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incorrect-lotr-trash · 2 days ago
Thranduil: Accept your flaws and you'll feel better. That's what I did Elrond: You accepted your flaws? Thranduil: No. I accepted yours
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runawaymun · 2 days ago
Not to be angsty on main but sometimes I think that maybe the reason Thranduil doesn’t braid his hair/have his hair braided is not just ✨aesthetic✨ but because his wife always liked to do it for him, and he can’t let anyone else touch his hair and doesn’t like to do it himself, and maybe sort of wears it as a form of grief, a symbol of her absence and a sign of her memory, even though he can’t bear to speak of her.
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inputanimeoutput · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ホビット指輪色々まとめ || kagalin *** Reprinted with permission from the artist.  Do not repost or delete source information.
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camilla-konroji · a day ago
Ok but these picture-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is too cute, my heart-
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narniaandthenorth · 17 hours ago
Legolas: why is life so hard, ada?
Thranduil, comforting him: don't worry, onya, i know that this all seems unfair now
Thranduil: but someday when you're older and wiser, you'll be able to look back on all this...
Thranduil: and get revenge
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madamebaggio · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Notes: This one is pure crack, but it just sounded funny in my head...
“Thorin... Why are you in the dungeons?” Bilbo asked with a sigh.
“No reason.” Thorim grumbled.
Blibo narrowed his eyes. “Did you fight with Thranduil again?” He demanded.
There was a way too long pause. “No.”
“Were you drunk?”
Another pause. “Perhaps.”
“Bilbo.” A voice came from the left. “Be a dear and let me out as well.”
Bilbo’s eyes became round in shock. “Is that Thranduil?”
Thorin looked mighty embarrassed now. “We were fighting so Legolas locked both of us up.”
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two1nthep1nk · 2 days ago
ah of course. you speak of thranduil, king of the mirkwood, father of legolas and eternal cheek spreader, i know of him yes
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 23 hours ago
Elrond: You're very cruel Thranduil: Ah yes, it keeps me young
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khobnevac · a day ago
Tumblr media
Thranduil and Lord Elrond as Gelflings
Technically the gelflings are a matriarchal community, but I still imagine that Elrond and Thranduil would be similar to the Maudras of their clans. IDK if there is any word to define them, since "Maudra" could be translated as "Mother"
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thelotrqueerficlibrary · 15 hours ago
Five Fics For Long Time Tolkien Fic Readers
…I’m 99.9% sure you haven’t read at least one of these fics. Let’s do this.
Like A Long Forgotten Dream by Antarctica_or_bust
|| explicit - 16.3k - completed ||
Fíli and Kíli are actually Legolas' time-traveling love children from the future. This changes everything.
Notes: This fic is entirely crack treated seriously, and I adore it. Although I’m not totally sold on the ending the rest of it is just *chef’s kiss*. Btw gigolas and Aragorn/Legolas centric. Not a very heavy read but still really fun. Like I said, it’s crack.
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes by diemarysues
|| general - 64.2k - completed ||
Bilbo Baggins has been plagued with dreams for some months, always filled with the same stranger: big hands, strong arms, dark hair. It seems a mystery until he figures that it is a Dwarf, though this only narrows down his search to every Dwarf in Erebor.
When he overhears mention of a special party in the Mountain he wishes briefly that he can attend. But that's ridiculous. He's a Hobbit, not a Dwarf.
Turns out that's not a problem when magic is involved.
Notes: I read this fic pretty recently and as the summary kind of says, it’s a Cinderella au. I adore this fic so much and was an instant bookmark. I’m pretty particular when it comes to bookmarking so yeahhhhh
Into the Woods by NameLess_FaceLess_FormLess
|| teen - 44.7k - completed ||
Two widowers stumble upon each other, one cursed with a mediocre life in a judgemental town, the other with an actual curse.
Notes: In my experience it’s hard to find really good fairytale au’s, especially Beauty and the Beast. Like, the goal is for the relationship to not be toxic right guys..? Still, this fic manages to blow me away every time I read it. This is a barduil fic and you may not be into that right now but I still recommend giving it a shot. Especially if you’re into thilbo, gigolas, and the like. It’s truly one of my favorites.
Rearrange by smilebackwards
|| general - 10.6k - completed ||
Prince Fili’s betrothal to the elf prince of Mirkwood causes Gimli many problems, not least of which, he’s beginning to strongly suspect that Legolas may be his One.
Notes: I just can’t with this fic, it hits you right in the feels and never stops. It’s so fluffy but like also angsty (like any good fic), and the endingggg. And Filiiiiii. I feel like a lot of authors struggle with writing dwarves, Fili and Kili specifically, because they’re not sure how far to take their childishness. For this environment I think Fili was done particularly well, even if it’s not how I would view him in other situations. Btw gigolas.
