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inhibited-irregularity · 2 days ago
Ok, Encanto is great, but nobody mentions how healthy and balanced the marriages in the movie are, especially Pepa and Felix. Like, Mirabel's dad is accident-prone and he marries a healer, and that's cute (also, the fact that he seem like a good father and husband), but Pepa and Felix are a perfect match. Pepa has anxiety written all over her and she struggles to control her powers, and is obviously under a lot of pressure from Abuela (i feel like she would've been the black sheep if not for Mirabel and Bruno) and I think it's lovely that she married a ball of sunshine Felix, who doesn't take himself too seriously and provides good mood and "clear skies", and a feeling of control which is evident in that "sorry mi vida go on" line in We don't talk about Bruno, but in a non-toxic way because he's clearly free to state his opinion and take the lead ("Pepi, she needs to know"). It's also amazing that he's able to do it in a gentle way, and it doesn't feel forced or like walking on eggshells, he just knows his wife well and his manner of calming her down or comforting her seems instinctive. Also, they're clearly very much in love, and he's supportive of her (the happiness in his tone when he says "yes, mi amor!" in that last scene when they're dancing and she makes her cloud rain confetti, and the fact he loves her all the same and sticks with her through storms). He's definitely my favorite side character, and I think his and Pepa's balance and parenting are a reason their kids seem well-adjusted.
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simplysable · 2 days ago
The Madrigals as Pictures in my Phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bloomellaa · a day ago
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Back with a language joke again lmao (incorrect quotes) and i took the time to actually color them dghjjkshkf. Hope you enjoy the bonus.
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biromanticbeast · 2 days ago
Guys you know Dolores' rap during "We Don't Talk About Bruno"?
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lookimadeasomething · 3 hours ago
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"When she's unhappy, well the temperature gets weird.." 💛
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art-with-pris · 2 days ago
I feel like it's understated that Pepa's husband is named Felix- no one I've seen has brought it up.
I'm so in love with the choice to call him that 'cus it means happy
Not only is he a happy guy (the hurricane at his wedding didn't even put a damper on this guy's day) but also he's Pepa's happiness (of course not her only happiness) I mean literally, that's her husband and his name is happy. Plus all the times in the film he's comforting/flirting/trying to make her smile.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
TLDR; Disney made good soup, I love the tiny details of this movie, they make me soft :///////)
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awakefor48hours · 2 days ago
Pepa: We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no
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lariskapargitay · a day ago
Preview of another Encanto Fic I’m working on. Pepa wishes that her father never made that sacrifice, that he had been willing to run and hide like the rest of the men rather than face the raiders alone. She wishes she could have grown up with a father instead of with a gift and a magic home. Then one night Pepa’s wish come true, and soon after she wishes it hadn’t…
“Papa’s sacrifice meant nothing!”
Don’t you ever say that again!”
A storm was raging hard. Thunder boomed, lightning struck, the wind howled so furiously that they could hear the roots of the trees groaning in protest as they fought to stay tethered to the earth.
“Your father gave up everything for you!” Alma shouted, and in the distance they could hear the cracks in the walls but neither woman cared enough to notice. “It was because of him we have our home, our gifts!”
“He didn’t think that we might like to have a father instead of a gift? That his grand children would have preferred to meet their abuello or that you might liked to have had a husband rather than a magic house?!” Pepa yelled back, both green and brown eyes stinging with tears and rain both. “He didn’t need to be the one to face them, he could have gotten us to safety but he didn’t! He wanted to play the hero! He wanted to sacrifice himself for everyone else instead of looking out for his family, and he died because his choices put us last, because he didn’t care about you or me or Bruno or Julieta! Papa didn’t care about any of us!”
The sharp slap echoed in the casita. The pain of it stung, but the shock of it all was more jarring. So sudden that the storms actually ceased for a moment.
Pepa stared wide eyed at her mother, trying to ignore the sting of the first time she ever raised a hand to any of them. Her eyes were full of tears, and behind her, Felix’s expression was full of rage as he glared at Alma. If it hadn’t been for Luisa thinking fast and holding him back Pepa didn’t want to think about what might have happened.
Without another word Alma turned and stormed away, and Pepa tried not to let it storm as she heard the sound of her mother starting to sob.
