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intimidating-fettuccine · 2 days ago
BEN: Why is it spelled “camouflage” and not
Toby: Not what?
Toby: NOT WHAT??
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vamptags · 2 days ago
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goofing around
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Toby: this pushpop is banging
Lyra: Toby, that’s a gluestick
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Hoodie: I have a new Hoodie.
Toby: Wrong.
Toby: We have a new Hoodie.
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slenderette · 2 days ago
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spooky-donut-ghost-house · 2 days ago
Kate: Toby! Get out of the tank!
Toby: You're not my sister.
Kate: Get out of the fucking tank, I am your sister!
Toby: You're not my sister.
Kate: I am your sister, get out of the tank!
Toby: I'm in the tank and you're not! Tell me it's a militant, I don't give a fuck!
Kate: Get out of the fucking tank!
Toby: I'm literally in the tank and you're not! You're not my sister.
Kate: Literally get out of the tank! Get out of the fucking tank!
Toby: No.
@elliotthesmelliot I did it lmfao!
@b-boricua tagged you cause you love Kate.
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scary-lasagna · 2 days ago
Ivory, twilight, poppy and clouds for Slender? Pretty sure he doesn't have any distant realities in his family tree, let alone to be close to one of them
6.] Describe your pajamas?
Slender wears those classic, black, button up, pin striped pajama suit. They're comfy, made of silk, and they match his equally fancy bed spread. On occasion he'll wear pajamas that the creeps have gifted them, mostly dad themed, or fluffy superhero themed flannel pants that are much too short for him.
9.] Best Friend?
He doesn’t really have a ‘best friend’ per se, but he has close business partners he’d rather not lose close ties with. But there are disappointing times when he realizes that the friendship is fake and has to recollect his emotions. It warms his heart whenever Toby says, “Bye best friend!’ or accidentally calls him dad.
11.] Favorite pastel color?
Lavender. It's just so calming, and he's always reminded of the gentle bearded lilacs in his garden whenever he sees the color.
19.] Describe one of your favorite dreams.
Literally just- Slender on vacation in Germany by a lake house. Sitting in the sand with a cold beer in his hand. The birds were chirping and the breeze hit just right as the sun peeked through the branches of the trees.
And then Toby showed up, tripped over Slender, spilled his drink, rolled down the hill, and then told Slender the manor's kitchen was on fire, and the dream was ruined.
And it turns out the manor's kitchen was actually on fire.
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cabyart · 2 days ago
emm well it's late... go to sleep please,good night...bye :^
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scary-noodlesblog · 13 hours ago
I was wondering, if you haven't already done this, if you could do a headcanon for Jeff, the proxies, and EJ with their s/o coming back to the mansion after a mission, covered in gashes. Take it how you want it.
You don't have to write it if you don't wanna.
Sorry this took so long, but i gotchu!
Mentions of sex!
He grabs his knife
Ready to kill anyone tbh
Youre the one that actually gets EJ while freaks tf out
Much much murder
He goes on a killing spree, and takes you with him so he knows youre safe
After EJ patches you up of course
Needs so much reassurance that youre ok
Usually will lead to very steamy sex and cuddles
Eyeless Jack
Doctor mode activated
Youre patched up pretty quickly
Like Jeff, he will need reassurance that youre ok
He will just sit and hold you in comfy silence
Probs a fluffy night that night, cuddles, movies and snacks
Then after youre asleep hes eating the perps organs, growling at them, putting the fear of god in them
Boi is terrifying but loves you sm
He patches you up himself
Honestly doesnt trust ANYONE else with your care
For a while hes like youre shadow
Glued to your side whether you want him to or not
Hes your bodyguard forever
Hed be mad at Slendy for not putting him on the mission with you or for you
Like Masky, hes mad at Slender
He rages silently while he puts bandages on you
This boi needs them
He might cry thinking he almost lost you
Reassure this boi
Many kisses
Ticci Toby
Does cry
Takes you to EJ
Silent tears the whole time
This poor boi
After youre patched up he will want to lay on your chest while you play with his hair
He is just happy youre ok
Very protective the next few days
He cant help it, he doesnt want to lose you because hes lost everything else
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creepypasta65 · 2 days ago
Headcanon: Once in a while Masky takes Toby to get ice cream and they just talk about missions and random stuff, they have a father and son bond.
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somewhat-crazy · 7 months ago
Slender: adopt some children, they said.
*from the other room*
Masky: Now let’s stay calm and not panic—
Nina: *assorted yelling*
EJ: *demonic screeching*
Slender, without breaking 'eye' contact with Splendor: it’ll be fun they said
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EJ: Toby, fuck off.
EJ: And by "fuck off" I mean "fuck off right back here and listen", you insufferable prick.
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slenderette · 2 days ago
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cerealsnail · 3 days ago
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I have thoughts about pasta
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teleostuber · 8 days ago
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Scattered hornet stuff
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vincentsinclairsgf · 20 days ago
✨More creepypasta memes✨
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spookyravioli · 4 months ago
Every single Creepypasta x reader fanfiction ever:
Tumblr media
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gr4v3gutz · 5 months ago
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creepypasta65 · a day ago
Ticci Toby Panic attacks about his dads abuse but his s/o comforts him?
Thanks for the request :)
Ticci Toby having a panic attack and s/o comforts him:
Toby would be on his bed crying so much and would be trembling so much, repeating stuff like "he's dead, he's dead, he can't hurt me anymore ". 
Toby would be sweating and curled in a ball trying to disapear from this world. He would be trembling so much when he thinks about how his dad used to abuse him.
You would have to approach him very carefully and quietly since he panics more when it's loud. 
Hug him and reasure him that his dad can’t hurt him anymore. He would start hugging you back and cry on your shoulder. 
Touch his hair and he will quiet down a bit, and would stop trembling. 
He would put all of his weight on you and hug you very tight. 
He’s happy to have someone like you that understands him and is very patient. 
He would just hug you until he calms down and stops crying.
After he’s over with the panic attack, he would thank you for helping him through it and would cuddle with you. 
Toby’s way of showing you love is physical so he would hug you, give you kissses, and spooning you when cuddling, he would do this to show you his thanks for helping him through a panic attack. 
He will cry when thinking about you when you comfort him, he just loves you so much and appreciates you for always helping him. 
Have a nice day :)
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villaininator · 5 months ago
i swear if one more thing goes wrong i will listen to partners in crime by set it off and go back into my creepypasta phase
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