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It’s been a long few weeks of isolation already but that’s meant I’ve had time to write, and write I have.

There comes a time in every relationship where you are required to pull on your big boy space suit and meet the parents.

This is also for @hedwigstalons who requested drunk Alan, I hope this fulfills you every desire.

Too long for here, so here’s a snippet, you can read the rest on Ao3.

Selene lowered onto the seat that Scott pulled out for her and hauled John down into the one beside her, still not letting go of his hand. Scott’s lips twitched in amusement at the way she refused to give his brother any opportunity to escape. 

Jeff, Alan, Grandma and Kayo all took their seats around the large table, Scott settling in to the last one on Selene’s left. 

“Hi everyone,” Selene breezed, hoping that if she stayed relaxed she could transfer some of that to John whose hand felt sweaty in her own.

No one answered her, Celia and Rufus were too busy staring across the table at the gathered Tracy clan. 

“Daddy, are you OK?" 

Rufus was still holding his menu, but his eyes were fixed on Jeff. 


"Rufus!” another sharp jab to his ribs startled Selene’s father into motion as he leapt to his feet. 

“Rufus Tempest,” his hand shot out, almost knocking over the large vase of flowers in the center of the table, coming to a stop inches from Jeff’s nose. 

“Oh, yeah, Jeff Tracy, good to meet you.” Jeff scooted back in his chair and managed to get his hand up enough to clasp Rufus’s and move it away from his face. In one smooth move that Selene was very envious of, Jeff stood up and pushed her dad’s hand away while shaking, making it look effortless. 

Rufus pumped away at Jeff’s hand although he didn’t seem to hear anything anyone was saying to him. 

Jeff politely but firmly extracted his hand and offered it first to Adam, who declined in favour of clasping his hands together in prayer position and offering a “Namaste” and then to Celia, who grabbed it in both hands. 

“Ohh, you’re so strong,” she twittered. “It’s so nice to meet you, Mr Tracy. I’m Celia, Selene’s mother.”

“Please, call me Jeff, and let me introduce you all to my mother, Sally, and Miss Kyrano, Kayo to friends and family, and my sons Scott, Alan and of course, John.”

As a unit the Tempests nodded to Kayo, Alan and Grandma before settling on Selene, seated between Scott and John. 

“So which is it then?” Celia demanded to know. “Or is it both?" 

Selene rolled her eyes, used to her mother’s theatrics and her tendency to believe everything she read online. "Just this one,” she lifted her hand, dragging John’s with it. 

“Not dimples?” her mum looked vaguely disappointed. 

Selene shook her head. “Just swoosh hair.”

John didn’t know what to think, how to act, if he was ever going to make it out of this alive, or why he had been demoted to nothing more than a hairstyle. It was the first time he’d ever had to meet someone’s parents and so far it was as horrifying as he had imagined. 

Selene’s brother was staring at him like he was looking into his soul and John was pretty sure he hadn’t blinked in the last minute. He had his hair shaved almost down to nothing, the same long nose as Selene and the same blue eyes, set in a thin, angular face. In complete disregard to their surroundings he was wearing a roughly knitted poncho and had a stillness about him that even Virgil hadn’t mastered. 

Adam suddenly grinned at John, catching him off guard. He forced his lips into an awkward smile in return, though he was sure it looked more like he had an uncomfortable case of gas. 

“Just him?” Selene’s mum clarified, still stuck on her daughter’s apparently unconventional relationship choices. 

“Just him, who is perfect and amazing by the way.” John squeezed her hand in thanks but was still too nervous to look away from her brother.

“Young man, what are your intentions towards my daughter?" 

John jumped like he had been shot, tearing his eyes away from Adam’s penetrative gaze to face Rufus. 

"Erm… I…" 

"What do you do for work?” Celia demanded to know and John’s head swivelled to face her. 

“I work in space-”

“Space is it? And what do you do up there all day?" 


