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ginny-rose · 2 years ago
Underrated moments in “Forever Fallen” that deserve way more attention (contains spoilers!):
- Kit calling Jem “Brother Hauntingly Attractive” and absolutely telling Tessa all about it when they got back. Tessa and Kit 100% tell each other every time someone calls Jem attractive and they keep notes on the best ones and no one can change my mind. 
- The fact that Mina looks exactly like Jem but Jem thinks she looks like Tessa because how else would she be so beautiful?  And Tessa and Kit are both just like, “You’e fucking beautiful too, you gorgeous idiot.”
- Lily and Jace know each other well enough that all Thule! Jace had to do was correct her on his name and Lily was like “fuck, shit. Gotta go tell Alec that that’s not our blond buffoon.” We’ve been robbed of that friendship. 
- Raphael went to war for Lily. I repeat, Raphael went to war for Lily. I fucking love that sassy little bastard, even though I know he would absolutely hate me. 
- Kit picking up and singing to Mina so that she doesn’t wake up Tessa and Jem.
- Kit cursing when he almost accidentally falls with Mina and then trying to cover her ears. Kit as a big brother is the content we need and deserve. 
- Jem saying him and Tessa “had a very long engagement.” Bitch, that’s an understatement. 
- Kit wearing superhero pajamas to breakfast. He’s watched all the MCU movies and no one can change my mind. 
-  Jem telling Kit he can’t be friends with the baker’s sister because she called him a beast and Kit basically being like, “did you get her number, tho?” 
- Max cheating at soccer by straight up stealing the ball. Fucking legend. 
- Thule! Jace deciding not to kill Max because he heard Alec call out his name. Fucking sobbing. 
- Jem and Tessa noticing that Kit always looked at the valuables so they packed everything up and put it all in Kit’s room just so they could deadass call Kit the most precious thing in their house. Fucking superb. 
- Jace ratting Simon out to Isabelle while still on the phone with Simon. They have the best friendship. 
- Kit and Tessa taking it upon themselves to teach Jem about all the books and movies in pop culture. I 100% believe Jem is fucking with them at least 50% of the time just so they can spend family time together. Tessa knows and lets Kit get the movie ready first, even though she absolutely believes one should read the book first. 
- Tessa singing Kit the lullaby Rosemary used to sing for him while Jem plays the violin. 
- Kit refusing to call Church anything other than “bad cat.” 
- “If you’re asking whether I’m working out my emotional pain through a punishing physical regimen, my answer is obviously a manly yes” Kit’s a fucking Herondale disaster but at least he’s a self-aware one. 
- Kit thinking people don’t love him and that he isn’t enough to be loved and Jem being like, “you are perfect and everyone is lucky to have you.” Which is absolutely true. 
- Kit being unable to say Ty’s name and Jem still figuring out it was a Blackthorn. Kit feeling unloved was tragic.
- “Don’t be grateful. Where there is love, Kit, there is no need for gratitude. And I love you.” FUCKING SOBBING. 
TLDR: Jem is the best father in all of TSC and Kit is his sassy teenage son with emotional constipation that absolutely adores his baby sister. 
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queenhelenblackthorn · 2 years ago
Queen of Air and Darkness ending with Kit and Ty separated and not saying goodbye, Livvy as a ghost only Ty and Kit can see, Ty not telling any of his siblings except Dru about Livvy and his failed resurrection, Thule Jace trying to give Ash to the Seelie Queen in exchange for Clary, Zara and her idiots holed up in Alicante and me knowing I'm gonna have to wait four years or more for TWP
Tumblr media
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How Thule!Jace actually gets killed at some point
Alec, with his bow and arrow: Which one of you is the real Jace?
Thule!Jace: I'm the real Jace! Shoot him! *points to Real! Jace.*
Alec *turns his bow on Thule Jace*: The REAL Jace would never pass up an opportunity to die.
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Tumblr media
who did you murder with her blade
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bi-disaster-kit · 2 years ago
Dru: This is you.
*Shows Ash a drawing of him.*
Dru: This is your badness level.
*Colors figure all the way to the head.*
Ash: Oh.
Dru: It’s unusually high for someone your age. We have to fix that.
*Ash eats her dessert*
Ash: Uh-huh.
