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Throwback to that Scratch AMV I made about Mario griefing the loss of a loved one but ended up coming off as funny because of the visual gags I put in it out of lack of ideas.


It’s taken down now but I might reupload it in the future.

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I do not love lightly or casually. Even my attention to daily details requires a certain vivid enthusiasm. So now I sit on a bright fall Sunday morning feeling for the first time strong enough to try and assemble all the confused loose ends of a broken love affair. Events and emotions from the past two months flip through my memory like the pitiful fluttering of a bird with a broken wing. I am compelled to cup the broken thing in my hand and try to mend the damaged parts. I know that is not possible.

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I don’t know if it’s the fever or the slight deliriousness that’s come with it, but my imagination wandered off into I-wonder-what-he’s-doing-now territory this evening. He rarely posts anything on social media, which is something I’ve always liked about him. 

I’m a normal, fully-functioning person again, but I really do hope I didn’t miss something. I think if it were meant to happen, it would have.

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