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#through highs and lows
loudly--unladylike · 28 days ago
Red and Cyan really said you're coming down with me hand in unlovable hand
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throughhighsandlows · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your shade at your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day; nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.”
-- Psalms 121: 5-8 (NKJV)
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everythingsouthasian · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When your day is long, And the night, the night is yours alone, When you're sure you've had enough, Of this life, well hang on.
Dark!FlowerGarden, Hospital Playlist (2021) | dir. Shin Won Ho
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talksoprettymoves · a year ago
I’m SO late on this & we celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day over here but I still want to say that I am thankful for everyone of you out there! This little blog has helped me through the last almost 4 years and I don’t wanna miss it. Thanx for still being here with me! *hugs*
Special shoutouts to my lovely petals who I adore and love so much:
@ashtonsunshine​ @calumspeachy​ @nikisanimehell​ @lukesflaredpants​ @irwinkitten​ @cakesunflower​ @deadassharrie​ <3
Tumblr media
If I didn’t tag you please know that I love you! xx
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teeeentitaaans · 3 months ago
Damian care about his friends and family a lot, but he has a reputation to keep. After Tim says he's cold Damian just so happens to also be cold and buys a nice weighed blanket online that also just so happens to not be up to his standards so "Drake you take this it sucks" When Jon mentioned not wanting to go to a dance because he has nothing nice to wear and no one to go with so Damian 'reluctantly' offers to go with him "Just so you can pay attention and stop complaining" and buys him a new wardrobe because "You bought pants with holes in them, you clearly don't know how to dress yourself"
Annon is absolutely right and they should say it
And I don't think anyone would be able to figure it out, because they just don't really think about it
Damian is 100% sure that they know though
He thinks their aware of his master plan to not have to talk about feelings
They do not
None of them figure it out until the entire Batfam (ie: Dick, Tim, Jason, Duke, Cass, Steph, Barbara, and Bruce) get sick
And their all in the Bat Cave while Damian is in his room 'sleeping', when Tim complains that Damian threw tissues at his head
Cass follows up with the fact that Damian threw cough syrup at her
Jason mentions that Damian hit him in the head with a water bottle
And everyone has something to say, and complain about
And it's Steph, who's sitting there, wrapped up in a Green Lantern blanket, who realizes that Damian wasn't being mean
He was helping
Their all sick so they end up crying about it
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slyther-intowords · 4 months ago
Totes emosh about how even after 4 championships, 53 wins and 122 podiums. Britta still gets teary eyed like its his first, every time Seb gets another one on the list.
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doodledrawsthings · 3 months ago
Drew something for you for ArtFight. But it... Hasn't started yet, like I thought it did. So, uh... Do you mind if I post it here instead and tag you? Since making art for the event before its start is against the rules and all. Been doing ArtFight for 3 years, this will be my fourth, so far, so breaking rules isn't what I wanna do lol (asking this blog instead of your other one because anon isn't on and I only use a sideblog)
I’d say wait a bit for it to get going if it’s not officially started yet. It usually takes artfight a few days to really get going. The site can only handle so much. I’m patient, and when things actually get going I’m sure I’ll still see it, thank for drawing me something in advance, though, excited to see it.
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marymagdadean · 7 months ago
#thinking about the lot’s wife quote from slaughterhouse five ya know the ‘and i love her for that because it was so human’ of course dean’s#sexy little lot’s wife moment is the holy fire turning to look at cas in the man who would be king and just how Human that is and how Human#dean is he may be the narrative god but he can only be That because of his Humanity he encompasses all the highs and lows successes and#failures of human in one Self that is actually many fractured Selves and of course all of this directly related to cas and his relationship#to dean because dean is his teacher and his compass the True North of humanity dean teaches cas to be human (but is interestingly Not There#when cas is actually human and that in itself is fascinating because dean is set up as the Teacher but he can’t Teach) cas learns the entire#spectrum of human emotion through dean because of dean and we can’t forget metatron’s fun gaybait pause ‘he’s in love.......... with#humanity’ expressly using humanity as a stand in for dean winchester all of it and all of dean screams Humanity he is the most loving person#and the ultimate killer he’s a mother and a father and a son and a brother he’s a Masculine cowboy action hero and a Woman he’s a final girl#he’s a ghost and a monster he’s an angel and a demon he’s God and the Devil he’s jesus mary and joseph he’s the apple the snake eve adam and#the garden he’s a sinner and a nonbeliever and the righteous man the michael sword he’s a serial killer and a savior he is a million#contradictions wrapped into one man and it Works because he is also not one man#dean winchester paragon of humanity#spn#supernatural
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hauntedrederadean · a month ago
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millerflintstone · 7 months ago
Had my pre employment drug test today at the local Labcorp. The tech assigned to me spoke Spanish and addressed me in Spanish.
Friends, I was not expecting that.
Mind you, I'm a native speaker. I understand anything being spoken perfectly. However, because I don't speak it every day, the connection from my brain to my mouth is faulty. I could tell the guy was also a native speaker but I couldn't place from where.
The receptionist did not notice that the tech had called me back so I said as loudly as I could, "I'm already back here"
The tech laughed and said, "I don't play!"
So the rest of it was a mix of instructions and chatting in Spanish and English. Because I've been able to neutralize my Spanish, folks can't ever place what I am, so that was asked. (Guatemala/Nicaragua). Found out the guy was Colombian
It was delightful. Even got a history lesson about South America and learned a new food term - gallo pinto, which is Costa Rican rice and beans.
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