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moon-arts02 · 9 days ago
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The babies
Bruno is not as complicated to draw as I thought :)
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madchameleonboiii · 13 days ago
Someone told tio bruno that wap meant waffles and pancakes…it wasn’t me…but like tell me why I’m just listening to tia Julieta and tio bruno talk in the kitchen (I was hiding in the kitchen from Mirabel) and with so much joy he goes “Wap!!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”
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haystarlight · a month ago
Encanto opinion which Idk if anyone shares but it’s not, like, controversial:
The movie should’ve been longer. that way, we could’ve had individual songs for the cousins, Julieta, Pepa and Bruno himself.
We could’ve explored how the toxicity was hurting everyone, not just the sisters. Like, okay, we see Dolores covering her ears every time there’s loud noise and we see her sad because she loves Mariano but I feel like we could’ve gotten more of her. we got a good amount of Antonio because we see him get his gift and his bond with Mirabel but like... and we got like, NOTHING for Camilo, who is just too good a character to pass up.
Imagine a song called “Masks and Costumes” where Camilo goes into how he’s not sure who he is because he’s always acting like other people and always trying to make other people happy.
Or a song called “Bring Back the Hope” where Antonio sings about how everyone was anxious and pressuring him, making him feel like, if he didn’t get a gift, then the magic would be dead.
A song called “Noise” where Dolores sings about how the voices in her head never shut up and don’t let her sleep. (more foreshadowing for her knowing Bruno is still in the house)
One called “Under the Weather” where Pepa (and Félix, too) sings about how she has to keep her emotions under control for fear of causing hurricanes and stuff.
I don’t have any ideas for Julieta because we don’t get much of her personality, she’s just a normal, good mom. maybe something about how she wants to speak up against Abuela and her mistreatment of Mirabel but can’t muster up the courage to stand up to her mother.
We don’t really need a Bruno song because we know what his struggles are but I think hearing Bruno sing more is just a good thing.
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nikkithecryptid · a month ago
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Really proud of these, hope you like 💕
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alicerovai · 10 days ago
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Teen Pepa, Bruno and Julieta 🧡💚💙
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veryberryghoul · 19 days ago
Pepa: That ridiculous!!! Felix doesn't have a crush on me.
Julieta: Yes he does.
Bruno: Yes he does.
Felix: Yes I do.
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aussiepineapple1st · 10 days ago
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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
please enjoy the angst I have suddenly started dishing out again after so long of hiding away.
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rivedraw · 6 days ago
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✨ Gift Swap AU Part 1 ✨ This is my design if Pepa had Julieta’s gift of healing ❤️‍🩹 a bit more on it on my tik tok @rivecreates !
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spideyffst · 10 days ago
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more encanto q&a’s!
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kokoroisbleeding · 11 days ago
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Madrigal Triplets! (´ε` )♡
(But that one meme)
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beanswrites · 9 days ago
"Encanto" is one of the best Disney movies ever, and here's why
1. Representation of mental health in a children's movie
Tumblr media
This movie so brilliantly showed mental health issues in many of it's characters. Mirabel thinks that she isn't good enough because of Abuela, which is a good sign of Avoidant Personality Disorder. Luisa obviously has crippling anxiety from the weight that's been put on her shoulders, and Bruno is showing hints of depression and anxiety as well.
As the oldest sibling of my family who had severe anxiety all my life, never have I ever related to Disney songs as much as "Surface Pressure" and "Waiting On A Miracle". I think it's beautiful how Disney made not one but two songs about mental illness, and dealing with it. It teaches kids to not hide their feelings!
2. Showing diversity by having a Colombian family as the main characters
Tumblr media
This movie is one of the rare ones which don't have a white protagonist. I noticed that in the last few years Disney started showing more and more diversity with non-white female leads (Tiana, Moana, Raya, and now Mirabel), and I especially love how it's a family! A great detail that needs to be recognized is that even tho they do look alike (because they are a family), none of the characters look the same. I feel like in the older movies, even when there was some diversity, all people of color would look the same. It shows how much Disney has improved!
It also shows toxic family relations in Latina families, like how Abuela favorited others over Mirabel, especially because Mirabel is a middle child. This movie is on all levels so realistic. Besides the magic.
