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grezzirossi · 3 months ago
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Thorbruce commission for @blueeyesblazing !
Commission featuring the boys on a road trip, inspired by an upcoming Fanfic! 
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lifransart13 · 15 days ago
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In tiktok it became a trend to draw you and your husband dancing to the rhythm of Rapunzel's music, well that inspired me to draw a bit of thorbruce, ignore the anatomy, it's not perfect but I promise to improve
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thorbruceweek2021 · a month ago
Welcome to ThorBruce Week 2021!
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ThorBruce week is a 7-day fandom event celebrating the softest of Marvel ships that is Thor Odinson and Bruce Banner! It’s happening from 25th - 31st October, with optional prompts for each day. Mods are @blueeyesblazing and @superblizzardfire
1. Monday, 25th October: Variants / Only one bed 2. Tuesday, 26th: October : Fire / Wearing each other’s clothes 3. Wednesday, 27th October: Fertility / Undercover as a couple 4. Thursday, 28th October: For science! / Sex pollen 5. Friday, 29th October: Habits / Body swap 6. Saturday, 30th October: Pets / Asgardian courting rituals 7. Sunday, 31st October: Halloween / Pre-2012 Avengers
Works can be submitted to the AO3 collection ThorBruceWeek2021 or posted to Tumblr with the tag #ThorBruceWeek2021 so we can reblog them to the page!
- No rules, only Hulk! (Just kidding. But this is a pretty chill event!)
- All forms of content are welcome: fic, art, poems, moodboards, music, interpretational dance, whatever your little heart desires
- All versions/variants (haha) of the characters are welcome: MCU, Marvel’s Avengers, comicverses, etc
- Romantic or platonic is cool
- NSFW is fine, just please tag accordingly ;)
If you have any questions, our asks are open. Have fun and see you in October!
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somethingscarlet13 · a year ago
Thor Ragnarok is the best Marvel movie, no argument. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s actually fun to watch, the humor hits home, the action scenes are watchable and make sense, the charaters act like family instead of constantly stupidly fighting amongst themselves, Loki gets a sugar daddy, Thor and Bruce fall in love. It’s a movie I could watch over and over again and not get tired of. I don’t have nearly as much fun watching any other marvel movie than I do when I watch Thor Ragnarok, and you can quote me on that.
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guggi04 · 4 months ago
Bruce, pointing at pictures on the fridge: This is my husband, Thor. And this is his husband, Hulk.
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ronbowie · 3 months ago
Has anyone else noticed that if you comment a rainbow flag on AO3, it becomes a white flag and a rainbow after you post it?
Like I saw that on one of my comments and my first through was
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duce-thruce · a month ago
Thruce fanfic coming back.
I have a few WIPS but since I’m back on my ADHD meds I’m feeling like writing. Ready for some Thruce found family feels?? With a time traveling daughter in the mix?
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murraychu · 4 months ago
I am in need of assistance. I am looking for a thruce Thor/Bruce fanfic that I read a while ago but I can't seem to find it? It's about Thor getting 'sparky' around Bruce because he has a crush on him. He was in the lab with Bruce and Tony and because he kept staring at Bruce he nearly blew up a machine he was linked to? It had angst and fluff in it.
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biinahoodie · 9 months ago
Thor Ragnorok is the best romcom
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baffling-bisexual-quack · 3 months ago
Can we change the thor/hulk relationship make from thulk to hor?? like hulk + Thor because a) hulk tops, fight me on that, and b) it would be like ‘Ah yes, it’s hor’ and I just love that my slutty god of thunder and giant green rage boi can be whores (or hors)
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thunderscience · 7 months ago
After the Avengers are hit by a unique kind of attack, S.H.I.E.L.D. is forced to split them up in order to avoid outright disaster.
Bruce isn't sure that being in a room with Thor will do much to prevent outright disaster.
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somethingscarlet13 · a year ago
I just need everyone to know that Bruce and Thor are that super gross couple who spend time just gazing into each other’s eyes for hours on end and that Thor thinks Bruce’s eyes are so beautiful he loves how their brown is flecked with gold and Bruce loves Thor’s two different colored eyes he thinks each one of them is breathtaking and oh my god they’re so in love I’m going to explode
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thruceislifealloflife · 7 months ago
Okay maybe just maybe I’m not done with this 💅🏻 I think I have been dragged back into the fandom and so this ship 😝😝😝 like I said in my note it wasn’t the end cuz gods know I will never be able to leave 😩😩😩😩
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ronbowie · 4 months ago
I have ThorBruce brain rot right now and I was listening to Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, and all I could think of was Thor taking Bruce to Asgard (before Loki’s rule and it’s fall) and just falling in love with Bruce as Bruce fell in love with his home. Watching Bruce go from awkward at a feast to being pulled onto the dance floor and smiling, making friends with the Thor’s friends. Bruce becoming like another son to Frigga. Odin begrudgingly accepting him because of the strength of Hulk on his side.
Just Thor falling in love with Bruce knowing Bruce would eventually have to leave and go back to Earth where he is shunned and scared all the time. Thor wanting to keep Bruce with him, in his home, because he’s all kinds of gone for this little human and his big friend
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