In June and June and More June by Dragonslaeyr
|| teen - 88.7k - completed ||
When Bilbo agreed on a trip to Erebor to clear up the last of his mother's estate, what he didn't count on was falling in love with its gorgeous landscape, the fiercely proud people, and yes, the delicious food. Now if only he could figure out why everyone was acting so strangely around his neighbours...
Notes: This is actually the fic that I’m reading right now (and loving, obviously), but I’m sold on it already so I didn’t want to have to wait to get this rec out to you. Also like, once I do this I’ve got nothing else I’ve gotta get done, so that’s epic. It’s thilbo centric and modern day au with secretive Thorin, and Smaug has already been taken care of so that’s not a second hand stresser. It’s just lovely overall with the way it present all of the company and Frerin is alive, which is always nice. And mini Fili and Kili. Bro I’m in so deep with this fic, but that’s how it goes ig, lmao.
That’s it for today! This rec was specific to those who are looking for fics that they haven’t already read. But ofc you would absolutely enjoy these fics even if you aren’t already in deep. After these fics you probably will be, tho.
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fanpageknight · 19 hours ago
Could you make your imagine about “The starlight gems being a shattered crystal gem and when Gandalf heals them, you come back to life.” Into a one-shot or fic as a Thranduil x Gem!reader? It sounds soooooo cool
Thranduil x Gn Gem reader
Warnings: none
Gems Powers: I wanted to play off the idea that it's a star light gem.
ithildin = starlight
Hopefully I didn't make this to cheese. I might do future fics w/ the gem reader idea but these specific fiction is a one shot.
Tumblr media
It was the end of the battle of 5 armies and Thranduil was in the treasure room of Ernbor to retrieve his precious star light gems. Thranduil ran his fingers through the gems with tears softly dancing down his face. "Those are quite beautiful. I can see why your wife loved them so dearly. " The evlish king looked over his shoulder to see Gandalf approaching. "Yes they are. She always told me how valuable they are." He replied. "But do you know why?" Gandalf question now by the King's side. Thranduil frowned his eyebrows in confusion. "What are you on about?" "So then you don't. I feel a great power coming from those gems. I can't say for sure what it is but it appears to be some sort of soul." Thranduil looked up in shocked. 'A soul?! What do you mean a soul?! Could it be my beloved?' Gandalf raised a hand over the star light gems and closed his eyes. Gandalf could feel something from with in it grabbing his hand carefully as not to startled him. "Free me." The soul said to the wizard. "Stand back your highness. I must try something." The king listened but still questioned Gandalf. Gandalf aimed his staff at the gems and spoke an incantation. "What are yo-" before Thranduil could finish his sentence the star light gems start to shake before shooting into the air. The two on lookers gasped. As the gems spun faster and faster as it started to form one gem the size of a hand. The gem stilled for only a moment before a body of light started to appear around it. "Elerrian? My beloved have you returned to me?" Cried out Thranduil
It all started when you meet the elves queen all those years ago. You had woken up in a forest after falling to middle earth. The Queen took care of you in secret not want to introduce her family to a new species without knowing if they meant harm. She showed you all the love and help she could and in exchange you taught her about yourself. You spoke of how you came from the stars and of your gem.
After a long time the evlish queen, who you learned to be Elerrian, wanted nothing more then to introduce you to her loved ones but that day didn't come instead you were met with war. A war you fought bravely in. On the battle you had come face to face with an opponent who you just couldn't seem to win against. They plugged their weapon deep into your chest to which your body turns into light leaving nothing but a beautiful gem. They opponent laughed in the face of the Queen and stomped on your gem shattering it into hundreds of pieces. Elerrian rampaged to avenge you and when she won she gather every single piece of and give you to her husband Thranduil to protect. "I call them starlight gems and they are the most valuable gems in all of middle earth."
She later dead in battle herself only leaving Thranduil with her son and the gems.
The body became whole and gentle floated downward to the ground. It wasn't Thranduil's queen. "Who are you?!" Thranduil asked upset that he thought there was a moment of hope. You looked around in a hurry. "Elerrian?! Where's Elerrian?!" You asked not knowing what happened after you passed out. "WHO ARE YOU?! How fo you know that name?!" Thranduil intrigued. "My name is y/n l/n. I'm from beyond the stars. On I will ask again." You pulled your weapon from your gem and aimed it at the two strangers. "Where is Elerrian?" Gandalf stepped in front of Thranduil. "I am Gandalf the blue and this is Thranduil the evlish king." You looked at the elf. "Thranduil? Elerrian spoke of you. Where is your queen now?" "Elerrian is no longer with us. She passed on while fighting in battle." Gandalf answered "What?" You started to tear up your dearest friend was gone. "How did you know her?" Thranduil asked. "She found me when I fell to earth... She took me in cared for me... How could I let this happen to her?" "How about we get to somewhere more comfortable to speak." Gandalf suggested.