3. Having a strong female lead with realist proportions and an actual personality
Tumblr media
Since the beginning of 2000 up until now, Disney and Pixar have been doing a great job at making characters with realistic, complex personalities, and it really shows. They really went from having white princesses being saved by a prince charming to strong, diverse women who have enthusiasm and take charge by themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still love the older white princesses, but I'm glad that nowadays every little girl can look at the screen and see a princess that looks like them! Disney still has a long way ahead of them when it comes to diversity (would it KILL you to make an LGBTQIA+ character?? Or a Muslim character??), but we gotta appreciate how far they came!
I also loved this movie for it's lack of small waists, for it's realistically sized noses and actual hips on characters. Feels good to have realistically proportionate people in cartoons, it reminds kids that all shapes and sizes are gorgeous!
4. Awesome plot and great animation
Tumblr media
The plot and even the idea of "Encanto" is really interesting, and it isn't one of the classical, overused tropes. The story is very original, and it isn't the classical family cliché.
I loved the animation, it's really raw and full of emotion. There were some scenes I didn't believe were actually animated because of how good they are, like Abuela crying.
5. Having an amazing soundtrack written by the legend Lin-Manuel Miranda himself
Tumblr media
Name one bad song from this soundtrack. I'll wait.
From the beat to the lyrics and even the placement of the songs in the right moment, everything about this soundtrack is awesome! The tunes are so catchy (everybody has "We Don't Talk About Bruno" stuck in their heads) that it still reminds you that it's a Disney movie, but the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and clever and touching. The way Dolores smugly hid the fact that she can actually hear Bruno thru the walls in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and then asked Mirabel "Do you understand?" was brilliant.
Also, "Dos Origuitas" is 2021's version of "Remember Me" from Coco. It has the same sad but also beautiful vibe.
Pepa and Felix being the best married couple ever
Tumblr media
I- They are seriously the cutest. Pepa is so interesting and weird, and Felix is such an awesome, supportive husband that it's practically impossible to not love them. Felix is the type of a guy that would cause an unexpected rain all over the Encanto just and only because he tickled Pepa so hard that she started crying (brb gonna go write a fanfic like this). They are awesome partners, and even more amazing parents.
If you say that you don't simp (or at least love them) for Dolores or Camilo (or in my case both), you are lying. I don't make the rules.
All in all, Encanto is an awesome movie, in all aspects. I can just tell that one day, in like 30 years, kids are gonna be watching and loving this movie like we love "Beauty And The Beast" today. This one is gonna be one of the classics.
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lond0nfanfic · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
You can’t tell me they aren‘t March babies. Think about it.
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tesseractrave · a month ago
"More Encanto Vines (SPOILER VERSION)"
Again, the Non-Spoiler version is also up on my channel!
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blee-bleep · 22 days ago
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blessed by casita
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2demontional-dreams · 11 days ago
Madrigal Name Meanings
If someone has done this before, credit to them and also if anyone notices any inaccuracies please feel free to point them out :)
Tumblr media
Mirabel - meaning wondrous/of wondrous beauty, stemming from the Latin word mirabilis (reminds me of ‘my bell’, or my beloved etc and that was cute, even though that isn’t the meaning)
Isabela - “god’s promise”, meaning derived from the Greek Elisabet, which is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva meaning ‘my god is an oath’
Luisa - famous (female) warrior, from Old High German
Dolorés - sorrowful, lady of sorrows (I think this is so interesting because of the likely burden and sadness/isolation her gift can bring)
Camilo - helper to the priest, noble, free-born child (I think it’s slightly reminiscent of the word chameleon though)
Antonio - flourishing, Greek origin (I’m so glad this suits him perfectly)
Bruno - from German, meaning brown; a very traditional and common name amongst different languages (I would love this to have another meaning I haven’t seen yet, but then I guess the contrast between his very traditional name and his gift, which is so unique etc)
Julieta - youthful, love’s child (I think this is lovely - symbolising the love of Alma and Pedro)
Pepa - a nickname given for names such as Pepita, coming from Josefina or Josefa - meaning god shall add or the lord increases
Alma - the soul, can also mean nourishing from Latin but the Spanish meaning is said to be the soul (Alma is referred to as the centre of casita etc, or the soul of the family throughout the film so I enjoy this meaning)
Pedro - Spanish equivalent to Peter, meaning stone or rock
Félix - meaning lucky/fortunate (I think this is so cute and suits him so well)
Agustín - meaning great, magnificent, venerable; from the Latin verb “to increase” (I agree bc he’s my himbo king, but also with theories about him being a businessman or something similar before he met Julieta fits with this as he may be from a very proper family who gave him a name they hoped would fit his future. I enjoy the contrast with what the name meaning initially conjures and his family-orientated, less “grand” lifestyle, which is obvs great in a possibly different way)
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bandshirts-and-books · 6 days ago
Julieta: Camilo, can I speak to you for a minute? In private.
