly lit tavern in the middle of the night.
 Diluc was the first to release himself in you, filling your drenched cunt with his seed and controlling his staggering breaths as he fucked you slowly to calm down from his high.  It made you needy to hear his low groans in their fullest volume, but you knew that that had to be saved for different circumstances.  His fingers that dug into your skin so intensely gently lifted off of you has he wiped the slight sweat off his forehead and simultaneously looked up to watch Kaeya fucking your throat.  If he hadn’t been so exhausted from work tonight, he would’ve secretly loved to invite Kaeya for another round, knowing how tightly your cunt wrapped around him the second Kaeya started touching you.
 Shortly after, Kaeya finally reached his own release too, letting your nose nestle in his trimmed blue hair as he dumped his cum into your throat unceremoniously.  His chest slowly rose and fell with each deep breath he took, trying to control himself as he felt you attempt to swallow his seed while he was still inside you.  The feeling drove him crazy and craving for more, but as he averted his gaze from you to look at Diluc on the other side, a wave of regret and jealousy washed over him knowing that this was probably going to leave him off on bad terms with his brother – again.
 But much to his dismay, as he slowly pulled out of you, Diluc only laughed.  He laughed wholeheartedly as he gently caressed your waist, soothing you while you gasped for air.  Kaeya stood there confused on the sudden lightheartedness in the air, tucking himself back into his pants and getting ready to leave as soon as possible, slightly ashamed for indulging in such an impulsive moment of vulnerability for you and Diluc.
 “Not so fast,” Diluc spoke the first words after the long period of silence once Kaeya started to pick up his belongings, “You’re forgetting your keys.”
 With the help of Diluc, you slowly lifted yourself up to lay on your back, keeping your legs spread and incoherently mewling for more.  Diluc only grinned at this, shushing you with a gentle look and caressing your thigh as he briefly saw his cum pooling on the counter.  Kaeya nervously glanced at you before entering the bar and walking towards his keys next to Diluc’s foot, grabbing them, then standing back up with an averted gaze.  The poor boy was so nervous, but you had to admit he tasted so good.
 Diluc placed a reaffirming hand on Kaeya’s shoulder, making Kaeya lift his head and look into his eyes.  The two shared a moment of eye contact, communicating a shared sense of apology to each other.  Maybe it was bad at first, but regardless of how much they seemed to be at each others throats, they always seemed to make amends in the end.
 “Okay, get out,” Diluc bluntly said, which followed with hurried footsteps towards the door and a quick, “Alright, alright, I’m leaving!” from Kaeya.  The exchange made you laugh, but once Kaeya was finally gone and Diluc had locked the door behind him, you were beginning to get antsy.
 “So,” Diluc trailed his eyes up and down your trembling body still splayed out on the counter, “would you, by chance, ever be interested in doing that again?  Just the three of us?”
 “I want to so badly,” you breathlessly admitted, replaying the past half hour in your head and letting the memory brand into your mind.  “Please, Master?”
 He thought about it for a moment then grinned.
 “I’ll think about it.  As long as you know you belong to me in the end, maybe another round with him wouldn’t be so bad.”
Tumblr media
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genshin-obsessed · a year ago
Bless the anon that gave me this idea! Anon if you read this, ilysm for this idea and I loved writing it out! I’m also planning on doing the marriage hcs soon! Also, enjoy these because the next set is FULL ANGST >:)
Includes: Aether, Kaeya, Venti, Diluc,Razor, Xingqiu, Xiao, Zhongli, and Childe.
Come one, come all! Find out how your mans proposes to you!
Tumblr media
Nervous. He is so damn nervous, his hands were shaking, he was worried he’d drop the ring- what if you didn’t like the ring?! What if you said no? What the hell was he gonna do then?!
He planned on asking you to marry him on the spot he asked you out. Which was actually a restaurant. The thing was, he didn’t want to do a public proposal. That would put unnecessary pressure on you.
Well… it definitely didn’t go as planned. You two were in a fight against treasure hoarders- and there were a lot of them- when the box got knocked out of his pocket. You two had simple commissions and he was going to propose right after. But NO. He lost his mind when one of them picked up your ring. The hoarder had dropped it while Aether was kicking hiss and it landed by your foot. You picked up the small box before Aether could.
You were so happy and tears immediately flooded your eyes and you tackled him in a hug. He… may have shed a tear or two. You kissed him over and over and over, disregarding the unconscious hoarders around you.
“Thank you for saying yes. I swear, I’ll never leave your side for as long as I live.”
Tumblr media
He doesn’t look like it, but he was extremely nervous. He knew you loved him and that you wouldn’t say no, but what if you did. There was always a chance that you’d say you weren’t ready for marriage. You two definitely wouldn’t break up… but that would hurt, probably more than he could handle. Not to mention the embarrassment.
He planned on proposing under the statue in Mondstat at night. You loved how the moon illuminated the statue and there weren’t a lot of people there either. So if he got rejected… limited viewers.
It went exactly how he planned it! It was late and night and before you headed home, he stopped you; claimed he had something to show you. He took you to his desired spot, which thankfully was empty. He got down right on one knee and asked you.
You were elated! over the moon! So happy, you couldn’t talk. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you nodded, moving your hand to him. You two laughed when you realized it was the wrong hand before you gave him your left one.
“You’re cute and now you’re mine for life. Smile, yeah?”
Tumblr media
Even the mighty Barbatos got nervous. Throughout his life, he’d seen many proposals. He saw many rejections as well. He had a vague idea of what he wanted but he was scared. You could always say no, and even though it wasn’t the end of the world, he didn’t wanna hear a no.
He planned on asking you at his favorite tree. One where he often went to in his time of need. So why not propose there? Create a beautiful memory he would remember for the rest of his time.
Well… it kind of went as planned. You two were at the tree and for 2 HOURS Venti kept chickening out. He would plan on starting, then quit. This was a vicious cycle for a good two hours before he finally took his chance. He didn’t get down on his knee, but he did take your hand and give you a whole speech about his love for you. 
You noted that he was more nervous than ever and it was concerning. Venti was very carefree and if he had any problems, he always came to you. So why wouldn’t he do it this time? You definitely didn’t expect it but you couldn’t have been happier. It wasn’t a traditional proposal but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Heh… that was terrifying. Look at that. You got a god on his knees for you.”
Tumblr media
There was a lot of back and forth before he ultimately decided to propose. This wasn’t because he was questioning his own feelings, no, he knew what he wanted and that was you. But he didn’t know if you’d say yes. The thing was, his work was… questionable. It was easier for you to break up with him than divorce him. He had to push those types of thoughts away as he planned the proposal.
The plan was to propose at the winery. You had a special spot you sat in and he wanted to propose there. Away from prying eyes, giving you privacy. He wouldn’t mind a public proposal, but it was a date and he really didn’t want anyone to see if he got rejected. Not to mention, he didn't really like public proposals. They felt like a manipulation tactic.
Well… it almost went as planned. Diluc had gotten you where he wanted you but he couldn’t ask. He got scared, so he didn’t ask. He was sorely disappointed with himself and couldn’t let go of the thought for days. So, he decided to try again, but actually asking you this time. About a week later, he gave it another try and forced himself to ask. He got on one knee- all awkward like- and then asked.
You couldn’t contain your happiness. You didn’t even let him finish what he was saying before you tackled him down in a hug. He would’ve caught you, had he been not as nervous and shocked. He laughed and held you tightly, kissing the top of your head. The relief was overwhelming and he almost cried himself. He slid the ring onto your finger and ruffled your hair.
“Hey. Stop looking at me like that… I won’t hold back if you do.”
Tumblr media
Razor doesn’t understand proposals. He only understands mating from the other wolves, but you’ve told him all you can about marriage and the like. This makes him want to propose, but he gets help. Lumine helps set up the perfect date where he can propose, explaining how it works.
The plan was that he would take you on a picnic date that he and Lumine set up. You two would talk and at the right time, Razor would take the ring out and propose. Seemed easy enough. Razor needed A LOT of practice though. He was nervous and kept forgetting what to say, but eventually he got everything down right! Now he just needed to ask.
It went really well, actually. The date was great, Razor had the ring ready, and he even said the right words. Well, he said the words that were right according to him.
You loved it. You loved everything, his words, the date, the proposal. How could you say no? You leaped into his arms with a bright smile and nodded repeatedly. He forgot which hand the ring went on, but it was ok because you found it adorable!
“I love you, (f/n). Let’s spend an eternity together.”
Tumblr media
He’d read about plenty of proposals, but he never thought he’d be planning one! He went through every single romance book in his collection to see if he could borrow ideas. There were a few good ones, but one idea stuck out to him.
The plan was to propose at the flower field you two often frequented. A simple date where he would read to you under the tree. He would then pretend like he was reading a passage but it would be his proposal. He’d take the ring out and ask you to marry him.
Well... HE FORGOT THE RING! He pressed his hand against his pocket so he could pull it out after he’d asked you, but he’d forgotten the ring at home. So, obviously that didn’t work out. However, he did do something about two and half weeks later, which was different from the original plan, and he brought the ring this time.
You’re overjoyed, you knew exactly what was happening when you saw the small velvet box in his hands. It was hard to breathe as he gave his cute little speech. You were so happy, you forgot to say yes and just held your hand out. He beamed as he slid the ring onto your finger.
“There. Now we can stay together forever.”
Tumblr media
Oh boy. Ok, it took a minute for Xiao to understand marriage. From his point of view, it’s easy to think that people might just be contractually binding themselves, but that wasn’t true. You two often talked about marriage but it was mostly you explaining it to him, rather than you two talking about being married. In other words, you didn’t expect it.
Xiao needed help. A lot of help. He understood that marriage wasn’t just a contract, it was something that meant a lot to humans. It was a sign of them binding to one another for life. It was a union of two lovers who vowed to only love each other for eternity, and even an adeptus could see the beauty in that. So, Xiao needed help proposing; his plan was simple but something you would like. The balcony at the inn was a place you two often met, so he wanted to propose there.
It went as planned actually! Xiao remembered what he wanted to say and everything. You two spend a little while chatting and watching the stars before he gets on his knee. You, of course, didn’t expect it until you saw the ring. Mostly because you knew Xiao was still learning about relationships in general, so you never expected he’d propose so soon.
Your heart skipped a beat and you weren’t even sure if you were seeing things right! Did you hit your head a little too hard? You might’ve! Xiao felt awkward because after he’d finished talking, you were silently staring at him. That’s when fear of rejection settled in and he frowned, looking away. He felt like an idiot, but before he could close the box and stand up, you tackled him to the ground, littering his face with kisses.
“Did you have to stand there all quiet… you scared me…”
Tumblr media
He also needed a moment to truly understand and want marriage. There were plenty of people who didn’t want to get married, but you weren’t one of them. You two had the conversation a while ago, but Zhongli was happy to know you wouldn’t mind spending your life with him. 
He definitely needed help planning it. He knew everything you liked, but he just wasn’t sure about the setting, the words, the ring! It was all very daunting and although he was who he was, something like this was still nerve wracking. The plan was you two would have dinner and towards the end, he would propose. The dinner would be a private one and he had already prepared his speech. 
It went as planned! You two got through the dinner just fine and then he finally got down on his knee. He was more nervous than he thought and he was shaking a little bit, but you were so overjoyed, you didn’t even notice. 
The last thing you expected was this cute dinner date to end in a proposal! You genuinely believed you might be the one proposing to him one day but turns out, he beat you to it. Tears welled up when he told you how much he loved you and how much you meant to him. The way he took your hand was so gentle as he looked up at you with hopeful eyes.
“Will you spend your life with me? Will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
He didn’t think marriage was for him. There were just some things people couldn’t have and he wasn’t special. Marriage and love wasn’t for him. Or so he thought. Then he met you, fell in love with you, and found a world without you unbearable. It wasn’t long before he was contemplating proposing. There were many things that went through his head. Was he ready? Were you ready? Would you say yes? Should he talk to you about it? Would a surprise proposal be a good idea?
He had a general idea of what he wanted. He had a ring, one he got made that he knew you would adore. He knew a good place, so all he needed to do was find the right moment. Easier said than done. You were busy, he was busy, and there wasn’t a day where he could mentally prepare for the rejection he could get. 
The plan was that he would take you out on a day. All day. He would do everything you wanted, go wherever you wanted, and the like. Towards the end, he would take you to your secret spot, you would spend some time there, talk and whatnot, then he would throw in the proposal!
That’s not how it went AT ALL! Partially through your date, he had to be called away and you received an emergency request. That took all day and you two weren’t able to finish your date. So he tried again. That failed as well for similar reasons. He tried again but that also failed. So, he actually gave up. He thought it was the universe telling him it wasn’t going to workout. He was terrified, so damn scared that this sign would lead to something else. But, when you’d gone over to his place, you were looking for a towel to dry your hands when you found the ring. You asked him and you’d never seen him so embarrassed. However, that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed. 
You were so happy, you jumped into his arms, yelling yes and kissing him over and over again. The two of you tumbled to the floor, laughing. He’d even dropped the ring but you were so happy you refused to let go or move while you kissed again. Finally, you let him grab the ring and slide it onto your finger. 
“There. Now you have the rest of your life to live with me, so be careful with what you do. Make sure you come home to me.”
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 3 months ago
Setters | Somno
Prompt/summary: Early morning sex wasn’t the most frequent, though the times that it did happen, your Haikyuu boyfriend had often times woken you up by various different tactics, whether that be kissing your neck, eating you out, fingering you or rubbing your clit. How do the setters wake you up when you’re moaning their name? Or on the flip side, how do you wake them up when they moan your name in their sleep?
Word count: 5.4K
Warnings/contents: Half-smut: Mentions of future sex, nipple stimulation in some, clit stimulation in some, fingering in some, neck kissing in some. Strong language, light fluff, 18+
Notes: This is going to be a new series as well as taking the place of my past Twitter poll for a smutty preference! I hope that you all enjoy these chapters as I post them. It may take awhile for some because this single chapter took me awhile to finally finish, though I’m excited to do more characters! I really like the idea of somno and I think a lot of the characters would be really into it 😌
The characters I have in this chapter are: Akaashi, Atsumu, Kageyama, Oikawa, Semi, and Sugawara! 
For those of you who do not know what somno is, it’s the act of sexual things on a sleeping person or a sleepy person, so like middle of the night sex while you’re both sleepy or in this case, them waking you up by preforming sexual acts on you 
For all of my chapters, the consent is going to be a previous thing. The moral of the chapter is going to be that you’ve talked about it in the past and said it would be alright on both of your ends if the other were to wake you up by touching you. Because it’s supposed to be while you’re asleep, I can’t show the consent in the immediate moment, so note that it was a previously talked about thing, and that’s all I have to say on that note!
If you want to see the rest of my preferences, you can follow {this link} to be brought to my preferences masterlist page!
Peacefully, you were sleeping. Akaashi was laying beside you, his fingers gently caressing your cheek as he watched you in the least creepy way possible. A small smile was on his face as your nose scrunched slightly in your sleep. He leaned in, pressing a light kiss to your forehead. You leaned into the man in your slumber, still peacefully sleeping as he gently caressed your cheek. He brushed your hair back, rubbing lightly on your forehead with the pad of his thumb.
“I love you so much,” he whispered softly, watching you nuzzle your face against his hand while you slept. A soft mumble of his name left your mouth, something that made the mans small smile widen as he leaned in and pressed another gentle kiss to your forehead. The sun was bright in the room, and even though you weren’t facing the windows, he was surprised it hadn’t woken you up yet.
Nevertheless, he was enjoying this moment with you; as much as he loved being with you while you were awake, Akaashi liked to admire you while you slept. You were so vulnerable, not trying to make yourself look perfect at every second, not worrying about doing things perfectly, not moving around the house and picking things up; you were just still, peaceful, leaned into his touch because you subconsciously trusted him. He adored every aspect of your personality, but he loved to see you at these intimate times. When you were sleeping, when you thought nobody was looking— seeing you, a person he loved so dearly who held herself so high, at her most vulnerable was something he would never grow tired of, that he was certain of.
Akaashi peeked behind you, glancing at the alarm clock. Thankfully it was the weekend, though with time to spare before he thought you might wake up at your usual 9 AM on the weekends, he thought about making breakfast in bed. What might make you happier than waking up to something to eat? Maybe waking up to him, but Akaashi’s stomach grumbling stole his attention away from the thought and you as he looked down.
“Alright,” he whispered to himself, carefully sliding his hand away from you and starting to move, though you gave another mumble of his name and he thought he’d woken you up. “Oh— sorry, darling— I didn’t mean to wake you.” He said, peeking back at you, but your eyes were still closed. “Are you… asleep?” A quiet sound left you, making the man hesitate.
Had that been a moan? The two of you had been together for a very long time, and there were many nights you spent together in the bedroom in a physical way. As little as sex had always meant to Akaashi, because your love was what he had always craved and not just your body, he knew for a fact what your moans sounded like, and the sound that had just come from you was awfully familiar. A kind of moan you gave when you were overstimulated or sleepy.
But if you were asleep now, why had you moaned?
Tossing the thought aside, Akaashi went to get up again when you gave another sound, though this time he was for sure that it was a moan, and rolled over onto your back on the bed with a soft murmur of his name. Akaashi couldn’t help himself, or more-so his cock that hardened at the sound of your soft moans. He peeked back at you, seeing the tank-top that you’d worn to sleep sliding off of your shoulder and exposing one of your breasts as the blanket fell away from your body.
Akaashi reached over to help you fix the tank-top you wore, though as he touched you, he saw your eyebrows furrow inwards as another soft moan of his name left your lips. He hesitated, peeking down at you and glancing at your nipple. It was hard, though he wasn’t sure if it was because you were having a sex dream or if it was because your breast was newly exposed to the chilled apartment air. Akaashi licked his lips, glancing to your peaceful face and then back to your nipple.
There had been a mutual agreement in the past that if one of you were to wake the other up with a kiss, you between his legs, his fingers inside of you, anything of that matter— it would be okay on both of your ends, though it was something you both decided should be reserved for the weekends.
Well, today was a weekend, though Akaashi was still hesitant. Sure, he’d touched you while you slept before, though it hadn’t lasted long before you woke up, and even after you did wake up it had felt a bit strange. Normally morning sex was something that happened when both of you had been awake and conscious, though that hadn’t stopped you from sucking on his cock on more than one occasion when he had gotten hard while he was asleep.
So he indulged this time. He leaned down, peeking at you before he enclosed his warm mouth around your nipple and sucked gently on it. The sensation made you give a soft moan in your sleep as you shifted beneath the man. He closed his eyes, his fingers gently grazing along your skin as he brought them to your panties. He could feel a little bit of wetness between your legs, though it wasn’t like when he had really gotten you going— though the feeling of his fingers starting to rub your clit had earned another small moan from you.
Akaashi smiled, sliding his fingers into your panties and rubbing on your bare clit gently, though putting enough pressure to make you stir. His cock was aching against the bed as he listened to your soft, sleepy moans and egged you on to hear more of them. Akaashi’s teeth gently rolled around your nipple, making you stir again and give a bit of a louder moan as you slowly woke up and groggily peeked down at the man.
“Well, this is one way to wake up.” You said sleepily. Akaashi smiled a bit, pulling away from your breast and looking at you as he licked his lips.
“Good morning. I was going to make breakfast, but you were moaning my name and… well, I guess I couldn’t really help myself.” You sent him a little smile and ran your fingers through his soft hair.
“I’m certainly not complaining.”
Tumblr media
A soft grunt came from the man as he shifted, smiling a bit as the unmistakable feeling of your body beneath him shifted as he moved hit him. His face was snuggled against your chest, his body between your legs as well as your arms wrapped around him. You were completely snuggled up with the man, snoring quietly and seeming unaffected with his weight on top of you.
Atsumu slowly peeked his eyes open, yawning a bit and turning his head to face the windows. He squinted, seeing your skin rather than the shirt that you typically wore to bed. Your boyfriend yawned, pushing himself up on his arms a little bit and peeking down at you. A small smile worked its way onto his face as you slept. Atsumu leaned in, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips and lingering there for just a moment as you gave a small sound in your sleep.
He licked his lips as he pulled back, looking down at your breasts and chewing on the inside of his lip as he eyed you. He decided to give in to temptation, leaning in and enclosing his mouth quickly around your nipple. He pulled back shortly afterwards, glancing at you as he licked along your nipple that slowly hardened beneath his warm tongue and the cold room.
“Mmm, they’re getting hard for me in yer sleep,” he mumbled, peeking at you and sending your sleeping face a little smirk. “Yer so cute,” he whispered, leaning back in and closing his mouth back around your nipple. He gave it a light suck, hearing you give a sleepy sound as you shifted beneath him. He couldn’t help how fast his cock had gotten hard against you, though since neither of you were wearing any clothes this morning, moving had made Atsumu’s hardened dick rub against your clit and earned a soft moan from you.
Your boyfriend gave a soft chuckle beneath his breath, gently rocking his hips and giving a small hum in satisfaction as he grinded himself against your soft skin. He took your nipple back into his mouth, continuing to suck on it while he gently grinded himself against you, earning more heavenly, sleepy moans from you. Atsumu’s tongue swirled around your nipple just as he pulled back, pressing a kiss to the skin beside your nipple as he made his way across your chest, peppering soft kisses that had you squirming beneath the man along your skin.
A little smirk worked onto his face when you gave a mumble of his name beneath your breath; there was always a sense of pride in Atsumu, but when it came to you, it was as if his pride was overflowing. He was so proud of you, to be with you, to call you his own and to be the person who got to hear your quiet moans in your sleep while he sucked on your nipples.
“Yer such a naughty girl,” he whispered, kissing a few times up your chest and going to kiss your cheek. You shifted, leaning against the man as he rocked himself against you, giving soft moans every now and then as you slept. Your eyebrows furrowed inwards as you shifted, a bit of a drawn out moan coming from you, and before he knew it, your eyes slowly fluttered open. “Good mornin’,” he said with a little smile, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your lips that you absentmindedly returned.
“Mmm, morning…” You mumbled, shifting beneath the man and giving a soft moan as he pressed his forehead to yours.
“Did ya sleep well?” You gave a little nod and mumbled out a quiet “Mhm” while he continued making you moan beneath your breath as he grinded himself against your clit. “Mmm, that’s good, baby.” He said quietly. “I slept pretty good, too. But when I woke up, I just couldn’t help myself,” he said, bringing a hand up and cupping it around your breast. “These nipples of yours were just callin’ my name.” He said, leaning back down and enclosing his mouth around your nipple. He peeked up at you and gave a content sigh. “Whaddya say, baby? Ya want me to put it in?” You chewed on the inside of your lip, thinking for a second before nodding. Your boyfriend hummed, leaning down and kissing your nipple gently. “Use your words, baby.”
Your cheeks were flushed as you eyed the man and pouted a bit, making him chuckle before you spoke.
“Please, Tsumu.” You started, squirming lightly against the man. “Please make me feel good.” He smiled, leaning in and pressing a kiss to your collarbone as he shifted on top of you and lined himself up with your entrance.
“Good girl.” He whispered by your ear, pressing a kiss to your jaw afterwards. “I’ll make ya feel so good, baby.”
Tumblr media
Soft snores were what had finally knocked you out of your deep sleep. You gave a quiet grunt as you shifted on the bed, but you were unable to move much. There was the familiar dead weight feeling of an arm across your stomach and leg on top of your own, though those things were quick to leave your mind when you realized why Kageyama’s snores were so audible to you.
You peeked your eyes open, looking over and seeing your boyfriend’s face pressing against your own. You couldn’t help but smile, bringing your hand up and gently running your fingers through his hair. He gave a soft sound in his sleep, nuzzling closer to you in the meantime. It was times like this that you really felt whole and your heart nearly swelled. Kageyama had been the last person you’d ever expected to get close to, but in your second year at college, things were starting to change. You’d developed a crush on the man, not to mention your friendship had seemed to get closer.
It was refreshing to be close to the man that you saw so much of every day. After a few months of casual dating, the two of you had decided that you wanted to give a genuine relationship a chance. That was nearly 3 years ago now, and you had never been so happy to be in a relationship before him. Dating Kageyama wasn’t perfect, but there were more good times than bad when the two of you butted heads.
A yawn came from you as you shifted beneath the man, trying to think of the way to squirm your way out from beneath him. You needed to go to the bathroom and showering sounded nice this early Friday morning that you thankfully had off of work, but you were unable to think of a way to squirm out from beneath his body without waking him up, something that you didn’t want to do, so instead you only squirmed a bit and tried to think of anything to keep your mind off of having to pee.
The universe seemed to be playing in your favor this morning, because as you were trying to distract yourself from the inevitable feeling of having to pee, a soft moan mixed in with Kageyama’s snores. You froze, peeking at the man again and waiting a few seconds. You thought maybe you were only hearing things, but a few seconds later, another soft mumble of a quiet moan came from the man beneath his breath.
“Tobio?” You asked quietly, not getting any kind of response from the man. You stifled a laugh, biting down hard on your lip, but a quiet mumble of your name passing his lips had made your cheeks warm a bit. Of course you knew that Kageyama didn’t think about other girls, but to hear your name from him even in his sleep had made your heart beat just a little bit harder in your chest.