“Communications? Then you should have learnt to speak up, lad.”

John’s eyes darted back to meet her father’s. 


Selene, having had enough of her parents demanding questions, slammed her hands down on the table top, making them all jump. 

“Stop bullying him.” She lifted out of her chair and leant forward, closer to her parents, lowering her voice so she wouldn’t be overheard. “You know full well what he does, but you also know that we’re in public and he can’t talk about anything to do with International Rescue,” she hissed in a warning tone that promised retribution if they refused to listen. “Now be nice or we’ll leave.” She sat back down in her chair with a thump. 

“Listen good, I’m only going to say this once. This,” she grabbed John’s hand again and wiggled it for emphasis, “is my fiancé, I love him, you will be nice and love him too. This,” she poked Scott’s shoulder, “is my best friend and John’s brother, I am allowed to hug him without it meaning anything else. That,” she pointed at Alan, who waved cheerfully, clearly revelling in all the drama that for once he wasn’t part of, “is the cutest little bean in the world, all you have to remember is that he can do no wrong.”

Scott, Kayo, Jeff and John all snorted in disbelief at that while Alan preened. Selene ignored them all. 

“That is Grandma, she’s awesome but will kick your butt if you upset any of her boys, that is Kayo, she’ll kick your butt too but with her you only have to look at her sideways.” Kayo grinned, totally unashamed of that introduction because it was true. “And you’ve already met Jeff, and no you can’t ask him anything personal, we are not savages. Any questions?" 

All three members of her family shook their heads. 

"Right, let’s order, I’m starving and can’t deal with anything else on an empty stomach,” Selene grabbed her menu, indicating that that was the end of the discussion. 

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Parts of the TOS Scott Tracy cosplay I was planning for this year’s Montreal Comic-Con. Not sure if the con will happen or not since it’s not until July, but at least I have time to work on my cosplay (I always procrastinate and finish the day before the cons) Got my TB1 bag in the mail yesterday (got it on Redbubble) and all I’m missing now is blue/turquoise pants. The boots are not exactly the right color, I might need to paint them, then do the hat and sash. 

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(i know, i missed the previous week, sorry. mom usually sends us to bed super early. )


when the intense part came in, my mom called me to get something for cleaning, i paused to this, when gordon screamed “virgil!”

it’s like when i watch those local shows and it usually cuts to commercial breaks during the suspense scenes

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Daily Dose of Thunderbirds

Well, turns out getting good shots of the ‘birds was harder than I thought. Three and four were a real challenge.

Apologies for the delay this morning. Home schooling took my time up and I’m not feeling the greatest, but Thunderbirds!


(a little further off the edge than usual)

I do not own these images, I’m just sharing the joy.

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Thunderbirds Are Go AU?

((send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it))

A completely separate idea from other ideas I’ve had in the past… sorta. Minor spoilers for The Long Reach. A what if Jeff wasn’t on the planetoid/ended up hitchhiking with a giant alien robot.

🌐| When the Zero-XL reaches the asteroid/planetoid Jeff Tracy was stranded on for eight years, his sons discover they’re a couple of weeks too late to find him there. But even then they aren’t alone. The hand that stops Scott from hurtling into deep space is not his father’s, but Cordi’s.

🌐| Cordi is only in the Sol System because she’s been trying to track down Dustrunner’s former mentor, Current, and her trail went right past Jeff’s asteroid. She makes a point of remaining in space when the Tracys briefly return to Earth because there are rules of non-interference in place for Endurer colonists that prevent her (or any other colonist) from setting foot on Earth until they independently achieved interstellar travel (borrowing alien tech didn’t count 40-ish years before).

🌐| Cordi also lies to Endurance Command about the amount of time spent in the Sol System and that she let the Tracys join her because Jeff was definitely rescued by Current and if they can find Jeff, they’ll find Current… or vice versa. Also she’s secretly a sucker for a good old fashioned family reunion. Not that she’ll tell anyone.

