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#three sentence fic

Magni felt the nibbles against the inner sides of her thighs and her neck. Pale fingers glided along her skin, faint trickles of pleasure seeping through her bones, her soul. Pain shot beneath sharp teeth dug deep into sun-darken skin, lingering with a flush of pleasure that left Magni gasping when fingers drifted over a place brimming with fire, yearning to be touched.

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Hmmm. I kinda want to try challenging/limiting myself with three sentence stories – seeing how much I can do with just three sentences. If you want to give me prompts for that, it might be fun, I dunno ^^

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So, I’ve taken a bit of time off from writing to clear my head and keep other stuff going and flowing. Now, I’m quite happy to get into the swing of writing some more chapters, but I’d like a bit of a warmup first. So, feel free to send in your prompt, pairing, fandom, or any combination, and I’ll write a three sentence fic for it. Within reason. Basically, it doesn’t have to be something in my tags, and if I’m not comfortable writing it, or I feel like I shouldn’t, then I’ll let you know. It’s about 1 am here as I send this in, I’ll reblog when I get up for other time periods.

Basically, main things I’m definitely happy writing for are:

  • Pokémon (before Sun & Moon for Anime - haven’t watched yet)
  • Spideychelle (MCU)
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Rayllum (Dragon Prince)
  • Star Wars (Clone Wars or Rebels)
  • Hiccstrid (HTTYD)
  • Big Hero 6
  •  Thorkyrie (MCU)
  • My Hero Academia (up to anime’s current point)

Beyond that, anything that fits within those fandoms or has similar connotations should be fine. Again, if I’m not particularly comfortable writing, I’ll let you know and give you the opportunity to send in another option.

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“Wait, so you really didn’t know I was a vampire?” 

“I thought you were just, I dunno, into the aesthetic!” Virgil exclaimed, and Remus laughed. 

“Virgil, I keep blood bags in our refridgrator! You’ve seen me drink out of one! 

“I thought you were just being morbid with kool-aid!”

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“I had such a good time tonight,” Patton sighed happily as he and his date walked down the dimly lit street. “I wish it didn’t have to end.” 

“You know….” Virgil said in a slow, shy voice that sent Patton’s heart fluttering. “The night’s still young….want to go on an adventure?” 

Patton grinned, and took Virgil’s hand. “I would love nothing more.”

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“I’m tired of living,” Virgil said suddenly, breaking the silence that had stretched over the pair of college students. “I’m going to become a bog monster.” 

“Wouldn’t a bog monster still technically be alive?” Logan asked, grinning as he watched Virgil ponder the question. 

“Maybe,” Virgil said eventually. “But they don’t have to write term papers.”

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As soon as he reappears, Divya is making grabby hands at the slightly-precariously-balanced tray that he carries. She snatches up the bowl of ice cream the second that it’s within reach, spoon halfway to her mouth before Ajay’s even sat down on the couch.

“Straight in on the ice cream,” he says, shaking his head, “and without even bothering to Instagram my hashtag-boyfriend-goals sundae assembly.”

“Because naturally, the best way to keep this relationship quiet is for me to post a hundred pictures of you bringing me ice cream,” Divya says flatly.

“Consider the following,” Ajay says, stealing a spoonful of ice cream from her bowl in spite of the fact that he has his own. “If I don’t get a set amount of validation from strangers on a daily basis, I will shrivel up and die.”

She rolls her eyes at him, but she does let him have another bite of her sundae before snatching it away, so he figures that she can’t be that exasperated.

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Frank looks up now and flinches upon seeing Ted and for a moment Ted wants to laugh because he had the exact same reaction upon seeing another person there. Then Ted realises that he was just staring at Frank and Frank caught him doing so and that’s actually kind of embarrassing. (bc sometimes you just have to write a self indulgent frankoffski fic)

“Part of me hopes so, but I don’t think. The last time I saw him before earlier today, he was different. The Wilbur I knew had died already.” (Monsters And Men, ch 4) 

unfortunately I don’t have anything for ‘bastard’ sgdgfhf sorry

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From Send Me Home (the baseball au - still a very rough draft):

The first thing he notices are the six guitars - three held firmly in their stands, two on the floor, and one in Alex Manes’ lap. The second thing he notices are Alex’s hands - the largeness of them and the way they dwarf his narrow wrists. Their dexterity as he runs his long fingers over the thick strings. The neatly trimmed nails and the hint of perfectly formed calluses on his fingertips. Michael’s so focused on the way they move he doesn’t notice the two suits leave and he almost doesn’t hear Alex speak.