You peeked down, lifting the blanket off of your legs and pushing it past his knee. You tried to see if he had an erection, though with the way that he was laying, it was hard. Uncomfortably, you reached down, sliding your hand gently across his leg to see if you could get a reaction out of him. A soft moan came from the man when your fingers gave his thigh a gentle squeeze. You snickered beneath your breath, eyeing the man as you carefully slid your hand between his legs. You were a bit surprised to find he was so hard this morning, but another quiet moan left your boyfriend when your fingers groped at his erection.
The temptation was too strong to deny as the feeling of having to pee so bad was the last thing on your mind right now. You earned another little moan from the man as you groped at his erection again as he nuzzled closer to you in his sleep. You pressed a little kiss to his nose, being unable to move any more than to kiss the part of his face closest to your lips. Carefully, you pushed your hand down into the sweatpants he had worn to bed, sliding your slightly chilled fingers along his warm erection and earning a whiny sort of moan from the man.
It was hard to keep your laughter quiet at the sounds the man was making. Normally, Kageyama was the one who’d wake you up like this if anything were to happen early in the morning. But you had to admit that you were having the time of your life with your hand down his pants, just barely teasing his cock and feeling it twitch in your hand. With a soft, content sigh, you wrapped your fingers around his shaft and gently started to stroke him, making the man shift and moan beneath your touch.
Kageyama curled closer to you, another soft moan of your name passing by his mouth as he slept. You licked your lips, wondering how much it would take to wake him up, though not wanting him to wake up quite yet. You squirmed on the bed, though this time because you could feel yourself getting wet and not because you had to go to the bathroom. Another moan came from Kageyama, though this time it had seemed a bit too loud for him to be asleep.
Leaning in, you closed your eyes and pressed your forehead to his as Kageyama let you know he was awake as he reached a hand up and grabbed onto your side. You smiled, nuzzling closer to him with a little smile.
“Good morning.”
“Mmm… morning…”
Tumblr media
Slowly, you found yourself waking up, your eyes squeezed shut as the sun came through the thin curtains of your bedroom and right into your eyes, but you couldn’t think about the sun for too long. The feeling of Oikawa’s tongue sliding across your neck was the second thing you noticed as your eyes stayed closed, but the third thing you felt were his fingers between your legs, rubbing softly against your clit and making you squirm against the man. You felt him smirk against your skin at the same time that you noticed the erection in his boxers as you scooted closer to him involuntarily.
“Good morning, little cutie.” He softly whispered in your ear, his fingers putting more pressure against your clit now that you were awake and making you give a sleepy moan. You were still exhausted after staying up late with the man last night. He’d been at practice later than usual this whole week, leaving him tired and you also tired because you refused to go to sleep until he got home and you knew he showered, had dinner, and drank lots of water. He’d appreciated everything you had been doing for him lately, knowing that you were tired from work as well but still staying up for him no matter how many times he told you that you should go to sleep even if he wasn’t home.
Oikawa’s lips pressed softly to your neck, kissing along your skin as you leaned your head a little bit to the side to give him more room rather than curling back against him so much, but his arm around your waist kept you close as he rubbed at your clit. You shifted, your hips rolling against his hand lightly, something that only made him smile again.
“You like that, cutie?” He asked quietly, feeling you nodding not even a second later. He kissed your jaw, resting his lips there and giving a soft hum as his fingers rubbed just right at your clit and earned another moan from you. Instinctually, your hand reached down, grabbing onto his wrist and holding him as he rubbed your pussy. He nuzzled his nose against your jaw, kissing your shoulder before pressing his face back to yours. “You were moaning my name in your sleep, you know that, cutie?” He suddenly spoke, making your already warm cheeks flush darker.
While your moaning hadn’t been loud, when Oikawa had woken up this morning, he pressed a kiss to your cheek and was about to get up when you’d said his name. He thought that you had woken up, so he leaned back down and asked you what you had said, but it was obvious afterwards that you were still asleep. While at first he merely thought that you had been dreaming about him innocently and it made him smile, a soft moan followed a few seconds later and had made his cock hard in record timing when he realized that you weren’t having such an innocent dream about him.
So he decided to help you out. You’d told him it was alright if he touched you while you were sleeping a long time ago, and not only that but you had been so sweet lately. Staying up, reheating the dinner you’d made while he sat at the table and sitting with him while he ate, asking about his day and telling him bits about yours— though it seemed as if you had always been more interested in how he was doing than talking about yourself.
When he was younger, he really didn’t think he’d be here. 25, living in Argentina with the love of his life from high school who promised you’d follow him wherever he wanted to go purely because you loved him and you didn’t want to lose him. It had made him feel special in the moment, but especially now he was realizing again just how deeply your love for him ran, and he was feeling that much more special all over again.
How could he deny you of a little help while you were sleeping when you gave him everything and more than he could ever want or ask for?
You shifted back against the man, giving a soft moan as his fingers slid between your folds and teased your entrance over your underwear. He could feel how wet you were, and it made his cock throb in his boxers as he bit his lip and suddenly pulled back. You gave a sleepy whine in disappointment, but Oikawa didn’t stay away for long, moving to help lay you on your back and pressing a soft kiss to your lips before he pulled the blankets back and got on his stomach between your legs.
He eyed you as his mouth pulled down your underwear with his teeth, watching you avert your eyes in embarrassment this early in the morning. He snickered, pulling them as far as he could before moving a bit to help pull them off of your legs. He carelessly tossed them aside, bringing you closer to him with a quick tug and earning a shocked yelp from you as you got pulled down on the bed, something that made Oikawa snicker again as he pressed a kiss to your clit.
“You’re so cute, baby,” he said, licking your folds teasingly and looking up at you as you laid your head back and moaned quietly. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby. I promise.”
Tumblr media
Groggily, your eyes slowly opened. The sun was blinding as it came in through the curtains. You laid on your back, an unfamiliar position for you to wake up in. Usually you were curled against your boyfriend’s side, though as you reached your arm up to block your mouth as you yawned, you stared the ceiling down rather than the pleasing gray wall that had been painted by you and your boyfriend Semi who peacefully slept beside you one weekend morning.
You peeked over, smiling a bit even though your boyfriend was still asleep. His mouth hung open with soft snores, his cheek squished against his arm as he laid half on his stomach and half on his side. His hair was messy, though it still looked as soft and fluffy as it always had. You reached over, brushing it back from his forehead and watching as he stirred. You smiled, sitting up and rubbing your tired eyes.
A little bit of black from last nights eyeliner from your waterline that hadn’t gotten washed off when you washed your face came off on your hand as you rubbed your eyes. You looked back at your boyfriend when he gave a soft snore, smiling despite last night around 3 AM you had been very annoyed when he was snoring in your face. You stretched your arms out over your head, yawning and reaching down to hold your lower back as you stretched out.
You lifted your shirt up a bit, scratching your stomach lightly and pushing the blanket back off your legs. You were going to get up, go to the bathroom and start to get ready for the day before Semi came into the bathroom with you like always. The two of you usually slept a little late on the weekends, though you were always staying up late. Sometimes you would paint, you would do a puzzle, you would sit on your laptop, or some nights you would only sit there and listen to Semi as he strummed the guitar or wrote a song. It was fun to sit with him while he played an instrument or sang a song, only making you fall that much more in love with him when he sent you a little smile as he sang a quiet song.
Getting up had seemed like a good idea until a soft moan caught your attention. You peeked at the man, hesitating for a second; it wasn’t unusual for Semi to make quiet sounds in his sleep or even sometimes sound like he had moaned, but this one was more clear than they usually were. Often times they sounded like quiet grunts or simple moans that he gave when he stretched out, but this one was clear. This one had sounded just like a moan.
“Did you wake up?” You asked in a soft whisper. “Is that a no?” You asked when he didn’t say anything. “I guess that’s a no.” You finished, planning on getting up out of bed and heading to the bathroom for real this time, but Semi caught your attention again with a groan as he rolled onto his back. You looked at the man, then looked at the area between his legs where the blanket laid, and then back at the man. “Are you having a sex dream right now…?” You asked through a whisper as if your unconscious boyfriend was going to answer you.
With a little snicker, you leaned over, gently grasping the hem of the blanket and pulling it up a little bit to peek beneath it— and sure enough, your boyfriend was hard beneath his boxers. You thought for a second before scooting closer to the man. You kept the blanket pulled back, leaning down between his legs and cupping your hand around his erection. A soft sound came from Semi as you carefully slid him out of the boxers he wore and grasped onto his shaft.
Gently, you rubbed the tip of his cock with your thumb, making the man twitch and shift on the bed in his sleep. You snickered, leaning down and licking along his shaft, earning another soft moan from the man. You eyed him carefully as you moved your hand and took the tip of his cock into your mouth, lightly sucking on it as you took an inch into your mouth and hollowed your cheeks around him.
Semi gave a broken sounding moan, twitching beneath your touch but not fully waking up. You could tell that he was slowly regaining consciousness as you sucked a bit harder and he moaned louder, but it took a few more sucks to finally wake him up. With a soft grunt, Semi reached a hand up and rubbed his eyes, though the feeling of you sucking on his cock quickly made him realize it wasn’t all a part of his dream.
“Mmm, what are you doing?” He asked quietly as he lifted his head up to look at you. Your lips curled up into a little smile as you pulled back from him and continued to gently slide your hand along his shaft and lightly squeeze his throbbing erection in your hand.
“You were moaning in your sleep. I thought I might help you out a bit,” you said, leaning back in and licking some of the pre-cum off of his shaft. “Do you want me to stop?” You asked, though Semi was quick to shake his head and lay his head back down on the bed.
“Not one bit.”
Tumblr media
What had initially woken him up wasn’t the sun coming through the windows or the quiet alarm you had on your phone, but instead it had been a moan from you. It had made Sugawara’s eyes shoot open as he groggily peeked at you. Your eyes were closed, your head on his shoulder and your mouth slightly open. He thought maybe he’d misheard it and thought about sneaking out from beneath your touch to get some food made as his stomach growled, but another little moan from you stole his thoughts away from breakfast.
Sugawara was hard inside of his boxers this morning even before he’d heard you moan, but you mumbling out his name as your eyebrows furrowed inwards while you slept had only made his cock ache in his boxers that much more.
“What are you dreaming about, huh?” He asked, moving as carefully as he could so that your head rested on the pillows and he could lean up on his elbow. Gently, your fiancé brushed your hair away from your face with his hand, something that you subconsciously leaned into as another soft mumble of something incoherent passed by your plump lips. He licked his lips, peeking down at your body as you shifted on the bed. “Must be some kind of dream, huh?” He asked himself quietly, sliding his hand down the sheets and gently applying pressure with his middle and pointer finger to your clit.
Another moan left your mouth as his fingers rubbed a soft circle on your clit over the panties that you were wearing. He knew for a fact that your period was bound to start within the next few days because you had been pained with cramps and complaining about that time of the month coming up. Usually it had made you pretty horny, but he couldn’t remember a time that you were moaning in your sleep before he had even touched you.
The sun coming through the windows had made you shift on the bed so that you were looking more at Sugawara to avoid the light. He smiled, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. He lingered for a moment, his lips still pressed to your head as he gave a soft hum in content. Maybe it wasn’t a typical way to wake up on the weekend, but he certainly wasn’t complaining about it.
“You’re such a naughty girl,” he whispered as you moaned his name in your sleep. “You like that, baby?” He asked, sliding his fingers into your panties and rubbing along your folds. “Oh, you’re so wet.” He chuckled, pulling back to look down at you. “My naughty girl,” he mumbled, rubbing at your wet entrance and biting down on his lip. Sugawara pulled his fingers out of your underwear and the sheets, licking his fingers off and moving the top sheet back.
Your fiancé got down on his stomach between your legs, spreading them apart a bit more and sliding your underwear down your legs. You moaned quietly as his tongue licked a slow line along your folds. He smirked at you as you shifted, still sleeping peacefully while the man brought his fingers back up and easily pushed one inside of you. Your toes seemed to curl on the sheets beside him while he enclosed his mouth around your clit and started to suck.
His tongue lapped at your clit while he pushed a second finger inside of you. You squirmed on the bed, catching his attention. You gave a whiny moan, though it was louder than the others and Sugawara wondered if you were going to wake up soon. He sucked harder on your clit and curled his fingers inside of you, earning a desperate moan from you as you shifted again on the bed.
“Hey, I was sleeping,” you complained, making the man give a little laugh against your clit and grin up at you.
“I know. You were moaning my name.”
“It was a good dream,” you mumbled, seeming a bit pouty, though as Sugawara’s fingers curled inside of you, it had made you moan again as your eyebrows furrowed upwards.
“I can make that dream become real if you tell me all about it,” he said, leaning back down and kissing your clit. “Go ahead and tell me about it while I eat this pretty pussy for breakfast.”
Tumblr media
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ohlookitstomorrowff · 29 days ago
So, the casting for Elphaba and Glinda for the Wicked movie has just been announced and I just need to rant…
Like, seriously, thanks for giving me the worst news since COVID - not literally, but pretty close.
The casting of Elphaba wasn’t that big a deal for me, I just wanted a powerhouse vocalist with great acting ability and I’m pretty hopeful to see what Cynthia Erivo will do.
However, while I didn’t have high hopes for the casting of Glinda (I really thought they were going to throw Dove Cameron into the role, which, at this point, would be an improvement) I really wanted someone who could portray all of Glinda’s nuances.
For a fictional character, Glinda means so much to me - if it wasn’t for her, and how she inspired me, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to get through the hardest time in my life, I wouldn’t have sat down and started to write fan fiction, and I wouldn’t have ended up studying English Lit at university.
When I came into the Wicked fandom it was after hearing Idina Menzel on the Frozen soundtrack, so I was a pretty big Elphaba stan and only saw Glinda as comedic relief and Elphaba’s secret girlfriend. But when I saw the show for the first time in the West End, right in the middle of the second row, everything changed. I watched as Savannah Stevenson descended in Glinda’s bubble and I couldn’t believe how wrong I’d been; the emotion on her face as she tried to pretend to celebrate Elphaba’s death with the rest of Oz really did break my heart. She’d just lost the one person in the world that she’d ever truly cared for, the one person who saw past her perfect facade and had believed that she was capable of far more than being a trophy among society, and she had to pretend to be happy, she had to keep her promise to Elphaba not to reveal the truth and help Oz heal and rebuild.
Everyone loves Elphaba for her courage and her passion, we see her as someone good and pure who was wrongly deemed villainous just because of her appearance, but most people forget that Elphaba (in the musical) got her supposed happy ending - she ran off with Fiyero - and Glinda was the one who was left broken and confused, but strong and resolute to do the best for everyone else.
Glinda goes on such an emotional journey throughout the show, she has the most significant character arc, and that’s reflected in the score. The low notes in the reprisal of I’m Not That Girl and For Good are supposed to represent the slip of her control, and the high notes in NOMTW, Thank Goodness and the Finale are to signify the mask she has to adopt when the world is watching. The operatic high notes set her apart from the Ozians; you can easily pick Kristin Chenoweth’s voice out from the ensemble as the chant ‘wicked’ at the end of NOMTW, for example. The highest note of all, at the end of Thank Goodness, comes at Glinda’s moment of realisation - she’s just admitted to herself that none of the things she thought would make her happy have, she’s just realised just what they’ve cost her, she’s just accepted that her true self is the person that Elphaba tried to convince her she could be, but she’s got to pretend that none of that is true, that she ‘couldn’t be happier today.’ That note takes amazing vocal control for an actress, no matter how hard it is, or how tired they’re feeling, they’ve got to put all of that aside and literally master their breathing to perfection. In that instance, they have to mirror Glinda’s internal process, and when it’s done right, like with Kristin, Savannah, and other Glinda’s like Suzie Mathers and GC, it’s so breathtaking it leaves me with tears in my eyes.
Is Ariana Grande going to be able to do any of that? Is she going to be able to show the full extent of Glinda’s emotions and not just play into the comedic airhead stereotype that many believe Glinda to represent? Is she going to be able to hit those high notes convincingly, never mind even starting on the conversation of will she option them up - that optional high F is tough, and so few Glinda’s have been able to hit it? Is she even going to able to utilise proper diction and enunciate Glinda’s lines properly?
Or is she going to absolutely ruin everything about what I think makes Glinda Glinda - one of the most multifaceted female characters to appear on Broadway.
And don’t even get me started on the possibility of Gelphie in this movie, I’ve kissed that goodbye unfortunately. I really think it is going to do it’s best to be heteronormative and force Glinda and Elphaba into this rival love interests mould.
(I’m legit just waiting for them to announce James Corden as the Wizard or Dr Dillamond, and Harry Styles as Fiyero… I miss the days when this movie was just a rumour, how carefree and full of hope I was then…)
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threestarsinline · 20 days ago
Thoughts (Soulmate AU)
Jason Todd x reader one-shot
Summary: He was always on your mind, whether he talked with you in your head (being soulmates you could hear each others thoughts), or whether you daydreamed about when you would met him. And even though fate put you two together, not everything was going to be how you expected.
Word Count: 8.8K
Category: Started as fluff but I got carried away and ended with angst 
Warnings: Mentions of injuries and death
Author’s note: Here it is!! My second piece of fanfiction (and as a soulmate AU, one of my fav tropes), hope you like it! (Also, I used two prompts, which are bolded, but I lost the original post where I found them a long time ago so, credit to the creator.)
Tumblr media
“Stop it.”
“What? I’m not interrupting your weird night classes or whatever.”
“Stop procrastinating. I know you have two assignments due in a few days and although you usually do well, it is because you prepare them in advance.”
Damn him. He knew you too well. Like he could read your mind, which in fact he kind of actually did.
“I hate you.” You mentally exhaled as you took your notes.
“No you don’t. You love me.”
He didn’t know just how true that statement was.
Tumblr media
It was weird.
Having someone in your head all the time. To be able to talk to them although you did not know each other in person. However, it was nice to have Jason, you knew you were soulmates and all that but sometimes it felt like you had come up with him entirely.
He seemed too in tune and too understanding of you to be real, like a part of you. It could not be that easy. Still, you were soulmates and that was the only explanation you had for the moment. You wondered if all the other soulmates felt the same.
He truly felt like a real life best friend to whom you could go to with whatever was going on in your life.
Like all soulmates, since you were little you had always heard his thoughts although they were displaced and hard to find in your head, kids often thought of that other voice as an imaginary friend.
Until you turn twelve you can’t really control your connection to your soulmate and start to have full on conversations and get to know each other. But you and Jason somehow managed to start sending little messages when you were ten.
At first you were scared because at the beginning, when you were like five or seven years old you heard things like ‘Please, stop screaming.’ ‘I’m cold.’ or ‘Mom is sick.’ To this, the only thing that your little self could do was constantly think: ‘I hope you're okay.’
It wouldn’t be until years later that you would find out that in fact, he was not. But also, years later you would discover that that little phrase that you repeated over and over again, was one of the few lights that Jason saw in his early years.
Things like ‘Who are you?’ ‘Where do you live?’ ‘What’s your favorite animal?’ were your first interactions. Soon, you discovered that the only personal information you could give to each other were your names. Whenever you tried to say where you were or something like that, the connection would somehow get blurry.
Fate didn’t want to put it that easy. 
You quickly became friends and a couple of years later, when he told you that he was getting adopted by someone named Bruce and going to an actual home, you couldn’t be happier for him. He deserved that, after all that he’d been through with his parents.
During all that time of him living in the streets you always felt bad for not being able to do anything. Maybe the adoption could be a step closer to meeting each other, although you could tell by Jason’s tone of voice that whenever you talked about it, he didn’t want to get his hopes up. He had had a fair lot of disappointments in his young life.
After that, you kept talking about everything and anything and when he told you that he was doing some kind of extracurricular thing at nights, something in which he felt useful, could help people and put all of his energy into (you could perfectly picture him grinning in your mind as he told you so), you realized that you were in love with him.
You knew that that was what soulmates were about but it was a whole other thing for you to be very real in love with a person that only you know and with whom you had always interacted as a friend.
You weren’t sure if you should tell him at that moment, wait until you met or even tell him at all. You knew of some soulmates that just had platonic love and your current relationship was so perfect that you did not want to change a thing.
And with that, his constant and sincere support, friendly teasing, his sarcastic remarks and your deep conversations accompanied you through the hell that high school was.
You remembered a time in English class, during a lecture, he told you a joke characteristic of his unique humor and without being able to repress it, you laughed so loudly and spontaneously that the whole class and the teacher turned to look at you. You just muttered a sorry and told Jason to please let you concentrate.
Tumblr media
“You’ve been studying for 16 hours without a break, please go get some food or something. I’m concerned about you. I can hear the algebra from here.”
You stopped biting your nail and moved your gaze from your paper full of equations and things that you still did not understand to your window. You closed your eyes and sighed. Math was really a bitch.
“Sorry. It’s just that it’s the final exam and I hate math.”
“Stop worrying about the test, I’ve learned more from you studying than I have all semester. I know you will ace the exam.”
“Thanks.” You both stayed quiet for a moment but you could still feel like he did not disconnect from your mental conversation, like hanging on the line in a phone call. It felt as if he was thinking of saying something or not.
Eventually, he said:
“Do you want to go over it once again with me?”
“Yes, that would be great. Thank you.” You said relieved.
“It’s the least I can do for my girl.”
You froze.
My girl.
The brightness of your smile at those words could rival that of the sun. You didn’t know if Jason said it without thinking or if he regretted doing so but none of you said anything about it.
Tumblr media
In his room at Wayne manor Jason was just about to punch a hole in the wall.
Idiot, idiot, idiot. That was too forward. It’s too soon. Those two words just came out of his mouth with no warning. He didn’t exactly intend to say them but it just came to him. They felt so natural. Right. He didn’t regret them but he panicked when he realised what he had done and worried about how you would react.
But that sensation left him as soon as it came as he felt your mood change from stress to radiating happiness. Which he mirrored when he realized that he was the source of it. And with that, two smiles and two fast beating teenage hearts, you both went back to reviewing equations (which doing together, didn’t seem so boring anymore.)
Tumblr media
“Hey.” The soft voice whispered in your head as you tried to do the hardest problem in the exam.
“Hmm.” You just muttered trying to understand what was in front of you.
“You’re doing great.”
“I don’t think so.” You doubted.
“Do you want me to help?” That made you think. Actually, you could cheat on the exam with Jason’s help. 
“No. Thank you.” You were determined to do this on your own and achieve your best grades with your own merits. Just like you had done your whole life with everything. “I can do this.”
“I know.” Jason admired you so much. When he offered to help you he knew that you would decline. That’s just who you were. Full of determination, patience, kindness and resilience. Things he loved about you. “I wish I could take you to have a milkshake or something later to celebrate your last exam.” He added with a hint of sadness.
“Someday.” You said with the hopefulness that characterized you.
“Someday.” He repeated back like a promise.
A promise that unknowingly to him, he wouldn’t be able to hold onto.
Tumblr media
“Jason, you just can’t do that!” Bruce shouted angrily at Jason.
“Why not?! Huh? I wasn’t going to stand there and do nothing! That asshole would have killed the girl if I hadn’t intervened.” The sixteen year old replied to his mentor.
“You know there are other ways to take them down, Jason. Rather than putting them in a coma with a traumatic brain injury!!” 
At that, Jason shut up. In truth, he didn’t fully intend to do so. But he was just so angry when he saw what that horrible person was about to do to the girl. It didn’t help that for a moment he thought of the possibility of that girl being you. He practically lost it.
In the last months, everytime that they went on patrol he just got more and more angry at the things that he saw. Gotham was a rotten place and he couldn’t protect its people by letting the criminals get away so easily like Batman did. 
“I’m sorry.” He ended up saying sincerely while looking at the batcave’s floor. He knew that he had crossed a line.
“You have to control yourself.” Bruce said in return. “If this happens again, maybe you should take a break from being Robin.”
Jason felt his whole body go numb. He tried to fight back but his mouth wouldn’t utter a word. He just gave a little nod and proceeded to make his way towards his room. Still, he could hear Bruce and Alfred talking.
“Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with him.”
“Give him time Master Bruce. He’s just a boy.”
Tumblr media
It was coming. Jason knew that it was. The day that he had been dreading since he first put a foot into the manor. The day in which he would have to leave because he didn’t belong there and no one truly wanted him there. All of his suspicions were being confirmed. He didn’t live up to the expectations, he wasn’t like Dick.
Time and time again he had tried to prove himself but it seemed like every time he did, he screwed up. The worst part was that he didn’t know how to do it in another way. He couldn’t stop being himself despite how many times he wanted to.
“Jay. Jason. Listen to me. I’m here. Are you okay?” Your voice came as a breath of fresh air as if he had been in a small room with his asphyxiating thoughts and someone had opened a window. He didn’t know if he had called to you subconsciously or if you had sensed his bad mood. He felt like he was six years old again and his parents were screaming at each other while he hid under a table. His only comfort, your little voice. ‘I hope you are okay.’
“Oh my god. You’re here.” Your voice sounded as if you had been worried for him for a long time, you must have been calling to him since a while ago. Was he worth that? Worthy of you? Of your beautiful and calming self?
“Yes, you are.” He once again focused on your voice.
“What?” He felt disoriented.
