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“I’m so cold. I need socks.”

“They’re in the closet. You have to get out from the blanket.”



I froze on my spot. Through the thin white blanket, I can see the nightlight glow it’s indigo color. Then a huge shadow ambled with an eerie sound.

“Something is out there.”

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Someone goes in for a job interview at NASA but their file gets switched with someone else. They get called for the job, but it is not the job they had applied for, but by the time they realize there’s a mistake it is too late to inform the government they are not who they think.

Diverse and interesting characters are key to a memorable story. Use these points as a base for your character and throw them into any plot you want.

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Yellow and pink flowers. Lined at the handle of the stairs. Pinned at the hair of the bridesmaids. Bloomed at the hands of the bride.

The scene before me was mesmerizing. The urge to take up my camera and capture the moment itched my fingertips.

Especially how they were climbing up the stairs with their faces filled with fear and horror.

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