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I’m going to Chicago for college, which is 12 hours away from where I live now. When Tiana sings “Almost There”, it makes me excited to leave my small town and get even closer to accomplishing my dreams and goals. Even if it is smaller than starting a restaurant, I finally get to live the life I’ve always wanted to live even though I’ll have schoolwork.

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Was I planing too big?… *looks at the background* oh boy… will I paint this?… *looks back at the background*… *sigh*…

Anyhow, another modern-AU disney princess with a @disneybound set, this time Tiana. (I forgot her hair band tho.) I used this screenshot for reference:

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So I rewatched Rise of the Guardians and I decided to write a little something inspired by the many RPs between me and @mischiefandnightmares

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To say that Pitch loathed the Sandman was an understatement.  Pitch hated the small, golden nuisance out of all the guardians. After Pitch tried to take over, he was sure that the two would be enemies forever. He had never excepted Sandy to be in his liar, in his quarters, hovering his bed. Pitch’s first instinct was to summon up a nightmare, but he froze when Sandy hushed him and pointed towards his bed.

Tiana was fast asleep, a golden dream playing above her head. She smiled in her sleep as she snuggled deeper into the bed.  Pitch raised an eyebrow as he looked over at his nemesis. 

“You came to give her a dream,” Pitch said in a harsh whisper. “Why?”

Sandy shrugged.

“No, there is a reason,” Pitch said. “Explain yourself.”

Sandy made a heart shape with his fingers and then pointed at Tiana. He then pointed back to Pitch. 

“You’re doing this because she loves me, and you think she deserves good dreams?” Pitch was a bit surprised. “Even though she’s my wife, you still think she deserves good dreams.”

Sandy shrugged again and looked at Tiana. Two familiar figures formed out of the golden sand. One of them was a woman, the other a tall, imposing man. The woman ran to him and threw her arms around his neck, making the man soften. They met for a kiss. Pitch didn’t know if he still had a heart but seeing Tiana’s dream, a dream of him, made him feel warm. He did not deserve her or her love. A rare smile graced his lips as he caressed her face.

“Thank you,” Pitch said. “I know you don’t understand why she loves me, and in all honesty, I don’t understand either. I know that I love her and that she deserves good dreams. Truce?”

Sandy nodded in agreement. He floated out of the room silently. Pitch watched until he was gone before joining his wife. He kissed her cheek, wrapped his arms around her, and fell asleep.

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My kid has been getting too much screen time lately. She likes the birds though. ∞

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virgo-snow white







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Here’s a collab I did with @vasfleurart of Moana and Tiana! We drew lineart and then colored the other’s lineart. This is to celebrate their new shows!

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Me and Tori (@sparebutton​) we did a collab in celebration to Moana and Tiana getting their own animated series! 🧡💚

Go check her part of the collab in her blog as well!

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