Camilo: Ooh, someone's in trouble.
Everyone, simultaneously turning their heads: …
Camilo: It's me. I’m someone. I don't know why I did that.
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By far the most accurate part of Encanto is the way the tea is spilled AS someone is coming over for dinner and then you have so many questions but you can’t ask because you have Company™️
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sexpistxls · 19 days ago
𝐬𝐡𝐞/𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐫𝗼𝐧𝗼𝐮𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media
Of course he remembers it.
The very first time he saw her.
It was all that he thought about.
The way the colourful lights illuminated her skin
The way her hips swayed to the music
And her smile.
That gorgeous fucking smile.
A celebration for yet another wonderful gift that blessed the Madrigal family, and everyone living in the Encanto.
Fireworks were being let off, children dancing through the town as music and laughter filled the nighttime air.
❝Bruno? Are you enjoying yourself?❞ Julieta asked as she sat down next to her bother, making sure that he was having a good time. She knew it had been hard for him these past few days. More and more people from the town receiving "bad" visions and getting wrongfully mad at him.
❝Yep. No, I mean, yes..not no. I'm enjoying myself. Just tired, y'know? Been a bit tiring doing all these visions and readings.❞
❝Do you want me to cook you something? I'm sure i'll be able to rid you of this fatigue?❞
❝Or Maybe you should get up and dance Brunito!❞ Pepa interrupted, being dipped by Félix as they danced in time to the music.
And before he could even respond, Pepa had dragged Bruno up and into the crowd of dancing people and left him there, going off to dance with her husband.
It was a bit awkward for the man, everyone had someone to dance with but him. He was just standing in the crowd like he hadn't a clue what was going on.
And somehow, from his lonesome position in the sea of people, a few overly hyper children of the town decided that he would be their sort of climbing frame or some sort of thing to dance around as they clung to the end of his green ruana, tugging him in every direction possible. Spinning him in circles and dragging him backwards, until he bumped into someone.
❝Oh i'm so sorry these kids were-❞
❝No i'm sorry i wasn't looking where i was going.❞ y/n said, a gorgeous smile on her face making the apology sincere. Her hips still moving with the addictive music as if she had no control of herself; her skirt swaying hypnotically with every slight movement. The Purples and pinks of the fireworks paint her face with colourful hues. She looked magical. Better yet, she didn't look at him the way everyone else did. She didn't look disgusted or afraid of him.
❝You're Bruno Madrigal, right?❞
❝Oh, yep. I mean yes. Yes i am.❞ He replied, slowly putting his hands behind his back and crossing his fingers for good luck.
Please don't complain about a bad reading. Please don't complain about a stupid fucking vision.
❝I'm y/n! I've heard some people talking about you.❞
❝Obviously.❞ Bruno said in a "like always" tone.
❝I think they're stupid. Why ask for a vision if you can't handle it?❞
He paused for a minute.His eyes widening, Someone finally had some common sense.
❝Right!❞ He said excitedly. His eyes slightly glowing neon green for a short second.
❝Like....❞ y/n continued to talk more, but the loud music mixed with even louder bangs of the many fireworks drowned out her voice.
❝Sorry, i can't hear you-❞ They both shuffled closer, practically akin to skin, and basically spoke directly into each other's ears, but the background noises where just too loud.
y/n looked around for a moment, standing on her tippy toes looking for something. She grabbed Bruno's wrist and led him out of the crowd. The noise gradually getting quieter and quieter and the lights slowly fading away as she brought Bruno to a secluded spot, moving her hand from his wrist until she was holding his hand as they carefully walked down steep hills.