“Jason, listen to me. I couldn’t reach you. I could feel you there but you were distant, like shutting me out. Never ever do that again, you hear me? I was worried sick.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I don’t know exactly what happened but I know that you are not okay. I just want you to know that I’m here and you can’t get rid of me. We are soulmates, remember? You are worthy of me not only because fate says so, alright? I lo-” You took a moment to voice your thoughts.
“I care so much about you. I am here for whenever you need me. It’s okay if you don’t want to talk but let me say something. You are wonderful. You make mistakes, like everybody does. But you are strong. So very strong. You have endured so much and still you have the kindest and bravest heart that I can think of. You love helping people, you always try your best because you don’t want to disappoint. And you know what? You have never disappointed me. You are always there to cheer me up and comfort me and I am so grateful for you. I’m so glad you are my soulmate. I don’t want anyone else.”
Jason didn’t know when he had started crying but now he couldn’t stop. Somehow he could feel you hugging him. He was amazed at how much he loved you right now and he couldn’t imagine how much more he was going to do so once he finally met you.
“Thank you. That means so much. I wish you were here.” He said and you started crying too. 
“I am.”
You spent the rest of the night talking with each other. He explained to you what had happened, still not mentioning anything about being Robin. For the moment, he wanted to protect you from that. And you dissipated and soothed his doubts. How he didn’t have to be like Dick, how he could do so much good just being himself. And how although his relationship with Bruce had bad moments, it was still worth it. 
“I’m so lucky you’re my soulmate.” He said.
“Don’t forget you own me a milkshake.” He laughed at your response.
“I won’t. I promise.” You smiled at that and you both finally fell asleep with warm and content hearts. 
And once again, a promise that won’t be fulfilled.
Tumblr media
“Y/N, please wake up.” Jason’s defeated voice woke you up from your slumber. Although in your just awakened state, you did not register Jason’s tired and sad tone of voice.
“Hey, what’s up?” You said, rubbing the sleep from your eyes to concentrate better on the conversation.
“I’m sorry.” Jason’s crashed and trembling voice uttered.
That woke you up. You sat up in bed quickly and your breath started to become uneven when you sensed how Jason’s energy was so uneasy and disturbed. Something was wrong, very wrong.
You had never felt something like this, you could feel exactly how Jason was feeling: frustrated, helpless, remorseful. You had been worried that time that you couldn’t reach him after his fight with Bruce but now you were scared out of your mind. A sense of dread looming and threatening over you.
“Jason, what is going on?” You said also out loud this time. 
“Listen to me Y/N, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
“Jason, please.”
“Y/N, I-  .”
And just like that, that connection that you had always felt in the back of your mind was cut. There was nothing. Nobody on the other end of the line. You were alone. Emptiness filled every fiber of your being.
“Jason?” Your voice shaking with tears that you didn’t know when you had begun to shed.
“Jason, please, answer me.”
Still, nothing.
You knew what this meant, even without having ever heard about it. But you refused to believe it. He couldn’t be gone, just like that and so suddenly. He couldn’t be... dead.
You kept trying to call to him but everything was the same. No response, no connection and no constant reminder of someone being there. Just emptiness. A cold feeling overcame you and you sobbed and cried. You began to feel dizzy as you held yourself trying to fill a void that will never go away.
You didn’t remember much more of that night. Just your parents awaken due to your cries and screams, coming into your room and asking you what had happened. You, repeating over and over again ‘He’s not here, he’s gone.’ And although your parents held you that night trying to comfort you in some way, you had never felt so alone.
The following weeks felt like a hazy dream. You spent the first days in your room, crying and asking yourself how this had happened and repeating your last conversation over and over again. How long were you asleep while he was trying to wake you up? Maybe if you had woken earlier, you could have gotten some answers, help him in any way. Or at least tell him how much you loved him. But none of those things were possible. 
He seemed to know that he was going to die. Had he been hiding something from you? You would never know now. All that was left of Jason were your memories. Before, you doubted if he was real, but nothing could be more real than the pain and love that your heart was obliged to carry from now on. You wouldn’t let Jason fade away.
Your family and friends helped you in whichever way they could and as time passed you found a routine again. And life moved on. But you never truly did.
Tumblr media
When Jason first woke up he didn’t remember anything. He couldn’t really put together his thoughts, it was all just a chaotic mess. He was just a body with no mind nor soul that shouldn’t be alive.
He couldn’t remember who he was but he knew that there was supposed to be someone else in his head. He had dreams of his past life, moments that he tried to piece together but the weirdest things were a girl’s laugh that he was sure of never having heard in person and a voice repeating ‘I hope you are okay.’ 
Then, suddenly, it all came back to him. His life on the streets. The manor. Being Robin. The warehouse. The fucking clown. Now that he was looking back, his life had been a torture. He wondered why he hadn’t crumbled beneath it before. And just as he formulated that question, you came into mind. He had a soulmate.
The broken person or whatever that he was now had someone that was destined to be with him. However, he couldn’t feel the connection in his head that he knew he was supposed to have. It must have been broken after his death. Still, a box full of memories of his soulmate was about to open but he pulled it close. Too afraid to look into that part of his mind just yet.
There were also more important things at stake right now. Training. Getting ready to go back to Gotham. Do justice. The only feelings that his body could hold right now were anger, betrayal and hurt.
However, a broken mind such as his didn’t stand a chance against a connection made by fate. The box slowly opened but he managed to keep it at bay so that it wouldn’t interfere with his plans about Gotham and Batman that he was putting together, something that was going quite well until-
“Hey.” He froze and that earned him a cut on the arm from the sword of his opponent from the league of assassins with whom he had been sparring.
This can’t be possible.
“This week wasn’t so bad.” The voice in his head continued. This time, the distraction made him fall to the floor and lose the combat. He quickly got up and without a word, he ran to his chamber in the complex. His head was spinning. Flashes of you escaping the place where he had locked them in. It was all too much, he managed to confine them again focusing on the foreign (or maybe familiar?) voice.
“So, I got the grade for that assignment from last week. Not perfect but pretty good. I’m happy with it.” He was freaking out. He shouldn’t be able to hear you right? You kept talking about your day but eventually, your voice faded out and disappeared just as suddenly as it had come to him.
Little did he know, even after his death you didn’t stop talking to him. Although you were alone in the room in your head and knew that you wouldn’t receive a response you kept doing so. It helped you to carry on.
Scared, Jason let his mind navigate but he couldn’t find the connection that you had established. He didn’t understand what had happened, confusion filled his body. Exactly like when he had awoken in the pit. He didn’t want to go back to that so he decided to forget this incident. Maybe he had imagined all of it.
So, he got up from the floor and proceeded to bandage the cut on his arm. He had a purpose and an objective to achieve. It was the only thing that kept him going. He needed to finish what he had started.
However, he kept hearing you. He didn’t know if he was pleased or angry when it happened. Your thoughts were often misplaced, like when you were kids. Sometimes he got a few words when you were feeling very intense emotions and others you talked to him directly. In either case, he didn’t try to get back to you. He even had the feeling that he wouldn’t be able to if he tried.
Despite your interruptions, he continued with his plan and eventually went back to Gotham. His memories of you still blocked, he didn’t allow himself to think about them. He executed his plan but it didn’t end up how he had wanted to. He just got more pain from fighting with Bruce, hurt of seeing his replacement in person, anger at himself for failing again. 
But, he also got a sense of belonging, he had been missed and his family hadn’t given up on him, not entirely. It took time, years, but when he managed to fix things with them more or less, he got forgiveness and acceptance. And when he got it from them, he started to do the same with himself.
That made him think about you. This time he truly let himself navigate his memories and let them be a part of himself again. And that also made him grieve what he had lost with you. What you had done years earlier when he had died, he was doing it now. The difference was that he could do something about it. But did he deserve it? After everything that he had done? After all the damage that he had caused?
He was a different person now. The young boy that you knew long gone. Would you even want him? He was sure that the answer was no. But he missed you so much. He missed talking to you so freely. He missed your laugh, which he could still sometimes hear. 
He remembered that time that he made you laugh so hard that the whole class stared at you and you pretended to be mad at him but you couldn’t keep the facade up. He missed how you would talk about books and things that you liked. He missed how when he woke up from a nightmare you would contact him to comfort him. Now, when that happened to him, he was only met with darkness and silence.
Even if you weren't his soulmate, he would have chosen you, although he didn't have that privilege. Not now and he doubted that he had ever had it.
Still, he tried to contact you, establish the connection that before he could create so easily. What you sometimes were still able to do, even if you didn’t know it, but he didn’t achieve anything. Everything was the same. Weeks later, when he found the courage to try to answer you one day that he could hear you talk about your job, he still wasn’t able to reach you. He came to the conclusion that the connection was just one way now (your way), that it was fragile and that he couldn’t do anything about it.
So, he resigned himself and stopped trying. Being able to hear you was enough. The only light that this second life had granted him. He didn’t want to push his luck.
However, it hurt not being able to answer you or letting you know that he was alive. He at least owed you that. Sometimes, with the lightness of hearing your voice also came the guilt and pain and while it was hard at first, he found a way to manage it and just let it be.
And he carried on with his life, fighting criminals as Red Hood, teasing his brothers and Bruce as much as he could, reading and experimenting with his culinary skills. With little snippets of you here and there.
He thought that it would be a pretty decent life that way. Almost good on the best days.
Tumblr media
Well, fuck.
If he had bet when the next time that he would die would be, he would have lost a lot of money right now. He truly thought that it would have taken longer. 
These were his thoughts as he laid bleeding on the ground. Serves him right for trying to hunt down one of the leaders of the new drug trafficking gang when he was still healing two fractured ribs and a bullet wound on his leg from previous Red Hood duty.
In his defense, he liked to say that the injuries looked a lot better (a lie), that he was perfectly capable of bringing down that gang on his own (another lie) and that it had nothing to do with his pride (the biggest lie of all.)
So, there he lied in the back of a building with a stab wound in his stomach and the communications chip on his helmet broken plus the concussion on his head because suddenly everything felt fuzzier and funnier.
He had been soon surrounded by far more trained people than he had expected (which told him that this new gang was more than what it first looked like), they realized his weak points rather quickly and when he finally decided that it was a lost battle and tried to make a quick exit he was stabbed. And to top it all off, while trying to escape from them he had fallen from a balcony to the ground, hence the broken helmet and the concussion.
With no way to contact help, his most immediate concern was the blood that was escaping his body faster than what he would have liked. His hand covered the bleeding applying pressure as he stood up and started walking, his intention: to reach a phone or at least arrive to one of the safe houses. But his body wasn’t exactly cooperating and his train of thought was getting foggy.
Tumblr media
You were on your way back from a work dinner to your apartment when you heard a pained gasp. 
I can’t breathe. Shit. Not again. You heard someone say and without thinking you moved towards the sound, you knew that it wasn’t the best idea with the fact that it was late in Gotham but the voice sounded truly in pain, you couldn’t just let it be. However, you didn’t stop to acknowledge the fact that you had heard the voice in your head.
When you turned the corner you expected everything except Red Hood sitting on the floor clutching his torso. Without thinking, you approached slowly.
Jason was starting to freak out, thinking and moving was becoming more difficult and he needed to breathe openly, fresh air. He tried to take off the helmet but his arms wouldn’t go above his shoulders. He was so focused on the pain that he didn’t notice a woman in front of him asking if he was okay, if she could do anything to help him.
He was sure that he was hallucinating because her voice sounded just like yours.
Finally, the vigilante seemed to realize your presence and he just gesticulated towards the helmet, you moved your hands towards it not knowing exactly what he wanted.
“Take it off.” He managed to say. You looked at him surprised at the request but he just nodded encouraging you, after a moment trying to figure out how to do so, you took it off. He tried to move to the side, to another position and you helped him, after that, his breathing slowed down and he seemed more aware of his surroundings.
“Thanks.” He murmured. That’s when you saw the blood on the floor and realized that it had come from under his hand over his abdomen.
“Oh god, you’re hurt.” You tried to move his hand to look at the wound but he hissed and flinched in pain when you touched the area. “Sorry.” You whispered. You didn’t see it very well but you knew that the wound was serious. “I need to take you to a hospital.”
“No.” He said immediately. You understood why he said so but you needed to do something.
“Is there somewhere I can take you? Someone to call?” You asked worriedly.
Jason tried to answer you, tell you to call to the manor but his thoughts were crumbled together, he wouldn't be able to recall the number even if he wanted to, he could feel his consciousness slipping away, he was going to pass out. So, he just shook his head.
“Alright, shit.” You said. He started closing his eyes, his hand falling limp and more blood coming to the surface. “No! Damn it. Stay with me, hey, wake up!” One of your hands hurried to cover and to put pressure to the wound while the other moved his head to maintain him awake. “I need to take you somewhere.”
You looked around trying to think and then you remembered that clinic, you had heard about it, it helped people in need, both homeless people and criminals. It wasn’t the best idea but it was your only option, you had no idea about medical procedures. You were sure that it was just a couple of streets over.
Somehow, although Red Hood didn’t answer you anymore, he was still able to move, so you managed with his arm around your shoulders to reach the clinic.
“Hello? I need help, please!” A middle aged woman came to you as soon as you opened the door and after seeing who you were bringing with you she escorted you to an empty and small medical room. You laid the bleeding vigilante onto the table in the middle of the room, now definitely passed out. Quickly, the woman started moving around, taking supplies and injecting him things.
“What happened?” She asked you while taking off his armor and starting to work on the wound.
“I- I don’t know. I found him bleeding on the street, he didn’t want to go to a hospital and I knew about this place.” The doctor nodded.
“You did well. I’m surprised he even let you touch him.” She added. You had thought about that too. 
Suddenly, the man woke up and seemed prepared to jump into defense mood when he saw who was tending his wound. His brows furrowed.
“Leslie?” He asked, now more relaxed.
“It’s okay, boy. Rest, I can handle this.” She said and following her orders the exhausted man fell asleep again. 
You stood there as you knew now, Leslie, worked. Feeling awkward, you thought about leaving, you had already brought Red Hood to safety but even the thought felt wrong. You didn’t want to leave him. You didn’t want to experience another death happening right in front of you. You would stay to make sure that at least the person made it out alive this time. 
The memory of the only other time that you had experienced something similar made your chest hurt. You swallowed and forced yourself to stay in the present.  
“Can I help with anything?” You ended up saying. The doctor looked at you as if deciphering who you were and as if deciding if you were trustworthy.
“Yes, come here.” She finally said.
The next couple of hours you helped the woman how you could, giving her the items that she asked you to or cleaning the wound when she told you so. She managed to stop the bleeding and she told you that it was a stab wound, very deep and almost mortal, but that the inner organs were fine. She also tended other injuries that you weren’t aware of like reopened stitches on his leg or now a fully broken rib. The hit on his head wasn’t too serious as well, it had just heavily disoriented him.
Once he was stable, she finally turned to you and after taking off her gloves she offered you her hand.
“Thanks for the help.” She said and you shook her hand. “I’m Dr. Leslie Thompkins, welcome to my clinic.” Her kind tone made you think of a motherly figure. 
“I hope that I wasn’t a burden.”
“No, not at all. Help is always welcomed. I need to check on the other patients, you can stay here if you want.” You thanked her with a smile and she left.
After that you took a deep breath and allowed yourself to stop being in tension. You found a stool and sat next to him. You told yourself that you just wanted to wait until he woke up to make sure that he was fine. You refused to acknowledge the pull that was begging you to not leave his side anytime soon.
I hope you’re okay.
You used this moment to take him in. Even after almost dying the man looked beautiful. You surprised yourself with that thought because you usually don’t feel so fond of strangers. He had black hair with a weird white streak at the front and even in his current state, it looked stylish. His face was sharp and outlined and you recalled his eyes being blue. Or maybe green? You couldn’t focus on that earlier with the stress. 
But what most stood out to you was how relaxed he looked, his breathing was deep and slow, his chest rising and falling in a regular motion. His features now empty of all the pain and fear that you had seen in them earlier. You felt your eyes getting heavier and supporting your head on your arms on the table, you fell asleep.
Tumblr media
The sound of a door opening abruptly woke you up. The first thing that you did was check on the still unconscious man in front of you. He looked the same as before you fell asleep. Then you looked at the door where Dr. Thompkins stood with her eyebrows furrowed and a look of distress in her eyes. She was carrying what seemed like a medical kit.
“I’m sorry but you both need to leave. Now.“ She hurried to you and began shaking Red Hood awake.
“What’s going on?” You asked. You had just made it to safety. What was wrong?
“There’s been a turf war. Lots of injured. Not a good idea if anyone sees him here.” She explained as he put the man in a sitting position and gestured with her head towards the red helmet that had been left in a chair. “In this kit you have everything needed to tend to and clean the wounds.” You were freaking out, what were you supposed to do with him now? You were about to ask her when something struck you. 
“Jason, I need you to wake up.” Leslie called Red Hood. “You have to move if you want to keep being alive.”
“Huh?” He murmured.
You were stuck to your place, your body frozen. That name provoking feelings and memories in you. You knew that it was impossible, that it was just a coincidence, it was a common name. But still, for a very short and brief moment, hope was instilled in your chest. And as quickly as it had come, it disappeared. 
Before you knew it, you were on the streets again, with this “Jason” holding onto you to stay upright and very limited movement in his steps and half asleep. With your shock and all the fuzz, you didn’t ask Leslie about an address where you could take him.
Without realizing it, you made it to your apartment and left him on the couch, passed out once again. You left the kit and his helmet on the kitchen counter and sat on one of the chairs. 
What the fuck had you done?
You replayed the night in your head. You were having a normal night after a work dinner. You walked home. You saved the freaking Red Hood who apparently had the name of your dead soulmate. You were in a criminal medical clinic. And you brought a deadly vigilante into your home. 
Your life was a joke. It was surreal. You didn’t even know why you brought him in but leaving him on the streets or taking him to a police station was out of the question. Maybe it was the fact that you now felt responsible for him. Maybe it was the pull to him that kept bugging you. 
Or maybe it was just his name. A name that had mattered so much to you a long time ago. A name to which you still talked to. A name belonging to a person that you won’t ever stop missing. 
Or maybe you had just lost your mind, this was Gotham after all, it was only a matter of time.
Either way, you took a moment to breathe in and take in the events of the night to try and put yourself together. After that, you checked what was inside the medical kit: bandages, gauze, disinfectant for the wounds, painkillers and little more. You sighed. That, you could manage. 
You left all the things on the coffee table in front of the couch, you also left a glass of water in case that he woke up. Then, you removed his heavy equipment (carefully handling the guns) and his boots. Seeing that he looked stable and in a very deep sleep, you decided to take a shower and try to sleep some more, you would take further care of this less than normal situation in the morning.
Tumblr media
When Jason woke up, he had to shield his eyes from the intense light coming through the windows. But the pain at his side didn’t allow him to do such a quick movement so he closed his eyes once again and blinked slowly. He looked around at his surroundings, his mind was still trying to fully understand what had happened the night before. He remembered bleeding out, someone taking him somewhere and Leslie patching him up. How had that been possible? 
Then, he spotted his guns on the table in front of him and when he heard rustling sounds behind him he knew that he had to get out of there. He didn’t know where he was and he couldn’t be sure if the person that had saved him had just a good intention or were going to use it against him. He jumped up quickly into a sitting position.
“Shit.” He said. The extreme pain that struck him made him freeze. He looked down and saw that his stab wound was covered in bandages over the shirt that he wore under the armor. He realized that it must have been clean and white before his movement because now it was starting to turn red. He must have opened the wound once again or at least pulled at the stiches. He lifted his shirt and saw his right side covered in darkened bruises. His ribs were screaming at him right now. He huffed. He was fucked up.
“Hi.” A voice said behind the couch. He turned his head and saw you. 
“You shouldn’t move too much, you were pretty bad last night.” You said approaching slowly, seeing his wide eyes and shocked expression. 
It was you. He knew it was. The kind and soft but tired tone of your voice undoubtedly yours.
He couldn’t believe it. Even after dying and years of hearing you without the possibility of answering back he had found you. Or rather, you had found him. And he had to say that you were beautiful. Reflecting outside the you that he had got to know and fell in love with. 
“I’m Y/N.”
That only served as confirmation. Happiness and fear mixing in his chest. What should he do now? He couldn’t just tell you something like: ‘Hey, it’s me, your dead soulmate.’ So, he opted for the most reasonable thing to do.
“I have to go.” He said.
However, a flash of panic made an appearance in your eyes and you moved closer to the couch, unconsciously putting yourself with arms crossed between him and the door. Did you know who he was?
When just a moment earlier you heard movement on the couch from the kitchen, you quickly went to the living room. You couldn’t let him go. Not yet. You wanted answers. You weren’t exactly sure as to what but you wanted to talk to him.
When you looked at him as if daring him to try to leave, your captivating eyes freezing him on the spot, your gaze fell to the now red patch on his torso.
“God, you’ve opened the wound.” You said quietly but with worry, you approached him to take a closer look but he flinched away and you stopped. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to check on the wound and change the bandage if it’s necessary.” He knew that you weren’t going to hurt him, he just didn’t know how he would react to your touch.
“Please.” He looked up at you and he knew that he would do anything that you asked of him. After having accepted that he would never meet you, this situation was making him confused, flustered and shy. Slowly, he nodded.
“Can I?” You said once you reached his side, asking permission to touch him. He nodded once again while removing his hands from the wounded area. As you removed the bandage and inspected the wound carefully, he inhaled a nervous breath and took a moment to look at you. Your eyes fixed on the problem at hand and your brows furrowed in concentration.
You looked exactly how he had pictured you while you were doing that math exam so long ago. A little smile started to form on his lips. It was real. You were here in front of him. His hand itched to touch a strand of your hair but he managed to control himself. Your gaze met up once again with his and a neutral expression returned to his face.
“I doesn’t look too bad. I think I just need to clean it. The stitches are fine.” You stated. He looked at the wound himself and ended with the same conclusion as you.
“Yes.” He confirmed. 
“He talks again.” You said without thinking. He just looked at you although it was true that he hadn’t said anything since he had panicked and tried to leave.
“Sorry.” You said with a nervous laugh. God, what the hell was wrong with you? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you had a handsome man on your couch who casually was also Red Hood and with whom you felt an unexplainable connection. Pull yourself together, Y/N.
Jason smirked at your thought, it struck him that he could still hear you in his head even after meeting you.
“Don’t worry. It’s okay.” He said and you shyly nodded. 
“Ehm. Ahem, I think it would be easier to take care of the wound if…” You said nervously. He realized what you were saying, it was true that the stitching and patching up had been done quickly with his ripped shirt still on. 
“Yeah.” He answered. “Can you help me with it? The ribs are killing me.” You nodded and gulped to gain courage for what you were about to do. Very carefully, with his help, you took the sleeves off his arms and finally took the shirt off his head.
“Can you lay down?” You softly asked. He did as you told him so. As you began to superficially wash the wound with a wet cloth he asked you exactly what had happened and you explained how you found him, took him to Leslie and how you two had to make a quick escape. Now he owed Leslie another one. He made a mental note to when he recovered, thank her with her favorite pastries. That woman had helped him and his family more times than he could count.
“Thanks for saving me. Not many people would have done so. Especially for Red Hood.”
“Don’t thank me, it was Dr. Thompkins who did all the work.”
“I think you played the most important part.” He insisted, it made him sad to see that sometimes you still downplayed yourself.
“Alright.” You finally said. “And Gotham can’t afford to lose one of its vigilantes.” You said referring to his reputation as Red Hood. He let a small smile graze his lips and you mirrored him. A comforting silence washed over you both as you continued working on the wound. That’s when Jason’s worst thoughts started to come to him. He was drifted away to being a sixteen year old again who had just realized that there was no escape and that he was going to die.
He had felt so bad and guilty, due to his decisions, now he was going to leave you without a soulmate. He had been so scared that he wouldn’t be able to say goodbye. At least he got to hear your voice one last time, even though it broke him to hear how worried and distressed it was.
“Hey.” You said, your voice, as always, grounding him and bringing him back to the present. “I’m done.” He looked at the wound, now freshly cleaned and bandaged up. 
“It’s nothing.” You got back to your feet and shifted your stance. “I was making breakfast.”
He looked at the sun high in the sky through your window and arched an eyebrow but smiled at your comment nonetheless. “It’s past noon.”
“It’s still breakfast if it’s the first meal of the day isn’t it?”
“Can’t argue against that logic.” He said playfully while shrugging his shoulders.
As you left for the kitchen, Jason got into his own thoughts once again. He couldn’t help but think that this… This strange kind of intimacy, domesticity and familiarity that he was feeling with you right now, he might have had it much sooner if he hadn’t died. 
If things had been different, if he wasn’t who he was right now. He mourned the lost time and what would happen after he left your apartment that morning. Because even if he mustered up the courage to tell you, he was sure that you wouldn't want to have anything to do with him. He would only be a burden. 
I’m sorry. 
“Did you say something?” In his trance, Jason hadn’t even realized that you had come back with two plates of food.
“No, I didn’t.” He answered as you placed the plates on the table.
I’m sorry.
This time you were sure that someone had talked. The thing was that you didn’t see him move his lips at all, but the voice that you had heard… It was his. And the way that he said so, with sadness and regretting something… You had heard that exact same phrase once before. The night in which you had lost your soulmate.