The three if you spoke in Thranduil war tent. You answered each others questions and mourned together. Thranduil can't stop himself from being awestruck by you. You where a fallen star. You were pure light. Your emotions were so raw and real. Some one finally understood his pain. "Would you like to come back to Mirkwood with me?" Thranduil knew that just because you weren't tiny gems anymore doesn't mean you were any less valuable. He swore to protect you. So he will. "Can I really?" He smiled at you. "Of course it's what Elerrian would want." Gandalf smiled seeing the King's heart soften.
[A few months later]
Thranduil welcomed you into his kingdom with open arms. He made you his right hand man in battle. You abilities blow him away. Every time you spoke of your homeland he was in a days trying to memorialize very word you said.
For the first time in a hundred years Thranduil felt like he was healing. The corpse of his heart bloomed with life.
Today the elves of Mirkwood was throwing their annual star festival and of course you where center of everyone's attention. You conjectured your own outfit out of light and light up whatever room you walked into.
The elves asked you to demonstrate some of your powers so you made your way to the center of the room and held up your hand. To show a small universe.
Tumblr media
Before throwing it up to take over the ceiling. The room ruptured into ohs and awes. Thranduil eyes reflected the galaxy. His face blush out of admiration for you. Elven music start to play. Thranduil made his way to you. "May I have this dance,ithildin?" You smiled at him. "The mighty elf king knows how to dance?" You asked taking his hand. "I'm full of surprises. Just like you." He gives a sweet grin before putting his hand on your waist.
Your stars and planets ultimate the room as the two of you danced. The both if you where lost in each other's eyes. Your gem started to glow as your emotions felt to strong to contain. Thranduil noticed your eyes drifting to his mouth. He lead closer to face and whispered "May I kiss you, ithildin?" You blushed. "Yes" you answered quietly and despite. The elf king closed the gap between you, locking lips. He was warm and gentle with you. His big hand raised to the back of your head afraid the if he stopped he would awake from this peaceful, passionate dream.
As you finally pulled away the sounds around you seemed to come back the Mirkwood elves where cheering for their king and the starlight gem. Even Legolas who had been keeping to himself found himself smiled at the thought of his father finding happiness again. Thranduil rested his forehead on yours. "What a immaculate being you are. To think I would one day be able to hold the heavens in my hand. Y/n there is something I would ever much like to show you. If you'd like to take a walk with me." "Yes of course what is it?" You asked taking his arm. He walked you to the garden and down a path that seemed a little over grown. When you turned the corner you saw a statue of Elerrian covered in vines. "I had come to visit this place just a few nights ago and the most extraordinary thing happened. I heard Elerrian's voice." You looked him shocked. "She told me how grateful she was to see me heal and that it sadden her when I was rotting with grief. She told me about you. How much she'd loves you and how you where a fallen star sent to help not just Mirkwood but all of middle earth." Tears tickled your face as you listened. He turns to you "for the first time since her passing I have felt at peace with it all and with you I feel like a young boy again. Mirkwood would strive with you as a ruler. So y/n my ithildin would you please do me the honor of being my spouse not just for me but for middle earth." You where speechless. "I-...yes, Thranduil. I would be honored." He smiled with waterly eyes and pulled you in for a kiss.
The End
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blueberryrock · 2 days ago
Lemme lay this thought on y'all
Thranduil sleeps with one of those overnight face mask thingies every night, right?
Well just imagine poor baby Legolas waking up from a nightmare or something and going to his dad's room and like a damn vampire, he just sits straight up in the dark and only says what?
Poor Legolas would run the door screaming at the top of his lungs while his dad is just groggily watching him run, not even registering what happened
I have been giggling about this for a few hours now
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inputanimeoutput · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
ホビット指輪色々まとめ || kagalin *** Reprinted with permission from the artist.  Do not repost or delete source information.
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camilla-konroji · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
An anime Thranduil is even more hotter and more sexy than the real Thranduil-
Now I wish I was Legolas mother-
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suicunesrider · 6 months ago
So nobody was gonna tell me Lee Pace is bi and Luke Evans is gay huh?
That scene in the third Hobbit film where Thranduil and Bard and Gandalf are all hanging out in a tent? I just had to realize it was a tent of men who love men all by myself huh
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