The moonlight reflected in the ripples of the water as the gentle song of cicadas filled the air along with faint laughter from the party. It was much more relaxing and intimate compared to the recent atmosphere.
He remembers the way she looked in the moonlight, the way she laughed at his jokes, the way her eyes glistened and her smile widened when she looked at him and the way she slowly leaned in and pressed her lips onto his.
And he remembers that feeling in his chest that triggered when he kissed her back. As her hands found their way onto either side of his face, brushing his curly hair behind his ears.
Nothing could top the way his head spun whenever he saw her throughout the Encanto, how he couldn’t stop thinking about her.
And y/n constantly found herself “needing a vision” from Bruno.
We all know she didn’t actually need a vision.
Nothing was better than these moments they shared together.
But nothing could compare to the way she felt when he left.
Ten long years. Y/n had to go about living day to day as if she was fine, it was rough. She wasn’t trying to forget him, i mean, how could she? Y/n constantly daydreamed about all their encounters, being particular about every small detail: The way he touched her, the way he showered her with praise and love despite not even being in a proper relationship.
She would only think about the past or future. What it would be like if when he comes back.
Would he ever come back?
❝Heres to My Brunito, and our new casita!❞ Abuela announced, the music blaring shortly after.
❝Enjoying yourself, Bruno?❞ Pepa asked as she danced with her brother.
❝I haven’t had this much fun in ten years.❞ He joked as Pepa laughed.
From behind his sisters head he could see an all too familiar face, smile as bright as ever, hips still controlled by the music as she dances, her gorgeous face stained in the pink light.
Bruno stood on his tippy toes, moving his head from left to right as he tried to see her again from behind his sister.
❝Bruno. What are you doing?❞
❝Would you excuse me, Pepa.❞ She nodded in confusion, before Félix came over and spun her around.
𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝗼 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝗼𝐧𝐠 𝗼𝐧 𝐚 𝐥𝗼𝐰 𝐯𝗼𝐥𝐮𝗺𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐬𝐭 𝐲𝗼𝐮 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐢𝐭 𝗼𝐫 𝐲𝗼𝐮 𝐬𝗺𝐞𝐥𝐥 :D
Bruno struggled as he moved through the crowd of people, many of them greeting him with a ❝Hola, Bruno❞ or ❝Welcome back, Bruno!❞ as they raised their cups. And in an attempt to rebuild his reputation, he’d smile or reply with a simple ❝Hola!❞ But, despite these distractions, his eyes never left the sight of the girl who was now making her way out of the party.
Bruno tripped and stumbled as he quickly tried to catch up to the girl covered in the moonlight.
As she sat down upon the grass, just like before, her sight was drawn onto him. Her lips tugged into a smile.
Bruno ran a hand through his hair, moving it out of his way as he caught his breath. Lips mimicking y/n’s forming a smile.
Her eyes shining in the light as the gentle movement of the small river mixed with the singing of cicadas created a familiar atmosphere.
And after these ten years…
She still looked as beautiful as the first time he saw her…
In a way…
It was just like seeing her
For the first time
Tumblr media
HEY!! I had this idea after listening to mac and i was in loveee with it, i must admit i could’ve wrote this better. ANYWAY,,, my asks are open!!! You can literally ask me anything whether it’s a head canon you have, or anything to get off of your chest or any requests you would want me to write!
i <3 you thank u for reading!!
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uni-senpai-chan · 11 days ago
Floriografía - C. Madrigal
This book contains mature languages. I've used google translate for any Spanish used in this book so apologies to my Spanish speaking/reading readers if anything looks incorrect.
This book is a bit of a slow burn, but it does (eventually) follow the main plot of Encanto, so if you haven't watched it yet, I recommend you click off this book.
I hope you enjoy! If you see any mistakes I might have missed, please point them out so I can fix them immediately!
This book will update every Friday! (or in between)
**✿❀Mother Uni❀✿**
Tumblr media
Camilo held a bouquet of buttercups, his eyes set on a black haired girl who was chatting with a vendor. He smiled before beginning to walk over to her, masking his nervousness with a charming face.
Suddenly the flowers were snatched from him, his face drops into one of annoyance watching you throw the flowers into a bucket before tossing a lit match into it.