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queenhelenblackthorn · 2 years ago
People who could adopt Ash right now
Helen and Aline (looking to adopt top contenders right here)
Clary and Jace
Jocelyn and Luke
Tessa and Jem
Magnus and Alec
Kieran, Cristina, Mark
Diana and Gwyn
I just need Ash to get the hell away from Janus and the Seelie Queen
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bi-disaster-kit · 2 years ago
Ash: 🎶When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band.🎶
Dru: No!!!
Kit: 🎶He said, son when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken the beaten, and the damned?🎶
Ash and Kit: 🎶He said, will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers?🎶
Ty: By the Angel, NOOO!!!
Dru: I told you this was what it’d be like if they became parabatai, Ty!
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iserenademefan · 2 years ago
Hey, shout out to Thule!Maryse who outlived three of her four children and died singing a lullaby to her last as he raised a blade to kill her so that the boy trapped deep inside of his own mind would know that she loved him, had never stopped, and that despite everything, there was nothing to forgive him for.
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annum-carstairs · 2 years ago
From Cassie’s E-newsletter subscription:
The print version of Ghosts of the Shadow Market will include two new stories:
The Lost World, co-written by Kelly Link:
While at the Scholomance, Ty and Livvy test the limits of Livvy's ghostly powers, while Jem and Tessa prepare for the birth of their child.
Forever Fallen, co-written by Sarah Rees Brennan
The Jace Herondale who crossed into our world from Thule is torn between his feeling of responsibility to Ash, who is ever-increasing in power, and his desire to take back the life he lost from the Jace of our world, by force if necessary. Meanwhile, in the peaceful countryside of England, Kit Herondale struggles to adjust to a new life and a new family, and to forget Ty.
Yep, I knew Thule Jace would try to take over real Jace’s life.
The question is, to what extreme?
Kit’s in the countryside? I hope we will be revisiting Cardair Idris.
Check out Davood Diba’s artwork for The Lost World!
Tumblr media
Ah! Livvy my love, I can’t wait to see what ghostly powers you have gained. It’s both exciting and nerve-racking.
Also, this is the first time we’re seeing an illustration of the Scholomance? Amazing!
Exclusive Excerpt:
From Red Scrolls of Magic:
“Magnus Bane! I thought it was you.”
Magnus turned toward the voice. “Johnny Rook! What are you doing in Paris?”
Johnny Rook was one of the rare mundanes who had the ability to see the Shadow World. He was usually based at the Los Angeles Shadow Market.
Magnus surveyed Johnny unenthusiastically. He wore a black trench coat and sunglasses (though it was night), with short Caesar-cut dirty blond hair and five o’clock scruff. There was something slightly off about his face: Magnus had heard a rumor that Johnny had hired faeries to permanently magically enhance his features, but if it was true, Magnus felt Johnny had wasted his money. The man was also known as Rook the Crook, and he was committed to his aesthetic.
“About to ask the same of you,” said Johnny, avidly curious.
“Vacation,” Magnus said noncommittally. “How is your son? Cat, is it?”
“Kit. He’s a good boy. Growing like a sprout. Quick hands, very useful in my line of work.”
“You have your child picking pockets?”
“Some of that. Some passing on trifles like keys. Some sleight of hand. All sorts. He’s multitalented.”
“Isn’t he about ten years old?” Magnus asked.
Johnny shrugged. “He’s very advanced.”
“Looking for anything special at the Market? Perhaps I can be of service.”
Magnus closed his eyes and counted to ten slowly. Against his better judgment he said casually, “What do you know about the Crimson Hand?”
Johnny rolled his eyes. “Culties. Worship Asmodeus.”
Magnus’s heart gave a hard, spiky thump. “Asmodeus?”
Would he have to tell Alec that Asmodeus was his father? Alec had never asked who Magnus’s demon parent was and Magnus had no desire to tell him. Most warlocks were fathered or mothered by ordinary demons. It was Magnus’s bad luck that his father was one of Hell’s Nine Princes.
“Asmodeus?” he said again to Johnny. “Are you sure?”
I can’t wait to learn more about the Crimson Hand, and Magnus’ relationship with his father.