‘Sorry you had to come alone.’ Alex sets the black acoustic guitar aside and stands up off the leather sofa. ‘I get anxious before shows sometimes. But I wanted to meet you since you’re the whole reason I’m here.’ He holds out his hand to Michael.

Rarely in his thirty years has Michael ever been speechless. But when he takes Alex’s hand the only words he can manage are a scratchy hello and a garbled attempt at clearing his throat. Alex smiles and turns behind him to grab Michael a bottle of water. ‘It’s my favorite brand. Helps with my throat and my voice. My manager thinks it’s all in my head. Says it’s just water.’ Alex shrugs.

He looks down at the bottle. ‘Imported from Malaysia. Fancy.’ Of course the first words he finds are sarcastic. He twists the cap off and downs half the water in just two gulps. ‘Sorry. Don’t mean to be a shit. All of this,’ he motions at Alex and the guitars, ‘has just caught me off guard. Thanks for the water.’

‘Right. The surprise. I hate surprises myself so it’s okay if you’re less than thrilled.’ Alex sits back down on the sofa and gestures to the cushion next to him. Michael reluctantly joins him but takes extra special care to leave enough distance that another person could easily fit between them. ‘Your sister was a bit of ballbuster on the phone.’

Michael sighs and rolls his eyes. ‘Of course you talked to Isobel.’

Alex laughs softly. ‘She’s friends with my manager’s wife. You all went to high school together apparently. Kate Cameron? Or Kate Long before she got married, I think.’

‘Sure. Kate Long. Hard to forget the Longs. Richest family in Roswell.’ Michael drinks more of his water and wonders if enough time has passed that excusing himself to run back to the clubhouse would be appropriate. He doubts it. Clearing his throat again, he asks, ‘Do you like baseball or did my sister have to bribe you with something. I at least hope you’re getting paid.’

Michael swears Alex blushes. He definitely diverts his gaze. ‘I hate baseball. Well, I don’t actually know enough about baseball to hate it. So more like deep ambivalence.’

‘Okay. It sucks that Isobel made you feel obligated to drive all the way down here.’ He stands more abruptly than he means to, but with every word out of Alex’s mouth he grows angrier and angrier at his sister. Plus, the temperature in the room keeps rising and he’s starting to sweat. ‘I should go. I really don’t want to bother you and sorry about Isobel. Maybe don’t take her phone calls from now on.’

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In a slight divergence of canon- or maybe in a world where canon diverged wildly, perhaps one where in a cave-in south of Kanabi Bridge a boy named Uchiha Obito was too slow to reach a stumbling Hatake Kakashi and wept over the dying body of his rival and best friend, oblivious to how his eyes were pinwheeling into a forbidden shape- Sasuke notices what he did not before. 

He notices the distrustful eyes that stare at the uchiwa on the back of his clothes. He sees how the clan has been shunted off away from the rest of the village. He picks up that the clan is lying about all this not being a big deal. His clan is being watched by authorities. His brother makes it into ANBU and the pipeline to the village- Sasuke understands this now. Itachi is supposed to help their clan regain trust they have falsely lost. (The kyuubi and the sharingan, he learns. No Uchiha that the clan knew controlled the nine-tails that night. Madara the traitor once did, long ago. Someone has framed them, or there is a traitor. Or Madara’s ghost, still angry at the clan that rebuffed him.) But Itachi isn’t doing what he’s supposed to? Sasuke wonders. His big brother is so smart and skilled and why not?

In this slight offset to canon, Sasuke figures out that his family was under suspicion of a coup. He does not believe that his clan was disloyal. He does not believe that Itachi was ordered to murder them. He has the trust that any reasonable person, and any reasonable child, would have. But he does believe that the mistrust was partly to blame for what made Itachi snap. Or maybe Itachi was bad all along? Sasuke cries because even in this universe he still does not know or understand why. He knows the clan history and stories around Madara, Madara who took his brother’s eyes for power (here’s the stone beneath the shrine that tells him), Madara who helped to build Kohana but then betrayed it, left it, left his clan -no, the Uchiha clan stayed loyal and ousted Madara, rejected Madara and his kin-killing eyes, rejected his warmongering, together they were stronger and loyal. Itachi is another Madara, another stain on Clan Uchiha who had once been its brightest hope. Sasuke will prove that he is not Madara. Konoha will not doubt him or his loyalty. He must be perfect - but not snap. And put his teammates and village above power. (and maybe some of this aversion to betraying the village is a subliminal imprint from Itachi’s Tsukuyomi, unintentional or not).