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scientificvampire2003 · 2 days ago
Phew. My first fanfic… it’s bad, but I hope you guys like it; please PLEASE leave comments to tell me what you thought.
Stupid encanto fanfic
10 years before the movie
“We need you Bruno, see the future, like you always do, Mirabel… I’m worried about her, we need another prophecy.” Alma insisted.
“I told you mamá, I need a break, I’m sorry; the headaches, it’s too harsh mamá, I can’t.” Said Bruno.
But Alma wasn’t going to stop, and continued: “do you not love me? Love Este familia?”
“ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶠᵃᵐᶦˡʸ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈ ᵇᵉ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ ʷᶦᵗʰᵒᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᶦⁿ ᶦᵗ…”
Bruno muttered.
“What was that?” hissed Alma.
“Nothing…” Bruno replied.
“You're useless to this family, all of us. tus sobrinas tus sobrinos, them too. Even tus hermanas. They will never love you.” Said Alma, in remark to his gift.
“I wish I was dead. Then you’d love me, wouldn’t you?” Bruno yelled, running as fast as he could to anywhere to hide.
Bruno had his hood pulled over so his mamá couldn’t see the tears that went down his face, hot ones that seemed to burn his feelings away. He wanted them to, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.
“I wish I was dead, then you’d love me, wouldn’t you?”
He couldn’t take that back, he couldn’t just go back to her. The cold stones of casita didn’t help. He needed to disappear, like a shadow on the wall, something… not quite there. As he thought about where to go, he leaned into the walls, hoping casita could do something, anything.
Then casita was gone. Bruno felt around blindly to see what was going on as his eyes adjusted to the light.
“I’m in the walls,” he realized as he heard Almojábana (Colombian cheese buns) frying in the kitchen. He pressed his ear up to the walls, an heard Julieta and Pepa in the kitchen.
“I’m worried about Bruno, I haven’t seen him since ah… poor Mirabel’s Ceremony went so…badly.” Pepa mumbled.
Bruno couldn’t see what was going on, but he heard the sound of rain trickling down.
“Si, Mamá has been working him too hard, with the constant demand of his powers, it must be muy doloroso, predicting night and day like that,” Julieta responded.
“Mamá has always treated him… worse then us. She’s always been strict with all 3 of us, but she is muy hard on Bruno.”
At this point Bruno stopped listening, and slumped down into a pile on the wood floor.
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trappola-caramel · 2 days ago
The urge to draw pepa from encanto because man other then dolores,camilo and isabela pepa is 🤌🤌
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kianamaiart · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
she's so 😍
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ataraxianne · 11 days ago
PLS she covered the Teddy bears ears when saying the name Bruno😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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monoul · 29 days ago
teenager in love || camilo madrigal x reader
pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
tags: pining, fluff, soft camilo, meddling dolores, proud pepa, mutual pining, slightly oblivious reader
he/they for camilo, she/her for reader
prompt: not really any prompt, just thought of something short and sweet but general idea is camilo has been thinking about you and its making him distracted
Tumblr media
Pepa knew her son.
She knew his habits, his little unconscious tendencies they probably wasn't even aware of. She was his mother, after all.
So she could say with certainty their behavior recently was odd.
Just at breakfast that morning, he was offered seconds, and he didn't seem aware they were asked a question until Isabela flicked his forehead. The most shocking thing? He had waved off the offered food with a distracted "no thanks".  Camilo had never refused seconds, normally resorting to thievery to obtain the forbidden food.
He was seemingly lost in thought a lot more often than not, shifting into people seemingly at random. Normally she would chalk it down to teenager things, but she wasn't the only one to notice their behavior. Dolores had been fixing her brother with questioning and interrogating glances at dinner recently, and there was going to be wind for quite a while until she got to the bottom of what was troubling her son.
Naturally, that meant enlisting her daughter.
Dolores was all too happy to help, for the chance to meddle with her little brother no doubt. She had been keeping an ear out for her brother's name or voice and hadn't received much besides the occasional family member greeting him or their usual chores around the village.
Until late afternoon, that is.
"Hola, Camilo," an unfamiliar voice sounded. It was a melodic voice, and Camilo responded in such an un-Camilo like way Dolores had to pause a moment.