He had said that to you before dying. And by what Leslie had said, this man that was in front of you, his name was Jason. The realization of what might be happening made you sit on the empty space of the couch next to him.
“Y/N, are you okay?” The way that he said your name. Your breathing started to quicken, you didn’t want to believe that he might be alive and here with you. You couldn’t bear the idea of losing him again but hope was installing itself quickly in your chest.
“What’s wrong?” He said with concern, a hand placing on your shoulder.
You turned to him with tears about to appear in your eyes and as your gazes met you knew that it was him. That was the feeling that had been chasing you since you found him in that alley, the idea that you wanted this man to continue being in your life.
“Jason?” Your shaky voice startling him. And that’s all that it took for him to realize that you knew and to break down. He couldn’t keep the facade up, the moment of bliss that he was having with you near, broken like glass.
“I’m sorry.” He said, this time outloud. His head down in shame. You grabbed his hands in yours, their warmth making him feel real and alive to you.
“How? You disappeared, I lost you. You… You died.” 
“It’s a long story.”
“I’ve got plenty of time.” You said, one hand came up to his cheek to make him look at you, tears in both of your eyes. Jason gave in and leaned into your touch. But against every instinct that screamed at him to stay here with you, he moved your hands away from him.
“No. I can’t stay.” Your confused and broken expression made him feel like dying again but if that was the price for saving you from wasting time with him, he would.
But your hands gripped his again and tighter this time.
“No. You are not leaving me again. I just found you. Jason, I-” You took a deep breath. “I love you.” He could only answer that with the truth.
“I love you too but-”
“Then, what’s the problem?” You inquired.
“I’m not the same person as before.”
“Me neither.”
“Y/N, listen. You’ve seen it. I’m Red Hood. I’ve done terrible things.”
“You’re keeping this city safe. You’re saving people. You’re still my Jason. Whatever you are trying, you’re not getting rid of me. You know I don’t give up easily.” A sad smile grazed his lips.
“I know.”
“Then please, tell me what happened.” You pleaded. He sighed. Since he woke up that morning and knew it was you, he had known so. That he would do anything that you asked of him.
“Okay.” He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts and you waited patiently, you could only imagine how hard this was going to be for him. “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to tell you everything right now.”
“Don’t worry. Do what you can.” You said, giving his hands a squeeze in support. He nodded and began. He didn’t go into too much detail, he wasn’t ready for that just yet, but gave an overall idea of what his life had been. How he became Robin, what led him to get killed, his resurrection, return to Gotham and fixing more or less things with his family. 
The conversation wasn’t easy for either of you but when he finished you hugged him, careful of not hurting him.
“I’m so sorry you had to go through that alone. I wish that I could have been there.”
“You were.” He had also told you about how he could still hear you but not reach you. “Not even death can separate me from my girl.” He smoothly said while hugging you back.
Both of you had shed some tears, of sadness and regret but also of relief and happiness. When you both separated from your hug, your faces stayed inches apart.
“Are you going to leave me now?” You whispered looking at his lips and then back at his eyes.
“No. Unless you ask me to.” His eyes also moving to your lips and when he met your eyes again, you could see a question in his mesmerizing green-blue ones.
“I want you here. With me.” You replied and if you hadn’t been so close to each other he wouldn’t have been able to hear you. Your noses were touching now.
Kiss me.
And having heard in his head your response to the question that his eyes had been asking, he moved a hand to your cheek to bring you closer to him and finally closed the space between you. 
His lips moved against your soft ones slowly, wanting to savour the moment. It was just both of you now, everything else fading into oblivion, the time apart and the pain. Wanting to hold onto each other for as long as possible.
There were still a lot of things to talk about and issues to deal with but what only mattered in that moment was that your two broken hearts were finally slowly mending each other.
When the kiss ended, he chased your lips once more to give you another quick kiss, already addicted to the taste of you and you giggled. 
“I think I owe you a milkshake.” He said when the thought of that promise suddenly crossed his mind.
And you smiled holding his forehead to yours.
Please let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!
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basilly · 7 months ago
marriage? || p!bench trio x reader
Tumblr media
request: Ok ok this might be confusing, but what if reader was with ranboo and tubbo in their platonic marriage (not officially but still there) and they’re always ignored and left out so they starts spending more time with Tommy and like they decide to get married but platonically and it just ends in Tommy fluff
note: also let me preface, i know the tommy hating ranboo is a bit but uhh let me make this kinda angsty okay :D
pretend that this is for character/lore stuff
pronouns: they/them
warnings: uhmm none | angst to fluff ish
edited by: @sleepysoupi 
Tumblr media
it had been the three of you since day one, the iconic platonic marriage trio. always together, interacting on streams, platonically flirting on twitter, and never once letting the smile slip from your faces. there wasn’t a soul on the smp that didn’t know about your little trio.
or so you thought.
day by day, you felt the two of them slip away. they shifted, ever so slightly. their relationship became different. stronger, deeper, more connected. without you.
they had adopted a son. they hired someone to build their mansion. they called daily, and for hours on end.
of course they had invited you, you were one of their partners in the platonic marriage. nonetheless, it felt so wrong. so out of place.
you started to slip away from the two, just being around them made your stomach feel sick. 
it wasn’t as if they noticed anyway, no one did.
unbeknownst to you, tommy watched it all happen from a distance. he empathized, he knew. he understoof the pain you were going through, he too watched his own best friend slip away to ranboo.
he didn’t want you to go down your own sad path, so he decided to reach out.
tommyinnit: y/n vc 2
*y/n joins the call*
“hey tommy! what’s up?” “y/n lets hang out” “okayy- what do you want to do” “i was thinking- and you know what? we need another tower! made out of cobblestone!” “we have like four of those-” “but i want ANOTHER”
as the days went on, tommy slowly started talking to you more, eventually to the point you joined each other’s streams without having to ask.
“and so- oh hey y/n!” “hey tommy!”
you would be lying if you said tommy didn’t cheer you up. he brought you lots of laughs, distracting you from your troubling thoughts. he made you feel welcome, like you weren’t intruding. 
ranboo and tubbo had noticed your interactions as well. they weren’t blind, but they wanted to have whatever made you happy. they tried to reach you, but they were too scared to break your fun. so they watched from a distance, smiling with regret dripping from their teeth. they felt guilty- had they made you feel awful enough to make you leave?
whilst laughing along with tommy and his antics, he suggests something.
“y/n- maybe we should get platonically married”
pausing slightly, you thought of ranboo and tubbo.
they wouldn’t mind, right? i haven’t even talked to them in a while..
“we should- you’re now my platonic husband” “LET’S GO- platonic marriage pog”
the two of you enjoyed messing around and hanging out on the smp, avoiding badboyhalo and sam so you wouldn’t get caught.
“y/n let’s go over here and- oh..”
in your line of vision, came the very two bee and boo themselves. 
ranboo: “oh hey y/n! hello tommy!” y/n: “hi guys..” tubbo: “so what have you been up to?” tommy: “oh you know, making towers, uhm getting platonically married-” tubbo: “you got what?” y/n: “tommy-”
ranboo and tubbo turned to one another, knowing they had to say something and avoiding the conversation that the three of you were too scared to address.
ranboo: “y/n, we’re sorry.” tubbo: “yea- we didn’t mean to make you upset, we saw you happier with tommy and we didn’t want to say anything.” ranboo: “we miss you. a lot” tubbo: “we didn’t realize how much we left you out till you stopped hanging out with us- we wanted to make you this really cool room in the mansion, and it's not done but... it's there for you when you want to come visit.”
the apology was very sweet, and although it was a bit shocking, you couldn’t help but feel happiness bubble in your throat. you couldn’t be too mad at them, after all they were your best friends. they had also realized their mistake, rather than asking you what they did wrong and playing the victim card. 
y/n: “awh, thanks guys, i’ll accept the apology, i missed you guys as well- why don’t we all get married!” tommy: “what?? no- the fuck i’m not getting married to ranboo” tubbo: “why nottt :(”
you couldn’t help but giggle, loving the four of you together without awkwardness as an invisible partner that hung out alongside you.
Tumblr media
an: sorry this wasn’t as much tommy fluff, i felt like bench trio as a whole was a little better
taglist: @fluff-goblin @bozowrites @peachynightz-main @kai-was-here @xoxothornbudoxox @b3l0v3ds @truthfulsyncerity @forutheworld @losingvienna @luluwinchester​ @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc​ @dreamiewrites​ @a-simp-for-block-people​ @dysfunctionalcrab​ @ella-ivanov​ @akasuki​ @bioluminescentfrog​ @brainsanalysis​ @momo-has-a-gun​ @korylyzed​ @etherealexsistence​ @sleepysoupi​ @notgeoreg​ @ialexabsuniverse​ @disastrousdream​ @inniterhq​ @bugthegremlin​ @spoonz​ @god1ngs​ @sabinanotfound​ @stuffforreferences​ @crybabyjabby​ @twitchchatvroom​ @mack4676​ @esylwen​ @notphilosopherstudentblog​ @dirty-candie @ohhonk @oh-mcyt
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imaginativeamateur · 4 months ago
|Headcanons| Meeting Your Parents for the First Time {Part 1}
Note: I’m still working on requests from the event but I thought this would bring a new vibe in between the requests. So hope you’ll enjoy!
Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, Neji
Tumblr media
Kakashi Hatake
It was three in the afternoon and Kakashi still had two more hours to prepare for his first official meeting with your parents
but the man was already at your parents’ door with a bouquet of flowers
he was wiping his palms on his pants, pacing back and forth as he didn’t know what to do
you happened to go outside to make a quick dash to the supermarket for some last-minute ingredients and you spotted the silver-haired Ninja
otherwise, you weren’t sure if he would stand like that for the next two hours
he was quite surprised to see you there and couldn’t be happier to accompany you on your trip
he carried the bags back for you and you offered him to come inside even though there was still an hour and a half left 
Kakashi told you that it was okay, he had to meet up with Gai and would return later but you knew it was just another bad excuse so you pulled him in anyway
your parents were quite curious to see him arriving so early
but he quickly assuaged the awkwardness the moment he rolled up his sleeves and stepped into the kitchen
he ended up making the whole feast, earning approving nods from both of your parents
Kakashi’s cooking skills were no joke and he held all the spotlight
your mother was completely stunned by the food, the flowers, and his gentle manner
your father was calmer even though he had to lift his glasses back up to the bride of his nose a few times when your boyfriend skillfully chopped the vegetables, mouth agape at the sight
they would ask him tons of questions but he remained very collected, answering them without hesitation
before leaving, your father patted him on the shoulder, and relief crept across Kakashi’s face
he lost both his parents at a very early age, meeting yours brought a new but familiar warmth to his heart, especially when they welcomed him with a cordial disposition
the moment he left your house, the man literally floated to the ground like a deflated balloon and you chuckled, giving him one last hug before he took off in the night.
Tumblr media
Naruto Uzumaki
He brought everything he could think up on the big day
Naruto even went to ask Tsunade for references but she didn’t really help since the Sannin went very off-topic after several sentences
Kakashi joked about how serious the Uzumaki was but he, in return, didn’t spare an extra minute to bicker with his former sensei
so he decided to go with some sweets, tea, and flowers
couldn’t miss two ramen cups because you said he shouldn’t be that stressed out, he chose the best flavor in the store, quite disheartened when he was unable to bring Ichiraku’s actual ramen to your house
Naruto showed up and immediately bonded with your parents, thanks to his bright personality
they took him into the house and pressed him into a chair at the dining table
during the meal, all of you had a very energizing conversation until your mom brought an utterly specific question up
“when do you two plan to get married?”
Naruto choked on the rice as he looked up, it was his first time meeting your parents
he eyed you, waiting for your answer, but you decided to stay silent, wanting to hear what he had to say
eventually, he told your parents and you that he couldn’t be more serious with your relationship and would be ready anytime you were with a stuttering voice
but he recognized that you being married to him would put you in a dangerous spot because he was an infamous Ninja with many enemies out there
your parents smiled at his thoughtfulness and glanced at each other
then your father spoke with a stern voice, causing both of you to flinch
“I shall trust you with my child. If anything happens, you’re dead meat. Are you clear?”
he beamed his biggest grin and bowed his head repeatedly at their silent approval, thanking your parents
the night ended with waves of laughter and warmth.
Tumblr media
Sasuke Uchiha
Your parents knew Sasuke came from a prestigious background
and yours was humble so they quite reluctant with the idea of you dating the young Shinobi
but when he showed up at the door with flowers for your mother and a tea collection for your father, your parents quickly ushered him to come inside
they almost forgot you outside the house
it was the first time you saw Sasuke wearing a dress shirt, his shoes were also very shiny and well-polished
during the meal, your parents accidentally asked him about his family, they knew about it when you told them months ago but it happened to just slip out
which the raven-haired would immediately scowl when others did so
but he instead, remained very calm and returned your apologetic look with an assuring smile
he slowly explained what happened and your parents gave him understanding nods
they were now admiring his determination and inner person
after two hours and Sasuke was liked by your parents more than you
they even asked him why he had his eyes on you and not somebody else
which your boyfriend happily said that you made him feel loved and accepted, making him a better version of himself every day
his words raised your sulking self-esteem and your parents were very pleased with the man’s answer
Sasuke offered to wash the dishes and wipe the table afterward, but your mother quickly denied, saying that he would have plenty of opportunities to do so when you two get married
and he blushed, awkwardly returning to his seat
before leaving, Sasuke formally bowed and thanked your parents for their time
when he shook your father’s hand, you could see his fingers trembling slightly, that would be a great thing to tease him tomorrow.
Tumblr media
Neji Hyuuga
The man left an exceptional first impression on your parents
he paid great attention to honorifics and was very respectful toward them
and the most surprising thing was that Neji bonded with your father pretty quick
because he laughed at your father’s dad jokes
your mother liked the man because he was collected and mature
she was sure that he could endure your extreme mood swings
the first question your parents asked Neji was about his Byakugan
your father asked if the young Shinobi could see his blood clots with those eyes
you were speechless but your boyfriend quickly explained how the bloodline limit worked with a smile on his lips
they continued to inquire and he answered, not failing to maintain the absolute honorifics consistency
it was your first time seeing Neji talk for such a long period
one hour of dinner turned into hours of enthusiastic discussions and the dark-haired got the spotlight
you were relieved to see him getting along so well with your parents even though none of the topics discussed was about your relationship
when he left your house and you were standing with him on the street before he took off, Neji told you that he had a great time and that it was his honor to meet such great parents
you went inside after he left and couldn’t help but ask your parents why they didn’t mention anything about your relationship
your mother just smiled and told your that the moment they saw Neji walked in with an on-point bow, the love in his eyes whenever he was looking at you, when he picked your favorite food up and gently placed it in your bowl, they couldn’t be surer that you found the perfect man in your life.
Taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu​ @thenightfallingstar​ @iam-gaaras-loveintrest​ @animepickle7​
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your-imxgination · 7 months ago
Just another day (dsmp spoilers ahead!)
Tumblr media
gorgeous art NOT mine, it’s by @ Sennhah on Twitter, find the link to the original art here! :)
c!Alivebur x gn!reader
[swearing, major dsmp spoilers, angst, unedited]
Summary: You and Wilbur had your up and downs, falling in love, fighting for independence. When he died you felt every part of you break, but your friends were helping you pick up the pieces. Suddenly, Tommy demands you meet him and when you do you’re greeted by a hauntingly familiar face...
It was funny- how the most earth shattering days began to be so normal.
You'd had two so far.
One: you were fooling around with Tommy and Wilbur as Wilbur was new to the DreamSMP and wanted a grand tour. His laughter warmed your cheeks and Tommy wouldn't stop teasing either of you either calling you a 'simp' or Wilbur a 'bitch'. The same day ended with Wilbur starting a drug cartel and confessing his love for you under millions of stars. Plus your first kiss. That was a good day, it brought a smile to your face every time you dared to think about it.
Two: you were trying on summery dresses for the festival, knowing Wilbur would be attending. It thrilled you how it would be one of the first times you saw your boyfriend since his exile- you certainly missed him and wanted him to be able to spot you in the thick crowd. However, the sunset came and Wilbur had indeed spotted you- a fire behind his eyes. You initially thought that fire was for you, for L'Manburg- how wrong you were. Instead of meeting your lover in some dark corner of the city, you were pushing past Niki and Fundy to see him stood where L’Manburg once was. Now your home was blown to smithereens, ‘an unfinished symphony forever unfinished’. And to top it all off, Wilbur stood there with some crazed smile, laughing his head off and demanding that Phil kill him for what he had done. You tried to scream at him to stop it, to yell for someone to get Phil away from him, but by then it was too late.
Now, you had Tubbo and his new husband to keep you company. After everything Tommy had been through he started to visit you more as well. The four of you often found yourselves wandering to L’Manburg’s ruins without realising and by the time you did it was too late to stop stray tears falling.
But time had helped, your scars healing from Wilbur’s death. His eyes, those burning eyes, would still visit you in your nightmares, no matter how hard you tried to forget them.
Another, unexpected, friend had also shown up recently. People called him Ghostbur. Wilbur’s ghost, a form of him but pale and softer. He reminded you so much of the old Wilbur that you couldn’t help but shut him out- a painful reminder of the love you lost.
Gradually, though, you started to warm up again, pick up the pieces of your broken heart. And Ghostbur became a friend- a wholesome companion. Nowadays you two would often go picking blue flowers together, dropping them on peoples doorsteps when you thought they were in need. Sometimes it was hard to differentiate the two men, the one had last seen and the ghost of him you were seeing now, but you didn’t let it get in the way of your blossoming friendship. 
Just now, you were holding a beautiful new loaf of braided bread Niki was selling that was decorated with edible blue flowers. Of course the ghost didn’t really eat much, but you thought maybe you could enjoy it while he just enjoys the sight of it. You couldn’t help the smile at thought of the excited giggle Ghostbur would let out when you showed him- he loved blue. Recently he had been acting a little strange, so maybe this would set him right again. Calm his nerves.
"Wil-er-Ghostbur!?" You called out, wandering down the path to where you usually saw him with Friend. "I've brought something!"
Instead of a response from your favourite ghost, a notification buzzed in your pocket. Pulling out your phone, it was Tommy. An all caps text read, 'COME TO L'MANBURG' Another came soon after, 'WHERE HE DIED'
You knew who Tommy meant by 'he', and it made you shiver. You did visit his place of death at the start- when the wound was fresh- and left flowers, his favourite bright red flowers. But over time you began to hate the man you loved, hate the man he became before his death. All the times he would taunt you in the later years, all the times he would push you inside. You hated Wilbur Soot. So, you didn't know why Tommy- a boy who hated him a lot more than you- would ask you to go to the place of his death.
When you did get there, the loaf of bread slipped from your hand and fell to the glass ground with a thud. A hauntingly familiar face turned to meet yours and all you could see was those dark, dark eyes. Eyes filled with life and blood and fire.
A gasp fell from your mouth, wide open in horror.
"Wilbur?" You whispered. Tommy was staring at you, trying to see whether you'd run to him crying or scream at the man. "Tommy what did you do?" He had no answer to give you. "What the fuck did you?"
"Thought you'd be a little happier to see me..." Wilbur grumbled, meandering towards you with his hands stuffed in his pockets.
"Excuse me?" He stopped in his tracks, a smirk stretching across his face.
"I said no."
"What the fuck does that mean?"
"We are not doing this, acting like you can just come back. Where's Ghostbur? Bring him back."
"He's gone, love. Let's go home." Wilbur chuckled, trying to wrap an arm around your shoulder. You ducked away quickly, restraining yourself from slapping him.
"Home? Home!?" You exhaled a laugh, tears spilling down your cheeks. "Your home is in hell. Your home is back wherever Ghostbur is- far away from me." Your voice cracked and Wilbur's face fell. You noted the white section of hair that fell over his eyes. His aged eyes.
"It's been a long time, love, but it can't be too late. You still love me. A part of you wants to kiss me again. I know it. You certainly loved Ghostbur."
"You have no power over me anymore." You sniffed, wiping away the tears with your sleeve.
"Are you sure about that?" He retaliated instantly, knocking you back slightly with the strength he said those words.
"Stop it, that's not fair. Fucking go." You managed, trying to keep your voice as calm as possible. Wilbur stared at you and started to chuckle, laugh even, a maniacal laugh. He soaked up the sunrise in a suspended silence before turning back to you and Tommy.
"Oh I will go, but I'll be back. I've got great things coming. Great things."
"Is that a threat or a promise?" You spat.
"Both, darling."
And he left.
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earthchica · 16 days ago
Right My Wrongs / Part One
(Modern!AU) Steve Rogers x Reader OFC (Amelia Morales)
Summary: in which Steve ends his amazing three-year relationship with his girlfriend, Amelia before she could tell him some great news. Six years later they see each other again and he feels regret when he finds out they have a daughter together.
Warning: Angst, Heartbreak, Mentions of Pregnancy, Second Chances, Time Jump, Cursing, Slight Awkwardness, Jealous Ex Steve.
Word Count: 1.8K
Note: Not my best summary, some grammar errors but if you enjoyed this first part, like and reblog 💗
Tumblr media
Steve and I were happily together for three years until one day he decided that...
I wasn't good enough for him anymore and went back to his ex-girlfriend, Peggy.
I was heartbroken and pregnant but he didn't know that because he didn't deserve to know, not after the way he treated me.
And besides, if I did tell him I don't think I could take any more heartache if he didn't want the baby.
The only people I've told were my mom, my cousin Sam and my two best friends Wanda, and Natasha.
Also, I told them that I was moving to the Hamptons to live with my mom which was two & three hours away.
So I wasn't gonna be that far, though they were still sad to see me leave but respected my decision.
It was really hard to leave behind the friends that cared about me so much but I couldn't risk losing the baby.
I've always wanted to be a mom and have a family with...well even though that's out of that window.
I still wanted this.
So when I moved successfully, my mom took good care of me and helped me through my pregnancy, and my heartbreak.
"I can't wait to meet my little sweet grandbaby," She cuts me out of my thoughts with a smile.
I was about to say something but a soft whine left my mouth as I put my hand on my belly.
"Sweetie, are you alright?" My mom asked softly, putting her hand on my shoulder before her eyes went wide.
"Your water jus-"
"Broke, yes" I finished, feeling my body shift as another shot of pain ran through my body, making me groan out in pain.
"Okay honey, you need to breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth." My mom ordered.
"Okay," I said with a nod and began to do the breathing exercises I did in the pregnancy parenting classes.
"I'm gonna go and get the car ready and warm, just keep breathing in and out," She says.
I kept doing breathing exercises while she got things ready, and before I knew it.
We were at a hospital, and I was getting situated in the delivery room. After 12 hours of contractions and about 2-3 pushes of painful labor.
Madelyn Rose Morales was born.
She was the most beautiful thing in the world, and I couldn't be happier to see her adorable face.
I cried my eyes out when the nurse put her in my arms, that had to be the best moment in my life.
Madelyn became my remedy, my light, she was the one thing that was keeping me going every day.
It's been about six years now and I, of course, kept in touch with my friends and let them once and while on birthdays and holidays.
Though a lot has happened and a lot is about to change, I got a new job and a new man and somehow...
Those two things happened to be in the city which was one of the changes. It was a big decision but it was worth it.
Daniel was worth it, he's sweet, selfless, and treats me like a queen which I love him for.
Maddie didn't think much of him, I thought she would warm up to him by now but I guess not.
I get so frustrated at times with her because she acts just like him, her father. Maddie doesn't know much about him.
She would always ask me and I would always change the subject or tell her I don't want to talk about it.
I felt bad about not giving her details about him, and I know I should, I guess I was being selfish which isn't right.
It's been a week living in the big city again, and I was showing Maddie some of the places I used to work and hang out at.
My phone dinged when we got back to the new townhouse and it was a text from Wanda. 
It was about if I was still coming to her and Vision's engagement dinner tomorrow.
I was a little hesitant to go because I haven't seen everyone since last Christmas, and also I didn't want to bump into him.
I know I shouldn't be afraid because it's been six years and I don't know how he is now. Wanda assured me that he wasn't gonna be there.
"We're here!" Maddie squealed with excitement. Once the car had stopped, she jumped out of the car fast.
"Maddie??" I called her name but she was gone. My nerves were getting the very best of me and I didn't know why.
I felt like I couldn't breathe, I reached over and took hold of Daniel's hand for comfort but he rejected my hand.
"Babe, not now I gotta finish this. I'll be there in a second" He says, not even looking at me.
I took another deep breath, got out of the car, and went to greet Wanda and Vision at the front door.
"Minnie!" Wanda says with a huge smile on her face. She rushes to me and pulls me into a tight hug.
"Hi, Wanda," I said softly, hugging her back tightly. I pulled away and right behind her was Vision.
"Hello, Amelia. it's so great to see you," Vision says, pulling me into a much tighter hug.
"It's so great to see you too, Vis. I missed y'all... so much" I said with a genuine smile on my face.
"We've missed you too, especially this little one," Wanda says, hugging Maddie who was by her side.
My friends' eyes moved from me to something coming from behind me, I turned around to see Daniel walking beside me.