Sasuke dislikes Naruto because he sees a boy in a similar position, dangerously on the outs with the rest of the village, an orphan without support or safety net and no friends- and one recklessly aggravating everyone around him and breaking rules. He is afraid for Naruto, wants to shake some sense into the other boy, if he dared approach. Team Seven is a blessing in a way. He will knock some self-preservation into the blonde idiot if it’s the last thing he does.

Perhaps this universe is also the one where a young Sasuke has a pretty girl with cherry-pink hair shily mention that she likes him, and he goes home excited to his mom because he doesn’t know what to do with that but it’s nice and he gets teased by her and it puffs up his ego for a day - but only for a day. Because the next day at school the same girl comes up and shouts that she’s changed her mind and no longer likes him, and Sasuke is sad and confused. He attributes it to the dark cloud of distrust and animosity of his clan, not realizing that the issue is more personal, that the pink-haired girl had mentioned her confession to her best friend. That Sakura having learned that her first friend Ino also liked Sasuke, instead makes the choice to outwardly disavow ehr feelings rather than lose her first friend and protector (to be fair, Ino also decides to be fair and also disavow her crush, loudly proclaiming that she too dislikes Sasuke. The squashing of infatuation is more genuine on Ino’s part, and part of the motivation is for Ino to prove that she is superior and independent to other girls. The schoolyard war among the girls becomes this, with lines drawn. Hinata unexpectedly finds herself with two proclaimed friend/allies.

Sasuke pretends that he doesn’t care about if any girl likes him or not (secretly he thinks Sakura is pretty and blushes at the idea of one day reclaiming her affection. One day he will be so impressive that she’ll change her mind back and like him once more.).

While we are here, this might also be the universe where Uzumaki Naruto switches his goal from what he proclaimed it to be: become Hokage, to what he really meant by it: to be treated as a person of worth and not a monster. This change happens somewhere after having ramen and a heart-to-heart with Iruka, discovering the truth of his status as host of a tailed beast, and learning that such jinchuuriki were to be the last defenses and ultimate weapons of their respective villages and often closely tied to the Kages, but not Kages themselves. Naruto thinks that his status as jinchuuriki is insurmountable for that first goal- but that means he will just try harder with his second, which is to make everyone see only him and not the tailed beast. Here is where smart, kind Sakura, who loves her two teammates and has learned their secrets and their fears tied to internal village politics (and Danzo, oh how even early on she hates Danzo and everything his point-of-view represents), makes a vow. She cries when a ninja is not supposed to, because her sensei reminds her that ninja are not emotionless tools. She admires the Third Hokage, Sarutobi famous for learning hundreds and thousands of skills, the Professor who is feared for his brains. Haruno Sakura takes up that discharged dream to become Hokage. Her forehead scrunched in righteous angry determination, she tells her teammates that she will become the next Sarutobi (and the next Tsunade at least for using perfect chakra control to pulverize mountains with one punch). She will become Hokage, and when she is Hokage, the Kyuubi jinchuuriki will not be treated as a tool to be feared or controlled, but only as the Hokage’s teammate Uzumaki Naruto. And that the same goes for Uchiha Sasuke. When the Hokage’s right hand is Uchiha, there will be no second-class citizenship, no state-sanctioned doubt of their loyalty and sacrifice. And Sasuke and Naruto know that they won’t earn Konoha’s trust like she can, but their strength can support her- and she, kind and loyal and fierce, will fight and scheme to give them that chance at happiness. Inner Sasuke, romantic, fantasies about being the Hokage’s shadow bodyguard/knight/husband, the Stern General to her Beautiful and Powerful Empress. Naruto can be their Court Fool.

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From Three Strikes (the baseball au!):

‘Philanthropy is not worthless, Michael!’ She sighs loudly to punctuate her exasperation. ‘And my salary is not the point - the point is helping people. Besides, I have all of Noah’s money and can negotiate more pay any time I choose.’