The flowers caught fire, but were soon extinguished by the vase of water you had. "Back off Madrigal" you hissed in warning, picking up the bucket and walking over to the girl with black hair, who happened to be your best friend Christine. Camilo sighs in frustration, this wasn't the first time this had happened.
Whenever he tried to talk to Christine.
"Hello, bonita~" The boy was charming as always. "Hello Camilo," Christine says with a small giggle. "Incoming!" A random shout could be heard before Camilo was pushed off the bridge and into the water.
"Y/n!" Christine shouts, before quietly mouthing 'thank you'. "I warned him" you say with an innocent face.
Every single time he tried to give Christine a flower
A red rose.
He had asked Isabela to make it of course, he wanted the prettiest flower for Christine. He quickly ran to find her, eager to give her the beautifully bloomed flower.
He notes her watching some of the town folk dance in town square, he runs over, pausing to make himself look presentable. He puts the rose behind his back before tapping Christine's shoulder, "for you, hermosa~"
He pulls the flower from behind his back, only finding the stem in its place, the rose that was once there now gone. "Oh- thank you?" Christine takes the stem from him before turning her attention back to the dancers.
Camilo looks around, finding you near a building. You stare at him while you spit out rose petals, wiping the spit from your face before mouthing. "Stay away."
A Blue Violet
He held a bundle of the flimsy flower, all carefully placed in a basket.
Before he could even go to start looking for Christine, you snatch the basket from him. "Morning Y/n" He says annoyed, "Madrigal" you greet him looking at him with a smirk on your face.
"Who are the flowers for?"
"I have a feeling you're going to destroy them either way" he sighs, not doing anything to stop you as you dump the flowers on the ground and stomp on them. "You should stop trying Madrigal" you shove the basket back into Camilo's arms, "Christine isn't interested."
Sure, it would be easier for him to just stop trying, you had proven to him time and time again that you wouldn't be letting him get close to your best friend, but giving up would be letting you win. And his pride would not stand for it.
Of course, he got his own payback.
You stood by a building, staking out the place for a certain shapeshifter. You feel a sudden rush of cold dumped over your head. "AGH!" you immediately cry out from the freezing of the cold water.
You look up to see who had pulled such a ridiculous prank, though you already had an idea on who.
"Whoa! Y/n you're totally soaked, what happened?"
"You!" You move your wet hair from out of your face, "Camilo," he says, correcting you smugly. He begins to laugh as you huff at him in anger, you turn and storm off in anger. "Get dry soon!" Camilo yells out.
There just was no stopping you, even if he transformed into someone else
Isabela was quite tired of Camilo asking her for flowers, but he made up for it by telling her about you. She found it quite entertaining; it was like a telenovela, Dolores enjoyed the story too, listening in when Camilo would tell Isabela.
"Try giving Christine these" Isabela says, having her vine hand Camilo some yellow roses. So he did, and of course you stole them, but your reaction was different than normal.
"What happened?" Isabela asks, sitting on her bed while Camilo sits in a makeshift chair made of vines."She stole the flowers, then she said 'yellow roses?' before walking off" Camilo says, transforming into you as he mocked your voice.
"She didn't destroy them?" Isabela questions. "No, she gave them to Christine herself"
Isabela starts to laugh, leaving Camilo dumbfounded. "What's so funny, I don't see anything funny about this" he frowns, only making Isabela laugh even more. "Okay little cousin, give these to Y/n"
With a wave of her hands she gives Camilo 3 red carnations. "Give Y/n flowers?!" Camilo exclaims standing up from his chair, he crosses his arms before slumping back down.
"No way."
Isabela makes the chair disappear into the ground, making Camilo fall to the floor, her vines wrap around his stomach and begin to squeeze. "Give the flowers to Y/n" she repeats, in more of a demand and threatening tone.
"Okay" Camilo squeaks.
The next day came by pretty quickly and after finishing his chores, Camilo exited casita holding the 3 red flowers in his hands, it shouldn't be that hard to find you, or for you to find him. So he began to walk around, waving at some of the townspeople he recognized.
"At it again Camilo?" Some of them would say, it's not like the townspeople were blind. They witnessed every flower you had destroyed and frankly, they liked watching the scenes unfold. It was very entertaining.
Camilo ignored the teases, still searching around for you. Normally you would have popped out by now, so where were you? You had this uncanny way of finding him, even if he transformed into someone else.