"Oh and this must be David," Wanda whispers to her fiance while looking him up and down.
"It's Daniel, love," Vision says with a slight chuckle.
"Um, y'all this is Daniel my boyfriend, and Daniel this is Wanda and Vision my two close friends.
Wanda and Vision nicely greet Daniel as he did the same. After that Wanda motions us to come inside.
Daniel took hold of my hand as we walked inside the house. Everyone was so happy to see me and Maddie.
I introduced all my friends to Daniel who warmed up to him pretty quickly. The only person I hadn't introduced him to yet was Sam and Nat.
Wanda said they were running a little late because they were picking someone from somewhere.
She didn't give me any detail on who it was.
"Wanda, is Sam and Nat still coming?" I asked, walking into the kitchen.
"Yeah, they're ten minutes away." She answers, pouring herself a glass of lemonade.
"Oh okay, um you never told me who they were picking up. Is it Thor?" I asked curiously.
"Um, no..well..shit. I-I should've told you this before you got here but It was last minute and Sam invited-" She began rambling.
"Wanda, who is it?" I asked with a frown before she could answer. 
I heard the voice of my cousin coming into the house, I walked out of the kitchen into the living room. 
"What's up, everyone!!!" He yelled energetically, greeting everyone with Natasha right behind him.
Her eyes connected with mine and she rushed over to me to pull into a hug which made me smile.
"Hey, Nat! Long Time no see huh?" I asked with a smile.
"Uh, yes Minnie. It's so great to see you. I honestly didn't think you would come," Natasha said, which made me frown.
"Oh my god, Maddie you've gotta be so tall," Natasha says, looks over, and sees Maddie coming up by my side.
"Why wouldn't I come?" I asked curiously. She gave me a look and before she could answer.
Sam walks over and greets me with a hug before pulling away and asking. "How are you, Minnie?"
I was about to answer him until I heard a familiar voice coming into the house that I never thought I would hear again.
My heart stopped as I watched him coming into the house, greeting Tony and Pepper first before his eyes met mine.
Steve stopped in his tracks, not believing what he was seeing in front of him. It felt like a dream but it wasn't this time.
He had wished for this moment a thousand times and it was happening. A year after the breakup Steve realizes he had made the biggest mistake of his life.
Though when he found out she was gone, he tried to get Sam to tell him where she went but it was no use.
He stood by her wishes and he couldn't be mad at him because he brought this onto himself.
He was heartbroken and spent years haunted by her, by his regrets. He only hoped fate would bring them back together so he could make things right.
Sam placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me an apologetic look before walking away.
He knew what happened between me and Steve, why the fuck would he bring him here unless.
I looked over at Wanda who also had an apologetic look on her face. I was betrayed by my friends and family.
“Amelia?” He said my name so softly that I couldn't look at him but I knew he was looking at me intensely. 
"Man, this is awkward" Tony whispers to Pepper who hits him gently on the shoulder to be quiet.
I was about to go back to the kitchen but Daniel asked, "Babe, aren't you gonna introduce me and Maddie?" 
"Yeah, baby. Um, Natasha, Sam and....S-Steve...This is my boyfriend, Daniel and some of you already know my daughter" I said clearing my throat.
“Hi, I’m Madelyn but you can Maddie,” She says, reaching her hand towards Steve who looked like he was staring in the mirror.
“Uh, hi Maddie. I’m Steve, Steve Rogers” He says in a nervous tone while taking hold of her little hand which made her smile. 
"It's very nice to meet you, Daniel. Minnie has told us a lot of great things about you" Natasha says with a kind smile and Daniel nods.
"Likewise," Daniel says, going to shake Sam’s hand then Steve but he was looking at Maddie.
"Steve" Sam called his name and he looked over at him then at Daniel. He rolled his eyes and shook it.
Steve was about to ask something but Vision cut him off by announcing dinner was ready and it was time to eat. 
Thank goodness! 
Everyone went into the huge dining room, I was about to go as well with Daniel and Maddie but someone pulled me away.
"I think we need to talk!" Steve says. Oh god, this was gonna be a long-ass night.
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sukirichi · 8 months ago
— falling out of love with gojo satoru
warnings: angst, mentions of sexual content, cursing
masterlist !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you fell in love with gojo satoru, your heart exploded like a firework.
you still remember that moment very vividly at the back of your head. it was new year’s, and you two were drunk on both liquor and the feeling of having the other by your side. it was a tough year – as the norm was for jujutsu sorcerers – but you both made it out alive.
alive couldn’t even begin to describe how you felt that day.
satoru has always been the person who stuck by your side through thick and thin like how you were the one who always went against the higher-ups when they tried to limit his capabilities. you should’ve known then, that the higher ups were just the beginning. that when once you thought their oppression for satoru’s plans were nothing but microscopical compared to the barrier his family had placed between the both of you.
they didn’t like you.
he was a gojo, the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, while you were...well, you.
you weren’t really anyone special or better than anyone. your technique was decent and had a lot more drawbacks than advantages that you had to improve your physical abilities instead to not be deemed a total useless tool.
satoru never saw you that way. to him, he admired you almost as equally as he cherished his best friend, suguru, so much so that the three of you become the best of friends in the blink of an eye. the more time you spent together, whether alone or with others, it felt like your world just hyper focused or snapped into tunnel vision, zeroing on no one else but the white-haired man whose smile was brighter than any other in the sky.
when he told you he loved you, you couldn’t distinguish which ones were the exploding new year fireworks or the drumming of your heart. you stared up at him then, lips falling open as you released a tiny breath of air, and satoru laughed. he actually laughed.
you wanted to tease him, to punch him even though you couldn’t really ever touch him just to get over the fact he had you losing your composure with eyes glossing over. “well,” he taunted then, one shoulder lifting up lazily. “aren’t you gonna say anything? if you feel the same way, now’s the best time to tell me. we can end the year as friends and start another one as-”
satoru never got to finish his sentence. you had jumped into his arms faster than the speed of light, hands yanking down his yukata to pull him towards you, your lips slamming on his almost greedily.
he didn’t mind. he never did.
for once, it felt as if his infinity never existed. you had both spent the night tangled under the sheets, your name rasped from his lips like a prayer. the way you kneeled for him just moments later with your eyes fervently closed made him feel like he’s the one being worshipped instead, and in a way, it was. you loved him – way too much that you no longer cared how much it would hurt the day after when he never gave you a break and kept you pulled closer to him.
you loved him – way too much that you no longer cared how much it would hurt if ever the time came that you no longer felt the same.
contrary to how you fell for him, you fell out of love with your best friend quietly. your shared apartment would still be filled with his annoying mannerism of dragging his feet over the floor as he walked, always groaning and complaining that he was hungry but never really bothered to cook anything for himself.
it felt a lot like living with a child where you were his mother, but in that sense, satoru hated it whenever you worried for him.
“you’re not my mother, stop telling me what to do!”
“stop being so arrogant, satoru!” you pointed to the barely conscious child in his arms, the first year student still barely breathing because satoru had gone out of his way again and brought yuuji while he fought a special grade curse. “you may be strong, but not everyone around you is capable of handling what you can! stop dragging people into your mess and start using your goddamn brain for once!”
“you don’t know anything, so shut the hell up.”
you scoffed, hands placed on your hip while you blinked back the angry tears that threatened to fell. you worried for yuuji, you really did, but in reality, you just couldn’t handle seeing gojo pushing himself to his limits and coming back home more wounded than the night before.
“i’m just worried for you, satoru. i don’t want you getting hurt.”
“i’m the strongest,” was all he said – was what he always kept saying. “i’m not going to get hurt.”
“you may not,” you reply stiffly, “but what about me? don’t you think about me? don’t you think about how much it hurts me to see you this way?”
you told yourself you hated him. you hated how arrogant he got. it was good he was confident of his abilities and prided himself of such an honourable title, but satoru was human. he was bound to fall at some point.
eventually, you got too tired.
it was too tiring to keep waiting for him to come home unscathed. you were assigned different missions all the time. satoru would always be working overseas while you mostly helped train the kids and exorcised curses from time to time; no missions that were as dangerous as his.
in the dead of the night, when you were turned away from him in your bed that had already gotten so cold from his usual absence, satoru would slip beside you as silently as he could. the morning afterwards would always be the same: good morning, did you sleep well? he knew the answer. he knew you never slept well without him, but he’d ask just to be nice, and it wouldn’t take too long before you’re both late to work because he missed you too much from being away all the time that he wanted to feel you clamp around him one more time.
it was tiring. too tiring.
that heavy weight never left your shoulders. you cried yourself to sleep far too much that you’d lost count – until you reached a point you just felt nothing. the bed no longer felt cold – just empty. his side always remained untouched, his chair in the dining table barely used, and you’ve gotten so used of washing only your plate and utensils that you wondered if satoru had ever been there.
you wondered if it was a coping mechanism; that maybe you could just no longer handle the pain of having to worry about him every damn night and he’d never care enough to at least be a little more careful, and this was why you just stopped missing him, which was why you just started enjoying the silence in your apartment a little bit more than you should.
but if it was a coping mechanism...why did you feel a lot freer and happier in his absence? instead of it feeling like you were supposed to be distracted, you felt awakened. alive.
alive in the same way he told you he loved you while the skies painted different hues of red, blue, green, and yellow in the darkness that bore witness to your souls connecting that night – the same sky that was now patiently watching as your souls split in half and formed itself whole all over again.
contrary to how you fell for him, you fell out of love with your best friend quietly.
there was no longer someone singing made up songs in the shower. there would no longer be that sound of an annoying loud kiss down the bride of your neck or the smacking of his palm on your ass when he wanted to piss you off.
you fell out of love him so silently that when he crawled next to you that night, you didn’t even hear him. and for the first time in a long time, you slept well the moment he left before the sun stretched its wings across the horizon. when you were greeted by nothing but your own pair of slippers outside your bedroom and not even a post it note to tell you he’d already left for work, a smile tugged on your face.
you made your breakfast in peace. satoru no longer dared to come back home if he was injured because he knew you wouldn’t care enough to fix him up.
although of course you would, but nothing ever beats in your heart for him anymore when you dab the disinfectant across his cut lips. satoru would catch your wrist then to tug you to him slowly, empty eyes staring back at his sky blue ones.
“thank you. for patching me up.”
“you’re welcome,” you’d smile, climbing off his lap while closing the first aid-kit. “go get changed. i’ll cook something up for you.”
it was a silent, empty routine. satoru would thank you for fixing him up because he was never every sorry for worrying you. he’d keep being reckless again and again until he reached a point you no longer cared for him enough to say goodbye to him with a kiss and the slow, tender promise of be safe – i’ll wait for you to come home.
you still kiss him – more out of habit than anything – but you’ve changed.
i’ll see you tonight.
it was empty, silent, completely different from the fireworks he’d ignited within you when he told you he loved you. satoru wasn’t dumb, and he didn’t need his six eyes to see that you’ve grown too comfortable over the large space between you and him between the sofa, almost as if him being away was what felt home for you.
he was never a confrontational man; he hated each waking moment that lead to this, but he had to do it. he needed to do it – to set you both free.
when the commercials started playing, satoru lowered the volume down, voice low and serious as he turned to you. you easily picked up on the sudden tension in the room – the first thing you’ve felt ever since you’ve fallen out of love with him – yet nothing changed. when satoru sighed, your heart didn’t ache.
“well,” he chuckled nervously as he leant back to his side, “things have changed, don’t you think?”
“yes.” there was no point denying it. you knew it – he felt it.
“what do we do now?”
you had no answer to his question. despite the fact you no longer looked at him the same way, not once had it crossed your mind to leave your apartment. not because you wanted to hold on as much as possible to whatever memories you shared under this roof, but simply because you didn’t know where else to go.
it wasn’t like it made a difference anyway. satoru barely came home, and when he did, he made his presence as scarce as possible that you could no longer tell what difference it would make if he was here or not.
“i don’t know,” you admitted, knees hugged to your chest. “what do you want to do?”
his answer came in the form of opened doors. you leant against the doorframe, watching as nanami and even yuuji came to help satoru move his stuff out of the apartment. he found a better place somewhere in the upstate, somewhere much closer to bars and clubs – which you know he thoroughly enjoyed it prior to meeting you – and your mind immediately went back to the time you and satoru first moved in.
it proved to be a difficult task. you both wanted to move in and finish unpacking as soon as possible, but satoru was too eager to christen each part and corner of the house that you both ended up making more mess.
nights spent tucked into each other because the heater was broken and you were both too tired to sleep anywhere except the uncomfortable mattress played like a broken record in your mind. satoru’s laughter echoed when nanami complained that he should stop spending money on souvenirs so he could’ve hired professionals to help him move out instead, your head snapping up at the source of that carefree, sweet laugher that always had butterflies erupting in your stomach.
as if feeling your gaze on him, satoru’s eyes flitted to where you stood. when he smiled, you could tell each genuine apology rang behind it – all the words he never got to say staying like a broken glass that kept cutting him over and over again.
he loved you. he still loves you.
and maybe, tucked away in the deepest parts of your heart that no longer felt fond of him the same way it did before, still held a little compassion enough for this man you once wanted to spend your life with.
you weren’t unkind. you didn’t need to love someone to know when to forgive them, but just for this moment, just for him, you could pretend to for one last time.
smiling up at him with your eyes crinkled and the last bits of adoration for everything about him gleamed through your lashes just before it slipped away into nothingness. it was enough. it was enough for satoru to know he’d been forgiven, and it was enough for him to finally set you free.
the next time you saw him at school, there were no longer fireworks.
your heart was at peace.
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merakiaes · 22 days ago
Shoot Your Shot - Jason Kolchek
Tumblr media
(A/N: Started writing it, had a breakdown, bon apple teeth. This is a combination of three anonymous requests, one of which is one that I accidentally deleted which asked for the reader to be Eric's sister. This fic isn't 100% accurate to any of the requests, I took certain parts of each and combined them into one. I keep zoning out when I write for some reason and this was the first time I wrote anything in very many months so I'm a bit rusty. Might rewrite this at some point, but until then I would really appreciate to know what you think hahah. I need a confidence boost.)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jason Kolchek x reader
Requested: By anon, anon and anon.
Prompts: #56 from the fluff/humour-list.
Warnings/notes: Unprotected secks (wrap it before you tap it, kids). Very poorly written smut, kinda rushed and kinda shitty, probably very OOC. But would still appreciate to know your thoughts and opinions. I could really use some new motivation hahah. Not proofread so apologies in advance for any mistakes.
Wordcount: 12,182
Summary: Being Eric King's younger sister, you're without a doubt as fierce as they come, and Jason just can't seem to hold a conversation with you without stumbling over his words and fucking it up. It isn't until the two of you go through and survive the same hell that feelings are confessed and actions are taken.
Tumblr media
During the short time that you had been with your current team, you weren’t quite sure what the worst part was; Merwin’s horrible choice of music echoing through the vacant stone castle every wake second of the day, or having to turn a blind eye to your sister-in-law having a love affair behind your brother’s back.
But in a much more real sense, you knew exactly which part was worse.
Eric and Rachel’s relationship had been something you admired and envied more than anything back when they had first met. You had never seen your brother so happy and so much himself, and as you got to know her better, you eventually realized that he was not the only one to change for the better.
They were both very… turbulent people. That was the only word you could think of to best describe them. They had issues, both within themselves and in general, and they helped even those issues out by creating a mutual balance.
It was beautiful to you how two people could lift each other up like that, and no one had been happier than you were when the two of them told you that they were getting married, more in love than ever.
But then the accident happened. The accident that couldn’t really be blamed on anything or anyone but still, somehow, managed to bring everyone down with guilt, and drag everyone into one big game of “point the finger”.
Eric would never admit it out loud but at the start of his recovery, he blamed Rachel. Rachel blamed herself, as well, and Eric did everything that he could to comfort her and let her know that it wasn’t her fault, but he was just so angry, and that anger needed to be directed somewhere. So, after a while, he just… shut off, convinced himself that he was so angry at Rachel that he eventually couldn’t even look at her without getting mad, even though, in reality, the only one he was angry at was himself.
It drove the two of them apart and, eventually, Rachel couldn’t take it anymore and took off, leaving the responsibilities behind with the person who was second closest to him; you. You didn’t mind taking care of him. You wanted to help him in any way you could, just like he had helped you throughout your lives.
And on the inside, Eric appreciated your help, more than words could even begin to explain, just like he had Rachel’s. He just… couldn’t bring that gratitude out to the surface, no matter how hard he tried which, in the end, made him push you away, as well.
“You’re too much like Rachel and I can’t take it! I need to figure this out on my own without you, or Rachel, or anyone hovering over my shoulder at all times!” He had yelled at you one night during one of your many arguments, after which he had then proceeded to arrange for you relocation.
You guessed there was some kind of hidden consideration for your wellbeing in the fact that he arranged for you to go work alongside Rachel instead of just throwing you into a random warzone. At least that’s what you told yourself to prevent yourself from giving in to the anger he had caused you feel. It did the trick, so you wouldn’t change your mind.
But still, having seen the relationship you had once admired above all else fall apart like it was nothing, had caused you to see the world a lot clearer. Your brother had been the one to raise you in many aspects so seeing him and Rachel drift apart was like seeing your own parents get a divorce, and having to watch Rachel go behind your brother’s back only made the issue worse.
You would never condone cheating, ever, but at the same time, you had reached a point where you’d accepted that the relationship between your brother and sister-in-law would always be too complicated for you to understand. There was a lot that had gone on behind the scenes, things that you didn’t know, and so you pretended not to see it, leaving them to deal with it on their own, in their own time.
It might have been a morally questionable choice on your end, but you couldn’t be bothered to care. You had been stuck in the middle of their drama since day one following the accident and you didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. All of it made the mere taste of the word “love” rest bitterly on your tongue, which you guessed was why you denied yourself of your own emotions the way that you were currently doing on a daily basis.
Yeah, although mentally exhausting and emotionally traumatic, the aftermath of of your brother and sister-in-law’s broken marriage wasn’t the worst part about being with your current team, nor was it Merwin’s shitty music – shocking, yeah.
The worst part about being with your current team was a so-far unmentioned option, one that came in the shape of a man, a certain marine, who had, for some unexplainable reason, caught your eye and developed a fondness for you that was as clear as day to anyone with eyes, since you had first joined them in Iraq.
Like you said, he had caught your eye, so it wasn’t that you weren’t interested, because in your own, weird way, you were. But the version of him that you were attracted to, was the one you heard and saw interact with his friends and mutuals from afar.
The version he became when the two of you interacted directly was someone else entirely, and one of many permanent results of having had to deal with your brother’s marital issues, was that you didn’t care much for uncertainty, anymore. You wanted things to be frank and straight forward. No bullshit, no lollygagging, and it infuriated you to no end that you had yet to have a successful actual conversation with the Lieutenant, which you knew was probably scaring him off even more.
Camp Slayer was as noisy and disorganized just like it had been every day since you first arrived, with teams from different branches of the military still working on getting settled and making sure everything was in place.
As always, Merwin’s shitty music – the third worst thing about being where you currently found yourself - could be heard echoing through the entire premises from wherever he currently was and if you were to take a guess, Rachel was off somewhere playing tonsil hockey with her new favourite toy.
Meanwhile, you were on your way to the front of the palace, where you had just gotten word that your brother had arrived.
As you turned corner after corner, the music, much to your dismay, became louder, and it wasn’t long before the sound of faint voices joined in.
“I see you, old man. Keep busting out those reps.”
The voice of Jason Kolchek was the first your ears picked up on, not much to your surprise, but much to your annoyance. Your face fell into an involuntary scowl as your stomach uncomfortably churned, but luckily didn’t get any more time to dwell on your troubles before the people you had been looking for entered your line of sight.
Jason was still talking, but now that your eyes had found the form of your brother, you couldn’t focus on the words coming out of his mouth anymore. And as Jason turned his head at the sound of the approaching footsteps, only to find you heading in his direction, he lost the ability to focus, as well, his arm instantly coming up to scratch the back of his neck, as if the cocky playfulness he’d previously had when conversing with Merwin, hadn’t been there at all.
“Ma’am.” He instantly greeted you, clearing his throat and visibly making an effort to stand up straighter.
You blatantly ignored him, not daring to move your eyes as much as an inch away from your brother’s face.
Said brother stared back at you through the dark sunglasses resting on the bridge of his nose, the corners of his lips tugging up ever so slightly as he nodded his head – enough to show fondness, but not too much as to lose professionalism.
“(Y/N). You’re looking good.” He said.
Giving a curt nod in response, you clutched the rifle in your arms closer to your body out of habit. “Likewise, Colonel King.”
It didn’t take Merwin long to pick up on the tension hanging in the air – it rarely did seeing as tension just so happened to be his favourite thing to mess around with, especially if it wasn’t his own - and just like always, couldn’t stop himself from making an entrance into the ongoing conversation the second he picked up on the fact that there was something scratching from underneath the obvious surface.
“Oh, I see how it is.” The shit-eating grin that overtook his entire face reached all the way to his eyes. “Old lover of yours, sweetheart?” He directed the question to you, but his teasing eyes kept moving back and forth between you and your brother.
The mere sound of the suggestion was enough for your face to twist into an expression of pure disgust.
“Fuck no.”
Both of you replied in unison. You couldn’t see it through the dark fade of his glasses, but you could still feel the scolding glare your brother sent your way for your choice of words.
Turning his attention back to the front, Eric continued with a short but calm: “She’s my sister”, obviously being a bit – read, a lot – more capable of keeping his cool and hiding his disgust than you were.
“No shit.” Merwin laughed. “Well, this is just great, isn’t it, Lieutenant Kolchek? Should you tell the Colonel about his sister’s new boyfriend, or do I get the honours?”
Merwin got up behind you and brought his hands up to your face, squeezing your cheeks together lightly in an attempt to get you to make a kissy face.
“Boyfriend?” Eric’s eyebrows shot up so high that his forehead crinkled together, his head turning back and forth between the three of you with clear confusion, and interest.
Merwin’s attempt to deform your face failed when Jason’s hand quickly moved up to slap his arms away, causing them to fall back to his sides.
“Ignore Corporal Merwin. He lacks social skills.” He told your brother, giving the man of the hour a warning glare.
“I guess every unit has its resident jackass.” Eric was, thankfully, more than happy to drop it, as usual wanting nothing more than to get down to business. Unfortunately, however, you knew your brother well enough to know that he’d get back on the topic eventually, with the way his eyebrows remained raised in your direction for another short moment.
The smirk never left Merwin’s face as he stepped back and returned to the bench he had previously been seated on, but he did know better than to keep pushing it and, luckily, shut his trap.
Clearing your throat, you emptied your mind of the rushing thoughts and put on a professional face, turning to face Jason. “I’ll take Colonel King the rest of the way from here, Lieutenant. I have some things to go over with him before the briefing.”
Jason smiled that crooked half-smile that he always did and respectfully nodded his head. “Yes, ma’am. We’ll see you in there in just a minute.”
The three of you exchanged nods of departure and then sister and brother turned around and walked away, leaving Jason to stare after you left.
“Yes, ma’am.” Merwin imitated Jason in a much lighter-than-necessary voice, and the second you had turned the corner and disappeared from his sight, Jason turned to his fellow brother-in-war and lightly flicked his head.
“What the hell was that?” He asked, and despite just having been hit upside the head, all Merwin did was laugh.
“What’s the matter, lover boy? You don’t like it when I touch your girlfriend? You don’t do it so someone ought to, don’t you think?” He teased, which only made Jason’s annoyance grow.
“She ain’t my girlfriend and you well know it, Merwin.”
“Oh, don’t we all.” Merwin smirked, and Jason narrowed his eyes.
“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”
“Oh, please. We all watched you throw every last shred of dignity out the window the second she got here, following her around like a lost little puppy, about ready to get on your knees and eat from her palm if she asked you to.” Merwin cackled, seeming to find this the most entertaining thing in the entire world.
“She doesn’t like me like that, and making a fool out of me hardly helps my case, does it?” Jason raised an eyebrow.
“You do that more than well enough on your own, brother.” Merwin shot back. “You’re so pathetic it’s almost sad. I’ve fucked girls with more balls than you.” He laughed loudly again, but Jason didn’t find it as amusing.
“Thank you, thank you for that very pleasant image.” He sarcastically said, his lip turning up in disgust at the picture that was painted in his mind against his will at the sound of the words.
“I’m just saying, you need to stop fucking around and do something, or someone else will. Pretty little birdie like that never goes too long without being picked up, you know what I’m saying?”
“You know, I can’t remember where I invited you to comment on my love life.” Jason pointed out defensively, but he knew that his friend was right.
He did know what he was saying; in fact, he knew exactly what he was saying. But the fact remained that you didn’t like him the same way he liked you. There just wasn’t a chance in the world that a girl like you would settle for a guy like him, and so the best thing he could do was to leave you alone, much to the dismay of those around him, who had to watch him pathetically pine after you in silence.
The following day was the first time in a long time that they didn’t have to watch the painfully awkward stares their Lieutenant would send after you, but seeing as the reason for the absent second-hand embarrassment was quite… unfortunate, they unfortunately couldn’t bring themselves to count themselves lucky.
Because no matter how cringeworthy it was to watch Jason lose all sense of self just from one, mere look at you, it sure as hell beat being chased around an ancient temple by vampires.