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emjenenla · 2 years ago
Why I think that Thule Jace could be an absolutely be a villain in TWP
I’ve seen some posts where people say that they hope Cassandra Clare has other plans for villains in TWP because it would be really hard to take Jace seriously as a villain. I’ve been thinking about it and I disagree. I think that Thule Jace as a serious villain is possible, because he totally has the motive.
NOTE: When necessary for clarification, I will be referring to the characters from Thule with the word “Thule” in front of their names (ex: Thule Jace, Thule Livvy) and the characters from the mainstream world with the word “Our” in front of their names (ex: Our Jace, Our Livvy). Jace under Sebastian’s control in CoLS is referred to as Not-Jace.
Here’s a fragment of a Clace conversation in CoHF:
“I liked it,” [Jace] said [...] “He’s brilliant, Sebastian, but there are holes in his thinking, places where he doesn’t know--I helped him with that. We would sit there and we would talk about how to burn the world down, and it was exciting. I wanted it. Wipe it all clean, start again, a holocaust of fire and blood, and afterward, a shining city on a hill.”
“He made you think you wanted those things,” Clary said, but her voice shook slightly. [...] “He made you give him what he wanted.” (City of Heavenly Fire, second edition paperback pp. 157)
In the quote above, Clary points out that Sebastian is forcing Jace to want the things he wants, and that’s important to understand their Thule versions. Thule Jace has spent seven years with all his thoughts, feelings and beliefs being literally subordinate to Sebastian’s. For seven years he has no free will or freedom to truly think his own thoughts. Our Jace escapes that relatively unscathed, but after so long it’s unlikely that Thule Jace would be the same. In my opinion, that’s what Ash means when he tells Emma and Julian that, “he’s not like he was” (this is my memory, not a direct quote). After so long, Thule Jace isn’t the same person that he was. Who knows how much of Sebastian’s very personhood he’s internalized over the years. Hey, given everything how do we know he’s even sane?
Thule Jace says that, “I am not the Jace Herondale you know or have ever met. I am his dark mirror” (this is off his wiki page, I’m pretty sure it’s from the epilogue of QoAaD, but I’m not sure). I think that when people say it would be hard to take Jace seriously as a villain they’re trying to think of Our Jace as a villain. The simple fact is that Thule Jace is not the same person as Our Jace, in fact he’s a person a lot more similar to Sebastian than anyone realizes.
In light of this, I am going to present this Clary quote from CoHF as not only an explanation of Sebastian’s motives, but also, Thule Jace’s:
“Imagine if you were the last Shadowhunter left on earth, imagine if all your family and friends were dead, imagine if there were no one left who even believed in what you were. Imagine if you were on the earth in a billion, billion years, after the sun had scorched away all the life, and you were crying out from inside yourself for just one single living creature to still draw breath alongside you, but there was nothing, only rivers of fire and ashes. Imagine being that lonely, and then imagine there was only one way you could think of to fix it. Then imagine what you would do to make that thing happen.” (City of Heavenly Fire, second edition paperback pp 312-313)
Clary’s death is where Thule went wrong. There she’s gone and has been for a long time. When talking about alternate realities Cassandra Clare says that, “Ty and Livvy seem destined to lose one another; the world is destined for destruction if Clary doesn’t save it; Emma and Julian are fated to be in love in both worlds, etc.” (Cassie Clare’s Tumblr, “On alternate worlds.”) I would argue that another constant is that Jace Herondale loves Clary Fairchild. Thule Jace still loves Clary “until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then” (City of Glass), but the difference is that Thule Jace’s love is now the same kind of twisted, corrupted love that Valentine had for Jocelyn or Malcom had for Annabel. It is the kind of love that gives no thought for the other person’s feelings or wants. It is the kind of love that destroys.
Thule Jace has spent seven years in a world with no Clary, but his feelings for her haven’t dimmed, they’ve only warped with him. Now he’s in a world where Clary still exists and to him that probably seems like salvation. Finally, he can have Clary back. They can be together again just like they were always meant to be before she was stolen from him. He doesn’t care that Our Clary is not his Clary, any Clary is good enough for him and he will stop at nothing to get her back because she is his “one way you could think of to fix it.”
That, my friends, is a villain’s motivation, and not a lame one that’s difficult to take seriously.
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