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Earned It


SUMMARY: Yrene has the day off and realises that she would like to make the most of her evening once her husband gets home. She is very persistent in showing him how much he means to her.

RATING: E for explicit. NSFW.


Having originally taken the day off from healing to recover from her harsh workload, Yrene now found herself dressed in her laciest nightgown, setting a glass of beer before her husband as he sat down after such a long day working. She had slept in that morning, woken up to cold bed sheets at her side and taken the rare opportunity to completely stretch out over the soft mattress. Of course, it wasn’t long until her toddler, nearing three with hair in bronze ringlets, climbed into bed beside her.

Despite trying to relax, she spent the rest of the day with Josie shadowing her, the little girl practically clinging to her legs if she wasn’t already seated on her mother’s hip. She would have taken her to her grandmother’s or given her to her uncle for the day, but she enjoyed the rare time where she had Josefin to herself. They would lay on the sofa and cuddle, play dress up, braid her crazy mane of hair. By the time it was time for Josie to go to bed, she was completely exhausted, the toddler falling asleep after the first few pages of her story.

It wasn’t until she went to take a bath that she realised how rough she looked, she supposed it was how she looked now she was a mother. But she could still be who she was before, still be somewhat beautiful. Not somewhat, Yrene thought - beautiful. She was beautiful. She lathered her body with creams and oils, applying a thin layer of makeup, the most important thing being her red lipstick.

The black stockings that rode up her thighs were slightly tighter than she wanted; from junk food, lack of exercise and that relentless baby weight that still refused to budge. Still, she loved how they looked, especially paired with the royal blue nightgown Chaol had brought her for their anniversary last year. It wasn’t until the keys jingled in the door that she felt the tight pang of worry ring through her stomach. What if he didn’t think she was sexy anymore? What if she was trying too hard? There was only one way to find out.

She slithered down the staircase, peering into the kitchen where Chaol was curiously looking at the meals left on the dinner table for them. He turned, a smile bright on his face as she moved into the doorway. His eyes drifted over her, the stockings, the gown, meeting her eyes with those beautiful brown ones of his. “You look beautiful,” he whispered, moving forward to press a kiss to her lips.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, moving her finger up to run through his hair. “Did you have a good day at work, baby?” she asked, taking his hand and pulling him toward the table.

Chaol seated himself, wrapping an arm around Yrene’s waist and keeping her beside him. Pressing his face against her abdomen, Chaol let his eyes close as Yrene brought her hands down, massaging his shoulders and rubbing his back. “It was stressful, but nothing I’m not used to. I’m just wondering what I did to deserve this treatment?”

She pulled away, missing the warmth of her husband as soon as she did so. She pulled out a bottle of beer, placing it on the table before him then getting her own glass of wine. “Because,” she started, slipping into the chair opposite. “I miss you. With work and Josie, I feel like we hardly have any time together to just be husband and wife.”

Chaol nodded slowly, scratching at the stubble on his jaw. “I miss you too,” he sighed, reaching for her hand and squeezing it. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you, Yrene Westfall.”

She couldn’t stop her cheeks from heating, no doubt resulting in a scarlet blush. The couple ate their meal in comfortable silence, trading looks and brushing feet between the table like they were teenagers. It wasn’t until they had finished, food consumed and alcohol drunk, that they sauntered upstairs, Yrene dragging her husband eagerly to their bedroom. Whispers passed between them as they closed the door, Yrene’s fingers working quickly on the buttons of Chaol’s shirt as she pushed him down on the golden couch they had brought from the southern continent.

“You’re so sexy when you’re dominant,” Chaol breathed, leaning his back against the cushions as Yrene’s hands worked on his belt. Pulling his trousers and undershorts down in one swift movement, she leaned up on Chaol’s thighs, pressing her lips to his as he pushed his trousers all the way down. Her tongue swept into his mouth, savouring that flavour she so dearly loved as her hand dropped to palm his hard length. His shirt found a place with his trousers on the floor, Yrene leaning back with a smirk as she nipped at his lower lip playfully.

“Hold my hair back,” was all she said before disappearing between his legs. His hands swept up in her curls, holding it away from her face as she sucked at his balls, his cock in her hand as her thumb played with the tip. Chaol, she had learnt, much-preferred foreplay than getting straight to business. She enjoyed having him shaking beneath her before she even did anything significant.

Pressing her tongue flat to the bottom side of his shaft, she licked up to his tip, running her tongue along the slit in the head before pressing a kiss to it. Her hands squeezed his balls and he bucked against her face, face screwed up with pleasure. Beginning to press kisses along the side, Yrene whispered against his cock, blowing and licking as she went. “Don’t cum until I tell you to,” she ordered, sitting up straight and letting the straps of her nightgown slip down her arms.

The gown pooled at her waist, breasts bare and plump, nipples hard as they greeted the cool air. She collected them in her hands, holding them together and pressing his cock between them. Chaol groaned at the feeling, the tightness at either side of him, his hips bucking to force friction. Sticking her tongue out, Yrene lent forward, Chaol fucking her breasts and each time he thrust upwards, the tip would meet with the wetness of her tongue.

He hung his head back, hips thrusting aggressively and hands tugging at her hair that he still held. “Yrene,” he rasped. “Yrene, please.”

She pulled away immediately, clicking her tongue and shaking her head. “So impatient, baby,” she drawled, dropping her breasts and engulfing Chaol with her mouth.

Hands gripping his thighs, she bobbed up and down along him, sucking and massaging with her tongue. She slid completely down his shaft, loving the sting as he hit the back of her throat. She could taste his pre-cum, could feel the throbbing veins upon him as he ached for release. He was so hard, her teeth scraping teasingly against him and causing him to jerk inside her mouth.