"She's sick" Camilo turns to your voice, seeing you sitting down at a bench. "What?" Camilo questions, walking over to you. "Christine isn't here, she's sick, figured I'd tell you so you'd stop running around town looking stupid"
Swallowing down a snarky remark, Camilo hands out the flowers to you. You blink at him a few times, "what are you doing Madrigal?"
"These are for you"
You're caught off guard, choking on your spit as you stutter.
"F-for me?" You say in between coughs, "yes, for you" Camilo repeats.
He waves the flowers at you, his hand getting tired of holding them out. "Are you gonna take them or what?"
You take the flowers from his hands, holding them close to your chest. Your face felt hot, embarrassment flooding through your veins. "Hasta luego Y/n" Camilo turns to leave, "wait, Camilo" you call out, stopping him in his tracks and he turns to face you.
It was the first time you had called him by his name.
"Thank you" you say softly, looking back down at the flowers and smelling them. Camilo feels his face heating up, cheeks turning a soft pink, he had never seen you look so vulnerable before.
"Y-your welcome"
Camilo walks back to his home, leaving you to stand there with the 3 flowers. Unconsciously a smile melts onto your face as you turn to walk to Christine's house.
"I'm back Chrisy" You call out to your bedridden friend, walking upstairs and going to her room. "Did Camilo have flowers again?"
"Yeah" You sigh, "but they were for me this time."
"Oh really?" Christine strains herself to sit up, looking at you as you day dream staring at the white flowers in your hand. "Red carnations!?" Christine asks, a grin growing on her face. "Ooo, is there something you're not telling me?"
Your face heats up in embarrassment, "Christine!" She laughs at your reaction, "you're totally blushing right now!"
"Cause you're embarrassing me!"
Christine had met Camilo when he had helped her mother out with her baby sister, allowing her mom to get some rest while he played with the baby. She joined Camilo in making her baby sister laugh and since then Camilo had been desperately trying to get closer to her.
She was thankful for your over protectiveness, since Christine wasn't instead in the Madrigal at all. She had her eyes set on Carlos Kingsely, he was buff and tall and so very handsome.
"You guys would be a cute couple" Christine remarks, snapping you out of your lolla-land. "Wait, no way! Me and Camilo Madrigal!? Could never!"
"Why not?"
You and Christine both look at the door, Mirabel standing there with a plate in her hand, "Nobody was answering the door so I just let myself in."
Mirabel walks over to Christine, handing her a plate of food her mother, Señora Julieta, had made.
"Thank you Mirabel," Christine smiles and Mirabel turns her attention to you. "So you like my primo pequeño?" Mirabel teases, leaning in towards your face. "No!" You begin to back up, only to bump into Christine who was all better now, standing behind you. "Oooh you're blushing you totally do"
You push yourself away from both the girls, face blazing with heat. "No! I don't like him at all" you point your fingers at the two girls, "we hate each other!"
"Not with the smile that was on my cousins face when he came home"
"I'm leaving! I-i need to open up the shop" You have to get away from these two before you explode, you exit Christine's room slamming the door behind you. You start to go down the steps before running back up, you open the door, ignoring the two girls as you grab your flowers and leave.
Christine and Mirabel both smirk at one another
"Me and Camilo?! Locas, that's what they are" you mutter under your breath, leaving the Byers household to go down to your family's flower shop. Encanto was a beautiful town, with colorful buildings everywhere, trees and flowers decorating the place.
You look up at the beautiful baby blue sky, looking at some of the palm trees that arched over the road you walked on. 'Florería Fiorinet' your mother's flower shop, your father had bought it for your mother before he died.
You open the door, going into the back of the store to find the prettiest vase for your flowers. You fill it with water before dropping the stems into it and placing it on the checkout desk. The red carnation looks beautiful with the highlight of the sun through the window.
You grab the broom and begin sweeping the dust and dirt from off the floor. You hum a soft tune while sweeping, piling all the dirt together before sweeping it outside the door. Once the shop was clean, you flipped the sign, opening the shop.
Part 2 coming soon
Masterlist - here
Tumblr media
Link to my Discord - here
Want to make a request? (Google Forms) - here
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Tumblr media
Madrigal Triplets ⏳🌈🌿
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