camilalunatv · 4 months ago
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Thought of the day: gender classification is stupid and the system is not ready for this conversation, I’m gonna elaborate:
Obviously I get horny by this xdressing fetish, but is not all about sex (that’s ok to express ourselves towards our horniness)
But is a reality that many of us are not a full-time crossdressers (kinda). Maybe you as me want to hang out with friends dressed as who we are, talk about the same things we could talk as “the regular me”. Sometimes I want to be the woman treated respectfully, talk about our regular days, “being manly” if it's needed, "being girly" in a safe zone.
Maybe flirt with some curious guys and girls, exchange glances and do nothing than keep talking with my friends in the pub’s table.
Driving home while feeling secure and comfortable being not a man, not a woman, just a feminine being with a broad spectrum of feelings.
I don’t know, those are just my today’s thoughts
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misshyperglam · 10 months ago
Let's get you back on track! 💕
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thesincerethoughts · 3 months ago
Feminine urge this, masculine urge that. When will y'all get the urge to talk to a therapist
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thecerealbox · 8 days ago
Don't pretend you have the babies interests at heart when you force them into a world which might not even be sustainable for humans by the end of their lives.
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thats-on-point · 2 months ago
Clip: Durham Report Suggests Clinton May Have Comitted Treason (Explicit)
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wisdomofsagacity · 2 months ago
Everyone deserves a good night peaceful sleep after a couple of days of mental and physical hard work.
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alwaysdreamingg · a month ago
Duniya mai agar kisi k sath kuch bura karna ho toh bewafai se zyda bura kuch nahi ho sakta
Aur agar aaj aap kisi k sath bewafai karenge toh kal aapke sath bhi hogi
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nionovachristiana · 4 months ago
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cosmic-blogs · 6 months ago
You may toil.
You may glide.
You may trek on a day rough.
You may trudge in the night
You may sleep enough.
You may read, little
Observe, more,
know it all or none
You may educate yourself tough.
You may gamble and win,
Lose caution to the wind.
You may earn,
In abundance.
Treasures you may find
Or be made to cede,
Both in cash and kind
You may lose the battle
Before the fight.
You may lose to it,
Both love
And peace of mind.
You may retrieve
It all.
But not escape the fall.
Or you may think
You will be saved in a blink.
You may take a risk
give in to calculation
You may love again
And this time like a hurricane.
Till your heart
Learns to laugh at devastation.
You may dream, dreams
For others.
You may love your own nightmares.
You may work
Till satisfaction becomes
unsatisfied with itself.
You may not or you may
Turn your life into a holiday.
You may raise children
Or be raised by them.
You may sing for them
When they feel defeated
And cry with joy
When they win.
You may own estates
You may live simply on a hill.
You may fulfill each day
To its fill.
But all life
Yours or mine
Has the demon of regret waiting
At the end
You may have smoked all strife,
without exception.
There is always a moment
Even for the mightiest,
When the soul is ready to leave.
They dissolve into regret .
A rueing
They could have done more.
They wasted their life.
Even the ones who lived to the fullest.
Amassed aplenty,
to reward their birth on earth
The ones who emptied their coffers.
To feel spiritually fulfilled
The ones that believed in fate
And waited with patience
For manna from heaven.
The ones
Who believe they
Could chisel their destiny.
And went about it
With gladness of a fete
Each and every
at the end of the journey
When the body begins to turn to dust
Watch their soul shed tears of regret.
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yesaccordingtomeok · 6 months ago
"That it will never come again is what makes each day so sweet and unique"
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carelinewrite · a month ago
It’s hard to write poetry
when you know someone else doesn’t have a pen in hand or place to sit and think,
hard to think of anything other than what may be on the mind of someone hiding in an underground cellar,
when you know someone’s grandma thought she’d be underground before another World War would come for her,
hard to express yourself when you know others are expressly remaining silent as to not be heard,
surrounded by an enemy.
March 24
-Caroline Wright
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nymiranina · 10 months ago
It’s not about how many books you read...
...but what personal value you gain through the experience a book can provide.
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I noticed a lot of people who hurry through books. People who give themselves the challenge to read as much as possible in a given time frame. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, I believe the value one receives from the book plays a more significant role than the quantity itself.
Enjoy the book. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the value.
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yet-to-dawn · 10 months ago
my dumbass already having trust issues to someone else: its alright. You can trust me :)
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thesincerethoughts · 6 months ago
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thesandalledcindrella · 2 months ago
Hey, Gen Z here and in 5 years my imagination will be parallely passing my ambition.
I'm here because my procrastination was getting in the way of my daily chores and because nagging works.
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jmelam · a year ago
“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”
- Deepak Chopra
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wisdomofsagacity · 4 months ago
My profile, My rules
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crescent-july · 3 months ago
The most important thing as a creative individual is creative freedom. My Friday piece of advice to you- do not settle for anything that imprisons it.
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nionovachristiana · 4 months ago
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cosmic-blogs · 6 months ago
I picked the full moon from the skies
And pinned it in my hair.
I tossed my mane and shook out
The fireflies.
I told them, go,
sleep through the night
While the moon danced in my hair.
There is magic in my fingers,
I told them in hushed whispers,
When I run them through the strands.
The moonlight becomes rivulets.
I become the lunar maiden
Some nights
And the moon goddess on some.
I repose on a bed of stardust
The comets spread for me
Hurriedly, as they
broke themselves up
For the entertainment
of a cruel night.
There are stars
Sparkling like rubies
In bubbling, red wine
That glow as they
Go down my throat.
Bloodying the night
With their shine.
The wolves howl in the distance
In fright
As they see me become
A glittering night.
Two full moons in my eyes
And moonlight flowing
Through my hair.
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