🌐| John and Virgil discuss whether “Interstellar Rescue” is a catchy enough name for the team while they’re in deep space. It’s determined to be more accurate but less rhythmic than “Intergalactic Rescue”.

🌐| Jeff was gonna be dropped off on Earth by Current but her ship was attacked and the only way to get out of it was to jump out of system. The pair are trying to keep ahead of Current’s pursuers but have faced many close shaves while helping others.

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Forgot to mention that this happened yesterday.

I wondered why my Twitter app kept going off…

And then I nearly blubbed out of surprise and happiness ❤️

Part of me doesn’t feel like I deserve this because we’re all in this together and everyone has a part to play.

Let’s please keep practicing good hygiene, social distancing and let’s get through this together ❤️

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IRRelief fic anyone? After my week I know I needed something fun to write :P So I’ve taken up the “John + Beard”  prompt by @halorocks1214 for exactly that :D Good times! @gumnut-logic - cheers for organising an event that’s given me a bright spot this week!


“I don’t like it,” said Scott with a scowl. “You sure you can’t get it fixed?”

“Positive,” said John, firmly. “I’ve been running diagnostics for the last eight hours, it should be working.”

“Maybe Brains could–“


Scott blinked at the sudden interruption.

“John, it’s no trouble. If you can’t fix it, then he should really have a look at it.”

“No, it’s fine really.”

Scott looked over at Virgil in bewilderment. Without the image, it was hard to tell if John was covering up something or not. The holoprojector and his fidgeting would have betrayed a lie instantly, but without it they couldn’t be sure.

Virgil shook his head imperceptibly and Scott nodded in agreement. Not having visual contact with John for the rest of his rotation was annoying, but hardly life threatening. If they waited, John would likely figure out the problem when left to it and they could send up whatever parts he needed on the next run of supplies.

“I can still see you both,” came John’s frosty, disembodied voice. “It’s only one way.”

Virgil laughed loudly.

“Alright John,” he said with a grin. “We’ll follow your lead.”

A breath of a sigh carried through on the radio waves. “Thank you.”

“Nothing else to report?” asked Scott, stretching out his shoulders as he leant back against the couch.

“Nothing that needs our attention.” The familiar distracted quality returned to his voice. “A landslide in Paraguay. Fischler has a construction project I’m keeping an eye on.

“Good idea,” muttered Virgil under his breath.

“Well then, we’ll leave you to it,” said Scott.

“FAB, Scott,” said John automatically. “Thunderbird Five out.”

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In several of my fics, starting with Gentle Rain, I think, I’ve had the need to develop an OC security team that Kayo co-ordinates, because considering the boys celebrity and the threats they face, the organisation could not exist without some form of security (canon being mostly ignored in this).

This post is mainly for my reference because I have reused these characters multiple times and with disregard for remembering anything I’ve written before.

So! Notes on Kayo’s security team and a couple of other OC characters I have floating around in my fics. I’ll probably add to this post as I add to the characters and remember the ones I have forgotten.

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Favorite fic? I'm going to be obvious and say "the law of relativity" because it's kind of hard not to pick the story that carved its way into my brain and soul. I occasionally find myself thinking about TAG and then realize I'm mentally referencing elements of tlor, which is. awkward. but amusing? and hopefully flattering hahahaha

Oh man, I haven’t seen TLOR in forever. My family and I have been binging things to hell and back recently so maybe I should bring it up and we’ll all have a rerun of epic proportions (if our attention spans will allow it)

Though, if I am allowed to ramble about the fic at hand: I honestly was not expecting to beat up Scott that thoroughly when I originally imagined this series, like, whatsoever. RoA was supposed to be Alan-centric (if Gordon’s part was any indication), but then Virgil’s slowly turned the steering wheel in the other direction followed up by Scott’s literally crashing the car through my fic files. He was the first near 10k part which already threw me off, then I woke up to the most responses on any of my TAG fics ever and well then I just had to concede that RoA was not only going to be Alan-whump time but Everybody-Whump time

And I’m all for it >;D

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I’ve written the first part of Part Seven and decided to share it as it is a decent size and there was a lot of screaming after the last chapter. So here be some more. I’m sorry.