"H-Hola, (Y/n)," he said. 
"Would you mind running this to Mirabel? I've been meaning to return it to her," the girl said. Dolores was sure she heard her sibling gulp.
"Yeah—I mean of course," they stuttered again.
That couldn't mean what she thought it meant, could it?
Pepa had other ideas when Dolores told her.
"Camilo has a crush!" She exclaimed, the sunlight seeping through the windowsill seemed to get brighter. "I wonder who it is?"
"She mentioned Mirabel, maybe she knows?" Dolores supplied.
As if summoned, Mirabel emerged through the doorway, what seemed to be clothes stacked in her arms. Besides her, a pretty girl in a dress with a blue top and yellow skirt laughed at something Mirabel said or did.
Dolores' eyes widened, tugging on her mother's sleeve.
That's her, she mouthed, making Pepa snap her attention to the girl.
"Ah, Tía Pepa," Mirabel said, peeking around her stack of fabric. "This is my friend, (Y/n)!" 
The girl, (Y/n), stepped forward and gave a polite wave. "Hello, thank you for letting me into your home."
Dolores smiled at her, a bit more smugly than her usual expression. Pepa gave you an enthusiastic smile of her own.
"Of course, come any time," she said, grasping her hands in her own.
(Y/n) seemed a bit confused at the earnesty with that which they greeted her, but thankful and polite nonetheless. 
Just as Pepa was plotting for how to get Camilo here, he walked in not unlike Mirabel's perfect timing earlier. Pepa watched him and—yes! He completely froze when he took in the sight of Pepa and (Y/n) standing close together, with Dolores and Mirabel.
(Y/n) smiled brightly at him, and Pepa noticed the faint coloring on her ears closely. "Hola, Camilo."
Camilo had such a soft yet nervous expression on his face, it made Pepa want to just squeeze him tight. He raised his own hand in a shy wave. "Hola, (Y/n)."
"Guy's I'm kinda struggling here," Mirabel said, making (Y/n) snap back into attention as she took some of her friend's burden.
The two made their way to the stairs, (Y/n) turning back before ascending. "Nice to meet you, Pepa, Dolores," she said. "And, see you later Camilo."
She turned away, leaving Camilo standing with a dopey grin on his face.
"She wants to see me later," he said, like he couldn't believe it.
Dolores face palmed, but Pepa just ruffled Camilo's hair, mouth pulled into a proud smile.
now complete with a part two!
cross-posted on ao3 here !!
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lonely-ghost-daddy · a month ago
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haystarlight · a month ago
Encanto opinion which Idk if anyone shares but it’s not, like, controversial:
The movie should’ve been longer. that way, we could’ve had individual songs for the cousins, Julieta, Pepa and Bruno himself.
We could’ve explored how the toxicity was hurting everyone, not just the sisters. Like, okay, we see Dolores covering her ears every time there’s loud noise and we see her sad because she loves Mariano but I feel like we could’ve gotten more of her. we got a good amount of Antonio because we see him get his gift and his bond with Mirabel but like... and we got like, NOTHING for Camilo, who is just too good a character to pass up.
Imagine a song called “Masks and Costumes” where Camilo goes into how he’s not sure who he is because he’s always acting like other people and always trying to make other people happy.
Or a song called “Bring Back the Hope” where Antonio sings about how everyone was anxious and pressuring him, making him feel like, if he didn’t get a gift, then the magic would be dead.
A song called “Noise” where Dolores sings about how the voices in her head never shut up and don’t let her sleep. (more foreshadowing for her knowing Bruno is still in the house)
One called “Under the Weather” where Pepa (and Félix, too) sings about how she has to keep her emotions under control for fear of causing hurricanes and stuff.
I don’t have any ideas for Julieta because we don’t get much of her personality, she’s just a normal, good mom. maybe something about how she wants to speak up against Abuela and her mistreatment of Mirabel but can’t muster up the courage to stand up to her mother.
We don’t really need a Bruno song because we know what his struggles are but I think hearing Bruno sing more is just a good thing.
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veryberryghoul · 29 days ago
Bruno: What did I do to upset you?
Pepa: I don't know what you mean.
Bruno, pointing at all his stuff that has been moved to the highest shelf: I'm not dumb.
