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Black Bear - Review

Black Bear – Review

Cinema has been blurring the lines of fiction versus reality since its inception. In order to be compelling, it has to be believable, right? More than that, it’s been lifting the lid on its own creative process – everything from Singin’ in the Rain to 8 ½ – has offered us a glimpse as to what it’s like to be in the business they call show.
Lawrence Michael Levine’s Black Bear offers up a little…


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Watching Behind Her Eyes and this song playing,

I know place we can go, babe

Coming home, come unfold, babe

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Force of nature

Sans Mel Gibson qui se serait intéressé à cette série B à visionner sur Prime Video…


Un policier est chargé de protéger les résidents d’un immeuble pris au piège après le passage d’un ouragan. Parmi eux, un détective à la retraite refuse d’être évacué. En parallèle de la catastrophe météorologique, un groupe de criminels tente de voler les tableaux d’un ancien nazi réfugié à Porto…


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Back at it in Half-Life 2, I get the gravity gun before a nightmare begins.

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ESE: 15/100

-5 for James being kind of a douche
-5 for heavily making out in front of Mark who is clearly interested in Chasely
-10 for sexism
-5 for tossing dirt in your girlfriend’s face like a total knob
-5 for Chasely coming back and kissing James directly after storming off and being mad at him for the dirt
-10 for deciding NOT to call the police
-10 for the insane logic that these kids are following
-10 for Parker hitting Mark with his car and then ripping his eyebrow ring out of his face
-10 for breaking, entering, and pissing in the serial killer’s bathtub
+10 for titties
+10 for butterfly motif
-10 for James in general because he just really fucking sucks
+10 for smart serial killer
+10 for Mark standing up to James
+5 for “CUNT” knuckle tattoo
+10 for killing your rapist
-10 for drinking and driving
+5 for killing James
+5 for Mark being an Australian off-brand Elijah Wood
-10 for Mark’s culpability in what happened to Tanya Lee
+10 for serial killer couple

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Wish Upon a Night Sky - [Beastars | Various x Reader]

[Female, Sheep Reader | Slow Burn]

Act Eleven, Scene Two | Once Again

[First] | [Previous] | [Next]

The cool night breeze sends trees rustling and shivers down your body. It’s colder than usual out, yet you have no plans of staying at the dorm tonight. You step out and see Legoshi’s already waiting next to the door; Haru’s the only one missing, though you have a hunch as to where she could be waiting by. 

“Ready to go sort things out?” the wolf asks, facing down with a smile. Similar to earlier in the afternoon, there seems to be more behind it, but you try not to pry for the moment being. “Or do you need some time first?”

You tuck your jacket closer to you and wrap your arms around yourself. Despite the wool, you feel colder now, and the longer you think, the worst it gets. Thinking you were barely a building away from Juno made your heart clench and speed up too much for you to bare. The rest of your thoughts are a mess as you try to consider the options. Haru had suggested you talked with her tonight, or at the very least, during the rest of the week, yet you didn’t feel ready for neither today nor tomorrow, and not even the day after tomorrow. Facing Juno not only meant a possible risk for her again, but it also involved being honest and upfront about your feelings and explaining why you’d chosen to leave so suddenly from the dorm, leaving her all on her own.

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The Little stranger-2018


If you are a sucker for a good Gothic horror film like me you will love this film by Lucinda Coxon this film is a masterpiece right down to the end, this movie tells the story of Dr. Faraday, the son of a housemaid, who has built a life of quiet respectability as a country doctor. During the long hot summer of 1948, he is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked. The Hall has been home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries. But it is now in decline and its inhabitants - mother, son and daughter - are haunted by something more ominous than a dying way of life. When he takes on his new patient, Faraday has no idea how closely, and how disturbingly, the family’s story is about to become entwined with his own. summary credit to Focus Features

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Sad Fact:
Stephen King has admitted several times that he was so deep into his alcohol addiction at the time that he does not remember writing the book.


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Stephen King Praise:
Stephen King has stated that he feels Dee Wallace gives the best performance in this film of any film or TV adaptation of his books, including Kathy Bates’s Oscar-winning turn in Misery (1990).


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Neat Fact:
First film to take place in the fictional town of Castle Rock, which would go on to feature in DEAD ZONE (1983), Stand by Me (1986), The Dark Half (1993) and Needful Things (1993). Rob Reiner, who directed Stand by Me and produced Needful Things, also named his production company Castle Rock.


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ESE: 90/100

+5 for dog
+5 for bats
-5 for bats biting Cujo
+5 for Tad’s cloud-painted walls
+5 for “Over. Done with. Gone.”
+5 for Tad pretending his hand is a shark while singing the Jaws theme music
-10 for not noticing your dog has an injury on his snout
-10 for Donna’s affair
+5 for Donna ending the affair
+10 for the car starting
-5 for Donna jinxing it
+10 for Tad showing concern for his mother
+10 for Dee Wallace’s acting
-10 for the stupidity of getting out of the car
+10 for the husband going home because no one has answered the phone in two days
+5 for getting other people involved finally
-10 for Kemp messing up Donna’s house in a jealous rage. Bruh. You knew she was married.
-5 for police incompetence
+10 for finally stabbing the poor dog
+5 for saving Tad
+5 for shooting the dog and FINALLY putting it out of its misery

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Gleipnir Review

Gleipnir Review
#gleipnir #anime #グレイプニル #MA2G

We were brought together by destinyClair Aoki, Gleipnir 

Is Gleipnir anime any good? Is it Worth Watching? And when will we get a Second Season of Gleipnir? Gleipnir is a 2020 anime that managed to create a sizable fandom and an anime that is either loved or hated. So I will be sharing my opinion to help you decide if you should give Gleipnir a chance. So let’s discuss…


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Unhinged - 2020


  • Aprox 49:00 •A,M• Rachel says she is going to be s, opens the car door, bends over and g*.
  • Aprox 1:00:00 •A,V• Rachel gets a call from her brother, once she stops the car she runs from it and bends over to v*, can be seen and heard. She is seen bent over for a few more secs.
  • •M• 2 Mentions of going to be s*.
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Rough hands are patting at my shoulders and then they get a grip beneath my armpits and haul me to my feet. Someone is saying something to me but I’m too far gone to hear them properly. I bat at them weakly but then they grab my arms and clamp them to my sides and their grip is far too strong to break. “C-c-copepod,” I stammer, blinking furiously, finally realizing that it’s Fumi. “There’s a copepod just there,” I say, rolling my eyes to try and indicate that it’s behind us. “We have to run!” I shriek.

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