That he believes. ‘How’d your date go last night?’ Asking Isobel about her date absolutely means she’ll push him to share something just as personal. But it was her first official date with a woman and he genuinely wants to know how it went. No matter the price he’ll pay.

‘Really, really, really well.’ He can hear the grin in her voice and it makes him smile. ‘She’s a cardiologist and very good with her hands. Valenti makes a pretty superb matchmaker. Maybe I’ll ship him your way because you could certainly use the help.’

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Hey! Sorry it took me a while. My thinking is that Derek has witnessed the sight many times before (the Preserve seeming to draw all the fireflies to it), but Stiles has not so this is his first time taking in the light show. Hope you enjoy! 😘

Title from the poem Fireflies by Rabindranath Tagore.

Make the Stars Wonder

Derek had always thought he’d never see anything more breathtaking than the fireflies that gathered in their thousands in the Preserve every summer, but if anyone was going to prove him wrong of course it would be Stiles.

“So beautiful,” Stiles whispered, completely unaware of the effect he was having on his companion, entranced as he was by the sight before him, voice full of awe, scent happy and serene.

And Derek, not even glancing at the glowing fireflies, his eyes dazzled by the still brighter luminosity of the boy beside him, a luminosity so bright it would make the stars themselves wonder, could only agree.

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“We’re going to have to break it down,” Jiang Cheng curses, staring at the sturdy security door, “my lockpick kit’s gone - must’ve fallen out when we scaled the building.”

“Really man??” bites out Nie Mingjue, “I take out all those guards - quietly - and you’re telling me we can’t even get in without smashing our way through?”

“Boys, boys, when are you going to learn,” Wen Qing chides over the comms as the lock opens with a tiny click, “the 21st century is the age of the geek.”

Three-sentence prompt me!

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Cheerfully slamming and locking the door behind the last horrible guests to finally leave the Nighmare of Heterosexual Bullshit, Wen Qing snagged a chilled bottle of the truly exorbitant champagne order from the bar and made her way back to the comfortable office of their event space.

“Okay ladies, they’re gone,” she called out, “now who’s ready to celebrate that the Worst Wedding Ever is officially ov-”

Mianmian looked up from where she was carefully piping buttercream rosettes onto Yanli’s naked breasts and cooed, “ooh Qingqing, you brought bubbles!”

Three-sentence prompt me!

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Magni shivered beneath Alexandra’s nibbles, breath pitching when her teeth dug a little into the woman’s skin. Delight filled her senses as the mere hints of blood that bubbled from Magni’s neck filled her; it was intoxicating, addicting. Pushing deeper, a hand wandered up and squeezed a large bosom, kneading it as her mind began to grow hazy with everything that Magni was, delicious beyond anything Alexandra had ever had in over centuries.

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Leliana knew that it was wrong, more wrong than ever wrong could dare describe. The Boss was more pretty than she should ought to be, with her red lips which popped, those long black locks that cascaded down like a shroud of darkness, and those eyes - Maker, those eyes - that sought to burn her, green and gold flames twining into a blazing fire. She could arrest her later, if needed be; for now she needed those fingers in her again, and to make her point clear, she grinned helplessly against those fingers between her legs.

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Thank you for sending this in! I’ll go with three-sentence fic, because I’ve never tried one before!

MJ knew as soon as Peter asked that particular question (“Hey, MJ, I bet you can’t beat me in Battleship!”), that no studying was going to happen for the rest of the night.

She peeked over her reading glasses, her braided hair falling over her left shoulder, at her idiotic best friend, who held the box against his chest, giving her a cheeky smile.

“The only person who’s going to be beat at that game is you, Parker,” she drawled, smoothly setting her pencil down and standing up from her desk chair.

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Since it’s your birthday @benny-lynne​​ I figured it was time to finally write your three-sentence phic request 😂 Hope you like! ☕

Normalcy had a new definition underground, where the mantel clock and Erik’s word were the only indications of the time of day or day of the week. It was why Christine scarcely batted an eye to find three places set for afternoon tea instead of two, the third spot occupied by the lifeless form that shared her face.

“I thought it was time for a reintroduction,” he purred as he pulled out her chair and she sat obediently, “don’t you agree?”

(Also on FFN)

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