Spoilers & Warnings: Spoilers for season three, angst, hurt/comfort, brothers and family, possible tissue warning, cos I need one, 1063 words

Many thanks to @scribbles97​​​ and @i-am-chidorixblossom​​​ for putting up with my crazy and reading this at random moments.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part 7A

I hope you enjoy it ::hugs::


One moment he was easing himself into the warm blanket of the nerve depressant. The next his nurse was attacking his brother.


His brain was slow, dulled by the medication. It took longer than it should have to connect dots. Virgil was thrown away from the bed, hitting the wall with a skull cracking thud.


His nurse muttered something and reloaded a syringe.

Alan doubted it contained anything good for him.

“Two Tracys instead of one, can’t hurt, s’pose.”

“Al-lan, r-run!” Virgil’s voice was broken and stumbling, but Alan was already moving.

Attempting to move.


Mostly numb but still able to move…just.

He pushed himself towards the opposite side of the bed.

Everything was slow…too slow.

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whattup, its ya boi, snatching another #irrelief from @gumnut-logic​‘s challenge because i literally cant write anything else it seems. @eirabach​‘s prompts graced my dash and i was quite fond of “Virgil + Eos + art“ so this is for chu <3

  • Summary: Virgil wasn’t expecting to give EOS a lesson in human behavior. That’s usually John’s forte, though, he wouldn’t put it past the ginger to sic her on him for this one, the prick.

Virgil was not immune to someone watching him create his works of art.

If he was to be honest with himself, he actually preferred someone in the background as he did so. It gave him a sense of grounding, and it spoke to that inner part that wanted to impress the nearest human like a child would their parent. Look! Look at what I made guys!

Though, he never thought about how he would react to a literal robot being the one to watch him.

Does she even have the same standards as a human?

“Virgil… may I ask a question?”

Oh boy, “Sure?”

She cleared her nonexistent throat (which John definitely taught her that, Virgil betted his new set of brushes on it), “Why do you humans make… art?

Huh, that wasn’t what he was expecting. It was a fair question, though, since there were a million reasons why humans gravitated toward art as a hobby, and if EOS only looked at examples people haphazardly gave on the internet she probably got overwhelmed.

Setting down his brush, Virgil placed his now-free hand on his hip, “Well, I know I personally, at least, make art as a form of stress relief. Sort of like how Gordon swims laps and John calculates problems over and over again. It gets our minds off the bad things in life that won’t leave us alone.”

The A.I. blinked her lens in contemplation, “Hmm.”

Virgil shrugged as he started painting again. If what she asked was a fair question, then that was a fair response, both from him and her. He gave his answer, and there was nothing else either of them really needed to add to it.

What she said next was also technically a fair response, even if it nearly made him snap his brush in half from shock alone.

“Can you show me how to make art?”

John, I’m going to kill you when you come down next time, just an FYI, “Um, sure, there are some digital art programs I can get John to download for you.”

That got a unique reaction out of the A.I., “There’s more than one kind?”

This was going to be a long conversation.

But a part of him was looking forward to it.

He was still going to chuck the first hard thing he could get his hands on the next time he saw his astronaut brother, however.

That rescue sucked ass.

Of course, they did their best and they probably prevented a lot of unnecessary deaths in the long run, but it was one of those rescues where it made them think did they really help at all? Are they actually needed when there’s practically nothing they can do?

Limping into his room, Virgil was stretching his arms over his head when he felt a shiver travel down his spine.

With his arms still in that position, Virgil slowly turned around like a cartoon scene with wide eyes to spy a familiar camera in the corner of his room.