She pulled away again, seeing the sweat that covered his chest, the frown marking his brows and the way pants fell from his mouth. She stood, letting her gown cloud on the floor, her pulsing core on show for the first time that evening. Chaol had dropped her hair, reaching for her hands instead and squeezing her fingers. With her thighs either side of him, Yrene sat down, straddling her husband’s body and hovering above his cock. Slowly, so torturingly slowly, she sunk down onto him. They both moaned out as they connected as one, Yrene beginning to move up and down upon him.

In this position, he filled her up completely, stretching her and hitting all the right places. She could practically feel him in her stomach. Her breasts bounced, Chaol burying his face between them as he held onto her tightly, his fingers making marks in her ass cheeks. She pressed her forehead to his, hands delving into his hair as she pressed a long, passionate kiss to his lips. “Cum for me,” she breathed against his mouth.

He did just that. Chaol exploded completely, filling her with warm liquid as his body shook from the high he’d finally reached. Yrene dropped her hands to his shoulders, keeping him steady as he collapsed against her. “Fuck,” he cried, trying to catch his breath. “That was so amazing, I love you so much.”

Yrene let out a long breath, content with the knowledge that she could please her husband as no one else could. Lifting up so he could withdraw himself, she gently pushed Chaol to the side, leaning against his shoulders until his back met the seat of the golden couch, Yrene laying upon his chest. “I love you too,” she whispered, savouring the warmth of his clammy palms as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

And together they laid there, sweaty and engrossed with one another on the couch that had led them here in the first place.

* * *

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Throne of Glass ✨ updates:

Sarah J. Maas really wrote the two most annoying people to encounter while on your period and named them: Captain “although I see dead bodies blood scares me” Westfall and Dorian “it doesn’t hurt as much as getting kicked in the nuts” Havilliard - currently on page 256

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there is absolutely no way that manon and elide did not do it

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Rowan and Aedion in Qos:

Rowan: Of course you’re in charge

Aedion: So you say of course but then you take the blood oath

Aelin: I have swords, unless you guys wanna use knives

Lysandra: Oh yes please, use knives

Aedion and Rowan: *laugh nervously*

Aedion: Not necessary

Rowan: There shall be no knifing one another. Everybody knows who’s in charge

Aedion: ………right?

Rowan: Yes you, of course…of course

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Minimal-inspired cover design of Crown of Midnight, the second book in the Throne of Glass series, by Sarah J. Maas.

Throughout the series, I am trying to keep some common elements, same corner-borders and same styles. The sword used is Damaris which is used by Celaena in this book. I used the drawing of Damaris I found in the fandom wikia as a guide, it has no copyright views but says cadsawan(?). The crown is just baby damaris swords with crescents skewered on them. Celaena was pretty brutal for a while in the book and that what I tried to show in the crown. I used the background from the original cover, her cloak is red. There isn’t any titles or anything, its mostly like a poster. But hey, you can use it as a cover.
You can use it so long you give credit. I just want the time I used to arrange all the baby Damaris to have some value.

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Minimal-inspired cover design of Throne of Glass, the first book in the Throne of Glass series, by Sarah J. Maas.

Throughout the series, I am trying to keep some common elements, same corner-borders and same styles. The sword used is Damaris which is used by Celaena in this book. I used the drawing of Damaris I found in the fandom wikia as a guide, it has no copyright views but says cadsawan(?). The Glass Throne is inspired by medieval throne styles. I wanted to use the background color from the original cover, but that striking ice blue wasn’t going with my elements. I haven’t used any title or author name mostly because it looks neater. (And I forgot) The cover is also meant for digital platform and usually e-books show the book name and author name so…..
You can use it so long you give credit. Its hard to do any sort of art, everybody knows that.

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Minimal-inspired Cover of The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas, a gorgeous prequel to the Throne of Glass series.

The corner-border-design is from the original cover, though I redraw it in my style. The blades were original idea from the notion that Celaena uses two ordinary swords in her journey. The cloak was also inspired by the original cover but I had to redraw it from cloak designs. The color of the cover is from Celaena’s cloak in the original cover and mostly because nothing else was agreeing to me.
You can use the cover as long as you give credit. It may have not taken long but i drew it without stylus. Boy, was that painful.

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Fenrys: This woman is insane…



The ToG fandom comparing Aelin to Jack sparrow is my favourite thing.

She truly is as crazy and reckless

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my favorite characters tend to change vased in my current fanfics and i just want to say that i love manon 😍🥵😭

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Ivy - Chapter 8

Masterlist / Playlist

This chapter picks up right where the last one stopped.

-2941 words


Orynth, 1885

It took quite a bit of effort on her part to lift the knocker on the front door, her body protesting against the movement. But when her coach driver left, satisfied with delivering her, she had no choice but to knock. And the door opened quite quickly, her arrival expected. She had made it right on time, barely.

“Come in, darling,” Arobynn simpered, and she took a deep breath as she entered the house. The grand entryway was meticulously cleaned, with what seemed like fresh flowers lining the hall.

She didn’t bother to respond as he led her to the dining room and she sat down across from him, the white linen tablecloth and the small centerpiece all that were separating them.

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I just finished Empire of Storm

⚠️Spoilers ahead for ending⚠️

Ending thoughts

1. Aedion, OMG Asshole almost in line with Lorcan

2. Lorcan is a piece of Shit

3. “Where is my wife” 😭😭😭

4. Elide is more Badass then the fandom give her credit

5. Maeve and Carin 🤬🤬🤬

6. Aelin and Lysandra’s plan 😳😳

7. What is going to happen to Gavriel and Lorcan? In the case of being dishonorably removed from the blood oath?

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Pros and cons of no one you know reading your favorite book series

Con: No one you know reads your favorite book series

Pro: You can steal everything from the books for your homebrew d&d world

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