None of you had been able to focus on anything personal since you’d been swallowed by the sinkholes, your sole objective being to get out of there with your lives intact and having to work as a team in order to pull that off, which was a lot easier said than done when you kept getting split up.
But you managed, miraculously, and were currently, slowly but surely, making your way back up to the top after having blown up the massive mountain of cocoons down below.
Once you had exited the lift, Rachel took the lead with Nick at her side and Jason and Salim close behind, while you and Eric lingered back a bit, walking slowly side by side.
“You’re not still mad at me for relocating you, are you?” His voice reached your ears, causing you to turn your head to look at him.
You raised an eyebrow.
“Is the sky blue?” You asked sarcastically, but when seeing the disappointed fall of his face, you dropped the attitude and heaved a sigh. “No, I’m not mad at you. Slightly annoyed, perhaps, but that’s just one of the many charms that come with siblinghood, isn’t it?”
You made your best attempt to smile through your exhaustion, and Eric matched it with a smile of his own. “I suppose that it is.” He agreed, chuckling.
Silence fell over the two of you again, but only for a short, short moment.
“So, about that alleged boyfriend of yours.”
A defeated groan instantly left your lips. “I knew you weren’t going to let that go.”
Eric laughed. “What? You can’t expect me not to ask. So, what about it?”
“I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s just some running joke the guys have to mess with Kolchek.” You insisted, rolling your eyes and hugging your rifle closer to your chest. “Getting a boyfriend is not as easy as they make it look in the movies.”
The bitter tone that your voice adapted brought your brother to chuckle. “How about you let a guy take you to one for a change, then?” He teased and raised an eyebrow. “Lieutenant Kolchek does seem kind of fond of you.”
You threw him a side-eyed glance and proceeded to ignore him.
“Oh, come on, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed.” He continued teasing, even though the fact that you hadn’t replied to his previous statement was all the answer that he needed.
Still, you shrugged your shoulders, muttering out a low: “I might,” as confirmation.
At that, Eric raised a prying eyebrow. “So?”
“So?” You mimicked him, keeping your eyes ahead of you.
“Why haven’t you given the guy a chance?” He asked, and once again you just shrugged.
“I can’t say I haven’t thought about it.” You admitted flatly. “But then I think about you and Rachel, and how the two of you ended up, and I don’t want that to happen to me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it, to be completely fucking honest. You guys are a fucking mess.”
“You’re not us, though, are you? You’ve always been better than both of us. Just because we didn’t get a happy ending doesn’t mean you shouldn’t chase yours.”
“And you think I’ll find that with Lieutenant Kolchek?” You turned your head slightly to the side, raising an eyebrow at him with the hint of an amused smile playing on your lips.
Your brother made a “meh” sound, shrugging his shoulders and tilting his head slightly to the side. “He’s a better option than most.” He admitted, and although you were still smiling, you shook your head.
“Yeah, that’s the problem.” You pointed out. “Knowing myself, I’ll probably end up breaking his heart, ruining him completely and scarring him for life.”
“Honestly?” Eric’s face rose in a suggestive, playful smirk. “He seems like he’d be into that.” He continued, and chuckled.
You couldn’t help but laugh along. “You’re probably not wrong.” You admitted, thinking back to the countless of times you had witnessed him stumbling over his words and feet whenever you’d enter the same room as him. You always pretended to not see it, both to spare him the embarrassment, but also to not have to admit to yourself that you maybe, possibly might have liked him, too.
“It’s not very often that I am.” Eric said, and you snorted in response.
“That is seriously debatable. But whatever helps you sleep at night.” You objected, and beside you, your brother’s mood took a more serious turn.
“I would sleep better at night knowing you’re happy, that you’ve got someone to look after you.” He said.
Another snort left your nose.
“I’m very well capable of doing that myself, thank you very much.”
“I know you are, but still. That guy seems about ready to take a bullet for you.” He shrugged, and snickered.
“Well, yeah.” You chuckled. “We’re marines, that’s kind of in the job description.”
“You know what I mean, (Y/N).” He mused, but you just shook your head.
“Look, if he wants something from me, he can come and take it. Until then, I’m going to pretend like this conversation never happened.” With those words hanging in the air, you reached out to pat your dear brother on the cheek, and then turned back forward, quickening your pace to catch up with the others.
Luckily for you, you didn’t even have to pretend, as the conversation you’d had with your brother mere moments before was as good as forgotten ten minutes later, when the lot of you found yourself facing a dilemma.
With everyone being tired and aggravated, it didn’t take long for Eric and Rachel to make said dilemma personal, even though it wasn’t about anything even remotely related to either of them; said dilemma being that the way through which you had come in, was now blocked by a pile of debris, leaving only two, narrow ways out of there.
“I can’t believe you’re seriously arguing about which way to take.” You finally snapped, having been able to keep your cool for five minutes, but no more.
Eric and Rachel grew silent and turned to face you along with everyone else, as you walked into the centre of the room you were currently holed up in.
“You know what, why don’t we break the first rule of every horror movie ever and split up? Rachel will go left with Clarice, Merwin and Salim, and I’ll go right with Eric, Nick and Kolchek. Sound good? Good.”
Rachel rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “Of course, you’re siding with him. How sweet.”
“No. You do not get to do that.” You quickly shot her down with a harsh, pointed glare. “I’ve supported you through the shipwreck that you call your marriage just as much as I’ve supported Eric. So don’t even try starting that shit with me, you hear me? This is not about you, about me, about Eric, or about anyone. Least of all is it about choosing sides, because the only thing we need to be doing right now is work together. So drop the whole petty victim act and get yourself together, because I am not fucking dying down here because of personal drama clouding people’s judgment.”
Rachel glared back at you just as fiercely as you finished, as always too proud to openly apologize. But the way her arms came uncrossed and she took a step back showed you that she had gotten the message and regretted lashing out.
With her having backed down, Eric took a step forward and nodded his head. “She’s right. This is bigger than all of us. We need to remain focused on the mission and the mission only.” He said to everyone, before turning to his wife. “Since we can’t seem to agree on one option, we’ll do it (Y/N)’s way and see where we end up. It’s not like we have anything else to lose.”
“Yeah, except for our lives.” Nick was the one to speak up this time around, and having had enough of this bullshit, you could only roll your eyes.
“We’re risking our lives no matter what we do. Better we go down trying to find a way out than standing around arguing like a bunch of five-year-olds.” You said, giving everyone one last, pointed glare before heading for the right side of the room.
“Kolchek and I will take the lead. Move out.”
There was a collective mumble throughout the group.
“Yes, ma’am.” Nick replied through clenched teeth as you passed him, clearly having to bite is tongue to prevent any further protests from slipping out.
No more needed to be said, everyone else scattering and following your lead, heading in the direction they had been assigned. As Merwin and Jason crossed paths, the former smirked suggestively at the latter.
“Doesn’t it make you all tingly when she takes control like that?” He teased, and Jason’s automatic reaction was to respond with a silent glare.
“Cut the crap and focus on the mission, Merwin.” Rachel, who was walking behind the man in question, pushed on his back to get him to keep moving.
“Yes, ma’am.” Merwin replied and did as ordered, not before flashing Jason another suggestive face.
As the group split into two and everyone fell into their respective places, a thick blanket of silence fell over them, tense with the lack of promise. But after everything you had been through these past few hours, you refused to give up hope, staying alert and focused on nothing except finding a way out of there.
Jason, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to focus on the task at hand no matter how much he tried, no matter how much he tried to force himself. The fact that you were walking so close beside him was too distracting, so close, in fact, that if he just twisted his body slightly to the right, his arm would brush against yours.
He cursed himself out in his head for being so easily-affected.
To and with everyone else, Jason was a confident guy. But with you, everything was different.
He hadn’t gotten around much since enlisting in the army – or at all, for that matter, as was kind of to be expected.
After leaving his old ways behind in 2001, he had dedicated his entire life to making a better man of himself, to finding a purpose and making a difference. It turned into a competition with himself and everything else became irrelevant, nothing but a distraction that he eventually stopped paying any mind, that including women.
Hell, he wouldn’t have been able to get with anyone even if he’d wanted to, seeing as being a marine rarely left much time to spare for pleasure; least of all in the first few years of service during which you were still either training or climbing your way up the ladder of ranks.
The sad reality was that some men would pay for prostitutes during their deployments, but Jason had never felt that strong of a need to get his, well, needs satisfied. He recognized that he was more man than animal and he wasn’t so desperate to get his dick wet that he would deprive someone of their own free will in order to make it happen. There were more important matters that needed his attention.
But despite the fact that he was currently out of practice, he had always had game when the moment called for it. He had the confidence, and a natural charm that he’d always been able to sway the ladies with, but not with you.
With you, everything was different. It was like merely being in your presence turned his brain into a mess of incomprehensible thoughts, like it switched off the English that he knew and turned on a language he had never heard before.
It made him say the dumbest, most idiotic shit, and when under stressful circumstances? He lost control even more, which is probably what prompted him to say what he did next.
“So, uh…” Jason cleared his throat. “You like football?”
Damn it.
He visibly flinched at the sound of his own question and somewhere in the back, he could faintly pick up on the sound of Nick snorting through his nose and then covering it up as a cough.
That detail did nothing to boost his confidence, a deep, annoyed breath escaping his nose as he realized his mistake.
“This is hardly the time or place to talk about sports, Lieutenant.” You instinctively snapped in response, still set in attack mode after your brief, but still unpleasant, dispute with your sister-in-law.
If his confidence had been low before, it was absolutely demolished now, your reaction making him feel even more stupid.
“Right.” He cleared his throat again, awkwardly adjusting his grip on his rifle. “Just trying to ease the nerves, ‘s all. Don’t seem to be working very well, though.”
“Yeah, you’re telling me.” You muttered in agreement, before heaving a deep sigh of your own. “Look, I’m sorry for snapping. I’m just so fucking fed up.”
He turned his head to look at you. Your skin was littered with cuts and bruises of all shapes, colours and sizes, your hair caked with dry blood and mud. The exhaustion was just as visible on your features as it was evident in your voice, and no one could blame you.
On the contrary, he admired you for how collected you had remained through it all, while everyone else had lost their shit on at least one occasion each; including him.
“I get it. This shit’s got all of us on edge, and you have to deal with your brother’s wrecked marriage on top of it.” Jason quietly spoke, turning his head back forward. “For what it’s worth, I think it’s fucked up that you’re stuck in the middle. Their fuck-ups shouldn’t be dumped on you and left for you to deal with.”
At that, you broke your stare away from the narrow path ahead of you for the first time, to instead turn to look at him. Your eyes met as he did the same, and you offered him a weak smile.
“Thanks, I appreciate it.” You said.
A few second of silence passed, the two of you just holding each other’s stares. When you finally broke the eye-contact to turn your attention back forward, you couldn’t help but to chuckle.
“You know, I think this is the most you’ve ever spoken to me in one go. I’ve been with you guys for weeks and you’re only now making an effort to actually converse with me. You’ve got a weird sense of timing, Kolchek.”
You shook your head, eyes sparkling with amusement. He watched you from the side as you turned your head to meet his eyes again, and then without saying anything else, you turned back forward and walked ahead, leaving him behind in your tracks.
“You are so whipped.”
Jason barely even got a second to recognize that someone else had taken your spot at his side before the voice of his best friend and brother-in-action reached his ears.
He wasn’t spooked, however, simply sparing him a sided glance before turning his sight back to the path ahead.
“That obvious, huh?” He wondered somberly, not even attempting to protest.
He could deny his feelings for you to anyone else all he wanted, but not to Nick. He wouldn’t even bother trying, knowing already that he wouldn’t be able to get away with a lie.
“To anyone with eyes? I can hear your heartbeat from here.” Nick chuckled at his lovesick friend, admittedly feeling his pain and struggle. “Why’d you let her walk away, man? You had her right here, you could’ve at least tried to make a move, seeing as this might very well be your last chance.”
The truth that Nick spoke left a bitter taste in Jason’s mouth.
“I did try.” He replied, and Nick raised an amused eyebrow at that.
“Oh, yeah? When? You mean the fiasco of a conversation that I was just forced to bear witness to? Yeah, I heard that. That was just sad. If that’s what you consider trying, then you very clearly have the wrong idea of the word’s definition. But hey, one positive thing to come out of this is that I now know what to get you for Christmas – an English dictionary!”
As the cave around them echoed from Nick’s voice slightly increasing in volume, Jason sent him a pointed glare, silently giving him the note to be quiet.
“How am I supposed to know what she likes talking about?” He followed with.
“Uh, I don’t know, maybe ask. You know, like a normal person, instead of diving straight into your own interests. Just a thought.”
“You’re one to talk. Don’t think I don’t see you sneaking looks at the Queen Bitch.” Jason scoffed an amused, teasing laugh.
This time it was Nick’s turn to glare. “The difference between you and me, my friend, is that I have game.” He stated plainly, still not abandoning the friendly banter despite now being the subject of the joke.
“I have game.” Jason was quick to object, which prompted Nick to raise his eyebrows amusedly.
“Really? Then where are you hiding it?” He mocked.
“I just don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to talk to her.” Jason defended himself, but what he thought was a good defense only seemed to have the opposite effect.
Nick raised his eyebrows. “So, you admit that you don’t have game.”
Jason opened his mouth, ready to fire back with equal cockiness, but before he could get another word out, his agenda abruptly changed and caused him to immediately spring into action, launching his body forward.
“(Y/N), watch out!” He called out to you where you were walking a little bit ahead of them.
At the sound of your name being called so urgently, you wasted no time in whipping around to search for the source, only to find Jason running straight for you. Your instinct told you to look down at your feet and so you did, finding that you were merely an inch away from tripping over a tripwire.
Luckily, you managed to secure your footing quick enough to back away before that happened. Unlucky, however, was that this set an entirely new set of actions into motion, as you then backed into a nearby wall instead, which just so happened to hold a number of lose, large boulders on the top. The boulders in question came barreling down in the direction of your head, and before you had the time to react, your body was tackled out of the way and, in the process, straight to the ground.
You didn’t know how you had managed to be the one to land on top when Jason had been the one to tackle your body to the ground but, somehow, that’s still where you found yourself once the dust and noise caused by the boulders had settled.
You automatically let out a quiet groan, feeling your muscles ache more now than ever before. You forced yourself to bite through it and slowly began moving.
“You okay?” You managed to get out through the pain, and Jason coughed as you rolled off of his body.
“You’re heavier than you look.” He commented before he could stop himself, and rolled over in the other direction, following your example and beginning to stand up.
“Wow, you sure know how to flatter a girl, huh?” You breathed.
“Aw, shit, I didn’t mean it like that.” You watched as panic and regret pulled over his features and couldn’t refrain from chuckling at how easily you could get a rise out of him.
“Calm down, Kolchek. I’m just messing with you.” You spoke. “This one’s one me. If clumsy was a currency, I’d be a fucking billionaire by now. Ask my brother and he’ll happily tell you all of the embarrassing stories from our childhood.”
You straightened your back and brushed the excess dirt off the front of your clothes, and then reached your hand out to the man in front of you, who had obviously taken the biggest hit judging by the way he was still hunched over in pain.
“I guess I better keep a better eye on you then.” He jokingly remarked, accepting your gloved hand and allowing you to pull him back up to his full height.
Where he’d gotten the sudden boost of confidence from neither of you knew, but you couldn’t deny that you were pleasantly surprised, a mischievous grin spreading over your lips at the sound of his words.
“Maybe you should.” You agreed.
He held your gaze as he straightened himself up and regained his balance and composure, but much to both your and his own disappointment, he didn’t say anything else. Whatever smidge of confidence he had gotten in order to make his previous comment was already long gone, leaving the two of you in a silence that was everything but comfortable.
You cleared your throat to break the silence in question, the ghost of a smirk stretching over your lips as you continued, “Well, uh, thanks for saving me. And hey, maybe I’ll be more willing to answer any inquiries that you might have about sports once we’re back on the surface. You’ll have to try and see. Maybe you’ll get lucky.”
With a small wink, you turned on your heel and went ahead once again, and this time around Jason watched as you watched your feet more closely.
“You’re done for good now, man.”
Nick was immediately back at Jason’s side, like one of those bad consciences that you sometimes saw appear on cartoon character’s shoulders and that wouldn’t go away.
Once again, Jason had barely gotten a second to pull himself together before being ambushed by the fellow marine, but once again he was not a stranger to Nick’s intrusive actions.
“I’m guessing you heard all of that, too.” He said as he brushed himself clean from the dust and dirt, readjusting his backpack and rifle and making sure everything was in place and close at hand after the fall.
Falling into step with each other again, Nick and Jason followed you where you were walking ahead of them.
“We’re in a cave system where every sound echoes for miles. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in here heard you.” Nick didn’t waste any time in sugarcoating.
His words immediately brought a deep sigh out of Jason’s nose, his lips stretching into a straight line and the muscle in his jaw clenching every so lightly as he muttered out a quiet: “Great.”
While Jason silently tortured himself for butchering yet another chance to actually make a connection with you, Nick was clearly finding amusement in his misfortune.
“It’ll be a miracle if she agrees to go out with you after this, that being if you ever grow the balls to ask her out in the first place.” He chuckled and shook his head as he went on. “But then again, she just straight-up flirted with you after you called her fat, which is already a miracle in itself.”
“Hey now, I don’t think that’s how it went-“
The sound of someone clearing their throat suddenly came from behind them, interrupting Jason mid-sentence and unlike when Nick crept up on him, admittedly catching him by surprise.
“Fuck.” Jason cursed under his breath before he could stop the curse from slipping out, partly because he hadn’t expected an extra person to join in on the conversation that was already crashed by one too many unwelcome participants, but also because the most recent addition to the party just so happened to be the last person that Jason wanted to be involved in the subject at hand.
Still, he put on a brave face, quickly moving to straighten his posture and regain his composure with a clear of his throat.
“Colonel, didn’t see you there.” He murmured, and watched as Eric amusedly raised his eyebrows in return.
“Clearly.” He chuckled, lips stretched into a small smile. “You know she likes you, too, right?”
His direct approach took Jason by surprise and out of pure instinct, his eyes briefly flickered to the side where Nick had previously been standing, only to find that the man in question had now disappeared. How brotherly of him.
Turning back to the Colonel with a slight annoyance brewing in the pit of his stomach, directed at his supposed friend, Jason cleared his throat once more.
“With all due respect, sir. I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.” He curtly stated, freeing his face of emotion and letting his lips pull into a straight line.
”Are you shitheads coming or what?! I ain’t got all day!”
As if sensing the compromised situation that Jason was currently caught up in, your voice then called through the cave from somewhere up ahead. Stupidly, the mere sound of it was enough to make his professional front falter.
Eric, who seemed to find this amusing more than anything, laughed, and spoke, “Don’t worry, Lieutenant. I’m not one to meddle with my sister’s love life.”
Jason could feel the back of his neck grow hot with embarrassment, even more so when Eric then reached out to place a hand on his shoulder.
“But a piece of advice?” He started, immediately continuing, “Don’t take too long. She doesn’t care much for waiting around for things that don’t lead anywhere. Shoot your shot, and make sure that you don’t miss. Because if the moment calls for it, I won’t.”
There it was.
The sign that Jason had been waiting for to confirm to him what he had feared; that your brother had heard everything he had said about you. A threat of some kind had only been expected and although a lot milder than he would’ve expected from someone like Eric, Jason still took the same amount of offense that he would have if the threat had been more severe.
“Yes, sir.” Was all that he managed to get out through slightly clenched teeth, but his stare never wavered, and he managed to stay cool enough to give a nod of courtesy.
“Glad to know we understand each other.” Eric nodded back and smiled, squeezing his shoulder once before letting his hand drop back to his side.
Luckily, the conversation ended there, no more words being exchanged between the two as they moved to catch up with you and Nick, where you were now making a makeshift bridge in another cave.
It wasn’t long until you regrouped with Rachel and the rest, the woman in question not being so tough anymore as she begrudgingly admitted that they should’ve gone with Eric’s choice of direction from the start.
From then on forward, everyone stuck together and focused on nothing other than getting out of there, with the parasite-infested vampires hot on your trails and the unstable ruins that you were forced to climb posing just as big a threat to your lives as they did.
By the grace of everything holy, you miraculously managed to find your way back up to the surface and once up there, survived the final attack brought on by the eclipse. Salim went on his own way as your brother called for a pickup and before you knew it, you were all safely aboard the helicopters and on your way back to Camp Slayer.
Once arriving at the palace, you were almost instantly whisked off into separate interrogation rooms by people dressed in contamination suits, to be briefed about the events that you had just lived through.
A lot of arguing, three blood-tests and a few aggravated outbursts later, you were finally released to go clean yourself up, and even though the showers were only portable ones with no more than a showerhead and some plastic curtains working as a makeshift cubicle, you could safely say that you had never before felt as relieved to feel the heat of a shower as you did right then.
It pained you when you had to turn off the water and go back to the real world, but you knew that you couldn’t stay in your bubble forever and forced yourself to leave it despite your body and mind both desperately begging you to stay.
Getting dried and dressed was as painfully boring as it always was, and you were eager to get some long overdue rest. You weren’t sure you or anyone else would be able to sleep after what you’d just been through but nonetheless, getting to crawl up in a warm bed sure as hell beat being hunted by an alien species through an underground maze.
Even after your long, hot shower, during which you had cleaned yourself off with soap and shampoo not one, not two, but three times, you still felt dirty from all of the blood, mud and God knows what else that had been covering all thinkable parts of your body.
The dirty feeling left you feeling cold, and you couldn’t wait for the uncomfortable sensation to go away.
”Ah, crap. I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked.”
The sound of a voice suddenly echoed through the vacant bathroom, successfully pulling you from your deep set of thoughts and back to reality. Not having expected it, you jumped slightly in surprise, your hand automatically moving to the holstered gun that was resting on the sink beside you.
Whipping your head around to find the source of the disruption, however, you only found Jason, standing with his back turned to you, one of his hands shielding the side of his face and his head sheepishly hanging low.
Realizing that there was no danger, you let out a breath that you hadn’t even known you were holding and pulled your hand back from the gun, instead going back to getting dressed.
Stepping into your unlaced boots and pulling your sweater on over your head, you were done, grabbing the wet towel from the floor and throwing it in the trash bag beside the sink like you had been instructed to do.
”I was just finishing up, anyway. It’s all yours.” You told him as you collected your belongings – the few ones that they had let you keep upon your return.
”It takes a while for the hot water to come through so you might wanna let it run for a bit if you want it warm.” You added as you pulled your dog tags back over your head, and taking this as a sign that you were now decent, Jason slowly turned back around to face you, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.
”Thanks.” He answered as he shuffled further into the room.
Keeping it simple, you offered him a nod and a tight-lipped smile as you passed him, and headed for the exit without another word.
Jason didn’t let himself look after you, nor did he make an effort to stop you. The atmosphere between the two of you had been tense and unpleasant ever since you’d come back to base, and neither of you were willing to admit to yourselves that the reason behind the drastic change was what went unspoken; not just the secret attraction, but most of all the fear.
What would happen once the adrenaline left behind from the recent events had died down? What would happen if one or both of you were unable to move past it? Would you still be as tempted by each other? Would you still be drawn to each other? Or was the only reason behind your sudden increase in attraction the fact that you didn’t want to be alone, that you wanted an escape?
Jason knew that he had been attracted to you since long before this day, but he had seen enough relationships go downhill as a result of trauma to know that the human mind was unpredictable and also the emotions that it felt, and he knew that there was no guarantee that he would be the same man as before once reality had settled in.
And you knew the same.
You both knew that getting romantically involved with someone who had just been through hell, when you had, as well, was a risk. Vices of escape were all fun and games when you were just escaping the trauma, but less so when you crossed the line between that, and needing an escape from yourself.
And yet, you couldn’t stop your body from literally whipping back around when your name fell from his lips, heart beating in your chest with an emotional whirlwind so mixed that it was impossible even for its host to make sense of.
”Yeah?” You asked, and cleared your throat to regain some of your momentarily lost composure, raising your eyebrows in question.
”Uh…” Jason turned to the sink and reached out his arm to grab something, turning back to face you a moment later with your watch now in his hand. ”You, uh, you forgot your… your watch.”
He cleared his throat, and you slightly raised your head.
”Oh, right.” You didn’t know why, but you felt relieved. ”Well, I guess I’ll leave you to it.” You forced another stale smile as you reached out to take the watch.
When your fingers brushed against his and the touch then disappeared just as quickly as it had been made, you realized that it may not have been relief, but rather disappointment, that you were feeling.
Whatever it was, you pushed the feeling to the back of your head and stepped back. “Goodnight, Lieutenant.” You offered him one last smile, and he smiled back.
“Goodnight.” He replied and, with that, you turned around and headed back the way you came in, listening to the sound of the shower being turned on as the door closed behind you.
Shoot your shot.
Your brother’s words echoed through Jason’s head. He clenched his fingers around the edge of the counter that he now stood leaning over and looked himself in the mirror, being met with his own glare as regret and self-directed annoyance flooded his body.
”Idiot. You had her right here. You could’ve done something. You should’ve done something. You’re a marine, for Christ’s sake, what’s wrong with you? Fucking pussy.”