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monrageo · a month ago
Tumblr media
I love (1) weather woman
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lariskapargitay · 6 days ago
Can we please take a moment to realize Pepa and Félix are without question THE most affectionate Disney couple?
Let’s think about this for a second. The main romances are never together until the last scene, and their touches are limited to one or two kisses, and a short happily ever after montage where maybe he has his arm around her waist as they ride off into the sunset (every single Disney princess sans Nala and Belle). They’ll talk and laugh but they won’t ever actually touch or if they do it’s limited to maybe brushing hair back or touching them only when necessary to save them but that’s it. Every physical touch is all big grand romantic gestures that stand out and help move the plot along.
Belle and Beast, she ‘didn’t shudder as she touched his paw’ and then they have one romantic dance where her resting her head on his chest was the most physicality any Disney couple had in a while but again, it was a big romantic gesture designed to be noticed and move the plot along. They don’t touch just to touch. And even Nala almost every touch she had with Simba was deliberate and meant to be noticed and to move the romantic plot along (I don’t know about you but I think Pepa and Félix might have take the spot away from Nala and Simba for best Disney sex eyes)
The rare times there’s more than once romance in a movie it’s limited to what Augustin and Julieta have. A gentle simmering of sweet romance and that’s it. We hear they’re married, they may hold one another close at the end of the movie but again, very little actual physical affection.
Now let’s look at Pepa and Félix. There very first intro she’s literally grabbing him, yanking him close and lifting him up off his feet to kiss him
Tumblr media
Then his hand is around her waist and stays that way the entire time they walk up the stairs after their first scene. No big grand gesture, no plot development, just a background note you might not even catch. Then with Antonio’s gift ceremony he takes her by the shoulders and doesn’t let go, and when they’re waiting at the door they’re completely wrapped around one another and when he gets his gift again, just a background moment, but he misses her hand and she looks at him with sheer relief and adoration
Tumblr media
And let’s not forget the ‘fuck me’ eyes she gives him at breakfast when he gets her to calm down about the chair
Tumblr media
During the Bruno song I can’t even count how many times his hand is around her waist and the calling card to all Pepa/Félix shippers that is ‘I’m sorry Mi Vida go onnnn!’ Where he’s singing right into her ear and neck and she’s got *that* kind of smile on her face as she dies which is as close as Disney will ever get to a couple necking
Tumblr media
While I mentioned Disney romances only touching eachother to save the other I think theirs should count bc again, it’s just a background moment, not plot development, but when the house shakes and she falls he’s right there to catch her and help her. No plot, no big gesture, it’s not the focus of the scene… it’s just there
Tumblr media
And then during the end song…. My god. When Bruno whips her around his hand is right there to catch her and then he pulls her close where once again , she gives him bedroom eyes, his hand is on her waist and hers is on his chest.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also what’s even more miraculous and remarkable about it is this isn’t the star, this isn’t some 18 year old Disney princess, this is a 50 year old woman with three kids whose oldest is an adult herself, and Félix is a dark skinned Black man who is affectionate and loving and adoring, something you very rarely see in mainstream media. And what’s more is none of these moments are played for laughs. It’s straight and serious and romantic and physical and so amazing. Disney really broke the mold with them and I’m so grateful to them for it
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petal-matriarch · 29 days ago
i love encanto so much that im posting about it after months of doing nothing here.
La Casita can't interact with any of the Madrigal's rooms. After Mirabel's gifting ceremony, it wasn't uncommon for her to cry herself to sleep, whenever she did Casita would gently rock the bed with the floor wood planks in the nursery. Mirabel was alone in the nursery for five years before Antonio was born, during the times where she felt the most isolated and alone Castia was there for her.
Mirabel is the only Madrigal that talks to La Castia as if it where a person, waving goodbye when leaving into the village and being the first to greet it when Castia returned.
there must of been long nights of talking to and comforting from Castia that must of made Mirabel feel less alone in her family. When about to fall into what she thinks is a bottomless pit after chasing tio Bruno, Mirabel calls out to no one other than La Casita.
i just love how the creators put so much effort into the relationship between a girl and her sentient house. i know Mirabel woke up feeling just a bit more loved when Castia would great her with unconditional love.
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nikkithecryptid · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Really proud of these, hope you like 💕
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