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#thunder mouth
spitedilly · a year ago
You already crucified your so-called savior
So it figures you tear me down, it is your learned behavior
You deserve no gods
You deserve no gods
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t3rra-bull · a year ago
EMMURE - THUNDER MOUTH (Official Music Video)
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kindaorangey · 17 days ago
in love with the idea of the quintanas and mendozas all just being the fucking worst at bowling. at least once a month this group of 6 people walk into this same bowling alley and just get legendarily low scores. any of them win and you look over to see the winning score is lower than two strikes.
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zackcarrion-key · 3 months ago
I keep seeing pretty cock this, pretty cock that. In your opinion, which of the twst bois have straight-up nasty cocks? Vulgar, veiny, drooling precum like a busted tap, the musky smell of sex and cum so thick and pungent that days later you can still smell him from your cunt when you change clothes or use the restroom.
Good thing I enjoy veiny cocks as much as pretty cocks 😌❤ However, I'm not super familiar with "vulgar looking" human cocks so... we'll see what goes fkdñlj
It's no secret I'm a HUGE monster fucker A big headcanon of mine is that all the non-human characters have monster looking cocks, or cocks that resemble those of the animals these characters are inspired from
Without further ado, let's begin
[post writing everything note: .....I failed with the human cocks 🙃]
Monster looking cocks:
Malleus - Has two dicks, like how reptile species have hemipenis, and they very much look like hemipenis: fleshy and with some soft spikes/bumps along the whole length. HE WILL BE HELLA MUSKY, even if in general he's well groomed... It's just the dragon scent glands :b
Leona - His cock resembles that of felines, albeit the spikes in his are fleshy bumps because YIKES having your walls raked like that. It's long and fleshy, with a handful of veins running through it. The tip is pointed and the head's base is where the bumps are situated on. He has a fucking jungle down there, of course he's musky. Very proud you keep smelling like him after a whole week.
Jack - KNOTTED COOOOOOCK 😍💓💓💓 Yes, He is long and GIRTHY, his knot is quite the challenge to take. Fleshy, a bit smoother than Leona, but does have a couple of veins on the shaft. Pointed tip. Not as musky as Leona or Malleus, but his scent does last for a couple of days on your skin. Picture him like [this], but muuch thicker...maybe the L or XL size
Jade & Floyd - I had made a post about my hc cocks about them a whiiiile back. Basically, ever heard of Bad Dragon? Jade is [Kona] and Floyd is [Lenneth]. Yes, they keep their lovely cocks in their human form. Not very musky, and both are well groomed. Their cum can be harder of a pain to clean off clothes, however, very sticky.
Azul & Ruggie - Alright, these two are the ones giving me some problems picturing... I do like to imagine Azul with a tentacle dick [read this, it's FUCKING AMAZING]. It may look bizarre but it is quite cute, doesn't leave much of a scent. Ruggie, on the other hand, I'm at a loss... Hyena penis is quite slim on the shaft, with a much thicker and bulbous glans. Maybe he does have a cock that looks like so, still unsure. He's not super groomed, but does trim from time to time. Does leave his musky scent on you for a while, kinda like a midway between Jack and Leona.
Normal human cocks, but look intimidating:
Trey - THICK AND VEINY and you cannot convince me otherwise 😌💖 Straight, head and girth are well balanced. The veins really make him look intimidating to take on. Just enjoy the ride~
Idia - This boy has blue tinted nipples and the head of his cock does turn a nice blue color when aroused. The stark contrast with his pale skin can make you wonder if it's normal for it to get such coloring. Idia is long, but slim, and has a couple of veins that really stand out. Curves to the side. He does have some hair down there, makes a nice trail from his navel to his cock. I'm sorry but YES I DO IMAGINE HIM TO BE MUSKY (stinkee take a shower)
Rook - Listen, I see you and hear you, people that headcanon Vil checking his cock and making sure he's groomed/waxed.... BUT I DON'T BELIVE IN THAT. He's GIRTHY!!! with many veins, lots of texture. If Trey looks intimidating, Rook is a fucking monster to take on. The head narrower than the base. Curves to the side, much more pronounced than Idia's curve. He has dense pubes, his musk hits your nose as you kiss his tip when giving head. Yea, looks intimidating and quite bizarre with the narrow tip & veins, but trust him to put it in fantastic use to please you~
Sebek - He has fae blood, and it so happens to manifest in the way his cock looks. Long and girthy, but his head is wider than the base and is more pointed than rounded. Curves upward. A couple of very sensitive veins along the shaft. Well groomed, his musk does stick to you for a while.
And because I don't really know how to describe their dicks...
Musky boys:
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lialovesbooks · 16 days ago
Okay also. just the fact that for all her life El’s been hearing that she’s destined to be the greatest evil of her generation, and for the past four years she’s been stuck in a school that is doing everything it can to push her towards that fate, and instead she decides, no, fuck you, I’m going to save everyone in this school if it kills me and I don’t care how impossible that should be, I am not going to be the villain in this story, and I’m just. I love her.
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moash · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
[neptune by sleeping at last] kaladin stormblessed gay catholic rep send tweet
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belliesandburps · 4 months ago
Hey! So this is a tad disconnected from your current asks but a lotta people I follow in the kink community are getting shit thrown their way in their inboxes. Does that happen to you too? And if it does how do you usually respond to it?
It doesn't happen often, but it does happen every once in a blue moon. Either gatekeepers mad that I kink a lotta content I really like, even though I love the shows, manga and comics for WAY more than just the kinks. Or just whenever I privately refuse requests from people who are more insistent than others and can't take a hint.
My response is always the same though. Trash their trash messages and move on. Bullshit isn't worth responding to and isn't worth giving the time of day because it only invites more bullshit. And my life's full of enough bullshit as is.
For example, my cracked root canal tooth that chipped several months ago straight up broke in half on Friday when I was eating something and waiting for orders. Broke the damn tooth and the temporary filling went flying with it. My dentists office isn't open until Monday, so I've had half a tooth and an exposed "nerve" ever since. I'd be in mindnumbing pain right now, except, because it's a root canal area, there's no nerve to subject to pain. So I haven't felt anything resembling pain or discomfort. Just the frustration that I know the tooth will have to be extracted, and it's one of the teeth closer to the front I'm terrified it's gonna leave me with a funny lisp because I can't afford a damn implant and don't want the surgery to get one.
All of that is to say, with everything else that's so astoundingly wrong with my life, I literally couldn't give a single microscopic fuck what some entitled dipshits on tumblr throw my way. I'm just glad y'all are as awesome as ya are. ;)
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garadinervi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
June Jordan, Letter to My Friend the Poet Ntozake Shange (from Passion. New Poems, 1977-1980, 1980); in Naming Our Destiny. New and Selected Poems, Thunder's Mouth Press, New York, NY, 1989, p. 97 [Designed by Marcia Salo]
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badnew2005 · 2 months ago
about to go to sleep but . neptune sleeping at last dennis reynolds song
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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