You’re not us.
Your brother’s voice rang in your ears, repeating the words that he had told you down in the cave and sounding so clear that it was almost like he was right there beside you. You had never bothered going out of your way to pursue any type of permanent relationship, and your brother had always given you crap for it, telling you that life is too short to not take a few risks.
As if becoming a marine wasn’t risky enough as it was.
But granted, it did feel a lot worse when it was your emotions at stake. At least it did to you.
But your brother was right. You needed to put yourself out there more, you needed to break a rule every once in a while, and you couldn’t deny that it was infuriating you to no end to not know what was going on inside Jason’s head.
An annoyed breath forced its way out your nose at the mere thought of his constant shillyshallying. You knew that he was attracted to you, just like you knew that you were attracted to him, but even then, he hadn’t done anything except beat around the bush since you first met.
There was nothing you hated more in life than leaving things unfinished, whether it be business, personal projects, or anything in between. And when it came to Jason, not a single one of the few, brief conversations that you’d been able to hold felt finished. Even though you said goodbye, it always felt like something unspoken was left hanging around in the air, floating around your heads, taunting and mocking you.
You were getting riled up by your own thoughts and you didn’t know if it was because you were actually annoyed about the Lieutenant’s lack of initiative, or just because you were trying to gather the courage you needed to turn around and go back, and your body and mind’s way of doing so was to through flaring your temper.
Either way, it seemed to do the trick, as you came back to reality and realized that you were now heading back in the direction of the showers.
A normal person probably would have stopped outside and knocked or called out to make sure that they weren’t about to walk in on someone standing around in their birthday suit, but on this particular day, it would seem that logical thinking was something both you and Jason were lacking in.
And so, you didn’t even think twice before flinging the door back open and walking back inside, your eyes immediately finding their target over by the sink.
Jason’s eyes instantly caught yours through the mirror and he wasted no time in standing up to his full height and turning around to face you, a mixture of nervosity and mild surprise overtaking his features and triggering an automatic increase in heart rate.
His mouth opened to speak, but before he could get as much as a sound out, you beat him too it, wasting no time in getting to the point.
“I’ve either completely misinterpreted everything about you, us, and this, whatever this is, because I left the invitation quite open down in the caves and you have yet to even attempt to make a move on me. Or you’re just completely incapable of expressing what it is that you want, so here’s the thing, Kolchek. I sorta, kinda, maybe, might, slightly, possibly like you, and regardless of which one of the options that it is, I need you to pull yourself together and tell me what you want to say, because it’s painfully obvious that you do have something to say to me, and even though I’m a smart enough girl to figure it out on my own, I want you say it to my face, because I’m not doing this whole beat around the bush thing with you anymore. Okay?”
Jason opened his mouth once again, and then closed it, and opened it again, like a fish out of water. He didn’t know what he had been expecting, but an outburst like that sure wasn’t it. It left him at a loss of words, like it would anyone, and all that he managed to get out under your burning stare was a small, quiet, and most of all pathetic:
Silence fell over the two of you, the only sound audible being the shower that was still running by your side.
You crossed your arms over your chest. “Okay, you’ll tell me what you want or okay, we’re not doing this? You need to be a bit more specific.” You answered, maybe a bit too harshly.
However, before you could dwell on the tone of your voice…
“I want you. God, I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you.”
This time it was your turn to be taken by surprised. You were very well aware of what you had just demanded him to do, but a small part of you hadn’t actually expected him to do it.
Suddenly, your attitude was turning into a challenging one and as you uncrossed your arms, you raised an eyebrow as you asked, “So, so are you going to do something about it? Or am I going to have to lie to my diary and say that you kissed me when, in reality, you were too cowardly to follow through?”
“I’m not a coward.” He objected shockingly quickly, and it was clear judging by the way his jaw flexed and his eyes narrowed that you had struck a sensitive nerve.
You quirked an eyebrow at him to challenge him even further, and from that moment forward, everything happened very quickly.
Three long, determined strides was all it took for him to reach you where you stood and once he did, you wasted no time in raising your arms to greet him by grabbing on to either side of his neck and pulling him closer to you.
Your lips met in a heated kiss and as an automatic reaction, Jason’s hands came to rest at either side of your hips, so lightly that you could barely feel the pressure at all. And yet, it was just enough to get your heart racing in your chest.
It wasn’t until you were urgently kissing and gripping at each other that you realized just how much you’d wanted this to happen. You had known that you felt some kind of attraction for him, that much being pretty much inevitable seeing as he was the one person who was closer to your age and also happened to be your exact type on paper - that is, when he wasn't turning into a verbally challenged clutz who couldn't seem to get a single coherent sentence of actual value out.
But you had still denied yourself of anything pleasurable for so long that you hadn’t really realized to what extent those feelings of attraction had been brewing, nor had you realized just how starved you were of any kind of physical contact that didn’t include patching up bloody wounds or assisting someone in battle.
And opposite of you, Jason seemed to be coming to the very same realization, as he gradually started becoming more and more comfortable and with that also more daring, with his hands gripping at your hips with a bit more pressure, and slowly but surely making their way up your clothed sides.
Your body reacted the only way it knew how, with excitement tingling in your chest, churning your stomach and sending your heart into a hard an uneven beat, and quickly making its way down to the lower regions of your body.
You were no stranger to the familiar feeling, but it had been so long since you had felt it to this extend that you responded to it with an urgency you didn’t know you possessed, your hands moving from the sides of his neck and up to the back of his head, far enough for your fingers to find hair long enough to become lost in.
The feeling of your fingernails scratching his scalp as your hands wandered was enough to make him release a small groan into the kiss, and when you then took a firm grasp of his hair to lightly tug him even closer, he had to stop the movement of his own hands and squeeze where they currently resided on your waist in order to keep himself stable.
Without breaking away from the kiss, the two of you worked together to flip sides. With your back now turned to the sink, you slowly backed closer to it, taking Jason with you with every step.
It wasn’t long until you felt the hard surface press against the small of your back, and only then did you break away from the kiss, bringing your hands down from his head to instead place them on the edge of the counter.
You held Jason’s gaze as you raised yourself off the floor and onto the surface, and he watched your every move as you then proceeded to kick your shoes off to the side.
At that point, his previously braver front briefly faltered.
“We’re really doing this in here?” He questioned in a hushed and doubtful voice.
This time around, as opposed to any other time, you found yourself feeling surprisingly amused by the obvious fact that his otherwise macho bravado was nothing but a front that he put on to appear tough – clearly not being quite as tough as he liked to make himself out to be.
Quirking an eyebrow at him, your amusement showed through the small, teasing smile that was now playing on your lips.
“Unless you don’t want to.” You lightly shrugged.
“That a trick question?” Jason asked back, and you couldn’t stop yourself from chuckling.
“Just kiss me, you idiot.” You said and reached out in front of you to grab the front of his shirt, leaving him very little time to think of an answer.
He did nothing to try to stop you, though, giving in to you immediately and allowing you to place your lips back on his by meeting you in the middle.
Your hands moved down to where his were now grabbing the edge of the counter on either side of you and grabbed a hold of his wrists. With little to no struggle, you tugged on them to make his hands lose their grips of the counter.
Jason got the idea and allowed you to guide his hands to instead rest on either of your thighs. From there, you started to trail your hands up his thick forearms, picturing the black ink that adorned them behind your closed eyelids. His tattoos and forearms being two of your favourite physical attributes of his, this immediately succeeded in riling up your lust and need for him even more.
While your hands kept making their way up his arms, along to his shoulders, neck and eventually finding their way back into his hair, his hands slowly but surely began moving up the insides of your thighs as he regained some of his momentarily lost confidence.
As your movements once again became more urgent, his lips left yours to instead attach themselves to your neck; a surprising but welcome move that automatically resulted in your head falling back into the mirrored wall behind you.
His hands passed your hips and grabbed a hold of the end of your shirt, giving it the smallest of tugs to indicate what he was thinking. You wasted no time in responding, nodding your head and allowing him to pull the sweater over your head and discard it somewhere on the floor.
His lips returned to your neck and his hands to your hips just as quickly as they had left.
“Is this alright?” He asked you, hesitating at the line of your pants. The southern drawl dripping off his voice only poured more fuel to the fire burning in your stomach, even more so with the way it came out muffled from his face being pressed into the curve of your neck.
“Yes, just-“ You jumped slightly, hissing at the feeling of his fingertips brushing against your skin. “Fuck, your hands are cold.” You cursed.
“Sorry, sweetheart.” The chuckle that followed was so deep and amused that it sent a flurry of butterflies through your stomach, and the nickname that seemed to fall so easily from his tongue did nothing to help calm it.
But you stayed silent, focusing on controlling your successively quickening breathing while his fingers nimbly unbuttoned the front of your cargo pants and pulled down the zipper.
You automatically raised yourself off of the counter to give him enough access to pull your pants down your hips. His lips left your neck as he took a step back. Despite the loss of physical contact, you never let your eyes break away from the other’s as you individually kept working on discarding your layers.
You kicked your pants off your legs and watched with heaving breaths as Jason pulled his shirt over his head. Only then did you fail at keeping the eye-contact, your eyes instead traveling down to his now bare upper body.
With thick, tattooed arms, wide chest and shoulders even wider, Jason stood before you, his breaths just as ragged and urgent as yours already, even though you had barely even gotten started.
But no matter how attractive you found his build, there was nothing that did it for you as much as his next course of action did, your breath literally catching in your throat as you watched him unbuckle his belt and then proceed to yank it out of the loops with one swift motion, the long string of leather falling to the tiled floor with a clink.
“Fuck.” You cursed, breathing out in what you could only describe as amazement. “That was kind of hot.”
Your unexpected comment caused Jason’s eyebrows to shoot up. “Yeah?” He nervously but fondly chuckled, and you nodded your head, releasing another breath.
“Yeah.” You answered, and when you then reached behind your back to unclasp your bra, letting it fall off of your body, it was his turn to become stunned.
But he didn’t stand around for long, only long enough to take you in in your entirety before stepping back between your legs.
“You are so fucking beautiful.” He praised you, his eyes following the curves of your torso and chest, and his fingers gingerly following suit.
Hearing those words spoken in his Southern drawl was enough to send another flurry of butterflies through your stomach, and no more words were spoken as you pulled his face back to yours to reattach your lips to his.
His hands found their way back to your thighs, where his fingers copied their previous actions by trailing back up the inside of them. The feeling had been nice enough before, but now that there was one less layer of thick fabric between your skin and his, the feeling that it brought you was enhanced by a thousand, even more so when one of his hands moved up your side and stopped to cup one of your breasts.
Your nipples hardened at the feeling of his calloused fingertips brushing over them, and a moan uncontrollably left your lips at the sensation. As if your body was moving on autopilot, your legs instinctively moved to squeeze together, the heat between your legs begging for some friction and release.
Having had his other hand on the inside of your thigh, Jason didn’t miss this move of yours and took action, trailing his hand up to the fabric of your underwear.
As his hand pressed against your aching heat, you were no longer able to keep yourself collected enough to keep your lips on his, your head instead falling back against the mirrored wall once again as yet another moan escaped from your slightly parted lips.
“Jason.” His name slipped out before you could catch it.
Fuck. His body immediately reacted to it. He was so used to you calling him by his formal title or surname that the sound of his first name falling from your lips sounded damn near orgasmic and successfully added fuel to the already burning fire, urging him to move quicker.
Moving both of his hands to the line of your panties, he quickly pulled them down with your help, letting them fall to the floor like the rest of your clothes.
He brought a finger to the centre of your folds and carefully parted them, coming to find that you were already so ready for him that your arousal had escaped you and evenly distributed itself without needing any help from you or him.
As a result of your body’s eagerness, his fingers easily and effortlessly slid over the small bundle of nerves that was just aching for some kind of frictional release.
You had to bite down on your lip to prevent yourself from being too loud when he inserted a finger, and furthermore press your head harder into the mirror behind you when it got too difficult to contain.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jason mumbled against your skin as he kissed along the curve of your neck, and you nodded, using your legs to pull him closer.
Without saying a word, you moved your hands down to the line of his boxers and inched it inside, grabbing a hold of him with no hesitation in your movements.
“Shit.” He involuntarily cursed at the feeling of your warm hand wrapping around him and setting him free from the straining fabric of his boxers. His breathing increased in speed significantly and quickly as you gave him a pump, his hands hurriedly leaving your body to grab on to the counter-edge to hold himself upright.
With his head hanging low right beside your face, his warm and ragged breaths fanned right by your ear, and to see, hear and feel the kind of power you had over him only succeeded in turning you on more.
So, without further ado, you scooted further out on the counter and spread your legs, wrapping one arm around Jason’s shoulders to hold yourself steady, and using the other to help him line himself up at your entrance.
Neither of you being able to wait any longer, he slowly pushed himself inside of you.
Aroused as you may have been, you had still had very little stretching prep, and so you had to take a moment to adjust to his size, nodding your head once the momentary pain had disappeared to signal that it was okay for him to start moving.
And once he did, you couldn’t contain the moans no matter how hard that you tried.
“Shit, Jason.” You moaned in a borderline-whiny tone, and let your head fall back against the mirror once again.
There it was again; the sound of his first name falling from your lips with such neediness. He had never heard a sound as sweet as it before, and he wanted to hear nothing else for as long as he lived.
Breathing hard while slowly pumping in and out of you, he murmured into your neck, “Tell me how you like it, alright? I want to make you feel good.”
You nodded your head as to say “okay”, but you couldn’t muster any words.
Jason was so eager and nervous, and so incapable of hiding it, that his hands and breaths shook with every move and breath that he made and took. He mentally cursed himself for being so easy, begging to God that you hadn’t taken a mental note of your own, of how pathetic and willing for you that he truly was.
Had he been able to read thoughts, though, he would have known that you, luckily, hadn’t. You couldn’t think about anything in that moment, not even the feeling of his hands on your body. All you could think about was the sensation said hands left behind, his fingers and lips leaving burning trails of pleasure in their wake.
Contrary to his worries, he was already doing everything perfectly, touching and kissing you in all the right places, and hitting you in all the right spots.
Meanwhile, you tried to distract yourself from the intense waves of pleasure by grabbing on to anything you could find; his hair, his shoulders, his arms, and the back of his neck. Your wandering hands, the way you would squeeze his muscles and flesh and tug at his hair with your fingernails lightly scratching his scalp, was quickly bringing him closer and closer to the edge, much sooner than he would have liked.
So to assure that he wouldn’t leave you unfinished, he moved the hand that had previously been making its way up and down your side to instead focus on the place where you desired him most.
You immediately moaned when you felt his fingers brush against you and the pace of his rhythm increased, his hips snapping in and out of you. While one arm remained wrapped around his shoulders, your other hand rushed down to hold on to the counter’s edge to keep your body in place. And as the tension in the pit of your stomach intensified, you had no other choice but to lean forward and press your face into the crook of his neck to prevent any further sounds from slipping out.
Both of you were reaching your finish points judging by the way you were starting to shake and his movements were becoming sloppier, and before you knew it, an intense wave of pleasure came over you as you toppled over the edge, your nails digging into the skin of Jason’s shoulder as you came.
Jason’s eyebrows furrowed together as he focused all of his senses on you an you alone. He listened to the muffled moans you were releasing into his neck right by his ear, tasted the memory of your lips on his, and felt the way you were clenching and unclenching around him.
The curse spilled out before he could stop it and his entire body tensed up as he reached his own end no more than a few seconds after you had done the same, releasing into you with a guttural groan escaping his lips.
He rode his orgasm out and then he stilled, his entire body slumping against yours. His exhausted pants fanned across your skin and you brought your hands up to his hair, combing your fingers through the damp strands of brown in an attempt to still his tremble all while trying to catch your own breath.
Once a minute or so had passed, he finally raised his body from yours, your skin sticking together with sweat.
“I still have to take a shower.” He spoke, pointing out the very obvious.
You nodded in response, slowly straightening yourself up as the weight of his body disappeared from on top of you.
“Yeah, I think I might have to take another one.” You chuckled, tilting your head slightly as you looked at him.
”You don’t mind if I join you, do you? It’ll save time.” You asked, and all he did was shake his head and smile, holding his hand out for you to take.
You took that as another chance to admire the way his tattoos complimented his muscular arms, and accepted his outstretched hand, allowing him to help you down from the counter and over to the shower where the water had been running this entire time.
When you were finished cleaning up and getting redressed, the two of you turned off the lights and headed out. You almost felt like two lovesick teenagers when you had to sneak past your brother in one of the corridors and into your assigned sleeping quarters.
You had to admit that it felt weird sleeping next to someone after having slept alone for so long, but after getting settled beside each other in bed, you still - contrary to your previous belief - quickly and effortlessly drifted off to a peaceful sleep, both of you happy that Jason had taken your brother's advice to shoot his shot.
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threepointseven · 26 days ago
Tysm for doing all my requests ♡! I really hope I'm not annoying you. Can you do angst hc's where the brothers neglected and ignored MC and didn't realize how much MC actually meant to all of them, only after they were gone?
Tumblr media
Type- scenario 🍄, HC’s 🌷
Flowers included!🌼= all the brothers x gn! Reader (kinda ooc!)
Note🍀= i wasnt really sure what you meant by ‘gone’ and the moment i realized you meant dead i was already half way through the hc’s...... im so sorry this took so long btw, i got into a car crash yesterday going to school and everything was a mess! but im recovering rn so keep sending requests! also ilysm thank you for always requesting you arent annoying at all mwah<3
💐Your bouquet has been delivered <3💐
Tumblr media
25 days. 25 days since the brothers ‘dear’ MC had ran away and completely cut the brothers off from their life
From the start it only ever seemed as if you were an object. They treated you till you thought your destiny was to be used by these 7 demons.
They took you for granted. You would help them with difficult tasks and your ‘thank you’ was getting yelled at for doing something remotely wrong.
You were always shouted at, ridiculed, even after all those times you proved you were trustable and showed them care you still felt like they were judging you across the room.
Its the brothers fault, they were bound to lose their MC, after how they treated them? No one would wanna be there.
Its been days and there were multiple search teams.
the sin of pride, the man refuses to say he misses you, or worries about you in the slightest. In truth, he was the first one to send out a search team
He regrets it. He regrets it so badly but how could he show that to his brothers when he’s been in situations where he was tempted to murder you in cold blood
All you ever gave the man was love and care yet he took you for granted and now you’ve run away from him. Who knows where you are now?
In denial that he’s part of the reason you’re gone
“MC is sensitive, they couldve never survived Devildom if they couldnt survive a bit of criticism they wouldnt have survived a month more.”
he truly misses you, he regrets it.
You had always stayed with him at night, gave him coffee and tea whenever he asked, held his hand, and hugged him when he was troubled;
He stays up at night thinking about how maybe you would still be by his side saying your soft words laced with love if he had just been a bit kinder.
Sleeps. Sleeps to avoid the fact that his hurtful, cruel words lead to you running away
You were always there to cuddle and snuggle into him even after the countless amount of fights. Always forgave him for his actions, to him you were a saint,
And impulsively he decided to break apart that saint’s little heart
Yes, he does try to find you but quickly realizes you're probably happier without his nagging abusive voice.
In the morning when he’s not sleeping he tends to daydream about you, about the rare times where he’s not threatening you or being hurtful to you.
He misses you greatly, he sleeps in your room sometimes but ends up crying too much out of guilt and goes back to his room
He’s at an all time low. He ignored you for so long even after you treated him with care and love
You understood all his problems, fixed them and thanked you with completely ignoring you’re existence
Of course your hurt. No wonder you’re gone
He feels so guilty. So so guilty
He started stress eating ever since you left and realized how hard it is to keep himself in check without you
He barely had the motivation to get up besides to stress eat
At night he’ll dream about you, about little dates you had when you pestered him enough to get him to go on one with you
He wished he had gone on more with you. He wished that he treated you better
He tends to shed tears whenever he walks past your room, knowing that you're probably never coming back
He loves you, he does truly
But he never got to show it correctly. Never had the guts to calm his mean cruel façade and be just the slightest bit loving
How would you know he was even interested in you when all he ever did was call you useless and names?
All he does is stay in your room at this point.
He just wants you to come back.
“Come on… come back already..i’ll be better… i’ll say i love you i wont hurt you anymore please just come back”
Does everything to try and find you
He begs diavolo to help him and even when he does you left no traces so they just can't.
Turns his sadness and guilt into rage
He doesnt know what else to do. He loves you and always will but he showed that love in such an angry manner that you decided to slip away from his arms
Goes into a fit of rage the moment he finds out, tears are flowing out of his eyes while he destroys his room
Everything is in shambles by the time he calms down
Does everything and anything to try and contact you. Its almost pitiful watching the sin of wrath scroll through pictures of you in his phone, eyes swelled up as he locks himself inside his room
He starts reading the books you recommended to him. Books he threw out cause he thought anything that came from you was irrelevant
He feels so so bad… he knows full well you’ve probably passed, devildom isnt an easy place to escape.
He puts polaroid pictures of both of you up on his wall when you were both happy together
locks himself in his room.
Not even his favorite anime or manga can reduce his guilt.
He shuts everyone out and only ever stays in his room
The guilt and sadness is killing him, he loses all motivation to do anything
Whenever he sees anything that correlates to you he mutters out a small emotionless “sorry” in hopes that his whispering apology will reach you
He hates it, he hates everything. Everything reminds him of you and he cant stand it
Goes insane inside those four walls, he can barely take care of himself as the only thing that hasn't rotted in his room is henry
But even Henry reminds him of you, it hurts him inside and he dreams of a life where you’re together, where he doesnt ignore you where he doesnt shut you out.
Drinks and fucks around to forget about everything he did. All the cruel stuff he did to you, where he spared you no mercy and ridiculed you till you ran away crying
He’s a demon, you cant blame him right?
What did you expect?
This isnt his fault, its yours for believing you could ever get close to a demon!
He’s in denial he’s at fault and that you’re gone
Visits your room and pretends you’re still there.
He pretends as if he’s actually talking your ear off about some clothes he found at the mall when he’s really just going insane
All the one night stands, all the bottles can't replace the feelings you gave him, the butterflies he’ll never feel again because no matter how much he loved you on the inside, he hadnt had the guts to reciprocate your feelings. Out of fear, out of fear that he would end up treating you like the sin of lust treats people.
The sin of lust, the one that treats people like objects only to please him, the sin that doesnt care what it takes as long as he gets to get wasted
You dont deserve that. You’re a saint. He thought. Eventually you ran away because of how much he ignored you.
oh how he wish he could turn back time..
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Sanctuary (Loki/Reader Lullabies #209)
Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Reader
Category: Fluff. Fluff without plot.
Rating: G.
Summary: After a long and exhausting week, you come home so drained that you don’t even notice the fact that your building’s power has gone out. Leave it to Loki to make things better.
Warnings/Notes: None, I think? I wrote this on Friday/Saturday, so of course I was feeling the end-of-the-week exhaustion, but now that I’m posting it on Sunday, I feel weird. I’m sorry if it makes you anticipate that awful feeling. Let’s face this week with shoulders squared and chins raised defiantly!
New but Retroactive Reminder for this and all of my fics: I do not, have not, and will not give anyone permission to copy/paste, translate, or otherwise take or modify this story to post it anywhere else. You can find my stories here on Tumblr or under kaeorin on AO3, but nowhere else. This does not apply only to fics which hold this disclaimer--NONE of my works are to be stolen or modified. Additionally, please remember that Liking a post on Tumblr does not increase the author's exposure. I don't run your life, but readers should be reblogging the works they like.
Tumblr media
It’d been a long day. Hell, it’d been a long week. There wasn’t really any single event that you could point to as being the source of your exhaustion, but by the time you got home, you were so drained that you almost didn’t notice the darkness in the hallways of your building. Something did sort of tug at the back of your mind, perhaps some instinct derived from living alone in the city for so long, but you didn’t really take any notice until you were stepping into your own (also-dark) apartment.
It was almost never dark in there. While you were at work, Loki frequently hung out alone, milling about your place: taking care of little domestic chores or reading the same books for the hundredth time or browsing the internet on your laptop. There usually a light burning brightly somewhere. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, when you were just sleepy enough not to feel overly self-conscious about getting so silly and poetic, you likened the lights in your apartment to the warmth that Loki had brought into your life.
He didn’t still have to be here. He’d come to stay with you not long after the first lockdown shut down the whole city, and having him there was like heaven. For the first time in...well, maybe in forever, you didn’t feel so alone all the time. You were less touch-starved than usual, and he was absolutely relentless when it came to spoiling you with attention and affection. But when the city seemed to decide that the disease that had shut everything down was never going to go away, so everyone was just going to have to get used to the threat of illness when the city opened back up, Loki stuck around. Now this place was your apartment—belonging to the both of you—and you couldn’t possibly have been happier.
Except, you know, the darkness was a little concerning in the moment. You put your stuff down just inside the door and called out Loki’s name. Had he gone out? Was he back at the Tower? It was rare for you to slip back into that old mindset, where you worried about when he’d get tired of you and leave, but this was so strange that you couldn’t help it.
“You’re home!” Loki’s voice came from the doorway to the bedroom, and instantly soothed away those stupid worries of yours. When you met his gaze, he gave you a bright smile. “I’ve missed you.”