Hopefully, she didn’t pick up on the way he nearly jumped three feet out of his pajama pants.

If she did, John taught her enough manners to not bring it up, “Welcome back. I was hoping to show you something before you went to sleep.”

Breathing heavier than he would have liked, Virgil gulped down his shock, “Oh? What would you like to show me?”

She looked around the room with her singular eye, reminding Virgil of how Gordon or Alan got when they were doing something that made them nervous, which Virgil never expected her to be of all things. Nervous. Anxious.

Eventually, she bit the bullet, “Since John did not need me as much for that last rescue, I was able to play around with that app you showed me the day before.”

Blinking once, Virgil was starting to get at what she wanted, “You wanna show me a picture you made, is that it?”

She flashed yellow for a moment, “… Yes, I would like to. If I am allowed.”

Jeez, she sounded like a kicked puppy sometimes, “Alright, then show me.”

It was another few moments of nothing before a hologram blinked into view. Once his eyes got over the brightness, Virgil looked more closely at the piece of art he was being presented.

It was, ah… it was something.

It was definitely human, that at least Virgil could tell. The lines weren’t clean at all, and while Virgil may not dabble in the digital circles of art society, he knew when someone forgot to delete a layer. Or maybe two. The eyes were noticeably two different sizes, with no whites in them at all, only filled with a weird aqua color with two black dots in the middle. Also, for some reason, this person was growing curved carrots on the top of their head–

Oh. Oh.

Rubbing his hand over his chin with a grin, Virgil gave his final opinion, “Well… your shading could use some work,” a blink of red, “But you got his face shape down okay. A little more practice and I could see you making some real masterpieces.”

She must not have been expecting that because, after a few more moments, her voice was uncharacteristically quiet, “… Really?”

How old was she programmed to be again? “Yeah, EOS, I can see you being a really good artist.”

The A.I.’s lens adjusted as she accepted the answer, “Thank you, Virgil. That really means a lot,” Virgil let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding before abruptly choking on it due to her next words, “I was hoping it was good. I wanted to give it to him as a gift.”

Wait– “Ah, maybe not that, though.”

EOS froze, “Why not?”

Shit, “Well, I’m just saying, maybe we can work on something that is more, er, ‘refined’? John isn’t a vain person, so maybe we should give him a portrait of, like, stars or something, I don’t know.”

This A.I. really liked silence for some reason, which was probably why she liked following it up by abrupt words even more, “We?


Well, there was no going back now, “Yeah, like I said, I may not work with digital, like, at all, but I do know art. I’m not saying they’re interchangeable interfaces, but maybe I can give you some points on how to create a piece while you simultaneously look up how to use the different types of brushes in that app?”

Virgil wasn’t even aware of the fact that his voice was ever so slightly getting higher and higher pitched as he reached the end of his sentence. Apparently, neither did EOS, “Hmm, well, if anyone knows what John would be looking for, it would be you. Interchangeable interfaces, I thought I was talking to him for a second you know.

Wa-how, okay. She really was John’s creation holy fuck. Christ.

And yet, he found himself chuckling despite it, “Yeah, well, it’s not our fault TIME Magazine keeps getting our names switched around.”

Then she laughed. It was very small and short but it was genuine laughter and Virgil wondered if his helmet actually and truly absorbed everything that blow to the head he got earlier gave him.

Rubbing the back of his neck coyly, he finally meandered over to the bed and flopped down on top of it very gracefully, as in, not gracefully at all. He barely registered EOS speaking once more, “Thank you again, Virgil, for being willing to do this for me.”

The last thing Virgil could do was give a measly thumbs up before that familiar gentle blackness fully consumed him.

EOS could only watch the black-haired Tracy with one last thought. Huh, the internet was right. Artists are weird.

“Goodnight, Virgil.”

She was met by plentiful snores. Goodnight, EOS.

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