He spread his arms wide and, without a second thought, you stepped into them. His hugs were...magical, honestly. Early on, in the beginning, you would never in a million years have expected that someone like Loki could be so warm and so perfect—or so willing to hold you as often as you’d like—but here he was, and here you were. You felt him drop a kiss to the top of your head, and you pressed your face a little more firmly against him. “Why are the lights off?”
He didn’t let you go, but you did hear his deep exhalation. “I’m afraid the whole building’s lost power. The landlord stopped by earlier this morning, not long after you’d left, and said there’d been a short in the wiring and they were working to get it fixed.”
When you tried to pull away to look at him, he only tightened his grip on you. “It’s been like this all day?! Why didn’t you tell me?” He had a mobile phone that he used when he had to, and surely it was still charged, right?
He laughed against the top of your head and began to sway gently from side to side. “What could you have done at work? Or, for that matter, what could you have done even if you’d left work and come home? I wasn’t about to give you one more thing to worry about, love. Did you have a good day?”
That was another thing that probably shouldn’t have been so surprising about this man: his utter consideration for your feelings. He was absolutely right in knowing that you would only have spent the day worrying about what was happening in your apartment. Still, you groaned against him and tightened your arms around his waist. “You were stuck here all day with no power? What did you do?”
He shifted his hands, then, so he could cup your face in his palms and tilt your head backwards to have you look up at him. His face was so soft as he gazed down at you, his eyes sparkling with affection even in the darkness. When he drew his thumbs along your cheekbones, it soothed pressure you hadn’t even realized was there, and you had to fight to keep your eyes open. The corner of his mouth quirked into a private little smile just before he bent down to kiss the tip of your nose.
“I tidied up. I took care of some chores we’d both been putting off. But, above all else, I thought about you and hoped that you were happy. Were you?”
The gentleness in his fingertips, the tenderness in his gaze, made a lump rise into your throat. He was still so misunderstood by so many. The Avengers had more or less come to accept him on their team, but even you could tell that it was still begrudgingly. People on the streets still gave him wary looks when the two of you went walking together. You were perhaps the only person on Earth who had ever seen him like this, and you knew that Loki wanted it to stay that way.
You swallowed hard and shrugged. “It was a long day,” you finally said, guilt creeping in around the edges of your words. “I’m, like...hollow right now. Like, tired?”
He gave a sympathetic hum, low in his throat, and tilted his head as he went on looking at you with those bright eyes of his. “Go and change into something more comfortable, darling. I’ll take care of dinner.”
Some small part of your mind wanted to protest—you were pretty sure that it was your turn to make dinner tonight—but the rest of you was just so relieved that you sighed and agreed. He smiled brightly and gave you a quick, almost chaste, kiss on the lips before releasing you and stepping past you to head to the living room.
Moving as quickly as you could manage (which still wasn’t particularly quick), you retrieved a set of lounging-around clothing from the bedroom and slipped into the bathroom. You reached for the light switch without thinking about it, only to snort at yourself when nothing happened. But there was a candle on the shelf above the toilet, so you fumbled through the drawers in the sink until you found a lighter, and before long, the room was bathed in the gentle orange glow of candle light.
You thought about taking a shower. It could be nice, stepping under a warm spray and letting it melt the day off of your skin. But as you stood there regarding the tub, reluctance crept through you. It felt like such a task, and you were still so tired. No showers tonight, then, at least for right now. Instead, you washed your hands in the sink and then washed your face. That was good enough. You felt a little bit better already. By the time you’d changed your clothes and stepped out of the bathroom, you could hear Loki milling about in the living room. The sounds he was making were unfamiliar to you. What on earth was he doing?
As you leaned in the doorway, watching, he remained hard at work building some sort of blanket fort. He’d pulled in a few of the chairs from the kitchen, and otherwise rigged up some sort of series of supports using the other furniture—and possibly a bit of magic? He crawled out of the fort he’d built and met your eyes and grinned, spreading his arms wide as though to present the whole situation to you. “Do you like it?”
You nodded. Of course you did. “It’s gorgeous, Loki, but—why?”
He shrugged and rose to his feet again. “I just thought it might be nice. You’ve mentioned blanket forts here and there, remember? I wanted to try my hand at building one. Come inside, let me show you what I’ve done.” He reached for your hand and tugged you, so carefully, towards him. When he guided you inside the blankets, you actually had to catch your breath.
You would have expected it to be dark inside, given the fact that there was no power in the whole apartment, but little greenish lights were glowing near the ceiling of the fort. You’d recognize Loki’s magic anywhere. And the floor of the fort felt a little bit softer than the floor of your apartment, as though Loki had lined it with extra sheets or towels or simply with his magic. It didn’t take a moment before you were making yourself comfortable there on the floor, and he knelt down in front of you and looked at you with quiet pride in his eyes.
“It’s phenomenal,” you said in a low voice. He deserved to hear that sort of thing more often. “You’re a miracle, do you know that?”
He surged forward to steal a kiss, not that you’d ever in a million years refuse him, and even as he kissed you, you could feel him smiling.
The night went on. You spent most of it together in that fort. When pizza arrived, Loki was quick to rise to his feet, and went downstairs to retrieve it and pay for it. He made you promise to stay right where you were, and leave all the plating and preparation to him. It was hard to agree, but you couldn’t deny that you appreciated it. He brought you a plate piled high with your favorite pizza from your favorite place, and the two of you chatted while you ate.
When you were finished, the two of you wound up lying together on the floor, with Loki absolutely wrapped around you. Had you ever in your life felt as safe or cared-for as you felt in his arms? Surely not. He held you from behind and pressed warm kisses to your neck until you were squirming with happiness. Then, of course, he only seemed to redouble his efforts.
He told you stories. Many of them were the same stories he often told you at night, when the two of you were lying there in bed together and trying to fall asleep. They were comforting. You loved to hear him speak, his voice low and rich and delicious in the dim light illuminating the fort. He traced gentle patterns against your skin as he spoke, never quite tickling you but raising goosebumps in your skin all the same. Tonight, rather than merely allowing you to close your eyes and let his words take shape in your mind, you felt a gentle surge of magic, and discovered that the images were right there in front of you. He brought his stories to light there, right in front of you, and you watched with delight and quiet exclamations. He seemed proud of your reactions.
Good. He deserved to feel proud.
When your eyelids grew heavy and your responses to his story became a little bit slower and further between, you heard the way he lowered his voice. The lights in the fort grew dimmer as well, and his kisses became softer and more drawn-out. Not for the first time, or the last, you felt something swell in your chest—love, adoration, affection—and you did your best to nestle backwards into his arms. In the morning, the lights would be back on, and all would be normal again, but, right now, you slept peacefully, wrapped up in your lover’s arms and in his voice and in his magic.
And it was good.
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thelittlewriter · 22 days ago
Growing Close
Pairing : Suna x Reader
Previous Part / Next Part
Tumblr media
It had been a month since he had found you again. Since then, when he texted, you always answered. He always was surprised to unlock his phone to see a text of you. You two met a couple of times since then. He couldn't help but notice how much you had changed.
Your smiles were smaller, but it felt like you were happier. You were calmer in general too. You now had the habit of looking at your schedule. He was surprised when he saw you note your next meeting like an appointment. Seeing how he looked at you, you joked :
- I wasn't that organized back then, right ?
You were also much more confident. In yourself, in your skills, in your future. And you had that wisdom that grows with age, you had much more than him. You always gave him pieces of advice in the past, but it felt different now. Now, it felt like you had lived enough to know what you were talking about.
It felt like meeting a new person. He was sure you felt that way too. You didn't call him Rin anymore, just Suna, like you were getting to know him again. He couldn't bring himself to not call you by your first name, it would hurt too much. He wanted to think that you would grow close again, one day. But he couldn't deny you were somebody he used to know, and that he needed to learn about you all over again.
He noticed how he kept wanting for more. More of you, your smiles, your laughs, more of the two of you together again. Even though it felt good, he also knew how wrong it could become.
- Still on your phone ?
Suna looked at his girlfriend. He immediately dropped his phone and opened his arms. She laid down in his arms.
- I didn't wanna bring it up but... you seem to...
She couldn't say it, yet he knew what she wanted to say.
- Hiromi... I only look at you.
She nodded. He could feel her tense in his arms.
- Y/N is just an old friend.
- A friend you talk to a lot, she added with a sad voice. Someone who knows you better than I do and something happened between the two of you.
- Nothing happened between us. And you know me better.
That was true. He never liked you that way in the past and you were basically a stranger now. Just someone he wanted to get to know again. He looked at his girlfriend. He needed to set clear boundaries. Not for him, he told himself, but for his girlfriend.
- Are you doing something for lunch ?
He was seeing you, he thought. Hiromi was always busy during lunch, due to her busy work, so he figured he could just see you then.
- I...
He heard her sigh heavily as she got out of the bed.
- Forget I ask.
She sounded exasperated.
- I can still cancel.
He hoped it was not too late for you. He hoped you wouldn't mind.
- I know you can but... if you're free for lunch, why didn't you ask me first ?
- Because you're always busy during lunches.
She looked away. She clearly knew he was right but she couldn't help but be frustrated. He got up and pulled her into a hug.
- I'll cancel and we'll get lunch together. I know how you feel but...
I'm crazy about you. He remembered what you told him. It was still too early in the relationship.
- I'm only looking at you. No one else.
He kissed her. Then, he reached out for his phone. He saw your text. He couldn't help but feel guilty.
You (9:36 pm) : Do you still eat cookies ? I can bake those like I used to if you like.
Suna (9:44 pm) : Mind if I take a rain check on that lunch ?
Suna (9:45 pm) : Something came up, I'm sorry.
You (9:48 pm) : It's fine, don't worry !
Were you ? Fine ? He remembered the times when you said it was fine and you weren't. You always ended up fighting. He didn't want to fight you. He felt like he owed you more explanations. And then he realized. You weren't his best friend anymore. You weren't his whiny friend who used to hold everything in and suddenly burst. You weren't his friend whom he used to argue with while hugging each other. You weren't a kid anymore.
Suna (9:50 pm) : I'm sorry
You (9:53 pm) : Don't be !
He put his phone down and his girlfriend turned the light off. He fell asleep shortly after, wondering how the next day would have been if he had his lunch with you.
Tumblr media
And so he was only able to meet you a week later.
- I'm sorry... for last week.
You smiled.
- I told you it was ok !
You sat. It was only the third time you came here with Suna, yet you could tell that the waitress who always came to take your orders was looking at you. Maybe she was wondering why you two looked so awkward with each other.
Suna was a little more tense than usual. He had been thinking all week. This reunion with you clearly affected his girlfriend. He knew this, and he needed to act on it. Based on his experiences, he knew he had to be honest, not only to his girlfriend but also to you.
- I'm not sure we should see each other that often, he mumbled.
You tilted your head to the side. Your eyes changed, becoming more serious but you still had that reassuring smile on your face so he kept going :
- I'm pretty sure she's jealous... she said we were spending too much time together.
- And what do you think ?
He didn't want to stop talking to you, yet, he understood where his girlfriend came from. If only she could see how different it was from what she thought. There was absolutely nothing between you two, he wasn't even totally sure he could call it friendship yet.
- You know... if you think we shouldn't see each other anymore, it's fine too.
- No !
He almost screamed and startled you. The idea of losing you again terrified him. He didn't want to let you go ever again. He suddenly felt the heat on your hand under his. He didn't even notice he put your hand above yours. He quickly pulled out, like it burnt him and apologized.
- It's fine, you only said.
You were staring at your cake, as if you didn't want to meet his eyes. The more he looked at you, the more the answer to this issue became clear.
- How do you feel about meeting her ?
You looked up at him and nodded.
- When are you free for dinner ?
And so, you were invited to Suna's house for dinner, to meet his girlfriend. Girlfriend who, you supposed, wasn't even aware of his plan. What could possibly go wrong ?
- Absolutely everything can go wrong ! Nozomi screamed that evening when you told her. When did you say it was ?
- Tomorrow... but it's gonna be fine.
- It will be... but there's a lot of things you need to think about. Should you wear something classy ? But not too much, you can't be prettier than her.
She started pointing out everything you needed to think of and, even though you forgot half of what she said, when you hung up, you were far more stressed about the dinner than you were before.
When you arrived in front of Suna's door, wearing brand new clothes, you were a bundle of nerves.
Tumblr media
Tags : @ys2800 @jiminslajibolala​
Tumblr media
Hey ! I hope you enjoyed it ! I decided to stop right before dinner comes so I can really work on this scene... I think the next part will be done on Monday and I'll post it right away ! Have a good day
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apompkwrites · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
a week or so || scaramouche
masterlist characters: scaramouche genre: fluff summary: for the past week, scaramouche has been acting... different. his little changes don't go unnoticed by his fellow harbingers. notes: i was kinda lost on how to write for dottore and la signora? i hope this is okay!
ever since the harbingers knew him, scaramouche had been... what's the best way to put it? authoritative? cunning? whatever negative word they could think of, it usually applied to scaramouche.
of course, until they started to notice the small changes in his behavior.
"he seems... happier?"
what an odd word to describe their fellow harbinger. happy... their snarky, hot-headed harbinger was oddly upbeat and (somewhat) overjoyed.
his face shows less disdain than it normally does. even to tartaglia, the very harbinger he despised more than the others, his glare seemed to soften ever-so-slightly.
word would travel fast of the infamous harbinger's change in behavior.
if the other subordinates weren't scared of him...
thus, the gossip regarding the sixth harbinger is reduced only to their other harbingers.
"haven't you noticed anything going on with him?" tartaglia hummed, crossing his arms. a few of the other harbingers looked at him, shooting him questionable stares from across the table.
"why should we be concerned with that?" la signora raised an eyebrow at tartaglia, eyeing the man up and down.
"it's just kind of weird..."
the earliest instance tartarglia could remember was about a week or so ago. the hydro user had made it his goal that day, just like any other day, to become a nuisance to scaramouche.
all he wanted to do was rile him up as per usual. but somehow, all of his attempts seemed to fail.
poking fun at his height? scaramouche just bit his tongue and left.
messing with him while he's training? he just goes right back to what he had been, this time a few feet away from tartaglia.
mimicking him after he sends off his subordinates? he shoots him a dirty look but that's about it.
no matter how long he had done it, scaramouche showed restraint in his outbursts.
dottore, ever a curious man, thought back on all of the times he had seen the shorter harbinger pass by his workspace.
during those rare moments he had taken a break in experiments, he always had a good look at the people passing by. a few subordinates here, a few test subjects there, the usual. it wasn't too often for him to see scaramouche pass by, let alone with something tucked away in his arms.
the sixth harbinger attempted to sneak past dottore's open doorway, rushing past the lab towards another room down the hallway. after another unsuccessful experiment, dottore had threatened his assistant, as per protocol, and took a deep breath as he walked towards the door.
he had let his head peek out to stare down the hallway towards the harbinger, watching as he stood beside the locked office, holding a large bouquet in his arms.
pink lotuses were tucked away in the white container, nearly blending in with scaramouche's uniform. he seemed to take a relieved sigh before leaning against the locked door, hugging the suiren close to his chest.
what an odd expression for someone so full of disdain...
la signora was not one to idle in the rabble of the "commonfolk" (as childe was so lovingly dubbed) but even she couldn't help herself when she took note of scaramouche's odd behavior.
over the past few days, his sudden disappearances always... piqued her interest.
he seemed to disappear hours on end, only to reappear without any trace of leaving the building. no disturbed doors, no reports from the guards, nothing.
and halfway into the week, she had found her answer as to where he had gone off to.
she had spotted the familiar black veil that trailed behind him vanish behind the corner. letting her curiosity get the better of her, she allowed her body to follow after him, glancing around the corner to where scaramouche had stopped.
a small key was held in his hand, unlocking the office door as he twisted it into the lock. quickly, he hid himself away inside the room, the soft sound of the lock clicking filling the hallway.
and there he stayed for hours on end, prompting signora to leave a few minutes in.
"i'm baaack!" a cheerful voice chimed as the harbinger burst through the doors. a basket was hoisted over their shoulders, hidden just out of the view.
"welcome back!" tartaglia greeted, waving happily to the (h/color)-haired figure.
"huh, how am i here before scara?" they questioned, tilting their head slightly. "man... i even brought him the gifts i promised."
"gifts?" signora echoed, lightly tapping her fingers against the table.
"oh! i'm guessing he didn't tell anyone," they chuckled, sliding into their designated seat. they slid off the basket from their shoulders, gathering the contents in their arms and placing them on the table. "see?"
the complementary colors of pink and purple stood out against the dark desk. the flowers the harbinger had brought along were all neatly tucked away into a single bouquet, held together by a white container.
"that's an interesting selection," dottore hummed, nodding his head to the bouquet.
"i needed some help picking them out," (name) laughed, rubbing the back of their neck. "inazuma still has its signature flower specialists."
"how long until you're next station?"
"um... i think--"
"(name)!" scaramouche called out upon entering the room, causing the harbinger to shut their mouth and form a bright smile.
"you two seem close," tartaglia grinned, shooting a teasing smirk toward scaramouche's direction.
"huh? well of course we're close!" (name) interjected, jumping out of their chair. they skipped over to scaramouche's side, looping their arm around his. "we are dating after all!"
"you're dating?!"
"ah, that explains a lot," signora and dottore hummed in unison.
"for how long?!" tartaglia shouted, looking over at the duo for an answer.
"um... a few years now."
"and why did we never know?!"
"you never asked," scaramouche commented. "i still wouldn't have told you, though."
"scara! be nice! remember the rule was for a week until i get back, meaning you still have to be nice for a few more hours!"
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shotorozu · 5 months ago
hello! how are you? Hopefully you’re doing fine! But may i request for todoroki and bakugou where their s/o does the trend in tiktok where they’re cutting cucumbers, carrots, sausages while syncing the lyrics to “happier” of olivia rodrigo.. ty!!!
‘‘happier’ with what?’
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto (bnha)
based off this tiktok
legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used; gender neutral, quirk not mentioned
headcanon type : crack, fluff (x reader)
note(s) : i didn’t know what you were referring to until i stubbled across the trend on my fyp 💀 i decided to do this one because two characters 🤩 and im kinda busy working on another thing— but then i also didn’t wanna disappear for 6 days like last time (and also because i had more inspiration for this idea)
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
this trend appeared on your fyp, and you decided to do this, because all of the reactions looked way too funny for you to skip out on
plus, it’s a relatively harmless tiktok prank— compared to the other pranks you’ve pulled on him, it’s not like it’ll endanger the stability of your relationship
the most it’ll do is have him wincing and uncomfortably squirming because yeah, implications and innuendos 💀
you said you were going to make another tiktok, and that you wanted him to watch you make it
and katsuki acted like he didn’t, care at all like “🙄 do what you want, just don’t drag me in”
but then, he ends up follows you— just to watch whatever you’re about to do. like i’ve said in the past, he doesn’t actually hate it when you bring him into your tiktoks.
raises an eyebrow, questioning when you pull out the cutting board from the drawers, and a mini knife
and a raw hot dog from the fridge
“the fuck’s the hot dog for?” he asks from the sidelines, but you smile— propping your phone up to rest against the kitchen counter
then you start filming, the song resonating throughout the kitchen— katsuki thinks he’s heard of this song before
but the thought’s immediately discarded when he sees the frequent stares you’re shooting at him, cutting the hot dog up with specific slices
and the way you speed up with your slices, as you recite the lyrics “i hope. you’re. happier.”
“why would i be happier—” is what he tries saying, but the sound of your tireless chopping cuts him off
your chopping doesn’t slow down in the slightest, and his expression scrunches up at the sight
he’s confounded because what the hell are you doing 🤨❓ looking at him while chopping a hot dog aggressively
he finally intervenes “what the fuck- stop that shit, you’re not even chopping it correctly!”
without harming you, he forcefully takes the mini knife, aligning the remaining pieces of the hot dog into a straight line, cutting the hot dog in his way (the correct way, basically)
katsuki finally looks over at you, and his face is like 🤨❓❓❓he’s bewildered by your sudden burst of laughter
you end the tiktok, which also him to actually question you “what’s so funny?” he asks firmly, and rightfully so
who wouldn’t question their s/o, who just walked into their kitchen, started vigorously chopping up a hot dog, and then laughed like a madman 💀❓
and then you explained it all to him— the trend, the song meaning and why you were shooting stares at him while chopping up a hot dog
katsuki’s like 😐 ‘why would i be happier with some extra? who’s not even in the damn picture??’
“so that’s why you were chopping like that?” honestly, he’s more concerned about your chopping skills— katsuki says you should know better since he drags you into the kitchen whenever he cooks something
“wait, you weren’t concerned about the fact—”
“i mean, now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s shitty.” he squints, referring to the trend’s implications “i think i take more offense to the idea of you using a hot dog of all things.”
“because you know i’m way bigger than some hot dog—”
“i didn’t lie, now help me clean up this clusterfuck.”
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
similar to the scenario with bakugou— you came across the trend on your fyp
at first, you didn’t exactly get it. but when it finally came to you, it made you fall onto the floor, crying from laughter
you then scrolled under the sound for more reactions. you saw all kinds of versions (cucumbers and sausages) and they were all equally fun to watch
so you wanted to do the trend too— and yes, your boyfriend was going to be your subject, since all of his reactions are so amusing and authentic
it’s also because the thought of todoroki shouto cringing over a sausage being torn apart makes you giggle like a 12 year old.
you weren’t sure if he’d understand the innuendo, or if he’d react at all— but you decided to take your chances :))
waiting for you to settle down, shouto sees your movements to and from the kitchen. with his interest quipped, he asks “what are you up to, love?”
“oh, i’m gonna make a tiktok,” you mention with a smile, knowing that he’s interested
“can i watch?”
“you’re more than welcome,” you go back into making the impromptu setting for the tiktok, and you smile when he stands by your side
there’s a mini knife, a cutting board, and a banana sitting on the counter. so seeing all of the cooking materials, shouto assumes you’re going to make a snack for tiktok
he’s more than wrong
though he’s curious, he chooses to not verbally question you about this— i mean, all of the context clues are there, so what is there to ask?
then, you start filming, the audio’s clear as day, and it definitely surprises him. the song doesn’t sound very.. upbeat.
“but she’s beautiful,” you go along with the lyrics, taking a look full of ‘emotion’ at him as you make an incision, “she looks kind” you make another cut in the banana
“she probably gives you butterflies,” your actions against the banana grow more and more forceful, and he’s just left staring.
“i don’t know who ‘she’ is, but no, it doesn’t give me butterflies.” you ignored his comment, and proceed with the chopping like normal though you did want to cackle at his comment
he really said ‘it’ instead of ‘she’😭
shouto’s slowly growing more bemused by the second, because one— who’s ‘she’ 😃❓ who are you referring to? what are you referring to??
and two— why are you cutting up the banana with so much force? did you wake up wanting to cut a banana up with all of your might?
he’s worried about your insinuations, and he’s reviewing, reliving everything he’s done that past week, even though his face is like 😐 on the outside
but at this point, shouto’s worried about the chance of you hurting your arm💀
he’s on the right track, because you started chopping up the banana with such intensity, while emphasizing the lyrics with a chop
now, you’re not even looking at where you’re cutting anymore— and you’re just cutting wherever the knife lands on the banana
so your concerned heterochromatic boyfriend intervenes, finally “love, you’re gonna hurt yourself,”
unlike bakugou in his scenario, he carefully takes the mini knife away from you— grabbing your wrist so your oddly aggressive chopping would halt
“chop like this,” shouto demonstrates like a cooking show 💀 cutting the poor banana slowly, and with caution
this is the breaking point, because you burst out laughing— which makes him stop everything
like,, he knows he’s sorta slow at some moments, but HUH 😃❓❓ literally what? is the punchline?? pls tell him, or he’ll suffer
“i know i’ve said i was getting better at understanding the punchlines but.. could you explain?” and of course you explain, because he’s so genuine with his curiosity
you explain to him that it’s another trend on tiktok, and no you weren’t mad at the banana, and no you weren’t making a cooking tiktok with sad music
and that the banana was supposed to be his 😳🥵 /hj (for the second emoji)
he laughs when you’re done explaining, “i was starting to think i did something hurtful.”
“no of course not, i just wanted to see your reaction!”
“as expected,” he shows you a small smile, pressing a kiss onto your temple “but you can’t do that ever again. with that kind of force, you might lose a finger or two.”
you smile at his scolding, “yeah yeah, i won’t cut up my bananas like that again.”
he’s not worried about you implying that his 😳🥵 was like a banana because he knows it’s nowhere close to one 💀
the tiktok blows up once again, gaining 800k likes and 1.2M views. since everyone is thirsty for your tiktoks that feature the two of you but they’re mostly there for his reactions
the comments being like ‘love how he’s not offended about the banana 🤩’ ‘dude the way he held them 😔🖐 haha im so lonely’ ‘are you sure.. his thing is like a banana 😃❓’
the comments were super funny lowkey invasive but still funny and it came to the point that you and shouto spent 3 whole hours just,, reading all of them
but because of this trend in particular— shouto now monitors your activities in the kitchen and especially when you’re cooking while making tiktoks
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
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